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13 Best Squishies Toys To Buy In 2021

Squishies are not just great toys for kids, but they are good stress busters for adults as well. You can think of it as a far better version of stress balls that you can conveniently hold in your hand and squeeze. This super-soft foam toy is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes that one can possibly imagine. From brightly colored fruit squishies to brilliantly cute animal figures, you will never run out of options to find the best squishies of your liking.

You can twist, turn, pull, and squeeze these toys to the best of your abilities, but they still somehow manage to miraculously hold their shape and form. If these squishy toys have caught your attention like us, continue reading our MomJunction post as we have lined up the best squishies that you can get your hands on.

13 Best Squishies

1. Syyisa Jumbo Squishies

This pack of 7 super soft squishies includes a rainbow triangle cake, frappuccino, popcorn, rainbow ice cream, three-color ice cream, and two donut squishies. These slow-rising squishies are made using environmentally friendly elastic PU that are toxic-free and safe for kids. The fluffy squishy toys are perfect to reduce stress and anxiety for adults and kids alike. Coming from a great brand, this set also includes a bonus pack of 3D puffy stickers and scented stickers.  They make the perfect gift for anyone during birthdays and other festive occasions.

2. Areedy Mango Squishy

It’s hard to resist the urge of taking a bite out of this gorgeous fruit. But guess what? You can squish it! With a slow rising time of over 10 seconds, this squishie toy offers a lasting nice scent of mango that you simply cannot get enough of. Made using polyurethane, this fruit squishie has the super soft texture of a marshmallow and is a good mood enhancer. This jumbo-sized squishie toy is recommended for kids above the age of 6.

3. Yonishy Unicorn Squishies Toy Set

No squishie collection is complete without at least one unicorn squishie in it. This squishies toy set includes a pack of 6 adorable squishies. The colorful set includes a jumbo narwhal cake, unicorn donut, unicorn cake, unicorn horse, a dog, and a vibrant kawaii cat. They are slow rising and made using environmentally friendly PU foam. They are perfect toys to play by hand and make unique gifts for birthdays or can be used to decorate your child’s room.

4. WATINC Random 70 Pcs Squishies

If you are looking to purchase a wide variety of foam squishies, then you will love this pick from WATINC. With 70 random pieces of squishies, you will never have to look for another one again. These non-toxic squishies are made using PU foam and are super soft to touch with adorable designs. It has every popular squishie in the market from mini squishies to unicorn squishies and cute animals. It is a perfect gift idea for kids with ADHD or autism to help them relieve stress and anxiety. The squishie toys are not recommended for kids below the age of 3 due to accidental swallowing.

5. Silvia 6PCS Jumbo Squishies

Who wouldn’t love this set of 6 fruit squishies? They are super fun to squeeze and are available in the shape of 6 fruits — strawberry, peach, banana, lemon, pineapple, and watermelon. The texture of these squishie toys is amazing with all the crannies and nooks, making it one of the best squishie toys available in the market. They are huge and pleasantly slow rising. You can use them for stress relief or to improve focus and also have some fun.

6. Kiibru Squishy Colossal Bread

This cute squishy toy comes in the form of a loaf of English bread. The perfect detailing and the gentle sweet scent of the bread will make this but worth every bit. This slow rising toy takes about 10 seconds to rise to give you the best satisfaction. Whether you are stressed about an examination or back home after a long and busy day at work, we recommend simply taking a whiff of this squishie toy before squeezing it in your hands. It’s sweet bread odor lasts for a very long time and you’ll love it. The squishie bread can also be washed using a dishwashing detergent whenever it gets dirty.

7. Serenilite Slow Rising Scented Squishy Toy

Is it a s’more? Is it a squishie? Well, it is a s’more squishie made using environmentally friendly elastic PU foam. They can be squished, squeezed, and molded however you like to help you relax. The pleasant creamy scent of the squishie will calm your senses while providing hours of fun. One of the best squishies in the market, they are also available in 5 other styles for you to choose from.

8. BeYumi Kawaii Scented Soft Squishy

Can a squishie get any cuter than this? We don’t think so! The Kawaii Scented Soft Squishy has a cute factor  that will grab your attention. You’ll love this cute little cat dressed up like Harry Potter with the glasses and the Gryffindor scarf. This squishie toy is made using polyurethane foam that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Designed with a rebound time of 5 to 10 seconds, the kawaii scented squishie can be used as a stress relief toy or a decorative prop. Priced under $15, this product is not recommended for kids below the age of 3 years.

9. KINGYAO 6pcs Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies

Looking for the best squishies? Check out these squishie toys from Kingyao that come in the form of delicious food items. The set includes a hamburger, popcorn, cake ice cream, pizza, coffee cup, and a donut squishy toy. These super soft and slow-rising squishies are made using PU foam. Not only do they improve your mood, but they are also great for boosting the blood circulation in your hand. So what are you waiting for? We for one cannot wait to get our hands on the yummy donut with chocolate glaze.

10. BeYumi 10 Inch Jumbo Galaxy Peach Squishy

If you are looking to add a jumbo squishie to your collection, then the galaxy peach squishie is the real deal. Crafted in a beautiful peach shape and amazingly colored, this jumbo squishie is made using environmentally friendly PU foam. Not only does it relieve stress, but it will also make the perfect addition to your home decor. With a rebound time of 5 to 10 seconds, the fruit squishie is one of the most popular squishie toys in the market.

Warning: They are not recommended for children below the age of 3 years to avoid choking hazard.

11. ibloom Nyan Pancake Slow Rising Squishy Toy

Designed in the form of a pancake and shaped like an adorable cat, these are one of the best squishie toys you can get your hands on. The foam squishies are available in three delectable scents of strawberry, bread, and chocolate that are uniquely satisfying to your senses. Made using best quality material, the squishies are adorable to look at and has a soft feel to it.. They make a perfect gift not just for kids but adults as well.  An excellent toy for stress relief, the tiny squishy goodness will be hard to resist.

12. Doodle Hog Make it Mine Squishies Rainbow and Awesomeness DIY Kit

This DIY kit has three large squishies that you can paint and decorate. The kit also includes 4 bottles of paint, two paint brushes, a pom-pom string, a color guide, and simple instructions for guidance. Formulated using non-toxic materials, the foam squishies are slow rising toys with an excellent scent. They are great for sleepovers, birthday parties, and playdates to keep kids engaged and entertained. With this kit, kids get to customize sun, alpaca, and cactus squishies.

13. UFUNGA 12 Novel Squishies Toys Slow Rising Easter Eggs

All 12 pieces in this package feature varied patterns and color combinations of Easter eggs. This is the perfect pick to make your next Easter egg hunt innovative and fun. The non-toxic squishies are made using high-quality materials that are durable and soft. These squishie egg toys are slow rising and help in reducing anxiety. They are also ideal for Easter basket fillings, holiday gifts, or as classroom rewards. These squishie toys are not recommended for children below the age of 3 years.

Next, let’s take a look at choosing the right squishie for you or your child.

How To Choose The Right Squishies?

Here are a few factors to take into consideration before making a decision:

  • Size: Check the size to ensure that they aren’t too small for your child to swallow. Also, be aware that they are not recommended for kids below the age of 3 years to avoid the chances of accidental swallowing.
  • Design: Most of the designs featured on our list are kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) and are appealing to children and adults alike. Make sure that the design does not have any sharp edges if you’re letting your child play with it.
  • Ease of use: Squishies are typically made using polyurethane which allows you to squash them to half their size before they bounce back to their original shape. This property enables you to mold and pull the toy and it works as an excellent stress reliever.
  • Scent: It is always better to go for scented squishies especially if you’re not a fan of the chemical smell. Scented squishies also offer a soothing sensation.

Whether it is to boost the blood circulation of your hands, to relieve anxiety and stress, or to simply have fun, squishies are one of the best Japanese creations you cannot get enough of. They can be easily fit into your handbag so you can take it everywhere you go whether it is your office, classroom, or home. They are also the perfect toys for kids to improve fine motor skills and promote their sense of touch. We hope that with our list of vibrant and colorful designs, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect squishie toy that you love.

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What Are Squishies? The Toys Kids Go Crazy For

Every holiday season, kids clamor for some crazy toy—the trends change so quickly, trying to keep up can give a parent whiplash. This year, kids of virtually any age (including adults!) are going wild for squishies, which only begs the questions: What are squishies? Where can you buy squishies? What’s the big deal about squishy toys?

We’re here to help. We’ve worked hard to become pros at the squishy game, enlisting YouTube star Moriah Elizabeth to fill in the gaps. Moriah’s made a name for her creative remakes of old squishies: “I am really into [them] for the creativity aspect. . . . I’ve become obsessed with transforming pre-made squishies into my own creations.” And with more than 1.6 million subscribers to her channel, if anyone’s an expert, it’s Moriah.

What Are Squishies?

A descendent of stress balls, squishies are toys whose main draw is not just bright colors and fun characters, but squeezability. The ultimate in squishies are the “slow rise” squishy, which means that once squeezed they take a longer time to return to their original form. “It’s what makes a squishy different than a stress ball. It’s more satisfying to squish,” says Moriah, and we absolutely agree.

The general aesthetic of squishies is “cute,” or to be more accurate “kawaii”—a Japanese word that means cute, sort of. Think Takashi Murakami, Hello Kitty, or even (to refer to another toy craze) Shopkins. Kawaii is imbuing ordinary objects, such as coffee mugs and chocolate bars, with an adorable personality. To this end, squishies often have wide eyes and cute smiles painted on them.

What Kind of Squishies Are There?

“There’s such a huge variety of shapes, themes, colors, and characters available, so it makes them collectible.” Fans from all over send Moriah their worn-out squishies so she can revive them for her channel. The biggest squishy she was ever sent was a foot wide and shaped like half an orange. The craziest? Shaped like a mouth, teeth and all.

Here are some of the most common squishies:


League of Legends Strategy Builds



Look for trades pre 6, after that the lane gets way harder. You can go Verdant Barrier here if you struggle a lot vs an Akali so it’s way easier to survive. If you’re struggling, resolve tree is a good option (go Second Wind, not Bone Plating) to be more forgiving when she pokes you with Q. Remember that you can ult while Akali is in her shroud it’s really useful to know that. When you’re low hp try your best to play conservative and reset, she can easly dive with her mobility + shroud.



Go for trades the moment she Q’s a minion or just go for Q poke. You can go for an all in as long as you’re healthy enough to do so else she just Q-W ignite and you die. Be careful level 6 and onward, she has an advantage with R. Also make sure to not engage in a teamfight when you see that annie didnt use her stunned R yet because it can easly oneshot you + it cc’s you which fks you hard. Verdant Barrier here is really good first item if you struggle a lot vs her because it removes her oneshot potential. Mercs is really good vs annie, if they have more cc’s.



Really hard early due to his poke. Go d shield with second wind in secondary runes and try to engage after he uses Q, but mostly u wanna do nothing in this lane and wait for jungler/skirmishes. D
uring an all in be mindful of his ability to R you into danger (tower, enemys etc) so always E infront of him and walk back. Try and make sure you have your E up by W’ing instantly when you go in and if he ults you there will be a dagger waiting to disengage. Do not all in until you have a health advantage.



Skill dependant early game since it depends too much how you dodge her Qs. Never go for an all in if she hits one. You can utilize your dash to prevent her poke. If she is focused on poking you early her mana pool can be severly effected if you can dodge properly. Her W fks you really hard aswell so it depends how you can play around that (never Eing into a vulnerable position to get grounded). Once you have bork/Verdant Barrier its a really easy all in because of the ult trick ill tell next. Important trick vs Cass: When you jump in and used your W-Q etc slightly look back really quick the opposite way cass is standing at and then u press R, this way you will never get hit by her R, really easy trick and useful one vs Cass if u go for an all-in.



In the long run Cho will always win cuz of his sustained passive. This is why u should always look for hard all in’s once you’re level 2/3+. This matchup is gonna depend enterily how u play the all in. For example at level 3 with ConQ you can kill him depending if he’s pushing or not (U always want Cho to push so u can always look for the all in) If u go for the all in make sure he doesn’t hit all his spells on you, u can make it easier by waiting for him to use Q/W or E on minions or waste to poke on you then u can also look for an all in and it should be easier. Mercs vs cho is really good if more ccs elsewhere.



(Always go conq vs diana) You can easly kill her before her first back so lvls 3-6 mostly, but this is the only window you have and if you didn’t kill her before that she will just win every trade thanks to her tankiness. You can go Wits End vs Diana to survive WAY easier, however I would only recommend taking it if the enemy jungler is AP as well. If you look to kill her before her back make sure to E in when she uses her Q to dodge and prevent her double E. This should almost always win the trade and you can of course use this trick after her first back, but she will likely win with R and her raw tankiness. Else just wait for 2v2/3v3/4v4 fights or your bork and you can be stronger than her (better go 0-0 than risk 1v1 if u think u cant)



Yep this matchup is just too hard after the first back even worse than Diana. Try to kill him before that by going for short trades (harass combo on important kata stuff no. 2) this is the most effective way to trade with a Fizz. Rush Verdant Barrier, Look for roams and don’t even try to 1v1 him anymore if you didn’t kill him pre first back. Bone playing is a must vs Fizz.



(always go Conqueror vs Galio) If he E’s in and you’re healthy at (mostly) all levels you can all him after he procs aftershock (you should have conq in this matchup). Being healthy when fighting is key! If you are both at equal health you will most likely lose the trade. If you can dodge his E with yours, go in after and you shouldn’t lose (mostly killable pre first back). Lane gets EXTREME hard to kill once he has some component item and some levels, but you should still be able to kill it depending on his spell usage. Galio can set up ganks very well so keep an eye on the enemy jungler and how he is pathing. Follow his ult roam and try to move already when he is going to move so you’re there way earlier. Mercs good vs Galio if they have more CCs



His Q poke is the most annoying part of this matchup but you can counter this easly by going D shield and Second wind 2nd. However, I prefer to just go sword and domination 2nd cuz he is easly killable if you find optimal all ins (health adv and whatnot), but this is personal preference, I STILL GO DEFENSIVE RUNES VS THIS MATCHUP MOST OF TIMES CUZ ITS JUST TOO OBNOXIOUS. Also small tip on his barrels you can do is E’ing him or the barrel and then AAing the 1 hp barrel to remove it so you have a higher chance of winning.



You lose a lot of kill presure after lvl 6, his R can not only deny a kill but also your resets in fights. Play agressive pre 6, but make sure you wait until he used his Q on a wave which he will likely always do. Tell your jungler to play agressive aswell to abuse the pre 6 2v2. After level 6 you should avoid focussing him a majority of the time so he doesn’t deny your reset while you waste spells on him. For example, in a 2v2 at 6 you would always want to focus the jungler no matter who it is. Mercs good into ekko if more cc.



If I’m being honest, just dont trade him and tell your jungler to stay away. That’s all heimer wants, and doing so dooms this matchup. Only way to kill him is if he goes ignite/tp and you’ve poked him down in lane with harass combo (n. 2 on basic kata tips), but I wouldn’t even risk doing this because it’s not worth the outplay potential you need to do. Better to avoid doing what he wants and push>roam/2v2 fight. You’re way stronger there than in lane. Mercs good vs heimer if they have more cc’s.



Irelia should have a hard favour in this matchup, but it’s killable if you can dodge/avoid her E. If you use your dash to avoid her spells you can deny her Q resets (if you got hit by her E/R). If her E/R hits you will hard lose the trade and most likely die, that’s why I put this matchup towards the Hard catagory. The better her mechanics, the harder the matchup gets and u won’t ever win 1v1’s if the irelia is not bad at her champion even if you’r 3-0.



Go Dshield and second wind here, Seekers rush is really good aswell. You can go for trades, but make sure you’re healthy enough and that you’re not fighting in a wave. Make sure to always E out after a trade to prevent his melee trades. You should be able to trigger your abilities before him, so minimizing the time he has to use his after yours is the best approach to the lane, dont bother trading if he has hexdrinker.



[My ban with Zoe] At first I thought Kassadin was an easy matchup after s11 changes, because of how squishy he became and Katarina can rush AD early, but if Kassadin rushes seekers u will do absolutely no damage and he will oneshot you. The only way to win this matchup is by going for trades with sword either all in with conQ or short trades into all in electro before he has his seekers, after he has it this lane is doomed 1v1 and he will likely hardcore outscale u.



Play very agressive. There’s no way you can lose trades anytime if you combo correctly by dodging his w (unless u maybe fight in a huge wave?) U can even wait for him to use spells on wave cuz he wants to perma shove then u can strike aswell. His combo should do little to no damage if all he can hit is his Q. Don’t let him take your jglers camps so try to stop him by hovering the camp he wants to take or getting your jungler to move with you for easy 2v1. Him extending into your jungle should cause him to be in a vulnerable map possition for an easy kill, especially early game.



Try dodging her W with your E when she Qs, she becomes pretty predictable with her combo rotation. At lvl 6 you can look for more all-ins but make sure to keep your R for the end or you’re gonna end up wasting it thanks to her W – R mobility. At 1/2 items you should have the one-shot advantage on her. If they have an ap jgler go Wits End. Mercs fine if they have more cc’s.



Careful for her Q expansion when she Qs a minion, try to play around that by dodging left/right. You can go easly for all ins, because her damage isn’t that high especially if her aftershock is down. Her strong suit is a lot of cc so careful for gank setup. Mercs vs Lissandra is extremely good even if they dont have a lot of cc cuz it makes her W + R significantly weaker (adds even more with legend tenacity in runes) Sometimes I even like to go Resolve 2nd with Bone Plating and Unflinching if they have more CC besides Lissandra so you have like 61% tenacity.



This is the hardest matchup together with Tristana I would say, Go electro with resolve second: Second Wind, Overgrowth and double armor runes. Start Dshield or Cloth if you want a chance to survive. If enemy has heavy AD damage (jungle/mid especially) a seekers rush 100%. Dont go for trades unless you have teammates near. (I would dodge if they have elise/taliyah/karthus jgl cuz then you can’t stack armor) Remember that surviving early is key with matchups like Trist/Panth/Lucian that’s why not stacking armor can be really annoying.



Just dodge her skillshots 4Head. Might be stupid but that’s a big part of the matchup since all her damage = skillshots. You can easly dodge with your E mobility and W movement speed if she throws a Q or you could E her the moment she Qs. If she holds her Q for so long (which is the correct play for her), you’re gonna have way more prio in lane so you can easly roam. Mercs vs lux is really good (you can go out of her Q with mercs before her R activates), but I still pref sorcs vs squishies unless they have more cc’s. Vs higher elo’s/good lux mains just go D Shield and play safe and outscale hard in teamfights/skirmishes.



The Poke on his Q is really annoying, you can go Dshield and second wind to make his poke 1000x less annoying. If you go Wits End into rift , his kill presure drops pretty significantly, Cuz MR fucks AP Malphite hard.



Pre 6 it’s really easy to kill and have prio/pressure in lane. All in him when he uses E on minion or you could just all in when you’re healthy enough. Once he has Lost Chapter it’s more annoying because he can perma push the wave. Pre 6 you should just look for trades all the time becasue you can’t lose them, but once he gets 6 and lost chapter you can never walk up and you have to accept his push and just push after. Careful for his silence even after he uses it it’s still active for a second so you can still get hit by it. I dont like to buy qss because it hinders your dmg too much unless you’re snowballing then you should go for a qss else just position really well and dont go in too early and have patience(which you should always do once he has 6)



Impossible at lvl 6 to go in or you will just die. Killable pre 6 unless he hits Q+E, Try to go in when he looks to Q so you dodge and damage him at the same time. Only buy qss if your snowballing, else just position better and have patience.



Dodge her Q :). You can poke her out easly with the harass combo (2nd tip). You make it easier for yourself if you do the combo inside a minion wave or between so she cant hit her Q as easly. Also mercs is extremely good vs morg if they have other cc champs.



Really really really annoying poke early and it’s hard to go in if she holds on her root. Go dshield here and maybe even second wind to deal with her obnoxious poke. Once you have bork/harvest or more you should be 100000x more useful in fights unless she gets an insane ult with follow up, so try to survive the annoying poking early then scale in fights. Another great champ to buy Mercs into if more cc is in the game.



This matchup is quite interesting, because I didn’t play often vs it. Make sure when you go in that you always have the ability to escape when he uses his fear on you, if you do get feared you just automatically get fked in the trade. So ALWAYS go for the harass trades (tip 2 on general kata tips) Resolve 2ndary is good vs nocturne with boneplating for his all in when he has ult or when you go for the short trade. Just make sure you match his roams and follow it so you can be there asap, beacause nocturne likes to perma roam after 6.



Almost impossible to kill her if she’s good. You will just get hard poked early and she will have perma prio while you cant go for the cs, especially if she has barrier/exhaust too its hard to all in her. Ori’s biggest weakest is probably ganks and if your jungler can force a 2v2 or gank mid and you can grab kills and snowball hard. If you get a lead she will be useless and can be oneshot for the rest of the game. Never go for an extended trade with an Orianna! Go in and out because of her passive aa’s so keep it short always in lane or just dont go for trades at all which is the more safe option.



Go resolve second here with Bone Plating (for his all in). Start Dshield or Cloth and rush Seekers. I would avoid fighting him early unless you’re in 2v2 scenario with a health advantage since its so easy to get dove by Pantheon and there’s no way you win any trades early game especially if he has full stacks. Once you have one or two items this game should be way easier since you’re way stronger in teamfights, but there’s a reason hes on the hardest, not inting a pantheon is the hard part since it’s easy gank setup + his E makes it easy to dive you so be careful. (I would dodge if they have elise/taliyah/karthus jgl cuz then you can’t stack armor) Remember that surviving early is key with matchups like Trist/Panth/Lucian that’s why not stacking armor can be really annoying.



Care for his level 1 cheese when he has hail of blades. He will most likely start E and remove 50+% hp from you lvl 1. This lane probably has the least action thanks to pyke wanting to perma roam 24/7, but you for sure have the upperhand in lane and should take advantage of it by going for trades. Never E into a pyke so you can’t be vurneble to his E/Q CC. Just E in on Q dagger and W then E out again.



Go Bone Plating/Overgrowth or Unflinching (depends how much cc they have) always vs Qiyana for her all in trades. When she goes in just W-Q her and trade back. If your boneplating is up, you should win this most of the times. Remember to never all in her near a wall to prevent her chain cc from R/blue Q. If they have an AD jgler its a really easy matchup if you just rush seekers. Make sure to use the short trades harass (tip 2 on general kata tips) with qiyana aswell in lane if you want to be the one that trades first.



Annoying as fk matchup because of his burst damage. Go Bone Plating with Overgrowth or Unflinching (depending how much cc they have). You always want to rush seekers or he will just oneshot you instantly, so even if they have an ap jungler you would want to buy that. When he E’s in try to E out and prevent his stun combo. You can go for trades with renekton but I highly recommend only going in if u have Bone Plating up or you almost always auto lose the trade.



Second Wind with Overgrowth and Dshield are needed. He will poke you out really obnoxiously and those items are the only counter strategy. Try to not lose too much hp early so dont look for trades really at all. Just play safe and regenerate up with dshield and your 2ndary runes. Look for jungler to fight with so you have a way more chance of winning. Only way to 1v1 a rumble is if you hard all in him, but I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless his meter is low and if you have bork/ Verdant Barrier.



Easly killable and gankable especially if he goes conqueror instead of phase rush. Kinda annoying lane pre 6 while he has root up, so try avoiding it until you are level 6 or until you make a play with your jungler (your 2v2 is 1000x better than ryze early so keep that in mind). Once you have Bork/Wits end it shouldn’t be hard so look for all in oneshots when you have it.



Can treat her like other poke champs. She can be oppressive to new players that struggle with dodging and CD management. If you struggle with this, take DShield and second wind. Mind her stun and Q, which she can easily hit through minionwaves, much like neeko. Much like other poke champs, as the two of you get items and levels you will begin to outdamage her and build a lead if you haven’t already. Also all ins should be easily winnable so look for those only if you’re healthy enough (didn’t get poked out hard)



Really annoying poker when solo lane Soraka is in meta. Get Dshield with Second Wind if you struggle too much vs it. Her silence counters Katarina really hard so make sure to look for all ins after she uses it.



Really easy. You can’t have troubles vs a Swain unless you eat every E and Q he uses (If hes good at hitting it its gonna be hard to cs tbh). He should always be vulnerable to an all in and your mobility fks him hard too if you go in and out while he uses spells and your R cuts 60% of his R healing. Just make sure he used his E before you ult.



Almost unbeatable when he has points in his W. Try to kill him early levels while he has no items with d blade/long sword. Unfortunately thanks to his W trades are pretty unwinnable (3+ points in W) so look to play safe until jgler makes a play. He is really bad in 2v2/3v3 scenarios where as Katarina is really strong there. Once you have bork/wits end you can look for all ins, but only if he used his E else it’s pointless to go for it. Make sure to always ult instantly as soon as possible when you go for an all in, because you will make his W only heal 40% which is really crucial.



Hard early if she pokes you out with Q without autoattacking (minions wont aggro her then). You can look for basic combo trade when she goes for a Q. Once she does you should look to E>W her. This is the best opportunity to trade as her combo rotation will be on CD. Verdant Barrier extremely good if they have an ap jgler else I’d suggest rushing Bork for easy oneshot potential on her. Make sure to not use ult if she didnt use her E yet. Mercs are really good aswell vs Syndra.



Probably easiest matchup in existance just go in and win, but serious :). Your mobility is really insane even if she tries to knock you. You should never be able to get hit by it unless she is cheesing in a bush and you walk up. 2v2s are an easy win unless they have a chain cc jgler which is really good with taliyah, but even then you shouldnt ever lose it if you focus same target with your jungler. Once you have Bork/Wits end just perma oneshot her.



Kinda skill matchup hard-favoured for Talon if he plays correctly. Never go for a trade if he has his W-Q up or you just auto lose it thanks to his passive and you will be 10% hp. Out of experience from playing 100000x vs Talon I can guarantee you he will use his W or Q on wave or to poke you with W. Once he uses his Q/W on a wave then you can look for an all in or trade. Bone Plating 2nd into Talon is really good. Also rush seekers if they got an ad jungler. Make sure to never fight a talon if he has his spells up, especially he has ult.



Same thing as Lucian (see above for runes and item preferences). The only difference is that I prefer taking Exhaust into her beacause she can hard all-in with her W. Being able to reduce her kill pressure is a higher priority than increasing your own with ignite. (I would dodge if they have elise/taliyah/karthus jgl cuz then you can’t stack armor. ) Remember that surviving early is key with matchups like Trist/Panth/Lucian that’s why not stacking armor can be really annoying.

Twisted Fate


1v1 this lane is not a problem at all. You can look for him to load up his W and he will probably blue card for mana on minion or red for shove. If u walk up a bit forward and backward while he loads up his card you can make him waste it on a minion and then you just go in and auto win the trade (I use this a lot, because most tf’s dont want to waste mana and they only want the gold card if you walk up too far). The reason I give this a medium is, because his gank set up is really annoying 1 stun while enemy jungle is near and you’re dead so be careful for that before you go in. Mercs vs TF is really good and I even go Unflinching 2nd if they have even more CC. TF is also the only laner where you could go cleanse, but never go mercs if you go cleanse.



You can literally E out or in while he cages so if you lose 1v1 you’re doing something extremely wrong. You can always look for basic combo on veigar when you’re in E range and you cant lose. Just make sure to not get hit by his stun or you’re fked, but with your mobility you really have to fk up hard. This lane should be perma kill pressure for you, only way to lose is if enemy jungler camps u.



Only a bit hard, because he can keep distance and poke you out hard early game. Try to always dodge his spells and always walk in front or backwards when he Qs. Really vurnable to ganks and in 2v2/3v3 you should be way stronger so use that to your strength. Careful for his passive true damage if he hits his spells it can hurt a lot.



His early poke is unbearable. Go Dshield with Second Wind if you struggle a lot. If you’re healthy enough and survived at lvl 3 and he doesnt have barrier/exhaust look for all ins. You will win them for sure if he doesn’t have barrier/exhaust, but make sure once again that you’re healthy enough and that you don’t let his W stun you. You could go for regular conqueror runes and sword start instead of resolve 2nd too, but then you coinflip the fact that you’re gonna kill him early on without being poked to oblivion so it’s up to you and your playstyle. Also remember that his R cancels your R so dont use your R when he didn’t use it yet.



If you don’t kill this champ before his first back you can forget ever killing him again in a 1v1. Pre first back you have the upperhand and pressure for sure so make use of that. You can just combo him and let him waste his W which makes him easly gankable and killable, also going ELECTROCUTE can make this lane way easier early stages. Use mostly E>W>Q vs vlad pre first back. If he has no pool look for all in trades again. FF the game if you didn’t kill him before his first back and you can’t pull off roams after that cuz he will 1v9 the game most of the times (pull off roams after first back and dont bother trading him anymore beacause of his sustain/dmg/tankiness in health :D). Wits End/Verdant rush if AP jgl always.



Resolve with Bone Playing and Overgrowth and Sekeers rush if you don’t want his E-Q to take 70% of your health. If he E’s you just W-Q and hit both daggers to trade back. Never E>W onto him or he will just insta clone and then you waste your abilities. Remember that his R doesn’t do that much damage to you so don’t be afraid to fight back when he goes in.



Same as Velkoz, but tiny bit easier. His poke is just as annoying, but way easier to all in. When you E>W>Q in always make sure you continue to move around to avoid his E. This matchup depends a lot on how good you are at dodging and how good Xerath is at hitting. Dont be afraid to go for all ins after level 6 and in 2v2s you should hard win unless you take too much poke. Mercs vs xerath is good if they have more cc’s.



Keep track on the minion wave while you’re laning, the more minions the easier it is for Yasuo to perma E around like a headless chicken making it hard to trade properly. Yasuo is really vulnerable to ganks because he enjoys perma E’ing in so ping your jungler. Try to always let him come to you when you go for trades so he takes minion aggro aswell, so just let him E in and then you use your W > E onto W (remember that your E resets your autoattack, you’re gonna use this a lot in the Yasuo matchup) Try to hold onto your Q as long as possible so he can’t windwall it and render it useless (also useful tip in 2v2 fight or if your jungler ganks you). Also remember that fights in the jungle/river are way worse yasuo, because he can’t perma E like he can on a minion wave so try to force fights there with your team.



This matchup is Hard once he gets some attack speed and is medium in the early phase, But even if hes 0-3 he will win trades which makes it a hard champ anyway. Go sword 1st always and try to look for trades when his Q empower isn’t up or close to up (hit q 1x) OR u E in behind when he Q’s in with his wind. E>W him and AA AA and E out is what u mostly wanna do to trade a yone. Always go Bork vs Yone for the strong autoattacks and all ins. Can go Seekers if u still struggle in the matchup early game. Careful for his R hitbox since its really bs, just E out if he ults or u will get hit by it and auto lose unless u 100% know u can dodge it by walking. In this matchup I love going Boneplating , because u can look for those E>W> AA trades whenever ur boneplating is up and u would win it most of the times in the early lane phase. Going Electrocute can really help too for short early trades to dominate him, so try to play around and see what fits u more (electro or conq boneplating)



Zed will almost always try Q you and minions at the same time so always keep your guard up to dodge his Q. When Zed W’s in just E him so he cant E-Q as easly also fighting him while his energy is low is really good to know. Pre 6 you should be able to beat him hard. After level 6 the lane gets way harder, because if he all ins you and hits his Qs you’re almost dead already so play pre 6 agressive and post 6 safe. Resolve 2nd vs Zed is pretty good for Boneplating for his all in and so is Seekers rush.



Ziggs’ base dmg is really fking high so if he hits 2 Qs early you’re already 60% hp, so obviously not getting hit by his poke is key in this matchup. Dont stand near minions because his Q aoe explodes on minions so it’s way easier for him to hit you. All ins aren’t that easy too cuz of his knockup when you go in, but you can still do a fairly decent amount of damage by just standard trade comboing him and once you have Bork/Wits end you can probably look to perma kill him aswell. So just make sure you survive his early high dmg poke. Also dont roam too much vs a ziggs or he will take ur inhibitor tower in 15 mins.



You can almost always go in in this matchup and be stronger in 2v2/3v3 situations. Only thing you should be careful of are his double bombs so make sure you have your E up when he tries to hit them or if you go for a trade to just move around to avoid it and not be hit as easly. Once you’re both 6 his ult is really fking annoying because it cucks your resets so hard. Thats why in 2v2/3v3/4v4 situations you should never look to all in 1 single person, but rather be patient and look for the aoe dmg or the frontline kill with your team, if u do look for that backline kill and he ults it you’re left with no spells and you sit there awkardly.



(My ban cuz aids champ) Her W is really annoying so you have to make sure you’re not fighting her while she has a summoner spell (she probably uses nimbus cloak) so she gets 1000 movement speed from it and just avoids your dagger damage or ult. Look for short harass trades 24/7 with zoe until shes a bit lower so you can look for the final all in (tip 2 on general kata tips) and dodge out her sleep by side stepping when beggining a trade like other cc champs. Never use your ult if she didnt miss her sleep yet. After that you have a free all in (if she doesnt have a W spell ofcourse with nimbus cloak). I like going electrocute into Zoe and rush Vardent.



Always go for short trades, Aatrox will beat you otherwise. For example: Q minion > E on Q dagger > W out Go for short trades and E out always (look tip 2 on important kata stuff) until hes lower HP by your poke and then you can go for an all in. Walk left/right if he w’s so you can get out easly. You can go Resolve second with Bone Plating and Overgrowth it’s really good vs Aatrox.



Depends a lot on Ahri’s E if you’re good at dodging it better than Ahri is at hitting it you should win this. When you’re looking to trade an Ahri always move around left right etc(for her charm), never go in without trying to dodge. You could use the minions to your advantage when you go in so she can’t hit her E as easly. Mercs is really good vs Ahri if they have other cc’s aswell.



Shouldn’t be a hard lane and if u struggle with it try to avoid her in lane (she got a bit strong after buffs so try to wait for skirmishes and ur way stronger), because there’s almost no way you can die unless you get hit a lot with Q. The only way she can kill you is by hitting the Q’s. That’s why dodging her Q’s are key, if you go for a trade always look to move right/left/up/down just like Ahri’s E. If she uses her Q for wave or to poke you and misses, look to play really aggro. Be mindfull of her egg when going for an all in while being low hp. She can use her passive to bait her jungler so don’t go for an all in unless you know where the jungler is (if she has egg up).

Aurelion Sol


Always look to play agressive since you can almost never lose an all in once you’re lvl 3+ (always E behind him), but careful with his stun if you’re fighting in a minion wave, the best way for him to beat you is with a well placed stun. Try your best to match his roams. He will always be there first thanks to his E, but if you move instantly you should be able to influence a skirmish harder than he can.



Pretty easy matchup thanks to your mobility so always move sporadically when he tries to hit his spells. Mercs vs brand is really good if they have more sources of CC. All in if he doesn’t have his Q up.



Fairly easy matchup because you can almost always look for an all in trade and if he w’s away he is way more vulnerable to ganks. His kill pressure mostly comes from his abilities (Q and W early, R later) so try your best to play around his cooldowns. Anticipate his use of Qs on the wave and when you walk up to last hit, if you manage to do so properly you can confidently poke him out. Always follow his package roams since you are way more useful in skirmishes than he is even if you’re a bit behind.



Just play agressive at all times, only time you can lose is if she has consistent accuracy with her Qs. Dodge those and you should be fine. Once you have bork/wits end, you should be able to all in over and over. Mercs is good vs Karma if they have more cc’s, but pref sorcs due to her vulnerability to getting solo’d.



Impossible to ever kill 1v1 he has everything in his kit that counters Kat: (Sustain/CC/Burst/Mobility) Just avoid him 1v1 always or u will lose no matter how good u play it.



Seekers rush and boneplating and just farm up u wont ever win trades vs a sett, so no point trading.



Should give u no trouble unless she perma hits her roots and burst, if u struggle in this just go D shield and play laning safe and wait for jungler/skirmishes (she is extreme easily gankable), look for E’s when she uses root in or out.



Pre 6 you have the upperhand, but if she’s not shit she will just play the wave correct and not push and wait until level 6. After level 6 u auto lose and only way to win 1v1 is with a gank, u can all in her tho and E out if u get ganked so she wastes her ult.

Lee Sin


Really annoying, because of his insane sustain and if u jump in he will most likely almost always outdamage you. Buy a seeker 1st and get Boneplating also conqueror, because he just sustains your poke with electro anyways.



Really hard to kill 1v1 until you have 1 item so u can all in him and easily win, but before your 1st item this lane is near impossible to kill, but he is easy to kill if your jungler/support comes with cc. Also be careful to not run it down, 1 kill can get viego rolling and penta.



Dodge/FF 15



Like other adc’s, but a bit simpler id say earlier on, cuz u can just play slow and short trade with electro. when he has 1 item don’t bother short trading him (if u got electro).



Go D shield and just farm, only go in on her if u get ganked which is easy kill or if she used her abilities on wave. Make sure to always move around a lot to dodge her abilities out



Insane presence on the map with his R shield and CC (insane for skirmishes with a strong skirmish champ like kata)



Best jungler with kata (snowbally just like kat + hes strong as hell early game so u can almost win every skirmish with reksai)



Just good frontline cc champs (not just ornn)

Jarvan IV


Really good with kata cuz of his CC engae and his ult which locksdown people.



Like Jarvan , insane frontline cc engager.



Strong early game and he likes to fight people , so does Kata.



Same as graves, Rengar likes to fight people and so does Kata.



Frontline CCer like j4/zac



Frontline CCer like j4/zac



Insane engager for Kata + u can go in and he can follow you by E’ing you into R-W for a great setup.



0 synergy cuz taliyah needs cc setup to play her champ easier which kata doesn’t have and u both are AP damage.



0 synergy cuz Nidalee needs cc setup to play her champ easier which kata doesn’t have and u both are AP damage



Even though you’re both ap , Elise is a monster in the early game and she has CC + mobility so u can easly snowball (not ideal cuz both heavy ap dmg)



Like all the other tanks , frontline cc.



AP dmg + Ekko needs time to be strong which Kata doesn’t like since u wanna fight people early game, but atleast he has good cc and his ult.



Even though Lilia is AP damage her cc and mobility really makes up for it, just like Elise she is still a strong paring with Katarina even though you’re both heavy AP dmg (not ideal, because of it tho)

Lee Sin


Strong 2v2s with a good Lee Sin on your team.



Just op dueling and he can facetank ccs

Nunu & Willump


Frontline cc engage



Insane engage champ combined with his ult he can stall + cc enemies really nicely for Katarina



AP dmg + Eve needs time to be strong which Kata doesn’t like since u wanna fight people early game, but atleast he has good cc and his ult (same as Ekko)



Really insane cc + engage (not ideal cuz both ap damage)



Perma shielding so of course its ideal, 1 small lead and u are 30-0 rlly unskilled combo.



Kha likes to fight and pick enemies and so does Kata so its a nice combo.



Both ap dmg, but karthus does insane aoe dmg so u synergy good, but only if karthus is fed farm/kills wise.



This one is really tricky, Kindred’s ult can both win u games and lose u games if used good or bad so I’ll put it on strong, cuz if used correctly u get free resets.



Wants to afk farm and do nothing early game and take objectives, just bad combo with Kata + she is AP aswell (not none like taliyah/nida cuz she atleast frontline scales in fights)



Extreme good with kata, insane Engage/Tankyness/CC



Extreme good after kata’s on hit changes (your E/daggers/ult apply his passive)

90,000 How did they grow up, young people of Gen Z?

Oddly enough, sociologists and demographers do not have a consensus about who should be considered a representative of Generation Z. The border, they say, depends on the level of technology development in the country where young people were born. Thus, many Western sociologists call the first “zetas” those who were born in 1991 – the year of the appearance of the publicly accessible world wide web, while others count only since 2001 – when the Internet became widespread.In Japan, which is ahead of everyone in terms of digitalization in everyday life, even those born in the late 1980s are classified as Generation Z. In Russia, apparently, the first “zetas” appeared not earlier than the mid-1990s.

Summarizing the most common points of view, the experts come to the following conclusion: teenagers and young people aged 11 to 20 and a little can be ranked as generation Z. What distinguishes these boys and girls from all other previous generations is that they are familiar with digital technologies from childhood.“They were literally born with an iPad in their hands,” say the researchers who prepared a report on the new generation for 3M – the “Z Generation Focus Group Report”.

3M is not the only international corporation studying zetas. Although most of this generation are still schoolchildren and students, in five to six years they will become the largest group of consumers and workers in the history of mankind. And it is already clear that it will be difficult for employers and retailers with “zetas”.

Children of the present

The new generation adheres to the principle of “live in the present”, preferring to spend time for their own pleasure and trying not to worry about anything. Their main goal in life is “to be happy,” the authors of the 3M report conclude.

How do the zetas understand happiness? It must be admitted that it is rather one-sided: first of all, young people associate it with physical and psychological comfort, as well as personal freedom, along with the opportunity to see the world.If you ask Gen Z representatives what they would like to do in their lives, most of them will answer: travel and rest, follows from the 3M report. Moreover, “zetas” prefer to travel with friends or with family, and not alone, because most often they are in excellent relations with their parents and make many friends.

Next on the zetas’ list of priorities are health preservation (this includes the desire to acquire and maintain ideal physical shape), social activity and hobbies.The Zetas don’t want to work as hard as their parents did, but talk about striving to fill their lives with meaning. They do not live to work, but work to live, the researchers state.

Creative or self-confident?

When the zetas were asked to define their generation, most of them chose the words creative, inventive, perfectionist, ambitious, and friendly. And, it must be admitted, they didn’t betray their hearts: the generation of “zets” is really very interested in applied arts, innovations and shows imagination.Young people are happy to accept other people’s ideas in order to generate their own.

The good news for employers is that the zetas are perfectionists and accurate in the work they do. However, the expectations of these young people are higher than those of other generations. It is good enough for others to complete their task on time. The Zetas need to be the best in the company or profession. They are really so ambitious and self-confident that the older generation can easily find them arrogant.But these guys are ready to boldly take on difficult tasks and ask questions if something is not clear to them.

In business life, the undoubted advantage of zetas will be the ability to simultaneously perform an incredibly large number of tasks, noted in the 3M report. They value time very much, so from childhood they got used to doing several things at the same time – typing, listening to music, uploading content, reading the social network feed, chatting with friends, doing homework and at the same time devouring their lunch.

It will be cruel to ask them to focus on a single task for a long time, the researchers note. But by loading zetas with several business projects at the same time, you can motivate them and increase their efficiency.

Catch and Hold

Unfortunately, Gen Z members are not at all inclined towards loyalty, and potentially this is their main drawback, from the point of view of employers, according to the authors of the 3M report. The Zetas will look for the best deals in the labor market and will always be interested in promising employers.Keeping such seekers in one place will only be possible through a complex combination of career advantages, leadership charisma, and balancing work, family, and personal needs. Additional vacations, flexible remuneration systems, working from home or freelancing will also help find a balance.

Another great way to keep zeta is to provide mobility within the same organization. And all because, experts remind, that such movements are often associated with travel around the world, which, as we remember, is one of the priorities in the life of “zeta”.

Still new young professionals will demand high social responsibility from their employer, the researchers emphasize.

“Zetas” are happy to become volunteers, participate in various social projects. They are definitely the “green” generation, they think about environmental protection more than anyone else, the protection of nature is one of the main values ​​in their lives. Therefore, they will look for work in a company that cares about the environment, or at least does not harm it.Therefore, taking into account the main goals in zeta life, companies wishing to join the ranks of their employees at the expense of the new generation should think now about health and sports programs, as well as social projects in which employees can participate.

However, it will be difficult to fulfill all the wishes of Generation Z: the demands of the new generation are too high. For example, when the 3M researchers asked the zetas what they saw as a dream company, most of the answers were: a large international organization with a good reputation that provides flexible working hours, leaves free time for personal life, imposes minimum formalities on employees. restrictions like dress code.And, of course, capable of appreciating “zeta” at its true worth.

The ZET workspace should include a fitness center (ideally with a climbing stand, Pilates room, etc.), a place to walk, a cozy, bright office, a desk at which you can work while standing if you wish. The dream job itself should be located not far from home so that you do not have to spend half a day on the road. At the same time, it is good if it is “not far from home” in the city center, surrounded by interesting cultural sites and entertainment venues, where you can get after work.

It is also very important that the employer does not prohibit employees from using social networks during business hours, allocating at least an hour a day for this. Many participants in the 3M study said they would refuse a job offer if the company had such a ban!

Continuing Consumption

The Zetas, like their parents, are a generation of consumers whose lives are filled with advertising. A generation that has not yet faced massive unemployment can easily part with money.They love to go to restaurants, buy gadgets. In the West, they are called “digital natives” – people of digital technologies, so they consider spending on gadgets not extravagance, but a necessity. Because of this, by the way, “zetas” quite often find an overdraft in their bank account.

But, oddly enough, it is more difficult for retailers to make money on Generation Z than on their parents. The fact is that, unlike generations X and Y, “zets” take a very long time from the moment of choosing a product to buying it, experts from the Fitch agency found out.Of course, now consumers of all ages, when choosing complex technical goods, use the possibilities of the Internet – they are studying characteristics, looking for the best prices. But teenagers are wasting time even when choosing drinks or toothpaste.

A simple buy for zeta looks like this from the point of view of Fitch experts. Step one: see something interesting on the store shelf or on a social network or another site. Step two: search the web for information about the brand, photos of the product, check the prices for it on various sites.Step three: seek advice from friends – most often through social media posts. Postpone the purchase if an improved version of a product or a new collection of clothing is expected soon. At the same time, carefully monitor the prices of goods – using applications. Step four: search online auctions like ebay, possibly among used items (the zetas don’t see anything wrong with buying a used item). If possible, order the product online or, if there is no price benefit, buy it from the store.Step five, absolutely necessary: ​​share your impressions with peers by posting photos on a social network, leave feedback on forums, upload a video.

Offline retailers are trying to accommodate zeta habits. Many no longer object to the actual transformation of their stores into showrooms, where they come to touch and examine the thing they see on the Internet. In order for the purchase to be completed, retailers open online stores – allowing them to purchase goods through fashionable digital technologies.

The most important thing in working with teenagers is to make friends with them on social networks and use digital technologies in retail, says Aniko Kostian, director of business development at Mango in Russia and the CIS. “Therefore, we are very active on Vkontakte and on Facebook,” she continues. – Girls are accustomed to what they can do almost their entire lives using a smartphone, so we are developing services that allow you to buy our clothes from your phone. We also use modern technology in stores.For example, if you can’t find your size, the seller will get an iPad, and together you can see which stores have the right sizes, what other models you might like, and order what you need. We can send the order home, ”says Kostyal.

You can teach!

If retailers have already found an approach to “zets”, then employers are just looking at them. And while they come to not too happy conclusions – it will be more difficult to cooperate with the younger generation than with their parents: there are more requests, the desire to take responsibility and make work a priority in life – less.For the same reasons, already with the older brothers and sisters of the “zetas”, representatives of the Y generation, the employers had problems. Most large domestic companies agreed that they had lost Generation Y, and are thinking about who to replace them with, Roman Ivanov, a senior partner at the consulting company Formatta, explained to Vedomosti. Therefore, they try to keep parents from generation X and the previous generation of baby boomers who have reached retirement age at work. And so far no one seriously thinks about “zetas” in Russia.

“I cannot say that digital technologies have changed these young people beyond recognition – both in terms of personal qualities and life priorities,” says Dmitry Klenov, partner at UFG Wealth Management. Among his clients there are “zetas” – wealthy heirs, and some of them are already trying to delegate the parents of the functions of managing a business or money. For some, such a transition is successful, others are not created for this. But no more problems arise here than with those heirs who are over thirty today, says Klenov.“The fact is that initiative, the ability to take responsibility and make difficult decisions are not innate qualities, they can be developed both consciously and under the pressure of circumstances. And, of course, they can be taught – here a lot depends on how talented the teacher is, ”notes Klenov.

Tambov defended a place in the RPL in a fair fight “

Goalkeeper Giorgi Shelia, who moved from Tambov to Akhmat this offseason, in an interview with told about the reasons for the transfer, how Tambov lived after the pandemic, and also named the three best footballers of the last season.

– “Tambov” remained in the RPL, as many believe, not on a sporting basis. How did the players react to such accusations?

– Let’s start with the fact that by the 29th round Tambov was ahead of Wings of the Soviets. Yes, we could have lost to Sochi, but who would have given a guarantee that the Sochi players from Samara would have beaten? This year we beat Krylia 3: 0. Plus we had one game in hand. If in the match against CSKA in the last round we were motivated, there was a question of salvation, maybe the match would have turned out differently.So, in my opinion, all excuses are in favor of the poor. The same “Sochi”, for example, bypassed “Tambov” in the standings after beating the children from “Rostov”. Honestly? I do not know. In my opinion, everything is on the case.

– If the match against CSKA had no tournament value for the club, why did sports director Pavel Khudyakov promise double bonuses for the victory?

– Additional incentives before meetings with top clubs are normal practice. So it was before the games against Zenit, Spartak, Lokomotiv.On the one hand, we understood that we were staying in the RPL, the burden of responsibility was removed. On the other hand, you are asking me a question, did Tambov honestly take a place in the RPL? The management wanted to beat CSKA so that these conversations would not exist in principle. But no one knows in what conditions we had to work. After the pandemic, we were on the road all the time, as we got to the stadiums either by train or by bus. There were only two charters to Yekaterinburg and Grozny. Everything! The rest is travel for 10-12 hours. There was no time to recover.Do you think this is fair? And even in such conditions, “Tambov” retained a residence permit in the RPL. I think the club has earned a place in the RPL.

CSKA – Tambov – 2: 0. Goals and Highlights

– Why did you get to the games by bus or train?

– Tambov does not have the opportunity to order charters for every departure. I had to pay for the rent of the stadium, because, unfortunately, they had not finished building their own. The closest transfer was to Tula. Only 350 kilometers. Six o’clock and you are there. It took us 18 hours to get somewhere by train.Sometimes we got to Moscow by bus, and only then flew to the exit. I remember playing two home matches in a row in Saransk in the third and fourth rounds. We arrived in the capital of Mordovia by bus, played with Spartak, returned to Tambov, and then drove back to Saransk at the end of the week. This also happened. They were constantly on the road, as they lived in Tambov, and played all the time in another city.

– You are now telling the history of the PFL club …

– Only there the teams are divided into zones, so they do not cover such long distances.It seems to me that we dashed off even more kilometers than any PFL club. It was a great time when we were based in Moscow at the Spartak base and drove the Strizh for only 3.5 hours to Nizhny Novgorod. Unfortunately, we played only three rounds in this mode. We have succeeded in this segment.

– Did five defeats in six meetings put pressure on the team psychologically?

– It was difficult to find emotions when every day one picture looks like another. Really groundhog day. But in “Tambov” guys with strong spirit gathered, so the situation with the departure did not press us much.It’s just that, unfortunately, in such time trouble it was physically difficult to keep up with the schedule, plus there was nowhere to draw emotions from. Initially, everything somehow did not work out and then rolled like a snowball. I am sure that if the championship continued in March without a pause, we would calmly score our points and not worry about survival. And here, not only were there constant moving, they also played two days later on the third one constantly. There was a desire, but there was not enough concentration for 90 minutes. Sagging in the last minutes, it’s good that in the end everything ended well.

– Is it true that you went to court over wage arrears?

– I have not personally filed any claim. As they explained to me, in case of salary arrears to employees for more than three months, the tax or some other authority automatically sends information to the court or bailiffs. Honestly, I did not understand the situation thoroughly. Nobody wrote a claim with his own hand. There is indeed a debt, but I am ready to wait without problems.

https: //

– How did you react to the rumors that Tambov could be paid for refusing a place in the RPL?

– Before the game against CSKA, the team went to the Governor of the Tambov Region, Alexander Nikitin. He was very pleased that he managed to keep his registration in the RPL. Everyone understands that with such a budget and working conditions, we showed the maximum. Those who took off had definitely more opportunities. Alexander Valerievich promised to close debts as soon as possible and allocate a budget for the next season.For him “Tambov” is an important project. He is proud of the team. Therefore, I treated the information as another duck. Didn’t attach much importance.

“I think I took a step forward, not to the side”

– You didn’t miss a single match last season. Excellent result.

– I just didn’t play in the Cup. I set such a task before coming to Tambov. I wanted to get the maximum amount of playing time. As for the result, let the experts evaluate.

– No one can figure it out better than you.

– I am pleased that I had a stable season without serious recessions. It was very important to play all the games in the tournament. I’m glad I didn’t sag physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, not in all meetings it was possible to keep a high level, but it means that there is something to strive for.

– Why was it important to work out in all the matches of the season?

– Every footballer needs practice to develop. Prior to that, for one and a half years, he did not receive due attention in Ufa.I wanted to prove that I can show good football throughout the whole season.

– Was there really no day in the final stage of the championship when you thought: “I can rest”?

– There was a stretch when it was physically very difficult. But my teammates, the coaching staff supported me, it helped to recover.

– You have played all the matches in the RPL, the coach trusted you. Most likely, the debt would be repaid.Why did you decide to move to Grozny?

– “Akhmat” is a serious club with big ambitions and tasks. I understood that my second year at Tambov would not be good for me personally. It will be difficult to find the same amount of emotion and strength to spend another nomadic, bus season at the same level. Psychologically, he could not cope.

– Has the salary increased?

– Yes, but not much. It’s not about the money. I am an athlete who loves football and wants to develop. I hope I won’t offend anyone if I say that Akhmat is a more serious club than Tambov.A different budget, different tasks, a different organization of the process … I believe that I made a step forward, not to the side.

– Did you yourself ask Tambov to let you go?

– In the winter there was an offer from a foreign club. There they could “pour” a lot on me. I would provide for myself and my family for life. I talked with sports director Pavel Khudyakov about a possible departure from the club. He asked to stay, to help the team, promising that if there is an offer in the summer that I like, the club will let go no matter what.This option turned out to be “Akhmat”. Khudyakov kept his word, and we quickly agreed on a transfer.

– There was no offer from abroad in the summer?

– No, but I would still choose Grozny. Because my career is more important to me than money and vague prospects in the future. I want to develop as a football player.

– Has Shalimov approved your candidacy?

– Didn’t communicate with him on this topic. As I understand it, several people make decisions on transfers at Akhmat.Igor Mikhailovich was not against my arrival, Andrey Viktorovich Talalaev was also asked for his opinion on my account – he approved the transition. After the match with CSKA we met with the club’s management and agreed.

– Do you agree that you come to the club as the first number?

– It is clear that they are counting on me, but even during the negotiations about the contract I was asked how I feel about competition. He replied that I encourage everything healthy and useful.Talalaev also told me that he would make a decision based on the results of the training process. So we have to work.

– Why do you kick out people with number 88 every time you come to the club? This time Glushakov suffered …

– This is fate! It means everything will be fine.

– Would you ask Glushakov to give number 88 if he hadn’t left?

– No. Denis is an honored footballer. I am sure these numbers are as important to him as they are to me. I would look for another number and wait for Denis to leave at last.Joke!

“Talalaev was pleased with my dribbling”

– You have worked with many strong trainers. Let’s start with stories related to Alexander Grigoryan.

– There are a million of them! I don’t know what to choose. I remember how the players got off the bus after some game, and Alexander Vitalievich stood at the exit and filmed us on camera. I even asked something. It seems like fun, but no one understood how to properly react to all this. Someone smiled, someone tried to quickly hide.At first I smiled, played along, then thoughts from the series began to appear in my head: “What is he doing ?! Something is wrong?!”. I never got bored with Grigoryan. You never know what he will cook for you the next day. I could always energize, defuse the situation. The person is multifaceted.

– Have you boxed?

– Rarely. Since I am big, there were no people willing to spar with me.

– We agree with the fans who say that you don’t have to be a brilliant coach to come up with a tactic of “pass to Dziuba, discount to Azmun, goal”.

– Sergey Semak is a very strong specialist. Zenit has a system. Not everyone can become a champion twice in a row. This means that Sergei Bogdanovich is doing everything right.

– Has Gancharenko ever failed in Ufa?

– I saw different emotions of Viktor Mikhailovich. Judging by the way he behaved in the last round against Tambov, he is doing well now.

– Have you ever freaked out after a match?

– For a very long and hard time I move away from emotionally intense games.After Arsenal and Zenit, when we conceded in the last minutes, I did not sleep all night. But time passes, and you come to your senses.

– How do you relax?

– At the next training session, please let me play in the field. It helps a lot to unload. I still love to score goals, play in attack. I will always ask you to let me out on the field. At the first training session of Akhmat, Talalaev allowed the Hungarian team to play with the team, and then put me as a left forward. The coach was pleased with my dribbling.I had no doubt that it would be so.

– You probably trick better than Kvaratskhelia?

– This guy is in a different league than me. Scatters defenders to the right and guides. I never dreamed of that. He’s great! Plastic, sharp. Nowadays in football it is difficult to cope with a striker who has gained speed and has space in front of him. But few people can beat in a confined space. Khvicha is dangerous even when standing still.

– Is he the most talented Georgian footballer now?

– I do not like to shout about young players in enthusiastic tones.Khvicha had a great season. But many can explode, but are unable to maintain their level for several years. If Kvaratskhelia at least keeps the current level for two or three years, then it will be possible to say that he is top. Let’s see.

– You said that you came to Moscow at the age of 13, everyone understood Russian, but could not say anything. It was hard. Khvichi has a similar situation now.

– He needs to overcome the language barrier. I really wanted to do it, so it worked out.It wasn’t easy, though. For the player of his position, not knowing the language should not be a problem. He understands everything. The defender, goalkeeper, defender need to talk during the match. And who will Khvicha shout to?

“Footballers versus rugby players are squishies”

– Did you manage to forget the last season?

– New team – new emotions. I try to understand the life of the club, not to overlook anything. You have to get used to your partners, the coaching staff, to understand who plays how, thinks.Emotionally, this transition helped me reboot. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good rest. But Akhmat is a new challenge, so this is not the time to relax.

– Did you have any vacation?

– Three days. This is nothing, of course. After the match with CSKA, the day was lost. For two days I only managed to see my father and relatives. Then he went to Tambov and Grozny. But I’m not complaining. All on an equal footing. It’s only a shame that the borders are closed, and I could not see my mother, wife and daughter, who live in Georgia.It has not been possible to transport them yet. Hopefully in September the borders will open and we will be reunited.

– You love to travel. Will you follow Krykhovyak’s example and spend your vacation in Russia?

– I want to go to Altai for a very long time. If the borders are not opened, I will study Baikal during the winter holidays. Sakhalin is also very beautiful, somehow I fly there. But due to the transfer to “Akhmat” I had to solve a lot of cases. If you go somewhere, then you need to do it without extraneous thoughts in your head.There was no time for travel on this vacation.

– You said that you dream of visiting Brazil and Australia. It will not soon be possible to carry out our plans. Is it a shame?

– Even when I was playing at Ufa, I talked a lot about South America with Brazilian players. Then they discouraged from flying there, since the army was taken out into the street, it was so restless in the country. We wanted to fly there together with another Ufa player Alexei Nikitin, we have similar views on travel.

– Are you flying without your family?

– Last time my wife and I flew on a honeymoon trip to the Maldives.Then a daughter was born, and there was no time for flights. We rested in Georgia. The year before last, they already bought tickets to Sydney, but my wife was not given a visa, as they were afraid that she could stay there to study. Showed her a long time for that! But now the child has grown up, and the wife should already be allowed to enter anywhere, I think we will make the dream come true. I don’t go anywhere without my family.

– You were an inveterate bachelor back in 2018, weren’t you?

– He just didn’t advertise the relationship. Happiness loves silence. My parents constantly asked when I would settle down.I tried to prepare them for this moment.

– Are you glad that your favorite rugby union has started to be shown on Match TV?

– Unfortunately, during the season I was so tired that even the TV could not be turned on. What can I say if I haven’t talked to my family for several days. Now I have recovered psychologically and physically. I will definitely watch. I love this sport, I advise everyone to join. I get high when I watch rugby matches.

League of Betting – Championship of Russia. CSKA – Bogatyrs

– Quoting Igor Surkis, do you agree that football players are squishy compared to rugby players?

– Definitely! Rugby – full contact! Even football goalkeepers and defenders are resting compared to the first line of rugby players.What can we say about midfielders and forwards. The guys there are huge monsters, of course, against their background we are squishy.

– Martial arts are loved in Chechnya. You love?

– Not a fan, but I try not to miss top fights. Wrestling is developed in Georgia, and what haunts me since childhood is always with me. If there is an opportunity to go to a good event in Chechnya, I will do it with pleasure. Fights at a high level have always attracted me.

– Do you have any desire to train in the Akhmat fight club?

– Why? Grigoryan has already trained me!

– Top three players of the past season?

– Miranchuk, Dziuba, Obukhov.I like his vision of the game more than Melkadze and Kostyukov. As for Alexei, he produced a stable season and was very useful for the team. Miranchuk is a super creative footballer. If we compare Zenit and Lokomotiv, then the attacking actions of the railroad workers are more difficult to predict. The red-greens changed the attack vector so quickly that sometimes the head was spinning. And the flywheel of the attack was dispersed by Alexey Miranchuk. He’s great.

– Why don’t football players vote for defenders?

– The goalkeeper and defense players do not score the maximum points for the team in most cases.Therefore, everyone chooses the result, the final moment, and not the process.

90,000 Jackie Chan’s incredible legacy in Russia. SLIPPER. Movie 1

Today – April 7, 2014 Jackie Chan (there is no point in telling who it is. Moreover, on this site) 60 years old .

And in Russia an ancient film project of ambitious filmmakers is being launched on the Internet !!! Passing under the slogan “Incredible legacy of Jackie Chan in Russia. (Khlyupik. Film 1)” .

The first, author’s work of Russian film stuntmen from Nizhny Novgorod . It was made in 2004 with the aim of further developing actions in the film industry. It lay on the shelf for a long time due to technical problems. In 2013, it was redesigned and practically assembled under a new concept. It is the starting point for subsequent films: “+20, – 35 degrees, precipitation 100%” and “Stranger” .

When you are under the impression of your eccentric occupation, then everything else does not matter anymore.But modern technology has its own rules. And where there are rules, there are a series of unpredictable twists and turns. Will the young guy Zhenya be able not only to bypass all the rules, but also to get an answer to his questions using the formula – “Get a prize without being in the right place and at the right time.”

Scriptwriter, artist, director of photography, editing, producer and director – director: Dmitry Shadrin .

Roles played by: Evgeny Gavrilov, Tatiana Serova, Ivan Shadrin, Roman Ermakov, Alexander Meller, Anton Guryanov, Anatoly Mironov, Anna Marchenko, Yulia Belova, Anna Kulagina, Alexey Volyntsev, Alexander Prokhorov, Alexey Klesov , and also Dmitry Shadrin , Sergey Veselov and the guest of the project – Alex Kalashnikov .

Roles were duplicated: Anna Galochkina, Alexander Prokhorov, Valentin Shipilov, Vladimir Kazantsev, Oleg Soloviev .

Genre: Comedy .

Duration: 25 minutes .

Interesting Facts:

The first fight scene was filmed in 10 minutes. The final battle took 3 months of filming.

Some scenes were rewritten exactly the opposite. This is evident in many of the film’s dialogues.But this fact did not in the least affect the structure of the film project, but rather, on the contrary, transformed and added even more poignancy to the topic.

A special teaser “+20, – 35 degrees, precipitation 100%” , which can only be seen in the final HLUPIK a, has established a new tradition – to end the film with a teaser for the next film project by Dmitry Shadrin .


Author: Dmitry Shadrin
Especially for the site Martial Arts Info

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90,000 David Mitchell, “Black Swan Green”, translation, chapter 1-1.

(a picture of a black swan – from the demiart site, I don’t know the author)

(A complete list of ready-made chapters is here)


So that your leg is not in my office. This is the rule of the father. But the phone has already rang twenty-five times. A normal person would give up after ten or eleven rings, unless it’s a matter of life and death. Dad has an answering machine, like James Garner in the Rockford Affair, with big reels and tape. But recently he stopped using it.The phone rings for the thirtieth time. Julia doesn’t hear him – she’s upstairs, listening to the Human League song “Don’t you want me?”, Turning the volume up all the way. Fortieth time. Mom doesn’t hear either – she vacuums, and the washing machine also works to its fullest. Fiftieth time. No, well, this is already abnormal. What if your father was hit by the wheels of a Juggernaut on the M5, and his body was mutilated and scorched so badly that only a piece of paper with a phone number in his office remained intact? Then we will miss our last chance to see the charred father in intensive care.
Well, in general, I entered, remembering the story of Bluebeard’s bride, who also violated the ban (although, of course, Beard was expecting this). My father’s office smelled of money, a mixture of paper and metal smells. The blinds were closed, and it seemed that it was already evening, not ten in the morning. There is a clock on the wall, large and serious, exactly the same ones hanging on the walls in the school. I also see a photo of my father shaking hands with Craig Salt the day he, father, was promoted – he became the regional director of Greenland (the Greenland supermarket, not the country).On the father’s desk is an expensive IBM, next to it is a telephone, red, as if for an emergency call with the president, and instead of a dialing dial he has buttons.
And, anyway, I took a deep breath, picked up the phone and said our number. I can tell our number without stuttering. Usually.
Nobody answered me.
– Hello? – I said. – Hello?
There is a strange sound on the receiver. The caller inhaled sharply, as if cut by paper
– Can you hear me?
Music from Sesame Street is in the background.
I remembered a children’s movie where something similar happened.
– If you can hear me, click your finger on the receiver.
Nobody clicked, Sesame Street continued.
“You probably got the wrong number,” I said.
I heard a child cry, and they hung up.
When people listen, they make a special, listening sound.
I heard him, and he heard me.

Since I had already violated my father’s main prohibition by stepping over the threshold of the office, there was no point in worrying about the future – the worst was done. So I decided to look around: I looked out the window through the razor-sharp shutters – and looked into the distance over the parish land, over the trees and fields, towards the Malvern Hills.Pale morning, frozen sky, hills covered with a crust of frost, but dry and crumbly snow – the worst kind of snow, you can’t play snowballs like that. My father’s swivel chair looks like the seat of an anti-aircraft gun. I sat down in it and began firing at the Russian MIGs that filled the skies over Malvern Hills. Soon tens of thousands of people between our village and Cardiff owed their lives to me. The parish land was littered with debris from the fuselage and the scorched wings of enemy fighters. The MiG pilots tried to eject and escape, but I disarmed them with tranquilizer darts.Then the infantry arrived, and they were taken prisoner. I gave up all medals. “Thanks, right not worth it,” I told Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan when my mother invited them in, “I was just doing my job.”
Father has a large pencil sharpener on his desk. Pencils after meeting her become so sharp that they may well pass for weapons. The H-grade pencils are the sharpest, my dad loves them the most, but I prefer the 2B.

The doorbell rang. I closed the blinds and looked around to see if I had left any marks.Then he slipped out of the office and went downstairs to see who had come. I climbed the last six steps in one fatal leap.

Moron, disheveled as always. The fluff on his upper lip will soon turn into stubble.
– Guess what happened?
– What?
– Do you know the lake in the forest?
– What’s wrong with him?
– It, – Moron made sure that we were not eavesdropped, – it is frozen to the bottom. Half of the guys from the village are already there, right now. Are you coming or what?
– Jason! – Mom left the kitchen.- You let in the cold! Either invite Dean to come in – hello Dean – or close the door.
– Um … Mom, will I go for a walk?
– Where?
– Yes, I’ll get some fresh air.
This was a strategic mistake.
– What are you up to?
I wanted to say “nothing”, but the Executioner did not give me.
– What am I “planning” at once?
I managed to avoid her gaze while putting on the wool coat.
– Tell me, did your black jacket somehow insult you? Why don’t you wear it, what’s wrong with it?
I still couldn’t say nothing.(The truth is, only the coolest wear black, and I’m not one of them. Adults don’t understand this.)
– This coat is a little warmer, that’s all. There’s an oak tree on the street.
– Lunch will be exactly at one o’clock, – Mom returned to her occupation – changing the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner. – Father will come. Put on your hat, or you’ll get frostbitten on your ears.
Hats are only worn by fagots, but I can take them off and hide them in my pocket later.
– Goodbye Mrs. Taylor! Moron said.
“Goodbye, Dean,” Mom replied.She never loved him.

Moron is about my height, and, in general, a normal kid, but – Lord! – how it stinks afterwards. They buy clothes for him at flea markets, and the pants are obviously too small for him; he lives in Dragger’s cul-de-sac, a brick house that also stinks of sweat. His real name is Dean Moran, but his teacher Mr. Carver called him “Moron” in the first week (* in English “moron” means “dumbass” *), and the nickname stuck. I call him “Dean” when we are alone, but a name in our school is not just a name, it is a status.Everybody calls popular boys just by their first name, for example Nick Yui – just “Nick”. Less popular boys like Gilbert Swinyard are given the respectful nickname “Yardie”. Next on the list are guys like me, who are called by last name. And at the very bottom – the boys with ridiculous nicknames like “Moran Moron”, or Nicholas Brit, whom everyone calls “Shaved fat ass”. The boys at school have a hierarchy, ranks and titles, just like in the army. If I call Gilbert Swinyard, just Swinyard, he’ll kick me in the face.Or if I call Moron “Dean” and the other guys hear it, it will hurt my reputation a lot. So – you must always be on the alert.
The girls are not so much confused, except for Daphne Madden, who, I think, is actually a boy who became a girl as a result of a failed scientific experiment.
And the girls don’t fight too often either (they say, before we parted for Christmas, Daphne Madden and Andre Vozard started shouting at each other “Bitch!” each other’s breasts and pulled by the hair).Sometimes I wish I was born a girl. They are generally much more civilized. But if I ever say it out loud, they’ll scribble HOMOSEK on my locker. This already happened once with Gloyd Chelesi, when he confessed that he loved Johann Sebastian Bach. And I assure you: if they found out that the poet Eliot Bolivar, who publishes poetry in a local magazine, is really me, they would drag me off the tennis court and beat me to death with hammers from the school workshop, and then paint graffiti ” Sex-pistols “on my gravestone.
Well, while Moron and I were walking to the lake, he told me that they gave him a radio-controlled car for Christmas, and the next day this car exploded – and so it exploded that it nearly wiped out his entire family.
“Well, yes, of course,” I said. But Moron swore on his grandmother’s grave. Then I advised him to write in a complaint and demand damages from the manufacturer. Moron replied that it would be difficult to do, because his father bought a typewriter from Broome in the Taxberry store.I didn’t dare to ask what “Brumi” meant, in case it was something indecent, and simply nodded: “Yes, I understand.” Moron asked what I got for Christmas. I actually got coupons to buy books worth £ 13.5 and a large map of Middle-earth, but books are for queers, so I told him about the tabletop Game of Life that I got from Uncle Brian and Aunt Ellis. This is a board game where the winner is the one who first reaches the end of the road in his little car and earns the most money.
We crossed the road in front of the Black Swan bar and headed into the woods. Oh, what a pity that I didn’t put some chapstick on my lips, now they will crack in such cold weather.
Soon we heard joyous children squealing and screaming behind the trees.
– Who is the last, the fool! – Shouted Moron and jumped off the spot, but stumbled on the frozen track – and crashed right on the ass. “I think I’m having a concussion,” he said.
– Concussion happens when you hit your head. And you fell on your ass. Are you saying you have brains there? – Eh, such a joke, and no one around who could appreciate.

The lake in the forest was epic. Hundreds of tiny bubbles sparkled in the ice. Neil Brough had real skates with shiny blades, rented for only 5 pennies, and he let Pete Redmarley ride them for free – and all the guys looked at them and envied them. It is very difficult to stay on the ice without skates. I fell a hundred times before I learned how to slide normally on the soles of my boots. Ross Wilcox appeared with his cousin Harry Drake and Daphne Madden. All three of them skate perfectly.Both Drake and Wilcox are taller than me. (They cut off the fingers of their gloves to show the scars left by the Queen of Cuts card game. If I did, my mother would kill me). Squishy sat on a small island in the center of the lake, where ducks usually sit, and shouted “Give up the mooring lines!” every time someone twisted and fell. Khlyupik has problems with his head – they say he was born premature – so the guys try not to touch him – otherwise you never know. Grant Birch rode a bike that took away Phillip Phelps from his six.He managed to keep the balance for a couple of seconds, but it was worth pushing, and the bike immediately reared up. After another unsuccessful fall, the bike was crumpled so that it turned into a heap of scrap metal. Phelps watched all this grimly. Probably thinking about how he would explain this to his father.
And then Pete Redmarley and Grant Birch said the frozen lake was the perfect place to play British Bulldogs. Nick Yui said: “I am for”, and it was decided to play. I hate this game. Lee Briggs once lost three teeth while playing Bulldogs, and Miss Throckmorton forbade playing on school grounds, which was a huge relief for me.But this morning, anyone who dares to say they don’t like playing Bulldogs would look like the last fagot. Especially me.
Twenty – or so – boys, plus Daphne Madden, all of us lined up like slaves in the slave market – waiting to be picked on the team. Grant Birch and Nick Yui were captains of the same team. Pete Redmarley and Gilbert Swinyard are the captains of the other. Redmarley immediately took Ross Wilcox and Harry Drake into his team, Grant Birch took me – on the sixth move – and that was not bad.At the end of the set, only Moron and Hlupik remained. Grant Birch and Pete Redmarley joked, “No, you can take both – we want to win!” Although, perhaps, Khlyupik really thought that this was a funny joke (Moron, for sure – no. When everyone turned away, his face became sad – as when we told him that we were playing Hide and Seek, and he ran to hide only an hour later I realized that no one was looking for him). The captains flipped a coin and Nick Yui won, so we were Runners and Pete Redmarley’s team was Bulldogs.We used the jackets of the most insignificant guys to mark the boundaries. All the girls, except for Daphne Madden, left the lake. The Bulldogs stood in the very center, and we Runners spread out along the shore, ready to start. My heart was beating like a drum. All the boys sat down like sprinters before the start. The captains shouted:
“British Bulldogs! One two triii! ”

We ran screaming like a kamikaze. I slipped (sometimes deliberately) in order to let the first wave of Runners ahead of them to face the Bulldogs.(Bulldog’s goal is to knock the runner down, press him with his back to the ice and shout “British Bulldogs! One two three!”). Fortunately, my strategy turned out to be successful – there were free zones ahead, large enough to slip through the main battle and reach the distant coast safe and sound. My plan worked well — but only at first. Brothers Tookie and Harry Drake confronted Nick Yui. Running past, I got kicked in the knee, and still slipped on. But then Ross Wilcox noticed me. I started to retreat, but Wilcox grabbed me, and I grabbed him with fright – grabbed his wrist and pushed right at Ant Little and Darren Crum running past.How does it feel, huh?
The main thing in sports is not victory or participation. The main thing in sports is to humiliate an opponent.
Lee Briggs tried to dump me, but I shook him off easily. After the incident with knocked out teeth, he plays too carefully – now he will not work as a normal Bulldog. I was the fourth runner to get to the “home”, ie. to the distant shore. Grant Birch shouted, “Nice job, Jesse Boy!” Nick Yui fought off the Tukers and Harry Drake and also got to the “home”. The rest of the Runners have been caught – and now they will be Bulldogs in the next round.I hate this game – it forces you to be a traitor.
And, in general, we all shouted “British Bulldogs once or twice THREE!” and ran across the ice again, only this time I had no chance. Ross Wilcox and Harry Drake and Daphne Madden immediately aimed at me. And it was useless to dodge. I didn’t even have time to run to the middle of the lake. Ross Wilcox grabbed my legs, Harry Drake threw me onto the ice, and Daphne Madden sat on my chest and pressed my shoulders with her knees. I just lay limp while they turned me into a Bulldog.But in my heart I will forever remain a Runner. Harry Drake stepped on my foot very painfully – I don’t know, by accident or not. Daphne Madden threw a cruel look at me, just like the Chinese empress – sometimes, seeing this look of hers, I think all day about what it means. Ross Wilcox jumped happily and hit the air – as if he had scored a goal at Old Trafford. “Well, yes, of course, Wilcox,” I said, “three to one, great job.” Wilcox made a V-sign with his fingers and ran on – the game continued.Grant Birch and Nick Yui ran across the ice, hung with Bulldogs, bunches of Bulldogs, periodically shaking them off like flies.
And suddenly – Gilbert Swinyard screamed: “A LOT OF SMALL-A-A!” It was a signal for all Runners and all Bulldogs to come together and portray a huge screaming, growling mountain of children. The game was forgotten – the boys rushed to the center. I deliberately lagged behind, pretending to be limp.
And then we heard the shrill noise of a chainsaw in the woods – the noise was approaching rapidly.

The chainsaw was not actually a chainsaw.It was Tom Yui in his purple Suzuki 150cc. Pluto Novak was sitting right behind Tom, gripping him, even without a helmet. The British Bulldogs, and all the games in general, were immediately forgotten, because Tom Yui is a true legend in Blackswon Green. Tom Yui served in the Royal Marines on the HMS Coventry. Tom Yui had all of the Led Zeppelin albums and could also play the guitar intro to Stairway to Heaven. It was also known that Tom Yui knew Peter Shilton, the England goalkeeper.
Unlike Tom, Pluto Novak was not that famous. He dropped out of school without even getting a certificate. He now works at a cannery in Upton. (Rumor has it that he smokes weed, but obviously not the kind of weed that turns your brain into cauliflower and makes you jump off the roof.) Tom Yui parked the Suzuki next to a bench in a narrow part of the lake, and sat there in the wreck. Pluto Novak slapped him on the back and went off to chat with Colette Turbot, with whom, according to Moron’s sister, he had already had sex.The older boys sat around Tom Yui, like disciples of Christ, and the younger ones settled down a little further away. (Ross Wilcox and Harry Drake smoked. Saome is awful that Wilcox asked Tom Yui something about the Suzuki mufflers, and Tom answered him as if Wilcox was eighteen too). Grant Birch sent his six Phelps to Reed’s store for nuts and beer, and when he went, he called after him, “Run, I said!” To impress Tom Yui. My school status did not allow me to sit close to the bench, and even more so on it, so I and the rest of the middle-class boys settled down on the frozen ground nearby.The older boys talked about the best New Year and Christmas TV programs. Tom Yui said that he recently watched The Big Escape and everyone agreed that compared to this movie, everything else is second-rate shit. Especially – everyone was so impressed by the part where Steve McQueen falls into the clutches of the Nazis, entangled in barbed wire. But then Tom Yui said that the film was actually too long, and everyone agreed that although the film was cool, it was too long. (I didn’t see The Big Escape because Mom and Dad were watching another TV show at that moment.But I listened carefully to Tom, so that later at school I would say that I watched this film).
The conversation, for some reason, changed direction – and the boys began to argue about what kind of death is the most terrible.
– Green Mamba Bite, Gilbert Swinyard said. – The deadliest snake on earth. Your organs will be torn to pieces. Agony!
“Agony is yes,” Grant Birch sniffed, “but still a snakebite is a pretty quick death. It is much worse when the skin is ripped from you, slowly and gradually, as if removing a sock from your leg.The Apache Indians are masters in this area. The best of them could scalp a living person – all night.
Pete Redmarley talks about Viet Cong torture.
– They tie you up, push you into a coffin and put Philadelphia cheese in your crotch. A pipe is brought to the coffin and hungry rats are launched. The rats start eating cheese, and then you.
Everyone looked at Tom Yui for a verdict.
– I had a dream. – He took a drag on his cigarette – this drag lasted forever. – I am one of the last survivors on earth, after the atomic war.We are walking along the highway. There are no cars, only stalks of grass making their way through the asphalt. Every time I turn around, there are fewer people. The radiation is killing them one by one, you know? He glanced at his brother, Nick, then at the frozen lake. “Not that death bothered me that much. But to remain alone – in the whole wide world …
Everyone was silent.
Ross Wilcox changed the subject again. He took a cigarette, took a puff – that lasted forever (uh, poser).
– If not for Winston Churchill, you would be speaking German now.
Of course! He said it as if it didn’t apply to him – as if he would certainly have escaped Nazi slavery and joined the Resistance. I really wanted to besiege him, I wanted to say that, in fact, if the Japanese had not bombed Pearl Harbor, America would never have got into the war, and the British would have had to surrender, and Winston Churchill would have been executed as a war criminal.
But I knew I couldn’t. A stutterer cannot make such a long speech, full of difficult, “stuttering” words.After all, my Executioner is especially ruthless in January.
So I just said I wanted to take a piss, got up and walked down the trail towards the village.
– Hey Taylor! If you shake your baby more than two times, it means that you are playing with him, ”Harry Drake called after me, and Neil Brous and Ross Wilcox burst out laughing. I waved it off without turning around. All this nonsense about playing with my toddler annoyed me. And there was no one to ask what the hell it meant.

It is always pleasant to be in the forest.Gary Drake and Ross Wilcox may have shouted some nasty things after me, but the quieter their voices became, the less I wanted to return. I hated myself for not putting Wilcox in his place when he started talking all this nonsense about Germany and Churchill, but at the same time – I could not afford to start stuttering right in front of all the coolest guys in the village. The frost on the branches was melting, and I listened to drip-drip-drip-drops. This calmed me down a bit. There was still snow in the lowlands, where the sun’s rays did not fall, but this snow was not good enough to make a snowball.(Nero liked to torture his guests by forcing them to eat broken glass – just for fun.) I saw a robin, a woodpecker, a magpie, and far, far away, I think I heard a nightingale singing, although I’m not sure if they sing in January.
Then, at the point where the barely visible path leading to the House in the Forest meets the main path leading to the lake, I heard heavy breathing approaching. I hid between two sprawling pine trees, and Phelps ran past, clutching a bag of nuts and a can of beer to his chest. Behind the pine trees, I suddenly saw a path leading somewhere up to a hill.It seemed to me that I knew all the trails in this part of the forest. But not this one. Peter Redmarley and Grant Birch started playing British Bulldogs again when Tom Yui left. And, on reflection, I decided that I no longer want to expose myself to danger, I’d rather go and find out where this path leads.

There is only one house in this forest, which is why we call it the House in the Forest. They say that some old woman lives here, but I have never seen her, and I do not even know her name. Houses with four windows and a chimney are exactly like a child’s drawing.A brick fence with my growth surrounded the house, and also – high thickets of bushes. Playing war games, we tried to stay away from this house. Not because there are ghosts or anything. It’s just that this part of the forest is generally a rather unpleasant place.
But this morning the House looked pretty quiet and seemed to be locked up, it was hard to believe that it was inhabited. Plus my bladder was already almost bursting, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and it made me less careful. In short, I positioned myself directly in front of the frozen wall.I had just written my name in a jet in the snow when the rusty gate suddenly opened with a quiet creak, and an old woman appeared on the threshold, looking like a frowning aunt from an old black-and-white movie. She just stood there and looked at me.
I stopped writing.
– Oh my God! Sorry – I zipped up my fly, expecting a scandal. If someone thought of peeing our fence, my mother would skin it on the spot, and hide the remains in a compost heap.
– I did not know that someone … lives here.
The gloomy aunt continued to stare at me.My bladder was not completely emptied and I could feel my underwear getting slightly wet.
“My brother and I were born in this house,” she said. Her neck was limp and saggy, like a lizard’s. “And we’re not going to move out of here.
“Oh…” I still wasn’t sure if she would shoot at me. – It’s good.
– What are you noisy!
– I beg your pardon.
“It is not very polite of you to wake up my brother.”
My tongue stuck to the sky.
– It was not me who was making noise, honestly.More precisely – not only me.
“There are days,” she looked at me without blinking, “when my brother loves young people. But today, sir, you just pissed him off.
– I told you – I’m sorry.
“You will be even more sorry,” she said in disgust, “when my brother gets to you.
A deafening silence.
– Is he … is he here? Now? I mean, your brother?
– He does not leave the room.
– Is he sick?
She pretended not to hear me.
– I have to go home.
“You’ll be even more sorry.”
– Under the ice? On the lake? Yes, it is frozen to the bottom.
– You always say that. Ralph Braddon said so too.
– Who is this?
– Ralph Braddon. Butcher’s son.
This was all abnormal.
– Sorry, I have to go home.

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Give me a kiss read online Karen Hawkins (Page 12)

Julia’s pity vanished instantly.

– Alec is not at all ill-fated.

The smile of her interlocutor turned hard.

– Oh, I forgot – thanks to your timely intervention, something broke off …

“Yes, and now he’s rich like Croesus,” Julia said coldly.

Nick narrowed his eyes.

– The same as you. Tell me frankly, cousin, did you plan this in advance, or did it all happen by chance?

Julia guessed obvious anger behind the polite words.

– Do you wish you got anything? I don’t blame you. This is really a lot of money.

There was a deep crease between Nick’s eyebrows, although he was still smiling.

– Be careful, my dear. May I wonder how your spouse intends to dispose of his inheritance?

Julia wanted to get rid of Nick as soon as possible – she still had time to meet with the attorney in order to sign the document on the last transfer of money to the Society’s account.The days accompanied by Lady Birlington were so filled with morning visits, fittings, dance lessons, and other gimmicks that she had to ask to move the weekly Society meeting to an unusually early hour, with which everyone was unhappy. However, Julia was unable to change anything.

Now they had to decide which business it was better to invest in. Lord Kennybrook suggested setting up a sausage factory, but Julia felt that such a disgusting job was not for women.Unfortunately, no one else came up with any other suggestions, so they were stumped.

Julia caught Nick’s interested gaze and blushed.

– The Viscount disposes of his money at his own discretion.

– Really? I doubt it very much.

Julia tightened her grip on the book. She had a strong desire to slap this book on his too handsome face for the title to be imprinted on his cheek; but since that was not possible, she contented herself with lifting her chin high and said sharply:

– The viscount’s business does not concern you at all, Lord Bridgeton.

Nick laughed deliberately:

– There is no need to spew flame at all, my dear. If we talk about the clever maneuver with the abduction of my cousin, then you can really congratulate, this is a very clever move that would suit me better. – Seeing her amazed face, he shrugged his shoulders: – After all, you knew perfectly well what we were planning with your lovely, but completely empty-headed cousin, didn’t you?

– Possibly.

Nick looked at her in surprise.

– You continue to intrigue me.Who would have thought that such an amazing creature was hidden behind Miss Dragon’s colorless appearance?

Julia thought that for these words he might well deserve her forgiveness. Finally, she is wearing her favorite new cape, made of pearl gray fur with a red velvet edge, and her head is adorned with a hat – from Alec’s chosen for her – with wide brim and ostrich feathers in the same shade as the edge of the cape. … It was only now that Julia realized how nice it was to feel splendidly dressed.She ran her hand over the soft fur.

– I must confess to you, I do not recognize myself. It’s amazing how beautiful clothes can transform a woman.

Nick looked at her in a strange way, and then laughed heartily. His eyes sparkled with pleasure.

– You are a completely extraordinary woman, Cousin Julia. I see Alec has acquired much more than just an inheritance. – He conciliatory took her hand and bowed: – I humbly ask you to forgive me. Alec and I have been rivals since birth, which gave our grandfather great pleasure, and even to this day…

His words were suddenly interrupted by a heartbreaking yell from the street. A boy in dirty rags shouted: rushing somewhere, without making out the road, he ran out onto the roadway, along which a cart was traveling, loaded to the brim with cabbage. Cursing loudly, the coachman tried to go around him and turned to the side of the road; from this maneuver the horses reared, and the cart overturned.

Real commotion began. The heads of cabbage rolled along the narrow road, and the street boys began screaming after them; they grabbed as much cabbage as they could carry, and immediately scattered in different directions along the numerous streets and alleys.The coachman, swearing at what the light was worth, tried to save at least something from his goods and unsuccessfully asked passers-by to help him.

The barefoot culprit of the incident, about whom the weight was immediately forgotten, watched for a while, then squeezed through the crowd and quickly went his own way, when suddenly a man screamed loudly and ran after him. In desperation, the boy tried to sneak away from him, squeezing between other carts, and fell right into Julia’s outstretched arms.

– Let me go! Let go, damn it! He will kill me!

“Don’t worry, kid,” Julia began to calm him down.“I won’t let anyone harm you. She grabbed his thin, though rather strong body with both hands, but the boy continued to wriggle like a worm. It was very dirty and smelled appropriately.

– Let go! He’ll whip me if he catches me! Julia’s new cloak was stained with dirt and soot, but it only held the boy tighter. Such a stench was spreading from him that it became difficult for her to breathe; and yet she forced herself to take his face in her hands to get a better look.Her face was covered in bruises and bruises, which caused a righteous anger in Julia’s heart.

“No one dares to offend you,” she said firmly. “They’ll have to deal with me first.

Some of her confidence apparently passed on to the boy, because he stopped resisting and frowned at his unexpected savior, clearly doubting the feasibility of her intentions.

– What can you do? You are just a girl.

“I can call the constable,” Julia said.- And I can also hit your abuser with a handbag.

The boy looked skeptically at her tiny reticule; but before he could say anything, the very man who was pursuing him ran up to them. The man’s appearance left no doubt about the nature of his activity – he was a typical London chimney sweep.

– Ah, there you are, ferret! The man had a flat face with unpleasant little eyes. He glanced quickly at the boy, then stared at Julia. Glancing at her gorgeous outfit, he reluctantly removed the greasy cap from his messy hair.- My compliments, madam. Thank you for catching my tomboy. I’ll make sure he doesn’t bother you anymore. – The man reached for the child.

However, the boy deftly dodged his soot-stained hand.

– Let go, you fool! I still won’t go with you! You vile scoundrel!

Nick noticed that Julia didn’t even flinch when she heard the boy’s rude expressions; stroking his shaggy head, she confidently said:

– There is no need to swear.Battles are won not by words, but by deeds. – And then, squatting down, she straightened the torn shirt on the boy. – What is your name?

The boy looked at her suspiciously.

– Answer immediately, bastard, – ordered the chimney sweep, – or I’ll beat the truth out of you!

– Again, you are for your own! Calm down, because he is still a child. Julia’s face softened. – Don’t you wanna talk? Okay, I’ll try to guess myself. Maybe Tommy?

The boy shrugged:

– Call it what you want, I still don’t have a real name.At least I don’t remember him.

“And yet you were supposed to be called somehow,” insisted Julia. The boy remained stubbornly silent, so she turned to the chimney sweep: – You probably know what his name is?

The man scratched behind his ear.

– His mother never told me anything about it.

“Pribble usually calls me Mac,” the boy said, chuckling a black-toothed smile. – Yes, and also do …

– Enough! – Hastily cried the chimney sweep, glancing quickly at Julia.“The lady is not at all interested in what I called you, the little pervert.

Nick watched the scene with increasing pleasure. The boy, who stood next to the well-dressed Julia, had harsh features like a skinny, emaciated rat. Small, close-set eyes framed light reddish eyelashes. Most notable in his appearance were huge ears and a large snub nose, and his teeth were blackened with soot. Nick had no doubt that his breath was as bad as himself.

And yet, looking at the enthusiasm and care with which Julia hugged her thin body to her, one might think that this was at least a Merc prince: she seemed to completely ignore his ugliness and dirty clothes and looked at the child with a gentle smile, which, probably, borrowed from the image of the Madonna.

Nick has never seen anything like it in his entire life.

– Lord! What is this? – As Lady Birlington emerged from the library, clad in a luxurious velvet dress of bright orange color, she used a cane to work her way through the crowded crowd.

Julia turned to her, holding the boy tightly with one hand.

– Lady Birlington, I want to introduce you to Mac. He will come home with us.

– What? The chimney sweep and Lady Birlington exclaimed at the same time.

“You won’t do that,” the chimney sweep muttered angrily. – He is mine!

Maddy looked sternly over her hooked nose at the ragged tomboy.

– I will not have this dirty child in my carriage, Julia.Ephraim is so sensitive to foreign odors!

– But, madam, this man is a chimney sweep and he is cruel to a child. Look at the bruises on the boy’s face! We just have to save him!

Maddy pursed her lips in disapproval.

– Maybe he just fell off the stairs or something. This child cannot come with us, that’s all. Come on, we still have a lot to do today.

It was obvious that Lady Birlington had no doubts about Julia’s obedient consent, but Julia was not going to give in.Extremely pleased, Nick noticed that the crowd was growing. He couldn’t remember when what was going on would amuse him more.

“Julia, we have to go,” Maddy said sharply. “The boy is not your concern at all.

Her words inspired the chimney sweep: with tenacious fingers, he grabbed the boy’s slender hand and pulled him strongly.

– Did you hear what that old crow said? The boy is not your concern.

Maddy slammed her cane on the sidewalk in a rage, and the icy gaze of her blue eyes seemed to drill through the ill-fated chimney sweep.

– What did you call me?

At the sight of how quickly the chimney sweep let go of the boy’s hand, Nick almost laughed: the extravagant Maddie knew how to pierce her eyes so that even the crowned persons felt uneasy.

– W-I beg you to forgive me most humbly, madam, but I paid five pounds for the boy, and … – The thought of the missing five pounds gave the chimney sweep courage, and he resolutely squared his shoulders. – I won’t go anywhere without them.

Maddie’s face was flushed to the point where it was almost the same color as her wig.

– Oh you, nothing! How dare you talk to me like that? She turned to her nephew, who stood behind her, a sheaf of books in one hand and a sniffing pug in the other. – Edmund! You heard how this man called me!

Edmund swallowed nervously and glanced quickly at the tall chimney sweep.

– Ah, Aunt Maddy, I … I don’t think he … He paid for the baby, and now, of course …

– Curse! Don’t you understand? – Maddy impatiently pointed with her cane at the man: – This ignorant blockhead called me an old raven!

– But that’s not the point! Julia exclaimed, her eyes sparkling.- It’s about the child! If Ephraim cannot sit next to the boy, then we will go next to the coachman.

Nick did not take his eyes off Julia. God, she’s just gorgeous!

Edmund’s chin trembled.

– Julia, please stop! You cannot ride next to the coachman – this will attract everyone’s attention …

Maddy banged the sidewalk with her cane.

– And finally forget about the boy! This insolent guy dared to call me an old raven, and I demand satisfaction!

Edmund, unable to bear it, hesitated.

– You certainly don’t expect me to challenge him to a duel? You can’t fight a chimney sweep!

A warlike light came on in Maddy’s blue eyes.

– Who said you can’t?

– It’s not customary to do that, that’s all! – Edmund’s gaze immediately became unhappy. – Bridgeton! For heaven’s sake, tell her it’s not accepted!

Nick had to work very hard not to burst out laughing, but in the end he managed to portray seriousness on his face.

– You are absolutely right, Edmund, this has never happened. – The young man calmed down a little, but Nick ruthlessly continued: – At least in England. But such precedents took place in Italy, in cases where the honor of the lady was affected.

Edmund now looked like a fish out of water.

– Well. Maddy nodded in satisfaction. – I do not really approve of Italian manners, but in this case they are more appropriate than these English rules, designed for squabbles and slobs.Now challenge this dork to a duel, and Julia and I have an appointment with Madame Ruzard for eleven o’clock for the final fitting.

– But … I … I don’t even have gloves on. – Edmund felt some relief. – I left them in the karst.

– What do you need gloves for? Just call him and be done with it, or we might have lost the whole day.

Edmund sighed loudly, and then whispered loudly in his aunt’s ear:

– Just look at him! He’s so healthy! Maddy looked closely at the chimney sweep, especially with a picky glance at the dirt and soot.

The chimney sweep was confused.

– I beg your pardon, madam, but …

“Don’t interfere,” Maddy interrupted and made an impatient gesture. – We need to decide how to finally act.

“Edmund can take my gloves,” Nick suggested in an innocent voice.

Maddy nodded her approval:

– Wonderful! Very noble of you, Bridgeton!

Edmund looked at Nick with hatred and mumbled darkly:

– I can do without your help.

– Really? Nick smiled lightly. – And I really wanted to offer myself as a second.

– Great! Maddy turned to her unhappy nephew. – Well, what are you waiting for?

Edmund sighed and laid his load on the sidewalk, then indignantly took the glove held out to him and walked over to the puzzled chimney sweep.

– Sorry, buddy. – Holding the glove in his hand, he lightly slapped the man on the cheek with it. – I call you …

Suddenly, the chimney sweep struck Edmund on the nose with all his might, and the young man collapsed to the ground as if knocked down.

– Oh, my God! Maddy exclaimed indignantly. Without a word, Julia handed the boy’s hand to Nick, resolutely walked up to the chimney sweep and hit him with all her might with a reticule in the face. It all happened very quickly. Nick only had time to notice that she was in excellent physical shape. Striking a blow, she, like a boxer, spread her legs wide, and the blow itself looked professional.

The chimney sweep, without having time to understand anything, stepped back, stumbled and fell heavily to the ground.

– That’s great! – Mack exclaimed admiringly.Nick looked down at the boy’s dirty hand and stifled a shiver of disgust with difficulty, while Julia, picking up her skirts, walked from where the chimney sweep had fallen to where Edmund still lay.

– Did you see what this kid did to me? Edmund let Julia help him up. His nose immediately started bleeding, staining his tie.

Glancing furiously at the chimney sweep, who with great care was trying to get to his feet, Maddy exclaimed:

– Impudent scoundrel! You just hit Lord Littleton’s only son! For that, your head should be planted on a lance in Tyburn [Tyburn was the execution site in London at the time.]!

“He was the first to start,” the chimney sweep protested stubbornly: judging by his wandering gaze, he has not yet fully recovered from the blow.

Julia handed her handkerchief to Edmund and took Mack’s hand again.

– We probably need to send someone for the constable. She looked accusingly at the chimney sweep. “I’m sure this man broke some law by treating the child so cruelly.

The chimney sweep looked around the growing crowd with a heavy gaze and said hoarsely:

– I didn’t do anything to him.I just want to get what is due to me. This little guy is mine.

“No, not yours,” Maddy said in an icy voice, looking contemptuously at the chimney sweep. “You don’t know how to deal with children.

– But don’t I have to send someone to clean the chimneys? The chimney sweep looked at Julia warily. – I paid for it and should get this money back.

As much as he wanted to, Nick couldn’t have planned a damaging scene like this better. In the crowd, he had already noticed several very influential secular matrons who were watching with keen interest what was happening.Unexpectedly for himself, he said:

– Perhaps I know how to settle this matter.

Everyone looked at him at once, but now he was only interested in Julia. He took out his purse, took the guinea and threw it at the chimney sweep’s feet.

– Take it, now you have been settled. From now on, the child belongs to Lady Hunterston.

The man grabbed a gold coin and squeezed it with his dirty hands.

– This is more than enough, good sir, thank you. Turning to Julia, he smiled broadly, teeth black with soot.- Congratulations on a wonderful purchase! The only pity is that, apart from hassle, he will not bring you anything.

“I have no doubt that he will find the same raggy somewhere else,” Nick said with polite indifference. “Now let’s get out of here before the police show up.

Hastily looking around, the chimney sweep disappeared into the crowd, but Nick did not even notice this, bewitched by the radiance of Julia’s eyes. He had never seen such beautiful eyes.

Taking his hand, Julia shook it gratefully, and Nick felt the warmth of her fingers.

– You acted so generously! I clearly underestimated you, Lord Bridgeton.

Nick could answer that she was wrong, that he was evil in the flesh and even worse … But instead he took her hand and kissed her.

This is nothing compared to what you did, cousin. I bow to you.

She flushed and removed her hand.

– I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

– Curse! Maddy exclaimed. Standing beside Edmund, she tried in vain to stop the blood dripping from his nose.“Amelia Cornwall just drove past us in her carriage. Her neck stretched out like that of a mongoose, and her eyes just bulged out of curiosity, and this is not good – no later than an hour later the whole city will know about the incident!

Julia bit her lip, but immediately forced herself to smile and calmly said:

– We were left with no choice. Someone had to save the child.

– I can’t imagine how this brute dared to attack Edmund. Maddy handed her nephew a fresh handkerchief, then glanced at Julia.- Because of this, the whole day was lost. I intended to bring you out at the Seftons’ ball, but now I see that this event will have to be accelerated. Well, we are using the banquet held at the Bastions.

“But he’s only one week away,” Julia said with a note of alarm in her voice.

– That’s great. Maddy twitched her nose and winced. “Julia, next time you decide to save the street boy, I beg you, choose a cleaner one. From this it carries, as from a toilet.She bent down to take Ephraim, who sat sniffling at her feet. – Let the boy sit next to Jeffers, and help me put Edmund in the carriage – he absolutely cannot stand the sight of his own blood and may faint at any moment.

90,000 Barack Obama – InoTV Tags

The hype raised by the United States around the transit of Edward Snowden through Moscow is intended to divert attention from really sensational revelations. So, Russell Tice claims that back in 2004, NSA agents listened to the conversations of the future President Obama, trying to find a reason for blackmail, reports Press TV.

Press TV

Russia openly violates the Treaty on the Reduction of Offensive Arms, writes Foreign Policy. Moscow is testing a new ballistic missile and a medium-range missile. But instead of calling the Kremlin to account, Barack Obama offers more and more concessions, writes Foreign Policy.

Foreign Policy

Vladimir Putin is gaining popularity among the population of developed countries, says journalist Gerald Warner.He bravely defends the interests of the state and is determined to strengthen the state. In contrast to the “politically correct squabbles” of Europe and America, who by their policies only lead to the extinction of Western civilization.

We have to admit that Vladimir Putin was right at the G8 summit: you cannot supply weapons to the Syrian rebels without fears that they will fall into the hands of radical Islamists and even Al-Qaeda.Barack Obama had to agree with this, reports CNN.


Barack Obama is not popular with his fellow citizens, while in the international arena, speaking about universal humanitarian values, he claims to be a leader. Thus, he looks like Mikhail Gorbachev, according to the Financial Times. However, the Soviet leader lost all support among his own population, the newspaper reminds.

Financial Times

Obama is trying to build constructive relations with Russia, but he misunderstands Putin’s behavior, according to The Washington Post. Even closing his eyes to the issue of human rights, the American president will not achieve beneficial cooperation with Moscow, the newspaper writes.

Washington Post

Vladimir Putin visited the Obukhovsky plant, one of the leading enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex.The President was shown a new air defense system.

Al Arabiya

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is confident that the proposal of US President Barack Obama to reduce nuclear arsenals “does not fit with the building up of nuclear interception capabilities.” In this regard, he does not believe that the US initiative should be taken seriously.


Barack Obama is seeking to reduce nuclear arsenals not for pacifist reasons.According to ARD, billions of dollars are required to modernize these weapons, and the United States does not have this money.

Das Erste

Dmitry Rogozin said that as long as the United States continues to develop a missile defense system in Europe, there can be no talk of reducing nuclear weapons, Pakistani edition reports. This is how the deputy chairman of the government reacted to the call for further disarmament, voiced the day before by Barack Obama.


Russia reacted rather coolly to Obama’s proposals to reduce its nuclear arsenal. Der Spiegel explains this by the fact that nuclear weapons are one of the last arguments of Russia in its claims to the status of a great power. Accordingly, for its consent, Moscow may ask Washington for too large concessions, for example, abandoning missile defense and the “Magnitsky law”.

Der Spiegel

90,000 Schoolchildren will be taught a lesson in self-defense / Word for you / Radio station “Vesti FM” Live / Listen online

Students of Moscow schools will be taught hand-to-hand combat. It is planned to be taught as an additional physical education lesson or as part of the OBZH. In the new academic year, army wrestling sections will be opened in about 20 schools, and from next year the lesson will be introduced into the school curriculum.Do all schoolchildren need to be taught hand-to-hand combat? This and other questions Olga Badieva and Yuri Bogdanov discussed with the listeners of Vesti FM radio.

Badieva: Although the school year has ended, but we will talk about schoolchildren, because in the new school year, at least, pupils of the capital’s schools are expecting some rather significant changes in terms of, for example, physical education lessons. Introduced lessons of hand-to-hand combat. First, in the form of a section and electives, and then, in a year, it is planned that this will already be a compulsory discipline, and all Moscow schoolchildren will be taught hand-to-hand combat.Do you think this activity is necessary? Should all students have these skills? After all, if we proceed from the premise that martial arts are a certain weapon, then where is the confidence that in various clashes teenagers will use this very weapon adequately?

Bogdanov: Yes, indeed, there are quite a few questions here. On the one hand, we can say that children will be taught the ability to stand up for themselves, discipline … This is presented as preparation for the army, and here the question arises with the girls…

Badieva: This is how our radio listener writes: “Only squishies grow, the future office plankton. Probably, the authorities want there to be not only squishies, but also fit young people.”

Bogdanov: Yes, but what are we going to do with the girls? Will we train them too?

Badieva: Embroidery. What a fight!

Bogdanov: As far as I understand, we are talking about girls too, because the authors of this initiative say that nothing, girls should also be able to stand up for themselves on our streets.Our life is unsafe, so there is nothing wrong with the fact that a girl will have some kind of hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Well, in general, yes, you can continue to go, enter a knife fight!
In fact, there are many questions and doubts: at what age to start this training? Who will coach? Will this not lead to a surge of aggression among children and adolescents? These are all those questions that arise by themselves.

Badieva: And most importantly, what will this lead to, and how will schoolchildren use the acquired skills? On the one hand, if these classes begin in adolescence, then in such a period of maturation, I think physical activity is useful, because hormones are raging and at least there should be some way out.After all, there are many other sports, for example, football, by the way, we have big problems with it, let’s organize football clubs, maybe we will raise normal football players. Or basketball, whatever!

Bogdanov: But you know, I have a lot of friends who want to send their children to single combats.


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