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Roman Shade Kits – Customized and basic

Our Customized Roman Quilt Insulated Shade® Kitsinclude everything you need to make your shade except for the thread and decorative fabric. Each kit is individually made according to your choice of dimensions, lining type, and installation style (see Installation Options and How to Measure ). Lining fabric, insulation, and the weight bar are pre-cut for you. The headrail is custom assembled. We now include orbs at no additional cost to make fabrication even easier.

Included in your kit are:

          • Lining Fabric – Custom Cut and Pre-Marked for Assembly
          • Insulation Layer – Custom Cut
          • Headrail – Pre-Assembled
          • Weight Bar – Custom Cut
          • Rings
          • Lift Cords
          • Pull Cord
          • Safety Shroud Looped Cord
          • Cord Cleat
          • Cord Condenser
          • Cord Drop
          • Cord Orbs
          • Tack Strip
          • Installation Screws
          • Safety Tag
          • Instructions

Our Basic Shade Kit is designed for the individual who wants to do a bit more work. Each kit is complete with all the basic necessities for creating a flat-fold or casual roman shade including complete instructions. You will need to supply the decorative fabric, weighting system (optional), and headrail. Importantly, each kit is designed to include child safety features not found anywhere else.

Your Kit Includes:

  • Pull Cord
  • Lift Cord
  • Safety Shroud Looped Cord
  • Cord Cleat
  • Cord Condenser
  • Cord Drop
  • Sew-On Rings
  • Hook and Loop Attachment for Headrail
  • Pulleys
  • Assembly Screws
  • Instructions

    • Testimonial

      I always loved the
      look of Roman Shades but owning an old house there was always something more
      pressing for me to spend my money on than beauty. This shade is not only beautiful, and easy to
      make, but it also added elegance and insulation to my lovely old window! I am
      very pleased with the project and I have already made plans to do another whole room!

      JAC, Ashland, MA

Thank you for all your help with my first Roman shade project. Couldn’t wait to share a picture! As soon as I get the measurements for my son’s windows, I’ll be ordering 2 more kits.
SL, Oneonta, NY


BP – Thanks for the photo and for ordering more kits – Great Work!!

Deluxe Pvc Cassette Roman Blind Kit

This cassette roman blind kit contains everything you need to make your own roman blind and we believe this is the best roman blind kit solution available. That is because this kit has a roman blind rail that is a completely enclosed system with a side winder mechanism that makes raising and lowering the blind simple. It is highly recommended for wider blinds, as its gearing mechanism takes the effort out of raising the blind, due to its smooth operation. We have used other systems, but this is by far the best we have seen.

The strong PVC head rail with hook tape is secured in place to fix your blind to, and the discrete supports mean you can fix anywhere along the length of the headrail to get the best fixings in your wall. This roman blind kit can be used with most fabric types. And all you need in addition to this kit is the fabric and lining to make your own stunning roman blinds. The roman blind rail can also easily be cut to size.

See using a cassette kit guide for more information on making and fitting this blind kit, as well as safety advice for protecting your child from the dangers of hanging blind cord. Also for a step by step guide on creating a roman blind using a kit check out our blind kit advice page.

Please note Toggles may vary to the image shown.

Key Features
  • Maximum rail length of 2.1m
  • Header rail can easily be trimmed to size.
  • Chrome silver sidewinder chain
  • 100cm fixed length sidewinder chain
  • Sidewinder chain cannot be adjusted
  • Maximum fabric weight 4kg
  • Sidewinder mechanism can be moved to left or right side
  • Sidewinder can be repositioned without removing the cords
Product Includes
  • Deluxe PVC headrail chain pulley
  • Superior hook tape internal cord guide
  • 250cm Cord
  • Pocket roman blind tape hook on cord toggles
  • PVC roman blind rods & bottom bar clip
  • 100cm chrome chain
  • Spindles
  • Clip in wall supports
  • Chain safety device
  • Cutting guide
  • Warning labels
Supports Included
  • 60 cm – 3 included
  • 90 cm – 3 included
  • 120 cm – 4 included
  • 150 cm – 5 included
  • 180 cm – 6 included
  • 210 cm – 6 included
Cord Guides Included
  • 60 cm – 3 included
  • 90 cm – 3 included
  • 120 cm – 5 included
  • 150 cm – 5 included
  • 180 cm – 6 included
  • 210 cm – 6 included


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How to make DIY Roman shades step by step

Making Roman blinds requires careful measuring and a little patience, to ensure your blind fits perfectly in your window and is straight! However, if you take your time, measure accurately and keep checking as you are going then you can make your own.

Roman blinds (like the ones pictured above) can be used to create a light but cosy atmosphere in a sunny room.

There are several different ways to make Roman blinds and most people start off by making them on a sewing machine. However, for a really professional-looking finish, you shouldn’t be able to see any machine stitches on the front at all, and nearly the whole blind is made by hand.

We have tried many, many different ways of making Roman blinds and perfected our techniques over the years and we have found that this is the most accurate way, with the neatest finish.

There are also different ways to hang your blind – you can use a wooden batten and screw eyes to thread your cord through, then wind it around a cleat mounted on the wall. However, since we discovered the side-winder mechanism, we have never looked back! The blind is lowered and raised by pulling the chain (just like on a roller blind) and you don’t have all those strings in the way, plus the blind pulls up more neatly, too.

You can buy all these mechanisms as kits, which include everything you need for your blind (rods, tape, bar, Velcro) except for the fabric. They come in a variety of sizes and you just cut them down to fit.

How to choose the right fabric, lining and interlining for your Roman blinds

You can use any fabric when making a Roman blind, but a curtain-weight fabric is the best to give your blind some body, which will make it hang better. If your finished blind is wider than the fabric width then you’ll need to join it together before you make your blind.

Be sure to match the pattern carefully and instead of having the seam running down the middle, join pieces on either side of the full width because this works better visually. For a really individual blind, you could make it in patchwork, appliqué a motif or embroider words on the fabric.

It’s best to line your blind, so that you can hide your Roman blind tapes and make them invisible from the front. an ordinary cotton sateen lining fabric works well and this can be bought in a variety of colours. or you could use a blackout lining if you want to block out more light.

We also interline our blinds, using a lightweight 160g/m2 dommett interlining that doesn’t add too much bulk. The blind always hangs better with it placed between the main fabric and the lining, plus it gives the finished blind a slightly padded, more professional look.

Measuring up for your Roman blinds

Fabric and interlining amounts will depend on the size of your window – see instructions for measuring.

First you need to decide whether your Roman blind is going to sit on the inside or outside of the window recess. Think about what suits your window best, marking the wall if necessary to give you an idea. If it’s going to sit inside then measure the width and drop of the inside of your window frame.

Your blind rail will be attached to the top of the window frame and the blind will touch the windowsill, so it’s really important to measure accurately. It does need to move freely up and down though, so measure 1cm less than the width to allow for this. if your blind is going to sit outside the recess then add 5-10cm on both sides of the window width so that it overlaps the walls, and add the same to the bottom. add 10-20cm above the window.

Still not sure how to size your Roman blinds? Use the diagram below as a guide.

How to calculate the amount of fabric that you’ll need to make your Roman blinds

Now you have the measurements, you need to work out the fabric sizes you need and then cut it all out, using the following guide:

From your main curtain fabric, you will need:

Width – measured width, plus 5cm on both sides for turnings (so width plus 10cm) drop – measured drop, plus 5cm at the top and 8cm at the bottom (so drop plus 13cm).

From your lining fabric, you will need:

Width – measured width, plus 5cm on both sides for turnings (so width plus 10cm) drop – measured drop, plus 5cm at the top, no extra at the bottom.

From your interlining fabric, you will need:

Width – same as the measured width drop – measured drop, plus 5cm at the bottom.

Working out the tape spacing

Calculate where the tape will be sewn because this is where the rods will be inserted. The tapes should be spaced 20-30cm apart. using the measured drop, take 5cm off this measurement to allow for the blind rail. now with the measurement left, you need to work out the spaces between each tape.

The bottom space should be half the width of the other spaces and the top space will have the 5cm added to it to allow for the blind rail. For example, your measured drop is 122cm, minus 5cm, so this is 117cm. four rods is about right for a blind of this drop, so divide 117 by 4.5 (the half space is for the bottom space) and you get 26cm. So that makes your top space 31cm (26cm plus 5cm), then you’ll have three spaces of 26cm, and the bottom space will be 13cm.

It’s a good idea to draw yourself a diagram and then check against it that your measurements add up. As long as each space is between 20-30cm, it will look fine, and you can add a couple of extra cm to the top space if you need to.

You’re now ready to start making Roman blinds. Read on to discover how to make roman blinds with step-by-step pictures.

Quality Roman Blink Kits 25% OFF UK :Direct Fabrics

Our range of roman blind kits have been chosen so that our clients are able to make their own roman blinds at home without having to pay for their blinds to be made by our company or by another maker. The kits come with everything needed to make a quality roman blind including, tapes, bars and head rail and string or cassette system. You can shop with confidence knowing that these blinds are of the very highest standard.

Making Service for your Fabrics .We also offer a full making service for our client’s fabrics and we know that we have great prices on making. 

Quality Roman Blind Kits


Looking to decorate your home and update your window design to match your style? Do you need a window covering to block out the sun without compromising on the design of your window coverings? The right window dressings can change the look and feel of any room in your home, and create a homey or designer atmosphere. 


Today’s decorating style includes awesome Roman blinds used to create ambiance as well as block out the sun. They are a bit different from standard window blinds and treatments and fold or stack up evenly when opened. Blinds are visibly smooth when closed, so choose fabric that complements your room. A cord mechanism usually opens the Roman blind. Cord mechanisms allow you to adjust the height of the covered area. Cords run vertically on the outside of the blind, and are attached to the top and bottom of the blind.


You can find Roman shades in a variety of styles. Looped Roman blinds and classic Roman blinds are designed to create depth and dimension. You can make your Roman blinds in a seamless style that features a smooth and flat shade face.


Pre-made Roman blinds can be perfect, but if you purchase a Roman Blind Kit from you can customize your window coverings to fit your needs and personality. 


Roman blind kits are designed for you to make your blinds in the comfort of your home using the sewing tools and equipment you know and understand. Making your blinds with our kits gives you the satisfaction of creating something unique and perfect for your home. Kits are designed to save you money, and we have selected the perfect range of blinds for you and these kits are also durable. You can make your blinds as inexpensively as possible and save money.


You do not need to use the services of a professional seamstress. Avoid the expense and headache of purchasing mass-produced blinds. Kits include tapes, bars, and headrails, strings or cassette system, and, of course, all instructions to make one perfect blind. Bottom bars have geared head rails to allow a smooth flow of your fabrics as you lower and raise your blinds. Bottom bars are trimmed to match the length of the headrails. Matching top and bottom bars give you the assurance that your blinds will be perfectly lined up.


Roman Blind Kit Offerings


Direct Fabrics offers two blind kits. One is the complete corded Roman blind kit in silver and is priced from £20.00 including tax. We offer the kit in six different sizes from 60cm to 210cm Complete Corded Roman Blind Kit Silver. The kit features a strong headrail track and a cam lock guide for the cords. The tracks can be positioned easily. You choose the position of your blind. You can mount your Roman shade or blind to the wall or ceiling; it is your preference and the dynamics of your window. The fabric is not included, but we do offer hundreds of fabric choices to match your room’s decorations.


We also offer a complete cassette Roman blind kit white priced from £25.20 including all taxes. All components to make one Roman blind are in this kit. We guarantee that our components are child safe and tested to match current regulations. We have five sizes available. Our complete cassette Roman blind kit white has a cassette mechanism with a beaded cord and everything else you need to make the perfect Roman shade. All you need to do to make your blind is to purchase the fabric of your choice, and you are ready to make your gorgeous and unique roman blind. The hook tape, PVC rods, and bottom bar are included. This kit will support medium, and light weight fabrics.


The Roman blind kit in white contains a cassette type aluminium headrail with hood tape, child safe cord holding clip, and metal cam lock brackets for easy positioning. You can easily cut down the tracks to fit your window. Look for a chain operated pulley to make lowering and raising your blind smooth and easy. We also include 5 x 3mm Roman blind rods plus cord toggles. Of course, all instructions are included.




Our company can provide you with fabric samples, and we have a full range of British certified flame retardant fabrics. Browse through our huge choice of fabrics to ensure you find the best quality, patterns, colors, and fabrics for your blinds. Our promise to you: you will be happy with the quality of our kits and fabrics.


You can find blind fabrics that can be used in hotels, care homes, personal homes and much more. You will get the very best quality fabrics for your project. We have different weights of fabrics and our offerings include blackout and standard curtain fabrics. We also carry blind linings if you want a very substantial blind. Choose your perfect colour, fabric style and patterns from fun children’s motifs to florals and stripes.  


We are a company with a large buying power and our overheads are low. This means we can supply fabrics at low prices and with incredible quality. We guarantee to meet or beat the prices of blind and curtain fabric from any other retailer or wholesaler. When you order your Roman blind kit, look at our fabric offerings. Speak with our team or order a free sample of the fabric you want direct from our website.


Roman Blind Kit Safety


Children and blind cords are not good together. If you have window cords that are accessible to small children, do be aware that to children these cords may seem like toys. In all reality, window blind cords are strangulation hazards. Our Roman blind kits have innovations that keep cords safely out of the way of children. We are committed to keeping your family safe and we do offer these reminders:

  • Install cordless window coverings in children bedrooms. Replace your window blinds and corded shades with roman shades that have child safe cord holding clips.
  • Move all beds, furniture, and toys away from windows to prevent children from playing with window cords.
  • Keep tasseled pull cords out of the way with a cord cleat, anchor your non stop loop cords to the floor or wall to provide additional safety. By following the instructions that come in our blinds kits, you can properly install and adjust the movement of inside lift cords.
  • When installing your Roman blinds, make sure they are not within reach of children.


Research indicates that most deaths from blind and curtain cords happen in children bedrooms and to children between the ages range of 16 to 36 months. The majority of injuries and deaths occur around 23 months of age or when a child is in the hyper-exploratory age. If you are confused on how to keep blind cords out of the hands of children, we have a team of CSCS certified curtain and blind installers and specialists. Our team is made up of experienced installers who have worked in the soft home industry for many years. We will be more than happy to help you with your project. We want your blinds to turn out perfect and safe!


Benefits of Roman Blinds Kits

By choosing a kit you have the flexibility to make the blinds to the requirements and specification that you choose. We particularly like to have 30cm for hems, but you may prefer to have a larger hem for you fabric in order to allow for a better drape of the fabric. You may also prefer to have more pleats in your blinds depending on the drop of your window. 


Low Cost Roman Blind Kits

Our range has been selected because they are a low cost and durable, this means that you can make your blinds as cheaply as possible and save yourself some money in this tough economic climate. Save money by making your own blinds with lining and tapes.


Components Included in your Roman Blind Kit

Our diy roman blind kit contains all of the components you require to make one Roman blind. It has the necessary bottom bars the geared head rails that allow you to get a smooth flow for your fabrics. The bottom bars come trimmed to match the length of the head rail. Everything is within the kits to get you started on making the finest window dressings. All instructions included.

Roman Blind System | Edmund Bell

Roman Blind System | Edmund Bell

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Roman Blind Head Rail Kit

iCon Roman Blind System – Roman Blind Head Rail Kit. We offer a Trim to Fit service on our Roman Blind Head Rail Kits – please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1706 71 70 70 or [email protected] com for more information and to order.

Roman Blind Head Rail, Middle Rods & Bottom Bar Kit

iCon Roman Blind System – Roman Blind Head Rail, Middle Rods & Bottom Bar Kit. We offer a Trim to Fit service on our Roman Blind Head Rail Kits – please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1706 71 70 70 or [email protected] for more information and to order.

Roman Blind Head Rail & Bottom Bar Kit

iCon Roman Blind System – Roman Blind Head Rail & Bottom Bar Kit. We offer a Trim to Fit service on our Roman Blind Head Rail Kits – please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1706 71 70 70 or [email protected] for more information and to order.

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After the recent government announcement of tighter restrictions starting on Tuesday 5th January – we would like to reassure all our customers that as we are a manufacturing business, we are able to stay open and continue to operate under our well developed COVID-19 secure conditions:


  • We will continue to ship across the UK & internationally – our warehouse is open and we are working safely to get your orders out to you. Should anything change with our carriers – we will update you accordingly.
  • You can contact us to place any orders or discuss any queries on our usual phone number and email: +44 (0)1706 717070 and [email protected]
  • The Edmund Bell website is available to place orders and manage your account online 24 hours a day. You can find more information and download our “How to” guide here.


We will continue to review things on a daily basis in line with government guidelines and will keep you informed of any changes via our website and social media.

Thank you in advance for your support and co-operation – we hope you and your families keep safe and well.


With best regards

John Atherton
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How to make a Roman Blind

WORKROOM TUTORIAL: How to make a Lined Roman Blind

This tutorial is based on the method we use in our workroom to make blinds for paying customers so there is an emphasis on producing a beautiful blind with a professional finish. Your finished blind will

  • Show no stitch lines through to the face fabric.
  • Have traditional rod pockets made from the lining (we also show you how to use rod pocket tape if that is in your kit).

To make a roman blind well requires accurate measuring and care to get everything straight and square. The level of detail Pro blind maker Cindy Taylor gives in her step by step video instruction means this tutorial is suitable for both a beginner or someone looking to improve their knowledge and skill.

The method for this pro workroom tutorial is available for you to read and use here now FREE

  • No sign up

There is a charge should you decide to unlock the videos* and download the printable worksheet that compliment the instructions. (*first 4 videos are FREE)

Tutorial Steps

We make a lined roman blind using the following steps.

Each step is described in detail with demonstration videos also available.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp VIDEO INSTRUCTOR – Cindy Taylor

Owner of Dolman & Taylor specialist curtain and blind makers.


The base tutorial gives you the information for making a Lined Roman Blind with

  1. Standard folds (lined up when blind in up position)
  2. Plain or Patterned Fabric
  3. A single width of fabric
  4. Headrail Kit
  5. Traditional Rod pockets made from the lining

We have added extra information in colour coded drop downs at the bottom of the appropriate tutorial pages for the following variations.


To make a blind with rod pocket tape rather than forming traditional rod pockets from the lining. You will find extra instructions at the bottom of the following STEPS.

    Slightly less lining will be required as no lining is needed to form the rod pockets

    Sew the tape to the lining rather than form pockets from the lining

    The rods are inserted differently & there are usually loops on the tape that make the attachment of rings and breakouts different.

    with some tapes you thread through fabric loops on the tape rather than rings.


To make a blind with a traditional wooden batten with acorn and cleat rather than use a metal chain pull headrail. You will find extra instructions at the bottom of the following STEPS.

    If you are covering the batten with the face fabric you will need to ensure this is included in the fabric quantity.

    Make a wooden batten rather than use a headrail.

    The stringing of the blind is slightly different to a headrail.


To make a cascading blind the rod pockets are positioned differently to a standard folds blind to create the cascade effect. The making process is the same. You will find extra instructions at the bottom of the following STEP.


To make a blind with a bottom flap when in the up position, the rod pockets are positioned differently to a standard folds blind. The making process is the same. You will find extra instructions at the bottom of the following STEP.

Buyer’s guide to Roman blinds

A Roman blind will take your room design to a whole new level. Cords at the back draw the blind up into large, soft horizontal pleats, bringing in a sumptuous extra furnishing element. Unlike curtains which need plenty of fabric to create the folds, a Roman blind hangs flat at the window, so it is cost-effective way to introduce a luxurious fabric without busting your budget. Ready-made Roman blinds are available, though there’s much more choice with made to measure blinds. 

If you’re not sure what type of blind are best for your space, consult our buyer’s guide to window blinds to explore more options. And don’t miss all our window treatment buyer’s guides.

Made to measure Roman blind in Origami Linen, Turquoise/Saffron, with border in Plain Linen, Turquoise, W100cm x L100cm, £394.12, Vanessa Arbuthnott

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Today’s best Roman blinds deals

Decide on the style of Roman blinds you like

Whether you’re after a relaxed, coastal look or a more formal effect, a Roman blind is up for the challenge. Dressy enough for a living room, Roman blinds can also bring a calming effect to a bedroom, brighten up a kitchen and will even add a softer touch to a bathroom, provided they’re kept clear of splashes. To bring extra texture and warmth to a relaxed living room scheme, these blinds can be layered with curtains.

Explore more smart window treatments for bedrooms in our gallery.

Made to measure Scion Lokho Flame Roman blind, W60cm x L100cm, £77.87, Blinds 2 Go

(Image credit: Blinds2Go)

Choosing a fabric for your blinds

Roman blinds come in a variety of colours and prints. Bold designs work well for this type of blind, as do stripes which are accentuated by the pleats. Go for a made to measure blind from Vanessa Arbuthnott and you can add contrasting borders to frame the design and draw extra attention to the pleats. 

Cotton and linen fabrics work beautifully, and thicker fabrics also make great Roman blinds, though the pleats won’t be as crisp. Fine fabrics such as silks look gorgeous, but these delicate materials are prone to fading and damage by the sun, so artificial silk such as polyester is a good alternative. 

Find out how to mix patterns and plains successfully in our guide.

Elegant made to measure Roman blind in Furore 7234, W60cm x L100cm, £243, Luxaflex

(Image credit: Luxaflex)

Lining options for Roman blinds

Roman blinds are often lined, which improves the way the pleats fall. Not only will lining help to cut out more light, it also prevents the tapes and cords from showing on the right side of the blind. Choose blackout lining if the blind is for a bedroom. Thermal lining will help to keep the heat in and the cold out and for extra help against draughts opt for interlining as well. Inserted between the fabric and lining for warmth, this extra layer will give the blind a more sumptuous look.

Find the best blackout curtains to match your Roman blinds.

Made to measure Roman blind in Red French Stripe, W60cm x L100cm, £255, Loaf

(Image credit: Loaf)

Today’s best blackout curtains deals

Positioning and measuring Roman blinds

The blind can be set within the window recess or outside it. Hanging the blind above the frame will maximise the light, since the top pleat won’t then block the window. It’s best to allow at least 45mm fabric overlap on each side and the base (around 75mm would be even better), so that light won’t creep around the blind edges. If the sill protrudes, the blind can finish there. Find a measuring guide at Terry’s Fabrics.

Made to measure blinds are supplied according to your own measurements, so use a metal tape and be precise. Alternatively, you can relax and let a blind company measure up then fit the completed blinds for you.

Tetbury Duck Egg Roman blind with blackout lining and interlining, W65cm x L75cm, £190, including fitting, Hillarys

(Image credit: Hillarys)

Making your own Roman blinds

If you can use a sewing machine, you can make your own Roman blind – they’re relatively simple and if the window isn’t too wide you won’t even need to join widths of fabric but can simply cut one piece. Lining is optional. Tapes sewn to the back of the blind take rods to hold the pleats firm, and cords are threaded through the tape or through rings to raise and lower the blind. The blind is then fixed using Velcro to a wooden batten or a track above the window. For safety reasons, the cords or sidewinder chain must be out of reach of young children, so you must install the safety device provided with your blind kit, or buy a safety blind cord lock. Find Roman blind kits and safety devices at John Lewis. 

Discover more window dressing ideas for period homes.

Delicate Willow Print ready-made Roman blind, W90cm x L160cm, £45, Next

(Image credit: Next)

Today’s best Roman blind kit deals

Roman blinds for loft windows

Why stick with standard roller blinds for sloping skylight windows when a specifically designed Roman blind can give the room an altogether more dressy effect? The blind runs in side rails and is not attached at the top or bottom so it’s easy to raise or lower. There are no visible cords and it can be removed easily for cleaning. Find these blinds at Velux.

Find more blinds for loft windows and glazed extensions in our guide.

Roman Blind in Classic White to fit a GGL FK08 window, W66cm x L140cm, £134.40, Velux

(Image credit: Velux)

More on window treatments:

Roman blinds to order in St. Petersburg (St.


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Khazri Askerov

I ordered curtains for the office from this company. Only positive emotions from communication and results remained.Many thanks to designer Polina for the work done.

Artyom Senkov

We ordered curtains from you for a country house. There were only positive impressions of cooperation. Thank you.

Natalya Sinitsa

I ordered here sewing of Roman curtains for my living room. I was pleasantly surprised when they were installed. Incredibly beautiful work, the material is very light and durable, the seams are made neatly. The curtain fits very harmoniously into the interior. I am very pleased!

Olka Shulzhenko

I ordered the sewing of my three-room apartment here.I liked everything very much, thank you!

Roman blinds – 150 new photos of Roman blinds for plastic windows

Often, blinds are made on the windows of office premises. Yes, it is beautiful, but if we talk about the home environment, then for sure, everyone would like a more comfortable and gentle atmosphere here. To do this, you can hang Roman blinds, they look great in every room. You can be convinced of this, see the roman blinds on the windows of the photo!

Roller blinds (second name) appeared several millennia ago.Despite such a long-standing origin, they do not lose their relevance at all. On the contrary. They are becoming more and more popular and diverse in the world of modern technology! And it is not for nothing that they say that all the most ingenious is very simple! This statement is one hundred percent statement about Roman blinds for windows.

Types of Roman blinds

They look rectangular or square in shape, flat canvases attached to the cornice. In a parallel way, the frame rods that are in the fabric are distributed to the cornice.Thanks to them, using a lace / special chain, you can adjust the height of the curtain. This principle is basic, and you can upgrade it as you like, it all depends on your own discretion. Consider the characteristics and features of the main types of such curtains.

Roman shades – classic

They are simple and, at the same time, elegant, nothing superfluous, inventions or bells and whistles. If the curtains are unfolded, they look like a flat canvas, when folded – beautifully laid folds, in a horizontal way.Classic roman blinds for the kitchen will look very original. They are also suitable for a nursery.

Roman cascade blinds

If this type is compared with the classical one, then in any case, even if they are fully opened (omitted), there will be draperies and waves from fabrics. This type of Roman blinds for plastic windows is perfect for a bedroom / living room. The interior style most suitable for such window curtains is country, shabby chic or Provence.

Roman shades without frames

You can make Roman blinds with your own hands, and very easily. It is the frameless type of curtains that you will succeed in!

Quite an elegant look with its lightness and weightlessness, since there are no hinges in these curtains.

Materials for roller blinds

After you have decided what kind of roman blinds you will have in your interior, it is important to choose the right fabric for them. But the question is not what the drawing should be on the material.The task is to select the material directly. After all, there is a wide variety of it, and all of it differs from each other in density, degree of light transmission, etc. Roman blinds of a photo, you can understand a lot by looking at the catalog.

For example, the most popular fabrics used for Roman blinds on plastic windows have the following degree of light transmission:

  • Linen from 190 to 270 g / m2
  • Cotton from 140 to 230 gsm
  • Synthetics from 110 to 360 g / m2
  • Blended fabrics 120 to 390 gsm

Linen roller blinds

Since ancient times, curtains made of linen fabric were appreciated for their excellent quality. For example, we can only say about the most basic and important advantages of flax, these are:

  • Their environmental friendliness
  • High strength
  • Will keep their shape perfectly
  • Smooth structure
  • Easy to care for
  • Antistatic properties
  • When washing, Roman shades do not “sit on the windows”

First of all, what will be noticeably noticeable is the naturalness of such curtains.This is what allows the use of linen materials in styles: Provence, country, classic or Mediterranean. They are not filled with drawings. Their texture is the basis of their aesthetics.

Since linen curtains have an average light transmission, such Roman curtains are ideal for the kitchen or the hall.

Cotton curtains

Cotton is one of the most demanded materials. This material is valued for its environmental friendliness, first of all. For the production of designer items, cotton is in high demand due to the fact that it can be used to make a variety of prints. See roman shades for photos, where you can see different ways of decorating interiors.

Main advantages of cotton roller blinds:

  • Variety of bright colors
  • Durable and durable material
  • Inherent softness
  • Resistant to chemical and heat treatments.

This material has some disadvantages, namely:

  • Very easy to wrinkle.
  • Shrinks slightly during washing.
  • The fabric may turn yellow when exposed to the sun.

Cotton roller blinds in the interior are appropriate for kitchens and nurseries. How it will look, see roman blinds in the kitchen photo.

Synthetic roller blinds

For their manufacture, polymer fibers are used, which do not exist in nature. That is why they can have absolutely any properties that are characteristic of natural fabrics. For example, they will not wrinkle, do not accumulate dust, bacteria or microorganisms in themselves, they are easy to wash, and their weight is very low.

But it is important to take into account the nuance that under the influence of temperatures (for example, from a battery, etc.), synthetic curtains can deform.

Mixed fabric

Blended fabric is a fabric made from fibers with different qualities. One canvas can contain both natural and artificial fibers. Due to the variety of combinations, a very wide range of fabrics is produced. They can be incredibly light and transparent, or, conversely, heavy and opaque.

Accordingly, a Roman blind is used in the kitchen from light fabrics, but thick fabrics are ideal for a nursery or bedroom.

Various styles of interior decoration


Its origin falls on the era of that time when great geographical discoveries took place, when Europeans constantly mastered one new colony after another. It is from here that, in fact, the name of this style came. Accordingly, the classic interior style of Europe at that time began to spread throughout the planet, acquiring the features of a certain area, as well as exotic.

World discoveries were carried out to a greater extent in the direction to the east and south. Hence the unification of the European and Middle Eastern styles into one – the colonial one. See what a Roman blind looks like in the kitchen photo, and what design methods are there.

Soft colors and pastel shades are appropriate for the colonial style. Fabrics should be used exclusively natural, shades should also be natural. So that the design is not monotonous, you can dilute it with an exotic pattern, print or ornament.

The opinion that the colonial style is a tie to a certain territory is incorrect. Nevertheless, in order for the style of the interior to be sustained and respected, it is important to select all the elements in accordance with each other.

Marine theme

Even if you create roman blinds with your own hands, they will look very appropriate in a nautical style. And all because the principle of their production was taken from sailors. They, using transverse cords, collected the sails, and also straightened them.

Light curtains are suitable here. Any shades of white, blue or light blue look great. You should not use bright drawings, in particular, when it comes to floral motifs. Cascade roller blinds are perfect here.


Very interesting and unusual style for interiors. It can contain a variety of items from different eras: from vintage figurines, caskets, to antique furniture and mirrors. Nevertheless, textile products are very rarely preserved in their original “fresh” form.It is for this reason, to put it mildly, “not very” will look “grandmother’s curtain” on metal-plastic windows.

Before buying roller blinds for a retro style room, you need to carefully study the existing colors of fabrics, popular at that time, the style of which you are going to embody in your room. For example, fabrics can be checked, striped or floral …

Retro is quite sophisticated. For this reason, curtains made of rough fabrics, as well as in neon colors, should not be chosen.

Minimalism is modernity

Textile decoration is rarely used here. But, despite this, it is the Roman textile curtains that will be very appropriate. After all, there is nothing superfluous in them! In addition, very, by the way, the use of a monochromatic color, as well as striped, but always strict.

Various rooms – interior decoration with roller blinds

To hall

It can be hung here as a stand-alone item, or together with curtains.But then the curtains of the roll plan will be on the principle of blinds.

Children’s room

The use of bright colors is appropriate here. Choose a fabric that is thick enough so that your baby can sleep soundly and sweetly. The fabrics in this room can be synthetic.

Roman blind in the kitchen (50 photos)

If your kitchen window faces south, it is very hot in summer, especially during cooking. For this reason, it is recommended to choose blackout curtains.In other situations, choose lightweight curtains. See how roman blinds on the windows of the photo are equipped in the interiors.

How to sew a Roman shade (step by step)

You can view the instruction – making Roman blinds with your own hands. And also be sure to see do-it-yourself Roman blinds!

And so, step-by-step instructions for those who are interested in how to sew a Roman blind:

  1. First you need to calculate how much fabric you need by adding up to 20 cm to the height and 5 cm on each side.
  2. Choose the fabric you need. For example, light or heavy, etc.
  3. On the back of the fabric, mark (at the same distance) how you will place the rods and rings for the cord.
  4. Above and below, it is necessary to make a fold with Velcro so that it can be put on a curtain rod for a Roman shade – at the top, and at the bottom on a special bar for weighting.
  5. The backing should be basted on the back to the curtain, then sewn near the markings for the rods.This should create an opening between the seams. It should be possible to insert a rod into it, but it can be made of wood or metal.
  6. Rings must be sewn by hand. Through them, you can thread the cord in a vertical way.

Roman blinds can be omitted. Then the curtain can be attached directly to the sash!

the right choice, measurement and installation

Bedroom is the room that needs to create a calm, warm atmosphere.It is better to choose Roman shades for this room in the same calm tones. The canvas can overlap with the texture or color of the upholstery of furniture, other textiles in the room. To create the right atmosphere for a healthy sleep, it is better to choose curtains made of thick material. The best option is blackout fabric. Thick, opaque curtains go well with light tulle.

Curtains in the children’s room should be cheerful, with an interesting print. But this rule applies provided that the decoration is done in more restrained colors.A floral ornament or a bright stripe is a commonly used option. It will not be superfluous to decorate Roman curtains with additional decor – fringe, ribbons, tassels. It is better to install motorized curtains in the children’s room so as not to draw the child’s attention to chains, ropes, etc.

For the kitchen it is worth choosing curtains made of polyester, linen, cotton, mixed fiber with impregnations that have dust and dirt repellent properties. It is better if the fabric for kitchen curtains is transparent or translucent, without large and bright patterns.Bright and dark shades are only suitable for spacious kitchens.

Roman blinds in office should not be distracting. Therefore, you need to choose light filters with a simple design, solid color. An exception is curtains for creative studios, showrooms. Practicality is an important quality for the fabric from which office roman blinds are made. Therefore, you need to choose a material with dust and dirt repellent impregnation or 100% polyester.

Correct measurement is an important step

The measurement of the product depends on the installation location.There are only two options: on the opening and inside it. You can also attach the curtain to the sash of the plastic window, while the size of the filter must correspond to the dimensions of the frame.

If roman blinds will be installed above the opening (on a wall or ceiling), the width of the product is calculated as the size of the opening in width, increased by 15 cm.The height is calculated in the same way: you need to measure the height of the opening and add 15 cm.

If roman blinds will be installed in an opening or niche, the width of the product will be equal to the width of the opening minus 0.5 cm.The height of the curtain should be equal to the height of the opening.

How to Install?

Steps for installing Roman blinds:

  1. First you need to mark the places for mounting brackets on the wall, ceiling or in the opening. Please note that the number of brackets depends on the length of the curtain rod. The maximum distance between them should be 40-50 cm. If “rims” are mounted on a wall, and the window sill extends far beyond the opening, you need to use universal wall brackets. They provide the necessary extension from the wall at a distance of 6 to 30 cm.
  2. Drill holes. If wall brackets are used, it may be necessary to make several holes. For example, if the bracket is 30 cm long, you need to drill 3 holes in the ceiling.
  3. Screw the brackets onto the self-tapping screws.
  4. Insert the curtain rod into the brackets by turning all latches to the left as far as they will go. If the cornice is motorized, you need to connect the wires of the electric drive to the power supply.

It remains to attach the canvas to the cornice with a special adhesive tape or hooks.

When installing curtains on the sash of a plastic window, special brackets are used, which are hung on the hinged frame.

How to take care?

Correct care of Roman shades is, first of all, in their correct use. This means that they are suitable for indoor use only with an air humidity of no more than 70% and a temperature of at least 0 C. Do not sharply lower or raise the canvas. Protect components from impacts.

Roman blinds are washable.To do this, you need to remove it from the cornice: untie the knots on the rings at the weighting agent, pull it out together with the fiberglass rods. Wash in warm water at a temperature of 30 C, after which the cloth can be ironed.

Roman blinds in St. Petersburg – “Zzebra curtains” in St. Petersburg

These are the real progenitors of modern blinds, because the design was invented in the days of Ancient Rome. Despite the fact that such a mechanism came to Russia relatively recently, they have already found their loyal fans.

The lifting system includes a special tape, a control cord and a curtain rod – by pulling on the cord, you can quickly change the position of the fabric on the window.

The product consists of straight rectangular parts, separated by special rods for structural rigidity. Rising, the canvas folds into even horizontal folds, evenly superimposed on each other. At the same time, in the open state, part of the window remains closed.

The design is very functional : they can be installed in the window opening, on the wall to close the window opening or even on the window frame, which will visually expand the room and, moreover, will free up the window sill for plants, vases of flowers or any other decorative solutions.

When fastening over the window opening , pay attention to the distance between the ceiling and the opening part of the frame: the curtain has a step (fold) of 20-25 cm, and if this distance is less, then the window will not be able to open. But this problem can be avoided altogether by using Velcro.

The main difference from roller blinds or “Zebra” curtains is just the presence of a huge selection of colors and patterns: flowers, images of people and animals, nature, geometry, etc.P.

It is enough to vacuum it once or twice a week in order to avoid dust accumulation. For more serious dirt, the fabric can be washed in the washing machine by selecting the “Delicate mode” or it can be taken to a professional dry-cleaner.

The term of production is 7-10 working days.

Roman blinds – interior trends at

Roman blinds – a classic in a modern design

When you see Roman blinds in the interior of a room, it is very difficult to believe that this textile decor is already several thousand years old – so fashionable and modern look such curtains.Roman curtains, like many other things, we inherited from the Roman Empire, where such curtains served as an excellent protection from the heat and the scorching sun. And today the original function of Roman curtains remains relevant: it is no coincidence that this type of curtain is especially popular in southern countries.

What are Roman blinds? In fact, their design is very simple: a rectangular fabric sheet, laid in even horizontal folds, formed using a special system of planks.These curtains are suitable for any room, although they are primarily recommended for rooms on the sunny side. There are two types of Roman blinds: classic and cascading. Classic Roman shades are flat fabrics that form horizontal folds only when lifted. Cascading curtains, in turn, retain creases even when fully opened, transforming into a beautiful drapery.

Bonprix Roman blinds collection: a variety of fabrics and shapes

In the bonprix online store you can choose curtains of all types, colors and textures, depending on your interior and the color of the room.If you want to change the shades of light in the room, we recommend that you choose roman blinds from loose fabrics of warm colors: when closed, they will help create soft, warm lighting in the room. Another great idea is to use roman shades in combination with airy tulle. Take a look at the collection of Roman blinds and bonprix tulle: a couple of mouse clicks – and the original decor of your window is ready!

Very often Roman blinds are used to decorate the kitchen. Soft folds create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth: such a kitchen attracts the whole family to sit over a cup of tea and chat.

A wide variety of fabrics can be used for the manufacture of Roman blinds. Take a look at – here you will find both classic versions of Roman curtains, made of cotton, and light, airy openwork curtains with embroidery, made of tulle or voile.

Create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth in your home – choose magnificent roman blinds from bonprix!

Roman shades – PRIKSS

Roman blinds were invented back in the days of Ancient Rome (that’s why they got the name “Roman blinds”).They are quite attractive and functional, which actually deserve the attention of consumers.

Roman blinds are so simple that they are found almost everywhere where simplicity and beauty intertwine. The minimalist interior, in which Roman blinds will be present, will appeal to all consumers.

If you have doubts about which curtains to choose, then buying roman blinds, you will never go wrong. They really look just perfect in any interior, without any flaws and flaws.

Roman blinds are quite simple to make. Along their entire width, on the reverse side, rings are sewn at the same distance between themselves. Cords are threaded into these rings. The curtains are folded in horizontal, so-called “sea waves”. Roman blinds are lifted due to rods. They are shaped by a weighting agent that is sewn into the fabric at the bottom. Thanks to him, the curtains have a clear shape when assembled, and do not dangle freely from drafts.

Fabric for Roman blinds is inexpensive, in order to curtain one window, you need only one small cloth.Curtains visually hide the size of the room and visually do not steal space at all. As a rule, manual control is used to control such curtains, but if the consumer is very demanding, then remote control from the PU can also be installed.

Roman blinds manufacturing

Initially, you need to decide what material will be made of Roman blinds. It is not recommended to use any material. For example, a fairly dense material will form rough folds, while too thin, on the contrary, will show through.You should take into account the pattern and texture of the canvas, and also imagine at least approximately what will happen to the pattern when the curtain is folded.

In order to correctly determine the size of a Roman shade, for this you must first determine what mechanism will be used as an attachment to the cornice. It is also important where the curtain will be attached: to the wall, to the window opening, to the ceiling. Often, the cornice is attached to the ceiling, so it is more reliable, and it looks much more attractive than in other places.

The length of a Roman shade, as a rule, is up to the windowsill, but it can also be up to the floor. The width is determined by the width of the window, but you need to take with a margin of 5 cm on both sides (in total, 10 cm wider than the window opening). Usually the width of Roman blinds does not exceed 1.5 m, but there are exceptions. In this case, you need to place several curtains, each of which will be attached to a separate cornice.

After you have specified the dimensions, the number of curtains and curtain rods, you can proceed directly to the sewing process itself. For example, your curtain should be 160 cm long and 120 cm wide.

To properly sew such a curtain, you need to cut out the fabric 120 cm wide with a 3 cm margin on each edge (1 cm of the margin is used to shrink the fabric). So, it turns out your fabric should be 125 cm wide. The length of the curtain is calculated from the net length of 160 cm, 8 cm for the drawstrings, an allowance of 2 cm and 6 cm for the weighting agent. In total, we get a length of 178 cm. The bottom seam should be 3 cm with the fold, and the side seams should be 1 cm with the fold.

After the curtains are sewn, they must be fully ironed with an iron and mark the transverse drawstrings and horizontal lines at these levels.Next, you need to bend the fabric under these lines, pin it with pins and sew the drawstrings at a distance of 1 cm. Drawstrings can be made both on the wrong side and on the front.

How the curtains will be sewn, you need to check the height and width of the finished product. If no mistakes were made, then you can sew Velcro to the upper edge. The cornice, designed for Roman blinds, has carriages for pulling the tape. The rings on the drawstrings must be sewn, taking into account these carriages. Drawstrings are sewn by hand, with small stitches.

Next, you must hang the finished curtain on the cornice, insert all the inserts and weights into the drawstrings, and thread the cords and ribbons. That’s all, on this the Roman shades are ready.

Where to order?

You can inexpensively order blinds and roller blinds, as well as their automation in Nizhny Novgorod from the PRIKSS company.

Call and in 5 minutes get advice on the cost and production time.