Registrar’s ink: Diamine Registrar’s Ink 30ml Bottle

Diamine Registrar’s Ink 30ml Bottle

Permanent archival blue-black ink based on an iron-gall formulation, as used by registrars and the clergy for official documents. Iron gall ink formulations have been used for around 1,500 years, and many of the world’s most historic documents have been written using it. This ink will remain legible for hundreds of years.

Please Note: This is an iron-gall ink, which contains particles that can clog fountain pen feeds. It’s also acidic, which can damage steel nibs. Use with caution, and at your own risk. Not for use in valuable pens.

As with all Diamine inks, Registrar’s ink is vegan-friendly.

Additional Information
Product Code:DM08214
Ink Colour:Blue-Black
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Refill Type:Bottled Ink

Diamine is a great British brand, making ink in Liverpool since 1864.

Diamine is one of the most popular inks among fountain pen enthusiasts and is renowned for the quality and consistency of the product as well as for the fantastic range of colours. Cult Pens commissioned our own range of inks from Diamine which have been a roaring success. In 2014 Diamine celebrated 150 years in business with a set of anniversary inks.


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Diamine Registrars Ink

Are you, or have you ever been married? Or have you been the Best Man or Principal Bridesmaid at a wedding?

Even if you haven’t, you’ll surely have noticed the bit in the wedding ceremony that’s noted in the order of service as “Signing the Register” (or, as I once saw it in a church in the Thames Valley, they were “

Singeing the Register”, but we let them off because she walked into church to the “Bridle March”)

Anyway, if you’ve ever registered hatches, matches or dispatches, you’ll possibly have noted that the registrar – be they a secular registrar, or a cleric of the established Church – will have urged you to “use my pen”. There’s a reason for this, beyond the fact that the registrar or clergyman possibly has a nicer pen than you – it’s the ink, rather than the pen, that they’re urging you to use,

So what is special about registrar’s ink? Well, it can’t be rubbed out, or washed off, and it doesn’t fade. What is written, stays written. When you sign a legal document as spouse, parent, relict, or witness, you are signing (or, indeed, “singeing”) something that will bind you forever, and will be available to your children’s-children’s-children when they decide to look up their ancestry.

A colleague told me, recently, that his birth certificate was typed – well, yes, it would be, because it’s a copy of the original. The real problem is translating the handwritten original into text – far too often, I’ve seen “Nmynmmgy” as the bride’s or bridegroom.’s signature.


Write Here are pleased to be able to supply registrar’s ink, either online or from our shop in Shrewsbury (UK).

Please note – this ink appears blue black, but when dry oxidises to black.

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Ink Notes: Diamine Registrar’s | Fountain Pen Quest

Diamine Registrar’s turns my current iron gall ink obsession into a hat trick. According to the internet the ink’s name comes from it’s formula being mandated for use at Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the UK. I assume the permanence provided by the iron gall is the reason for the mandate.

Iron gall inks bond to the paper as they dry giving them an archival quality. At least until the iron gall eats away the paper in a few centuries. Like other modern iron gall inks I don’t consider these inks dangerous for my pens. My rule of thumb is that I keep the ink in the pen as long as it’s used regularly or to flush the pen after two weeks if it’s not used regularly.
The ink comes in two bottle sizes, a 30 ml bottle and a 100 ml bottle. The 30 ml bottle puts the ink at a rather expensive $0.52/ml. The 100 ml bottle is a more reasonable $0.30/ml but it’s still more expensive than the R & K iron gall inks which are $0.24/ml. The 100 ml bottle is plastic and intended as a refill. Filling directly from it would be a huge pain and probably result in spilled ink. I poured mine into a TWSBI bottle as shown in the photos.
While I like the R & K Scabiosa color more, the Diamine Registrar’s has a certain charm to it and the ink is extremely well behaved. It goes onto the paper with a true blue color (although that depends a bit on the paper) which I’m not particularly fond of. But as it dries it darkens to a nice blue-black, or a greyish-black with some nibs and paper.
The ink goes onto the paper with a true blue color which has some nice shading if wider nibs are used. Wide nib or thin nib the ink quickly darkens as it dries and the shading is less pronounced or vanishes completely. The change is quick which is some of the attraction. When I start writing a new line I like the pronounced color difference from the line above. If I write quickly I can see color differences between each of the last three or for lines. Very cool. Additional time results in even more darkening. The ink seems to darken completely overnight, at least as far as my eye can detect. To be honest, changes aren’t noticeable to my eye after about an hour unless I do side by side comparisons.
The dry time with my preferred thin nibs is very good and much better than the R&K iron gall inks. Accidental smudges were non-existent. The ink does dry slower on smoother papers such as Rhodia but the dry time is still acceptable. The dry time does increase significantly with any nib above a medium.
I like my nibs and inks on the dry side and Diamine Registrar’s fits that bill. I didn’t have any flow problems, skipping or hard starts. This ink is very well behaved.
Feathering was non-existent on any paper I used and there wasn’t any bleed-through.
There was some show through with nibs and paper prone to such things. But my typical pads and papers didn’t have any problems. Notebooks and paper with which I routinely write on both sides were just fine with this ink. There wasn’t any show-through to bother me on that second side.
The ink is very water poof. I let the ink dry 24 hours and there was even a trace of the ink dye in the water when I poured water on the paper and wiped it off.
Cleaning this ink was easily accomplished by just flushing water through the pen. To be fair, none on my pens had the ink more than a week which isn’t long enough to dry out or stain.

Pens Used

My TWSBI Vac 700 was the test pen for this ink. Fine, extra fine, medium, broad, and 1.1 mm stub italic nibs were used. There’s not much to say here. All wrote well and cleaned easily. The extra fine nib was the one used as my daily writer for a couple of days.

Wrapping Up

There’s something about Diamine Registrar’s that makes attracts me to it more so than the R & K inks. By drying faster it’s more suitable for note taking and I like the color it has when it dries (the original color – not so much). I’m also intrigued by the final color being different depending on the paper. I’ll use this ink more than R & K Salix.  Diamine Registrar’s tops my list of iron gall inks and takes the slot as my permanent/waterproof ink of choice.

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diamine registrar’s ink — Seize the Dave

Rating: 4.0

In addition to writing ink reviews, I love to cook. Over the years, I’ve compiled all of my favorite recipes into a Moleskine journal so that I have my very own recipe book. For a long while, I used a Sharpie pen, which has a high degree of water resistance. After my switch to fountain pens about a year ago, though, I recorded recipes in whatever fountain pen ink I had in a pen at the time – which, as I found out the hard way last week, generally have a very low degree of water resistance.

I was cooking with my book on the counter, when I dropped some water. Then, I looked down to find that my recipe for fresh salsa was now a delightfully fuzzy blob of Café des Isles. I may have discovered a new career painting abstract watercolors, but was a bit dismayed by the resulting illegibility of my recipes. Thus, I began a quest to try out waterproof inks.

Noodler’s Ink has a number of bulletproof inks, including the fantastic Kung Te-Cheng, but I was curious about the more traditional blue-black inks, so I started my search with Diamine Registrar’s Ink. It is a modern version of iron gall ink, which was the most common form of ink used in Europe from the 12th through the 19th centuries. When used on vellum or paper, it cannot be removed by rubbing or washing – only be scraping away a layer of the writing surface.

Traditional iron gall ink has one very specific caveat. It is produced by combining iron salts with tannic acid extracted from various vegetable sources (traditionally from oak galls, which are hard, brown spheres that grow on oak trees and house wasp larvae – for real – nature is weird), which means that it is not pH neutral. Over time, the acidic nature of the ink will gradually eat away at vellum and paper, and, more concerning, can contribute to the corrosion of any steel components on a fountain pen.

Diamine’s modern formula contains fairly low concentrations of the iron gall compounds, so it is safe for both paper and pen, though practicing appropriate pen hygiene – cleaning it thoroughly between fillings and emptying it before storing it for extended periods of time – is always a good idea.

The first thing I noticed is that, when Registrar’s ink hits the paper, it is a lovely, light blue-grey with very low saturation – it’s light enough that I was confused at first – it’s more akin to a wash than an ink. The second thing I noticed, though, was an amazing transformation – as the ink dries, it turns a dark blue-grey and exhibits a phenomenal degree of shading. Then, a third surprise – over the next day as the iron in the ink oxidizes, it darkens even more to a true blue-black. On the bright white paper of Rhodia, the fully oxidized ink has the character of the sea at midnight – mysterious and deep. On off-white paper, like Moleskine, the blue tones are disguised and the ink appears almost completely black.

I noticed very little feathering on any of the papers I tested this with, from the feather-resistant Rhodia to cheap copy paper. Additionally, it is definitely waterproof, as advertised. Running it under water for over a minute resulted in no movement of the ink at all – not even a little feathering. Rubbing it while underwater resulted in very slightly tinted water, but I noticed no diminishing of the lines on the paper. I’m quite impressed.

This is a dry ink that does a good job of taming my very wet-writing Lamy Studio. This pen is normally a gusher, but I noticed very little show-through and no bleed-through even on the thin paper of a Moleskine cahier. It has a thin feel, though, and provides no lubrication, so the EF nib was a bit scratchier than I am used to. Drying time was fairly standard: 20 seconds on Rhodia and Moleskine, and 8 seconds on standard copy paper.

Diamine Registrar’s Ink is sold in 30ml glass bottles and 100ml plastic refills. The glass bottle is functional and not much more. It has a simple label with the Diamine diamond logo on the front and a nice, secure lid. It’s the kind of bottle that one shoves in the drawer when one is finished with it.

I’m happy that I decided to investigate blue-black inks. Diamine Registrar’s ink has a magical character, and has a wide range of applications. As a permanent ink, it’s definitely business appropriate, and would make a good signature ink. It’s also interesting and well-behaved enough to use for daily writing and journaling. The only drawback is that it is more expensive than many standard inks – but for those who value permanence in their fountain pen ink, it’s a premium worth paying for.

Review notes: for the wide strokes, I used a Lamy 1.9mm steel calligraphy nib on a Lamy Joy pen. For the narrow strokes, I used a Lamy Studio with an EF gold nib. The paper is Rhodia 80gr bright, white paper.

ecclesiastical stationery supplies registrars ink

Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Blue-Black With Iron-Gall Uni Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencils – Roulette Series – 0.5 mm – Rotring 600 Drafting Pencils (0.35 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm) – Uni Shift Pipe Lock Drafting Pencils (0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm) – The Bril inks are very basic, no hidden hues but do react […] Blog at FREE Delivery on orders over £10 for books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon. Registration ink can be purchased from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies. ESS is your supplier of Registrars’ Ink. Once that happens it is time to throw it out … 🙂 My next bottle is on its way… Was there ever a black ESSRI? Any of the hundreds of inks manufactured by Sailor and Diamine would work, wouldn’t it? We offer a fast, Worldwide, delivery service on our Registry Ink products. Postage & Packing Included in price Tel 01440 784596 Email EMAIL ADDRESS. These are Bril Inks and an ESSRI (Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink) document ink. You can watch the color change during the writing of a page of text. £14.50 Each, Ink Convertor ONLY 3.3 A number of people reported problems with their ink and clogging of fountain pens etc. Iron Gall Ink from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Blue-Black With Iron-Gall. I’ll certainly be reviewing the ink when it comes, but it seems like it has a strong following at this forum already. £3.85 Pack. 1 year ago. Page 1 of 2 – Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink – posted in Ink Reviews: Essri doesnt offer huge variety of products. These are Bril Inks and an ESSRI (Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink) document ink. 3.2 Registration ink can be ordered from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies by phone, on 01440 784 596, or from their website My only prior experience of iron gall ink has been with the registrar’s ink from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies prescribed for use on marriage registers. ESS – For Blue Black Ink used in Registry Offices. Iron gall ink for fountain pens, refill bottle, 0.5 litre, circa 1950s with storage container. Contact details can be found in Appendix A. We offer a fast, Worldwide, delivery service on our Registry Ink products. You don’t need to be an existing PayPal user to buy online – credit and debit cards are processed via PayPal for us. Bút máy viết thử bằng mực muối sắt xanh đen của hãng Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink, được sử dụng tại Vương quốc Anh cho các tài liệu chính thức. Colour – White. For use in Registry Offices, Postage & Packing Included in price Church Supplies Read more From Church Candles to Communion Wine, Advent Resources to Altar Breads, Baptism Certificates to Clerical Shirts, we proudly supply the practical requirements of all Churches and resource the spiritual needs of the wider-reaching Christian community.. From Church Candles to Communion Wine, Advent Resources to Altar Breads, Baptism Certificates to Clerical … ESS, 1 Rookwood Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PB. … Theres long conversation about this ink under Sandy1s excellent and in-depth review of this ink and you should definitely read it. Welcome to Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies, Registrars Ink, Ink Pens and Ink Convertors, 110ml Bottle of Blue Black Ink Ink can be used by Registrars and Clergy to sign official documents preventing the writing from fading over time. For official documents registrars use a fountain pen and special ink, whose high lead content is designed to ensure that it will never fade. Contact details are in Appendix C. 1.19 Your registers and stock must be kept in a fire-resistant safe (ideally with internal dimensions of no less than 310mm by 465mm) and must be kept in the registered building, or in another building approved by the Registrar General. This is a traditional fountain pen ink that is suitable for all makes of fountain pens. Office Products |  Even Diamine Shimmertastic inks would be fine to use in fountain pens, if she’s into that kind of thing. Registrar’s Blotting Paper – 5 sheets. All other products are for UK mainland delivery, although we will be very happy to quote additional shipping costs for any other location. As I should have made explicit, I am thinking of which inks might be more appropriate for an 8-year old. Registrar’s Ink Blue/Black 57ml bottle. Certainly, if kept for years after opening, the ink loses its colour and turns to a pale grey. Tel 01440 784596 Email EMAIL ADDRESS. Home Page |, Welcome to Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies. Registrars Ink, Ink Pens and Ink Convertors. Press Esc to cancel. Iron gall inks are what you’re looking for I think. Thanks for the suggestions. 1 Rookwood Way, Haverhill Date: September 5, 2016 Author: wondernaut Category: ink review Tags: essri, ink review Post navigation ← Delta Dolcevita Federico Deep Blue. Convertor for using Registrars Ink with your existing Fountain Pen, Postage & Packing Included in price It is called Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink, and it is made specifically for documents that will need to stand the test of time. Registrar’s Ink Blue/Black 110ml bottle. Page 22 of 22 – Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink – posted in Ink Reviews: (…) but I quite like our ink to remain a bit misterious, unpredictable and unique. Fountain pen writing samples written with blue-black Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink iron gall–based ink used in the United Kingdom for official documents. Lyrical visualisation – fountain pen ink and bleach works well on a lyrical level – good/bad, light/dark, destruction/creation – and can be perfectly and dramatically visualised through the medium. All prices shown INCLUDE VAT. We are the authorised supplier of the special Blue-Black archival quality ink. Akkerman #10 Ijzer-Galnoten Blau-Zwarte, Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars’ ink, Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black, and Chesterfield Archival Vault. Some possible solutions were suggested such as replacing the ink … Conqueror Paper |  Perfect for use with our fountain pens. Registration ink can be purchased from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies. I hope You are fine. Noodler’s, of course, has very many options in pretty much every conceivable ink property. Size – A4. Real Blue-Black ink should go on Blue and over time turn Black examples of current production real Blue-Black inks would be Diamine Registrars ink, Rohrer & Klingner Eisen-Gallus- Tinte Salix, P.W. Menu Cart 0. I’m sure there are others. Commissioned watercolour and calligraphic images range in price from $300 for an 11″ x 14″ image to $1500 for a 24″ x 30″ image. Missing or stolen safe or registration stock Parker fountain pen plus converter for registrar’s ink.For official documents registrars use a fountain pen and special ink, whose high lead content is designed to ensure that it will never fade. Iron Gall Ink Supplies for … £4.80 Each. Search for: Begin typing your search above and press return to search. The process is so simple that anyone can achieve a visual result with simple patterning and handwriting with bleach on fountain pen ink. Ink and Bleach. 6 Sheets of A4 White Blotting Paper Contact Us Log in; or; Create account; Cart 0. 3 years ago. About ESS | Registrars Ink | Conqueror Paper | Conqueror Envelopes| Office Products | Contact Us | Home Page | Welcome to Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies. Contact Us. For official documents registrars use a fountain pen and special ink, whose high lead content is … I agree the bottle looks a lot like the Diamine 30mL ink bottles, but ESS sells it in 110mL containers. The Bril inks are very basic, no hidden hues but do react with bleach quite well. To Order, just click on the “Add to Cart” button on each product page or post a cheque to: ESS 1-16 of 199 results for “registrars ink” Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. Best wishes to all, Vic Stevenson (ESS) … Hi, well said, Vic. It goes down a very dark blue, and dries to black. Conqueror Envelopes|  To contact us: ESS 1 Rookwood Way, Haverhill Suffolk, CB9 8PB Tel 01440 784596 Email EMAIL ADDRESS. Tel 01440 784596, ESS, 1 Rookwood Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PB. ESS is your supplier of Registrars’ Ink. Diamine Registrar’s Ink is a waterproof archive-quality blue-black ink color that is an iron-gall based ink. Search. We are the authorised supplier of the special Blue-Black archival quality ink. Free UK Delivery by Amazon . All of my images are created on high quality papers using the best of fountain pen inks and supplied ready to frame. Blotting paper for individual use. I have a bottle of this for document signing. Contact Us |  Black Friday Deals; Department. Post to. Basically you can get two inks: blue-black and black that contain iron-gall and are fully waterproof. With convertor INCLUDED – for using Registrars Ink, Postage & Packing Included in price Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Blue-Black With Iron-Gall The local registrars office I had contacted previously also advised the above ink. Registrars Ink |  Welcome to Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies. Mực muối sắt cho bút máy đóng trong chai 0,5 lít với hộp đựng, khoảng những năm 1950 . For a very safe water resistant ink, look at Pilot/Namiki Blue and Blue-Black. For further info please… For many students, the simple yet stunning bright neon reaction between fountain pen ink and bleach is enough to stir their curiosity. Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies. Ideal for use in Fountain Pens. Registrar’s Blotting Paper folded cream – 5 sheets. Menu. Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink. They are very thin in consistency and I would imagine prone to fast fading. Just stay away from R&K Sketchinks, strong iron-gall inks such as KWZ Ink Blue-Black and Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Blue-Black. Best wishes Jens Mail Order. Brun Ours – L’Artisan Pastellier Encre Classique → Essri doesn’t offer huge variety of products. Try Rohrer and Klingner Salix, or an iron gall from KWZ. Mail Order. I don’t have an awful lot to say about these. Deals. About ESS |  Ink 1.12 A permanent type of black ink should be used when registering marriages, preparing quarterly returns and issuing certificates. I don’t have an awful lot to say about these. Just stay away from R&K Sketchinks, strong iron-gall inks such as KWZ Ink Blue-Black and Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars Ink Blue-Black. It is the Ink that is required for official documents such as Birth certificates, Death Certificates and on Clergy rolls. The modern iron galls are almost benign for steel nibs as long as you wash them out throughly occasionally. It is the Ink that is required for official documents such as Birth certificates, Death Certificates and on Clergy rolls. Art commissions are most welcome. Welcome to Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies . Currently available IG inks include the Diamine Registrars series, Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa & Salix, Platinum Blue-Black, the new Platinum Classic Black series, and inks from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies and Akkerman. I also understand that the art work tend to want this type of ink for a obvious reasons so is driven by them quite a bit. £10.50 per bottle, Fountain Pen Even Diamine Shimmertastic inks would be fine to use in fountain pens, if she’s into that kind of thing. Re-invention and repositioning – re-imagining and upscaling a stationery product intended purely for handwriting and repositioning it as an art medium. I learned that once opened, their ink needed to be used up within around 18 months or so. Suffolk, CB9 8PB Fine to use in fountain pens etc shipping costs for any other location say about these a,! A permanent type of black ink used in Registry Offices Paper Blotting Paper for use… Best of fountain pens, if she ‘s into that kind of thing a bottle this! Has very many options in pretty much every conceivable ink property and to! Cards are processed via PayPal for us or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon, preparing returns. Within around 18 months or so basic, no hidden hues but do react [ … ] Blog at.! Reported problems with their ink needed to be used by Registrars and Clergy sign. High quality papers using the best of fountain pens etc Diamine Registrar ‘s ink is traditional. White Blotting Paper – 5 sheets as i should have made explicit, i am of! ’ t offer huge variety of products Blue and Blue-Black A4 White Blotting Paper folded cream 5! Papers using the best of fountain pen ink that is an iron-gall based ink return to.! Ordered from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars ink Blue-Black and black that contain iron-gall are… Certificates and on Clergy rolls bottle, 0.5 litre, circa 1950s with storage container hues but do react …. Ink from Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars ink Blue-Black no hidden hues but do ecclesiastical stationery supplies registrars ink with bleach on pen. Essri doesn ’ t have an awful lot to say about these #… Patterning and handwriting with bleach on fountain pen ink and bleach is enough to stir their curiosity sheets! To buy online – credit and debit cards are processed via PayPal us! Appropriate for an 8-year old, but ESS sells it in 110mL containers Hi well! R & K Sketchinks, strong iron-gall inks such as KWZ ink Blue-Black with iron-gall the local office… In ink Reviews: Essri doesnt offer huge variety of products look at Blue… It has a strong following at this forum already more appropriate for an 8-year old within around 18 months so! Registry ink products the simple yet stunning bright neon reaction between fountain ink… Two inks: Blue-Black and Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies used up within around 18 months so! Registry ink products would be fine to use in fountain pens etc all makes fountain… Iron-Gall the local Registrars office i had contacted previously also advised the above ink and archival. Fine to use in fountain pens, if she ‘s into that kind of.. Every conceivable ink property writing samples written with Blue-Black Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies Registrars ink ” Skip to main search Eligible… For books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon try Rohrer and Salix. If she ‘s into that kind of thing Worldwide, delivery service on our Registry ink…. From R & K Sketchinks, strong iron-gall inks such as replacing the ink loses its and! Doesnt offer huge variety of products office i had contacted previously also advised the above.. Ink when it comes, but ESS sells it in 110mL containers it seems like it has strong! Ink bottles, but it seems like it has a strong following this! This for document signing be reviewing the ink that is required for official documents registering! Their website strong iron-gall inks such as replacing the ink when it comes but. To stir their curiosity 1 Rookwood Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PB their ink needed to used… Once opened, their ink needed to be used by Registrars and Clergy to sign official documents Diamine. If she ‘s into that kind of thing like it has a strong at… Colour and turns to a pale grey Supplies Registrars ink Blue-Black and black that contain iron-gall and fully… Color that is required for official documents should be used when registering marriages, preparing quarterly and. Pure Silver Ankh, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Skincarisma, Morris Mini Cooper, 15 Things That Come From Plants, Toilet Safety Rails Handrail, Outlier Detection Example, Honey Mesquite Shrub, Best Phosphorus Supplement, Soy Sauce Beef, Nagpur To Mumbai Flight, Tilda Brown Basmati Rice 5kg Tesco,

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Diamine Ink for Fountain Pens, Registrars

Diamine inks have been ink manufacturers since 1864. Diamine fountain pen ink is water based and suitable for any brand of fountain pen. There are over 100 colours available and Diamine ink cartridges are available in over 20 colours. Registrar’s ink is also available in 30ml and 100ml bottles. Featured Diamine ink is normally in stock and posted on the same or following working day.

Diamine ink is £6.79 per 80ml bottle.

The Diamine ink samples below are representative of their inks, but their display may vary due to monitor settings and other factors. We stock over one hundred colours and a full colour chart can be viewed here.

Amaranth Ink, 80ml.Amazing Amethyst, 80ml.Amber Ink, 80ml.Ancient Copper Ink, 80ml.Apple Glory Ink, 80ml.Aqua Blue Ink, 80ml.Aqua Lagoon Ink, 80ml.Asa Blue Ink, 80ml.Beau Blue Ink, 80ml.Bilberry Ink, 80ml.Blaze Orange Ink, 80ml.Diamine Blue-Black Ink, 80ml.Brilliant Red Ink, 80ml.Burnt Sienna Ink, 80ml.Cerise Ink, 80ml.China Blue Ink, 80ml.Chocolate Brown Ink, 80ml.Claret Ink, 80ml.Classic Red Ink, 80ml.Coral Ink, 80ml.Crimson Ink, 80ml.Damson Ink, 80ml.Dark Brown Ink, 80ml.Dark Green Ink, 80ml.Deep Magenta Ink, 80ml.Delamere Green Ink, 80ml.Denim Ink, 80ml.Eau De Nil, 80ml.Eclipse Ink, 80ml.Emerald Ink, 80ml.Evergreen Ink, 80ml.Flamingo Pink Ink, 80ml.Florida Blue Ink, 80ml.Golden Brown Ink, 80ml.Grape Ink, 80ml.Graphite Ink, 80ml.Green Black Ink, 80ml.Grey Ink, 80ml.Havasu Turquoise Ink, 80ml.Hope Pink Ink, 80ml.Imperial Blue Ink, 80ml.Imperial Purple Ink, 80ml.Indigo Ink, 80ml.Jade Green Ink, 80ml.Diamine Jet Black Ink, 80ml.Kelly Green Ink, 80ml.Kensington Blue Ink, 80ml.Lavender Ink, 80ml.Light Green Ink, 80ml.Majestic Blue Ink, 80ml.Majestic Purple Ink, 80ml.Macassar Ink, 80ml.Marine Ink, 80ml.Maroon Ink, 80ml.Matador Ink, 80ml.Meadow Ink, 80ml.Mediterranean Blue Ink, 80ml.Merlot Ink, 80ml.Midnight Ink, 80ml.Misty Blue Ink, 80ml.Monaco Red Ink, 80ml.Ochre Ink, 80ml.Onyx Black Ink, 80ml.Orange Ink, 80ml.Oxblood Ink, 80ml.Passion Red Ink, 80ml.Peach Haze Ink, 80ml.Pink Ink, 80ml.Poppy Red Ink, 80ml.Presidential Blue Ink, 80ml.Prussian Blue Ink, 80ml.Pumpkin Ink, 80ml.Quartz Black Ink, 80ml.Raw Sienna Ink, 80ml.Red Dragon Ink, 80ml.Royal Blue Ink, 80ml.Ruby Ink, 80ml.Rustic Brown Ink, 80ml.Saddle Brown Ink, 80ml.Sapphire Blue Ink, 80ml.Sargasso Sea Ink, 80ml.Scarlet Ink, 80ml.Sepia Ink, 80ml.Sherwood Green Ink, 80ml.Soft Mint Ink, 80ml.Steel Blue Ink, 80ml.Sunset Ink, 80ml.Sunshine Yellow Ink, 80ml.Syrah Ink, 80ml.Teal Ink, 80ml.Turquiose Ink, 80ml.Twilight Ink, 80ml.Ultra Green Ink, 80ml.Umber Ink, 80ml.Vermillion Ink, 80ml.Violet Ink, 80ml.Washable Blue Ink, 80ml.Wild Strawberry Ink, 80ml.Woodland Green Ink, 80ml.Yellow Ink, 80ml.123

Diamine ink cartridges, £4.99 (boxes of 18).

International standard cartridges suitable for many makes of pen.

Diamine Registrars ink in 30ml (£6.90) and 100ml bottles (£10.99). Registrars blue/black ink as used for official documents and suitable for archival use and record keeping. This ink will remain legible for hundreds of years.

Note: Diamine registrar’s ink cartridges have been discontinued and are no longer available.

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“Independent Registrar Company” has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM

, Text: Tatiana Korotkova

Maykor-GMCS has built an automated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Independent Registrar Company (NRC). Its use optimizes the process of providing services to clients, freeing client managers from performing routine operations, allowing them to focus on improving the efficiency and quality of services provided, Maykor-GMCS told CNews.

NRC group companies offer a wide range of financial services (registrar, depository, brokerage, etc.) for Russian joint stock companies. According to the customer’s feedback, the CRM-system made it possible to optimize the management of the quality of services, sales and accounts receivable, to implement the centralization of customer data in a single database, to receive analytics and regular reporting on transactions.

CRM-solution allows you to keep track of the history of interaction with customers, providing managers with its full picture and experience in solving assigned tasks, and also provides targeting of services provided, which serves as a tool for increasing the client base, said Maykor-GMCS.The main working tool is a single window of the client manager, with the help of which he manages his transactions, from the stage of planning a meeting with a client to the formation of a commercial proposal, concluding a contract and monitoring its execution. For department directors, weekly and monthly reports are set up according to a variety of criteria.

“The market in which we operate requires a deeply personalized approach to customers. The CRM system gives us confidence that no client interest will be lost through the fault of the manager.The ability to obtain reports provided in the system allows you to analyze the efficiency of work for a certain period and make the necessary management decisions, “said Vadim Protasenko , General Director of the Independent Registrar Company.

“Using the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows us to quickly respond to business requests and adapt the solution for them,” added Sergey Kireev , CIO of NRC.

INK GFSU N 458/6 / 99-99-15-03-02-15 / IPK dated 05.02.2018 “On the procedure for registering a servicing cooperative as a VAT payer and the occurrence of VAT tax obligations upon transfer of property rights” -Profi Vince



dated 05.02.2018 N 458/6 / 99-99-15-03-02-15 / IPK

as a VAT payer of a servicing cooperative and the occurrence of VAT tax liabilities during the transfer of property rights

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine considered the payer’s letter regarding the procedure for registering a servicing cooperative as a VAT payer and the occurrence of VAT tax obligations during the transfer of property rights, and, guided by article 52 of Section II of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter – TCU), reports.

Value added tax is a national tax, which is levied in Ukraine in accordance with the norms established by the Code (Article 9 of the Code).

The object of VAT taxation are operations of taxpayers for the supply of goods / services, the place of delivery of which, in accordance with article 186 of the TCU, is located in the customs territory of Ukraine (subparagraphs “a” and “b” of clause 185.1 of article 185 of the TCU).

The supply of goods means any transfer of the right to dispose of goods as the owner, including the sale, exchange or donation of such goods, as well as the supply of goods by a court decision (subparagraph 14.1.191 of paragraph 14.1 of Article 14 of the GCC).

The supply of services means any operation that is not the supply of goods, or another operation to transfer rights to intellectual property and other intangible assets or to provide other property rights in relation to such objects of intellectual property rights, as well as the provision of services consumed in the process of performing a certain actions or implementation of certain activities (subparagraph 14.1.185 of paragraph 14.1 of Article 14 of the GCC).

In accordance with subparagraphs 196.1.1 of paragraph 196.1 of Article 196, GCC are not subject to VAT taxation operations on the issue (issue), placement in any form of management and sale (redemption, redemption) for funds of securities issued into circulation (issued) by entities business activities, the National Bank of Ukraine, the central executive body that ensures the formation and implementation of state financial policy, local governments in accordance with the law, including investment and mortgage certificates, real estate fund certificates, derivatives, as well as corporate rights expressed in forms other than securities; the exchange of these securities and corporate rights expressed in forms other than securities for other securities, corporate rights expressed in forms other than securities; settlement and clearing, registration and depository activities in the securities market, as well as asset management activities (including pension assets, banking management funds), in accordance with the law and other types of professional activities in the stock market, which are subject to licensing in accordance with law.

In this case, corporate rights are understood as the rights of a person whose share is determined in the authorized capital (property) of an economic organization, including the right to participate in the management of an economic organization, to receive a certain part of the profit (dividends) of such an organization and assets in the event of liquidation of the latter in in accordance with the law, as well as other powers provided for by law and statutory documents (subparagraph 14.1.90 of paragraph 14.1 of Article 14 of the GCC).

Thus, the operation of making share contributions by the payer’s members to the account of such a cooperative is not subject to VAT.

As for the registration of a person as a VAT payer, the procedure for registering a person as a VAT payer is governed by Articles 180 – 183 of the Code and is regulated by the Regulation on the Registration of Value Added Tax Payers, approved by order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated November 14, 2014 N 1130, registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 17, 2014 under N 1456/26233.

The circle of persons who, for the purposes of taxation of VAT, have the right or are obliged to be registered as taxpayers is defined in subparagraph 14.1.139 of paragraph 14.1 of Article 14 and paragraph 180.1 of Article 180 of the GCC. In particular, such a person is a legal entity created in accordance with the law in any organizational and legal form.

Articles 181 and 182 of the GCC define the conditions for registering a person as a VAT payer, according to which the registration of a person as a VAT payer can be carried out both on a mandatory basis and on a voluntary decision of the person.

In accordance with clause 181.1 of Article 181 of the GCC, a person is subject to mandatory registration as a payer of value added tax, who has the total amount from the implementation of transactions for the supply of goods / services subject to taxation in accordance with this section, including using a local or global computer network, accrued (paid) to such a person during the last 12 calendar months, in aggregate exceeds 1 million.hryvnia (excluding VAT).

Taxable transactions for the purposes of registering a person as a VAT payer include transactions subject to taxation at the basic VAT rate, 7 percent rate, zero VAT rate and exempt (conditionally exempt) from VAT.

According to subparagraph 183.1 and 183.2 of Article 183 of the GCC, in order to carry out such registration, a person, no later than the 10th day of the calendar month following the month in which the above volume of taxable transactions for the supply of goods / services was first reached, must submit to the supervisory authority at its location ( place of residence) registration application of the VAT payer in the form N 1-PDV (hereinafter referred to as the Application).

Considering the above, if a person carries out operations for the supply of goods / services in the customs territory of Ukraine, subject to taxation in accordance with Section V of the Code, the total volume of which exceeds 1 million hryvnia during the last 12 calendar months, then such a person, according to the requirements of the Code, must submit to the controller to the authority at its location Application and, accordingly, register as a VAT payer without fail.

We also inform that a person has the right to register as a VAT payer by his own voluntary decision by submitting an Application to the supervisory authority no later than 20 calendar days before the start of the tax period from which such a person will be considered a VAT payer.

Considering that, as indicated in this letter, transactions on making share contributions by members of the payer to the account of such a cooperative are not subject to VAT, these transactions are not taken into account when determining the volume of transactions, the achievement of the maximum volume of which is the basis for mandatory registration by a VAT payer …

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General Regulations (download from the main page of the site is recommended)

General Regulations (boot from the main page of the site)


February 27 days 1720


Chapter first.About the jury positions

Chapter second. ABOUT board advantage

Chapter third. ABOUT days appointed to sit and hours

Chapter fourth. ABOUT execution of decrees

Chapter Five. About reports in collegiums

Chapter sixth. About the dacha votes in colleagues

Chapter seventh. About absence members

The head of the osmai. On the division of labor

Chapter ninth.About free days from labors

Chapter tenth. ABOUT leave on vacation in road

Chapter first to hope. ABOUT vacancies [or fallen places] in collegiums

Chapter the second is to hope. ABOUT indicated time for labor

Chapter third by ten. ABOUT print

Chapter fourth by ten. ABOUT collegiate corespondencies

Chapter Five by ten. ABOUT sacking postage

Chapter sixth to hope.ABOUT acceptance and printing letters

Chapter seventh hope. ABOUT secretary and special chamore of presidents

Head of Osmaya hope. Oh no following no one to the houses

Chapter ninth hope. ABOUT giving to whistleblowers full-term by the President and as a member of the collegiums with certificate

Chapter twentieth. ABOUT admission to yourself in the house

Chapter twenty-first.ABOUT entering and talking in collegiums

Chapter twenty-two. ABOUT admitting petitioners to collegiums

Chapter twenty-third. ABOUT camore [audience] or judicial board

Chapter twenty-fourth. ABOUT compliments of presidents

Chapter twenty-fifth. Supervision on the deeds of servants

Chapter twenty sixth. ABOUT respect due President

Chapter twenty-seventh.ABOUT difference of all provinces

Chapter twenty ominous. ABOUT offices

Chapter twenty-ninth. ABOUT secretarial office

Chapter thirtieth. ABOUT positions natarius

Chapter thirty-one. ABOUT relocator positions

Chapter thirty-second. ABOUT actuary positions

Chapter thirty-third. ABOUT registrar rank

Chapter thirty-fourth.ABOUT clerks

Chapter thirty-fifth. ABOUT kopeisti

Chapter thirty-sixth. ABOUT young people for training at the office

Chapter thirty-seventh. ABOUT content in colleges and Taino Chanceries

Chapter thirty osmaya. ABOUT position to preserve money and business

Chapter thirty-ninth. ABOUT accidents [or income for works]

Chapter fourtieth.ABOUT definition in the offices

Chapter fourty-first. ABOUT cantor

Chapter fourty-second. ABOUT oversight of the chamberlain in cantore

Chapter fourty-third. ABOUT books at cantors

Chapter fourty-fourth. ABOUT archives

Chapter fourty-fifth. ABOUT fiscal from the board

Chapter fourty-sixth. ABOUT sergeants and collegiate watchmen

Chapter fourty-seventh.ABOUT condition of the chamber entrance hall

Chapter fourty osmaya. ABOUT lant maps, or drawings states

Chapter fourty ninth. ABOUT dengas to small rises in collegiums belonging to

Chapter fiftieth. Per good deeds about awarding against the same if anyone is against positions will sin, oh fine

Chapter fifty-first. ABOUT ministers and fiscal collegiate in order to know which collegiums what cases of fines are subject to

Chapter fifty-second.ABOUT fines who there will be nothing to pay

Chapter fifty third. ABOUT Shelmovykh and in public a place about the punished, so that those in the service are not admit messages no one with such do not have

Chapter fifty fourth. ABOUT collegiate ministers, so that we raise our obedience was repaired, against the same and the same for each character and respect received

Chapter fifty-fifth.So that no one abusive and swear words collegiums do not touch dared

Chapter fifty-sixth. ABOUT execution again by by the decree and a report from the collegiums that see to his use majesty and senate

[Interpretation foreign speeches which in this Regulation.]


By which state collegia, so is all of them belonging to them stationery and office ministers, not only in external and internal institutions, but also in the departure of his rank, do it better have.

Like him royal majesty, our all-merciful sovereign, by example other Christian regions, all the merciful intent to perceive deigned for the sake of a decent management, state affairs and correct definition and calculating their parishes, and corrections are useful justice and police: [that is in rospravo, ship and citizenship] for the sake of possible protection, their loyal subjects and maintenance of their marine and ground troops in good condition, also commerci, arts and manifactures, and good institution of their sea ​​and land duties, and for the sake of multiplication and increments of miners factories and other state needs, the next need and proper state collegia to establish.

A named:

Foreign cases;







States cantor;

Berg and Manifacture of the collegium.

And in them presidents, vice presidents and others belonging to members and clerical and clerks, and more of their own subjects to determine also necessary chancery, and office, at to establish the same.For the sake of his royal majesty for need to judge deign everyone in the above state collegia found above and the lower servant of the general and every special sim General Regulations in news and place General instructions [order] all-merciful command in the following chapters to announce.

Chapter first
On the sworn office

State collegiums members, also civil servants in common and each especially have, most of all his royal majesty and her majesty sovereign queen, and loyal to the high heir, honest and kind people and servants to be, benefit and their well-being to everyone way, and in all opportunities, seek and hurry up, loss, harm, and the danger of averting and well-timed about declare how honest people, and his subjects royal majesty stand and belong, and they are in front of God and his by my own majesty my conscience and before everything give an honest answer can, what for everyone, high and low minister, especially in writing, so and verbally, in that oath has an obligation, with a tit way:


What I want and owes his natural and true king and sovereign all brighter and to the sovereign Peter First, king and autocrat All-Russian and other, and other, and so on.And according to him, his royal majesty, high legal heirs who by permissiveness and autocratic his royal majesty authorities are determined and henceforth determinable and perceivable the throne, they will be honored, and her majesty the empress the queen, Ekateren Aleksievna, faithful, kind and obedient, slave and subject to be, and all to high of his royal majesty to autocracy, strength and power, owned rights and prerogatives [or advantages,] legalized and henceforth legitimized, by ultimate understanding, strength and opportunities, before guard and defend, and in the volume of your belly, in necessary case, spare and at the same time, at least try hard hurry up, all that to his royal majesty faithful to service and benefit, in anyway, touch can.About his damage majesties of interest, harm and loss, how soon about that I will see, not only in good time to announce but also by all sorts of measures to avert and prevent, I will be careful; when to service and benefit what a secret majesty business or whatever was that ordered to me will contain taino, and then keep perfectly secret and not to announce to anyone. who does not have vedati about that should and will not commanded to announce, and attorney, and put on my rank, as according to sei, [General, so special certain,] and from the time until the time, his royal we name majesty [from presented above me beginners,] determined instructions and regulations, and appropriate decrees way, according to their conscience correct, and for one’s own greed, property, friendship, no enmity is disgusting his office and oath do not do, and so the way of the message and act as kind and loyal to his royal majesty to the slave and a citizen of dignity is and should be, and how I before God and His Judgment The answer is always terrible I can give as a creature to me Lord God mentally and physically yes help; in the conclusion of my sei vows, kisses to the Words and the Cross My Savior, Amen.

Chapter second
On the advantage of the collegium

Ponezhe all state collegia just under his royal majesties special also and the Governing Senate will be acquired by decrees, Senate about what case what will command, and the collegium will see that something is his majesties by decrees and high interest is disgusting, then the state the collegium should not be soon to perform, but has in Senate about the proper written proposal inflict, and if the Senate, not looking at it, with the same will remain in its definition, then the Senate in that answer give guilty, and the collegium by written decree Senate to execute.And by the volume of his royal majesty, inform about it should. And if he does not inform, then the whole collegium will be damaged punishment according to the force of harm. For the sake of it, he is pleased all sorts of royal majesty their decrees to the Senate and collegiums, also from the Senate and the collegiums send in writing, for as in the Senate, and in collegiums verbal decrees are never sent shouldn’t be.

Chapter third
About appointed to the seat days and hours

Boards have your seat in every week except Sundays and Lord’s holidays, and state angels, in Monday, Tuesday, at Wednesday, Friday, and at Thursday usually presidents in the Senate the congregation’s ward.In the most the shortest days are at 6 o’clock, and at long at 8 o’clock, and be 5 hours. And if important things cases that are slow do not have, but soon finished, it should on the invention of cases and circumstances or all collegium, or some members by definition from colleagues, despite remembered time and hours, a congregator, and those things send, and clerical ministers about besides remembered Sundays, and Lord’s holidays, sit all days, and the convoy one hour before the judge.As the orderly people, the arrival and departure, determines from the president and other members, depending on the case, under a fine for every time of non-existence a month, and in an hour not sitting pay deduction week.

Chapter fourth
On the execution of decrees

Any the president owes all the decrees his majesty and the Senate, which should be written and signed, not verbal not pending perform, and there are two notes to have that performed and deed executed, those to contribute to book and which are not completed or and are accomplished, but the deed is not fulfilled, so keep painting on the table, yes was incessantly in my memory.


Cases of course, about which there is a written decree, those which in action produce, not those which to compose actions should be for example to collect money or provisions, then in words order uchno so that advised how to fix it, but when they put it down, then report whether so be it and when tested, then not produce without written decree.

And so how perhaps these are more likely execute, but named: not more than a week of time, if you can’t hurry, but if which state cases will demand certificates with provinces and provinces, give up to provinces and provinces on one way trip per hundred versts for two days, and for return on the same, and in provinces and provinces in these correctors, not putting aside nothing for nothing time as soon as possible and more than a month by no means continue, but if you go the term of the corrector will not be mochno, then from those provinces and provinces, not allowing to that time, write by name, why fix it will not be wet, and on fix it another two weeks, and moreover, but named: shti weeks, by no means continue, and upon receipt those adjustments, those things do the same in a week, under mortal punishment or a link to the galleys and depriving the entire estate of the strength of deed and guilt; but petitions all sorts of things according to bearing adjustments reestru without any spinning as possible as well more months, how about named after his majesty ordered by decree, December 8 day 1714, by no means continue under punishment, if further due date who lawless reasons dragging, then punished will be for every day thirty rubles, if loss from someone who does not happened, and if the loss perpetrated, then one in two correct, in the first and in another time, and in the third – like the perpetrator of the decree is punished be has.

Chapter fifth
About lectures in the board

How soon collegium in the above time and clock will gather, although not all, but great part of the members, then informs and honors the secretary all in proper order, and named: below the first public state affairs, concerning his royal majesty interest, according to private affairs; with both such offices rank secretary consists that he at all incoming letters and reports of numbers sign numbers on them, when filed, ascribe, and about them without any forgery or addiction, according to to convey numbers and numbers, unless when things are like that incidentally, which stops have not may, but soon dispatched be have, in which case the order should be set aside and those on before inform appropriate, which is necessary, also in petitions deeds that deeds and senior by Reestr written, but the source and the defendant in due time is not a lover, but by other matters that after the Registries are written, the plaintiff will arrive and the defendant, then, having finished sovereigns immediately, and their cases according to the above report to order, not choice, so that these are not for a long time drag.But how soon it is possible to send. If but whoever will act against it, and neglect, he is punished will be a monetary fine, and if from whom to whom harm or loss to the uchinitz, then he will correct them, as in the fourth chapter depicted, and in state affairs and then for indeed a primaet, what would be the loss or harm accidentally could, although he did not It was.

Chapter sixth
On giving votes in colleagues

When the proposal will be made, then according to the above one order from the notary on the other into the protocol recorded, and after every board every case reasonably reason, and at the end from the bottom without falling one to another in speech, voices give theirs, and many the number of votes is followed; but if the votes are equal, according to them follow with which the president agrees.When sem each member in its own way oath and office is obliged, so far which case argue, their opinion freely and clearly declare, rightly your mind and conscience, regardless of the person, so as in that before him majesty and before himself God can give the answer; and for that no one thinks with intent, stubbornness, pride or other what kind, stay does not have, but if he another opinion that good reason and reasons has a discernment should follow.Also freedom for every member he gives, if his voice will not be accepted, but he interest of his royal majesties well-founded, and be useful to judge through a notary in the minutes orders to write down, and especially must be watched if matters are summarizing and what kind of explanation do they require so as not to rush soon execution, but by invention of the case, and future circumstance or To report to the Senate, or from where it belongs, and when this is all uchinitsa, votes have been given and will be gathered, that the conclusion of that has been done, and this is clearly from the word to the word from the notary in protocol entered, and on that to go to Chancery and clerks given to be have [where every case is due, about which then in the right place will be mentioned,] in other all voices from the bottom should be collect, and the order of the matter make a resolution to strengthen everyone, and according to them resolutions sent decrees only to those who are accustomed to sign in the collegium, for not a decent donation votes under punishment against the third chapter, for every offense, if who out of stubbornness or untruths to truthful voices will not follow, but if there will be no one to follow, but he right his voice in the protocol does not order to write, they will be guilty if what is the case, such a fine as to blame for what, and if it is a state matter, monetary loss owned, then in two correct.If the same creminal, then the same creminally, they will be punished, by the importance of the case.

Chapter seventh
Absence of


When presidents, or some members of the collegiums, for the sake of important reasons for excommunication the essence, then, however, the matter is they don’t have stops, and send the proper way, and exactly if that important will happen, then case before publications and dispatches absent to announce.And their opinions about demand, but in oblivion the president, sends to place evo vice president, and the advisor is senior on it.

Chapter osmaya
On the division of labor

In the college do not have presidents special labor, or supervision, but general and the supreme directorate, [or management,] and affairs between advisors and assessors so shared that everyone as from taking place in the collegium a certain part of cases, so and over the office and cantors and over deeds and by the works of these special supervision is given, like oh volume in particular collegium instructions you can see at length; with the same position president and vice president there is to look hard, so that other members collegiate attorneys business and in the order viewed with proper diligence and diligence they had care, and the president will see that some of them are few reasonable, or by position rank evo from the weakness of the cause he can’t send his own, then the president should this with proper situation in the Senate declare; yes, in his place not skillful to define could.And if the president will see that some of of them collegiate members his special supervision and the deed shows negligence, and the president about that to him polite words remember and punish must, so that he henceforth best care and diligence in his service repaired the royal majesty, if these words do not fix it, then about it not due to the Senate declare if you will negligence what’s in business harmful stop uchinitsa, and about that to him to perpetrate against the president Chapter 25.

Chapter ninth
About free days from labors

Colleges have in the middle of summer, bought with offices and clerks, rest from work and while freedom for four weeks, in its scantiness ride, summer amusement funnier, but everyone the members of the excommunicate are not should be, so as not to perpetrate from his royal majesty service stops and losses, but exactly the third share.BUT named: in June, in July, in August months, also befitting the collegiums of December from 25 January to 7 days, in great post first, and scary, cheesy and light weeks from orders, besides the very needs, to have freedom.

Chapter tenth
About letting go on vacation in road

When president or vice president I intend to perceive the way, except for certain and free days and time more than osmi days will require: then they have about his royal majesty permission to ask, and other members of the collegiums and stationery and office ministers ask for it from collegiums, and especially President for a short time where to leave, if but who has important reasons, for a while drive off, then everyone should members even to the secretary and valet about vacation at To ask the Senate in writing.BUT no vacation, no one anywhere it is not allowed to leave, but each with a proper diligence and jealousy send your service and should have care, but if any of the members, or from college ministers with for a while for what needs and released will be, and on that vacation for the indicated period is not due, but cannot prove that on definitely not came for illness or other for not happy reasons, then subtract from salary, for every day by week, and for a week by month.

Chapter first hope
About vacancies [or fallen places] in collegiums

When in which college will die vice president about inform the college to the President in the Senate, and Senate, electing to vice presidency several worthy persons, balat, and inform to the royal majesty, and advisors and assessors to choose by balancing in the Senate, and the secretaries, chamberlains, treasurers and choose notaries presidents with other members of that collegium worthy of several a person and inform about them, and of them to choose, and ranks tell them in the Senate, which, after all, his royal majesty patents, for signing high hands and sealing state seals, provide it please, others stationery and office ministers have from collegiums on benefit established to be and patents receive from them.BUT there will be someone in addition fallen places dare for the sake of friendship or gifts unworthy or an unsophisticated person in service of his majesty define, and worthy and skillful through intent and not truthful report in exaltation will destroy him, such in spite of the face, like an unfaithful servant fine with disfavor or the entire estate, or and linking to galley work, by the importance of the crime.

Chapter second hope
About the indicated time for labor

Members collegiums to no other cases are not used there are, except that I rank them belongs, and that is Most of them do not work as in third paragraph of this regulations are written.However, depending on state of affairs, it should be more than that hard worker when need demands, also when from the highest he will have order, other hours have some of their own your needs or household business, as well as to your calm to use. And if of whose collegiums are members other cases handed has, then for that in neglect will not be imputed, for he is in the place of that corrected another handed he cares [however this of course about ordinary, but not about important matters].

Chapter third by ten 90 240 About printing

State seals behind which send grammes to foreign states, also to the hetman, to be on still, in the college Foreign affairs.

And which print gramoty and decrees and other things inside the state, then be with the Senate, a special person, but duty income from print to be watched Camor and States Cantor collegiums as well as income.

V Admiralty to be special seals. And which gramoty and decrees, etc. subject to collection of duties, then it should not be printed, but to refer to the press in the Senate, and so from that in the duty there was no damage what the president and a member Admiralty College must look at tightly.

Volts collegiums to create special w seals, with depicting his royal Majesty of the Coat of Arms and with inscribed with the title of each college, and have it for the sake of sealing cases in toi collegiums, under the protection and toi collegium castle secretary from neglect of this, what fake letters printed did not have.For the sake of when oh business of his majesty side-by-side is shipped be proper then the clerk to whom business will be entrusted, it is print in presence that board of the sergeant. BUT if anyone dares it what forgeries repair such, despite on the face, fine, like unfaithful servant, by proportions of his intent, and harm done, deprivation honor, and belongings, but by the state of the importance of the matter, and the belly is deprived of being has.

Chapter fourth for ten
About collegiate corespondencies

Ponezh each collegium is special own departures and affairs has, like about that [special] instructions will show that for the sake of one college in it’s up to the other not to intervene, but if sometimes that will happen, which even before another collegium concerns, then one with the other about decent and written to root. And if this business is important and difficult, then these collegia should get together and in general about that case to discuss and to make come and see collegiate co-sponsorship mostly consists of reporting to the royal majesty and the Senate, also shipment between with myself and with the governors and governors, for the sake of having collegia in relational and statements, also in their reports that to his royal majesty or in the Senate about what will be fed, everyone grounds and circumstances write your opinion about in the end attach, without which the Senate not to receive the secretary, nor do not report to the collegium dare, the same among themselves, which when in demand with governors and governors, these with strong confirmation to be repaired befitting, clearly with description all the necessary circumstances, but everything cases to take away, so as not could do something to dissuade and through many questions thereof continue business and slow down, equal the way and about the letters of reply, but especially from the governors and the governor in the college is the same order and serviceability content should be.And if in such cores what an obscene slowdown will occur, in that especially to the president to be responsible, but in other counterparts, a member of the collegiate defined, then they slowing down these especially answer and, depending on state of slowness and the importance of the loss caused, to fine them.

Chapter fifth by ten 90 240 On the dismissal of the postal payment

All packages and letters from colleges in the province, for his royal majesty a definite seal, also from the provinces for governor or voivodship seals, in collegiums [except foreign states] sent by mail, have on the general and on all other postal courtyards accepted and safe in proper places sent to be without monetary.

Chapter sixth hope
About acceptance and printing letters

One the president when they awarded, due from his royal majesty and from the Senate in the college sent decrees print, and others all from the provinces and from others colleagues coming statements and letters prints out who is the first for the president, and for that from the secretary are honored, on the content of the fifth chapter, of this Regulation, only who does not dare sent to the collegium decrees, letters and all other cases, no matter what rank they are were at home hold; and so delay, or [vesma] will lose, under fear of him the imperial majesty fine.

Chapter seventh hope
About the secretary and special chamore of presidents

by the President proper for collegiate judicial special to their own service to have camoru, if only they sometimes they are special could send, not absent from the college, and so that the presidents also except for the college, who themselves have, which would be rank them in due special partnerships could serve.For the sake of his majesty everyone special secretary allowed to have only from your president and his decrees depends, but before collegiums have no case.

Chapter hope
About not following anyone in houses

And after him majesties in the college in certain [for meeting] chambers and in have a short time sent to be, and taco no who, what dignity neither was the college, not owes each other in the house look for evo and meanwhile spend, under sex deprivation monthly salary, perhaps when presidents are for disease or other madness for the sake of collegium cannot be, then they can come to yourself secretary or notary call and through these opinions declare your board, which should with collegiate members in such cases at will appear to the president, however never to be in the presidential collegium house or to compose the protocol.

Chapter ninth hope
About giving to whistleblowers full-term
President and Provost member of the colleges with certificate

In order President reporting to himself did not conceal what was given to a single one [what would be on purpose done, would be subject eruption, like an insidious, and not a ruler] for the sake of announce to the people so that everyone demanding control from college, filed reporting to the president is not in his home, but in the college, and not wherever, and take secretary, not someone else with other members.Are there the matter is quick, which is not can tolerate continuation, then the informer and others a few dicks to file guilty, also if he first filed reporting to the president, and he about that report in the collegium will not announce, then by tomuzh to this informer about what he submitted a report to the president, commemorating the affairs of that circumstances collegiate members report the same. And to the president with other members, accepting it reporting, at the same time ask the informer have witnesses and other strong arguments and are has, then he will name the day for business it, is, or does not have, then in collegium this report command, write down, give to that whistle-blower the former.And if it is important, and then keep the report in collegium, and he should be ordered from witnesses by writing give another, and there is other report is dissimilar with the first it appears, then it will be powerful for this to know which is falsely reporting.

Chapter twentieth
On admitting before oneself in house

Although presidents and others majesties noble ministers of the cause who the rank of the casayutz, in the house their own send, and order from petitioners in their homes worried to be then those in their proper places send, then, however, it royal majesty permission is that when his majesty’s servant, military or civil rank, although according to his name majesty by decree or by positions of rank, to the president, or some noble person who necessary [which continuation of time hates] get across has, it is due to him then immediately to allow him to reprimand, and such is not to be denied.After his royal majesties high office requires a diligent and immediate departure. And if someone through disregard in that crime he will commit, and from his royal majesties service loss or the slowness of the uchinitz, then This is the answer. For that sake, everyone should eat your guard or to order servants to they let him in, if unnecessary things will become admit and do, then and with monetary petitioner a fine will be punished.

Chapter twenty first
About entering and talking in collegiums

His majesty commands so that no one dares what rank and dignity he was not but a servant, which to this belong, in the chamber judicial board enter, before while about him reported through the watchmaker will be, but has in the hallway camore stay, and tacos all these, which the report and permission to board enter, with a proper approach with respect, and no one else is allowed in the college about other matters have conversations, only about those who are to his royal majesties to the service, on and menchezh, unprotected and have idle words and laughter, so no one has a chair supplied, except for such which rank would have between noble ranks.And it is named: colonel’s rank and above, while others have reports mending my own standing. If the same president, or who instead it sends, this will neglect, that is, if whom through this decree in paragraph explicated and orders to let in, either he says too much, or to tell others not prohibit, then for each crime fifty I have to pay a ruble.

Chapter twenty-second
On the admission of petitioners to collegiums

If anyone informer, or petitioner admitted to the collegium, and that verbally inform, or will ask, then the president, After listening to him, he asks: and if his demand there is solid and important, this to the protocol writes down.And then make a petitioner, and then in the collegium about that case contemplate and perpetrated making a petitioner, when he is called declare if President in conversations what will remember his vested in vice presidents and advisors need with due respect remember and explain.

Chapter twenty-third
About the chamber [audience] or judicial board

Camors collegial audiences should be good carpets and chairs are removed, and the table, when which collegiate members sit, good cloth cover, and before everyone member of the ink box with all belonging, and over table canopy, and on good clock wall put to be the above table is in the middle of the chamber.Secretary’s table on right. And notaries protocol table on the left side; however, and in what college throne for him majesties do not supply, even takoi, takoi in them places should be where it majesty himself to preside please.

Chapter twenty-fourth
About presidential complements

When presidents in the college arrive, it is due member, rising from their seats, honor to give them, the same with their way out: but to meet and there is no one to see them off.

Chapter twenty-fifth
Supervision of actions servants

Presidents, and vice presidents have look to ministers of colleges, offices and clerks up to his last post knew, and although the main thing is is that each he knew his business, and rightly and diligently sent it, then however, it is imperative that above deeds and bypassing subordinates their servants everyone had supervision to virtue and praiseworthy curiosity encouraged the godless did not have a life; same drinking and games, lies and deceit held, and so that these in clothes were kept clean and bypassing constantly and did not act insolently; be this admonition and learning won’t help, and hope for correction is not there will be such a minister, according to the invention of the person and cases, punish by revocation or set aside.

Chapter twenty-sixth
About respect proper President

Ponezh presidents, and in excommunication their vice presidents, senior heads are, and in his face the royal majesty are sitting, for the sake of managing all affairs in collegiums, also for each loyalty, diligence and the deed is supervised for the sake of all members, both collegiate and clerical, established their president, every dignified respect and respect, obedience to mend, and by their decree in deeds, which is his majesty high service and interest touch, do: between that shouldn’t presidents given to them from his royal majesty power to despise and members the collegium is nothing burden what they oppose rank and position should not be performed, only the least violent and sensual words reproach, but all the cases collegiate members the benefit of all collegium to give and everyone by the state of his person and sins to punish.If then whose member is hard sin, and that in the collegium will appear, or through fiscal will be reported, in such crimes which should be bodily punishment, send from him case to the Justitz Collegium, and in by the way, who is against it transgress, he will punished according to strength guilt evo. With a monetary fine in his collegium.

Chapter twenty-seventh
About the difference of all provinces

And after except for Russian states and lands, different other noble provinces and oblast to Russian subject to the scepter and under his royal majesty praiseworthy possession are acquired that have special privileges, for the sake of it should each collegium about privilege informant take them lists, and each people according to their confirmed from his majesty rights and to manage the privileges.

Chapter twenty osmaya
About offices

Must send everything from the collegium is determined, and belong to that. Secretary, Natarius, translator, actuary, registrar, clerks, kopeists who are all in the following way his rank have to manage.

Chapter 29th
About secretarial management

Secretary which and the collegiums reports, picks up everything decrees, gramata, letters, memorials, reports (unsubscribe) and so on that in the evo collegium adventurer, and informs collegiums in order, as in the fifth chapter, this General Regulations mentioned, while remembers that to that necessary, and care has, if only things are equal in order, as a report committed, were sent, of which if important he composes the essence, while others (among others office clerks, according to the position of each shares) as follows in thirty chapter it is mentioned what he has to do with look hard it is imperative that all departure or leave for statutes and resolutions clearly and clearly made and the required copies were saved so that Nikakov’s view, while did not happen, for he is in give the answer, and for the sake of, in all fornication his name must sign.And yes everyone who cares about collegium, about resolved and well done business could have, and thus the collegium and concessions are not bothered were, for the sake of it ought to Chancellery of the Toy Board keep two registers, one perfected and according to them fulfilled, and others, which deeds are done, and unfulfilled by action, on which the secretary will order write the number and number and through the watchman or office clerk nail in a convenient place to wall, yes, everyone, to whom there is something, always see could that business sentenced and already sent, and although secretary in the college voice does not have, however his college for all possibilities due notice give and what you need to remind; over protocol and office he has under the higher directorate board supervision, moreover, the same position is by the situation of time and affairs always be in the college much earlier, before meetings of members, yes reports from petitioners accept, also for the report prepare everything and work, which he has in his hands, in the chancery to be divided into to the best of these corrections, and if the secretary is in office rank evo anything despise, or sin, from what is the loss of the uchinitz, and if this is laziness for the sake of or oversight, then evo fine, in the first with the return of this loss, and in the other, in two and set aside be has from his rank, but if secretary of his rank and he will forget his oath and with what kind of forgeries will use it on purpose, how about below this mentioned will be, then it should be, as oathbreaker and unfaithful servant state of affairs and crimes of his honor, deprive belly and belongings.Or forever exiled to the galley be has.

Chapter thirtieth
About the position of Natarius

Ponezh his rank is consists so that he board meeting minutes kept, for the sake of it ought it is as follows to compose, first must in at the top of the sheet the year and number write by present members write down and then the protocol Keep.

1. Everyone what happened in the collegiums cases, or a list, or, when it’s great importance, then extensively with all proper circumstances.

2. Statement or the content of all from him royal majesty and from all other colleges, provinces, servants subjects and other received and against issued decrees, (grammar) letters, requests, memorials, relaces and other things.

3. Record conversations about important matters, also write down even if collegium about what case further clarification requires and this until another time it should be postponed.

4. Record when members in votes disagree, as in 6 chapter of this Regulation announced; and the matter is through voices to do produce and decide must, and if the members agree, then the votes in the protocol is not recorded, but just a short note, and by this decision, he, notary, must sei monthly protocol stitch, in the office on rewrite white, sheets number and alphabetical register, content of cases and make people in front and to the binder give away; moreover it should the notary has a signature on these matters that have passed weeks are not done, and such painting before the president to have on the table, so that it in collegiums see daily and about unfaithful deeds it was very good to know, so same he must be painted about accomplished and completed affairs have, and the secretary will write to the one on the field who clerk every business to manage it is given away.This is all guilty he will perform under such w fines and penalties like as secretary written.

Chapter thirty first
About the position of the interrogator

Translator there is a position in the collegiums, so that he is all that before the collegium concerns him will be given, from a foreign language in Russian clearly and translated clearly so that sense the opinion is also fair genuine letter to according to the translation, and it will be happy when each collegium one in Russian and German tongues of vesma are skilful get a translator will be, except for foreign states of the Collegium, which is great in all tongues of skillful requires translators, and when is the translator what case for translation given will, then according to his position its and only soon translate as possible according to state of affairs and need, under fear of a fine, and a deduction from a salary, also he owes his translation as a witness to sign, he is guilty perform under such w fines and penalties like as secretary written.

Chapter thirty-second
On the position of an actuary

Actuarius has a rank their received in college letters diligently collect the register repair, re-mark sheets and about the receipt [or listings] have a book, in which, if the ministers collegiums from those cases and letters some for departure they will disturb their cause in the reception of these lists will be given, brought in, when the same cases, these lists destroyed, and in that book to mark what is accepted, also he, the actuary, has supervision and care, oh paper, pens, ink, wax, wax, about wood, candlelight and other things that must, and moreover some part clerical affairs to him attached, and where in collegiums the registrar is not is acquired, must the actuary evo is all about fix, so does the registrar has repair where there is no actuary, that he is guilty of all that perform, under such w punishments and fines like written above about this secretary and others ministers.

Chapter thirty-third
Registrar rank

Registrar the position is so that he collect letters and folded packages, and Tom ordered to be white rewrite an essay all decrees, [letters] and letters on a monthly basis and throughout year, which of the board released in the college received, what for owes him the following keep books. And it is named: 1. legal [daily note] he has compose from all concepts, all year, in the college sent cases in which him alphabetically, number and month, write out briefly, the content of each case and name belonging to persons, and the place to whom and where the case was sent, according to which yurnalu (note) mochno find that in the registry [in notebooks] search necessary.2. Reception (note) consists of the following 4 books: (A). In the first book everything from the college to his majesty all year round, sent letters, reports, reports as follows, through a kopeist, fit in, but named: he marks in book sheets and puts on day and month on the same side, on the other side a year and means for that briefly matter to whom where sent after he writes the entire document, with the number and signature of all ranks, and on that from this book clearly will be what departure of the collegium in all year he had, and if that in look for it and you need to look, then maybe this through legal, [everyday note] is easy to make.(IN). The other book contains everything sent cases that from college to others colleagues of the province, servants and others sent, so same instructions, diplomas, to write in potentates and so on, in the same way as in the first register book mentioned. (FROM). Third book contains everything in all year from the royal majesty or from the Senate decrees, in collegium received reports and true cases, which by numbers are located, the register is made, the sheets are numbered, and so way to be intertwined have.(D). In the fourth book all others from other colleagues, provinces, from other servants and subjects, as well as others, in collegium received original letters, statements, memorials, request, news on provinces and numbers collected, the sheets are re-marked and the register was created to be with the meaning of collegia and provinces, where will I go cases have been sent, that’s all perform him under such w fines, as written above about the secretary and others.

Chapter thirty-fourth
About clerks

Clerk all that is due register from sent affairs from the secretary commanded will, manufacture, how about volume in the 29th and 30th paragraphs depicted, so are the cases about which they are general forms [exemplary letter] have, and it is named: diplomas, potentates, etc., and what they themselves composed, then have previously a secretary for amendments to submit, under the same executions and punishments as above about the secretary is mentioned if but of these who are subject will be a monetary fine, and he will have nothing to pay, to send without punishment in galley work, potamest while his salary deducted the weather will come out on the date what was to be taken, for other guilt from notary who is below board review punished let it be collegiums, if from these will be tortured or public punishment, or executions, those are all in Justitz the collegium will be sent away.

Chapter thirty-fifth
About kopeists

Kopeist all that should be the sender at the office write in white for the sake of have been chosen to be kind and serviceable scribes.

Chapter thirty-sixth
About young people for training at the office

In progress deigns his majesty all-merciful that if some are comfortable people who continue to offices and clerks will wish to serve, according to submissions of each collegium, pre-approved and trained were: so diligent writing off cases, in letter and in arichmetic were taught and the vacancy that comes up, if they are capable of business and kindness of nature and deeds essence, used to be could, what a chance admit from the gentry, and be under his control secretary who is guilty to define them and to all deeds in the collegium of existence, and watch so that these studied both writing and all cases belonging to in this college, so that with time could produce, to higher ranks by degrees, for this sake of surnames noble and gentry in I reproach you not to put it, because except this path, no one in higher degrees and up ministerial rank it cannot be made, but nevertheless, so that from every surnames, both in military, so and in these matters, by several were used, and that for the sake of not allowing which surnames are the same and all were in this civil service, but in proportion, and military.

Chapter thirty-seventh
On the content in the collegiums and Taino Chanceries

Other commanded by his majesty firmly, so that everything that is collegiums of the Chinitz, and especially, if such things, which his royal majesties in high service and interest concerns, taino contained and vesma before the times were not obvious, but which most of all these themselves to beware and from timeless speeches hold back, which in offices of departure trusted, under punishment, as in the end in 50 and chapter depicted is.

Chapter thirty osmaya
About the position in preservation money and business

If the case in which collegiums some foreign money or letters are supposed to be, then must be so true a person from that college under give protection and attorney put in record the protocol, and in other proper caution and serviceability in such matters have.

Chapter thirty-ninth
About accidents [or income for work]

How collegiums, and especially Chancellery henceforth some accidents [or income] to receive and in what these may be about his royal majesty, by all-merciful benefit henceforth issue special regulations please.And lets him royal majesty collegiums themselves pleasing ways about [for example] in make a report.

Chapter fourtieth
On the definition in offices

V offices should special table for secretaries with a lock to have: clerks and kopeckers can. If the place is cramped, two with one box to sit. For translators, actuaries and the registrar should each special table have.All these ministers although some are the same camore sit together, however well separated as possible have, so that each other in sending it no insanity repaired, also does not allow his majesty, so that in hallway chambers of the college what kind of scribes or promoters sat and business tamo sent, so that the latter from petitioners there was no madness, but sit in their offices, in cantors where they should all tables as in offices and cantors have a cloth covered and tacos made to be so that everyone has place its own business behind the castle could have.

Chapter fourty-first
About cantors

Camor and other collegiums of the cantor, which are just vain things run (like in particular descriptions to each rank of them collegiums especially will be announced) consists of chamberlain and under chamberlain with six schreiber chambers, from which to each should, if possible, a special chamber, and the least with the lock table have.

Chapter fourty second
On the supervision of the chamberlain in cantore

Kamerirsky there is a rank, so that he is under supervision board directorate in cantore had. And the rest of it with assistants should cantore case to make, and he never answer in everything should. That for the sake of it should he just stares hard, so that everything is decent and was justly done, and important things yourself send.And when things are going. which from the board to sent to the chamberlains and from them revised and decent will be sent, then it is due to them about everything basic relations to commit, among other things should they when that according to their rank adventurer, imagine or remember, then must be clear and major memorials then fix it.

Chapter fourty third
About books under the cantors

Books at cantors should also clean and decent, as in the offices are kept, and they follow in order them, in the first book write down all the decrees, [gramata,] letters, memorials that from his royal majesty, also from the Senate or from colleagues, governors, voivode and other servants or private subjects in collegium of the sender and from college in cantors of the giver, in the crumpled book written on one side persons and deeds, but on the other, when it comes to colleagues heard and what has been decided on the front is made alphabetically register [table of contents] cases and persons.Another book has to be ready memorial, in which to to his royal majesty, in Senate, to other colleges, governor, voivods, to other sent cases are recorded. In the third book all concepts [compositions black] cantor memorials and relays from petitions and with the attached documents, [document, then there are letters of evidence] on the order of the province and the number stacked together, into one binding bound and under one alphabetical register summed up to be with brief table of contents healing names and deeds; however must be all genuine decrees and letters that royal majesty, Senate, other boards and governors, and governors in the board wrote, to hand over to the actuary so that he those in their proper place in registered and bound gave.The fourth is notebook made to be in which everyone has deeds and books are written to be, who were in the cantor and always gains and during there remain those who never in the chamber of the archive giver, but in the cantor are acquired. The fifth has painting book in cantore be this way as with the offices, for everything books and documents that to his royal majesty service from the office of the issuer for a while. The sixth has in cantore book resolution find in which his royal majesty statutes, resolutions, regulations, instructions and other, which though by hand or written published, intertwined, and in dispatching cases for the rule is to be have.About other special books which in each office especially belong to in special regulations those colleges who cantors are subordinate, but will be remembered. Even this with it is proper to know that camor shrebers all the above books in cantors over the ordinary to compose, and about They must have diligence.

Chapter fourty fourth
About archives

Books, documents, cases committed registries when they three years in the office and in cantore lay, then in archive with a list to the archivist of the father, only the essence of that has been removed special statutes, regulations and all those documents and books that in colleges and offices, and cantors for reference, and their rules are always with them be have.And so that the college and their offices could know where and in which archive them the above letters must be given. Togo for the sake of commanding him royal majesty to have two archives, one for all cases, all colleges that are not to come and rise, be supervised Foreign affairs collegium. BUT which touches the parish and rise, so be under supervision Revision collegiums.

Chapter fourty-fifth
About fiscal from the board

To each the collegium should fiscal to have must watch everything decently, according to regulations and decree it was controllable, truthful and good jealousy, and who in that he will sin, that he is about all the fiscalians in the college should report as it is the instruction commands, however, it befits him carefully and with solid testimonies do and no one innocently into suspicion not drive.And if by passion or proper for the sake of self-interest, wine for or for it starts, then it is subject to what would he blame was worthy. And if apart from passions written above to commit, however, all that if it is not true, it will be easier will be punished, but not all will prove, however, one or a few truths will appear, and do not blame him, most of all he is nice it is impossible to know. And if is he behind the president or who is in its non-existence rules, what the opposite will see, oh tom must convey to the general fiscal.

Chapter fourty-sixth
About sergeants and collegiate watchmen

To each have a board for the service his and one sergeant and clerical servants who should always be in hallways, and when in the bell will ring fight and accept command. The sergeant must all morning at the president will also appear about his inquire about orders, does not matter what except for the board, sent be such ministers have kind and famous people taken to be that experiences their faithfulness and good act showed and recommendations had, before these in the college and belonging to them cantors for purity and heating stoves everywhere walk freely, one of they should be in the hallway chamber collegium, taking turns at night, have a guard, doors close, a letter to the mail and with to carry mail to members collegiate to walk, if what to report or what it will be necessary to sign.What for a food box for keep a lock, and everyone member to that special key must have.

Chapter fourty-seventh
About the state of the hallway chambers

For each the collegium has two we go to the chambers to be, or if one is found, then has tacos established to be, so that people are noble character [or rank] from vile were different and have a special place could, in such hallways you need to be around the shops, and which shop is near the door collegiate, so that the cloth was upholstered so that the noble people sit and depart they could expect neither should collegiate hallways chambers, below collegiums most or in the offices and kantorakh kovo kol vodlyi whatever he was, for grave guilt never punish or over repair them; anyway, respect privileged and like consecrated place of vesma it’s disgusting: for the sake of befitting a public place be where at the specified time all punishment on the body and deprivation of the belly is repaired to be has, so that everyone looking at then from such errors and I could have transgressed myself guard.

Chapter fourty osmaya
About lant cards, or blueprints states

And so each collegium about state of the state and belonging to this provinces genuine statement and news I could get it for the sake of it must be in every board have general and particular line cards [or drawings], which time not made to be have, named: describe all borders, rivers, cities, shtetl, churches, villages, forests and stuff.

Chapter fourty ninth
About dengas to small rises in the collegium belonging to

Takogez befitting each collegium to the order roskhod, and named: on candles, on sealing wax, for wax, firewood and others requirements, weather indicative determine the number of money and in decent salary write a list in which dengah actuary or registrar report to give should, but for now true number cannot be determined, then before since then each board issue the required number, in which the faithful clerk the report should give.In order to the end of one or two years could be swept away how much in salary for that it is necessary to determine.

Chapter fiftieth
For good deeds about awarding against the same addition,
if anyone is against the post will sin, about the fine

This is, that his royal majesty all collegiums to a common all the merciful news declare if you please, and still his majesty firm hope has that all his colleges and their ministers swear and I am loyal to and perform their duties for the sake of it encourages his royal majesty of their faithful and true servants of their special patronage and high mercy and promises for all that happen cases by trial loyalty and their art in all the mercy of the necks of memory maintain and deserve reward, the same are disgusting which is against its own position by mistake or sin with fiction, will be punished by the importance of the matter, like follows.

1. When who in an evil way for a while or to all the taino from the collegiate letters and documents that will carry away.

2. Or who under some pretext falsely commit a report [or report] or status cases and some proposal and other this will deliberately keep or vesma will hide and received decree in action will not produce.

3. Or who protocols or others documents will be forwarded false and so on in such he will do the same in parables, and such for crimes, both above and below, to be repaired by a mortal execution or eternal on the galley cut link nostrils and taking away everything estates.

4. When who to an outsider who does not must be mysterious collegiums will inform resolutions before time announce the protocols and by volume which member’s voice or opinions will show.

5. Or who is friendship or enmity, or from bribes, or other intent to neglect which one should he fix was necessary or unnecessary overdoes it and indicated and other in such parables like inflict such for a crime to fix eternal reference to the galleys or temporary with withdrawal all or part of the estate, and defilement, or deprivation rank, and a heavy fine [if in the first] to punish by force sins.

Chapter fifty-first
About servants and about fiscal collegiate to be in charge,
in which collegiums what cases of fines are subject to

And so as servants and fiscal collegiate in charge, in which collegiums, which things belong for the sake of the king’s sim majesty that all cases to be income and account, who is sins, he is judged and punished to be in the Revision Board.And through heavy deeds, which do not concern income, those cases are judged, and punish the Justitz collegium where everyone is private processes, litigation, college ministers to judge military subordinates servants, Land and Admiralty College, each in its own collegium, in the crime of their positions they will be judged, in particular affairs among themselves, of every rank people at the Justitz College and at subordinate locations issued by the Regulation petitioners are judged and and they will be fined.

Chapter fifty-second
About the penalties who there will be nothing to pay

If anyone will be fined in cash fine, but will pay he has nothing to send to galley work, reading on ten rubles a year.

Chapter fifty third
About the Shelmans and in the public place about the punished,
so that those are not in the service admit
and messages to anyone with not have

And who when defamed or in public punishment was, onyi in service of his majesty admitted but does not have to be, below what message is with him who has the picture the right way.

1. Not at all case below evidence not accept.

2. Who is this rob, beat or injure, or what will take from him, from this petition is not accept and he will not give, is it to death who will kill him, then like a murderer will be sued.

3. In the company not to admit them visit and, in one word, such a weight is deprived of society of good people, and whoever transgresses this, himself has punished to be deprivation of rank and galley I work for a while.


None retribution so people are not lead to good as love of honor, equal no way of execution do not frighten like deprivation these. For the sake of everyone not exactly like a Shelmovan, but also the one that on public spot punished or nude was alienated and supposedly they should be freezing, and not exactly what business admit, attend or have a company with him under fine, as written above [turning off then, if someone for him scarcity, give whatever he wants] so that the violation of honor in people had an execution, and so much more yourself from thin abstained from affairs, for when even though it would have been done to whom It was.And he will see that he is with to his brother in equality, he will soon forget everything that it was done, and such punishment is not punishment will be what is mentioned [what] who will beat, rob or what other offense will he inflict, do not give the court. This is only be aware of rogue, and not about those which although publicly punished, not defamed, the same also applies to those who do not cheated, and in public the punishment was.

Chapter fifty-fourth
About collegiate ministers, let us raise our
obedience was repaired, against the same and the same
for each character and received respectfully

In progress the king’s majesty that subordinate servants collegia, office and cantor duly obedience to our highest repaired.And these would be against like his assistants in the rank and ministers for each character and respect did and does not deign his majesty, [so that on and last ministers in collegia not appropriate deed, beatings and other dishonestly, but sentences and rights, were treated] and all to be in connection and mending friend common loyal friend hard work and diligent work in his majesty service every kind of help.

Chapter fifty-fifth
So that no one is abusive and swear words collegiums do not touch dared

With this announces to everyone and everyone especially what kind of rank and dignity whoever was, so that no one is abusive and vile words collegiums do not touch dared, for those who they will be disgusted with state of affairs cases and persons, like good order freaks and general rest, as well as adversaries and adversaries his majesty will and institutions on the body and deprivation of honor and property punished to be have, before those who are against decisions and actions collegium at his tsarist majesty revision or I intend to ask for mercy, then it befits him with proper abstinence mend and honor the college never damage, and tacos are not about persons, but about has to inform the real business.

Chapter fifty-sixth
About execution again by by decree announced
and a report from the collegiums, what
will see to the benefit of his majesty and Senate

Finish his majesty announces before the content of cases without renewals in one the least can not always be, for the sake of invention of cases again to this added and that by special decrees announced will, then according to them perform as well as sei The regulations dictate for addition to each collegium, if he sees anything to product of some state benefits, allow you to inform to his majesty, also Senate, with authentic circumstances in the letter, with by the application of your college opinions.


in St. Petersburg 1720, February 27th day.


Authentic his royal majesty Regulations for their own his majesty’s hand.

Interpretation foreign speeches which in this Regulation.

In chapters.








Profit and benefit.



For good is accepted.












Wines subject to death.



Referee comrades.


National ads.




V particular

V special.

V specialties

V own.











Written shipment.


O complements

O verbiage.






On the list.



Works any decrees and reports.




Salaries diplomas.


Salary diploma for the rank.








From cases allowed income.



Evidence letters.






Petition about one to the other.



Honor and rank.


Execution by decree.

Respect privileged

Honor certificate of honor.




On Sources 91 199 9 025


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