Rainbow themed weddings: 22 Rainbow Wedding Theme Ideas We’re Totally Obsessed With


22 Rainbow Wedding Theme Ideas We’re Totally Obsessed With

Genevieve Albert Photographer

Embracing a rainbow wedding theme on your big day? We love it! If you’re trying to find some creative ways to infuse your big day with some serious multicolour magic, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your menu, make your attire a touch more whimsical or incorporate some bold rainbow wedding decorations, you’ll find something—maybe even a few things—that fit the bill on this list.

Here are a few drop dead gorgeous ideas for your rainbow wedding theme.

Wedding invitations

Let your guests know about your wedding theme from the get-go by sending out rainbow-themed wedding invitations. If you want to really knock it out of the park, follow suit with your wedding website and choose a bold and bright theme for your background and font.

Balloons and pom poms

Take your altar from meh to magical by decorating your wedding ceremony arch with colourful balloons and paper pom poms.

You can mix in some flowers, ribbons and other bells and whistles to make it extra eye-catching.

The Event Designer

Bridesmaid dresses

You probably want to wear white on your wedding day, but your bridesmaids don’t have to! Get them in on your rainbow wedding theme by asking each of them to wear a different colour of dress. Be sure to ask everyone for their top pick so that each maid gets a shade that they feel comfortable and confident in.

Pastel Dress Party – Bridesmaid Dresses & Bridal Accessories

Colourful groomsmen socks

For the gents in your wedding party, gift them with a pair of socks across the rainbow spectrum. Don’t forget to snap a cute pic like this one.



Work some rainbow magic into your wedding flowers by carrying a multicolour bouquet down the aisle. You can go with hand-dyed blooms for something bold and bright or do a more muted, natural rainbow of flowers.

Lumsden Florist Etc


Forget about being showered with rice or flower petals after saying your ‘I dos’—ask your guests to toss colourful confetti your way, instead.

Rocket Fireworks


Amp up your wedding portraits by posing in front (or behind) a veil of ROYGBIV smoke.

Ruby Moments Photography & Video


Another solid option for your wedding portraits is posing in front of a graffiti mural. Many industrial-style venues have ‘em, but if all else fails, you can take to the city streets for your shoot.

Callum Pinkney Photography


Your wedding bar doesn’t have to be boring! Skip the plain ‘ol gin and tonics and vodka sodas and serve an array of colourful cocktails. You can do this with teas, sodas, juices or mocktails if you’re going the non-alcoholic route.

Rainbow shots

And for something on the boozier side, you can ask your bartender to create a rainbow display of colourful shots.

Bar-Belles Bartending


Make your wedding table decorations match your rainbow wedding theme by using colourful centerpieces, bright dishware, drinking glasses and linens. The brighter and bolder, the better.

Tanya List Design & Floral

Sweetheart table

Dress up your sweetheart table with multi-coloured streamers, candles, bunting and bouquets to envelope yourselves in colour. You can make bright and beautiful decorations with paper, fabric or wool. Ask your florist to use bold blooms in your table centerpiece, too!

Attia Events


Make your head table or sweetheart table stand out by putting up a whimsical backdrop behind it. You can use different shades of linen (like this couple), paper, balloons and/or flowers to really make it pop.

Kismet By SC

Paper lanterns

Take your rainbow wedding theme from floor to ceiling by filling the roof of your venue with colourful lanterns. If you want to save a bit of cash, you can achieve a similar look with balloons.

X Events

Rainbow lighting

Another great way to add colour to your reception space is with up-lights and spotlights.

All In Event Services

Wedding cake

Take your wedding dessert table to the next level by topping it with a rainbow wedding cake. If you don’t want your display to be too bold and bright, you can ask your baker to frost the outside with a more elegant buttercream or fondant design and do a multicolour interior, so you get the best of both worlds.

Barbara Rowlandson – Secular Humanist Wedding Officiant


If you prefer cupcakes to a sky-high traditional wedding cake, go with a similar style in mini form. Don’t forget to top ‘em with sprinkles and colourful toppers, like maraschino cherries.

La Gâtisserie

Candy bar

Give your friends and family a taste of the rainbow by filling your sweet table with colourful candy treats like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids and Starbursts. Your guests can even take some home with them at the end of the night as wedding favours (killing two birds with one stone is always a good thing).

Little Flower Shop


Who didn’t love whacking a pinata as a kid? Bring a bit of that joy back by having one (or two) at your reception.

Elyse&Co Events

Gourmet popcorn

Treat your guests to colourful gourmet popcorn as a late night snack

Mini Milkshakes & Floats


Every photobooth needs props. Tailor yours to your rainbow wedding theme by choosing colourful costumes, speech bubbles, backdrops and more.


Finish off your celebration by lighting up the sky with a multicolour fireworks display. That’s what we call going out with a bang!

Bertrand Productions

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Rainbow Wedding Decor Ideas – Delegate

Rainbow wedding decor ideas are an awesome way to make your wedding more colorful and fun. As the name implies, these colors symbolize diversity and inclusion which is becoming more important in today’s society.

We have some great tips and will provide you with some ideas for incorporating rainbow wedding decor into your beautiful and whimsical themed wedding day! Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about rainbow weddings.

Rainbow Wedding Decorations

In the world of weddings, your options are limitless. One way to make a splash is with an unconventional color scheme with rainbow colors! With so many vivid and bold hues at our disposal, it’s easy to go overboard without even realizing it… or embrace that maximalist mindset and pile on the rainbows-inspired details!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Invitation Cards

Your wedding might be the first time your guests see an inkling of what it will look like, so make sure you send a great invitation! A folk art-inspired design allows for incorporating many different colors into your stationery suite without feeling too chaotic.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses

Rainbow weddings are the perfect opportunity to mix things up! Have your bridesmaids wear dresses in a range of colors and have your groomsmen do the same.

Mixing different shades together will create an eclectic look that’s sure to wow everyone at your wedding!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Hair

It’s not every day that a bride can do something as daring than on her wedding day, but if you’re looking for an exciting way to make your big-day hair color statement, then these looks are proof of how it looks when the unexpected becomes expected. 
When faced with making provocative hairstyling choices during their weddings – one bride opted for blue and orange tresses while another went in full neon mode – they both had fun experimenting with new colors!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Bouquets

The vibrant bouquet will bring a splash of color to your dress. It features blue anemones, orange ranunculus, and leafy eucalyptus which contrast beautifully against the white gown for maximum impact. For your bridesmaid’s bouquet, instead of having every bridesmaid wear the same color, have your wedding florist create a bouquet that matches each dress. This will keep everyone coordinated and on-trend while adding plenty of beautiful colors to complement those bold looks!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Flowers Display

This trendy rainbow wedding flower display is a creative way to showcase super-vibrant flowers aside from the traditional bouquet or centerpiece. The unique design of this product provides an eye-catching focal point for any table decoration and will always draw attention as it catches the light with its elegant shape, vibrant colors, and glossy finish.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

For a truly unique and enchanting wedding ceremony backdrop, recreate your own personal version of the “magical forest” using colorful pom-poms on garlands as trees and streamers to represent waterfalls. For an extra boho flair, you can use paper citrus slice cutouts or sun palms for people to hold during the vows!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rainbow Wedding Cake

Some guests may be surprised to learn that the cake they’re about to enjoy is filled with colorful, candy-coated chocolate eggs. But if you want this sweet surprise for yourself alone, remember: keep it a secret from your friends and family!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Create a special memory that you can cherish for years to come by adding some of these rainbow wedding decor ideas. The most important day in your life deserves to be remembered as one of the best. 

We hope that you have found these tips helpful and can use them to design a beautiful, memorable wedding. No matter what type of color palette or theme you choose for your special day, the most important thing is that it reflects who you are as a couple. So make sure to take some time before the big day to get creative and plan out all of those little details! 

Check out Delegate with an array of our top vendors that will help you create and build your dream wedding come to life!

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Unique Weddings: Sharon & Eli’s Rainbow Themed Wedding – Only Good TV

Medline’s Client Market Solutions Officer, Sue MacInnes, described the evolution of the pink glove and its importance as the first point of contact between a nurse and a patient. “The caregiver is interacting with that patient and there is touch,” she explained. “Since they are usually wearing exam gloves, we thought if we made them pink, a color associated with breast cancer, that it would create a conversation about breast cancer awareness.”

Instrumental in that conversation is Hollye Jackson, a nurse, breast cancer survivor, and now best-selling author of “The Silver Lining, a Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer”. Hollye was a self-described vegan eating, marathon running, young Mom with absolutely no family history of breast cancer. When she was blindsided by her cancer diagnosis, her life as she knew it was changed in an instant.

“When I became a patient and moved from the side of a hospital bed and into the patient bed,” she recalled, “I learned so much more than I could ever have been taught in my nursing education.” A result of this eye-opening experience, is a host of insightful tips that she now shares with all who have been affected by this disease.

Watch how the joy of this gathering warmly highlights the special bond between breast cancer patients and their caregivers and how no one need suffer alone.

Learn more at: https://www.medline.com/jump/category-content/media-room/virtual-press-kits/pink-glove-dance

More information about this condition can be found at: https://www.breastcancer.org/

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Rainbow-Themed Wedding: 10 Ways to Include Gay Pride in Your Day

You’ve planned and prepped for months to design your perfect wedding, and you know you want some of that LGBT spark to shine through on your special day. Harness some of the rainbow for your wedding! Here are ten ideas you can use to create a special flair for your rainbow-themed wedding.

Poppy-Colored Flowers: Having a rainbow-inspired wedding doesn’t mean your event will be childish at all. This gorgeous bouquet pulls a variety of colors together with perfect elegance! (Photo via Lara Hotz)

Invitations with Love: Share the love with your family and friends by adding a colorful accent to your invitations. This rainbow touch for your wedding is sophisticated with a pinch of fun. (via Invitation by Dawn)

Matching Tattoos: Combine your love for one another and love for tattoos with this rainbow-inspired tattoo. Instead of trading rings, try this tattoo design instead. (via Tumblr)

Colorful Bridesmaids: Bring on the colors! These bridesmaids shine bright in their mismatched dresses and shoes. By allowing bridesmaids to wear their own style and color dress, they can find one that is flattering for their body and skin tone! (Photo via Our Labor of Love)

Hanging Mobiles: Dress up any tent or reception space with DIY mobiles! They’re simple, colorful and are affordable to create. (Photo via Pixies in the Cellar)

Bring on the Chucks: Comfort should be of importance on your wedding day. Ditch the heels or uncomfortable dress shoes for these colorful hi tops. If you’re not into going 100% into the rainbow-themed wedding, try just rainbow laces. (Photo via Shannon Patrick Photography)

Streamers Galore: Who would think a ceiling of streamers could be so magical! This whimsical use of streamers dazzles and is breathtaking for photos. If you’re willing to put in some time decorating or are okay with hiring a professional, you can transform any event space with this look. (via Offbeat Bride)

Chair Sashes: Take your ceremony to new heights with these rainbow-themed wedding chair sashes. Fabric can be expensive, so shop around at a few different stores or see what you can find for used chair sashes. (via Decozilla)

Confetti Toss: Get showered with love as you and your new husband or wife walk down the aisle with this pastel rainbow confetti! If you’re having an outside ceremony, purchase biodegradable confetti for a guilt-free celebration. (Photo via Isabelle Selby)

Rainbow Shoes: Dress up those tootsies with some rainbow goodness! Bridesmaids should wear a neutral color with their colorful shoe and flower pairing so the accents pop! (via Jim Kennedy Photographers)

We’d love to see your ideas for how you’re incorporating gay pride into your wedding day. If you’re thinking of a rainbow-themed wedding, share your ideas below!

Jessica and Courtney’s Rainbow-Themed Hudson Valley Wedding – Love Inc. Mag

By Brittny Drye | Photography by Samantha Lauren Photographie

As if a rainbow-themed wedding could get any more awesome, Jessica and Courtney’s special day was sprinkled with details giving nods to marriage equality and the way they met (which you know we’re suckers for). And thanks to Samantha Lauren Photogarphie‘s brilliant eye, the emotions, colors and fun just pop off the page. 

The Love Story

They met while working at their local movie theater and, after realizing they had more than just blockbusters in common, their friendship swiftly turned into something more. Three years later, Courtney took Jessica to a movie at, of course, the cinema they had met at.

“When the movie was over, I was ambushed by some theater employees, asking about our anniversary and talking about the movie. Court ran up front, claiming she had to use the bathroom. After a few minutes of talking, the employees led me up front where ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars was playing,” explains Jessica. “As we rounded the corner, into the lobby, three of our friends and Court were dancing, their backs toward me. One at a time they turned around revealing the front of their shirts, ‘Will’ ‘You’ ‘Marry’ and the Court turned around ‘Me?’”

The Inspiration

The 100-year-old Hudson Valley estate, The Meadowbrook, painted a romantic backdrop for these two lovebirds to say “I do.” The brides infused a rainbow of colors with brightly hued wedding party attire (including colored Converse sneakers!) and escort cards, calla lily bouquets wrapped in themed ribbon and rainbow temporary tattoos championing marriage equality.

The Ceremony

“We knew that we wanted people to have fun, and have a different wedding experience so we started off by having our DJ Bri Swatek play ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Our wedding party began walking down to this, we wanted to set the mood,” explains Courtney. “Once our first bridesmaid walked down, we had the DJ cut the music and change it to our proposal song ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars. Once that song came on, we danced down the aisle.”

The brides symbolically joined their families with a sand ceremony (“We picked green and orange sand, our favorite colors”) and after exchanging vows and rings, they recessed to, fittingly, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

The Party

Guests were navigated to the reception thanks to movie theater-inspired signage. Jessica and Courtney had their first dance to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, “which everyone in the movie theater industry best knows it as that song from ‘Twilight,’” adds Jessica. The brides cut into a tiered cake that had rainbow sugar flowers cascading down the side and they created a DIY photo booth with multicolored streamers and fun props, both were a huge hit.

See also

For favors, they set up a candy bar filled with movie theater favorites (luckily not with movie theater prices!). “We tried to keep the rainbow theme here as well with candy like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst, M&Ms and Airheads,” explains Courtney.

“I know people say this all the time, but our wedding was just so perfect,” says Jessica. “We loved every minute of it and every memory. If we had to pick just one, hearing the crowd burst out in cheers and laughter when we started dancing down the isle was pre\y great. We knew then and there we had them hooked.”

Wedding Date: June 14, 2014

Photography: Samantha Lauren Photographie
Venue: The Meadowbook
Florist: Kamilla’s Floral Boutique
Wedding Dress (Courtney): David’s Bridal
Wedding Dress (Jessica): Lady Gray
Bridesmaid Dresses: Lady Gray
Music: DJ Bri Swatek

23 Ways To Infuse LGBTQ+ Pride Throughout Your Wedding

Let your pride flag fly!

Images by Amber Robinson | Alvea Studios

Love is love. ..just like weddings are weddings. But if you’re looking to put your LGBTQ+ pride on full display, here are 23 vibrant ways to work it into your big day!

1. Wear colorful cufflinks…

Kathleen Marie Ward Photography

2. Or rainbow-soled shoes!

Casey Hendrickson Photography | The Farm at Brusharbor | Lisa Pleasant Events | Converse Pride Collection

3. We’re swooning over these dip-dyed dresses…

Shelly Beck Photography | Kendall Point | Botanika

4. And can’t get enough of these color-blocked socks.

Mak Rabbitt Photography

5. Go bright and bold with your wedding flowers.

Lara Hotz | The Sisters

6. Incorporate lines from the Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage into your ceremony readings, programs, or signage.

Ladyfingers Letterpress

7. And be loud-and-proud with a wedding ceremony sign like this one!

Northern Red Photography

8. Create a colorful ceremony backdrop–or use rainbow ribbons for handfasting!

Penny Photographics

9. These balloons make a great photo prop…

Falkirk Mansion | Vivian Chen

10. And these vibrant smoke bombs make an Instagrammable photo op!

Ashley Smith Events | The Holly Farm | D Lillian Photography

11. Get fun accessories and werk those wedding photos.

Shifted Focus Photography

12. Put your pride up in lights (and then hang it in your home!).


13. Matching tattoos are a sweet sentiment.


Swatch Studios | Your Perfect Day

14. While this ombré overhead installation + matching florals make a grand statement.

Redfield Photography | Rabbit Rabbit Crew | Allium Floral Design | Bacon & Lox Society

15. Who can resist a good color-blocked seating chart?

Birds of a Feather | La Boheme Events | Hollyflora

16. Complementary chair signs are an affordable yet adorable touch.

Elysia | Brisbane Wedding Decorators

17. And this “guest book” frame is a great way to incorporate your pup!


18. Moving on to the cake…how’s this for a surprise spectrum?

Steve Steinhardt | Beth Helmstetter Events | Charm City Cakes

19. And we love the idea of topping the tiers with figurines in your likeness.

Kenzie Rae Photography | Flowers at the House

20. Most importantly, celebrate the notion that love ALWAYS wins.

Michael Anthony Photography

21. Encourage your guests to “Love in color” with these DIY wedding favors.

The Budget Savvy Bride | Oriental Trading

22. Then get a bunch of rainbow sparklers…


23. And give yourselves an EPIC send-off.

Jessica Hunt Photography | By Invitation Only…Event Planning & Design

Want more wedding ideas? We got you, boo!

Hold up! Are you in our tribe?

Some clients may have paid to be placed in our editorial and some of these links may be affiliate; however, we never include a venue, vendor, or product unless they have a proper place here. This is part of our Core Values. We create our website first and foremost to be good for the couples using it to plan their Big Day. We won’t stray from that for a few advertising dollars. #scoutshonor

Welcome a Spring Wedding with a Rainbow-colored Theme

Celebration! Few things say it quite as expressively as bold, vibrant colors. And we’re not talking here about three or four hues, but an entire rainbow!

Wondering if that might be too offbeat for a wedding, though? It could be. But not if you apply the multiple colors in stylish doses, via key decorative elements. So we took the liberty of searching for examples of those elements on the web. And we love what we found! We’re sure you’ll be won over, too, as you visualize just how you might work that infectious rainbow radiance into your Big Day.

Multicolor Ideas for your Wedding

  1. We love how delightfully daring this wedding dress is, color-wise, and that it was worn by a real bride! Featured on Red Glasses blog, it is custom-made of 100% silk.
  2. Anything with that watercolor wash effect has a special charm to it. Just like this rainbow-hued invitation suite by Katie Fischer Design.
  3. Looking fresh from a country meadow, this charming bouquet from a rustic UK wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake  brings in virtually all the colors of the rainbow!
  4. Thirteen bridesmaids all in a row, each in a different colored dress with matching bouquet! Quite a sweet spectacle indeed from a real wedding featured on Bridal Musings. Luckily, you actually need just seven bridesmaids to complete a rainbow!
  5. Only a meticulous hand can create such an amazing rainbow-themed wedding cake with multitudes of handpiping. Found on Rise and Shine Bakery via HawaiiKawaii.
  6. Whimsical “love stamps” can bring that rainbow accent to your invite and save-the-date envelopes. Found via Brides.com, they’re originally from Verde Studio  , an etsy site specializing in upcycling vintage stamps (check out their lovely selection!).
  7. For a playful touch, you can even treat guests to some brightly colored rock candy like these seen at a rainbow-themed kiddie party on The Party Wagon. A fun way to transition from the ceremony to the reception!
  8. A quick and easy way to get that multi-colored effect is with frosted cupcakes displayed on a tiered stand. These ones by Cupcakes Take the Cake are rainbow colored inside and even have tiny matching ribbons as toppers!
  9. How party-perfect are these “rainbow cherry jigglers” we found at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen! Basically made of juice-infused gelatin, the winning touches are those colored and flavored maraschino cherries (look for the Roland brand) and of course the sprinkles.
  10. Yoghurt parfaits in an array of colors look almost too pretty to eat! For culinary experts, the Luxirare site provides a fabulous (almost science fiction-looking) tutorial for making these gourmet treats. But you could simulate the same striking display with colored sorbets or gelato.
  11. For festive overhead decoration, it’s hard to beat paper lanterns in all colors of the rainbow, like these found via Roses Valley. Just imagine the carnival effect they’d create at your wedding when lighted as evening falls!

90,000 Create a mood of happiness – rainbow wedding

Someone decorates a wedding in light shades, someone in bright ones, someone does not think about a color scheme at all, but someone prefers one specific color, but what if you take and use all the colors at once ?! A rainbow wedding will appeal to cheerful and optimistic natures who are not afraid to deviate from traditions.
Many people associate the rainbow with something positive – childhood, happiness, serenity – so why not use its spectrum to design such a significant life event? Moreover, this is easier to do than it seems, because the symbol is defined.

Wedding decoration in rainbow colors

1. Wedding invitations in rainbow colors can be made in the form of a flower with colorful petals, or you can simply paint the rectangle with different colors of the rainbow.

Such a colorful invitation will immediately set the guests in the right mood. For greater efficiency, you can be original – write something like: “We invite you to walk along the rainbow with us”, etc.

2. Banquet hall decoration.Let the background be light, neutral, and the decorations rainbow colored. Ribbons, light fabrics for draperies, flowers, garlands of paper and, of course, balloons, from which you can make the rainbow itself – a symbol of celebration, are suitable.

Place stylish rainbow napkins or simply napkins of different colors in a certain order on the tables. By the way, it is not necessary to follow the well-known color sequence algorithm – the main thing is to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Use multi-colored lamps and lanterns as an original accent.

Don’t forget to decorate your wedding menu accordingly – order colorful desserts and drinks.

3. Wedding car. A rainbow colored car is an extremely rare occurrence, and then simply decorate the wedding procession with ribbons and flowers in seven primary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and purple.

Dresses of the bride and groom at the rainbow wedding

The color of the dresses of the bride and groom can be traditional, but the accessories can be iridescent.Friends of the young people can also make an original addition – bridesmaids can wear dresses of different shades of the rainbow, and the groom’s friends can wear colored shoes and ties, etc.

Another option is also possible, when all the girls dress up in white cocktail dresses and multi-colored shoes, and the bride puts on a long white wedding dress and focuses on accessories – a belt, veil, umbrella, cape, etc.

The bridal bouquet can be made of different flowers or specially painted for a rainbow of roses.

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90,000 Wedding style. Themed weddings

If you are tired of pretentious glamor and ostentatious chic, then decorating your wedding in rustic style will be a great idea for you. You will have a sincere and atmospheric holiday filled with elegant simplicity and homeliness!

If your wedding takes place on February 14 or in the coming days, then Valentine’s Day will be an excellent style for this touching event.You will get an insanely gentle and romantic holiday!

Do you want to make your celebration original and memorable? Then you should choose an interesting theme for the wedding, because it is she who sets the whole tone for the holiday! Not sure what to choose? Pay attention to the perky polka dot print!

Fresh and effective neon – an interesting palette for a bright and extraordinary wedding celebration. Acid colors will bring uniqueness and enthusiasm to the image of the newlyweds, to the decor and design of wedding accessories – colorfulness and positive!

If you want to organize a stylish wedding with a cozy and homely warm atmosphere, then you should pay attention to the knitted theme. Interesting details of the image of the newlyweds, knitted bouquet and boutonniere, colorful yarn decor and accessories – all this will make your holiday truly original!

If you are attracted by the mysterious water spaces and admire the beauty of the azure seas, then a maritime-style wedding will be an excellent option for you, which will allow you and your guests to plunge into the atmosphere of vacation, summer mood and beach positive!

If your wedding takes place in early summer, then a delicious strawberry can be an excellent theme for it.You will get a bright and extraordinary celebration filled with great mood and amazing taste, familiar from childhood!

Do you like blueberries? Then we invite you to organize an exclusive party – a blueberry wedding, which will be filled with rich colors and amazing taste! This “appetizing” berry can become both a highlight of wedding looks and an original element of wedding decor and accessories.

Red carpet, camera flashes, Oscars and expensive outfits – that’s what a Hollywood-style wedding is! If this is how you see your wedding, then be sure to adopt this interesting and stylish theme!

Do you like the mysterious atmosphere of an old masquerade ball? So why not organize a celebration in a similar style, inviting your family and friends to put on luxurious outfits and masquerade masks and plunge into the unique atmosphere of a mysterious and aristocratic event!

Starry sky and outer space – an extraordinary theme for a modern wedding celebration! Sparkling wedding dresses, spectacular decor and lighting in the form of a starry sky – you and your guests will plunge into a real starry tale filled with secrets, glitter and romance.

As a theme for a luxurious and aristocratic celebration, you can choose the story of the great Empress Marie Antoinette. You and your guests will plunge into the amazing atmosphere of royal balls with chic outfits, spectacular Rococo decor and exquisite treats!

Do you want to organize a bright and positive celebration? Then you should pay attention to the citrus theme, which will fill the wedding with rich colors and rainbow mood!

Geometry can become an original theme for a modern wedding celebration: various kinds of circles, squares, rhombuses, etc. On the basis of these geometric elements, you can create amazing wedding images, interesting accessories and elements of wedding decor.

If you like beautiful antiques with their own special aura, then you should take a closer look at the shabby chic style. A sophisticated celebration can be organized on its basis! A delicate pastel palette, aged clothes, natural fabrics and garden flowers – that’s what a shabby chic wedding is all about.

Themed weddings are becoming more and more fashionable and popular lately. And it is not surprising, because a wedding celebration organized in the same style is doomed to success. You can choose any of the wedding styles: vintage or fruit celebration, a wedding based on a movie theme or in the style of your favorite fairy tale. It all depends on your desires and financial capabilities! However, remember that if you decide to organize a themed celebration, you should take care to create a unique atmosphere that matches the chosen theme. Not sure which wedding style to choose and how to organize everything correctly? In the section you will find ideas for themed weddings for every taste!

90,000 Themed weddings | Creative studio “There is happiness!”

Every day, fashion changes, improves, old traditions are replaced by new ones and the standard classic wedding is no longer relevant for everyone.

Modern newlyweds increasingly want to stand out, choosing for themselves a wedding in a specific theme.

Thematic wedding is not only a creative and non-standard event, but also an opportunity to tell about yourself. A piece of the soul and history of this couple is embedded in every detail. And, coming to the wedding, guests see the hall, dishes, costumes, etc. decoration in one key, which allows them to plunge headlong into a certain era, history or fairy tale.

But, it is important to remember that the plot of your wedding and its history should become clear not only to you! You should consider the different social strata of the invited guests, their lifestyle and possible reactions to the style you choose.

Nowadays, weddings with the use of Internet technologies and social networks are gaining more and more popularity. You can arrange creative wedding with on-line correspondence of all guests and video broadcast on Skype to distant lands to relatives who could not come to the celebration. But, it is unlikely that the guests of the pre-retirement age present will find it interesting. And they will spend most of the evening feeling bored and neglected.

If you nevertheless decided to stand out among the crowd and arrange a themed wedding , but you cannot decide in any way, then here are some examples that will help you with your choice: take a closer look at each other, remember your school years, something in common may emerge and interesting.

Or perhaps you have a common passion for a particular product, dish. And, given its color scheme or shape, it is possible to decorate the entire wedding in an interesting way.

Are you very active and do sports? Then a thematic wedding based on one of the sports games will become a very bright moment in your life.

If you are avid travelers or just love the culture of other countries, then French wedding , Greek or Roman style wedding is perfect for you.

Lovers of glamor and chic will love a brilliant wedding : all accessories in gold or silver, sparkles on the tables and on the bride’s dress, rhinestones, scattering of stones and bright reflections from glossy surfaces.

Another advantage of themed weddings is their organization. Agree, among the countless design options, handmade accessories and other things, it is much easier to figure it out when you have one definite idea, the color according to which you will compose everything.

If, after long disputes, you cannot decide on the color of the wedding, then a rainbow wedding is ideal for you. Have each bridesmaid bracelet and groom friend’s tie in a specific color from the rainbow palette. Decorate the room with colorful ribbons and flowers. Such a wedding will not only become the brightest and most colorful, but will also give you an excellent summer mood even in winter.

Themed wedding will be able to present a unique journey into the small world created by the newlyweds.

The team of the creative studio will be happy to help you in choosing an individual scenario for a thematic wedding and holding it!

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Speaking of a themed wedding, a wide variety of images appear in our head, ranging from funny cartoon characters to exquisite and unique reincarnations.

Yes, a thematic wedding is not just a celebration, it is an original and creative event that requires a lot of effort.And if in the process of organizing some detail is missed, then nothing good will come of this venture.

At any wedding, the bride is the queen of the celebration, and it is her image that should become the most original and impressive. In this article, we will look at the most popular ideas for themed weddings, as well as determine which wedding dress would be ideal for a particular style.

Multicolored wedding

A multi-colored (rainbow) wedding will be a great idea for bright and extraordinary personalities who have an active life position and are not afraid to experiment.

The essence of such a themed wedding is that seven colors of the rainbow are used for its decoration and organization. Therefore, the wedding dress must match. The best option is a multi-colored dress with a fluffy skirt. However, you can stick to traditions and wear a white dress, but in this case you will need bright multi-colored accessories that perfectly complement the image. As for wedding makeup, it should be catchy, with a play of shades.

Minimalist ceremony

Minimalistic wedding – everything is simple, clear and concise.This is the so-called exquisite classic, in which there is nothing superfluous. And, of course, for such a wedding, a snow-white wedding dress with a minimum of accessories and decorations would be ideal.

The choice of hairstyle for such an outfit should embody tenderness, lightness and airiness. Wedding make-up – in discreet pastel colors, as close as possible to natural makeup.

Gothic style wedding

It is not necessary to support the Gothic subculture in order to have a wedding ceremony in this style.Gothic wedding is one of the most extraordinary and creative ideas preferred by people who know a lot about exquisite luxury.

Black, red and gold colors are predominantly used for organizing a Gothic wedding. Therefore, for the original reincarnation, it is preferable for the bride to choose dresses made in strict classics and made in black and red colors.

Carnival theme for a wedding

Have you ever been to a Brazilian or Venetian carnival? If not, then you have a unique opportunity to organize a carnival at your own wedding.Fascinating, enchanting and impressive!

The creation of a wedding image for such an event must be approached with all responsibility. Do not be afraid to experiment with bright colors and do not forget about the most important accessory – the original mask, which will add mystery and mystery to the image.

Vintage style wedding

The distinctive features of a vintage wedding are elegance, sophistication and romance. It is from this that one should start when choosing a wedding dress.It is advisable if the dress is with lace elements. Eliminate the expression in the color scheme, give preference to calm pastel tones.

Surprise, experiment and don’t be afraid to embody your most creative ideas! Professional masters of the beauty salon Image House ONLY YOU are always ready to embody even the craziest ideas in reality and make your image original and unique!

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90,000 Ideas for decorating a summer wedding – how to have a beautiful summer wedding?

The summer months are, according to statistics, the most popular among couples who decide to tie the knot.This choice is quite logical, because nature at this time pleases with its warmth, bright colors and fragrant aromas.

There are many ideas for a wedding in the summer, which one to choose depends on individual preferences, but it is very important to maintain a uniform style, even in the smallest details. It is necessary to decide on the theme of the celebration, first of all, so that as a result everything looks beautiful and harmonious.

How to choose a theme for a summer wedding?

When deciding on the design of a wedding, you must first of all take into account your own interests.If you have common hobbies, favorite movie or book , then you can take them as a basis for style. In the case when there are none, couples most often make a start in their choice from the season. Some themed events are easier to organize at specific times of the year.

However, summer is a universal time, most of the styles fit perfectly into its amazing landscapes. You need to make the most of the generous gifts of nature, choosing those styles that require a riot of colors, a large amount of vegetation and open space.

The style of a summer wedding can be anything, because nature at this time of the year abounds in its generous gifts and picturesque landscapes

Rainbow wedding

A rainbow is considered a symbol of a prosperous and happy life, it is a kind of bridge to a wonderful future. Such a bright and colorful style would be ideal for cheerful creative people. All seven colors of the rainbow must be present in the design of the banquet hall and motorcade without fail – from red to purple.Think carefully about unusual details, for example, the following:

  • pom-poms made of paper or tulle;
  • LED string lights with many shades;
  • arches, balloon figures;
  • open umbrellas;
  • Posters and stickers.
Rainbow wedding

The most daring brides can choose not white, but multicolored dress as their wedding dress , at a rainbow wedding it will look appropriate and impressive. If this option is not to your liking, stop at bright accessories and a colorful bouquet.

The image of the groom should also have rainbow details. It can be a butterfly, unusual sneakers, or at least a boutonniere. It’s great if the friends and girlfriends of the heroes of the occasion also support the idea and wear colorful outfits. Girls most often choose dresses or wrist bracelets, and boys choose ties and shoes.

Bridesmaids in multi-colored dresses and friends of the groom in bright sneakers will successfully complement the concept of a rainbow wedding


This theme can be called truly summer, because it is based on natural colors, which are most often found at this particular time of the year.Rustic wedding decoration assumes the following shades:

  • brown;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • blue.
Rustic wedding

This style suits sensual and romantic couples. Pomp and luxury in this case will not only be superfluous, but also spoil the overall impression, violate harmony. Try to select all items from natural materials : wood, linen or cotton, field plants, plain paper.It’s great if there is an opportunity to celebrate a wedding not in a restaurant, but somewhere outside the city, closer to nature.

It is advisable to organize a rustic wedding in an open space, for example, in a forest glade or in your own summer cottage

Fruit or berry wedding

In summer, nature pampers not only with sunny weather, but also with a lot of fruits and berries. Lemons, peaches, plums, watermelons or bananas … The basis of a wedding concept can be any kind of one fruit or all at once .

Watermelon wedding

Of course, fruits at a celebration in this theme should definitely be included in the menu, but this cannot be limited only. To express the conceived style, fortified decor is needed everywhere:

  • fresh fruits can be used in the bride’s bouquet instead of flowers;
  • the corresponding images must be present on festive textiles;
  • in the form of fruit, you can pick up accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids;
  • from watermelons and melons, using the carving technique, real masterpieces are obtained;
  • Champagne glasses with fruit wedges look beautiful and original.

In a themed wedding, fruit should not only be used as a dessert, but also as a decoration

Shabby Chic

This style combines ancient motives, sophistication and tenderness . The decor, created with your own hands, will come in handy here. You can craft:

  • chests and boxes;
  • ring cushion;
  • napkins;
  • vases and candlesticks.

All kinds of floristic compositions are also quoted at the shabby chic wedding.Choose flowers that are lush, spreading, such as peonies or garden roses. Like all elements of this style, they should not be bright, is better to give preference to pastel colors .

Shabby chic wedding

Marine wedding

This is a fairly well-known wedding style, the peak of its popularity occurs just in the summer months. You can hardly think of a more romantic landscape than azure waves combined with golden sand. Even if you live far from the sea, this is not a reason to refuse a wedding in a similar theme, a river or lake is fine. On the shore of the reservoir, you can organize a solemn ceremony , a walk with a photo session and a banquet.

A cozy cafe or just a beautiful meadow on the shore of any body of water is an ideal place for a wedding in a nautical style

For the entourage, the appropriate elements are used:

  • anchors;
  • seashells;
  • corals;
  • pearls;
  • ropes with sea knots;
  • vests;
  • captain’s caps;
  • treasure maps;
  • aquariums;
  • fishing tackle;
  • models of ships;
  • compass;
  • sails.
Marine wedding

Earrings or a necklace with pearls are perfect as jewelry.

Gold earrings with cubic zirkonia and pearls, Kalina Zolotaya (price by link) Silver necklace with cubic zirkonia and pearls, SL (price by link)

In conclusion

Organizing a wedding in the summer is not such a difficult task. It is much more difficult to decide on the theme of the celebration among all the diversity. When choosing, you should take into account your own preferences, and also try to make the most of the resources that nature generously gives at this time.

Wedding fashion

Let’s talk a little about bridal fashion. Nowadays, it has become popular to hold themed weddings, for example – chocolate, rainbow, sea, etc., but the most modern is a classic European style wedding.

European style is a novelty in design, a combination of elegance and nobility. For example, it has become fashionable to use kala flowers in the decoration of the hall and the bride’s bouquet.


Carnations are gaining special popularity. They have become a kind of plasticine for florists. You can sculpt anything from them – from a complex decoration in the form of a flower sculpture to simple circles for decorating guests’ tables. Carnations are often used at exit registrations – graceful round balloons perfectly decorate the wedding ceremony.

www.antonovshow.ru www.svadebnyy.ru

Not the last place in wedding fashion is occupied by peonies. In Europe, this flower has become quite often used for decoration, and I think this is an excellent choice!


And, of course, the good old classics – tulips! I really like to use these flowers in the decoration of celebrations, they are delicate and noble. In one of my works, I used tulips and it looked stylish and unusual.

As for choosing a color palette for a wedding, now you can use any color scheme, play with shades as you like.The main thing is that all accessories – the bride’s dress, the decoration of the wedding celebration – must be combined with each other and correspond to the style of the wedding.

www.italianlakeswedding.com http://svadras.files.wordpress.com

How else to surprise the guests at the wedding?

Cupcake for guests will be a successful and very fashionable solution. These are original cakes of any content, color and shape. You can make a square, round, triangular, just show your imagination. Guests are always delighted, because it is a pleasant compliment for everyone.

As for the cakes, I can say from my own experience that cakes in the style of “minimalism” look stylish and original. In Europe, it has become very fashionable to order a fake cake for beautiful photos, and guests can enjoy a variety of cupcakes. But, since we live in a country with a different mentality, I advise you not to use a dummy cake, because.The guests are looking forward to a slice of real wedding cake at the end of the evening. You can order a cake in a pastry shop, where it will be made according to your sketch, and it will be a small masterpiece and a pleasant surprise.

To complete the image of a wedding celebration, it is best to develop a family coat of arms or choose an interesting font for the initials of the young. These elements will decorate many details at the wedding: cake, prizes for guests, chocolates, bonbonnieres on the tables or commemorative cards.

Make your dream wedding. This is your day that will be remembered for a lifetime. The emotions that you will receive are incomparable with anything. A lot of the couples I worked with didn’t want to have a big wedding at first. The first phrase was: “Why, now you won’t surprise anyone!”, But in the course of work, they changed their minds. And our joint work, creative ideas and creative approach turned the wedding into a real, extraordinary celebration, which will be remembered for a long time by guests and newlyweds.If you have already decided to celebrate the most important day in your life with your family and friends, organize it with dignity, and we will be happy to help you with this!


Article by Ekaterina Reznik

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90,000 Learn how to choose a wedding theme? Wedding styles

A wedding is a responsible event for all future spouses. Everyone is tired of traditional wedding ceremonies and wants to somehow diversify the holiday and make this day remain in the memory of all guests as the most unusual wedding. Here the newlyweds are wondering which wedding theme to choose? How to arrange everything, and what outfits to choose to look harmoniously with all the decor?

How to start choosing a wedding style?

There are innumerable styles for the family holiday, as they say “for every taste and color.” How to choose a wedding theme depends only on the newlyweds themselves. Everything here comes from the character and preferences of the bride and groom. And the most important thing is to come to a general consensus and choose the very ideal option that will delight everyone.In this article, we will consider only those styles that are in the trend of our time.

First you need to decide on the color scheme: in what colors will the decorations, banquet hall, cake and so on. Do not forget that a wedding is not only a celebration for the bride. It is worth taking into account the opinion and desires of the groom, so that for him the celebration is a pleasure. After choosing the color of the design, a significant part of the preparation will be completed. After that, you can already choose the theme of the wedding, because in each style a certain color prevails.

Themes of wedding ceremonies

Themes of the holiday can be completely different, depending on the imagination of the newlyweds. It can be a style taken from any film, it can be associated with your favorite musical group, with a circus or sports theme, and many other options.

Important! It is best to choose a few themes you like, and then think carefully: what will be the easiest to implement in terms of decorations and outfits, and which will be more budgetary?

5 trendy options

There are hundreds of original wedding themes, but you want to choose exactly what is fashionable and stylish.The five trendy ideas of this year will help you choose the “very” style that will amaze and delight everyone.

Rainbow Wedding

It has long been believed that the rainbow is a symbol of happiness. A person who sees a rainbow will have a lot of happy moments. The choice of such a theme for the wedding ceremony will be an excellent talisman for a happy family life.

A rainbow wedding will give a lot of positive emotions, because bright and rich color combinations can cheer everyone up.A rainbow theme wedding in the summer will look especially chic.

A traditional white wedding dress can be diluted with multi-colored chiffon or tulle petticoats. White shoes of the bride can be decorated with multi-colored rhinestones, and ribbons of rainbow shades can be woven into the bouquet. It will not look tasteless, but on the contrary, it will be very unusual. The groom’s outfit should also have bright notes: it can be a tie or a bow tie of a rich color, as well as a boutonniere in a jacket pocket can be with unusual colors.

The attire of the witnesses must also be colored. If the wedding is in the traditions of England and there will be several witnesses from the side of the bride and groom, then the outfits can be made in the form of colors.

It is also customary to decorate the hall according to the chosen theme. Chair covers, wall decorations, napkins on tables will add charm to the look of the whole holiday.

Winter’s Tale

A New Year’s Eve wedding can be decorated with a Christmas theme. This will give a New Year’s mood to both newlyweds and guests.

Compositions of fir branches, garlands, toys, cones and serpentine will help to emphasize the theme of Christmas. As small gifts for guests, gingerbread cookies in the form of Christmas trees, Santa Claus or snowflakes are perfect. Tangerines and oranges will harmoniously fit on the tables. And the main drink can be mulled wine – the main warming drink in the winter cold. Ice sculptures, beautiful lights and fireworks are perfect for street decorations.

A place for a spectacular photo session can be a forest or a park.But do not forget about the guests who will wait for the newlyweds while they are taking pictures. During this action, there should be a heated room in which guests will be comfortable waiting for the young.

Maritime wedding

The theme of a maritime wedding is perfect for an offshore ceremony. The sea has always been associated with romance, sunsets and sun. This theme of the wedding will give incredible photos against the backdrop of the sea, the open fresh air for the celebration will delight all guests.Of course, this option is more suitable for a summer ceremony.

The sea is associated with the color blue, as well as with all its shades: blue, turquoise or ultramarine. These colors should also be present in the clothes of the newlyweds. The bride doesn’t have to wear a blue wedding dress. You don’t have to go away from the traditional white. It is enough to add elements with this color: a belt on a dress, a bouquet, shoes or jewelry.

In the design, you can not skimp on blue. Territory and table decorations can be filled with this color and its varieties.Don’t forget about the cake. It should also be themed.

Clothing of witnesses may also contain items in clothing or accessories. Telling guests to stock up on a color palette of clothes is at the discretion of the newlyweds.

Movie Based Wedding

The most popular film choices for themed weddings are The Great Gatsby, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Agent 007.

The main feature of choosing this style is that all guests must be dressed in the style of the film, depending on the time at which the action takes place in the film.

Certainly, this will set an amazing mood for the guests, and the photos will turn out to be breathtaking.

When choosing a restaurant, you should also pay attention to the interior, so that photos in suits look appropriate. The scenery should be chosen depending on the choice of the film.

Nobody says that the choice should stop on these three films. Here everything is the fantasy of the newlyweds, their preferences and creativity.

Shabby chic

This style is reminiscent of the well-known “Provence”.The main feature of this theme is pastel colors. Shabby chic does not imply bright colors, everything is harmonious and calm.

Floral patterns, lace, bows, decoupage furniture and dishes, various elegant trinkets and the most delicate flowers of various types dominate in this design. This style of wedding implies a deepening into antiquity and its peculiarities. For transport, you can choose an old model car or a horse carriage.

A dress for a bride should be airy, in a delicate color, but not lush.You can choose traditional white and shade it with pale pink or beige accessories. If you don’t want a white dress, the shaman color is perfect. It, like nothing else, will look harmoniously with all the decorations and design style. Guipure will also look elegant in the image of the bride. The bride’s bouquet and the clothes of the witnesses should also have pastel colors in order to look harmonious with the newlyweds. Excessive accessories are not welcome.

To organize an unforgettable wedding, newlyweds should think over all the little things, from invitations to the final chords of the holiday.

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