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Save On Padded Hangers At Wholesale Prices

Save On Padded Hangers At Wholesale Prices

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Order Soft Padded Hangers

Beautiful clothing deserves to be displayed on a beautiful hanger. Update your closet with style and maintain the shape of your most beloved garments with our delicately wrapped padded hangers. Now you can stow and retrieve your special pieces with ease. The soft satin fabric with elegant bow accent prevents snagging of even the most delicate garments. This style also features polished chrome knobs in the shoulders for the option of hanging straps.

Soft enough for delicates yet sturdy enough to hold heavier garments, these high quality, low cost hangers are built to last you a lifetime. We carry both the traditional padded top hangers as well as top combo hanger with clips in your choice of white or black. Best of all we offer wholesale pricing and discounts when you order our soft padded clothing hangers in bulk.


Shopping Options
Hardware Finish
Rubber Strip
Rubber Coated

Sturdy & Trendy satin padded hangers wholesale for Daily Uses Online Customization Products

About products and suppliers:
Organize and store your items more conveniently with the aid of satin padded hangers wholesale from Alibaba. com. You can opt for easy storage and do it neatly with the assistance of these satin padded hangers wholesale that can make your closet more spacious. These satin padded hangers wholesale come with superior quality, which makes them last longer, serving varied purposes diligently. 

The satin padded hangers wholesale are supplied by some of the industry's most recognized names, assuring premium quality. You can place these portable satin padded hangers wholesale at any place in your rooms, balcony, living rooms, laundry rooms, and so on. The satin padded hangers wholesale are made of high-quality materials such as aluminium, iron, steel, or even polished woods to give them an enriching style. Most of them have extremely intricate texture and can suit well with any interior decorations.

The satin padded hangers wholesale at are available in distinct shapes, sizes, and finished qualities, and they suit individual style preferences and requirements. satin padded hangers wholesale add more value to your closet by making it organized and enable you to access everything with ease. These satin padded hangers wholesale come in variants such as wall-mounted, portable, mini products, vintage-styled ones, and automated versions, too, with distinct features such as drying, cooling, etc. surpasses your expectations by offering distinct satin padded hangers wholesale to help you select ones that match your criteria. The products are CCC, SAA certified, ensuring reliability, and optimum quality. The products not only make rooms look unique but also helps in giving them modernized touches alongside helping you organize your stuff with ease.

China Satin Hanger Manufacturer | Wholesale Satin Hanger Verified Supplier

If you are searching for hangers for your wardrobe, then Yeelin has the answer to all your questions. We provide wholesale wooden hangers, metal hangers, satin hangers, fiberglass transparent mannequins, and laundry hangers that are durable and capable of handling all kinds of heavy clothes.

Hanging clothes might sound like an easy task, but it can be challenging to get the right set of hangers to accommodate the clothes. The clothes might weigh different, and you would need to have appropriate to put each of the cloth on them properly. Our hangers are the best in class and are designed to ensure that your fabric doesn’t lose its original shape. 

How to Choose the Right Hanger?

Choosing a hanger to store your clothes can be difficult, so it’s essential to pick the right clothes hanger to accommodate your precious clothes. Here are different types of hangers you should know about

Satin Hangers

Satin hangers have a padded surrounding that ensures that your clothes are safe from all kinds of wear and tear while they are hanged. We have put extra effort into making our satin hangers, ensuring that the padding protects your precious clothes, making the hangers reliable and durable. 

Wooden Hangers

The wooden hangers can be classified as heavy-duty hangers as they can accommodate almost all kinds of clothes. These hangers are made up of high-quality wood and are suitable to hang clothes like jackets and coats. We have curated our wooden hangers according to our customer’s needs, and the bulk production capabilities make us a pioneer

wholesale wooden hangers provider.

Why Choose Yeelin?

Here are the elements that set us apart from the competition 

• High-quality wood material to make the hangers last longer.

• Affordability makes it easy to treat your clothes in the right way

• Curated designs to make your wardrobe look beautiful

The Best Hangers | Reviews by Wirecutter

Our pick

Proman Kascade Hanger

Lightweight and well constructed with a consistent finish, yet affordably priced.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $61.

Lightweight and slim with uniform construction, the Proman Kascade Hanger is an affordable, classic, and versatile clothing hanger style. Its consistently smooth edge finishing, its hooks for chain-linking hangers vertically, and its sturdy construction set it apart from competing models we reviewed. Our top all-purpose wooden hanger pick is strong enough to hold heavier winter coats, even suits, and it also accommodates all types of clothes, including pieces with delicate straps. If you buy a box, you’ll probably never have to worry about buying hangers again.


If the Proman Kascade sells out, or if you want to buy a smaller quantity of hangers, we like The Container Store’s Basic Natural Wood Hangers. In contrast with the one-size-fits-all design of the Proman hangers, these general-purpose wooden hangers come in different shapes to accommodate various clothing types.  However, we found these hangers to be less durable and their hooks have a sharp tip that might snag some fabrics.

Also great

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers

Available in shirt and suit styles, with add-ons to link hangers vertically or clips for skirts.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $23.

If you need slim hangers for a small closet, or if you own silk or gauze garments prone to slipping, we recommend the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. We found them more customizable and less likely to stretch or crease clothing than other slim hangers. Although they lack shoulder notches for holding strappy tops, the velvet flocking should keep most blouses and button-downs in place. They come in both shirt (no bottom bar) and suit styles, and you can buy additional packages of mini-hooks to cascade them vertically like the Proman hangers.

Also great

For pants and trousers, we like The Container Store Chrome Pant Hangers. The PVC nonslip coating holds pant fabric firmly, allowing for easy browsing through a closet, but it also permits pants to slide off without sticking, in contrast to rubber-coated models. The slim shape is space efficient but prone to causing slight creasing, unlike bigger and bulkier felt-bar designs.

Upgrade pick

If you can spend considerably more, get the Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project Luxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hanger. This hanger style is pricey, but it uses premium materials and has an excellent finish, with a pant bar that both grips and prevents creases better than the rest. Available in two sizes and three wood finishes, this hanger is a luxurious splurge worthy of your special-occasion slacks and trousers.

Upgrade pick

Among the three skirt hangers we tested, the clips on the Mawa 12″ Skirt Clip Hanger felt the most secure, and each hanger took up slightly less physical space than the competition. An industry-leading 10-year warranty makes this skirt hanger stand out.

Upgrade pick

Some suits and coats deserve extra care, and the Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project Luxury Wooden Jacket Hanger is designed for garment storage of expensive items whose shape you wouldn’t entrust to a noncontoured wooden hanger. Its very wide shoulder yoke supports the heaviest garments without causing dimpling or creasing.

Save 40% on Satin Coat Hangers Online at Hanger Sale

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Satin Hangers

There are many types of hangers in the market that help retain the elegance and order of your closet. Satin padded hook hangers are fabulous and effective for dangling your articles of clothing in your closet. The models have a supple, silk satin fabric coating a versatile foam core; this makes them ideal for delicate and sleeveless wear. Satin hangers get rid of wrinkles, marks or stress as they offer sturdy support with a light supple caress.

The hooks are typically chrome-coated to keep the hangers in position and its pastel satin is overly elegant.

The satin hangers are the best types that you can acquire to suspend all of your articles of clothing. This type of hanger is flexible and crafted naturally to mimic the shoulders in shape thus supporting your clothes devoid of over-stretching, tear or creasing. They are also made of strong materials that are superficially padded, this grants longevity and strength while the clothes do not fall off, and there are no pointed edges and splinters which may snag your clothing.

Most of the satin hangers have between 1 to 1.5 inches bars and twistable hooks which ensure you can face it on either direction. These hangers do not expose your delicate wear to rust and will support different clothing with firmness. With their lovable padding, these hangers are aesthetically cute and add on the elegance of your closet when properly arranged.

The hangers have a good width and thickness that enables them to prevent wrinkles in shoulders, arms and knee level. They are also thinner compared to wooden hangers, this means you can have a hanger that resembles your shoulders and wide enough so that your clothes fit naturally. Satin padded hangers edged taper off and don’t circle under, this ensures clothes do not slip off and there is no warping of your wear at the shoulder level.

Unlike wire hangers that are tenuous and prone to rusting, satin padded hangers are safe for wet clothes like inner wear. You can go for rounded and soft shapes; this will ensure there are no lines on the shoulders after hanging your clothes. Satin hangers are strong and come with a rubber coat that heightens friction; this ensures clothes do not fall of as you grope for contents in your closet. Satin hangers are also suitable for your kid’s closet organizers as they are ideal for delicate wear.    


Best Clothes Hangers of 2021

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Container Store Acrylic hangers, not only look chic, but were the best hangers we tested.

Credit: Reviewed / Bestey Goldwasser

The TIMMY hangers are easy to slide and don’t leave a mark on your clothes. Pair that with their small profile, and it’s our favorite if you don’t have a lot of room in your closet.

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Ikea Bumerang Hanger, when paired with the Bumerang Shoulder Shaper creates sturdiness for your clothes without leaving any marks.

How We Tested

The Tester

I’m Marcia Layton Turner, a freelance writer who has written for Woman’s Day, Health, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Businessweek, US News and World Report, and I currently write for and a number of other outlets. I’ve also tested products for magazines and websites. I was the baby product reviewer for ePregnancy magazine years ago, am an Amazon product tester, and frequently offer my unsolicited two cents when I come across products I love.

As a new devotee of Marie Kondo, I recently cleared my closet of pants, jackets, shirts, and dresses that I hadn’t worn in ages. It left me with a fair amount of space in my walk-in closet, which inspired me to swap out my old collection of random hangers. That’s when I discovered the wide variety of hangers available.

I wanted hangers that were uniform in appearance to make my closet look more organized, and that could hold everything from heavy jackets to lightweight blouses.

The Tests

We chose which hangers to test by getting our hands on some of the most popular brands, such as Joy Mangano’s Huggable Hanger, and others from popular stores like The Container Store, IKEA, Target and Amazon.

To determine which hangers performed best and which didn’t, we tested them over the course of a week in an empty closet. We hung damp and dry clothes on all the hangers in that one closet, so they’d be in the same environment. Then we moved them twice a day, both to see if that affected the clothes and to gauge how hard it was to relocate the hangers themselves. We also pulled them out and removed clothes to see how easy or difficult it was to take them off the hangers; some were surprisingly difficult.

In addition to measuring ease of hanging and removing clothing, we checked whether marks were left in the clothes from the hanger and whether clothes stayed hung or slid off, as well as how many fit in a small space.

We also tested the free hangers you get from the dry cleaners as another option, just for comparison.

Credit: Reviewed / Marcia Layton Turner

We tested hangers of all different materials to see how much room they would take up in your closet.

What You Should Know About Clothes Hangers

If you looked in my closet a couple of months ago, you would have seen a hodge-podge of thin wire dry cleaner hangers, white plastic hangers, and Ikea wooden ones. I tend to buy hangers when I notice that I have more clothes than things to hang them on. But post-Konmari, I decided I wanted a more uniform appearance with hangers that weren’t bent or misshapen from trying to hold my long wool coat that must weigh close to 20 pounds.

In researching the single type of hanger that would work best, I came across a number of factors. As you weigh your many options, I’d recommend you consider some or all of the following:

  • Price: Granted, hangers aren’t very expensive, but you’ll find some that are $8.99 each and others that are $8.99 for a couple of dozen. If your goal is to outfit your closet with one type of hanger, do the math to make sure it will fit your budget.
  • Type of clothes you’ll be hanging: This is the biggest factor because the type of hanger you choose should be determined by what you’re hanging. Heavy jackets and sweaters need more substantial hangers to avoid bending under their weight while silk blouses and camisoles will likely do better on fabric-covered hangers that prevent marks. If you’re hanging pants, you’ll need hangers that have a horizontal bar for that purpose; not all hangers do.
  • Extra parts needed: I found that I loved the Ikea wooden hanger and loved it even more with the shoulder shaper that sits on top of it. The shaper provides an extra degree of protection against shoulder marks, but the accessory costs an additional $.50 per hanger. Likewise, our top choice, The Container Store Basic Acrylic Hanger and Wooden Hanger come with and without the pants bar; the design with the bar is $1.00 more.
  • Closet space: The amount of space you have in your closet may limit your choice of hangers. Some hangers are designed to be compact, allowing more clothes to be stored in a tight space, while others are wide for the protection of the clothes, but which then limit how many can be hung at one time. Make sure the hanger you choose will allow you to hang all the clothes you need.
  • Durability: The heavier the materials used to make the hanger, the more versatile and durable it is. If you have heavy clothes, you’ll want to err on the side of a wooden or heavy metal hanger. If you have lightweight outfits, plastic and satin hangers will work just as well.

A Note About Wire Hangers From the Dry Cleaners

We tested the free hangers you get from the dry cleaners as part of a control group, figuring it would have the fewest features, and they turned out to be much sturdier than anticipated. My local dry cleaner appears to have stepped up its game, investing in a thicker wire that is able to hold a heavy jacket without being doubled up. While they are certainly slim, can hold pants, and, best of all, come free with any dry cleaning you have done, these hangers aren’t particularly attractive and you may not get the exact kind of hanger each time, so closets may not look aesthetically pleasing. They didn’t cause much in the way of marks during the week of testing, though I suspect long-term, the harsh points of the wire might cause some denting.

Other Clothes Hangers We Tested

Although The Container Store’s Basic Acrylic Hanger climbed to the top of our rating, we tested a wide range of products to find the best clothes hangers. Here are some others for you to consider:

More Articles You Might Enjoy

Checking our work.

Our team is here for one purpose: to help you buy the best stuff and love what you own. Our writers, editors, and lab technicians obsess over the products we cover to make sure you’re confident and satisfied. Have a different opinion about something we recommend? Email us and we’ll compare notes.

Shoot us an email

Wholesale Satin Hangers – Academy Home Goods

Want to know more about Wholesale Satin Hangers? You are in the right place. Expand your knowledge of wholesale. Here you can find everything about Wholesale Satin Hangers.

Wholesale Padded Satin Hangers Store Supply Warehouse
    Sold in two complementary colors our padded satin hangers are ideal for lingerie and delicate wear. Store Supply Warehouse’s Black Velvet hangers are great for silk blouses and tank tops. Sold by the case, these wholesale hangers are available for super fast shipping and always with the lowest prices guaranteed! Shop 3 Padded Satin Hangers

Satin Hangers – Only Hangers Inc.
    Satin hangers can transform your closet or boudoir into a thing of beauty. Satin is a luxurious alternative to standard lingerie hangers. Padded satin is the gentlest hanger you can buy, but gentle doesn’t have to mean delicate! Our satin hangers are strong and durable. We offer the unique satin hangers …

Wholesale Padded Hangers Satin Clothes Hanger Manufacturer
    Wholesale hanger production is our speciality. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are structured to accommodate the efficient production of virtually any padded garment hanger design or finish. With numerous wood types & finishes we can produce any hanger to meet your exact specifications, even with metal hangers.

Wholesale Satin Hangers – Buy Cheap in Bulk from China …
    DHgate is the leading retail store for satin hangers. Whether it”s top-quality satin or the latest satin pillowcases, we have it all right here in our extensive collection. You can count on us for satisfactory satin dres with the best quality at competitive prices.

Satin Hangers for home or store front The Hanger Depot
    Satin Padded Hangers. Keep your closet organized and your clothes crease-free and ready to wear with our padded satin fabric hangers. Padded hangers silky smooth textures are gentle on clothes and perfect for delicates like blouses, shirts, sweaters, lingerie and other fine garments

Save On Padded Hangers At Wholesale Prices
    The soft satin fabric with elegant bow accent prevents snagging of even the most delicate garments. This style also features polished chrome knobs in the shoulders for the option of hanging straps. Soft enough for delicates yet sturdy enough to hold heavier garments, these high quality, low cost hangers are built to last you a lifetime.

Wholesale Hangers and Discount Hangers, Every Type of …
    Introducing Hangers Wholesale. Purchasing hangers can be a tedious task – with so many designs to choose from, so many differing materials and shipping costs, it can be difficult to find selections that match both your space and your budget. … » Plastic Children’s Hangers » Satin Padded Children’s Hangers

Hangers In Bulk – Wholesale Hangers American Retail Supply
    American Retail Supply is offering a wide variety of wholesale hangers – plastic, wood, metal, satin, specialty Hangers and accessories for your Store at Best Prices. Shop Online!

Only Hangers – Only Hangers Inc.
    Only Hangers designs and manufactures one of the largest and most sought after collection of clothes hangers in America. We use only the highest quality materials in all of our wooden, plastic or metal hangers that we make and offer them at below wholesale prices.

Wedding Hangers & Bridal Hangers in Bulk & Wholesale Prices
    Order Wedding Hangers & Bridal Hangers. A special day deserves special hangers. If you are the bride-to-be, you want everything to be perfect, right down to the hanger displaying your wedding dress. A staple in any wedding photo album is a picture of the elegant dress hung up and displayed in all of its glory. We also preprinted hangers for the …

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We hope you find the information you are interested in. On our site you can find many other information about wholesale.

Hangers hangers for delicate things, soft satin satin

In stock Wholesale and retail

100 UAH / package


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    45 UAH


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    45 UAH


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    45 UAH


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    45 UAH


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    110 UAH / package


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    110 UAH / package


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    110 UAH / package


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    110 UAH / package


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    110 UAH / package


  • In stock Wholesale and retail

    110 UAH / package


  • Pending Wholesale and retail

    95 UAH / package



  • Pending Wholesale and retail

    50 UAH / package



  • Sale

    Out of stock Wholesale and retail

    13 UAH



  • China SUMTOO wooden clothes hanger acrylic hanger wholesale Manufacturers

    SUMTOO Wooden clothes hanger Acrylic hanger in kind \ n 1.Give a strong fashion sense with a beautiful appearance. \ N2.Simple and practical design to keep clothes in shape \ nshape. \ n4.Good recommendation for home, hotel, fashion design \ nsupermarket, boutique, etc. \ n \ n \ n
    Item No. ST9811
    Size & weight OEM as requested
    Hook Chrome plated hook (Optional accesory in OEM order)
    Raw wood Grade A beech
    Color Original
    Clip Chrome plated clip (Optional accesory in OEM order)
    Addtional design OEM as requested
    Price Factory offer
    OEM Customized hangers available (color, shape, size, hook, etc)
    Company logo Printed & engraved logo available
    Sample time 7-10days
    Payment T / T, L / C, O / A, DDP, Paypal, etc all manners of payment supported
    Mass production time 25-30days
    You’re welcome to visit our plant!
    Company Information SUMTOO supplies exceptional quality wooden hangers at a factory price.Whether you love modern, classic or casual style, we are sure to find exactly what you need at a competitive price. We also offer inspirational advice and expert ideas for your business. \ N Our quality handcrafted wooden hangers not only help the client stay organized, protecting the client’s investment in their wardrobe, but are also designed to last. \ n Enjoy the flawless beauty and workmanship of these hangers, which we have carefully selected for your site.\ n You are sure to find exactly what you were looking for here, and you will definitely get a great product at a competitive price. \ n
    Welcome to SUMTOO Company
    Located in the most beautiful city in China, Guilin, SUMTOO Hotel has an excellent team to serve you from start to finish. We can provide you with a variety of hangers – wooden hangers, wire hangers, velvet hangers, plastic hangers, satin hangers, stainless steel hangers, etc.For different uses. We warmly welcome and sincerely invite you to visit our company. \ n \ n
    SUMTOO Wooden Hanger Factory Production Line
    \ n Our Services 1. Provide the best wooden hanger. \ n2. Please respond quickly to your request. \ N3. Custom design is available. OEM & ODM are welcome. \ N4. An exclusive and unique solution can be provided to you by our well trained and professional engineers and staff.\ N 5. Special discount and floor protection provided to your distributor. \ N6. Experienced staff will answer all your questions in professional and fluent English. \ N 7. Provide customized service and free brand logo samples. \ N
    Customized LOGO (engraved / print / metal label …)
    \ n
    Various Kinds of Hooks for Your Options
    \ n Frequently Asked Questions about SUMTOO: \ n Company Name: Guilin Sumtoo Home Collection Co., Ltd. \ n Main product: clothes hanger (metal, plastic, foam, wooden). \ n Achievements: \ n 1.Leader of hangers manufacturer in this field and years of export experience. \ n 2. Perfect design, various kinds of hangers, multiple choices for customers. \ n 3. Welcome OEM / ODM, customized samples are available. \ n 4. Strict raw material management and quality system, and punctual delivery. \ n 5. Good prices, excellent services \ n About products: \ n 1) by materials: wood, plastic, metal, etc.\ n 2) by type of clothing: tops, bottoms, dresses, suits, coordinates, children \ n 3) craft: velvet, rubber coating, flocking, satin, polishing, coating \ n About logo: \ n According to your request \ n 1) Laser processing in wooden hangers \ n 2) printing on plastic hangers \ n 3) metal or plastic plaque attached to wooden hangers or plastic hangers \ n 4) any other crafts you like. \ n \ n Size: \ n 1) wooden hanger, all sizes are available according to your request.\ n 2) other kinds of materials, below sizes for your choice: adults or children, men or women \ n Our factory has many styles with different sizes. You should have one style that matches the size you want. \ N \ n About the material: \ n 1) Wood: beech, pine, lotus, Chinese cherry or lotus wood, ash, birch, rubber wood, etc. \ N 2) Plastic: ABS, PS, PP, PVC, PU \ n 3) Metal: aluminum, wire, stainless steel \ n \ n About shipment: \ n 1 We generally offer free shipping by China Post Air Mail for 14-25 days.\ N 2. EMS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT are available. You can also select these, \ n, but we must add the value to your purchase price in different countries. \ N 3. Be sure to leave your telephone number and your address when filling in your buyer’s information. \ N 4. You can check the goods that are in transit via the tracking number. \ n \ n About payment terms: \ n 1. Full payment must be made within 7 days after placing your order. \ n 2. We will deliver the goods within 7 business days after we receive your payment…. \ n 3. The buyer is responsible for any tax and / or duty charged by their country. \ n And the item will be marked as “gift” or “sample” for easier customs clearance and lower cost. \ n \ n How to contact us? \ n Tel: + 86-0773-2316282 \ n Trade Manager ID: sumtoo \ n Click submit now for inquiry, get free samples. \ n

    Products Groups: Wooden hanger> T-shirt hanger

    Satin ribbon wholesale | Sergio Stefano Catalog

    Sort: By date of receipt Model (A – Z) Model (Z – A) Name (A – Z) Name (Z – A) Cheaper first More expensive first Rating (starting from high) Rating (starting from low) Default



    14.40 i per m.

    648.00 i per pkg

    -1 option –

    1 color , 1 size


    from 1.68 i per m.

    from 55.44 i for pack.

    -37 options –

    35 colors , 1 size


    1.78 i per m.

    39.16 i per pack

    -3 options –

    3 colors , 1 size


    from 2.16 i per yard (0.9144m).

    from 216.00 i per pack.

    -2 options –

    1 color , 1 size


    from 4.35 i per m.

    from 195.75 i per pack.

    -5 options –

    5 colors , 1 size

    Satin ribbons are made from rayon or acetate silk. They are distinguished by high tensile strength, beautiful glossy texture. The tape has a dense structure and rich color, which remain even after repeated washes, under the influence of the sun and high temperatures during ironing.It is used for decorating clothes and home textiles, in the production of bijouterie and hair ornaments, and for wrapping gifts and flowers.

    Satin ribbons vary in width and color. The assortment includes options for neutral and bright shades. The product cards show prices per yard (0.9144 m) and per package. Wide belts are sold in rolls of 45 m, narrow ones at 23 or 92 m.

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    ARTPAK – Hanger hangers wholesale from the manufacturer.

    The prices indicated on the website may not be valid. Check with our managers for current prices.

    Please note:

    By default, hangers are equipped with a hook of domestic production.

    When ordering, you can specify the complete set with hooks imported (Turkey).They have a higher quality electroplated coating and retain their presentation longer. The extra charge in this case will be +50 kopecks for a hanger with a hook 3mm and +70 kopecks for a hanger with a hook 3.4mm.

    Read the Instruction sheet for the hanger hanger.

    ArtPac is the largest manufacturer of plastic hangers in Russia. The company ArtPac offers its customers – clothing manufacturers, owners of retail chains and stores, a wide range of equipment such as clothes hangers of a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors.Large range of length and shoulder width, allows you to choose hangers for:

    – men’s and women’s outerwear, suits, skirts, trousers, blouses, knitwear;

    – fur coats, sheepskin coats, fur and leather goods;

    – Children’s suits, dresses, shirts, T-shirts, trousers and skirts;

    At the request of the client, the hanger can be made with the application of the customer’s logo (application methods: pad printing, foil stamping, logo on a plastic insert-targeting, molded logo).The hanger is completed with a crossbar, a size bar, a trouser holder, a seal, a label and other accessories.

    Company ArtPac is constantly working on improving its products, attracting modern technologies, well-known designers and foreign experience of its partners, so that cooperation with us becomes profitable and promising for the client.

    We are also engaged in wholesales and cooperate with large clothing stores. Our managers will be able to advise you on this issue.

    All our hangers have a common element – a metal rotating hook, but structurally – there are many variations. Fashion ateliers, shops, sewing workshops, purchasing hangers-hangers in bulk, can indicate the desired configuration when placing an order: with or without a crossbar, with or without a size bar, or hangers with a holder for trousers and skirts. The variety of products on display for wholesale hangers is impressive. And there is plenty to choose from!

    The company ArtPac can produce a batch of exclusive coat hangers for the owners of refined salons, restaurants, nightclubs.We can say that clothes hangers in this case will be created according to the customer’s design. Moreover, there is enough room for imagination: in the design of hangers – hangers can be shortened or lengthened the height of the hook, give it an original shape. And the unusual coating for the hanger (anti-slip matte, glossy, metallized in gold or silver, velvet) will give it a unique, elegant look.

    In addition, offering hangers in bulk, ArtPac manufactures them, according to the order, from various materials and the color desired by the client.Of course, it should be remembered that hangers-hangers with a rotating hook, made of plastic, are more convenient and more durable than their counterparts made of wood or the same plastic, but with a molded hook.

    A wide range of products in warehouses allows us to fulfill the most urgent orders of clothing manufacturers, owners of ready-to-wear shops for the delivery of hangers in bulk. Cooperation with the company is simplified, since it delivers in Moscow or to a transport company purchased wholesale hangers – hangers.

    So, the conclusion is unambiguous – the company ArtPac has every opportunity to preserve the proper look of our clothes. Indeed, with the modern pace of life, so little time is left for additional care of things, and with the right hangers for clothes, its appearance always remains perfect.

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