Purple masking tape: Duck Masking 240880 Purple Color Masking Tape.94-Inch by 30 Yards –


30 Day Painter’s Masking Tape by ToolLab

30 Day Painter’s Masking Tape by ToolLab
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    Our Painter’s Masking Tape is designed to be used on glass, metal, vinyl, wood, wallpaper, windows, plaster, ceiling tiles, faux finishings, and other similar surfaces.

    Excellent UV resistance for indoor and outdoor use. Leave in place with no residue left behind for up to 30 days.

    (Note: There is no minimum, but when ordering in bulk, these are shipped in cases of 24.)

    • Clean removal
    • UV resistant
    • Acrylic adhesive
    • Great for delicate surfaces
      Standard Metric
    Tensile Strength 25 lbs/ in. width 43.8 N/ 10mm
    Adhesion to Stainless Steel
    8 oz./ in. width 0.88 N/ 10mm
    Thickness 5.1 mils 0.13 mm
    Elongation 5% 5%
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n-Tape | 3M 501+ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape+, 24 mm x 55 m, 36 per case Bulk

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3M Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 501+, 72 mm x 55 m,6.0 mil, 12 per case


Ideal for High-Temperature Industrial Painting
Using our proprietary adhesive, the tape sticks instantly to most surfaces, including metal, rubber, glass and plastic, as well as EPDM-type rubber moldings while removing cleanly in one piece. Our high-strength crepe-paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces, resists bleed through from most industrial paint systems, improves visibility during the paint masking process, and helps you achieve sharp paint lines. 

3M™ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 501+ is an ideal tape for industrial painting, including two-tone color applications on trucks, buses, trailers, trains, fire trucks, ambulances and airplanes. It is easy to tear, which aids in handling, yet strong enough to resist slivering, providing “user friendly,” one piece removal. The tape is conformable for easy masking around corners, over contours and irregular surfaces. 

Recommended Applications

  • High-temperature paint baking
  • Fascia painting
  • Pipe coating

What is Masking Tape?
Masking tape was developed specifically to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines, and remove easily and cleanly when finished. Masking tapes from 3M adhere well, resist solvents or water from the paint, and are strong enough to hang plastic sheeting, yet remove cleanly without damaging the subsurface. The backing, typically crepe paper, can conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The tape hand tears for tool-free application.

A masking tape should specify what surfaces it will stick to and the interval over which it will remove cleanly. A very thin or poorly manufactured tape may demonstrate splintering or shredding, either coming off the roll or when being removed after use. Some masking tapes have the tensile strength for light commercial and industrial applications, including bundling, labeling, sealing, temporary repairs, lane marking, splicing, and surface protection. The classic crepe paper masking tape is a light tan color, but our masking tapes come in a variety of colors and formulations to meet general and specific applications. A roll of masking tape is basic toolbox or supply room item in construction, warehousing, military, marine, shipping, and retail industries.

  • Removes cleanly in one piece with no adhesive residue, minimizing unwanted tearing
  • Withstands surface temperatures up to 300°F/150°C for 30 minutes
  • Ultra-high strength holding power to prevent paint blow-by on a variety of surfaces
  • Holds securely through multiple or extended process cycles
  • Low unwind improves handling in wide-width applications
  • Resists paint bleed-through to help create sharp paint lines
  • Purple backing improves visibility, tears easily and resists slivering
  • Removes cleanly in one piece with no adhesive residue, minimizing unwanted tearing

3M 501+ | 3M Purple Masking Tape

Converting 3M 501+

3M 501+ can be easily die cut and converted into custom formats depending on your needs.


Strouse can slit rolls of masking tape to custom widths and lengths. This provides you with tape in the exact width you need for your task at hand. No excess or waste and no more using rolls that are too large and bulky or too small to get the job done.

Die Cutting:

This is the process of cutting a wide roll of masking tape into a custom shape or usable part for your process. Parts can be cut into different formats to fit seamlessly into your assembly.

Individual pieces – Masking tapes can be laminated with liner on the adhesive leaving no exposed adhesive. This means that when parts are die cut they are provided as individual pieces that can be placed inside a bag.  

Sheeted Parts – Some assembly processes require multiple shapes or parts of the same material. This is where sheeted parts come in handy. Multiple parts can be cut onto a single sheet ensuring that your employees will use all of the required parts during assembly.

This reduces error in your process as well as the potential for product failure.

Die Cut Parts on a Roll – This is our most popular format for providing die cuts. Custom cut parts can be provided on a liner in the form of a rolled good. This allows for hundreds or thousands of parts to fit on a single roll. This makes application of die cut parts easy and efficient as parts can be removed from the roll and the next part is ready to be peeled and placed.


Tabs or Extended Liners

Die cut solutions are great for hand assembly or automated processes but sometimes removing the backing from an adhesive die cut can be difficult. Strouse simplifies this process by adding a tab to the part or extended liners that make it easy to remove the liner and place the adhesive. Liners can also be split backed saving your assembly team the frustration of removing thin liners while saving you time and money in the process.

Strouse die cuts and converts paper tape and flexible materials to solve many different adhesive applications.

Our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to provide you the material you need in the exact size, shape, and format required for your design.

3M™ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 501+, 96 mm x 55 m, 8 per case Bulk 7100088493

Ideal for high temperature industrial paint masking applications in aerospace, automotive and specialty vehicle markets Ideal for High-Temperature Industrial Painting
Using 3M proprietary adhesive, the tape sticks instantly to most surfaces, including metal, rubber, glass and plastic, as well as EPDM-type rubber moldings while removing cleanly in one piece. The high-strength crepe-paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces, resists bleed through from most industrial paint systems, improves visibility during the paint masking process, and helps you achieve sharp paint lines.

3M™ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 501+ is an ideal tape for industrial painting, including two-tone color applications on trucks, buses, trailers, trains, fire trucks, ambulances and airplanes. It is easy to tear, which aids in handling, yet strong enough to resist slivering, providing “user friendly,” one piece removal. The tape is conformable for easy masking around corners, over contours and irregular surfaces.

Recommended Applications

  • High-temperature paint baking
  • Fascia painting
  • Pipe coating

Easy unwind reduces fatigue and improves productivity What is Masking Tape?
Masking tape was developed specifically to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines, and remove easily and cleanly when finished. Masking tapes from 3M adhere well, resist solvents or water from the paint, and are strong enough to hang plastic sheeting, yet remove cleanly without damaging the subsurface. The backing, typically crepe paper, can conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The tape hand tears for tool-free application.
Five tapes, built on increasing levels of performance and a common goal of helping you finish jobs worth finishing A masking tape should specify what surfaces it will stick to and the interval over which it will remove cleanly. A very thin or poorly manufactured tape may demonstrate splintering or shredding, either coming off the roll or when being removed after use. Some masking tapes have the tensile strength for light commercial and industrial applications, including bundling, labeling, sealing, temporary repairs, lane marking, splicing, and surface protection. The classic crepe paper masking tape is a light tan color, but 3M’s masking tapes come in a variety of colors and formulations to meet general and specific applications. A roll of masking tape is basic toolbox or supply room item in construction, warehousing, military, marine, shipping, and retail industries.

Scotch Expressions Masking Tape, 24 mm x 18.2 m, Purple

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  6. Best Painter’s Tape, According to DIYers

    Photo: istockphoto.com

    For a pro-quality paint job, you’ve got to focus on the areas you don’t want to paint as well as the ones you do. That’s where painter’s tape comes in.

    A special kind of masking tape designed to be easily removed, painter’s tape is typically applied where two surfaces meet—for instance, where a wall meets crown molding. Once in place, the tape prevents paint from bleeding over into areas you did not intend to paint. Furthermore, once peeled off, the tape leaves the painted area with a crisp, even, and aesthetically pleasing border edge.

    In other words, painter’s tape lets you work with confidence, leaving you with many fewer painting mistakes to correct and enabling you to work much more quickly than would be possible otherwise. Not all painter’s tapes are created equal, though.

    To choose the best painter’s tape for your project, be sure to weigh the considerations outlined below, and don’t miss our top picks:

    1. BEST OVERALL: ScotchBlue Original Painter’s Tape
    2. BEST FOR OUTDOORS: ScotchBlue Exterior Surfaces Painter’s Tape
    3. BEST FOR WOODWORK: IPG ProMask Blue Painter’s Tape with Bloc It
    4. BEST FOR DELICATE SURFACES: FROGTAPE Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape

    Photo: istockphoto.com

    Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Painter’s Tape

    Job Duration

    How long your project will take to complete and cure may affect the type of painter’s tape you use. Check the packaging to determine how long adhesive backing will stay fresh and lift off easily without damaging the surface or splintering into pieces. Because of their stronger adhesives, waterproof and exterior tapes should be removed within seven days to prevent surface damage. A medium-adhesive, multipurpose tape should remove easily up to 14 days after it’s applied, even if exposed to direct sunlight. For delicate surfaces and detail jobs, low-adhesive painter’s tape can last up to 60 days, depending on the brand and degree of sun, heat, and humidity exposure. Label info will give you duration estimates, as well as any environmental factors that may impact tape effectiveness.

    Adhesion Level

    Painter’s tape has different degrees of stickiness and may be safely left in place for different periods of time. The guidelines below will help you choose the right adhesion strength.

    • Low: A low-adhesion tape is best for delicate surfaces (and may be labeled as such), including faux finishes, wallpaper, and decorative or patterned paint jobs. These tapes can remain in place for a week to two months, depending on brand.
    • Medium: A medium-adhesive, multipurpose tape suits most common indoor surfaces, such as drywall and plaster. It’s also a good choice for easily scratched surfaces, including painted and unpainted wood, metal, glass, and stone. These tapes can typically stay in place for up to two weeks.
    • Heavy-duty: A heavy-duty adhesive (sometimes labeled “for exteriors”) is best for outdoor work, as well as for securing heavy drop cloths and protecting such stick-resistant surfaces as concrete, brick, stucco, and lacquered paints. Weather-resistant tapes should be removed within seven days.
    • Special purpose: If your room has laminate or wood floors (unfinished, or coated in polyurethane or lacquer), protect the floors with rosin paper and tape specially designed for these materials.

    Tape Width

    To tape off windows, trim, and molding when painting walls, the ideal widths for the job are 1.41 and 1.88 inches. These popular widths create a perfect edge without covering too much of the surface you want to paint—or too little of the trim you want to protect. For corner areas and detail/pattern work, a slightly narrower width of 0.94 inches is preferred, because it fits more easily into tight spaces. When using a smaller brush for detail work, a narrower tape is also more versatile, as it covers less surface area, making it easier to create stripes and other geometric patterns. Extra-wide painter’s tape (from two to three inches) is useful for taping floors and ceilings. A wider tape will catch more accidental splatters, as well as protect floors and ceilings from contact with the brush or roller.


    Painter’s tape comes in a variety of shades, but the colors are largely arbitrary and don’t signify qualities of the tape. The one exception is blue painter’s tape, popular for indoor and outdoor uses because it is UV resistant—important if your paint job will be exposed to sunlight. Ultra-violet rays can melt some adhesives to melt, making the tape more difficult to remove. Follow instructions for use and this won’t happen with blue painter’s tape.

    Our Top Picks

    Photo: amazon.com

    UV-resistant, medium-adhesion ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape is designed to peel off cleanly, leaving no surface damage. While it comes in a range of widths, from 0.7 to 2.82 inches, the 1.88 inch is suitable for a range of surfaces, both flat and curved, including wood, glass, and painted or textured walls and ceilings.

    Photo: amazon.com

    For exterior and stick-resistant surfaces like brick, stucco, and concrete, Scotch Painter’s Tape Scotch Exterior Surface Painter’s Tape is a worthy option. It has a waterproof backing and can withstand sun, wind, and rain. Its 1.41-inch width is highly versatile, but there’s a 1.88-inch version, too, if you need extra wiggle room. Be sure to remove within seven days for clean results, and never use it on delicate surfaces, as the adhesive can lift decorative finishes and wallpaper.

    Photo: amazon.com

    Using proprietary technology, IPG ProMask Blue Premium 14-Day Masking Tape has specially designed edges that prevent paint bleeding and seepage, especially when applied to wooden surfaces (lacquered and laminated surfaces as well). This nicely priced tape is UV resistant but should be removed within 14 days for best results. Its slightly narrower width (0.94 inches) makes it ideal for corner and detail painting.

    Photo: amazon.com

    To tape wallpaper, finished wood, and fresh paint (as long as it’s dry to the touch), consider relying on FROGTAPE Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape. This low-adhesive tape is embedded with absorbent polymers that react with latex paints, forming a gel barrier that stops paint from bleeding. The tape can stay in place for up to 60 days and is best for interior use. It is highly versatile and especially useful for trim, windows, and detail work. In addition to being easy to remove, FROGTAPE Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape helps create crisp, beautiful lines.

    90,000 prices from 37 rubles. selection, description Useful information

    Masking tape is used for repair work when painting and whitewashing surfaces. It is glued to areas that need to be protected from contamination when applying the compositions. This is an affordable tool that will come in handy both in everyday life and in the professional sphere.

    A masking tape is made of paper, the underside of which is covered with an acrylic or rubber-based adhesive. Wraps around a cardboard ring.Due to the sticky layer, the strip easily adheres to a dry surface, and the outer paper side protects it from paint penetration. The tape can be used to define the paint boundary on a wall, ceiling or window, as well as to fix a covering material, such as polyethylene, before spraying the paint composition with a spray gun.

    In addition to painting, such a consumable is used to seal cracks in wooden windows in order to warm the premises.

    In addition, in everyday life it is used for gluing paper products: books, albums, etc.d.


    • Easy to adhere and firmly adheres to wood, vinyl, plastic, metal, as well as painted and wallpaper surfaces, will help in any painting work.
    • Adheres well to the substrate, forming a straight line – the border for applying paints and varnishes or whitewashing.
    • Easily and quickly peels off even after several weeks without the use of special products and tools.
    • Does not spoil the surface, does not leave sticky marks, does not peel off the paint.

    Selection parameters

    Color . Most often, the tape is produced in white. This makes it versatile both for gluing on surfaces during painting, and for sealing gaps and joints on windows. If you need the tape to stand out against the background of the area to be covered, it is better to take a colored one, for example, blue or green.

    Width . The tape is available in widths from 19 to 55 mm. Narrow, 19 – 25 mm, glued to the surface to delimit the paint area.A wide tape, 38 – 55 mm, is also useful for fixing the covering material, sealing gaps in windows, etc.

    Length . One skein can contain from 20 to 55 m of tape. The longer the length, the longer you can use the adhesive tape (the price for such a product will be slightly higher).

    Safe Removal Masking tape HPX violet for delicate surfaces

    Masking tape allows easy removal of the tape after use without glue residues. High quality masking tape for dry walls, wallpaper and other delicate surfaces.Provides easy removal of masking tape after use without glue residue. Masking tape for delicate surfaces (wallpaper, plaster, painted walls).


    • Perfect for wall painting
    • It is used against scratches during storage and transportation, it prevents chipping during transportation of mirrors and glass
    • Suitable for paints and varnishes and general applications where low adhesion is required with high quality tape
    • Masking tape is indispensable for plastering, painting, gluing windows in the autumn.


    • Removes without leaving a trace even from the most delicate surfaces: wallpaper, plaster.
    • UV resistance: 7 days
    • Does not undermine wallpaper, paint, plaster
    • Provides a straight edge
    • Removes without a trace even from the most delicate surfaces
    • UV resistance: 7 days

    Masking tape – (crepe, crepe tape, masking tape, masking tape) is a paper tape treated with a special glue composition, which allows quick removal without marks after removal.


    Adhesive type



    Crepe paper

    Maximum operating temperature

    60 ° C (up to 100 ° C for short periods)

    Adhesion strength

    2.15N / 25mm

    Tensile strength

    85 N / 25 mm


    0.116 mm



    Shelf life and conditions
    Store your masking tape in a dry, clean and well-ventilated area, preferably between + 10 ° C and + 30 ° C.The shelf life under such storage conditions will be at least one year.

    Masking tape (crepe) – types, characteristics and application

    Masking tape is an adhesive tape on a rough paper base of light weight. On one side of it there is a natural rubber glue, on the other – a corrugated base, that is, a layer of paper, which, due to its structure, absorbs paint or other liquid and does not allow it to drain off.

    Masking tape will help to perfectly paint the surface

    There is a device – a holder for masking tape (dispenser), with which it is easy, convenient and quick to adhere crepp tape to elongated surfaces several meters long – plinths, door trims, curbs, window frames.Such a masking tape holder will perfectly glue the crepe tape and tear it off neatly and evenly in the right place. It is very easy to remove the tape from the surface.

    In any repair, finishing, painting work, 2 problems always arise: how to distinguish between layers of paint so that they do not merge, and how to do so in order to evenly glue the wallpaper?

    Masking tape (crepe tape) is necessary when painting walls, varnishing, applying plaster, when fixing the covering material. Its use keeps the rest of the surfaces clean. In this case, you can not be afraid for traces of adhesive tape on the window, panels, furniture or plastic, if they are immediately washed after using the tape.

    to the table of contents ↑

    Scopes of masking tape

    Modern paper-based crepe tape performs many useful functions:

    1. Protects any surfaces (wallpaper, individual wall sections, tiles, glass, mirror) when painting, creating multi-color compositions, applying plaster …
    2. With masking tape, you can easily wash dirty areas, if expensive wallpaper is glued in the neighborhood, make the paint areas perfectly even.
    3. Scotch tape can serve as a paper boundary mark. If it becomes necessary to drill holes of the required depth, masking tape will prevent the drill or the drill bit from moving further. It is simply wound around the drill.

      Securing the border with masking tape

    4. How to hold the edge of a tape measure over a long stretch of several meters? Only if you glue it with crepe tape.
    5. Masking tape will help to make neat and clearly visible markings on any substrate – glass, tiles, dark or black surfaces, on walls, without spoiling good wallpapers, beautiful painting.
    6. The use of masking tape is essential for drilling a precise hole in mirrors, glass, tiles or any other slippery material. It will prevent uncomfortable sliding at the very beginning of work.
    7. Small pieces of glass can be easily collected with the tape.
    8. To ensure that the fasteners (bolts, nuts, plugs) are always at hand, when installing or dismantling at the height of lighting fixtures (chandeliers, lamps, etc.), it is better to use fastening tape.
    9. In order to protect the door leaf during installation, masking tape is also used. It is glued around the perimeter with a release and protects the door frame and door leaf. When foam is fed into the gaps, the product remains intact.
    10. How to drill or drill cleanly? You can make an envelope out of paper, attach it to the wall with crepe tape and it will collect all the dust without staining or damaging the wallpaper or painting.
    11. Small parts that remain unpacked after repairs will temporarily but reliably “park” paper masking tape. If it is double-sided, it can be used instead of glue.

    Masking tape is also used for gluing windows, to avoid scratches on glass, plastic, metal, furniture, to prevent injuries from cutting sharp edges, when gluing the film joint to joint, paper rolls and sheets. In this case, the surface after the scotch tape is easy to clean with any detergent.

    Using masking tape we glue the windows so as not to scratch the glass

    Brown, yellow crepe tape is widely used for gluing cardboard, film packaging, blue tape – in warehouses for marking goods, cargo, in post offices, in industry. In addition, it is blue tape that is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. It hides defects on blue surfaces well. In trade, the blue ribbon fits any container and makes it more visible. Brown tape is also used for masking.

    According to the type of surface, colored masking tape is divided into:

    • polyethylene foam;
    • fabric;
    • aluminum;
    • bituminous;
    • double-sided;
    • one-sided.
    to the contents ↑


    In comparison with other building materials, masking tape on a paper basis has advantages – a wide variety of sizes (thin, thick, wide, narrow), low weight, low cost and excellent technical characteristics:

    How much meters of tape per roll? Masking tape is available in various lengths (from 10 to 70 meters) depending on thickness, as well as weight and color (white, transparent, yellow, blue, brown).

    According to different characteristics, there are different types of crepe tape:

    1. Heat-resistant masking tape is used for painting the car, maintaining its adhesive quality even at high baking temperatures (up to 120⁰, usual up to 60⁰). It is appropriate for drawing pictures on the car, logos. The tape does not leave marks on the surface (if necessary, the marks can be easily washed off) and does not allow the paint to flow into the place protected by it.
    2. The most heat-resistant tape, which contains aluminum foil and acrylic glue.This type of tape is used in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment. This tape is used to seal the pipe joints and give the details a silvery effect. It is also an excellent thermal insulator against corrosion (metal oxidation).
    3. Double-sided tape with the strongest adhesive base serves instead of glue and is distinguished by its absence of odor, good durability, and absence of difficult-to-clean marks. There are three types of double-sided tape: PP (propylene base with a double-sided adhesive rubber layer impregnated with silicone), PVC (fabric base, an analogue of scotch tape reinforced with fiberglass), mirror (it has a fabric base and can replace a screw, a nail and the same glue).Double-sided tape is used in construction, for strong attachment to wood, metal, uneven, rough surfaces.

    Do not forget that the adhesive tape is attached only to a dry, clean, grease and dust free base.

    It must be cleaned in time, since the adhesive layer tends to dry out, and in order to wash it, you will have to use a technical hair dryer or solvent. Although its complete drying time depends on the manufacturer. The term can be from several weeks to 1-2 months.

    This tape does not lose its properties for about 3 years. It has many useful characteristics (easy to glue, clean the surface from traces), thanks to which it has become very popular. It stores well in a dark place at room temperature and comes in a variety of colors, from clear to blue.

    characteristics and applications, how to remove marks

    The cornerstone of any painting work is the presence of perfectly straight lines and the absence of paint on adjacent surfaces.Few people will like the traces of painting on glass or wallpaper, “randomly wavy” lines of the border of the painted surface. To the aid of every neat painter comes a paper masking tape.

    Using masking tape

    Masking tape is a paper tape, on one side of which a layer of special glue on a rubber base is applied. To perform its functions, masking tape paper must have the following characteristics: light weight, rough surface, good absorbency.The adhesive base should “adhere” well to the surface and at the same time leave a minimum of traces after it has been removed.

    Masking tape is used in painting works:

    • When it is necessary to protect the surfaces of walls, ceilings, windows, wallpaper, doors from paint, plaster, mortar or primer, polyurethane foam. It is used to fix the protective film during any repair work – in this case, the adhesive ability of the adhesive tape is of particular importance.
    • For creating perfectly flat paint zones and no paint on adjacent surfaces.
    • For marking the boundaries of painting when using several colors of the coating, for decorative finishing or drawing. The high strength and flexibility of the belt contributes to quality work.

    The use of masking tape in the decor of the room

    In addition, “craftsmen” use masking tape in the following cases:

    • When you need to drill a hole on a smooth surface of tiles, glass, tiles.Scotch tape is glued to the hole marking and, due to the rough surface, the drill will slip less when drilling.
    • For the safe removal of small glass fragments.
    • For organizing a workplace or temporary storage, when small parts can be quickly glued to the tape so that they do not disappear and at the same time are within reach.
    • If you paste over the edges of a can with paint and varnish products, then the paint will not flow into the grooves.
    • Protection against light mechanical damage during transportation of furniture, mirrors, etc.e. The tape is glued to the most vulnerable places – edges, corners. Helps keep the coating from “accidental” damage.
    • When you need a clean cut when working with wood. By wrapping the marking area with adhesive tape, you can get a chip-free cut.
    • An indispensable item for marking and packing work. It differs from transparent adhesive tape by the ability to apply inscriptions and notes on a paper base. It is widely used both in logistics and in everyday life.
    • Bonding of paper, paper tape and film joint-to-joint.Suitable for joining seams when gluing wallpaper.

    Duct tape was invented by the Americans, and the name Scotch was entrenched thanks to the legends of Scottish stinginess. In the first copies of the tape, glue was applied only at the edges, which buyers considered phenomenal greed and demanded that the tape be more sticky. The Scotch Tape trademark was subsequently registered with the 3M Company. Products from 3M are considered benchmark in this area.

    Technical data for masking tape (creppa)

    Technical characteristics of masking tape

    The following characteristics are used to evaluate the properties of adhesive tape:

    • quality of adhesion (tack level) or adhesion;
    • level of strength at edge break and tensile;
    • temperature resistance;
    • moisture resistance;
    • For painting work, the ability to leave no traces after removal is of particular importance.Some manufacturers guarantee the absence of contamination after removing the masking tape 14 days or more after application.

    In the vastness of the former USSR, the standardization parameters and specifications for paper-based adhesive tapes were fixed in GOST 18251-87. According to GOST, adhesive tape is used for gluing veneer and plywood, banding. It should be noted that we are talking about adhesive tapes, which must be moistened before gluing.

    How to choose masking tape

    With all the variety of tape widths and winding lengths, the most common is a wide masking tape 50 mm 50 m, and narrow adhesive tape 10mm and 15mm wide is also “bought”.But size is not a “quality” characteristic of the paper tape. If you intend to buy good scotch tape, then pay attention to the thickness, measured in microns (microns). In terms of price-quality ratio, the best choice in domestic use is a thickness of 125 microns. This tape will have good adhesion and strength.

    Pictured is blue masking tape 3M Company

    If you have increased requirements for the result of paintwork, then pay attention to high-quality brand names that are used both for construction and repair work, and for painting cars.Depending on the characteristics, they are produced in different colors (white, blue, green, brown). The most popular is blue masking tape from 3M Company. Positioned as a product for professionals due to its characteristics:

    • High temperature resistance up to + 110C (the duration of the maximum temperature is no more than 60 minutes).
    • Increased flexibility and strength.
    • Resistant to moisture and solvents.
    • Excellent adhesion, excellent adhesion to rubber and metal.
    • Leaves no residue, subject to application rules.

    How to remove traces after removal

    In order for a minimum of traces to remain after removing the tape, you need to remember that masking tape is not intended for sticking for a long period of time, but only for the duration of installation or painting work. In addition, the surface must be clean and dry, otherwise the adhered repair dirt and dust with glue will need to be washed off.

    To glue windows for insulation, you need to use a special adhesive tape designed for long-term gluing. It has better adhesion and leaves fewer marks when removed.

    If, for certain reasons, the traces after removing the masking tape remained on the surface and were not cleaned in time, then special means and additional efforts are required to remove them.

    To remove traces of adhesive tape from plastic products, the following methods are recommended:

    • Wet the surface with vegetable oil for a few hours so that the old adhesive changes its properties.After that, wipe with a napkin and rinse with soapy water.
    • Removal with refined gasoline or white spirit. There is a possibility of damage to the top layers of the plastic.
    • An ordinary eraser and colossal patience come to the rescue.
    • If necessary, heat the surface with cleaning agents using a technical or household hair dryer.

    It is possible to remove marks from polished furniture with vegetable oil, for untreated wood products – white spirit.The school eraser remains a versatile tool in these cases as well. Sometimes, instead of an eraser, it is more expedient to use a drill with special attachments, but in this case you need to be careful not to damage the surface.

    Chemically resistant materials – ceramics, glass, tiles, in addition to the above, will withstand acetone, vinegar, glass detergents.

    If you need to clean the car body, it is recommended to use the universal cleaner Profoam 5000, which removes various contaminants without damaging the paintwork.Suitable for other painted surfaces.

    Video: Masking tape for painting works

    Versatility and ease of use, countless options for use – all this makes masking tape a useful assistant not only during paintwork, but also in various household chores.

    Masking tape for delicate surfaces 25 mm 25 m

    Code number: 81956697
    Weight, kg: 0.06
    Width of goods individually packed (cm): 10
    Height of individually packed goods (cm): eleven
    Product depth individually wrapped (cm): 3
    Customer short name: Painter.tape d / delicate. surface 25mmx25m
    Brand: UNIBOB
    Color palette: Purple
    Color Name: Purple
    Language of instruction: Russian
    Packing language: Russian
    Color: Blue
    UV protection: Not
    Production country: Russia
    Number of belts: one
    Surface type: Delicate surfaces
    Product type: Masking tape
    Product type: Masking tape
    Can be manually torn: Yes
    Packing type: Cardboard
    Main material: Wax paper
    Material: Wax paper
    Manufacturer’s Warranty (years): 0
    UV Resistance: Not
    Built-in coil: Yes
    Internal / External: Interior
    Contains Wood: Yes
    Length (m): 25.0
    Width (mm): 25.0
    Product weight individually packed (kg): 0.06
    Length (cm): 2500
    Width (cm): 2.5
    Number of boxes in delivery: one
    Full name of the product for the client: Masking tape for delicate surfaces 25 mm 25 m
    Top 1000 ADEO: Not
    Product rating: four
    Place of use: Interior

    Prices and availability data is in test mode.Please check the exact cost and availability of goods in stores. They may differ from those published on the site.

    Attention! Actual color and texture of products may differ slightly from their images on the site.

    Masking tape safe removal of HPX 4800 from INTEL ENGINEERING LLC

    Masking tape safe removal HPX 4800

    • Adhesive type: acrylic
    • Color : Purple
    • Width: 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm
    • Length : 25 m
    • Media: Washi Rice Paper
    • Material : metal, glass, plastic, rubber, wallpaper, painted walls
    • Application : indoor, outdoor
    • Surfaces : smooth, rough
    • Substrate (liner) : no
    • Maximum temp.operating: 60 ° C
    • Tensile strength: 80 N / 25 mm
    • Moisture resistance: high
    • Chemical resistance : high
    • Adhesion strength: 2.55 N / 25 mm
    • Thickness: 0.08 mm

    HPX 4800 Premium Professional Masking Tape can be used with water-based paints. HPX 4800 has a low tack and can be easily removed even from the most delicate surfaces (plaster, wallpaper, plaster, wood pulp, etc.).etc.).

    Masking tape is made on the basis of Japanese rice paper (washi paper), helps to get a perfectly straight, sharp edge.

    HPX 4800 Masking Tape is the best choice for painting, art, design and other high precision painting work.


    • Smooth and crisp edge.
    • after removal, no traces of glue remain and does not damage even the most delicate surfaces. It can be used for a long time.
    • adheres perfectly to wood, metal, glass, wallpaper, plastic, rubber, painted walls.
    • is moisture resistant and can be used with water based paints.
    • maximum temperature up to 60 ° C.
    • universal use (indoor and outdoor)
    • UV resistance (7 days)

    In the INTEL ENGINEERING store you can get professional advice and choose the necessary masking tapes that meet your technical tasks.

    Flexible system of discounts for masking tapes for wholesale buyers.

    All you need is to place an order on our website and we will select the most optimal payment and delivery terms.

    Payment methods:
    • Cashless payments
    • Cash payment
    • Payment on delivery (cash on delivery)
    • Payment to Privatbank card

    Shipping methods:
    • Pickup
    • Passing transport
    • New Mail
    • Other transport companies (by agreement)

    Why do you need masking tape – professional advice on how to choose the best materials for painting

    Masking tape is a special tape on a paper base, treated with glue with a special rubber composition.Due to these properties, there is practically no glue left after removing from the surface. The scope of its application is quite wide.

    Adhesive crepp is assembled in rolls from 10 to 70 meters long in various colors. Photos of masking tape from the catalog will help you understand the main models and varieties.

    Article Summary:


    The painting product is divided into types according to the basis for production from:

    • paper;
    • polyethylene foam;
    • fabrics;
    • aluminum;
    • bitumen.

    According to the number of sticky sides, crepp is subdivided into:

    • one-sided;
    • double-sided.

    Properties of paper tape

    Paper tape is different:

    • Ultimate adhesion (stickiness).
    • Increased tensile strength.
    • Work at temperatures from -10 to + 120⁰ Celsius.
    • Resistant to high humidity conditions.
    • Withstanding sub-zero temperatures.
    • Compatibility in work with various types of paints and varnishes.
    • Easy to remove.
    • Highly elastic.

    Advantages of paper-backed products

    Paper tapes differ from other types of adhesive tape in several advantages, namely:

    • a wide range of products of various thicknesses and widths;
    • light weight;
    • versatility at work;
    • low price.

    Heat Resistant Masking Tape

    Heat-resistant crepe is used for painting work with cars.It remains sticky even when exposed to high temperatures, up to 120 degrees. Wide adhesive tape with heat-resistant properties does not leave glue marks on the painted surface after removal.

    The tape with an aluminum base covered with an acrylic-based adhesive has the highest heat resistance.

    Double-sided crepe

    The tape with two sides is used in construction work, because it is fixed even on uneven and rough wood and metal surfaces.The construction version of the tape is divided into 3 types:

    • PP – with a propylene base, impregnated with a mixture of 2 types of glue.
    • PVC is a fabric product with the addition of fiberglass.
    • Mirror, replacing fixing elements.

    How to apply crepe

    Masking tape is most often used to protect the unpainted layer from the ingress of paint and varnish products, or to create a clear demarcation of zones when painting. However, there are many other functions that masking tape performs.

    Areas of application:

    • when cutting wood, in order to avoid chipping, the place of cutting is covered with masking tape, sawing along it;
    • so that paint does not collect in the grooves of the cans, they are sealed with tape;
    • in the manufacture of household stickers;
    • for the restoration of books;
    • when making paper patterns;
    • for fixing festive garlands;
    • sticky side perfectly picks up lint and pet hair from the fabric;
    • masking tape serves as a kind of limiter when drilling holes – it delays a drill or a perforator drill, and does not allow moving deep into the surface in order to avoid damage to it;
    • to hold the edge of a tape measure over a length of several meters;
    • for marking on glass, tiles, walls, preserving the wallpaper and decorative painting of nearby surfaces;
    • inhibits sliding when drilling a hole on slippery mirrors, glass, tiles;
    • collects shards of broken glass or mirrors;
    • when mounting various equipment at a height, bolts, nuts or plugs can be fixed on adhesive tape for convenient operation;
    • when installing the door, the crepe, glued with overlaps on the sides, protects the door leaf and frame from damage and building foam;
    • double-sided tape is used instead of glue;
    • for thermal insulation of wooden windows;
    • to protect glass, plastic and metal surfaces from scratches;
    • when transporting furniture.

    Application features

    The use of masking tape facilitates work with various industrial and commercial facilities. Crepe tape of yellow and brown color is used when working with products made of cardboard or film.

    Blue ribbon – assistant in warehouses and post offices when marking goods or cargo. This is due to the high rates of moisture resistance. It is the blue tape that does not react to temperature changes, and also hides defects on blue surfaces.Brown krepp is also used to mask containers.

    The main condition for the tight adhesion of the masking tape to the surface is to first ensure its dryness and cleanliness, all grease and dust must also be removed.

    After removing the adhesive tape, there are practically no traces left on the surface. If they do appear, it is enough to treat the contaminated area with a detergent.

    Adhesive tape for painting work should be removed in time, otherwise the adhesive layer will dry out, which will lead to difficulties in removing it – a technical hairdryer or solvent may be required.Drying time of the glue ranges from several weeks to 1-2 months, depending on the manufacturer.

    Choice of masking tape

    Width. The width of the masking tape varies and is designed for certain types of work. The most popular among buyers is narrow tape with a width of 10 mm and 15 mm. For larger-scale works, builders use a tape 50 mm wide.

    Thickness. However, width is not the only criterion when choosing an easy-to-work crepe.When purchasing an adhesive product, pay attention to the thickness in microns (μm). A tape with a thickness of 125 microns is considered to be a quality adhesive tape at an affordable price – it is durable and with good adhesion.

    Brand. Products of branded brands are of the highest quality. They are presented in a wide range of colors. The most proven option is blue masking tape from the manufacturer 3M Company for professional construction and finishing works.

    Before making the final decision about which masking tape to choose, you need to clearly determine the scope of its future application.

    Removing masking tape

    Masking tape is intended for short-term works during installation or painting. Therefore, additional efforts and special means will be required to remove traces of glue after a long stay on the surface.


    Methods for removing masking tape marks from plastic surfaces:

    • Oil the surface and leave for 1-2 hours. Then remove the adhesive with a cloth and wash with detergent.
    • Use of refined gasoline or white spirit. You must follow all instructions when working with these products, because they damage the upper layers of plastic.
    • Erasing glue with a regular eraser.
    • Heat the surface with a technical or household hairdryer, then remove the softened adhesive layer.

    Polished furniture

    The sticky layer is removed from the wood using:

    • vegetable oil;
    • white spirit – if the tree is untreated;
    • stationery eraser;
    • drills with special attachments.

    Ceramics, glass, tiles

    All of the above methods are used for cleaning chemical-resistant surfaces, as well as:

    • acetone;
    • acetic acid;
    • Universal glass cleaner.

    Professional cleaner Profoam 5000 removes adhesive tape from car bodies and other painted surfaces without damaging the paint or varnish layer.

    Masking tape – a versatile assistant in various fields. It is practically indispensable for finishing and construction work and is widely used in various fields.

    Photo of masking tape

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