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CERA offers a wide spectrum of experiences through an extensive range of products. To complement the Sanitaryware products there is a range of faucets, tiles, shower products, kitchen sinks and personal care products.

  • Sanitaryware

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    CERA brings to you, top quality Sanitaryware closet and basin design’s with constant adaptation to new market trends. Cera’s products are the result of a manufacturing process that places them at the very forefront of world technology. Respectful towards the environment (minimizes the use of water and energy), first company to develop products to flush in 4 litre saves almost 33% water per flush.

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  • Faucets

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    CERA offers wide variety in design and functionality to choose from in Faucets. Our portfolio is the most complete, ranging from beautiful single lever, quarter turn, half turn to technologically advanced products for commercial purpose sensor and push taps.

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  • Tiles

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    CERA is proud to be amongst the premier innovative brands in the tiles category to introduce the very latest technologies in the industry. Only the best grade of raw material is used for that enchanting, everlasting experience. With their superior tensile strength, scratch resistance, waterproof and stain resistant properties, there’s something here for everyone.

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  • Wellness

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    CERA understands your world. We know that at the end of a rough day, what you need most is to come home to some comfort and care. Take your pick. The CERA Wellness range has got you covered.

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  • Kitchen Sinks

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    Whether it’s the shape-single, double bowls and more-or the finish-take your pick from Handmade, Satin and Pearl. Go ahead and choose from a wide range of CERA Kitchen Sinks that suit your particular requirement.

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  • Mirrors

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    How do we make you look your very best? Enter CERA mirrors. A collection of mirrors that is inspired by art and luxury to inspire the very best in you. Fall in love with your reflection. Fall in love with you.

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Bathroom Faucets | US EPA

Most of us know we can save water if we turn off the tap while brushing our teeth (as much as 3,000 gallons per year!), but did you know that there are products that will help save water when you turn on the tap too? WaterSense labeled faucets and faucet accessories (such as aerators) are high–performing, water–efficient fixtures that will help you reduce water use in your home and save money on water bills. By retrofitting your entire bathroom with WaterSense labeled fixtures, you can save even more.

On This Page:

Faucet Flows

WaterSense labeled bathroom sink faucets and accessories that use a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute can reduce a sink’s water flow by 30 percent or more from the standard flow of 2. 2 gallons per minute without sacrificing performance. We could save billions of gallons nationwide each year by retrofitting bathroom sink faucets with models that have earned the WaterSense label.

All products bearing the WaterSense label complete an independent certification process to ensure they meet EPA criteria. Faucets and faucet accessories—products that can be attached easily to existing faucets to save water—that obtain the WaterSense label have demonstrated both water efficiency and the ability to provide ample flow.

Whether replacing an older, inefficient faucet that’s wasting water and money, or simply looking for options to reduce water use in your home, choose a WaterSense labeled bathroom sink faucet or aerator. WaterSense labeled models are available at a wide variety of price points and a broad range of styles and in many areas, utilities offer rebates and vouchers that can lower the price even further. The next time you wash your hands or brush your teeth, you’ll know that you’re doing your part to help protect our precious water resources.

A WaterSense Labeled Bathroom Faucet Factsheet (1 pp, 308K, About PDF) is also available in PDF.

WaterSense Savings

Replacing old, inefficient faucets and aerators with WaterSense labeled models can save the average family 700 gallons of water per year, equal to the amount of water needed to take 45 showers. Also, since these water savings reduce demands on water heaters, households will also save enough energy to run a hairdryer 17 minutes a day for a year. Achieving these savings can be as easy as twisting on a WaterSense labeled aerator, which can cost as little as a few dollars.

If every home in the United States replaced existing faucets and aerators with WaterSense labeled models, we could save nearly $1.3 billion in water and energy costs and 69 billion gallons of water across the country annually—equivalent to the annual household water needs of more than 680,000 American homes.

Replacing old, inefficient bathroom faucets and aerators with WaterSense labeled models can save the average family nearly 11,000 gallons of water over the faucets’ lifetime.

  Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to replace your faucet aerator.


EPA released a final specification on October 1, 2007, for bathroom sink faucets and faucet accessories (e.g., aerators). 

For more information about the faucet specification process, including the draft specification, public response to the draft specification, EPA’s response to the public comments, and questions and answers, please see High-Efficiency Lavatory (Bathroom Sink) Faucet Specification Background Materials page.

Manufacturers that produce faucets and aerators meeting EPA’s efficiency and performance criteria can apply to have their products certified to earn the WaterSense label.  Before submitting products for testing, manufacturers must have a partnership agreement with EPA in place. Visit the manufacturer section on the partner page to learn more.

Hands Free Automatic Faucets | Mac Faucets


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Bought before, will b …» «I just wanted to let you know that I installed the faucets and everyone is very happy wi …» «I purchased from this company 20 times or more. I try to sell their products to my clients …»

Bathroom Hardware and Accessories

Faucets are one of the major features that compliment any bathroom style, either you have a common functional bathroom or invested in a luxurious suite bathroom. Bathroom faucets are available in a multitude of designs and eco-friendly solutions that help conserve water and achieve better experience while supplying consumers with powerful anti-splashing, seamless water flow technology.

In the current situation of pandemic COVID-19, we not only look for water-saving comfort but also need something with hands-free convenience and hygiene; while choosing for bathroom faucets.
MAC Faucets provides a wide range of style and feature choices to select from touchless hands-free bathroom hardware. Our Automatic faucets inventory is quite comprehensive and has technologically advanced items for commercial and residential purpose. In our collection, we have beautiful automatic faucets, electronic soap dispensers and automatic urinal and toilet valves. MAC automatic Faucet brings a stunning style feature to your bathroom fitting without costing you a lot.

Faucet Parts | Kitchen Faucet Parts

About Faucet Parts

Whether it’s for bathroom, kitchen, or for commercial

application, faucet parts that have been compromised need to be replaced. If a nut, washer, handle, spring, or any other type of part is broken, chipped, or missing, your faucet is not going to work properly. This is why PlumbersStock carries every kind of faucet part:

Types of Replacement Faucet Parts

Escutcheon Plates

Primarily used as kitchen faucet parts, the escutcheon plate is more for appearance than for usability. The plate is used to cover up unused holes in your countertop. For example, if you were to install a single-hole faucet assembly on a sink that accommodates a three-hole assembly,

the escutcheon plate can be used to cover the unused holes. These plates come in a variety of finishes to match almost any faucet finish. They come in both threaded and non-threaded varieties.

Faucet Handles

Most handles can easily be replaced if need be. There are a wide variety of faucet handles to choose from. Remember that kitchen faucet parts will tend to be more visible to guests so that is an important consideration. If you want to replace the handle only, the best choice is to find the same handle type from the same manufacturer as your current faucet. Some consideration to make while choosing a faucet handle is the comfort of the handle. It should feel comfortable to the touch, with sturdy but fluid turning motions.

Shower Heads and Hand Showers

These parts need no explanation, but consider that PlumbersStock carries over 1,200 options so that you can equip your shower with the ultimate fixture for a therapeutic bathing experience at discount prices.

Shower Arm and Wall Mounts

If your shower arm is broken then you don’t want to have to replace the entire fixture, so save by finding the right discount shower arm or wall mount for your repair project.

Tub Spouts

Replacement tub spouts to match your existing configuration can be found here at discount prices. Over 500 discount options to choose from, with brand names like Moen, Delta, Grohe, and more!

Valve Trim

Shower trim includes all the components of a shower that can be seen, like the head, arm, and handle. Trim kits will include all the parts you need for your shower assembly.

Stems and Cartridges

Both stems and cartridges are essential to connecting and operating your faucet. We offer hundreds of options to ensure you find the part you need.

Gaskets and O-Rings

These faucet parts are crucial in preventing leaks in your installation. They create a seal that covers up the imperfections in your mating surfaces.

Commercial Faucet Parts

With literally thousands of options for commercial faucet replacement parts, PlumbersStock has the solution for your restroom or kitchen.

Find the Best Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet Parts

With all these considerations to make, your head may still be swimming from information overload. There are many more faucet parts that help to bring you a great indoor plumbing experience!

There are many options when it comes to bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets, and the same is true for their various parts. If you have any questions please contact our service professionals to find which is best for your home. We offer information on a few parts that you will want to keep in mind when properly maintaining your faucets.

black and white mixers IDDIS


Shades of sanitary ware: black and white mixers IDDIS

Color has come to the plumbing! Many are accustomed to the fact that faucets, shower heads and counters are usually chrome-plated. But today the choice of mixers is much wider, and interior solutions can be bolder and more interesting.

Most often we are talking about black, white, bronze, gold and satin.In this article we will tell you about the mixers in black and white.

What to look for when buying

Immediately, we note that it is worth stopping your choice on models with a reliable coating with an official guarantee. Sometimes in stores you can find film layers on the mixer – these are very cheap products, really responsible manufacturers do not use such a coating. It quickly loses its appearance. Mixers of black and white colors of the IDDIS brand are coated with a reliable composition by electrophoresis. Otherwise, the selection criteria for mixers in color are the same as for conventional ones. You can read about them here.

Mixer IDDIS Ray


White mixers are unusual and versatile at the same time – they can be combined with accessories and wall finishes of different colors and shades.White color is suitable for many interior solutions. It can be especially valuable for small rooms where it is important to avoid clutter of colors and textures. At the same time, white can be successfully combined with contrasting dark colors. Harmony is important here. Such combinations will add light to the space or will allow you to successfully play on contrasts.

White color always brings harmony and tranquility to the interior, embodies purity and freshness. It is worth noting that these mixers look interesting with a chrome finish.They are most often suitable for most washbasins.

At the same time, white mixers have some drawbacks. Lime is not visible on it, but rusty water and dirt can be visible. But is this a reason to give up white? Without proper care, any thing can become unattractive or look careless. We will tell you about how to care for black and white mixers at the end of this article.


Stylish black has captured not only the world of fashion, but also the world of interior design.Several years ago, this trend has affected many plumbing solutions. He came to Russia about two years ago and has already gained many fans. Black emphasizes the silhouettes of models, adds graphicality and contrast to rooms in bright colors.

Mixer IDDIS Slide

By itself, the black color is very noticeable, so its overabundance in the interior is not always appropriate. A bold option is a combination of black and white. Psychologists assure that, despite the atypical combination of these colors in the bathroom, black and white combinations are not annoying or annoying. You can choose a few elements in a dark design, while the rest are in boiling white. Accessories can be used as contrasting details. If you decide to make just such a choice and you are not an expert, it is better to seek additional advice from an interior designer.

Black mixers, shower enclosures, accessories are always spectacular.What options are there? Choose the most suitable for your bathroom: the entire set of equipment in one tone or color accents in certain areas of the room.

Mixer IDDIS Slide

For black, designers have their own recommendations:

  • Combine black with contrasting colors – white, gold, yellow, but be careful;
  • Complement the interior with mirrors and glossy light surfaces – this will dilute the abundance of matte black;
  • Watch for harmony – too much black can make a bathroom look dark and visually diminish the space.
Maintenance of black and white faucets

Is it really easy to maintain black and white faucets? With the right approach, if you clean the surface regularly, it will always be in excellent condition. At the same time, it should be remembered that limescale can remain on the body of any mixer. But this is not a problem either. All you need to care for is a microfiber cloth and plain soapy water. If the mixer is cleaned regularly, no special products are required.

Black plumbing can also have a residue. But we haven’t yet come across mixers that we wouldn’t need to regularly take care of. Caring for black faucets is no different from caring for white models.

The main thing – never use abrasive products and metal brushes and scouring pads for cleaning surfaces, they can scratch the case.

Also, wipe the surfaces with a dry soft cloth with increased hygroscopicity immediately after taking a shower or bath – this will avoid the appearance of white bloom.

Clean off plaque immediately and your bathroom will look like new. You can read more about caring for your faucets here.

90,000 The best faucets, top-10 rating of faucet manufacturers

Repair work in the kitchen or in the bathroom is almost never complete without replacing the faucets. Today, those times when such products performed exclusively technical functions have sunk into oblivion. Currently, these components are a full-fledged design element in terms of room decoration.For this reason, new models appear on the market every few months, which are designed for a wide variety of interiors.

Each company engaged in the production of similar products offers its customers both standard and exclusive models, so it is quite easy to get lost in the variety available on the market. Therefore, we decided to start our review of the best mixer manufacturers with a classification of commercially available products. We hope that this will help you in the future to determine not only the brand of the product, but also its model.

What kind of mixers are there and how to choose them?

The so-called single-lever mixers have gained quite a lot of popularity in the last few years, which are characterized by their ease of operation and, moreover, they differ in the most different designs. To turn on the water, just lift the lever and turn it in a certain direction – depending on the required temperature. In this case, you will not have to perform any other actions. Such devices are easy to install: there is no need to resort to plumbing services,

Two-valve models are distinguished by the presence of two taps – for hot and cold water, respectively.You will have to perform more actions to set the required temperature, but it will be much easier to adjust the water. In turn, these models can be divided into two groups: equipped with rubber gaskets or having ceramic discs as a seal. The first type behaves well in conditions of increased water hardness.

Not too long ago, thermostatic mixers appeared on the market, which almost immediately became quite popular. They are distinguished not only by their beautiful appearance, but also by their ease of use.Such devices have a special panel on which you can find several handles at once. The main positive point here is the presence of a safety stopper, which will well protect the skin from burns. The initial water temperature is not too important here, since such a device will not allow it to heat up above 38 degrees, and this function can be turned off if desired.

Now let’s take a look at the best home faucet firms. When compiling our rating, we took into account the reviews of users and professionals, took into account the ratio of price and quality of models.Therefore, in our review you will not be able to find elite products that only wealthy people can afford.

The best manufacturers of mixers

10. Mixer RAVAK

This Czech company offers its customers quite attractive products at a very reasonable price. In terms of the length of service, everything is also on top. No additional functions are provided in the devices, which makes them extremely reliable. All products are made of high quality brass, coated with a special polish that is resistant to limescale and other surface defects.

On sale you can find models equipped with both a lever mixer and a two-valve mixer. Many products equipped with two valves have a built-in thermostat to maintain the set water temperature. The forms of manufactured products are very different, therefore, choosing the most convenient one for certain operating conditions is not so difficult. All faucets are made on a ceramic base, which can last much longer than rubber gaskets.Before going directly to the market, absolutely all products are tested in terms of functionality and quality.


  • Excellent behavior in all operating conditions;
  • Reliable build;
  • Ceramic amplifiers capable of significantly extending product life;
  • Possibility of maintaining the set temperature.


  • Not so often found on sale.


9.Mixer Cezares

This company produces exclusively high quality products, each model is thought out very carefully. All products are designed by qualified and experienced engineers. Largely thanks to the faucets of this company, it is possible to give uniqueness to the bathroom or kitchen. Product developers have taken into account almost all the requirements of consumers, they regularly release new collections that will appeal to both people with limited means and rather wealthy customers.

The products of this company perfectly combine graceful style and excellent quality. The service life of the products is very long – the mixers will not need repair work, additional maintenance and quick replacement. They will perfectly fit into any bathroom or kitchen interior. On sale you can find both single-lever and two-valve designs. Regardless of the type of device, it will be quite easy to install. Two-valve models of mixers of this brand allow you to save a decent amount of water.You can also find thermostatic products equipped with a special handle that is responsible for adjusting the water temperature.


  • Long service life;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • There are many versatile designs on sale.


  • Some models are quite expensive.

Cezares mixer

8.Jacob Delafon

This French brand has been on the market for over a century. At first, she was engaged in the production of water pipes, and later retrained specifically for plumbing products. Literally 20 years ago, the company won a leading position in many similar areas, which it retains to this day. The designers have created several collections that are united by a common idea. All products are lever-operated. All models include a number of basic structural elements: base, handle, spout and aerator. They are made of brass that is not subject to corrosive processes, and additionally decorated with a special chrome coating, reliably protected from the formation of limescale.

Almost all users who prefer this brand note the beautiful appearance, which allows the product to organically fit into any interior of the bathroom or kitchen. If necessary, a special filter can be connected to most structures and provide additional purification of tap water, making it potable.


  • Many models are universal;
  • Bathroom faucets are equipped with multi-position shower heads;
  • Additional chrome finish.


  • The shower-to-faucet switch is not equipped with anti-deposit protection, so after a while it may start to stick.

Jacob Delafon

7. Roca

This is a Spanish brand that has been on the market for about a hundred years, initially the company was engaged in the manufacture of boilers and radiators, later retrained for the production of bathtubs and glass-ceramic products, and since 1954 year began to manufacture mixers, which is what it is doing to this day. The company entered the Russian market of sanitary ware in 2004. There are designs on sale that are designed for both horizontal and vertical installation, for example, over a sink or bathtub. If necessary, the product can be installed using the installed technology, when the plumbing structure is placed directly in the wall of the room, thereby saving a decent amount of free space. By design, like the models already considered earlier, there are valve and lever.

On sale you can find a large variety of collections, in addition, there is the possibility of producing unique products, which are designed and manufactured exclusively on the basis of the wishes of the customer. A person can order a model for himself depending on his needs, financial capabilities, conditions of installation and operation of the product. All products are characterized by a high level of reliability and a fairly long period of operation. There are about 50 different models on sale, so it will not be too difficult to make a choice.


  • High build quality – all elements are tightly fitted to each other, the likelihood of leakage is reduced to almost zero;
  • Long product life;
  • Quite a wide range of products.


  • There are models for sale that are very expensive;
  • Some mixers are not very ergonomic – they look very nice, but they can be inconvenient to use.

Roca faucet

6. Vidima

These faucets are some of the cheapest in our entire roundup, but this does not mean that they are of poor quality. In their production, the latest technology is used, which makes the manufacturing process simpler and faster. The design of the mixers is such that even with a low pressure of water, they allow for a uniform supply of water. All designs have a special cartridge made of ceramic materials, the diameter of which can be 3.5, 4 or 4.7 cm.Moreover, the last two of them are characterized by high noise-absorbing properties. The tap in the mixer can be rotated 180 degrees. Products intended for installation in the bathroom are additionally equipped with a hose and a watering can.

All shower heads are self-cleaning – this function is quite useful for Russian water supply systems, since it is not uncommon for various debris to get into the watering can, after which it starts to work worse. In addition, the shower head and spray pattern can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.All structures have a chrome-plated coating, thanks to which it is possible to protect both moving and stationary parts of the product from corrosion. The period of operation is quite long, besides, the products do not have the ability to accumulate limescale on themselves.


  • The body of all products is ergonomic and easy to use;
  • Long warranty period of about 5 years;
  • Almost no noise during operation;
  • The faucets are made of cast brass to give the structure extra strength.


  • The hot water tap can get very hot – you have to be careful not to burn yourself.

Mixers Vidima

5. Mixers Oras

This Finnish brand has been on the Russian market for a very long time – users have been able to appreciate all the advantages of such mixers. The company closely monitors the quality of its products. All plumbing equipment manufactured by this enterprise fully meets all international quality standards.It is also completely safe for the environment. The faucets are designed to save a decent amount of water. This company is one of the first to start production of non-contact products – it is enough to bring your hand to the tap, after which the corresponding switch-on sensor will be triggered. The warranty for such mixers is 2 years, for ordinary products it can be up to 5 years.

There are a large number of different models on the market, so you can easily choose a product for your interior and for your needs.The body is made of brass with the addition of some other metals that will not oxidize over time and get into water, thereby causing harm to human health. All plates and cartridges are made of aluminum dioxide, a material with an increased level of strength. The model range on the market is wide enough.


  • There are contactless models on sale;
  • High level of strength;
  • Durability;
  • Long-term warranty.


  • Sensory products are quite expensive.

Mixers Oras

4. Geberit

This Swiss company produces both conventional and non-contact models that are perfect for use in both home and office environments. The products are characterized by low cost, long service life and resistance to various kinds of pressure drops. All taps are made of chrome-plated brass and can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees.For contactless mixers, the proximity detection distance ranges from 5 to 22 cm – the user, if necessary, can adjust the sensor sensitivity depending on the operating conditions.

The switch-on sensor works through a power supply unit that is connected to an ordinary household power supply. Mixers are able to withstand pressures up to 8 bar – this is already an industrial indicator, in domestic water supply systems this parameter rarely exceeds 3 bar, so the margin of safety is quite large.All models look very nice and will last for many years.


  • A water saving system is provided;
  • Many models have a dedicated infrared sensor;
  • It is possible to customize the sensor sensitivity.


  • A bit noisy.



A German company opens the top three among the best mixer manufacturers, whose products are characterized by an optimal price-quality ratio.One cannot fail to note the rather original design of the products, which looks very modern, due to which it will ideally fit into the interior of the room, decorated according to the latest fashion. The enterprise is mostly engaged in the production of electronic models with a fairly wide functionality. In this regard, it will not be so easy to find the classic two-valve or single-lever models of this company.

For the production of products, special brass of the MS63 brand is used, as well as cermets.All faucets are chrome-plated, they are also equipped with an intelligent water saving system, treated with special compounds to protect against limescale. Separately, it should be said about the cartridges, which are also made using the latest technology, which means that the stock of factory lubricant will be quite enough for the entire life of the product. They fit tightly, so dirt and all sorts of deposits will not accumulate between the plates. On sale you can find models with special aerators that will give the water jet a different shape, there are also unique designs, complemented by LED backlighting – the jet can change its color from red to blue.


  • Large assortment;
  • Modern attractive look;
  • An original approach to water supply;
  • There is a resource saving system.


  • Not too many traditional models.



Another German company is in second place in our review of the best mixer manufacturers of the year.All plumbing equipment manufactured by her meets the strictest international standards, in terms of functionality, reliability and durability, it simply has no equal. It is quite simple to recognize the mixers of this brand – for the most part they are made in a minimalist spirit. Also, the products are characterized by very compact dimensions, so designers recommend them for installation in small bathrooms. The warranty period for faucets is 5 years, and the declared operation period is 10 years, although in fact the products can last much longer.

The units where the water is mixed are made of sintered materials, the body is made of brass. Like all previously reviewed companies, this company covers its products with chrome-plated materials, which, together with protective functions, also make it possible to provide a rather attractive appearance of the mixer. The company’s designers have created three product lines – classic, modern and avant-garde. Most of the mixers are single-lever or thermostats – both are in great demand among consumers.There is a fairly large selection of wall-mounted products, however, you can also find quite original models, for example, floor-mounted, you can easily select products for mounting on the sides of a bath or sink. The pricing policy is flexible enough – you can find both elite and economy class mixers.


  • Long warranty period and the period of direct operation;
  • Interesting appearance that can give the interior additional originality and uniqueness.


  • You cannot buy a mixer with two levers.


1. Grohe

This German company has been a recognized leader among mixer manufacturers for many years. The assortment is quite wide – there are various products in terms of designs and designs. All mixers are characterized by a fairly long period of operation, they are very functional and very easy to use.The build quality is excellent – all equipment strictly complies with the strictest international standards. Two-valve models are produced both on the basis of a ceramic valve and a rubber seal of medium hardness. The latter are quite popular, largely due to the fact that, if necessary, they can be repaired on their own. If the gaskets are changed quite regularly, then the service life can be increased several times.

Products equipped with a ceramic valve do not require any special maintenance during use, they perfectly resist high temperatures.They are designed to be insensitive to scale, dirt, and so on.


  • The device is quite simple;
  • Extended functionality;
  • Long term warranty service;
  • If necessary, it can be repaired on its own;
  • Reliability and long service life.


  • Not found.

Grohe faucet

At the end of the video how to choose a faucet for bath and kitchen

Well, that’s our review of the best faucet manufacturers.We have tried to collect for you as much information as possible on each company, so that in the future it will be much easier for you to choose a suitable model. If you still have some questions, then you can ask us in the comments – we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

How to choose the best mixer? Three clear criteria. Installation tips

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How to choose a bath mixer

The range of plumbing fixtures on the Russian market is diverse.It is easy for a buyer who does not have special knowledge to get confused and buy a low-quality device. To avoid this, we have made a detailed overview of the key features of bath faucets. Without going deep into plumbing subtleties, you will learn everything you need to choose a high-quality and reliable product.

Choosing the design and design of the mixer

Single-lever models are the most demanded on the market. They are simple and easy to use: the flow rate and its temperature are regulated by turning the lever.The tuning process is quick, so fluid consumption is saved. This option is optimal for families with elderly people or small children.

Parts of single-lever samples are sensitive to water quality and purity. In order for the mixer to serve for a long time, we recommend installing filters, at least coarse cleaning. This will significantly extend the service life of the device.

The design does not give designers much room for ideas. Typically, models are characterized by streamlined shapes and placement of the lever: on the side or on top.

In two-valve samples, the pressure of hot and cold water is regulated using two taps. This is a classic and inexpensive solution that suits any bathroom design. In addition, the structure is easy to repair. When buying, we recommend choosing a mixer with a ceramic valve box, a mechanism responsible for water supply. It is more reliable than a rubber gasket, and leaks occur less often.

The range of these mixers is varied.The models differ in the design of the lambs, as well as in the length and shape of the spout.

Cascading variants can still be attributed to new products. They are not often found in ordinary bathrooms. They deliver water in a wide, flat stream that resembles a waterfall. It looks very impressive, but the water consumption is high. Most often, such a mixer is used only to fill the bath.

The range is represented by designs with different spout widths.There are also premium LED lighting fixtures.

In the thermostatic 9019 samples, you set the specific temperature and flow head. This is convenient when the pressure of the water in the pipes changes, and you have to adjust its temperature every time during hygiene procedures. Thermostatic mixers will deliver warm water regardless of the head. It is also a good solution when there are small children in the family: hypothermia or burns are excluded.

The design of the mixers is laconic. There are no unnecessary details. Everything is restrained and minimalistic.

Non-contact models are powered by built-in infrared sensors. You bring your hand to the spout and the tap automatically turns on. It is the most hygienic, economical and easy-to-use device. But it is expensive, so sensor faucets are rarely found in apartments. They are more often installed in restaurants and hotels – where there is a lot of traffic.

The assortment is varied. But more often the appearance is limited to high-tech style.

All of the above designs differ in the length of the spout. By choosing the short spout, you save space for your bath. No impacts on the spout and its breakage if you accidentally hit it. Some housewives point out that with such a tap it is inconvenient to collect water in containers for washing or cleaning the floors, but in this case, you can always use a shower.

What are bath mixers: material of manufacture

The most popular and reliable product material offered by most manufacturers is brass . The metal is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand heavy loads. Brass fixtures are often coated with another layer of metal to change the appearance of the product:

  • Glossy shine and extra durability are provided by chrome plating .

  • Nickel , on the other hand, makes the surface matt. It does not leave fingerprints and streaks.

  • The mixer gets its golden color by coating with bronze grit. But it is not scratch resistant and requires care. Over time, a greenish tint may appear on the surface of the tap, which will have to be removed with special cleaning agents.

  • Ceramic coating is resistant to limescale, stains and smudges, but can crack under heavy loads. However, with careful handling, plumbing can become a decoration of the bathroom.

In general, unlike kitchen sanitary ware, bathroom products are varied in materials of manufacture. There are premium gold-plated faucets made of impact-resistant glass or marble.Such solutions are expensive, but become the highlight of the bathroom. However, if you are looking for the best value for money, we recommend choosing brass models.

Choosing the type of mount

If you are just planning a repair, first of all, you need to decide on the design of the product. How you will lay communications depends on this. If you are replacing the installed plumbing with a new one, it is easier for you: the pipes have already been installed. Below we list what options for fixing the mixer can be.

  • The most common option is wall mounted . The water pipes are led out of the wall and the appliance is installed on them.

  • To hide communications, flush installation is often used in the side of a sink or bath. Even a shower can be fixed in this way. A watering can is visible on the surface, and the hose is hidden under the side of the bowl. But with careless and frequent use, the hose wears out quickly.

  • When is built into the wall , all communications are masked, and you only see the mixer. This structure must be installed before facing work. For all the aesthetics and brevity, this type of installation has a significant drawback. In the event of a breakdown, it is difficult to determine where it occurred; often, the dismantling of the wall is needed for repairs.

  • The most unusual for Russians are floor mixers , which are installed on a special rack mounted in the floor.This option is suitable for large rooms where the bathtub is not against the wall, but in the middle.

How to choose a bath faucet: general guidelines

Below we will provide tips to help you make the right purchase.

  • The more complex the shape of the components, the more difficult it is to repair them and obtain the necessary parts. If you are not ready to invest in expensive repairs and special ordering of parts, choose the classic options.

  • Weigh the mixer on your hand. If it is light, then the internals are made of aluminum, not brass, and will quickly fail.

  • To reduce the flow of water and to make the jet appear dense, the nozzle must have an aerator. Choose models with a removable nozzle. It can be cleaned if clogged or replaced if broken.

  • The more accessories included with a mixer, the better.Pay attention to the presence of additional attachments, hoses, decorative elements. This will help save on similar materials.

  • Many foreign brands offer shower and mixer separately. This is not caused by a desire to make money, but to offer the buyer to choose a watering can. You can choose an expensive mixer, but a small shower head, or vice versa. But you will have all products from the same manufacturer. There will not be a situation when the plumbing is incompatible.

In this article, we made a brief overview of bathroom faucets that manufacturers offer. Knowing the key characteristics of the device, you can easily buy the best plumbing for your room.

New trend in plumbing: black mixers

Probably out of habit, manufacturers still divide mixers into groups for the kitchen or for the bathroom.But this division is already conditional. The shapes of the sinks have changed – the new design of taps and mixers has become relevant. For example, countertop washbasins do not allow the designer to use the traditional small faucet. But the “kitchen” mixer, on the contrary, will have to be in place. Or another example: a freestanding bathtub in the center of a bathroom technically does not allow you to integrate a mixer into your side. This is how the floor mixer was born.

Black in plumbing is more relevant today than ever.We have collected the best examples of fashionable novelties.

Modern, laconic forms

1. Essence New, Grohe

Minimalistic stylish design and technical perfection at the same time. Not a single collection of this brand has combined so many of the most advanced in-house unique developments of the company, including AquaGuide and SilkMove (adjustable aerators and special swivel mechanisms).

Essence New, Grohe

2.Purist, Kohler

One of the leaders in the mixer industry, Kohler, has presented the Purist collection, which also includes this mixer. Laconic forms and extreme functionality are at the forefront of the design of the items in this collection.

Purist, Kohler

3. Closer, design Diego Grandi, Zucetti

In his philosophy of creation, designer Diego Grandi says that the shape of the faucet is, as it were, consonant with the relationship between man and water: the idea of ​​freedom is embodied in free turning forms.

Closer, design Diego Grandi, Zuccetti

Closer, design Diego Grandi, Zuccetti

4. Laguna, design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Jaquar

This is exactly the case when the new shape of the floor-standing washbasin dictates the new shape of the mixer. The Laguna collection, specially designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for the Jaquar Group, includes a complete range of bathroom products, including floor-standing taps.

Laguna, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Jaquar

Laguna, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Jaquar

Flat taps

5. One-A collection, designed by Massimiliano Settimelli, Webert

This tap is an example of true high-tech. Its creator, designer Massimo Settimelli says the matte black texture allowed him to achieve the dynamics and geometry he wanted.

6.System, designed by Arik Levy, THG

The idea of ​​individualization is a logical continuation of the concept of the designer who often says that “creation is an uncontrollable muscle”. Like all of Arik Levy’s works, the System collection carries an inspiring message, calling for people to choose bathroom products and accessories based on their taste in materials and finishes. And there are plenty to choose from: 28 options for possible finishes!

System, Arik Levy design, THG

System, Arik Levy design, THG

7.Dot316, Ritmonio

The shape and color of this faucet speaks for itself – straight lines, sharp edges. But that’s not even the most interesting thing. The main goal of the creators is the idea of ​​conscious consumption of resources. That is why the faucet is ECO certified and saves water.

8. AK / 25 designed by Paik Sun Kim, Aboutwater

Aboutwater is a partnership between two leading companies: Boffi and Fantini. For the new collection, the brand decided to continue the line of “oriental” design and turned to the fashion designer of Korean origin, already familiar to her at that time – Paik Sun Kim.

Tall round taps with a retro hint

9. Lignage collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, Noken

The 2015 Red Dot award winner, designer Ramon Esteve, has created an extremely luxurious mixer with a classic shape. This is the case when the designer used a tall “kitchen type” faucet and stylish levers to achieve high LUXURY style. They can be different at the request of the client, even ribbed, there are many options. The version in matte black, of course, looks as solemn as possible.

Lignage collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, Noken

Lignage collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, Noken

10. Line, Rubinetterie Treemme

The manufacturer of this crane is guided by the “cocoon” idea in its philosophy. That is, the place where a person feels relaxation and recovers after a busy day at work. And plumbing, as one of the components of the comfort of this cocoon, should give a person maximum comfort.

Line, Rubinetterie Treemme

Line, Rubinetterie Treemme

11. Vaia, Dornbraht

The philosophy of this collection is based on the principles of proportionality, progressiveness and personalization. This product line brings together all the latest design trends, including texture and color. Especially for this collection, the manufacturer has introduced new finishes in its palette: for example, very dark matte platinum, bronze and brass.

12. Oxford, Bugnatese

The manufacturer himself considers this model to be his masterpiece due to the abundance of possible finishing variations. The novelty – matt black with a contrasting white handle – became an instant hit. Perhaps because it is a very effective Victorian stylization. This is exactly what the 19th century English cranes were. True, they were cast from cast iron and did not look so elegant.

Oxford, Bugnatese


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