Printing rates at staples: Staples Print & Marketing


Staples Print & Marketing

  Standard Colour         
      1 – 499   41¢   62¢   92¢
      500 – 999   40¢   60¢   90¢
      1,000 – 2,999   35¢   55¢   85¢
      3,000 – 4,999   28¢   38¢   68¢
      5,000 – 7,999   23¢   29¢   59¢
      8,000+   18¢   23¢   53¢
  Standard Black & White         
      1 – 499   12¢   13¢   19¢
      500 – 999   9¢   10¢   14¢
      1,000 – 9,999   5¢   6¢   10¢
      10,000 – 19,999   5¢   6¢   7¢
      20,000+   4¢   5¢   6¢
  Standard Rich Black         
      1 – 499   31¢   41¢   51¢
      500 – 2,999   30¢   40¢   50¢
      3,000+   19¢   29¢   39¢
  Same-Day Colour         
      1 – 499   55¢   84¢   $1. 24
      500 – 999   54¢   81¢   $1.22
      1,000 – 2,999   47¢   74¢   $1.15
      3,000 – 4,999   38¢   51¢   92¢
      5,000 – 7,999   31¢   39¢   80¢
      8,000+   24¢   31¢   72¢
  Same-Day Black & White         
      1 – 499   16¢   18¢   26¢
      500 – 999   12¢   14¢   19¢
      1,000 – 9,999   7¢   8¢   14¢
      10,000 – 19,999   7¢   8¢   9¢
      20,000+   5¢   7¢   8¢
  Same-Day Rich Black         
      1 – 499   42¢   55¢   69¢
      500 – 2,999   41¢   54¢   68¢
      3,000+   26¢   39¢   53¢
  Foam core mounting (per sq. ft.)   $5.99
  8.5″ x 11″ foam core   $3.89
  11″ x 17″ foam core   $7.79
  12″ x 18″ foam core   $8.99
  18″ x 24″ foam core   $17.99
  20″ x 30″ foam core   $24.99
  24″ x 36″ foam core   $35.99
  Wide-format lamination (per sq. ft.)   $3.19
  Photo books   $24.99
  Folded greeting cards   $1.99/card
  Flat greeting cards   $1.49/card
  Postcards   $19.99/50 cards
  Gift certificates   $14.99/30 certificates
  Iron-on Decals   $19.46/ 1 decal (1 sq. inch)
  Wall Decals   $23.56/ 1 decal (1 sq. inch)
  Labels (sheets)   $2.99
  Writeable Matte Roll Labels   $103. 10/250 labels (Size: 0.56 – 0.99 sq inch)
  Glossy Roll Labels   $110.36/250 labels (Size: 0.56 – 0.99 sq inch)
  Die-Cut Stickers   $36.69/10 stickers (Size: 0.56 – 0.99 sq inch)
  Business laser cheques   $91.99
  Business handwritten cheques   $79.99
  Business laser forms   $127.99
  Business handwritten forms   $105.99
  Notepads   $39.99/8 pads
  Self-inking stamps   Starting at $24.99
  ProStamp pre-inked stamps   Starting at $28.99
  Switch stamp   Starting at $48.99
  Daters   $28.99
  Xstamper stamps   Starting at $24.49
  Custom coroplast signs   Starting at $18.99
  Custom engraved name badges   Starting at $9. 99
  Flyers   $10.99/25 flyers
  Brochures   $21.99/25 brochures
  Same-Day Flyers   $14.99/25 flyers
  Same-Day Brochures   $28.99/25 brochures
  Letterhead   $139.99/250 sheets
  Envelopes   $164.99/500 envelopes
  Notebooks   $5.99
  Presentation Folders   $64.99/10 folders
  Rack Cards   $24.99/50 cards

How to Print Documents, Cost & Rewards

Staples Online Printing –Everything you need to know to print documents online, including how to upload printables to Staples Printing Services. Have them shipped to your home or pick them up in the store! Includes directions to print B&W or color documents, portrait or landscape orientation, how to print on cardstock and cover stock for durability, AND Staples printing prices!

Staples Online Printing

Staples printing services is my first choice for all my printable needs on Frugal Coupon Living. There are many reasons, but these are my top three.

First off, Staples Online Printing offers AMAZING quality. The printables I give you on Frugal Coupon Living often need to be printed on cover stock with bright colors for the best results(after all, we aren’t dull.) I find that the quality that Staples online printing delivers is great and very vibrant. If you’re looking to print posters, you’ll want to use Staples poster printing to get that vibrancy and quality.

Second, the Staples printing department is great. The employees aren’t just helpful —they’re friendly, too! They actually love when I use their services and look forward to the different documents I submit for printing, since they stray from the regular old business documents they normally receive. They now know me by name and by brand.

Finally, I save. After all, this is Frugal Coupon Living! I save money on both printer ink and cardstock. Those goods can get pretty pricey, so I leave the supplies (the ink and paper) to the Staple pros to provide. It keeps me sane and keeps from a place where I’m low on printer ink all the time! (It was all the time before I was using Staples online printing services.)

How to Print Documents from Staples

We have tons of free printables for you on Frugal Coupon Living. Here are few places to find these prints!

It will take you less than five minutes to upload your first document to Staples. Yes, five!

Enjoy the video above for directions on how to print at Staples. The video steps have changed some but mostly are telling off all the choices you have when it comes to printing at staples. The following steps below are up to date as of March 2021.

How to Print at Staples

  1. Have your PDF, Word Document or printable saved to a folder on your computer.
  2. Sign in or create a Staples account.
  3. Return to the Staples Printing Service Page.
  4. Scroll down to Document printing.
  5. Click the red button, start creating.
  6. On the next page you can choose between simple print and professional print. Choose professional print as there are more Staples printing options.
  7.  Click start project under professional printing.
  8.  Browse your files and upload your document from your computer.
  9.  Next choose your paper size from letter, legal, ledger.
  10. Also select your document orientation from portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal).
  11.  I suggest checking scale to fit and unchecking double sided.
  12. Click Next.
  13. On the next page choose your paper type: I like premium/specialty paper in white coverstock 110 lb. This is great for crafts for prints you want to frame.
  14. Choose next.
  15. Choose your color options: color or black and white.
  16. Choose next.
  17. Choose your binding option including comb, coil, cover binder, 3 ring binder, or stapled: In most cases, I choose no binding.
  18. Choose next.
  19. Choose finishing including lamination, folding, cutting or hole punching. Since I like control, I choose no finishing.
  20. Choose next.
  21. Choose your print options. This is where you can rename your document and choose your number of copies. When it comes to prints I want to frame or craft with, I often choose 2 copies so I have ab ack up for mistakes.
  22. Choose delivery (you can still pick up in store). You will be promoted to sign in again or create an account if you have not already signed in.
  23. Next choose your delivery option including ground, express or expedited.  Or choose pickup in-store including standard or express. Standard has never gone me wrong, especially on smaller print jobs. If you choose pickup in-store, make sure you find the store closest to you entering your zip code.
  24. Click the red button, add to cart.
  25. Follow the steps for a secure checkout.

You can choose to ship to your home or to pick up at your local store. Pay online and show your invoice when you pick up (I just show the order number on my phone at pick-up.) The order invoice will arrive in your email inbox.

Staples Printing Cost

Printing to Staples is extremely affordable. I print often and have a lot of content, so I rely on Staples online printing to deliver amazing quality (they always do!). I find Staples Printing Costs to be far lower than the cardstock and printer ink it costs me to keep up with my demand at home.

A break down of pricing…

While you can get as low as $0.13 for a color copy, I am never printing more than 50 pages. I typically spend $0.53 for a color copy. Usually, I’m printing around 10 at a time.

I also choose a 67 lb card/cover stock media, so this adds around $0.10 per print. This typically puts my ordercost around $0.60 to $5.00!

I’d recommend you opt for free shipping to your local store for pick-up. This is often the route I take, unless I have an extra large order and want my order to come straight to me. Shipping starts at $9.99!

Staples Printing Coupon

There are a few ways to get Staples Printing Coupons.

First, be a loyal costumer. You can sign up for Staples Rewards here.

Staples Rewards

Benefits of Staples Rewards include $25 off Print & Marketing Services in store each year! Additional reward benefits include free next-day delivery on orders over $49.99. My favorite perk is earning $2 back in rewards per recycled ink cartridge (up to 20 per month.) That means you could earn up to $40 a month in recycled ink cartridges! Ready to join? Sign up here!

Second, pay attention to your receipts. Often during in-store pick-up for a document, I am given a coupon for my next Staples printing need. I just stack those coupons in my car for next time.

Third, look online. You can look for Staples coupon codes and promo discounts on

look forward to hearing about your experience with Staples online printing. I’m sure they will quickly become your number one place to print your documents!


Also access our Free Frugal Coupon Living Printables to help you find joy through embracing the chaos of motherhood more easily!

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17 Places to Make Copies Near Me for Cheap

Sometimes an electronic copy of a document isn’t good enough. Whether it’s your auto insurance document or other official paperwork, you need to make copies to have a physical document. I personally don’t like to spend much money on tasks that can be done for cheap or free. This is a concern for many, leaving most wondering ‘where can I make copies near me for cheap?’

If you don’t have access to a printer at home, there are various places in your area that you can utilize to make copies for free or cheap and save money for other needs.

With cost out of the way, let’s discuss the best options to make copies near you.

Best Places to Make Free Copies

You might think that an office supply store is the only option to make copies. That is not the case. You will find such stores on our list, but there are other options to print documents.

In fact, there are some options that allow you to make free copies. Below are the three best places to make free copies.

1. Work

Do you find yourself asking, ‘where are the best places to make copies near me?’ and not know where to start? Look no further than your office.

Your employer probably won’t mind letting you use their equipment to print a document or two. They may even allow you to make color copies for cheap or free, depending on the quantity.

It all depends on the company but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Be sure to double check with a supervisor before doing it and don’t assume they will allow you to make copies. The last thing you want is to get into trouble.

If your boss is fine with you doing it, this is a good option to save money.

2. Friends and Family

Friends or family may have a copy machine or a printer with a copy feature so you can avoid using a paid service. Whenever you need copies made, ask around first. If friends and family live close, it makes sense to use their equipment and save a trip to the office supply store.

Most family and friends like helping out their loved ones, and this can be a great help for someone who needs some copies made.

If you don’t know anyone with a printer, and you live in an apartment complex, consider asking your landlord. They may be willing to let you print documents for free on occasion. If your complex has a clubhouse or business center, you might be able to use that for free copies as well.

3. Post Office

Some post offices have copy machines they allow customers to use. Not all locations have this option, however.

Instead of risking it and taking an unnecessary trip, call ahead to make sure they offer this service. Most cities have a post office– even the small towns– so hopefully using a post office to make copies won’t take up much traveling time.

Where to Make Cheap Copies Near Me

You won’t always be able to make copies for free. A simple internet search for ‘best printing services near me’ may provide some good options, though rates may vary widely.

Here are a few of the best places to make cheap copies.

4. Library

You may not realize it, but your local library is one of the best places to make copies of documents. Like a post office, most towns have at least one library.

This service typically isn’t free, but the fee isn’t too bad. At my library, it’s only $0.10 for black and white and $0.25 for color copies. Libraries aren’t typically super busy so the copy machine is usually available.

This means someone can be in and out with their copies in just a few minutes. College or university libraries also have copy machines the public can use as well.

5. Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot has same day printing and copying. Customers receive 15 percent off any one regularly priced item for signing up for Office Depot/Office Max emails. Each black and white copy is just $0.09 per copy.

Color copies for Office Depot/Office Max are only $0.42. Orders are usually ready within an hour and there is no extra charge to pick up. If a customer can’t make it to a store there is also a free shipping option for qualifying orders of at least $45.

6. The UPS Store

The UPS Store has over 4,400 stores worldwide and offers a great option to get copies. You can either go into the store to make copies or order them ahead of time online.

Customers who sign up for their news and special offers receive 15 percent off their next online order. They offer various sizes, and can do both thick and thin pieces of paper.

They specialize in this service and can even make copies of W2s, church bulletins, or legal documents. Prices typically start around $0.12 for black and white and around $0.50 for color copies.

7. FedEx Office

Formerly known as Kinkos, FedEx Office is another option for printing services. The store has been expanding their stores and is now in select Walmart locations.

This move makes it nice and convenient for people who have multiple errands to run. It might save them a trip to a printing service location. Similar to The UPS Store, you can order copies ahead of time to save you time.

8. Staples

When I’m looking for a place to make copies near me I usually choose Staples because there is a location nearby.

Staples has good prices and is one of the cheapest places to make copies. They charge $0.53 per color page and $0.11 per black and white copy. Bulk orders can result in prices as low as $0.04 and $0.13, respectively.

9. Your Local Grocery Store

If there isn’t a big name store in a town, sometimes a local grocery store may allow people to use their machine to make copies for cheap.

If there aren’t any big retailers to compete with, this may prove to be an easy service for a lesser-known store to offer.

It depends on the location, but some stores may stick with the typical $0.10 for black and white and $0.25  for color copies.

Somewhat related, if you need to know where to get quarters your local grocery store is a solid choice.

10. Community Centers

Do you live in an HOA that has a clubhouse or have a recreation center local to your neighborhood? Many of these are operated by fraternal organizations, or a local government and often have a copier available for public use.

If you live near a community center or clubhouse, ask them if they have a copy machine available for use. This may not work for large jobs, but may be a perfect fit if you only need a few copies.

11. CVS

The photo department at CVS also makes copies for customers. There are 3,400 locations that offer this service nationwide. Locations will typically have a Kodak kiosk in CVS stores for customers to use for printing and copying services.

This makes for a quick and easy service, and documents are available in minutes. Black and white prices for single-sided copies are $0.19 per page and double-sided is $0.38 per page.

Color copies are a little more than some other options. Single-sided copies are $0.99 per page and double-sided are $1.98 per page.

12. Walgreens

Walgreens is a perfect spot to go for anyone who need to make copies of photos. The retailer Walgreens is a popular store and most cities have at least one location.

Walgreens prices per photo are actually pretty reasonable and only cost around $0.20 for a 4×5 photo. Unfortunately, most Walgreens locations do not allow you to print documents.

Best Places to Order Copies Online

Going to a store is a good option if you need a quick copy of a document or just need a few copies. They have one drawback– they’re often a little more expensive than other options. They may also not offer bulk services.

If you need to make a lot of copies of one document, an online service may serve you better. Below are the best places to order bulk copies online.

13. Rakuten

Do you need to make copies from home without a printer? Look no further than Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) as an option to order copies online.

Rakuten often has coupons and discount options for printing services. A few of the companies on this list also have discount offers on Rakuten. Vistaprint and FedEx offer three and five percent back on orders, respectively.

In the history of the site, Rakuten has helped earn Vistaprint customers over $950,000 in cash-back rewards. For referring friends, customers receive a $10 coupon for each friend referred and the friend gets $10 off their next order.

These two aren’t the only companies that offer cash back, though. The biggest percentage back offered from this group of businesses is 11 percent.

14. Best Value Copy

For 25 years, Best Value Copy has offered printing services. When you place your first order, you receive 200 free black and white or 50 free color copies. This is only for the first purchase and shipping costs will have to be paid by the customer.

After the first initial order, copies are only $0.027 for black and white copies and $0.09 for color. This makes Best Value Copy one of the best options to make color copies for cheap.

Any orders over $125 qualify for free shipping. Shipping is only offered Monday through Friday. There are no minimum order sizes, and your order is shipped in 48 hours or less.

15. Color Copies Today

Color Copies Today has been in business for over 35 years. They are a division of the Rogers Marketing and Printing, Inc company who is based out of Avon, Indiana.

*Related: Looking for places to buy stamps? Check out our guide on where to buy stamps near me to find the best places to buy postage stamps.*

Copies are printed and shipped out the same or next business day the order is submitted. Color Copies Today has a simple upload option to make sending in a request easily.

Customers can send up to four different documents at a time. They do all bulk pricing for their copies. So for 1,000 color copies, customers pay $0.06 per copy. The cheapest single-sided color copy bulk order the site offers is $0.10 per page for 150 copies.

Black and white copies are $0.04 per page for 500 single-sided copies.

16. Docucopies

Docucopies is a website to use to make color copies for cheap, especially if it’s a bulk order. If a customer needed a mass order of 10,000 copies, they can order them from Docucopies for only $0.05 per page.

If that’s a little too excessive, they also have a package of 1,000 color copies for $0.07 a piece. Orders are typically shipped by the next business day. Customer service is available to answer any questions five days a week.

17. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is the go-to company to visit for any and all small business needs. Business cards, marketing materials, calendars are all products that can be customized and purchased from the site.

*Related: Do you need to replace a key? Read our guide on the best places for key duplication near me for cheap.*

The site does not make copies, but they cover most other business needs you may have.

How Much Does it Cost to Make Copies?

It is possible to make copies for free, but it’s likely you will have to pay some amount. Each location charges a different price to make copies, though some sites and stores charge the same price regardless of location.

The most important factor learning how much it costs to make a copy is if you choose black and white or color.

Here is what you can expect to pay to make copies:

  • Black and white copies – between $0.03 and $0.25 per page
  • Color copies – between $0.10 and $0.75 per page

The above is the cost for standalone copies. If you want other services, like binding copies into a presentation, expect to pay more. How much more depends on the services you need.

Bottom Line

Whether you need photos, business cards, or paper copies, there are probably several options in your area to choose from to help you get it done. A few of these options may be new to you while you may frequently visit some of the other locations.

Some people can’t print from home so having these convenient locations can be a big help. Some businesses have same day service and you can be in and out. It also may take a little while to receive your prints.

Either way, it’s relatively simple to print documents for cheap.


Where have you found the cheapest place to make copies? What online printing services do you use to save money? 

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How To Get Better Booklet Printing Prices Than Kinkos®, Staples®, and Office Max®

Booklet printing can be really expensive, especially when you turn to your national chain locations in your city like Kinkos (FedEx Office®), Staples®, or Office Max®. These three well known places can be a good solution if you’re trying to just get one or two copies printed – but have you seen the prices when you need to order more? It all starts to seem a little ridiculous. But don’t worry! There is a better way to get the booklet printing prices that won’t break the bank. 

Here we will go over some of the differences between our booklet printing services and theirs, help you understand why they cost so much more, and how we can help you save money.

Get an Instant Price: Click Here

Free Sample Packet: Click Here


PrintingCenterUSA Has Better Booklet Printing Prices Than Anyone Else

There are many reasons that some of our printing competitors like Kinkos®, Staples®, or Office Max® are so expensive. The main reason, though, is because printing presses, press operators, and prepress operators that can handle larger orders are extremely expensive. These large corporations are already making enough money by selling products and printing easy one-offs to even think about investing millions of dollars into the printing equipment and automation that they would need to compete with our pricing. Basically, getting into the printing game is a can of worms that they just don’t need. 

PrintingCenterUSA is here for one purpose: to print. We don’t sell staplers, office chairs, or desktop printers, and we obviously aren’t one of the primary shipping centers in the nation (cough cough Fed Ex®). We specifically specialize in multi-page book, booklet, calendar, brochure, flyer printing and so much more at both short run digital and bulk offset quantities. By focusing on just printing for the past 50 years, we have been able to streamline our processes more and more, which makes us much more cost efficient than competitors.


Cost Comparison

For booklet printing prices, an inexpensive and popular option is to print 8.5” x 11” saddle stitched booklets. We’ve attached a picture of our booklet printing pricing tool below and Office Depot/Office Max’s®  for a price comparison.


At PrintingCenterUSA  our pricing tool shows a 24 page booklet at 100 quantity and 80# Gloss Text for the paper. The cost here is $226.68, which is $572.32 CHEAPER than Office Max. Not only that, but uou can see there are lots of options that we offer so that you can completely customize your booklet as much as you want. Unlike these other chain competitors, you can easily order saddle stitch, perfect bound, spiral, and wire-o binding options within one tool. 


At Office Max® which is now the same as Office Depot®, there was a booklet option online, although not easy to find. We found that their pricing tool is over-simplified with a lot fewer customizing options to choose from. For 100 24-page booklets printed on 80# paper, the price is $799.00, over triple what we offer. Plus, you can’t get an estimate of the shipping cost on this pricing tool like you can with PrintingCenterUSA’s, so the shipping cost will be an unwanted surprise at checkout. 


When you look at Staples®, we had trouble even finding a booklet printing option online. Their menu have a booklet option, but it redirects you to find a store and go inside. We’ve had to settle for manual printing, and as you can tell from our screenshot below, a 10-page coil bound manual starts at $9.68, for one booklet! Customizing from there will only increase the cost. To understand how shockingly expensive this is, our comparable option (Spiral Binding – 10 page – full color – 100# Cover and Text) starts at $5.45 each when you order 10. If you order 100? The per-piece cost goes down to $2.03

At FedEx Office® (Kinkos), we were unable to find a saddle-stitched booklet printing option. Their printing prices were one of the most expensive we’ve found online. For only 4 pages, black and white on 32# paper (fairly low quality for booklet printing), single sided, and coil bound, the price was $755 for 100 copies. The options to customize were limited, and again, we have no idea the cost to ship it to us once it’s been printed.


Unmatchable Customer Service 

Now that you’ve seen the cost differences between some of the most well-known and popular printing companies, we want to talk about customer service. Choosing large corporations like Fed Ex® means you’re not getting the outstanding customer service that we offer. We have a 43-point file checklist that is personally checked by our customer service representatives. When you become a repeat customer with us, you get a person who manages your account personally. This means that we answer your questions personally, and get to know you on a deeper level than companies like FedEx® or Staples®. 

We also offer free digital proofing, hard copies (for a charge) if you need them, provide free templates and design tools to help you and more. Other companies only print what you send them without providing a proof of what it will look like when printed. This causes the customer to have to pay the cost themselves to reprint if there is an error with the file setup for print. With us, you must go through a proof approval process so any potential red flags with your project can be addressed and fixed. You can even upload your files before ordering to receive a FREE file review so you can print with confidence. 

Free File Review: Click Here


Quality Products At Amazing Prices

Another thing that sets Printing Center USA apart from it’s competitors is our satisfaction guarantee. We take a personal stock in every single job that is printed with us. Because we are a smaller company that relies on your positive feedback for business, it’s important to us that every job is printed perfectly, at prices that won’t break the bank. 

When you’re ready to print high quality booklets, start with our booklet printing pricing tool. We make it easy to see exactly what you’re paying. We pride ourselves on transparency and offering only the best when it comes to printing. No matter what you’re printing, we’ve got a solution for you.


So How Can You Get Better Booklet Printing Prices than Kinkos®, Staples®, and Office Max®?

Order With PrintingCenterUSA.

Stop wasting your money on products you probably won’t love when it finally ships. Instead, choose a #1 Rated Printing Company that specializes in booklet printing. It is our mission to offer only the best when it comes to online printing services, from our products to our customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out our hundreds of great reviews from our loyal customers.

Our slogan is fast, easy, and affordable, and we’d love to prove it to you. Contact us today for a custom quote or if you have questions about our booklet printing prices. 

*Our prices, as well as our competitors, fluctuate throughout the year. The pricing mentioned and shown above are accurate for the time that this article was posted. 


Printing at Staples, Kinko’s and Walgreens
– The Crown Prints


Printing at Staples, Kinko’s and Walgreens

PRINTING AT STAPLES STORES (U.S. and Canada customers):

I’ve been really pleased with the quality of Staples prints, where you can get very inexpensive same day prints if ordering before 2 PM (with a small rush fee).

For same-day/in-store 4×6″, 5×7″, 8×10″ or 8.5×11″ prints on matte paper: 

  • Select Staples’ “copy and print services – color” option.
  • Select the 110lb. white cover/card stock option for best results.
  • The current price (in USD) as of March 31, 2017 is just 67 cents per print.
  • When picking up your order, be sure to review your prints – if there are any print issues, the staff should be happy to reprint your order for you.
  • Make sure the “fit content to paper” checkbox is UNCHECKED if you’re uploading a file with a print size of less than 8.5″x11″

For same-day/in-store 11×14″, 16×20″ and 20×30″ on semi-gloss photo paper:

  • Select Staples’ “photo enlargements” option.
  • Choose your print size
  • The utility will automatically resize and crop your uploaded file to fit the dimensions of the paper. If your file print size doesn’t match the paper size, choose the first file print size that’s larger than the paper size (it’s better to reduce images than to enlarge, in general).

For larger same-day/in-store prints – printed on 12×18″, 18×24″ or 24×36″ matte paper (you can trim to your desired size afterward):

  • Select Staples’ “Oversized Color Prints” option.
  • On the media tab, select your paper size (select the paper size closest to your final print size). I recommend any of the sizes in the “White Standard HWT” option.
  • UNCHECK the “fit content to paper” option unless the paper size is the same as your desired final print size and you don’t intend to trim the paper.

To print larger sizes: 

  • Select Same Day poster option. 
  • Their available sizes are rather limited – 12×18″, 18×24″ and 24×36″. Your file will automatically be resized and cropped to fit these dimensions. You’ll be shown a preview image. so you can decide if this is acceptable.
  • I recommend going with their super heavyweight 140 lb. matte finish option, or the semi-gloss 140 lb. medium sheen option for best results.

PRINTING AT FEDEX KINKO’S STORES (U.S. and Canada customers):

FedEx Kinko’s is another great option for fast, same-day prints.
To print 8×10″ or 8.5×11″ files at FedEx Kinko’s:

  • First upload your file using their print utility on their website. 
  • Once uploaded, you will probably receive a message stating “this file contains a non-standard print size,” so you’ll want to click the “review options” button. Select “Letter – 8.5×11” for your print size. This will enlarge the 8×10 image slightly since FedEx automatically prints to fill the page. 
  • Then, continue on to your print options. The only thing you have to do here is select your paper. Under “Paper Selection,” choose “Card and Cover Stocks” and then “Ultra Bright White (Card)” for best results. 
  • The current price as of this posting is $1.24 USD. 

To print 11×14″ files:

  • Select “Tabloid – 11×17” for the print size. 
  • Select the 80lb. laser paper option (this is the heaviest weight they currently offer in this size).

To print larger sizes (16×20″ and above):

  • Select the poster printing option. The available sizes are 16×20, 18×24, 22×28, 24×36, and 36×48. 
  • Again, the software will automatically scale your file to fit the page size. The results are really nice and usually available the same day as you place your order.

Printing at Walgreens (U.S. customers):

Walgreens is my favorite location for same-day pickup of prints/posters in 11×14, 12×18, 16×20, 20×30 and 24×36 sizes.

  • Their paper texture for posters is a nice satin – not quite matte, but not slippery smooth/gloss either. 
  • Walgreens often has coupons for photo printing, so check the site before purchasing online. My local Walgreens here in New Hampshire has my posters ready within 30 minutes of ordering! 
  • Their 8×10 prints also look great, though the only paper option is glossy paper for same-day pickup.

24 Places to Make Cheap Copies in 2021 (Near Me)

Once or twice a year you might need to make a photocopy of an important document before it gets mailed off to the insurance agency, a government agency.

No matter the reason why you need to make copies, there are plenty of locations near you to use a copier for cheap, even in our ever-increasing digital world!

Best Places to Make Free Copies

Before you go to your local copy store, you might be able to get copies for free at these places first. Free copies can be just as good as paid copies.

1. Apartment Leasing Office

If you live in an apartment complex, they might have a small business center in the leasing office with a copy and fax machine. They usually let you make a handful of black and white copies for free.

Even if you do have to pay for additional copies, their rate can usually be cheaper than the local copy centers and you don’t have to pay for gas to drive their either.

Since you’re already paying monthly rent, the business center is one your paid amenities.

When I still lived in an apartment, I took advantage of this complimentary service as I would have to periodically copy and fax documents for insurance claims and work.

2. Place of Employment

Check with your boss first, but you might be able to use the office copy machine for a personal use. Since it’s only a few copies, they shouldn’t mind.

3. Friends or Family

If you have a friend or family member with an all-in-one machine, you can make copies and pay them a visit at the same time.

Make Cheap Paper Copies Near Me

When you can’t make copies for free, you will have no problem finding a place in town that offers copying services.

Rates can vary widely, so it pays to compare prices if you have a large job to complete.

4. Google “Cheap Copies Near Me”

Unless you absolutely have to, you don’t want to drive to the other side of town to make photocopies because that’s the only business you know of that makes copies.

Before leaving home, google “cheap copies near me” to see a map and list of places that advertise black and white or color copies.

You can save time and gas money which make your copies even cheaper!

5. A Local Library

Almost every town has a public library and most libraries let you make black and white copies for a small fee. My local library charges 15 cents per black and white copy.

You can find your local library by googling “Your City or County Name Public Library” or you can also check out the Public Library Database as well.

Besides your local public library, your local university library should have a copy machine as well.

6. The Local Post Office

A few US Post Office locations still have a copy machine. The USPS doesn’t publish this information online so it might be akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

To save time, call your local post office to see if they indeed have a copy machine available to the public.

7. Local Community Centers

Local community centers operated by the government or non-profits might have a public copy machine too.

This can be the next best place to look beside your local library when you want to make copies at a public place.

8. FedEx Office

Previously known as Kinko’s until a few years ago, FedEx Office offers copy and print services plus FedEx shipping.

You can also submit copy orders online and pick them up at your local FedEx Office location which can be more affordable than just walking in.

At our nearby FedEx, you can expect to pay 13 cents for black and white and 58 cents for color.

9. UPS Store

The UPS Store (formerly Mailboxes Etc.) also offers copy services with more than 2,600 national locations.

Black and white copies start at $0.09 and color copies sell for $0.49 each. You might be able to get a discount for larger jobs.

In addition to copies, you can also rent a PO Box to earn mailbox money and ship via UPS.

10. A Local Copy Store

In my small town, we don’t have a UPS Store or FedEx Office, but we do have a locally-owned copy and printing store that prints photocopies, banners, business cards, and even packs and ships your packages for you.

These locations might be located near your town’s university or business district.

11. CVS Pharmacy

Select CVS Pharmacy locations also offer copy services. Call ahead to make sure your local CVS does indeed offer copy services.

If they do, you can expect to pay the following per copy:

  • Black and White: $0.19
  • Color: $0.99

12. Office Depot and OfficeMax

All Office Depot locations offer print and copy services plus custom printing services when you need more than a basic photocopy.

Basic single-sided black and white copies start at $0.09 each and color copies cost $0.42 per page.

If you have an OfficeMax store in your city instead of Office Depot, you can expect to pay the same rate.

These two companies recently merged and offer the same products and services despite having two different brand names.

13. Staples

The other large office supply store that might be near you is Staples. They also have rates as low as $0.021 cents per page when you need to make more than 100,000 copies in a single job.

For your first 100 pages, you can expect to pay the following per page:

  • Black and White: $0.11 (First 250 then $0.10 each for pages 251-500)
  • Color: $0.53 (First 100, then $0.47 each for pages 101-500)

As the largest office supply store, there’s a good chance that a Staples location is close by.

14. Costco

Costco also offers copies at their copy and print center in addition to the other bulk shopping opportunities for your home or business.

To qualify for their best rates, you will need to order a minimum of 1,000 black and white copies to pay 2.5 cents each and only 50 color copies to pay 15 cents each.

Costco is one of the most affordable places for color prints because the 50-page minimum can be easy to reach when you’re trying to launch a business and will be handing out flyers to potential customers.

An additional service you might also consider is their binding and laminating options to create a professional-quality booklet.

Besides photocopies, you can also use Costco to print business cards, letterheads, and even banners or posters. Plus, you can even design promotional products like hats, travel mugs, magnets and t-shirts.

If you regularly order online from Costco, don’t forget to sign up for Paribus to receive cash back when a product price drops after you make a purchase.

Get Copies Made at Your Grocery Store

Some grocery stores also let you make copies in addition to buying food. Not only can you save money on groceries, but you might also make cheap copies as well.

15. Coborn’s

Coborn’s offers copy and print services. Copy prices vary by location so you will need to check with your local store.

In addition to copy and fax services, Coborn’s will also take care of your dry cleaning, bus passes, and recycling bags too.

16. Fiesta Mart

Select Fiesta Mart locations in Texas offer copy and fax services. You will need to call or visit your local store to find out for sure.

17. H-E-B

H-E-B stores in select locations offer copy services too. Visit your H-E-B business center to find out.

18. Hy-Vee

Select Hy-Vee locations also have a copy machine. Ask the next time you shop or call ahead before you go.

19. Your Favorite Grocery Store

It’s possible your local grocery store offers copy services too. They might advertise them online in the “in-store services” tab or you can always call or ask them.

Almost every business, even grocery stores, have a copy machine on-site for their business copying needs and they might let their patrons use it as well.

Order Copies Online

How do you make copies from home without a copy machine?

By ordering copies online.

When you don’t need copies made immediately, you might be able to save some money by ordering your copies online and either picking them up locally or even having them delivered to your front door.

Online printing can be cheaper than going in-person because they have fewer overhead expenses and they offer high quality finishing options.

While many of the places above can make copies from a digital file, USB drive, in addition to scanning your paper copy, you will need to upload an image of your document to make copies online.

Besides some of the national retailers mentioned above (UPS Store, FedEx Office, Staples, and Office Depot/OfficeMax), consider the following copy services too.

20. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback portal that can help you save money on copies you order online that can be ordered online and either delivered to you or picked up in-person.

For our business, my wife and I have periodically order copies online and pick them up at our local office supply store when we don’t have time to wait around for a bulk job to be completed.

Instead, we upload our documents, choose the quantity and formatting, and drive to the store when the order is ready.

We pay the same amount as we would in-store, but it’s more convenient and we get bonus Rakuten cashback too!

To see if your copy order qualifies for Rakuten cashback, type the name of any of these recommendations into the search bar to find out. Otherwise, you can always enter “copy” or “print” into the Rakuten search bar to find other online copy shops.

21. Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy is one of the best online print shops for black & white or color copies.

Unlike some of the other online-only copy shops, you won’t pay a setup fee and you pay the same flat rate for each copy, regardless of quantity.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for each page copied:

  • Black and White: 2.7 cents each
  • Color: 9 cents each

There are no order minimums and all orders ship within 24 to 48 hours.

22. DocuCopies

If you have at least 1,000 copies to be made, DocuCopies offers black & white or color copies that are mailed directly to your home or office.

Black and white copies cost 6 cents each (1,000 copy minimum) and 7.7 cents each for color (1,000 copy minimum)

They even offer next-day delivery when you submit your order by the daily cutoff time.

23. ColorCopiesToday

ColorCopiesToday offers black and white or color copies at the following rate per page:

  • Black and White (500-page minimum): 4 cents per page
  • Standard Color Copies (150-page minimum): 10 cents per page
  • Glossy Color Copies (200-page minimum): 11 cents per page

Prices drop as the size of your order increase. in addition to copies, you can also print a variety of other business products including brochures and customized envelopes.

24. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is one of the largest printing services. You can’t order black and white or color copies, but they can be used for the following print media:

  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Signs
  • Door hangers
  • Promotional materials

If it can be printed, Vistaprint will do it. We’ve used them in the past and have been happy with their service each time.

How Much Do Copies Cost?

The biggest factor in determining how much it costs to make a copy is if you print in black and white or color.

Depending on where you make your copies, you can expect to pay the following rates for single-sided copies:

  • Black and White: Free to 25 cents per page
  • Color: 10 cents to 60 cents per page

You shouldn’t have to pay any more if your document is stored on a USB drive, but you will need to make sure the copy place has USB printing capabilities. Most places do but still ask before going if you’re unsure.

Some places offer a discount when you have a bulk order (1000+ pages) that you won’t receive when you only need to make a couple copies.

You can also save money by making duplex (double-sided) copies too because you use half the paper.

It doesn’t matter if you are printing for personal or business reasons, making copies is an expense many of us don’t factor into our monthly budgets.

When you are just beginning to pursue a side hustle and you’re making copies to advertise your business, money spent on copies means less money you can spend on advertising or buying the necessary equipment or software to expand your business.


In a world where everything seems to be going paperless, we all still need to make copies from time to time.

Whether you only need to make one copy or 10,000 copies, it’s easy to find a place that can do it for a few pennies per page and save you money. How awesome is that?

5 Ways to Print Documents When You Are Out of the House

Being out of your house and in need of a printer can be a stressful experience. Just where do you go when you need to print documents? Perhaps you need a copy of your lease, a crisp resume, or a character sheet for your favorite tabletop RPG.

“Places to print near me” is a common Google search. But you have several more options for printing away from home—if you know where to look.

Thanks to mobile and cloud technologies, the best “out of house” printing solutions are just a click away. Here are five ways you can print documents on the go.

1. Try Copy and Print Shops

Image credit: fables98/Flickr

Copy and print shops aren’t as common as they used to be but exist solely to help you print documents.

Many of the print shops you’ll come across aren’t big chains, but rather locally owned. This is great if you try to support local businesses, but prices at these establishments can vary considerably.

To find a copy or print shop nearby, open your favorite search engine and enter: “copy print shop [zip code]”. It’s as easy as that!

2. Print in an Office Supply Store

You might not need to buy office supplies at these stories anymore, but if you need something printed, and you need it fast, office supply stores are a great place to go. Staples Cloud Printing and Office Depot/OfficeMax Printing Services both offer on-the-spot printing and copying in the United States. Staples and Office Depot are also present in the UK.

Prices are generally good at these stores: at Office Depot, a single-sided black-and-white page is $0.10, and color is $0.59 (Staples advertises $0.17 and $0.60). You can also get volume discounts if you’re printing hundreds of pages. This could save a lot of money if you need conference handouts or one extremely large document, like a dissertation.

Printing documents at office supply stores also afford you a wide variety of options, e.g.:

  • Stapling
  • Hole punching
  • Collating
  • Perforation
  • Lamination
  • Binding

…and other features, making office supply stores some of the best places to print documents. Plus, you can print anything you want, from simple documents to large posters, and business cards to brochures.

3. Use Printers in Public or University Libraries

Image credit: Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa/Flickr

Can’t find an office supply store or a shipping provider when you need a document printed right away? Why not use a printer at a public library?

While it’s hard to estimate prices, typical prices are $0.10 for black-and-white pages and $0.50 for color pages.

Many public libraries also offer cloud printing services. Sometimes, as with this image of Stratford public library, they’re integrated with Google Cloud Print. To find out how to print at your local library, head to their website for details.

University libraries may allow non-students to use their computers and printers, although this isn’t a general rule.

For non-students, if you just need to print an email or something else small, it might be okay. For complex, large documents, look elsewhere.

4. You Can Print With Shipping Providers

You might not think of shipping providers as obvious places to print documents. However, services like UPS Professional Printing Services and FedEx Copying and Printing Services demonstrate how these businesses have diversified.

So, you can use branches of these couriers to print documents when you’re out and about. UPS even lets you print from the HP ePrint app so you can get prints super-fast on the go.

FedEx Office even lets you print documents from your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box accounts. So, it’s always best to copy and sync your document to the cloud. That’s one advantage of using cloud productivity tools like Office Online or Google Drive.

The UPS Store offers prices that beat Office Depot, at $0.09 per black-and-white page, and $0.49 per color page. Just upload your documents online or bring them into the store and you’re set to print whatever you need.

FedEx’s pricing is a little hard to find; however, it looks like they charge $0.13 for black-and-white. $0.70 for color.

As with office supply stores, UPS and FedEx also offer stapling, punching, binding, etc. Different paper sizes and media are also available. So, you can print to business cards, pamphlets, brochures, banners, envelopes, magnets, presentations, all with zero hassle.

5. Online Document Printing Options

Everyone knows that you can print photos cheap online, but did you know that you can also print documents? This is a great alternative if you can’t find somewhere to print on the go nearby.

If you know where to look, you can get good deals on anything from black-and-white documents to full-color self-published magazines.

Best Value Copy offers black-and-white copies from $0.027 and color from $0.09, considerably beating every other option on price. However, shipping is not included in the price, which can significantly skew the value of ordering online.

For very large orders, though, the shipping costs could be worth it, something that is also true of other providers. is reputed to have good prices, but you’ll need to be ordering at least 100 copies to really benefit.

If you have time to spend looking for a way to print documents online, you’ll no doubt find a bargain. However, you may need to go through the ordering process several times before committing.

One quick tip: when you’re searching online, search for “copies” or “copying” instead of “printing.” The latter will often send you to sites that only do brochures, business cards, posters, and other more complicated projects.

Other Document-Printing Options?

If you ever need to print something on the go, these options will help you find nearby places to print. It’s a great option if you don’t own your own printer. To quickly recap, places you can print documents while you’re out are:

  • Office supply stores
  • Shipping service providers
  • Copy and print shops
  • Public and university libraries
  • Order from an online printing service

Don’t have your own printer yet but thinking about buying? Take the time to read our list of things to check when buying a new printer. Then, find out how to keep your printer secure.

The 10 Best Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners

These Raspberry Pi projects for beginners are great for getting started with any Raspberry Pi model.

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Xerox D95 Monochrome Productive MFP (D95_CPS) 🖨

Xerox D95 / D110 / D125 designed specifically for workloads such as printing and copying, education, healthcare and other industries. Provides the following benefits: increased productivity, lower costs and meeting high customer requirements. Guaranteed performance, Xerox reliability and ease of use, plus advanced finishing features.


MFP Xerox D95 is designed to work with a large monthly volume of printing, as well as for printing high-volume materials. Able to organize work both in the field of productive monochrome printing in large offices, and in the segment of high-circulation printing.

Xerox D95 delivers market-unique print quality, advanced document production functionality and customizable document workflows.In addition, the new model allows for a wide variety of jobs on a variety of materials with advanced paper feeding options and online finishing.

The main criteria for choosing Xerox D95 / 110 machines are:

  • low cost printing,
  • high productivity and printing speed,
  • the ability to carry out high-volume work in a limited period of time,
  • excellent print quality and a wide range of materials,
  • reliability and ease of maintenance,
  • usability,
  • professional finishing devices for finished works.

The Xerox D95 and D110 have a productive print engine that prints at speeds of 100 and 110 A4 pages per minute, respectively.

The print resolution does not depend on the print speed and the materials used and is 2400×2400 dpi. This characteristic sets the Xerox D95 / 110 apart from all competitors currently present in the segment of high performance monochrome printing systems.

The Xerox D95 / 110 handles media from A6 + (102x152mm) to SRA3 + (330x488mm) from all internal trays.The machine is designed for media weights from 52 to 253 g / m2. Material registration from leading to trailing edge is +/- 0.7 mm.

The D95 / 110 supports a wide range of finishing devices, such as a saddle stitch finisher, spine trimmer and press unit, GBC AdvancedPunch, and more.

Finishing options allow you to create a variety of booklet sizes, cover (including full color, printed on another device), double-fold mailing letters, and many other jobs that require stacking, stapling, adding custom media using an interposer and dr.Considering the technical characteristics of the Xerox D95 / 110 in terms of performance and functionality, this machine becomes a convenient tool for creating a printing center in companies from different industries.

The Xerox D95 / 110 allows you to load paper and replace toner while printing, and automatically selects trays, which reduces turnaround time. In addition, the machine is designed in accordance with the CRU approach, which minimizes equipment downtime by allowing the user to independently replace consumables such as staples, toner cartridges, fusers, etc.

The Xerox D95 / 110 MFP is equipped with a productivity scanner that scans duplex documents from 52 to 200 gsm in full color and A5 to A3 in one pass. In addition, the scanning system is able to independently recognize standard original sizes, which allows you to quickly perform network scanning and copying jobs, taking into account the heterogeneous workflow of the Customer.

A USB connector is available on the front panel of the MFP, which provides work with external storage media (flash cards).The machine allows you to save scanned documents to USB media, and print files in standard formats from connected external devices.


Xerox D95 / D110 / D125 designed specifically for work in high-volume organizations such as printers and copy centers, education, healthcare and other industries. Provides the following benefits: increased productivity, lower costs and meeting high customer requirements.Guaranteed performance, Xerox reliability and ease of use, plus advanced finishing features.

The Xerox D95 / D110 / D125 copier / printer supports many features, allowing you to select print speeds, media types, and finishing options that are optimal for your business:

  • High print speed of 100, 110 or 125 pages per minute (ppm). Speed ​​125 is only available in configuration with an external controller.
  • High speed copy / scan – 200 images per minute (ipm). One-pass color scanning allows you to save the document immediately on your computer or any network resource.
  • A state-of-the-art built-in controller is standard. In addition, the D110 / D125 copier / printer supports a powerful external print server.
  • Proven reliability and excellent service support. Guaranteed high performance D95 / D110 / D125 for a long time.
  • Unmatched ease of use.
  • Exceptional print quality with high registration characteristics.
  • Multiple paper feeding and finishing options to increase productivity and ensure high quality finished products.


Printer Yes
Scanner Yes
Copier Yes
ADF capacity 250 sheets
Paper feed capacity 4,250 / 8,250 sheets
Print speed (b / w) 100/50 (A4 / A3) ppm
Connection interface Ethernet
Print type Monochrome laser
Print format SRA3
Maximum monthly load 2,000,000 pages / month
Two-side print Yes
Memory 2048 Mb
LCD diagonal 10.4 inch
Receiving tray capacity 2000/3000/5000 (depending on finisher) sheets
Warm-up time after switching on 300 sec
Paper weight (min.) 52 g / m2
Paper weight (max.) 253 g / m2
Types of print media Plain paper, Thin paper, Covers, Bristol, Tabs, Offset sheets, Transparencies, Self-copy paper, Coated or Uncoated, Heavyweight, Recycled paper, Stickers, Labels
Resolution 2400 x 2400 dpi
First print out time (b / w) five.14 sec
Font support PCL / PostScript
Scanner type color
Copy speed (b / w) 100/50 (A4 / A3) ppm
Copier resolution 600 x 600 dpi
First copy out time (b / w) 3 sec
Scaling 25 – 400%
Maximum number of copies 9999
Scanner resolution 200/300/400/600
Scanning speed, mono up to 200 ppm
Scanning speed, color up to 200 ppm
Weight 275 kg
Dimensions (width) 711 mm
Dimensions (length) 787 mm
Dimensions (height) 1460.5 mm
Additional Information Wireless Ethernet 802.11byte (via 3rd party adapters)
Shipping weight 280 kg


Speed ​​and performance

  • The D95 / D110 / D125 copier / printer saves your most valuable resources – time and money.
  • The print module provides high-speed printing – up to 100, 110 or 125 pages per minute.
  • Fast, single-pass color scanner with two heads (each original is scanned only once) provides scanning speeds of up to 200 images per minute.
  • Simultaneous scan / receive, rip, and job processing help maximize productivity.
  • The 250-sheet Automatic Document Feeder provides optimum speed and efficiency for even the most challenging jobs.
  • The Job Build feature makes it easy to set up different types of pages in the same document without manually assembling sheets.
  • Convert printed pages to TIFF, JPEG and PDF files for easy storage with the ability to print directly or send to an FTP server or e-mail.

Print quality

  • For the D95 / D110 / D125 Copier / Printer helps maintain customer loyalty through superior print quality.
  • 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution ensures consistently high quality reproduction of text, fills, photos and graphics with accurate registration for professional results.
  • Color scanning at 600 x 600 dpi in 8-bit (256 shades of gray) mode produces copies that are very close to the originals.

Ease of use

  • Minimum training required to get started with the D95 / D110 / D125 copier / printer; in addition, it provides an extremely fast return on investment.
  • The large, full-color touch screen user interface makes it easy to program complex jobs, and the intuitive buttons and commands are similar to other Xerox devices.
  • On-the-fly loading and unloading capability allows you to load paper and receive finished documents while the copier / printer is in operation. This ensures continuous workflow and increases productivity.
  • All standard USB storage devices are supported for ease of use.
  • This copier / printer supports Adobe PostScript, PDF, PCL, LCDS, IPDS, VIPP and PPML data streams.
  • Small footprint allows you to position the device as close to users as possible, while freeing up additional floor space.

Complete set

For the Xerox D95 to work, it is imperative to order one of the finishing options:

  • Industrial Office Finisher LPFD 4 (3,000-sheet output bin, 3-position staple with 1 or 2 staples up to 100 sheets, 2/4 hole puncher)
  • Industrial Booklet Finisher – LPFD 5 (2000-sheet output bin, 3-position staple with 1 or 2 staples up to 100 sheets, 2/4 hole punch, booklet stapling up to 25 sheets)
  • LPF D5 Industrial Booklet Finisher with C- / Z-fold (2000-sheet output tray, 3-position stapling with one or two staples up to 100 sheets, 2/4 hole punch, booklet stapling up to 25 sheets, C- / A4 Z-fold and A3 engineering Z-fold)


Additional options

The Xerox D95 / 110 offers a set of options that provide different paper sizes for high-volume jobs:

  • HCF A4 High Capacity Feeder 4,000 sheets
  • OHCF 2,000-sheet SRA3 Single Tray High Capacity Feeder
  • OHCF 4,000-sheet SRA3 2-Tray High Capacity Feeder

The Industrial Finisher (all configurations) can be equipped with an optional 4 Hole Punch (this option supports Swedish wide punch).

The SFT Trimmer Module is available as an add-on to the LPF D5 Industrial Booklet Finisher, which allows you to add a professional finish to your work by flattening the spine (creating a rectangular profile) and trimming the leading edge of the booklet.

Our experts will always help you choose exactly the configuration that your organization needs. you can ask for help in choosing components by phone +7 (812) 644-88-50 or e-mail.mail [email protected] .

Model comparison

Model Xerox D95 Xerox D110
  • Print
  • Copy
  • Scan
  • Print
  • Copy
  • Scan
Short description

Xerox® D95 / D110 / D125 black and white copier / printer designed specifically for high-volume workloads such as printers and copy centers, education, healthcare and other industries.Provides the following benefits: increased productivity, lower costs and meeting high customer requirements. Guaranteed performance, Xerox® reliability and ease of use, plus advanced finishing features.

Xerox® D95 / D110 / D125 black and white copier / printer designed specifically for high-volume workloads such as printers and copy centers, education, healthcare and other industries.Provides the following benefits: increased productivity, lower costs and meeting high customer requirements. Guaranteed performance, Xerox® reliability and ease of use, plus advanced finishing features.

Scanner Type

Single pass DADF 250 sheets

Single pass DADF 250 sheets

Print speed, mono, A4 (up to p./ min.)



Maximum load (pp. / Month)



Maximum resolution, dpi

2 400 x 2 400

2 400 x 2 400



Additional features with support for an external print server

Standard embedded copy / print server

    An intuitive touchscreen interface, FreeFlow integration, advanced features, and a small footprint provide an easy and convenient workflow:

  • Excellent scanning.Create searchable text files right on your device – compression technology reduces network congestion and speeds up data transfers.
  • Remote control of the device. The CentreWare IS Embedded Web Server automates the installation, configuration, and update of troubleshooting functions.
  • Multiple sets of copies with slip sheets. Create multiple collated or uncollated kits with separator sheets for efficient distribution.
  • Security. Supports a wide range of security features including secure printing, data encryption / overwriting, and optional removable hard drives.
  • Copy & Save / Print & Delete Modes Select Copy & Save on the touch screen to save document files and scan settings to a mailbox / folder on the internal server.
  • Thumbnail preview. On the right side of the touch screen is a preview pane for copy / scan jobs.
  • Application of stamps. Built-in stamping function creates copies with customized text on every page.
  • Extensible Interface Platform (EIP). EIP is a software platform that provides easy access to advanced productivity features directly from the copier / printer touch screen.
Xerox FreeFlow External Print Server

Unique performance and support for a full line of feature-rich monochrome and color printing devices.

  • Processing speed and capacity. Simultaneous execution of several tasks of receiving, processing and printing.
  • Support for multiple job sources. Job sources can be any application, TCP / IP connection, Internet, CD-ROMs, USB portable drives, and FreeFlow Suite components.
  • Speed ​​and performance. Advanced hardware and core technology optimize productivity and guarantee copier / printer rated speed.
  • Automated job shortcut creation and custom workflow. Queues and hot folders simplify workflow by minimizing operator intervention.
  • Unlimited printing. Built-in support for a variety of transaction data streams, including IPDS, LCDS and VIPP.
  • Excellent photographic halftone performance. Enhanced halftone functions allow you to create professional-quality marketing materials with brilliant black and white imaging.
  • Quickly adding exception pages. You can specify multiple page ranges for a specific exclusion to save time and improve performance.
  • High Security. Uses a UNIX platform and flexible management tools to customize settings for users and groups.


Xerox D series printer and printer / copier

Xerox D95


You can download the required drivers, instructions and application manuals by clicking on the link.

You can download the brochure in English by clicking on the Xerox D95 link.

You can download the brochure in Russian by clicking on the Xerox D95 link.

Helikon North-West – paper cutter, embossing press, offset machine

National project “Education”

Within the framework of the federal project “Modern School” the company “GELIKON North-West” supplies mini-printing houses, cardboard cabinets, multifunctional devices for equipping:

– schools implementing basic and additional general education programs of digital, natural science, technical and humanitarian profiles
– schools carrying out educational activities in accordance with adapted general education programs
– organizations on the basis of which it is planned to implement adapted general education programs and adapted vocational training programs for citizens, living in psycho-neurological boarding schools
– children’s technoparks “Quantorium”
– centers of additional education for children and houses of scientific collaboration
– institutions of secondary vocational education

To implement the activities of the federal project “Modern School” of the national project “Education”, our specialists
will help to select, install equipment in labor workshops and classrooms of the subject area “Technology” for the printing profile, and also offer mini-printing houses based on multifunctional devices for classrooms of psychological and pedagogical support and correctional work with children with disabilities.You will be able to produce didactic and teaching material yourself.

You can buy a mini-printing house to implement the model of a consulting center, a mini-printing house for a school by sending an application to [email protected]

Printers for printing large volumes of documents

ComColor printers are optimal equipment for use:

– at wholesale warehouses for printing a large volume of accompanying documents
– at manufacturing enterprises for printing technical documentation
– in the field of housing and communal services for printing invoices and receipts (advertising on housing and communal services receipts)
– in educational institutions for printing methodological material
– in state institutions for printing information and regulatory documents

ComColor printers will significantly reduce your costs for printing documents due to the high yield of cartridges (up to 100,000 pages), the absence of drums and repair kits, will reduce the current costs of service, will reduce the number of printing devices, are networked (up to 1000 users can be registered), are designed for a 24-hour load, enable printing of any personalized information from databases, have models that print color documents, use an environmentally friendly type of printing and low power consumption.

Printing equipment of FineArtPrint printing house – Moscow, SAO, m Sorge.

HP Indigo 5000 printing equipment has slightly less
performance and level of color rendering, however, it is cheaper to operate and
is able to perform duplex printing of sheet products, starting from the format
A3 +.

The best equipment for printing high quality photos
Canon printing machines. They are able to reproduce up to 12 colors with excellent
resolution and color fastness.

Large format Canon and Fuji plotters will provide printing of circulation on roll
materials with subsequent high-precision cutting. We will print equally well
circulations of tiny labels or tags and posters or colorful theater billboards
format A0.

The professional Fuji minilab machine is designed for UV printing. Print quality
this technology is an order of magnitude higher than the quality of digital printing, relative
the only disadvantage is the cost of the work.

Excellent quality is demonstrated by the equipment from Xerox
name for all copiers. Printing machines installed in
printers are productive, reliable and versatile.

Do you need a large circulation of the same type of printing or do you strive for
the highest quality color photo prints, it does not matter. Equipment
The FineArtPrint printing house is recognized as the most advanced in the capital and in Russia as a whole.
Call our managers by phone +7 495 215-08-77, send a request to
email or formulate a task on the Business Platform. we
we guarantee a quick solution to the most complex and extraordinary tasks!

IM C3500

Color multifunction printer with 35 pages/ min. it has rich functionality and high reliability. It allows you to scan and distribute materials, print and copy in color, and perform professional finishing of sets of documents, easily solving any task. The 10.1-inch smart control panel simplifies workflows, and with smartphone and tablet support, employees can easily connect to the MFP for remote work.



Print speed
35 pagesmin.

94 kg

First Page Out Time: Color
7.3 sec.

First page out time: B & W
4.6 sec.

Warm-up time
21 sec.

Dimensions: W x D x H
587 x 685 x 913 mm

Single pass ADF capacity
220 sheets

Reversing ADF capacity
100 sheets

Hard disk: max.320 GB

Power supply
220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz PRINTER

Memory: max.
4 GB

Memory: std.
2 GB


Macintosh OS X Native v10.11 or later

OC SAP® R / 3®
SAP® R / 3®, SAP® S / 4®

UNIX Sun® Solaris, HP-UX, SCO OpenServer, RedHat® Linux Enterprise, IBM® AIX

OC Windows®
Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Server 2008R2, Windows® Server 2012R2, Windows® Server 2016

Other environments
IBM iSeriesFAX

Interface: Add.
Bi-directional IEEE 1284 / ECP, Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n), Optional NIC (2nd port)

Interface: Std.
Ethernet 10 base-T / 100 base-TX / 1000 base-T, USB I / F Type A host, USB I / F Type B device

mobile printing
Apple AirPrint ™, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Ricoh Smart Device Connector

Print resolution: max.1200 x 1200 dpi

Printer language: Additional
Original Adobe® PostScript®3 ™, IPDS Module, PictBridge, PDF Direct from Adobe®

Printer language: Standard
PCL5c, PCL6, PostScript 3 (emulation), PDF Direct (emulation)


Compression method

Memory: max.
60 MB, (4 800 p.)ECOLOGY

Memory: std.
4 MB, (320 pages)

Resolution: optional
16×15.4 lines / mm, 400×400 dpi

Resolution: standard
8 x 3.85 lines / mm, 200 x 100 dpi

Modem speed: max.
33.6 kbit⁄s

Baud rate
2 sec.

Scanning speed
68 pagesmin.

Scanning speed – SPDF used
A4 / LT SEF, Image rotation A4 / LT LEF


TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) *
0.39 kWh

Operating Power Consumption: Color

Power consumption in operating mode: B-W
532.9 watts

Power Consumption: Ready Mode
less than 47.6

Power Consumption: Sleep
less than 0.55 W

90,000 Business cards and flyers at low prices.Printing house ADP

Business cards and leaflets at low prices. ADF printing house

Advantages of printing in our company:

New equipment

We have full technical equipment for production – from prepress to packaging

New and high-speed A2 and A1 printing machines, finishing and packaging shops

Automation of the entire production cycle from order acceptance to shipment


We are the leaders in the pricing of small offset print runs

All orders on the site are formed and completed automatically and without the participation of a manager

Own production for the preparation (unflatting) of paper

High quality

Integration into the Prinect workflow – orders are immediately delivered to all production areas

High-precision equipment – minimal risks that the circulation will be of poor quality

Densitometric quality control of printing on all printing machines

Pre-press and printing equipment

Heidelberg brand:

Finishing shop:

Packaging production workshop:

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Ricoh Aficio MP 5055SP / ASP

Ricoh Aficio MP 5055SP / ASP


The new MP 5055SP MFP is designed specifically for the busy office environment, in companies looking to increase productivity and flexibility in their workflow.Quick, quiet start-up will not interfere with the work of your employees, and the convenient, customizable smart control panel and extensive finishing options allow you to bring any creative ideas to life. The high environmental performance of the devices is achieved thanks to the economical sleep mode and the stapleless stapler, which not only reduces the consumption of metal staples, but is also safe for use in schools and in the food industry.

The intuitive 10.1 ” smart touchscreen control panel is one of the many new features designed to streamline workflow.A powerful Intel processor keeps jobs fast, and versatile finishing options, including a 1000-sheet all-in-one finisher and built-in folder, let you create finished documents with ease. Mobile device connectivity, advanced original feeding and fast scanning allow you to further expand the functionality of your devices. The new MFPs deliver consistently high print quality and flexible workflows.

  • Intuitive Smart Control Panel
  • Fast print speed 50 pages/ min., the time of the first print is only 2.9 seconds
  • Built-in internet browser
  • Staple and non-staple functions
  • Ready for a second
  • Reversing automatic document feeder for MP5055SP
  • Single Pass Automatic Document Feeder for MP5055ASP



Manufacturer Ricoh
Machine type MFP
Format A3
A4 scan speed (p./ min.) color / mono 80 (SP) / 110-180 (ASP)
Copy speed A4 (ppm) color / mono 50
A4 print speed (ppm) color / mono 50
Resolution max. (dots per inch) when scanning 600×600
Resolution max. (dots per inch) when copying 600×600
Resolution max.(dots per inch) when printing 1200×1200
Warm-up time 20 sec
First copy out time 2.9 sec
First Page Print Time 2.9 sec
Memory std./max. (Mb) 2048
Built-in storage (Mb)
Control languages, compatibility PCL5e, PCL6, PostScript 3, PDF
Standard interfaces SD card, USB host, Ethernet 10/100/1000
Supported OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Paper weight (g / m2) 52 – 300
Input capacity std./Max. (sheets) 1200/4700
Output Tray Capacity Std / Max. (sheets) 500/3625
Fax option
Duplex standard
ADF reversible (SP) / single pass (ASP)
Power consumption 1780 W (max)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 587x913x684
Weight 62.5 kg
Black Cartridge / Yield 37000
Image Drum Life 160000

Review of the Russian 3D printer – PICASO 3D Designer from HACKER

All information about the operation of the device is displayed on the liquid crystal display, and some service functions are also included here. All working mechanisms, including the reel with plastic, are removed inside, due to which the printer is protected from dust and makes less noise, although it is still difficult to call this device really quiet.The hinged front panel is made of translucent material, and the working area is equipped with LED backlighting, which allows you to monitor the printing process.

The maximum dimensions of the printed model in PICASO 3D Designer correspond to a cube with a side of 20 cm. Due to the dense internal layout, the printer has a relatively small size – 36 × 38 × 45 cm.

Complete set

The printer is completed with a set of a network cable, a USB cable, two hexagonal corners for correcting the table, a spare nozzle and a screwdriver bit for it, a warranty card and a microSD card containing instructions, test models and a task generator program.

Additionally, there are nippers (with hard PLA plastic it is more convenient to work with them) and a chisel – a simple tool can be indispensable for removing a model from a table.


Inside the case, constant air circulation and operating temperature are maintained, and this is quite important when printing, especially ABS plastic, which is vulnerable to deformation and rupture of layers at high temperatures.

The stock of material is completely retracted into the tape cover up to the print head itself.The plastic is pushed by two metal wheels, one of which can be easily pushed aside with the help of a clamp-clip – in case the bar breaks or gets stuck.

Rubber bands – the head drives are open, and the metal guides are securely hidden in the boxes. The table moves only in the vertical direction, is made of metal and has its own heating system for better fixing of the product.

A removable glass is installed on top of the table, which is very convenient for mass production of small items.


Management is similar to other printers – a small screen and a wheel button.

The printer can be connected and controlled from a computer via USB or work autonomously from a card, the connector for it is located directly under the screen on the front side of the printer. Internet connection or network operation is not provided.

There are two sections in the menu – “Service” and “SD-card”: the first contains all the settings, and the second is responsible for printing jobs.In the “Service” we need the items “Load plastic” and “Leveling the platform” – before the first print, it is worth reading the corresponding sections of the instructions. The calibration of the stage in PICASO 3D Designer is carried out using an automatic mechanism, which is quite convenient, and also eliminates the problem of deformation of layers in the manufacture of complex models.


A basic 3D model, like for other 3D printers, can be created in almost any modern editor (AutoCad, Compass, 3ds Max, SolidWorks, SketchUp, Blender, Rhinoceros and others), and then exported in stl format to a generator program.It is called Polygon and is available only for Windows.

The task generation algorithm is based on the open package slic3r, though seriously reworked by the developers. After generation, the model will be written as G-Code in the proprietary PICASO 3D format – plg. The viewport shows the working volume of the printer, and the model itself can be rotated, scaled, copied and centered within this working volume.

You can also open another G-Code and combine several models into one job.In the job preparation section, the parameters are as follows: the choice of plastic, print quality (speed) and the percentage of filling the internal space.

There are still a number of tweaks, but it is recommended to change them if you already have some experience. In the G-Code Editor section, you can visualize the generated code layer by layer and view statistics, including print time, volume and cost of the material spent. If the printer is connected via USB, then in Polygon it can be controlled manually and track the progress of printing: the display will occur in real time.If offline printing from an SD card is in progress, only percentages will be displayed on the printer screen.


In the specifications, the fastest print speed is an impressive 30 cm3 / h, and the minimum layer thickness can now be set to 50 microns. The wall thickness of the printed products can be set up to 0.27 mm.

Despite the higher stated parameters, we set the default to medium settings to make the comparison accurate.As a test model, the same Interceptor was taken from the Thingiverse portal and the snow-white PLA as a material.

The print time turned out to be almost the same as in Polygon during generation – 4 hours and 47 minutes. In terms of the neatness of the surfaces, the product from PICASO 3D Designer objectively looks clean.

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