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Size Guide

Bralette Size Guide

AUS 8 10 12 14 16
USA 30 32 34 36 40
EUR/ASIA 65 70 75 80 85

Bra Size Guide

Size 8 10 12 14 16
Underbust 61-66 66-71 71-76 76-81 81-86
A CUP 75-76 82-84 87-89
B CUP 79-81 84-86 89-91 94-96 99-101
C CUP 81-83 86-88 91-93 96-98 101-103
D CUP 88-90 93-95 98-100 103-105
DD CUP 90-92 95-97 100-102 105-107 E CUP 92-94 97-99 102-104 107-109 F CUP 99-101 104-106 109-111 G CUP 101-103 106-108 111-113
Size 8 10 12 14 16
Underbust 24-26 26-27. 9 27.9-29.9 29.9-31.8 31.8-33.8
A CUP 30.3-31.1 32.3-33 34.2-35 36.2-37 38.2-39
B CUP 31.1-31.9 33-33.8 35-35.8 37-37.8 39-39.8
C CUP 31.9-32.7 33.8-34.6 35.8-36.6 37.7-38.5 39.8-40.5
D CUP 34.6-35.4
38.5-39.3 40.5-41.3
DD CUP 35. 4-36.2 37.4-38.1 39.3-40.1 41.3-42.1 E CUP 36.2-37 38.1-38.9 39.3-40.1 42.1-42.9 F CUP 39-39.8 40.9-41.7 42.9-43.7 G CUP 39.8-40.6 41.7-42.5 43.7-44.5


Measure the circumference at the fullest part of your bust. Keep the tape level.

Under Bust

Measure the circumference of your body directly under your bust, keeping the tape level.

Pull the tape measure firmly for a secure fit.

Doesn’t Fit? – Bras

If it doesn’t fit, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. Items from Cotton On Kids and baby can be returned within 60 days of purchase. All items are to be unworn, unwashed and unaltered.

The best bit is we offer free returns on bras so if you are on the cusp of a size or feel unsure you can buy a couple of different sizes. Do your own bra fitting at home and send us back the one you like the least. Things to consider when fitting is no dig, no gaping, no spill. Return within 30 days of purchase unworn, unwashed and unaltered.

Between Sizes?

If your measurements are in-between sizes we recommend picking the larger size.

Stick On Bras – 5 Sticky Bras That Actually Work

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What is a stick-on bra?

Going one step further than a strapless bra, which allows you to wear spaghetti-strap or strapless tops and dresses, a sticky bra (also known as a stick-on bra or adhesive bra) gives you free rein to wear backless and plunging styles, too. They’re basically self-adhesive bra cups (generally made from silicone) that stick onto each breast.

How sticky bras work

Stick-on bras have a sticky adhesive on the inner lining of the ‘cup’. You place each one onto your breast (ideally it should fit the size of your boobs perfectly – most comes in various cup sizes) and smooth your hand over it to ensure it’s properly stuck on. Some have a clasp in the middle, which can help you create a more lifted look with added cleavage.

How to make sticky bras sticky again

While there are disposable stick-on bras that are only meant to be used once, most of them have a reusable sticky backing. All you have to do is rinse them under water with a little soap after each use (this will get rid of your skin’s natural oils, which can interfere with its stickiness) and leave them to air dry. Most stick-on bras can be re-used

The new and improved sticky bras

We’ve probably all had at least one bad experience with a sticky bra. We’re talking about those nude-coloured silicone stick-on ‘chicken fillets’ you probably wore once or twice in the noughties before giving up on them completely after they lasted little over a few hours (and had you constantly paranoid that they were going to fall off). They simply weren’t sticky enough, and they also created a weird shape that was less than ideal.

Well, things have improved A LOT in the sticky bra department over the last couple of years. Stick on bras now come in so many shapes, sizes and materials. Best of all, they stay put ALL day long and they won’t distort the shape of your breasts.

In fact, forget the original stick-on bras completely, because the latest slew of them are SO much better. And versatile.

Here are five of the best stick-on bras.

  1. Best stick-on bra for nipple coverage

Our pick: Bristols6 Nippies Skins, $39.32

If your biggest concern is the outline of your nipples peeking through thin fabric, then stick-on nipple covers are a simple option. While they don’t offer any support, these reusable silicone patches (expect at least 25 uses out of them!) will discreetly cover your nipple while giving you the freedom to wear absolutely every kind of top or dress style. The ultra-thin matte material provides seamless coverage, and it’s available in several ‘skin colour’ shades.

Size 1 fits A to D cup sizes; Size 2 fits D-DD cup sizes

Bristols6 Nippies Skins, $39.32; at revolveclothing.com.au

  1. Best stick-on bra for large breasts

Our pick: Bras N Things Full Cup Plunge Silicone Adhesive Cup, $49.99

Unless you opt for just nipple covers (which unfortunately provides zero support), your options are limited if you’re bigger than a DD cup. But this silicone bra is a great supportive option for those with an E cup. It allows you to wear plunging necklines, all while delivering extra support with the help of embedded wire, plus, you can use the clear straps for additional shoulder support if needed. It’s reusable and comes in a nude colour.

Available in E cup

Bras N Things Full Cup Plunge Silicone Adhesive Cup, $49.99; at brasnthings.com

  1. Best versatile stick-on bra

Our pick: Brassybra, USD$38 (for 3 pairs of single-use tape, plus additional accessories)

Is your wardrobe full of unusual necklines that require a super-versatile bra that caters to all? Well then, you need to own this stick-on invisible boob tape. Brassybra lifts, shapes and, surprisingly, supports breasts, and it stays put – even when swimming! This super sticky breast tape is only for one-time-use, but you can trim each one to perfectly fit any given outfit. We especially love how inclusive the colour range is – with five shades that range from ‘Vanilla’ to ‘Licorice’. Each kit also comes with nipple stickers as well as adhesive removal wipes to ensure you’re not left with sticky boobs (because the adhesive on this stuff is hardcore!).

Suitable for anyone up to G/DDDD cup

Brassybra, USD$38; at brassybra.com

  1. Best stick-on bra for a plunging neckline

Our pick: Cotton On Body Plunge Stick-On Bra, $24.95

Not only can you wear a backless, plunging neckline with this self-adhesive bra; it also allows you to create the perfect lift, which many stick-on bras fail to do. These reusable silicone cups are padded and smooth, with support under the breast and the ability to strategically place them higher so they provide a perky, fuller effect.

Available in A, B, C and D cup sizes

Cotton On Body Plunge Stick-On Bra, $24.95; at theiconic.com.au

  1. Best stick-on bra for cleavage

Our pick: Sneaky Vaunt The Original Push-Up, USD$24. 50

Meet the Sneaky Vaunt stick-on push-up bra that blew up the Internet. The cleavage-enhancing stick-on backless bra features a lace-up centre that will make even small breast look fuller. The stick-on bra reviews (it has over 2000 five-star reviews on the Sneaky Vaunt website) also rave about how good the adhesive is on this. The Sneaky Vaunt also features a non-sticky centre, which is a big win for anyone with sensitive nipples who cringe at the thought of ripping a sticky bra off at the end of each wear. This stick-on bra comes in a nude, black and pink colour.

Available in A, B, C, D and DD cup sizes

Sneaky Vaunt The Original Push-Up, USD$24.50; at sneakyvaunt.com

5 outfits you’ll need to wear a sticky bra with

Maurie + Eve Sunrise Dress, $169; at maurieandeve.com

Halpern Backless Sequined Tulle Top, $1,565. 65; at net-a-porter.com/au

Manning Cartell Cocktail Hour Backless Dress, $399; at manningcartell.com.au

Christopher Esber Binx Top, $550; at theundone.com

Stella McCartney Open-Back Stretch-Crepe Gown, $4,855.61; at net-a-porter.com/au

The 11 Best Cotton Bras

There are plenty of benefits to wearing cotton clothing, and the best cotton bras in particular are soft, breathable, and skin-friendly. They also come in a pretty wide range of sizes and styles, but there are a few things you should decide before you start shopping — namely how much cotton (percentage-wise) you’re looking for and which bra designs will best suit your needs.

First things first: While 100% cotton bras do exist (you can find one below), the vast majority are made from a blend of materials. That’s largely because pure cotton doesn’t stretch and recover as well as synthetics like spandex, so manufacturers often opt to throw in some spandex (also called elastane and Lycra) so the bra moves with you better and bounces back after each wear. Also keep in mind that while the bra itself might be made from cotton, the pads, straps, and lining are sometimes made from more synthetic materials. Most of the options listed here contain primarily cotton — you won’t find any with less than 50% — but even so, the cotton percentages are listed underneath so you know exactly how much softness and breathability to expect.

Next, ask yourself what kind of bra you’re looking for and for which activities you plan on wearing it: Are you looking for a lounge bra that’s comfortable enough for bed or an underwire bra with lots of support for all-day wear? Even if you’re looking for something in between, you’ll be able to find it here — and each option is made from at least 50% cotton, so you can feel good about your new favorite bra.

1. The Best Value

These best-selling sports bras from Fruit of the Loom have more than 27,000 reviews and a 4.4-star overall rating. They’re made from almost entirely cotton (with 5% spandex thrown in for comfortable stretch), and they offer removable pads, tons of color options, and a racerback design. All of that said, the absolute best news is the price: You can get three bras in all different colors, some for under $10.

  • Cotton percentage: 95%
  • Available sizes: 32 — 44

2. A Stylish Cult-Classic Bralette

Simple, comfortable, and skin-friendly, this Calvin Klein bralette is one of the most popular picks on Amazon. It has a 4.5-star rating because it’s made from a breathable cotton blend that comes in your choice of almost 30 colors and patterns. In addition to the padding-free, stretchy fabric, it also has thick racerback straps and an iconic branded band that goes all the way around.

  • Cotton percentage: 53%
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X


The Best Cotton Underwire Bra

If you prefer the added support of an underwire and a more classic bra design without too much bulk, opt for this Fruit of the Loom unlined underwire bra. It doesn’t have any padding or seams, but it does have underwire and stretchy cups made primarily from cotton. Throw in the hook-and-eye closure, adjustable U-shaped straps, and the fact that it comes in a pack of two different colors, and it’s no wonder reviewers are “obsessed.” In fact, more than 5,000 customers have given it a five-star rating.

  • Cotton percentage: 90% cotton
  • Available sizes: 34B — 42DD

4. The Best Wireless Push-Up Bra

Judging by its appearance and level of support, you’d never know that this Warner’s Invisible Bliss bra is made from 90% cotton. Its inner panels and all-over stretch provide a push-up effect sans wires, while its U-shaped straps and hook-and-eye closure are easy to put on. “Nice pushup feature without wires!” one reviewer raved.

  • Cotton percentage: 90% cotton
  • Available sizes: 34A — 40C

5. A Crossback Option With A Low Cut

Looking for a bra to wear with plunging necklines? This American Apparel jersey bra crosses in the back, but has triangular, wide-set cups that work well with low-cut tops. Each one is made primarily from cotton with 8% spandex, and you can get it in black, white, or tan. “Minimalist perfection,” one reviewer wrote. “Comfortable and simple. No hooks or clips to dig or poke into your skin.”

  • Cotton percentage: 92%
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

6. An Inexpensive Front-Close Cotton Bra

Front-close bras are much easier to put on (especially for those with limited mobility) and this one from Fruit of the Loom is a top-seller for a reason: It’s made from 95% cotton and has wide, U-shaped straps that stay on during sleep, work-outs, or errand-running. It also comes in seven different colors, all with the front-facing hook-and-eye closure that reviewers love.

  • Cotton percentage: 95%
  • Available sizes: 34 — 48

7. The Best 100% Cotton Bra

As previously discussed, all-cotton bras are difficult to come by, but this one from Exquisite Form does it beautifully. It doesn’t have much stretch, but its cushioned straps, many size options, reinforced netting, and carefully constructed cups ensure support and a “great fit,” according to one reviewer. Another wrote that it “does the trick for sensitive skin” — making it an especially good choice for those who don’t react well to synthetic fabrics.

  • Cotton percentage: 100%
  • Available sizes: 36B — 46DD

8. A Demi-Bra With A Bit Of Padding

It’s rare for a cotton bra to offer much padding — but this Iris & Lilly demi bra looks and feels like a gorgeous push-up even though it’s made from 80% cotton. It also has a stylish lace trim, adjustable straps, and a hook-and-eye closure. “I started buying Iris and Lilly bras a couple of years ago after several companies stopped making cotton,” one reviewer wrote. “They are well-made bras, attractive and fit the way they should.” Get this one in five different colors.

  • Cotton percentage: 80%
  • Available sizes: 34A — 38DD

9. The Best Nursing, Maternity & Sleep Bra

Constructed from 90% organic cotton, the Kindred Bravely extra-soft bra is ideal for nursing, maternity, and sleeping. It has a layered wrap design that simply pulls on (without struggling with clasps or hooks) and effortlessly moves out of the way for breastfeeding. You can get it in six sizes and five colors, and reviewers say it’s easily “the most comfortable bra [they’ve] ever worn.”

  • Cotton percentage: 90%
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

10. The One With The Most Size Options

“I have very large, [F-sized breasts] and it is very hard to find a bra with cups that large that isn’t built like a torture device,” one reviewer wrote, but this is a “great bra” for them. The LEADING LADY leisure bra doesn’t have wires or excess padding — instead, it supports with soft cotton fabric, comfortable stretch, thick padded straps, and a front-close design. The best news? It comes in dozens of sizes up to a 56C/DDD.

  • Cotton percentage: 90%
  • Available sizes: 34A/B — 56C/DDD

11. A Popular & Soft Triangle Bralette

Much like the brand’s bralette, the Calvin Klein triangle bralette is made with cotton, super-soft modal, and elastane for comfortable, breathable, and stretchy all-day wear. Unlike its other best-seller, however, this one has triangle-shaped cups and skinny adjustable straps, which work well for lounging, sleeping, and layering. Get it in your choice of five colors, all with the iconic Calvin Klein band.

  • Cotton percentage: 53%
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Push Up Bra – Buy Push Up Bras for Women Online

Shop Push Up Bras Online

Give Your Breasts the Perfect Lift with Push Up Bra

In life, sometimes all you need is a little push to be the best version of yourself. If you’re not happy with how your breasts look and have always craved for fuller breasts, you need to choose the right type of bra. And what better can it be than a push-up bra! We are here to your rescue with our wide range of push up bras that provide just the right amount of lift and support to your breasts, enhancing their shape and cleavage. They can literally do wonders by giving you that flattering silhouette.

Why Should You Buy a Push Up Bra?

There is a myth that you need a push-up bra only if you have smaller breasts. Let’s break this myth and introduce you to the other benefits of a push-up bra and why it is a must-have in every closet:

More support provided by the extra padding: The added lining and extra padding give support to your breasts and prevent them from sagging.
Better shape to your breasts: Push-up bras not only lift and enlarge your breasts but also hold your breasts in place, thus giving a better shape.
Defined contour & cleavage: The cleavage gets better defined with a push-up bra. Wearing a push-up bra gives a proper contour to your breasts.

The Use of Push Up Bras

Their basic function is to push your breasts towards the centre, giving that gorgeous cleavage. It helps increase the volume of your breasts visually, boosting your confidence level. The amount of push is further dependent on the thickness of padding.

Types of Push Up Bras

Based on padding, push up bras are further categorized into three types- Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 1: They have a very light padding that simply provides a gentle lift, resulting in a more natural look. These are a great option for people who either have semi-full or full breasts, but simply want a more rounded shape.

Level 2: They provide a moderate lift. If your breasts are widely placed, this is your best bet. It will give you that amazingly attractive cleavage and lift.

Level 3: If your cup size is small, but want that extra oomph, these are totally your pick. They add tremendous volume to your breasts, perking them up in a gorgeous manner. However, if your breasts fall under the full or semi-full category, these are a big no-no.

Based on styles, push up bras are of the following categories:

Regular push up bras: They are crafted with usual fabrics, such as polyamide and cotton. They are the perfect partner to your everyday outfits.

Lace push up bras: They are undeniably a must-have for every bridal trousseau. They are ultra-romantic and feminine, making a perfect pick for those passionate nights.

Strapless push up bras: If you want to wear strapless and off-shoulder outfits, these are definitely your thing. You can rock all your party outfits wearing them with ease.

Stick-on push up bras: They are similar to silicon bras, but they are crafted using fabric. They include a lace up detail at the front, which allows you to take control of the push up level.

Push up Padded bras: A push up padded bra needs to be present in every wardrobe, for those special occasions. Choose the level of push, based on your preference and give volume to your assets with a padded push-up bra.

Push up T-shirt bras: A push-up T-shirt combines the comfort of a T-shirt bra and the sexy quotient of a push-up bra. It can be worn as an everyday wear bra and is apt for giving volume to your assets, depending on the level of push.

Tips to Buy a Push Up Bra

Stick to the correct size: This is highly imperative. You don’t have to go a size up or size down. Stick to your regular bra size for the perfect fit.

Pick the right material: If breathability and comfort is your top priority, cotton makes the perfect pick. If you’re looking for something on the sexy side, lace gives that gorgeous charming look. You can also go for polyamide for seamless finish.

Choose your level: Last but not the least, choose the level depending on the amount of push you want. If you simply want a lift, level 1 is best suited. If you want a little perky cleavage along with a gentle lift, go for level 2. And of course, if you crave for bigger breast size, level 3 push up bra is just the perfect bra.

Shop Push Up Bras from Clovia

No matter what your breast shape or size is, we got your back. We not only have a wide range of levels and styles to choose from, but also a plethora of bridal and casual designs to suit your preference. We ensure that our bras are crafted using finest fabrics that compliment your body perfectly. So, get set shop!

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently answered questions about push up bras, just in case.


Q1. When should you wear a push up bra?

A1. If you want to enhance your breast shape and get a fuller appearance, push up bra is the right pick for you. It is also perfect for bridal trousseau.

Q2. What do you wear with a push up bra?

A2. It is totally a matter of choice. However, it gives that gorgeous perky appearance under those low cut tops, dresses, and blouses.

Q3. What is the difference between a push up bra and a regular bra?

A3. A regular bra provides you good fit and support. However, if you want more from your bra like perkier breasts and attractive cleavage, a push up bra is your best mate. It pushes your breasts towards the centre gore, enhancing and uplifting them significantly.

Q4. Can you wear a push up bra daily?

A4. As long as you aren’t compromising with the quality, it is totally safe to wear them daily. Just make sure you’re wearing the correct size- the one that you choose in a regular bra. And of course, choose comfortable and breathable fabrics.

Q5. Does wearing a push up bra make your breasts grow?

A5. There is a common misconception that wearing a push-up bra will make the breast grow. There is only an illusion of bigger breasts because the build of push-up bras is such that it pushes the breasts upwards making them look bigger. Wearing a push-up bra will not make the breasts grow but wearing one in the right size will definitely make you feel more comfortable.

Q6. Is push up bra good for women with bigger breast size?

A6. Yes, totally. Just make sure you wear one with light padding for you don’t want to increase bulk or cause spillage. Women with smaller breasts can certainly opt for heavy padding.

Push Up Bras | Padded, Wireless, Underwire, Plus Size, & More

Push Up Bra

The push up bra is made to lift your breasts and enhance the appearance of your cleavage. Most commonly a full or medium coverage padded bra with underwires, this bra style is widely considered one of the sexier and most popular bra styles. The majority of push up bras feature padding in the sides and bottoms of the cups to lift the breasts and increase their size in a way that looks natural and flatters the figure.

The common perception is that women with smaller breasts benefit more from push up bras than from traditional underwire bras because the extra graduated padding enhances the cleavage and increases the appearance of breast size. In contrast, underwire bras with less padding can give nice lift and shape but they don’t make the breasts look larger than they are or add as much to the cleavage.

In reality, padded push up bras aren’t just for smaller cup sizes. Whether you’re an AA cup or a DD cup, you can benefit from a push up bra. Push up bras aren’t only beneficial for women who want to make their breasts look a cup size or two larger. They’re also great for making your upper breasts look fuller and rounder, and for making you look perkier and better in your clothes.

Some other padded push up bra styles include bras with small pockets inside the cups to hold removable padded inserts (or cookies), strapless and convertible push up bras, plunge push up bras, longline push up bras, push up bustiers, and more. With so many styles, colors and patterns available, you can choose from nude and neutral colors, patterns, bold hues, and styles with lace detail and other feminine embellishments.

When it comes down to it, push up bras are designed to make your breasts look better. In addition to the lift and enlargement you get from a push up bra, you also get supportive and rounded cups that hold your breasts securely in place and keep you feeling comfortable and confident throughout the day.

Compare & Buy Cotton On Body Bras in Singapore 2021

The Hottest Cotton On Body Bras in Singapore

Being one of the most popular brand fashion and retail, Cotton On provides an excellent selection of clothes for men, women, and kids. Taking a step further towards providing the best clothing options for fashionistas, Cotton On has created Cotton On Body which focuses on intimate and activewear for women around the world. Cotton On Body provides everything that you need for a great workout and a comfortable set of Cotton On Body underwear.

Different Types of Bras from Cotton On Body

Giving you top quality and affordable options, Cotton On Body provides you with a selection of bras and bralettes. Regardless of your size and body shape, you would be able to find the best Cotton On Body bra. Here are several types of bras that you can get from Cotton On Body Singapore:

Cotton On Body Bralettes

Comfortable and perfect for women with smaller cup sizes, bralettes are lightweight, simple, and often come in a soft-cup pull over bra. It is often worn by pre-adolescent teens as a training bra but many adult women use it as a fashion statement. Cotton On Body bralettes enhances your assets and are unlined with no push-up for added comfort.

Cotton On Body Contour Bras

Otherwise known as a molded-cup bra, contour bras feature a seamless pre-formed cups containing foam or lining that defines and holds it in place. It is often the type of bra that women with asymmetrical breasts or different-shaped nipples to attain symmetry. Cotton On Body contour bras are lightly lined with no push-up to maximize comfort for everyday use.

Cotton On Body Push-Up Bras

For women who want to have cleavage or enhance the shape of their busts, push-up bras would be a perfect choice. This type of bra uses angle cups and padding to push your breasts inwards and upwards towards the center of your chests. Cotton On Body push up bras not only increases your cup by two sizes, it is also ultra-comfortable.

Cotton On Body Workout Bras

For women who love to hit the gym, run, and train, a good sports bra is essential to avoid discomfort in your chest area. Workout bras or sports bras are types of bras that compressor encapsulates your breasts to keep it from moving around. Cotton On Sports bras are created with adjustable straps and breathable mesh for medium-impact workouts.

Cotton On Body Maternity Bras

Just when you thought bras couldn’t get any better, Cotton On Body Singapore also provides a great selection of maternity bras for mothers and expecting mothers. Make the most out of this important phase in your life by being stylish and comfortable with the best Cotton On maternity bras in Singapore.

Grab the hottest Cotton On Bras at iPrice now!

extreme push up bra – Kobo Guide

In this article, we will be discussing the Extreme Push Up Bra, extreme boost push up bras, best push up bra for small chest and extreme padded push up bra. Everybody wears underwear everyday, but most of us don’t talk about these intimate cuties enough. It is probably the most important item of clothing in the wardrobe. They can not only make or break an outfit, the right styles will also do wonders for you — by boosting your confidence and comfort levels.

The Extreme Functionality of this push up bra is beyond any of your desires. This bra will have a lasting performance without compromising with the quality. The lace trims and elastic tricot fabric still allow quite comfort to the users. The special underwire fits perfectly into the cups. The Extreme Push Up Bra makes you feel proud, confident and very secure as well. Say, try it now and pick out the one form this exhaustive collection of best bras for a small chest and you won’t regret at all.

Extreme Push Up Bra

extreme boost push up bras

For a significant portion of women, the push up bra is a holy grail and some may even call it the affordable boost to your bust sans any plastic surgery! Push up bras are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe; whether you’re looking for a natural lift or even add an extra cup size, it serves a plethora of purposes – all in the name of giving a fuller look! If you’ve ever felt intimidated by push up bras or have been unsure of what suits you, forgo them and take the plunge!

What is a Push Up Bra?

Essentially, a push bra is one that creates the appearance of a fuller bust. Using extra padding in the cup, it lifts the bust upward and towards the centre of the chest. Push up bras come in a variety of silhouettes to offer comfort and support under outerwear. Most push up bras are designed with a plunging centre front with a demi cup to be worn under revealing tops and dresses.

What You Need to Know About Push Up Bra?

Push up bras are popular amongst women with varying bust sizes. Small breasted women opt for push up bras to add an extra cup size and boost cleavage whilst women with medium to large busts opt to wear push up bras to enhance their current silhouette. Push up bras come with a range of padding to suit many needs! Most push up bras are designed with soft foam at the bottom or sides of the cup. This padding can be air pads, gel pads or even removable pads. Air pads provide a lightweight lift. Whilst removable pads to be worn without the push up feature, if desired.

Push up bras are designed to not only provide an enhancing appearance to your breasts, but also to boost your confidence and to fit an outfit well!

It’s important to note that whilst push ups enhance the bust, the bra should still fit you. There shouldn’t be any spill over or any gaps in the bra and the breasts. Similarly, you may notice that your usual cup size does not fit as the structure of the bra is different.

 How Push Up Bras Work?

Push up bras lift your bust upward and towards the centre to give an enticing cleavage. The lift of the bust depends on the extent of the padding. The bust should sit on top of the padding – sometimes you may have to adjust your breasts for the perfect fit.

Push up bras are a great option for women who have wide set breasts, or even bottom-heavy. Bras with subtle lift will give a rounded appearance at the top, however will not fully bring the breasts together. More moderate push up bras can add up to one more cup size. Lastly, extensive push up bras, can add up to two cup sizes with a significant increase in the lift of the bust. Women with smaller breasts can opt for this type of bra to give a fully enhanced look. This type of bra will push your breasts upward and closer to the centre for a very voluminous look. However, do keep note that women with larger breasts might find extensive push up bras uncomfortable as the lift is extreme.

Benefits of Wearing a Push Up Bra

Also known as a woman’s best pal, a push up bra serves many purposes and benefits. Push up bras are a great option for anyone looking for an exquisite lift whether it be for a woman with smaller breasts looking to increase her cup size or a fuller busted woman simply desiring to give a sensual uplift. Either way, a push up bra is a must have in any woman’s closet.

Push up bras are also perfect for formal wear with low cut as most push up bras come in a demi cup with a lower centre-front to hide underneath your gorgeous attire.

It’s a known fact that a bra can make or break an outfit. Therefore, choosing a well fitted bra, especially a push up bra, can enhance your silhouette to compliment whatever you wear.

Push up bras can also lift bottom-heavy breasts to give a more youthful look. Some push up bras come in a balconette/strapless cut which is perfect under strapless formalwear!

Who Should Wear Push Up Bras? 

Push up bras can be worn by a variety of women, all the way from small breasted women to those with large busts. Smaller breasted women can benefit from push up bras as they can increase cup sizes and give a rounded and fuller look. For the most part, women with bigger breasts (C and D cups) wear push up bras to create a subtle uplift as they already have a fuller figure. It is important to note that push up bras for women with larger busts need not always give the appearance of very heavy breasts, but rather, push up bras can provide enhanced support given by the extra padding. For both small and big busted women, push up bras can create cleavage as the lift brings the breasts closer together at the centre.

Anyone looking to wear bras that enhance the silhouette for an occasion may find push up bras useful. Strapless push up bras are a great option for tube cut dresses. For plunging dresses and tops, a demi push up is a good choice to give the appearance of a fuller cleavage.

Types of Push Up Bras

There are many different styles for the push up bras depending on the requirement of the wearer. Here are top five push bra silhouettes for every woman!

  1. The Demi Cup Push Up Bra

As mentioned previously, demi cup push up bras are a great option for women looking to wear under low cut tops as the cup does not provide a full coverage. Demi push up bras also add an extra layer of push as the natural formation of the bra is such as it pulls the breasts together to create a subtle cleavage.

  1. Strapless Push Up Bra

For any outfit that requires the bra straps to be concealed, the strapless push up bra is a great choice! It is important to clarify the common misconception that the straps hold majority of the support in a bra. It is the band around the wearer’s rib cage that promotes more support and thus, wearing a strapless push up bra can be both supportive and alluring.

  1. Double Padded Push Up Bra

For women with smaller breasts, a double padded push up bra can increase the bust as much as two cup sizes more! These bras have twice the amount of padding to provide sufficient padding. This creates a look of enhanced uplift. Keep in mind though, that even with double padded push up bras, the breasts should not spill over and fit the wearer perfectly. Furthermore, large busted women may not wish to opt for this type of bra as the extra padding may cause some discomfort.

  1. Cotton Push Up Bra

For women with sensitive skin, a cotton push up bra is usually the first choice. With breathable and stretch fabric, cotton push up bras not only provide uplift but also significant levels of comfort and support. This type of cotton t shirt push up bra creates a round shape and is ideal over most outerwear.

  1. Removable Push Up Bra

For anyone looking for a versatile bra, a removable padded push up bra is a great choice. With customizable options, you can opt to wear it as a normal bra or a push up bra. These bras are great for women who experience fluctuations in breast sizes (i.e. depending on hormonal cycles).

Comparison with Other Types of Bras

  • Push Up Bra vs. Padded Bra

Push up bras and padded bras are both padded, however, the key difference to note is that one has extra padding and the other is simply lightly lined. Padded bras are lightly lined bras with cup size of ¼ of a centimetre. Push up bras, however, have significantly more padding to provide a look of cleavage and enhance breast tissue.

  • Push Up Bra vs. T Shirt Bra

A push up bra can be a t-shirt bra, as well. A t shirt bra is simply one that has a seamless cup so that one can wear it under most types of outerwear. Push up bras, with the function of being simple (without many features of lace and other elements). This is considered as one of the more simply bras as it is very versatile.

  • Push Up Bra vs. Sports Bra

These two types of bras are very different. A push up bra is not equipped to be worn by anyone partaking in physical activity and vice versa. A Sports bra (with varying impact levels) are purposefully designed to reduce bounce and cup the entire bust area whilst doing sport, whether that be cycling, running, or even strength training and yoga. A push up bra has little support in this regard as it is not designed to have such an extent of support. Further, the padding on a push up bra may prove uncomfortable for anyone partaking in physical activity. Do note that some sports bras come with extra padding for alluring look, even at the gym!

  • Push Up Bra vs. Plunge Bra

Push up bras can be plunge bras and vice versa. Plunging push up bras are designed to be worn under low cut outfits to ensure that the bra is invisible. However, certain plunge bras do not come with push up padding and simply provide a lightly lined padding for everyday wear.

  • Push Up Bra vs. Non Padded Bra

Push up bras and non padded bras are very different. A non padded bra has absolutely no padding whilst a push up bra has extensive padding for cleavage. A non padded bra is one designed to mould to the shape of the woman’s bust naturally without any enhancement. Certain women with large breasts prefer this type of bra as it holds the natural shape. Further, non padded bras are also preferred by women who wear sarees, kurtas and other ethnic wear as it is designed for such outfits.

Considerations for the Best Push Up Bra in 2018

As the 2017 year draws to a close and we begin a new year, it is important to wear your best clothes! Lingerie is the backbone of every outfit and it is important to know how to pair the best bra to your outfit! Check out these tips and tricks on selecting the best bra for yourself!

  • Decide on the type of bra you want – as this is directly correlated with the occasion. Is it a formal office function? An informal party? Or simply for everyday wear? Ask yourself these questions as the type of push up bra you choose depends on the occasion. A formal office function would require a simple non-embellished push up bra whilst an informal party may require you to choose a strapless high cleavage push up bra.
  • Know your size – it is important to note down what your size is so that you pic the best bra for yourself. Keep in mind that push up bras may require you to choose a size bigger as the padding provides extra lift. Consult a fit specialist for sizing guidelines if you’re unsure.
  • Fit preferences – Push up bras come in different silhouettes (plunge, strapless, cotton, etc), I it is important to know what your preferences are and the special features you wish to have in your bra!
  • Buying a push up bra – When you’ve decided on the type of bra and size, it is important to note down the colour, design, embellishments and other features that go into a bra. These are important as it should fit according to your tastes as well as be suitable for the outerwear you choose to pair it with!

Push up Bras Sizing & Buying Tips

When it comes to push up bras, it is important to get the right size. No two breasts are the same and similarly, a well fitted bra can be the difference between a great outfit and a not so great one! With that in mind, check out a few tips and tricks on the size guide to find the bra size that fits you!

  1. Band size: Wrap your measuring tape around your ribcage, directly and evenly under your bust. Write down the number!
  2. Cup size: Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of you chest. Hold securely, not tightly! Write down the number! 
  3. Find your fit: Refer to the Chart below using the measurements you found for your Band and Cup Size to find your perfect match!

Keep in mind that a push up bra may cause you to spill over the tops of the cups, so be mindful when purchasing a size if the padding is very prominent.

Under bust 
Band SizeOver bust Measurement
Cup ACup BCup CCup D
23” – 24”2828” – 29”29” – 30”30” – 31”31” – 32”
25” – 26”3030” – 31”31”– 32”32”– 33”33” – 34”
27” – 28”3232” – 33”33” – 34”34” – 35”35” – 36”
29” – 30”3434” – 35”35” – 36”36” – 37”37” – 38”
31” – 32”3636” – 37”37” -38”38” – 39”39” – 40”
33” – 34”3838” – 39”39” – 40”40” – 41”41” – 42”
35” – 36”4040” – 41”41” – 42”42” – 43”43” – 44”

As mentioned previously, embellishments and materials are very important in selecting an appropriate push up bra!

  • Cotton – For the ultimate comfort and support, cotton push up bras are a great choice as they are designed with breathable fabric and moisture locking technology!
  • Lace – If you’re looking for something sensual with alluring design, lacey push up bras are perfect! They offer the perfect amount of sweet sensuality and support!
  • Synthetic – these are the most common fabrics for push up bras as they mould the cups very well and last for a long time.
  • Silicone lining – Some strapless push up bras will have silicone lining and these offer extended support when you want to go strapless. However, keep in mind that silicone might be an allergic material to some and might cause skin irritation.

How to Wear Push Up Bras?

 As with any bra, a push up bra is worn normally, with a few adjustments. It is important to note that push up bras lift your breasts upward whilst normal padded bras simple hold your bust naturally with support. In this light, the process is slightly different. To wear a push up bra:

  1. Put the bra on and hook it into place. Fit consultants recommend wearing it on the loosest hook so that as the bra gets worn, it can continue to fit you perfectly on the more tighter hooks.
  2. There should be no spilling over the cups or bulging. Manually adjust your breasts to sit on top of the padding to create that oomph look!
  3. Adjust the straps if you need more support. The straps should not be cutting into your shoulders, but rather, simply sitting comfortably.

It is important to remember that wearing a push up bra for an extended period of time (10+ hours) is not advisable as they are not in their natural position. You will feel discomfort and feelings of constraint as they are purposely lifted.


  1. What are push up bra levels?

Push up bra levels refer to the level of padding in the bra. Push up bras come with varying layers of padding. Push up bras with a small layer of padding may be ideal for anyone looking for a natural and subtle lift whilst those looking to increase their cup size by one or two sizes, may opt for a more intense push up bra.

  1. Is push up bra good for small breasts?

Yes, for women with small breasts looking to enhance their bust and create cleavage, push up bras are a good option. They are comfortable (when worn correctly) and also give a natural lift and rounder look.

  1. Is push up bra good for large breasts

As with women who have small breasts, women with large breasts can also opt to wear push up bras. Women with heavier busts should opt for light padding on push up bras to avoid any spilling over the cup and to wear without any discomfort.

  1. Is it good to wear a push up bra?

Unless due to a skin irritation regarding the material of the bra, there should be no harm in wearing a push up bra. Do keep in mind that one should not wear a push up bra for extended period of time as they are designed to be worn for a few hours. Alternate between push up bras and normal padded bras to avoid discomfort.

  1. How to wear a push up bra correctly?

Wearing a push up bra is quite easy and only require a few adjustments. Check out the list above to find out how to wear a push up bra correctly.

  1. How to wash a push up bra?

It’s important to note that bras should be washed in a specific manner. Care instructions on how to wash your bras can be found here.

  1. How push up bra should fit?

A push up bra should fit you as normally as a lightly lined bra. There should be no bulging and spilling over the cups nor should the band and straps of the bra be digging into your skin. To find the perfect size and fit, checkout the sub category above!

  1. Can I wear a push up bra while breastfeeding?

It is recommended that women wear maternity bras during breastfeeding as underwired push up bras can inhibit blood flow or cause clots.

  1. Can I wear a push up bra every day?

You can wear push up bras on a regular basis but it is not recommended to be worn for extended period of time. Wear a normal padded bra alternatingly to give your breasts a break and return to their normal silhouette.

The Best Push Up Bras for 2018

There are many push up bras you can choose from to suit the occasion and the need! Here are some of the best push up bras for 2018 from amante!

  • Perfect Lift Push Up Bra: Simple and chic in design, this bra is ideal for anyone looking for a minimalist design push up bra. With small embellishments on the centre, this bra is great choice for a enhanced lift!ProsConsSimple in designSmoothened side wings for a very subtle appearanceUltra soft fabricEasy adjustable straps for the perfect fitMany coloursGreat under plunging dresses and topsNot suitable for strapless outfits 
  • Perfect Lift with Lace Push Up Bra: This bra comes with lace a lace design to add a touch of allure and sensuality!ProsConsSimple in designSmoothened side wings for a very subtle appearanceUltra soft fabricEasy adjustable straps for the perfect fitMany coloursGreat under plunging dresses and topsNot suitable for strapless outfits 
  • Cotton Push Up Bra: Ideal for anyone seeking extra comfort. The cotton push up bra is soft and stretchable with moisture locking technology.ProsConsSimple in designUltra soft fabricNo allergic fabricEasy adjustable straps for the perfect fitMany coloursGreat under plunging dresses and topsT-Shirt push up braNot suitable for strapless outfits
  • Embroidered Push Up Bra: For anyone looking to outshine with their push up bra, embroidered bras are great for extra design and allur3!ProsConsChic and colourful designDeep centre front to be worn with plunging dresses and topsNot suitable for strapless outfitsMay not be suitable under thin material as the design may be visible

Buying Push Up Bras on amanté

amanté, as a brand, focuses on the South Asian silhouette to design lingerie with a perfect fit. With inspiration from international runways, amanté localizes new styles and designs for comfort, support, and functionality without forgoing allure. Check out the video below or the manual steps to find the best push up bra for you!

  1. To view our collection of push up bras, please click the following link: https://global.amantelingerie.com/collections/plunge-push-up-bras 
  2. To view an item, click on the image of the item.
  3. Select preferred size and colour and click “add to cart”
  4. Once all items are added to cart, click “view bag and checkout” on the shopping cart.
  5. Review products to ensure the correct size, colour, and quantity. 
  6. Add any instructions for the seller if need be in the box
  7. Check “I have read and understood the terms and conditions.” You can view the terms and conditions by clicking on the text.
  8. Click “proceed to check out”
  9. Enter customer information as required
  10. Check appropriate shipping method and click “Continue to payment method”
  11. Select Payment Method; Cash on Delivery or Credit Card
  12. If billing address is different to shipping address, enter the appropriate billing address.
  13. Complete order


Push up bras are a woman’s best friend and allows you to be confident in whatever you wear! Whether it is a strapless dress or a plunging top, push up bras can add volume, make your breasts look rounder and give you amazing cleavage! Choose from a variety of designs for push up bras to find the perfect one for yourself! Keep in mind sizing is very important as with any bra to have a flawless look! Browse the amanté collection for a range of push up bras perfect for you!

best push up bra for small chest

The Complete Push Up Bra Guide:All You Need To Know


Push up bras are the ‘uncrowned brassiere’ of a woman’s closet. They personify passion and are synonymous with ‘sexy’. They sit around in women’s drawers like prized possessions. Looking for a rounded uplift to your bust? Want to highlight your cleavage? You got it! Push up bras set the tone on how you feel about yourself adding a youthful appeal giving you the lush ‘oomph’ you desire!

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about push up bras. From what they are, when to use, who can wear to how they work and why it is a must-have in your wardrobe. Let’s hop on!

What is a push up bra?

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What is push up bra and what does it mean? Push up bra meaning lies in its utility. A push up bra naturally enhances a woman’s bust by pushing the breast tissues inwards creating a cleavage
effect. It uses support enhancers such as foam pads embedded within the bra cups. These pads rest at the bottom, angled to the sides, ‘pushing’ your bust inwards to give you a rounded look. This way, your cleavage is more prominent and your breasts appear full and intact.

So, how does a push up bra work? These pads rest at the bottom, angled to the sides, ‘pushing’ your bust inwards to give you a rounded look. This way, your cleavage is more prominent and your breasts appear full and intact. So, push up bra benefits you by providing you cleavage and a fuller look. There are a variety of push up bras based on the padding, material and the result intended (like, if you want a lift or enlargement, more of which we’ll cover in this guide).


No matter what they (the salespeople desperately trying to sell) tell you, push up bra benefits can be summarized in three points–

  • Boosts your cleavage without compromising comfort when worn right.
  • Gives your bust a lift.
  • Goes with about anything: T-shirts or plunging tops, you can wear your push up bra to complement almost anything. Given the vast number of choices, you can find the appropriate push-up bra for any outfit. We’ll discuss more on that in the following sections.

Apart from the advantages of push up bra listed above, you need to keep in mind that any bra you wear should be comfortable and provide the shape or lift, giving you the look you desire. If a push up bra gives you the look you’re aiming for, then simply go ahead and wear it.

You need to keep in mind that any bra you wear should be comfortable and provide the shape or lift, giving you the look you’re aiming for. If a push up bra gives you the look you desire, then simply go ahead and wear it.

Also, we recommend that especially when you go for a push up bra, you might consider wearing a cup size higher than your usual size depending on the push up level. That’s because the foam enhancer that pushes your bust towards the middle, takes up extra volume and needs more room to fit inside your bra without your breasts spilling out.


Based on the thickness of the padding

Based on the thickness of the padding, push up bras come in three different ‘levels’. The term ‘level’ refers to the extent of lift a push up bra gives your busts. More the level, the higher the padding. Higher the padding, the better your cleavage.

Level 1:

Go for a level 1 push up bra if you prefer a gentle, natural lift to your bust. About One-third of the bra is padded, and wearing this usually adds a half-cup size to your bust.

Who would benefit the most: You would find Level 1 push up bra apt if you have a full or semi-full bust. With a relaxed hold and a slight bump, this will offer you a subtle lift without attracting unwanted attention.

Level 2:

Level 2 push up bras add that bit of extra ‘oomph’ to your busts by further emphasizing your cleavage. The padding in this bra covers the base of your bust, finishing just below the nipple.

Who would benefit the most: With a better hold and a sturdier grip, the Level 2 push up bra is ideal for women with slightly smaller busts, say a B or a C cup. This bra sculpts the bust, spotlighting your cleavage, giving a rounder appeal.

Level 3:

Level 3 push up bras are the real bomb. Usually referred to as ‘explosive’ bras, these push up bras have twice the lift of a Level 1 push up bra, increasing your cup by two sizes. The padding covers three-fourths of the bra giving women with smaller breasts the divine chance to wear low-cut tops and flaunt their cleavage.

Who would benefit the most: Level 3 is a blessing for smaller cupped women as it gives them a much fuller look and does an exceptional job at drawing a better cleavage. Women with fuller breasts– Please stay away from this as this might induce an extreme level of discomfort.

Push up LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Best suited forFull or semi-full bustSlightly smaller bust, especially if you have gaps in between your breastsSmall bust
FunctionGentle, natural liftBetter lift and supportFuller/rounder look, better cleavage
Size increase byIdeal for D cups. Sometimes for B and C cupB and C cupsOnly for A and B cups. Sometimes C cup

Based on the Style:

Alright, here’s the thing you need to know– There are so, so many varieties of push up bras, that trying to classify them based on their style is pretty much– pointless. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acquaint yourself with the various styles this versatile bra has to offer.

Still, based on their popularity, here are the most happening and fashionable push up bras you need to try at least once:

Strapless Push up Bra

Say goodbye to shoulder straps! This bra is well suited if your outfit demands you to get rid of bra straps. You need not worry about going strapless because support comes from the band. You can finally wear your favourite off-shoulder outfits without having to ditch your bras. Strapless push up bras are not meant for women with bigger busts since it causes quad boob effect and your breasts to spill out of the cups.

Plunge push up bras

Planning on wearing that low cut top or V-cut shirt? Then go for a plunge bra without any second thought. These bras have cups seated deep between your cleavage with short wiring in the front-bottom. Plunge is the most sought after neckline that pair with push up bras like a charm. Its low cut feature enhances your cleavage and outlines your bust. Women with loose breast tissue should be wary of plunge bras as their breasts may not receive the support they need.

T-shirt push up bras

Want a greater coverage without missing out on the benefits of a push up bra? T-shirt push up bras are what you need to consider. You can wear it under a tee as the neckline of the cup is not shown through your tight-fitting T-shirts because of it’s extra coverage. This gives you a smoother look without any undulations on your t-shirt.

Wireless push up bra

If you find underwires uncomfortable, this bra is perfect for you. Wire-free options are becoming popular with advances in technology. The benefits of going wire-free can be baked into a push up bra to give a moulded appearance. The cups are moulded in a way that it can serve the purpose of wired bras with the durability of a push up bra.

Bridal push up bra

Say goodbye to shoulder straps! This bra is well suited if your outfit demands you to get rid of bra straps. You need not worry about going strapless because support comes from the band. You can finally wear your favourite off-shoulder outfits without having to ditch your bras. Strapless push up bras are not meant for women with bigger busts since it causes quad boob effect and your breasts to spill out of the cups.

Fancy back push up bra

Bored with ordinary and looking for a change of taste? Fancy back push up bras are for you! These push up bras, apart from showing off your cleavage, lets you flaunt your back. With a style that’s never out of its place, fancy back push up bras are a must-try.


Push up bras suit most women. Still, you should be aware of push up bra side effects. Push up bras don’t suit women with wide-set breasts, as in when your breasts have a noticeable gap between them. How much gap? If you have a gap that is 3 fingers (or more) wide, a push up bra is not suitable for you. From what we’ve observed, about 10 percent of women fall under this category. Apart from the nature of your breasts, push up bra is well suited for small or large bust women.

  • Women with smaller busts can wear this as it gives them a fuller look. Those with bigger busts wear this to gain a nice lift.
  • Women already with fuller breasts enjoy the extra support the padding provides.
  • For smaller breasts, this bra is a saviour as it gives a prominent cleavage and enhances the bust shape. If worn properly, it can increase your bust size by up to two cups.

But the major reason why push up bras deserve all the attention is– small or large-busted, it can create the cleavage and lift one wants based on the level of padding.

Nature of breastsThe relevance of Push up bra
Smaller breastsHelps to attain a fuller look by pushing the breasts inwards
Fuller breastsGives a prominent cleavage and a gentle lift


Push up bra vs Everyday bras:

Push up bra vs everyday bra or Push up bra vs regular bra or Push up bra vs normal bra, it’s all the same. Everyday/ Regular/ Normal bras are usually seamed or moulded with no padding and underwires. Whereas, push up bras have three different levels of padding. Push up bras give a smooth finish and rounded look, eliminating seam lines that otherwise might have been visible through your outfit.

On the other hand, everyday bras give you a perky finish, tending to flatten your chest to the bust. The functionality of an everyday bra is to mould and support, whereas a push up bra pushes the breasts upward and inwards. That, plus the support.

Push up bra vs. Padded bra

Both have pads, so what’s the difference between padded bra and push up bra? It’s the functionality. Pads in standard padded bras increase the volume of your bust. The pads in push up bras push your breasts inwards and a little higher. This provides a lift making your ‘twin-mountains’ appear fuller. To break it down, the only stark difference between a padded bra and a push up bra would be– A push up bra enhances cleavage while padded bras make your chest ‘look’ bigger. Push up bras are padded bras with the additional ‘push’. Push up bras have padding and as well as give you the cleavage.

Push up bras vs Sports bras:

Sports bras plug this one huge functional hole left by push up bras– the ease of doing physical activity. That’s right. We strongly advise you against wearing a push up bra for any kind of sport, unless it’s card or board games with friends or family. Remember–push up bra and physical activity don’t go with each other. So, whether it’s yoga, jogging or cycling, it’s a sports bra you need. That’s because sports bras give you the support, something that is not the prime goal of a push up bra. The padding in the push up bras may be a source of serious discomfort when you exercise or jump around for long hours in the name of sport.

Push up bra vs. Nursing bra:

Nursing bras serve a very specific purpose– to enable lactating women to breastfeed infants without having to detach the bra from their bust. This bra is a huge hit among breastfeeding moms especially because this bra comes with removable flaps that can be unfastened from the cups. This allows women to access their nipples single-handedly (literally).

New moms, please stay away from push up bras. Why? Because in lactating women, the heaviness of the bust is bound to cause discomfort as the push up padding tends to push the bust upwards. Also, the padding in a push up bra is heavy, and any moisture from the leakage of breast milk for long hours can cause discomfort.

Push up bra vs. T-shirt bra:

The first thing that’s supposed to come to your mind when you think of T-shirt bras is– ‘Seamless’. T-shirt bras are worn under T-shirts (duh, obviously). When you wear a normal bra, the bra lines are visible through the T-shirt. With T-shirt bras, no texture lines or bumps are visible through the tee. T-shirt bras make sure you have an even look with a smooth finish over your body. Wearing a push up bra under a T-shirt is a great idea when you’d like to highlight your cleavage in a low neckline T-shirt. Otherwise, it may cause your breasts to jiggle, causing discomfort when you perform daily activities.

Push up bra vs. Demi bra:

Love low-cut tops? If that’s the case, then Demi bras are perfect for you! ‘Demi’ denotes half, which means that the bras don’t provide full coverage. In fact, push up bras have more coverage than a demi. Demi bras cover one inch above your nipple and its tilt finish clads your breasts in a way that enhances cleavage.

So when it comes to demi bra vs push up bra, remember– demi bras are push up bras without the ‘push’.


While wearing bras, comfort is the first priority. There is no point in huffing and puffing in a push up bra if it creates unnecessary pressure on your chest and you aren’t able to even breathe properly while sitting throughout your day. Keeping in mind the push up bra side effects we mentioned earlier, here are some useful pointers which you need to run past by:

Things to look out for in a push up bra:

1Keep away from oversized or undersized cups. This requires your wisdom to know what is the right size for you. Set apart a minute or two for finding the right bra size. Believe me, swinging between cup sizes, confusing over a 32B or a C is the last thing you’d want. In case of doubt can use an online bra calculator to put your cup size doubts to rest.

2Choosing the right padding: Heavy padding won’t necessarily guarantee you more comfort. It doesn’t work that way. There are 3 different levels of padding available. Choose one based on your bust size and outfit. From what we’ve observed, here’s the general trend of a particular level of a push up corresponding to the cup size.

LevelCup size recommendedCup size NOT recommended
Level 1Ideal for D cups. Sometimes for B and C cup as per personal preference.
Level 2B and C cups
Level 3Only for A and B cups. Sometimes C cupD or DD cups

3Check for chafing: Bra chafing occurs when a certain part of bra fabric repeatedly rubs against your skin. It’s usually the straps rubbing against your shoulders. This happens in padded and wired bras as they have tighter stitches than an everyday moulded bra. And since most push up bras are padded as well as wired, they are prone to chafing.  Apart from the shoulder, bra chafing occurs around the bra band region under the breasts and around the nipple region.

4Check for poky underwires: Different bras have different underwires. Sometimes
the wires beneath the cup have a loose end that might stick out. That part that sticks out, pokes your skin and causes discomfort. Feel your finger against wired cups before wearing a bra to ensure there is nothing poky.

Choosing the right size and fit:

It takes a well-fitted bra to make a huge difference in how good you feel in your outfit. Keeping that in mind, fitting matters, a lot. After all, what’s the point of wearing your ‘dream bra’, if the
size doesn’t suit your body?

What is my push up bra size?

To get the best result out of a push up bra, you need to determine your correct bra size. I mean, you can’t afford ruining your outfit that you bought after so many trials. You can start by measuring your bust size and then determining your cup size.

Knowing your band size: You need to measure your chest. To find out, you need to take a measuring tape and wind it around yourself underneath your bust. Make sure to measure after you’ve exhaled because that’s the proper way to
do so. Round it off to the nearest even number. Suppose you get a 28.3, round it off to 29 and so on. You’re smart, so you get it.

Next, Bust size: To find the appropriate cup size, wrap the measuring tape over the highest part of the bust, over the nipples. Don’t hold the tape either too tight or too loose. Round off the measurement to the nearest inch if
it’s not a whole number. Suppose you get a 31, make it 32 (not 30).

Now, to find the cup size, use the secret (hush hush) formula,Cup size = (Bust size – Band size)

Every inch difference will denote a cup size. A difference of 1 inch denotes A, a difference of 2 inch denotes B and so on. Use the table below for reference.

Difference (Bust size- Band size) in inchesCup size

You’re all set! Now write down the band size. And against it, write down the cup size. Tada! You have your bra size.

Have a look at the chart below for reference.

Choosing the right material:

Fabric options are many, but choosing the right fabric goes a long way to complement your outfit.

  • Cotton: Usually cotton is the go-to option. We don’t blame you for the heaps of comfort it provides to your silhouette because that’s our favourite too. It also provides breathable comfort and support.
  • Nylon & Polyamide: These bras fare quite well in push up bras as they last longer and mould the cups well. Nylon and Polyamide have the added benefit of stretchability. The fabric stretches way more than any other fabric and retains its shape over a longer period of wear and tear.
  • Lace & Mesh: If you’re looking for something sensual you might want to opt a lace, mesh or a combination of the two for their alluring charm. With the perfect balance between support and sensuality, these push up bras are timeless.

So better consider the pros and cons of each fabric. If you’re shopping for lingerie online filter them by the type of material so that you have all options laid out in front of you.


Wearing a push up bra is like wearing any other bra. There is no huff and puff involved. It’s the usual drill. If you are well aware on how to wear a push up bra then you can directly skip to the checkpointers on wearing a push up bra.1Put your arms through the shoulder straps and then position your bra cups on your bust.

2Next, make sure your breasts sit comfortably in the bra cups. You might have to bend forward a little till your breasts are snug.

3Okay, no more bending. Now, stand erect and reach out for the bra band on your back. See if you can grasp the hook with your fingers and try fastening it. Ensure that the bra band is on level. Sometimes, while fastening it in a hurry, the bra band plays tricks ending up either too low or too high.

4Done with the back? Phew. Now the shoulders. Keep adjusting your shoulder straps till they sit flat on your shoulder blades. Make it neither too loose, nor too tight.

5After you’re done, make the final adjustments for the look and feel that suits you.

Checkpointers on wearing a push up bra:

  • Checking if you have a quad-boob effect: Quad boob occurs when the top rim of your bra cup cuts into the breast tissue. This leads to your breast squeezed up on top of your bra, lumping in a way that makes every boob of yours appear as two. If this happens to you, chances are that you are wearing a smaller cup size than required. Either that or you’re wearing a bra style that doesn’t suit your body type.
  • Checking for bulge on the sides. This happens when you put on a smaller cup size.
  • Making sure padding isn’t higher than desired: This occurs when the level of padding is too high for given cup size. Ensure the right padding based on your bust size. Refer to the padding level chart and see how much padding is right for your cup size.
  • Making sure that the band is straight on the back: Your band may ride up on the back due to the volume of the bust and the push up padding. Make sure that doesn’t happen by ensuring the right band size. After wearing a bra check if the band follows a straight line on your back without any bend.
  • Avoiding straps cutting into your shoulder: Shoulder straps in a push bra tend to dig in harder than normal bras. If your shoulder straps are digging in, you need to go a cup size bigger. It’s the job of the band (and not shoulder straps) to hold your bust in the right place. Shoulder straps must rest comfortably. Adjust for the proper fit.
  • Avoiding wearing it for long periods of time: From what we’ve observed, we advise you to wear a push up bra for not more than 12 hours at a stretch. This makes sense since the push up padding works against gravity to push your bust upwards. As a result, there is pressure on the lower breast tissues.


Alright, by now you know what push up bras mean and took a deep dive into various types and styles. It’s time you adorn one! You must have either tried one already or looking to explore push up bras. If it’s your first, we’re glad we met you at the right time. It’s never too late to dive in and tease your body with something new and alluring.

If you have already found out a push up bra that suits your needs as we mentioned above, then we can’t be more pleased. We’re happy for you. But, there is always room to experiment. Just because you’re used to something need not mean it’s the most comforting. You may never know how uncomfortable you felt in the first place until you try on something better. Shyaway is one of the popular push up bra brands in India and we’d like to help you find a better push up bra. It’s a promise.

And we’d like to help you find a better push up bra. It’s a promise.

You need to keep in mind the size and material considerations we stated earlier. Apart from what you choose to wear, you might also want to know the ‘why’ or the occasion you choose to wear. Is it comfort you’re aiming for? Or is it a sexy oomph you’re looking for? Or even better, is it a bit of both?

No matter what, we have one for every occasion, one for every mood. Because here at Shyaway, we have the lingerie that listens to your body even if you don’t.


1. Were push up bras created to attract men?

Funny how guys think everything women wear is to soothe their eyes. Though you might not be entirely wrong about it (it might work for you, who knows?), it’s wrong to assume that push up bras are made by brands to attract men. Push up bras are just another type of bra that you wear to enhance your shape under a particular style of dress or top. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s all about providing you the lift you need and the volume you desire.

2. Do push up bras make you compromise on comfort?

It is a misconception that push up bras sculpt the ‘perfect’ bust at the cost of discomfort. After all, no pain, no gain right? But, this isn’t always the case.

Push up bras are available in both small and large sizes. It all depends on how well you know your body.Some push-up bras get the job done very well, others, not-so-much. If you keep in mind the shape and size guidelines we mentioned earlier, then rest assured, everything (in this case, your breasts) will fall into place. Speaking of comfort, push up bras suit you based on your bust placement. If you have wide-set breasts, wherein, your breasts are about three fingers apart, then push up bras are a no-no. Wearing a push up bra despite having a noticeable gap between your breasts is not recommended.

3. Are push up bras only meant for smaller bust women?

Bra buffs might tell you that push up bras are for women who have smaller bust so that their breasts appear big. While that is true, push up bras are not constrained to smaller women. To be real honest with you, women with fuller breasts opt for push up bra because it provides the shape. While Level 3 push up bras serve smaller busted women to make them appear 2 cup sizes bigger, Level 1 push up bra can give women with fuller busts the much-needed lift without altering their normal cup size.

4. Do push up bras only give cleavage?

While showing off your cleavage may sound enticing in thought, you won’t believe the staggering number of women who are least bothered about cleavage. They just want to breathe easier and feel comfortable. Though attaining cleavage may sound like a ‘win’ for you, there are many added perks of push up bras like lift and shape enhancement. There are tons of push up bra styles to choose from. While some give you cleavage, others, like we mentioned above, provide you a lift, shape enhancement making sure you’re high on ‘oomph’.

5. Are push up bras meant for everyday use?

Many brands suggest that push up bras are suitable for daily use to push more sales, but that’s not the case. They might say something like– “You don’t need a special occasion but need to feel special every day”. They preach that wearing push up bra boosts your confidence every day and you wouldn’t be feeling special if you don’t wear them.

No, thank you.

Many women don’t prefer wearing push up bras every day. It sure does go with a variety of outfits, so if you plan on wearing it every day make sure you consider the comfort based on the outfit. After all, it’s your body, your rules. If you are wondering which type of bra is best for daily use you should opt for an everyday bra.

Types of bras, how to choose a bra by cup, composition

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Breast support: how to choose the right bra and why is push-up dangerous? | Beauty Secrets | Health

The main thing is that by size

“There are many models of bras, and a woman can choose any of those that she likes,” says President of the Russian Association of Mammologists, Professor Nadezhda Rozhkova .- The main thing is that this piece of linen should be in size: it does not press or rub anywhere. In this case, the bra will support the breast well, maintain its beautiful shape and at the same time will not disrupt the blood supply to the breast and will not cause skin irritation. ”

A correct bra should not leave marks on the body, hinder movement, or even more so interfere with taking a deep breath. Putting on a bra while trying on, be sure to make several active movements – hand waving, stretching, bending.There should be no discomfort. If the back of the bra rises too high on the back, it is too small for you, and you should ask the seller for another option. Ideally, the back should be perfectly horizontal.

Of course, the bra should not dangle. Therefore, when trying on, you need to fasten it on the hook closest to the edge. The base of the bra is made of an elastic material that stretches slightly when worn. If you focus on the farthest fastener, after a while the laundry will become too big for you.

Cotton or Coolmax?

“The bra should only be made of cotton!” – many women probably heard this phrase from their mothers and grandmothers.

Photo by: globallookpress.com

“This is not necessary at all,” Nadezhda Rozhkova believes. “Modern synthetic materials are safe for health, and in some cases are even better suited for making bras.”

A good example is kulmax bras. This fabric wicks moisture away from the body 2 times better than cotton and provides good ventilation.Modal – a material made of modified cellulose fiber – retains elasticity for an order of magnitude longer than cotton and is more delicate to the touch. Elastane stretches better than most natural fabrics, which is why maternity bras are often made from elastane. Their breasts are rapidly increasing – elastane makes it possible to buy new underwear less often.

Holiday and every day

In recent years, push-up bras have come into fashion – in their cups there are special gel or foam inserts, thanks to which the breast is lifted and looks more voluminous.It is curious that the more the popularity of such bras grows, the more complaints they cause. Push-ups are accused, for example, of causing micro-trauma to the chest, and in some cases causing mastopathy.

“Don’t exaggerate,” Nadezhda Rozhkova reassures. – If such a bra is selected in size and really lifts, and does not squeeze the breast, nothing bad will happen, you can wear it. Although it is better to do this not every day, but alternating with a regular supportive bra. “

Strapless underwear is also not suitable for daily wear – it does not support the breast well enough, so its weight falls mainly on the side parts of the bra, which in turn can put pressure on the lymph nodes. But for a celebration or a holiday, when a woman wants to wear a dress with bare shoulders, this is a good option. If your outfit exposes not only your shoulders, but also your back, you can stop the choice on an invisible bra. It consists of two cups (they are made of silicone, less often of fabric) with an adhesive strip applied to them.

These models do not have a strap and fasteners at the back, so they are invisible even under the most open clothes. However, such bras have a significant limitation – sizes larger than D are not produced, so owners of lush breasts will not find such a model.

Curvy Problems

A large bust generally requires a more scrupulous selection of a bra. It is necessary that both the straps and the base – the corset part – be wide and dense in it. This will help to optimally distribute the load without overloading the shoulders or spine.

– An important problem that curvy women face more often than others is the appearance of diaper rash and irritation under the breasts, says Nadezhda Rozhkova. – These troubles arise because sweat is retained in this area, which negatively affects the skin. “Breathable” bras, as well as “smart” models, allowing to cool the breasts by 2-3 ° C, allow to avoid problems. They have special microcapsules that allow you to maintain the desired temperature regime. By the way, in cold weather such bras, on the contrary, keep warm well – so you will be comfortable anyway.

Women’s clothing and underwear


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bra with super push-up, what is it, models with gel and without underwire, transformers, reviews

What is it?

If nature has not rewarded the necessary breast volumes, and you want to wear beautiful clothes with a deep neckline, you should not save money for plastic surgery, it is enough to buy a push-up bra.It is much cheaper, does not seriously compromise health, does not leave cuts and does not give painful recovery like after breast surgery.

Created in the 70s, push-up bra is still the most popular among all models of underwear. “Push-up” translates as “increase”, “increase”. The same manipulations occur with the female breast: it rises and stretches forward, because of this, it visually increases by several sizes.

There is an opinion that a push-up is a bra stuffed with foam rubber, in fact it is not. So what is this bra model and why is it so attractive to modern women?

Benefit and harm

The main difference between a push-up bra is that inside it there are special tabs made of fabric or silicone, they lift the breast and give it volume.Thanks to this, the push-up is like a kind of constructor: women can choose themselves whether to insert tabs for them, making their breasts bigger or not.

Push-up bra is useful not only for those who want to have large and sexy breasts, but also for women with already existing large breasts. Lush breasts begin to sag over time, and push-up helps to lift them and make the breast shape more seductive.

Push-up is not replaceable for items with a large neckline. Without such a bra, the thing will not look as attractive as with it.

It is difficult to come to a definite conclusion whether a push-up bra is harmful or more useful from it. It is believed that the breasts become dependent on push-up support, and over time, their muscles atrophy without a certain amount of stress.

According to doctors, the constant pressure of a push-up bra on the breast leads to breast cancer. And, of course, the degree of risk depends on how much time the breast spends in the bra. If you wear it for more than 12 hours, the chance of getting cancer increases 125 times.Doctors forbid wearing push-ups for more than two hours a day.

It should be noted that a high-quality push-up, selected in size, does not cause such harm.


Today, women make many demands not only on themselves, but also on bras.It is not enough for a push-up to make your breasts bigger and sexier, you need it to be stylish and comfortable, and even better, so that it can be worn under any clothes. In this situation, the choice of the required bra model should be given sufficient attention.

In order to find the perfect push-up, you need to figure out what types of this bra exist and what each of them is good for.

According to the level of action, all models of push-up bra are divided into three main types:

  1. Double with a soft cup, creates a slight breast enlargement effect, makes it graceful.
  2. Triple with removable inserts. Thanks to this type of bra, you can enlarge or shrink your breasts.
  3. Highest magnification, super push-up. Its special insert helps to enlarge breasts up to 2 sizes.
  • Bandeau or Empire push-up is a flat fabric wrapped around the chest. Most often, this type of bra is presented without straps. The bra does not provide good support and is intended for women with small breasts. The push-up effect in such a bra is achieved by means of special silicone liners. A big plus of such underwear is that the wide elastic band, of which it is composed, hides unwanted folds under the arms and on the back.
  • Push-up without inserts and pits – this type is most popular among adolescents whose mammary gland is just beginning to form. The lack of bones gives a special softness, therefore, it is comfortable and safe all day long.
  • Seamless push-up .There are no seams on the cup. In its manufacture, a one-piece piece is used, which allows you to create a natural look. Perfect for thin and tight clothing.
  • Push-up with gel – contains capsules with liquid gel, due to which the cup completely follows the shape of the breast.It perfectly supports the breast and gives it the most natural look.
  • Strapless push-up. Manufacturers of push-up bras have taken care of those women who want to wear open bustier dresses without visible bra straps. This model is available with removable straps, or without them at all. When choosing a strapless push-up, it is important to make sure that the bra is the right size and will not go anywhere at the most crucial moment.
  • Push-up transformer is a bra with straps that can be fixed in different positions, depending on your clothes. It is called a “smart” bra because it is able to adapt to almost any item.
  • Transparent push-up – it will amaze anyone’s imagination.This is such a cunning bra that you will not notice any marks of it even under a transparent dress: it is attached directly to the chest, which makes it very difficult to notice. It is important to pay attention to its quality, as a cheap fake can fly off your chest at any time.


When choosing a bra with push-up effect, you should focus on the quality of the fabric from which the lingerie is made.Push-up breasts often sweat, so it is important that the material absorbs moisture and allows air to pass through. You should not spare money on good material, then the treatment of irritation of the delicate skin of the breast will be more expensive. So what is the perfect fabric for your daily bra wear?

Bras decorated with many ribbons, stones and lace elements look very beautiful, but you need to understand that a decorative bra cannot be worn every day.It is only suitable for a special occasion, because most often this push-up is made of cheap synthetic material, which can irritate the delicate skin of the breast.

The perfect choice for push-ups in silk, cotton or viscose. They are safe for the skin, allow it to breathe, and do not cause allergic reactions.


In a bra, the main thing is not only the model, but also the color of the lingerie, which must be selected especially carefully.What you need to know when choosing a push-up color? It is important to keep in mind that there are several color options: a bra, which will be the same color as the outer part of the garment, and a bust, which will contrast with the main color of the garment.

The most practical colors are black and gray .70% of women choose exactly their shades when choosing a bra. Black push-up will fit any chest in a sophisticated way. Its huge plus is that it visually reduces curvature, so it is perfect for women with large breasts. Gray – fits perfectly under the bottom of any dark outfit and will suit all women, regardless of hair color, skin and body type.

The blue color of the bra is very similar to the black one, but has a softer effect.It also visually reduces large breasts. This color will look good on women with light hair, and with dark hair – on the contrary, it will create a “simpleton” effect.

White underwear is universal, it suits almost everyone: both blondes, brown-haired women, brunettes and redheads.Plus, the white color will visually enlarge the breasts, so the owners of small breasts should pay attention to the push-up of this particular color. Beige color , like white, will visually enlarge small breasts. But this color will not suit blondes, it will make their fair skin even paler.

We must not forget that white and beige are not very practical colors, after a few washes such bras will have to be thrown away, because they will not look as beautiful as when they were purchased.

Red, burgundy and purple push-up will make a dark-haired woman even sexier, and for women with blond hair it will give even more tenderness. These colors also optically enlarge small breasts. It must be remembered that such a push-up is created only for women with an ideal figure, otherwise the color will increase your flaws and there will be no question of any seduction.

Green push-up will accentuate your sexuality and additionally increase the volume of your breasts. This color is suitable for all women, it will look especially good on red-haired women.

How to choose the right one?

When choosing, you need to take into account many factors, most of them are described above.The most competent choice of bra can be made if the following rules are observed:

  • Cotton push-up should be chosen for everyday wear. If a bra is needed for a special occasion, it doesn’t matter what material it will have.
  • In order to regulate the size of the chest, you should choose push-up models with front closures. They will allow you to fix the chest in the desired volume and position.
  • To create the largest possible breast size, take a push-up with four inserts, in which case, they can be pulled out.
  • A bra with a silicone back is suitable for open clothing.
  • Seamless push-up is suitable for tight and thin garments.
  • It is important that the back of the bra is in a horizontal position so that you can safely place two fingers under it.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the breasts fit completely into the bra cup.
  • The straps should be well adjusted, not too tight. The bra should support the breasts even without them.
  • A push-up should fit perfectly. In order to understand that the bra is selected correctly, you need to check if it leaves marks on the skin. If so, then it should be changed, as it squeezes the body too much.

How to wash?

It is important to wash your push-up bra correctly, then it will serve for a long time.Basic rules to know if you decide to wash this type of bra:

  • The push-up should be worn no more than one day, next time it is better to put it on after 24 hours. During this time, the bra cup will return to its previous form. It is better to wash the push-up after every three socks and only with your hands.
  • The bra should only be washed with hand wash products or baby clothes, so as not to damage the delicate fabric of the bra. Try to avoid twisting the push-up cup, for this it is better to wash and dry such linen separately from other things.
  • When machine washable, do not forget about the hand detergent.To prevent accidental snagging, the bra should be fastened; it is better to use a special container or bag for this type of underwear. Do not tumble dry it.

How to wear?

It’s easy to get confused with such a large selection of push-up bras. It is even more difficult to choose the right type of this underwear for each outfit, otherwise you can experience great inconvenience.To avoid this, it is better to know the following rules for wearing push-ups:

  • Only seamless push-up is suitable for thin and tight-fitting clothing.
  • A bra without straps is suitable for summer clothes, so that in case of something, without hesitation, open your shoulders.
  • Sheer push-up will suit clothes with an open back and sheer fabrics.
  • For an open neckline, a push-up model such as a bandeau is ideal.
  • For tight dresses and tops, only a seamless bra is suitable.
  • For a dress and a blouse with open shoulders, only a bra without straps is suitable.
90,000 which model will perfect breast augmentation

If nature has not rewarded you with a seductive third breast size, but you do not give up the dream of wearing a dress with a deep neckline, choose to save money for plastic surgery or choose a push-up bra. Of course, the second option looks more attractive: there is no need to risk health, there will be no scars on the body, and the cost of underwear is incomparably cheaper than the services of a modern clinic.In addition to special bras, the right clothes, accessories and exercise help to improve the shape. In this article, we will talk about the most popular ways to correct breast size and consider the rules for choosing push-up bras.

How to visually enlarge the breasts?

Girls who are not satisfied with their own forms should reconsider their wardrobe, because clothes are one of the most important sources of female attractiveness. A white blouse or a blouse with ruffles in the neckline will help to visually enlarge the chest.However, it is important to know when to stop – if you overdo it with bows and frills, you can seem infantile. As for the cutout, it must be U-shaped or V-shaped. The main rule of seduction: choose dresses and blouses with a moderate neckline so that the chest is barely guessed.

It is also possible to increase the volume with the help of well-chosen jewelry. We’ll have to say no massive jewelry – it looks rich, but reduces the shape. To make the neckline look seductive, you should give preference to a thin chain with a miniature pendant.Regular exercise helps to correct the silhouette and not only visually, but also actually increase the bust. This method is the most time consuming and most effective. And it is not necessary to go to the gym – it is quite possible to train at home. According to trainers, push-ups and exercises with dumbbells (they can be replaced with water bottles) will help to form a beautiful bust.

What is push-up?

The cultures of different countries have their own ideas about the ideal of physical beauty, but rounded breasts, hips and buttocks are considered the main sign of female attractiveness almost everywhere.Every girl can become a standard today – just choose a bra that increases the size of the bust. The first push-up bras appeared in the 70s and immediately gained popularity. The peculiarity of such models is that they raise and support the chest, making it seem more magnificent. It is a mistake to think that push-up is a bra stuffed with foam rubber. In fact, inside it there are special inlays made of silicone or fabric, and a woman can choose whether to leave them or remove them.

Bras with push-up effect are suitable not only for girls who dream of big and sexy breasts, but also for those whom nature has awarded with curvaceous forms. Push-up in this case is needed in order to raise the bust and make it even more seductive.

Types of supporting bras

The choice of any bra should be approached with special attention, since not only the beauty of the form, but also health depends on the quality of this type of underwear. The model should be comfortable, made of natural materials, not restricting movement.Push-up bras are presented on the market in a large assortment, according to the level of breast augmentation, they are divided into 3 types:

  • double with a soft cup – make the bust graceful and expressive;
  • triple with additional inserts – significantly adjust the volume;
  • super push up – add up to two sizes.

Bandeau and Empire bras provide good support for the bust, additional volume appears due to silicone inserts. Plus such models in a wide elastic band, hiding unwanted folds on the back.There are also push-up bodices without wires and inserts, they are soft, comfortable and safe. Among the new products on the market are bras with gel that completely repeat the shape of the breast. If you want to fit a push-up dress under an off-the-shoulder dress, choose a strapless model.

How to wear a push-up bra correctly?

A bra designed for breast augmentation can be worn every day only if it is comfortable, does not squeeze, does not restrict movement. To understand if the model fits in size, during fitting, you need to make a couple of active movements with your hands, bend over, take a deep breath and check if marks remain on the skin.A push-up bra should not squeeze the breast, otherwise serious health problems may arise. You should also not choose bras that are too large, since flying straps and loose elastic on the back will cause discomfort. As for the materials of manufacture, it is better to give preference to silk, cotton or viscose. Remember that even a perfect bra should not be worn for more than 12 hours in a row.

Bras | kaup24.ee


Bras are one of the most important female attributes that allow not only to feel comfortable in everyday life, but also to emphasize their advantages.We choose them based on the color of the garment we wear, and to ensure comfort, you also need to choose the right bra cup size. However, if you know a few secrets, then you can visually embellish your appearance even more.

If you want to visually enlarge your breasts, then Push-up bras will help you. If you want a plunging bra, the Balconette is a good choice. And bras with tape are suitable for those who like to show off their lush breasts and are looking for options that will provide breast stability. Bras without underwire will appeal to those who appreciate the natural beauty of their breasts, and they are also suitable for girls who wear small bras. Sports bras keep your breasts firmly and avoid discomfort during active movement. Bras without hardener , softer bras for summer make you feel confident even when we are not wearing enough clothes.

Not only the shape of bras affects the beauty of the look – in this case, it is equally important to pay attention to their color.For those looking for a bra for a wedding, the most suitable products are white , those who love romance will like red bras, and in the closet of fans of classic options you will definitely find at least a few bras in black . They can also be multicolored , with various patterns and ornaments , so you need to decide which bras you like the most.

Are you looking for a bra that visually shrinks your breasts? Or maybe you want to know where bras for plump women are sold at good prices? These and other types of bras can be purchased on attractive terms at the kaup24 e-shop.ee. We invite you to take a look at it and get acquainted with our assortment in more detail. Here you will find bras in sizes C, F and many other offers. Therefore, you will find the most suitable products for both larger and smaller breasts.

Now you can buy bras online without leaving your home , which also saves time. Choose the bras of what color, size and shape you need, and we, in turn, will make sure that the selected products are delivered to your home as soon as possible and will soon decorate your breasts.


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