Ridiculous bollywood action scene: The 10 Most Ridiculous Action Scenes In Bollywood Films


The 10 Most Ridiculous Action Scenes In Bollywood Films

With only a day to go for Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff to go head to head in the all-out action romp War, we decided to look back at some of Hindi cinema’s most unintentionally hilarious action sequences. Bollywood has a rich heritage of utterly bonkers scenes which have been passed off in the name of ‘great action’. Moments that made you go ‘say whaaa’ or ‘what were they collectively smoking?’ or ‘I didn’t know buildings/people/vehicles could bend that way’. Many are essentially an ongoing exercise in trying to find new and creative ways to have our heroes go shirtless. In short, these are gifts that just keep on giving.

RIP Salman’s Shirt In


Like cohesive plots, clothing has always been optional in Salman Khan movies with any film that’s sans a topless scene considered a major deal breaker by bhai fans. But among all of these (which honestly deserve their own list) Dabangg remains the gold standard with Chulbul Pandey’s police uniform spontaneously ripping off his body out of sheer force of will and anger and intensity… or something.

RIP Stuff Making Sense In

Race 2

What is the Race franchise if not a giant middle finger to science, logic and the laws of nature? Rarely has that been felt in the franchise more than that golden sequence in Race 2 when Saif Ali Khan gingerly drives his convertible out of a flight in mid-air with parachutes attached. You know, as you do.

Ajay Devgn Vs Lamp post In


What you’ve never uprooted a lamppost by shaking it a whole bunch before? Clearly you haven’t lived. Despite being considered one of his more competent films, Rohit Shetty’s

Singham was clearly lacking in the action department. Nothing comes close to Ajay Devgn’s angry cop schooling a bunch of thugs with lamp post in hand, followed by him slapping a guy down so hard that he somehow flies upwards and ending of course, with a belt whipping extravaganza.

Aamir Khan Slapping Someone’s Neck Off In


Sure Ghajini was supposedly positioned as an intelligent thriller which aspires to more than masala, but it was hard to take the film seriously when you have moments like that of a jacked-up Aamir Khan slapping someone with such force that his neck turns 180 degrees. Seriously what is with these dudes and their power-slapping?

Topless Ajay Devgn With Samurai Sword Vs Bad Guys Running Into Samurai Sword In

Action Jackson

Sometimes you need a little variety in your life to spice up how you kill your bad guys because you know, it gets monotonous after a while. Enter Action Jackson

which really brings the action in a ‘Good Lord what am I even watching?’ kind of way. This legendary scene has him hack his way through a bunch of baddies before delivering one of the most significant lines to ever be said onscreen: ‘na commitment na appointment. . only punishment’. Riveting stuff.

Race 3 Vs Sanity

Shirtless Salman? Check. Shirtless…Bobby Deol? Check. Random oversized rocket launcher that somehow activates by giving it a little shake? Check. I think that’s all there is to really say about this one. This spectacular piece of art entirely speaks for itself.

John Abraham Vs Tyre

When the trailer of John Abraham-starrer Satyameva Jayate released, the headline of one article simply read ‘But What Was John Doing Inside A Tyre?’, which is the perfect kind of intellectual question this film posed to the mind of its audience. Rumour is in the sequel he’ll be seen busting out of a hula hoop. At this point, John Abraham deserves a dedicated list of him breaking stuff.

Akshay Kumar With Guns Vs Bad Guys Waiting To Be Shot In


2008’s Tashan was yet another gem of silliness with a number of scenes which will remain unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Among them was Akshay Kumar’s monkey act which had him jumping around while 30 or so armed henchmen with the collective aim of an excitable pigeon attempted to shoot him, while basically just waiting around until he grabs their guns and shoots them all in one much wow amaze sweep.

John Abraham Vs Vidyut Jamwaal In


What’s positioned as a final showdown fight is actually just two men gradually undressing each other and looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Between the blaring background score, random grunts, and sudden tears, this final showdown comes across as nothing more than a ridiculous play fight.

Tiger Shroff Vs An Army in

Baaghi 2

Arguably the ‘action’ stars largest fight sequence till date was the utterly off the rails final scene in Baaghi 2 when an enraged Tiger charges into an army of men, dodging all of their bullets until he takes them down one at a time in his distinctive badass ballet style.

Bizarre And Funny Action Scenes In Bollywood Movies

Many Bollywood filmmakers seem to live in denial of science and logic. Sure, the Einsteins and Newtons of the world spent years proving their theories, but they are completely ignored in the name of entertainment. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at some of the most illogical and physics-defying action scenes in Bollywood movies.

1. Flying dad in ‘Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon’

Source: YouTube/FILM WORLD

Abbas-Mustan aren’t exactly known for respecting science and mechanics, and this movie is proof. In this particular scene, Saif Ali Khan’s character drives a car out of a crashing plane (yes!) and then, wait for it, the car is suspended in mid-air through parachutes. I’m low-key upset that my engineering degree didn’t enable me to imagine such genius stuff.

3. Ajay Devgn uproots a lamp post in ‘Singham’

Source: YouTube/Film Arena

Brand ambassador of Indian macho dudebros, Ajay Devgn’s character in Singham easily uproots a lamp post without flinching. No one asked him to do it, but he just went for it to prove his strength and masculinity. Okay, then.

4. Rocket launcher in ‘Race 3’

Source: YouTube/Juned Emirates

In this particular scene, Salman Khan just shakes an apparent rocket launcher and it just gets activated. While this film of the Race franchise wasn’t directed by Abbas-Mustan, it still stayed true to its predecessors. We wonder what Elon Musk would have to say about this amazing and easy-to-use rocket launcher.

5. Tyre Breaking in ‘Satyameva Jayate’

Source: YouTube/apna bollywood

On a boring, workday afternoon, have you ever wondered if you could use your biceps to break a tyre? No? Well, perhaps it’s a good test of your workout results because John Abraham achieved that task in this film. As you can see, he just rips the tyre apart by the sheer force of his will and biceps.

6. Just Rohit Shetty Cinematic Universe Things

Source: YouTube/Reliance Entertainment

At this point, we’d say it’s futile to expect Rohit Shetty’s films to work on logic. At 2.36, you can watch Singham kicking a man who proceeds to rotate in mid-air. Singham, then, jumps on him and uses it as a leverage to kick another man. Even Hogwarts is incapable of teaching such sorcery.

7. Cycle rickshaw scene in ‘Main Hoon Na’

Source: YouTube/Red Chillies Entertainment

Of all the action scenes in the film, this one takes the cake. Shah Rukh Khan takes the support of a cycle rickshaw to balance himself mid-air in the middle of a highly tensed action sequence. If you have always wondered how he achieved this feat, this video will tell you all.

Do you have any such gems to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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Ridiculous Bollywood Action Scenes That Made Us Go WTF

There have been many instances when Bollywood has painted a rosy picture, assuming the audience will be stupid enough to believe it.

While we understand that the plot of a film can be unreal (to an extent), it certainly can’t be illogical. The most common example of this is action sequences in Hindi movies.

One moment you see the villain beating the shit out of the hero and the next, you see the lead protagonist flying high in the sky, eventually emerging victorious. Seriously, what’s up with these filmmakers? On one hand we have movies that are high on content and deal with real issues, and on the other, we have movies that make no sense at all.

Student Of The Year 2

The most recent one is Student of the Year 2

. Given the fact that the film has Tiger Shroff, the audience expected it to be high on action. Fair enough. But every time Tiger was surrounded by bullies who attacked him, he somehow beat them all… single-handedly. Then, there were scenes where all the goons literally jumped on him during a fight sequence but he, despite being badly bruised, managed to outdo them. Now that’s a bit too much, guys! How can you even remotely relate to scenes like these, given the fact that something like this is absolutely not possible in real life, irrespective of whether you’re Tiger Shroff or not.


Another case in point would be Baaghi. Another Tiger Shroff movie. Another set of unbelievable action sequences. And most of it was unnecessary. Dear Tiger Shroff, if you’re reading this, it’s high time you start acting rather than just flexing your muscles, dancing and punching the bad guys in the movies.

Race 3

When talking about ridiculous action scenes in Bollywood movies, how can one not think of Salman Khan in Race 3. If you have watched the movie, you’d agree that the last few action sequences were absolutely baseless and mindless. The writers definitely left their brains home while writing the script of Race 3 and expected us to do the same while watching the film, too.


How can we forget Hrithik Roshan jumping from one mountain to another in Krrish? We get it, he is the desi superhero on a mission to save the world but c’mon guys, throughout the movie it only seemed like he never learnt to walk but jump from one place to another.

Well, this is not an exhaustive list, for sure. We know that there are several other movies in Bollywood that have some unimaginable action scenes and we’d love to hear from you if you can think of any. Do feel free to tweet to us at @AskmenIn or drop us a comment below.

Ridiculous Action Scenes In Bollywood Movies

We all know that the world has its personal working and nature is one thing which doesn’t abide by the principles of people. To outline or classify the working of the world round us, numerous legal guidelines of physics have been outlined over the previous years.

Ranging from legal guidelines of movement to Law Of Conservation Of Mass to Newton’s Third regulation of movement, there have been numerous different legal guidelines that depict the working of the world.

Since these legal guidelines are created by experimenting and dealing upon over and through the years, they continue to be really validated. However, it seems to be like they haven’t any relation within the leisure business!

Yes, definitely the Bollywood and legal guidelines of Physics are one thing that doesn’t go hand in hand. There have been numerous situations in combating sequences or in some frames of the films which definitely make the audiences go wander “like how!”.

So, as we speak with this submit, we now have some motion scenes from Bollywood that defies all of the logic and physics behind them. Let’s take a look:

Crossing the railway monitor in ‘Kick’

The 2014 motion heist movie starred the famous person Salman Khan within the lead function. His function as Devi Lal Singh or Devil was of a prison and con man who’s found to be a policeman on the finish of the movie.

Though the film was a blockbuster success and reached the 200 crore membership, there have been numerous scenes within the film which defied the logic behind them!

To select a specific but probably the most memorable scene for a similar, the one scene within the film the place Salman crossed the railway monitor “in style” to flee from the cops was past physics.

Firstly he selected to run away on a cycle and tried to cross the railway monitor with a prepare too shut that would have hit him even when he crossed that path fully on cycle.

But no, to reinforce the crossing, much more, the actor leaves the cycle in the midst of the monitor and jumps off to cross the trail on foot and will get saved from being hit with a millisecond. Like how!!? If this is able to have occurred in actual life although, the particular person would have minimize brief into items alongside together with his cycle!

Flying dad in ‘Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

The Bollywood romantic comedy movie, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon was a remake of the 1976 movie, Chitchor. The film had numerous distinguished faces within the lead roles together with Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, and Abhishek Bachchan within the lead roles.

An unexplainable physics exists within the scene of this film the place Pankaj Kapur, the daddy of Kareena within the film flies within the air after being hit by a automotive and was rescued by Hrithik. Though the love begins blooming within the eyes of Kareena after the identical, nevertheless, we as viewers weren’t in a position to get the logic and science behind this ‘flying dad’! What do you suppose?

Impressing a woman Ajay Devgn version! – “All the Best: Fun Begins

The 2009 comedy movie, All the Best: Fun Begins consisted of Bipasha Basu, Ajay Devgn, Fardeen Khan, Johny Lever, Sanjay Dutt, and numerous others within the lead roles. This multi starer film was based mostly on the English film named Right mattress Wrong Husband and was a mean on the field office.

Though we now have seen many movies of Rohit Shetty and are really conscious of his love for motion sequences, his works in films are one thing that’s past logic. The traditional pairing of Ajay and Rohit for motion turns down the logic and idea of Physics in virtually each movie.

In this film, the scene the place Ajay is seen driving a automotive with Bipasha standing in the midst of the street tries to suggest and supply Bipasa a rose in probably the most daring approach.

He skids and rolls the automotive within the air whereas providing a rose to the actress whereas he’s nonetheless within the air! Like significantly!?

Parachute Car in ‘Race 2

The Bollywood motion thriller movie and the second installment to the Race collection, this movie was as complicated because the logic behind the parachute automotive.

With many distinguished faces as lead actors on this movie, it consisted of varied scenes the place we really couldn’t perceive the logic, the one specific occasion of going in opposition to the legal guidelines of Physics was the scene the place the actor Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone makes their escape from a crashing aircraft within the automotive which was parked within the aircraft.

As quickly as they take off the gates of their automotive, it will get into the air and 4 parachutes open up within the automotive they usually lastly land down safely. How is that even doable!?

Tyre Breaking in ‘Satyameva Jayate

The willpower and perception in oneself is one thing that may definitely make something doable. However, within the 2018 vigilante motion movie, Satyameva Jayate, the primary antagonist of Virendra ‘Vir’ Rathod, performed by John Abraham took his willpower and biceps to interrupt the tyre into items.

Have you ever labored out that a lot within the health club to have the ability to do the identical? He rips off a tyre aside whereas shouting on the goons within the film.

Cycle rickshaw scene in ‘Main Hoon Na

The Bollywood masala movie, Main Hoon Na stays one of many cult classics that regardless of what number of instances we now have watched nonetheless has the potential to make our eyes glued to the display each time we come throughout it.

Starring Shahrukh Khan, Zayed Khan, Suniel Shetty, Amrita Rao, and Sushmita Sen within the lead roles, this film is an all-time favourite.

The extraordinarily participating story plot and the characters of this film are one thing that makes it really price a watch. Though there have been many motion scenes within the movie, the 2 scenes that defied the logic occurred to be the cycle rickshaw scene and a slow-mo battle scene the place SRK is falling on the bottom in a slow-motion and Suniel Shetty turns round to hit him within the abdomen together with his elbow, making him fall on the bottom quicker.

Getting into the main points of the primary one, the scene the place SRK is seen chasing the goons with the assistance of a rickshaw, he’s seen taking that rickshaw into the air and balancing him effectively with the assistance of the identical whereas capturing with one hand! Like a lot motion within the air!!

Ajay Devgn uproots a lamp submit in ‘Singham

Main Bhaag Nahi Raha hoon Kavya!! Remember the scene from this film the place a set of Jaykant Shikhre’s goons tries to impress Singham? Well, this scene was one thing that’s nonetheless remembered by the audiences so effectively.

After being provoked, to indicate his masculinity and power, he finally ends up uprooting a land submit out of anger. Seeing this, the goons get nervous and attempt to make their escape giving rise to an intense motion scene.

Rocket launcher in ‘Race 3

The motion thriller movie and the third installment of the race collection, this movie obtained adverse responses from the viewers however was thought-about a field office success. Right from the climaxes to motion to cast to characters within the movie, this movie had a set of disasters.

And lastly, so as to add as much as the checklist, the film consisted of a disastrous mistake in direction of the ending climax scene.

Actor Salman Khan was seen carrying a 4 barreled rocket launcher in his palms and fired the identical within the unsuitable posture.

Ideally, it ought to have been stored on the shoulders to fireside and Salman is seen pointing the weapon in direction of one automotive and finally ends up firing the identical at two.

The followers mocked this disastrous mistake within the film, and the error was identified by many.

Top 5 Most Entertaining And Best Fight Scenes|Bollywood | Latest Articles

 It is to no one’s amazement that Bollywood movies take pride in the fact that they feature some of the most over the top action scenes and special effects ever featured. Not only are these scenes glorious, they are also cheesy and hilarious. They challenge the very laws of physics and gravity, crank up the level of ridiculousness and leave the audiences in tears of laughter just because of utter amazement.  Solid becomes gas in minutes and the hero becomes superman in a matter of seconds. Here is the list of top 5 craziest and funniest fight scenes in the history of Hindi movies –

Mai Hoon Na

Kudos for King Khan for performing such a funniest fight scene. He could perform a flying punch, riding in a rickshaw!!!!!!. It is not difficult at all for Shah Rukh Khan.

All he had to know was how to fly. If you can learn that, then you can fight by riding on rickshaw and you can even prevent yourself from a bullet from AK-47 or, no matter what the odds are.

Alluda Majaka

In Hollywood movies, you have seen cars and bikes slide under carrier trucks and 18-wheelers. In Bollywood movies, you can also see the same. However, in some cases, the car or bike is replaced by a horse. Like in the picture below, the horse slides under the truck with the hero on its back. Kudos to the horse.


South Indian movies are known for over the top action scenes. Where else will you find the hero swinging a sword towards the villain like a boomerang and hit the bull’s eye by cutting off the villain’s arms and saving his damsel-in-distress.


‘Rajinikanth’ is known as the Indian Chuck Norris because of his over the top action scenes. He can cut a bullet in half and kill two guys with each half. He can punch through walls, stop gravity itself. In the movie Robot (Enthiran), he plays an android named Chitti. After he kidnaps his maker’s bride-to-be, he fights through hordes of cops. He launches himself from a car, through the back of a police vehicle and floors the driver with a punch.


Recently, Rohit Shetty has become synonymous with funny and over-the-top action scenes. In the movie Singham, Ajay Devgn, leaves his car, shoots another car which is launched into the air. He then proceeds to take out the driver from the car in air and knows exactly where to stand when he takes out the driver.

5 Awesome Over the Top Action Scenes in Bollywood Films

Bollywood movies have been on the rise now for a while. To be honest they’re not bad, some of them are almost like watching American action movies from the 1970’s and 80’s due to their gratuitous use of ridiculous special effects and action sequences that are extremely over the top. While by comparison they might not make as much sense to Americans as a Hollywood film, it’s important to keep in mind that the popularity of any film is usually dependent on the type of exposure it gets, and the perspective of the fans. So Bollywood films might get a little crazy, so what? Some fans absolutely love that.

Here are 5 Bollywood films that go way over the top.


Okay, the main character smacks a guy so hard on top of the head that he does a backflip, then a front flip right onto his face. It bears watching a couple of times just to get the hilarity of it. There’s no doubt that the director doesn’t want you to believe that this is possible, it’s simply the gimmick they chose to use. In truth it’s rather comical and even helps to contribute to the whole thing. Plus, this big, buff character sends people flying for yards with a single punch, like he’s the new version of Superman.

Dhoom 2


Oh where to start? Okay, the chopper could have cut them off any time but it hovers and just watches them to see where they’re going. Okay, fine, but then they cut them off by landing near the tunnel they just entered, doing WELL OVER 100 mph! Add to this the fact that their pursuers, also on bikes, are popping wheelies as they’re passing traffic that doesn’t seem to mind that there’s a high speed pursuit going on just a few feet away. Yeah, this goes over the top and doesn’t come down for a good long while. Oh, and apparently it’s easy to disconnect a flatbed trailer with a single shot while zipping by at around 150 mph. Totally.

Ek Tha Tiger

This guy must run the most insane obstacle courses ever devised every day just to be able to perform half of the crazy stunts he does. Plus, he and the bad guy must have extremely thick skulls to just bounce off of plate glass and then get up to go running again. It’s also pretty funny that they both take out a couple of tavern bouncers without too much trouble as they go right back to their chase. Yeah, thumbs up for over the top.


It’s like the Matrix, Zorro, and Avengers all got thrown into tumbler and this is what came out. He’s strong, fast, invulnerable, and stands for freedom and justice. But like a lot of superheros he doesn’t always pick his battlegrounds that wisely. It’s kind of doubtful that the owners of the buildings he’s crashing through with the bad guy will really thank him once it’s all said and done. But as far as over the top goes, oh yeah, no doubt.


Vishal had glue on his posterior?

Vishal, the muscular hunk in Kollywood did the unbelievable in the movie ‘Aambala’. In the introduction scene of the movie, when Remya Krishnan and Aishwarya were watching, a police vehicle can be seen flying in the air, and in the bonnet of the movie Vishal can be sitting in style.

Interestingly, even after the landing of the vehicle, Vishal sat intact on the bonnet, and it made many people believe that the actor has applied glue stick on his posterior.

Balakrishna: The man who defies laws of physics

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s ‘Legend’ is a perfectly crafted mass masala entertainer. Even though most of the fight scenes in this movie are exaggerated, one action sequence stands out, and it tickled the funny bones of the audience.

This fight scene is set in the backdrop of a temple, and hundreds of baddies are reaching the spot to take on Balakrishna. However, a daredevil Balakrishna easily manages to fight with these enemies, and goons can be seen flying into the skies defying all the laws of physics.

Check out this ferocious performance to understand new laws of physics specially formulated by Nandamuri Balakrishna.

When Ramarajan slowed down time

In one movie, Tamil actor Ramarajan can be seen rescuing an old lady, and this entire sequence is undoubtedly fun overloaded.

In the initial moments of this scene, a goon can be seen pulling an old lady down, and at this time, Ramarajan was seen riding a motorbike. After seeing the lady falling down, Ramarajan rushed to the scene, and until this time, the lady managed to stay in the air without landing.

When electricity touches Vijayakanth, electricity gets shocked

Captain Vijayakanth, the action hero of Kollywood is known for his over the top action sequences and he questioned the conduction properties of electricity in his movie ‘Narasimha’.

In one particular scene, baddies were seen trying to torture Vijayakanth by trying to electrocute him. However, the actor seems adamant, and he did not get any kind of shock in his body. And finally, Vijayakanth says, “Normal humans will get shocked from electricity. If electricity touches Narasimha, electricity will get shocked.”

90,000 20 eye-catching Bollywood moments – Popcorn

As you know, the main task of any film is to surprise the viewer. That is why film studios all over the world strive to outdo each other in the spectacularity of their creations. But Indian cinema has surpassed everyone. Sometimes it seems that Bollywood does not know logic, physics and the limits of what is possible at all.

“Physics is nonsense, the main thing is that the film is interesting!” – that’s what the directors of Bollywood say. Therefore, in their films the most miracles are happening.

  • If a noble Indian inspector gets down to business, then fear him, even if he only eats a banana.
  • Women are more dangerous than an Indian nun who despises the principle of modern devices in the world.
  • Although no, find it.In the same place, in India.
  • And, in general, it is better not to get into a fight with the Indians at all. They are dangerous not only women, but also men.
  • The Indian Western is a unique thing in itself, but the abilities of Indian cowboys can also surprise.
  • Take note of a great way to save your friend if he suddenly wants to jump off the bike right under the car.
  • Cut off at the intersection? Get a stick in the wheel, pest!
  • Oh-oh-oh! It’s better not to joke with this angry fellow.
  • Curious, is this uncle so strong, or is this horse so trained?
  • Wonders of Indian motorsport, and nothing more.
  • How to impress a girl correctly? Here is the instruction.
  • Indian weapons of mass destruction. They invent it on the go, from available tools!
  • And not only, God forgive me, helpers.
  • And finally: a real Indian man lights a cigarette with a special glamor.

Found a bug? Select the fragment and press Ctrl + Enter.

7 of the most epic brawls from Bollywood movies “BigPicture.ru

Films of Indian production – the so-called Bollywood – became famous all over the world with an abundance of absolutely incredible action scenes. Any ninja can envy the ability of local heroes to swing all parts of the body at a brisk pace.

Source: trendymen.ru

1. Karate

Released: 1983
Epic Level: 91

The magic crystal does not let the villain Khan sleep. The sons of the valiant scientist are defending him! Karate! Dark forces! World justice! Everything was confused in the Oblonskys’ house.

2. Stranger

Released: 2005
Epic level: 118

One stupid little brahmin who worked part-time as a lawyer loved two things in life: a beautiful girlfriend and surfing the Internet. A friend left the brahmin, but the World Wide Web presented a surprise. One of the sites, as it turned out, was written by the god of death himself.

3. Krishnarjuna

Released: 2008
Epic level: 178

The plot of this film is difficult to describe. There is everything that is supposed to be the coolest masterpiece in the world (all Indian paintings are by default). So: a little child is born in the temple of Krsna and gets his strength. Not easy makes the growing hero on the rapids of mafia showdowns. What happens next is not very clear. But the fights are staged at the highest Bollywood level!


Released: 2008
Epic level: 324

For 70 years, a vile scoundrel has been killing good guys one after another (and where is he, bastard, who takes strength). Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, the protagonist appears, who desperately wanted to marry the scoundrel’s daughter. Scoundrel against. The hero insists. The daughter is crying. The audience gazes with admiration at the battle scenes – and what else is left for them.


Released: 2011
Epic level: 530

Honest Inspector Singham is trying to resist the real Indian mafia (yes, there is one). All those around him dissuade the valiant policeman from suicidal measures – but he, as befits a hero, is adamant.

6. Knife

Released: 2014
Epic level: 715

A blade forged by the god of war himself falls into the hands of an honest but poor and orphan supermarket seller. This happens at the right time: right now, the named hero is kidnapped by the main village mafioso. He does not even know who he is contacting!

7.I am

Released: 2015
Epic level: rolls over

Modest and honest Diya does not want to play by the rules of the modeling business. This surprises everyone, including her parents and her persistent filming partner. An old friend of the girl comes to the rescue: bodybuilder Lingsean. Bodybuilder! The film is just getting ready for release, but we are already waiting for it – and we advise you.

See also: 20 Most Incredible Bollywood Tricks

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90,000 The funniest horror movies in Bollywood – Bollywoodtime.ru

On the eve of Halloween I decided to make a selection of the funniest horror films in Bollywood. In general, I love Indian horror films, although this genre is not in demand among them. For the most part, the horrors of Bollywood are funny, not frightening, and they can be safely included in the comedy category. Let’s take a look at the coolest horror masterpieces that have made people shake with laughter.

1) Veerana (1988)

Cast: Hemant Birje, Jasmin, Sahila Chadkha, Kulbhushan Harbanda, Satish Shah, Gulshan Grover

One of the famous works of the Ramsay brothers (six of them worked on the film) is an excellent example of a funny horror movie. The story of the protagonist, who went to check whether it was true that a witch lives in a nearby forest, left the audience with stomach pains – they tore their muscles with laughter. In 2013, the Ramsay brothers announced a 3D remake of Veerana, but so far there has been complete silence in the press about the revival of the film.

2) Darwaza / Door (1978)

Cast: Anil Dhavan, Shyamali, Imtiaz Khan, Anju Mahendru, Shakti Kapoor

Perhaps this is one of the most famous projects of the Ramsay brothers.It was rumored that the creators promised to pay a monetary reward to the viewer who dares to watch this movie alone. But people were afraid to go to cinemas even in a crowd. The plot of this work is simple – four adults go on a picnic, but suddenly their car breaks down halfway and they are forced to stay with an unfamiliar family, which (as it turned out) is cursed. Then strange murders begin … What is most interesting, the title of the film has no connection with the plot.

3) Saamri / Samri (1985)

Cast: Rajan Sippy, Artie Gupta, Punit Issar, Asha Sachdev, Gulshan Grover

Brothers Ramsay again! Samri is a rich man, and all his relatives sleep and see how he will go to another world.When Samri falls ill, all his household immediately come to him under the pretext of help. But, as it should be, they kill the sick millionaire, and they themselves divide the property. However, Samri’s bodyguard does not agree with the behavior of insolent relatives and resurrects the soul and body of the owner. Samri becomes a living zombie and the meat grinder begins.

4) Woh Phir Aayegi (1988)

Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Farha Naaz, Moon Moon Sen, Shekhar Suman, Javed Jeffrey, Archana Puran Singh

The heroine of Farhi is the wife of Lord Khanna.But an evil spirit possessed her. Be sure to watch this movie! You will lose a lot if you do not hear the groans of the superstar Rajesh Khanna and see how violently he chants mantras.

5) Papi Gudia (1996)

Cast: Avinash Wadhavan, Karishma Kapoor, Tinnu Anand, Mohan Joshi

An absurd remake of the famous Hollywood horror movie Child’s Play (about the Chucky doll). Papi Gudia is without a doubt the lamest Hollywood movie remake.

Mila for the project “Lovers in Bollywood”
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Ram Gopal Varma: “Deep within me sits a wild beast”

90,000 Main films of 2019 according to “Kinokratiya” – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

There is very little time left before the New Year, which means that “Kinocracy” is gradually rounding off with summing up the results of the current year. There were plenty of good and excellent full-length films in 2019, so we did not bother with the selection of “fives” or “ten”, but made this – very, I must say, voluminous – final rating. Including – with unique nominations.

Film of the Year

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

De jure, it was not so easy to choose the main film of 2019. And de facto – it couldn’t be easier: we didn’t have to argue with each other here at all.Because this is the long-awaited new film by Quentin Tarantino, which also turned out to be one of the best films of Quentin Tarantino – albeit requiring a certain background from the viewer.

The main postmodernist and film fan of modern cinema, on the one hand, once again recalled how good he is at clever tricks with pop culture in its various manifestations – from horror and micro-plays to westerns and juggling artistic skills of Leonardo DiCaprio.

On the other hand, he shot a deeply personal picture, disarmingly funny and nostalgically sad. Filled with the most tender love, in fact, for the California “dream factory” and globally – for the forever gone golden sixties in all their sometimes touching, sometimes crazy ambiguity. Yes, this is the real Tarantino – but we have never seen him like this.

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Another film of the year

The Irishman

How’s that? And like that! Yes, in addition to one film of the year, we also have a second one – because the grandiose opus magnum of the great comicophobe and living classic Martin Scorsese is too cool, huge, powerful and systemically important in order to just take and shamelessly shove him into one of the ordinary nominations.

“The Irishman” is the bold, multi-layered feature not only under the long reflections of the gray-haired author about the American mafia, but in general under the genre array of gangster cinema.

An epic statement on the false charm of organized crime, which conceals theses about much more universal categories, such as the transience of time, the pain of loss, the rethinking of values, the torture of loneliness or the ordinariness of evil.

Correspondingly, the motley mobile buffoonery of “Nice Guys” and “Casino” here naturally gave way to the unhurried, bone-chilling confession of Robert De Niro.And the roles of Joe Pesci and Al Pacino are a separate, little comparable triumph of acting.

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Movie of the Year in an Alternative Universe


With the next film reincarnation of the main DC supervillain, everything turned out to be even more complicated. “Joker” Todd Phillips, frankly, was not lucky enough to be in one short time period of Kali Yuga with two unconditional masterpieces of the senior masters at once – however, in their absence, he would have easily given a head start to anyone.

Demonstratively and openly inheriting the “Taxi Driver” and “The King of Comedy” by the same Scorsese, the clever director combined the techniques and approaches of classic American social cinema with a modern high-tech picture, and most importantly – with the outstanding performance of Joaquin Phoenix. Who made a frightening twisted creature out of a maniac clown, hardly resembling a human. Simultaneously miserable and disgusting, hunted and possessed, tormented and dangerous.

Many, I must say, were imbued with sympathy for such a Joker and are now ready to mold him into an icon of “protest”.But this is certainly the problem of the infantile generation of all sorts of generalist activists, and not the creators of the tape.

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Men’s Cinema of the Year

“Ford vs. Ferrari”

A good movie about car racing is such that the motors roar, the revs are off scale and all that without any action tricks or, conversely, pink snot – a great rarity in the era of all kinds of “Fast and the Furious”.And already for this, the picture of a good director James Mangold could be praised.

All the more valuable because it wonders “Ford vs. Ferrari” not only by racing. This is a classic Hollywood movie at its best. Glorifying true friendship (the duet of Matt Damon and Christian Bale is very good here), moderately funny and touching, moderately sad, narrating about the inspired overcoming of all kinds of obstacles in the name of a dream – but at the same time emphasizing the importance of a kind of capitalist collectivism.

To put it simply, the main thing here is the values ​​of strong-minded white men, united for the sake of something great. By today’s standards, it is almost a unique phenomenon.

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Action of the Year

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

The first John Wick was really cool. The second was even cooler. Well, the third – as cool as the first two combined and multiplied by each other several times – confirmed that with each next episode, the authors of the franchise purposefully bring their unparalleled creation to a qualitatively new level. And we are ready to develop the story of the grotesque world of hired killers both in breadth and in depth.

Well, you have to be able to do that – not just repeat good things for an encore, but constantly give out something new. Almost invulnerable Keanu Reeves is thrown knives, forced to participate in frenzied races with firearms, placed in mirrored interiors with polite ninjas, forced to a sparkling escape from Tangier in the company of Halle Berry and a couple of dogs …

The above is just a small fraction of incredible spectacular and choreographically impeccable action pleasure that John Wick III brings.And among other things, the stylish and crazy context is still good and carefully thought out – from the daring cranberry-rambling gypsy to the Continental Hotel with its bizarre rules.

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Horror of the Year

“Solstice” / Midsommar

Ari Astaire has only two films so far. One is the best horror of 2018, the second is the best horror of 2019. Moreover, the second is similar to the first in many respects: it is also about incurable fears, about family values, about cults, about futile efforts to comprehend the incomprehensible.But completely different.

Perhaps there is no literally brighter horror film than “Solstice”, where the bright sun constantly shines for a reason. And in this regard, it is already innovative, although in general it quite academically follows the conventions of the folk horror subgenre.

That is, here is a community of seemingly friendly recluses, here are their victims. But at the same time, the concepts of evil and good are here exponentially blurred, and we don’t know how it happens: what is good for a Russian, then death for a German.

Same here.Ari Astaire is nowhere more meticulous about thinking over his fictional sect – the foundations of the worldview, rituals, way of life, customs – in order to convincingly show: even if someone breaks someone’s head with a sledgehammer, like a watermelon, there is no need to rush to conclusions.

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Zombie movie of the year

Little Monsters

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

The second Zombieland is, of course, good, but in itself. In terms of the development of the genre, he no longer carries any revelations.In contrast to the Australian “Little Monsters” – a modest but charming comedy about a kindergarten teacher who finds herself in a petting zoo, flooded with a crowd of walking cadavers, with a group of preschoolers and an over-aged dunce in her arms.

Anything has happened, including the school Christmas zombie musical, but the kids in the middle of the zombie apocalypse – we have probably never seen anything like this. And this opens the subgenre to us from a new side: zombies are now not just a background condition for human drama and not a metaphor for a consumer society, but a metaphor for violence, which now climbs from all screens and from which it is, in principle, impossible to protect a child.

But first of all, “Little Monsters” is just a funny and touching movie, where it is necessary – juicy bloody, inventive, ironic, about love and family values.

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Comedy of the Year

“Zombieland: Control Shot” / Zombieland: Double Tap

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Where are we without Zombieland? Without “Zombieland” nowhere. Who else will return our 2009? Nobody will return. Do you remember how in 2009 everything was simple and familiar? Joke about what you want, no one will say a word to you, no one will think to be offended.And he thinks – and the devil is with him, let him be offended. On the offended, we all know what they carry.

The universe of “Zombieland” has practically not changed for ten years. Everything is the same there freely and at ease. People are all nice, sometimes only stupid. And the only evil is zombies. Which are easy to avoid if you follow simple rules.

It’s even good that Ruben Fleischer didn’t immediately burn out with the sequel. Not bad, after all, once every ten years – and those involved do not seem to mind – to go back to the past.See how everything around has changed and soften the realization that everything is going somewhere in the wrong direction, rolling laughter.

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Biopic of the Year

“Van Gogh: On the Threshold of Eternity” / At Eternity’s Gate

A set of more or less disparate episodes from the difficult life of the great impressionist is notable primarily for an absolutely virtuoso acting performance, for which Will Defoe was supposed to receive Oscar “if not for ….. Well, you understand everything. Although the narrative merits of the film are quite obvious.

This is an extremely unusual in format immersion into the feverish inner world of a creative person with all his rebellion against the hateful “norm”, fantasies, ethical and aesthetic conflict, the desire to find a non-standard view of the surrounding reality – and also, specifically in the case of Van Gogh, constant fluctuations between genius and mental illness.

There is always a great temptation either to portray such a person as clichéd “antisystemic”, or to write off everything as a jerk, – but here we are not making sweeping diagnoses, but an attempt to understand why the Dutchman was just like that.Moreover, the attempt was certainly successful.

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Melodrama of the year

“Marriage Story” / Marriage Story

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

A few days ago, the nominees for the Golden Globe were announced. Noah Baumbach’s poignant work has received the most nominations this year – six. And this is not surprising.

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver (especially Adam Driver) managed with some new extraordinary expressiveness to play the roles of people who go through a banal divorce.

It would seem that this is an everyday matter, but Baumbach adds such details and plays so masterly on contrasts with a minimum of artistic and technical effects that human feelings, skillfully played by the actors, catch the viewer more than any superhero.

We are waiting for the announcement of the nominees for the “Oscar”, there “Marriage History” will also definitely be among the favorites.

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Comic of the Year


Yes, Hellboy failed miserably at the box office, critics spat on it (others), but it’s actually a great movie!

David Harbor, trying to explain a major fiasco, said, in general, a very correct thing: they say, everyone is accustomed to the fact that movie comics should be like Marvel’s.And already from everything beyond the bounds of the going out the nose is turned up.

That’s it. Hellboy is not at all like Marvel’s hyped soap opera. It is much better, closer to real art. Because he is bold and despises frames.

In what movie of your MCU will you see how Baba Yaga treats borscht with babies? Or how a giant is pierced with a pine? Not in any, of course. Mr. Mickey Mouse is afraid that something might turn out, that the kids might be inadvertently scared away, that they might miss an extra billion, but nothing else interests him. And the whole industry is equal to Mickey Mouse in vain attempts to catch up with him. So we chew sweet pink cotton wool. Or we are content with projects a hundred times poorer than any “Avengers”, having almost no other choice.

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Detective of the Year

Knives Out

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

The Last Jedi director Ryan Johnson performed a little miracle by bringing the half-dead genre of comedy detective back to life – and doing it with brilliance.

On the one hand, with such a cast (Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis and others), success is quite predictable.

On the other hand, what would all these respected people do without a good script? And the script (it was also written by Johnson) is in perfect order here – as well as the direction, and the scenery, and everything else.

Stylish, funny and intriguing to the very end piece in the spirit of Agatha Christie. A rare beast, who for all of the above can be forgiven for boring (to put it mildly) bows towards national minorities.

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Science fiction of the year

“To the stars” / Ad astra

With science fiction this year it was especially difficult to roam, and on such a lack of fish the choice was quite simple.

Yes, the tape of the staunch retrograde James Gray of stars, pardon the pun, is not enough from the sky, it is noticeably more modest than major genre hits of previous years like Interstellar, The Martian or Arrival.

Nevertheless, she is quite capable of touching with her simple humanistic message, which makes him more closely related to the “Man on the Moon” Chazelle than to all of the above.

With the obligatory technically rich attractions here, however, everything is fine, do not be so kind as to worry. Take the dashing moon chase with gunfire, for example.

Well – Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is generally great.

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Historical Cinema of the Year

“Favorite” / The Favorite

The Greek magician, master of non-standard cinema Yorgos Lanthimos revealed a malicious research on the topic: “The influence of corruption of morals of representatives of elites on world history.”

As an example, the English queen Anne and her two favorites, furiously gnawing at each other, are taken.

The spectacle is both cognitive and uplifting. Also impeccably executed – from the scenery and costumes to three charming young ladies – Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Coleman, who formed the basis of the caste and outlined this peculiar triangle.

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Crime drama of the year

The Highwaymen

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

John Lee Hancock, an associate of Clint Eastwood, for whom he wrote a couple of scripts, in his filmography has both typical sports dramas about purely American sports, and “Fort Alamo”. In a word, together with the old steel man Clint (and at his 89 years old he remains one of the most clear-thinking directors of our time, which he confirmed with the new films – “The Drug Courier” and “The Richard Jewell Affair”) John Lee embodies the good old American conservatism in the disappearing form that it’s hard not to sympathize.

In the film, actually called “Highway Patrol”, two middle-aged Texas Rangers played by Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner take on a difficult mission – the elimination of the outrageous Bonnie and Clyde. Because no one can cope better than them anyway.

A thoroughly old-fashioned cinema with a demonstrative rejection of any romanticization of robbers and murderers, whom we see only at the moment of their just punishment. No compromises with absolute evil – only consistent eradication through sweat, blood and tears.

Undoubtedly one of the best films about bandits in recent years. It is all the more offensive that, having come out on Netflix, we have remained almost invisible.

Cartoon of the Year

“Klaus” / Klaus

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Spanish animator Sergio Pablos, who worked on Disney cartoons in the 90s and had a hand in creating the Despicable Me franchise, reacted to 3D graphics and endless remakes in the world of animation by setting up his own studio in Madrid and releasing the stunning hand-drawn cartoon “Klaus” with the support of Netflix.

The combination of hand-drawn animation with modern technologies has helped to create a vivid and beautiful picture. The plot is based on an alternative story of the origin of the myth of Santa Claus.

There are no external magical forces, the creators say in plain text that true magic is goodness and the desire for unity. “Klaus” teaches children that acting kindly triggers him naturally, simply because that is human nature.

The cartoon became the first original full-length project for the streaming service.It’s great that streaming video gives a chance for truly talented and unconventional ideas.

Festival Film of the Year

“Parasites” / Gisaengchung

This year, not boring cinema was found even at festivals that have been reputed to be the supplier of sleeping pills to cinemas around the world for many years. The most striking example – of course, the South Korean “Parasites”, who won in Cannes.

Socialism, without which such reviews are not won nowadays, here, of course, rushing from all cracks, which, however, does not in the least prevent the picture of Pong Chung Ho from amusing and entertaining.

A hilarious roguish comedy flowing into a bloody thriller set against an uncompromising ideological background – a combination that is as piquant as it is successful.

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Trolling of the Year

“We” / Us

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Jordan Peel, of course, is still a reactionary (whose statements sometimes clearly border on black racism) and a fanatical leftist, which he, in principle, does not even think to hide. But he is also one of the most witty, masterful, inventive and talented scriptwriters of our day.Which is proved by the second successive rental hit that came out from under his pen.

“We” – the story of a prosperous Negro family who is obsessively terrorized by sinister doubles – works great both as a captivating thriller with a bunch of twists, and as a satirical comedy, and as a greedy hodgepodge of hundreds of references and quotes mixed with ironic exploration of the deep (literally ) fears of the black (and not only) the US population.

Well, this whole complex attraction was started – like the previous Saw film, “Get Out” – obviously in order to put a distorting mirror in front of American society, in which all vices and phobias are reflected exaggeratedly.Hence the special nomination. And, of course, the victory in it.

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Anti-racist film of the year

The Green Book

Comedy drama by Peter Farrelli, released in Russia in January, unexpectedly for many (and for us too) took the main Oscar, infuriating Hollywood professional wrestlers with racism.

The latter, on the contrary, is expected: despite the obvious criticism of the wild manners of America in the sixties, Spike Lee and his associates in The Green Book clearly lacked hysteria, didacticism and black and white colors.That against the general background in our eyes only makes the picture more valuable.

Instead of hysterics, a sad irony and an unobtrusive tone are offered that make you feel sympathy for both protagonists – a dark-skinned pianist and his Italian driver, cruising through the inhospitable southern states.

And with such performers as Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen it is almost impossible not to succumb to the humble charm of the Green Book. Unless you are, of course, Spike Lee or someone like him.

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Strong independent woman of the year

Ready or Not

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Throughout an impressive part of the history of genre cinema, the typical image of a maniac, cannibal, fanatic was associated with the lower strata of society. That is, if the film is about a family whose members eat human flesh, then they are most likely rare or something like that and nest in a crumbling shack. Now that the average income of citizens is getting smaller and the rich are getting richer, the trend is slowly changing.To which one of the testimonies is “I am going to look for”.

Wonderful Samara Weaving, Hugo Weaving’s niece, plays a simple girl who marries a billionaire from a billionaire dynasty. And all the relatives of the groom, gathered for the holiday on the occasion, seek to kill her, because otherwise they have a skiff. The metaphor is understandable, it is a little more subtle than the analogous one in “Judgment Night”, but this is not what worries us now.

And the heroine of the wonderful Samara Weaving caresses, excites and caresses our eyes in every possible way. How the hell is she good at changing color from white to deep red wedding dress.Beauty, ingenuity, fortitude, a gun – everything is with her. Almost like Anna Mikhalkova. We need such strong independent women who do not put their independence and strength under your nose at every opportunity, but take and kill rich bastards.

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Stephen King of the year

“In the Tall Grass” / In the Tall Grass

Photo: youtube.com/ Netflix

The “King movie” genre has not yet become poorer and poorer for a very long time, rest assured.But somehow in the past year everything was not very good.

The second “It” – laughing chickens, with these endless scarecrows and the ending especially. “Pet Sematary”, except for the castling of dead children, could not offer anything sensible, although, frankly speaking, there is nothing to kick it hard. Well, “Doctor Sleep” played too much either in tag, or giveaway, or in “Chapaev” with Kubrick’s “Shining”.

And then this Vincenzo Natali comes along and makes an excellent adaptation of “In the Tall Grass” – excellent considering that the original story is neither fish nor meat.

An abnormal green field teleports people who have fallen into it chaotically inside themselves: a brother and sister, the latter’s ex-fiancé and a family of mom, dad and boy. And that’s all. Green field, six people. On this meager soil – and King’s was even poorer – Natalie cultivates drama, a number of interesting visual solutions, and a charismatic antagonist played by Patrick Wilson, and florid, cunningly looped temporal squiggles in which it is as easy to get lost as in the damned tall the grass.As if to say: are you weak?

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Game of the Year

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

Husband fires his own wife from work and steals her brother’s money, and she steals the same money from he and arm in arm with a killer-nedotykomka rolls off to the hotel, where the magical performance of Beverly Luff Lynn, a huge black man who does not speak, but only hums, is to take place.

“An Evening with Beverly Luff Lynn” is a new work by Jim Hoskin, the creator of the cult in very narrow circles “Greasy Strangler”.

“Evening” is no longer so nauseous, but on the whole the author’s unique style has been carefully preserved and enhanced. Superb idiotic dialogues, an unexpected soundtrack and a very fanciful humor are enclosed in a surreal and mockingly unhurried plot. Even the most insignificant character, even if he has at least half a minute of screen time, invariably makes a small sensation with some extravagant performance.

Notable characters include such recognizable faces as Emile Hirsch, Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement and the inimitable Matt Berry.

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Alternative Game of the Year

Deerskin / Le daim

Delightful French delusional, the creator of the killer tire and Flat Eric Quentin Dupieux has shot a new insane masterpiece.

A man who fell in love with a deerskin jacket set a goal for himself – to become the only owner of a jacket in the world where there is only one jacket.For which he resorts to various, but invariably – extremely simple means. Including fan blade.

And thus the comedy of the absurd gradually turns into a film about a maniac – perhaps the funniest film about a maniac in history.

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10 facts about Bollywood that boggle the imagination

Photo caption,

Bollywood is known for infectious dance performances

Indian cinema – Bollywood – is celebrating its centenary.Films with characteristic songs and dances gather millions of viewers all over the world. The name Bollywood comes from two words – Hollywood and Bombay – the city where films in the Hindi language were mainly filmed and filmed.

Asian cinema historian Nasrin Rehman says that in the early years of its existence, Indian cinema was not called Bollywood, this name came in the second half of the 20th century, when India overtook Hollywood in the number of films made. Here are just a few facts from the history of the Indian film industry.

It all started with a wet saree

The premiere of the first full-length Indian film took place on May 3, 1913. Then a black and white film by Dhundiraj Govinda Phalke “Raja Harishchandra” was shown.

This is a story about a just ruler who never lied.

The most memorable, according to experts, was the scene when the protagonist comes to his wife Taramati and sees her and her maids in the pool in wet saris that fit their bodies – traditional Indian women’s clothing.

In fact, in such an impressive scene even today, male actors were filmed, disguised as women.

Phalke made 95 feature films, but died in poverty.

As noted by South Asian film historian Nasrin Rehman, the name “Bollywood” until recently was not applied to the Hindi film industry from Mumbai.

“The term Bollywood is a late 20th century invention that emerged after Mumbai films caught the imagination of the West,” says Rehman.

Kisses in the 1930s lasted four minutes

Devika Rani bit into her husband’s lips on screen in the 1933 film Karma. The actress did not look up from her husband’s mouth for four whole minutes.

Photo caption,

Devika Rani was famed as the consummate expert on kissing

Film critic and columnist for the Indian Express newspaper Shubhra Gupta noted that after gaining independence, the kiss disappeared into the “miasma of bigotry and false modesty”, as well as due to misconceptions about what is acceptable based on Indian culture and traditions, and what is not.

In 1954, a group of Indian women petitioned Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to curb the influence of cinema on “premature sexual intercourse.”

But a lot has changed over the last decade.

“The kiss is again claiming its place in the cinema – nodding flowers and caressing swans have gone into hoary antiquity,” adds Gupta.

The critic notes that today’s Bollywood is trying to make up for decades of suppression of sexuality as the modern industry has recognized that sex and lust are part of human behavior.

Most Indians don’t watch movies

Director Karan Johar recently said: “Of the 1.2 billion people in India, films should reach at least 300 million people, but currently we can only reach 45 million. how to win this audience, we will change the course of the game. ”

Nevertheless, the Bollywood film industry does not suffer from underproduction: with more than a thousand films a year, it is the largest film market in the world.

BBC India Business Correspondent Shilpa Kannan notes that the country produces films in over 20 languages, but Hindi-based Bollywood is the largest filmmaker.

The most expensive Indian film is the Tamil-language “Robot” worth 35 million dollars.

Indians buy 2.7 billion tickets a year, the highest in the world. But the average ticket prices are among the lowest in the world, so their sales revenues are several times lower than Hollywood’s fees.

For a country obsessed with films, there are still very few cinemas in India: about 13,000, compared to nearly 40,000 in the United States.

Western actors are also Bollywood stars

Thousands of Western actors come to Bollywood every year hoping for a breakthrough. Many start out as extras. However, this is not a new phenomenon.

Perhaps the first foreigner to achieve cult status in Bollywood was the Australian Nadia, also known as “Fearless Nadia” or “Huntervali” – “the woman with the whip.”

She arrived in the country in 1935 or 1936 and became the first stunt queen in Indian cinema.

Film historian Jaiprakash Choksi says that Nadia, who played in 35 films, was his favorite heroine as a child.

“She could ride a horse in a mask, jump on a moving train, whip 25-30 men alone and deal with them with her bare hands if necessary,” Choxy indulges in nostalgia.

An Italian actress named Signorina Manelli played a vamp woman in the 1922 silent film Party Bhakti, a film whose morality was that women should be devoted to their husbands.

Photo caption,

Katrina Kaif continues the work of foreign superstars in Bollywood

Indian-born American Tom Olter has appeared in 60 films as a “white man” who speaks Hindi with a prominent accent.

Then of course there was Helen, who captivated generations of Indian film audiences with her sensual dance moves. Unburdened by clothing, she found her way into the hearts of generations of Indian men through belly dancing and hip spins.

In recent years, perhaps no one has ascended the pedestal like the current Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif, a half British speaking Hindi with a foreign accent.

How the Germans helped Bollywood

In the early days of Indian cinema, equipment from Western Europe was crucial to the industry.

In 1920, director and actor Himanshu Rai struck a deal with German production company Emalka, after which they made a number of highly successful films in partnership, says historian Jaiprakash Choksi.

German director Franz Osten directed 14 films for Paradise, but as World War II broke out, the British colonial government deported about a dozen German technicians, ending the lucrative collaboration.

Kolkata was indeed the center of Indian filmmaking until the 1930s, says historian Nasrin Rehman.

Only after the Japanese threat to the eastern borders of India during the war, many filmmakers moved to Bombay, as Mumbai was then called.

Love in the Alps is no longer in vogue

Bollywood discovered the mountains of Switzerland in the 1960s.

In the 1970s, legendary producer Yash Chopra made “mountain love” especially popular by deciding to move from the slopes of Kashmir to the alpine countryside to shoot new high-budget romantic love-confessions to music.

Indian Express film critic and columnist Shubhra Gupta says Chopra’s creative method “has spread like wildfire.”

“So much so that no romance from Bollywood was considered complete without the main characters falling on an icy slope, and the heroine flew down in only one thin chiffon, and the hero in waterproof boots and a jacket!”

But today, this image no longer captivates the Mumbai industry, as it has decisively moved outside Switzerland, says the critic.

Exotic locations are still in vogue, but now Bollywood film crews can be found in Scotland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa.

Superheroes make the box office

Bollywood is not the only film industry struggling to bring romantic stories to the audience.

Photo caption,

Tom Olter – the most popular American in Bollywood

Gupta claims that the bulk of the audience – young people aged 15-25 – are strongly focused on films with the participation of superheroes and various kinds of avengers from comics.

“It is hard for young lovers to find a moviegoer on the screen, and the love stories of mature people have practically disappeared from cinemas,” the observer worries.

One of the most popular action films about superheroes in the recent box office was the sci-fi series “Krrish” with Hritik Roshan in the title role.

But superheroes appeared in Indian cinema much earlier: for example, in 1987, Anil Kapoor played the title role in the blockbuster “Mr. India”.

Look for a man!

Like Hollywood, Bollywood is dominated by superstars, most of whom are men under 50.

According to film critic Gupta, they “run the show.” Among them are the three Khan who have appeared in a number of Mumbai blockbusters over the past two decades: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan.

“The average viewer does not feel dissonant seeing his beloved Khan or Kapoor frolicking with a much younger girl. In Bollywood’s mainstream films, the heroine, even a big star, is a must but easily replaceable component, but the hero is not.” – adds the critic.

The film industry is not an isolated system in a vacuum, it is a conduit for patriarchy, says director Zoya Akhtar.

“This is fueling the formation of perceptions about women. For example, we see a number of scenes in films where a man pursues a woman by persecuting her. Indian cinema is the main vector of pop culture in this country, so we must take more responsibility.” – the director is sure.

Singing on the verge of ultrasound

The main varieties of songs in films are derived from regional tunes that have changed little since the 1930s, says film historian Nasrin Rehman.

“This can be compared to opera, but if opera is continuous singing, then in Indian films there are five to nine songs on average,” the specialist emphasizes.

Both song and dance are used to convey the euphoria of love and as a link in the narrative.

“When song and dance became a must, it turned out that it was not easy to find the combination of the right face and the right voice, which led to the frequent use of phonogram,” notes Rehman.

A high female voice can be interesting to compare with an opera.

According to the historian, trained to sing in the classical tradition, Dhrupad Nur Jahan and Lata Mangeshkar became a reference point for other singers.

Nur Jahan subsequently moved to Pakistan and recorded many of her best songs there.

Singers Runa Laila and Ferdowsi, also recognizable by their high-pitched voices, have sung in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In the classical tradition, South Asian vocalists sing at lower frequencies than Nur Jahan and Mangeshkar, whose vocal delivery is closer to Western operatic soprano divas.

A tree helps a bad dancer

In the past, Bollywood stars regularly danced around trees, confessing their love.

Photo caption,

Bollywood film crews can be anywhere in the world

The simplest answer to why this formula has survived several generations is that they were not good dancers.

“In these films, the dance symbolizes sexuality. Previously, only the sex symbol was usually danced in the movies.Now all heroes and heroines are dancing, “says Nasrin Rehman.

In recent decades, Bollywood actors have proven that they can actually move.

” Until the 1980s, dancers suddenly appeared out of nowhere against the backdrop of mountains. Nowadays, they can still appear out of nowhere, but the choreography has become much more complex, “says director Karan Johar.

Bollywood’s enchanting dances have been a source of inspiration for many Western directors, in particular for Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann.

Samanthi Dissanayak, Justinder Khera, Alistair Lawson and Geeta Pandey contributed to the article

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The brightest, funny and ridiculous moments of the Oscar ceremony. PEOPLETALK

The Oscars are a serious ceremony, there are still often funny moments. Some of them are organized on purpose, while others are completely unforeseen.

In anticipation of the 93rd awards ceremony, which will be held on the night of April 25-26 (and we will be broadcasting), we recall all the funniest moments of the Oscars.

Naked Man on Stage (1974)

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

When actor David Nivena announced that Elizabeth Taylor would announce the next nomination and everyone was waiting for her on stage, a naked man suddenly ran out from behind David. Niven was not at a loss and said: “How interesting, the only thing they will remember this man for is because he ran across the stage naked.”It was photographer and LGBT activist Robert Opel. Thanks to this trick, Robert, indeed, became famous throughout the world. True, in 1979 he was killed.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Roberto Benigni walked to the stage in armchairs (1999)

Roberto Benigni (66) wanted so badly to quickly pick up his Best Actor award for Life is Beautiful that he walked to the stage right on the backs of the chairs. And in his speech, he admitted that he was so glad that he wanted to kiss absolutely everyone.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone parodied Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow (2000)

Creators of the cult series “South Park” Trey Parker (49) and Matt Stone (47) came to the award in women’s dresses. Parker echoed Jennifer Lopez’s scandalous outfit (49), in which she appeared at the Grammy the year before, and Matt wore a pink dress that looked like Gwyneth Paltrow’s (46) dress at the 1999 Oscars. It was later revealed that Parker and Stone took to the red carpet intoxicated.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow / Photo: Newsmakers / Getty images

Julia Roberts asked her not to interfere (2001)

Roberts got a little carried away by her acceptance speech when she won the award for her role in the film “Erin Brockovich”. In the middle of her speech, she turned to the orchestra conductor and said, “I really respect your work, but you are in such a hurry. Why don’t you sit down for a minute? Maybe I’m standing here for the last time. ” The conductor listened to her.

Jennifer Garner fell on stage (2006)

In 2006, the actress stumbled on stage to receive an Oscar in the Best Sound Editing category. Jennifer was not at a loss and joked: “I do all my tricks myself.”

Angelina Jolie and her leg (2012)

Jolie came to the award in a Versace dress with a high slit on the thigh, and when she posed on the red carpet, she diligently exposed her right leg, apparently to demonstrate her beauty.But all Angelina’s efforts were in vain, her pose looked unnatural, and memes with her participation were on the Web for a long time.

Jennifer Lawrence fell on the stairs (2013)

Jennifer was about to go upstage to retrieve her Best Actress statuette in My Crazy Boyfriend, but got tangled up in her own Dior dress and fell. Fortunately, Lawrence was all right, she got up and still took her statuette, but everyone remembered this moment for a long time.

By the way, the next year she also fell, but now on the red carpet.

Ellen DeGeneres fed everyone with pizza (2014)

The Oscar ceremony lasts several hours without interruption. Therefore, the host of the award, Ellen DeGeneres, decided to treat everyone to pizza, having previously collected money from the stars. Even Brad Pitt did not refuse a piece.

John Travolta kisses Scarlett Johansson (2015)

Photo: Kevin Dietsch / UPI.Getty Images

John walked up to Scarlett on the red carpet to kiss, and she made a displeased face. An incredible number of memes appeared on the Internet, on them Travolta kissed Putin, the Statue of Liberty and Kate Middleton (37)

Naked presenter (2015)

Neil Patrick Harris. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris (45) walked on stage in his lingerie. So he decided to parody the movie “Birdman” that he was announcing.

Nicole Kidman’s hands (2017)

At last year’s ceremony, Nicole Kidman’s hands became one of the main memes.The actress clapped only her palms, and bent her fingers. After all the jokes, Nicole even explained: “I was very uncomfortable clapping because of the jewelry. The huge ring got in the way, it’s not mine, and I was very afraid to damage it. Everyone would have clapped, but I would not. Then everyone would ask why I didn’t support anyone ”.

Justin Timberlake and his antics (2017)

But the real star of the Oscars in 2017 was Justin Timberlake, who did everything to get noticed, and he succeeded.At first, he grimaced against the background of his wife Jessica Biel, while she was photographed on the path, during her interview, he also got into the frame with different grimaces. And then Emma Stone got it: while she was giving an interview, Justin also decided to get into the frame.

Plastic hot dogs (2018)

Jimmy Kimmel (51), Margot Robbie (28), Gal Gadot (33) and Mark Hamill (67) brought huge plastic hot dogs into the hall and donuts and invited the audience to help themselves.

Drunk Jennifer Lawrence (2018)

Jennifer Lawrence (28) could not stop laughing almost the entire ceremony, and also prevented photographers from filming other stars on the path and climbed over the chairs in the hall! Apparently Jen had a little too much champagne. But at least she didn’t fall this time.

Rami Malek fell down the stairs (2019)

After receiving the award for Best Actor in Bohemian Rhapsody, the actor left the stage very impressively: he fell down the stairs with the Oscar.

Ridiculous Costumes (2019)

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry took the stage to announce the winner for Best Costume Design in completely ridiculous costumes. Plush bunnies on Melissa and strange rags on Brian caused a storm of applause in the audience. By the way, the film “Black Panther” won the nomination then.

Annealing Javier Bardem (2019)

The Queen band in the company of Adam Lambert made a splash by performing the legendary We Will Rock You.The audience immediately started dancing, but most of all Javier Bardem was happy.

Pong Jun Ho’s loving gaze (2020)

Pong Jun Ho. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Parasites was a real triumph last year, winning four Oscars, including the main Best Picture category. And the look with which Pong looked at the coveted award became a meme in the spirit of: “Let them look at you the way Pong Chung Ho looks at his statuette.”

Julia Butters’s Sandwich

The young actress from Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood is well prepared for the ceremony.Julia took the turkey sandwich with her and put it right in her purse. When asked by journalists, she replied that she “does not like the food that is offered here.” That’s right, I carry everything with me.

Asleep Martin Scorsese

During Eminem’s performance with the song Lose Yourself, the camera caught the director in the hall, who seemed to be asleep.

90,000 Review of “Once upon a time… Hollywood “Quentin Tarantino – Real time

The ninth and penultimate film of “the most popular director in Russia” was released in Russia.

The ninth and “penultimate” film by Quentin Tarantino, “the most popular director in Russia” – “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt was released in Russia. The originally supposed story of how the “Charles Manson girls” stabbed the wife of director Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, and six other people, which actually killed the era of hippies, “flower children” and “sixties”, as a result, the tape became not only a personal declaration of love for cinema, but also a hymn to a kind of escapism and the Great Illusion, which for Tarantino is more important than any politics and protests.The columnist for Realnoe Vremya watched this outrageous “untimely movie” about the worst film era in Hollywood and decided that “Once Upon a Time” is perhaps the most classic and traditional film by America’s main postmodernist and film scandalist in 20 years – and, it seems, the best immediately after “Pulp Fiction. “.

Quentin Tarantino’s “Untimely Movie” about the worst movie era in Hollywood

The February 1969 Californian sun hangs over Los Angeles, which has gone wild from the last decade, with its line of varnished cars and Hollywood scenery, endless radio noise, interrupting youngsters on the streets, strange vagrants and aging actors with beginning beer bellies.Through the windshield of the car, two friends and colleagues at work, the shabby former TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) with a swollen face from obvious alcoholism, and his lean, impudent-looking stuntman with no less obvious post-war post-war syndrome Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), wearily look at the dying fire of the sixties era and the “flower children”, about which the latter seem to know nothing yet.

Already a couple of years as the “summer of love” has resounded, in a few months the last chords of Woodstock will sound, then a bunch of hippies who have gone crazy from idleness and paranoia will stab the pregnant Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), and in December at the legendary Altamont festival with the participation of the Rolling Stones “Just for several hours (but unusually even for hippie concerts of chaotic-psychedelic-bloody) hours, the agony of the dream of a whole generation will take place, which did not want to grow up, work and go out, as they say, in people, but performed at peaceful demonstrations against Vietnam, which was throwing LSD and memorizing songs about a trip to San Francisco with flowers in her hair.

For Dalton and Booth, the “sixties” familiar to us from myths passed by, just as normal human life passed by, both are hopelessly alone – although Booth has a charming Brandy (pit bull is a brilliant actress!), In the evenings they fill their bellies with beer and watching a cheap and goofy second-rate “movie” starring Dalton, mostly of a villainous sneaky profile. Dalton is called to act in spaghetti westerns in Italy, where Clint Eastwood had already moved a couple of years before, by the way, but to Dalton this seems like a verdict.The sixties were the worst decade in American cinema history, classic Hollywood ended in the fifties, a new Hollywood with new stars (Spielberg, Scorsese, De Palma, Coppola) would not begin until the seventies. But – not for Quentino Tarantino, who chose exactly this strange, hysterical, feverish time to shoot his penultimate, ninth film. And he did it, let’s say, running ahead, not at the right time. The film with two world-famous white handsome men (or, if you like, “stallions”), almost zero participation of black movie characters, and women in, scary to say, the roles of mannequins or punching bags, was shot exactly in the new, already “zero” era “me too “, Harwigate, black Oscar-winning movies and girl power anthems, not to mention the sexual minorities who in” Once Upon a Time… Hollywood “is outrageously absent.

Photo facebook.com/OnceInHollywood

How the author of Pulp Fiction became Yakubovich, the hero of Medinsky and “the most popular director director”. Tarantino, who flew to Moscow, was stunned by the people’s love. In the very first hours, like the notorious priest, the whole Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, lovingly looked at the director, as at some semi-mythical ancient god, laughed at him.The press conference turned into a “Field of Miracles”, at which journalists not so much asked him questions (not a single one was heard – about Harvey Weinstein, who played a significant role in the start of the Tarantino movie rocket and has now become a pariah as a result of sex scandals in Hollywood), as they confessed their love – something like “thank you for the nineties, without” Pulp Fiction “my life would be completely different!” And they gave, like Leonid Yakubovich, gifts – from comics to cheese. The media followed his every sneeze (sniffed cheese, climbed onto the roof).The Internet hastily made memes, forgetting about the Moscow elections and protests, and about the fires in Siberia.

In Russia, Tarantino is probably really loved a little more than in the West. His two landmines, “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction”, exploded at a time when the political era was changing, the social system was breaking down on the knee, crime bosses were taking the place of Soviet party bureaucrats, and bandit squabbles displaced the international panorama from the front pages. Well, the cinema, as if by magic, suddenly became different, the dance of Mia Wallace and the robber dogs walking in stylish armchair suits melted into the myth of the 1990s as relatives, like Pelevin, like the first “Dandies”, like “McDonald’s”, like Yeltsin’s “I’m leaving.”Against this background, somehow it’s not even so interesting that Western audiences, like critics, are also delighted with Tarantino’s new film, although one can hear the grumbling of some dissatisfied (as in the influential “New Yorker”, for example, where is the film bombed for what we wrote above): “Where are the women, Quentin, where are the blacks, how could you be nostalgic about the masculine culture?” Some agree that Tarantino actually removed the conservative male manifesto, which, we have to admit, is partly true.

A couple of years ago, Quentin got the idea of ​​making a film about Charles Manson, “America’s worst serial killer” (which, of course, is completely wrong), thus, as if singing the praises of the psychopath, still unpleasant to the American society, who gathered the group “Manson girls” into the sex-hippie cult of collective happiness and ruled over them, like Hitler, the German crowd. The author had to hastily disown this and, judging by the result, radically rewrite the script.On accusations of “love of violence against women, putting racist statements into the mouths of characters and filming ridiculously white movies,” the narcissist Tarantino, frankly, not very fond of criticism in his own address, replies that this is nonsense. Let’s remember the female lead roles in Kill Bill and Death Proof, black heroes in Django and Pulp Fiction, and agree that reproaches go into milk. The film turned out really not “about Manson” and not about how his “girls” suddenly and for himself stabbed Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife and killed six more people just because they considered them “rich pigs.”Then what about? Is it really about hippies or few interesting TV shows of the times of the Hollywood decline?

Classic traditional cinema – but bringing hysterics with noise and sounds

First, it should be noted that the author, 20 years old, starting with “Kill Bill”, filmed camp, shocking, extravagant colorful tapes, far from realism , which could be ready to be brought into some Postmodern Museum, made a film that would ideally fit into the gap between Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.Violating all conceivable canons and laws, including historical ones (“why is it impossible to kill Hitler? – very much even possible”), Tarantino moved further and further away from the raw, everyday, bloody, but also charming realism of his first two films. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino, who really loves to dress in some kind of Hawaiian shirts, finally donned a traditional costume, one might even say a tailcoat. This is an old-school, classic cinema, completely linear, with many purely classic cinematic tricks: masterly panning from the Sharon Tate villa to the neighboring house of Rick Dalton, street shots in cars from which you cannot take your eyes off, endless close-ups and classic Tarantino dialogues from 25 years ago …

But, recreating the era from childhood memory (the author was then about six years old), which is selective and inventive, Quentin, it seems, for the first time used not only visual images and good songs, but also what only a person can understand, kinesthetic in nature and audial. His sixties, California, Los Angeles are not decorative or poster at all. It doesn’t matter that at one point or another in the frame, behind the scenes there will certainly be some noises, interference, steps, slaps, the world and behind the scenes makes noise, breathes, moves, smells, you can seemingly feel it with your fingers: fabrics rustle, boots knocking on the asphalt, engines rumbling, bones crunching, women screeching.The tape chirps in the cinema. Dalton can hear a smoldering cigarette, how Dalton puffs, groans and spits from a hangover, how dog food falls into Brandy’s bowl (Brandy wags her tail and whines). Despite the fact that half of the film seems to be nothing important, the cinema is crammed with these peripheral noises, smells, textures, which, by the way, in classic – studio – Hollywood you will never hear: only dialogues, how doors open and close, shots, even long kisses are virgin and delicately silent in black and white cinema (and there was no sex, like in the USSR, in classic Hollywood!), in a world where, by the way, there were no blacks, except perhaps in small roles of lifters and servants …

The world “Once upon a time in … Hollywood” – we feel and sound, in fact, as in everyday life, on ordinary streets and in Kazan apartments (if you do not kill this life with a player and headphones). For two and a half hours, Tarantino brings the viewer to hysterics with this endless noise, unceasing radio, incessant trembling of the viewer, this is the world of the late 1960s, dreamers running along the blade – it is feverish in its essence, like a drunken party that lasts not a couple of hours, but a couple weeks (and there were such then), the stupid fuss of a passenger who did not sleep for two nights at the airport or an actor who did not learn his text in the morning.Leonardo DiCaprio in a psychopathic – and great (and very funny) – scene in a trailer after a shameful failure on the set yells hysterically at himself in the mirror, brings himself to some semi-insane state of Jack Nicholson in The Shining, mocking himself and hating himself as an actor. While the hero of Brad Pitt mocks Bruce Lee in a parody scene, causing again hysteria on the set (and also hysterically funny). Even outside the city it is impossible to find peace and tranquility here: at Span Ranch (here they used to shoot movies, and it was westerns), where the “Manson girls” hang out, one can hear creaks, howling winds, steps on the sand of Cliff Booth, who drove the youngster there, and again hysterical cries of girls who do not accept a stranger.The scene is exactly from Westerns, from behind any barn shots are about to be heard. Only here can knives come into play. Well, what a nostalgia for masculine culture, what are you?

Photo facebook.com/OnceInHollywood

Why Sharon Tate with short screen time is the main character of the film

Life full of paranoia, marijuana smoke, rock-n-roll hits, screams is silenced only in the movies. Yes, you can say, Rick Dalton’s nervous breakdown in the trailer, the battle with Bruce Lee, or the final scene, which we will not tell you anything about (and it is not possible to tell you about it in letters), just note that violence, like sound noises, is there reach ultrasonic limits – the most visible, outstanding and witty.But it seems that they are not for Tarantino, and in general who loves radically hysterical and bloodthirsty clashes, are the main ones. And the quietest episodes with a nine-year-old girl-actress, teaching DiCaprio how to play a movie correctly and, of course, all the episodes with Tate. Margot Robbie dances and smiles for almost the entire film, her Sharon Tate is a beautiful child at heart, no older than that nine-year-old. She burns like a thoughtless dragonfly – as we, the audience, assume – the last days and weeks in our life. After spending a couple of hours in the cinema, where she, the narcissist, went to watch a comedy with her participation: Tate performed by Robbie looks at the real Tate, but in a film role! There she, along with other viewers, dissolves into the cinema, forgets everything and only rejoices like a child when the neighbors laugh at the scenes with her character.There, all this noise of reality, history and epoch, forced under pressure from the director, falls silent. What remains is just a movie, and not even a great one – just a movie.

For Booth and Dalton, as well as for Tarantino, politics and protests, news, fights, the Vietnam War, hippies and even rock music are peripheral noise that they turn off in the Great Illusion (hippies are generally for them a “dirty trash” ). Somewhere, far, far away, pregnant women are being cut open and the smell of napalm is inhaled in the morning and in the evening, they are torn apart by mines, they are unhappy with Nixon or some other political agenda, the streets are teeming with drug addicts and drug dealers, people are going crazy, criminologists are discovering a new, serial type of killer.Here – only the tape chirps in the cinema.

It is clear why many accuse Tarantino of escapism and outrageous apoliticality, but he himself knows everything about himself very well, or, it seems, has just understood. His Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood is a mirror maze in which reality is reflected in the myth and world of cinema, and the myths of cinema are reflected in life. Filming in the scenery of a minor western gives way to Booth’s real encounter with the world of hippie violence in the abandoned scenery of the Wild West.Dalton’s dreams of a career of Shakespearean scope are smashed over and over again against the reality of the life of the half-forgotten star of the series. The illusions of the world of “flower children” are refracted in the rays of blood-red nightmares, too real to escape from them by throwing mushrooms. Masterfully colliding illusion and reality, dirty smelly life and air-air films, a girl and DiCaprio, invented by Sharon Tate played by Robbie with a real, but in the role of a movie character, a story of real murders with a fantasy “how would it be if” – In the end, Tarantino confused himself (and did not unravel, but tore and rip this Gordian knot with his teeth).

Tarantino’s answer to almost everything: “Fuck it! Let’s go to the cinema! ”

“Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood” – actually, the answer to the questions why even the story with Harvey Weinstein is not very interesting to him (which is a pity), let alone the war in Vietnam (or Trump in the White House). He is still the same six-year-old child who admires billboards and radio hits in his stepfather’s car, he is interested in games, comics and movies, and, for some reason, female legs, more precisely, feet – Quentin’s famous fetish, which he himself laughed at this time.Quentin, like the heroes of DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and especially Sharon Tate, is very similar to the character of the Coen brothers’ cult film “The Big Lebowski”, Walter Sobchak, a Vietnam veteran, whose mental imbalance turns him and Lebowski into unpleasant situations every time. To which Sobchak has only one answer: “Yes, it all went! Let’s go to the bowls, let’s go bowling. ” But for Tarantino and his Tate, it means “not bowling, but cinema.”

Of course, the director himself understands that this cannot be the answer to all occasions.Only those that you yourself cannot influence anyway. Yes, escapism, yes, apolitical and conservative manifesto (no better than the manifesto of an alcoholic in sweatpants watching TV, let’s face it). But to influence the sad story of Sharon Tate, who, perhaps (and most likely), would not have become a great actress, but became a legend after the murder – neither Tarantino, nor we are definitely in a position. Wouldn’t it be better, Quentin tells us, to watch Sharon go to the movies and how she smiles when she sees herself on the screen, her bare legs up in the chairs and fidgeting with impatience for what will happen next.So adorable and very funny with big square glasses. An unbearably sad and infinitely beautiful scene in Quentin Tarantino’s most complex, smartest, most personal film in a quarter century.

Sergey Afanasyev

SocietyCulture .

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