Rubi makeup: Rubi Makeup review – Bellyrubz Beauty –

Rubi Makeup review – Bellyrubz Beauty –

Where I got it

Cotton On has a large flagship store in Sylvia Park for a long time now and honestly, I have not been in there for such a long time. Their clothing isn’t really my style, and I do opt for more quality pieces (I prefer Mirrou and Kmart for cheap, trendy pieces, but generally I like to shop in H&M, Farmers and Zara). Anyway, I was shopping by myself in a weekend (I really do enjoy shopping by myself or with my sisters) and I went into the store as I saw a cute little belt bag on the mannequin. Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Rubi and a couple of other brands are all under the same umbrella, so this store had pretty much everything from clothing to shoes, accessories, underwear, bras, and also, makeup!

Their makeup is under the Rubi brand which is their shoe division (I worked for Rubi for about 6 months a few years ago in New Market). There were eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, highlighter palettes, liquid eyeliners, brow pencils, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, lip scrubs, false lashes, stick-on false nails, makeup brushes, etc. There was a range of products!

Rubi makeup

What I got

I decided to grab a couple of items – the 9-shade eyeshadow palette (Golden Hour) was $19.99, the 4-shade blush palette (Let’s Meet Up) was $14.99, the liquid eyeliner was $12.99, and the brow pencil and powder duo were $14.99.

How I find it

9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette – Golden Hour (12.6g). Let your eyes do the talking with the Eyeshadow Palette. With nine shades per palette to choose from, you can define and escalate your eye look with ease. The best part? There’s a colour palette to suit every style. Also in Summer In Italy, So Natural and Totally Classic.

The eyeshadow palette has a cardboard packaging with magnetic closure, no mirror which is a shame. The palette has a champagne, golden colour story but quite a light tone to it. There is one shade on the top row that has a pinky tone to it.

All of these shades are metallic but the bottom row looks almost the same. The two shades on the middle row look really similar as well. The application is best with your fingers, not with brushes I find. I use a shadow primer to get the best results, and then I like to use my fingertips to apply the shadow, then use brushes to blend things out.

Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette

Golden Hour eyeshadow swatches

Because of the number of similar shades in this palette, and there are no matte shades at all, I would definitely not take this travelling with me. Also, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Let’s meet Up 4 Colour Blush Palette (14g). Achieve rosy cheek goals with the Blush Palette. With four pans to choose from, get your blush on and glow. Also in Total Sweetheart.

This blush palette has a pinky tone to it. It has a rosy pink shade, two lighter pink shades with mauve and peach undertones, and the last one is more of a highlighter I would say, but also with a baby pink tone.

All the shades are shimmery, so you won’t want to use too much of it if you have textured skin or enlarged pores. These blushes are pigmented, but quite powdery so you can kick up pigment around the pan. The deepest shade in the palette is really pretty, and I like to use the two other lighter shade as a topper or a lighter blush. Then I use the lightest shade as a highlighter.

Let’s Meet Up 4 Colour Blush Palette

Let’s Meet Up Blush Palette swatches

I like this palette and it would definitely be something I would take to travel and use often because of the 3 different pink shades I can alternate. The highlighting shade is also very pretty and versatile.

Batwing Babe Brown Liquid Eyeliner (0.55ml). Take ‘on point’ to a new level with the Liquid Eyeliner. Super long-lasting, this liquid eyeliner is designed with a fine felt tip to help you achieve the perfect wing. Also in Jet Black.

I have always been careful about liquid eyeliners because most of the ones out there would melt and run and transfer to my under eye area. Not only that it would be a waste of money because I won’t ever use it again, but the horror of seeing myself in the mirror with that black smudge under my eyes is horrible. Sometimes I forget I’m trying a new eyeliner out and I forgot to check up, and when I do it’s way too late.

Batwing Babe Brown Liquid Eyeliner

Batwing Babe Brown Liquid Eyeliner

This one here by Rubi has a felt tip applicator and the pigmentation is so far pretty good. It doesn’t skip or feel dry on the skin. It’s a really deep dark brown which looks quite black to be honest. I was actually looking for something a bit more of a chocolate brown. Anyway, the wear is quite good, it dries down fast to a natural finish. I went by my day without smudging or transferring, and overall my eyeliner looked really good.

Batwing Babe Brown Liquid Eyeliner

After using this numerous times, I am really impressed! I always have watery eyes and eyeliner always runs on me. This one does not!

Your Best Brows Brow Sculpting Pencil and Powder Duo – Brunette. Reach brow expert status with the Brow Sculpting Pencil and Powder Duo. Featuring a fine pencil to define the brows at one end, the other end consists of a powder which works to easily fill and shape the brows. Also in Light Brown.

This brow pencil has a pretty hard formula and is really quite a brown/black. I would prefer a softer brown for myself so I wouldn’t look so angry haha! I have been using the Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder and I really love how natural and soft they look. The powder part of this duo is also quite dark but it does give a more natural look and I use it to fill in the front of my brows.

This one is ok, it stays on the brows without crumbling or flaking, so I will keep using it but won’t repurchase.

Your Best Brows Brow Sculpting Pencil and Powder Duo – Brunette

Your Best Brows Brow Sculpting Pencil and Powder Duo – Brunette

Your Best Brows Brow Sculpting Pencil and Powder Duo – Brunette


The liquid eyeliner is definitely a thumbs up from me, but brow pencil and powder duo are so-so, the formula of the eyeshadow is very powdery and it is basically pointless to use any brushes to apply these shadows. I need to use my fingertips to apply to get some colour on my lids. The shades are pretty, but all very similar of the eyes. No matte shades is certainly a downside too. I also like the bush palette as well for it’s shades, but not very much it’s formula.

Like this:

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Cotton On’s Rubi Just Launched A Beauty Line And The Colours Will Wow You

Cotton On just dropped their beauty line in Singapore under Rubi and we are shook.

The newly launched beauty line includes eyeshadow palettes in everyday to party shades, highlighters, lipsticks, makeup remover, eyebrow pencil, hand cream, lip balm, makeup brushes, blender and nail polish. Yes, we know. Wow.

Lipstick shades ranges from natural nudes to our classic reds and are colours we would totally wear everyday.

While these matte lippies reminds us of Crayola, we love how easy it is to apply them.

Let’s take a look at their eyeshadow palettes; one that many would probably fall in love at first sight, just like we did.

There is a wide colour selection with cool to warm shades aka everyday to party shades.

Check out the pretty shades! ♡♡♡

We are loving the shades in this neutral palette. After all, the more shimmery, the better. Don’t go easy on the bling!

We are loving these earthy tones. Are you?

This is definitely an promising everyday palette with colours that can add some life to our face.

This palette will definitely come in handy on party nights. Think house parties, New Year’s eve or just a classic date night out with your love. Work those smokey eyes!

If you prefer to work around with more colours, Rubi has a 14-shades palette for you too.

Besides this, it seems like we have another place to buy our nail polishes!

Which item from this beauty collection would you try?

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Photos: GirlStyle SG
Text by: GirlStyle SG

Jejak Kehidupan Purba di Batu Rubi Berusia 2,5 Miliar Tahun

Liputan6. com, Jakarta – Para ilmuwan mengklaim menemukan jejak kehidupan purba di dalam batu rubi berusia 2,5 miliar tahun. Sampel ​​dari Greenland, tempat ditemukannya batu rubi diklaim tertua di dunia itu, mengandung grafit, mineral yang terbuat dari karbon murni.

Tanda-tanda kimia dalam karbon menunjukkan bahwa itu adalah residu dari kehidupan purba, lapor CNN, Selasa (26/10/2021). “Grafit di dalam batu rubi ini benar-benar unik. Ini pertama kalinya kami melihat bukti kehidupan purba di batu rubi,” kata Chris Yakymchuk, profesor ilmu bumi dan lingkungan di University of Waterloo, Kanada.

Grafit sendiri telah ditemukan di bebatuan lebih tua dari 2,5 miliar tahun lalu, suatu waktu di Bumi ketika kadar oksigen di atmosfer sedikit dan kehidupan sel tunggal hanya ada dalam mikroorganisme dan ganggang. Untuk menentukan apakah karbon itu biologis, para peneliti melihat susunan kimia, khususnya komposisi isotop dalam atom karbon.

“Materi hidup umumnya terdiri dari atom karbon yang lebih ringan karena mereka membutuhkan lebih sedikit energi untuk dimasukkan ke dalam sel,” kata Yakymchuk. “Berdasarkan peningkatan jumlah karbon-12 dalam grafit ini, kami menyimpulkan bahwa atom karbon pernah hidup di zaman purba, kemungkinan besar mikroorganisme mati seperti cyanobacteria.”

Para ilmuwan menemukan batu di Greenland saat mempelajari geologi batu rubi untuk lebih memahami kondisi yang diperlukan untuk pembentukannya. Rubi adalah varietas mineral korundum berwarna merah.

Safir pun terbentuk dari zat yang sama. Dalam rubi, kromium menghasilkan warna yang khas, sedangkan jejak besi, titanium, dan nikel menghasilkan safir berwarna berbeda, termasuk warna biru yang biasanya diasosiasikan dengan batu permata.


* Untuk mengetahui kebenaran informasi yang beredar, silakan WhatsApp ke nomor 0811 9787 670 hanya dengan ketik kata kunci yang diinginkan.


Batu berjenis rubi ini dibanderol dengan harga Rp 397 miliar di Rumah Lelang Sotheby’s di Jenewa, Swiss. Batu yang satu ini dapat dikatakan langka karena berkadar 25,59 karat.

Machine for permanent makeup and tattoo Ruby Chromium


for permanent

makeup and tattoo


“RUBY” is a powerful

and a maneuverable device,

capable of conquering every master

As many as 7 types of built-in adjustable

eccentrics that do not need to be changed manually, just turn the regulator on the device,

which turn it

into a universal tool

in the hands of a professional.


“RUBY” was created for masters who never stand still in their development

and want to have

in their arsenal a machine capable of creating

masterpieces both in the field of PM and in the field of tattoo.

No more restrictions – with RUBY

you will master any technique for working with leather.

Together with RUBY you can make airy

pixels and the finest hairs, permanent areolas

or stretch marks, tricopigmentation and overlapping


You no longer need to buy several machines,

to select the ideal needle stroke depending on the application area and the selected technique,

because now one is enough – “RUBY”.


The device is equipped with an inertial motor,

specially developed for the company

DEFENDERR, taking into account its extended

functional purpose.

The engine is distinguished by impeccable

controllability, accuracy

punctures, as well as

reduced vibration and noise level


Operating voltage

apparatus: 3.5 – 10 V.




Apparatus body

“RUBY” is a collapsible device that is subject to

service and replacement of all

parts if necessary. The design of the

model reliably protects the machine from the ingress of pigment or other liquids into the machine.

The twist-off holder allows sterilization of the device in any of the known ways.

“RUBY” is universal in terms of consumables: any classic cartridge needles and standard power supplies

with the ability to connect an RCA cable are suitable for it.

All seven eccentrics are reliably integrated

into the body of the device, therefore

can be conveniently adjusted directly on the handpiece.


Adjustable needle travel 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.3 mm, 3.6 mm, 3.9 mm, 4.2 mm

Motor power 5 W

Operating voltage up to 10 V

Circulation speed up to 8000 rpm / min

Length 118 mm

Weight 165 g

RCA connector


and service

1 year maintenance

Designed in the USA

Material: aviation aluminum

with protective coating

Gunmetal, Chromium

Weight with box: 267 g

best ideas for green, brown and blue eyes

How to make


If you are the owner of natural red hair, then, most likely, nature has also awarded you with a porcelain skin color, almost colorless eyebrows and eyelashes.You should turn to soft shades in your makeup: pale peach, pink, gray.

It is best to avoid black eyebrow pencil and mascara. Highlight the eyebrows with a shade to match the hair color or a tone darker. And paint over the eyelashes with brown mascara. If you want to accentuate your eyes, opt for dusty black or gray mascara. Never use bronzers on your cheekbones, otherwise you risk getting the effect of unnatural dirty spots on your cheeks.

If you have become the owner of a fiery color with the help of a stylist and your skin tone is closer to natural beige or dark-skinned, you can use more saturated colors in your makeup: brown, coral, blue.For the evening, apply black mascara to the lashes, but it is still better to leave the eyebrows dark brown.

To create a beautiful make-up for redheads, it is important to consider not only the shade of the hair and skin type, but also the color of the eyes. It is on the basis of the latter that make-up artists select a palette of cosmetics.

In makeup for green eyes and red hair, the main focus should be on the eyelids. Shadows of graphite, blue, silver colors are ideal. Shades of green must be used carefully: the main thing is that they do not merge with the color of the eyes.

If you like arrows, it is better to give up black eyeliner and draw them with a gray or purple pencil. The main thing in makeup for red-haired girls with green eyes is not to overdo it with bright shades.

Just like those with green eyes, brown-eyed redheads are better off focusing on the eyelids. For daytime makeup, red-haired girls with brown eyes go with a warm color palette from beige to coffee, as well as olive, copper and bronze shades.For an evening out, you can add a translucent coral lipstick to your lips. But the red and pink colors will make the look dull, and the make-up – unnatural.

The combination of warm and cold colors in the exterior allows you to experiment with the color palette. In makeup for blue eyes and red hair, you can use gold glitter, indigo eyeliner, and red lipstick. Be careful with dark colors, they can look too contrasting in the make-up against the background of light skin and eyes.

There is also a wide range of techniques and colors in the makeup for red-haired girls with gray eyes. Warm shades on the eyelids and cheekbones (golden, brown, beige) will give the skin a beautiful healthy color, and cold shades (gray, silver, steel) will shade the eyes green. The main rule: gray shadows should be one tone lighter or darker than the natural eye color.

The peculiarity of everyday make-up for red-haired girls is that hair is already a bright detail. Making another accent in the make-up, you will not achieve the effect of a natural daytime look.Therefore, for a daytime make-up, it is better to use pastel colors and in minimal quantities. Below in the photo we will analyze step by step how to create light makeup for every day and nude makeup for redheads.

  1. Concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes, apply tone.
  2. Use a color pencil to highlight the brows.
  3. Apply light brown eyeshadow to the upper lid up to the crease and select the lower lid with a line. Blend.
  4. Highlight the cheekbones with peach blush.
  5. For lips, choose a coffee shade.
  1. To create the effect of “makeup without makeup”, as in the photo, carefully mask imperfections with the corrector.
  2. Apply a translucent foundation.
  3. Accentuate your brows to match your hair or simply style with sheer gel.
  4. Paint your eyelashes with brown mascara. You can also use brown kayal to open your eyes more.
  5. Highlight the cheekbones with peach blush.
  6. Apply a colorless balm or clear lip gloss to your lips.
  7. To complete the ginger nude, underline or draw in the freckles with an eyebrow pencil.
  1. Apply foundation to face.
  2. Style eyebrows with color gel, you can comb the hairs up slightly to add thickness.
  3. Use dark brown or black eyeliner to draw arrows.
  4. Apply darker mascara or matching eyeliner to your lashes.
  5. Apply a beige or peach blush to your cheeks.
  6. It is better to leave the lips natural, as there has already been a catchy emphasis on the eyes.
  1. Concealer to mask imperfections.
  2. For tone, use translucent bases: BB cream or moisturizer with a toning effect.
  3. To emphasize freckles, you can completely abandon the foundation, applying only matting powder.
  4. If you want to disguise freckles, the foundation should be exactly the color of your skin, not freckles and have a dense texture.
  5. Apply a very thin layer of beige or peach blush to cheeks.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a beautiful evening make-up. It is enough to change the color of lipstick to scarlet in everyday makeup or draw thick emerald arrows. Bright hair has already done the rest for you!

Catch the makeup instructions on the way out from scratch.

  1. Create a foundation with a thick foundation.
  2. Underline the eyebrows with a brown pencil one shade darker than the hair.
  3. Apply golden shadows to the entire movable eyelid, then draw arrows with golden eyeliner.
  4. Paint lashes with brown or dusty black mascara.
  5. Apply peach blush to cheeks, highlight cheekbones with highlighter.
  6. For lips, choose a rich red or burgundy color.

Try to make a make-up using our cheat sheets and share your impressions in the comments.

Photo: Alena Kuzmina.

Style: Anna Grigorian.

Makeup: Ksenia Yarmark.

Hairstyles: Margarita Khanukaeva.

Manicure: Natasha Kotova / The agent.

Models: Dinara / Number management.

Stylist’s assistant: Eva Strepetova.

Producer: Liza Kovaleva.

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Anastasia Miretskaya

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90 000 Ruby Guide Mobile Legends


Role Fighter
Class Mass control
Guide author ZVERKO


Passive skill . Ruby’s basic attack does not have lifesteal, everything goes into healing from skills. What’s more, items heal 20% more, plus 5% base healing. In addition, by pressing a skill and running direction at the same time, Ruby makes a small jump. Each jump adds physical and magical protection to her, adds up to 3 stacks. It is a versatile movement and defense enhancement, and we can also cross subtle obstacles.

First skill . Ruby launches a wave in the selected direction that deals damage twice and slows down the enemy.The damage and multiplier are small, but thanks to the wave’s distance, this is our spam skill.

Second skill . Ruby deals damage around him twice, stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds and pulling them slightly to the center. Those touched by the edge of the skill take 30% more damage. This is the skill of mass control and interruption of other people’s skills. The downside is that the skill’s radius is quite small.

Ultimate . Ruby in the area of ​​the cone pulls the enemy towards him, stunning him by 0.5 seconds and dealing serious damage. There is a little trick to pull the enemy away. During the ultimate, you can use the Flash, and the enemy will be dragged by a considerable distance.

Interestingly, the first two skills deal damage twice. Apparently, the idea was to associate with items that throw stacks from skills. But, of the currently existing items, only the Rod of the Snow Queen is suitable.

Bonus Ability and Emblems

And so, we have a lot of control, there is healing and increased defense, but little HP and damage.Against this background, the emblems of the Tank with the first or second perk stand out favorably – both will give us an increase in survivability. Or the emblem of the Fighter with the third perk – the slowdown from the perk will stack with items and skills. From the abilities we take Flash or Root.


On Ruby, you can forget about the forest altogether. If you don’t have enough HP at the start or a very aggressive game has started, take the Gem. But if everything is smooth and careful, you can get by.

  • Magic Boots – to get gold from help and add 300 HP to yourself.
  • Storm Belt – will give HP, armor, mana and 10% to recharge abilities. And besides, when you hit from the hand after the skill, you will deal 2% of your maximum HP as pure damage to the group, in addition to slowing them down.
  • Ax of Bloodthirst – we have little damage, but the ax heals not only from skills, but also from pure damage.
  • Endless Battle – will also add a bunch of everything you need. In addition to pure damage, physical attack and healing, there will be more. Not only did you slow down the enemy, you also accelerated, albeit not for long.
  • Dominance of Ice – will give 10% CD, protection and, most importantly, will seriously slow down the speed of auto attacks of opponents who are next to you. At this point, you have + 40% to recharge skills. The item can be replaced with Wings of the Queen of the Apocalypse if your HP critically drops every minute.
  • The last thing your heart desires. Although HP, even armor or magic protection, you can even take the Blade of Despair, but it will not give a large increase in damage. But the Rod of the Snow Queen will finally kill the speed of movement of the enemy.Look at the battle situation and make your choice.


Our main role is initiator / half-tank. This means that we ourselves are not particularly bothered if there is no one nearby who can kill the enemy. The enemy can be dragged with the first skill all the time, since the recharge is fast, and increasing your defense, we reduce the loss of HP.

In a good case, if you are sure that you can attract a group, and your magician will procast in the area – go for it. You slow down with the first skill and jump, then the ult and the second skill.This will keep the enemy in one place while your damage dealers deal damage.

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