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We are the largest Manufacturers of A4 Copy Papers in Thailand, Copy Paper, A4 Print Paper, Double A4 Paper, A4 Copy Paper, A4 Papers, A4 Paper Wrapping Machine, Paper A4, A4 Paper Sheeter. We are professional suppliers of copy papers, a4 paper.

Started  as a small paper mill, now we run operations across Thailand right across the world with an annual combined pulp, paper, packaging product and converting capacity of over 19 million tons per annum. Today, We are suppliers of copier paper in world markets, our products are found in more than 120 countries across six continents Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia.

We Manufacture Multipurpose Paper of the following specification.
Gramage: 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm
Quality: Imported 100% Natural Wood Pulp
Brightness = 102-104%,Natural White
Capability: High Speed Copying100ppm, Laser
Capable,Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
Thickness: 103-110 um
Surface roughness TS ml/min: 75-175
Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200
Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn
Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn
CIE whiteness: 148-152 or 152-165
Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33
Two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity.
Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
Moist protected wrapper

International standard
A4: 210 x 297mm
A3: 420x 297mm
8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm)
8.5 x 14-inch (216 x 330mm)

Key Performance:
No jam in photocopy machine
No double feed
Stay flat after copying
Leave no dust in the copy-machine
Nice appearance-white and clean
Nice touch-smooth and bulky
No see through-print both sides
Been developed for : Photocopy Macchines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines
Features and Benefits:
Perfect for high-quality printing and copying
Super high whiteness produces outstanding clarity and contrast for all graphics and text
Precision-cut edges for trouble-free performance
User-friendly box design with built-in handle for easy carrying, tear slot perforation for easy access to the reams and label for filing
Outstanding Packaging
Standout / premium.
Special protective / moisture – proof wrapper.
Economic box


Hot Sale Cheap Price thailand A4 Copy Paper 80gsm from Thailand Manufacturer, Manufactory, Factory and Supplier on

Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Place of Origin: Thailand
Packaging Details: s: 5reams/cartons,1600cartons/20’FCL

Quick Details

  • Type: Copy Paper
  • Model Number: A4 PAPER
  • Brand Name: high quality a4 copy paper
  • Color: White


     Our products and services include inkjet and laser A4 Copy Papers (210 x 297mm),  A3 Copy Paper: (420x 297mm), Multipurpose Paper Letter Size: 8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm), Multi-purpose Copier Paper Legal Size: 8.5 x 14-inch (216 x 330mm). Copy paper printing paper office paper copy paper and A4 copy paper 80gsm. We offer cheap a4 copy paper prices to make it affordable for our a4 copy paper wholesalers to purchase larges quantity in cheap prices. A4 Copier paper suppliers in Thailand see our company as the founder of excellent papers for office use. 

We are the largest A4 Copy Paper Manufacturers in Thailand. We Manufacture A4 210mm x 297mm, A3, Letter & Legal Sizes 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm, made from 100% wood pulp copy papers from Thailand.
We are one of the major suppliers of a4 copier papers from Thailand.
-A4 Copy Paper: 210mm x 297mm, International Size.
-A3 Copy Paper: (420x 297mm), 
-Multipurpose Paper Letter Size: 8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm), 
-Multi-purpose Paper Legal Size: 8.5 x 14-inch (216 x 330mm).
Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
Whiteness = 102-104%,Natural White
Moisture: 5% 
Opacity: 95%
Capability: High Speed Copying100ppm, Laser
Capable,Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
Thickness: 103-110 um
Surface roughness TS ml/min: 75-175
Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200
Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn
Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn
CIE whiteness: 148 -167
Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33

Key Performance:
-No jam in photocopy machine
-No double feed
-Stay flat after copying
-Leave no dust in the copy-machine

-Nice appearance-white and clean
-Nice touch-smooth and bulky
-No see through-print both sides
-Been developed for : Photocopy Macchines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines

Suitable for :
1. Photocopy.
2. Laser Printing.
3. Inkjet Printing.

And in one 20FCL they will be packed.
500 Sheets per Ream
5 Reams per Box
1560 Boxes per 20ft container With Pallets
1600 Boxes Per 20ft container Without Pallet
7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL With Pallets
8000 Reams Total in one 20FCL Without Pallet
Please provide contact details such as email, mobile phone, whatsapp, LINE, Viber, IMO, SKYPE etc. for directly communication with the customer service.

We shall be looking forward to welcome your inquiries.
Thank you.

A4 Paper Reams for sale

A Buying Guide for A4 Paper Reams

Buying A4 paper reams seems like one of the easiest things that you can do, but the truth is that there is a lot to consider when it comes to paper. From weight to brightness, there are many factors that can help you choose the right paper for any need. Youll find nearly every type of A4 paper reams stock at eBay at a price that will suit your budget, so read on to learn more about these products.

How do you determine the right paper weight?

A4 paper comes in various weights that determine its thickness and density. Measured as grams per square metre or GSM, this refers to how heavy a single sheet would be if it were one square metre. Multipurpose A4 paper starts at around 80GSM and goes up to around 100GMS. Resume and other formal papers are often around 110GSM to 120GSM.

Card stock and other thick stocks are typically around 160GSM to 200GSM. Thin stock, such as archival and newspaper, is usually around 50GSM. The right weight mostly depends on how thick you need the paper to be, so be sure to consider its purpose before making a purchase.

How do you choose the right A4 paper ream brightness?

When choosing between A4 paper reams, youll often see a measurement for paper brightness. That shows how much light shines back whenever light shines on the paper. A value of 100 means that equal light shines back while anything over 100 means the paper reflects more light than the original light source. While 100 is the standard, anything over 100 is good if you want the paper to look shiny. Anything under 100 is good if you want matte paper.

What are some different types of A4 paper reams?

Paper stock refers to what type of paper you choose and for what you can use it. Here are some of the most common stocks and how to use them:

  • Multipurpose: This paper stock is thick enough to be used for formal communication but thin enough to go through standard copiers and printers. As the name suggests, this paper can be used for many different purposes.
  • Card stock: This one is a thicker type of paper that can be cut into cards or used for thick flyers or brochures. It comes in a variety of colours.
  • Resume: This type of paper often made with a woven texture, is good for resumes or official communication.
  • Colour: This paper feels similar to multipurpose, but the difference is it comes in bright colours. Its good for flyers or letters that you want people to notice.

Best Paper One Price in Malaysia

PaperOne – Top Paper Products in Malaysia

PaperOne paper is a premium quality paper brand designed for the most demanding high-speed printing and copying tasks. It was launched by APRIL Group on 6 May 1998. PaperOne (aka Paper One) is sold in more than 70 countries including Malaysia and continuously delivers consistent professional printing quality with minimal environmental impact. With its superior opacity, PaperOne features both multi-directional and dual-sided printability.

Office Paper

PaperOne premium quality office paper offers a variety of solutions for difficult printing and copying activities. Expect exceptional opacity as well as flexible multi-directional and dual-sided printability. Their A4 paper is available in a variety of professional cut-sizes, rolls, and folio sheets.

PaperOne All Purpose Paper

PaperOne All Purpose is a high-quality home and office A4 paper that is compatible with all printing and copying machines that’s perfect for modern home and office equipment. It is a versatile paper that can be switched from one machine to another while maintaining excellent print quality. It has extremely high whiteness and thickness, resulting in world-class documents with sharp and transparent prints.

The PaperOne A4 paper is designed to work in a variety of inkjet and xerographic printers. Presentations, newsletters, plan copies, graphics, memos, surveys, resumes, and letters are several examples of applications. It is available in two sizes which are A4 and A3 and comes with 500 sheets of paper in each package.

PaperOne Copier Paper

PaperOne Copier is designed for laser printers and high-volume copiers, and it provides consistent smoothness and accuracy to ensure that each print is of high quality and free of production issues. Even the most discerning users can find the graphics and text to be sharp and easy to read. PaperOne Copier paper, with ProDigi HD Print Technology, also helps conserve printer drums by causing less surface abrasion than normal paper.

PaperOne Copier is designed to work with a wide range of equipment and employs pigmented inkjet colour printing, xerographic laser monochrome, and colour printing principles. It is also available in two sizes, which are A4 and A3 and it also comes with 500 sheets of paper in every package.

Digital Paper

ProDigi HD Print Technology is used to improve digital paper products, which offers superior quality on modern high-speed digital printing machines. One of the products under Digital Paper is PaperOne Inkjet.

PaperOne Inkjet is designed for high-speed continuous feed (web) and sheet inkjet printers. Its surface has been handled with APRIL Group’s ProDigiTM HD Print Technology, which gives it distinct density, colour, and sharpness advantages. It was made for Inkjet Printing with high performance and optimised for everyday use on an inkjet printer.

PaperOne Inkjet is a high-bright white shade paper made from 100 per cent ECF pulp derived from PEFC-certified green plantation fibre. This paper is alkaline-sized and meets ISO 9706 archival standards. It is also compatible with multiple finishes and suitable for glueing, spiral binding, limp binding, saddle stitching, perfect binding, cutting, and folding finishing.

A4 Paper Price in Pakistan 2021

A4 Paper Overview


A4 paper has become a necessity in our everyday lives. From printing pages to photocopies, from writing a report or making assignments, mostly all these activities involve A4 sized paper consumption.

Many companies such as Double-A and HP produce A4 sized paper in Pakistan on a day to day basis.

Usage of A4 Paper:

  • Assignments such as articles and questions and answers of subjects like mechanics.
  • Letters such as the letters of information, inquiry, and complaint.
  • Memos.
  • Reports such as feasibility and lab reports.
  • Examinations such as school tests and exams.
  • Photocopies of documents such as results and ID cards.
  • Artwork such as illustrations and painting.
  • Poetry such as Poems.
  • Creative and narrative writings such as narratives and novels of fiction.
  • Self-help works and books.
  • Memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies.
  • Schematics, blueprints, and sketches of engineers and other technical experts.
  • Origami, a paper-folding art that originated from Japan.
  • Handmade birthday, Welcome and Farewell cards.

Advantages of A4 paper in Pakistan:

  • As A4 paper is in high demand around the world, including Pakistan and as A4 sized papers are widely used around the world, most Pakistanis will use only to use A4 paper.
  • A4 paper producing companies such as HP and Copymate produce high-quality paper that is smooth and easy to use. This might attract more Pakistani customers.
  • A4 paper is cheap and affordable and thus most Pakistanis might not have any issues when buying them.
  • A4 paper is also easily accessible in Pakistan. This means almost all Pakistanis have easy access to them.
  • People learning to sketch, produce artwork such as painting, sketches or perform origami might start from small scale paper, which is mainly A4 paper. Thus, the paper might be in high demand in Pakistan.

Disadvantages of A4 paper in Pakistan:

  • Many companies have started to conduct their business activities online meaning they might not have any use of A4 sized paper and thus this might reduce the demand for A4 paper and thus lead to their reduced production.
  • Artists and architects might prefer papers of different sizes such as A0 and A1 for their artwork, sketches, and schematics. This might reduce the need for A4 sized paper in the country and reduce its production.

Wholesale 80GSM Thin A4 Copy Paper High Quality with Cheap Price by JN Company Co., LTD | ID

Wholesale 80GSM Thin A4 Copy Paper High Quality with Cheap Price (A4 Paper)

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 20 Box
  • Size 210x297mm, 8.5x11inch, 8.5x14inch
  • Type A4 Photocopy Paper
  • Shelf Life 2years
  • Color White
  • Pulp Material Virgin Wood Pulp
  • Brightness 102-104%
  • Feature Durable Finish, High Speed Copying, Reasonable Cost
  • GSM 70-80
  • Brand Name OEM Buyer’s Brand
  • Material 100% Wood Pul A4 Copy Paper
  • Application Printing,Photocopy,typing,
  • Feature Earth-friendly Products, 100% pulp wood
  • Condition New
  • Coating UNCOATED
  • Usage Printing,Photocopy,typing,
  • Product Copy Paper
  • Name A4 Paper

item copy paper material 100% virgin wood pulp size a4, a3, 8.5×11, 8.5×14 base weight 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm whiteness 102%-104% 110% packing 500 sheets per ream, 5 reams per carton(box) load.. .

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Packaging Details : 500 Sheets per Ream 5 Reams per Box 1560 Boxes per 20ft container (With Pallet) 1600 Boxes Per 20ft container (Without Pallet) 7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL (With Pallet) 8000 Reams Total in one 20FCL (Without Pallet)

Delivery Time : 10-20 days after order confirmed


1. The Customer shall ensure that they do not accept the delivery of any product whose original packaging is damaged or tampered with in any manner.

2. Products purchased by a customer can be returned/replaced by Office Everything within 7 days of the delivery date by placing a “Return Order” or “Replacement Order” request to the Customer Care Centre on 07009009000, 07041118888 or by sending an email at [email protected] if customer finds that the product delivered is damaged and/or defective and/or is different from the product that was ordered or is expired or does not meet the specification listed on the website. Returns or Replacement will be entertained only once for each order. If the item came with a free promotional item, then the promotional item must also be returned.

3. In case of return or replacement of any product, then Office Everything will arrange pick up of such products. The customer will assist to return the product completely in the same condition as it was received along with all accessories/booklets/freebies etc. There should be no signs of external damage on the packaging, including the original carton. The customer will be provided with an acknowledgement of return on the return of the product and the said acknowledgement should be produced or quoted in all future communications with Office Everything, in this regard. If the returns are in an area, which is not serviced by us directly, we shall use our logistics partner to retrieve the product. Any shipment cost will be reimbursed to customer

4. Any replacement/exchange shall be processed only where the product is available and in all other cases, the customer will be provided with a voucher valid for one year including shipping charges if any, paid by the customer in relation to such product. This voucher can only be used on platform.

5. Office Everything will make reasonable endeavor that any eligible refund is initiated within 15 days of receipt of returned products. If the customer requires the refund in any other method, please indicate it on the return form including your bank details and contact number.

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Returns and Replacements

We want you to be completely happy with your Office Everything order. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly accept your timely return of unworn, unwashed, or defective merchandise. Used merchandise cannot be returned unless defective. Returned merchandise should include the vendor packaging and tags and be in the same condition as when it was received. A pickup and/or restock fee may apply. Merchandise must be returned within 10 days of receipt of merchandise.

Returning Gifts

When returning a gift, a Office Everything Gift Card will be issued to the gift recipient for the amount of the returned merchandise.

Returning Merchandise by Mail

On the back of the packing slip enclosed with your Office Everything order, please note the reason(s) for return and whether you wish to exchange the item(s) or receive a credit/refund (depending on the original form of payment).

Enclose the return section of the packing slip with your item(s). Please use one of the return labels provided on the front of your packing slip to ensure proper return address and credit information. Restricted items must be returned using ground transportation.

90,000 A4 paper manufacturers from Russia

Products of the largest A4 paper mills: price comparison, preferred export countries.

  1. where A4 paper is produced
  2. ⚓ Delivery to port (CIF / FOB)
  3. A4 paper price 11/30/2021
  4. 🇬🇧 Supplier’s format paper a4 Russia

Countries where deliveries were made from Russia 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

  • 🇺🇦 UKRAINE (1260)
  • 🇰🇿 KAZAKHSTAN (715)
  • 🇺🇿 UZBEKISTAN (494)
  • 🇩🇪 GERMANY (271)
  • 🇹🇷 TURKEY (251)
  • 🇦🇿 AZERBAIJAN (234)
  • 🇱🇹 LITHUANIA (205)
  • 🇧🇾 BELARUS (187)
  • 🇮🇹 ITALY (184)
  • 🇪🇬 EGYPT (164)
  • 🇰🇬 KYRGYZIA (150)
  • 🇷🇴 ROMANIA (143)
  • 🇵🇱 POLAND (140)

Choose A4 paper: check availability, prices and buy online

The largest exporters from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, official contacts of the companies.Through our website, you can send a request to all representatives at once, if you want to buy A4 paper.
🔥 Attention: the site contains all the largest Russian manufacturers of A4 paper, mainly in Russia. Due to the low cost price, the prices are lower than in the world market

Supply of A4 paper in bulk directly from the manufacturer (Russia)

Largest A4 paper mills

Plants for the production or production of A4 paper are located in the central part of Russia.We have prepared for you a list of factories from Russia, so that you can work directly and easily buy a4 paper in bulk

Other uncoated paper

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Exporters Kraft paper electrical insulating unbleached

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Paper and board manufacturer

Suppliers Kraft Paper Bag Unbleached

Major manufacturers Paper and paperboard weighing mg or more

Exporters Paper and cardboard in sheets with a mass of m2 over g

Manufacturing companies ledgers and books of forms

Production of Postage stamps or state duty stamps


Picture books



Toilet paper with a specific gravity of each layer, g / sqm or less

Rough paper for recording devices

Filter paper and paperboard

paper and cardboard weighing m Kw from to g

Paper and board

Other paper – Wallpaper base

Paper and cardboard in rolls with a mass of m2 more than g

creped paper or web of cellulose fibers with a specific gravity of m2 of each layer not exceeding g / m2

Greaseproof paper

base paper and cardboard base for roofing cardboard with a mass of mg or less


A4 office paper, printer paper in Togliatti and Samara

A4 office paper for office equipment

A4 paper in Togliatti, Syzran and Samara is most in demand and firmly occupies up to 80% of the cut paper market.The most popular were and remain A4 paper SvetoCopy and Snegurochka. Even the appearance on the market of new brands of office paper at a more attractive price does not affect the “old-timer” in any way. The explanation is simple – a significant period of presence on the market, good and stable quality, a developed network of regional representatives, guaranteed supplies ensure a constant demand for this paper.

SvetoCopy paper

Paper Snow Maiden

Xerox Paper

Communicator paper

The very phrase “A4 paper” has become a part of everyday office life, and when answering the question: “What kind of paper do you want?”, They often answer: “Bring A4 paper!”

The popularity of A4 office paper is primarily due to the optimal size for everyday work and the ability to use absolutely all types of office equipment. In addition, basically the systems for archiving and storing documents are made specifically for this format.

In addition to the well-known “Svetokopi” and “Snegurochka”, the domestic A4 paper Goznak is of good quality. It is inexpensive, but has the minimum required characteristics of grade C grade paper.

Goznak paper

Of the novelties of A4 paper, paper for office equipment Nota Office Paper A4 is also interesting.

This is a multifunctional white office paper class C +. Suitable for high-speed copying and black and white laser printing. Available in A4 and A3 formats, 500 sheets per pack. Paper for office equipment has high technical characteristics: brightness – 95% according to ISO, whiteness – 149% according to CIE, opacity – 92% and smoothness – 220 ml / min.Combined with low dustiness, these characteristics guarantee trouble-free operation of office equipment and optimal toner consumption.

This is one of the most economical C + class A4 office papers in Togliatti, since it organically combines characteristics such as price and quality. Often paper sellers ship it as grade B paper.

Need printer paper?

If you need paper for office equipment, printer paper – we recommend trying NOTA paper.

Characteristics of paper for office equipment Nota Office Paper A4:

Smoothness 220 ml / min. Thickness 105 microns
Density 80 g / m 2. Moisture 4.0-4.2%
Sheets in a bundle – 500 pcs. Box of 5 packs. Euro pallet – 240 packs.

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS FIN-000008, OHSAS 18001

Format paper A4 and A3. Produced in Finland, Stora Enso concern, Weitsiluoto factory.

Wholesale paper in Togliatti, Syzran and Samara is sold in the OfficeKom online store.

90,000 A4 paper. We choose so as to save in price, not quality.

Which paper is best for office use?

This question is asked by every office manager as well as the owner of the company. Every day, regardless of the size of offices and the volume of office work, companies use several packs of A4 paper to print various documents. That is why A4 paper is the most commonly used paper all over the world.Its consumption is simply enormous. Literally all documents and other important papers are printed on it.

That is why the choice of A4 paper should be taken very seriously before buying it. Depending on what budgets for office needs your company has, as well as on the volume of paper use, its choice will mainly depend.

Let’s look at the main characteristics that you should pay attention to besides the price when choosing A4 paper for use in offices and other organizations.

First of all, it will be the paper class. There are 3 grades of paper in total – a, b and c. Also, there are additional classes – a +, b +, c +. According to their characteristics, they differ slightly, but in price they may differ fundamentally. Therefore, we will consider their main differences.

The most expensive grade of paper is the A grade. This paper has a particularly smooth surface and high density. Due to these characteristics, as well as not very low porosity and roughness of the sheet, it is possible to print very high-quality images on it, both on inkjet and laser printers.It is pleasant to hold such a sheet of paper in your hands, you are not ashamed to print out important documents, contracts, presentations. It is perfect for double-sided printing, as the sheet does not show through and allows you to make high-quality images.

Grade B paper in its properties undoubtedly differs from paper of grade A. But it also has optimal porosity, smoothness and low roughness. It can also produce high-quality printing, including double-sided. At a price it will be lower than paper of class A, therefore, due to the combination of optimal price and quality, it is paper of class B that is the most highly consumed paper in offices.

Class C paper will have much more differences from class A and B paper. Class C paper is used by offices with a low budget for their own consumption. Grade C paper is not as smooth and is much lighter in weight. It can be very rough and yellow. But just like any other paper, its quality will depend on the manufacturer. Therefore, pay attention to everyone on the market, their offers.

It is not very well suited for duplex printing.Also, documents printed on paper of class C and C + are stored much less and may turn yellow over time. We do not advise you to make double-sided printing on class C paper, as it can show through, thereby greatly impairing the appearance of the document and its readability.

In order to optimize the cost of A4 office paper, we recommend that you purchase the bulk of B-class paper, part of C-class paper, and some A-class paper.

B-grade paper can be used for everyday printing, C-grade paper for document flow between departments, as well as for drafts and other needs of the company.

On A grade paper, you can print important documents, presentations and everything else that will go beyond your company and require the appropriate appearance and quality. Also, you can use A grade paper to print high-quality color images.

Even when choosing office paper, pay attention to the company that produces it. If environmental aspects are important to you, take a look at Navigator paper. It is produced from our own renewable forests, and no particularly harmful and polluting substances are used in the production.The same sustainability qualities can be found in paper produced by International Paper.

We hope this article will help you make the right and profitable choice of A4 paper for use in your office.

Pleasant, profitable and useful purchases!


LLC “SMARTON”, UNP: 190635842

Office paper weight for printer

The weight and cost of the paper play an important role.Svetocopy is quite heavy when it comes to weight. One pallet – more than 600 kg. If you plan to buy a large batch, you need to think about the issue of delivery, loading, and unloading in advance. The approximate weight of one box is 12 kg. Of course, women’s hands will take such a heaviness very hard. And if the company does not have an elevator, and it is required to enter the paper on the 3rd or 4th floor, a number of difficulties arise.

In modern times, all document flow is carried out on paper. Probably not soon something will change.Your best bet is to try to use paper sparingly. For example, if you need to perform double-sided printing, the savings in paper resources are very significant. It is quite possible to find a use for damaged copies for drafts.

Weight of A4 office paper

Designation Capacity Weight, kg Volume, m3
Sheet of A4 paper 1 sheet 0.005
Pack of A4 paper 500 sheets 2.5 0.00383
A4 paper box 5 packs 12.5 0.0191
A4 paper pallets 48 boxes 600 0.92

Knowing the basic parameters of office paper, we can calculate how much it will cost to transport paper through transport companies or when ordering a machine.

Delivery of paper through transport companies is carried out by delivery of paper to the transport in the city of the sender. Further, the packs are put on a pallet, and the places (boxes) are recalculated. The number of places must correspond to the number of boxes, otherwise the delivery will be more expensive, because if you put 48 packs on one pallet and set 1 place, then an additional coefficient will be imposed for overloading the place.

When ordering a machine, it is optimal to calculate the maximum amount of paper that can be placed in the transport.

Gazelle capacity:
  • 600-750 packs or 120-150 boxes of A4 C-class paper: 80g / m2.

Capacity of heavy trucks:

  • 5 tons : 2000 packs or 400 boxes of A4 C-class paper: 80g / m2.
  • 10 tons : 4000 packs or 800 boxes of A4 C-class paper: 80g / m2.

Now we know how to calculate the approximate transportation costs for long distance delivery. Each case with delivery is unique, because it is necessary to take into account how far the city is and how much paper needs to be delivered.

Delivery in the city of Yekaterinburg by our company is carried out free of charge, regardless of the amount of paper or the delivery area. Also, our company delivers paper to any transport company in Yekaterinburg at its own expense, then at the expense of the buyer.

To store paper, you should choose dry rooms where there will be room temperature. The paper will quickly absorb moisture and become wet as a result. After she was transported, it is necessary to adhere to the optimum temperature.

You must be careful as the edges of the sheet are very strong and there is a chance of cutting your hands. This applies to the moment when the sheet gets stuck inside the printer and they try to get it out using force. It is best to use quality and time-tested Svetocopy papers for modern printers.

For a more convenient calculation, we have created a special calculator for the weight and volume of paper for you, so that you can easily calculate the volume or weight based on the amount of paper.

Calculator for calculating the weight, volume and quantity of A4 paper

90,000 A4 office paper – News

Paper is the most consumed of all office supplies. It is the subject of the first demand for organizing the work of an enterprise or office, but it requires care, since the use of low-quality paper is associated with the risk of damage to office equipment.

The modern consumer makes high demands on the quality of office paper.The paper grades have gained popularity among consumers. To a large extent, this concerns the brands SVETO COPY and SNOWROCHKA. These brands have reached the level of de facto “popular” brands, since the price / quality ratio of these securities is close to optimal.

Paper “Snow Maiden”


Modern office paper produced by Mondi, which is perfect for monochrome laser and inkjet printers, copiers and facsimile machines.”Snegurochka” has a uniform structure of the paper web, and its whiteness, opacity and perfect accuracy of the format of each sheet ensures high-quality printing, excellent image reproduction and uninterrupted passage of paper through office equipment. The absence of dust and abrasive wear of parts of the copying equipment allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining your equipment. The quality characteristics of Snegurochka office paper meet all European standards.


SvetoCopy paper

SvetoCopy is manufactured by International Paper.Blueprint is an economical paper that provides excellent print quality on any copier and printers, no dust separation. High rigidity and ideal sheet geometry contribute to the smooth operation of all office equipment. Perfect for all copiers and laser printers.

Kym Lux Office Paper

Kym Lux paper is classified in quality category B.At the moment it is one of the most popular papers due to its excellent technical characteristics and low price. Excellent print quality on any copying equipment and printing devices. Excellent results when printing on laser printers. Has a high opacity and rigidity for two-sided copying. The use of paper Kym Lux is approved by the world’s leading manufacturers of office equipment. Packs and boxes are antistatic polyethylene moisture resistant packaging.

Office paper Ballet Classic

Ballet Classic – multifunctional office paper for creating various types of documents, quality category “B”. The paper is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. The production process uses the ISO 9000 program and uses raw materials without elemental chlorine.Ballet Classic has a whiteness of 153% CIE, which allows for high contrast images with excellent appearance of documents.

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