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By offering a seemingly endless variety of items at lower prices, you’re able to get the best deals on everything you need to make your house a home. Our selection of sale merchandise includes furniture, window treatments, decor and more for every room of the house. That means your kids’ and baby’s rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room (and any room!) will be the most stylish they can be, all while staying on budget.

Whether they’re for babies, big or small kids or full-grown adults, bedrooms deserve to be decorated to the max. When you’re able to fill their rooms with the furniture, bedding, pillows, curtains, storage solutions, decorative items and more that suit the comfort and style needs of the person who sleeps there, you’re sure to create a space that ‘s a true reflection of their personalities.

For the kitchen and dining room, our reduced prices on tables, chairs, barstools, buffets and more will allow you to furnish these spaces without breaking the bank. We also offer serve ware, dishes, coasters and placemats for less. Shopping with us is a great way to add all the finishing touches to your everyday eating or fancy dining experiences.

Whether you’ve got a living room, a den or a man cave, you’ve probably spent some serious cash setting up your entertainment system. TVs, gaming consoles and audio equipment all come with a hefty price tag, so it’s great when the pieces you add to the room are budget-friendly. If you’ve come here looking for furniture, rugs, storage, art, deco items and more to finish off the look of your space, you’ve made a good choice! You’ll find plenty of things to make it the most welcoming and stylish room in the house!

For the bathroom, you’ll flip at the assortment of towels, shower curtains, bath mats, decor and accessories up for grabs at lower prices. When you get in on great savings, it’s easy to set your washroom or powder room up for style that’s as fashionable as it is functional. While you’re at it, take advantage of our sale pricing to stock your linen closet. You can never have enough towels!

Have fun exploring our sale section. If you see something that grabs your attention, snap it up while you can, because you never know how long it’ll be available. You’ll surely find everything you’re looking for and most likely a whole bunch of things you never knew you needed. There are always new deals to discover, so remember to check back often. Happy bargain hunting!

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When it comes to filling your space with wall decor, you’ve really got to tap into whatever speaks to you. Art is so personal; the pieces you choose to feature in your home are a true reflection of who you are and the experiences you’ve amassed in your lifetime. Think about the type of art that evokes some sort of emotion deep inside you. That’s the direction you should take when choosing art for your home.

Perhaps you love to travel to far-off lands or you enjoy being one with nature. Maybe your ideal day out is spent at a modern art gallery or your soul gathers speed when surrounded by inspirational quotes. We’ve got what feels like a billion and one masterpieces in any colour of the rainbow so you can fill your space with ultimate style.

Our high quality canvases are artfully created to add just the right touch to your decor. Many pieces feature hand-applied details for added texture, depth and a one-of-a-kind feel. With special effects like encaustic treatments, palette knife embellishments and foil accents, each piece has a unique look as if it had stepped out of a high-end gallery.

Offering a wide selection of expertly framed pieces, and wall decor including printed art, three-dimensional works and shadow boxes, we deliver high impact, ready to hang wall decor that’s affordable and on-trend, yet timeless.
Another way to make a bold statement on your walls is with a stylish mirror. Big or small, round, square or rectangular, rustic or glam, there’s a mirror for any taste. Displayed over a console table in an entryway, in lieu of a medicine cabinet in a powder room or above a fireplace, mirrors are a striking way to fill a wall with something eye-catching and useful.

And now, time to throw a little love at wallpaper. Before you get the wrong idea, we’re not talking about your grandma’s wallpaper. Today’s versions are modern and chic and are really all the rage in interior decorating. We offer a wide range of contemporary patterns in sophisticated, neutral hues that enhance the look of your space rather than compete with it. From geometric patterns to nature-inspired prints, there’s an easy-to-install wall covering that’s perfect for your decor.

To sum it all up, if you searched “Wall Decor Canada” and wound up here, it’s because we mean business when it comes to unique art, mirrors and wallpaper for your home. Get shopping and, in just a little while, you’ll be able to step back to see how your once-bare space has become a thing of beauty.

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You know that no room is finished without eye-catching pieces like vases, sculptures, decorative pillows, faux florals and branches. Flip through any design magazine and you’ll notice that each page features unique ways of displaying decorative objects. It’s a great way to create a visual statement on a bookshelf, coffee table or console. Take a look at our artfully arranged vignettes and let them inspire how you’ll express yourself in your own space. Have fun creating displays that you can switch up to match your mood and the changing seasons.

Whether it’s a subtle glow or full on light your room is craving, you’ll find a wide variety of illuminating items like candles, lamps and ceiling lights to brighten up even the darkest corners of any space. Fire up a candle for a little romantic ambiance, set up a table lamp near a sofa to create a cozy reading spot, turn on a desk lamp and get down to business or switch on your overhead lights to whisk together dinner in style. With so many options, shopping for your lighting with us is a bright idea!

Now that your home is on its way to magazine-worthiness, you’ll need to keep it tidy and visit-ready. Our offering of practical yet great-looking baskets, hampers and storage bins are as functional as they are fashionable. Use them to corral the things of life that you don’t necessarily want to see out in plain view, but need to have nearby on the daily.

We’ve really got it all. Explore our site or visit us in store to discover the endless options available to make your home the gorgeous place it deserves to be.

It should never be hard work to make your house a home. Because your decor is a true reflection of your personality, we’ve made it a snap for you to find all the things you need to make it as stylish as can be. From living rooms to kitchens, nurseries to bedrooms, home offices to bathrooms and more, you’ll fall in love with our offering of high quality, on-trend decor at amazing prices.

Whether you’re looking for that special finishing touch for a room, or decorating your entire home from scratch, we’re sure you’ll find everything you’re after (and probably a few things you never knew you needed!).

Need some ideas to get started? Take a look at our beautifully photographed interiors. Organized into carefully curated collections, it’s never been easier to fill your home with style. Find a theme that best suits your taste and embrace it to its fullest. If you see a room that speaks to you, recreate it in your own space. Just pick and choose the things that suit your room and you’re done.

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As you learned in school, art is totally subjective. You know, that “eye of the beholder” stuff? It totally applies here. The only person who gets a say in what you choose to hang on your walls is you. After all, what you define as art is completely personal.

From traditional paintings, photography and prints to abstractcanvas art, it’s simple to add texture, colour and drama to your decor with any one of our stylish pieces.If it has walls, you can be sure it’s a space that wants to be decorated!

Adding art delivers a layered effect to any room making it feel more complete. Use art to attract guests’ attention to specific focal pointsin your interior or to create a pop of colour that builds on an existing palette or inspires a completely new one.

Artwork has the power to make a big visual impact without eating up precious floor space. Whether you choose one large canvasto hang in an eye-catching spot or fill every inch of a wall with framed art, the only rule is have fun no matter how much space you have.

Something to ask yourself when picking outcanvas wall art and framed art is what you want it to do for you and your decor. Are you after something big and bold that’ll make people take notice, or do you just want something stylish to fill a wall with a little texture? These are the types of questions that when answered will help narrow your decisions. If you’re less of an analytical type, just follow your heart. If you spot acanvas artmasterpiece or framed photograph that excites you, it’s sure to have the same effect when you get it home.

When it comes to hanging options, the sky’s the limit.Some people like to hang a bold piecein a dominant spot.In a family room or living room, that’s most often above a sofa or fireplace. In a dining room, it’s over a buffet. In a bedroom, that spot is over a bed or dresser.

If you opt for a gallery wall installation, create a mock-up using craft paper cut to the sizes of each piece in your arrangement. Tape the paper shapes up however you want your wall to look and hang your art in place, removing the paper once your art is up.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to choose art for your home. With our huge selection of canvas wall art and framed pieces, you’re sure to create something truly unique in your home.

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The pieces you select for your decor say a lot about you. They speak volumes about your style and your personality and while you want your home to represent yourself in the best light to people who come to visit, in the end, your opinion is really the only one that matters.

Our stunning selection of wall art is sure to shake things up in your home. Adding 3-dimensional art is a great way to inject textural interest into any room, breaking up the flat plane that is created by canvas and frame-only groupings. When you’ve got these pieces in the mix, you can make a strong statement that’s chic and modern.

There are so many options for displaying wall art. Go for something simple by hanging just one piece on its own to anchor a wall or try adding in one or two within a grouping of prints and paintings for a dramatic, mixed media effect. However you choose to display your art collection is totally up to you and the vibe you’re going for.

In a rustic setting, any one of our reclaimed wood wall art pieces would be a perfect pick. With a variety of rough-hewn decorative items featuring details like forged iron hooks, typography and handcrafted touches, each one is a unique masterpiece that will bring a rugged accent to your home.

For a bohemian twist, try one of our carved panels on for size. Intricately crafted and finished with vintage patinas, these pieces have a worldly, timeworn feel that will deliver warmth and texture to your decor. Hang it over a sofa, fireplace or bed and layer in loads of patterned textiles for a modern hippie chic look.

Hooks and shelves are other examples of wall art that deliver decorative touches to any room with the added bonus of being ultra useful around the house. Shop our selection of stylish hooks and shelves to find something for your entryway, bedroom, mudroom or bathroom.

Discover our wide variety today. With so many options waiting for you, you’ll have no problem finding the pieces that will complete the look of your decor. Bring some of this unique artwork home and enjoy the texture it delivers to your space. Before you know it, your decorating savvy will be the talk of the block!

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Mirrors have a way of setting a polished tone in any decor, adding light and life to its surroundings. Featured on its own on a wall or mixed in with other pieces to create an on-trend gallery wall installation, a mirror will be the dazzling element in any space.

When it comes to choosing a mirror, think about the style of your room. Have a classic scheme? Go for something glitzy. More minimalist? Try a sleek-lined design. Rustic cabin? Embrace the rugged styling of a barnboard-inspired frame. Also take a mirror’s use into consideration when selecting a size. The bigger the better, so as long as it fits a space, go big or go home. Here are just a few places you can use mirrors.

Mirrors for An Entryway

A surefire way to make a strong first impression the minute you open up the door to visitors is with a stylish entryway. A large scale mirror hung above a console table is a chic and simple way to create a focal point in your front hall that’s not only great looking, but functional, too.

Mirrors for A Powder Room or Bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have cabinets where you can stash your stuff, swap out a traditional medicine cabinet for a handsome mirror. Not only will it reflect light in your space and give you a spot for grooming, it’ll make an artful impact in your decor.

Mirrors for A Bedroom

For the spot in which you get dressed everyday, a full-length mirror is pretty much an essential. Never ever leave your house without a head-to-toe look at your stunning self. Or maybe you just need one for over a makeup table to create a place to get gorgeous. Either way, a mirror mounted on a wall can help create an eye-catching effect in your decor while brightening up your room.

Mirrors for A Living Room

Over a fireplace or as part of a grouping with pieces of art, a mirror will add a special sparkle to your living room. In the daytime, it catches sunshine pouring through a window and in the evening, it reflects the faintest flicker of candlelight to set a romantic vibe in your room.

Mirrors for A Dining Room

You’ll surely be the host with the most when you create a welcoming dining experience at all your get-togethers. Hang a mirror above a buffet and place candles in front of it to set your room aglow with a warm and welcoming feeling. Another trick: If your room is on the smaller side, lean a tall mirror up against a wall to visually open up the space.
Big or small, round or square, modern or traditional, you’ll be sure to find we’ve got the perfect mirrors for sale.

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Who doesn’t love visiting decor stores in Montreal? What a joy it is to browse accessories, furniture, seating, lighting and home accents, imagining what your future space will end up looking like! The problem? Most people end up visiting the same big-box decor stores in Montreal, resulting in spaces that look like carbon copies of each other, with no personality injected into them. The solution? Shopping at Bouclair! When you shop at Bouclair, you can be sure that what you select has been carefully designed by our in-house team of designers in Montreal, ensuring that our pieces are unique and out-of-the-box. Our ever-changing collections also add to your shopping experience. Every home decor item is made available in limited quantities, making room for new collection pieces every month. Yes, visiting Bouclair means discovering new accessories every single time, resulting in a home decorated like no other! Rare are the decor stores in Montreal where you can find absolutely everything you need. Looking for furniture, curtains, blinds, shades, curtain rods, throw pillows, outdoor accessories, candles, candle holders, vases, kitchen linens, faux greenery, wall decor, mirrors, wallpaper, kids or baby items, lighting, bedding or bath accessories? It’s all at Bouclair, which means no need to visit all of the decor stores in Montreal! That means a lot of time spared and, with low priced like these, a lot of money saved! Which rooms need an update in your home? If it’s the living room, you’ll need decor pieces to put on the mantle, on the bookshelf and on the side table, plus new pillows for the couch and perhaps a new rug to keep your toes nice and warm. In the dining room, it’s time to hunt for a new tablecloth or table runner, or to replace the placemats that have seen better days. You’ll also want to make sure you set the right ambiance with candles, napkins, serving plates and trays. Were you hoping to redo the master bedroom? Great idea, you deserve a gorgeous sanctuary where you want to do more than just sleep! Peacefully reading while sipping tea in a bed outfitted with the softest bedding you’ve ever owned? Bring it on! Oh, and let’s not forget the kids’ rooms! They too deserve gorgeous spaces they’ll actually want to clean up once in a while (we can dream, can’t we?). Gift them the coolest wall decor, trendiest bedding and hippest accessories like pillows, rugs and novelty accessories, they might make the bed once in a while! And don’t forget to place practical hampers and storage crates whenever you can, they’re key! So before heading to all of the decor stores in Montreal, make Bouclair your first stop. It’s the best place to find home decor for the whole family!

90,000 RC “Police on the Commandant” – Official site of the residential complex


Being closer to nature and at the same time living in a modern developed area of ​​the city – at first glance, it would seem, things are incompatible. Eco Quarters “Polis on Komendantskiy” make your wishes come true and give a new idea of ​​life within the boundaries of a large metropolis.

A residential complex from the Polis Group company is being built in the developed Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, on the street.Glukharskoy, 18, not far from the station. m. “Komendantsky prospect”, next to the Yuntolovsky forest park.

Several buildings with a height of 17-24 floors form quarters with a well-thought-out internal infrastructure. Eco technologies and eco ideas are used in the content of the project. A large parking lot will be built on the territory of the complex, commercial premises will be located on the first floors of the buildings.


The windows of the apartments on the upper floors of the Polis on Komendantskiy residential complex offer views of the Yuntolovskiy forest park and the city panorama, including the Lakhta Center.

Water and Nature

Due to the proximity of the Gulf of Finland, the region fully corresponds to its name. The developed coastal line of Primorskoye Highway with beaches and restaurants, as well as the Kurortny District located nearby, create excellent conditions for the whole family.

There are many green areas here: Novoorlovsky and Severno-Primorsky forest parks, Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Udelny park. Green oasis – Yuntolovsky reserve – a favorite place for leisurely walks in summer and active recreation in winter


Despite the fact that the Primorsky District is one of the youngest in St. Petersburg, the availability of social and commercial infrastructure here is one of the best.There is everything you need – schools, kindergartens, hospitals, banks, shops, hypermarkets, large shopping malls. It is here that one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects of St. Petersburg, Lakhta Center, is being built, which is designed to give a huge impetus to the development of not only the district, but also the city’s economy as a whole.


There are five metro stations, railway stations, a developed ground transport network, and a new pedestrian Yakhtenny Bridge in the Primorsky District.Thanks to the WHSD, the center can be reached in 15-20 minutes. The exit from the ring road allows you to quickly get to any part of the city.

When it’s good at home

The territory of the “Polis na Komendantskiy” residential complex is a cozy space where you want to live and spend your free time. After all, all conditions have been created for this.

  • Landscaped green courtyards and an eco-park with year-round trees
  • Three kindergartens and a school for 550 places
  • Commercial premises for supermarkets, bakeries, cafes, everyday services will be located on the ground floors

  • A wide range of planning solutions – from studios to spacious 3-room apartments.

Completion date

1st, 2nd, 3rd stage DELIVERED

4th stage – 4th quarter 2021

Eco Ideas

In the “Polis on Komendantskiy” residential complex, everything is subordinated to eco-ideas. Landscaping, made according to an individual project, will make the inner space of the courtyard as green as possible.On the territory of the quarters, a private eco-park has been created with all-season trees for walking and recreation. Decorative fir trees will be planted in each courtyard.

A safe children’s rope park, playgrounds made of eco-friendly materials, made according to an individual project, will be created on the territory of the residential complex.

Active childhood

  • rope park
  • children’s eco-towns
  • workout area
  • kindergartens and schools

Eco style

Natural colors and eco-style décor elements will be used in the decoration and decoration of the halls in the “Polis na Komendantskiy” residential complex.

An energy-saving lighting system using motion sensors is provided for the entrance groups, as well as on the floors. For the safety of residents, video surveillance is installed in the houses.


Families with children do not need to think about where to leave the stroller – in each front door there are special places for storing them.


It’s good when the car can be easily parked next to the house and not worry about its safety.Residents of Polis na Komendantskiy eco-blocks will appreciate this opportunity. The project provides for two separate multi-level parking lots with a capacity of up to 2110 cars.

7-storey parking lots (including 1 underground) will be located next to the residential buildings of the first and second phases of the complex.


For the convenience of residents, on the ground floors of the complex there will be shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons – everything that is an integral part of the comfortable life of a modern city dweller.

White finish

In the residential complex “Polis on the Commandant” all apartments are transferred with high-quality preparation for finishing. When performing work, materials that meet quality standards are used.

Pre-finishing includes the following types of work:

  • installation of an entrance door, double-glazed windows with window sills and slopes;
  • installation of a heating system with radiators;
  • laying of electrical wiring, water pipes, sewerage to the connection points;
  • arrangement of door and window slopes, plastering and filling of walls, concrete floor screed.

Fine finish

As part of the final finishing of its new buildings, the developer performs the following list of works:

  • decorates walls with vinyl wallpaper, paints ceilings;
  • installs laminate flooring;
  • tiling bathrooms and toilets;
  • installs and connects plumbing fixtures.

The listed activities are carried out after the completion of roughing and pre-finishing work.The owners are given clean, decorated rooms, completely ready to move in.

– Hello – Akiyny booklet (11 – 31 December 2014)

st.Zubrovskaya, 27

st. Zubrovskaya, 27

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 09:00 – 19:00
Sat: 09:00 – 19:00
Sun: 10:00 – 18:00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

st.Stryiskaya, 30

st. Stryiskaya, 30

Leopolis shopping center
Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 20:00
Sat: 10:00 – 20:00
Sun: 10:00 – 20:00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

st.Hospital, 8

st. Hospital, 8

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 09:00 – 19:00
Sat: 10:00 – 18:00
Sun: 10:00 – 17:00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

etc.Freedom, 1/3

Svobody Ave., 1/3

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 21:00
Sat: 10:00 – 21:00
Sun: 10:00 – 20:00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

st.Gorodotskaya, 106

st. Gorodotskaya, 106


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

ave.Chornovola Vyacheslava, 2B

Ave. Chornovola Vyacheslav, 2B


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

ave.Shevchenko, 24

Ave. Shevchenko, 24

Phone +380504846810 Opening hours Mon: 09: 00-19: 00 Tue: 09: 00-19: 00 Wed: 09: 00-19: 00 Thu: 09: 00-19: 00 Fri: 09: 00-19: 00 00 Sat: 10: 00-18: 00 Sun: 10: 00-15: 00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

st.Sykhovskaya, 8

st. Sykhovskaya, 8

Phone +380504210855 Working hours Mon: 09: 00-20: 00 Tue: 09: 00-20: 00 Wed: 09: 00-20: 00 Thu: 09: 00-20: 00 Fri: 09: 00-20: 00 Sat: 09: 00-20: 00 Sun: 09: 00-20: 00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

st.Gorodotskaya, 179

st. Gorodotskaya, 179

Phone +380504210932 Working hours Mon: 10: 00-21: 00 Tue: 10: 00-21: 00 Wed: 10: 00-21: 00 Thu: 10: 00-21: 00 Fri: 10: 00-21: 00 Sat: 10: 00-21: 00 Sun: 10: 00-21: 00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: –

* the location of some shops on the map may differ from the actual

90,000 Vovan’s tour… – Vladimir Kuznetsov – pranker Vovan

Video prank with the Amnesty International leadership on the subject of depriving Alexey Navalny of his “prisoner of conscience” status. Conversation on behalf of Leonid Volkov.

Video prank with the leadership of Amnesty International. The conversation about the deprivation of the status of prisoner of conscience of Alexei Navalny:

Why was Navalny deprived of his “prisoner of conscience” status, who is to blame and what to do? And also about the reaction to violations of the rights of the Russian media in the Baltics:

https: // / Ilh5q5P-K9A


Julie Verhaar – Secretary General of Amnesty International.
Marie Struthers – Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Denis Krivosheev – Deputy Director for Europe and Central Asia.


Julia Varhaar: Leonid, thank you for contacting us and for the opportunity to have this conversation. I am Julia Varhaar, Acting Secretary General and thank you for contacting us. We had a conversation about the shock that happened yesterday and we were really looking forward to this call in order to understand how we can move on.And of course, it was not our intention for this to happen. And we very much hope that the case of bulk, his unfair detention at the head of what we are doing. We really want to have this conversation, to understand how you are and how we … sounds, probably, strange, but how can we use this in the future in order to make sure that the case with the bulk is ahead of what we are doing. And we have some ideas on how we can do this, but we want to be able to find out how you think and how we can work together in this case.This is what we want. So I hope this all meets your expectations.
Volkov: Dear Secretary, thank you very much. But let me tell you about my concerns about yesterday’s incident, about what happened in the Russian media. In particular, I read about the cancellation of Alexei’s status, that he lost the status of a prisoner of conscience. So I want to be sure what we can do to make a difference?
Julia Varhaar: Marie, do you want to join or listen to Leonidas as well?
Marie Strathhers: I just want to put it briefly, my name is Marie Strathhers, I’m in London with Denis, who you could talk to recently.We work with him, Mr. Volkov, with 12 countries of the former Soviet Union. I want to say with Julia that we had the best intentions in our hearts and minds when we immediately declared January 27 a prisoner of conscience and we … regret that we may have applied this term too quickly, because we realize that we may have caused more harm than good, but we have some ideas how we can replay if you want. I just want you to understand how sincere this is.
Volkov: Yes, I understand, dear colleagues, but I would like to know how we can restore its status back, this is very important, what should we do?
Denis Krivosheev: Okay, there is now no more important case that concerns everyone in Russia now, and one of the reasons when on January 27 he was arrested at Sheremetyevo at the border, when he was recognized as a prisoner of conscience.This was because we needed to make as loud a statement as possible, use the strongest language we can. This is a prisoner of conscience term to emphasize this. I understand you already had a conversation with some of our colleagues to understand what happened. One of the problems with using the term prisoner of conscience in a very strict definition that led to our collective decision. It should … necessarily consist of internal discussions. A clear detailed examination was carried out of what Alexey has said publicly in the past.The confession of him as a prisoner of conscience was made much later than some of his past statements, which he made a long time ago and was not noticed by anyone. So when you ask if we can change our mind, let’s imagine for a second that it is possible. I’m not sure if it will bring something good to someone, for amnesty to turn around and say – no, no, no, we changed our minds, he is a prisoner of conscience. This will not help Alexey, even if we come to this decision. What can help, I think, is to find a way to change something … and for that reason we have to get him out as soon as possible and use any tool to put pressure on the Russian state to get him out.And I think this is a decision, and we must agree on this, not part. And I think it’s very important. Once again, instead of looking for a way to change your mind, I advise you to focus on your main message: Free Navalny now. I finished.
Volkov: Yes, I understand you very well, I understand. If I understand correctly, do you think that it is impossible to return the status back? So?
Denis Krivosheev: This is not about status as such. This is not even about the justice of the bulk, this is about the justice of the Russian state.That it puts people in jail for what they say, not what they do. This does not change anything. What we cannot change yet is the use of amnesty terminology. Both grounds must be taken into account – absence of crime and arrest, but also what the person did or said. We cannot change the story and also the words of Alexei Navalny. Changing our solution as such would not be practical, but also not very good for everyone. I think the best we can do is look for ways in the future and hopefully work with amnesty on one goal that the bulk should be released immediately.
Volkov: thank you for that thank you for that … I understand, but how do you see we can move in this direction? To free him, in your opinion? You know that I have had many conversations with colleagues from the European Commission and other organizations. I’m just collecting suggestions from everyone and I want to know yours. What can you offer.
Denis Krivosheev: Okay, colleagues … Once again, I want to leave after this conversation and say that we agree with everything. Nothing changes, Amnesty formally remains with Navalny, Amnesty is pursuing a goal, this innocent person should not be in prison.Russian government, release it! And I think we can communicate with the same interlocutors publicly and privately in the European Commission or elsewhere. And we can confirm this promise after you. And everyone will feel that practically nothing has changed in amnesty …
Marie Strathhers: I want to say very pragmatically, today we want to launch a short, influential, clear campaign on social media to highlight what Denis just said – Alexey Navalny is behind bars and everyone in the amnesty movement should unite around it.This is what must be done literally to get away from discussions about the status of a prisoner of conscience. And it will be very useful if others move this message in order to divert the conversation from the prisoner of conscience, the political prisoner.
Volkov: Thank you. I agree. You have read our Russian tweeter network
Denis Krivosheev: Yes, you have read
Marie Strathhers :: Yes
Volkov: Have you seen how much criticism there?
Marie Strathhers :: yes
Volkov: Even my tweeter, I’m sorry, but I wrote that you ate a lot of shit and made your decision.But … it’s true
Julia Varhaar: yeah
Volkov: Our political activist Julia Latynina wrote that you supported and gave the status of a prisoner of conscience to one Arab terrorist, our ex-mayor of Yekaterinburg wrote that your organization is prostitutes. You may remember, but Alexey wrote the same things. I understand it. This is the Twitter style. This was started by journalists from RT, Russia today. You know my opinion of them. So when I wrote this, it was my attitude towards all their media. That’s why I was so radical.
Denis Krivosheev: Of course, we do not communicate with russia today, we do not give comments, we do not answer them. Unfortunately our national offices do this and unfortunately this has led to our internal discussions. Leonid, we understand that what happened caused a lot of damage. And when you are angry, it completely justifies you. And it hurt us as well, because as I said, there is no other such important business in Russia that needs to be supported so much. If we go further, that’s great.We would like to bypass the media attention of our internal decisions and amnesty terminology, because it will again do more damage why amnesty recognizes that person or not. And again, this is a difficult process for us. Let’s get back to the message – let’s free the bulk! And our press office will help Julia formulate her message to your twitter. And if we publicly look together on the same side, this is the best we can do for Alexey
Volkov: I would like to add something. I know that now there are some problems in Latvia with propaganda media, including Sputnik and others.I hope you understand that we should not help these people. Free them from criminal cases and investigations. You understand that the people who work there in Latvia under the satellite and RT brands did not deserve our help.
Denis Krivosheev: Yes, well, I see that some of my colleagues are a little confused. Leonid, you are talking about the arrest of a couple of satellite journalists in Latvia, whom we are following, but we do not react to it, and we do not plan to pay attention to it, at least now. You don’t need to worry that we will say anything about this.We will be watching. But don’t worry now, this is not what we want to talk about.

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