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3 Best Cafes In Robertson Quay For A Sweet Singapore Vacation

Robertson Quay was once one of the 3 largest wharves located near the mouth of the Singapore River but has now been developed to also include a massive hotel, as well as various commercial and residential hubs. Filled with numerous restaurants, pubs, lounges, entertainment hubs, condominiums, offices, and recreational facilities, there is no dearth of fun you can have here. While there are a number of restaurants and cafes in Robertson Quay with a tranquil ambiance for couples to enjoy an intimate dinner by the Singapore River, there also is a brilliant night entertainment scene here with various bars, clubs, and live music venues where you can chill with your friends.

Robertson Quay boasts of an eclectic mix of international restaurants with alfresco dining, wine bars, artsy diners, and high-class hotel cafes. Its string of pleasant cafes and coffee houses are the best places for you to stop by for a relaxing afternoon over tea and cakes or to simply spend quality time with your near and dear ones over a hearty meal.

They are known to serve the best Singaporean and continental food with freshly brewed coffee and tea.

3 Marvelous Cafes In Robertson Quay

You must not miss out on these tempting cafes and coffee houses located in Robertson Quay that would provide you everything from a simple cup of coffee with friends to a wholesome meal with your family. Pick from their range of delectable fare and refreshing beverages to make your holiday in Singapore unique and cherishable.

1. La Ristrettos

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This place has the best brunch menu and coffee! This café has great breakfast menu and the food is pretty decent here. This Italian café also has outdoor and indoor seating. Also, it has pastas and bruschetta and other tasty dishes to order. You also have desserts to order from. Here is some additional information which you may require when you are looking for some recommendations:

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: 10 Sinaran Dr, #08-37, Singapore 307506
Average price for two: $16-30
Timings: 8.

00 AM-6.00 PM

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2. Cider

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Singaporeans love their cider. It is a fresh and sweet sort of cider which will put its English counterpart to shame. Having said that, there hasnt been much development made in terms of the locally-production of cider. The most peculiar microbrewery-cum-cafe in town has taken care of that since 2013, however. Cider is available in abundance at Adstragolds main Katong outlet. Make sure to try this incredibleconcoction on your trip to Singapore. You can easily find this is any of the best bars and cafes in Singapore.

Where to buy:

Adstragold, Katong, Singapore

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3. Fresh Fruit Lab – Z Edition

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Fresh Fruit Lab is a favorite among locals. Its a place where people come to unwind and relax after a hard days work because of its casual atmosphere. You can also spend some time with friends and family. Their staff is rather hospitable and offers great service, creating a wholesome dining experience. Their name is a giveaway, as they experiment with food in new, exciting ways to create fruit-themed dishes that will surprise you.


Chicken Rustica, Caesar Salad, Soft-Shell Crab Pasta
Address: 28 Clementi Rd, Singapore 129754
Google rating: 4.4

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Best Time To Visit Robertson Quay In Singapore

Singapore does happen to be a year-round destination, but it is recommended that you avoid visiting during the peak tourism months so that you do not have to encounter all the annoying tourist crowds and super high prices for your choice of accommodation. If you wish to see this island nation in all its glory and sparkle, visit during the New Year, and you’ll understand why Singapore turns into the most charming holiday destination in Southeast Asia during the months of December and January.

You can also try visiting in April since the temperature is quite pleasant and ideal for sightseeing during this time. Or you can even consider visiting Singapore and its attractions in the offseason beginning from August and continuing to October. During this time, the hotels will also be a lot cheaper as compared to other months and you will be able to get fabulous deals on your holiday package. Also note that while November and January are the wettest months in Singapore, May and June are the hottest. So, plan your trip carefully. All in all, this place is relatively pleasant no matter which month you visit it in.

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Delicious Self-Roasted Coffee & Brunch at Robertson Quay

Started in 2011, Toby’s Estate is one of the OG coffee roaster-slash-hipster cafes in the game. This totally shows from the chill interior design, well-curated menu and wide coffee selection.

Expect to find this place bustling with people most times as it’s really popular. Fret not though – despite the crowds, the place didn’t feel noisy or cramped at all. The lovely warehouse design & high ceiling helped by making the whole place feel bright and open.

Packed on a Saturday afternoon.

Silky Smooth Cold Brew

As Toby’s roasts their own beans, I was excited to try something a little more challenging – hence I went for the Cold Brew ($7). This is something I usually avoid ordering unless I’m sure of the café as it tends to be pricier and it’s tough to get the clean, crisp taste right.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this a lot. Made with the LWE KAUNG from Myanmar, it had a fruity, naturally sweet flavor profile. In addition to the distinct flavor, it was very smooth overall. My only complaint is that for $7, I wish they would be more generous with the quantity.

Also, side note that Toby’s displays the bean’s background prominently for each type of specialty coffee (cold brew & filter) so you can check this out before ordering. We just ordered and only noticed this later on. 🙂

Rainbow Fries: The Fries to End All Fries

The Rainbow Fries ($14) was one of the best fries I’ve tried in a long time. These fries are called rainbow fries because of the mix of sweet potato and blue potato in addition to the regular yellow potato.

Everything is crispy with a fluffy interior, minus any greasiness. The sweet potato is particularly well done as it had a sort of air-fried texture to it – delivering on crunch without much oil.

Rainbow Fries ($14)

The savory aioli dip was the real star of the show. Every dip into this heavenly sauce brought the fries to the next level. We simply couldn’t get enough.

I highly, highly recommend that you order this! On it’s own, this portion is more than enough for 3-4 people to share.

Short Stack Pancakes: Really Very Short

As you might guess, I found the Short Stack Pancakes ($12) to be way too small. I guess we should have gotten a clue as it was one of the cheaper items on the menu and under ‘desserts’ instead of ‘brunch’.

Such a shame because this dish was not bad – the pancakes were fluffy and just the right amount of sweet when paired with the fruit and maple syrup. I wished they would do a full portion of this instead of something we finished in 10 bites.

Short Stack Pancakes ($12)

The Verdict

I would definitely recommend Toby’s Estate for a casual weekend brunch. It will be pricey for sure, but being in Robertson Quay I’d say that’s to be expected.

The ambience is lovely for chilling, the food is pretty great and the coffee is super. The quality of everything remains high, even after all these years. Do pay them a visit! 🙂

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Toby’s Estate
: 8 Rodyk St, Singapore 238216
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 6pm Daily

Smitten Coffee at 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore

Fasterly checked out another indie cafe yesterday! 1 more item off my to-drink list. Heh. With Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar, I complete the Robertson Quay stretch of coffee joints (the others being Kith Cafe and Toby’s Estate).

It was Sunday, 5pm. This place is part of the Quayside building (there’s parking available) and very easy to find. Quite a small space though. We sat outside since it was full indoors.

They have coffee, tea and food.  Prices are rather pricey (oolong for $13?)

Quite liking their coffee related displays and decor though. Very cosy and bright space.

These firefly drinks look really delicious.

They also have a huge ice drip coffee ($6) contraption.

They sell their own coffee too!

We ordered 2 lattes ($5.5 each) and a Ethiopian specialty coffee ($6), which apparently is quite diluted compared to Coffee Club’s. I really like their elf signboard and their tagline, “Daymakers”. Because they make your day!

Normal latte art. 

We also ordered a banana bread (cake) and a raspberry friand.  The latter cost 3.50 and it was smaller than the size of a child’s fist. Seriously overpriced. We got ripped off! But it is understandable since the rent there must be really expensive. The banana cake was average, I prefer the one from Old School Delights.

Here’s my sister Felicia visiting from Macau. Happy to be ripped off? Haha.

Honestly felt that Smitten was the epitome of the new indie cafes out there with all the characteristics of the phenomenon. Small space in a ‘cool’ enclave that has coffee furniture, homemade coffee beans, and ikea/casual furniture. There will be alfresco sitting, juices and some easy to store pastries from a factory that is 5x overpriced. If they have a slightly bigger space there will be brunch sets ranging from 15-22 dollars. Target audience – expats, hippies and singaporeans looking for new places to go (me included). Am glad that I checked this cafe out, but won’t be going back there for it’s coffee or food any time soon mainly because there is nothing special, and it is overpriced.

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar
60 Robertson Quay, #01-11 The Quayside, Singapore
Tel: +65 9876 2347
Mon–Thu: 10am – 10pm, Fri: 10am – 11pm, Sat: 9am – 11pm, Sun: 9am – 9pm (Closed on Tue)

Oh and just right beside the coffee place is Stacked, a dim sum bar. I am really tickled by this concept. Felicia, being from macau/hong kong, said she will never pay to eat there since it screams gimmicky, but i’ve read good reviews about this place. Hmmm..

Toby’s Estate is one of the best restaurants in Singapore

10Best Says

Hailing from Australia, Toby’s Estate opened their first international coffee shop on Robertson Quay in Singapore, hoping to cash in on Singapore’s new-found obsession for boutique coffee places. Its…  Read More

Hailing from Australia, Toby’s Estate opened their first international coffee shop on Robertson Quay in Singapore, hoping to cash in on Singapore’s new-found obsession for boutique coffee places. Its large communal wooden table, high stool counter seating and chill-out tunes make this a pleasant place to while away a few hours. High chairs and a toy box make it popular with the pram brigade, while free wi-fi attracts an equal number of laptop-wielding mobile workers. But of course what everybody really comes for is the coffee – and the in-house roaster and piles of coffee bean sacks show just how serious they are about that. A selection of fresh pastries and other breakfast items and sandwiches are also on offer and outdoor seating alongside the river is also available.


8 Rodyk Street
Singapore, 238216


Due to COVID-19, please check with the business for the most recent updates to their opening hours.

Common Man Roasters @ Martin Road (Robertson Quay)

Common Man Roasters @ Martin Road (Robertson Quay)

December 4, 2013 Posted by gurkhason in cafe, food.
Tags: breakfast, brunch, cafe, coffee, Robertson Quay

Ever since my friend told me about Common Man Roasters, I had wanted to go there.  Reason is simple: #1 – Brunch is one of my favourite activity because its a if you pay a price for two: breakfast and lunch.  #2 – You wake up, have brunch decisively and move on, making life really more efficient.  #3 – I love eggs and I love coffee – having brunch at a “brunch place” like Common Man Roasters just sate both desires.   #4 – To be blatantly honest, I always feel “upclass” about having brunch because isn’t it something the “rich” people do?  (The average common manprobably have a bak chor mee).

So the birth of Common Man Roasters is sort of a collaboration between 40 Hands and Five Senses.  40 Hands is a local brand (at Tiong Bahru) while Five Senses is from Australia.  And we probably know to a certain extend the coffee culture in Australia is very renowned; particularly in Melbourne; where a lot of barista actually head over there for training.  And mind you, Common Man Roasters is actually a roaster; which means they actually roast their own coffee!

My friend and I scoot over to Common Man Roasters early in the morning (to avoid the crazy brunch crowd) and to kick start our Sunday early so we can catch a 11am movie at Great World City later.  We had a good breakfast and coffee (of course!) while we were there.  I feel the place is great, having a decent crowd while we are there and bursting with energy.   Service staff is accommodative, attentive and ready to serve you.

Black Coffee ($4.50)

At Common Man, they serve the coffee either black or white.  Here the black coffee is served in a big cup and you have the option to add more hot water to it (making a sort of Americano) from a small bottle.  For the uninitiated, most people are clueless when the waiting staff brings a coffee and a small bottle; neither did they bother to explain.  Some thought it might be syrup.  Be careful too, as the glass bottle can be really hot so it is not easy to handle.

White Coffee ($5.50)

I had the white coffee.  Didn’t really like the cup and saucer which weights heavy, but nice latte art even though it is a common one.  My friend; a coffee connoisseur;  warned me about the coffee being a disappointment.  But tasting is believing.  I reckon if you are a coffee addict and knows somewhat your coffee, this probably wouldn’t go far.  I prefer Nylon Roasters and Flock Café, just to name two.

Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast ($24)

My friend commented what a healthy breakfast I have with everything vegetarian.  There is a misconception that people think I am carnivorous.  But actual fact is I do love my veggie and a healthy start is a good way to commence the day.  There are two poached free range organic eggs (you can actually choose to cook it any style) halloumi (a kind of cheese), spinach, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, lemon & chilli and a toasted artisanal sourdough.  Other than the sourdough toast being a little overly done, I have no major complains, though my friend (who was generous to treat me to brunch) felt it was a little overprice, which I agreed and felt quite bad to suggest a pricey place.

Organic Eggs Benedict ($23)

My friend had the Organic Eggs Benedict.  By the way Common Man only uses organic eggs from free range chicken (which explains the hefty price tag).  It may be hard to noticed from the picture that there is actually braised ox cheeks beneath the two poached eggs with chive hollandaise sauce.   I never quite fancy this combination and ox cheeks just doesn’t sound like a breakfast/brunch item to me.  Nonetheless I reckon my friend do enjoy.

I am glad I had reported my findings of Common Man Roasters.  There are better places for coffee; if that is your priority; and as for the value, it really depends on how deep your pockets are.  Otherwise Robertson Quay do have many other choices for brunch.  Common Man Roasters serve largely an expatriate crowd from our observation and the write up of magazines.  My BFF though, she stepped out from the place within 5 minutes because she can’t tolerate with the noise level.  Yupz, can be pretty noisy.  The solution is:  be there early.  Well, at least that way you can beat the long queue that starts forming from as early as 11am.

Common Man Roasters
22 Martin Road
Singapore 239058
Contact Number:6836 4695
Opening Hours:
Daily: 8am to 7pm

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The Providore Café @ Mandarin Gallery

Chock Full of Beans @ Changi Village

Nylon Coffee Roasters @ Everton Park

Oh Deli @ East Coast Road

Penny University @ East Coast Road

Like this:

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PS.Cafe Martin | Chope – Free Online Restaurant Reservations


This iconic brunch spot and homegrown culinary gem has become a staple destination for lazy brunches, classy afternoon teas, and luxurious dinners. The Martin Road offshoot is no different, just a ‘Petit’ version of the homegrown culinary behemoth. It takes on the same light-filled space and minim …More

This iconic brunch spot and homegrown culinary gem has become a staple destination for lazy brunches, classy afternoon teas, and luxurious dinners. The Martin Road offshoot is no different, just a ‘Petit’ version of the homegrown culinary behemoth. It takes on the same light-filled space and minimalistic decor but with a twist of its own – the characteristic monochromatic decor has been swapped out for more adventurous pops of colour to create a vibrant and contemporary enclave.

For breakfast, enjoy wholesome favourites such as the Breakfast Grand Slam Bunwich, the Superseed Granola, and the PS. Fluffy Pancakes. With a cuppa or a Bellini in hand, dive right into lunch (or how about a lovely afternoon snack?) with stellar classics such as the irresistible PS. Brunch Burger, the Roasted Pork Belly Bap, not forgetting a side the famed Truffle Shoestring Fries. Alternatively, enjoy inventive takes on comfy local dishes with the PS. Prawn Noodle Soup and the PS. Crab & Prawn Laksa. Reward yourself after a tiring day with delish mains including the PS. Burger, the Tiger Beer-Battered Fish & Chips, and the iconic Crab Tart, where handpicked blue swimmers are pan-fried with chili and kaffir and drizzled with homemade harissa as well as a luscious prawn bisque sauce.

You haven’t been to PS. Cafe if you didn’t enjoy a slice of their delish cakes, though we reckon that one slice’s not gonna be enough. The famed Double Chocolate Blackout Cake served with dark chocolate sauce is a definite must-try, though unique sweets such as the PS. Giant Salted Caramel Profiterole, Flourless Orange Cake, and the Sticky Date Steamed Pudding are treats straight from dessert heaven that should earn well-deserved top spots on your go-to list as well. We could go on, really, but we prefer to let the flawless dishes speak for themselves! (Sep 2018)


“There’s no denying: we are big fans of the PS.Cafe brand. There’s great food, the decor in each outlet is unique and on-point, and the dining experience is fantastic.” -Honeycombers


Truffle Shoestring Fries, PS. Fluffy Pancakes, Superseed Granola, Ugly Fried Chicken, Breakfast Grand Slam Bunwich, Sticky BBQ Ribs, Shrimp Crab Crumb Pasta, PS. Crab & Prawn Laksa, Thai Chicken & Basil Bowl

Botany Review: Aesthetic Cafe With Uni Pasta & Impossible Mapo Tofu By Julie Tan At Robertson Quay –

Botany at Robertson Quay

Nestled amongst the strip of restaurants along Robertson Quay is Botany—a cafe paved with rustic benches surrounded by verdant flora and fairy lights. Created by actress Julie Tan, her cousin Cassandra, and Dazzling Cafe’s owner Serene Tan, the seven-month-old joint serves a mix of scrummy Asian and Western food against a comforting ambience.

Robertson Quay Food Places Including An Unagi Restaurant And Wine Bar

Full disclosure, it was my second visit here so I knew which dishes were delicious. I just had to make sure they were still delicious.

Food at Botany

First up was the Uni Truffle Capellini ($28+), a mound of cold rinsed capellini that’s mixed with truffle salsa and topped with copious amounts of uni and salmon roe. This was my favourite dish during my first tasting, and I’m happy to report that it cinched a repeat victory.

The soft and cold pasta made an excellent canvas for the wave of oceanic flavours from the roe and uni. The uni was smooth and creamy, coating the capellini with a layer of brininess. The MVP here were the fresh salmon roes which practically blanketed the dish. Even when the urchin and noodles ran out, there were still loads of roe left on the plate.

Fans of truffle will be glad to know the dish didn’t skimp on it. The truffle aroma was strong and lingered long after our last strand was slurped. Even the base of the plate was studded with specks of truffle.

The Avocado Toast with Egg ($18+) is one of Botany’s signatures, and for good reason. The all-day breakfast item sports a canopy of smashed avo’ flowing off a thick slab of sourdough toast. Surrounding it are bits of toasted kale and some pomegranate seeds. Every item on this plate is as aesthetic as they are functional.

Like most people, I like my sourdough to have a chewy crumb and crunchy exterior. The one here excelled in that regard, though I would have preferred if it was more tart. That being said, the lack of acidity could have been an intentional choice in order to highlight the butteriness of the avocadoes. 

Plopped on the stack was a sous vide egg which had a rich yolk that remained runny throughout our meal—a clear indicator of the masterful technique used. Even the pomegranate seeds added some depth to the dish with its grittiness and slight sourness.

Vegetarians will be glad to know that there is a wealth of options catered to them here—one of which is the Impossible Mapo Tofu Bowl ($18+). As its name suggests, the dish comprises silken tofu cooked with Sichuan spices and Impossible meat. The resulting gravy is then poured over a bed of Japanese rice.

Although the dish’s “la” component was lacking, its “ma” more than made up for it with its intense numbness. As expected from the Impossible brand, the plant-based meat tasted exactly like the real thing, down to the minced texture. Perhaps it’s ‘cause we waited too long to dig in, as the rice was a tad clumpy but nothing the gravy couldn’t fix.

Ambience at Botany

Botany’s beautiful al fresco area is matched by a gorgeous interior, marked by high ceilings, leaf-laced lights, and marble tables. As you plop onto the comfy sofa, you’ll notice the smell of lavender wafting in the air. Coupled with show tunes playing in the background, all these lent to a luxurious yet relaxing atmosphere that’s wonderful for dates or a night out with the fam’.

The verdict

My second visit to Botany did not disappoint. It even opened my colleague’s eyes to the wonders of uni. The food was mostly great, with a top-notch ambience and service. Its price and accessibility might be a turn-off for some but if you’re in the area, it’s definitely a place to fuel up at.

Address: 86 Robertson Quay, #01-03, Singapore 238245
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 10pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am to 10pm
Botany is not a halal-certified cafe.

Photos taken by Ian Teoh.
This is an independent review by

Feature image adapted from:



– Delicious and beautifully plated food
– Stunning ambience
– Good service

– Not easily accessible

Recommended dishes: Uni Truffle Capellini ($28+), Avocado Toast with Egg ($18+)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 10pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am to 10pm

Address: 86 Robertson Quay, #01-03, Singapore 238245

90,000 Top 10 reasons to visit Singapore in 2015 / Singapore Looking at the rooftop pool deck of Marina Bay Sands, shopping in a storm on Hadji Lane, or peering into the supertrees in Gardens by the Bay, it’s almost impossible to imagine Singapore was little more than a fishing village just over a century ago. On the eve of his golden jubilee, there is no better time to discover the delights of the city of Leo.

National Fireworks Day, Singapore. Image of the Singapore Tourism Board

Big Party

In 2015, Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence.The 9th August National Day parade will be bigger than ever, but the party will actually last an entire year. Starting with a countdown to 2015, major events on the calendar include the opening of the National Gallery of Singapore (, the launch of the Jubilee Walk, covering historic sites in the Community and Marina Bay Area, and existing annual events such as Chingay and Singapore International Arts Festival in the spirit of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Hainanese Chicken Rice, Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore. Image of Sarah Reid

Fabulous Food

Flavors from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India and other countries create the delicious hybrid cuisine for which Singapore is renowned. And while the lines for Tian Tian chicken rice at the Maxwell Road Hawker Center show no signs of diminishing, there are some impressive new entrants to the Singaporean culinary scene. In recent years, weekend brunch – served everywhere – from Australian-style cafes (try Common Man Coffee on Robertson’s Waterfront) to the city’s finest hotels (like gourmet buffet and no-bake champagne) – has become a religion, and celebrity restaurants are huge. : Gordon’s Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen will be the eighth celebrity of Marina Bay Sands to open in 2015….

Trendy New Gallery

The lotus-shaped ArtScience Singapore Museum and Gillman’s Barracks, a colonial military base converted to a contemporary art space, barely three years in between, but Singapore will get the largest and best art space back in late 2015 of the year. Housed in two of Singapore’s most Singaporean. Iconic National Monuments – City Hall and Former Supreme Court Building – The National Gallery of Singapore will showcase the region’s largest collection of art from Southeast Asia and Singapore.With a ten-day festival dedicated to its opening in mid-2015, this will truly be an excuse.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Image of Sarah Reed

New green spaces

It’s hard to name another city in the world that boasts as many eco-attractions as Singapore. Drawing on its portfolio of iconic parks such as the Botanical Gardens and the sleepy jungle of Pulau Ubin, the city-state has created some spectacular new green spaces in recent years – from Gardens by the Bay (watch out for the 7pm light show).45 m and 20 h 45 m every evening) to the South Ridges, the Green Corridor, to the new Safari River at the Singapore Zoo. It doesn’t stop there: Children will be able to play on one of a kind giant roller coasters at Admiralty Park when it reopens in 2015 following renovations. Two other new green spaces at Lake Jurong and the east coast will open in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Drinking Stage

Singapore’s drinking scene has literally reached new heights.Now, there is no better place to admire the city’s burgeoning skyline than at rooftop bars such as Cé La Vie (formerly known as Ku de Ta) ( or Altitude, before starting work at one of the hot new ones. ” “secret” bars in the Chinatown / CBD area (try 28 Hong Kong or Operation Dagger 7 Ann Xiang Hill). Daytime drunkenness has also been revamped, with dozens of trendy cafes (see Dispensary at 69 Tiong Bahru Road) now coexisting with traditional kopitiams across the city, with new operations opening almost weekly.

New Fashion Hoods

Singapore’s residential areas offer captivating CBD blockbuster entertainment. Just outside Chinatown, the fabulous old 1930s Tiong Bahru residential complex has enough boutiques to keep you busy with brunch at one of the many cool cafes in the area (Whisk, 58 Seng Poh Road, is one of the newest addenda to Neighborhood). Once patronized by its fantastic Lax restaurants, Katong is also becoming a huge playground with sleek new bars like The Trenchard Arms.Everton Park also has something short-lived, some already call it “the new Tiong Baru” ..

Shopping on Haji Lane, Singapore. Image of Sarah Reed


It still lags behind its Asia-Pacific counterparts in affordability, but in terms of choice, Singapore is still a shopper’s paradise. Once confined to Orchard Road malls, the city’s malls exploded and diversified – Haji Lane and Tiong Bahru became enclaves of hip boutiques, and Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands now houses one of the world’s largest collections of designer boutiques.under the same roof. Flea markets have also sprung up, ranging from MAAD Pajamas (Artists and Designers Market) on the first Friday of every month to the city’s weekly artist market on Sunday. Visit for citywide listings.


Singapore, home to the world’s only Formula 1 night races (, is one of the world’s greatest Grand Prix competitors. And the city-state is starting to attract more and more fish in the world of sports.A giant space complex similar to a spaceship on the site of the former National Stadium, the new Singapore Sports Center (named the best new sports building in the world at the 2014 World Architecture Festival) will host the 2015 ASEAN Games, among many other international sports events in the New Year, from tennis before football, rugby before diving. With such amenities, it’s no surprise that there is talk of the Summer Olympics on the horizon.

Sofitel Stock Singapore.Image of Accor Hotels

Hot New Hotels

For now, it’s all about cutting-edge interior design in the Singapore hospitality industry – from the French Sofitel So Singapore with its luxurious French sparkle (Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel designed his ‘Lion’s Seal’ logo) in CBD to the savvy business traveler, beloved Wangz. (Tiong Baru) Designed by world renowned Jaya International Design, The Patina Capitol Singapore (Colonial District) is considered the hottest hotel opening in the city in 2015.It was opened in 2014 by the opening of Shangri-La’s younger sister, the Jen Orchardgateway Hotel (Orchard Road). ), accessibility is also experiencing.

90,000 24 Hour Virtual Tour of Singapore | Traveling with Skyscanner

The entire Lion City is covered by a modern transport network and is very easy to navigate. Travel is now suspended. But you can arrange a mini-vacation without leaving your home. We’ll show you how to see the best spots in Singapore in 24 hours without even leaving your living room.


Heap Seng Leong is one of the few Singaporean establishments that still serves kopi gu yu, coffee with condensed milk and butter. And you can make a cup of this coffee from the Hok-kyen province right in your own kitchen. To reproduce the original recipe, you will need strong coffee, condensed milk, and a little butter. And you can serve toast with coconut jam and eggs. This will create a classic Singaporean breakfast.Lots of recipes can be found online.

After a good meal, take a virtual walk along the Singapore River. The National Heritage Council of Singapore has installed live cameras on the boardwalk from Collier Quay to Robertson Quay, so you can admire the views of the city and learn its history at the same time. Make yourself comfortable on the couch and don’t worry about bad weather – it’s always sunny on a virtual walk.


Refresh yourself with inexpensive, flavorful food at the many food courts in Chinatown.This atmosphere is easy to recreate at home. Order your favorite Singaporean food with delivery: chicken and rice, laksa soup or chhaukuotiu. You can also find a recipe and cook your own dinner. To feel like you’re on a real food court, “stamp” (reserve) your seat. To do this, place a package of napkins or any other item on the table. Now no one else will sit here.

Planning a future trip or just want to see Singapore from the comfort of your home? Get to know the city-state as you wander through its colorful neighborhoods.Turn on your phone, tablet or computer and go shopping at the textile workers on Arab Street. You will see bright fabrics and Persian carpets, among which are hidden restaurants and stalls with national cuisine. Little India and the Kampong Glam area can tire any traveler. But you can feel the real spirit of the city only by wandering around the back streets of these areas.

Take the kids on a virtual tour of Singapore’s mosaic playgrounds. Some of them were built in the 70s and their style reflects folk culture and Singaporean identity.For example, there are many dragon-shaped sites.


Evening is approaching, and there are still so many interesting things ahead. You can take your time and in all details view any work from the online collection of the National Gallery of Singapore, because the digital museum never closes.

Or take a virtual tour of the Singapore Philatelic Museum. It offers exhibitions for all tastes: from “everything about dogs” to a superhero exhibition.

Liven up your home with music: Shows (or podcasts!) On Offstage will take you to the stage of the famous Esplanade, the theater on the bay.You can even set up a home dance studio and learn a couple of national dances. Lovers of every genre will find something to their taste in the online archive: hits, dance performances, plays and much more.


Singapore still has many wonders. Hurry up to the excursion to Jewel Changi Airport. His luxury complex opened in 2019 and showed that the airport can be a destination for travel, not just a vehicle.

To see the magnificent light and sound show of Rain Vortex, you don’t even need a passport: sit back in your chair and turn up the volume in your headphones.

To let your friends and family feel the inexhaustible energy of Singapore, download the Sentosa Island Video Conferencing Wallpaper.

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New openings

Marriott, Voronezh

The first Marriott hotel opened in Voronezh in December last year.The hotel is located in the city center and has 221 rooms in a modern style, warm colors and natural materials. Guests in Executive Rooms and Suites can enjoy complimentary breakfast, drinks and snacks available throughout the day at the M Club Lounge. The hotel has several restaurants and bars. For example, Grill & Grain offers the finest dry-aged beef steaks and seafood, paired with an extensive wine list and large selection of single malt whiskeys; Olea, a cozy 24-hour Mediterranean restaurant specializing in seasonal local produce and wood-fired pizza; Avenue 38 serves coffee and pastries.The hotel has 9 modern meeting and meeting rooms with a total area of ​​1000 m², which are distinguished by panoramic windows with beautiful views, as well as a large banquet hall with six-meter ceilings with a capacity of 500 people.

ibis Styles, Tbilisi

A design hotel “ibis Styles Tbilisi Center” has opened in Tbilisi, located on Tabidze Street, within a five-minute access from the main street of Tbilisi – Rustaveli Avenue, as well as theaters, museums, entertainment and shopping centers.Today it is the second AccorHotels project in the Georgian capital. Unusual design and colorful concept are the hallmark of the new hotel. Each of her rooms is a kind of creative workshop, which combines various textures and a rich palette of colors. High ceilings and large windows visually expand the space and add sunshine. The hotel has 119 rooms of various categories, including 11 suites, with spacious and soft beds, air cushions and free high-speed Wi-Fi.A buffet breakfast is also provided. On the 15th floor there is a bar with a summer terrace City Roof with Georgian and Asian cuisine.

Hyatt Centric Ginza, Tokyo

Debuting for Hyatt Centric in Asia, the 12-story Hyatt Centric Ginza is located on the exclusive shopping street Namiki-Dori, the former office of the national newspaper Asahi Shimbun, founded in 1888.All public areas of the hotel are decorated with artwork that reflects the spirit of modern Tokyo. Thanks to the use of monitors in interior design, designer Yohe Akao has created a space that transforms depending on the time of day – different images are projected on each floor and the overall color palette changes. 164 rooms in an urban style with traditional Japanese elements are complemented by the city panorama opening from the windows. Guests can enjoy an authentic teppanyaki grill on the spacious terrace of the largest Namiki Suite on the top floor.Namiki 667, a traditional and signature restaurant, is run by Hokkaido Chef Shingo Haisaka, a master of complex flavors, offering exclusive dishes made from fresh Kanto produce in slow-cooked cocotte bowls.

Club Med Tomamu, Hokkaido

The new Club Med ski resort in Hokkaido has officially opened. The hotel is located on snow-covered slopes, and skiers and snowboarders enter the tracks directly from the resort town.Both for those who are just starting to ride, and for extreme lovers who are ready to take new heights, the hotel employs professional and attentive G.O. – “kind organizers”, from the French. gentils organisateurs. After a busy day on the slopes, guests of the resort can recuperate in a Japanese onsen bath. The special atmosphere of the resort is the merit of the renowned architect and designer Jean-Philippe Nuel, who created the urban aesthetics and brought elements of all four seasons into it. Those looking to swap their ski equipment for a swimsuit can head to the year-round Mina Mina Beach wave pool, while gourmets will appreciate Itara’s main restaurant serving Japanese and international cuisine, and Haku’s second restaurant, which offers authentic farm produce such as local beef barbecues or traditional for Hokkaido island nabe soup.The Nest Bar offers sake and local whiskey tasting, as well as spectacular performances by the talented G.O.

Hotel Indigo Antwerp – City Center, Antwerp

The first hotel of the Indigo brand in Belgium was opened by the IHG hotel group. Situated in the heart of Antwerp and its famous Diamond Quarter, the new hotel offers 82 elegant boutique rooms, whose dynamic design is designed to convey the legendary Flemish “joie de vivre”, that is, the joy of being.The interior decoration is dominated by warm oak shades, against which colorful blotches of objects and prints with images of plants and insects stand out brightly, reflecting the bohemian atmosphere of the surrounding area. An astonishing blend of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and bold contemporary architecture has earned him the reputation of a global center of style. Many of Antwerp’s attractions are within walking distance of the hotel, including world-famous museums, restaurants and bars. Each room offers free Wi-Fi access, a Nespresso coffee machine.Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared by the hotel’s own restaurant QA’s Kitchen.

Mandarin Oriental Mayfair, London

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will open its second hotel in London. The new hotel and residences will be located in the prestigious Mayfair area. The opening is scheduled for 2021. The hotel will have 50 rooms and suites, as well as 80 residences. The development company Clivedale London is responsible for the construction of the hotel complex; Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners will develop unique designs for rooms, residences and public areas.The hotel will house a gourmet restaurant, lounge, bar; guests can enjoy their time on the outdoor terrace with a rooftop bar. The upper floors of the complex will be occupied by residences, which, according to experts, will be included in the rating of the most prestigious housing in London. For the owners of the residences: swimming pool, fitness center, spa, food delivery from hotel restaurants, parking, round-the-clock concierge service and cleaning of apartments by the hotel’s cleaning service.

WynWood 7, St. Petersburg

The creative spirit of Miami can now be felt in the Northern capital: the construction of a new hotel on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal has been completed.The development of the concept and architectural solutions, design of the premises, construction and equipment of the hotel was carried out by the Meltzer Group. Work on the project lasted nine months, during this period the historic building, which previously housed the popular budget hostel “Friends”, was completely renovated. The investor decided to completely remodel the premises, creating a loft-style concept hotel that carries the spirit of Miami’s creative Wynwood district. The interiors use graffiti, a lot of fresh flowers, decorative items made of wood, metal, concrete.According to the management of the Meltzer Group, the hotel was created for young connoisseurs of individuality. The hotel has already passed the state classification system and corresponds to the “four stars” category.

Hotel Fasano Angra dos Reis, Angra dos Reis

In December 2017, the Fasano Angra dos Reis hotel opened in the most popular tourist region of Brazil – the state of Rio de Janeiro. The well-known Brazilian bureau Bernardes Arquitetura was engaged in the design of the new hotel.The resort offers 60 spacious suites overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or lush gardens. The hotel has two restaurants with completely different gastronomic concepts. The Crudo restaurant offers dinners from the chef Pedro Franco with an abundance of dishes from 25 types of fish, seafood, including scallops, shrimps, crayfish, sea bass, tuna and others. Those who do not want to interrupt their beach holiday for the sake of a meal will love the Praia Beach Restaurant, where you can grab a bite to eat with fresh salads, sandwiches, pasta and seafood.The hotel has a luxury spa with a total area of ​​2000 m², offering wellness treatments not only for adults but also for children, as well as a fitness center, shopping boulevard, marina, and an 18-hole golf course.

The 5 Million Star Hotel, Skulholt

A hotel with unusual bubble rooms has opened in Iceland. Rooms with spherical glass walls have a bed, chest of drawers and a gorgeous 360 ° view.”Bubbles” are located in the forest, among tall fir trees, which creates a fabulous impression on the guests. A comfortable temperature is maintained inside the spheres, and even on the coldest nights you can endlessly view the northern lights and a giant scattering of winter stars in the sky. The hotel is an hour’s drive from Reykjavik and does not provide meals. Bathrooms and kitchens are in a separate opaque building. According to the creator of the hotel, Robert Robertson, the unusual shape of the rooms was inspired by travelers themselves, who complained that it was cold to wait for the appearance of the northern lights on the street, and asked for rooms with a view.

The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery, Dubai

The first resort in the Middle East with a comprehensive wellness concept began to host guests in Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah. The design of 255 rooms and suites uses natural elements and the principles of the Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui. On the white sand beach, guests can enjoy sunrise yoga or take a dip in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.Individual air-conditioned beach bungalows stretch along the water surface with breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyscrapers. All guests are offered natural freshly squeezed juices to enhance their health during relaxation, which are served at the hotel every hour, and candles are lit every evening in the lobby to create an atmosphere of tranquility.

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