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This is the email I tried to send to Rotring but was unable to find a way to contact them. So
I will post it here, as I’m sure it could be useful to others.

I was introduced to your pens in an online forum. The artwork this person had done was so precise, so perfect. I knew it was the pen!
I went to Amazon and purchased a .01 isograph technical pen and white ink.
I really enjoyed this pen, and now wanted more, to use with black ink. Even though I was now having issues with no ink coming from my .01. I used it the first night, left it alone one night and the next night it wouldn’t work!
I purchased the Rotring white ink and pen together-
Feb 28, 2021
(Amazon invoice info)

Then I ordered the special pen cleaner ( that was very expensive!thinking the white pen was clogged-

Mar 8, 2021
(Amazon invoice info)
I took the . 01 apart and put all parts in cleaning solution, cleaned them very carefully and dried them. Allowed it to air dry overnight and refilled with new ink. As of last night, this pen will not dispense any ink at all!

I have never paid more than $5 for a pen, so spending approx. $20-$23 a pen felt very extravagant for me, but I felt I deserved a special treat and if these pens are at all as awesome as the reviews state, it would be worth it. Reading more great things about these pens, I decided to try other sizes.
I then purchased the 3 pen college set, spending $67.84.
The night my pens arrived, I had to use them right away! I filled the Ink on the .20 and the .50 without any problem.
I did note the caps will not sit on either pen, which I found pretty frustrating, especially for a “higher quality” pen.
My main issue though, is the .50 has some sort of leaking issue. The ink comes out of the nib, without anything touching it. The ink seems to leak at the entire end of the pen. I did open it and examine that there was no issue with the barrel. I decided to allow the pen to rest overnight to see if it would improve. I very carefully cleaned all the ink off the end of the pen, placed the cap on it and left it standing upright, with the nib at the top. When I came home from work, once again, ink was all over the entire end of the pen. I cleaned it off and used it some, the ink seemed to very generously flow from the pen and didn’t stop, when I stopped using it.

I did not want to leave a negative review on Amazon without contacting you first. I also really like the pens, except for the cap not fitting on the top while using it and this awful leaking mess.

So I decided to write you and ask your approach to dealing with these issues.
Here is the info for the pen set-
The little paper in the set said to give you this control number if there were any issues. #control tag number

Mar 8, 2021
(Amazon invoice info)
To recap, The pens that have been defective are the . 01 and the .50.
I have not tried the .30 from
The set yet… but this is not a very good representation of your pens or company. I really expected a good quality pen for this amount of money. Hopefully. I just had some awful luck and somehow received bad/ defective pens.

rotring Isograph Technical Drawing Pen

The classic steel-nibbed technical drawing pen, familiar to several generations of draughtsmen. Although now largely superseded by those wretched computer thingies, these pens are still valued by those who think the pen is mightier than the mouse.

Full range of nib sizes in stock, and replacement nib units are also available. ISO sizes are: 0.13, 0.18, 0.25, 0.35, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0mm.

The isograph features a refillable ink reservoir, and a patented push-on sleeve gives easy access to the ink helix for cleaning, even when the ink reservoir is full. Line widths for drawing as per ISO 128 and DIN 15, and for lettering per ISO 3098/1 and DIN 6676.

Additional Information
Product Code: RT04273
Advance Mechanism: Capped
Ink Type: Liquid Ink
Refill Type: Refillable
Tip Material: Steel
Tip Shape: Needle
Tip Type: Stylograph

Orders placed before midday Monday to Friday will normally be sent out the same day.

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Rotring Isograph vs Rapidograph | Parka Blogs

The main difference between the Rotring Isograph and Rapidograph comes down to the refilling mechanism.

Body design of the two pens are quite similar. They are both plastic body pens with the exception of the metal clip and pen tip. Both are technical pens that create strokes with uniform width. Both are available with line widths from 0.1 to 1.0.

The green pen at the bottom is the Rapidograph. Rotring is not the only company that makes the Rapidograph pen, the other is Koh-I-Noor. I’m not sure if the Rapidographs from Koh-I-Noor are similar to Rotring’s though.

Performance of both Rapidograph and Isograph are the same. Ink flow is the same too.

The Isograph can be dismantled completely and easily. With the Rapidograph, I was not able to dismantle the air channel (the one fused to the tip) to remove the pin that’s inside. So cleaning the Rapidograph may take longer time.

If you have problem removing the Rapidograph air channel, you can screw it to the back of the pen’s body and pull it out gently. It’s likely to get stuck because of ink or dried ink. But be careful not screw it so tight that you can’t remove it later.

Rapidograph is meant to be used with disposable ink cartridges while the Isograph has a cartridge that can be easily refilled.

If you refill the Rapidograph’s ink cartridge by inserting the Rotring ink bottle’s funnel, the ink is going to block the opening. If the ink cartridge opening is blocked, no air can come out and no ink can go in.

Hence the better way to refill the Rapidograph is with a blunt needle and syringe. It’s more economical to refill with your own ink than having to buy disposable ink cartridges.

The Isograph ink cartridge has a larger opening and you can easily squeeze ink into it with the Rotring ink bottle.

Overall, the Isograph is easier to maintain and refill. If you’re looking for a refillable technical pen, I would recommend the Isograph over Rapidograph.

You can buy the pens individually or in sets. If you’re buying individually, I suggest getting a few line weights, the more popular ones being 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7. If you need more variety then 0.1 and 1.0. The thinner the line, the more maintenance is required. If the ink dries in the small pen tip, it is going to clog and be very difficult to unclog.

Regular maintenance should see these pens last for years. So while each pen is expensive, they are still economical in the long run, especially when compare them to disposable technical pens.


Rotring Isograph | | | | | | |

Rotring Rapidograph | | | | | | |

Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph | | | | | | |

Blunt needle and syringe | | | | | | |

Rotring ink | | | | | | |

Rotring Isograph Technical Drawing Pen | Cass Art

The Rotring Isograph Technical Drawing Pen is a high precision technical pen with refillable ink reservoirs.

  • It’s wear-resistant, hard chrome-plated thin tip allows working in exquisite detail
  • Refillable ink reservoir ideal for frequent drawers using bottle inks
  • Ink not included

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High-Quality rotring isograph At Wholesale Prices Design & Customization Services

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To guarantee buyers that rotring isograph at the site meet all quality standards, manufacturers and suppliers comply with strict quality control guidelines and standards. These rotring isograph have impressive heat resistance and flame retardant properties. The overall quality of the print through these rotring isograph produce is assured as they also support high-speed printing to save you time and energy.

Peruse through and discover appealing rotring isograph offers and settle for the most applicable to your needs. The quality and value you will receive with these products will demonstrate to you why they’re worth every dollar. If you want to buy in bulk to resell, take advantage of special deals for rotring isograph wholesalers and suppliers and enjoy better profit margins.

Rotring Isograph Technical Pens

Rotring Isograph Technical Pens are high precision with a refillable ink reservoir. Wear-resistant, hard chrome-plated thin tip allows working in exquisite detail.

  • Professional Quality Tubular Nib Technical Pens
  • Refillable Ink Reservoir
  • For Use on Tracing Paper
  • Available in 0. 18, 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 and 0.7mm Nib Sizes

For Isograph Nibs click here

For Isograph Ink click here

For Pen Cleaner Fluid click here

Rotring Isograph Pens conform to ISO standards of line width and are compatible with lettering stencils that conform to this same standard.
Isograph pens feature a refillable reservoir and will perform only with compatible inks such as Rotring 591017 or Mars M2.
As with all technical pens they were designed to perform a highly specialised function and an understanding of this is useful should you wish to use one for another style of drawing. Full details follow.
Then: Rotring Isograph Technical Pens are a development that met the industry requirements of the time. These requirements, in brief, were to produce drawings in standardised line widths and lettering heights that were in the most opaque black lines possible on translucent papers such as trace and film.
This all related to the available technology of reproducing copies of the drawings using the Diazo method. Briefly this method used ultraviolet light to expose a sensitised paper that was laid underneath the drawing. This exposure removed the sensitised coating except where the ink lines on the drawing “shadowed” it. The paper was then separated from the drawing and “developed” by exposure to ammonia fumes – all this taking place in a plan printing machine.
The blacker and more opaque the lines the quicker you could print your drawing and often very large quantities were required so it was essential to maximise the efficiency of the process.

Now: The technical pen remains the means for laying down the blackest fine line possible and this has many applications outside the original intention of the design. While many are still in use for traditional manual drafting there is a following amongst designers and sketchers who appreciate the precision of this vey specialised pen.
It should be understood that the Isograph Pen, as with all technical pens, was only designed for use on tracing paper and film. Other types of media do not necessarily have a surface suitable for the fine tip of these pens and if fibres of such media get picked up by the pen point they will inevitably clog it up.
To achieve the opacity demanded the inks are made from a formulation of glue, soot and shellac. These are suspension type inks where particles of the black pigment (soot) is suspended in liquid.
This requires diligent care of the pen so as to avoid clogging. Regular cleaning of the helix to maintain air intake it is wise and keeping the ink reservoir close to full helps prevent flooding.
Of all operating tips the best is as follows. Always cap the pen immediately you stop drawing with it. If not capped the ink will quickly dry in the tip of the pen. If you cap it after this ink has been allowed to dry this dried contaminant can be pushed up in to the point making starting the pen next time difficult. If it becomes firmly blocked then shaking the pen to get the ink flowing can actually damage the internals of the nib. Always cap the pen when it is still working – draw a quick line – then screw the cap on firmly. This will greatly improve the odds of it starting again next time you go to use it.

Rotring Isograph Pen is the E-com arm of Himalaya Stationery Mart, Mumbai, which is well known for its trade ethics throughout India for more than half a century.

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Rotary encoders for motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® | SEK / SEL52

Rotary encoders for motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® | SEK / SEL52 | SICK

This product family has been removed from the program!

Versatile, robust, compact: capacitive feedback sensors from SICK


  • Compact dimensions allow small and micromotor manufacturers to significantly reduce cable length
  • SEK / SEL52 feedback sensors are very well suited for use in harsh environmental conditions
  • Capacitive measuring principle with integral scanning allows large axial and radial tolerances
  • Thanks to the rotating transformer-compatible mechanism, SEK / SEL52 feedback sensors can be installed directly into equipment


Versatile, robust, compact: capacitive feedback sensors from SICK

SEK / SEL52 capacitive feedback sensors use two operating principles. Firstly, these are traditional rotary transformer systems where the user requires increased performance of position sensors, such as on servo motors or feed axes. Secondly, SEK / SEL52 devices are of interest to servo manufacturers for their versatility and a set of characteristics that are important for automation devices. This series provides 16 sine / cosine signals per revolution and is a simple version of a feedback sensor with a HIPERFACE ® interface.The main component of this series is the unsupported capacitive sensing element. Integral scanning minimizes alignment errors and is extremely reliable. By eliminating wearing parts, the influence of possible sources of error is generally small. In addition, the feedback system sensors have a high temperature stability, previously only inherent in systems with rotating transformers. The SEK / SEL52 feedback sensors are equipped with the world-renowned HIPERFACE ® interface, which is used by many renowned drive manufacturers.

at a glance

  • Standard feedback sensor
  • 16 sine / cosine periods per revolution
  • Absolute position with 512 steps per revolution and 4 096 revolutions in multiturn systems
  • Position value programming
  • Electronic nameplate
  • Various Shaft Options: Hollow Shafts, Tapered Shafts and Shoulder Mount
  • RoHs Compliant

Technical data


Wait, please…

Your request is being processed, it may take a few seconds.

90,000 Call from the East. Excerpt from the program of the State … | by Igor Chausov | Internet of Energy

Excerpt from State Grid China’s Peak Carbon to Carbon Neutral Program

On March 1, State Grid Company of China (SGCC) released a new strategic planning document titled Peak Carbon to Carbon Neutrality (“碳 达峰 、 中 中 和 ”) [1] is its program of action to achieve the climate and energy goals set by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Government of the People’s Republic of China. Recall that according to a statement by the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping at last year’s UN General Assembly, China intends to achieve complete carbon neutrality of its economy by 2060 [2]. Eight five-year plans are allocated for the implementation of this goal.

Particular interest in the document published by SGCC is, in our opinion, section III, which deals with the actions of the grid company to develop infrastructure for distributed energy and the formation of the “energy Internet”.

The idea of ​​building distributed energy by analogy with the Internet is believed to have been introduced into professional discourse within the Western energy and consulting practice by analysts from Navigant Research. In Russia, this presentation received an original interpretation, development and practical implementation in the form of a demonstration complex within the framework of the Internet of Energy Architecture (IDEA) project, which was developed by the EnergyNet Infrastructure Center and its partners.

China, represented by SGCC, has announced its significant ambitions to create “the world’s leading Internet of energy by 2025”. In connection with this new challenge for Russia and its project of building the Internet of energy, which came from the East, we publish our translation of an extract from the program “From the peak of carbon emissions to carbon neutrality.”

In China, the Internet of Energy, or the Energy Internet (能源 互联网), is literally the “Internet of Power Sources”. This concept is really close to the idea of ​​IDEA [3] and implies the creation by 2025 of the first national full-scale sample of the IoT platform with elements of artificial intelligence, calculations on the blockchain and processing of “big data” for the integration of distributed energy: solar generation, storage, controlled loads, as well as for work with large energy, primarily large-scale renewable energy sources and grid storage.

“From the peak of carbon emissions to carbon neutrality” (extracts)


III. China State Grid Action Plan

China State Grid will fully play the role of “Great Power Tool” and “Pillar of Pillars”, consciously fulfill its historical mission, strengthen its organization, actualize responsibilities and take the initiative to build a strong A smart grid that is safe, efficient, green and smart, provides the connectivity needed by the energy industry, is shared and mutually beneficial.We will accelerate the modernization of the grid to the Internet of Energy, striving to be a leader, leading by example and contributing to the development of the national electricity grid to achieve the goal of reaching peak carbon emissions and beyond carbon neutrality. We will be a good leader, taking full advantage of the role of the power system as a “bridge” and “link”, managing the upward and downward directions of the energy production chain and the energy supply chain (from generation to end users and from prosumers and active consumers to large energy – 90,086 approx . ..EC Energinet ), accelerate the production of clean energy, electrify energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, as well as promote the rapid development of energy and electricity, industrial production, promote an increase in living standards, and promote the implementation of “carbon neutrality” throughout society as soon as possible … We will be a good trailblazer, systematically set targets for energy conservation and emission reductions across all parts of power transmission and distribution, manufacturing and office work, deeply explore the potential for energy conservation and emission reductions, and move the nation’s corporations to peak carbon emissions.

A. Promote the modernization of the electricity grid to the Internet of energy and strive to create a clean energy integration platform

  1. We will accelerate the building of a strong smart grid. We will promote the coordinated development of power grids at all levels and maintain the prioritization of connected consumption from new energy sources. On the generation (high voltage) side, we will work to improve the structure of backbone networks in northwest and northeast China, accelerate the construction of Sichuan-Chongqing UHV AC backbone networks, and maintain the safe and efficient operation of interregional DC networks.On the consumer side, the challenge is to expand and improve EHVAC backbone networks in North and East China, accelerate the construction of EHV backbone networks in Central China, create a platform for optimal allocation of “water, sun and wind” resources, and improve the capacity take clean energy into the network.
  2. We will intensify efforts to bring clean energy to the regions. We will continue to improve the efficiency of using the installed transmission channels, which is the main content and key task of the energy system development.During the 14th Five-Year Plan, we will accelerate the construction of transmission backbones, improve the transmission and reception networks of end users, and foster a long-term inter-provincial transmission mechanism. The installed channels will gradually reach full transmission capacity and will increase the capacity by 35.27 GW. Optimization of the supporting structure of the power supply at the transmitting end (on the high voltage side) will be carried out and the share of clean energy supplied will be increased.The new inter-regional transmission channels to be added are mainly intended for the transmission of clean energy. The 14th Five-Year Plan provides for the construction of seven EHV DC lines, and the added capacity of the possible transmission is 56 GW. By 2025, the company’s transmission capacity between provinces and regions will reach 300 GW, and the share of clean energy transmission will reach 50%.
  3. We will make sure that clean energy is synchronized with the needs of consumers and connected to the grid on time.We will inaugurate new energy support grid projects related to wind and solar energy to create “green channels” to ensure that grid-based energy sources are brought into service at the same time as renewables are commissioned. We will accelerate the construction of networks and power distribution schemes for hydropower plants and nuclear power plants, and projects to connect new energy sources, power transmission, support the development of hydropower in Sichuan and other regions, study the development and transmission of hydropower in Tibet. By 2030, the total installed capacity of wind energy and solar energy in the company’s area of ​​operation will reach more than 1000 GW, the installed capacity of hydropower – 280 GW, and the installed capacity of nuclear power – 80 GW.
  4. We will provide support for the development of distributed power supplies and microgrids (microgrids). We will provide end-to-end free distributed energy services, strengthen interconnections and intelligent distribution grid management to meet distributed green grid connectivity needs and multiple loads. We will do a good job in the field of services for consumer access to microgrids connected to the grid (analogs of active energy complexes – approx.EC Energinet ), we will play the role of a microgrid operator in local energy consumption from distributed sources, as well as in the integration and optimization of supply and demand matching. By 2025, distributed photovoltaic energy in the company’s field of activity will reach 180 GW.
  5. We will accelerate the modernization of the power system to the Internet of energy. We will strengthen the integration, innovative implementation and application of technologies such as “Cloud mobile IoT platform with artificial intelligence for working with big data” (Chinese IoT platform with blockchain, artificial intelligence and working with “big data” – approx.EC Energynet ) in the field of energy, we will facilitate the interaction of various energy sources, coordinate the interaction of energy sources, networks and loads, and also support new types of energy production, diversified energy storage and the emergence of new large-scale loads. We will provide convenient access to our services. We will accelerate the creation of an information environment for collecting, receiving, processing, analyzing and applying data, and will also facilitate the exchange of data and analysis of the value of various types of energy.By 2025, the world’s leading Internet of energy will be created.

B. Promote coordinated development of grid sourcing and optimization of planning and trading mechanism, integration and consumption of clean energy

  1. We will continue to improve the power system customization capabilities. We will accelerate the construction of pumped storage power plants that are already under construction and will additionally commission 41.63 GW. In the period of the 14th five-year plan, we will increase the planned volume of commissioning the capacity of pumped storage power plants and carry out preparatory work, as well as organize the start of construction of a number of facilities.By 2025, the installed capacity of pumped storage stations in the company’s area of ​​operation will exceed 50 GW. We will actively support the flexible transformation of coal-fired energy by minimizing the production of coal-fired energy and helping to reach the peak of coal consumption as soon as possible. We will support the construction of peak gas stations, as well as the large-scale use of energy storage, we will actively promote the development of integrated renewable energy sources with SNP and increase the efficiency of using distributed energy sources.
  2. We will streamline grid management dispatch, strengthen unified grid dispatch, coordinate the delivery of “peak” resources to the host, improve inter-regional mutual aid and “spinning” reserve allocation mechanism, and facilitate responsive multi-level dispatch coordination for clean energy consumption. We will strengthen the inter-regional and inter-basin cooperation of RES (“wind, water and sun”), improve the accuracy of clean energy production forecasts, coordinate the entire network and prioritize sending clean energy to the network to ensure that it is used as much as possible.
  3. We will play the role of market infrastructure to empower consumers, accelerate the creation of a market mechanism conducive to new energy consumption, deepen the creation of a regional electricity spot market, and implement a flexible pricing mechanism to encourage clean energy to participate in spot transactions. We will improve interregional transaction systems based on medium and long-term contracts and supplemented by spot contracts, as well as active use of various transaction methods, such as group transactions for the delivery of renewable energy, transactions with rights to generate electricity, transactions for the priority of new energy and will help to scale up new energy deals between regions and provinces.

C. Promoting energy conservation and efficiency of the whole society, increasing the level of electrification of final consumption

  1. We will expand the breadth and depth of substitution of electricity for other energy sources. We will promote the use of electric vehicles, coastal power in ports, pure electric ships, roads and railways. We are realizing deep exploitation of the potential of replacing industrial furnaces and boilers. We will promote electrical heating and cooling (air conditioning) to help replace other energy sources with electricity in green buildings.We will accelerate the construction of rural electrification modernization projects and promote clean coal-to-electricity heating. We will be actively involved in developing energy standards and promoting the development and application of technologies to replace other types of energy with electricity. During the 14th five-year plan, the company’s production zone will replace up to 600 billion kWh of consumption with electricity.
  2. We will ensure the active promotion of integrated energy services.With a focus on industrial parks, large public buildings and other such types of facilities, we will actively expand end-to-end energy services such as energy diagnostics, energy efficiency improvements and multi-energy supply to help improve end-use energy efficiency for the entire society. We will create an online and offline integrated customer service platform, providing users with information on their energy use in a timely manner and helping users to actively save energy.We will promote the creation of smart energy systems and use the potential of user resources to participate in response to demand (through the implementation of demand management – approx. IC Energy ).
  3. We will facilitate the functioning of the national carbon market. We will strengthen the development of big data systems, such as monitoring electricity production, electricity consumption and transmission of electricity between provinces, and support research on national carbon market policies and quota calculations.We will focus on replacing the consumption of other types of energy with electrical energy, creating pumped storage capacities, and integrated energy services. We will strengthen research on carbon reduction techniques, provide carbon reduction services for the upstream (generation) and downstream (consumption) stages of the value chain, put efforts on both supply and demand sides, and coordinate energy and energy conservation through market-based means.The carbon target must be met.

Prepared by IC ENERGYNET / Translated: Igor Chausov, Antonina Gromyko


[1] /20210301152244682318653_1.shtml



Scientists from New Horizons programs consider Pluto a planet / Habr

Researchers and astrobiologists David Grinspoon and researcher Alan Stern expressed their opinion that their studies confirmed the suspicions that Pluto is a planet.Recall that in August 2006, the congress participants of the International Astronomical Union, consisting of 2.5 thousand people, voted for the decision to exclude Pluto from the list of planets in the Solar System. This entailed many changes in educational publications, scientific papers and maps of the starry sky.

Congress participants were convinced that in order to be called a planet of the Solar System, Pluto does not have a strong enough gravitational field to clear its orbit from other celestial bodies.And due to insufficient mass, the planet could not be called that.

However, according to David Grinspoon and his colleague, any celestial body with individual geography and climate, including satellites of major planets, can be called a planet. In addition, they argue that the planet is necessarily spherical and consists of gas, ice or solid rocks, which distinguishes it from other celestial bodies like asteroids.

Scientists are convinced that by revising the parameters that the planets must correspond to, the members of the International Astronomical Union are questioning the fact that the Earth is also a planet.Indeed, in the first 500 million years of its existence, it also did not meet the criteria established in 2006, like many exoplanets.

Grinspoon and Stern are confident that the definition of a planet should be based not on the orbital characteristics of a celestial body, but on its geophysical parameters. In their opinion, Pluto is a full-fledged dwarf planet, just like the Sun is a dwarf star.

New Horizons – NASA’s unmanned interplanetary station launched as part of the New Frontiers program and designed to study Pluto and its natural satellite Charon.The launch was carried out on January 19, 2006, the device performed a flyby of Jupiter (with a gravitational maneuver in its gravitational field) in 2007 and a scientific program for the study of Pluto in 2015, at the beginning of 2019 it is planned to study objects in the Kuiper belt. The full research program for New Horizons is designed for 15-17 years.

Only registered users can participate in the poll. Come in, please.

Do you think Pluto is a planet or not?

Definitely a planet

Pluto is not a planet!

This is a difficult question, I find it difficult to answer

Why, in fact, are you interested?

927 users have voted.

Abstained 91 users.

Rotating autoshapes. Excel. Tricks and Effects

Can AutoShapes be made to rotate? It turns out that it is possible, and it is not at all as difficult as it seems at first glance.In this section, we’ll look at how you can force two AutoShapes to move and rotate at the same time.

To implement this trick, we first need to write a macro, the code for which is shown in Listing 3.76 (this code needs to be placed in a standard VBA editor module).

Listing 3.76. AutoShapes Rotation

Sub RotatingAutoShapes ()

Static fRunning As Boolean

‘Check if this macro is already running

If fRunning Then

‘When restarting, stop all running macros

fRunning = False


End If

‘We indicate that the macro is running

fRunning = True

Dim cell As Range ‘Dim cell

Dim intLeftBorder As Long ‘Left Border of Cell

Dim intRightBorder As Long ‘Cell Right Border

Dim intTopBorder As Long ‘Top border of cell

Dim intBottomBorder As Long ‘Bottom border of cell

Dim alngVertSpeed ​​(1 To 2) As Long ‘Arrays With Values ​​

Dim alngHorzSpeed ​​(1 To 2) As Long ‘horizontal and vertical

‘component speeds


Dim ashShapes (1 To 2) As Shape ‘Array of floated


Dim i As Integer

‘Filling the array of autoshapes

Set ashShapes (1) = ActiveSheet.shapes (1)

Set ashShapes (2) = ActiveSheet.shapes (2)

‘Filling the array of velocities:

‘for the first figure

alngVertSpeed ​​(1) = 3

alngHorzSpeed ​​(1) = 3

‘for the second figure

alngVertSpeed ​​(2) = 4

alngHorzSpeed ​​(2) = 4

‘Get work cell boundaries

Set cell = Range (“B2”)

intLeftBorder = cell.Left

intRightBorder = cell.Left + cell.Width

intTopBorder = cell.Top

intBottomBorder = cell.Top + cell.Height

‘Perform rotation and movement of figures


‘Change the position of each autoshape

For i = 1 To 2

With ashShapes (i)

‘Control of reaching the right cell border

If .Left + .Width + alngHorzSpeed ​​(i)>

intRightBorder Then

‘Position correction

.Left = intRightBorder – .Width

‘Change of direction of horizontal speed _

to the opposite

alngHorzSpeed ​​(i) = -alngHorzSpeed ​​(i)

End If

‘Control of reaching the left cell border

If.Left + alngHorzSpeed ​​(i)

‘Position correction

.Left = intLeftBorder

‘Change of direction of horizontal speed _

to the opposite

alngHorzSpeed ​​(i) = -alngHorzSpeed ​​(i)

End If

‘Control of reaching the lower limit of cell

If .Top + .Height + alngVertSpeed ​​(i)>

intBottomBorder Then

‘Position correction

.Top = intBottomBorder -.Height

‘Change of direction of vertical speed _

to the opposite

alngVertSpeed ​​(i) = -alngVertSpeed ​​(i)

End If

‘Control of reaching the upper limit of cell

If .Top + alngVertSpeed ​​(i)

‘Position correction

.Top = intTopBorder

‘Change of direction of vertical speed _

to the opposite

alngVertSpeed ​​(i) = -alngVertSpeed ​​(i)

End If

‘Move AutoShape

.Left = .Left + alngHorzSpeed ​​(i)

.Top = .Top + alngVertSpeed ​​(i)

‘Rotation of the autoshape (change the direction of rotation _

occurs every time the direction is changed _

vertical movement)

.IncrementRotation alngVertSpeed ​​(i)

‘We instruct Excel to process user input


End With



End Sub

Now, in cell B2, you need to create any two autoshapes (before that, cell B2 should be significantly enlarged, making it about a quarter of the screen in size, so that there is room for rotating the autoshapes).


Any cell address can be set, but for this you need to make the appropriate changes to the macro code.

Now, having run the created macro, admire the result of your work – the autoshapes will rotate and simultaneously move within the specified cell. If you wish, you can color the autoshapes in different colors and set some kind of background for the cell.

90,000 Discovered a planet orbiting three stars at once

The only star, the Sun, reigns supreme in our planetary system, but most of the stars of the solar type have at least one companion star.

Such star systems are called binary, and if there are more than two luminaries in them, then multiple.

Scientists already know for sure that binary stars also have planets, and on some of them life is even possible. Now researchers have found the first evidence that even a triple star system may have its own planet.

The system of three luminaries, which interested astronomers, is located in the constellation Orion and is called GW Orion. Three relatively young stars circle each other in it around a common center of mass.

All three luminaries are also surrounded by a fairly large protoplanetary disk. This disk consists of dense gas from which planets can subsequently form. And scientists believe that perhaps the first planet in the Orion GW system has already appeared.

The protoplanetary disk around these stars is divided into three large rings located far enough from the stars themselves. At the same time, the innermost bent at a strange angle in relation to others.

There are two main hypotheses about how this extraordinary structure developed.Either the disk was torn into three parts by the gravitational effect of three stars, or a massive planet was formed in the protoplanetary disk, “breaking a hole in it.”

Let us explain that the young planet, like a vacuum cleaner, pulls on itself the surrounding material from the disk by its gravity.

Left: Image of GW Orion with visible rings. Right: An image of a system with a shadow cast by the inner ring to the rest of the disc.

To better understand this issue, researchers at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas have developed a comprehensive computer model of the Orion GW system.

So scientists have found out that the impact of the stars would not be enough to “break” the disk in this way.

The most likely culprit for this cosmic pogrom could be a gas giant the size of Jupiter (or several Jupiters). Such planets are usually the first to form from protoplanetary disks. And only then they are followed by smaller planets such as the terrestrial planets.

The model suggests that after the planet “took” part of the disk material, it split into three rings, which began to move at different speeds, which eventually led to their displacement.

If there is indeed a planet in the Orion GW system, it will be the first ever discovered orbiting three stars at the same time.

“This is really interesting because it confirms the theory of planetary formation,” says lead author Jeremy Smallwood.

Future ALMA observations should help researchers locate a planet around three stars.If she really is there.

The work of American astronomers was published on September 17, 2021 in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Recall that earlier we talked about a system of two planets orbiting two stars, and about the discovery of a potentially habitable planet in a system of three stars. We also wrote about how astronomers mistook a planet in a binary star system for a brown dwarf.

More news from the world of science can be found in the “Science” section of the “Watch” media platform.

90,000 Thailand is ready to withdraw from the PISA student testing program

The Minister of Education of Thailand believes that Thai students may perform poorly on the PISA test due to poor translation of assignments into Thai.

In August this year, 15-year-old schoolchildren from 70 countries of the world will be tested in the framework of the International Program for the Assessment of Student Educational Achievements (PISA). Testing is carried out every three years by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in consortium with leading international scientific organizations.Thailand has been participating in the PISA testing since the beginning, but this year Thai schools (and Thai students) may be left out of the project. This was stated by the country’s education minister, Tirakiath Jaronsetta. According to him, Thailand is ready to refuse to test the quality of school education, if the country is not provided with a number of privileges in comparison with other test participants.

PISA testing is conducted in three disciplines: mathematics, reading and science. Tasks are focused not only on the ability to remember the information received, but also to apply it in practice.For example, in a previous test, 15-year-old students were asked to try designing revolving doors for a shopping mall (geometry) or setting up sustainable fisheries (science). The assignments do not require any special qualifications in specific professions; rather, they assess how adolescents are able to interpret their school knowledge in real situations.

Reading assignments test the ability to extract information from the text and make decisions in accordance with it (for example, students were asked to read the warning that a certain product contains nuts and make decisions based on this information).

In addition, in the previous version of the PISA test there was a teamwork task, designed in the form of a computer game with a built-in chat, where the test taker had two virtual team members.

The tasks of the PISA test, of course, differ from what schoolchildren from Russia, Thailand and many other countries do in class, but the result of the Russians is nevertheless satisfactory. In mathematics and reading, 15-year-old students of Russian schools are slightly above the OECD average (positive dynamics), in natural sciences – slightly lower (no dynamics).Russia’s indicator in mathematics is 494 points (average – 490), in reading – 495 points (average – 493), in natural sciences – 487 (average – 493). The overall result of Russia – 32nd place out of 70.

Thailand is significantly lower on the list, and in none of the directions the country reaches the OECD average. In math, Thai students last scored 415 points, 409 in reading, and 421 in science. There is no positive dynamics in any of the areas of knowledge, and from the very beginning of Thailand’s participation in the program.The overall result in the last test is 54 out of 70.

On the eve of the new testing, Thai Education Minister Tirakiat Jaronsetta said that the country is ready to continue to participate in the PISA project if the Thai side is given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the tasks of the 2018 test in advance, and rural schools are excluded from testing. Preliminary acquaintance with the test, according to the minister, is necessary in order to make sure that there are no mistakes in translation.

“I know the content of the tests must be kept secret.However, if the quality of the translation is low, and the translation was not carried out by professional linguists, our students may not fully understand the essence of the issues. In this case, the text will not reflect their true ability, which is unfair to Thai students, ”said the Minister of Education of Thailand.

“We believe that the Ministry of Education should be able to make sure that the translation is correct and understandable, because critics usually ignore the problem of the language barrier and use our results in PISA to accuse the government that it cannot provide quality education.” – explained Mr. Jaronsetta.

Other non-English-speaking countries also expressed concerns about the quality of the translation of the test items, he said. At the same time, tests in Russian clearly do not belong to this category – the translation is done with high quality.

In addition, the Minister suggested that the OECD not take into account the performance of small schools in rural areas in the overall results of Thailand. According to him, even now, the weak schools of Vietnam are not taken into account.

“We understand that there is a gap between students in large and small schools, and we need to work to narrow it.But we believe that the organizers of the PISA test should treat Thailand and Vietnam in the same way, ”said Mr Jaronsetta.

The Minister stressed that the results of schoolchildren in Bangkok and other cities are at the level of the PISA average for the OECD countries.

At the moment, it is not known whether the organizers of the PISA test are ready to make concessions to Thailand and give the country those privileges that the minister asked for: to disclose exam tasks before testing and to exclude weak schools from the number of tested ones.

Walter tool spindle machine accessories with taper shank from the auxiliary tool program

Cutting tools, tooling system and workholding

WALTER catalog 2015 New tools and accessories 2015-1 (Total 336 pages)

310 WALTER catalog 2015 New cutting tools and accessories Innovations 2015-1 p.308

Walter tool spindle accessories with tapered shank from auxiliary tool program

Walter taper shank tool spindles from the accessory program _ High taper accuracy Design with very tight tolerances High precision and minimal run-out SHANK Spindle designs CAT-V40 and CAT-V50 Various lengths Various designs Available in various lengths Suitable for solid tools and tools with inserts For all types of machining turning milling hole machining and tapping Benefits Anti-jamming Easy tool change Fast clamping without wasting time High bending resistance due to the small distance between the cutting edge and the spindle bearing 308 Walter Tooling TOOLS TOOLING Basic holder Walter CAT-V taper shank precision

SeeSee also / See also:
Turning formulas Formulas for drilling
Milling formulas / Milling formulas Tool marking for metal / Turning tool ISO code system
Insert designation / ISO insert designation chart Tapped hole diameter / Tap drill sizes
Steel grade analogs Table / Workpiece material conversion table Hardness equivalent table

Walter Clamping Tooling for Industrial Cutting Tools
WALTER catalog 2015 New tools and accessories 2015-1 (Total 336 pages))

307 Walter Clamping Tooling for Industrial Metal Cutting Tools Face Mill Arrays Hydraulic Paste Chucks Accuracy
Catalog Index
308 The new Walter AK182 hydraulic chuck meets all the requirements for modern high-precision machine tooling

spindles 909458 Germany The main advantages of the Walter AK182 hydraulic chuck 311 The main technical characteristics of individual representatives of Walter tool holders and arbors ER AB009 collet chuck 312 Designation and decoding of Walter tooling markings for rotating tools 313 German high-precision metal auxiliary tools Walter machine tools General view and main characteristics of hydraulic chucks

and accessories
for machine tools
(2605 pages)
Cutting tool

and accessories
(German)lang. / DEU)
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Ver. 16-2
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Cutting tools, tooling system and workholding


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