Royalmail .com redelivery: I need help with a Redelivery that didn’t work

I need help with a Redelivery that didn’t work

I received a Redelivery confirmation email, but my item wasn’t delivered

Please check the following details in your confirmation email are correct. They should also match those shown on your Something for you card:

  • Date on the card
  • Name on the item
  • Address on the item
  • Item reference number (if applicable)

Unfortunately, if some of these details were incorrect we might not have been able to process your request.
Please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

I only received one item, but my card says there were two or more

Please check the full number of items was entered on the form when you booked your Redelivery. The number entered will be in your confirmation email.
If the full number wasn’t entered, some items may not have been marked for Redelivery.

You can get your other items by booking another Redelivery.
If you need to receive them sooner, you can collect them from your local Customer Service Point. You’ll find the details on the Something for you card.

I didn’t get a confirmation email and I haven’t received my item

It looks like your request was not submitted. Unfortunately, that means your local Delivery Office didn’t receive your request.
Please use our online form to arrange another Redelivery.

I arranged a Redelivery, but missed the item again

You can rearrange another Redelivery online. Please remember we need two working days before attempting another delivery.
You can also arrange to have your item redelivered to a local Post Office® branch. You can do this on the Redelivery form. Please note: there is a small charge for this service.
Remember: we can only hold items for 18 days from the first attempted delivery. After this time the item will be returned to sender.

None of the above applies and I still haven’t received my item

Please contact us via the link at the bottom of this article.
Please give us as much information as possible, including any extra details on the Something for you card. – Royal Mail Redelivery Service

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It is so annoying when Royal Mail tries to deliver a parcel to you but you are not at home or office so that you have to go to your local delivery office to collect it. But now the problem has been solved by Royal Mail redelivery service. All you need is to arrange a redelivery online and it only takes you a few minutes.

Royal Mail Redelivery Service Instructions
When Royal Mail can not delivery an item to you because nobody was there to sign for it or, it was too big for your lettlebox, Royal Mail will leave a “Something for you card” to explain why it was unable to delivery and tell you how to redelivery or collection. Besides going to the local delivery office to collect, you can also arrange a redelivery to your own address, or your local Post Office branch or another address in your postcode area. To book a redelivery online,

  1. Click on the “Book a Redelivery” button on the homepage.
  2. Fill in your redelivery details including your personal information such as your full name, email address, phone number, address information. If “Something for you card” says there is more than one item for you, please submit a separate redelivey request for each item.
  3. Please enter your item redelivery details such as the date on the card, the type of your item, the reason to nondelivery and item reference number. You need to use the information on the “Something for you card” to fill in the required field.
  4. Choose when do you like Royal Mail to redelivery and where would you like it to redelivery.
  5. Review all the information you have entered. If you want to change it, please click on the “Change address details/items details/address/date” link to revise. After checking all the information, please click on “Confirm” button to finish the redelivery process.

Before you are going to submit a redelivery service online, there’s something you should know: you need to leave 48 hours before Royal Mail can redeliver an item to you. This will allow time for the item to get back to the delivery office and be assigned for the redelivery. Royal Mail can only deliver to a different address within the same postcode area. A postcode area is determined by your local Delivery Office and is the area that they deliver to. Royal Mail cannot redeliver to an address outside of this area.

If you have any questions, please enter your keywords to the search box on the right side to get help or refer to FAQs to find answers.

Booking a redelivery online at avoids lots of trouble. Get this service if you need.

About Royal Mail
Royal Mail is the government-owned postal service in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Royal Mail Holdings owns Royal Mail Group Limited, which in turn operates the brands Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide. Post Office Ltd. (counters) and General Logistics Systems, an international logistics company, are wholly owned subsidiaries.

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  1. Royal Mail Redelivery Service FAQs –
  2. Royal Mail Homepage –
  3. Royal Mail on Facebook –
  4. Royal Mail on Twitter –

Police warn public of new ‘Royal Mail’ redelivery email scam

Royal Mail

Members of the public are asked to “be vigilant” in the wake of a new Royal Mail email ‘redelivery’ scam which is currently circulating nationwide.

The email – which is reported to come from various ‘RoyalMail Delivery’ addresses – informs recipients that they have have missed a package delivery from HMRC Revenue & Customs and then provides a link to click on and reschedule the delivery.

A resident who reported the scam email stated they were asked to pay a fee of £1.99 in order to redeliver the item, and were then encouraged to enter bank details online to complete the transaction.

The style of the email and the low fee made the resident believe it could be a legitimate charge.

Royal Mail confirmed it has been made aware of the scam in action and has warned recipients not to click on any links or enter any details.

The postal service said the emails “look like they’re sent by Royal Mail, but are in fact fraud or phishing scams”, and urge those in receipt not to click on any of the links in these emails and “be vigilant” if you receive a communication which you aren’t sure about.

Anyone in receipt of an email of this nature is encouraged to report it to Royal Mail.

Royal Mail

When it comes to scam emails, Royal Mail states that fraudsters often use subjects or greetings that are impersonal and general, like “Attention Royal Mail Customer”, they may use a forged email address in the “from” field like “[email protected]”, and they may even use the Royal Mail logo, but none of this guarantees the email has come from the postal service.

The sender, subject and content may change slightly, but often the emails:

  • State there’s a parcel waiting to be collected.
  • Ask for payment before an item can be released for delivery.
  • Prompts you to open a link or document.
  • Asks you to send a text message or call a phone premium rate phone number.

Royal Mail has also taken to Twitter over recent days to reply to members of the public who contacted it regarding the scam – accompanied by screen shots of the email received – to confirm that the emails are fraudulent and have not been sent by the postal service.

A number of local neighbourhood groups and police forces have also issued formal alerts of the scam.

They have warned members of the public that: “This is a classic example of how easily the scammers can take us off-guard and persuade us to provide personal information that can have dramatic consequences.”

You can find more information about reporting scam emails to the Royal Mail here.

Royal Mail scam text: how to spot fake redelivery and dispatch fee messages – and what to do if you receive one

Scams seem to be on the rise with a dodgy text, call or email almost part of daily life.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of fraudulent messages received since the Covid pandemic hit in March 2020, with calls for more to be done to stop scammers.

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The Royal Mail encourages people who have spotted a scam text or email to send the details to [email protected] or to forward scam texts to 7726 to report directly to Ofcom. (Pic: Shutterstock)

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How to spot the latest text, email and phone scams – and protect yourself from f…

The Royal Mail has responded to efforts from scammers to defraud its customers.

What is the Royal Mail scam text?

The message is followed by another text with a link for payment, which is then used to get bank details from unsuspecting victims wanting to receive the package.

An example of a Royal Mail scam text reads: “Royal Mail: Your package has been held and will not be delivered due to a £1.99 unpaid shipping fee.”

Royal Mail has said that customers should not click on the link or enter any details in this scenario, as their personal details could be stolen.

While the reason for asking for payment has varied, with other Royal Mail scams saying that an unsuccessful delivery has been attempted or an item is waiting to be shipped.

How to spot a Royal Mail scam text

It is becoming increasingly harder to spot a fake scam, with scammers adopting “incredibly sophisticated tactics”, including “highly convincing” texts.

Some of the emails alleging to be from the Royal Mail – but are not – come from addresses that at first glance look official and highly believable to be true.

Addresses include ‘RoyalMail Delivery’ and [email protected] – neither of which are legitimate sources and the Royal Mail asks customers not to click on these links or enter details.

What should I do if I receive a Royal Mail scam text?

There are steps you can take to protect yourself and others from scam texts.

The Royal Mail encourages people who have spotted a scam text or email to send the details to [email protected] or to forward scam texts to 7726 to report directly to Ofcom.

It’s also worth contacting the police and reporting the scam to Action Fraud, who will investigate.

“Frankly, it’s outrageous that more isn’t being done to hunt them down and prosecute them, or at least block them from using texts and telephone systems to contact us.”

While chief executive of cyber security firm Egress, Tony Pepper, said there has been an “inevitable surge in phishing activity” over the last year as the “world relies on digital communication channels”.

Mr Pepper said that cyber criminals are sending out “highly convincing emails posing as trusted organisations” in an interview with the Daily Express.

“Unfortunately, these recent emails claiming to be from the Royal Mail are part of the latest scheme aimed at tricking people into parting with their money – and in many cases are using incredibly sophisticated tactics to do so,” he added.

“We would urge anyone who has received one of these emails to practice extreme caution when it comes to sharing your personal data.

“Royal Mail will only ever request payment for a fee due on a parcel by leaving a grey card at your address, and will only contact you via text or email if you’ve specifically requested it.

“If in doubt, contact Royal Mail directly to ensure that any communications you’ve received are legitimate.”

Royal Mail scams: Beware the latest of 17 fake messages

Beware the latest Royal Mail con doing the rounds: Fake text tells consumers they owe £2.99 as it warns of 17 separate scam messages

  • Fake emails and texts impersonating parcel companies have been widespread
  • One Twitter user reported the latest example which seeks to harvest details 
  • The request for a £2.99 fee comes at a time when consumers are being hit by extra delivery fees on EU imports so could prove confusing 

By George Nixon For

Published: | Updated:

A new variant of a Royal Mail scam is currently doing the rounds with Britons on the receiving end of fake text messages told they need to settle a fee and provide their personal details.

One recipient,  posted the phishing message on social media platform Twitter on Thursday, which stated: ‘Your parcel is waiting for delivery, Please confirm the settlement of 2.99 (GBP) on the following link’.

The link, which recipients have been advised by Britain’s postal service not to click on, leads to a web page which references a package number and asks for a full name and a date of birth.

The latest scam claiming to come from Royal Mail tells recipients they owe £2.99

The website, which another Twitter user, Mark Fraser, found was registered in Panama, is likely an attempt to gain access to users’ personal and contact details. 

These can be used for the purposes of identity theft or in other attempts to scam victims out of money.

The recipient of the text, which claimed to come from ‘Royal Mail’, said the fake Royal Mail website ‘looks good’, but a comma instead of a full stop in the middle of the sentence in the text was one giveaway, as was the fact that a generic URL, ‘royalmail . help’, took her to a specific package number.

In response, the parcel service’s official Twitter account confirmed the text ‘isn’t something that’s been sent by us.’

The message is just the latest example of phishing scams impersonating courier and parcel firms, with Royal Mail’s own website alone listing 17 examples of fake emails and text messages, a large proportion of which ask users to pay for rescheduled deliveries.

This is Money has previously reported on how Britons have been targeted by such scam messages, particularly over the Christmas period when more people were expecting deliveries. 

A similar scam claiming to come from the parcel firm DPD cost 35 victims £103,000 in the first week of December.

One of our readers, Mark, told us how a fake message had appeared in a thread of legitimate texts from Royal Mail at a time when he was expecting a parcel at the end of November.

The fake website, registered in Panama, asks users to input their name and date of birth, details which will likely be harvested by fraudsters

The message asked him to reschedule his delivery by clicking on a link, but scammers had swapped out the ‘l’ in Royal Mail for an ‘i’. This only became apparent when he changed the font colour.

The fake texts and messages could also prove confusing at a time when Britons are being hit by legitimate surprise charges on deliveries after Brexit, due to having to pay VAT and import duty. 

Scammers have also recently attempted to take advantage of the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

The UK’s fraud reporting service Action Fraud said on Wednesday it had been contacted more than 1,000 times in 24 hours about a fake email which claimed to come from the NHS and asked for recipient’s bank details, as well as offering a link to ‘accept or decline an invitation to receive the coronavirus vaccine’.

‘Not only are the people being targeted with this email at risk of losing money, or having their identity stolen, but they are also at risk of not receiving the real vaccine’, Action Fraud’s Pauline Smith said.

Royal Mail warned recipients against clicking on any links in any messages thought to be suspicious and said they should ‘check at the top’ to see the real email address. While many emails will claim to be from Royal Mail, often the real email address underneath the display name is fake.

It lists some examples of the most common scams it is currently aware of on its website and invites those who receive suspicious emails or discover fraudulent websites to use its online form to report it.

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Local MP Delivers Christmas Thank You To Royal Mail Staff

At this busy time of year, local MP, David Rutley, visited Macclesfield Delivery Office, to thank Royal Mail staff there for all their hard work and dedication throughout the festive season.

Delivery Office Manager, Mark Bethell, showed David around the Macclesfield site, giving him first-hand insight into its fast-paced operations at this time of the year. David saw for himself how staff are pulling out all the stops to ensure that local residents receive their Christmas post before 25th December, whatever the weather, and thanked staff for their efforts on behalf of local residents and businesses.

The Christmas season is the busiest period for the Royal Mail and its staff, as millions of people shop online for gifts, as well as sending Christmas cards and parcels. David learned that Royal Mail continues to play a key role in e-commerce for many businesses sending goods to customers throughout the Festive shopping season. David was also interested to hear that local residents can arrange free re-delivery on a day that is convenient to them. Alternatively, Royal Mail can deliver the item to a different address, within the same postcode area, or with a neighbour who has been nominated by the recipient, by filling in a form at their delivery office. There is more information at

Local residents should be aware that the last recommended posting dates for Christmas are Tuesday 18th December for second class, Thursday 20th December for first class, and Saturday 22nd December for special delivery. They can also ensure that all their letters and parcels are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, by doing simple things, such as: posting early to avoid disappointment; making sure that cards and parcels are clearly addressed, with the postcode visible; using special delivery for valuable or important items; and wrapping parcels well and always giving a return address. There is more information on or by calling 03457 740 740.

Mark Bethell said: “Our postmen and women will be working extremely hard to deliver Christmas parcels, cards, letters and parcels to people in Macclesfield. We are grateful that David visited the office to see our operation and to support the team. We’d like to remind our customers to post early this Christmas and to ensure all their mail is posted by the recommended dates, so that friends and family can enjoy their Christmas greetings and parcels. If everyone uses the postcode on every item of mail, this also helps us greatly in the job that we do at this very busy time.”

Speaking after his visit, David said, “At no other time of the year is the hard work and commitment of the team at Macclesfield Delivery Office so clearly demonstrated. The team are really shifting up a gear to make sure that we all receive our Christmas post and deliveries before the big day, and I know that local residents are very grateful for the dedication our Macclesfield postal staff show, at Christmas but also throughout the year.”

Newcastle MP thanks local posties as they deliver for Christmas

Newcastle North MP, Catherine McKinnell, has today paid an early-morning visit to Royal Mail’s Gosforth Delivery Office to see at firsthand the huge operation involved in delivering the Christmas post, and to pass on her thanks to dedicated, hardworking staff.

Catherine was shown around by Delivery Office Manager, Joanne Stone, and met with local postmen and women who are pulling out all the stops to sort and deliver mail across Newcastle in this hectic Christmas period.

The festive season is Royal Mail’s busiest time of the year, as millions of people shop online for gifts as well as sending Christmas cards and parcels. Royal Mail also plays a key role in e-commerce for many businesses sending goods to customers throughout the Christmas shopping season.

Catherine’s visit to the Gosforth Delivery Office today came after National Postworkers Day was celebrated earlier this week (10th December).

Catherine said:

‘I was really pleased to have this opportunity to pass on my thanks to local postmen and women for their enormous dedication and hard work in helping to ensure people receive their Christmas parcels, letters and cards on time.

‘Our posties do such an important job, in all weathers, throughout the year – but their commitment to delivering such an enormous volume of mail over a relatively short period is really impressive, and helps to make Christmas special for so many people.’

Joanne Stone, Royal Mail Delivery Office Manager, said:

‘Our postmen and women are working extremely hard to deliver Christmas parcels, cards, letters and parcels to people in Newcastle. We are grateful that Catherine visited the office today to see our operation and to support the team.

‘We’d like to remind our customers to ensure all their mail is posted by the recommended dates, so that friends and family can enjoy their Christmas greetings and parcels. If everyone uses the postcode on every item of mail, this also helps us greatly in the job that we do at this very busy time.’

Customers do not need to travel to a Royal Mail Delivery office to pick up parcels if they can’t or do not want to. They can arrange a redelivery free of charge on a day that is convenient for them (including Saturdays), or Royal Mail can deliver the item to a different address within the same postcode area. This service can be arranged by calling the number on the “Something for You” card Royal Mail leaves, or by visiting

Royal Mail can also now leave many mail items with a neighbour if customers are not at home when delivery is attempted. Customers can nominate a dedicated neighbour to take in their parcels by filling in a form at their delivery office.

The last recommended posting dates for Christmas are:

Second Class:             Tuesday 18th December 2018

First Class:                   Thursday 20th December 2018

Special Delivery:         Saturday 22nd December 2018



Royal Mail 2nd class (3-5 working days) – 320,00 ₽ / Free for orders over 4,265,00 ₽

Royal Mail 1st class (1-2 working days) – 406,00 ₽

DPD Express next business day – 747,00 ₽

Royal Mail Special, including Saturday, guaranteed until 13:00 – RUB 1,259.00


Some orders up to 2 kg can be shipped via Royal M. All this will be calculated at check out.

Large Orders (DPD)

Most orders over 2 kg can be sent via DPD courier service. (Prices below)

Zone 1 (1 280,00 ₽) FR, BE, DE, LU, NL, IE – 2-3 days
Zone 2 (1 621,00 ₽) AT, DK – 3-4 days
Zone 3 (RUB1,962.00) IT, SK, ES, CZ, – 3-4 days
Zone 4 (RUB2.303.00) GR, HR, EE, FI, HU, PL, PT, SI, SE – 4-5 days
Zone 5 (3 327,00 ₽) YES, NO – 3-5 days

All BFPO orders are sent by Royal Mail.Sometimes a small additional charge is required, in which case we will contact you before processing your order.

If we need to place a special order or if the item is out of stock, it may take a little longer for delivery. If the ordered product is out of stock, we will contact you to wait, choose an alternative or cancel the order.

Most shipments will require a signature so please make sure someone is available to sign your order.If there is no one at the delivery address, the package will be delivered back to the local Royal Mail / Interlink distribution center and the calling card will remain. The card will tell you where your package is and provide a contact number that you can call to arrange re-delivery or receipt of the package.

PLEASE NOTE: If the order is returned to us by the courier as undelivered due to the customer’s refusal to accept delivery or because the customer does not respond to the cards left by the courier with a request to contact us to arrange a re-delivery, then the costs charged with us by courier, will be the responsibility of the customer.There is currently a charge of RUR 470.00 for any order returned as undeliverable. Additional postage for re-shipment of such orders shall also be borne by the buyer.


All prices include VAT 20%. If you are located in a country / state that is eligible for zero VAT, the price will be quoted excluding VAT. VAT registration no. 879890832.

If you have any questions regarding our shipping policy, please email us at info @

* Not guaranteed


Accurate addresses not only help reduce costs by eliminating re-shipping and additional handling; Accuracy also reduces the carbon footprint of mail delivery and gets mail wherever


Accurate Addresses not only help reduce costs by eliminating re-shipping and additional processing; Accuracy also reduces the carbon footprint of mail delivery and gets mail where it needs to go faster.This helps you learn the correct two-letter province and territory abbreviations when sending mail in Canada.

Accepted Postal Abbreviations

The two-letter abbreviations for Canadian provinces and territories that are recognized by Canada Post for mailing in Canada are based on the spelling of the English names, although these two letters also appear in French spellings. The Northwest Territories, for example, use the initials NT, which are the first letters of every word in English but are the first and last letters of French Nord-Ouest.

The country is divided into administrative divisions known as provinces and territories. These 10 provinces are Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan. The three territories are the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.

State / Territory Abbreviated Name
Albert AB
British Columbia BC
Manitoba megabytes
New Brunswick
NB Newfoundland and Labrador NL
Northwest Territories NT ​​
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NU
Ontario AT
Prince Island PE
Quebec QC
Saskatchewan SK
Yukon YT

Canada Post has specific zip code rules.Postal codes are alphanumeric numbers similar to postal codes in the United States. They are used for sending, sorting and delivering mail in Canada and are useful for obtaining other information about your area.

As in Canada, the United States Postal Service uses two-letter postal abbreviations for each state and territory in the United States. The Canadian and US Postal Services have agreed to avoid duplicating postal abbreviations to avoid confusion when sending mail between neighboring countries.

Postal format and stamps

Any letter sent within Canada has the recipient’s address in the center of its envelope with a stamp or mark in the upper right corner of the envelope. The return address, although not required, can be indicated in the upper left corner or on the back of the envelope.

The address must be in clear or legible type.

  • First line: recipient’s name
  • Second line: Civil address (street)
  • Last line: Municipality name, one space, two-letter province abbreviation, two spaces, followed by postal code.

Any additional information must appear between the second and last lines. Some village letters do not contain a civil or street address and require this additional information.

If you are sending mail within Canada, the country is optional. If you are sending mail to Canada from another country, follow the instructions above, but add the word “Canada” on a separate line at the very bottom.

First-class mail to Canada from the United States is charged at international rates and therefore costs more than a letter mailed in the United States.Check with your local post office to make sure you have the correct postage (varies by weight).

More About Canada

The Canada Post Corporation, better known as Canada Post (or Postes Canada), is the crown corporation acting as the country’s primary postal operator. Originally known as Royal Mail Canada, founded in 1867, it was renamed Canada Post in the 1960s.

On October 16, 1981, the Canada Postal Corporation Act formally entered into force.This abolished the post office and created the modern crown corporation. The law was intended to set a new direction for the postal service by ensuring the financial security and independence of the postal service.

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You have 14 days from the date of receipt of the items to return them for any reason.

If an item is defective or the wrong item has been shipped to you, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt and we will arrange a refund on your behalf.

Items must be returned in resale condition.

We do not cover return shipping costs.

Any returned products that were correctly supplied by you in the first place and returned damaged or not in original packaging will be subject to a restocking fee or may be sent back to the customer.

Be sure to include your name, address and order number on any returned package.

Right to cancel

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

The cancellation period expires 14 days from the day you, or a third party other than the carrier designated by you, acquires physical possession of the last item.

To exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us (Pyramid Plastics, Unit 22 Corringham Road Industrial Estate, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1QB, United Kingdom, [email protected], telephone number: + 44 1427 677 990) about your decision to terminate this contract by making a clear statement (such as a letter sent by mail, fax or email).You can use the attached Model Cancellation Form, but this is not required. To meet the cancellation deadline, you just need to send a message about your exercise of your right to cancel before the cancellation period expires.

Effects of cancellation

If you cancel this contract, we will reimburse you for all payments received from you, including shipping costs (excluding additional costs incurred if you choose a type of delivery other than the least expensive standard type we offer. delivery).We may deduct a deduction from the refund for the loss of value of any goods delivered if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling of you. We will make refunds without undue delay and no later than –

(a) 14 days after we receive any delivered goods from you, or

(b) (if earlier) 14 days after you provide proof that you have returned the goods, or

(c) if the goods have not been delivered, 14 days after the day we were informed of your decision to terminate this contract.

We will make a refund using the same means of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless you expressly agreed otherwise; in any case, you will not be charged any fees as a result of the refund.

We may withhold the refund until we receive the item back or you provide a return shipping certificate, whichever comes first. You must send the goods back or hand them over to us without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the day you inform us of your withdrawal from this contract.The deadline is met if you ship the goods before the expiration of the 14-day deadline.

You will have to bear the direct costs of returning the goods.

You are only liable for any reduced value of the goods resulting from the processing, other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.


All Pyramid products are warranted for one year, subject to correct installation and normal wear and tear.We will replace defective products within the first 30 days and repair or replace at our option thereafter. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Out of stock and damaged goods

Shortage or damage must be reported within 48 hours of receiving the shipment and all damaged packaging, including the box, must be kept.

Painted Products

We strive for the perfect color match for each of our painted products with the help of our paint specialists, Dream Machine, who have painted our products for over 20 years.However, we must inform our customers that our many years of experience in this field have taught us that it is impossible to guarantee 100% color match. Lighting and individual perception of the painted surface and its color play an important role. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline a return request based on a color matching request.

Special Orders

If a special order is made at the customer’s request (i.e. not in stock) and then the customer cancels his order after the product has already been shipped / received by us, but before we invoice and ship im a product, we reserve the right to charge a 25% handling and storage fee.This is because we cannot return an item to the manufacturer after delivery unless there is a genuine defect in the product.

Legal Notice

We reserve the right to refuse to offer refunds or to offer only partial refunds if an unwanted or inappropriate product is returned to us with indications that it has already been installed or used.

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