Revenge actors dating: ‘Revenge’ Stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman Are Married – The Hollywood Reporter


‘Revenge’ Stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman Are Married – The Hollywood Reporter

First comes co-starring in a TV show, then comes marriage. 

Revenge star Emily VanCamp, 32, revealed on Instagram she tied the knot to her former co-star Josh Bowman, 30, over the weekend in the Bahamas. 

The actress posted a couple of black-and-white photos of her and Bowman in their wedding attire on her account. The first caption simply revealed the date of the ceremony, “12.15.18,’ she wrote.

In her second caption VanCamp thanked her guests for attending her wedding. “Thank you to all of our friends and family who made their way to celebrate with us! We are eternally grateful,” she said, while also thanking her dress designer. “And to @lelarose and your incredible team for creating my dream dress… Thank you times a million. ” 

The couple first began dating in 2012, while they were co-starring on the ABC drama.

VanCamp and Bowman became engaged in May 2017 with the actress posting a cute picture of her covering her face with her hands showing off her diamond ring on her Instagram.

“We got engaged and then both hit the ground running with work,” she revealed to People that she and Bowman were in no rush to get married, also saying, “Once I’m done doing The Resident I want to have some good solid family time.” 

The newlyweds are keeping busy with VanCamp currently starring on the Fox medical drama The Resident as nurse practitioner Nicolette “Nic” Nevin. As for Bowman, he recently appeared in an episode of Doctor Who and will star in the made-for-TV movie Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story, premiering in 2019.  

This is the first marriage for both stars.

Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman’s Relationship Timeline

When you know, you know! Emily VanCamp has never shied away from finding love on set. While past romances with her former costars Chris Pratt and Dave Annable didn’t work out, she eventually found The One in Josh Bowman.

VanCamp and Bowman met in 2011 on the set of Revenge. On the ABC drama, the duo played love interests Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson, who ultimately wed during the show’s third season.

Art appeared to imitate life as a romance blossomed between the pair off screen. Us Weekly broke the news of their relationship in January 2012, and they got engaged in May 2017.

The Brothers & Sisters alum said that Bowman did a “good” job with his proposal. “It was in a forest. We were in nature on a hike kind of doing what we do, it was very, sort of, us,” she told Entertainment Tonight shortly after their engagement. “So yeah, it was great, beautiful.”

VanCamp and Bowman tied the knot at Harbour Island in the Bahamas in December 2018.

While VanCamp has shared sweet photos of the couple across her Instagram page, the duo have largely remained relatively private. However, the Resident star has gushed about how comfortable she feels around her spouse.

“I’m at my most confident when I’m in nature and I don’t have to dress up. When I take off my makeup, that’s my boyfriend’s favorite,” she said in the January/February 2013 issue of Women’s Health. “And that, to me, is a symbol of a great guy — someone who doesn’t care about all that [glamorous] stuff.”

A few years before their winter nuptials, the Everwood alum revealed that she could see the duo starting a family together someday. “Yes, absolutely, especially when your sisters are having babies you just want to jump on the bandwagon. But I’m just happy being an auntie right now,” she said on The Meredith Vieira Show in September 2014. “I’m really busy and I feel like I kind of want to be the kind of mom I want to be.”

Scroll down to see how the former Revenge costars fell for each other when cameras stopped rolling!

In Honor of “Revenge,” A Brief History of TV’s Off-Screen Hookups | by The Awl | The Awl

by Sara Morrison

Tonight, “Revenge” returns from its (too-long) hiatus with a crop of new episodes, sure to be full of awesomeness. But will they also be full of awkwardness? You see, Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman, who play engaged couple Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (she has two names, it’s complicated) and Daniel Grayson, are together off-screen as well. If a recent photo of the couple is anything to go by, their real-life relationship may have been concluded by the time tonight’s new episode starts.

You don’t have to be a body language expert to think that Bowman, his arms folded protectively over his chest, his eyes dead, horrified or distracted, is not as into this whole thing as VanCamp, who looms over him, lips mashed against his face, sucking with desperate determination. This presents a potential problem for viewers! We now all know they’re dating. If they break up, we’ll know that, too. And then we’ll all have to watch their characters in romantic scenes together and think about how awkward that must have been to film. If they aren’t very good at acting and/or their breakup is especially acrimonious, that awkwardness will be obvious. And that’s just unpleasant to watch. We do not want to see real-life problems on our guilty pleasure fun show.

Then again, that could just be a terrible photo, taken at a weird moment. Perhaps things are just fine between VanCamp and Bowman and dating your co-star is a really terrific idea with no foreseeable downside. Perhaps history can be our judge: let’s take a look at on/off-screen couples of TV shows past, from Ozzie and Harriet to Billy and Allison; from Sydney and Vaughn to Dexter and Debra, to see just how well that worked out for everyone.

The 50s

In the beginning, there were old married people.

As it happens, the on/off-screen relationship existed before screens did. In the 40s, married couple Ozzie and Harriet had their own radio sitcom, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” in which they played a married couple named Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. Their real-life sons David and Ricky joined the cast a few years in, and the show moved to television in 1952. It stayed on the air for the next 14 years, as a weird pseudo-proto-reality show based on the family’s life. When David and Ricky got married in real life, their wives joined them on the show. So we have plenty of weird on/off screen relationships here.

Ozzie and Harriet were a couple before the show, and they stayed together after it was cancelled in 1966. Their marriage was probably never as happy as their fictional counterparts’ (nothing would be, because 50s TV shows loved to portray perfect families and make the rest of us feel inferior), but the real-life version of the couple actually got to, you know, have sex and sleep in the same bed, so I’d call it even. Both sons divorced their co-star-wives, but only after the series was cancelled, thus depriving us of the chance to see what would happen to the annoyingly perfect fake Nelson family if their real counterparts were to break up. In this case, on/off-screen coupledom was a success…

… except for the fact that Ozzie and Harriet’s son Ricky and his co-star-wife had twin sons named Gunnar and Matthew — best known to us as the early 90s hair band Nelson. Nelson sucks, and should serve as a warning to any TV people considering reproducing with an on/off-screen partner.

Real-life couples playing fictional couples were apparently big in the 50s, so we also had “I Love Lucy,” which starred real-life married couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Their fictional counterparts certainly had their arguments, but they always made up by the end of the episode. In real life, Ball filed for divorce the day after they filmed the series finale (at which point the show had evolved into weirdness that was the hour-long “Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” anyway) — which was also Arnaz’s birthday. Ouch! That made the papers, obviously, so by the time the final episode aired, the viewing audience knew the happy fictional couple on TV was being played by a miserable real-life one. Ball never made that mistake again. Though she married after Arnaz — and stayed with her second husband until her death — in all three sitcoms she starred in after “I Love Lucy,” her character was a widow.

After that, there’s a long dry spell for on/off-screen couples. Either we didn’t know they were hooking up in real life until long after the shows aired, or the actors on most of the shows were too busy doing drugs to hook up, or the male leads were secretly gay, or my knowledge of behind-the-scenes gossip decades before I was born just isn’t very good. But by the 80s, the age of hungry tabloid journalism made it difficult for stars to keep their romantic lives private.

The 80s

“Growing Pains”: Towards the end of the show’s run, Kirk Cameron became a born-again Christian. His character, Mike Seaver, started dating some girl named Kate, played by Chelsea Noble, who was also big into Christianity. It was a match made in their unshakable belief in Heaven, and the actors were married the summer before the show’s final season. Mike and Kate got engaged in the series finale. The Camerons are still married today, so that could be considered an on/off-camera success in terms of relationship longevity, but Kirk Cameron is so annoying about it, refusing to kiss anyone on-camera except his wife, thus forcing anyone who wants to work with him (which, these days, is relegated to a few fundamentalist Christian filmmakers) to either cast her as his love interest or have her body double in kissing scenes with anyone other than his wife. So, that’s a pain. Also, you’d think that anyone who was that happily in love would be open to letting other people find that same happiness with and make those same commitments to their partners, regardless of gender. Cameron most certainly isn’t, and we all have to know about it every time he pops up on that Piers Morgan show or wherever, so I’m calling that another fail.

“Night Court”: To the best of my knowledge, the cast did not date each other. But I love this show and it doesn’t get nearly enough credit or attention, so I thought I’d throw it in here anyway. I still find it hard to believe that anyone could resist the charms of Markie Post and Markie Post’s Mullet behind the scenes.

The 90s

With the success of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” a new wave of TV shows starring hot young people with gigantic hair and raging hormones burst forth, providing us with plenty of fodder. The “90210” spin-off, “Melrose Place,” had its share of bad acting and ridiculous storylines, which usually made it that much more awesome. But not always. Andrew Shue, a.k.a. Elizabeth Shue’s less-talented sibling, played Billy Campbell, who started a relationship with Allison Parker, played by Courtney Thorne-Smith, who was at least a better actor than Shue (it’s impossible to be worse). Shue and Thorne-Smith dated in real life during the show’s first season. Then they broke up, but Billy and Allison were still together. Uh oh. The viewers at home knew all of this at the time, so their scenes as a fake couple had that extra awkward layer of tension, made all the more obvious because Shue was never a good enough actor to close his mouth during a scene, let alone hug his now-ex-girlfriend convincingly. Thorne-Smith has commented on the weirdness of it all in interviews since, but considering she would go on to spend eight seasons playing Jim Belushi’s romantic interest, she really has no right to complain about her “Melrose” days. Cupid’s arrow struck the “Melrose” set several times: Laura Leighton (Sydney) and mega-hunk of the era Grant Show (Jake) dated for a longer time than their characters ever did. Leighton left the show and ended up with Doug Savant, who played one character Sydney would never have an on-screen relationship with: Matt, who was gay. They’re still married. And Heather “Special Guest Star” Locklear and Jack Wagner’s characters got married, but the actors were just friends until years after the cancellation of “Melrose. ” They started dating in 2007 and got engaged last year, but it was called off a few months later.

The 00s

“Alias”: Jennifer Garner’s history of dating her co-stars went back to at least “Felicity,” where she fell in love with Scott Foley. They married and things seemed great until disaster struck and Garner got a role on another TV show with another male co-star: Michael Vartan. Both Garner and Foley have denied that Garner cheated on her husband, but the fact remains that they separated and Garner and Vartan were soon seen together. Their characters, Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, also became romantically involved. But then Garner and Vartan broke up and Garner hooked up with yet another co-star (Ben Affleck, who she met while filming “Daredevil”), who she went on to marry — all this while “Alias” was still in production. It’s safe to say things were probably a bit tense on the set between Garner and Vartan after that, and suddenly there was a lot less Vaughn around, culminating in the fifth and final season — during most of which Vaughn was “dead.

“One Tree Hill”: Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush met on the set of “One Tree Hill,” where their characters also dated. Their real-life romance probably helped that storyline along, especially when Murray and Bush got married after two years together. But then they got divorced, and their show was still on. And Murray suddenly got engaged to some high-school girl who was an extra on the show and Bush started dating another co-star, James Lafferty, and it kind of made everything tough to watch. Fortunately, Murray soon left the show and faded into relative obscurity and Bush found love with yet another co-star, Austin Nichols. Their characters got married on the show; in real life, Bush and Nichols broke up around the time the series stopped filming. Things worked out only slightly better for cast members of the other, better teen drama that premiered the same year: On “The OC,” Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson stayed together from the first season, when both they and their characters started dating, until their real-life break up just before the series finale (in which their characters married), leaving the audience with little on-screen evidence of any post-break-up tension.

“House”: When Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer were revealed to be dating behind the scenes, it was cute. Then the characters they portrayed, Drs. Cameron and Chase, had this weird drugged-out hook-up that evolved into a friends-with-benefits relationship — which would have been fine except for the fact that we never got the sense Chase and Cameron were friends in the first place. Perhaps that storyline was influenced by Morrison and Spencer’s relationship, which blossomed into an engagement around this time. All was well until Season Four, when the actors apparently peed on all the writers’ Corn Flakes, and all of a sudden their characters were given only a few lines of dialogue or so each week. As their characters’ relationship became serious, their real-life one ended. The couple never got married in real life, and even while their characters had almost nothing to do on the show, the writers who obviously hated them made their characters get married after the real-life relationship was over. That must have been a fun scene for everyone involved to film and isn’t weird to watch as an informed viewer at all. By the way, after all of that? They kicked Jennifer Morrison off the show and had Chase and Cameron break up for no good reason. They had one more awkward sex scene before Cameron left forever, divorce papers in hand. I have a feeling Morrison was happy to be out of there.


“Dexter”: This has to be the most awkward of all on/off-screen hook-ups. First, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter played siblings. Yes, Dexter and Debra Morgan aren’t blood relatives, but they grew up together and that’s basically the same thing as far as I’m concerned. In real life, they aren’t biologically or adoptively related, so they were free to carry on. It made things a little weird watching them pretend to be siblings while knowing they probably had sex a half hour before that scene was shot, and my mother and I liked refer to Carpenter as Hall’s “sister-wife” after they eloped on New Year’s Eve 2008. But it wasn’t that bad, and they seemed happy enough — until they weren’t. Less than two years after their wedding, Carpenter filed for divorce. People wondered how this would affect the show, guessing Carpenter would have to be killed off. She wasn’t. Instead, the writers found a way to make things even more awkward by having Debra confess in the sixth season finale that she had romantic feelings for her own brother. Coming up next season: no less than eight levels of awkward right there, I’d say.

Every other show Emily VanCamp has starred in: When she was on “Everwood,” she dated Chris Pratt, who played her brother. A few years later, she dated her “Brothers & Sisters” co-star David Annable, who played her half-brother. Their off-screen romance created so much on-screen chemistry that the writers decided to go with it and made VanCamp’s character not related to Annable’s after all, paving the way for the characters to marry. By that time, though, VanCamp and Annable had broken up. Their chemistry died, and VanCamp was written out of the series. Oops.

All in all, I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone looking to get involved with a co-star is going to regret it one way or the other. The viewing audience will, too, suffering through awkward post-break-up sex scenes, on-screen sibling interactions full of creepy sexual tension, grandchildren who make terrible music, and homophobic born-again Christians (admittedly, I’m still not sure if that one is the fault of “Growing Pains”). And VanCamp, currently at least 0-for-2 when it comes to dating co-stars, should really know better at this point. Or perhaps this is her PR strategy playbook routine, at this point?

But maybe those crazy kids will make it work, I’ll be proven wrong, and “Revenge” will stay awesome. Or, more likely in light of the historical evidence, Josh Bowman is one bad public make-out photo away from being killed off.

Sara Morrison once lived in Los Angeles and played roller derby. Now she goes to graduate school in New York and thinks about roller derby.

Emily VanCamp enjoys a pool day reunion with Revenge co-stars

They worked together for four years on the set of Revenge.

And Sunday saw leading actress Emily VanCamp, 32, and her co-stars have their own reunion. 

Marking just over three years since the final episode was aired, the actors got together to catch up and enjoy a pool day.  

Reunited! Sunday saw leading Revenge actress Emily VanCamp, 32, and her co-stars have their own reunion

‘The Best,’ captioned Emily (who played Emily Thorne) on a monochrome photo with the cast. 

The many social posts revealed that Emily was joined by Gabriel Mann (who played Nolan Ross), Nick Wechsler (who played Jack Porter), Ashley Madekwe (who played Ashley Davenport) and on-and-off screen love Josh Bowman (who played Daniel Grayson).

The day also saw the show’s executive producer Melissa Loy.

Cast and crew: The many social posts revealed that Emily was joined by L-R: on-and-off screen love Josh Bowman (who played Daniel Grayson), Nick Wechsler (who played Jack Porter), executive producer Melissa Loy, Gabriel Mann (who played Nolan Ross) and Ashley Madekwe (who played Ashley Davenport)

Nothing but love: ‘Infinity X Infinity. I love these people #revenge,’ shared actress turned blogger Ashley

It’s been too long! Marking just over three years since the final episode was aired, the actors got together to catch up and enjoy a pool day 

‘Infinity X Infinity. I love these people #revenge,’ shared actress turned blogger Ashley. 

And she wasn’t the only one to share the love with Gabriel posting three pictures from the pool day.  

One shot saw the 46-year-old give his co-star a big hug.  

Friends: One shot saw 46-year-old gabriel give his co-star Emily a big hug

Reminiscing on old times: The cast worked together for four years between 2011-2015 on the set of Revenge

‘for infinity,’ he captioned. 

Emily later shared the same shot on her Instagram Stories and revealed that the tech savvy character gave the ‘best hugs’. 

Other leading stars Madeleine Stowe (who played Victoria Grayson), Christa B. Allen (who played Charlotte Grayson), and Henry Czerny (who played Conrad Grayson) did not attend the reunion.

Missed the invite? Other leading stars Madeleine Stowe (who played Victoria Grayson) and Christa B. Allen (who played Charlotte Grayson) were not at the reunion

Always plotting revenge: The series followed Emily who seeks revenge on the Grayson family after they framed her father of a crime that saw him imprisoned for life and killed whilst locked up (Pictured characters: Victoria and husband Conrad Grayson (played by Henry Czerny)) 

And it appeared as though fans of the stars were overjoyed with the photos.

‘Omg my fav cast reunited. Can we please have a revenge reunion movie. Miss this show so much…It was the best,’ wrote one, with another commenting: ‘My heart is overjoyed just seeing this photo!! So happy you all kept in touch’. 

The series followed Emily who seeks revenge on the Grayson family after they framed her father of a crime that saw him imprisoned for life and killed whilst locked up.  

Watch out! In particular, Emily’s character seeks revenge of matriarch Victoria Grayson (pictured) – having learned that she loved her father and betrayed him

Having lived next door as a child at the time, she returns to the home with a new identity to take down every individual who played a role in her father’s imprisonment and death.  

In particular, Emily’s character is after matriarch Victoria Grayson – having learned that she loved her father and betrayed him. 

Emily began dating her co-star Josh Bowman whilst filming the drama show. 

The pair announced their engagement in May 2017.  

Loved up: Emily began dating her co-star Josh Bowman whilst filming the drama show and got engaged in May 2017 

Revenge Cast Today — See Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, and More Now!

It’s hard to believe it has been nearly seven years since the premiere of Revenge. Viewers were introduced to Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) in 2011 — and followed along as she plotted her vengeance against the Grayson family.

Played to perfection by Emily VanCamp, the blonde beauty was our modern day Count of Monte Cristo, making sure the Hamptons socialites responsible for framing her father got what they deserved. Over the course of four seasons, Emily clears her father’s name, reclaims her real identity, and finally gets her happily ever after in the series finale.

It turns out, Emily (VanCamp) also got her happily ever after thanks to the ABC drama. She announced her engagement to Josh Bowman, who played Daniel Grayson, on the series last year. However, the couple makes sure to keep their professional and personal lives separate. “Josh and I keep it all very separate. I barely talk about him in interviews, to be honest,” she told Elle Canada. “It’s just really funny in the moments when we’re playing these absolutely absurd things. I call him ‘wife-beater Daniel.’ It’s hard for my family to watch — it’s also hard for them to see me in that light. But we’re actors. None of that lives in any of us. Thank God!”

As for her archnemesis, Victoria Grayson — played by Madeleine Stowe — her storyline did not come to an end as she had hoped. However, it sure was fun to watch. “I think the audience believed in Amanda’s fight so much that they couldn’t see Victoria as anything other than a villain. But this woman went through really terrible things,” Madeleine told People. “She had horrible parenting and was violated repeatedly. Those violations of her youth turned to madness where she would see people and anything that would threaten her children’s well-being had to be vanquished.”

Madeleine continued, “I loved that she was a tenacious mother. I loved her attachment to her son. She was just really tough and cool. I kind of admire her. Other people don’t, but I do.” TBH, we had a soft spot for Victoria, too!

To see what Emily, Madeleine, and the rest of the cast are up to today, keep on scrolling below!

An Actor’s Revenge: Kon Ichikawa’s phenomenal kabuki thriller | Stage

We sometimes talk of scene-stealers in the theatre. What might acting and thieving have in common? Performers demand attention while pickpockets evade it, but to excel at both you need to closely study human behaviour. In his 1962 movie An Actor’s Revenge, the director Kon Ichikawa presents the worlds of a touring kabuki theatre company and a group of thieves side by side. His masterstroke is casting Kazuo Hasegawa – in his 300th film appearance – in a dual role as both the troupe’s lead actor and a Robin Hood-style robber. As the former, he coolly steals the heart of an admirer in the audience.

In the opening scene, criminals are operating in the auditorium. They pluck riches from the spectators, while arguing about whether to stay until the end of the show. “This play’s too slow for me,” moans one thief. You couldn’t level that criticism at Ichikawa’s movie, one of cinema’s finest studies of theatre. It is a remake of a 1935 film with the same name, directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa, in which Hasegawa (a kabuki actor turned box-office film star) had played the same roles.

Ichikawa’s version grips the audience immediately. In Edo (modern-day Tokyo), the kabuki company is presenting an elegant production in which snow falls on a stage lined with candles. Yukinojo (Hasegawa) is an acclaimed onnagata, a male actor who performs female roles. We hear the internal monologue of Yukinojo addressing his late father as, in the audience, he spies a magistrate and a merchant responsible for his parents’ death 20 years earlier. He has come to Edo for vengeance.

An Actor’s Revenge. Photograph: TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy

Yukinojo uses his performance, on-stage and off, to win the affection of the magistrate’s daughter (Ayako Wakao). He is mocked by others as weak and effeminate – both for being an actor and an onnagata – but uses this perception to his advantage in wreaking revenge. He also makes use of his vast knowledge of kabuki stagecraft, donning makeup and a fright wig to assume the guise of his father’s ghost when confronting one of the men. (The film’s Japanese title, Yukinojo Henge, describes him as a phantom and this captures something of its phantasmagorical style.) Later, he acts out his mother’s death as a shadow play to torment another of his enemies. One of the thieves mocks Yukinojo as being “neither man nor woman”; his features share a similarity with both parents, we are told, so it is as if he embodies each on their personal quests for retribution.

This is a dynamic, highly stylish thriller told with a striking palette but it forms a neat companion piece to a much more meditative, perhaps better-known film about another kabuki troupe, Yasujirō Ozu’s Floating Weeds, which was made three years earlier and shares two of the film’s supporting actors (Ganjirō Nakamura and Ayako Wakao). In both films, an actor arrives in town with family business on his mind. For Ozu’s hero, Komajuro, it is a reunion with a son who does not know his father’s identity. In Floating Weeds (itself a remake of an earlier film), the troupe’s production is a flop – some nights the actors outnumber the audience – and the company is rife with resentments. But Komajuro appreciates his role as the head of this dysfunctional theatrical family and the late scene in which the troupe disbands to pursue alternative careers is tinged with sadness. In Ichikawa’s film, the orphaned Yukinojo has been virtually adopted by a theatre family; the company’s actor-manager has become a father figure to him.

Saburo Date, Ayako Wakao and Ganjirō Nakamura in An Actor’s Revenge Photograph: Daiei/Kobal/Rex/Shutterstock

The troupe in An Actor’s Revenge may be more celebrated than in Ozu’s film, but Ichikawa also acknowledges the ever-precarious living of performers who are never quite sure what is round the corner. Instability is even inherent in the film’s style, which never fixes on one genre. Ichikawa frames some scenes tightly by using the lines of windows and doorways yet others seem to exist almost as if on an endless stage, with the characters surrounded by floating mist or darkness. The lighting techniques are often boldly theatrical and even in the scenes outside the theatre, it is common for conversations to be watched by an “audience” of onlooking characters.

The fluid, dreamlike nature of the narrative is mirrored in the delicate performance by Hasegawa as Yukinojo, which contrasts with his earthy, comical turn as the robber Yamitaro. Yukinojo is a figure as ethereal as theatre itself: in the unforgettable final scene he drifts away from his life on stage, leaving his audiences with the fading memories they have taken from his performances.

The Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of 2021

Every few years, a particularly swoon-worthy Korean drama turns a wave of international viewers into avid fans of the genre. Notable examples include Full House in 2004, Boys Over Flowers in 2009, The Heirs in 2013. In 2020, both Crash Landing on You and Itaewon Class hooked the attention of large audiences at the start of the year, and the interest in K-dramas only grew as the months wore on. Viewing for the genre on Netflix nearly tripled in the U.S. last year, and the streaming giant recently announced that its investment in Korean content between 2015 and 2020 will total $700 million and include leasing nine stages across two production facilities in Korea. Beyond Netflix, Korean networks continue to produce series which are regularly distributed globally through platforms including the American streaming service Rakuten Viki, Chinese video site iQIYI and Hong-Kong based provider Viu.

A bountiful slate of new series is on the horizon for 2021. They feature actors we have missed on our screens and newcomers who are taking on lead roles for the first time (including, to the great anticipation of many, Jisoo from K-pop phenom BLACKPINK). Many of these shows are helmed by directors and writers who have produced some of the hottest Korean dramas to date, while others are adapted from webtoons that have attracted a significant audience online.

Most of the series do not have confirmed launch dates but are planned for release in 2021. Some of the shows will debut on Korean networks like tvN and JTBC, with no confirmed plans for international distribution at the moment. This could change, though, as a growing number of global fans call for Korean dramas to be made available in their countries.

Here, the most anticipated K-dramas of 2021.

River Where the Moon Rises

Release date: Feb. 15

Network: KBS2; will be available on Rakuten Viki

Kim So-Hyun (Love Alarm, The Tale of Nokdu) and Ji Soo (When I Was Most Beautiful, My First First Love) star in this reimagining of the folktale about Princess Pyeonggang and On Dal. Pyeonggang (Kim) is resolute in her goal: to become the first female ruler to lead the Korean kingdom of Goguryeo. Her aspirations are tested when she meets On Dal (Ji Soo), whose love for Pyeonggang drives him to protect her above all else. In this period drama that promises plenty of action and romance, the versatile Kang Ha-Neul (When the Camellia Blooms, Midnight Runners) also plays a role as On Dal’s father and a general of Goguryeo.

Sisyphus: The Myth

Release date: Feb. 17

Network: JTBC; will be available on Netflix on the same date with new episodes released every Wednesday and Thursday

Launched in 2011, JTBC has released some of the most beloved Korean dramas of the last decade—including 2020 favorites Itaewon Class and The World of the Married. Branded as JTBC’s “10th Anniversary Special Drama,” Sisyphus: The Myth is directed by Jin Hyuk of The Legend of the Blue Sea and City Hunter fame and features seasoned actors Cho Seung-Woo and Park Shin-Hye. In the mystery-fantasy, Cho plays genius coder Han Tae-Sul, who meets Park’s Kang Seo-Hae—an elite fighter from the future who travels back in time to save him. Both Cho and Park recently starred in thrilling dramas—Cho in the crime series Stranger and Park in the Zombie film #Alive. Based on the premise, it seems like Sisyphus: The Myth will be an exhilarating ride, too.


Release Date: Feb. 20

Network: tvN; will be available on Netflix on the same date with new episodes released every Saturday and Sunday

After a betrayal, lawyer Vincenzo Cassano, who works as a mafia consigliere, flees from Italy to South Korea. He is on a mission to find something hidden, and along the way joins forces with cutthroat attorney Hong Cha-Young. Vincenzo boasts an impressive cast, with Song Joong-Ki (Arthdal Chronicles, Descendants of the Sun), Jeon Yeo-Bin (Be Melodramatic, After My Death) and boy band 2PM’s Taecyeon (The Game: Towards Zero, Save Me) in the lead roles. Yoo Jae-Myung and Yang Kyung-Won, who had standout performances in last year’s Itaewon Class and Crash Landing on You, respectively, also star in this series.


Release Date: TBA

Network: JTBC

Snowdrop is already one of the most-talked-about series, in no small part because it features Jisoo from BLACKPINK in her first lead role—alongside star actor Jung Hae-In (One Spring Night, Something in the Rain). But the series is also highly anticipated because of the creative forces behind it, director Jo Hyun-Tak and writer Yoo Hyun-Mi, whose last collaboration Sky Castle is the second-highest-rated drama in Korean cable history. Actors Kim Hye-Yoon and Yoon Se-Ah from Sky Castle join the cast as well. Snowdrop begins as Im Soo-Ho (Jung), covered in blood, darts into the female dorm at a university on a day in 1987. Against the backdrop of political upheaval, Eun Young-Cho (Jisoo) hides the disheveled student and the pair’s story unfolds.


Release Date: TBA

Network: tvN

There’s always buzz surrounding actor Jun Ji-Hyun’s projects, and Jirisan is no exception. The star from Legend of the Blue Sea and My Love From the Star takes the role of Seo Yi-Kang, a park ranger who knows the trails of Jirisan National Park like the back of her hand. She becomes partner to Kang Hyun-Jo—portrayed by Ju Ji-Hoon, whose lead roles in the 2020 series Kingdom season 2 and Hyena garnered much attention. Together, the park rangers uncover a mystery causing the mountain to have a deadly effect on visitors. The series also features Sung Dong-Il (the Reply series) and Oh Jung-Se (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay). It’s produced by writer Kim Eun-Hee (Kingdom, Signal) and director Lee Eung-Bok (Mr. Sunshine, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)—who have been behind some of the most popular K-dramas in the past ten years. Jirisan is also the first television show to be filmed in Jirisan National Park, the largest national park in South Korea.

Jun Ji-Hyun in Jirisan

Courtesy of Astory

Red Sky

Release date: TBA

Network: SBS; will be available on Rakuten Viki

The novelist Jung Eun-Gwol is a familiar name in the K-drama world: two of her books were adapted into hit television series—Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010, and Moon Embracing the Sun in 2012. Now, her 2016 novel Hong Chun-Gi is being adapted for the screen by director Jang Tae-Yoo (You Who Came from the Stars, Hyena) and writer Kim Young-Young (Be Melodramatic). The historical fantasy follows a prodigious female painter in the Joseon dynasty, Hong Chun-Gi (Kim Yoo-Jung), and a blind astrologist named Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo-Seop). A demon is trapped inside of Ha Ram’s body, and its strength grows as Ha Ram’s feelings for Hong Chun-Gi become stronger.

The Silent Sea

Release Date: TBA

Network: Netflix

Following his 2014 short film The Silent Sea, Choi Hang-Yong is now directing an eponymous series adapted from his earlier project. The Silent Sea features powerhouse actors Bae Doo-Na (Kingdom, Stranger) and Gong Yoo (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Train to Busan). Lee Joon (Father is Strange) also makes a return to the small screen for the first time since completing military service in 2019. The story takes place in a futuristic world where resources are depleted and a crew of scientists must journey to the moon to get their hands on samples from an abandoned facility. Director Choi is joined by Park Eun-Kyo (Mother) as writer, and actor Jung Woo-Sung as an executive producer.

From left: Gong Yoo, Bae Doo-Na, Lee Joon, Jung Woo-Sung

Courtesy of Netflix

Move to Heaven

Release date: TBA

Network: Netflix

Kim Sae-Byul was a trauma cleaner tasked with handling the belongings of the deceased. The Netflix original series Move to Heaven is based on Kim’s nonfiction essay “Things Left Behind,” and tells the story of a young man, Geu-Ru, who has Asperger’s syndrome. Played by Tang Jun-Sang (Crash Landing on You), the character is left alone after the passing of his father. His uncle Sang-Gu, played by Lee Je-Hoon (Time to Hunt, Signal), becomes Geu-Ru’s guardian after being released from prison, and the two gradually warm up to each other as they run the trauma cleaning service “Move to Heaven.”

Voice Season 4

Release date: TBA

Network: OCN

It’s rare for Korean dramas to have a second season, let alone a fourth one. In Voice, Police Officer Kang Kwon-Joo has a heightened ability to distinguish sounds, allowing her to solve crime cases as a voice profiler. In its initial season, the show kicked off with Kang hearing a murder take place on the phone while she was working at an emergency call center. Season 3 completed airing in 2019, with each of the first three installments featuring Lee Ha-Na as Kang. Song Seung-Heon (Dinner Mate) joins Lee in the new season.

Lee Ha-Na in Voice

Courtesy of CJ ENM

You Are My Spring

Release Date: TBA

Network: tvN

Each of the last three projects Jung Ji-Hyun co-directed have been hits: Mr. Sunshine, Search: WWW, and, most recently in 2020, The King: Eternal Monarch. Now he returns with the new series You Are My Spring. The story revolves around four individuals who live in a building that is the site of a murder: a hotel concierge manager (Seo Hyun-Jin), a psychiatrist (Kim Dong-Wook), an investment banker (Yoon Park) and an actress (Nam Gyu-Ri). Romance blossoms as each of the character’s dark past surfaces.


Release Date: TBA

Network: Netflix

Yeon Sang-Ho (Train to Busan, Peninsula) will direct this Netflix original based on his webtoon of the same name. Yoo Ah-In (#Alive, Burning) stars as Jeong Jin-Su, the leader of the fictional Saejinrihwe religion that believes that death angels condemn humans to hell according to God’s will. He faces off against broadcast station director Bae Yeong-Jae—played by Park Jeong-Min (Time to Hunt, Start-Up)—who launches an investigation into the cult-like group. Artist Choi Gyu-Seok, the illustrator of the original comic, joins Yeon as a writer of this supernatural drama.

Image from the webtoon Hell (left), Director Yeon Sang-Ho (right)

Courtesy of Netflix

Hospital Playlist Season 2

Release Date: TBA

Network: tvN

The follow-up season to one of the most beloved shows of 2020 will arrive this year. At the core of Hospital Playlist is the friendship between five doctors who developed a close bond in medical school and now work at the same hospital. After long days of work, they practice together in a band. The first season of this slice-of-life drama was packed with heartwarming moments, providing much-needed comfort and relief when it premiered during the early months of the pandemic.

Yoo Yeon-Seok in Hospital Playlist

Courtesy of CJ ENM


Release Date: TBA

Network: Netflix

Adapted from the webtoon D.P: Dog Days, the series follows the journey of An Joon-Ho (Jung Hae-In), a soldier in the unit of the South Korean Army tasked with arresting deserters. D.P.—which stands for “deserter pursuit”—examines human rights issues in the military as An meets those he is assigned to chase down and learns of the complex emotions behind their decisions to leave. The creator of the webtoon, Kim Bo-Tong, will work on the Netflix screenplay and partner with director Han Jun-Lee (Coin Locker Girl.)

Image from the webtoon D.P.

Courtesy of Netflix

Youth of May

Release date: TBA

Network: KBS2

Youth of May is a love story set in May 1980, against the backdrop of the Gwangju Uprising—mass protests against military rule by the government. Lee Do-Hyun and Go Min-Si recently starred as siblings on the Netflix original Sweet Home, which was released in December 2020 and reported as the top local title viewed by 22 million households worldwide. For Youth of May, Lee and Go will return to the screen together, this time as lovers. Lee, who has transitioned from support roles (Hotel Del Luna) to leading ones (18 Again) over a few short years, plays medical student Hwang Hee-Tae. Go, who made her acting debut in 2017 through My Sassy Girl and is also a part of the cast for Jirisan, plays a nurse living in Gwangju.


Release Date: TBA

Network: Netflix

Following the 2020 crime drama Extracurricular, director Kim Jin-Min returns with another Netflix original. Han So-Hee (The World of the Married) stars as Ji-U in this reverse undercover story. The daughter of a mobster, Ji-U is bent on seeking revenge after her father’s death and poses as a police officer to find the parties responsible. Han is joined by Park Hee-Soon (Seven Days, 1987: When the Day Comes), who plays the leader of a drug ring, and Ahn Bo-Hyun, who impressed with his supporting role in Itaewon Class and will play the detective who becomes Ji-U’s partner.

Director Kim Jin-Min

Courtesy of Netflix

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90,000 13 movies that will break your heart – What to see

There are films that are funny, funny to the point of hiccups, there are deep ones that you need to think about, and there are films that are so heartfelt and catchy that it is impossible not to love them, even if after watching you will cry in three streams.

Book and Potato Peel Pie Lovers Club
Amazon Prime Video

1946Famous British writer Juliet receives a letter from Farmer Dawsey, a Guernsey resident. In it, a man tells how the few islanders survived the German occupation with the help of unity and love for literature. Juliet immediately goes to Guernsey to plot a new novel.

Mooz Films

Little Zane was unlucky to be born into a poor family with many children in Beirut.He has no documents, he cannot read or write, and does not even know how old he is. Every day, the child is forced to take care of his brothers and sisters and literally survive. Tired of this, Zane is suing his parents, who for some reason gave him such a life.

Haute couture revenge
Embankment Films

One night, a woman in a dazzling outfit appears in a small, quiet town. Residents are excited by the recruitment in their ranks.Who is she? What have you forgotten here? Where does he get such outfits? The glamorous lady introduces herself: it turns out that she is a local resident named Myrtle, who many years ago was accused of murder and was sent far beyond the borders of the country as a child. Having matured, emboldened and trained to be a dressmaker, Myrtle returned to remember what happened then, and again earn the respect of the townspeople.

Mysterious Albert Nobbs
Allen & Associates

Dublin, late 19th century.Before us is a waiter named Albert. Every day he pleases numerous hotel guests, moreover, he can be safely called the best employee – for 20 years of service, he never stole anything, spoiled, did not gossip and did not even drink. All these years, Albert secretly dreamed of walking in dresses, flirting with men and not hiding behind corsets and courtesy. But a girl without family, state and beauty, which no one wants to marry, has only one thing to do – endure, smile and introduce herself as Albert Nobbs.

The trust
Dark Harbor Stories

14-year-old Annie meets a boy online. After a long correspondence, they decide to meet. Having escaped secretly from her parents, she finally meets her interlocutor, but he turns out to be not what he seemed in the correspondence. This film is not only about sexual crimes, it is about the consequences, about broken lives and how one terrible incident can radically change your life.

Edward Scissorhands
20th Century Fox

A lone scientist creates a human being (no, this is not a Frankenstein monster). But, unfortunately, it was not possible to “finish” the creation to the end – the scientist died. And now Edward is forced to while away his days in an abandoned house all alone. But one day he meets the beautiful girl Peg Boss, who decides to turn the “monster” into an ordinary person.

Death of a superhero

Bavaria Pictures GmbH

Life of a teenager is not easy – acne, problems with discipline, parents start to irritate, and then the girls, as if on purpose, put on short skirts. And when you have cancer and you realize that the clock is ticking, everything becomes gray and insipid. And then the only way to escape from problems is to draw the world in which you want to live.

Pay another
Warner Bros. Pictures

Seventh graders are given an unusual task: everyone must come up with an idea that will change their lives for the better. One of the students, Trevor, comes up with a scheme “pay another”: help three people, and they, in turn, will have to help three others, and so on ad infinitum. In a matter of days, this theory is gaining considerable momentum, they are going to write about it in the newspapers, but what will this scheme lead to in the end? The idea is simple: the world will be the way everyone makes it for themselves.

You were never here

Former FBI agent Joe finds a way to make money – he pulls children out of difficult situations. Joe’s next case turns into an unpleasant surprise – he must save the daughter of an influential official, protecting the girl and not damaging the reputation of the would-be dad as much as possible.

Hype Film

Moralist Benjamin learned the Bible from cover to cover.The teenager truly believed and now sees sinners everywhere. Of course, he immediately begins to enter into polemics with classmates and teachers on moral and religious issues. And it is precisely his radical actions that ultimately lead to an irreparable tragedy.

Non-stop production

Boris and Zhenya are on the verge of divorce. Everyone has new families, loved ones, new plans. The only unresolved issue remains custody of their 12-year-old son Alyosha.None of the parents need a child, and they frankly talk about it in his presence. Once, tired of endless quarrels, Alyosha runs away from home without even leaving a note.

Goodbye up there


The last days of the First World War. Captain Pradel, who lives by war, blood and gunpowder, receives a letter about the end of hostilities, but still sends two scouts to the enemy’s camp and provokes a bloody and senseless battle.As a result, a young artist and wealthy heir, Edouard Perico, is horribly injured, addicted to opium and disappears without a trace.

Bohemian Rhapsody
20th Century Fox

The plot is centered on the life story of Freddie Mercury and the creative path of the rock band Queen. The film tells how a poor artist from a family of immigrants was able to achieve incredible success and glorify his music for centuries.

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90,000 10 actors who were replaced right during filming – Popcorn

Casting actors for a role is a serious process, the success or failure of the film depends on the correct decision. Sometimes a mistake with a choice becomes obvious when the filming process is already underway. We do not know how many such mistakes were not corrected so as not to lose money on compensations and penalties, but there are cases when actors were mercilessly fired right in the process of work and replaced with others.

Kevin Spacey

When a sexual harassment scandal erupted in Hollywood, the fire from Harvey Weinstein quickly spread to Kevin Spacey, who was accused of molesting an underage boy and several other young people.Even before the court’s decision, society branded the actor with shame, he was immediately kicked out of the series “House of Cards”, and soon from the almost ready-to-run film “All the Money in the World.” Director Ridley Scott, in order to be in time for the premiere, in an emergency mode re-shot all the scenes of Spacey, inviting Christopher Plummer to take his place.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. spent several days on the set of the fantastic thriller Gravity, but in the end his services were turned down.“Robert is a fantastic actor, especially if you let him breathe freely on the set, improvise, change something. When we clarified all the technological aspects of “Gravity”, it became clear that this would be a big obstacle to his style of play, “- said Cuarón. So the role went to George Clooney.

Megan Fox

While filming Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon, sexy Megan Fox and action director Michael Bay got into a serious fight.The actress called him “Hitler and Napoleon in the director’s chair,” and he, in turn, called her mediocrity. So the place of Megan was taken by the leggy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Cal O’Neill

In fact, poor Cal O’Neill was kicked out of The Oil only because director Paul Thomas Anderson got the inspiration. The film was already being shot with might and main, but then Anderson saw the picture “The Ballad of Jack and Rose” and was impressed by the work of Paul Dano.He had only four days to prepare for a new role.

Natalie Portman

In the film “Romeo + Juliet”, the heroine was selected for Leonardo DiCaprio and first settled on the candidacy of Natalie Portman. But in the process of filming Natalie had to be abandoned – she was much shorter than Romeo, and next to the 14-year-old girl, the 21-year-old actor looked too adult. Portman later said: “I was told it looked like Leonardo was seducing me in the kissing scene.I was very upset, but I didn’t want to be in a movie for which I am not suitable. ”

Eric Stolz

Eric Stolz worked for five whole weeks, who was approved for the role of Marty McFly in the project “Back to the Future”. And everything seems to be fine, but, according to director Robert Zemeckis, Stolz “lacked some detail that would make the role really funny and memorable”. So Michael J.Fox, and producer Steven Spielberg immediately approved the replacement.

Stuart Townsend

In just four days of filming, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson realized that Stuart Townsend, who had been cast to play Aragorn, was too young for the role. Viggo Mortensen was called instead. For three years, Viggo became a superstar.

Christian Bale

Now, probably, no producer would dare to act so ugly with Christian Bale, as the creators of “American Psycho” did in 2000.The little-known actor was already approved for the role when the famous Leonardo DiCaprio became interested in her. Bale was fired in one fell swoop, along with director Mary Harron, who tried to defend him. They returned them only due to the fact that DiCaprio changed his mind. Leonardo was convinced that such a role would ruin the image.

Samantha Morton

The charming operating system that the protagonist of the movie “She” falls in love with was originally given to Samantha Morton.The actress was present on the set with Joaquin Phoenix and helped him. However, when it came time for editing, director Spike Jones decided that Samantha’s voice was not suitable and invited Scarlett Johansson to voice acting.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling was approved for the role of his father in The Lovely Bones and prepared very diligently for filming. He gained 27 kilograms and grew a small beard to look older.But when he appeared on the set in all this splendor, director Peter Jackson simply fired him, because he saw this hero more slender, and not with chubby cheerful cheeks. The amateur performances cost Gosling his job. Mark Wahlberg was taken in his place.

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Turkish TV series “Revenge”. Cast, roles, plot

“Revenge” (original name – Intikam) is a Turkish-made serial, the first season of which started in 2013.The directors of the TV movie with episodes lasting 90 minutes were Chagry Vila Lostuvala and Mesuda Erarslan. The actors of the Turkish TV series “Revenge” are Mert Firat, Ezgi Zyuboglu, Berem Saat, Zafer Algez, Engin Hepileri. The series is popular not only in Turkey, but also in some post-Soviet countries, including Russia.

TV movie of 16+ category in IMDb rating scored 6.00 points. “Revenge” is a Turkish adaptation of the US production of “Retribution”. The actors of the Turkish TV series “Revenge” are known to a greater extent in their country, but outside of it they also have their admirers.More details on those who played the roles in this detective drama are set out below in this cinematic review. For now, let’s talk about the plot of this Turkish soap opera.

Turkish TV series “Revenge”. Actors and roles, photos of movie heroes

Bank manager Adil gave all his love and all his attention to his only daughter Derin, who doted on him. But the happy days of this little family were numbered when the hero of this story was accused of banking criminal fraud, which was actually conceived and carried out by the owner of the bank.The charges were based on the testimony of his mistress. Adil, who failed to convince the court of his innocence, ends up behind bars, and his beloved daughter is determined to live in an orphanage.

Derin, who was left alone at a very young age, over time begins to doubt her father’s innocence. Adil, deprived of the opportunity to see his daughter live, writes letters to her, in which he tries to explain everything, and keeps a diary. However, those who imprisoned him, for objective reasons, are absolutely not interested in the truth coming out and in every possible way prevent this.To their delight, Adil does not live to see his release from prison. It would seem that they could put an end to this matter, but the matured Derin still finds out through her father’s attorney who actually committed the crimes of which he was accused. She is determined to avenge her parent’s death. To do this, the main character of this story takes a new name and moves to a rich area closer to the offenders of her family.

Main actors. Beren Saat

Beren Saat and Mert Firat are actors of the Turkish TV series “Revenge”.Actress Beren Saat, who played the adult Derin in this TV movie, was born on February 26, 1984 in the Turkish city of Ankara. Has performed roles in 12 cinematic projects. She became famous for her role in the historical Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century. Empire Kyosem “. The actress’s career began in 2004, when the star of Turkish cinema performed a role in the TV movie of the serial format “The Romance of Death”. In 2008, she delighted all fans of Turkish TV series with her role in the TV movie Forbidden Love.The actress, who played the main character Bichter, then received the Turkish Cinematic Award “Golden Butterfly”. In the series “The Magnificent Century. Kyosem Sultan “performed one of the main roles. Later she left this project to have a child. In the TV series “Revenge”, her partner in the film was the star of Turkish cinema, Mert Firat. Beren Saat is engaged in vocals, knows several languages. Has a higher education. She is married to Kenan Oglu. The zodiac sign is Pisces. At the time of this writing, the actress is 33 years old.Her height is 167 cm.

Engin Heliperi

Engin Heliperi is one of the actors of the Turkish TV series “Revenge”. He played the role of the protagonist’s father’s attorney. It is he who gives the girl the box intended for her with the memories of the parent. This man also contributed to Derin’s enrichment, thereby giving her the opportunity to enter the elite of society and take full revenge on those who once destroyed her family.

This article is a review about the actors of the Turkish TV series “Revenge” with photos and a brief description of their work.Engin Heliperi was born on March 3, 1978 in the city of Istanbul (Turkey). As an actor, he participated in the creation of 23 cinematic projects. His film debut in 2002 was a small role in the film “My Rose”. In the same year he appeared in the TV series “Beloved Husband”. In 2017, he joined the cast of the Turkish cinematographic project “7 Persons”. Two years before that, he played Hakan in the series “Ask Me Your Name”. The zodiac sign is Pisces. The actor’s height is 181 cm. At the time of the article’s publication, the actor is 39 years old.

Mert Firat

This article tells about the actors and roles of the Turkish TV series “Revenge”. Actor Mert Firat transforms in this series into the son of the bank’s owner – Emre, who has completely different human qualities than his wealthy parent. Mert Firat is a famous Turkish actor. Was born on January 10, 1981 in the city of Ankara. Performer of roles in Turkish films of the genres of drama, melodrama, comedy. At the dawn of his acting career, he played a role in the TV series “Inhabitants of Our Yard”.He gained fame in his homeland in 2006 after his appearance as an actor in the television serial 1001 Nights. In 2017, Mert Firat played the role of Serhan in the TV series Little Murders. In 2015 he was invited to play one of the main roles in the film Once Upon a Time. The zodiac sign is Capricorn. The actor’s height is 181 cm.

Zafer Algez

One of the main roles in this series was played by the actor Zafer Algez. Was born in 1961 in the Turkish city of Kars. Performs roles in comedy films, film dramas, melodramas of the serial format.He made his film debut with a role in the 1997 project “Difficult Romance”. In 2017, he got a role in the film “Crazy Love”. A year earlier, he was involved in the film “Here’s 2 more”. The zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

In conclusion

Thanks to the efforts of the Sony Channel, Russian fans of Turkish soap operas can see the actors of the Turkish TV series “Revenge” with their own eyes. The film has been broadcast in Russian on this channel since November 2017.

Turkish TV series “Love. Intelligence. Revenge “(2021) – episodes release date, actors, announcements

In 2014, the drama “Cunning Single Lady” was shown in South Korea, which was seen by producers from Turkey and decided to film its remake in their country under the name “Aşk Mantık İntikam”.The release date of the Turkish series “Love. Logics. Revenge ”became June 18, 2021. The series is also known under alternative names: “Love. Intelligence. Revenge “and” Love. Calculation. Revenge”. The episode airs on FOX Turkish TV on Fridays at 8pm.

Release date 9 series August 20, 2021

(Friday, FOX TV channel, 20:00 Moscow time)

Poster | Photo: FOX

Information about the series


> 20172 9016 series > 20172 9016

Name in Russian Love.Logics. Revenge
Alternative names Love. Intelligence. Revenge / Love. Calculation. Revenge
Original title Aşk Mantık İntikam
Genre Romantic Comedy, Drama

TV Channel FOX (Turkish)
Day and time of showing Friday – 20:00 (Moscow and Turkish time)
Stage Director Murat Öztürk
Scriptwriters Ozlem Inci Hekimoglu (Özlem İnci Gükimoğlu (Özlem İnci Gükimoğlu 9016) 9016 Güçal (Özlem İnci Gükimoğlu 9016) 9016 Güçal 9016 Güçal 9016 Güçal 9016 “No.9 Productions “
Actors Burcu Özberk (Burcu Özberk), Ilhan Shen (İlhan Şen), Burak Yoruk (Burak Yörük 9016, 9016 Melüök 9016, 9016 Melük) Karacaoglu (Günay Karacaoğlu), Zeynep Kankonde (Zeynep Kankonde), Mehmet Korhan Fırat (Mehmet Korhan Fırat), Süleyman Atanisev (Süleyman Atanşırensev3 Sevochda), Basoch4 9016 Ceren Koç), Birgül Ulusoy (Birgül Ulusoy), Murat Karasu (Murat Karasu), Mehmet Yılmaz (Mehmet Yılmaz)

Burcu Ozberk 9016 as Esra and Ilus Ozberk 9016 | Photo: FOX

The FOX TV channel has announced the release date of the 9th episode of the Turkish TV series “Love.Logics. Revenge “(alternative names:” Love. Reason. Revenge “,” Love. Calculation. Revenge “, and the original -” Aşk Mantık İntikam “) on Friday, August 20, 2021. The broadcast starts at 20:00 (Turkish and Moscow time).


The plot

Finding the groom

The main dream of the hardworking and beautiful waitress Esra is to get married successfully. But she has no luck with suitors. The men she dated fell short of the girl’s high standards.They did not need a serious romantic relationship, but an intimate relationship with a sexy beauty. Esra cannot believe that she will ever meet a normal guy whom she will love with all her heart.

The main character of the series “Aşk Mantık İntikam” looks good. Appearance is very important to her. She is sure that, first of all, men pay attention to the physical characteristics of a woman. But in her youth, Esra heard from her parents that when choosing a couple, one should focus on pragmatic calculation, and not on feelings.

Promising lot

One day the girl met a promising student, the future engineer Ozan. The young man is well versed in computer technology. He studies at a prestigious university and is in good standing with teachers. Leila liked the guy. She realized that she could not miss such a chance to successfully marry. The girl quite reasonably suggested that Ozan has a great future.

Young people started dating. The student asked Esra to marry him and she agreed.The wedding was accompanied by the conclusion of a marriage contract. For a while, the newlyweds were happy.

Burcu Ozberk as Esra and Ilhan Shen as Ozan | Photo: FOX

Unsuccessful marriage

After graduating from university, the computer genius opened his own company, but the business did not work out. The company did not bring profit to Ozan and became unprofitable. There was not enough money even for the most basic necessities. Esra realized that she was mistaken and chose the wrong husband. In her opinion, Ozan is a failure.The beauty did not want to live in poverty. Due to the moral and financial problems accumulated in their family, Leila decided to divorce her husband.

Burcu Ozberk as Esra and Ilhan Shen as Ozan | Photo: FOX

Sophisticated Revenge

Ozan suffered a very hard parting with his beloved. He became depressed. The young man was saved only by work. The guy became the founder of a software company and gradually became rich. Esra never managed to find a worthy replacement for him.

The main character of the series learned that Ozan had become a very successful businessman. She decided to return their former relationship and become his wife again. At this time, the young man was dating another beauty. The wounds from his previous marriage have not yet healed in his soul. The businessman hated his ex-wife, who broke his heart. He decided to take revenge on Esra, took her to his work and even asked her out on a date, but not out of love for his ex-wife. In his head, ideas were born of how to hurt the woman who had abandoned him.

Characteristics of the main actors

Burcu Ozberk, Ilhan Shen, Burak Yoruk and Melisa Dongel | Photo: FOX

Burcu Ozberk – Esra Erten

Burcu Ozberk as Esra | Photo: FOX

Esra is a cheerful and strong girl. Although she and his older brother fight each other constantly, their family ties are actually very strong. Despite everything, she loves her father very much, and her mother is a friend and confidant.Esra is ambitious and doesn’t give up easily. Even if it fell to the bottom, it “rises from the ashes” again. Esra is not afraid to lose.

Ilhan Shen – Ozan Korfaly

Ilhan Shen as Ozan | Photo: FOX

Ozan is a conscientious, benevolent and honest person, although experience has tempered him. He tends to believe in people and see the good in them. He thinks positively and solves problems without exaggerating or panicking. Despite his beauty, he is not arrogant, does not look down on people.He loves his family. Ozan thinks he owes a lot to his mother. He has a very good relationship with his sister. Brother and sister as friends.

Burak Yoruk – Chynar Yilmaz

Burak Yoryuk as Chynar | Photo: FOX

Chynar – extroverted, calm, cheerful, loving, easily trusts everyone, accepts life and people as they are. He is very kind. Since he does not see evil, he does not know how to do evil. A great test awaits Chynar.

Melisa Dongel – Chagla Yilmaz

Melisa Döngel as Chagla | Photo: FOX

Chagla is a very beautiful, charismatic, kind-hearted, emotional girl.She was educated in very good schools, as well as a good upbringing from her father. She has an exquisite taste. Chagla follows trends and fashion. She is one of the top managers of the company, successful in business life, smart. She does not think to oppress anyone because they are rich or powerful. She is a good observer. Chagla from the outside appears to be a cold person due to the fact that she inadvertently establishes a distance between people. In fact, it is very fragile. Chagla has turned into a person who cannot trust people and is afraid to betray her feelings.The reason she likes Ozan is because he is an honest man.

Gunay Karacaoglu – Zumryut Korfaly

Zumryut has been crying for a year without leaving the room, when her husband Murat left her and two children for another woman. What makes Zyumryut cry most is not love for her husband, but how she explains it to people. She loves Ozan’s son more than Elif’s daughter. While Ozan finds investors for his application and gains great success, Zyumrut is getting richer and richer.But after a moment, money loses its meaning. She misses the Emerald Quarter very much. Esra’s mother is always in competition with Menekshe. This rivalry is rooted in childhood.

Zeynep Kankonde – Menekshe Erten

Menekshe is an open-minded, hardworking, ambitious, witty and cheerful woman. Menekshe cooks very tasty. Despite his age, Menekshe still loves her husband very much. The woman teaches her children to work hard because she is convinced that this will prepare them for life.Menekshe is a woman who is respected by the residents of the area.

Mehmet Korhan Firat – Ekrem Erten

Ekrem loves his sister Esra the most in his life, although he doesn’t show it. The guy is proud of his sister. Despite all his laziness, Ekrem is a person who does not run from problems. Even if it works slowly, it will definitely benefit people in the end. Ekrema loves to eat and has a great appetite.

Syuleiman Atanisev – Yalchyn Erten

Yalchin Erten came into the world with the intellect given by Allah.He is passionate about two things in life: one is the love of life, and the other is science. For him, working on small matters is a waste of time. According to him, the proceeds from such works are three cents. The real money will belong to Yalchyn when he discovers the invention. But these inventions were never realized. He loves his children very much. But he does not think that he should leave anything to them for the future. Yalchin is benevolent. A man who understands love. He pays attention to his appearance, does not like to grow old.

Birgul Ulusoy – Reyhan Korfaly

From childhood Reikhan grew up in the shadow of her older sister. She was never ambitious. Reihan is an intelligent woman who can be content with little things. In her youth, she fell in love with a sailor, but their love remained unfinished. After that, Reihan could no longer open her heart to anyone. Sometimes she thinks about marrying again, but cannot leave her sister. Because she knows that no matter how much they quarrel, they are needed one by one.


Romantic comedy “Love.Logics. Revenge began filming in May 2021. In the main role, viewers will see Ilkhan Shen, who is familiar to lovers of Turkish cinema for projects: “Conqueror”, “Perspective”, “Ramo”.

Esru in the series “Love. Intelligence. Revenge “ is played by Burcu Ozberk, who became famous after the release of” The Magnificent Century “, where she played the role of Khurijihan Sultan.

Episode 8 Announcement (Trailer # 1)

Episode 8 Announcement (Trailer # 2)

Love. Logics.Revenge (Love. Reason. Revenge) Season 1 – episode schedule for FOX

9 0162 11 series 15 October 2021


Series number Release date
1 Series 18 June 2021
2 Series 3 Series 2 July 2021
4 Series 9 July 2021
5 Series 9016 July 1652021 9016

30 July 2021
7 Series 6 August 2021
13 August 2021 2021
10 Series August 27, 2021
3 September 2021
12 series 10 September 2021
13 series 17 September 2021
14 series 24 September 2021
16 Series 8 October 2021
17 Series 2021
18 Series 2021
19 Series 2021

Stills from the series “Love.Logics. Revenge | Love. Intelligence. Revenge | Aşk Mantık İntikam »

Burcu Ozberk as Esra and Ilhan Shen as Ozan | Photo: FOX Melisa Döngel as Chagla | Photo: FOX Burak Yoryuk as Chynar | Photo: FOX Melisa Döngel as Chagla Burak Yoruk as Chynar Mehmet Korhan Firat as Ekrem and Gunay Karacaogl as Zumryut

Actors and roles of the series “Love. Intelligence. Revenge | Love.Logics. Revenge | Aşk Mantık İntikam »

Photo Actor / Actress Role
Burcu Ozberk

Burcu Öraten2 9016 Erten4 9016 9016 Burcu30002 Erten5 9016

Ilkhan Shen

İlhan Şen

Ozan Korfaly

Ozan Korfalı

Burak Yoryuk

Burak Yörük

Chynar Yilmaz

Çınar Yılmaz

Melis Dongel

Melisa Döngel

Chagla Yilmaz

Çağla Yılmaz

Gunai Karadzhaoglu

Günay Karacaoğlu

Zümrüt Korfaly

Zümrüt Korfalı

Zeinep Kanka onde

Zeynep Kankonde

Menekse Erten

Menekşe Erten

Mehmet Korhan Firat

Mehrem Korhan Fırat

Mehrem Korhan Fırat

Mehrem Korhan Fırat

Mehrem Korhan 9016 Fırat3

Erten 9016 9016 Atanysev

Süleyman Atanısev

Yalcin Erten

Yalçın Erten

Birgyul Ulusoy

Birgül Ulusoy

Reyhan Korfaly

Reyhan Korfalı

Source :

90,000 Soundstream: Sofia Somuseva (kitty-kitty): dates on the tour, online revenge and alarm bells

): Tour Dates, Online Revenge & Alarm Calls


The best way to forget your ex? What movie to watch on an online date? Three tips to sign up for Badoo? Ksyusha Dukalis and Andrei Beburishvili, the hosts of the podcast “Ivan Ivanov Came Yesterday,” are asking about this by the guest of the seventh edition – the vocalist of the kis-kis group Sofya Somuseva.
Badoo is not afraid to tell honest stories – about a date not according to plan, an evening for three, or parting with a partner, because user experience suggests that being yourself is the only working strategy. Both in dating and in life.
Watch the video version of the podcast on our YouTube channel
Share the episode in Stories and leave comments in podcast apps.
Our Instagram:
Badoo – @badoo_ru
Ksyusha Dukalis – @kdukalis
Andrey Beburishvili – @andrew_beburishvili
Sophia Somuseva – @sonyanotdead


Ivan Ivanov came in yesterday

Kiss on the first date = long-term relationship, true or false?
Why will Manizha scold Andrey? What New Year gifts did the hosts prepare for each other? This is what the hosts of the podcast “Ivan Ivanov come in…

Do people worry about the appearance or size of their genitals before dating? Opening your eyes while kissing – crypto or normal? What can be the consequences if a person does not come to a date …

What did Andrei Beburishvili show Ira Myagkova on a joint vacation? Do men take sexual innuendos from women? How did Andrey and his friend end up trying to meet girls in Spain? About …

Who falls in love faster: boys or girls? Why do you sometimes have to spend the night at the train station after two weeks of living together? Is it possible to move to a guy in another city, live with him for six months, etc…

Do the show participants support Artyom Dziuba? Sexual arousal on the first date – a hindrance to communication or a catalyst? Why did Andrei Beburishvili feel ashamed during his graduation to tears? Why a girl …

Threesome: failure or successful experience? How is it – to fall in love by correspondence, and then find out that there was another person in the photo? What is the optimal time for communication online before the meeting? This is what the hosts of the YouTube show “And …

Is it okay to buy a date for money, but for charitable purposes? Do the show participants look at themselves in the mirror during sex? Choose a Russian, a German, or try to keep up with “two hares”?..

How do men fake an orgasm? Is it possible to impress a girl on a first date by suggesting to look for a bookmark in the park? Is it worth it to end a relationship because of an innocent Leisby impulse or a voicemail …

Can Growth Affect Relationships? Is Andrei Beburishvili old or young according to the psychoanalyst? Dick spades, hamsters, coffee and more.
What wins in the modern world: acquaintance in reality or about …

What wins in the modern world: acquaintance in reality or online? Is it possible for a guy to “throw up the fluff” in order to conquer a girl? What kind of acquaintance is you ashamed of until now? The hosts of the podcast “Ivan I…

Can a fart interfere with sex? Worst New Year’s Eve ever. Because of you, a guy was put in another country for a day, how can I help? The hosts of the podcast “Ivan Ivanov came yesterday” Ksyusha Dukalis and Andrey are about this …

How to recognize in the dark whether this is your person or not! Should you be afraid of black magicians? The guy takes food from the girl, is that okay? Can I ask a girl to participate in a bed scene? I’m talking about this …

How are the signs of the zodiac and online dating related? How to serenade your date and not screw it up? Re-match in six months: yes or no? This is what the hosts of the podcast “Ivan Ivanov visited yesterday” Ksyusha Duk…

How to communicate if a famous person swipes you? Should you look for international love in the app? How to handle a re-match? This is what the hosts of the podcast “Ivan Ivanov Came in Yesterday” Ksyusha Duk …

The best way to forget your ex? What movie to watch on an online date? Three tips to sign up for Badoo? The hosts of the podcast “Ivan Ivanov went yesterday” Ksyusha Dukalis and Andrey are about this …

Should you google a person before a date? Who should I go to when a dude has his parents at home and you have neighbors? How to calculate the owner of an account if he is in the photo with friends everywhere? The hosts of the podcast “Iv.

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