Price plastic surgery in korea: Is Plastic Surgery Really Cheaper in South Korea? If So, Is it Worth the Trip? – Aristocrat Plastic Surgery


Is Plastic Surgery Really Cheaper in South Korea? If So, Is it Worth the Trip? – Aristocrat Plastic Surgery

When we talk about plastic surgery, it’s usually the roof party somewhere in Beverly Hills we imagine, or the perfect beach body getting out of a brand new Porsche in Palm beach. Plastic and cosmetic surgery have long been considered an American symbol, something rooted in its culture of showmanship and appetite so deeply it’s almost a tradition.

And yet, more than 1.4 million Americans fly thousands of miles each year to countries as close as Mexico and as distant as Japan to have their aesthetic procedures done. It is estimated that on average, you can save from 40 to 80 percent on the procedures abroad.

Recently, South Korea has emerged as the plastic surgery capital of the world, with the highest number of procedures carried out per capita. While the aesthetic adjustments are highly popular among Koreans themselves, the reputation has sparked international curiosity, too, and tens of thousands of foreigners each year travel to the country with a sole purpose of going under the knife.

For some, it’s the overarching K-pop culture that drives them here; after all, who is better at turning you into a Korean pop star than the surgeons who’ve worked with the stars themselves? For others, medical tourism is about adventure; going through the procedures isn’t really fun, so you might as well try and add some joy into the mix. Most medical tourists, however, are motivated by money.

There is an unofficial consensus among that last group that plastic surgery procedures are cheaper in any country that is not the U.S. It is true, for the most part—on paper.

Let’s take a look at the actual prices of different plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. versus South Korea (data taken from this website and WebMD):

  • Eyelid Surgery price average: U.S.: $3,022 — South Korea: $3,000
  • Facelift price average: U.S.: $7,048 — South Korea: $9,500
  • Liposuction price average: U. S.: $3,374 — South Korea: $5,500
  • Breast Augmentation price average: U.S.: $7,500 — South Korea: $7,000

These are, of course, ballpark figures. The actual prices quoted to you by your surgeon may vary significantly from these averages.

But the numbers do tell us something. According to these, if there is a price difference between U.S. plastic surgeries and South Korean ones, it is definitely not large enough to call the decision a “no-brainer.”

Why then so many people are still keen on flying to the other side of the world to do something they can do at home?

3 South Korean Plastic Surgery Myths

There are several widespread misconceptions about plastic surgeons in Korea. To save you a lot of time, money and nerves, we’d like to shed some light on the matter.

Myth #1: Korean plastic surgeons are better

If there’s one thing that South Korean plastic surgeon practices are undeniably good at, it’s marketing.

Google “before and after” photos from our South Korean colleagues, and you’ll see dozens of unbelievable transformations. Most of those photos look like they feature two different people.

In the mind of an unsuspecting prospect, this can very well appear as a sign of the surgeon’s qualifications. One might easily think, “if he can do that, he can definitely fix me up, too.”

However, this train of thought can lead to very misleading conclusions.

The number one reason why South Korean plastic surgery photos look so stunning is because the magnitude of changes requested by the patients in those photos was extremely large.

In fact, the finesse of a surgeon’s execution is much more observable with small, delicate changes, rather than complete makeovers. Big changes trick the eye into missing the details.

The reality for most plastic surgery patients is that they don’t want big makeovers or drastic transformations. In all honesty, many patients don’t want anyone to know they’ve made the decision to go under the knife. They want their family and friends to appreciate their natural beauty, rather than see their new looks as artificial adjustments.

Fact #1: There are good and bad plastic surgeons in both the U.S. and South Korea. There are surgeons and practices that will understand what you want and will make you feel confident enough to trust your procedures with them, and there are the ones who won’t. What the online pictures reflect is evidence of marketing skill, not plastic surgery qualifications.

Myth #2: A trip and a surgery? Two birds with one stone!

Many patients who will eek out lower-priced offers from ‘exotic’ Korean surgery practices think that the price difference will make up for the traveling and accommodation expenses, effectively making it a 2-in-1 offer. Who doesn’t want a South Korea trip to go along with their surgery offer?

While the price tag might make sense, the reality of having surgery in a distant foreign country is anything but pleasant or exciting.

Fact #2: Post-op recovery is not fun, especially in a foreign country. If you’re motivated enough to go to Korea to have your plastic surgery procedure done, chances are you’re going for something a little more major than a quick skin rejuvenation therapy.

Invasive procedures and the anaesthesia used during the surgery always leaves patients slightly disoriented after the procedure. The minimal recovery time for most major operations (eyelid surgery, facelift surgery, breast augmentation/reduction, liposuction, abdominoplasty) is 5-7 days—that’s the minimum time period before you’ll feel comfortable going out of your room.

Naturally, 18-hour flights are not ideal for your recovery regimen. This leaves you with one choice: stay in your hotel room until you’ve at least partially recovered. Unless you have a place to stay at, that is.

Normally, home care is strongly advised after the surgery. Some patients will take the whole experience better, while others will be more affected, but it always does leave patients in a state of increased vulnerability. To avoid serious trouble and inconvenience, we always recommend our patients to postpone any major events for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.

Bottom line is, if you truly hope to enjoy your plastic surgery tourism adventure, it should be at least a month long. Otherwise, you’ll simply spend your time being cared for in your hotel bed. Or—even worse—try to do it all yourself in a foreign country, after the surgery.

b>Fact #3: you always want to be able to contact your surgeon after going under the knife. Should you experience any complications, it is the original surgeon you want to call first. They will best know how they’ve altered your body and will be in a prime position to help you out. That’s why it might not be the best idea to have surgery on the other side of the world.

Myth #3: The whole process is extremely smooth in Korea

People who’re seriously considering going to South Korea for beauty enhancements are usually the ones who’ve seen one of many videos and articles on the Internet that supposedly describe their whole journey.

While there are many outstanding plastic surgery practices in the country, don’t trust everything you see on the Internet. These videos are often closely curated by marketing specialists who make sure that no negative experiences make it to the final version of the content.

Fact #4: There are several ways your plastic surgery trip can go wrong, and it all begins with the language barrier. According to this anonymous testimonial, it is common for Korean plastic surgeons to not speak English. The communication then happens through a designated translator—who is often simply the practice’s administrative employee who speaks some English.

Of course, the final decision is always yours, but would you allow a chance of your plastic surgeon not understanding exactly what you want? Or them not being able to clearly communicate the risks and side-effects of the surgery? A decision of this magnitude should never be communicated through a foreign language filter.

Fact #5: It is not a secret that the plastic surgery culture in South Korea is different from that in the U.S. Here, we try to build trust and confidence with our patients through one-on-one conversations, careful planning, customized treatment plans, follow-ups and other personalized care. The whole service package may cost more, but we see the process from the beginning through the end.

In Korea, apparently, not all clinics adhere to this philosophy. With the massive demand for surgeries, many practices take on a productivity-focused approach, more characteristic to manufacturers rather than surgeons. With multiple surgeries performed every day, the patients are shuffled around the clinic as if they’re half-baked goods on a production line, rather being treated as human beings in their most vulnerable states.

Fact #6: Medical tourists are still, in many ways, tourists. More often than not, they are not familiar with the local language, customs, and, most importantly, the prices.

Several testimonials have reported that the prices for surgical and non-surgical procedures are almost never quoted on the tourist-oriented websites, and often the price quotes given to foreigners exceed the expected market price. To avoid getting ripped off, read the following section.

If You Do Decide to Go, Here are a Few Tips

Naturally, some of our readers will not be dissuaded by the arguments provided here and will seek plastic surgery care in the exotic South Korea. Perhaps you have a unique reason for pursuing this endeavor—a reason strong enough so that the counter-arguments in this article fade into the background.

In either scenario, here are a few tips and suggestions that could go a long way in making your plastic surgery trip less stressful:

  1. Research the prices. As briefly mentioned in the previous section, South Korean plastic and cosmetic surgery practices often take advantage of their foreign patients by quoting higher-than-normal prices. While you can find ballpark price figures in this article, make sure to consult with several practices before you make the trip. Even if the consultations have to be paid for, it’s still better than being ripped off upon arrival, and having to wait for another month before another surgeon will be able to see you.
  2. Research the forums. There are plenty of American men and women who’ve done the trip before you, and they frequently share their experiences on websites like Realself, Purse Forum and Reddit (/r/plasticsurgery, /r/koreanbeauty, /r/undertheknife.) Along with their impressions, tourists will often share recommendations for surgeons, and insights on what they would have done differently if they were to make the trip again.
  3. Plan your trip liberally. One of the worst things that can happen on your plastic surgery journey is you running into some sort of delay or complication, while on a tight deadline to get back home for a project or event. Depending on what type of surgery you’re after, it might be a good idea to take as much as 1.5-2 months off, just to make sure you’re covered.

Summing It Up: Is It Worth the Effort?

While having surgery in a country as distant as South Korea might seem like a lucrative option finance-wise (even though the prices are pretty even across the board), it is hardly worth it.

If you’ve been jaded with the “before-and-after” pictures you’ve seen online, don’t be. The magnitude of the operation is a very weak indicator of the surgeon’s qualifications; in fact, the contrary may be true—a drastic change might mean the surgeon failed to give the patient adjustments that enhance their natural beauty.

If you think that the trip might be fun and the price discrepancy will ‘pay for’ your entire flight and stay, then you need to seriously reconsider. Unless you have a permanent place to stay in the country, your South Korea adventure may very well turn into a week-long post-op nap in your hotel room. Sightseeing and exiting your room, in general, is not what you’ll want to be doing 5-7 days after the surgery.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the ‘my plastic surgery journey in Korea’ videos. These content pieces are often sponsored by the clinics themselves, and often leave out negative experiences caused by the language barrier and the manufacturing culture of Korean plastic surgery practices.

Is Plastic Surgery Really Cheaper in South Korea? If So, Is it Worth the Trip?2018-12-212019-10-18 Plastic Surgery

ID Hospital in Korea: Prices for Diagnosis and Treatment, Reviews

Advanced pre and postoperative diagnostics in the plastic surgery center ID Hospital

Clinic offers 50 different types of tests, making a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient’s health. Doctors responsibly approach the diagnostic procedure in order to make the patient easier to undergo surgery and recover later. Some operations have contraindications and limitations.

ID Hospital has the latest high-tech equipment approaching carefully to the study of medical indicators and the speed of presenting the results of the tests is minimal Patient can undergo different investigations with the help of the diagnostic installations.

Face courting at ID Hospital

Jaw Reduction / Enlargement is a plastic surgery that is used to give V-line shape to the face by correcting the mandible — the shape and length of the patient’s chin (contraction or lengthening through transplantation or artificial bone). Performed with regards to the width of the cheekbones, making it possible to get the perfect result.

Reducing the cheekbones with a high L-shaped incision is a way to achieve a natural contour of the face by reducing the width of the zygomatic bone. This operation involves adding volume to the front of the cheekbone in accordance with the proportions of the face.

Forehead implantation – the operation is indicated with a flat, lowered or asymmetric forehead. The implant is made on personalized basis, depending on the difference in the volume of the right and left sides of the patient’s forehead.

Reduction of the forehead in the hairline – correction of the hairline by transplanting follicles from other parts of the head. Experts perform this procedure with the preservation of maximum naturalness, since the hair is transplanted along the line of natural curvature.

Reduction of the labial groove is an operation that involves correcting the nasolabial angle, narrowing the broad wings of the nose and correcting the volume of the lips. Surgeons pay attention to all the details in the procedure – this allows them to create the most balanced appearance.

I was thinking about V line surgery for 4 years, but was afraid to decide on surgery. I thought what would happen to my appearance if something went wrong. And I still could not choose a clinic. After doing a lot of research, I decided to go to the ID hospital after seeing all the reviews and videos on Youtube.

I was pleasantly impressed by the safety and high technology of Korean plastic surgery. Most of all I was struck by the work of Dr. Jae Hyun Kwon, so I wanted him to carry out my operation on the V-shaped line.

The decision about plastic surgery was the best choice I made in my life. I feel much more beautiful and more confident. Thanks to ID Hospital for the results of the operation. Sarah, Paris

Rhinoplasty in the ID Hospital

In ID Hospital (Plastic Surgery Center), rhinoplasty is performed using modern techniques, to prevent an artificial look. Korean plastic surgeons perform operations to correct this area of the face in such a way that the patient may not be worried about the tip of the nose drooping over time.

Patients can quickly return to normal life as most people do not experience hematomas and puffiness during the rehabilitation period after the procedure.

They also perform a personalized rhinoplasty such as the “Barbie Line” operation, which is carried out after determining the “golden section” – an assessment of the most suitable nose proportions for the face of each patient.

Basis of this surgery is the “Face Standardization Method”, which was developed by leading plastic surgeons at ID Hospital.

Blepharoplasty in ID Hospital

Doctors at Hospital ID will be able to make a perfect eye shape. The expected result will be visible in 7 days. The clinic has 9 methods for correcting the shape of the eyes:

Plastic eye “Bambi” in ID Hospital

Operation “Bambi” includes several procedures (correction of ptosis, epicanthoplasty, transverse canthoplasty) – thanks to this, the desired shape and size of the eyes is achieved. Since the “Bambi” method is planned in phases, the risks associated with seam mismatch are minimized.

Mammoplasty in ID Hospital

Mammoplasty is one of the most popular procedure in this clinic. In breast augmentation surgeries, all the anatomical features of the body are taken into account, making it possible to select a suitable implant. As a result, the patient’s chest looks as natural as possible.

Specialists achieve a natural drop-shaped breast with a Y-shaped line in the hollow through the use of Full HD endoscope. ID Hospital also perform tightening and breast reduction procedures.

For patients is also avialable breast augmentation after delivery and revision breast surgery.

ID Hospital team is highly experienced at breast surgeries and ready to please patients with fantastic results.

Body contouring in ID Hospital

Clinic performs liposuction from any region of the body, while punctures for the procedure for pumping out fat are performed in hidden areas.

Procedure safety is provided by the by full In-body check diagnostics and 3D Ultrasound Diagnosis

Here, an operation is performed according to the “360°personalized liposuction” method, which makes it possible to remove the maximum amount of fat deposits, taking into account the personal characteristics of the patient’s tissues. After a surgery patient gets beautiful, slim body.

Abdominoplasty is also performed here – restoration of the proportions of the abdomen. Plastic surgeons of the clinic remove excess fat, strengthen the abdominal muscles and then remove excess skin. If necessary, during abdominoplasty, doctors can move the navel to a new position, which will give the better final aesthetic look.

Comfort of patients staying and postoperative rehabilitation at ID Hospital

All comfortable conditions are created for the patients at the ID clinic – patient can contact the plastic surgery center at any suitable time. All those who used the ID Hospital service are automatically placed by the clinic in the rank of VIP-persons.

Services such as accommodation in rooms of a luxury hotel and arranging a transfer after a discharge in a limousine are provided to patients.

The postoperative program at ID Hospital includes individual care, which helps to shorten the rehabilitation period:

Cost of plastic surgery at ID Hospital

The price of medical services of the Center for Plastic Surgery ID Hospital is 20% lower than in German clinics and 50% than in medical institutions in the United States. It is formed taking into account the methods used for each specific case, as well as the doctor’s fee. The approximate cost of plastic surgery at ID Hospital is:

Procedure Cost
Rhinoplasty (correction of the shape and size of the nose) from $4,500
Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) from $3,500
Abdominoplasty (removal of excess skin on the abdomen) from $3,600
Mammoplasty (correction of the shape and size of the mammary glands) from 9,000
Liposuction (removal of subcutaneous fat) from $5,000
Septoplasty (nasal septum correction) from $2,500
Mentoplasty (chin correction) from $3,000
Facelift from $9,000
 Gluteoplasty (buttock shape and size correction) from $9,000
Hair Transplant from $4,000

How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? 5 awesome costs comparism

How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? One cannot ascertain the price of plastic surgery anywhere because of variations in factors that determine cost.

Although in this article “how much does plastic surgery cost in Korea?” everything you need to know about cosmetic surgery, in Korea is made clear and comprehensible.

Plastic surgery has long been considered an American symbol, something rooted in its culture of showmanship and quest for a look considered better.

The concept of plastic and cosmetic surgery to be an American thing is gradually fading away.

Over a million Americans fly thousands of miles annually to other countries to have their aesthetic procedures done. It is estimated that on average, you can save from 40 to 80 percent on the procedures abroad.

In recent time, South Korea has emerged as the plastic surgery capital of the world, with the highest number of procedures carried out per capita.

While the aesthetic adjustments are highly popular among Koreans themselves, the reputation has sparked international curiosity, too, and tens of thousands of foreigners each year travel to the country with a sole aim of having a cosmetic surgery.

Most medical tourists, however, are motivated by money. Everyone knows that cosmetic surgery is expensive and typically not covered by health insurance. Yet each year, more people are having cosmetic procedure.

In the last decade, Seoul has earned a reputation for being the Beauty Belt of South Korea, an ideal destination for excellent plastic surgery.

There are abundance of options to choose from, therefore, an important question is “How much does a plastic surgery cost in Korea?” For your convenience, here is the average cost of some of the most popular procedures offered by Korean plastic surgery professionals.

Below is the list of some of the plastic surgeries with average cost in dollars. Is of utmost importance you know that no surgery has fixed cost as earlier stated. The difficulty and complications will affect cost.

Facelift                                             $7000-$11500

Tummy tuck/lower lift body                   $8000-$11100

Breast reduction                                  $6000- $11100

Breast augmentation                            $4000-$8624

Nose reshaping/rhinoplasty                   $2000- $3520

Eyelid Surgery                                      $2,000-$4,000

Nose Surgery                                       $4,000-$6,000

Premium Laser Skin Therapy                   $4,000-$9,000

Female Surgery                                    $4,000-$7,000

Hair Transplant                                    $6,000-$10,000

Liposuction (Arm, Thigh, Belly)                 $4,000-$7,000

Facial Contouring (Jaw, Chin, Cheeks)        $5,000-$7,000

Advanced Facial Contouring                    $10,000-$30,000

Entire Body Makeover                            $20,000-$35,000

Entire Face Makeover                             $25,000-$55,000

In this article “ how much does plastic surgery cost in south Korea ”?, the prices of top 5 hospitals in Korea that take part in plastic cosmetic procedure will be compared to give a better view and answer to how much does a plastic surgery cost in Korea.

Below are some of the top hospitals in Korea

  • Grand plastic surgery Korea
  • Jk plastic surgery Clinic Korea
  • ID plastic surgery hospital Korea
  • BK plastic surgery hospital Korea
  • View plastic surgery

Grand plastic surgery hospital Korea

Grand Plastic Surgery is one of the best Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, Korea and aims to become the world’s leading plastic surgery center.

Numerous celebrities have visited this medical plug from more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, UK, Norway etc.

Grand provides customized and qualified medical service to its patients with experienced professional medical specialists such as plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and physicians who all collaborate together to enhance the patient’s safety and satisfaction.

Grand provides service that takes care of not only consultation in the languages of English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Mongolian, Vietnamese and Thai, but also an effect one-stop system from consultation through surgery to treatment, recovery and post-care.

Grand Plastic Surgery has been considered by some people as the No.1 plastic surgery center in Asia and now aiming to be a global beauty leader!

Address: 06035 Grand Plastic Surgery Tower, 121 Dosande-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-70-7119-1580

What answer does grand plastic surgery have to give on How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea

Be guided properly there may be variation in costs you are strongly advice to follow the right path by contacting the hospital of your choice directly as we provide like to the few hospitals listed

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Procedure    with average costs

  • Liposuction                                                                $2,816 – $7000
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery                                                   $11,100 – $12,320
  • Follicular Unit Extraction FUE                                         $4,400 – $4,840
  • Breast Augmentation                                                    $8,624 – $10,648
  • Breast Lift                                                                    $5,720 – $12,760
  • Breast Reduction                                                            $11,100 – $16,720
  • Breast Implants                                                              $7,920 – $10,648
  • Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty                                                  $3,520 – $3,872
  • Face Lift                                                                          $5,456  – $8,360
  • Chin Contouring                                                               $4,752 – $10,560
  • Eyelid Surgery                                                                  $2,112 – $2,288
  • Facial Implants                                                                  $3,520 – $3,872
  • Fat Transplant or Cell Assisted Lipotransfer                              $4,928 – $5,368
  • Forehead Lift                                                                     $4,928 – $5,368
  • Forehead Contouring                                                            $3,520 – $3,872
  • Mommy Makeover                                                                $22,000 – $26,400

Jk plastic surgery Clinic Korea

JK Plastic Surgery Center is one of the leading medical institutions in Seoul. Doctors working at this centre have been performing 100% successful aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for patients from all over the world since 1998.

The facility’s founder is the world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Joo Kwon. Since 2010 it has been considered the best clinic for foreign patients by the version of the Ministry of Health of South Korea.

The centre has over 15 awards and an international certificate ISO 9001 for the quality of medical care.

JK is the first clinic in Korea, which received an international license from the European Business Assembly (EBA) in the field of health and medical tourism.

In JK clinic prices for the most popular services are affordable in comparison with other plastic surgery clinics.

Address: JK BLD Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82 2-777-0337

What answer does JK plastic surgery center have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average  costs

  • Breast augmentation (teardrop shape) from   $11,340
  • Breast augmentation from                          $12,600
  • Laser vaginoplasty от                                 $5,600
  • Blepharoplasty without incisions from            $1,380
  • Upper blepharoplasty from                          $1,890
  • Lower blepharoplasty from                           $3,150
  • Basic rhinoplasty from                                 $2,518
  • Osteotomy from                                         $4,400
  • Stem cell therapy from                                $3,780
  • Fat transfer to face from                              $4,400
  • Septoplasty (nasal septum correction) from      $3,200
  • Thread lift from                                          $5,040
  • Abdominal lift from                                     $12,600
  • Endoscopic forehead lift from                         $5,040
  • Lower jawbone resection from                        $5,670
  • Mentoplasty (chin surgery) from                     $6,000
  • Cheekbone reduction from                            $6,295
  • Mid face lift from                                        $6,300
  • Neck lift from                                            $6,290
  • Abdominal liposuction from                          $6,300

ID plastic surgery hospital Korea

ID is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in all of Korea. It has its own know-how in each of their multiple specialized clinics, all located within one entire building right in the middle of ‘Plastic Surgery Street’ near Apgujeong Station, the Mecca for plastic surgery in trendy Seoul.

ID is highly respected for their research achievements, great results, professional surgeons and their desire for perfection. They also use the newest equipment and advanced medical technology, which has placed them in the leading position to propose trends for cosmetic surgery.

Their care includes customized consultation, one-stop pre-op, and post operation system to secure customers’ safety and convenience.

The medical team is frequently featured in the media and the clinic is often featured in reality shows and other programs.

First orthognathic surgery by doctor Sang Hoon Park. Orthognathic surgery was first introduced in 1980s, and 10 years had passed from then at that time. However, doctor Sang Hoon Park opened up a new field of orthognathic surgery as plastic surgery in Korea, and the first surgery operated in 1995 laid its foundation.

Address: ID Hospital, 142, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact: +82-2-3496-9787 / +82-2-3496-9783

What answer does ID plastic surgery hospital have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average costs

  • Rhinoplasty (correction of the shape and size of the nose) from                 $4,500
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) from                                                $3,500
  • Abdominoplasty (removal of excess skin on the abdomen) from                 $3,600
  • Mammoplasty (shape and size correction of the mammary glands)             $9,000
  • Liposuction (removal of subcutaneous fat) from                                      $5,000
  • Septoplasty (nasal septum correction) from                                            $2,500
  • Mentoplasty (chin correction) from                                                        $3,000
  • Facelift from                                                                                     $9,000
  • Gluteoplasty (buttock shape and size correction) from                                $9,000
  • Hair Transplant from                                                                           $4,000

BK plastic surgery hospital Korea

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the global leader of Korean cosmetic surgery located in Gangnam, the heart of Korean beauty and medical services, advances into the overseas market.

On November 27th, Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea officially mentioned that the first branch of BK is now grand opened in Singapore, titled with “BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic.”

From this on, BK Medical Group finally steps forward to further global health and beauty market.

Besides Korea, which is his homeland, Dr. Kim has been also strengthening his and BK’s core value of beauty in China and Malaysia. By serving local consultations in these countries, Dr. Kim as well as BK in Korea could build up the brand awareness more efficiently.

Based on this long experience as well as strong history behind BK, new branch in Singapore has high level of expectation.

Inside of the centre, there are departments of surgery, plastic surgery, dental clinic, neurology, internal medicine, and emergency medicine. In addition, there are National Centre for Dermatology, National Centre for Neuroscience and Laboratory, and Johns Hopkins Centre aligned together nearby the clinic.

More essentially, Singapore government selected Novena town as a developing district for the most and largest high-tech medical complex in Asia, and this medical service business for the aftermath of ten years.

Therefore, it is very encouraging that the Korea-based-medical institute entered Singaporean medical market which make this article “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea” interesting.

Address: BK Building, 106 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Subway Line 3, Exit 2 of Sinsa Station

Contact: +82-1688-8886    +82-2-544-0404

What answer does BK plastic surgery hospital have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average  costs

  • Breast augmentation                         $7000- $12500
  • Breast Implant Revision                      $6500- $9500
  • Breast reconstruction surgery               $10000- $22500
  • Breast reduction                                 $7000
  • Cheek implants                                  $4200
  • Double Eyelid Creation                         $1300
  • Facelift surgery                                   $7000
  • Forehead Contouring                            $2200
  • Gynecomastia surgery                           $6600
  • Jaw Shaping                                        $9000
  • Lip Reduction                                       $1100
  • Lipofilling                                            $1300
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery                             $5500
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)                            Price on request
  • Scar revision                                         $300

View plastic surgery clinic

View plastic surgery clinic was founded in 2005, but did not focus on just one area of Plastic surgery but has been evenly growing in all areas of Plastic surgery such as breast surgery, facial bone contouring surgery, bimaxillary surgery, eyes and nose surgery, and wrinkle surgery to become a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic.

Such balanced growth is also the challenge of the clinic for pursuing an individual’s unique ideal beauty.

How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? A question that is worth answering.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery in Asia beyond Korea.

Address:  Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: +82-10-2103-7174, [email protected]

What answer does view plastic surgery hospital have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average  costs

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction)           $2200
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)                          $3100
  • Hair transplant                                  $6200- $7100
  • Facelift surgery                                  $10600
  • Breast augmentation                           $7500- $13200
  • Liposuction                                        $2550- $13200
  • Chin Implant                                      Price on request
  • Cheekbone reduction                           Price on request
  • Reconstructive surgery                         Price on request
  • Revision rhinoplasty                             $4000
  • Abdominal liposuction                           $5750
  • Thigh lift                                             Price on request
  • Breast lift                                            $7500- $8800
  • Tummy Tuck                                        $13200
  • Upper arm liposuction                            $3550
  • Orthognathic surgery                              Price on request
  • Thighs liposuction                                  $2650- $3550
  • Lip Implant                                           $570- $710
  • Open rhinoplasty                                    $4000- $7500
  • Nipple correction                                    $2200- $2650
  • Mole Removal                                        Price on request
  • Mammoplasty                                        $7500- $13200
  • Gynecomastia surgery                             $4499- $5399
  • Body Lift                                               Price on request
  • Breast Implant Revision                            Price on request
  • Breast reconstruction surgery                    $15800- $22000
  • Calf liposuction                                       $3550
  • Eyebrow transplantation                           $5300- $5750
  • Facial feminization surgery                         Price on request
  • Foreheads lift                                          $5300
  • FUE hair transplant                                   $6200- $7100
  • G-spot augmentation                                  Price on request


10 most expensive plastic cosmetic surgeries

Like this:

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Korean Plastic Surgery Prices | Seoul TouchUp

In the last decade, Seoul has earned a reputation for being the Beauty Belt of South Korea, an ideal destination for world-class plastic surgery. The appeal of the Beauty Belt comes down to its specialization on shaping the Asian body, and the fact that surgeries come at a price lower than that of Australia, Singapore and America. There are over 500 clinics that can be found in the affluent streets of Gangnam. With an abundance of options to choose from, an important question arises: which clinic will be the best value for the money? Ever wondered what is considered a fair price for surgery?

One of the most popular questions that Seoul TouchUp encounters everyday is, “How much does this surgery cost?” For your convenience, here is the average cost of some of the most popular procedures offered by Korean plastic surgery clinics. To help with pre-operative plans, Seoul TouchUp has observed, compared and collated the prices from major clinics.

Korean Plastic Surgery Prices (
Surgeries Easy (From) Hard (To)
Eyelid Surgery $2,000 $4,000
Nose Surgery $4,000 $6,000
Premium Laser Skin Therapy $4,000 $9,000
Female Surgery $4,000 $7,000
Hair Transplant $6,000 $10,000
Facelift $7,000 $12,000
Breast Surgeries $8,000 $12,000
Liposuction (Arm, Thigh, Belly) $4,000 $7,000
Facial Contouring (Jaw, Chin, Cheeks) $5,000 $7,000
Advanced Facial Contouring $10,000 $30,000
Entire Body Makeover $20,000 $35,000
Entire Face Makeover $25,000 $55,000

You can also check Korean plastic surgery clinic prices shared by Seoul TouchUp forum members. And you’re welcomed to join the forum, share and discuss about everything of Korean plastic surgery!

Korean Plastic Surgery Price List Explained

The more in-demand a product gets and the more sources offer the product, the more similar in price it gets. This is all due to the theory of “Perfect Competition”. This is why the list contains the average price of surgeries across clinics in Seoul.

The cost will be significantly cheaper for simple surgeries, such as a single procedure (i.e. double eyelid surgery). As it gets more complicated, multiple procedures may be needed and the total cost increases (i.e. epicanthoplasty together with some other combination of eye surgery). That is how it goes from $2,000 for eye surgery as shown in the list, to $4,000 at the other end. Needless to say, there are more complex surgeries such as revision eyelid surgery requiring further expertise and would come at a higher cost.

The table outlines the average cost and ignores clinics that charge these very same procedures at a much higher cost. However, a higher price does not necessarily mean better skill or service. It is common for clinics in Korea to claim expertise in certain kinds of surgeries. However, almost every clinic would claim that they are the best in these surgeries, so taking it at face value is a risky venture. Seoul TouchUp has witnessed those who end up dissatisfied with the results of surgery and how often they have had to undergo several revision surgeries. To avoid such a nightmare predicament, it is important to get it right the first time. This is especially the case for those who travel for seven to ten hours just to come to Korea for plastic surgery.

Without the knowledge or expertise of the Korean plastic surgery industry, it is a very difficult task to choose the best ones for your case. As a result, choosing the best clinic and value for the money is a problem even for Koreans living in Seoul themselves.

Besides the problems mentioned above, there is another confounding matter to discuss. Many choose to travel on their own to Korea for their plastic surgery vacation. Why? The common explanation is that tourists tend to save money. However, is it true that traveling alone would save on costs? Seoul TouchUp has found that this is not always the case.

Usually, when someone travels alone for plastic surgery in Korea, there is a waiting period between the request of surgery and for the surgery to take place. With Seoul TouchUp, there is no such waiting period involved. Furthermore, having an affiliation to hundreds of clinics in Seoul, Busan and Daegu, Seoul TouchUp is able to negotiate surgery prices with the clinics for each individual. All in all, the waiting time will be greatly reduced, as well as the assurance that the surgery plans will go according to what has been discussed between traveller and Seoul TouchUp.

How to Pay Less for the Same Surgery

The secret when it comes to getting the best value for your money is that having many surgeries done at once that create harmony rather than reduce it (i.e. eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty together). Rather than flying to Korea again and again for a different type of surgery each time, getting it all done at once and picking surgeries that are easier to harmonize the face will cut back on a lot of future spending. Furthermore, usually paying in cash for procedures will help you save more money. It could be risky and cumbersome if you had to bring more than $10,000 in your purse. Many customers choose to wire transfer a certain amount to Seoul TouchUp before they fly to Korea for convenience’ sake, and subsequently Seoul TouchUp helps negotiate the price with the clinic using the cash.

Plastic Surgery Prices in Korea Vs. America

Another popular destination for plastic surgery is in America. So, why choose Korea? On average, the surgeries are 30 to 50 percent more expensive in America than in Korea. Also, in America, every single thing is charged such as anesthesia, hospitalization fees, medication and pressure garment. However, if a person were to have eyelid surgery in Korea, everything is covered in the surgery price. (i.e. the $2,000 covers everything from the surgery itself, to hospitalization fees, medication etc.)

Korea Plastic Surgery Vs. Thailand Plastic Surgery

Many coming from Singapore have asked Seoul TouchUp if Korean plastic surgery is as cheap as in Thailand. The answer is “No”. Certainly less expensive alternatives can be found outside of Gangnam, but still within South Korea, realistically, prices won’t be as low as Thailand. While Thailand certainly offers lower prices, South Korea offers natural-looking results created by world-renowned doctors.

Another common question that is asked is this, “How can I finance my plastic surgery trip to Korea?” Budgeting is indeed very important and to keep the price within one’s budget, there are several suggested surgery considerations.

There are 5 highly likely scenarios for TouchUp customers. In the first case, if one has $5,000 to $10,000 in mind, the best surgeries to get would be the ones for eyes or nose. In the second case, if one has $10,000 to spend in mind , the most popular option is to get both surgeries done for the eyes and nose. In the third case, higher up on the budget, if one has $10,000 to $20,000 to spend in mind, Seoul TouchUp’s recommendation is to work on the eyes, nose and facial bone contouring. In the fourth case, if one has $20,000 to $30,000 to spend in mind, any kind of face-related surgery can be done. Finally, if one has $40,000 and over to spend in mind, then a full face and body makeover is certainly possible.

On average, most medical tourists are suggested to stay for 7 to 14 days because the first phase of recovery is completed during that period. However, there are exceptions to this case such as an entire face makeover, an entire body makeover and/or a combination of the two. The following are special situations for these cases.

Special A: Entire Face Makeover

  • Stay for 14 days – 30 days
  • Related surgeries: Eyelid surgery, nose surgery, facial contouring including double jaw surgery, facelift.

Special B: Entire Body Makeover

  • Stay for 21 days
  • body contouring, breast surgeries (reconstruction)

Special A + B : Entire body and face makeover

The previous sections have addressed the most common questions on plastic surgery costs that Seoul TouchUp has found. These insights include a list of the average costs, the pros and cons of traveling solo, how you can finance your trip, and finally to a discussion on the appropriate length of stay for your individual case. As the technology and practises of Korean plastic surgery reaches new heights, the cost for these services will shift. However it goes, Seoul TouchUp will investigate and provide the insights into these changing figures for your convenience.  By doing that, the likelihood that something goes terribly wrong and unplanned will be greatly minimized.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in South Korea • Check Prices & Reviews

How much does Plastic Surgery cost in South Korea?

Welcome to WhatClinic; the site that helps you find the right plastic surgery clinic in South Korea for you.

Can you believe there are 170 clinics listed on our site that offer plastic surgery in South Korea? South Korea is a world leading destination for plastic surgery, and patients flock here from all over the world for Blepharoplasty, Nose Jobs, Tummy Tucks, Face Lifts, Liposuction and a lot more. You’ll find specialists in all sorts of common and not so common procedures. With all that choice, it’s important to shop around to find what’s right for you. We ask all our clinics to list treatment prices, but of course these will vary from patient to patient, depending on age, level of treatment and complexity. You’ll still find remarkable value to be found, alongside excellent standards of care.  

In recent years South Korea has been labelled ‘the world capital of plastic surgery’, in 2015 South Korea had over one million procedures performed. In the same year it ranked number five on countries with the most amount of plastic surgeons.

Prices for plastic surgery in South Korea are affordable, in comparison to many other countries, such as the UK and the US. Standards of care are high with many professional and well trained staff. It can be a good idea to contact clinics before you book as many provide package deals which include flights and accommodation. A visa will be required for non-nationals, so contacting the clinics can be useful in finding out more information on your requirements, especially on how long you will need to remain for recovery and post-op checkups. Some of the more invasive procedures will require extended recuperation periods so take this into account before travelling.

Most clinics look after English speaking patients, but if you have any concerns about language, travel or other issues, make them very clear to the clinic well in advance.

We have all the information you need about public and private South Korean plastic surgery clinics. Compare all the plastic surgery clinics and contact the plastic surgeon in South Korea who’s right for you.

Prices from 236055 ₽ – Enquire for a fast quote ★ Choose from 170 Plastic Surgery Clinics in South Korea with 101 verified patient reviews. See popular locations and treatments.

Rhinoplasty in Korea – Procedure, Recovery & Cost in Korea

Rhinoplasty, or in common terms much known as a nose job, has become a widespread treatment in many parts of the globe. What most do not know is that together with the rise in the popularity of Korean skincare also comes the popularity of South Korea in the field of plastic surgery.

To this day, Korea has come to be one of the leading countries not only in skincare but also in the different kinds of plastic surgery that they have already been dubbed as the “plastic surgery capital of the world”.

If you were to have these surgeries, most especially the surgery they call as Rhinoplasty, why not go to the country where this kind of surgery is widespread and with a lot of experts on the procedure?

What is Rhinoplasty

The famous nose job or medically referred to as Rhinoplasty is by definition  “a surgery that changes the shape of the nose”. One reason why an individual may opt for Rhinoplasty may be for aesthetic purposes, which is so popular with celebrities. Another reason is for medical purposes, to improve breathing, fix accident-related injuries, or improve the appearance of a defect that has been present since birth.

Why you should have rhinoplasty surgery in South Korea

Countries like the US have a lot of cases of Rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures, but you may ask, why Korea? It is because South Korea, according to an article by Harrison Jacobs and Annie Zheng on Business Insider, “has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capital in the world”. Who would not deem the country as the “plastic surgery capital of the world” when it has been estimated that there are around a million plastic surgery procedures occurring in just a year.

In that 1 million surgery procedures Rhinoplasty and glutathione injections are considered as second most popular since the top surgery procedure on the list is blepharoplasty or more commonly known as the double-eyelid surgery. Given the statistics, who would have second thoughts in getting a nose job in the country?

Before the rhinoplastic surgery

A nose job is considered as a major surgery and just like any surgery, major or minor, it requires preparation and assurance that you are someone fit for the major procedure.

As stated on Cleveland Clinic’s website, a rhinoplasty procedure differs from one patient to another. That is why thorough consultation with an expert is required before the surgery. If you are planning on getting a nose job, here are the qualifications that you should meet:

  • You should be 18 years old or older
  • You should be physically fit and healthy
  • You should be mentally healthy
  • You should have realistic expectations with the
    results of the procedure

Learn More About Preparation Before Rhinoplasty Surgery



A consultation with the surgeon for assessment of the nose structure, facial features, and overall health is a must before deciding to push through with the surgery. Once you have decided to go on with your decision to have the surgery, risks, cost and recovery time will be discussed to you by the doctor and the staff.

 Before the surgery starts, the doctor will
administer the anesthesia on the patient. There are two kinds of anesthesia
that can be used for the procedure. The first one is the general anesthesia
which knocks the patient out so that he or she will not feel anything during
the whole procedure. The second kind of anesthesia is the local anesthesia
which only numbs the nose so that the patient will not feel the pain of the

At the start of the procedure, the surgeon
will make a cut within the nostrils. In more difficult cases, the surgeon may
also make cuts across the base of the nose. The surgeon then reshapes the inner
bone and cartilage to produce a more pleasing appearance.


As mentioned above, Rhinoplasty is major surgery and just like major surgeries, it takes a long time to recover from the procedure.

It takes one year to fully recover from the procedure.

During the first week of recovery, your nose can become splint free with no obvious signs of the surgery. The second week, you will see that bruising and swelling is gone. Third to fourth weeks will already allow you to do heavy activities like going to the gym or jogging.

The sixth-week mark, your bones will have become stable and you can go back to wearing glasses. In three to six months you will not anymore feel numbness and weird sensations in your nose.

As your nose surgery reaches its anniversary, it’s after surgery shape should be refined.

Risks and Safety

The doctor and his staff will surely explain all the risks that are associated with the operation and will let you sign a consent form if ever you decide to push through with your rhinoplasty surgery. While you are reading the information above, I know you may also be thinking about negative things that could happen when you get a nose job. To save you time, here are some risks that may or may not happen after a rhinoplasty surgery:

  • risks in anesthesia because some have negative
    reactions to this drug
  • infections because of the open wound
  • difficulty breathing
  • unsatisfactory appearance
  • skin discoloration
  • swelling

Even though Korean surgeon are back up by experience, it is always important to know all these risks in order to take the necessary precautions that would avoid negative outcomes.

In summary, nose jobs are becoming widespread because of its aesthetic and medical benefits to an individual. Since South Korea is considered as the “plastic surgery capital” of the world with rhinoplasty as the second most common surgery done in Korea every year, it is only deemed appropriate to choose to have the nose job surgery in the country.

However, prices for locals and foreigners may vary because of the additional resources to be used for foreign clients. As risky as it may be, it is not a worrisome since risks are discussed before the procedure and Korean doctors are experts with regards to experience.

Getting a nose job can increase onces
confidence which is an important factor in order for a person to achieve his or
her goals in life. Nose jobs does just this because it helps in fixing
something a person deems undesirable in his or her body. Not only that, but it
also gives comfort for it has a medical side to it. If you think that your nose
needs some fixing whether it be for cosmetics or medical, you know where to go
and what to expect. Just remember to make sure that you bring up your questions
during the consultation because once the procedure has started, there is no
turning back.

The Cost of Plastic Surgery in Seoul

06 Apr The Cost of Plastic Surgery in Seoul

Posted at 11:00h
in Blog
by manager

Do you ever think about getting some plastic surgery done? More and more people in countries like China, Japan, and the United States are traveling to South Korea to get cosmetic procedures done. South Korea has highly reputable facilities, surgeons, and it is more cost effective. However, before purchasing your plane ticket to Seoul and jetting off to South Korea, here are some questions you want to ask:

Questions you Should Ask Yourself Before Going to Korea for Plastic Surgery

1. Is the plastic surgery suitable for my current face/body?

Note that South Koreans look completely different to westerners. Their face shape is different and they are generally smaller. In Korea the most popular surgeries are: double eyelids (that make your eyes larger and rounder), nose bridge, fair skin and a slim chin line. These are the surgeries that are done all the time. So, the surgeon you choose must be experienced in performing surgeries on foreigners and familiar with their body types.

2. Where is the best surgeon for my type of surgery?

If you visit Seoul you will see that the streets are covered with ads of plastic surgeries. There are hundreds of clinics to choose from. The best for you will have to be determined by the type of surgery you want, the surgeon’s professional experience and the surgeries he has performed in the past. The best website I have found so far to help you find the right surgeon is Seoul Touch Up. They feature interesting blog posts and also help foreigners to organize their plastic surgery trips.

3. Do I have any medical conditions that would make my surgery difficult or would endanger my life?

This is one of the most important question. Please have a check-up with your family doctor first. Even if you think you are healthy. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Please also remember to stop smoking and drinking three weeks before your surgery, and stop taking the following medications two weeks before: Ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs, medications for menstruation pains, hormonal agents, contraceptives and aspirin.



Have you asked all the right questions? Now that you are sure this is what you want, it is time to look at prices. The Korea Medical Hub published a chart showcasing the minimum and maximum costs of several different operations. Click on the following chart to see more prices for the different types of plastic surgery costs:

As you can see not why some people have opted to go abroad for their plastic surgery operations. Plastic surgery in Seoul cost less while the quality of their medical surgeons and clinics are world renowned.

Image Credit


Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Connects Patients With Qualified Surgeons

Both patients and top rated surgeons trust our medical tourism agency. Therefore, we strive to bring together our clients with the best Korean medical practice and clinics. Our doctors are pioneers of numerous surgical treatments like transplants, body contour, skin and more. 

Furthermore, Korea is home to premier plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics. Whatever your beauty goals are, we’ll make it a reality. Get in touch with us today.

90,000 Clinics Plastic Surgery in Korea: price of 10 clinics, reviews


Plastic surgery in South Korea. Korean surgical are distinguished by scrupulous, high-quality work. The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea operates according to the PCM standard.

Patients come to the country with a variety of needs: from rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to complex reconstructive surgeries for birth defects or after an accident and injury.Patients choose the Korean leaders of the TOP 5 plastic surgery leaders.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery in South Korea:

Extensive experience in plastic surgery . Plastic in Korea has been popular for several decades, the residents of Korea themselves do it more often than residents of the CIS countries. Therefore, plastic surgery centers have extensive experience in aesthetic procedures.

Use of gentle surgical techniques .In the best Korean clinics, doctors apply new developments in surgery. For example, blepharoplasty without scars, breast augmentation through an incision of 2-3 cm, and the like are performed.

Rehabilitation programs. Korean enemies take care of patients at all stages of treatment. Much attention is paid to rehabilitation. Competent rehabilitation accelerates the healing of scars, reduces the risk of complications, and helps restore tissue after surgery.

A wide range of plastic surgeries. Almost all types of plastic surgery are available in Korea. Specialists perform even complex and rare operations.

Get a free consultation


1. Type of intervention. Small aesthetic surgeries (rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty) are cheaper than volumetric surgery using implants.

2. Cost of materials. Certified implants and other materials are used for plastic surgery in Korea.Their price depends on the country of origin, reliability, durability and other characteristics.

3. Doctor’s fee. Make a plastic model in South Korea.

4. Hospital pricing policy. Clinical Plastic Surgery in Korea has varying levels of comfort and patient service. This affects the cost of the procedures. So, surgery in a private VIP clinic will cost more than in a regular hospital.

5. Duration of hospitalization. In Korea, after plastic surgery, hospitalization is either absent or takes 1-2 days. This may affect the final price.


The exact price for plastic surgery in South Korea is calculated individually, taking into account the characteristics of the patient’s body, health status and the need for rehabilitation. It looks like this:

90,079 from $ 17,800 90,082

90,079 from $ 3,500 90,082

90,079 from $ 9,800 90,082

90,079 from $ 1,400 90,082

90,079 from $ 8,900 90,082

90,079 from $ 3,500 90,082

Procedure Cost
Maxillofacial surgery (2 jaws)
General facelift SMAS lifting
Upper eyelid blepharoplasty
Abdominoplasty (full / navel plastic) from $ 7,000
Breast augmentation (including the cost of implants)
Face lipofilling


Thanks to competition in the field of plastic surgery, patients have a wide selection of clinics.Mediglobus recommends JK Hospital.

JK Clinic – Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic. It is accredited by the Ministry of Health and has an international certification of ISO 9001 . These certificates guarantee the highest quality of treatment. Every year in JK 6000 plastic surgeries are performed , no accidents happened .

The clinic performs nose, eyelid and breast plastic surgery. Liposuction, reconstructive surgery, jaw and other interventions are performed.This helps to shorten the rehabilitation period. Doctors seek to reduce the size of scars, make inconspicuous stitches, or perform surgery without incisions. Before the procedure, JK specialists build a 3D computer model of the result of the operation. The patient sees that he is not satisfied with the moments.

Get a free consultation


“I did laser lifting, lip augmentation in Korea and now I want to make breasts, but already next year.While I am collecting information, I have already decided on the clinic, where I did it before. What can I say, I really trust Korean doctors. I am constantly in Korea due to my occupation. Let’s start with the fact that the service is unique, no words! Koreans are very neat people, they do everything so precisely, neatly, you immediately realize that they are in good hands. Well, let’s go back to plastic surgery, firstly filler, I was told that it was in effect for half a year, I had already a year and it is holding on. I put myself a Korean stamp, I don’t remember, they offered it to me in the clinics.And an ultrasonic tightening. What is the difference with ours is that here it is done under sedative anesthesia, since it is very powerful! The effect is as if your face is being held with your palms, some kind of inner frame appears, it is better to go to bed with makeup and such a freshness of the face as no cream gives. “Snezhana, Sevastopol

MediGlobus coordinators will tell you more about the organization of plastic surgery in Korean clinics. Leave a request through the button “Get a free consultation” and look forward to a call from our specialist!

Get a free consultation

* The estimate includes the medical program and the cost of treatment

Prices for plastic surgery in Korea


buttocks liposuction

900 79 $ 4 800


Name of procedure Cost in USD *
Facial contouring
Three-dimensional reduction of cheekbones $ 5 400
Three-dimensional reduction of the square chin $ 6 700
V-shaped face plastic (VLine) $ 8 800
chin tip correction $ 5 900
chin correction (silicone implant) $ 2 700
correction of a long chin $ 6 200
correction of the paranasal sinuses (silicone implant) $ 1,500
cat plastic (giving volume in the area between the upper lip and nose) $ 1,500
delete adipose tissue in the cheek area (Bisha’s lumps) $ 1 950
semicircular implants $ 7 800
drop-shaped implants $ 8 800
breast augmentation

$ 14 600
breast augmentation with Bella Gel implants $ 11 200
breast reduction (reduction plastic) $ 9 800
breast lift (mastopexy) $ 7 800
breast lift + implant transplantation $ 13 500
correction of inverted nipple (one side) $ 1 950
plastic to reduce the nipple, areola (one side) $ 1 950
correction near the axillary region $ 3 000
gynecomastia (formation breast cancer in men) $ 3 100
Repeated mammoplasty from $ 9,000 to $ 17,000
Double eyelid surgery without incision (suture method) $ 1,600,082
Double eyelid plastic (partial incision method) $ 1 950
Double eyelid plastic with incision (surgical method) $ 1 950
Removal of adipose tissue of the upper eyelid $ 200
Removal of excess skin eyelids $ 200
correction of the muscles of the upper eyelid $ 600
epicanthoplasty $ 800
lateral canthoplasty $ 1,000
S-line of the lower eyelid (lower cantoplasty $ 1
reoperation (with a cut) 9 0082

$ 3 500
blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid $ 1 950
blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid $ 1 950
transconjunctival blepharoplasty
(redistribution of adipose tissue under the eyelids
(with an incision above the eyebrows or under the eyebrows) $ 1 750
Re-epicanthoplasty $ 1 750
transconjunctival blepharoplasty
(removal of fatty tissue under the eyes)
$ 1 950
nose tip correction $ 2 900
nose tip correction (using costal cartilage) $ 3 900
nose hump correction $ 800
nasal bone correction $ 1 200
plastic surgery of the wings of the nose (reduction of the nostrils) $ 1,300
turbinoplasty (surgical correction of the turbinate) $ 1,000
Resection of the muscle that lowers the nasal septum $ 500
Correction of the nose with threads (correction nasal thread + filler) $ 1 100
Correction of the nasal septum (silicone) + Correction of the nose tip (ear cartilage) $ 4 300
Correction of the nasal septum (silicone) + Correction of the nose tip (donor cartilage) $ 5 300
nasal septum correction (silicone) + nasal tip correction (nasal septum cartilage) $ 5 800
nasal septum correction (silicone) + nasal tip correction (chest cartilage) $ 7 200
nasal septum correction (tailbone skin) + nose tip correction (ear cartilage) 9 0082

$ 6 800
correction of the nasal septum (coccyx skin) + correction of the tip of the nose (chest cartilage) $ 7 800
Lipofilling (adipose tissue transplantation)
for the entire face area $ 3
lipofilling of the forehead $ 1,500 per area
(additional area of ​​$ 700)
lipofilling of the cheek area
lipofilling in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds
lipofilling under the eyes (sunken eyelids, dark circles)
lipofilling of the temporal region
lipofilling of the chin
lipofilling of the mouth region
lipofilling of the bridge of the nose
liposuction of thighs
liposuction of the abdomen $ 4 900
liposuction of the upper abdomen $ 3 400
liposuction of the lower abdomen $ 3 400
liposuction of the lateral waist area $ 2 900
liposuction of the back of the waist $ 2 900
liposuction of calves $ 3 900
liposuction in the jaw $ 1 950
double chin liposuction $ 17879
$ 3 900
liposuction near the armpit $ 1 950
liposuction in the back $ 4 400
liposuction along the bra line $ 2 400
abdominoplasty ) $ 9 700
mini-plasty of the abdomen $ 5 800
plasty of the buttocks (implant) $ 6 800
liposuction of zones (forearm + near-axillary region + area along the bra line) $ 4 800
liposuction of areas (forearm + near axillary area + area along the bra line + back) $ 7 800
liposuction of the abdomen + side waist area $ 6 400
liposuction of the abdomen + side waist area + back area waist $ 8 300
liposuction of the abdomen + side waist area + back waist area + back $ 11 700
Rejuvenation procedures (wrinkle plastic)
lifting (SMAS lift) face $ 7 800
endoscopic forehead lift $ 4 900
lifting (SMAS lift) neck $ 6 800
facelift (SMAS) + neck lift $ 11 700
face lifting with absorbable threads $ 3 100
mini-lifting facelift $ 3 900
Botox and fillers
botox (Korean made) 1 cc $ 130
botox (foreign made) 1 cc $ 260
botox full face $ 1,800
filler $ 450
Other plastic
plastic dimples on the cheek $ 500
lip plastic (cheiloplasty) $ 2 900
ear plastic (otoplasty) $ 3 400
plastic scar (1 cm) $ 300
plastic surgery (removal) of a keloid scar $ 800

Cost of Plastic Surgery in South Korea | Kongan Tour

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Plastic surgery – the cost of blepharoplasty in South Korea

Upper Blepharoplasty: $ 3,000

During this operation, the surgeon will make an incision in the shape of the fold of the upper eyelid and remove a small area of ​​skin, if necessary, he will also remove a small amount of excess fatty tissue, which will make the eye area more expressive and remove the effect of permanently swollen and heavy eyelids.The stitches are removed 4 days after the operation.

Lower Blepharoplasty: $ 3,400

Since with age, the elasticity of the skin and the elasticity of the muscles of the lower eyelid decrease. Along with changes in the orbital fat pocket, this creates a tired look and makes you look very old. During the operation, the surgeon will make a small incision along the growth line of the lower eyelashes, redistribute adipose tissue, while smoothing the skin, tighten the skin of the lower eyelids, visibly rejuvenating the eye area, and relieve dark circles and bags under the eyes.The stitches are removed 4 days after the operation.

Double eyelid surgery: $ 2,500

This plastic creates a natural, beautiful double fold of the upper eyelid. There are several ways to create a double fold. In a non-invasive method, a fold is formed by attaching the elevator muscles and cartilage to the eyelid skin with threads. With a partially invasive method, an additional small incision is made to remove excess fat. With the incisional method, it is possible to remove fat, correct soft tissues and obtain a long double fold line.The method is suitable for almost everyone, and is also used for repetitive blepharoplasty.

Medial epicanthoplasty: $ 1,300

To make the eyelids more graceful, an incision is made in the fold of the inner corner of the eye. Thanks to epicanthoplasty, it will be possible to enlarge the shape of the eyes and reduce the distance between the eyes. It will also give more expression to the eyes by opening them.

Lateral cantoplasty: $ 1,250

This plastic allows you to reshape the outer corners of the eyes to make the eyes more open and larger.Both the angle and the shape of the eye change.

Correction of ptosis (with plastic double eyelids): $ 2,600

This method is also performed as an incisional double eyelid surgery. Additionally, the opening muscle is tightened and the strength of the eye opening function is restored. It is a versatile surgical technique that can remove fat and tighten various tissues to achieve double fold. Surgeons are experienced and skilled in creating beautiful eyes with minimal scarring.

Removal of the skin under the eyebrow: $ 2,200

Removing the skin directly under the eyebrow allows you to lift and correct the overhanging eyelid without leaving visible scars.


Nose plastic – cost of rhinoplasty in South Korea

Osteotomy (with hump removal): $ 4,800

During the operation, the surgeon will narrow the walls of the nose and at the same time remove the hump. By removing the hump, the doctor forms a smooth line of the nasal dorsum.

Correction of the tip of the nose: $ 4,100

To make the tip of the nose more graceful, the surgeon will reshape the septal cartilage at the tip of the nose. If there is not enough cartilage for the nose tip plastic surgery, a piece of autogenous cartilage taken from your auricle will be used during the operation (after the operation, the auricle will heal and no scars will be noticeable). As a result, after the operation you will have a beautiful nose that is in perfect harmony with the proportions of your face.

Osteotomy + nose tip correction: $ 6,150

Removing the hump only: $ 2,050

Septoplasty: $ 2,050

Correction of the nasal septum.


Anti-aging Surgery – Cost of facelift in South Korea

Deep SMAS facelift (lower 2/3 of the face): $ 6,850

The incision is made from the temporal hairline to the back of the ear.The length of the incision and its location will vary depending on the individual patient. This allows you to achieve the highest quality deep result when working with the SMAS layer. Thus, this type of lifting gives the skin a more natural and youthful appearance without the effect of skin tightening.

Endoscopic forehead lift: $ 5,500

It will help to get rid of visible wrinkles in the forehead area. It will not only help to effectively tighten the skin of the forehead in a minimally invasive way and smooth out wrinkles, but also “open” the eye area, giving it a pronounced rejuvenating effect.Your natural crease will be preserved and overhanging, heavy eyelids will be eliminated.

3-5 small incisions (1-2 cm) are made in the scalp. The endoscope is used to tighten the soft tissues of the eyebrows and forehead, and the strength of the eyebrow muscles is also reduced, which tighten and create wrinkles between the eyebrows. An absorbent device (Endotine) is used for fixation, which gives a long-lasting and natural lifting effect.

Surgical neck lift: $ 6,850

Small incisions are made under the chin and behind the ear, then the skin and soft tissues of the neck are pulled up in the center and on the sides.Also, by removing the fatty tissue, the contour of the neck can be improved.

Total forehead, face and neck lift surgery: $ 19,100

Thread facelift: $ 5,500

Thread lifting is performed with threads with a mesh notch, a feature of these threads is effective penetration into the skin and strong fixation. Some time after the tightening, these meshes are absorbed by the connective tissue, which provides a much more reliable fixation in comparison with other types of threads.

Thread Neck Lift: $ 6,850

Thread lifting is performed with threads with a mesh notch, a feature of these threads is effective penetration into the skin and strong fixation. Some time after the tightening, these meshes are absorbed by the connective tissue, which provides a much more reliable fixation in comparison with other types of threads. Under the skin and at the level of the neck muscle, a special net is literally woven from a modern elastic surgical thread.The threads are attached to the fascia of the neck through 3 small punctures along the contour of the lower jaw. Steril Strip stickers are applied to the puncture sites, the stitches do not need to be removed.

Liposuction in the chin area: $ 2,000

For a neck lift, liposuction of the chin may be performed first to give the face a sharper contour. Liposuction is aimed at the subcutaneous fat removal using a laser or ultrasound, and is designed to gently remove fat. A small puncture is made under the chin and does not leave visible scars.First, the adipose tissue is melted with a laser or ultrasound and then removed with liposuction.

Face lipofilling: $ 4,800

Fat tissue is taken (usually from the abdomen or thighs), and by injection, fat is injected into certain areas of the face (nasolabial folds, lower eyelid, weight), not only adding volume and a beautiful shape, but also nourishing the skin, since autologous fat injections have a pronounced tissue rejuvenation effect.

Upper Lip Lift: $ 3,400

The procedure is to remove excess skin in the horizontal area in order to reduce the space between the nose and lip.A horn-shaped incision is made under the nose, where the lip joins the nose, an incision is made, after the tissue is removed, the edges are sutured together. It is very important to hide the incision in the fold, since with this technique the desired elasticity is achieved and the shape of the lip itself is correctly formed.

Correction of nasolabial folds: $ 2,000

Lipofilling in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds – fat tissue is taken (usually from the abdomen or thighs), and by injection, fat is injected into certain areas of the face, not only adding volume and a beautiful shape to it, but also nourishing the skin, as injections of autologous fat have a pronounced effect of tissue rejuvenation.

Smile lift $ 2,750

In order to lift the drooping corners of the lips, an operation to create a permanent smile can be performed. The muscles that pull the corners of the lips downward are trimmed in a special way so that the corners rise upward.

Removal of Bichat’s lumps: $ 2,450

The procedure is necessary to give the face a clear contour. Incisions are made on the inner sides of the cheeks (inside the mouth), and through them “Bisha’s lumps” are removed – fatty formations located between the buccal muscle and the superficial muscles of the face, thereby externally there will be no scars.

Cheek liposuction: $ 3,400


Maxillofacial plastic – the cost of facial contouring in South Korea

Resection of mandibular angles: $ 6,200

During facial contouring, incisions are made in the oral cavity to avoid any visible facial scars after surgery.

Cheekbone Reduction: $ 6,850

Cheekbone reduction operation will create a natural, smooth face contour, making the face more feminine and softening the facial features, as well as visually reducing it.

During the operation, an incision is made in the upper part of the mouth (~ 4 cm) above the gum line. Incisions are made in the front and back of the cheekbone. To reduce the size of the cheeks, the cheekbone is moved inside the face. To prevent any movement, the position of the bone is fixed tightly with titanium plates. You can also use soluble materials that will be invisible to X-rays.

Maxillary and mandibular osteotomy: $ 17,800

Jaw surgery involves moving the upper and lower jaw, including the teeth, to create a beautifully balanced facial line.To fix the bone fragments during the operation, titanium miniplates and screws or Swiss-made bioresorbable fixators are used, which dissolve one year after the operation. Before the operation, it is necessary to correct the occlusion in dentistry, this treatment may take one year.

Chin augmentation with implant: $ 3,400

V-line chin (chin reduction): $ 10,500


Cost of breast plastic surgery in South Korea

There are various options for the formation of the stock for the installation of implants:

  • under the tissue of the gland itself – subglandular
  • between the muscle fascia and the muscle itself – subfascial
  • under the pectoralis major muscle – submuscular
  • partly under the mammary gland and partly under the muscle – combined

Taking into account your wishes, during the consultation, the doctor will decide on the placement of implants, their type and size, will introduce you to all methods and expected results.

Breast augmentation (textured round implant POLYTECH – Germany): $ 8,900

German Polytech implants with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer are considered one of the safest.

Breast augmentation (anatomical implant): $ 12,300

Teardrop-shaped implants are ideal for everyone, as they are textured (rough), reduce the risk of capsular contracture and look natural. Implant texturing also helps to fix the position of the implant.Drop-shaped implants are considered one of the best and safest implants with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer (Polytech, Germany).

Breast Augmentation (Microthane Anatomical Implant): $ 16,400

POLYTECH Microthane implants are the best material for soft tissue replacement, even for those with breast cancer. They have optimal physical properties and meet all the requirements of modern plastic surgery. POLYTECH Microthane micropolyurethane breast implants are designed to minimize the formation of contracture tissue around the implant (less than 1%).Polytech Silimed is the only manufacturer of such products in the world today.

Breast augmentation (Motiva round implants): $ 12,400

A special feature of Motiva implants is their shape. Motiva uses round ergonomic implants that change their shape after insertion depending on the position of the body. As with the natural breast, in the supine position, the highest point will be in the center, in the standing position, this point will move lower.Implants marked Q Inside are automatically covered by a 5-year warranty for all complications, including capsule formation (3rd and 4th grade on the Baker scale). The materials used by Motiva in the production of implants are approved by the trade unions of all countries of Europe and America (FDA).

Areola reduction: $ 3,200

Excess tissue is removed and the areola is formed into a new ideal shape. Due to the fact that the skin of the areola is initially uneven, the scar will be almost invisible.

Breast lift: $ 7800

Breast reduction: $ 13,650

Nipple Reduction: $ 2,750


Cost of liposuction in South Korea

Liposuction of the abdomen and sides: $ 6,500 – $ 10,000

Liposuction of thighs: $ 6,500

Lateral liposuction: $ 4,000

Lipofilling of knees: $ 8,750

Abdominoplasty: $ 10,500 – $ 13,100


Intimate plastic in South Korea

Laser Vaginoplasty: $ 6,000

Laser Vaginal Tightening (LVT) is a new non-invasive method for the treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome, which, along with the intimate fingering procedure, is an effective means of combating female sexual dysfunction.Like most operations and procedures performed using special medical laser equipment, vaginal rejuvenation is a minimally invasive and fairly comfortable procedure for the patient. Under the influence of a laser in the cells of the skin and mucous membranes, the synthesis of natural collagen is normalized, tissue regeneration, which ultimately provides:

  • vaginal wall seal,
  • elimination of folding of the mucous membrane,
  • natural muscle tightening.

As a result of the procedure, there is a decrease in the volume of the vagina, an increase in muscle tone and an improvement in the blood supply to the intimate area, due to which the quality of sexual life becomes much higher, the previous sensitivity returns, and even its strengthening. The procedure is equally effective in the treatment and prevention of urinary incontinence in women.

G-point increase: $ 1,400

The G-spot, like the clitoris, is responsible for sexual sensations in women.It is located on the inner wall of the vagina, about the size of a pea. With active stimulation, the G-point increases and a woman can get a jet orgasm through the paraurethral glands present here. Only 30-40% of women can experience this orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction in men, as well as the development of frigidity in women, occurs due to imbalance in hormones or aging. However, in women, one of the reasons may be the weak development of the G-spot. Thanks to the procedure for increasing the volume of the G-spot, it is possible to increase the degree of sensitivity of a woman and restore the intimate sphere between a man and a woman.The location of the G-spot is different for each woman, so an individual approach to each patient is required.

Labioplasty: $ 4,100

In labiaplasty, the surgeon can perform a V-shaped excision of a part of the labia minora or correction of their shape along the edge. If you need to enlarge the labia minora, special biopolymer gels can be applied.

Vaginal Contour Filler: $ 6,850

Surgical vaginal tightening: $ 5,450

90,000 Facial skin surgery in South Korea ✔️ Prices of clinics, ratings, reviews ✔️ Bookinghealth

Facelift (facelift) is one of the most popular procedures in South Korea, which helps to improve the appearance and correct facial defects in a short time.Since the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery in Korea is at a high level, there are more and more people who want to go to this country for plastic surgery.

Methods of facelift in South Korea

A facelift is an operation during which the forehead, eyelids, chin and facial contours are corrected. After this procedure, patients are visually rejuvenated for 10-15 years. There are many effective face lifting techniques practiced by plastic surgeons in Korea:

  • Thread lifting is a gentle and minimally invasive operation that involves inserting threads into the skin to fix tissues in the “correct” position.The threads remain in the skin for some time, which allows the tissues to “remember” their position. Carrying out such a procedure is advisable for minor defects, since it is not able to solve deep age-related problems.
  • Endoscopic (closed lifting) is a deep facelift technique that involves tightening soft tissues and skin through a miniature incision. During the operation, microsurgical instruments and a special endoscope are used, and its implementation is monitored using computer imaging.The technology is able to cope with deep forehead wrinkles, sagging cheeks, drooping nasolabial folds and corners of the lips.
  • MACS-lifting or facelift with a short scar is one of the most effective and modern technologies of surgical facelift. The essence of the technology lies in the vertical tightening of tissues by installing permanent or slowly absorbable threads through an incision from the earlobe to the temple. This type of lifting is suitable for patients aged 40 to 60 years, as it allows you to correct the decrease in skin tone of the skin of the face and cheeks, folds around the mouth and eyelids, as well as to tighten the neck.
  • SMAS-lifting – hardware facelift using ultrasonic pulses that affect the muscle corset and deep tissues of the face. SMAS lifting allows you to correct any unwanted defects. The procedure is practically painless and leaves no scarring, since it is performed without surgery. The technique is considered one of the safest in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Consultation with a plastic surgeon before facelift

Before choosing a facelift method, Korean plastic surgeons conduct a comprehensive examination.As a rule, it consists of the following stages:

  • Initial consultation with a plastic surgeon – the doctor listens to the patient’s wishes, suggests possible options and prescribes further clinical examinations.
  • Laboratory research – includes general, biochemical, allergological, microbiological and immunological analyzes. On their basis, the specialist determines the possibility of a facelift.
  • Hardware diagnostics – assessment of the state of the cardiovascular system, vessels of the lower extremities, identification of chronic pathologies.Studies are carried out using X-ray, ultrasound and tomographic methods. On their basis, an accurate plan of the procedure is drawn up.
  • Consultation with related specialists to exclude contraindications and a more accurate assessment of the patient’s health.

The rehabilitation period after a facelift in Turkey

You can see the first results in 1-2 months, depending on the chosen method of the facelift. It is during this time that postoperative edema completely disappears and facial tissues are restored.All this time, patients must follow the doctor’s recommendations, which include:

  • Supervision of specialists – in the first few days, patients are closely monitored by medical personnel, assessing the dynamics of tissue restoration.
  • Prevention of complications – the patient should wear a fixing bandage, undergo antibiotic therapy.
  • Lifestyle correction – the patient needs to exclude unfavorable factors in the form of a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, bad habits and stress.

The best clinics in South Korea

All methods of face plastic are available in clinics in South Korea. All plastic surgery operations here are carried out with strict adherence to the rules and standards of Korean medicine. The clinics are equipped with the best medical equipment and are constantly introducing new technologies.

You can get a facelift in the following medical institutions:

  • Medical Center of Hanyang University Seoul
  • Samsung Medical Center Seoul
  • Asan Medical Center Seoul

How to get a facelift in Korea?

Anyone can take a consultation with a plastic surgeon and a facelift procedure in clinics in South Korea, using the services of Booking Health, the official organizer of medical tourism and a partner of the best Korean medical centers.

Booking Health services include:

  • Individual selection of the diagnostic program and plastic method
  • Consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • Appointment for convenient dates for the patient
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and insurance
  • Ensuring the most favorable cost of medical services ( discount up to 50%), no price increase for foreign patients
  • Purchase and shipping of medicines
  • Comprehensive support at all stages of stay in Korea
  • Cost control and return of the remaining budget
  • Keeping in touch with the medical center after returning home
  • Reservation air tickets and hotel rooms
  • Consulting on all issues

To find out how much a facelift costs in South Korea, leave a request on the bookinghealth

Plastic Surgery clinics in Seoul, South Korea • prices and reviews

How much does plastic surgery cost in Seoul?

At WhatClinic, we will help you find the plastic surgery clinic in Seoul that is best suited to your name.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, a cultural city full of diversity and a dizzying array of planned cosmetic surgery clinics. Seoul is a city that attracts many patients looking for plastic surgery procedures, attracted by very competitive prices and some of the most high-class surgeons and doctors in the world.

Indeed, South Korea is one of the “hot spots” in the world of medical tourism, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. In South Korea, the most common surgical procedure is eyelid surgery, followed by rhinoplasty. Breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck and facelift are also performed routinely in Seoul clinics.

With so many clinics and prices much lower than at home, it’s hard to know where to go! We made it easy to compare prices and read past patient verified reviews of 8 plastic surgery clinics in Seoul.

Clinics in Seoul are well accustomed to overseas patients and the added difficulty of treating overseas patients. These complexities include: language barriers, problems with follow-up, inquiries to health insurance companies, travel hassle and visa applications. You should consider all of these issues in advance before settling on the ultimate clinic in Seoul.

Most of the clinics listed on our website will have English speaking staff.You can check their accreditation and staff profiles on WhatClinic listings. Check the Patient Service Score and read the most recent patient reviews during your re search. All of these things can help you find the right clinic for you in Seoul.

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Seoul: We have all the information you need about the public and private sector. Plastic surgeon in Seoul: compare all clinics and contact the most suitable one for you.

Request a Quote and Get a Quote Immediately ★ Choose the best option for you: 8 Plastic Surgery Clinics in Seoul with 51 verified patient reviews.

Plastic surgery in South Korea, clinic prices, reviews

The skill of Korean plastic surgeons is based on the extensive experience of doctors and modern technologies for improving appearance. South Korea accounts for 24% of all plastic surgeries in the world. Plastic surgery is very popular among Seoul residents who treat changing their appearance the way we treat renovating our own apartment.South Korea (according to various foreign sources) has the highest quality plastic surgery. It has been estimated that a third of women in Seoul have had their appearance corrected. In Asia, the demand for the creation of ideal aesthetic body proportions is constantly growing, so all modern Korean clinics offer a variety of services in the beauty industry. Every tenth of our compatriots comes to Korea to improve their attractiveness. Changing the contour of the face, eyelids and cheeks, smoothing the chin, reshaping the nose and returning the body to the desired proportions, all this in South Korea can be done several times cheaper than in Europe.But the main advantage of plastic surgery in Korea is a natural appearance after plastic surgery, which allows you to get rid of the inevitable age-related changes.

Plastic surgeries in South Korea

To achieve the best aesthetic results, computer modeling of the future appearance is carried out in South Korea, using an ultra-modern digital system for obtaining images of all structures: bone tissue, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.The 3D modeling system helps plastic surgeons choose the best surgery method.

Popular surgeries to reshape the body

  • Brachioplasty is a plastic surgery of the arms from the armpit to the elbow. During the operation, excess skin and fatty tissue from the hands is removed.
  • Liposuction is the removal of adipose tissue from various parts of the body using modern techniques with minimal intervention. The result is more graceful shapes with smoother contours.
  • Breast augmentation (mammoplasty a) – performed with the installation of modern implants. For mammoplasty in South Korea, a fat graft can be used, in addition to changing the size of the breast, a lifting (breast lift) can be performed.
  • Tummy tuck ( abdominoplasty) – involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen, Abdominoplasty is usually done in patients with significant sagging of the abdominal tissues after pregnancy, as a result of age-related changes, or after significant weight loss …

Body contouring as a result of several plastic surgeries (before and after plastic surgery in Korea).

Facial plastic surgery

Double blepharoplasty (plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids) is the most popular procedure in South Korea. Blepharoplasty involves the removal of excess eyelid tissue, which makes the look more expressive and the face is significantly younger. In Korea, complex chin reshaping surgeries are performed to balance all facial features.Simpler operations can change the shape of the forehead, and with rhinoplasty, the correct proportions of the nose in relation to all facial features are achieved. Along with changing the shape of the nose, it is also possible to correct the disturbed breathing caused by structural defects. An important feature of plastic surgery in South Korea is the possibility of simultaneous complex face correction. In Korea, surgical and non-surgical methods for reshaping the face are offered through a variety of procedures such as: brow lift, facelift, implants and autologous adipose tissue, and stem cell injections.

Before and after facial plastic surgery in South Korea.

Prices for plastic surgery in South Korea

The cost of the operation depends on the chosen clinic.

  • Blepharoplasty (upper or lower eyelids) – $ 1200 – 2000;
  • Blepharoplasty (double, upper and lower eyelids) – $ 2000-3000;
  • Face and neck liposuction – $ 2000 – 3000;
  • Liposuction of the abdomen (lower part) – $ 1500-2000;
  • Liposuction of the abdomen (upper and lower abdomen) – from $ 3000;
  • Thigh liposuction (internal) – $ 2000 (external) – $ 1500;
  • Rhinoplasty with silicone implant – from $ 1500;
  • Complicated rhinoplasty (reduction and reshaping of the nose) – $ 3000-4000;
  • Facelift – from $ 4000;
  • Breast augmentation, breast lift – from $ 6000;
  • Breast reduction – from $ 8000.

Why do we recommend South Korea?

  • South Korea is the world leader in the number of plastic surgeries performed;
  • the best reviews from patients who underwent plastic surgery in Korea;
  • lower cost in comparison with European clinics;
  • extensive experience of plastic surgeons;
  • modern technologies and high level of service;
  • South Korea does not need a visa.

South Korea: tainted by beauty – BBC News Russian Service

  • Stephen Evans
  • BBC, Seoul

Photo author, AFP

Photo caption,

Plastic surgery advertisement occurs in South Korea at every turn

In Seoul, there is nowhere to hide from advertisements calling to improve a particular body part with a scalpel.In the affluent Gangnam district, almost every wall is adorned with an arrow pointing to the nearest cosmetic surgery room.

Wherever you are – whether in the subway or on the street – you will definitely be struck by a poster calling to “breathe life into your face.” The assortment includes “face contouring”, “breast correction”, “blepharoplasty” (for the uninitiated – changing the shape of the eyelids) and “abdominoplasty” for a slender figure. Men are advised to “reduce the squareness of the jaw,” and women are advised to tighten sagging cheeks.

One friend of mine constantly complains that her chin starts to hurt badly every time it rains. It turned out that she turned to a plastic surgeon intending to change the shape of her nose. However, either the surgeon convinced her, or she convinced herself that in fact all her problems stem from the irregular shape of the chin. Result? Perfectly shaped chin, which at the same time became very painful. Despite this, she intends to enlarge her breasts in the near future.

Photo author, AFP

Photo caption,

Eye reshaping surgery is one of the most popular in South Korea

South Korean parents donate money to their teenage daughters for an operation called “double eye surgery”. The eyes become more pronounced, that is, to face it, pardon the pun, “less Asian.” I honestly can’t understand why. After all, Korean women by nature have very beautiful eyes.

But advertisements are alien to doubts: “Confidence in your appearance will bring positive energy into your life, which can become the basis of happiness!” How easy, it turns out, to find happiness – under the surgeon’s knife.

“Ghost surgeons” and therapists with a scalpel

Although, of course, there is no smell of happiness here. The widespread obsession with redesigning one’s own appearance has led to a huge number of court cases in which patients, or victims, sue the doctors who transformed their faces … with extremely dubious results. As one such “victim of beauty” said when she saw her postoperative face in the mirror: “This is not a human face! It is more disgusting than the faces of monsters and aliens.”

Photo by Reuters


Kim Bok Sun was persuaded to spend more than $ 20,000 on 15 plastic surgeries at the clinic.

Part of the problem is the incredible profitability of plastic surgery. The income from beauty is so high that doctors of completely different qualifications took up scalpels, trained to treat stomach ulcers or pneumonia, but having only a vague idea of ​​how to improve human appearance.

Moreover, rumors of “ghost surgeons” are circulating in Seoul.In one lawsuit, a case is being dealt with when the doctor gave the patient anesthesia, after which he safely left the operating room, and instead of him someone else took up the knife, who, judging by the results, could well have been a professional butcher.

But that’s not all: the judges are faced with a problem when traditional advertising photographs “before” and “after” are themselves the product of a surgical intervention called “Photoshop”.

The Korean Plastic Surgeons Association has called for stricter rules governing the professional practice of both doctors and advertising agencies.Its members fear that such stories could irrevocably damage their reputation, although most of them are quite conscientious and qualified professionals.

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The Association of Plastic Surgeons of South Korea is trying to enforce strict regulations on the industry

But the poor have to confront the vastly superior forces of the enemy. Plastic surgery has become incredibly profitable, even at lower prices than in Europe and the United States.One of the largest clinics in Gangnam-gu promises to “correct the eyes” for 1.7 million Korean won. This is about 1.5 thousand dollars for a simple 30-minute operation. The price rises to $ 11,000 for a surgical facelift.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

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The Korean Consumer Research Agency (KCA) surveyed 1,000 plastic surgeon patients. Of these:

  • 70% answered that they had plastic surgery to improve their appearance.14.5% believe that the result improved their prospects for getting a promotion or moving to a more prestigious job.
  • The most popular operation was “double eye surgery”. It was done by 67.8% of the respondents. 91,089
  • 32.3% of the respondents stated that they were not satisfied with the results of the operation.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Korea Times

Tourism from Beauty

Cosmetic surgery increasingly requires translation services.Just across the Korean border, there is a huge market with a similar vision of beauty: China. The authoritative Korean newspaper Chunang Ilbo, for example, claims that two-thirds of foreigners who come to the country for beauty come from China. Last year there were more than 16 thousand of them.

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A patient from China discusses an operation to narrow her face in a Seoul clinic

Korean media claim that some operations were so successful (or so radical) that border guards did not allow the updated Chinese citizens back to homeland, their appearance was so different from the passport photo.

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