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Northrock Safety / Total Safety Wellington S5 singapore, mens wellington boots , gumboots singapore


The Total Safety Wellington offers ultimate S5 protection to the wearer.

Steel toecap and midsole.

PVC/Nitrile construction that is waterproof and resistant to oil, fuels and acids.

Suitable for a variety of environments.



Designed to Keep your Feet

Safe and Dry




  • CE certified
  • Protective steel toecap
  • Steel midsole
  • Anti-static footwear
  • Energy Absorbing Seat Regio
  • 100% Waterproof keeping feet warm and dry
  • SRC – Slip resistant outsole to prevent slips and trips on ceramic and steel surfaces
  •  Fuel and oil resistant outsole


Material Upper: PVC/Nitrile

Material Outsole: PVC/Nitrile

Reference: F06



  • Black Euro 36-49, UK 3-14, US 4-15 Height 40cm
  • White Euro 36-48, UK 3-13, US 4-14 Height 40cm
  • Green Euro 36-48, UK 3-13, US 4-14 Height 40cm 


EN 13832-2:2006
EN ISO 20345:2011
AS/NZS 2210. 3:2009
ASTM F2413-11



Portwest™ Work
Complete range of styles made of polymeric materials. Durable and waterproof construction that is highly resistant to fuels, oils, grease and fats.

Innovation, quality components, styling and expert construction define the Portwest footwear collections.






Size Chart


View the Safety Footwear Guide and the complete Portwest Footwear Range here

Portwest Catalogue – Footwear Range


View the complete Portwest Rainwear Range here

Portwest Catalogue – Rainwear Range



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The Best Kids Rain Boots And Where To Get Them In Singapore

On rainy days, make sure that your child is fully protected with rainy day gear essentials including a good pair of rain boots. Providing the best footwear for your little while it’s raining will surely take the damper off rainy days and make rainy day activities all the more fun! From colourful prints and protective waterproof boots, your kid may splash their way through a rainy day without having to deal with wet socks. 

The Best Kids Rain Boots

1. Bogs Kids’ Rubber Waterproof Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

Keep water away from your child’s little toes with these rubber waterproof rain boots with dual pull-on handles to help kids slip them on all on their own. You also won’t catch your child slipping as the outsoles are made with non-slip material. If you’re looking for a more classic pair of boots for your child, these would be the perfect choice for a rainy day. 

You can get these waterproof rain boots at Amazon.

2. Bogs Kids’ Slushie Solid Insulated Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

Another classic design from Bogs Kids, these rain boots are made with 5mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation that is great for keeping your child’s feet dry and warm. Your child’s feet can have absolute comfort while walking under the rain with its Bogs Max-Wick that moves sweat away as well as its DuraFresh organic bio-technology to prevent any odours to emit from the boots. 

Get your kids these efficient boots at Amazon. 

3. Crocs Handle-It Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

Parents may be happy to know that these rain boots from Crocs are completely easy to clean with its Croslite material to make muddy days a breeze. Just run it under cold water with a bit of soap and let it dry fast for upcoming rainy days. Its oversized handles are wide for a reason so that your kid won’t always need your help to slip them on. It’s also very lightweight and comes in different colours for your child to choose from. 

These handy rain boots are available at Amazon. 

4. Hatley Girls’ Printed Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

Little girls will be delighted with these pair for printed rain boots that have different pretty designs from unicorns, hearts and flowers. It’s not only filled with cute patterns but is also completely waterproof and PLC free. But why stop there when you can also get the entire Hatley Girls rainy day gear with the same designs to match your child’s rain boots. 

You can grab a pair of these fashionable boots at Amazon. 

5. Hunter Kids First Gloss Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

For a pair for classic glossy rain boots for your little one, Hunter Kids just has the rainy day footwear for you! It may appear like your regular old rain boots but these may be one of the snuggest fit and most comfortable boots for your child to wear during rainy days. It also comes in fun primary colours and has sizes for kids ages 3 to 14 years old. 

These hunter rain boots can be bought at both Amazon and Shopee. 

6. Joules Welly Print Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

For quality hand-drawn designs, these fashionable rain boots have awesome prints that your child will definitely enjoy. Its natural rubber and removable insoles also make it an efficient rainy day gear, especially with its waterproof material. 

You can find these rain boots at Amazon. 

7. Kamik Stomp Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

These rain boots have removable insoles and are easy to pull on which already makes it great for your little one to use on rainy days. Its long and wide design prevents any water or mud from entering your kid’s socks or pant legs. They also come in dynamic two-colour designs so make sure to pick a pair with your kid so they can choose which type of these boots they want. 

Get your kids these comfy rain boots at Amazon. 

8. Lifetime Cartoon Children Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

For kids 2 to 5 years old, these rain boots make the best rubber water shoes to keep your kiddo’s feet dry and warm during rainy days. They also come in fun and adorable designs that your kids would want to show off to their friends. They bring more than just as comfortable as these boots were made with anti-slip features to keep your child safe from falling over.  

Get these fun colourful boots at Shopee.

9. Oaki Kids’ Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

The loop handles on these rubber rain boots not only help your child dress themselves but are also convenient to hang them to dry or inside a closet as well as easily attach them to your kid’s backpack in case of unexpected rainy days. These rubber boots are more than just their cool and cute prints as they are also lightweight and have odour fighting material. 

You can get your kid these hand waterproof rain boots at Amazon. 

10. OutdoorMaster Kids’ Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

Rainy days may no longer be ruined by wet socks and muddy pants as these rain boots 100% waterproof and easy to clean! You kid may also find its lightweight material comfortable to splash around in puddles with and the easy-on handles make it simple to just pull on. You won’t have to worry about your child slipping for its grooved soles and wider heel helps keep them standing stable.  

Keep your kiddo’s feet dry this rainy season and get these rain boots at Amazon. 

11. Sperry Top-Sider Kids’ Port Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for more traditional lace-up rain boots for your child, these are the perfect pair for them. These Sperry unisex child boots can protect your kid’s feet during rainy days with a snug fit and a cushy memory-foam footbed to give them absolute comfort whenever they wear it.

These rain boots with signature non-marking rubber outsole are available at Amazon. 

12. Western Chief Printed Rain Boots

Image Source: Amazon

For more awesome printed kid-friendly rain boots with fun designs that kids will surely love, this pair is perfect to wear during rainy days with its comfy insoles and natural rubber that is made with material that is waterproof, durable as well as flexible. The pull-on handles will also make it easier for your child to wear and its slip-resistant outsole prevents them from slipping on their way to school.  

Get them at Amazon for the rainy season.


You’re Not Imagining It: Rainy Days Make Kids Go Feral

The danger of children wearing rubber shoes when going down slides

6 best designer waterproof boots that will see you through rain or shine

As Prada’s show demonstrated, fashion has not quite shaken off its obsession with the utilitarian aesthetic.

We’ve seen cargo pants, combat boots, utility vests and all sorts of practical clothing hit the runway in the past year. Yet there is a silver lining to fashion’s focus on the functional: luxury brands are finally offering stylish, waterproof boots.

Louis Vuitton is one example; its Rain capsule boasts styles that hardly look like typical wet weather footwear (read: unsightly). The likes of Burberry and Bottega Veneta have also put their spin on the classic rain boots, with the latter making use of sustainable materials as well.

By far, our favourite thing about these sleek, slip-resistant shoes is that they will work well in any weather, rain or shine. Our second favourite thing? That there are so many to choose from. Below, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best waterproof boots that you can get to brave the weather in.

Header photo credit: Getty Images


With its ‘Betty’ boots, Chloé assures you that you won’t have to sacrifice style just to dress for wet weather. The pair looks just like your regular high ankle boots (check out the sleek contours, the statement block heel and the very on-trend square toe), except it’s made of PVC instead of leather. Their lugged soles also do double duty: they provide added grip, while giving a dose of edginess to the shoes.

(Photo credit: Net-a-Porter)

Shop here


Dr. Martens’ boots are known for being pretty reliable, regardless of whatever situation you find yourself in. Besides being waterproof, their signature air-cushioned rubber soles are also resistant to oil and fat, which gives them great slip resistance. This particular pair takes the English brand’s classic 1460 silhouette and makes it perfect for rainy days with uppers crafted from patent leather.

(Photo credit: SSENSE)

Shop here


Jil Sander’s wet-weather footwear are made with Vibram soles, AKA the world’s first rubber lug soles. They’re waterproof, slip-resistant and extremely durable, making the shoes very much in line with Jil Sander’s utilitarian ethos. As for the look itself, the shoes recall the brand’s signature minimal sneakers, so they’ll work well as casual, everyday shoes, come rain or shine.

(Photo credit: SSENSE)

Shop here


Having graced everything from trench coats to handbags, it’s only natural that Burberry’s vintage check makes an appearance on the British brand’s take on rain boots too. These chunky shoes are completely waterproof (they’re made of neoprene and rubber), and will look great with a pair of jeans tucked into them.

(Photo credit: Burberry)

Shop here


Bottega Veneta ‘Puddle’ boots

The “Puddle” shoes are Bottega Veneta’s high fashion answer to the classic Wellington boots. Creative director Daniel Lee has a knack for making distinctive (not to mention Insta-worthy) shoes, and this pair sticks out with their bulky rounded toes. Yet, being made out of biodegradable (read: sustainable) polymer, they’re also lightweight and easy to pull on.

(Photo credit: Bottega Veneta)


For its Rain collection, Louis Vuitton reintroduced its iconic Archlight sneakers in a practical, waterproof version, made entirely of mat rubber. Unlike other shoes, this khaki green pair gives your look a streetwear-influenced edge while keeping your feet dry.

(Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)

Shop here

The 10 Best Rain Boots for Kids

You might prefer the Netflix-and-chill approach to a rainy day, but your kids are always up for an outdoor romp, rain or shine. Our expert advice for giving in to the requests of tiny, puddle-splashing enthusiasts? Get your kiddo some good galoshes. Yup, quality rain boots make all the difference by maximizing fun and lightening your load after rainy-day play. So long, soaking-wet shoes that still smell musty once they’ve dried. Read on for a list of parent-approved footwear to make sure everyone is singing (but not sobbing) in the rain.

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These glittery kicks are so comfortable and well fitting that parents report their little ones request to wear them when skies are clear, too. Fortunately, folks also say they’re durable.

$30 at Amazon

These flexible rubber boots are outfitted with a thick, no-slip tread, so they’re extra safe. They’re also strong enough to withstand hours of puddle play without leaking or coming apart at the seams: One reviewer notes that her daughter’s first pair lasted nearly two years. The manufacturer confidently offers a six-month guarantee, which isn’t bad, either.

$20 at Amazon

Sure, the price is steep, but Hunter has some serious credibility when it comes to keeping feet dry (they’ve been doing so since the 19th century). Parents confirm that these English wellies are worth the investment—the fit is comfortable and snug around both the foot and calf, so puddles stay on the ground instead of sloshing around in your little one’s shoes. The boots get high marks when it comes to style, too; they’re glossy and colorful without being garishly bright.

$49 at Amazon

This is the option for parents looking for high-quality and a reasonable price. These Kamik boots can live through many seasons of active play and never crack or tear. The slightly taller shaft height means they’re better than most at keeping mud and water off your kiddo’s pants and socks. Reviewers can’t share enough good things about Kamik, and those glowing reports are coming from rainy states to boot. (We defer to you, Washingtonians and Oregonians.)

Story continues

$31 at Amazon

These classic rubber puddle-splashers boast a secure fit and lightweight design so they keep water out without weighing down an active child. The cutout handles make them easy for even the youngest child to slip on, and the insoles feature antimicrobial odor protection, so they don’t stink when they come off (or when they’re hand-me-downs).

$30 at Amazon

Bogs has a loyal following, and it’s getting bigger because of this boot in particular. The Slushie gets its name because it does double-duty, keeping feet warm and dry in winter snow and spring showers. Best of all, these are easy enough for even a toddler to put on independently, and comfortable enough that kids of all ages have no complaints about wearing them.

$49 at Amazon

This bargain buy boasts high-quality construction to rival its more expensive peers, and Oaki is so sure you will agree that they offer a comprehensive six-month warranty. The waterproof rubber material is flexible, so it’s great at keeping feet dry without restricting movement. The boots also feature odor protection for a fresh smell that lingers, and loop handles for convenience when it comes to putting them on and hanging them up to dry. Bonus: The eye-catching prints are pretty darn cute.

$20 at Amazon

These galoshes have thick, sturdy platform soles that provide maximum traction and longevity. The quality man-made construction is applauded by many happy moms (and kids), while the hand-drawn designs are said to be a big hit as well.

$34 at Amazon

Crocs have cornered the market on comfort, so you don’t have to worry about chafing or blisters with these bad boys. While these might look bulky, they’re actually extremely lightweight. Best of all: They’re molded in one piece to provide the ultimate leak protection.

$35 at Amazon

The rugged aesthetic of these Sperry Top-Siders makes ’em so cool you might want to snag a matching pair for yourself. The even better news is that they deliver on functionality, too. Parents say the lace-up design provides a snug fit so feet stay dry, and the memory-foam footbed ensures comfort through hours of outdoor play.

$50 at Amazon

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WagWellies® by wagwear

Carleigh W.

Went right on no problem and he doesn’t even try to shake them off! Perfect for these hot summer days!

Rachel K.

Our doodle loves his first pair of shoes!! They are great for protecting paws in the 100+ degree heat in AZ. I would order the size based on the paw measurement/size vs weight of your dog! Great shoe!

Carly E.

He loves them, people think they’re crocs for dogs.

Evelyn M.

Love these!!! Such cute colors! I’ve tried so many pup shoes and these are the only ones that stay on while I run around outside. My feet are protected from the hot pavement and mom thinks I look so handsome

LeAndra S.

Great fit! I love how easy they are to put on and how they keep my dog safe!

Nathania L.

Happy with the results! My dog tried two other brands of shoes and she hated them/ they came off her paws. However with wagwear, she walks comfortably with them and they don’t slide off. People even asked me where I got her shoes! 🙂

Amy L.

These shoes are very durable for the winter season. They are much better than other shoes I’ve bought in the past. Just have to get the dog use to wearing them. She hates putting them on, she has very furry feet!! She is wearing the extra small.

Xinyi J.

Nice shoes! But kind of hard for longhair puppy to wear.

Bronwen T.

Bernie loves his galoshes, they keep his toes dry and he loves the way they look too!

Jeongmin O.

Easy to use and pretty. However, usually dogs have different sizes of front and rear paws, so it would be nice if one set could be composed of a different size.


Solid! They work well and well constructed


Perfect dog boots! I’ve purchased countless dog boots for my sheepdog and these are the holy grail! They fit absolutely perfectly, are durable, and keep my pups paws dry. We’ve tried many other boots and they’re always either too small or don’t stay on. These don’t budge! Will absolutely buy a second pair.


Easy on and off Super easy to get on and off due to the side slit. Only request is if there was a size between the XS and XXS as there is a between these two sizes is a 0.5 inch difference in length as compared to all the other size differences go up by 0.25 inches


Pawfect booties I love that these don’t fall off as easily! I can run around in the snow to my heart’s content and I don’t have to worry about my booties getting lost! Also they were a little difficult to get on at first but once I broke them in my mom just slips them on like it’s nothing!

K DeBolt

Only boots my dog will keep on! We’ve gong through more dog boots than I care to admit. My dog, Scooter, somehow frees himself from all of them. Except these. And he doesn’t seem to even notice them on his feet. Definitely a win!


10/10 Highly recommend! I have two small dogs (7lbs) with the skinniest legs out there. I’ve tried about 5 different types of shoes/socks and none of them stay on for longer than 10 seconds. I was about to give up on finding a replacement for the Pawz balloon bootie’s we’ve been using until i magically got an targeted ad for these wagwellies. I am so glad I took a shot and tried them. Not only do they actually stay on, but they look super cute as well. The only thing that could make them better is if they came in pink! 🙂


So far, so good! I have bought other boots before, and I had two problems: That they wouldn’t stay on, and that they were hard to get on. I bought orange ones, in case they did fall off, they’d be easier to find, but the rubber of these makes them feel very secure. I also love the slit down the sides (just watch the dewclaw!), as it makes them easier to get on. The other pair of rubber boots I had got, had a wide opening and you folded it over to make it tight. The fold used to hurt their legs, and these don’t have that problem. I got these because the salt was getting in my tiny dog’s paws. I’m also glad these have such a variety of sizes, my dogs are so tiny, its been hard to find some small enough (until now).

Kelsey H

So fantastic! Perfect Paws These boots are made for walking as they say! They help combat the salty sidewalks and protect my Pup’s paws from the harsh Chicago elements. Everyone in my building asks for the link to buy!


The best there is! We have had two pairs of these now for our Frenchie and surprisingly he actually loves them! Putting them on for the first time was hilarious, but after a few weeks of using them, it just became part of the regular routine. When it comes to keeping salt and ice melt off of a dog’s paws these are the best, stay on super well too.


So chic! I ordered these boots for my dog Mordy and was so surprised by the quality and design of them! The material is very substantial and the silhouette is so chic! Love them and will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Jenn Ho

Perfect! My dog hates walking in puddles and is a very “clean” dog. He prefers to wear the Wagwellies everywhere he goes because not only do they fit well, they also allow him to not get his paws wet or dirty! They are easy to put on and protect dogs from any kind of dangers that may be on the sidewalks (for us in NY, hot subway grates and trash on the ground). We love these shoes and have 3 pairs already! The colors are so cute and the shoes are SO durable. Thank you, Wagwear, these shoes are amazing.


Love!! These wellies are excellent! They stay on, which is the number one problem we’ve had with others we’ve tried. They hold up very well to aggressive use. Not only are they great for rain and puddles, but they protect the paw pads when our pup is playing and spinning in the hose on harsh concrete. We recommend them to everyone who asks us about them!

Panama Jack Singapur B23 Singapur B23 Boots For Women Brown

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Culinary trends

In the Land of Plenty

Singapore is a huge pot of many cultures brewing, and these cultures leave their mark on cityscapes, the way of life of the townspeople and, above all, contribute to the local cuisine. The city has an incredible number of restaurants where you can find good food.

Danny Lee wears rubber boots and a faded red apron. He looks like a gardener, but this impression is deceiving. Danny Lee is one of Singapore’s elite chefs. Every taxi driver knows where to find him in the Malaysian region of Geylang, which is home to small buildings and eateries decorated with neon lights. His diner has a dozen fireproof plastic tables with plastic chairs; The Sin Huat Dining Room looks just like the rest of the eateries in the area.

However, the fish cuisine of this dining room is very special: uncut red snapper with a delicious garlic aroma, small scallops among fermented hyacinth beans and fried shrimp in a kettle served with black pepper. The most popular dish is Crab Bi Hoon, a giant crab with lots of meat, served on a pad of rice noodles with chives, ginger and chilli. To eat it, you need to try.
And the survivors will happily sit at a table that looks like a battlefield. Such a dish costs between 30 and 50 euros for two – quite expensive for an eatery on the street. Nonetheless, Chef Denny’s “Crab” is the best in town, where crabs go crazy and Epicureans line up in front of his restaurants.

Singapore is considered a land of plenty, whether you sit down for a snack on a sidewalk table or book a table at a gourmet restaurant. True, the number of the latter has increased significantly.
In the two new gambling and entertainment resorts Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa, a total of almost 90 food outlets have been opened, including establishments with the names of such world-famous chefs as Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Santi Santamaria, Wolfgang Puck and Justin Kueck.

Basically, you can spend a few days in one of the impressive five-star hotels, try different culinary delights and play baccarat there. However, this would be very unwise, as there are many exotic experiences in the city.

All you have to do is go to Tekka Market in Little India and you get a good impression of the culinary experience of the subcontinent. There are fresh mangoes, Indian spices and crabs from Sri Lanka, as well as stalls selling spicy curries with fresh roti on banana leaves.
The covered market was renovated a few years ago and now has air conditioning. The level of hygiene is now quite high, as elsewhere in Singapore. You can go shopping nearby – even at two in the morning. The multi-storey Mustafa Center is open around the clock: in addition to a huge amount of Asian food, here you can find cameras, pots and suitcases.

Singapore is home to the Chinese, Indians and Malays, and each of these nations prepares their own meals, but young, ambitious chefs are able to combine traditional dishes with modern technologies and cooking methods.Benjamin Seck is one of the stars of the new generation. He cooks in a beautiful, old shop house and modernizes the Peranakan recipes given to him by his mother and grandmother, which use special, carefully ground spices.
Peranakans are a Singaporean community with a rich tradition. These people came here almost 200 years ago from Malaysia – they are the descendants of Chinese migrant workers who married local women in the 15th century. For example, True Blue are deep-fried strips of eggplant served with fresh capsicum paste and sweet soy sauce.Or the classic Ayam Buah Keluak – fried chicken pieces with lemongrass, galangal and turmeric in a creamy black nut sauce.

Willin Lo also claims that his recipes are based on the Hokkien cuisine of his ancestors. The menu of the Wild Rocket restaurant includes, among other dishes, laksa noodles with sauce and king prawns. This dish looks like Italian pasta with pesto, but it tastes completely different. The base of the soup is lax leaves, which with its aroma reminds of mint, pepper and coriander.Also worth a try are the crispy fried tofu cubes (a treat served on a cream of 100-year-old duck egg yolk) and leg of veal (cooked like an Indonesian rendang).

And nearby there is a place where you can have a drink before bed on a warm evening – the cozy Wild Oats bar, which belongs to the restaurant. Tables and chairs there sit between plants and works of art in the courtyard of a beautiful villa of colonial architecture. The “Singapore sling” served at this bar is considered one of the best cocktails in town.

Text: Patricia Engelhorn


is a luxury hotel in a former post office. It offers a pool and views of the Singapore River, 1 Fullerton Square, tel. + 65-67 33 83 88,
The Club Hotel is a luxury fashion hotel in a beautiful colonial building in the heart of Chinatown, 28 Ann Siang Road, tel. + 65-68 08 21 88,
Wanderlust Cooles Design, witzige Zimmer, schöne Lage in Little India, 2 Dickson Road, Singapur 209494, Tel. + 65-63 96 33 22,

Sin Huat Eating House
, 659/661 Geylang Rd., Lorong 35, tel. + 65-67 44 97 55
True Blue , 47/49 Armenian Street, tel. + 65 – 64 40 04 49,
Wild Rocket , 10 A Upper Wilkie Road, tel. + 65-63 39 94 48,

Wild Oats
, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, tel.+ 65 – 63 36 54 13

Tekka Market
, Serangoon Road / Bukit Timah Road
Mustafa Center , 145 Syed Alwi Road, tel. + 65-62 95 58 55,

Ode to rubber boots – TV Channel “My Planet”

Dedicated to all former and future travelers to the mountain taiga regions of Altai.

Go on a mountain hike to Altai, to Belukha, and drag rubber boots, what kind of nonsense? Am I going to the swamps or going fishing? I will take with me mountain boots, waterproof and comfortable.And some light sneakers for dry weather. And, well, also trekking sandals, of course. And that’s it.

This is it! It is in this very place that the beginning of my ode begins. If it was possible to penetrate for just a moment into the thoughts of everyone packing their miracle sandals and sneakers into a backpack, preparing for a hiking or horse route to the Altai wonderful mountains … Then the only thing that I would put into the bright head of a traveler would be an unpretentious phrase – rubber boots.

Especially for those who are going to visit the “Belukha Natural Park” or the region of the Multinsky Lakes or any other high-mountainous region of Altai.No, for God’s sake, I do not argue, high-quality mountain boots, tested and trampled under their feet, will be very, very useful. Somewhere in the highlands, on large rocks and rocky ledges. Especially if you go on an ascent or to a categorical pass, where you need ropes, crampons and other ice axes. But no less (if alas, no more) rubber boots will come in handy. They are necessary for passing through the forest part of the route, and this part, for many, is the largest of the whole long journey.

For example, a very popular trail along the course of the Ak-Kem River, leading to the foot of the summit of all Siberia.This trail is so damp in summer that travelers drowning in it knee-deep in sneakers and shorts are even more common than black-tailed squirrels on cedar branches.
And other taiga trails of the Katunsky ridge, of which there are many, in warm dry weather, quite passable in light shoes, after rain are made like a deliberately thought out obstacle course. Roots, deep puddles, ruts trampled by loaded horses and travelers. All this turns even a relatively simple trail into a dangerous attraction with the effect of constant sliding and the risk of injury from a fall.

How many times at such moments I had to hear the agonizing sighs of travelers walking towards me when I looked at my … yes, yes, those same rubber boots, to which this ode is dedicated.

It should be noted here that when I say “rubber” I mean not only heavy and rather bulky boots, which, however, gives them stability, although they make the weight of the backpack heavier in dry weather. You can consider the option of polyurethane, but it is boots, not galoshes, not floral ankle boots or crocs-type slippers.However, high bogs are also not needed. Although who knows, who knows …

The fact is that the mountain paths of the Katunsky ridge, especially those that are most frequently visited in the short summer season, after rains turn into a mixture of water, manure, earth, stones and roots. And the less-traveled trails are no better in wet weather. Although they are not broken by the horses and wheels of the ubiquitous shishig, as popular routes, they can be overgrown with tall grass, from which streams of life-giving icy moisture will additionally spill onto the pedestrian.

Polyurethane boots have a huge plus – their light weight. The downside is that the outsole can slip treacherously, unlike the classic rubber ones. The matter is in the grooved surface of the sole and heel. It is a good heel on rubber boots that gives stability to both hiking and equestrian hikers. Unlike on foot, the equestrian, although he looks from the height of his saddle at the ordeals of pedestrians, but he also needs the stability of his legs in the stirrup. And it is precisely the protruding heel of thick rubber boots that gives it.

And I assure you that all of the above has not yet exhausted odic delight with all its lyrical disorder.So I will continue, the boots should have simple soft felt insoles, which should be taken with a margin of at least two pairs. The insoles are usually dried by the fire in the evening, and there they often burn or can become so damp that they will need to be urgently replaced with dry ones on the way. That is, not only socks, but also insoles are needed in stock. Fortunately, they are almost weightless. If the question arises: why is this? Then I will answer: It is necessary! Even though in three times waterproof shoes the leg still shrinks, besides, water gets into the boots from above, mixed with dirt. In short, that’s all.

I can assume that one of the readers of this ode will say: – Why do I need your boots when I have super boots, mega impregnations and all that! And here I will endure a long, odic pause and will not answer anything at all. Who has the ideal boots tested in all rains and off-road conditions, forget all of the above, like a bad dream. But, as his own and various other long experience of Altai mountain hikes shows, even the most outstanding mountain boots can die the death of the brave somewhere in the Ak-Kemsky “cauldron” after a week of rains at the end of July.

And then you will only have to look at the happy owners of rubber (polyurethane) boots, who knead tons of clay, earth and water with their waterproof coarse sides and soles and triumphantly slap into the distance, rhythmically tapping with tracking sticks on smooth stones. By the way, good sticks are also very useful for such a trip. Including when sliding over bumps, deep puddles and loose snow.

For those who are just planning an independent or organized trip to Gorny Altai, and especially for those who decided to visit the Katunsky ridge with its incomparable lakes and peaks, I recommend that you definitely take with you banal rubber (or polyurethane) boots. Expect rain, cold, and dampness in the summer. And even if the weather is kind to you, do not curse fate that you have listened to the advice of some fan of rubber boots, but in the last meters before the blessings of civilization, present your boots to someone who just climbs the mountains in light sneakers. Believe me, these happy-go-lucky people will later appreciate your grand gesture.

Continuing my song of praise to such an unassuming pair of shoes, which is ready to come to the rescue of both the coolest hiker and the schoolchild who is taking the first steps in this field, I cannot ignore some miracles – innovations.Knee-length waterproof socks (eg Dexshell) and Neos waterproof overshoes. Experienced travelers recommend replacing outdated rubber boots with Neos shoe covers, of which there are many options. They are said to be much more comfortable than regular boots and much more functional. You could even say they are perfect. Their disadvantage is the high cost.

And yes, since the odic genre allows philosophical digressions and creative chaos, I will allow it myself. So, short shorts, sandals and everything that is conceived for significant bare feet in sunny weather, it is better to save for travel elsewhere.The climatic conditions of our, though southern, but still Siberia and, most importantly, that very mountainous taiga area, where all the main hiking and horse routes pass, does not at all dispose to carelessness. On the contrary, here the pay for carelessness is sometimes too high.

An old friend of mine, a noble hiker and a seasoned equestrian guide, once made a list of things necessary for a hike. I must say right away that the list was written before the era of the availability of expensive thermal underwear with various protective membranes.The list looks rather harsh, even radical in moments, nevertheless it does not lose its relevance.

Please take a look:

1. Running clothes:
a. light long durable pants and a windbreaker (wind jacket) (natural fabrics: thin cotton or linen, quickly drying, no lining). Denim clothes are not good.
b. T-shirt with sleeves or a shirt (thin, natural), tops and T-shirts with shoulder straps do not take! Cotton panties, comfortable, not chafing.
c. Panama with brim or bandana with a visor (to cover the ears and nose).Baseball caps, caps, etc. you should not take it, they will burn your ears.
d. Two pairs of socks are soft, natural (cotton), one pair is worn on top of the other.
e. Boots, rubber or polyurethane, a size or two larger, comfortable, proven – so as not to rub your feet, up to the middle of the lower leg or higher, + a pair of felt insoles without a cardboard base, thick is better. And spare insoles.
f. Work gloves.
2. Raincoat – rubberized fabric with glued seams, long and wide (you can like a poncho).
3. Clothes for evening and sleep:
a. Warm trousers, woolen or cotton knitwear with fleece or fleece.
b. A pure wool sweater (or fleece sweatshirt) is better long.
c. The second sweater is thin or sleeveless (also wool) and the second pants or tights (with cut off “fingers”) or pants or thermal underwear. Cotton sweatpants are also possible.
d. Self-knitted thick wool socks. Two pairs.
e. A thin wool or fleece cap.
DO NOT TAKE: thick, heavy, long-drying clothes, and ineffective synthetics! Things insulated on down or padding polyester during a hike are easy to ruin, difficult to dry, the expediency of their use is questionable.Needed only in the highlands or in spring and autumn.
4. Spare clothing:
a. One or two T-shirts, shirts, underpants (girls – 4, boys – 2) (see: 1.b), swimwear, thin towel.
b. Socks 4-6 pairs,
c. Thin light spare pants.
d. Sneakers or sneakers (thin fabrics that dry quickly are better). Not suitable: flip flops, slates, heavy boots, thick sneakers, trekking shoes.
5. Personal equipment.
a. Backpack (with a waistband and wide shoulder straps) (children 6-8 years old can have a good school backpack).No need for a horse trek, take 1-3 small backpacks per group for radials.
b. A sleeping bag (holofiber, synthetic winterizer is worse) weighing at least 1. 7 and not more than 2.5 kg in a compression bag or at least in a cover.
c. Mug, Spoon, Bowl, (best of all made of light tin.) PLASTIC UNWANTED! Knife (optional). Soap, toothbrush, paste.
d. The lantern is small. Better headlamp on LEDs.
e. The foam is simple in full growth. (not covered with foil, cloth and other nonsense)
f.Optionally, a notebook, pencil, compass (preferably liquid), map.
g. Strong polyethylene bags 60-120l. In one package – a sleeping bag in a cover, in the 2nd package – spare clothes, in the 3rd – warm clothes, and a couple of spare.
1. Original passport. Children – original birth certificate.
2. Medical insurance policy (+ additional insurance) if any.

Finally, I would like to add. It is highly desirable that you have insurance against tick-borne encephalitis with you.The region obliges to be vigilant even not in the midst of tick-borne lawlessness (April-May-June). There is also such a thing as vaccination, but this is a matter of personal choice. Vaccination or its absence is a separate conversation, but insurance is another matter, it will not hurt, even if fortunately it is not useful.

And finally, since the odic genre allows. Relying on some practicality, which came after many mistakes made, including the wrong choice of things in mountain trips, I make the last loud statement: a well-designed equipment does not have to be expensive at all.

The main thing is a thoughtful purpose of each item, taking into account the peculiarities of a particular area. And if you know about these features only by hearsay, then some advice may be invaluable. And a vivid example of this … ta-ta-ta-there … rubber boots.

Spring Trekking Boots: Looking for the Best

When choosing footwear for a hike, you need to be guided by the weather conditions, terrain, the level of difficulty of the route and the duration of the event.

When choosing footwear for a hike, you need to be guided by the weather conditions, terrain, the level of difficulty of the route and the duration of the event. Agree, there is a huge difference between a weekend camping trip and a week-long backpacking hiking in rough terrain. In the first case, the main task of shoes is to provide a comfortable rest, in the second – to help survive in extreme conditions.

In this article, we talk about the most comfortable footwear for amateur outings in nature for the sake of rest and fishing in the spring. About rubber boots.

Remember activity level and temperature

Several variants of waterproof boots are suitable for demi-season and spring:

  • PVC boots insulated with fleece, or EVA boots without insulation – if you plan to have an active holiday at temperatures above 5 ° C;
  • EVA boots with fleece insulation – if you contemplate more than move, or at temperatures close to zero.

When choosing children’s demi-season boots, it is important to take into account the child’s activity:

  • high activity (running, outdoor games) – be guided by the temperature indicated in the characteristics of the boots;
  • Medium activity (vigorous walking) – Add 5 ° C to the indicated temperature;
  • Low Activity (Wheelchair Riding) – Add 10-15 ° C to indicated temperature.

No need to look for the right fit: examples of the perfect boots for the whole family you can buy now

  • For men: Nordman Light (-15 to + 5 ° C) – classic EVA boots with foil insulation.
  • For women: Nordman Kleo (-15 to + 7 ° C) – EVA ankle boots insulated with fleece.
  • For kids: Nordman Flash (-15 to + 5 ° C) – ergonomic model with non-slip sole.
  • For men: Nordman Beat (+10 ° C to + 17 ° C) – stylish PVC boots.
  • For women: Nordman Alida (from +5 to + 15 ° C) – cropped PVC ankle boots with fleece insulation in eight bright colors.
  • For children: Nordman Rain (from +5 to + 15 ° C) – bright PVC boots with fleece liner.

Get lighter models

An imperceptible difference of 300-400 grams when trying on will become noticeable when you walk in boots for several hours. For long-term wear, we recommend choosing boots made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). They are the lightest and softest – they do not weigh down the legs and do not chafe. In addition, EVA has a low thermal conductivity, so boots made of this material can be worn without insulation at temperatures above + 5 ° C.

How much should light boots weigh?

A pair of Nordman Silla women’s demi-season boots weighs only 620 grams including insulation.pair of men’s Nordman Light boots – 700 grams. Children’s models – 300-400 grams. Boots with this weight do not weigh down the legs. Their heaviness is not felt even with long intense walking.

Give preference to removable insulation

Rubber boots do not breathe, so sweat and condensation accumulate inside the boot. After 4-5 hours of continuous wearing, the feet become wet, because the insulation stops absorbing excess moisture.

Removable insulation can be removed, replaced with a dry one and continued to wear boots.Models with built-in insulation will have to be dried – this is a few hours of waiting or the need to take shoes with you for replacement.

Another plus of removable insulation is the ability to wear boots without it in warm weather.

There is nothing to say about the correct choice of size, but …

We recommend paying attention not only to the length of the insole, but also to the height of the bootleg. For people with small stature, it is better to choose shortened models so that the top does not rub under the knee.

Following the listed rules, you will be able to choose the appropriate boots that will best suit the conditions of your hike. Enjoy the spring with dry feet!


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