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‘They wanted my meerkat to sound like a Russian Alan Sugar’ – meet TV’s secret superstars | Television

A prolific career in TV means fame, right? Actually, the reality is often very different. Many great performances are delivered anonymously, either in a recording booth or under a mountain of prosthetics. That can lead to a strange sort of celebrity status: rubbing shoulders with screen legends on the red carpet one minute, shopping in Tesco without so much as a selfie request the next. So who are these unrecognisable TV icons? How do they bring their much-loved characters to life? And do they long for screaming fans?

Captain Saru from Star Trek and Doug Jones. Composite: CBS/ Bruce Smith

‘I’m not sure how much more rubber I want in my life’

Doug Jones: plays Captain Saru, a Kelpien, in Star Trek: Discovery

When you say yes to playing something that doesn’t look human, you’re saying yes to the entire process. I don’t get to shout: “Get this off me! It’s so hot and sticky. ” I need the mindset of a performer, but also the endurance of an athlete, one who can take five or six hours of makeup application, then get through a long day of shooting.

Because of all the parts I’ve played, I often end up skipping the conventional casting process. People in creature effects just say: “It’s a tall skinny alien – we need Doug Jones.” I was playing the amphibian in the Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water when Star Trek: Discovery approached me. I was actually thinking “I’m not sure how much more rubber and glue I want in my life,” but there was no way I could turn it down. For Saru, I wear a four-piece prosthetic over my head that comes down past my collarbones, with gloves to change my hands. It’s all been moulded to my shape and pre-painted so getting it all glued on is only a two-hour process. I wear a Starfleet uniform like everybody else, but I do have special hoofed boots that add five inches to my height. That makes me about 6ft 8ins!

I just have to look in a mirror to know I’m not a romantic lead. For 35 years, my career has been about being either funny or scary. In my 20s, I was seeking fame. I would have loved to be on billboards and magazine covers, but I’ve grown to enjoy working under the radar. It’s nice to be able to go to a coffee shop with a friend and nobody knows who I am. But then I can go to a red carpet event where they announce who you are and you can act like a celebrity, before going back to anonymity.

Wendy from Bob the Builder and Kate Harbour. Composite: PA/Courtesy: Kate Harbour

‘We knocked Westlife off the top of the charts’

Kate Harbour: voices Wendy and Dizzy in Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder wasn’t just a show to us. We believed in the characters and their message of reduce, reuse, recycle. Bob was selling recycling years before it was cool! Wendy, his business partner and love interest, was one of the first strong female characters in kids’ TV. It’s nice to know you’ve played a vital part in getting that message to so many people.

We knew we had something exciting, but no one had any idea how massive it was going to be. We even got the 2000 Christmas No 1 with Can We Fix It? – knocking Westlife off the top of the charts. But the biggest pinch-yourself moment came when we recorded an album at Abbey Road. It was out of this world to be invited to such an iconic place for a show that, let’s face it, is about a builder banging nails in, a cement-mixer that talks, and a cat that goes “Miaow”.

I was at a gathering recently with a group of mums from the playground and they were talking about the vital work they do as teachers, nurses and social workers. I had a major wobble. I just thought: “What’s the point of me?” Weirdly, shortly after, I got this lovely fan letter that said: “Your little characters bring me so much joy.” And I thought: “That’s my purpose then? That can’t be half bad.”

Dipsy and John Simmit. Composite: Shutterstock

‘It was like being stuck inside a letterbox’

John Simmit: plays Dipsy in Teletubbies

I was a relatively experienced standup when I auditioned for Teletubbies. It was called Teleteddies back then and hadn’t even been commissioned. I was the only black person there and the oldest, too. So I stood out, which is a good thing. I was the first to be cast and I remember getting the train to the studio to try on this prototype suit innard that’s best described as one of those joke sumo-wrestler outfits. It weighed three stone, had limited air and no peripheral vision. It was like being stuck inside a letterbox. The whole thing felt surreal.

Rehearsals began at the end of 1995. That’s when I met the other three teletubbies: Pui Fan Lee, an actor; Dave Thompson, a standup; Nikky Smedley, a dancer. We were given our character names, but we were encouraged to “bring ourselves” to the roles. Pui Fan has Chinese heritage and spoke in Cantonese on the show. I brought reggae to the part with things like Dipsy saying “Papa come papa come to Po,” which is ripped straight from a classic reggae track called The Whip. And I’d slip in Jamaican dance moves, a bogle here and a tatty there.

If you look at Dipsy’s face it was actually darker – nothing on the show was accidental. We filmed for six years before finishing in 2002. Five years later, the production company invited us out to dinner and said: “Would you like to go to America?” I thought: “How many gigs will pay me to spend a week in New York?” It was an amazing experience. We got the keys to the city: we went on the morning shows in New York and took pictures in costume outside the Statue of Liberty.

The show made a huge impact. People still talk about it. If I was hit by a bus, I know Teletubbies would be in the first line of my obituary. But being attached to such a phenomenon is no bad thing.

Meerkat Aleksandr and Simon Greenall. Composite: Rex/Shutterstock/Getty Images

‘They wanted one meerkat to be a Russian Alan Sugar’

Simon Greenall: voices the meerkats in the Compare the Market adverts

I didn’t speak until I was about six. Not a word. But when I started to speak, I could do different voices and accents. My dad was a garageman and was very good at engine noises, so it’s an inherited skill. I didn’t actually start acting until my late 20s, though, and was in my 50s when I began voicing the meerkats.

In the beginning, they wanted Aleksandr to be threatening, a tough-guy businessman like a Russian Alan Sugar, telling people: “Don’t go to this site, go to that site.” But I thought: “Well, he’s an animal, he’s little and funny.” I took the pitch right up, but played it deadly serious and the effect is quite charming. That squeak he does at the end – I put that in for kids.

It’s a strange career, voice acting, but voices don’t know how lucky they are! It’s good fun, well paid and you can become very good at it very quickly. We’re like computers: you just feed in an idea like “a meerkat talking Russian” and we fire out a voice that fits.

My fanbase is made up of different age groups now. There’s the meerkats, of course, but there’s the Octonauts, too. I play Captain Barnacles, the brave polar bear leader of these little creatures who go underwater. That show is educational and environmental. It’s ultimately about kindness and citizenship.

Postman Pat and Lewis MacLeod. Composite: Cosgrove Hall Films/Alamy

‘There I was on the set of The Phantom Menace’

Lewis MacLeod: voices Postman Pat and, on Spitting Image, Prince Charles, Matt Hancock and more

As well as Postman Pat, I play two other characters: Alf the farmer and Ben Taylor, who runs the delivery office. I also sing the theme tune, which I’m chuffed about. I got to meet Prince Charles and he said: “So you’re Postman Pat? What does he sound like?” I replied: “Hello, Mrs Goggins!”

I’ve always been obsessed with audio and it’s got me on some huge projects. Voicing the vicious podracer Sebulba in The Phantom Menace was amazing. As a kid, I would build Star Wars sets out of Coke bottles and papier-mache. And there I was on set taking notes from George Lucas.

As I got into satirical comedy on shows like Spitting Image, I found myself having to master politicians, from Alex Salmond to Nigel Farage. David Cameron was very difficult and I just couldn’t get Trump – until I saw an interview where he noticeably softened his voice. My early impersonation was oddly reminiscent of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Ashley Ailes, a contestant on The Weakest Link, and the show’s voice, Jon Briggs. Composite: NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images/Katie Vandyck

‘We paved the way for other quiz shows’

Jon Briggs: best known for narrating The Weakest Link and voicing British Siri

When I was asked to be the voice of a BBC Two daytime quiz show, my initial reaction was: “Oh God, another nail in the coffin of my career.” I had no idea it would turn into this behemoth that paved the way for other quiz shows. The biggest one is probably Pointless. They’ve ridden on our coat-tails ever since.

We started in 2000. One of the reasons it was successful was that it was the only thing on during the Olympics that wasn’t sport. People who can’t stand sport were desperate for something else to watch. I did all 13 years. That’s 1,875 episodes. There were only two I didn’t do: a Eurovision special where they got Terry Wogan, and an Apprentice special which I’ve never understood to this day.

I have the performer gene. I like being on stage and I’m happy being the centre of attention, but I soon realised I was nowhere near good enough to be an actor. In the end, I went into radio because I absolutely loved it. My A-level grades were crap because I spent every waking moment when I wasn’t in school down at the local radio station. If you told me that I’d be making money from my voice 40 years later, I would have said you were barmy.

Kate and her dog Gin on Britain’s Got Talent and Peter Dickson, the show’s voiceover. Composite: Talkback Thames

‘Any career in entertainment is a rollercoaster’

Peter Dickson: voice of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent

I have never wanted fame, fortune and recognition. I still don’t. I’ve been close to many well-known stars and witnessed how fame can destroy people. I’ve never wanted that. A lot of people want to be famous without actually having any skills: fame is the end product they desire. I’ve never understood that. I have no regrets about working on The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent: they’re entertainment shows and genuinely give people an opportunity to showcase their talent. It’s what goes on afterwards that can be the problem.

Any career in entertainment is a rollercoaster. Look at Bruce Forsyth, who I worked with for many years on The Price Is Right. There was a period after The Generation Game where he couldn’t get booked for anything. He was largely forgotten until being rediscovered by a new generation. I’ve done voice work on everything from lifts and bin lorries to cinema booking systems, which is probably why people recognise my voice all the time but never know where from! It’s been 43 years and I’ve loved every second.

Retirees In Mission, Kansas, Who Could ‘Count To Four’ Started A Samba Band During COVID Isolation | KCUR 89.


Samba music is nothing new to retired biology teacher Dean Jernigan. He fell in love with the music decades ago at a Country Club Plaza Earth Day celebration and used it in his teaching at the Shawnee Mission South High School environmental science lab and as director of Union Station’s Science City.

“Samba became part of the entire experience, because samba comes from making sounds like the rain forest. Like the rattle of the rain and that type of thing,” Jernigan says.

Now a resident at MissionSquare Retirement, he decided those sounds might provide an escape from the pandemic doldrums and recruited some other residents for a Samba band he started.

“We were all going out of our minds,” Jernigan says. “Things around here were very, very stringent. No kids, no grandkids, couldn’t see anybody, couldn’t go out.”

Jernigan stands in the facility’s parking garage before the 16 members of the We’re Not Dead Yet Mission Square Meerkat Samba Band.

One of the percussionists puts in his two cents about the isolation and sings out, “Bo-ring!”

Last summer, Jernigan went online and ordered drums, whistles, rattles, and all manner of shakers.

Anne Kniggendorf

Meerkat steel drummers from left: Mel Minnis, Pat Milburn, and Donna Severance.

Some members, like Ginny Cuppage, are lifelong musicians and jumped at the chance to play.

“I enjoy it because I play handbells, and handbells are a percussion instrument, and I figured if I can keep up with a choir of 20, I can keep up with these guys,” Cuppage says.

She played in a church bell choir for 30 years until COVID put a stop to it.

The same was true for Terry Mai. He’d spent 20 years performing with a band from his church.

“Then Dean invited me to participate, and it’s filled a big gap for me. It’s been great,” Mai says.

But others just needed something to laugh about, something to do.

“One thing about it,” Jernigan says, “when you have a samba band, anybody can join in if they can count to four, and that’s one of the things I ask them.

Anne Kniggendorf

Band director Dean Jernigan listed the band’s instruments on a white board.

He pulls out a white board filled with the names of instruments and offers a demo. One by one, he samples the sounds: the pan drums, maracas, and clave. The booming repinique, congas, and timbale.

Then there’s the Brazilian friction drum called a cuica. It looks like a drum, but the player moves a stick fixed to the drumhead to produce an unusual sound.

“The cuica is derived from a jaguar call,” Jernigan explains.

Isolated but connected

MissionSquare’s executive director Vicki Hutchens stands near the garage’s elevator watching. She says the group has been a wonderful addition to the home and is the first band of any kind. She says the residents often mine their histories for activities, especially in the past year and a half.

“They just get together on a Friday night and have a glass of wine and start thinking of stuff to do,” Hutchens says.

The band has recently begun playing gigs out in the community, mostly outdoor events like Harvesters food pick-ups in a nearby high school parking lot or sidewalk sales, which Hutchens posts on the home’s Facebook page.

Anne Kniggendorf

MissionSquare director Vicki Hutchens and Manfred the Meerkat, the band’s mascot.

And everywhere the Meerkats go, their mascot follows. The mascot is a six-foot-tall mannequin wearing a rubber meerkat head and paws and dressed in a navy double-breasted suit and fedora. A monocle completes the look.

Manfred, as he’s called, lives in a breakroom storage closet.

Cuppage says, “It’s rather scary,” and her bandmates laugh.

Jernigan argues that he’s not scary, just debonaire, aloof.

Cuppage counters, “That’s a dangerous kind of guy,” and everyone laughs again.

But a meerkat doesn’t really fit the rainforest theme. Jernigan explains they chose him because meerkats work together as a family.

“They run in a bunch.

They help each other, and that’s the way they are able to survive; they lean on one another, and they do things together,” Jernigan says.

Just like the residents at MissionSquare.

Baby meerkat stolen from Perth Zoo found ‘tired and hungry’ at Beverley house

A four-week-old meerkit stolen from Perth Zoo has been returned to its carers after being found at a house in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region.

Key points:

  • The baby meerkat was found by police two days after disappearing from its enclosure
  • Police say a man and woman are assisting them with their inquiries
  • Vets say the meerkit has bounced back well but are yet to return it to its family

Zoo staff noticed the baby meerkat was missing from its enclosure on Wednesday afternoon, less than 24 hours before an event to introduce the animal to the public.

Staff were unsure whether the meerkat had been stolen or taken by a predatory bird.

WA Police have confirmed it was stolen and said it was found in Beverley, a small town about 130 kilometres south-east of Perth.

The meerkit was found during a search at a house in Beverley, WA Police said.(Supplied: WA Police)

“As a result of inquiries by Kensington Police, a search warrant was executed at a house in Beverley around 6:00pm on Friday,” a police spokesman said.

“The baby meerkat was located at the house and was conveyed back to the zoo by a veterinarian.

“A man and woman are currently assisting police with their inquiries.”

Sorry, this video has expiredFootage of meerkit recorded by Perth Zoo before it was allegedly stolen

Meerkit recovering away from family

The zoo said the meerkit was back in expert care and staff were busy preparing to reintroduce it back successfully with its family.

Carers are yet to return the baby meerkat to its mother and group.(Supplied: WA Police)

Senior vet Simone Vitali said the animal would be returned to its mother soon.

“He was very stressed and tired and hungry, just like any bub that’s been away from mum,” she said.

“But after an evening of getting his favourite foods and getting a bit of warmth and a bit of quiet, he’s really bounced back quite well, so we’re quite happy with his progress so far.

“He’s still not out of the woods, we’ve still got to get him back with the group and hope that they accept him as one of theirs and they haven’t decided to reject him, so we’re still in very early days.”

Enclosure to be reviewed, zoo says

Ms Vitali said the safety of the meerkat enclosure may need to be reviewed following the incident.

Sorry, this video has expiredLast vision of baby meerkat before it was stolen

“When you’ve got these open facilities, which you need [in order] to give the animals good welfare, you like to have them open and have lots of sunlight, lots of air, lots of height,” she said.

“And when you have animals in those sorts of facilities there’s always the risk of theft, there’s always the risk of predatory birds.

“That’s something that we’re going to need to review quite carefully now that this has happened to see if we need to make changes.”

Speaking on Thursday after the meerkat was taken, the zoo’s curator of operations, John Lemon, said the newborn was under almost-constant watch.

But he admitted there was a small window in which it could have been taken.

“It’s quite an effort to get into our meerkat enclosure. We have a glass viewing bay that surrounds the viewing area,” he said at the time.

The meerkitten was taken less than 24 hours before it was due to be introduced to the public.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)

The Savannah – The Meerkat Kingdom | The Savannah – LittleBigPlanet Game Guide

Next The Savannah Mini Levels Prev The Savannah Burning Forest


Go along the wall on the right and stick

Fluffy Tree in the right spot. Now you can collect Orange Weave, Pink Knit, Green Felt, Brown Stripy Button, Blue Circles Denim. Go back and head left . Jump down and grab Baby Meerkats. Now you’ll have to pass the race. Collect the score bubbles and Carved Heads hidden behind a piece of cloth on the right side of the central platform.

Finish the race and head right. Before dropping down jump to the platform to the right, avoid the spikes and collect

Cow Udders, Cow Head, Crazed Donkey. Now you can head down. Go left and use the Meerkats to fly up. Collect the key, My Patch, Mr Beaver Says No, Rubber Duck and Carved Animals. Continue going left and use the striped spheres to reach Growl Face and Cat Head. A bit below and to the right you will have to destroy the wall to get Birdy Outline.

Going left you will reach another 2 players mode.

One of the players needs to stand on the left side of the platform for the other to get down and hold the striped spheres. This should allow the first player to get down. Now one of the players needs to remove the object blocking the way – this object also allows to higher. It can also be used to reach Red Roman Ca0pe, Black Animal Nose, Orange Block and Scary Fangs. Head right. One of the players needs to send the other up (by jumping on the sleeping Meerkats). This way you should be able to collect Wooden Planks and Big-Belly Meerkat. After completing this mode head right, but pay attention for the ground, as it may crumble right beneath your feet. Try to jump forward as far as you can and collect the
Brown Wood

Below you will find the Red Boy. Continue down and watch out for the spikes. Jump on another Meerkat and collect the Jet Cheetah. Continue on until you reach the Meerkat Mum. Head left to find another Meerkat. Climb up and go “deeper” into the screen in the spot where the light is on. Go right and collect the Sleeping Elephant. Stick the Growl Face in the right spot and pick up the Hanging Snapping Claw.

Go left until you reach the club – it’s another 2 players mode. As before, use the sleeping Meerkats to reach the upper platforms and collect Red Lobster, Big Cute Nose and Blue Fish. Run left until you reach another Meerkat. It will ask you to take it to its mother. Drag him back, collecting Wooden Flamingo, Snapping Claw and Savannah In Music.

After reaching the mother a new route will open up, take it. Collect the score bubbles, Wooden Zebra, Wallpaper and Engraved Metal. Jump over the spikes and use the Meerkats to reach the upper levels and collect the

key, Scrath Pattern, Red Butterfly and White Butterfly. When you’ll reach the top stick Voodoo Face and collect Meerkat Popup. Head right and up and you will find Bat Wing, Orange Bird, Blue Wing Graphic. Continue right until you reach the end.

Completing the level

  1. Costume: Pink Scarf
  2. Sticker: Red Wolves Concept
  3. Object: Red Wolves Concept with Frame + Meerkat Mum & Scenery

Completing the level at 100%

Ace the Level

  • Costume: Gold Monocle + Ringmaster Top Hat



Bat Wing

Big Cute Nose

Birdy Outline

Black Animal Nosem

Blue Fish

Blue Wing Graphic

Cat Head

Cow Head

Cow Udders

Crazed Donkey

Growl Face

Mr Beaver Says No

Orange Birdm

Red Boy

Red Butterfly

Red Lobster

Rubber Duck

Scary Fangsm

Scratch Pattern

Sleeping Elephant

White Butterfly

Orange Block


Brown Wood

Carved Animals

Carved Heads

Engraved Metal

Green Felt

Orange Weave

Pink Knit


Wooden Planks


Big-Belly Meerkat

Baby Meerkat

Hanging Snapping Claw

Jet Cheetah

Meerkat Popup

Snapping Claw

Wooden Flamingo

Wooden Zebra


Brown Stripy



Red Roman Capem

Blue Circles Denim


“My Patch”

“Savannah In Music”

Next The Savannah Mini Levels Prev The Savannah Burning Forest

|LIVE NOW| Meerkat Raises $12M From Greylock At A $40M Valuation – TechCrunch

If you’re reading TechCrunch right now (you are, by the way), chances are you have at least heard of Meerkat. You may even be simultaneously hoping that you don’t have to fall prey to the new SXSW sweetheart before the trend of live broadcasting is over. But this is no Yo.

Sources familiar with the matter tell TechCrunch that Meerkat has closed on a $12 million Series B led by Greylock’s Josh Elman, with participation from other unknown angels. One source, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the deal valued Meerkat at $52 million post-investment. We’re also told that Greylock put in the majority (between $9M and $10M), with the rest of the Series B stock being picked off by angels.

Meerkat, the new broadcasting app that took SXSW by storm, may have gained some credibility in the past few weeks with rumors (and later an official confirmation) that Twitter was in talks to purchase a direct Meerkat competitor, Periscope. Twitter’s validation of live one-to-many broadcasting, as well as a defensive move to shut down part of Meerkat’s social graph access, may have eased discussions as Meerkat went into fundraising mode.

Meerkat (company name Life on Air, Inc. and formerly Yevvo) raised just over $3.5 million in seed and Series A funding in January of this year, according to an SEC filing. But given Meerkat’s traction over the last month — Meerkat topped 160k users earlier this week, before folks like Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon joined the mob — a quick Series B makes sense given the situation.

We’re told by sources that Meerkat has now topped 300K users total, more than 200K of which come from the iOS app.

On Thursday, The Information reported that Meerkat was in talks with Greylock Partners, and shortly after Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell and Steven Tweedie confirmed discussions, as well as a $40 million pre-money valuation.

This jibes with what we’ve heard around the deal, with Meerkat valued at $40 million in this latest Series B.

TechCrunch reached out to both Greylock and Meerkat before publishing. We’ll update the post as soon as we hear back.

Meerkat Rubber Stamp – Giant Max 66% OFF Heavy Self-Inking Duty 2.

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Meerkat Rubber Stamp – Giant Heavy Duty Self-Inking – 2.7 inches


Meerkat Rubber Stamp – Giant Heavy Duty Self-Inking – 2.7 inches

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Meerkats as pets: tka_ch_34 – LiveJournal

tka_ch_34 ( tka_ch_34 ) wrote,
: keeping meerkats at home gives rise to various myths and horror stories, after reading which the desire to have this smart, affectionate and charming animal can disappear once and for all. Let’s see if this is really so.

Meerkats are quite energetic animals, they are playful and curious, this applies equally to both toddlers and adults.

Meerkats remain cheerful until old age. They are smart and communicative, which makes it easy for the owner to find a common language with them. At the same time, Meerkats are not annoying, they are not imposed on the owner and guests.

They are quite sociable, make a variety of sounds, depending on the situation, but they do not yell, they are not noisy animals.The destructive power of a meerkat is much less than that of a dog or a cat, so they simply cannot “turn the house over”.

Since in the wild, Meerkats live in the desert, their claws are only adapted to rake sand. The meerkat can hardly scratch anything with its claws. As for the general behavior in the house, they are not naughty and practically do not cause problems.

They like to climb behind the sofa, furniture, wherever it is narrow and dark, check everything there, they can climb into an open closet and settle among the clothes, they will not spoil anything, but they will turn over all the piles, so it’s better not to forget to close doors.Things do not gnaw, do not spoil, wires too.

No human can replace the large family of the Meerkatu, which in the wild can reach up to 40 individuals.

However, Meerkats can easily get along with other pets, such as a cat and dog, as long as the cat or dog does not have a bad, quarrelsome disposition.

Meerkats are not evil and if guests come to the apartment, they are sure to meet them with a curious look.They sniff shoes, bags and everything that new appears on their territory, but they will not show any aggression.

Of course, it is better to start not one Meerkat, but two at once, so that they can play and take care of each other, if you do not want to breed Meerkats, then you can have two same-sex brothers or sisters.

Meerkats in an apartment live in a free settlement.No cells! As a toilet for Meerkats, a cat or a small dog tray is suitable, filler at your discretion. Their feces and urine smell much less than felines, and with normal and timely cleaning, the house never stinks of them.

You can go for a walk with a meerkat, but they feel great living at home all the time. A harness for young ferrets is suitable for walking. Never let a meerkat off his harness on the street, he may run away and get lost or get hit by a car!

Meerkats cannot stand drafts!

They are quite thermophilic, so make sure that there is additional heating in winter, buy a UV lamp for the meerkat, under which your pet can warm its tummy.

In summer, it is advisable to provide the meerkat with access to one of the windowsills on the sunny side.

Meerkats love to watch what is happening through the window, periodically barking at passers-by and cars. There must be mosquito nets on the windows, preferably iron ones, otherwise the meerkat may fall out of the window! It is also not permissible that he walk around the balcony if it is not glazed!

Meerkats are not very whimsical in food, they can eat cat food, they can also be fed with meat, fish and dairy products.They will not give up cockroaches and other animals either. The main thing in their diet is constant access to drinking water.

In nature, Meerkats live in burrows, so it is better for them to choose an elongated house, not very large, or you can buy Meerkat a fabric pipe for dogs, and put a soft mattress at the end of the pipe. Keep in mind that Meerkats do not leave their “shelter” at night, therefore puddles will periodically appear there, you should not punish the baby for this, instinct does not allow him to go out into the darkness … terrible predators can roam there…. but the meerkat is also not able to endure until the morning. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically change his bedding.

If you buy an open-air cage meerkat when he was growing up and brought up not at home, but in an open-air cage, a zoo or in the wild, then of course his wild habits will remain with him and bite you, avoid his hands will most likely be permanent. But if the Meerkat was born at home, they always played with him and took him in his arms, then he definitely will not bite.

In order to make the Meerkats a holiday of life, it is advisable, if possible, to put a tray with a high side and fill it with a small layer of clean sand, and then launch a zoophone bus or Madagascar cockroaches.



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Chamomile became a mother: meerkats were born in the Chelyabinsk zoo | SOCIETY

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. From the heat, meerkats hide in their house.

“Meerkats appeared in the Chelyabinsk zoo last autumn,” says leading zoologist Evelina Sabashvili . – We all waited for the offspring to appear. They very much counted on one dominant female – in these mammals, nature is so arranged that, first of all, and mainly these individuals give birth to offspring.But it was not she who became the mother, but Chamomile – we put her and her children in a separate enclosure. ”

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. Chamomile teaches youngsters to eat adult food.

Babies, whose gender is not yet possible to determine, are already feeding their mother’s food with might and main.

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. The family coped with almost a full bowl of chicken meat.

In nature, meerkats are predators, so their favorite delicacy is pieces of meat and some insects. The kids are one and a half months old. It is impossible to say for certain who their dad is: this is one of the four males of the family.

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. One of the possible fathers of newborns.

“In winter, we will transfer the animals to another room,” says the zoologist. – In the summer they like it here, in the fresh air. We give toys – rubber balls, and kids play with them with pleasure.

And they are also studying Romashka’s habits: their mother teaches them to stand in the “crown” pose of meerkats. The kids try, like a mother, to climb on their hind legs, pulling their front legs up. Just like a kangaroo. ”

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova.Chamomile shows the cubs how to stand up.

As if having heard the words of a zoo worker, one of the possible meerkats-dads in the next aviary immediately showed the counter. Yes, not on the sand, but having climbed into a kind of house with a podium, on which animals run with pleasure. The meerkat took, naturally, the highest step – the first place.

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. Am I not the best?

At the zoo, not only meerkats were replenished, but also deer and Himalayan bears.

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. Little meerkats will not leave the Chelyabinsk zoo.


Meerkat is a species of mammals from the mongoose family. Distributed in South Africa, mainly in the Kalahari Desert: in the territories of southwestern Angola, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, before they were noticed in Madagascar.

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. Meerkats, as a species, are listed in the Red Book.

The length of the body with the head is 25-35 cm, the tail is 17.5-25 cm. The color of the coat is orange-brown.All meerkats have a characteristic pattern of black stripes, which make up individual hairs, the tips of which are colored black. The head is white, the ears are black, the tail is yellow, the tip of the tail is black.

The fur is long and soft, the undercoat is dark red. The coat on the belly and chest is short. The meerkat’s physique is slender, but it is hidden by thick fur.

Photo by Nadezhda Uvarova. The kids are very similar to their mother, said Ivan, a five-year-old visitor to the zoo.

Holder for the sensor of the echo sounder “Meerkat” ®

You are here:

sonar transducer holder

Holder for echo sounder.Sounder transducer holder

… Transom holder for the “head” of the echo sounder for installation on a rubber or pvc boat. Fastening the echo sounder to a rubber or pvc boat for fishing.
The design and name are patented. Illegal reproduction is punishable by law.

New! Meet: “Meerkat” reinforced (link will open in a new window).

Standard holder for echo sounder transducer (pictured on the right) is designed to rigidly attach the sonar (transducer) to a rubber or PVC boat, usually at a distance of 3-5 cm from the bottom of the boat.The echo sounder monitor is mounted on the seat or side of the boat.

Echo sounders are no longer a gimmick on fishing. An increasing number of fishermen are planning to acquire or already have an echo sounder in their arsenal. The echo sounder consists of a monitor and a transducer (sonar, “head”) connected by a communication cable. Echo sounder power supply: 12 volt battery.

Transom holder for transom echo sounder “Meerkat”


New! Take care of your sonar and it will serve you faithfully for many years.

Designed and manufactured by us transom holder for echo sounder transom is intended, as the name implies, for installation on the transom of a rubber boat or pvc boat. The transom holder for the sounder transducer (or the holder for the sounder head) is an easy-to-use, easily removable portable device.

The main advantage of our echo sounder transducer holder is the instant automatic transducer release when hitting an obstacle .It was this instant disappearance that gave the name to the entire device: “Meerkat”. It is a matter of seconds to return the sonar of the echo sounder to the working position after passing the obstacle.

Suitable for all types of transom rubber and pvc boats. Suitable for any type of echo sounder: humminbird, garmin, fishfinder, piranhamax, fisherman, eagle, lowrance, piranha.

The echo sounder transducer is mounted to the holder using one stainless bolt and nut included in the echo sounder kit.

Most sonar breakdowns occur in three cases:

  1. Driving into an underwater obstacle – driftwood, driftwood, stone ridges, etc.
  2. Driving ashore – when pulling the boat out onto land.
  3. Hitting an ice floe – when fishing from a boat in early spring.

The echosounder transducer holder therefore offers, in addition to storing the transducer itself, the mobility of the . The echo sounder is no longer “tied” to a specific boat.Its easy:

  • to put on and off;
  • install on another boat;
  • to give to friends;
  • Take
  • with you for winter fishing.

Installation (fastening) of the holder for the echo sounder on the boat

Installation of the echo sounder holder on the boat consists of the following operations:

  1. Adjusting the length of the extension rod of the holder for adjusting the immersion depth.
  2. Adjusts the sensitivity of the trigger sensor.
  3. Securing the echo sounder holder to the pvc transom or rubber boat.

Instruction for echo sounder holder

All actions are simple and easy. You do not need any special tools to install the echo sounder holder on the boat. Everything is clear intuitively, but at the same time, the kit includes detailed instructions supplied with illustrations. Download the instruction.

Enjoy it

Sounder holder fits most modern models.

  • The holder has flexible adjustments. Once adjusted, you no longer need to turn any knobs.
  • A specially shaped clamp secures the holder firmly.
  • Convenient longitudinal valve handle will keep your hands from slipping.
  • Critical components are made of bright orange plastic that can be seen even in muddy water.
  • Two holders for the sounder wire will securely fix the wire, ensure order without any “electrical tape”.
  • The hydrodynamic shape of the fastener will nullify the already low water resistance.


Where to buy a holder for the transducer of the “Meerkat” echo sounder?

In the online store “Eholodka”

The holder for the meerkat echo sounder sensor can be bought in the online store with free shipping across Russia.

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