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Cheap Toys UK – Toy Clearance Sale & Deals June 2021

With so many choices online, shopping for the just the right toy for your little ones can be a daunting and expensive task. Even if there are age range guidelines, it is not always that clear which toy will best suit your kids needs and your budget as well. There are toys that may be recommended for ages 2 and up or a toy especially designed for a 3 year old that may not quite be as engaging to the particular age group those toys are designed for. Plus there are several factors you need to take into consideration like safety and most importantly what you’re willing to shell out. But fear not, as this little guide of ours will help you find age and budget-appropriate toys that will bring joy to your kids.

Cheap toys UK

Toys R Us UK clearance sale

If you’re on a shoestring budget but still want to give joy to your children and on the market for quality cheap toys, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Latest Deals, you’ll find toy sale and toy clearance that will provide you with massive discounts. You’ll also find money saving offers, deals, promo codes and voucher codes from reputable UK toy shops like Toys R US, Smyths Toys, Very, John Lewis, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Early Learning Centre, Mothercare and Argos. Our community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout for the best bargains and daily deals to post and share from toy shops in the UK. Every day we give you money saving tips on toys, so that you can get more for less. Whether its toys for babies, toddlers, tweens or teens we have them all.

Tesco toys on sale

Second Hand Toys on Ebay

One of the best ways to save money on toy deals is to find them second hand on eBay. The auction place has thousands of toy deals every day, and you can normally pick up half price LEGO and Playmobil. Many brands such as Argos also have ebay outlet stores. These hose reduced-to-clear toys including Nerf Guns, board games and video games.

Remember that when you buy second hand toys they may be damaged and / or soiled. So use anti-bacterial wipes to clean thoroughly before giving to your child to play with.


Hamleys is historically known as the UK’s biggest toy store. That title isn’t quite true anymore, but it’s still probably one of the best known. First opened on Regent Street, London it’s now in more locations such as Birmingham and inside London Heathrow airport. Online you can find many toy deals, and it often has toy sales too.

Things to consider when buying toys

Toys are considered to be childhood treasures, but you need to be careful when choosing them. You may want to keep the following in mind in order to keep your kids safe while playing with their toys.

  • Supervision. Make sure to check the instructions and warnings provided on each toy if you need to watch over your kids while they play with the toy and also make sure to follow them.
  • Age suitability. Ensure that the toy you will purchase is suited to your kid’s maturity and physical ability. Do not be tempted to buy a bicycle that’s a size bigger just to save money of buying a new one the following year to avoid any accidents since your kid may not have the skills yet to control a bigger bike.
  • Toy size. When buying your young child toys, think big. Be very careful with toys especially for children under the age of three. The law permits toys to have small parts just as long as they come with a warning of not being suitable for children below 36 months.
  • Toy weight. If you think a toy is too heavy and it could potentially hurt or harm your baby, do not buy it.
  • Toy quality. Always look for well-made toys. Check to see if there are any loose hair, small parts, sharp points and edges. Buy toys only from trusted companies and retailers. The Royal Society for the Preventions of Accidents or RosPA recommends for parents to look for the official European Community symbol on every toy. This means that the toy meets the EC Toy Safety Directive requirements. Another thing you need to lookout for is the British Toy Manufacturers Association Lion mark. This association requires its members’ toy to meet all the safety requirements.

Second-hand toys

When you buy second-hand toys, it is important to examine these used toys for any batteries, buttons, beads, plastic bits and other parts that your child can easily chew or snap off. Also check the toys you have for wear and tear and throw away those that are damaged.

Be cautious when buying second-hand older toys. For example, an old model of a highly popular kitchen playset has a phone attached to it with a potentially deadly cord, while its latest mode has the latest and safer cordless phone. Also when buying online through a third-party reseller, make sure to ask for the real photos of the toys you are eyeing to ensure that you’re getting the real deal. If possible, ask for a few seconds of video showcasing the toy in every angle.

Baby toys for 0-6 months

From an early age your baby will be following moving objects using their eyes and ears; at two months, your baby will start to grab stuff and at three months he will start to enjoy tummy time – pushing up on strengthening his little arms. At four months your baby’s hand-eye coordination will really start to improve as they want to touch, hold and shake everything around them. It is important to reward every effort with a beaming smile and encouraging words of praise. The best toys to give them at this age are the following:

  • Musical toys
  • Contrast toys
  • Playgyms and play mats
  • Rattles
  • Cot mobiles

Baby toys 6-12 months

Your baby’s little hands are getting more dexterous, his little legs more mobile and his little mind more inquisitive. He will start to choose his favourite toys to play with and will love to play hide and seek with mum. Around this time, he will start posting and passing objects, which is the early development fo taking turns. With the beginning of teething you will also notice that everything and anything seems to find its way into your baby’s mouth to munch on. Here are the toys ideal for this age group:

Shape sorters and stacking rings or beakers

  • Building blocks
  • Highchair toys
  • Pull along activity toys
  • Books
  • Dolls and teddies
  • Bathtime toys

Toddler toys 12-24 months

Your toddler will always be on the go at this stage, always energetic and curious and enjoying his newfound freedom. He will begin talking and expressing himself, as well as becoming much more active, as he learns to climb, run and jump. His curiosity knows no boundaries, so choose toys that can extend his physical abilities and also feed his imagination such as the following:

  • Balls
  • Activity toys
  • Construction toys
  • Walkers and push along toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Role play toys

Pre-school toys 2-4 years old

During this age, teaching and learning go together. Introduce your child to fun educational games with letters and numbers to pave way for the transition to big school. Do not forget to play creatively as well, let your kid enjoy getting down and dirty with modeling clay and paints! Here are some toys ideal for him:

  • Outdoor toys
  • Games and puzzles
  • Role play toys
  • Tech toys

Toy Sale – Cheap Toys Online & Sales UK June 2021

The UK toy market is the biggest in Europe. It is worth over £3 billion. And the creativity and ingenuity of the latest toys in the market are thrilling.

Lego, Play Doh, and the are only some of the most popular toys in the UK. There are also more cheap options you can buy from online retailers such as Tesco, Argos, and more.

Where can I Find Toy Sale and Cheap Toys Online?

Argos toys special offers

If you’re looking for some money off on quality bargain toys, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Latest Deals you’ll find the best discount codes, voucher codes, price drops and special offers on toys from your favourite online toy stores in the UK. We have a team of money saving experts and community of bargain hunters always looking out for the best possible cheap toys online deals and offers to post and share for our members.

Where to Get Cheap Toys for Babies

Toys R Us UK clearance sale

The Toy Shop. Also known as the Entertainer Shop, this retailer is one of the leading toy store in the UK offering a massive range of toys for children and big kids alike with up to 75% off on their clearance sale. Bath toys, pretend play and dressing up toys, walkers and ride ons, construction bricks, cot and travel, and other soft toys that your baby will surely love are only some of the must buy deals at The Toy Shop.

Mothercare. Mothercare usually offers massive sale on their online shop where you can get up to 50% off throughout all departments including their toys section for toddlers and children.

Smyths Toys Superstore. You can find special offers at Smyths Toys. Get the best deals on kid’s toys in the UK and they also have baby toys, nursery and more kids toys.

Best Sites to Get Cheap Toys for Children

Cheap toys for girls, Disney Store

Disney Store. You can discover a range of magical toys and dolls from Disney Store UK. Their shop is famous for the different disney movies inspired doll. If your little princess is aspiring to be an Elsa, Anna, Belle, or Sleeping Beauty, this shop has authentic Disney products to choose from with up to 50% discount on select toys.

B&M. The retailer offers a lot of cheap toys for girls and boys. You can find cheap dolls and other board games for your little one available at B&M. You can pick up bargain toys for girls in their January sale. From their treasure chest of exciting kids toys, you’ll find the latest toys and games for girls of all ages, including Frozen dolls, Peppa Pig toys and dolls.

Debenhams. Debenhams is one of the leading UK shop that offers not only toys for girls but clothes too and other products. Dolls and playsets are only some of the must buy toys for girls and Debenhams. They also offer My Little Pony toys which your little unicorn will surely love.

10 Cool Toys You Can Buy Now On Amazon

Tips on Buying Toys

Toys that Can Grow with Your Child – Most of the time, we purchase toys that have a limited age recommendation. It is great if we can buy toys that they can use not only for a limited number of years but one that can Outgrow them. Building blocks that offers creative play both for little ones and pre teen boys and girls are a good example of toys that is not limited with age

Buy the Good Stuff – we have a habit of only buying toys base on the demands of our kids. It is time to cut off the cycle of tantrums and be picky with what we buy. After all, toys are not only one off buys, they usually tend to be a huge chunk of our household budget.

Educational Toys – buy toys that doesn’t only promote fun and entertainment but learning too.

Safety – Before anything else, safety of our children should always be the priority. Are these toys safe? Do they contain harmful chemicals? Are they age appropriate? Do they have small parts that can be swallowed by our little ones? We should not be lenient when it comes to these safety checks because it is the life and safety of our kids that is in question.

Cheap Toys – Toy Sale & Clearance

Toys Clearance

If you’re looking for some cheap toys, Zavvi is the best place to start. Bag yourself a bargain with all the best toys at a reduced price – encompassing a wide variety of products, still yet to be snatched up.

Exploration is key, as you never know what fantastic deals are lying in wait. Sometimes the unexpected is hiding around the corner, just waiting for you. And when you find it, you’ll want to keep on diving in to see what else you can uncover.

Cheap Toys, Top Quality

They may be ‘cheap toys’, but you wouldn’t think so from the quality. Everything here is officially licensed and crafted by mega brands, including Hasbro, Playmobil, Funko, and other recognisable toy experts.

As such, if you want something that is as close to a ‘steal’ as walking into a shop and just taking toys from the shelves, well, this is it.

From classic board games to collectible figures, there has never been a better time to find your next great toy – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Something For Everyone

The Zavvi Toy Clearance collects a variety of products designed for people of all ages – from musical instruments to figurines, and any of the above.

This toy shop is the one-stop spot for all your needs, whether you’re looking for gifts for kids or a treat to share with some adult company.

We truly believe that toys are made for everyone. And you can be assured that our toy clearance has exactly what you’ve been searching for – perfect for toy aficionados from every generation.

Explore Our Great Offers

Start searching through our toy sale today. With new products arriving to our shop daily, there is always a fresh discount waiting for you.

Our offers and deals can’t be beaten, and don’t forget that we have free delivery available for many of our products…

So, what’s the hold up? Begin your toy collection today – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Toys & Games for sale

Toys & Games

Keep the kids occupied come rain or shine with a range of toys and games. From action figures and dolls with special accessories to outdoor remote control cars and drones, they’re sure to be entertained. Children will be desperate to get out in the garden on a sunny day with paddling pools , swing ball , tents and trampolines . Browse a range of toddler toys for your baby or introduce your preschooler to puzzles and board games that have been proven to help jump-start their problem-solving skills through play.
Toy making is one of the oldest crafts and toys have always played an important role in a child’s development. It’s how toddlers learn about themselves, each other and the world around them. From the very first moment they can grip a Hot Wheels toy car or Barbie doll , they are discovering so much about touch, sensation and their manual dexterity. It is said that using a knife and fork and learning the writing grip is developed earlier in a baby’s life through playing with their very first child’s playset.

Fidget Spinners

The latest craze to capture your child’s heart is the fidget spinner . A small device that fits right in the palm of your hand, this is the newest way for children to have fun with their friends. The fascination comes from trying to pull off tricks and stunts as the contraption spins and whirls at the flick of your wrist. There is a whole host of designs and colours to create a vibrant and exciting spinning display.

Let’s Build

Construction toys are an ideal way to get children to think in three dimensions. Metal-based nut and bolt toys such as Meccano can help to develop a basic knowledge of engineering and aerodynamics, while Lego helps children get to grips with concepts of civil engineering and design. Both also encourage an uninhibited sense of creative freedom, allowing a child free reign to design whatever they wish.

A Toy for the Imagination

Favourite brands, like Mattel and Hasbro, offer toys that are a perfect gift for a child who has been spending too many hours in front of electronic devices. Mattel’s vast range of action figures and dolls help a child to create imaginary worlds and stories for their characters to thrive in. Hasbro’s Nerf guns will make kids more active, too. Your child will have endless fun with a quick-draw Nerf blaster or Super Soaker water gun as they recreate and enact their own battles!

The Finest Toy Shop in the World

Hamleys – The Finest Toy Shop in the World

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Our customer service team has been working to resolve these delays and the ensuing enquiries from the customers.

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Amazon Prime Day 2021: Kids’ toys deals to expect

Get ready to snap up a bargain because the internet’s biggest shopping event, Amazon Prime Day, is almost upon us.

The two-day sale traditionally takes place in early summer but last year the pandemic forced the event to move to October. However, the good news is that you won’t need to wait as long to save some serious money this time around, as the sale is expected to resume its regular scheduled programming for 2021.

While no dates have been officially announced, it’s widely thought that Amazon Prime Day will take place in June, with thousands of deals to shop across big-name brands on everything from games consoles to coffee machines.

But, there will also be plenty of great discounts on toys, gadgets and board games for kids, making it an ideal time to pick up birthday presents, something to keep them entertained during the summer holidays or, dare we say it, even make a dent in their Christmas wishlists.

For keen shoppers and bargain hunters, Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to save money, but there’s one caveat: sale deals are only available to Prime members, so if you haven’t signed up, make sure to read on for more details.

Read more:

Whether you’re shopping for a Lego lover, Avengers super-fan or puzzle whizz, we’ll be rounding up the biggest savings that are on offer as they happen to ensure you get the best deals possible. Ahead of the sale, here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Our IndyBest team handpicks every deal we feature. We may earn some commission from the links in this article, but our selections have been made independently and without bias. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

When will Prime Day 2021 begin?

Amazon Prime Day usually takes place in July, however, in 2020 the shopping event was delayed until October due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, the retailer has confirmed that the event will take place in June, however it has yet to announce an official date for Prime Day 2021. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the sale event will run from 21 June to 22 June, although this has not been confirmed by Amazon. The online giant usually reveals the official date around two weeks before the big day, so an announcement could be imminent. Amazon usually hosts early Prime Day deals in the week leading up to the event, with Prime Day itself normally stretching over two days rather than one.

Do you need Amazon Prime to buy Prime Day 2021 deals?

In short: yes. The event’s discounts are exclusively available to anyone who has an Amazon Prime membership.

A membership costs £7.99 a month or you can pay an annual fee of £79 a year. Subscribers are also eligible for other perks, including same-day delivery, over 800,000 free ebooks and access to Prime Video and Amazon Music services.

If you’re already a Prime member, you will automatically get access to the deals, but if you’re not yet and want to take advantage of the huge savings on offer, you can sign up for a 30-day trial any time before the sale begins.

What can you expect from Prime Day toy deals in 2021?

Last year, there were more than a million deals across the entire site with huge savings on a range of kids toys, board games and gadgets. While the exact products available in this year’s sale remain a mystery for now, we predict that 2021 will be just as impressive.

How to get the best Amazon Prime Day deals

As well as assistance from our savvy shopping experts, it’s important to be prepared by adding items you’d like to snap up to your wish list so that, when the time comes, you can sit down for a cup of tea as you checkout with everything already in your basket. Easy peasy.

It’s also worth making sure you’re actually getting a good deal, as many savings can often seem too good to be true. To find out if a product is truly on sale, you can use sites such as CamelCamelCamel or Price Spy, which show the price history of any item sold on Amazon.

We’d also recommend you download the Amazon app. This is an easy place to track Lightning Deals, which are only active for a few hours at a time. You can also set up alerts so that you’re pinged when a discount goes live.

What were last year’s best kids’ toy deals in the UK?

According to Amazon, some of the bestselling categories on Prime Day in 2020 were games and puzzles as people looked for ways to stay entertained during lockdown. Some of the biggest sellers included Jenga (£14.87,, Monopoly (£18.99, and Guess Who (£16.99,


There were also huge savings on big-name brands like Disney, Lego, Fisher-Price, LOL Surprise! and more. Among the best deals was this Ninjago storm fighter set (£58.99, that had a saving of 30 per cent and up to 35 per cent off selected Barbie dolls, like this Barbie care clinic playset (£39.99,


Amazon also reduced its Fire 10 kids edition tablet (£149.99,, which landed a spot in our review of the best kids’ tablets. Our reviewer said: “Though they cost more than the version aimed at adults, they have certain extra benefits: a colourful bumper protects the electronic device from harm if it’s dropped, for a start.”

Are there any early kids’ toy Prime Day deals for 2021?

While there is still some time until official Prime Day deals start, Amazon already has plenty of impressive savings on toys for children of all ages. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks to snap up before they’re gone.

Lego classic large creative brick box: Was £39.99, now £29.99,


If you know a Lego lover, add this bumper box that’s filled with nearly 800 colourful bricks to your shopping basket, pronto. The set includes a wide range of bricks in 33 different shades, as well as eight different types of windows and doors. Special pieces include two different sized green baseplates, three sets of eyes, six tyres and six wheel rims, encouraging hours of imaginative play.

Buy now

Amazon Fire HD 8 kids tablet: Was £139.99, now £99.99,


The Fire HD 8 kids tablet is currently on offer, with an impressive saving of 29 per cent. In our round-up of the best kids’ tablets, our reviewer praised it for being the “Goldilocks” of all the Fire tablets. “Battery life and storage (32GB) are noticeable steps up from the 7in model,” they said. On a full charge, it allows up to 10 hours of reading, playing games, browsing the web and watching videos. You can even set screen limits and educational goals to keep tabs on your child’s use.

Buy now

Mattel Pictionary Air kids vs grown-ups: Was £19.99, now £14.99,


A classic game that’s been loved by families for decades, you can now get your hands on this new version for a fraction of the price. Designed to put children against adults, this edition makes it easier for kids as young as six years old to draw in the air and see it on screen, with special clues for them that include illustrations. Simply download the free Pictionary Air app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they’ll appear, along with the sketch, on the screen of the smart device. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this is an unmissable bargain.

Buy now

Barbie pet supply store: Was £36.99, now £29.99,


Snap up this Barbie pet boutique playset, which is an animal lover’s dream with four pets, a grooming station, checkout counter and over 20 themed play pieces. The playset can transform in seconds as the counter lifts up to reveal a sink where Barbie can groom her puppy, which has a colour-change feature that takes him from dirty to clean using water. The set also features shelving and storage for accessories including treats, toys and grooming tools.

Buy now

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts moment: Was £27.99, now £23.39,


Calling all Harry Potter fans: you can now save 20 per cent on this collectable Lego brick-built book that opens to reveal one of four Hogwarts classrooms. This one is in the Hogwarts greenhouse, where a Herbology lesson is taking place, and includes figures of characters Cedric Diggory, Neville Longbottom and Professor Sprout. 

Buy now

Sylvanian Families town ride-along tram: Was £22.39, now £17.80,


Add to your child’s collection of Sylvanian Families with this ride-along tram, which takes everyone to the best places around town. It comes in red and gold and features beautiful engravings. The doors can be opened and shut like a real tram, while the tyres roll when you push it along. A tram stop and driver’s hat are also included.

Buy now

Ryan’s World mystery egg 3 pack: Was £10.99, now £8.41,


The perfect gift for any fan of YouTube sensation Ryan’s World, this gift pack includes three mystery eggs that each contain one free-wheeling toy car, of which there are 13 different types to collect. Can your little one find them all?

Buy now

Voucher codes

For the latest discounts on kids’ toys, clothing and more, try the links below:

Looking for more children’s shopping inspiration? Read our guide to the best smartwatches for kids

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

Toys for children from England

The industry for the production of children’s toys today is more developed than ever. Young parents know that when they go to a toy store, they will spend a lot of time there, exploring the variety of assortments, amazed at the imagination of manufacturers and modern trends, as well as choosing a toy that is not too expensive, but that meets all their requirements.

It may take less time for you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of toys in online stores in England, but the effect of British products will be much greater on you.And, naturally, positive.

Whichever toy you want to pamper your child, we will take care of all the questions regarding the purchase of goods and their delivery from England directly to your hands. Our company has been an official intermediary for the delivery of goods from online stores for many years. Certain guarantees that we have earned through our work speak of our professionalism. For more information about them, as well as about shipping rates, see here.

Our company can deliver almost any of your goods not only from England, but also from other countries of the world: China, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Poland, Holland, Turkey, as well as Japan and Korea. How to place an application, see this section of our website We deliver your orders to any country in the world.

Happy shopping!

Orders from these stores in England are carried out by the service

If you did not find the required store in the list, we will deliver from yours!

  1. Payment Methods
  2. Terms and rates of the intermediary in England – Delivery to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries
  3. How to Place an Order – Instructions
  4. Calculate the parcel yourself
  5. Size Chart
  6. Approximate weight of goods
  7. To contact us go to section Contacts – Products for young mothers, interior items for children’s rooms, products for the whole family. Various clothing models for children of all ages and school uniforms. – Toys “R” US is one of the world leaders in the sale of family entertainment products. Children’s cosmetics and toys, sports goods and game consoles – here you can find everything to make your vacation with children memorable and vivid.

The first 5 outlets of this company were opened in 1985.Today, this network includes over 1,500 stores in 33 countries of the world. – It’s not easy to find someone who hasn’t heard of Lego in childhood or adolescence. And today, the Lego constructor is one of the most popular toys among children around the world. – The online store offers a large assortment: from toys to goods that can decorate any children’s party.In addition, you can choose gifts for teens and loved ones. – OnTracks has been present since 1999 in the model toy market. During this time, its offer has increased from 700 to 20,000 items. The store’s catalog is replete with branded products – Faller, Hornby plc – Lima, Airfix, Electrotren & MKD, Kato, Arnold, Jouef, Rivarossi. – Lots of amenities can be found on this resource.You can choose products by the age of the child, by the price category, by the manufacturer, and even by the cult characters of childhood. – An exceptional online store for children and teenagers who are fond of anime, comics and films about heroes. RPGs, collectible figures and clothing featuring popular characters. – Water guns and railways for boys, dolls for girls, toy musical instruments – all the fun and useful that you need as a child on one site. – The gray bear in patches is so cute and touching that you just want to hug him! It is possible to buy a good toy and other wonderful characters on this site.

90,000 UK Coins – Huge selection at the best prices

UK Coins

The Pound sterling, often called the British pound, is the worlds oldest currency still in regular use. It is the legal currency of the United Kingdom, which refers collectively to the countries of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and the UKs other territories around the world.When decimalisation happened in 1971, the British penny replaced the shilling as the primary sub-unit of the pound.

Who makes the coins used in the UK?

All official British coinage is produced by the Royal Mint. Since 1967, the Royal Mint has been headquartered in Llantrisant, Wales. Prior to this, its headquarters was located in London, England. Every year, a sample of the newly minted coins are tested for composition, size, and weight at the Hall of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in London, England, in a ceremony called the Trial of the Pyx.After the trial, the coins are released into regular circulation.

What are the denominations of UK coins?

There are eight denominations of regular British coinage ranging in value from one penny to 2 pounds. The Royal Mint also produces the following denominations:

  • 2 pence
  • 5 pence
  • 10 pence
  • 20 pence
  • 50 pence

What are British coins made out of?

British coins are no longer made of silver or gold, though their coloring still reflects these older materials.The penny and 2 pence coin are made primarily from copper-plated steel. Five pence, 10 pence, 20 pence, and 50 pence coins are made from cupro-nickel, a copper-nickel alloy. One pound coins are made from nickel-brass. Two pound coins have an inner core of cupro-nickel and an outer layer made of nickel-brass.

Does the Royal Mint produce special coinage?

The Royal Mint releases crowns, with a face value of 5 pounds, to commemorate important events, usually related to the royal family, although not exclusively.In 2016, for example, it minted a coin commemorating the Queens 90th birthday. Commemorative crowns are legal tender and can be used in financial transactions, but they are rarely found in regular circulation. The Royal Mint has also produced special coins with a face value of 20 pounds, 50 pounds, and 100 pounds.

How can you determine if a coin is counterfeit?

In 2015, a survey estimated that 2.55% of 1 pound coins in circulation were counterfeit. One of the easiest things to check to verify that a coin is authentic is the date.Each year, a new design is minted on the reverse side. The date and design should match. Also, counterfeit coins are usually not minted as well as legal ones. Check that the lettering and design are clear and even and that the edges are smooth and of the same thickness all the way around. Other good indicators that the coin is fake are:

  • The color is different from other coinage of the same denomination.
  • The metal is not as dull or worn as the date suggests it should be.
  • The queen or kings head on the front and the design on the back do not line up.

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December in Europe is one of the funniest months of the year: holidays and carnivals, Christmas markets, holidays and, of course, winter sales. Europeans consider winter discounts to be the most profitable and prefer to buy shoes and outerwear at Christmas sales, when prices are down by 70-80%.

We will tell you about the largest shopping centers in Europe, which are suitable for those who do not have time for thoughtful shopping, and who want to be in time.There are several hundred shops in each of these centers. In all countries, most of them are popular European brands – from luxury Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior to democratic H&M, Mango, Gap, Uniqlo. Local brands of clothing, footwear and goods occupy 20 to 60 stores.

1. Les Quatre Temps, Paris, France

This center is located in the La Defense business district in the west of Paris. Les Quatre Temps is the largest shopping center in France. On four floors, there are 230 shops, 40 restaurants, cinemas, children’s rooms and free underground parking for 6,500 spaces.About 45 million people shop here every year, most of them visit the center during the winter and summer sales. In addition to clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories stores, Les Quatre Temps is famous for its huge toy store and 20 French brands of children’s clothing stores.

Opening hours: shops open from 10 to 20 every day, cinemas from 9 to 23, supermarkets from 9 to 22.
How to get there: by car on the A14 and A86 roads or by metro, line RER A, stop La Défense.
Winter Sales in France: from 10 January to 20 February 2018.

2. Centro Comercial Puerto Venecia, Zaragoza, Spain

Puerto Venecia is a group of buildings built in 2012 around an artificial lake. Hundreds of boats and several river trams sail from one bank to the other. Most of the stores are European mass market, Spanish clothing and footwear brands and about 20 Spanish designer boutiques. In addition to 220 shops, the center has a cinema, an amusement park, a climbing center, a swimming pool and a go-kart area.And on Valentine’s Day, a chapel is erected in the main building of Puerto Venecia, where you can get married for free.

Hours of Operation: from 10 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.
How to get there: by buses 31 and C4 from the city center or by car on the Z40 or Z30 roads.
Winter Sales in Spain: from 7 January to 7 March 2018.

3. Intu Trafford Center, Manchester, UK

Intu Trafford has an ideal location and a wide range of products.35 million people visit it every year. It is especially popular during winter sales – in almost all 280 stores, from luxury boutiques, to hardware stores and mass markets, goods are sold at a 50-70% discount. And in the largest stores of British brands – Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Debenhams discounts reach 80%. There are many entertainment options in the center: mini golf courses, a huge food court with 60 restaurants, cinemas. In December, the Trafford Center is festively decorated, there is an ice rink on the ground floor, and Christmas sweets and mulled wine are sold on the main alley.

Opening hours: on weekdays from 10 to 23, on Saturday from 10 to 22, on Sunday from 12 to 18.
How to get there: by car on the M60 highway or by buses X50 and 250.
Winter discounts at UK: from 26 December 2017 to the end of January 2018.

4. Arkadia, Warsaw, Poland

Arcadia, with its 200 shops, is the largest shopping center in Poland. It is located near the city center and is easy and quick to get to. In addition to the European giants of the mass market, there is an excellent children’s clothing store Smyk and a multi-brand German store Peek & Cloppenburg, with low prices and excellent quality.On the ground floor there are dozens of hardware stores. On the second – furniture, goods for goods and clothing, most of the brands here are Polish. From entertainment in Arcadia there is a food court, restaurants, cinemas, a sports club, a children’s room.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 10 pm, Sunday 10 am to 9 pm.
How to get there: by buses 205, 409, 500 and 510, trams 1, 16, 17, 22, 27 and by metro, the nearest station is Dworzec Gdanski.
Winter discounts in Poland: from 2 January to mid-February 2018.

5. CentrO, Oberhausen, Germany

This shopping center is located near the border with Belgium and the Netherlands. There are 220 stores on two floors, among which there are many excellent hardware stores, several large department stores (the best of which is Galeria Kaufhof), about twenty American brands and hundreds of European clothing, footwear and accessories stores. Lots of luxury and designer boutiques. In the very center there are cinemas, restaurants, bars, parking for 14,000 cars and even a huge Christmas market.And very close to CentrO are the Oberhausen castle, the water park, the Sea Life aquarium and the Centro Park amusement park.

Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 10 pm.
How to get there: on highway 42, by tram 112 or by buses SB91, SB92, SB93, SB96, 185, 939, 953.
Winter discounts in Germany: there are no exact dates, they start after Catholic Christmas and last until end of January.

6. Wijnegem, near Antwerp, in Belgium

This three-storey shopping center near Antwerp is famous for its shoe stores: Italian and French boutiques, independent designers from Belgium and the Netherlands, dozens of sneaker stores and professional athletic shoes.In addition, there are many stores of technology, children’s clothing and household goods in the center. Most of the stores are mid-priced brands, there are few mass markets, as well as luxury brands. From entertainment there are restaurants, swimming pool, cinemas. In December, the center will hold master classes for children and adults next to the main Christmas tree.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 20.
How to get there: from Antwerp by trams 5 or 10 or by buses 410, 411 and 412.
Winter Sales in Belgium: from 3 to 31 January 2018.

7. Zuidplein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This shopping center is located next to the train station in the city center. It is divided into three large sections: the first one contains shops with clothes, shoes and jewelry, the second one – children’s stores and household goods, the third one – furniture, carpets and appliances. Most of the brands are democratic brands from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Many stores start sales even before the start of winter discounts – in early December, discounts often go up to 20-40%.In December, there are performances for children, a carousel and a Christmas market on the ground floor.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to 18.30, Sunday and Monday from 12 to 17.
How to get there: to the shopping center there are shuttles every hour from Rotterdam Central Station.
Winter Discounts in the Netherlands: from mid-December to the end of February.

8. Colombo Centro Commercial, Lisbon, Portugal

Colombo Center is the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.Portugal has the lowest taxes in Western Europe, which is why the prices in stores are quite low. And during sales, the cost becomes even more attractive. Colombo has 340 shops, 60 cafes and restaurants, cinemas, a bowling alley and an amusement park with roller coasters. The most favorite store for children is the Disney Store, where you can buy a princess or superhero outfit. In addition to European luxury and mass market, there are 60 shops of Portuguese brands of clothing, footwear and bags.

Opening hours: from 9 am to midnight, seven days a week.
How to get there: by buses 703, 729, 750, 764, 765, 767, 799 or by metro to the Colégio Militar / Luz station. 90,020 Winter Sales in Portugal: 90,016 from 26 December 2017 to the end of February 2018.

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90,000 Duty free prices in different countries. Comparison of the cost of popular products

To buy good alcohol before departure, a new perfume and a toy as a gift for your child: for many duty-free at the airport, it is an obligatory ritual and a synonym for cheap shopping.But is it really profitable? We figure out how duty-free shopping works and where it is cheaper to buy: in Duty Free or a supermarket.

Find out how duty free works, or skip straight to the airport duty free versus convenience store price comparison.

→ What is duty-free and where to find them
→ Why are the prices different in different duty-free
→ Is it profitable to buy in duty-free
→ How to transport duty-free purchases on the plane

How duty-free shops work

Duty-free is a trade regime in which goods are sold without paying excise taxes, duties and part of taxes, provided that the purchase is exported abroad.

The idea is that the tourist has the right not to pay certain national taxes and duties, which are included in the price of the goods. Therefore, he buys in duty-free, for example, a bottle of whiskey without excise stamps, VAT and import duties and brings it into another state as a private person. If the duty-free threshold is not exceeded, then at the customs office he does not fill out the declaration and does not pay anything.

From which taxes and duties are exempt goods in duty-free, depends on the rules of the country to which the store belongs.This is one of the reasons why prices differ in different duty free shops.

Where are the Duty Free shops

Duty free shops are located at most international airports in the area after passport and customs control. Sometimes there are also at the entrance to the airport, but you can buy there only if you have a ticket. At a ground checkpoint, train station or seaport, you also have the chance to drop into a shop that sells sweets and perfumes without taxes and duties.

Duty-free upon arrival are less common, but the number of such places is growing.There are duty-free shops for arriving passengers, for example, in Istanbul, Hurghada, Singapore, Seoul, London, Beijing, Zurich and Oslo. In Russia, duty-free in arrivals areas have already opened in Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo), St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don.

There are some very pleasant exceptions:

  • In the Philippines, there is a whole duty-free mall a kilometer from Manila Airport: you can arrive for shopping within 48 hours after arrival, keeping your boarding pass.
  • In Thailand, in King Power stores, you can quickly choose whatever you want right in the city and pick up your purchases at the airport.

Why there are different prices in duty-free

Prices for one and the same product in different duty-free shops may differ one and a half to two times. And it’s not at all a fact that a chocolate bar in duty-free will be cheaper than in a store near your home.

Why is this happening?

First, the seller is not exempted from all taxes, but only from part of them.That leaves, for example, insurance premiums, income taxes and property taxes. How much specific taxes and duties are “sewn” into the price of the goods depends on the rules of the country.

In the Schengen countries, there are different prices for some goods in airport duty-free: for those flying outside Schengen and for those with a domestic flight.

Secondly, the cost of goods includes expenses for employee salaries, delivery of goods, a license for duty-free shopping, and a bunch of other things. All the difference in taxes can easily be “eaten up” by the expensive rental of retail space at the airport.

Thirdly, duty-free, like ordinary stores, has the right to set prices to their liking.

Most duty free shops are owned by several major chains, including Dufry, Lotte Duty Free, The Shilla Duty Free, China Duty Free Group, Lagardère Travel Retail, Gebr Heinemann and DFS Group.

Is it profitable to buy in duty-free

It is believed that it is cheaper to buy alcohol and tobacco in duty free, because high excise taxes are deducted from the price.Perfume, cosmetics, souvenirs, sweets – on the contrary, as they say, is not profitable. But general advice is nonsense.

📌 To take advantage of Duty Free with guaranteed benefits for yourself, arrange a little research before your trip. Go to the duty-free websites of the airports you are going to fly through and compare prices for the goods you need. Then check how much the same thing costs in regular stores. For example:

  • You are returning to Moscow from Seoul and want to buy Fahrenheit eau de toilette.Change your mind immediately, because in Korea it costs 94 €, and in Moscow online stores – from 67 €.
  • Belgian Neuhaus chocolate is more profitable to buy at Brussels airport for € 10.4 than in a company store for € 12.
  • Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity: Johnnie Walker Blue Label King George V scotch in duty-free Heathrow costs 485 €, and in Domodedovo duty-free – 405 €. Scotch whiskey is cheaper in Russia than in Britain.

Duty Free Shopping Rules

To bring boxes of chocolates and bottles of liquor home without any problems, you need to consider two aspects: requirements for carry-on luggage and customs regulations.

Duty free in carry-on baggage

  • Anything you take with you on the plane must meet airline carry-on baggage regulations. For example, on board Aeroflot it is allowed to take one sealed duty-free bag with dimensions of 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions.
  • Buy alcohol and perfume in bottles larger than 100 ml after security check so as not to fall under the rule about liquids in carry-on baggage. If you can’t resist entering the airport, you will have to check in your baggage.
  • On connecting flights, enter duty free before your last flight.
  • Do not drink duty free alcohol on board. According to the rules, Duty Free packages must remain sealed until they exit the city at the final airport.

Learn more about the rules for carrying alcohol and other duty-free purchases in carry-on baggage

Duty-free shopping at customs

  • Find out how much alcohol and tobacco you can import duty-free into the country you are flying to.For example, you can import 3 liters of alcohol duty-free into Russia. The maximum allowable limit for the import of alcohol into Russia is 5 liters, of which two will have to pay a fee of 10 € per liter.
  • If your purchases do not exceed the duty-free limit, then at the customs go through the green corridor. If, according to the rules, you have to pay the duty, you will have to fill out a customs declaration and go through the red corridor.
  • Do not buy more in duty free than is allowed in principle to be imported into the country (for example, five cartons of cigarettes when flying to Bangkok), otherwise you will most likely have to pay a fine.

Comparison of prices of goods in duty-free shops from Moscow to Japan

We have compiled a list of common products – alcohol, sweets and perfumes – that are most likely to be found in any duty-free shop in the world. We collected their prices in airport duty-free shops in different countries, converted them from local currencies to euros and at the same time compared them with prices in ordinary Russian stores. Prices are valid for December 2019 .

Comparison of alcohol prices in duty-free

Martini Bianco vermouth and Jack Daniel’s Black Label whiskey participated in the duty free price comparison.

, 30

Duty free prices for Martini Bianco alcohol, 1 liter

Airport or shop Price in euros
Berlin (Schönefeld) Oslo 8.41
Copenhagen 8.70
Tel Aviv 8.80
Budapest 8.90
Singapore 10.90
Perekrestok in Moscow 11.33
London (Heathrow) 11.72
9 Winestyle Supermarket
O’KEY food delivery 14.87

it is more profitable for Oskwiches to buy a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in Domodedovo or in a store in the city than in other duty-free shops from our study.


Duty-free prices for alcohol Jack Daniel’s Black Label, 0.5 l

Airport or shop Price in euros
Moscow (Domodedovo) 15, 81
Perekrestok in Moscow 16.29
Berlin (Schönefeld) 16.70
Oslo 16.72
Tel Aviv 18.08
Copenhagen 18.60
Winestyle Supermarket 20.81
Delivery of O’KEY products 21.40438 904 904

Comparison of perfume prices in duty-free

We found out how much My Burberry eau de parfum and Paco Rabanne 1 Million eau de toilette cost in duty free.

490 Berlin

Duty-free prices for My Burberry Eau de Parfum, 50 ml

Airport or shop Price in Euro
London (

Moscow (Domodedovo) 69.75
Oslo 71.11
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) 72.86
Copenhagen 76.02
OZON Online Store 80.66
Antalya 82.00
Athens 82.604 904 , 15
Lamoda online store 98.62
L’Etoile store 118.60

d Paco Rabanne 1 Million in duty-free Tel Aviv and Antalya differs almost twice.



7337 , 14

9047 Il De Bote

Duty free prices for Paco Rabanne 1 Million eau de Toilette, 100 ml

Airport or shop Price in Euro
Tel Aviv
Oslo 49.35
Berlin (Schönefeld) 49.90
Budapest 49.90

) 64.02
Sydney 67.09
Moscow (Domodedovo) 68.82
OZON Online Store 69.33
Mumbai 74.67
Athens 79.80
Dubai 81.05
Bangkok (Suvarnabhu mi) 85.63
Antalya 81.00
Lamoda online store 98.28
L’Etoile store 100.25


We compared the price of Ferrero Rocher candies and the unspoken symbol of duty-free shops – Toblerone chocolate in a triangular package.


Duty free prices for Ferrero Rocher chocolates set, 375 g

Airport Price
Athens 725

London (Heathrow) 8.20
Budapest 8.50
Antalya 8.75

Sydney 10.46
Tel Aviv 10.80
Copenhagen 12.98
Moscow (Domodedovo) 13.02 14.34

A large Toblerone chocolate bar at Berlin airport will cost half the price of a Mumbai airport.



1437 63

Duty free prices for Toblerone dark bar chocolate, 360 g

Airport Price
Berlin (Schönefeld) 7.90 8.30
Moscow (Domodedovo) 8.37
Oslo 8.41
Copenhagen 8.70
Tel Aviv 9.90
Sydney 10.46
Antalya 11.00
Abu Dhabi 13.11
Mumbai 16.45

It is impossible to definitely name the most expensive and cheapest duty-free in the world – the dependence on a specific set is too great. varov.In the Skyscanner study, the cheapest stores were found to be at the airports of Berlin, Oslo and London more often than others, while the most expensive were Singapore, Copenhagen, Antalya, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Moscow fell into both categories: something in the capital’s Domodedovo airport is cheaper than in other duty-free, something more expensive.

Whether it is profitable to buy in duty-free or is it better to buy in the city or in an online store depends on the specific product.

Official sites of Duty Free shops

Some airport duty free shops have pricing websites.Skyscanner has collected links to some of them so that you can check the cost of the goods you need before departure and decide whether it is profitable to buy them in duty-free.

  • Kazan, Irkutsk, Moscow (Domodedovo, Zhukovsky), Samara in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Baku (Azerbaijan), Minsk (Belarus) –
  • Moscow (Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo), St. Petersburg, Rostov-on- Don, Mineralnye Vody –
  • London, Edinburgh and two dozen other UK airports –
  • New York, Washington, Miami and other US airports –
  • Budapest (Hungary) and cities in Austria and Germany –
  • Many cities around the world –
  • Oslo –, Copenhagen –, Dubai –, Abu Dhabi –, Tel Aviv –, Tokyo –

These sites can be useful not only for comparing prices, but also for saving time. Many duty free shops have a pre-order service: you choose the items you want online a few days before departure, and you just pick up your purchases at the airport.

Another way to avoid paying taxes on purchases abroad is to return them under the Tax Free system. This is when you first pay the regular cost of the goods, and then at the airport you will be refunded the VAT amount. Read more on how to use the Tax Free system correctly and save on shopping abroad 👌

What else is useful to read before the trip:

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Flight delay and cancellation: rights of passengers and obligations of airlines

15 Useful Skyscanner Services You May Not Know About

How to carry oversized and non-standard baggage on an airplane

How to carry hand luggage and luggage on Aeroflot flights

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90,000 Only in October: toys at half price, hurry up!

If you’re one of those parents who plans everything in advance, then the following information for you: Tesco is running a toy sale with discounts of up to 50% for those who start preparing for Christmas in October.As the saying goes, get the sleigh ready in the summer.

Top brands such as Lego, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol are in the range of discounted products.

The sale will end in early November, according to the official website information. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to purchase them at a substantial discount, then go shopping on the Tesco website. The company has not yet confirmed whether it will carry out such a promotion in the chain’s stores, so the offer is only available online.

We have selected several offers, the cost of which remains the lowest among the main market players.

Peppa Pig Plush Toy
Was £ 20 – now £ 10. Tesco offers it at the most affordable price, as even on eBay you won’t be able to get it for less than £ 17.99.

Lego City Garbage Truck
Was £ 15 – now £ 10. This set includes a garbage truck that the child can easily collect on their own. The body of the machine tilts and allows you to empty out of it “construction waste”.
If the truck is sold out at Tesco, Argos is now selling it for the same price.

Playgo Ice Cream set. 90,016 90,020 Was £ 25 – now £ 12.50. Super-choice for developing imagination and playing the role of seller-buyer. Your children will be able to treat their entire family and friends with this exclusive ice cream. This set can only be purchased in the Tesco chain of stores and on the company’s website.

Paw Patrol Jungle Vehicle Transport Kit. 90,016 90,020 Was £ 28 – now £ 14. If your kids love the Paw Patrol characters, they’ll love this set of Chase and Zuma figures and Jungle cars with real spinning wheels.
Set is sold exclusively at Tesco.

Three toys from the Batman series. 90,016 90,020 Was £ 40 – now £ 20. This set includes three heroes from the famous series of films and comics about superheroes. By the way, the same set is on sale on eBay for as much as £ 44.99!

Happy shopping!

Ekaterina Yagovkina

New !!! ESSENTIAL FOODS, simply super-class food of the holistic class from Great Britain.

ESSENTIAL FOODS, simply super-class food of the Holistic class from Great Britain.

December 21, 2020

ESSENTIAL FOODS, simply super-class food of the holistic class from Great Britain.
Checked on their pets – they eat with enthusiasm!
What we liked especially about these feeds:
Very high meat content (duck, salmon, trout, venison, lamb, chicken, white fish).
The heat treatment in the production of feed is 90 degrees, thus preserving the usefulness of each ingredient.
It contains a lot of healthy berries and herbs collected by hand in ecologically clean areas of England, Scotland and Wells.
We’ve noticed a decrease in toilet odors, which is especially true for cats doing their business at home.
Our pets, who have already switched to this food, feel great, the coat is beautiful and shiny, the animals are cheerful and cheerful.
Our customers in Krasnoyarsk have already appreciated this food and are transferring their pets to it.
This week feed will be delivered to all branches of the chain.
Ask for the English holistics ESSENTIAL in the pet shops “Amurr”.
Ask sellers to tell you more about these foods.
We offer our customers only what we have checked ourselves.

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    In stock (64.

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