Return gifts for 4 year olds: Cool Birthday Return Gifts For Kids ; 20 Best Ideas In 2021


Cool Birthday Return Gifts For Kids ; 20 Best Ideas In 2021

While organizing for return gifts for your child’s party, it is important that you follow a few guidelines. This will help you in getting the perfect return gift for the children which will fill them up with joy.

Here are a few basic points which you should remember while getting return gifts for kids:

Maintain A List

Be sure to make a list of the children who are attending the party. You wouldn’t want to go overboard and stack your house with exceeding the number of return gifts which will be of no use to you anymore after the party.

Keep A Budget In Mind

Be sure that you fix a budget for return gifts only. You wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket just to buy return gifts.

Go For Adorable Birthday Return Gifts

Return gifts must be adorable, simple and fun. Choose your child’s birthdays to return gifts based on these factors. They can be small but they have to be interesting for the kids.

You May Choose Separate Gifts For Boys And Girls And Age Groups

While selecting return gifts to be sure to consider the gender of the children. The safest bet would be to go for items that are gender-neutral and are suitable for both boys and girls. This way you do not have to rack your brains over ideas for getting gender-specific gifts. In case you really want to do that, make a list of the girls and the boys separately. This will really help.

The age of the kids attending your child’s birthday party is another factor you must consider while getting birthday return gifts. It is important to get age-appropriate gifts.

Go For Non Toxic Gifts Only

Whenever you are getting gifts for children make sure that they are non-toxic and kid-friendly. Avoid glass items instead you can go for soft plastic. They should be harmless to the kids. Also, they shouldn’t be too small in size that the children do not end up putting it in their mouths.

Few Other Important Points To Remember

Your gifts must be in line with the theme of the party.

The gifts must always have a creative or a learning aspect to it so that parents do not find it useless or harmful to the children.

Get things that will inspire children to be creative and imaginative but in a very fun way.

It is always better to get the same item for return gifts for every child. However, each of these items can be unique in their own way in terms of design, shape, and color.

15 Awesome Return Gift Ideas For 1st Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? A gift becomes even more special when you receive it on someone else’s birthday. Kids love receiving return gifts. Give them an exciting return gift, and they will be jumping with joy.

If you are planning your baby’s first birthday party and want some cool ideas for return gifts, you have come to the right place. This MomJunction post will give you ideas and suggestions for selecting the best return gift ideas for 1st birthday party.

15 Best Return Gifts For Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

1. Play-Doh Party Bag Dough

Playing with clay is fun. Kids can create anything they want and make multiple storylines out of this dough. It promotes imagination and creativity in kids. This gift is suitable for kids aged two years and above.


  • Single pack contains 15 cans of modeling compound
  • Made of child-safe material
  • Each packet comes with a gift tag

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2. DG Sports Party Gift Favors for Kids

Looking for a funky return gift? Have a look at this set of various accessories that kids would love to own. This set contains 12 pairs of sunglasses, 12 emoji wristbands, and 12 whistles. It is suitable for kids aged five years and above.


  • Sunglasses come with smoked lens
  • Bracelets are made from long-lasting silicone material
  • Whistles are designed for use as keychains or regular whistles
  • Comes with a pouch to pack all accessories together to gift kids

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3. Kissdream Carnival Prizes for Kids

When you have kids of all ages attending your baby’s party, selecting one single return gift can become difficult. So, why not give a bouquet of small items like this set of toys that all kids can enjoy. It is suitable for kids aged three years and above.


  • Set contains a total of 152 toy pieces
  • Comes with 18 different kinds of gift items
  • Variety in items allows you to customize gifts
  • Meets the American toy safety standards

No products Found

4. Amy & Benton 120PCS Carnival Prizes

This huge goodie bag containing 120 pieces of gift items makes an ideal party favor for those who are looking to gift their guests something different. This set is suitable for kids aged three years and above.


  • Comes with an impressive variety of items such as cars, water guns, balls, and rings
  • Items come housed in a box to avoid damage during transit
  • All items are made of safe, non-toxic material

No products Found

5. Funcorn Toys Mini Truck Toy Kit Set

When you have a lot of little kids in your guest list who love playing with tiny vehicles, you can get them this pull-back truck toy set as a return gift. This 12-piece set contains all kinds of construction trucks and is suitable for kids aged three years and above.


  • Lightweight and sturdy build to withstand frequent collisions
  • Most suited for role plays
  • Encourages kids to use their imagination

No products Found

6. Chimager Mini Bubble Wands Assortment Party Favors

Soap bubbles may create a lot of mess, but they are super-fun. These mini bubble wands come in colorful tubes filled with soapy water to create big bubbles. These toys are suitable for kids aged three years and above.


  • Soapy water is made from non-toxic, odorless soap solution
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Available in various colors

7. IP I Premium 120 Pcs Toy Assortment

Containing 12 different types of toys and balloons, this 120-piece gift set makes one gigantic party gift. These toys are inexpensive and of high quality.


  • Contains water guns, stampers, whistles, chuzzle balls, and so on
  • All items are certified child safe

8. Neliblu Airplane Gliders for Kids

Airplanes never fail to fascinate young minds. Children love to play with their own mini planes. So, why not gift them colorful planes of their own? These airplane gliders are suitable for kids aged three years and above.


  • Package contains 72 colorful airplanes
  • Made of foam, these planes are safe for kids to use
  • Available in a wide variety of designs and colors

9. Mikulala Birthday Party Favors for Kids

Looking for an interesting gift? How about these glow-in-the-dark rings? This package comes with 36 different light-up rings that are designed for kids aged three years and above.


  • Made of thermoplastic rubber
  • Rings are durable and flexible to fit anyone
  • Rings start blinking lights at the touch of a button
  • Rings come in nine different colors and animal shapes

10. Scione Pack Light Up Bracelets

Regular bracelets seem too boring when kids have the option of these cool glowing bracelets. This set contains 24 light-up bracelets that are suitable for children aged three years and above.


  • Each bracelet holds a spinner in the center that helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • Spinner flashes red, green, and blue lights in three modes
  • Double buckle design ensures a secure fit for tiny wrists

11. Adorox Jungle Safari Zoo Animal Cardboard Favor Treat Boxes

These cute cardboard boxes are ideal for packing customized gifts. When you have a few guests, you can give them the same boxes but pack different stuff inside so each one gets something special from your side.


  • Jungle-themed empty cardboard boxes can be filled with any goodies of your choice
  • Perfect for return gifts for a jungle-themed party

12. Neliblu Fun Puzzle Balls

When you have some special kids attending your child’s party, you can arrange for some extra-special gifts for them. This packet of 12 items is suitable for kids aged five years and above.


  • Set contains balls that help reduce stress and anxiety
  • These balls also help strengthen focus and attention
  • Useful for developing a sharp brain

13. Neliblu Bulk Classroom Party Pack 12 Cymbals with Handles

Kids love to make noise. Gifting them these cymbals could help bring some rhythm to the noise. These colorful cymbals come with plastic handles for convenient usage and are suitable for kids aged three years and above.


  • Ideal for entertaining young kids
  • Helps develop a sense of rhythm in kids
  • Available in various bright colors

14. Mini Animals Building Blocks Sets

How about gifting your guests a building set? Each block set comes with an instructions manual to help kids build their respective animals. The set is suitable for kids aged six years and above.


  • Set includes 12 animal building block toys packaged in their respective boxes
  • Comes in different shapes and colors
  • Helps improve imagination

15. Kicko 12 Toy Binoculars with Neck String

If your party guests are older kids, this pair of binoculars might excite them. This set comes with 12 pairs of binoculars designed for children aged five years and above.


  • Made of durable, non-toxic plastic
  • Available in three vibrant colors
  • Encourages kids to explore their surroundings

Simple Tips For Selecting The Best Return Gifts For A Baby’s First Birthday Party

  • Not all of the kids on your guest list would be of the same age. Thus, it is best to select return gifts based on the average age group of the children invited for the party.
  • If you have a themed-party planned, then opt for gifts that go with the party theme.
  • If you want your guests to receive the same gifts but still be unique, you can buy the same item in several colors.
  • Do not give toys that can become choking hazards for your young guests. Any gift that is likely to cause allergy or injury is also best avoided.
  • Lastly, buy gifts that suit your budget.

These are our unique return gifts ideas for 1st birthday party. Which of these would you consider buying? Do let us know your answer in the comments section below.

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Birthday Return Gifts For Kids

If you find it difficult to think about suitable gifts for kid girl and boy, then you don’t worry about because here you can easily purchase the perfect birthday return gifts for both kid girls and boy of any age. These gifts are available at affordable prices. You can find the different types of kids return gifts here like educational gifts, teddies, and other games. You find the gifts based on the years like gifts for two to three years kids, and the gifts for five to six years kids, etc. So there are tons of unique and amazing return gifts are available. So you are going to have the best Birthday Return Gifts For Kids from here.

best party return gifts for every kid

  • Generally, boys are girls like different kinds of gifts. So here, you can find all kinds of gifts which are suitable for girls and boys. The gifts for girls are princess dolls, photo frames, girls’ bags, art books, rope, and handy bags, etc. and the most popular gifts for boys are football, robot to car, handy watch and cars, etc. are available hare at affordable prices.
  • There are many more kid girl gifts are available. And you can find the cost of the gift right at the bottom of the particular gift. The quality of the gifts is intended to keep safety about kids. So these gifts are soft in quality and these gifts are not going to hurt anyone.
  • Most children are in the habit of taking anything in the mouth. So it becomes so important that the material used while making the gifts should be good enough. They use the best material of plastics and colors so there are no such issues.

Order the return gifts within a few clicks

You can also find the bigger size of Birthday Return Gifts For Kids here like slides, see-say, and baby car, etc. These kinds of gifts are also so popular among kids. So you also place your order for these kinds of gifts and return gifts online.

To place the order for the kid gifts, first, you need to online easily. You can find every type of kids of games for kid boy and kid girl. There is a genre of categories are available. We are providing the best return gifts for each of the kids at affordable prices.


The packages are serviced by reputable courier partners, and the time of delivery is usually between 3 to 4 working days after the dispatch of the product. Indian Postal Service is used for the shipment of all the other products. The delivery date depends on the location and may take up to one to two weeks.

Return gifts for kids have become a fancy tradition, especially at birthday parties. This is a gift given by the parents to the children present at their children’s birthday party as a token of appreciation. This is a way to appreciate their presence. A return gift is like a reminder of the fun times and a memory that they take home with them. There are various types of return gifts for kids that could be given to the children. From everyday school utilities to exciting indoor games to sports gear, return gifts are supposed to be fun and items of utility. We specialize in educational gift items for kids with an aim to promote learning and comprehension in kids. Educational gifts are becoming very popular return gifts ideas among parents.

If you are planning a birthday party, then planning the return gifts for children could be a confusing and stressful situation. This is why we assure the customers to have a simple and fun shopping experience at Coco Moco Kids online store. The customers can let us know their ideas, party themes and suggestions, and we will help you pick out the best return gifts for the birthday party that will fit the budget. At the online store, you don’t have to worry about the order delivery as it will be done way ahead of the given date. Personalized cards on each gift will make the gift distribution easier and trouble-free.

Yes, We can gift wrap each return gift individually. Our charges are Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 per piece based on the size.

Our products are available in India through our website and in USA and Gulf countries through Amazon at normal shipping charges if the products are in stock. For all other products shipping outside India is expensive but possible. Ask for a quotation from us, expect it to be roughly Rs. 150-200 per piece.

Incase of return gifts upto 10% extra can be returned, return shipping charges are borne by customer.

12 BEST Birthday Return gifts for 13 Year old (Boys/Girls)

Birthday Return gifts for 13 Year old in India. Looking for some good return gift items for the kids who just stepped into teenage. Well you don’t need to worry, because we got you covered here with amazing return gift ideas for someone of that age.

You will find here practical, fun and engaging gifts here which they would love to receive. Whether it’s 13 year old boy or girl, we have here some great birthday return gift suggestions for you.

Birthday Return Gifts for Kids: Birthday Return gifts for 13 Year old

birthday return gifts for 13 year old

Here are the coolest, entertaining and fun return gifts that any 13 year old will love.

1. Harry Potter Notebook

Why We Like It: These notebooks are ideal for writing journal, weekly planner, school work or scrapbook etc.

Why We Recommend It: Fantastic return gift to the for the harry potter fans.

Get it from Amazon

2. Smart Watches

Why We Recommend It: Pretty looking watches in different color that can make great return gift for someone who is 13 year old or around that age.

Get it from Amazon

3. Multipurpose Pouches

Why We Like It: Beautiful and cute looking pouches with different designs that can be used by school going kids to store school accessory and stationery.

Why We Recommend It: Practical and handy pouches with lovely print designs that can impress any teenage girl.

Get it from Amazon

4. Panda Mugs

Why We Like It: Beautiful, eye catchy and practical

Why We Recommend It: Cutest mugs with beautiful panda design. Mug that kids would love to use to drink their favorite beverages.

Get it from Amazon

5. Portable Notebook Water Bottle

Promising Review: ‘Happy with the product and its performance.
Good way to deviate kids from mobile phones.
Thanks for the gift packaging. I thought the gift pack would be sent separately but was more than happy to receive product in gift pack.’ – N.D. Balse

Get it from Amazon

6. Feather Diary with Pen

Why We Like It: Smooth writing, fashionable and practical.

Why We Recommend It: Unicorn plush diary and feather pen will be a useful, attractive and eye catchy return gift.

Get it from Amazon

7. Fun Board Game Based on Chemistry and Magic

Why We Like It: Board games that are highly compelling and fun to play, but at the same time, drive learning in the background without kids even realizing. 

Why We Recommend It: Educational gift to develop their interest in science.

Get it from Amazon

8. Avengers Series Key Rings

Promising Review: ‘Simply awesome… Every Child between 7-14 years should have a few for themselves / On their Bags / as return Gifts or simply Gifting to their buddies.. Maybe a Pack of 12/24 with greater Value can be added..’ – NIKHIL

Get it from Amazon

9. Unicorn Shimmery Water Pouch

Promising Review: ‘The purple pouch is amazing. It is glittering. It changes colors in different light. But the cost is too high. The unicorn is cute. I am skeptical of its functionality as a small cut can allow the liquid to come out.’ – Sudha

Get it from Amazon

10. Analogue Girls Watch

Promising Review: ‘Wonderful.. In love with the watches. Exactly d same that r shown in d pictures. Rather more glossy. Its perfect..😍😍’: – Shubhabrataa Roy

Get it from Amazon

11. Multi color Magic Sequins Diary

Why We Like It: This beautiful designer magic diary is very fun, useful and impressive.

Why We Recommend It: A unique and exquisite dairy with unicorn design pen is something that will make a fantastic gift for 13 year old girls.

Get it from Amazon

12. Plantable Seed Pencils

Why We Like It: These are plantable Seed Pencils. You can bury them sideways into the soil once it is too short to use. The seed from inside grows out.

Why We Recommend It: A unique and special gift for 13 year old boys and girls in the party.

Get it from Amazon

Don’t forget to share this list of Birthday Return gifts for 13 Year old with others.

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Comment below if you have any other Birthday Return gifts for 13 Year old so we can update our list by adding your suggestion.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, we may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

17 Cutest Return Gifts for Kids

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Confused what to plan for return gifts for kids? It is a hard time to find some good return gifts that could come under budget.

Keeping this in mind i have prepared a list of some of the perfect return gift ideas for kids that you would love to explore. So go through the list and pick the one which you like the most, i am sure you will like all of them.

For any kid, a birthday party is represented by balloons, games, cake and most importantly return gifts. If you are planning a birthday for kids, you will have to put in a lot of effort in finding a nice return gift for all the kids.

Without a good return gift, no kid’s birthday party can ever be a success. Many parents spend huge amounts of time on planning the decorations for the party, deciding on the food for the party, and other stuff, but forget to plan for return gifts. This can spell disaster, especially, for a kid’s party.

The process of selection of the return gift requires detailed planning and analysis. There are, any factors which affect the choice of the return gift like the age of the guests, the gender of the guests, the current favorite cartoons and other likes and dislikes of the guests and many other similar factors which can have a direct bearing on how well your return gift is appreciated by your guests.

Parents to take into account all these factors, check out what items are available within their budget, and accordingly select a perfect return gift for their kid’s birthday party.

Based on the current trends, I have compiled below a list of some of the most popular gift items, which many parents across the world are opting for a preferred choice for a return gift.

Recommended Return gifts for kids

For all those parents planning a birthday party for their kids and wondering what items would make a perfect return gift for their guests and would, at the same time, fit in their budget easily. I have some very great options which they can consider in this regard.

1. Animal Whistle

Kids love things that make noise and therefore, whistles have always been and continue to be a favorite toy for the kids. And with these colorful, animal-shaped whistles, the fun becomes double.

However, these whistles are a very small item and hence, they may not make a great return gift item on a stand-alone basis, but would be perfect as a part of any goodie bag.

2. Kidoz Racer Car Shaped Clock

A car shaped clock may sound like a gift idea for the boys, but one look at this bright red and yellow racer car shaped clock and you would realize that it is so cute that even the little girls would fall in love with it.

Besides this, no matter what the décor of the room of the guests is, this car shaped clock, would easily blend in, and look perfect in every kid’s room.

3. Mermaid Junior Backpack

This return gift is exclusively for the girls attending your party. I mean, we all know that no young boy would ever allow himself carrying a mermaid backpack. But the girls, on the other hand, would simply love this backpack.

Available in a nice pink color, with the cute image of the little mermaid designed right on top of the bag, this backpack is a sure hit return gift idea for the girls.

4. Funky Band-Aid Kit

We are dealing with kids here. You cannot expect them to quietly sit around the house. They will jump around, hurt themselves, cry, and yet trouble you when you want to put a band-aid on their injuries.

Change all that by giving them this funky band aid kit. Mickey mouse, frozen, toy story, no matter is the current favorite of the kids, you will get all the options here.

5. 3 In 1 Engine Style Pencil Holder

Trains are a big fascination for most of the kids, and pencil holders are a big necessity for them. Combining these two factors, we present our next, very popular return gift idea, an engine style, 3in 1, pencil holder.

The designs of the engines are so colorful and cute, that even the adults might get tempted to out them on their desk. Besides this, you also have the option of framing a photo of the kid in these holders, giving the gift a very personalized feel.

6. Wooden Sombrero Shaped Finger Top

Playing with the tops is always fun. I still enjoy playing this game with my kids. And when you get tops in the cute shape of a Sombrero, the fun only becomes better and greater.

This top can spin for as long as one whole minute and has been made with high-quality wood and non-toxic colors, making it perfectly safe for the kids.

7. Kidoz Sit and Study Table Box

This is an amazing foldable, multipurpose table top, which is perfect for small kids. They can store all their stationary and books in this table, it can be easily carried around the house easily and also provides a great degree of comfort to the kids while using them for studying, drawing or any other purpose.

I think that this is one return gift item, which not only the kids, but even their parents would appreciate.

8. Green Toys Planting Kit: Watering Can, Sapling, A Small Pot

Instill the idea of appreciating and preserving nature by giving them this small planting kit, which comes with a complete set of the watering can, a small sapling and a pot.

The best part about choosing this item as a return gift is that you do not just give the kids something that they would enjoy and have fun with, but it is something that will help in instilling a good habit in them as well.

9. Car Style 2 In 1 Money Bank

With such a cute little, car shaped money bank in hand, no matter how spendthrift your kid is, he or she is definitely going to start saving a little money to put in this bank.

Available in many different colors, red, yellow, red, etc., you can choose random colors for the guests, or you can choose specific colors, based on the gender of the kids.

10. Cat Shaped Photo Frame

Animals are adored and loved by all the kids. They like to copy their sounds and act like them for fun. Kids even love to own stuff in the shape of these animals.

Hence, this cat shaped photo frame is surely going to be appreciated by the kids at your party. This cute cat will definitely keep all the mice away from the kid’s room.

11. Kidoz Sports Motif Calendar

This wooden calendar box with sports motifs all over it, not only looks appealing but is quite useful as well. This attractive small calendar can easily find a sweet place for itself on the study table of the kids, or even on their bedside.

Besides the sports motif, you can also opt for a car or princess motif, if you wish to give out the return gifts based on gender.

12. Gran Foldable Silicon Bottle

A water bottle is something that all kids need. No matter how sturdy a bottle you get for these kids, they will manage to break it, and hence, parents are always buying a new bottle for them.

Giving out these foldable water bottles, therefore, makes for a great return gift idea. They are new, trendy, useful and pretty, all at the same time, making them a perfect return gift.

13. Minion Design Transparent Hand Bags

Available in many different colors, these handbags are a perfect accessory which all the kids would love to carry. Just like us adults, even the kids these days, need to carry a separate bag when traveling around.

These transparent bags look nice slinging from their shoulders. They are light weight and hence easy for the kids to carry around.

14. Navneet Classic Readers – Oliver Twist

When choosing a return gift, you do not always have to search for a gift item which is fun for the kids. You can even choose a soberer and intellectual gift item like this classic English literature book, Oliver Twist.

This book is must read for everyone, especially the kids. This book would not just help them in improving their English language, but will also teach them important life lessons.

15. Kuhu Creations Wooden Alphabet Cartoon Magnets

This is yet another really good return gift idea, which is going to be loved by all the kids. You can present each guest with a magnet which represents the first alphabet of their name.

Thus, besides being a cute gift idea, it would also become a very personalized return gift idea as well. You can even choose to give the set of all the alphabets to the kids, in case you plan on not adding any other item to the return gift kitty.

16. Pack Of Four Fruit Erasers

The pack contains four erasers in the shape of different fruits. These erasers have been made of high-quality rubber, which makes them safe for use by the kids. The erasers may look small in size, but they provide excellent service.

This set of four erasers comes at a very economical price and thus, makes for a perfect item to be placed in the return gift goodie bag.

17. GoGifts Snack and Stack

Give your guests this special cutlery set, designed especially for the kids. This gift pack consists of one spoon, one fork, and one butter knife.

The handles of all the three items of cutlery, present in this set, have been made with a Lego brick. The spoon, knife, and fork are made of stainless steel and therefore, are safe and healthy for daily use by the kids.

18. Wall Whispers Phosphorescence Vinyl Stickers

Help your guests decorate the walls and ceilings of their room with these glow stars that shine in the dark. Every night, when the lights are switched off, and your guests watch these stars glowing in their room, they would remember your party and the fun that they had there.

These glow in the dark stickers are used very often these days for decorating kids’ rooms, and therefore, even the parents would appreciate this idea for a return gift.

19. Globus 505 Desk & Table Top Political World Globe

If you are looking for an educative and intellectual return gift idea, then presenting your guests with these globes would be just perfect. Every kid needs to own a globe to know and understand the geography of the world better.

Besides, learning about the different countries of the world from a globe is so much more fun for the kids than learning about them from boring textbooks.

20. Disney Camprock 19 Inches Umbrella

Available in many different bright colors, these kids’ umbrellas make a great return gift item. They have eyes and ears printed on them, which makes it appear like these umbrellas are straight out of some cartoon show, making them extremely appealing to the kids.

They are small in size and light in weight so that it is easy for the kids to use them during rains to stay dry and have fun at the same time.

21. MP 12 Pack Happy Birthday Goody Bags

Return gifts for your child’s birthday party should always be interesting and usable for the guest’s kids who attend. So one of the best would be to gift them a pack of birthday goody bags each with 12 different designs and colors of goody bags inside for their use accordingly.

These goody bags can be filled with different things be it chocolates, whistles, small games anything which would make the child happy when they go back home from the fun-filled party.

22. 2 Pack Led Night Light

What could be better to gift someone light to brighten their rooms and life. So as a return gift from your child’s behalf to their friends a pack of LED night light would also be preferable as that would not only lighten their room but would always remind them the happy time spent together with their friend on his or her birthday.

It comes with a light sensor and is soft in brightness so the child’s eye would be protected at all costs and it does changes color.

23. 3 Bees & Me Airplane Toys Toddlers

When it is a birthday party for a toddler the return gifts of the guests should be according to their age, so the best would be to gift them the 3 bees airplane toys which would help them to have fun at home too.

It has 4 different types of tor planes with various color combinations which would make the child smile on whenever they would be playing with it. So the airplanes would surely bring joy and fun together and the kid would be fully engrossed in their free spare time.

24. Hair accessories for girls

Well, when your little princess is having her birthday all her friends are also to be treated like one. So their best return gift would be some hair accessories which would make them feel like a princess too.

This set comes with 13 to 14 different hair barrettes, ties, bows, and clips. Each unique and distinct from the other, so in a way, there would be different hair accessories for them to wear accordingly.

25. Royal Casa Cinema LightBox Letter

Gifts are always special be it for the birthday host or the return gifts of the guests, so on your child’s birthday, this year make the return gifts more memorable with the royal Casa cinema lightbox. This has the different letters and the emojis to lighten up the kid’s room with a touch of style and elegance.

It comes with 85 each of colored letters, emojis and even black letters. So your the child can use any letter according to their wish for making their room look Hollywood style, and on with the soft and effective LED lights.

26. My Family & Friends First Photo Album

Photographs are known to be the best memories one can treasure from their past and cherish them for eternity. So this year as return gifts on your kids birthday gift the guests my family and friends first photo album.

This would hold 15 photographs and make the moments of the guest child very precious. On the cover, the sweetly animated giraffe would have a happy impact for all. 

They would always treasure these photographs and would relish their friend’s birthday as this was gifted to them as a token of love for celebrating with the birthday host.

27. Tickle & Main – Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow

Your little prince would love his friends to get the best return gift while ending his party. So the tickle and main tooth fairy superhero pillow which comes with a note pack and a keepsake pouch is a set of 3 things as a whole pack.

The pillow comes with a pouch in it so the little one can keep his essentials inside the pouch. The notepad would help him to note his details and the time when he lost his first tooth to the tooth fairy, as these moments are always precious.

28. Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Lunch Box Zipper Pouch

Lunch packs are always the best and attractive gifts for the kids, and as a return gift to get the ninja mutant turtle lunch box with a zipper pouch would be best. Made out of pure polyester it is safe and would keep the lunch box safe and the food fresh.

The vibrant color is also another attraction for the kids. So do make it the return gift for your kid’s birthday party. This lunch box and zipper pouch would be usable for the kid till the growing age as it is special and designed for a bit older kids too.

29. Touch and Feel peek a Boo Cloth Books

A return gift which would help the little one during their growing age from toddlers would be best. And the touch and feel peek a Boo cloth book is the one for them. So this year make this as the return gift of your kids birthday party as all their friends are also toddlers and would find this very exciting to learn.

Made out of nontoxic and durable polyester fiber this cloth book is the best for the kids to learn and enjoy. The vibrant colors of the different pictures would surely make them have an insight into the world around them as you would do for your own kid.

30. PlayMonster Stinky Pig

The sweet little pink pig would be the star if the millennium, as this sweet little game is the unique and way out return gift for the child’s birthday party for their friends. This little pig is not alone and he comes with 20 tokens of yellow color and can be plated with two players.

You cannot hold him long in your hands and if he poops on you then a token would be yours, and the winning person should have least tokens. So this is not only a fun game but also would help the kid to understand their stamina and quick response.

31. 3D Felt Photo Holders For Kids

These photo frames make for a perfect return gift item for any kids birthday party. There is a wide range of designs available in these frames.

You select cute sunflower or butterfly designs for the girls and naughty monkey or bear designs for the boys. These frames are colorful and would look really nice in any kids bedroom.

The above list comprises of some of the most economical and popular items, which most of the parents across the world are choosing as return gifts for their kids birthday parties. These items, not only easily fit in the budget of everyone, but they are also loved and appreciated by the kids who receive them.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your guests should go back home feeling happy about attending your party and fondly remember your party through your return gift.

Hopefully, the above list will be helpful to all those parents planning a birthday party for their kids soon, by making the task of finding the perfect return gift easier for them.

India`s #1 Birthday Return Gifts For Kids

Wooden House Shaped Money/Coin Bank for Kids (1 PCs)

₹99 Regular price ₹149

₹99 Regular price ₹149 On Sale

Wooden Train Penstand with Animal clip and Photo frame for Kids (1 Pcs )

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Unicorn Foldable & Adjustable Wired Headphone, Return Gift For Kids

₹399 Regular price ₹499

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Magic Scratch Note Diary – 10 Pages

₹49 Regular price ₹120

From ₹49 Regular price ₹90 On Sale

36 Pieces Cute Assorted Cartoon Shaped Finger Rings for Girls Return Gift ( Radom Design )

₹299 Regular price ₹399

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“MIKADO” Toy Stick Game – 30 Sticks

₹69 Regular price ₹99

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Printed Emboss Mug For Kids

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On Sale

Smiley Coffee Mug with Stirring Spoon for Kids Birthday Return Gifts (300 ml)

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Pen Stand with stationary Gift Set For Kids (1 Pack )

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Cute Smiley Print Ceramic Coffee Mug with Spoon, Birthday return Gift for Kids (300 ml)

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Large Capacity Hardtop Pencil Pen Holder Case Box For School Kids/Return Gift

₹349 Regular price ₹499

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Quilling Paper Set with Art and Craft Accessories and Making Guide Book (Set of 1)

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Maggi Plate For Kids (1 PCs)

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Magic “Pencil” That Can Grow Into a Plant – Assorted Vegetable & Flowers

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Cute Baby Crocodile Sharpener for Kids (1pcs)

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Smiley Emoji Jump Toy For Kids/Birthday Return Gift (1pcs)

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Buy 1 Get 1 free Laser Light For Kids With 4 Different Pattern Light/ Return Gift (1pcs)

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Cute Mermaid Gel Pen 1PCs

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Cute Cartoon Design Assorted Printed Luggage Tag (1 Pcs)

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Round Shaped Coin/Earphone Pouches Assorted (1 Pcs)

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10 Avocado Pens With Transparent Unicorn Pouch for Kids

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10 Assorted Cartoon Pens with Transparent Unicorn Pouch For Kids

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10 Pcs LED Hello Cute Pens with Unicorn Transparent Pouch for Kids

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“1st Birthday” Party Return gift Combo Set for Kids ( Boys )

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10 Umbrella Pens With Transparent Unicorn Pouch for Kids

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“1st Birthday” Party Return gift Combo Set for Kids ( Girls )

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10 Assorted Cartoon Girls Pens With Transparent Unicorn Pouch for Kids

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It’s “Fantastic” Combo Gift Combo Set for Kids Return Gift

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Kid’s Special Gift Combo Set for Kids Return Gift

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Unique “9 in 1” Combo Gift Set for Kids

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Special Gift Combo Set for Kids Return Gift

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Kids Party Special Gift Combo for Kids Return Gift

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New “Birthday” Combo Gift Set for Kids Return Gift

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“Big Pencil” Style Zip Box With Cute Items – For Girls

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New “8 in 1” Combo Gift Set for Kids ( Girls )

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“Surprise” Gift Combo Set “7 in 1” For Kids

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Party Hanging Paper Fans Set of 6 Pcs for Party Decoration (Pink)

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Party Hanging Paper Fans Set of 6 Pcs for Party Decoration (Yellow)

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Party Hanging Paper Fans Set of 6 Pcs for Party Decoration (Sky Blue)

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Party Hanging Paper Fans Set of 6 Pcs for Party Decoration (Plain Green)

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Party Balloon – 1 Pcs

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Heart Shaped Special Party Decoration Confetti Balloons pack of 9pcs (Dark pink)

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Polka Dot Balloon 1 Pcs – Color Choice

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Heart Shaped Special Party Decoration Confetti Balloons pack of 9pcs (BLUE)

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Heart Shaped Special Party Decoration Confetti Balloons pack of 9pcs (Golden)

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Heart Shaped Special Party Decoration Confetti Balloons pack of 9pcs (Rose Gold )

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Heart Shaped Special Party Decoration Confetti Balloons pack of 9pcs (Metallic Pink )

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Party Balloons Special For Birthday Party Decoration Pack Of 10 pcs (Indigo Color)

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Party Balloons Special For Birthday Party Decoration Pack Of 10 pcs (Dark Pink)

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Party Balloons Special For Birthday Party Decoration Pack Of 10 pcs (Black)

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5 Pc Confetti Balloons with inside Paper Dots 12 Inch for Birthdays Party Decoration (Pink)

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Maggi Plate For Kids (1 PCs)

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Folding Stool / Study Table / Chair for Kids (1 PCs )

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“7-Star” Fun Board 7 Games (Ludo Snakes & Ladder Car Race)

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Artificial Nail with glue color Assorted

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Creative Telescopic Capsule Ball Pens – 1 Pcs

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Colorful Twist Braid Rope With Rubber Band Headdress for Women,Girls (1 PCs)

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“Dr. Kids” Injection Style Automatic Pencil

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Cute Colourful Doll Keychain with Strong Split Ring (1 PC )

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Cute Fancy Finger Ring for Girls

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“GoodDay” Stationery Kit for Boys & Girls

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Unicorn Plush Soft Fur Diary For Kids

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“MIKADO” Toy Stick Game – 30 Sticks

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Funny Spring Rabbit Pen For Kids (1 PCs )

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Showpiece Doll LED Color Changing 1PCs

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“Art Classic” Spirograph Design Spiral Ruler

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fruit Slime 1Pcs

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10 Memorable Birthday Return Gift Ideas For Kids

Are you planning your child’s upcoming birthday party? You probably are racking your brains for some birthday return gift ideas that are memorable and unique. Birthday’s are all about creating memories and as the host of a party, you want your guests to leave you with some great memories of a fun party. Birthday return gifts are an extension to the party as a way to send off your friends with a memento of a lovely time spent together.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE This blogpost contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information read the full disclosure.

This post is sponsored by Skola Toys. But all views and opinions expressed are my own.

With so many kids products and toys these days the market is crowded with cheap and generic return gifts for birthday parties. But if you want to leave your guests with an impactful memory you have to end the night with a well thought of gift. Here are a few birthday return gift ideas that will wow your guests.

Memorable Birthday Return Gift Ideas For Kids

  1. Books: It is easy to find age appropriate books for kids attending your party. There is so much variety to choose from, activity books, educational books, and storybooks. Parents will also be pleased to receive a birthday return gift that encourages reading.
  2. Crayons and coloring materials: Promoting art and messy play is an integral part of early childhood development. Also, every child will be happy to receive coloring books, crayons, and other such paraphernalia.  You can even make art themed goodie bags for the kids to take home. Decorate the goodie bags with stickers to add a fun twist to the gift packing.
  3. Customized stationery and school supplies: These days there are many services that offer customized school supplies like pencil cases, lunch boxes, water bottles, crayon boxes, bags etc. Kids love receiving such return gifts with a personal touch. They will be raving about these for days after the party.
  4. Piggy bank: What better way to teach children about saving money than a cute piggy bank. This toy acts as an introduction to the concept of personal finances. It’s a great way to get children thinking about how money is used and spent and once again parents will also be happy to receive a birthday return gift that teaches their kids something meaningful.
  5. Bubble making toy: If you have an outdoor themed party a bubble making machine is a great giveaway idea. The kids can start using it at the party itself and before you know it you have kids chasing bubbles around the park! Adding bubbles to the mix is a fun party for any age. To present the gift put the bubble makers in a tiny gift bag with chocolates. This makes for a simple but enjoyable return gift for kids of all ages.
  6. Puzzles: Puzzles are a unique return gift idea. This toy is especially apt if you have toddlers at the party. Its an educational and engaging birthday return gift for the little kids.
  7. Plant seeds: Another unique return gift idea is gifting plant seeds. This return gift instills the love of nature. I still have warm memories from my own childhood of planting saplings that grew into trees. Gifting plant seeds are such a beautiful way to introduce children to nature and get them involved in nurturing a bond with trees.
  8. Cute kids mugs: With so many varieties in the market you can go crazy with this idea. Make it customized mugs for a personal touch or add in more bits and bobs inside the mug as a surprise for the kids. Fill the mug with crayons, pencils, bows, hairbands, and stickers. The options are endless. Since children like mimicking adults, I am sure they would love their own mugs just like mommy and daddy.
  9. Birthday goodie bags: If you have a bigger budget use all the ideas I mentioned above and make a huge birthday goodie bag for the kids. Who doesn’t like receiving a bag full of surprises? You can customize the bags according to your party theme or just add an array of different little return gifts for each kid.
  10. Return gift website: Don’t have time to come up with ideas or go shopping for gifts? A great option is to buy from websites that sell return gifts. Skola Toys has a return gift section on their website with a collection of age-appropriate toys for little ones. They even offer various discounts on bulk orders, which makes it an even more suitable choice when you throw a big party. Next time you are racking your brains trying to come up with a memorable birthday return gift ideas you have a one-stop shop destination to reduce all that stress.

What do you give as return gifts for kids birthday parties? Did you like these birthday return gift ideas? If you use these or have some fun ideas of your own do leave me a comment below.

Planning a birthday party on a budget? don’t miss these practical tips.

This post is sponsored by Skola Toys. But all views and opinions expressed are my own.

This blog post contains affiliate links. These links provide me with a small percentage commission but don’t cost you anything extra.

90,000 Change in the beginning of the tenure for apartments purchased under the DDU – blogs of realtors

23.11.2020 Federal Law No. 374-FZ adopted the long-awaited amendment to Art. 217.1 clause 2 on the minimum maximum tenure period for apartments purchased under the DDU (Equity Participation Agreement).

Why is it so important?

In Russia, it is possible to sell an apartment without paying taxes only after the expiration of the minimum tenure limit (3/5 years).

In most cases, the period of ownership starts from the moment the apartment is registered as ownership.

Therefore, for the apartments purchased in a building under construction, the situation with taxes was extremely unfavorable. Payments for the apartment were carried out at the initial stage of construction, then after the completion of construction, the apartment was registered in ownership, and only from that moment did the ownership period begin.

Therefore, almost all apartments in the newly built house were sold according to the scheme … with an understatement of the sale price.

Alas, tax evasion is a huge temptation. And the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are unable to resist him.

Now, the situation has changed.

The tenure period for apartments purchased under the DDU begins not from the moment the apartment is registered as ownership, but from the date of FULL PAYMENT of the cost of the apartment.

There was a legal opportunity to purchase an apartment at an early stage of construction, wait for its completion and sell the apartment without paying tax.

If you want to do this within 3 years, the apartment must be the only one. Otherwise, the minimum tenure limit will be 5 years.

These provisions apply to personal income received from the 2019 tax period. But for all apartments sold in 2019, the tenure period is 5 years (even for a single residence)

—————————- ————-

Full text of the amendment to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation:

“For the purposes of this article, in the case of the sale of residential premises or a share (stakes) in it acquired by a taxpayer under an agreement on participation in shared construction (under an investment agreement for shared construction or under another agreement related to shared construction), under an agreement on participation in a housing construction cooperative, the minimum deadline for owning such a residential premises or shares (shares) in it is calculated from the date of full payment of the cost of such residential premises or share (stakes) in it in accordance with the relevant agreement.In the case of the sale of residential premises or a share (stakes) in it, acquired by a taxpayer under an agreement on the assignment of rights of claim under an agreement for participation in shared construction (under an investment agreement for shared construction or under another agreement related to shared construction), the minimum deadline for the ownership of such residential premises or shares (shares) in it is calculated from the date of full payment of the rights of claim in accordance with such an agreement on the assignment of rights of claim (the paragraph was introduced by Federal Law of 23.11.2020 N 374-FZ) “.

Lawyers’ answers to questions about parent capital – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Question: Good afternoon! If it is possible, explain the answer to the question: Is the PF’s refusal to pay materiel for the purchase of 1/2 share of a residential building legitimate?
The fact is that in our city, practically, all houses for 2 or more owners, according to the documents, are in shared ownership. Parts (shares) of houses have, each their own, separate entrance, completely isolated from each other, each part has its own owner, its own plan for the house, water, gas, etc.They have one common one wall and a roof. The certificate of registration of property says that, say, Ivanov is the owner of 1/2 share of the house on Lenin Street, 20. Is the PF’s refusal to pay materiel for the purchase of 1/2 share of a residential building legitimate? What should be indicated in the certificate of registration of property, so that the PF would not refuse to pay.

Balsunova Tatiana Alekseevna

Answer: In the situation under consideration, as I understand from your question, in fact the house is divided: there are separate entrances, common areas are also divided.But legally, shares in the right of common shared property are ideal, i.e. do not allow to specifically define (establish) the living quarters belonging to each of the participants in the shared ownership. The Federal Law “On Additional Measures of State Support for Families with Children” provides for the possibility of directing (using) funds from maternal (family) capital (their part) to improve housing conditions. Moreover, according to part 1 of Article 10 of the specified federal law, funds (part of funds) of maternity (family) capital in accordance with the application for disposal can be sent:

– for the acquisition (construction) of residential premises, carried out by citizens through the performance of any transactions that do not contradict the law and participation in obligations (including participation in housing, housing construction and housing savings cooperatives), by non-cash transfer of the specified funds to the organization carrying out the alienation (construction) the acquired (under construction) residential premises, or to an individual who alienates the acquired residential premises, or to an organization, including a credit organization, which has provided funds under a credit agreement (loan agreement) for the specified purposes;

– for the construction, reconstruction of an individual housing construction object, carried out by citizens without the involvement of an organization carrying out the construction (reconstruction) of an individual housing construction object, including under a construction contract, by transferring these funds to the bank account of the person who received the certificate.

The law in this case provides for the possibility of acquiring a residential premises, and not shares in it. According to Article 15 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, residential premises are considered to be isolated premises, which are immovable property and are suitable for permanent residence of citizens (meets the established sanitary and technical rules and regulations, and other legal requirements). Moreover, according to article 16 of this code, residential premises include:

1) residential building, part of a residential building;
2) an apartment, part of an apartment;
3) room.

A residential building is an individually defined building, which consists of rooms, as well as premises for auxiliary use, intended to satisfy citizens’ household and other needs associated with their residence in such a building.

An apartment is a structurally separate premises in an apartment building that provides direct access to common areas in such a building and consists of one or more rooms, as well as auxiliary premises intended to satisfy citizens’ household and other needs associated with their residence in such a building. separate room.

A room is a part of a residential building or apartment intended for use as a place of direct residence of citizens in a residential building or apartment.

Therefore, the bodies of the Pension Fund rightfully refused to use the funds of the maternity (family) capital to acquire a share in the right of common shared ownership of a residential building due to the above circumstances. To use these funds for the purchase of housing you are interested in, the certificate of ownership must indicate: Apartment (or part of a residential building) on ​​the street.Lenin, house 20, apartment 1. Practice shows that a house “for two owners”, when divided in kind, receives the status of a two-apartment residential building. That is, the owners of the house must, in the prescribed manner, carry out the division of the residential building they own. After the implementation of such a section, you have the right to use the funds of the capital for the purposes stated in the question.

Yuri Rozhin took part in the All-Russian charity event “Tree of Desires”

25 December 2020 of the year, the chief federal inspector for the Samara region, Yuri Rozhin, received participation in the “Christmas tree of wishes” charity event, initiated by the President of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin at the All-Russian online marathon “# We are together”.

Within the framework of the action, material and intangible desires of those who especially need support. The promotion runs through all over the country.

Among the applications of residents of the regions of the Volga Federal District was wishes of Olga Petrovna Golovina from the Samara region. She learned about the project from her grandchildren and also decided to take part in the action. Her dream is a video camera with a tripod.

On the eve of New Year’s holidays Chief Federal Inspector for the Samara Region Yuri Rozhin met with Olga Golovina and presented her with a gift from the “Christmas tree of desires”.

During conversation Olga Petrovna said that when she found out about a fulfilled desire, burst into tears of surprise. She needs a camcorder with a tripod to high-quality video filming of concert performances of 13-year-old grandson Daniel Khachaturov. At the age of 3 months, he became seriously ill with retinal cancer. His underwent 4 complex operations, he underwent 17 courses of chemotherapy, but his vision could not be returned. Now Daniel leads a fulfilling life: he swims a lot and plays chess, blogs on social networks, uses a smartphone, studying foreign languages.But his main occupation is music. Daniel plays on piano and button accordion, is engaged in vocals, he is a laureate of various singing contests and festivals, dreams of pursuing a career as a performer.

Olga Petrovna I am sure that a New Year’s gift from the “Tree of Desires” will definitely help Daniel in further. He does a lot, performs, often visits Moscow, others cities. Grandma is always there and tries to record as many bright performances of his talented grandson.

Yuri Rozhin thanked Olga Petrovna for her activity and persistent overcoming of life difficulties.He wished her and her family to continue to sincerely believe in the best as well, fulfillment of all New Year’s wishes. Yuri Rozhin asked to tell Daniel that knows about his work from his granddaughters. And I am very glad that thanks to Yolka desires ”got acquainted with his family. Daniel himself made a plan that in the new year he had the opportunity to shoot his own video. He left his wish on the Yolka desires “.

Total residents The Samara region received 197 applications for the All-Russian “Christmas tree of desires”. Balls with wishes are posted on the project website, as well as on the trees installed in administrative buildings of the region, at various sites in municipalities.Execute wishes left on the site elkazhelaniy.rf can be any citizen of Russia.


Within the framework of the action, material and intangible desires of those who especially need support (orphans and children, those left without parental care, between the ages of 3 and 17; people with disabilities at the age from 3 to 17 years old and from 60 years old; children aged 3 to 17 living in families with a lower income level living wage; children from 3 to 17 years old and elderly people from 60 years old with a life-threatening health condition).

Nizhny Tagil State Circus – official site

Dear viewers!

The Nizhny Tagil circus takes care of the health of each of you! Our employees comply with all sanitary protection requirements. And we, in turn, ask you to take care of your health and the health of other viewers!

Please, when entering the circus, put on a protective mask on yourself and the child, treat your hands with special means, and also go through non-contact thermometry.

During the performance, do not take off your mask, because it is the main means of protecting your health and the health of your family members, keep your distance and take seats according to the tickets you bought.

We have made every effort to make your stay at the circus as safe as possible, and have developed several new rules for attending performances:

1. As part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we recommend paying for tickets purchased directly at the circus box office using a contactless payment method.You can also purchase tickets on the Nizhny Tagil circus website using a remote payment method.

2. When visiting the performances, you must have a mask, gloves and wear them during the entire period of your stay in the circus building.

3. Citizens aged 65 and over, as well as citizens with signs of SARS and / or having chronic diseases, please refrain from attending performances for your health and safety.

4. All spectators attending the performances must take a body temperature measurement before passing the ticket control. If an elevated temperature (over 37.2 °) is detected, the viewer will be directed to the staff doctor of the Nizhny Tagil State Circus, who, after examination, will decide on the possibility of attending the performance.

5. For your safety, hand sanitizers will be located in the control area and at the entrances to the hall.

6. Please keep a social distance of 1.5 meters and do not join groups.

7. Please do not change seats in the auditorium without the administrator’s permission.

Ticket control starts 45 minutes before the start of the show. Entrance to the auditorium 30 minutes before the start. ATTENTION!

Tickets are available on the Nizhny Tagil Circus website, as well as at the circus box office.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that according to clause 7.6 of the “Regulations on the procedure for selling tickets for entertainment events and visiting branches of FKP“ Rosgoscirk ”, children under the age of 3 without a separate seat have the right of free admission to performances accompanied by an adult.

Voronezh State Circus – official site

A rare, incredibly complex and spectacular genre – an air flight under the direction of Vilen Golovko will repeatedly make the audience freeze and exclaim “ah”: tricks without belay at an altitude of more than 23 meters, free fall, a feeling of freedom, courage and high professionalism of the artists, and in the final the hall explodes with applause !!!

Extravaganza on the arena, 120 artists, more than one and a half thousand unique costumes, three hours of an unforgettable show! Sparkling, talented, expressive Honored Artists of the Russian Federation, the clown duet Lada and Alexander Sarnatskiy will guide the audience to the enchanting world of “5 CONTINENTS” throughout the entire performance.

The life of the court is full of intrigue and dangers, group jugglers on the masts masterfully act out scenes from the life of the Empress.

The owner of the title “Princess of the Russian Circus” Tatyana Makhortova, the most luxurious bride, gracefully rotating 40 (!!!) hula-hoops, balances on a mirror ball surrounded by six ballet pairs.

Where there is love, there is a wedding: all spectators are invited! The gypsy baron and his chosen one Alexei and Ekaterina Plotnikovs, surrounded by daring gypsies, clockwork gypsies and six bears, ride out in a luxuriously decorated phaeton.A real holiday of passion and fire is the most difficult training of bears combined with original choreography, as well as author’s tricks: bears dance, walk on their front paws, jump over each other, play musical instruments, catch a “bridal bouquet” and even ride a horse and Carefully carry the trainer in your arms!

The power couple “Chess” will win the hearts of true connoisseurs of circus art: the winners of the 10th TV project “Minute of Glory: Anniversary Season” on Channel One, the performers of record tricks will appear as chess Kings, whose subjects will play the most intriguing game on the battlefield.Also, athletes represent a unique genre – group acrobatics on camels: tricks are performed on a carriage harnessed by running camels in parallel.

Mind-blowing tricks of acrobats on the track immerse you in the atmosphere of a hot night in the desert, where the imperious Scheherazade commands the faithful Bedouins … In 2019, the artists of the performances “Goldfish” and acrobats on the track were awarded the Grand Prix of the International Festival of Circus Arts in Latina (Italy).

Winning the highest marks of the international jury, acrobats of the equestrian attraction “Dzhigits – Apaches” in 2019 with honor represented our country at the most prestigious international circus festival in Monte Carlo, having won the Gold award.Fragile, but so brave, the girls under the leadership of Rustam Gazzaev easily perform “male” stunts at a breakneck speed, charging the audience with positive emotions and adrenaline!

The attraction with the participation of tigers, liligers, leopards and black panthers (12 predators in total !!!) under the direction of Honored Artists of Russia Natalia and Andrey Shirokalovs – the record holder for the number of top international awards -10 !!! Natalia is the winner of the Golden Crown of the Circus Princess festival, Andrey is the owner of the Animal Trainer of the Year title.Contact training of a new generation, author’s tricks, natural beauty and strength of such different, but equally dangerous predators, makes the audience hold their breath and admire!

* The administration reserves the right to make changes to the program.

Aquapark “LetoLeto”: prices and tickets

Powerful hair dryers.

We don’t want you to catch a cold.Changing rooms are equipped with 90 037 90 comfortable hair dryers 900 W, 8 wall-mounted 90 037 hair dryers with touchless switching on – with a power of 1000 watts.

for swimwear.

There are
instant dryers in the changing room area.
10 seconds and your
bathing suit is completely dry!


We have deployed more than 40
locker rooms in the
locker area safe mirrors so that you are always confident

in its irresistibility.

Changing tables.

We have provided a separate changing area, with two
comfortable folding tables for changing clothes for babies and
two high chairs in the dressing room and room
mother and child, in which there are 1 stationary
changing table, 2 high chairs,
cooler and microwave.


Did you come with the whole family?
will suit you voluminous cabinet. For the convenience of the sedentary

population groups aisles in 90,037 locker rooms – 90,037 wide, lockers – lower.

for changing clothes.

The water park has 100 booths
for dressing up so you don’t waste
time for
waiting, and enjoying
wonderful rest.

Cleaning every hour.

We process and
disinfect each
centimeter of shower cabins not
less than 1 time per hour.

Have forgotten the soap?

Installed in each shower room
dispenser “2 in 1”
– shower gel and shampoo.

More than 2500 individual lockers

You can be sure of
safety of personal belongings –
each cabinet
corresponds to
individual bracelet,
who can open it.

Warm floors

For perfect comfort and microclimate we installed underfloor heating, the temperature of which is 24-26 ° C.

Luggage room

Particularly valuable and large
things are you always
you can leave
in one of 330
(safe deposit boxes).

Protection against bacteria

We use
innovative coatings
and modern
precluding the possibility of
the development of bacteria in the shower.

90,000 official document or toilet paper

Let’s figure it out, is a receipt an official document in court. And can the receipt be used as evidence.

The other day, a distant acquaintance called me with a request to borrow money against a receipt in order to buy an iPhone 7 Plus as a present for his girlfriend. Refused . And then he turned to a lawyer to understand the value of such pieces of paper as legal documents.

Collected the obtained data for our readers in an article. will come in handy in life.

Pay attention! The information provided is valid for Russia. Discuss the situation in your country with a local lawyer.

What is a receipt

Receipt is a handwritten document that records the relationship of two or more persons in a particular area. Most often, it turns out to be a confirmation of a loan of funds, transfer of documents for temporary use, and so on.

By purpose, receipts are divided into several main types:
  • A receipt for alimony due to one of the parents living with the child until the age of majority
  • A receipt for no claims, which confirms this fact in the event of damage to health, property, etc.
  • A receipt for receipt of documents or securities, which stipulates the need to return them at a specified time
  • IOU, confirming the fact of transfer of a specific amount of money and the need to return it at a specified time – the most popular type

The receipt is drawn up in one copy and remains with the party to which the money, documents and so on should be given.

How to draw up a receipt correctly

In order for the receipt to become a legal document and not become a substitute for toilet paper, it must be properly drawn up.

Example of a receipt. Clickable.

Pay attention to 10 basic nuances of a receipt:

  1. Handwritten receipt (not printed)
  2. In the middle should be the name of the document – “Receipt”
  3. To the left of the name is the name of the city (“g.Moscow “)
  4. On the right, opposite the city, the date is set in full (“March 20, 2010”)
  5. Surname, name and patronymic are written in full (“Aiphonov Aiphon Aifonovich”)
  6. After the full name, you must indicate the full passport data (series, number, issued by whom), date of birth, address of residence – this is necessary for both parties
  7. Amount of money in figures and words (or description of other transferred good)
  8. Currency name (or other nuances of the relationship)
  9. Date of return of money (documents and so on)
  10. On the left below the text, the date of the signature is put, and on the right is the signature of both parties (it should resemble the passport as closely as possible)

If the receipt was drawn up in front of witnesses (two or more), their signatures, similar to the parties to the transaction, will also come in handy.This condition can be considered optional, but desirable.

What is the legal force of a handwritten receipt

The norms of Russian legislation do not imply that a receipt must be printed – it can be made in any form.

Moreover, a handwritten receipt is easier to identify by handwriting, so it is even better than a printed one.

If the situation has reached legal proceedings (alimony is not paid, claims are made, documents or money are not returned, and so on), and the author of the receipt refuses to accept the obligations, the receipt will be excellent evidence in court.

Witnesses with whom the receipt was drawn up will also be very helpful here.

Do I need to notarize the receipt

Not required, but possible.

Here are the benefits of notarization:

  • The notary can check the legality of the transaction as such
  • Notarization is easier to verify the identity of the person who wrote the receipt
  • A notarized receipt is more likely to be accepted by the court as evidence

But notary services cost money, so they do not use it as often.

I think in this case you need to focus on the seriousness of the transaction. If we are talking about a relatively large amount of money or important documents, certification is required. Otherwise – at will.

Summing up and drawing conclusions

Let’s briefly and point by point:

  • The receipt is legally binding and can be used as evidence in court, the main thing is the correct drawing up
  • A handwritten receipt is even more powerful than a printed receipt, because it can more accurately identify the author – please note that the signatures match the passport
  • Additional witnesses of drawing up a receipt – they will come in handy
  • Notarization of the receipt will not hurt – it is easier to identify the author of the document

And most importantly, lawyers argue that receipts should not be compared to toilet paper.So use it.


Have you come across IOUs or other receipts? If so, be sure to share your personal experience. I am sure that it will help many.

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