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Disney Costumes & Disney Princess Costumes

Parents love Disney characters because of their wholesome personalities and good morals, making them great role models for children.

Disney Costumes for Kids

For girls, some of the most popular costumes include Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, and Elsa from Frozen. Disney princess costumes are also extremely popular. Some little girls also love dressing up as superheroes like Spiderman and Batman and we’re all for it!

For boys, superheroes are almost always a hit. All of our Batman and Hulk costumes are very popular, and Jack Sparrow and Mr. Potato Head are also kids Disney costumes that are popular with the young lads.

Disney Costumes for Adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who love dressing up in Disney character costumes – adults love them too!

Adult Disney costumes are great options for parties that require you to go dressed as a certain letter or movie character. We have many options for adults, like Disney princesses – which look great on ladies (and on guys too!)

We also have Toy Story costumes, characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas, 101 Dalmatians and tons more!

Costume Sizing

We have photos, sizing information and accurate descriptions to ensure that your costume will be perfect for you or your child. We also have costumes sorted by adult, baby, toddler, child and teen, to make sizing easier.

Browse Our Collection Today!

Costume Crazy has the best selection of Disney costumes in Australia, plus hundreds of accessories to choose from to complete your look. Whether you’re looking for Disney characters costumes for your child or for yourself, we have your favourite characters in stock!

If you’re a teacher or parent buying for Book Week, attending a costume party, or purchasing as a present, we have the perfect Disney costume for you.

Take a look at our awesome collection of kids and adult Disney costumes below!


Princess Costumes

Perfect for tea parties and playing pretend long after trick-or-treating, princess Halloween costumes are always going to be a favorite! Kids that want to escape to their own little kingdom will love slipping into costume and into another time. Princess costumes for kids can help them get the keys to their castle in the sky complete with a friendly resident unicorn.  

What is your kid’s favorite fairy tale? Do they like the idea of soaring through the sky on a magic carpet, like in the movie Aladdin? In that case, looking into our Jasmine Princess costumes is a great idea! Does she love the idea of singing for her prince in her room at the tippity-top of a tower? Sleeping Beauty or Repunzel it is! Does she crave horseback riding and bear taming? Princess Merida costumes are where it’s at! Royal characters from the elegant and kind Cinderella to the wise yet romantic Belle, give your child plenty of princesses to choose from. In preparation for that all-important choice, why not have a Disney movie-marathon to help your kid decide! If she can’t stop singing the songs from a certain movie, you’ll know what the right choice is.

Of course, those of us who didn’t get the perfect princess costume of our dreams when we were little might still want that experience. That’s where Disney princess costumes for adults come in. Now that you’re grown, you can go all out. Not only do you look amazing in the Jasmine costume, but you also sprung for that perfect Disney wig as well! Ooh, talk about a dream come true! If you want to get ahead of the curve and give your teenage kid one more taste of childhood wonder, choosing Disney princess costumes for teens is also a wonderful idea.  They’re not too old, after all, most of the Disney princesses are teens themselves. Except for Sleeping Beauty. She’s 116 years old if you trust the original fairytale. 

Traditional fairy tales are great and all but some people prefer to create their own stories! A princess costume can create all sorts of stories. Simple pink princess costumes can let kids make up stories about grand balls featuring magical creatures, great escapes from witches, and good deeds across the countryside of their fair kingdom. Who knows, the right kid might even see any dramatic, dark gown as fuel for vampire princess costumes! While blue and white gowns can become snow princess costumes. That just goes to show that a great costume can be fuel for the imagination!

Whether you’re dreaming of a lush, Medieval princess costume or you’re thinking of slipping into one of the iconic Disney roles, we have the costumes your imagination craves! While you wait for your costume to arrive, practice your curtsey and start shaping your fairytale world in your mind. By the time that your princess costume arrives, you’ll be ready to spin and dance at the upcoming ball. Just remember to get proper footwear, we’re pretty sure glass slippers don’t offer healthy foot support!

Disney Costumes – Disguises Costumes Hire & Sales

Our Range of Disney Costumes

Are you a Cinderella or Snow White? Disguises has a magic range of Disney Costumes that don’t have to be back by the stroke of midnight. Look on-line today. Whether you want to be a Disney princess from Frozen or Aladdin, dressing up as your favourite Disney character has never been easier with Disguises Disney costumes for adults and children. Our range includes favourites such as Alice in Wonderland, Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell and many more, as well as accessories to add that final touch to your costume. Dressing up can be a lot of fun. Whether it is for a party or just for laughs, we all enjoy getting into character and pretending to be someone else. Disney is one theme many people love to indulge in, transporting people into another world where …Read More

Our Range of Disney Costumes

Are you a Cinderella or Snow White? Disguises has a magic range of Disney Costumes that don’t have to be back by the stroke of midnight. Look on-line today. Whether you want to be a Disney princess from Frozen or Aladdin, dressing up as your favourite Disney character has never been easier with Disguises Disney costumes for adults and children. Our range includes favourites such as Alice in Wonderland, Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell and many more, as well as accessories to add that final touch to your costume. Dressing up can be a lot of fun. Whether it is for a party or just for laughs, we all enjoy getting into character and pretending to be someone else. Disney is one theme many people love to indulge in, transporting people into another world where fantasy and imagination reign supreme.

You can view our range of Disney costumes for sale below or, to see what other “disguises” we have to choose from, click on of the drop down menus above to find other fancy dress costumes online. For more information or any enquiries, email [email protected] or call (07) 3255 1990.

Disney Costumes & Accessories
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Delve Into The Magical World Of Disney With All Your Favourite Disney character Costumes

The magic of Disney has won the hearts of children and adults for almost 100 years since its founding in 1921 by the late Walt Disney. Since its conception, billions of people dress up as these beloved characters and there’s no sign of it slowing down with new movies constantly being released creating the magic all over again. With hundreds of characters both new and old, you can bring your favourite Disney characters to life with our range of Disney costumes for adults, children and pets costumes here at Costume Box.

Disney Costumes for Adults

Will you be a damsel in distress as one of the beautiful Disney princesses? We have plenty of costumes to choose from for women and girls, ranging from the animal lover Snow White hiding out with the Seven Dwarves, to Sleeping Beauty hiding in a cottage with her fairy Godmothers, to The Little Mermaid full of colour and life under the sea. Or are you a more modern princess heroine who does her own rescuing?

Browse our fantastic range of Disney costumes including the misunderstood ice queen, Elsa from Frozen or her quirky and relatable younger sister, Anna, to the girl who gives us all major hair envy, Rapunzel and escape the confines of your tall tower and stepmother, Gothel. Will you be Brave and change your fate as the sassy Scot, Merida or as the boot-smackin’, yodelling cowgirl Jessie from Toy Story, or fly to a whole new world on a magic carpet through hot Arabian nights as the sizzling princess Jasmine? The choices are endless so take a look at our complete collection today.

The Ideal Women’s Disney Character Costumes

If you’re looking to dress as a dastardly villain, at Costume Box, we have a great choice of Disney character costumes from the Evil Queen lurking with her poison apple, the cunning sea-witch Ursula out to steal Ariel’s voice, to the Queen of Hearts on a mad hunt for Alice. Are you Maleficent, looking to exact your revenge on the king by cursing his daughter Aurora and the entire kingdom or the despicable Cruella De Vil on the prowl for your next dalmatian coat? If you’re looking for sexy Disney costumes for women, we have sexy and also more classic versions of so many well-loved characters. You can choose to be a sexy enchanted Alice to well, just Alice, and jump down the rabbit hole for Book Week, get lost in the world of Wonderland and make lots of quirky, new friends along the way. We even have a great selection of zombie princesses if you’re looking to dress up in Disney costumes for Halloween.

Dashing Disney Costumes For Men

For the men out there looking for men’s Disney costumes whether you’re looking to pair with your partner or you’re simply getting into a Disney themed party, how about Beast from Beauty and the Beast, don’t forget he becomes a handsome prince later, or Prince Charming and search the kingdom for your Cinderella, or the iconic Mad Hatter having a mad tea party in Wonderland, the villainous Captain Hook sailing the waters of Neverland or even the most classic of them all, Mickey Mouse? With so many great ideas on offer, there’s no better time than today to start shopping.

Disney Costumes For Kids

For children and toddlers, the world’s your oyster. For boys we have all the latest Disney Costume ideas from the spaceman Buzz Lightyear to his best friend and cowboy, Woody – watch out for any snakes in your boot. – Or dive under the sea with Nemo or become a real boy as Pinocchio. Never grow up in Neverland as Peter Pan or become faster than the speed of light as Dash from the Incredibles.

And for little girls and teen girls, you can become your favourite heroine for the day as your favourite yodelling cowgirl from Toy Story, Jessie, or Elsa or Anna from Frozen, swim with the fish as The Little Mermaid, Ariel or even slay as the daughter of your favourite villain from The Descendants – Mal, Evie or Lonnie. Browse or diverse collection now, you could even save all of China as Mulan or save your island as the seafaring, Moana or open up your own jazzy restaurant – and kiss a frog prince. – as the incomparable Tiana from the Princess and the Frog. With so many options on offer, there’s no better than now to start shopping.

Disney Character Costumes: Get That Perfect Princess Or Vicious Villain Look

Compliment your Disney look with our range of licensed Disney accessories or browse our full range of costume accessories. Choose from Mad Hatter contact lenses, bright red mermaid wigs, hats and character masks. That’s just a taster of the stock and choice we carry but there’s plenty more at Costume Box, so take a look today and discover what all our magical accessories can offer you today.

Hosting Or Attending A Magical Disney Themed Party

Now that you have your costume and accessories selected, head on over and view our huge range of officially licensed Disney party supplies for all of your party needs. Or if you’re attending someone else’s party, we have a great selection of officially licensed Disney gifts to shower your friends and family in the magic for their birthday or even Christmas. Spoil your loved ones today and head on over to Costumes Box to start shopping now.

Disney Costumes For Adults That Aren’t Just Fairy Tales

With Disney collaborating and acquiring the rights to so many well known and loved franchises, your possibilities for dressing up can take you through to infinity and beyond. Check out our great range of Marvel and Star Wars costumes, as well as all the fantastic Pixar costumes we have available online now.

Quick And Speedy Delivery Before The Clock Strikes Twelve at Midnight and the Magic Fades

Costume Box Australia is proud to offer a diverse selection of costumes for women and men, including plus size costumes, kids costumes and costumes for toddlers. What’s more, with our free delivery* options on all Australian orders and free and easy returns, there is absolutely no better time to start shopping than today.

Shop Adult Dress Up Costumes Online

High-Quality Adult Costumes Currently Available At Spotlight

Spotlight provides an amazing collection of adult costumes for a variety of fancy dress occasions, this includes Halloween, birthdays, themed parties, and loads more. In our range, you can discover sexy costumes, superhero costumes, Disney costumes for adults, adult fairy costumes, princess costumes and a whole bunch more.

Still need some inspiration where adult costumes are concerned? Could use some ideas for your next fancy dress occasion? Be sure to read some of our suggestions below!

What Are Good Ideas For Adult Costumes?

Before you choose one of our adult costumes, it is a good idea to determine what kind of theme you prefer. Do you prefer to go as something silly like a dinosaur or a pink flamingo? Or do you prefer a more serious Game of Thrones character? To find the best ideas for an upcoming fancy dress event, simply choose something that defines you as a person, or defines one of your hobbies.

What To Wear To A Costume Party?

Unless it is a costume party with a very specific theme, you have a lot of freedom where costumes are concerned. Below are some of our favourite ideas for each adult.

Fancy dress costumes – When the theme is general fancy dress, you can choose almost anything. You could go as one of your favourite movie characters, but you could also go as a Roman, a firefighter, or another unique character.

Women’s costumes – There are some typical women’s costumes you can encounter when it comes to fancy dress, this includes a nurse’s costume, nun’s costume, French maid, and the cat woman bodysuit. Whenever in doubt, these are safe options to rely on.

Men’s costumes – Men typically choose heroic movie characters for themed parties, or something completely silly. You could go as Thor, or you could simply show up in a banana costume. It all depends on the mood you are in.

Where Can I Get A Superhero Costume?

Superhero costumes are widely available and very popular. Below are the two places where you are most likely to find them.

Costume shop – You can easily get your favourite superhero costume on Spotlight. We provide a large range of superhero costumes for affordable prices. By purchasing your superhero outfit, you can use it for various fancy dress occasions in the future.

Costume hire – If you do not want to purchase your costume, you can always look for superhero options at your local costume hire. Of course, there is one downside. If the costume gets unexpectedly damaged, you might have to pay a serious fine once you bring the costume back.

Where To Buy Halloween Costumes For Adults?

Spotlight also provides Halloween costumes for adults. Naturally, some Halloween costumes are more popular than others. Below, we have listed some of our top sellers, which can help to provide you with some inspiration.

Popular Halloween costumes – Our most popular options in the Halloween range include the flamingo costume, S.W.A.T. costume, banana costume, the flamingo inflatable, and the flapper costume. Of course, more costumes are ready to be discovered on our website.

How Much Is An Adult Costume?

The prices of adult costumes at Spotlight are quite affordable. You can easily sort your results by using the sort menu, which allows you to sort your costumes from lowest to highest price. However, if price is not that much of an issue, you can also sort results by popularity, this gives you an immediate overview of the most popular costumes in our catalogue.

Want some additional accessories to make your adult costume even better? Be sure to check out some of the additional items available at Spotlight today!

Dance Costume | Polka Dot Princess Dress


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position: relative !important;
left: 5% !important;

Red / Child / X-Small – $62.95

Navy / Child / X-Small – $62.95

Yellow / Child / X-Small – $62.95

Hot Pink / Child / X-Small – $62.95

Black / Child / X-Small – $62.95

Red / Child / Small – $62.95

Navy / Child / Small – $62. 95

Yellow / Child / Small – $62.95

Hot Pink / Child / Small – $62.95

Black / Child / Small – $62.95

Red / Child / Medium – $62.95

Navy / Child / Medium – $62.95

Yellow / Child / Medium – $62.95

Hot Pink / Child / Medium – $62.95

Black / Child / Medium – $62.95

Red / Child / Large – $62.95

Navy / Child / Large – $62.95

Yellow / Child / Large – $62.95

Hot Pink / Child / Large – $62.95

Black / Child / Large – $62.95

Red / Child / X-Large – $62.95

Navy / Child / X-Large – $62.95

Yellow / Child / X-Large – $62.95

Hot Pink / Child / X-Large – $62.95

Black / Child / X-Large – $62.95





Hot Pink










Childrens Style Code: CHD19

Ready-to-wear costuming – wear the Polka Dot Princess Dress by Studio 7!

Kids Frozen Costume Party Princess Dress Fever Green Elsa

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90,000 Harry and Meghan in Australia: the first gifts for the unborn child

Photo author, Getty Images

The announcement of Megan’s pregnancy coincided with the start of the first big official tour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry and Meghan arrived in Australia on Monday before heading to New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

In Sydney, Harry and Meghan received their first gifts for their baby, which they expect next spring.

Photo by AFP / Getty Images


Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lynn gave Harry and Megan a toy kangaroo and ugg boots for their first child

Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lynn gave and the Duchess of Sussex a stuffed kangaroo toy and tiny ugg boots.

Prince Harry thanked the people of Sydney for the warm welcome: “There was no better place to announce that we are expecting a baby.”

Having received a magic toy-kangaroo as a gift, Megan exclaimed: “The first gift for our child!” Prince Harry called the children’s ugg boots cool.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were also presented with a traditional Australian hat.

Photo author, Reuters

Photo caption,

On the first day of her visit to Australia, the Duchess of Sussex wore a white sheath dress from the Australian designer Karen Gee

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the Admiralty House of Sydney in a solemn atmosphere, which will be met by representatives of 18 countries participate in the Games of the Undefeated – competitions of former and current military personnel who have become disabled.

The Games of the Undefeated have been held in different countries since 2014 at the initiative of Prince Harry. Competitions include machine rowing, wheelchair basketball and seated volleyball.

Photo author, Getty Images


Journalists wondered whether Megan was pregnant or not, perhaps, from the very day of the royal wedding in May this year

On the first day of her visit to Australia, the Duchess of Sussex wore a white sheath dress from Australian designer Karen Gee.

Photo by Reuters

Photo by Getty Images

Later Harry and Meghan went to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The couple was shown two baby koalas, which were named after them.

Megan noticed that the koalas are “very cute”.

Photo author, PA


Megan found two koalas named after her and her husband, “very cute”

Thousands of residents came to the Sydney Opera House to congratulate the couple. Residents of the city gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex soft toys and flowers.

“Thank you very much. We are very pleased,” Megan replied to greetings and congratulations.

Among those who came to congratulate Harry and Meghan was 98-year-old Sydney resident Daphne Dunn, whom the Duke of Sussex greeted especially warmly.

Daphne Dunn’s first husband, Lieutenant Albert Chaun, died in 1945 during the battle in Papua New Guinea and was posthumously awarded Britain’s highest military award – the Victoria Cross. At her first meeting with Prince Harry in 2015, Daphne Dunn donned the Victoria Cross, which was awarded to her husband.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

Prince Harry, apparently, the namesake koalas also liked

“I’m so glad that we met you. Harry told me a lot about you and your special role. So it’s nice that you came to see us, thank you, “Megan said.

“It was a pleasure to meet the Duchess. Harry is a wonderful person and I am so glad that he found his happiness,” Daphne Dunn said after meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Photo author, PA

Photo caption,

Thousands of Sydney residents came to the opera house to greet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Photo author, AFP

Photo caption,

Prince Harry especially warmly greeted 98-year-old Daphne Dunn, husband who died during the battle in Papua New Guinea in 1945

The tour program of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has not undergone any changes, despite the fact that pregnant women are usually advised not to travel to Fiji and Tonga due to the spread of the virus that causes Zika fever.

Photo by EPA

Kensington Palace stated that this risk was taken into account and doctors were consulted to rule it out.

Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family were alerted to Meghan’s pregnancy last Friday when they gathered in Windsor for the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank.

After the appearance of the Duchess of Sussex at the wedding of Princess Eugenia, a wave of discussions arose in social networks about Megan’s “strange” choice of outfit for this solemn event.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

Duchess of Sussex at the wedding of Princess Eugenie. Many found her dark outfit strange for a solemn event

The angle of some photos allowed users even then to assume that Megan was pregnant.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Australian tour will last 16 days, coinciding with the fourth Undefeated Games in Australia.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex follow the route of Prince Harry’s parents – the first official tour of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was a trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Princess Diana: what color she loved the most

Pink in all its variety is great to cheer you up (and it is also the main color of the spring-summer 2021 season). Perhaps we owe this trend to nostalgia for the 1990s and the style of Princess Diana, who wore it always, everywhere and in any incomprehensible situation. She chose a very different palette: powdery, cherry, fuchsia, cotton candy or garden roses – Lady Dee loved all shades and, I must say, combined them very skillfully.

During her Australian tour in April 1983 (this page of her biography is shown in detail in the TV series “The Crown”), the princess wore exclusively pink outfits. The beginning of family life was not easy for Diana, but in public she did not even show it.

Behind the flowing pink silks was a truly strong woman who was admired by the whole world. The princess style has become a new chapter in the history of royal families, even far beyond the borders of the UK. Tabloids are still looking for the slightest reference to Diana’s outfits in every appearance of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – and they always find them.

Over the years, evening dresses made of cherry taffeta in Diana’s dress wardrobe will be replaced by suits that are appropriate at any time of the day. Impeccably tailored sheath dresses from Catherine Walker or Versace (her style consultant was then Anna Harvey, former deputy editor-in-chief of British Vogue) – everything is new, but only pink will remain unchanged.

If the favorite color of Elizabeth II is light green, which inspires confidence, calmness and reliability, then Diana’s pink is sensuality, faith in herself and boundless motherly love.There is even a famous photo from 1986 – a princess in a pink cardigan and plaid trousers sits on the steps of Highgrove House, holding baby Harry in her arms and looking warily at the camera. Take a look at this and other legendary Diana outings in pink in our gallery.

90,000 What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle learned from Princess Diana

More than an hour has passed since Oprah Winfrey’s conversation with Meghan Markle began (and almost 20 minutes since her husband, Prince Harry, joined the conversation). Oprah then asked if the couple had watched Crown, the historical drama television series about British royalty from Peter Morgan on Netflix.

“We watched some moments,” both smile modestly.

Looks like they are holding back something.

“My grandmother reacted amazingly in every way, and my father, and my brother, and all the other relatives,” says Prince Harry about how his family met Meghan. – They were really welcoming. But that all changed after the Australian tour. ”

For those of us watching all this from home, the connection was hard to miss. It doesn’t matter how well you remember the details of the 2018 Australian tour, which Meghan and Prince Harry undertook almost immediately after they talked about their first pregnancy (I, of course, don’t remember).Any fan of the royal family looking to tune in to a two-hour conversation watched the fourth season of “The Crown,” which was released last November and celebrates the first decade of the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. For these viewers, the Australian tour has inspired memories of one of the show’s leading storylines – Diana and Charles embark on their first trip together in the Commonwealth country. We see Diana as a beloved international hero – she behaves naturally with both royals and children and beggars.While jealousy grows in Charles, other members of the royal family are immune to hugs and hesitate to praise women.

“This was the first time the family could see how incredible she was at work,” Harry continues with the story of his wife. “And it brought up memories.” Oprah immediately asks the question, could the family be jealous of Megan?

“I wish we could just learn from the past,” Harry sighs. His family probably doesn’t – but the Duke and Duchess must be taking notice.

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, March 7, 2021.

© Getty Images / Courtesy of Harpo Productions, Joe Pugliese, and CBS

The interview was undeniably successful: Meghan was open and charming – and discreet enough to condemn the body, but not specific people. Harry stuck to a script apparently created by Meghan: nobody should be blamed, but Charles is the main villain (the head of the royal family, on the other hand, is undoubtedly not guilty of any sins – the couple ostentatiously praised the queen on several occasions).But they never singled it out. Instead, they neatly led viewers to the thought: Charles stopped answering Harry’s calls, Charles fell into the trap of the monarchical system, no family members spoke out in Meghan’s defense, even when more than 70 MPs expressed support, unnamed family members expressed concern about the skin color of Meghan and Harry’s first child. In an interview, Oprah clarified that neither the Queen nor Prince Philip had anything to do with this – so there are not many suspects.

In other words, Meghan and Harry artfully hooked on the mythology around Princess Diana – just when she was most vulnerable and ready to return. Just as the fourth season of The Crown ends, Diana decides that the “firm” (as you know, that’s what she called the royal family) thought she was a “loser,” as Lady Dee said in her explosive interview with Martin Bashir in 1995 year. The couple positions themselves as an alternative ending to the tale of Lady Diana, which turned into a tragedy.

Oprah and Megan’s “no-holds-barred” conversation echoes the interview with Diana and Bashir – especially the story about mental health difficulties. Diana seemed to be playing a role. Eyes shrouded in shadows, lowered collection and constant gaze upward – into the camera and at Bashir. Of course, the princess was drawn into this role at the age of 19 – her only guide was the fairy tales and novels of Barbara Cartland. She never rose above a slightly childish and romantic understanding of her role. This certainly gave her some ingenuous strength.

Megan also has smokey ice makeup. But she has a career behind her as an actress and a more powerful life experience – so she’s more natural in front of the camera. She seems to understand that the surest path to empathy is to deserve her, not dress for her. So Meghan is wearing a black Armani wrap dress that shows off her consistently good taste. Harry put on a J. Crew Ludlow suit – when he crossed his legs towards his wife and approached her, the leg opened his socks and even the prince’s calves for our view.Another resourceful move to show the contrast with his father, who is devoted to Savile Row and the eccentric Anderson & Sheppard.

First and foremost, this conversation was a master class on harnessing the powerful obsession with modern media – revision. It’s hard to imagine an interview to work so well for Meghan and Harry without the Crown storytelling template. This is the era of retracement – revision – of recent history. Check out the recent documentaries Framing Britney Spears about Britney Spears and Allen vs. Farrow about Woody Allen.Another example is Monica Lewinsky’s return to fashion as an anti-bullying fighter. Then in society everything was not so, and the time has come for a more enlightened generation to clarify this issue. Never mind that journalists and feminist critics were sounding the alarm for Britney at the time, and this is the third or fourth revision of the Allen case in a decade. So Meghan and Harry are asking us to look at their plight and take their side – in light of what we now know was happening to Diana. This is an opportunity not only to avenge the past, but also to restore justice right now.

It was rumored that palace insiders feared the Crown would destroy the public relations work that Prince Charles had undertaken for two decades. During her life and especially after her death, Diana was consistently credited with the role of a deceived woman – an offended wife and an outcast of a family who did not understand her. After her death, Prince Charles hired Mark Bolland, who launched a covert advertising campaign that spanned a decade and a half. She rethought the image of the prince – now he is a loving father and protector of nature.Bolland helped skillfully portray marriage to Camilla as the inevitable result of the union of two kindred spirits.

But the opposite – Dianin – the story penetrated society even before the release of “Crown”, after the 20th anniversary of the princess’s death in 2017. The Crown has reinforced this story again as the truth, or at least the most compelling version. Megan and Harry, in turn, took advantage of this resourcefully and tactfully. Charles is a villain again – at some point, literally all of my twitter was in records like: “HE STOPPED TO ANSWER MY CALLS !!!” And Megan began to resemble Diana in an alternate universe, if her husband loved her enough to make the paparazzi leave her alone.

It’s hard to imagine Harry and Meghan hiding in Tyler Perry’s house or making a $ 100 million deal with Netflix and not frowning. In the public mind, they are quite closely associated with the idea that Harry can say phrases like “do work”, and Megan can talk about how to “live a real life.” Her words about the need to unite to protect her at her previous job were a resourceful appeal to the feelings of millennials. But the Duke and Duchess are still hanging out in Montecito, chatting with Oprah because she’s their friend who attended their 2018 wedding and, as they reminded us at the start of the issue, their roommate.

But Harry proved to be one of the most skillful media manipulators of the entire royal family. One of his first confessions, when he was sitting with Oprah and Megan, was a ready-made comparison with his mother: “My biggest fear was the repetition of history.” He clarified that he was talking about Diana, but royal audiences could be forgiven for thinking of another pair – perhaps a more accurate predecessor – the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. They are also known as the abdicated King Edward and his divorced wife Wallis Simpson, who left the royal family and lived in exile in Paris, socializing with celebrities and arguing with the king over money and titles.

All of this was captured in the third season of “Crown” in 2019. Part of the paradox of this show is that everyone already knows what’s going to happen – but they still watch. When Elizabeth Debicki takes on the role of Diana next season and presumably recreates the interview with Bashir, the parallel to Meghan’s struggles will no doubt be drawn again. It seems that the couple is ahead of the tragedy, independently coming up with scenarios for future seasons.

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All images of Megan Markle from the tour of Australia

First tour of the pregnant Duchess of Sussex

Last Monday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a trip to the countries of Oceania.The Duke and Duchess spent their first week in Australia, and today they left for Fiji. InStyle has summed up the fashionable results of the first part of Meghan Markle’s journey.

The couple’s tour started in Sydney. This was Megan’s first exit after the pregnancy announcement. In public, she appeared in a Martin Grant trench coat, a white Karen Gee sheath dress and Stuart Weitzman pumps. The final touches were earrings and a bracelet from Princess Diana’s personal collection.

In Dubbo City, Harry and Meghan had a visit to Victoria Park.For a long walk, the Duchess of Sussex picked up a blazer from her friend Serena Williams, a white Maison Kitsune shirt and Outland Denim jeans.

After Dubbo, the couple visited Melbourne, where they received a reception at the Government House. At the dinner, Prince Harry’s wife appeared in a blue Dion Lee dress and matching Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Friday morning kicked off for the couple at Bondi Beach, where a “mental health awareness” session awaited them.For such an informal event, Meghan opted for a long Martin Grant Striped dress and Castañer’s wedge espadrilles.

At the high school reception, Markle shone in a blue Roksanda Athena dress and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

In Sydney, Harry and Meghan also attended the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park. The Duchess of Sussex complemented Emilia Wickstead’s black dress with a Philip Treacy hat and a Givenchy clutch.

Another event is the courses on operating toy cars for children. Mom-to-be’s choice is a white Altuzarra jacket, a T-shirt with the Invictus Games Sydney logo, and black Mother Denim jeans.

The event for which the Duke and Duchess came to Australia was Invictus Games. Prince Harry is the founder of this competition for veterans and soldiers injured during the war.A year ago, it was at the opening of the “Games of the Unconquered” that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first appeared as a couple. For the opening ceremony of the Games, Markle picked up a dark blue Gillian Anderson for Winser London coat and a matching Stella McCartney dress.

After the opening of the Games of the Unconquered, Harry and Meghan had a semi-formal dinner. The Duchess wore black Outland Denim jeans, a black turtleneck and a white L’Agence double-breasted jacket. A black and white Oroton Avalon bag and her favorite Aquazzura shoes complete the look.

The couple’s last stop in Australia was Fraser Island. Meghan opted for a striped Reformation dress and Sarah Flint sandals to meet the residents.

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90,000 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Tour of Australia 1983 Inspires Crown Season 4 – Legacy


John Shelley Collection / AvalonGetty Images

Today, behind-the-scenes photos surfaced from Crown desert footage, revealing the storyline of the show’s fourth season.Actors Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin clearly recreated Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s royal 1983 tour of Australia.

Although they actually filmed in Almeria, Spain, the duo wore tracksuits that mimicked the white dress and beige outfit Charles and Diana were photographed in during their tour.

Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin as Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the set of Crown. Enrico Borra / Splash News

On that day in 1983, the royal couple visited Australian rock Ayers (now Uluru).It was a month and a half tour of the Commonwealth country – the first time, as you know, Princess Diana, then 22, traveled abroad.

This was also the first tour of Prince William, who was only nine months old at the time. Diana allegedly refused to leave him behind, although it was common practice for the royal family to leave their children in the care of others during such trips.

William’s presence will establish a new normal order, later to be followed by Prince William and Kate Middleton, and Prince George will be on their 2014 New Zealand and Australia tour when he was less than a year old.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently followed suit, bringing their month-old baby Archie on their royal journey through southern Africa.

Charles and Diana with young Prince William in Australia. Tim GrahamGetty Images

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1983 ride certainly has a lot of material for my episode Crown . Unfortunately, it will be a while before the fourth season of the show hits screens; in the meantime, fans should be happy with Corona Season three is slated to debut Netflix next month.

Charles and Diana at Ayers Rock in Australia. Tim GrahamGetty Images

90,000 Vintage macs, tweed suits: what the heroes of the Crown series wear

“I don’t really like her clothes [in her youth] – neither taste nor style. But then they start to develop gradually, ”says Amy Roberts, costume designer for the TV series Crown. Guess who? About Princess Diana, of course.

Quite a bold statement, but it’s hard to disagree with a professional, especially since all the facts are “on the face”.Just look at the archival photographs of Diana Spencer. Or watch the first episodes of the new season of The Crown, where the princess (Emma Corinne) appears on the screen as a very young girl: either in a teenage cardigan over a pale yellow jumpsuit, or in a light dress with a floral pattern. Solid lace and neat collars are romantic. But they really contrast with the business suits of Prince Charles, made on Savile Row.

In Peter Morgan’s drama, the characters really look like the original.This is largely due to the dresser Amy Roberts. For the fourth season, she had to dress 252 actors – and this is not counting the extras, the images of which were dealt with by a separate team of stylists. With the exception of some vintage Barbour jackets and Burberry macs, a sparkly Yves Saint Laurent dress for Diana, and one gorgeous Missoni cardigan for Princess Anne, almost every costume has been created from the ground up.

Experts had to work hard to reproduce the images of the royal family.The biggest challenge was finding the right fabric and using it to create an identical atmosphere. For example, in Episode 6, we’ll see Diana (with little William!) Touring Australia. The dresses worn by the princess in 1983 were made of special silk, and as a result, they were draped on the figure in a certain way. Therefore, dressers had to first find similar vintage fabrics, dye them and only then start creating the image of Diana.

The attention to detail is, of course, amazing.The dressers did not even replace the buttons (on the backs of dresses) with zippers for their own convenience, so as not to disturb the idyll.

In addition, they had to carefully disassemble the wardrobe of each hero and draw up his psychological and historical portrait. This applies not only to Diana or Queen Elizabeth, but also to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who we will see for the first time in the new season. On the screen, she appears in strict coats, skirt suits with blouses tied with a bow, with perfectly styled hair and, of course, in her favorite jewelry.However, despite the luxurious business style, many details take us back to Thatcher’s past.

So her lineage is a pair of navy blue Ferragamo shoes that she wears over and over again. And the inability to observe the dress code, which is especially clearly manifested during her meeting with the royal family at the Balmoral estate, makes Elizabeth’s household smile. For tea, Thatcher goes out in an evening dress, for a morning walk with the deer, accompanied by Her Majesty, she sets off in an ultramarine coat and shoes.

However, there are other stars in the series who undeservedly (especially in terms of style) remain in the background. Among them is Princess Anne (Erin Doherty). Always elegant, sophisticated, a little daring – in silk Hermès scarves and tweed caps. Or Princess Margaret by the incomparable Helena Bonham Carter – in suits with muted pleated skirts and quirky prints.

But if the style of most of the heroes remains throughout the season, then the images of Diana begin to change dramatically after she enters the palace.Designers who worked with the princess during her lifetime claim that this was the case in reality. From a modest and romantic person, she turned into a style icon thanks to her impeccable taste and ability to combine things that are completely different in color, texture and mood. But her talent began to manifest itself after the wedding with Prince Charles.

When Diana enters the royal family, the silhouettes of her clothes become clearer and the fabrics more expensive. A suit with a yellow skirt with solid lining, a pair of elegant black trousers with a white chiffon blouse tied with a velvet ribbon around the neck.And the most memorable image of the folk princess is definitely a wedding dress in the style of the 1980s in ivory silk taffeta, embroidered with pearls, with ruffles, puff sleeves and a 25-foot train, which we will see in the series for just a few seconds. Lacking access to the original patterns, Amy Roberts was able to recreate the masterpiece in collaboration with fashion designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who designed the bride’s original dress. The outfit is said to be valued at £ 9,000 at the time of creation.

I wonder how much a dress made for the filming of “Crown” could cost? Considering that it took four months to create it, 600 hours of work, 95 meters of fabric and 100 meters of lace. And actress Emma Corinne had to do at least five fittings in order to get the perfect result. Oh yeah, another interesting detail: the lace trim was recreated by Nottingham, who worked on the original outfit. I think that only one description is clear: the team did not look for simple ways (perhaps for this they will receive an Emmy again).But watching a movie, paying attention to such details, is doubly interesting. Truth?

Photos: Netflix

90,000 Costume Party –


Australian masquerade parties generally follow the style of the United States, and Halloween costume parties have been common since the early 1990s, although Halloween has not historically been a celebrated event in Australia. Typical events for Australians that include dressing up are Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, staff Christmas party and cricket matches.

One of the oldest examples of fancy dress worn in Australia, on display at the Museum of Western Australia. It was a children’s fancy dress that nine-year-old Rita Lloyd wore to the Lord Mayor’s youthful fancy dress ball at a mansion in Perth on January 8, 1909.


Traditionally, host costume parties at graduation schools. [1]


Nineteenth century

The origins of masquerade parties in the United Kingdom can, in a sense, be traced back to masked balls from the 18th century.Until 1850, masquerade balls were a typical part of the social life of music festivals. [2]

Common costumes of the period included specific historical characters, common historical or regional clothing, abstract concepts (such as winter, starlight, or night), and objects (such as a bottle of champagne or an aquarium). Popular characters for women include Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth I, and for men, Napoleon and Robin Hood. [3]

20th century

Notable among the early events of the 20th century was the Chelsea Arts Club.Such events were often elaborate and for the most part limited to those with significant funds. [4]

Among the general population, costume parties also took place with increasing frequency beginning in the late 1940s, although for the most part costumes were simple until the mid-1970s. Before importing “cheap” suits from the Far East / East Asia (late 1990s), most suits were made either for hire or at home. For the UK, retail suits are largely a modern phenomenon (from the late 1990s.), Although “accessories” have been available for a while now. Since in the late 1990s, the increase in imports led to many materials / products being imported from the Far East (with savings in labor costs and bulk orders). This has led to the fact that the prices for the purchased suits are becoming more affordable.

Along with the current trend in the field of costume parties, “retro” fashion is also popular as a costume theme (for example, the fancy dress of the 1970s or 1980s), with the costumes to some extent parodying or conveying the fashion of past decades.Some of the most popular parodied costumes include Audrey Hepburn (as Holly Golightly), Madonna in her classic stage outfits and, most recently, Lady Gaga.

Dress up parties are popular in the United Kingdom all year round. Bridget Jones’s Diary from 1996 introduces the theme of the classic British costume party, Pies and Vicars, in which women wear sexy (“cake”) costumes and men dress like Anglican priests (“vicars”).Carnival parties were hosted by the British royal family. Prince William, heir to the British throne, celebrated his 21st birthday with the theme “Out of Africa”, Princess Beatrice of York chose an 1888 themed party for her 18th birthday, and Lord Frederick (“Freddie”) Windsor and his sister Lady Gabriella Windsor celebrated a party together birthday party with a court theme before the French Revolution. [5]

United States

Contestants line up for the Best Costume competition at a Halloween party in the United States.

Nineteenth century

In late nineteenth century New York, costume parties were popular with the wealthy. The costumes were typical of the historic European aristocracy. Authenticity was important, even when using actual period elements. For example, Cornelia Bradley-Martin attended her party, the notorious Bradley-Martin Ball, dressed as Marie Antoinette, with jewelry that actually belongs to Antoinette herself. The choice of aristocratic costume allowed wealthy Americans with relatively limited family histories to embrace some elements of history and legitimacy. [6]

20th century

Costume parties are especially popular in the United States during Halloween, when teenagers and adults who may be considered too old for jokes or treats come to the costume party instead. Costume parties are also popular during the carnival season, such as at Mardi Gras.

Visitors occasionally dress in costumes at science fiction and fantasy events, film premieres, and book hosted the Lord of the Rings Oscar Dress Party, attended by Peter Jackson. Star Wars parties were held to celebrate the opening of Star Wars : Episode I – The Phantom Menace . Many bookstores held themed parties about Harry Potter , to celebrate the release of the series’ later novels, and some theaters had Potter-themed celebrations when the film adaptation was released.

Larger “parties” are often associated with organized societies or conventions. [7]

The fascination with fan-made costumes and modern cosplay has largely evolved from Worldcons, since the first in New York in 1939, when two members, Forrest J. Ackerman and Myrtle R. Douglas, wore ” futuristic costumes ”. [8] Since the 2nd World Science Fiction Congress (1940)) in Chicago, masquerade balls were a traditional element of the gathering. [8]


Fan conventions, often abbreviated as “cons” or various descriptions, followed the example of the Worldcons, with many of the attendees wearing costumes representing fictional characters. Some conventions host costume contests and other planned costume events. Several notable conventions that use costumes include San Diego Comic-Con International, New York Comic Con, and Atlanta Dragon Con.


Cosplay (a mix of “costume” and “play” using Japanese kosupure (コ ス プ レ)) was invented by Nobuyuki Takahashi for the 42nd World Sci-fi Convention for Japanese magazine My Anime . [9] [10] This is a performance in which participants, called cosplayers, wear costumes, wigs and fashion accessories that depict a specific character. Cosplay is popular at conventions around the world. An example of a major cosplay convention in the United States is the Anime Expo held annually in Los Angeles, California.[1]

There are many annual events that offer the opportunity to dress up in fancy dress; Christmas, New Years, birthdays, stag and hen parties, Book Day and more.

Halloween is the most popular event of the year in Western society. Halloween arose many centuries ago, the Celts believed that on October 31 the line between the living and the dead would be distorted, the condemned souls would return to wreak havoc for the night. As protection, the Celts wore hideous costumes to ward off evil spirits.

Many masquerade events usually feature a theme as well as masquerade outfits from Hollywood films such as Star Wars , Grease , James Bond , and Spider-Man . Themes are also hugely popular at fundraising events such as the Great Gorilla Run , where 1,000 people dressed as gorillas in London help Great Gorillas , a charity that deals with endangered species. [ citation needed ]

Some costume parties are dedicated to 80s fashion. The most popular costumes researched for such fancy dress are Madonna, punk fashion, and neon-colored clothing. Among the simplest and cheapest suits of the 1980s are Rambo , Samantha Fox and Tom Cruise from Risky Business or Top Gun . Alternative costumes from the eighties include dresses, prom dresses, and denim from the period, including high-waisted trousers and masonry-effect denim.

Fans sometimes wear suits to support their favorite team at sporting events. Some sporting events draw large numbers of fans in fancy dress. Examples include the Wellington Rugby Sevens, where almost every fan who comes in wears a suit of some sort, and the San Jose Bike Party, where the race has a different theme every month, encouraging riders to come in suits.


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