Shipping from australia to usa how long: Shipping to Australia from the US | International Fulfillment


Shipping to Australia from the US | International Fulfillment

Australia is currently the tenth largest ecommerce market in the world by revenue. If you haven’t expanded your business into Australia, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to grow sales.

But serving Australian customers as a US-based business can be tricky. Since Australia is a remote country, air and sea shipments are going to take some time. With more rules and regulations in place than many other countries, shipping to Australia from the US can be time-consuming, error-prone, and costly — especially if your ecommerce business is small to mid-sized. 

In this guide to shipping from the US to Australia, you’ll learn about your delivery options, rules and regulations, common transit times, and other ways to help you expand your ecommerce business in Australia, and the benefits of partnering with an international fulfillment 3PL like ShipBob.


The 4 best US carriers who ship to Australia

There are dozens of carriers that can ship to Australia from the US.

We recommend working with the big four carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. They’re reliable and can get your packages delivered to Australia within a few days. 

hey have partnerships with many companies that can help reduce shipping costs and they have resources in place to help you with customs, taxes, freight, and other paperwork. Below we break down the price and shipping speeds for these four carriers when shipping a package to Australia.

Note: Prices are calculated for a 2 kg package in January 2020. Prices are subject to change.

Service Price Delivery Time
USPS Priority Mail Express International  ~$47 3-5 business days
USPS Priority Mail International ~$33 6-10 business days
USPS First-Class International Service ~$15 11-20 business days
UPS Worldwide Expedited ~$72 2-5 business days
UPS Worldwide Saver ~$63 6-10 business days
FedEx International Priority ~$71 3-5 business days
FedEx International Economy  ~$64 6-10 business days
DHL International Express ~$65 3-6 business days 



USPS is a great option if quick delivery times aren’t a huge priority, and you want the cheapest shipping option. Unlike the other carriers, you will only have to pay a flat rate depending on the USPS mail type and package weight. Package dropoff is simple because you can drop off packages at your mailbox or visit a local post office.

One major drawback to using USPS for Australian shipping is that the packages are transferred to Australia Post (the national Australian mailing service) once they arrive in Australia. This means the order tracking number provided by USPS will no longer work and you must wait for a new tracking number. This also adds on a few extra delivery days due to the transfer process.

USPS international options
  • Priority Mail Express International 
  • Priority Mail International
  • First-Class International Service

Read more: USPS Australia Country Conditions

When you should ship with USPS
  • You want the lowest cost 
  • Having the quickest delivery time isn’t a priority


UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx are good options for shipping to Australia because they can get your packages delivered quickly and reliably. With guaranteed delivery times, you can rest easy knowing your packages should get delivered on time and customers will be happy too.

Unlike USPS, packages are tracked from pickup to delivery through the UPS and FedEx tracking systems. You don’t have to worry about any packages being transferred to Australia Post because they are in the possession of UPS or FedEx the entire time and don’t have to change custody.

Take note that UPS and FedEx can be more expensive options if you’re sending packages that are over 10 pounds.  

UPS and FedEx international options
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited
  • UPS Worldwide Saver
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Economy 
When you should ship with UPS and FedEx
  • You want package tracking
  • You want quicker delivery and are willing to pay a higher price than USPS



DHL is the leading carrier for international shipping and a great option for shipping to Australia. They have competitive rates compared to UPS or FedEx while offering the same delivery timeframes. If you want to ship to Australia, consider DHL as one of your first options when checking shipping prices.

Depending on what packages or products you’re shipping, there might be extra fees, so keep that in mind when considering DHL.

When you should ship with DHL
  • You want tracking
  • You want quicker delivery

Common customs fees and taxes

The Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) is similar to NAFTA, meaning the US and Australia have a free trade agreement that allows for easy trade between the two countries. 

This means you won’t be subject to high customs and tariffs when compared to other international countries.

Customs duty fees can add up to around 5% of the value of the item being imported, and handling fees may also impact the final customs burden.  

Shipping to Australia requires patience

Australia is a remote country that has no land borders with other countries. Because of this, all packages have to be sent via air or sea shipping and this can take time. On average, package deliveries to Australia from the USA can take anywhere from 7-10 days if you aren’t using expedited shipping options.

It’s important to communicate these long transit times to Australian customers so they know that they might have to wait a little longer than usual.

Long shipping times

Shipping to Australia from the USA can take up to a few weeks depending on the class of shipment. Because all packages are shipped via air or sea, there can be additional delays due to weather and natural disasters.

Customs and handling time

Customs and handling time can also take up to a few weeks, so make sure you ship with more than enough leeway time. Make sure you understand any tariff codes before you send a package to Australia so your shipment has the proper documentation and doesn’t get held up at customs.


Expand into Australia with ShipBob

ShipBob is an international 3PL with locations across the globe, including a location in Melbourne, Australia.

It is operated by the same warehouse management system, SLAs, and support team as our US-based locations, to provide the same level of world-class fulfillment, consistency, and transparency across your ecommerce supply chain.

By partnering with ShipBob for international fulfillment, you can sell more across Australia by reducing shipping costs and transit times. Simply bulk ship inventory to our Melbourne-based fulfillment location, and from there, Australian orders can be picked, packed, and shipped domestically. 

If you have a strong customer presence in Australia, here are more reasons why you should partner with ShipBob. 

Fast, affordable shipping across Australia

When you bulk ship inventory to our Melbourne location, you can easily reduce shipping costs and transit times. With ShipBob, you can choose between standard or expedited shipping options for Australian orders.

The average transit time to all of Australia is 1-7 business days. ShipBob partners with Australia Post for shipments within Australia and will continue to add more carriers and shipping destinations in the future.

Navigating international markets

Each country has its own set of import duties, tariffs, taxes, and rules for international orders. ShipBob’s experts know all the ins and outs of international shipping and can streamline the process for you.

Since we have a location in Melbourne, we make it easy for you to better serve Australian-based customers. You can bulk ship inventory to Melbourne, and from there, Australian orders can be picked, packed, and shipped domestically.

ShipBob will walk you through the process of sending freight to our Australian fulfillment center. We’ll work with your current carrier or freight partners, or you can leverage ShipBob’s relationships with cross-border freight specialists.

Sell more across Australia with ShipBob

Serving Australian-based customers has never been easier. With ShipBob’s fulfillment presence in Australian, partnering with ShipBob can help you expand across Australia with ease.  

If you want to learn more about how ShipBob can help you meet customer expectations as your expand internationally, fill out the form below to get the conversation started. 

Shipping Services from USA to Australia

Australia is currently one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world by revenue along with promising numbers which are going to bloom even more in the future. Australia being a separate continent with a diversified culture is attracting people globally to invest in their country for long-term monetary benefits. People from all over the world are shipping goods to Australia while some are moving to the smallest continent for business and personal growth.

In this article, we will share a detailed guide on how to ship to Australia from USA using SFL Worldwide to save money on the entire shipping process.

What is the Transit time while shipping to Australia?

How long does it take to ship to Australia from USA?

Generally, it takes 4-7 business days to ship to Australia from USA by airfreight. Shipments sent by ocean generally take around 3-4 weeks unforeseen any bad weather conditions. You can also opt-in for express delivery services for your immediate shipping needs.

How long does it take to ship to Australia from India?

Shipments from Asian countries like India and China can take up to 5 days by airfreight and 3-4 weeks by ocean freight depending upon the exact pickup location.

How long does it take to ship to Australia from European countries?

Shipments coming from European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, etc. usually have a transit time of 5-7 days by airfreight and on the other hand, it may take about 4 weeks via ocean.

How much does it cost to ship to Australia?

As Australia is a separate continent miles away from most of the counties the shipping cost is a little expensive comparatively. However, with different shipping options, it becomes easier for customers to choose according to their pockets. The key factors determining the shipment cost are listed below.

Package Weight: Package weight is one of the main factors determining the shipping cost. The heavier your packing is the more you will pay for shipping it. However, there are plenty of ways you can save while shipping heavy items, and will explain them below.

Mode of Shipment: While choosing Ocean freight for your shipments to Australia you may find the shipping rates very economical but only if you are ready to compromise in the transit time. On the other hand, shipping via air is swift but turns out to be a little expensive. Thus, choosing the mode of shipment according to the time frame, budget and other important factors are necessary to save the maximum amount in your shipping process.

Package Dimensions: The best way to save money while shipping to Australia or any other country is by using ideal boxes for your goods. Using a large box for smaller goods will turn out to be expensive. Thus, it is advisable to discuss this with your shipping company to find the ideal size of box for your shipment.

Cheapest way to ship to Australia

Shipping to Australia is expensive compared to other countries and the reason is its remote location. Out of the various modes of shipping, the most economical way to ship your goods is by ocean freight. Ocean freight does have a longer transit time but in return is very pocket-friendly. So, if you can compromise with time, ocean freight is the best option for you to save a lot of money.

The best carriers who ship to Australia

While there are many carriers who ship to Australia we have shortlisted the top three. The carriers mentioned below are safe, reliable, and economic.

• FedEx
These companies have partnered up with many shipping companies like us to help customers with wholesale rates. Below are the shipping rates you can avail of choosing any of the major carriers with the best discount in the market.

Buying From the US and Shipping to Australia – The Complete Guide

Buying From the US and Shipping to Australia – The Complete Guide

The latest fashion, tech products, and gadgets are being released daily in the US. Unfortunately for international consumers, shopping online for these products can be complicated and restrictive. If you have ever been shopping for the latest mobile phone or new pair of sneakers from the US, you are probably well aware of the frustration of getting to checkout and discovering that they do not ship to Australia. Often online stores require a US shipping address or US billing address to purchase your product.

Waiting for the ability to buy these products in your own country can take months and in worse cases, years. Luckily for you, Big Apple Buddy has created a personalized shopping service that makes buying from the US and shipping to Australia easy and convenient. You simply tell us what you want, we buy it, and then ship it from the US to your front door. Shopping at your favorite US stores is no longer a hassle. We have even provided you here with a complete guide to buying from US and shipping to Australia. It couldn’t get any easier!

Why Should I Buy From the US?

The US is home to some of the best brands and products on the market. There are thousands of US stores offering new products, great deals and the latest in tech products and gadgets. Unfortunately these items are not always available in other countries or have extended waiting periods before they are released outside of the US. These restrictions can be disappointing for customers wanting to have the latest in tech products or get their hands on a particular product.

Big Apple Buddy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to buy from the US and have access to theses products and stores, regardless of where they are in the world. 

Which Stores Can I Buy From?

Being based in New York, Big Apple Buddy has unlimited access to US online stores and ships to over 150 countries around the world. If you need help buying the latest smartwatch, laptop or trending gadget from America, we can help you source the item and ship it to your door in days.

Here is a list of popular US stores we can help you can buy from:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Best Buy
  • Microsoft
  • Newegg
  • Samsung
  • Owlet
  • Google Store
  • ZTE
  • One Plus
  • Erato
  • Oculus
  • HTC
  • Avegant
  • Withings
  • Razer

To view more US tech stores, please visit our Shop Page.

What Products Can I Buy?

Shop for the latest smartphones, audio gear, fitness trackers, watches, wearable devices, computers, cameras and gadgets from US online stores.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple Watch Series 2

Microsoft HoloLens

Amazon Echo

Oculus Rift

Owlet Baby Monitor

While we are able to help ship most items from the US, we are prohibited from shipping certain goods to Australia, such as alcohol, perfume, weapons and illegal substances.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?


Shipping fees are calculated by the weight and dimensions of your parcel, combined with your location. A larger, heavier item, such as a laptop, will cost more to ship than an item with smaller dimensions such as a mobile phone. Our shipping partners (FedEx, DHL and UPS) tell us how much these items cost to ship based on this information.

We can calculate the shipping cost for you if you simply provide us with the item you wish to buy along with its specs and your country and zip code. These costs will be fully set out in our Free Quote. Our shipping concierge will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.

How Long Will It Take for my Parcel to Arrive From the US?

Depending on the demand for certain products, the time-period for receiving the product from the US store to our facility can vary. On average, you can usually expect 2-7 business days for us to receive the product from the store and 2-4 business days of transit time between our facility and your doorstep.

There are different shipping options available from USPS, FedEx, DHL and UPS. If you need your product immediately, you may choose a faster shipping option.

Big Apple Buddy is a fast and reliable service that works with the most reputable shipping companies. All parcels come with a free tracking number so you can monitor the parcel throughout transit.

Do I Need to Pay Customs  Duties and Taxes on my Parcel?

Parcels under AU$1000 in value are tax-free. 

The Australian Duty Calculator is a reliable resource for calculating whether you need to pay custom duties and taxes on your parcel. 

Why Use Big Apple Buddy for Your US Shopping Needs?

If you want the latest products from the US shipped to you quickly and hassle free, then Big Apple Buddy is the personalized shopping experience for you. We make buying from the US and shipping to Australia easy!

Customers use Big Apple Buddy when they want fast, reliable and friendly service. We make buying from the US easy and convenient, giving international shoppers the opportunity to buy the latest products when they hit American shelves, regardless of where you are in the world.

The process is simple. Get a quote. We buy and ship. You enjoy!

Let us know what item we can help you buy today. Our shopping concierge will get back to you within 24 hours!

Forwarding service connecting overseas customers and Japanese online stores []

We have received an update from Japan Post that the temporaril18y suspension for international packages from Thursday, April 2, has resumed for some countries.

・Operations resumed as of: Wednesday, March 18, 2021
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights:

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, February 26, 2021
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights:

・Operations resumed as of: Tuesday, December 15
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights:Bhutan

・Operations resumed as of: Tuesday, November 24
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights:Malaysia

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, September 11th
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights:South Africa

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, August 28th
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights: Egypt

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, August 7th
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights: Turkey, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS flights:Tunisia
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for AIR flights:Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Belarus,North Macedonia
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for Sea mail: Bhutan

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, July 17th, 2020
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for AIR flights:China
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for AIR flights and Sea mail:Tunisia

・Operations resumed as of: Wednesday, July 1st
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights: Italy, New Zealand
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and Sea mail:China

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, June 19th
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights:
Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg.

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, June 5th
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for EMS and AIR flights: Switzerland
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for Sea mail: Spain

・Operations resumed as of: Friday, May 29th
Countries/regions that have resumed operations for Sea mail: India, Maldives, Fiji, New Caledonia.

We are afraid that the countries and regions other than the above mentioned are temporarily suspended.

Please refer to this notice for the countries affected by the suspension of the Japan Post:
【Regarding the suspension of postal services by Japan Post to certain countries and regions(Updated on 2021/04/13)】

For other countries/regions, we will inform you again on the website as soon as there is an update from Japan Post.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.
[Customers support team]
We apologize for any inconvenience caused this time, and we kindly ask for your understanding.

Tips for Shipping to Australia from USA Stores

If you are shipping to Australia from USA retailers it’s important to be aware of the barriers you can run into and how to shop so you can avoid them. In this post, we cover why Australian consumers are buying products from America, how customs and duties works, what is items are restricted when it comes to shipping, and finally how to use a VPN to order from US stores.

Why Ship Products from the US to Australia

Better Prices

Many international shoppers from all over the world choose to shop in the US because the cost of certain items are much less expensive versus what it costs in their own country. There are shoppers who like to take advantage of major discounts found during seasonal sales that take place in America, some of which include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, and more.

Exclusive Products

Another reason consumers shop in the US is so they can access exclusive products only available to US shoppers. Brands often develop different product lines for the needs of various countries so it’s not uncommon to that a retailer offers a specific item in one country and not in another.

Australian Customs & Duties

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The GST tax is a consumer value-added tax (VAT) placed on goods and services that are purchased outside of one’s domestic country. In Australia, the GST tax on imports is 10% of the declared value. As a re-shipper, we are required to charge an additional 10% fee on the shipping costs incurred. All other package forwarding companies are subject to the same fees.

Prior to July 1st, 2018 the tax only applied to purchases of $1,000 or more but since then the tax now applies for any item imported. If your shipment is valued under $1000 the tax will be applied at the time of shipping with your package forwarder. For shipments over $1000, the tax will be applied when it reaches customs and paid to the Australian government.

For Australian shoppers looking to purchase items from online US retailers, this means you’ll want to estimate your final cost with this tax in mind since you’ll be required to declare it for customs.

It’s possible to offset this additional fee when you use a package forwarding service from the US since consolidation and shipping discounts can decrease your overall spending on international shipping. Super low prices on products found in the US can also make it so you end up spending less money in the long run.

Restricted Products/Dangerous Goods

We’ve recently uploaded an entire post dedicated to shipping Dangerous Goods, which you can find here. But it is always important to also check the carrier’s restrictions based on the destination country as the items listed can vary. Your item must fit within both the carrier’s restrictions and OPAS’.

Visit the links provided below to see what items are restricted when importing to Australia:


Remote Area Surcharge

Another thing to check before shipping to Australia from USA facilities is whether there is a Remote Zone/Area Surcharge fee associated with your address. Even if you live in a populated city you’ll want to see if the carrier you selected will add a fee. Often if carriers do not have a facility or the ability to deliver to the final destination address they will use a 3rd party shipping company, which leads them to charge an additional Remote Zone/Area Surcharge. That will increase in final cost.

Visit the links provided below to learn more about Remote Zone/Area Surcharge fees:

UPS, DHL, FedEx (they call it out-of-delivery area), USPS does not charge remote area surcharges.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to order US Products

We’ll expand more on this topic in a future blog post but here’s a breakdown of how you can use VPN’s to shop from US stores when a site is blocked in your country and restricts visitors based on location.

Since the recent GST changes in Australia, some stores have decided to restrict access for Australian users. There are many Australians that prefer to shop in the US due to more affordable prices and access to a wider range of items.

Users have found a method that allows Australians to access American stores and place orders by the use of virtual private network (VPN) software. Simply find a VPN that works best for you and fits your price range.

Something to keep in mind when shipping to Australia from USA stores is that users will need to have a US address to ship purchases to since the retailer may not ship to an AU address (this is where OPAS can help!).

Working with OPAS

With US package forwarding options like OPAS available now, it’s much easier for international shoppers to avoid the hefty shipping fees that retailers tack on when sending packages overseas. To find the cheapest shipping to Australia from USA retailers your best option will probably be shipping with a forwarding service that can save you money through a US tax-free address and consolidation. Our team here at OPAS often saves our customers up to 80% in shipping costs.

Our team works to help Australians receive packages from the US. If you come upon any questions regarding Australian customs, shipping dangerous goods, or anything else our customer service representatives are happy to help you find the answers.

We hope this post helps you feel more comfortable about shipping to Australia from USA retailers. If you have any thoughts to add feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Shipping to the USA from Australia

Ship goods from Australia to the USA

To arrange shipment from Australia to the USA you will need to find a specialist shipping broker. You can either contact the shipping broker directly and speak to a member of their team or use their online quote form if they have one to calculate the freight costs.

Shipping goods to the USA doesn’t have to be a costly and complicated process. Regardless of the size of your shipment, you will find huge savings for shipping to the USA with Couriers and Freight. Contact our team on 1300 101110 or try our online quote form to see how much you can save.

Types of shipping from Australia to USA

The three most common types of shipping available are detailed below, this information isn’t definitive though so if your shipping needs differ, contact the shipping broker of preference to request a bespoke service.

Air Freight to the USA

Whether your shipment is a small package or a pallet load, Air Freight is undoubtedly the fastest method to get your shipment to the USA.

Next Flight to the USA

If your item is high priority and needs time critical delivery, then Next Flight shipping is the best option. The shipping broker will arrange for your item to be collected by the first available driver and taken straight to the airport, ready to leave on the next available flight. On its arrival, your item will be greeted and taken straight to the delivery point. This is the fastest, most secure service available.

Sea Freight to the USA

Do you regularly move large items to the USA or are you moving to the USA? If your shipment requirements are of this size then sea freight is the most effective way of shipping such large items. The volume of your items will depend on the space needed in a shipping container, your size requirements will be calculated by volumetric weight. Try the form on our website to see how much it would cost to ship your goods to the USA.

Shipping insurance to cover your items

It is always recommended that all items are insured. This additional service is usually optional. If you would like to insure your items, you will be given the option to select the level of cover (usually) at the purchasing stage of your booking process.

Areas of the USA you can ship to

Shipping can be made to all areas of the USA.

Fill out our online quote form for instant access to quotes from over 60 carriers specialising in USA freight. Our Couriers and Freight team will discuss your individual shipping needs to see if you qualify for a discount of up to 30%.


Calculate Shipping Times and Costs: UPS

The Calculate Shipping Times and Prices application helps you find shipping dates and times for all available UPS express and shipping services in over 220 countries and territories. You can also use the time and cost app to determine shipping costs for a range of services in many of the countries where UPS operates.

How to calculate the timing and cost

The application Calculating the timing and cost is in the Send tab on the ups

  1. Select the Send tab on any page.
  2. Select Calculate dates and costs .
  3. Follow the instructions, remembering the required fields, (required fields are marked with a symbol).

About delivery times

UPS allows you to calculate delivery times for express shipments and shipments shipped to any location served by UPS. When calculating the delivery time, you will be offered several options, from which you can choose the one that is suitable for sending your cargo to the destination.You will be able to see the delivery times for each shipping service, as well as the latest courier arrival time. With the ability to quickly make changes to your details and quickly view the results on the same screen, you can use this information to make the best choices about how you ship your shipment.

About Shipping Costs

Using the time and cost app, you can compare guaranteed delivery times and published UPS rates for shipments worldwide.With the application for calculating the timing and cost, you can:

  • Get the calculation of the fare in the currency of the country of departure
  • Retrieve rates and edit shipment information for multiple shipments
  • Calculate the cost of additional services if available
  • View a summary of tariffs in a convenient and simple table
  • See detailed information about tariffs, including zones, only if necessary
  • Sort your results by time or cost
  • Receive information on international delivery dates and times for door-to-door service (including customs clearance)

Shipping cost information is not available for all countries. If the time and cost app is not available for the countries of your choice, please contact your local UPS office for shipping cost information.

Additional notes on the cost of transportation:

  • Shipping rates suggested are based on the information you provide. Additional fees may apply and total shipping charges may vary depending on your UPS customer number and how UPS is transferred.See the current UPS Rate and Service Guide for details.
  • Shipping rates do not include duties, taxes and other customs clearance costs. Other additional shipping charges may apply, or additional service charges may apply, so that final shipping charges may vary depending on the shipper and the particulars of the shipments actually handed over to UPS and the services requested for them.

Calculation of terms and costs

90,000 Problems with the delivery of foreign parcels were identified in Russia

Russians are facing massive delays in the delivery of international parcels. Logistics companies are reporting a number of problems related not only to restrictions on air travel amid the pandemic, but also to new customs regulations for express cargo and software imperfections.

Logistics companies began to face problems at Russian customs when delivering parcels from abroad. The delays were caused by the new rules of the FCS, according to the RBC edition owned by Grigory Berezkin, citing information from the delivery services.

Customers began to receive notifications from delivery services about delays in international orders, in some cases parcels cannot be received from May 18, it follows from the comments on the official page of the Boxberry company “VKontakte”.

“A number of orders from foreign online stores are delayed at customs … the batch with the order was selected by the Domodedovo customs for additional documentary verification in accordance with orders of the Federal Customs Service No. 1060 and 112,” the letters to users of RBC said. Among the online stores, packages from which are delayed, in particular, are the sites ASOS, MyProtein and Look Fantastic.

Director of Boxberry International Marat Artuganov explained to RBC that due to new customs rules and imperfect software, the department began to process international parcels at customs longer than usual.

The fact that the first problems began on May 18 was confirmed to the publication by Sergey Denisov, Director of the DPD International Business Development Department in Russia. He clarified that due to an information and technical failure, the FCS may have delays in delivery from foreign online stores for about five days, and this will affect about 90% of all packages delivered by DPD from abroad.

Olga Sgibneva, Marketing Director of the CDEK courier delivery service, in turn, notes that the delays do not exceed one or two days, and the Russian office of DHL Express reported that there are no massive problems at customs.

A source familiar with the situation at the Russian Post told Gazeta. Ru that although the sending of parcels from Russia to the United States continues, there is no pause, but the delivery is significantly complicated and slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on air traffic.

“Since March 27, Rosaviatsia has stopped regular and charter flights from Russian airports to airports in foreign countries and in the opposite direction. Since commercial transportation between Russia and the United States is carried out mainly by passenger aircraft, the possibilities of transporting goods and mail have decreased tenfold, which has affected all logistics operators “,

– he explained, adding that a similar situation is happening around the world, since the reasons are global.

According to Marat Artuganov from Boxberry International, the situation is complicated by the order of the Federal Customs Service No. 112, which came into force in February, but actually began to operate only in May. It imposes restrictions on express cargo passenger customs declarations. Now one declaration must contain information about goods from no more than 100 parcels, while earlier it was possible to indicate and process up to 500 parcels.

“For example, a batch of 10 thous.orders. In the old version, the inspector needs to issue 20 registers (the register is equal to the invoice) in order to release these parcels. The new one already has 100 separate registries. Thus, he will spend five times more time on the release of the batch “,

– gives RBC an example of Artuganov.

The Director of Boxberry International also noted that customs control over all express carriers has tightened, and the number of scheduled inspections has increased tenfold, adding that customs simply do not have enough inspectors for such a number of inspections.

In addition, the situation is aggravated by the incorrect data exchange of the FCS information system with the Ministry of Internal Affairs database: for this reason, the number of requests for passport data scans is growing, which also affects the time of customs clearance, explains Artuganov. Problems with checking the passport data of clients are also observed in the CDEK company, the newspaper reports.

Delivery of groupage cargo from Australia to Russia, transportation from Australia, cargo

Australia (the official name of the Australian Union) is a state in the Southern Hemisphere, occupying the entire territory of the continent of the same name, as well as the islands of Tasmania and adjacent islands.Australia is a developed country with one of the largest economies in the world.

Australia was discovered by Billem Janszon in 1606. The population of the country at that time was made up of Australian aborigines, who settled there more than 42 thousand years ago. In 1770, the country was declared a colony of the English Empire, and in 1901, all Australian colonies were united in the Australian Union, completely subordinate to the Queen of England. An interesting fact is that the British monarch is still formally the head of Australia.

Terms of transportation from Australia

Country Transport Delivery times to Moscow


air + auto

sea + railway

sea + auto

7-14 days.

14-21 days.

51-52 days.

60-65 days.

The main natural wealth of the country is mineral resources.Australia is rich in deposits of bauxite, uranium, zirconium, coal, manganese, gold, diamonds and other minerals.

Agriculture is also one of the main sectors of the Australian economy. Australia produces a large amount of fruits, nuts and vegetables, is a global supplier of oranges, apples, bananas, potatoes, carrots. In addition, Australia actively exports meat, butter, cheese, wool, wheat, iron ore and concentrates, coal, and some types of machinery and equipment.According to the Newsweek magazine, the country ranks 4th in the list of “The Best Countries in the World” (this summary indicator consists of the following ratings: education – 13th place, health – 3rd place, quality of life – 6th place, dynamism of the economy – 6th place, political situation – 9th place).

Trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Australia is expanding, and an increasing number of Russian companies have business interests in this country. The issues of transportation of goods from Australia or to Australia are becoming more and more urgent for them.

You can travel from Australia via Adelaide International Airports (IATA-ADL), Brisbane (IATA-BNE), Tallamarine (IATA-MEL), Perth (IATA -PER) and Sydney ( IATA-SYD) or use sea container transportation from the ports of Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney.

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90,000 USA began to freely export oil and gas

American companies did not wait long to start shipping crude oil abroad after the US government lifted a 40-year export embargo on December 18.Although, due to the fact that the American WTI oil has almost equalized in price with the North Sea Brent, a rapid increase in oil exports is not yet expected, two tankers have already left for Europe. The first LNG shipments are also starting: on Tuesday, the first tanker arrived at the Cheniere Energy terminal on the Gulf Coast to be loaded with LNG for delivery to Europe.

In early March 2014, even before the first sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia in connection with the events in Crimea, some American politicians began to talk about using gas and oil to support allies in Europe.For example, on March 4, John Boehner, then Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress, said that Europe should be allowed to buy American gas: “We should not force our allies to continue to depend on [Russian President Vladimir] Putin for their energy needs.” The US must help Eastern Europe get affordable energy outside of Russia to “counter its influence and power, and to achieve this we must quickly use energy diplomacy,” said Fred Upton, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, at the same time.

The countries of Eastern Europe had already implemented projects to receive LNG by that time and are now able to receive it. In Lithuania, the floating terminal “Independence” can now deliver LNG to the port of Klaipeda. Poland has built a large LNG terminal near the Baltic city of Swinoustje. And in 2015, the leaders of Poland and the Baltic countries agreed to build in 2016-2019. a gas pipeline that will allow Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to receive gas from Poland and thereby diversify supplies; this could strengthen their position in the gas price negotiations with Gazprom.

Shale for export

Since then, talk about using oil and gas as a weapon or a means of diplomacy has died down, and the Obama administration even opposed the lifting of the embargo on oil exports. In addition, the fall in gas prices in Asia and Europe, as well as the collapse in oil prices lasting more than a year and a half, made their deliveries from the United States much less profitable commercially. However, gas is purchased under long-term contracts, so export under the contracts already signed will continue.And from the point of view of European consumers, LNG exports from the United States will diversify supplies and increase their reliability, said Norbert Rücker, head of commodity analysis at Julius Baer Bank.

“10 years ago, natural gas reserves in the United States were depleted, and the country was on the verge of becoming its main importer. But entrepreneurial ingenuity and the shale revolution have fundamentally changed the market situation, with the result that in recent years, gas has flooded North America.The construction of four more major terminals will allow the United States to become the world’s third largest exporter of LNG after Qatar and Australia by the end of the decade, ”adds Rücker.

US oil and gas exports were made possible by the shale revolution. Initially, it took place in the gas production sector, due to which its price fell from more than $ 14 per 1 million British thermal units (BTU) in 2008 to $ 2.4 now. Then the companies using hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling learned how to raise heavier oil to the surface.As a result, oil production in the United States increased from less than 5 million barrels per day in 2008 to the current 9.2 million barrels (and in April 2015 it reached 9.6 million barrels), which became a determining factor in the price rebalancing of the world oil market. …

The first ConocoPhillips oil tanker departed from Corpus Christi, Texas on December 31, and is due to arrive in Trieste, Italy, from where the oil will be transported by pipeline to a refinery in Bavaria owned by Vitol and the Carlyle Group.The second tanker departed in early January from the Houston terminal of Enterprise Product Partners for Marseille, then the oil will be transported by pipeline to Switzerland. In the long term, experts believe, Latin America and Europe can become the main markets for American oil, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Slowly harnessed

Thanks to the shale boom, infrastructure companies have invested billions in new pipelines, oil storage facilities and docks, so oil can be transported from shale fields in West Texas and North Dakota to refineries and ports located mainly on the Gulf Coast …

Up to 400,000 barrels of oil per day can now be loaded onto tankers from pipeline operator NuStar Energy’s terminal in Corpus Christi. At the same time, NuStar is increasing its loading capacity in Texas to 575,000 barrels per day, vice president Danny Oliver told WSJ. Other companies also want to ramp up shipments to Corpus Christi: RBN Energy analyst Housley Carr estimates that in August 2014 shipments from the local port (mainly to US and Canadian refineries) peaked at over 750,000 barrels per day.Canadian Enbridge plans to spend $ 5 billion to build three new terminals between Houston and New Orleans on the Gulf Coast to export US and Canadian oil.

In the next year or two, demand for fuel will grow due to low oil prices and its surplus on the world market will decrease, says Ryan Lance, CEO of ConocoPhillips. Therefore, according to his forecast, in the next five years, oil exports from the United States may reach 2 million barrels per day. This is more than 20% of the current oil production in the country, so many new pipelines and terminals will need to be built.

The United States exports light, low-sulfur crude, which is more expensive than imported heavy crude that American refineries are equipped to process, says Skip York of Wood Mackenzie, a consulting firm. According to him, it is “more suitable” for foreign refineries (quoted by WSJ). True, Norwegian or Nigerian oil is similar in composition to American oil, and these countries are located closer to Europe and Asia, so now it is preferable for buyers, RBN analysts point out. However, after the expansion of the Panama Canal, new trade routes may emerge between the Gulf of Mexico and Asia.As a result, initially small US exports are expected to grow steadily over time.

Export prospects would be better at $ 40- $ 50 a barrel, says Ken Medlock, senior director of the Energy Research Center at Rice University in Houston. “In the long term, the ability to export oil will depend solely on the price,” he says.

Gas for the long term

As with oil, the sharp drop in global LNG prices makes it commercially unattractive to export from the US, Rucker notes.The price of its delivery to Japan and South Korea, according to Argus, fell from nearly $ 19 to $ 6.65 per 1 million BTU. At the current price of gas in the United States, plus liquefaction costs of $ 3-3.5 and about $ 2 per 1 million BTU for transportation, it is difficult for exporters to make a profit. The situation is similar with Europe, where the price in the UK has almost halved since 2013 to $ 5.2. However, for example, the first delivery from Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass LNG terminal, which is now being prepared, will go under a 20-year contract signed with the British BG Group in October 2011., reports the Financial Times.

The US Department of Energy received 54 applications for LNG export projects. If they all work, the United States will be able to supply gas abroad in volumes comparable to 60% of its production in the country. However, so far one has started working, another Cheniere Energy is selling in Corpus Christi, and three more are under construction: Freeport LNG, Cameron LNG and Cove Point LNG. All of them have signed long-term supply contracts, which guarantees them stable revenue.

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