Presents for 16 year old boy uk: The 31 Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys in 2021


The 31 Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys in 2021

The best gifts for 16-year-old boys allow them to feel grown-up and yet remain kids. From driving games to electronics and useful gifts we did all the research to find the best high-quality items to impress even the pickiest boys. Do make sure to pick at least one item with an alarm clock feature as teen boys tend to hate waking up in the morning!

31 Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

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With Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model) your son can listen to his tunes anywhere he goes. These wireless headphones connect to his phone or other devices automatically. He can even access Siri to assist him with any task he needs like sending text messages or checking the weather. 

These intuitive headphones work with a few double taps or voice commands. Charging is a breeze in the included charging case in very little time. All these features and high-quality audio and voice so he can listen or talk for up to 18 hours or 24 hours of listening. 

XL Drawing Set 

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Moving past electronic gifts, teens may have an artistic bent too, which they can release with the XL Drawing Set. Whether he prefers to draw Manga, landscapes, or people this set provides all the tools necessary for his next masterpiece. All the pieces store in a sleek black case for easy travel too.

With high-quality graphite drawing pencils, paper, charcoal sticks, specialist pencil, sharpeners, erasers, a sandpaper block, blending stamp, pencil extender, and an art knife there is nothing your teen cannot learn to draw if he has the patience. The 34 piece quality drawing set works for amateurs and professionals alike and yet is still eco-friendly for eco-conscious parents or teens. 

Finally, gifts like this help teens to explore different avenues for potential careers and provide a valuable learning experience. Let your son’s imagination soar with the right tools for the right job or at least let him explore if drawing is an interest he has for personal growth.

Echo Show 5 Compact smart display with Alexa

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The Echo Show 5 works as an alarm clock, a mini-television, camera, video phone, voice-enabled assistant, and even a video monitor. With a compact 5.5 inch smart display your son can save time and forget less! As the screen comes Alexa enabled, he can ask her to remember dates, wake him up, help with homework and more. 

This device even allows your son to control the thermostat or check security cameras too. He can call friends with video to corroborate on school projects or just play video games together. Also, he can adjust the privacy and the clock face to match his style. 

Last of all, from tv to music, the mini-screen can entertain your son and allow him to multitask. It works dozens of apps from Apple or Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, Pandora, and so much more so he can access his tunes or listen to a new book. 

New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) 

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Keep track of your son with the New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm). While it may be called watch, it’s so much more. Use it to measure blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, exercise, and so much more. You can also choose to get cellular or just GPS. 

Active teens will love monitoring their workouts while also having their social media literally attached to them! They can share their activity with their friends too and compete too to keep their game up. Use the watch with Apple Fitness too for more 

They can have music, books, podcasts, and more at their fingertips. Choose from a variety of bands to suit any style and a few different colors too. Add in a Retina display for a brighter display even in the sun. 

Finally, boys can reconfigure the face layout to meet their needs. The features don’t end there as it’s waterproof, tracks the stars, and even has a compass. It even makes phone calls and acts as a wallet with Apple pay!

Oversized Travel Duffel Bag

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An Oversized Travel Duffel Bag might be a well-received and useful gift. Whether for a trip to visit family or a school trip, teenage boys need a large bag to travel with as their clothes and shoes are huge now and take up more space. This bag can even hold size 13 shoes!

Made of waterproof waxed canvas with genuine leather accents the bag meets the aesthetic needs of teens today while standing up to abuse. It’s even airline friendly for far away trips without losing the cool factor. He can grab the bag off the baggage claim with the handles before carrying on his shoulder. 

Finally, the 22.83 x 11.8 x 11.8-inch bag comes in three colors, brown, camo, or grey to suit their taste. It has one main compartment, a zipper pocket and two smaller pockets with magnetic button flaps. The timeless design will travel with him for years.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit

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Computer savvy teens may enjoy playing with their own mini-computer called a CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit – 4GB RAMCanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit to build a plethora of items The mini-computer runs a Linux operating system with a USB drive. Add in a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor to use as a web server, a streaming tv, Wi-Fi extender, or a gaming machine. 

The kit comes the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (with 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU (BCM2837B0) 1 GB LPDDR2 SDRAM), the CanaKit 2.5A Micro USB Power Supply and five-foot cable, 2 aluminum heat sinks, a clear case, and a starter guide. Don’t worry if none of this makes sense to you. Kids learn in a snap how to operate almost any technology. 

Not only is this a fun device to show off to friends but a useful tool for school. Teens can use this for science or technology projects and show off all their mad skills to the whole school. A great learning tool to help kids learn the skills of tomorrow for a potential career direction as well.

Electric Razor and Beard Trimmer Grooming Kit

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Now that your son can grow a little facial hair, he may need an Electric Razor and Beard Trimmer Grooming Kit. The high-quality kit offers five different functions including 5 patterned cutters, rotary shaver, beard trimmer, body groomer, nose hair trimmer and a comb for the rotary brush. This is all in a sleek design that is easy to hold. 

Store the piece in the included storage bag or use the included stand to keep the razor on the bathroom counter. It comes with 60 minutes run time with little sound after just a one and a half hour charge. The set provides a precision shave without the need for sharp razors or nicks. 

Lacoste Men’s L884S Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are a no-brainer for teens. Not only will the Lacoste Men’s L884S Sunglasses look insanely cool, but they’ll protect your boy’s eyes from the brightness of the sun or snow glare. Sunglasses are especially important for new drivers who don’t need any distraction, like sun glare, from paying full attention to the road when driving. 

The polarized trendy glasses (which mimic the iconic Wayfarers at half the price!) come in 5 different colored lense and frame combos. Included with these sunglasses is a glasses case sized specifically for these particular sunglasses.

Teens will love the polarized lens on these sunglasses to last through basketball, biking, skateboarding, or any other activity they want to do during their day. The simple or color-coordinated design also works with anything they wear.  

Laundry Punching Bag & Hamper

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The Combination Laundry Bag, Punching Bag & Hamper comes with a terrible name but is very unique and useful. Teens will love the novelty of tossing their laundry in a punching bag to exercise or release a little tension. Later, they can drag the bag downstairs to wash their clothes. 

The bag comes in black or brown which is a fun way to keep clothing off the floor and actually learn to clean up after himself. He can fold the bag up for easy storage or packing that is tough enough to hold tons of grungy clothes. 

Also, the bag is sturdy and tear-resistant with a drawstring. Attach the handles to a hook to store on a door or wall. The bag measures 39. 37 x 11. 81 x 11. 81 inches to hold several days of dirty laundry. 

Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush

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Continuing on personal care, your son will love the Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush to keep his teeth pearly why for the girl he wants to impress. Even better, those braces you paid for will stay clean too with a spinning brush meant to end plaque and gingivitis. 

An electric toothbrush can get in more places with more motion to remove any germs or stuck-on food with ease, as well as keep teeth whiter. The set includes a rechargeable handle, 1 cross-action brush head, 1 pro-white brush head, 1 sensitive brush head, 1 charging station with storage for the brushes, and a smart guide for instructions. 

Moms will love the included timer to make sure kids brush their teeth for the correct amount of time for a full clean. The brush connects to Bluetooth to work with an app to make sure they follow a regimen to get all of their teeth clean. A good gift idea for boys suddenly obsessed with their appearance.  

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin Kit

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Yes, Legos are on this list but this set is marked for 16 years and up because the pieces are tiny and it takes a lot of work and skill to build the LEGO James Bond Aston Martin Kit. This is no ordinary Lego Kit, but an intense set for car enthusiast or at least fans of James Bond. 

The present makes a great bonding project for a father and son as they build the car from scratch including 007 spy gadgetry built-in to the pattern. Once finished, the car measures 3 x 13 x 4 inches long with over 1200 tiny pieces. Includes detailed interior, exterior, a moving trunk to entertain men of all ages. 

Fossil Men’s Ingram Leather Trifold Wallet

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As 16-year-olds they are grownups, it’s time for an adult wallet like the  Fossil Men’s Ingram Leather Trifold Wallet. Though a little spendy for a wallet, top quality 100% cowhide leather means this wallet can last for years. With handsome stitches and the Fossil name embossed in the corner, the wallet looks good enough for an executive at a corporation. 

The wallet measures 4.25 inches by 3.25 inches when folded. With three folds the wallet holds bills, credit cards, business cards, pictures, and id cards easily. He can slide the wallet into his pocket or his backpack without taking up a lot of space. Do teach him to not carry the wallet in his back pocket for too long or it can cause improper alignment for his back and cause pain. 

Enno Vatti 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

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Most teen boys couldn’t care less how their room is decorated but do enjoy interactive posters like the Enno Vatti 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster. With 100 movies with scratch-off spots for top-rated movies, your son can set a new goal to watch critically acclaimed movies. Once scratched, the poster shows a picture that coordinates with the movie. 

The timeless design with a black base and coppery gold font and scratch off poster works with any decor even if its dirty clothes and dishes. If your teen likes this one find more to start a new collection of affordable wall decorations. It comes in a premium box easy to wrap. 

Last of all, some movies on the list includes Star Wars, Jaws, The Bourne Identity, Monsters Inc, and even The Shawshank Redemption. At 16, most boys are ready for most of these movies but let him know which ones you consider off-limits if any. 

Google – Pixel 4a Smartphone

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Give your teen boy the gift of communication with the Google Pixel 4a Smartphone. The phone comes unlocked and charges quickly. The battery can last up to 24 hours! It comes with three years of operating system and security updates along with a built-in Titan M chip.

The phone uses Android 9.0 Pie and works with all your son’s favorite Google apps built into the phone. He can use Google Assistant to get things done. You’ll love the personal safety app that he can use in case of an emergency. He’ll love the dual pixel MP rear camera that takes gorgeous day and night photos.

Finally, the lightweight phone includes a 5.8-inch full HD OLED screen for plenty of space for viewing text messages, playing games, or phone calls. Comes with 128 GB of storage space, too! It’s a perfect 16th birthday present!

F1F2 Memory Foam Pillow

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Since your son spends so much time sleeping and growing he needs a quality pillow to cradle his head like the Memory Foam Pillow by F1F2. This is no ordinary pillow but a super pillow that has little cube sections of foam to support the curvature of the spine. A point support system improves sleep by improving alignment during the night.

The pillow promises more deep sleep for a more rested teenager. As the pillow uses a soft, absorbent modal fabric it is skin-friendly while it also absorbs sweat. It even includes two sides, one softer and one firmer for individual preference.

Some parents may not like that the pillow uses 100% polyurethane, but it includes the cover to go over the foam. The unique design can only come from foam. Not just any foam, but zero gravity memory foam, soft yet strong enough to hold any weight and bounce back. No more “throw away a pillow” once it goes flat!

Divoom Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker

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The Divoom Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker is the neatest speaker available on the market today. Not only does it come with a vintage television look and knobs, but it allows you to customize the mini television screen too with pixel art. 

High-quality hardware with a small volume bass dynamic compensation allows for a stellar listening experience. The unit also includes 360 degrees 3D space compensation 75 signal-to-noise ratio and Bluetooth or AUX support your kid will love the fun sound-making machine. 

Although, their favorite feature will be connecting to their Android or iOS device to change the pixilated picture. They can also use the speaker for media notifications, an alarm clock, to check the weather, and play games, all with this funky, retro device. It works as a functional decoration for all teens to impress their friends. 

iPad Pro 

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The iPad Pro 12.9in can completely replace the need for a computer especially if your teen already has a school computer in their backpack. Anything they need to do can be done on the 12.9-inch screen which is super portable and compact. 

Pick the features that fit your budget and needs. Start with storage starting at 64GB up to 1 TB. If your son plans to store a lot of information on the computer choose a larger amount of storage or plan to pay a small monthly fee for iCloud storage. You can also pick Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular if you don’t mind increasing your cellphone bill. 

Add a keyboard for more functionality to use with word processor apps. Teens can also use the iPad for games, social media, texting, video calls, reading, and even for art if you add in the Apple Pencil. This intuitive device makes life simpler and up-to-date with all the latest technology like Face ID and impressive built-in cameras. 

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

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The TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakercomes with tons of features straight out of the future. Even though your teen can drive, this provides a fun and unique mode of transportation and can go where a car cannot. A unique toy to impress his friends.

This model works for kids up to adults which means if your teen shares, younger siblings can enjoy the hoverboard too. It comes in five colors including pink, blue, red, or black which works best for boys. Also, the board is lightweight and easy enough to store with a small design teens will love. 

However, the best feature besides an automated ride with gripping footbeds is the built-in Bluetooth speaker for tunes on the go. Teens can try out several modes including adult, self-balancing, and non-self-balancing all with an auto shutdown, adjustable speed, and more. 

Finally, the hoverboard meets all safety certifications with a one-year warranty. It even includes a built-in light for better visibility, although you may want to avoid using it at night. Perfect for long drive-ways to check the mail too!

Would like to find more hoverboard ideas? Check out our list here.

The Maze Runner Series Complete Collection Boxed Set

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If your teen is an avid reader, he will appreciate the The Maze Runner Series Complete Collection Boxed Set wrapped up just for them. We all know the books are better than the movies, which means your teen needs to read this set before the movies show up on streaming tv for free. Then they can pass the boys down to younger siblings to make the money spent doubly worth it. 

The dystopian society series follows Thomas as he shows up locked in a crazy prison with no memories. A maze surrounds the stone walls making escape impossible as creatures guard the maze. Then a girl arrives with a message. She tells the boys to run. 

With a total of five books and almost 2,000 pages, teens will forgo everything to turn the next page as they are riveted to this new world. Author James Dashner is quite famous because of this intense series no one will forget. For the next birthday or Christmas, you can get your son the movies!

Anker Wireless Charger

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Why bother to plug your stuff in when you can just set it and forget it? The Anker Wireless Charger is a BuzzFeed and iMore favorite. This charger is universally compatible with Apple and Samsung devices as well as many other popular phones or headphones. You don’t even have to take off the case – it works through the case!

The 4-foot cord works well because it gives enough space to go to the top of a dresser or nightstand in your teen’s room. And you can rest easy because this charging pad has temperature control, foreign object detection, and radiation shielding, along with an 18-month warranty.

One thing that is important to know is that this charger doesn’t come with the AC power adapter that you need. Grab the Anker QuickCharge 3.0 wall adapter to get the most out of this wireless charging pad.  

Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair

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If you have never heard of a shampoo bar, you are in for a surprise with the Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair. Eco-conscious families will love that the bar reduces waste from plastic bottles as one bar can replace three bottles of shampoo. The bar also takes less space in the shower and is easy to use especially with shorter hair but works great for long hair too. 

The bar of soap uses all-natural ingredients like rosemary, juniper, basil, lime, lemon, and orange extracts or oils to balance out oil production. No harsh chemicals for sensitive skin and its free of humectants so your son might not even need a conditioner after. While this comes in a bar the shampoo is 100% soap-free and provides pH balance without stripping hair or drying hair out. 

Last but not least, the eco-friendly soap uses ingredients that can reduce dandruff thanks to the rosemary extract. Teens can take the bar on the road as it’s TSA friendly. It’s easy to use as it foams with less product for cleaner, healthier hair.  

Wegiel Ambassador European Chess Board Game

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As teen boys love to work on their intelligence and impress their friends, the Wegiel Ambassador European Chess Board Game is the perfect gift for gamers. Of course, they may only play the game when the internet is down, but it’s still a fun game that improves brain function. No matter where your teen goes, someone will act as an opponent in this world-famous game.

The hand-carved board and pieces provide incredible detail. It’s so beautiful your son could use the game as decoration or you can even keep it in the living room as a conversation starter. The board folds up and holds the pieces for easy storage. Being made of beech and birch wood gives a rich luster on the checkered board. 

The whole board measures 21.65 x 1.18 x 21.65 for plenty of room for two players. Also, this is a STEM learning tool as you have to think several moves ahead to win the game and out-wit your opponent. Great for a family game night too. 

Xbox One S Two Controller Bundle

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What teen boy doesn’t want a gaming console? The Xbox One S Two Controller Bundle comes with two controllers so teens can play with a friend or sibling. With one terabyte of memory, your son can save his game thousands of times without deleting previous saves. 

With hundreds of games to choose from, boys can play for hours and gain some hand-eye coordination. Though, this works as more than just a gaming console. Boys can even play 4K Blu-ray movie or stream 4K videos on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and even music services. 

Microsoft spared no expense to make this the best gaming console on the market. From the built-in power supply, to the solid-state drive, and the slim, sleek design, this device will provide hours of fun without hours of headaches. The unit comes with stellar graphics for more realistic gameplay to make this the gift to top all gifts (except maybe a sports car)!

Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered

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Gaming isn’t the only reason to get your son an Xbox. He can learn to play the dusty guitar sitting in the closet for the last year too with the Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered. The game comes upgraded and improved to turn your son into a star. 

The best part of learning on the Xbox is your son can plug in a fake Xbox guitar for long hours of practice and you don’t have to hear any of the noise he makes! Although, he can plug into a real bass or acoustic guitar too with the Real Tone Cable. 

Lastly, this game allows boys to learn at their own pace with expanded practice skills and customized learning. With over 50 songs, he can practice classics or purchase newer songs too. The game can save you hundreds of dollars on private or group lessons. 

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

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The Wilson Evolution Game Basketball provides a great game out on the court. This ball utilizes advanced microfiber composite for better grip and durability. Laid in composite channels improve ball control while a Cushion Core Carcass allows for a softer easier to grip the ball.

Teens can pick from three sizes including youth, intermediate, or official size at 29.5 inches in diameter which is the size most teens need. If they want a more personalized ball others can’t claim, then pick one of six different font colors including royal or navy blue, black, green, yellow, and red. This is a great gift that’s ready to help teens exercise. 

Aokung Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop 

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A basketball needs a net like the Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop. Let your son get his game on with this backyard sized hoop with stand and backboard. It is height-adjustable to work for short guys or even super tall guys as it adjusts from 6.5 feet to 10-feet tall. Boys might actually put down their video games for a little time outside at their home court. 

The 43-inch impact backboard is practically unbreakable to withstand dunk after dunk. Don’t worry about the base falling over as its fillable with either 77 pounds of water or 88 pounds of sand to stay upright and stable even in windy areas. It has a couple of wheels to roll where you need it to go to, like into the garage during bad weather. 

Lastly, the steel tube measures 3.2-inches in diameter. No tools needed to set up the net. A fun form of exercise for your son and his friends to keep them out of the house for a few hours a day. 

FEIERDUN Doorway Pull Up and Chin Up Bar

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If basketball isn’t your teens forte try the FEIERDUN Doorway Pull Up and Chin-Up Bar to help him get some serious arm and shoulder muscles. You don’t want to encourage your teen’s obsession with their looks and body but this is a great gift to help them build discipline. They can change their scrawny child body into a muscle-laden man’s body in no time at all. 

Pick from two sizes to fit the bar securely in your doorway or walkway including 28.3 to 36.2 or the larger size of 36.2 to 45 inches long. The bar includes high-strength PVC Oxford pads to grip the 3mm thick steel pipe. The bar allows for sit-ups and pull-ups to work out the back, shoulders, biceps, core, and abs. 

Also, you can place the bar where you need for your son’s height as he builds muscle and tone up. Teens shouldn’t lift too much weight before they are fully grown, and this tool allows them to exercise using only their body weight for lifting. Not to mention, you can save tons of money on a gym membership. 

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

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Skateboards are cool, but longboards are cooler. They’re way better for actual riding and can get your car-less teen from point A to point B. The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard is a high-quality longboard that is perfect for beginners and pros alike. 

This board is Cali born and bred, and it shows. The sustainably-sourced bamboo and hard maple deck comes in a variety of finishes, all with a beachy vibe. The 7-inch aluminum trucks have a gliding reverse kingpin design that makes the board super responsive and less bumpy. The PU wheels come in a rough rock finish and can tackle any smooth surface.  

The 44-inch board is a great gift for taller teens. It can hold 220 pounds, which is plenty strong enough for most teen boys. Just be sure to get a cool helmet so that he protects his head, because these things can get going pretty fast!

Softta Space Constellation Duvet Cover Set

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If your boy still has the dino or Star Wars bedding you bought him five birthday’s ago you may need to upgrade. TheSoftta Space Constellation Duvet Cover Set is easier to make the bed as you don’t need any sheets or have anything to tuck in. You will need a duvet to put inside the cover and pillows. Trust me, this set will make any boys’ room better as they only have to pull the one piece up over their bed for a nice streamlined look. 

The set includes 1 duvet cover and two pillowcases. Pick the size from Twin to California king. Most boys will enjoy the navy blue and white galaxy pattern but you can also pick from black and gray, plaid, blue checker, and a purpler shade of the galaxy. Each piece is 100% pure cotton, hypoallergenic and durable.

Teens can take the set to college with them with no worries of embarrassment. Also, the duvet measures large enough to dangle over the edges of the bed for a fresh modern look teens will enjoy.  Easy to wash, just take off the duvet and toss in the machine and then the dryer. 

Vans Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

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I know, I know… you are hesitant to get shoes for your teenage boy because he will either A) outgrow them in a month or two, or B) trash them entirely in the same timespan. But, these Vans Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes are totally on-trend and they’re a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift. 

Style is all a 16-year-old boy will care about, but you care about the specs, so here they are. These shoes have a synthetic, thick rubber sole. It has the classic waffle texture that not only helps with skating or biking, but makes super cool prints in the snow or mud, so you can identify the perpetrator of the dirty footprints all over your house. The upper has a padded cuff so they won’t irritate the ankles if they are worn with the no-show socks. The suede and canvas uppers come in a variety of colors. The laces are long and thick and do a decent job of staying tied. 

Just let the recipient of this gift know that there is a break-in period in which blisters on the heel are a real thing. Power through it and you’ll have a pair of comfy shoes at the end!

Adidas Original Trefoil Hoodie

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The 90s are back again. You probably saw these hoodies back in the day (adidas has been around since 1972; yes, you are old), and now you can see one on your kiddo. The Adidas Original Men’s Trefoil Hoodie has a cool throwback nod with the original trefoil logo, but it still looks modern. 

This sweatshirt is 100% french terry cotton, so it washes up nice and stays nice. The design is thinner, so it’s a great layering piece any time of year. It has a modern fit that’s loose without being baggy. It comes in over 20 colors, and there are some zip-up versions, too, if that’s more his style. All designs have a kangaroo pocket for his phone because you know that thing is never far away.

Wash this hoodie inside out to keep the logo looking fresh. It’s a thoughtful and cool gift for any teen boy who values both comfort and style. 

Milestones for 16-Year-Old Boys

Teen boys seem to only do four things: sleep, eat, play video games, and make lots of noise. Don’t worry, this is all normal. At 16, boys are becoming more independent and personally responsible. Find out what other milestones you can expect over the course of your son’s 16th year. 

Emotional Milestones

Teens know adulthood is just around the corner, so they spend a lot of time thinking about the future and their shortcomings. They can be very moody and difficult to talk to but less argumentative than in the last couple of years. Watch for signs of depression, though a little sadness is normal. 

Hopefully, your teenager needs you less and less as he becomes more independent and less likely to cause family drama or conflicts. You should see better decisions as he has a better handle on his emotions. Don’t be upset when he wants you to stop doing little things for him as he wants to expand his own personal care. 

Physical Milestones

At sixteen, a boy’s physical development is in hyper-drive which causes them to sleep more to provide the energy for growth. Meanwhile, they want to stay up later and later to do the activities they are passionate about. Teens are such oxymorons sometimes. 

They are also starting to grow facial hair and experience fewer voice cracks, too. Of course, they think they are the manliest men in the world now that they can grow a thin strip of hair over their lip. This and new muscle development makes them obsessed with their looks to impress girls. 

Cognitive Milestones

It’s the season of abstract thought. Your kid wants to think outside the box and this helps them to improve their reasoning skills while helping them figure out their opinions on hot topics. All this with improved vocabulary and grammatical skills, hopefully. 

Many teens at sixteen over-schedule their after school hours while trying to fit in sports, computers, friends, and other extracurricular activities. This is all in a mad rush to figure out a direction for the college and future looming over their head. Help them figure out what works for them and what doesn’t while making time for relaxation and their increased need for sleep. 

Social Milestones

It’s girlfriend season and your son is out hunting. He wants a deeper relationship with a sense of intimacy either platonic or not now that he feels so grown up. His confidence may increase and with some boys, even their cockiness at they want to impress their friends. 

The good news is your son should be more resistant to peer pressure. The difficult news is that he is being influenced by his hormones. It’s time to have another talk with him about how to treat a girl and the consequences of physical relationships. 

Gifts for Similar Ages

FAQ’s About Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys

My son seems to be a loner, how can I encourage him to spend more time with friends?

Don’t force the issue. Some boys are naturally loners and that’s fine. They spend a lot of time in their head figuring themselves out which requires alone time with music, video games, or books. The best you can do is find an extra-curricular activity for your son. 

Remember though, teenagers spend all day at school interacting with friends and many other people they have no interest in but are forced to spend time with. By the time the school days is done, they often just want to decompress alone. Make dinner time mandatory at the dining table to ensure a little time with him. 

How will I know if my son is ready to drive mentally even though he is old enough physically? 

The drive-ready meter is different for every teen. Only you will know your son well enough to know if he can handle a vehicle. A few tips though can help you decide. 

First, ask yourself is whether your son can multi-task, because that is an extremely important skill for driving. If he can’t walk, tie his shoes, finish his history homework, and eat his breakfast, hide the keys. Second, check your son’s grades. If he can’t pass his classes, his focus needs to go to school and not to the road. 

Finally, decide how your son will pay for a car, gas, and insurance. If he isn’t motivated enough to make some money, he probably won’t be motivated enough to take care of his cars and instead he will ask you for money regularly. Do you want to pay for everything?

Now that my son is old enough to drive, will he still want a hoverboard? 

Not all teens will want a hoverboard if they have a car. Others will still want one if they don’t have a car while others will want one either way because they are awesome. Each teen is different which is why this list offers all the best gifts for 16-year-old boys and not just for some boys. 

Decide if your son will have a car before you buy the hoverboard or if he will still want one as transportation when you won’t hand over the keys. Not to mention, even if your son can drive, hoverboards are an extremely new technology that provides an exceptional form of laziness. This might be right up your son’s alley. Your son may prefer a skateboard so he can do awesome tricks. 

Final Thoughts About Best Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys

The best gifts for 16-year-old boys help them navigate the teen world where they are closer to an being an adult than a child. They want grown-up and cool gifts and activities that leave their childhood in the past while helping them figure out their future. One gift on this list helps them to improve skills and feel older which is the iPad Pro 12.9. Tablets bring the world to their fingertips and help them accomplish their dreams and goals. 

Teenage Boys Presents and Gift Ideas

Teenage Boys Gift Ideas

Teenage Boys can seem impossible to buy for! Cars, toys and games are far too uncool for a young man, and finding a suitable “grown-up” gift can be a tiresome search. But when your Teenage Boy deserves a treat to celebrate a special day, whether that be a big birthday, Christmas, or exam success, our selection of presents for Teenagers deliver!

At The Present Finder, we have a huge array of gifts any young gentlemen would be delighted to unwrap. Whether you’re searching for stylish accessories or gadgets and gizmos, present finding has never been so easy! We have unique and unusual gifts that beat boring chocolates and socks any day, and you can be sure nobody else will find the same present as you!

Gadget Gifts

It can be hard to keep up with Teenagers nowadays! Trends change so quickly, knowing what’s cool is an impossible task if you don’t speak the same Teen language (that tends to be grunts!) as the young ones. To make sure your present isn’t “so last week”, we keep up to date with the latest fashions, music and gadgets, and make sure our gifts are bang on trend to delight the lucky recipient.

Our Virtual Reality Headset is the hottest gadget on the market. Experience an amazing adrenaline rush from the comfort of your sofa, even test drive a car without leaving the house! Or for someone who likes to get hands-on, take hold of the controls and send one of our nifty drones up into the skies. 

Gifts for Boys

No matter how old they get, boys will always be boys. Embracing the outdoors, practical jokes, and all things horror and gore, they love it! We have plenty of gifts that will appeal to the child within them, and smack a big smile on their face. Who can resist pretending to be Bond with our super secret agent style gadgets? And when the sun comes out, everyone likes to get involved in a water fight! 

Gifts for Teenage Boys

Sweet 16, learning to drive at 17, and the big 18, older Teens have plenty to celebrate! Our range of birthday gifts for Boys are sure to get the party started with a bang, we have gadgets that will literally transport them out of this world, and drinks accessories for that all important first beer when they hit the momentous 18th!

School years can be an exciting time for Teens, with plenty of sport, science and history, Boys personalities and passions shine through, and sporting superstars and mad scientists develop. At The Present Finder, we have plenty of practical gifts to help further school successes, from sports accessories to ensure that win on the pitch, to books and stationery for that big exam! And most importantly, to celebrate the successful outcome, plenty of chocolate treats!

Unique Gifts for Teens

If you’re looking for a more traditional gift, we have beautiful personalised presents that are sure to be treasured for years to come. From a Personalised Pen Knife for an active adventurer to the Personalised Football History Books for a football fanatic, we have thoughtful gifts for sons, grandsons and friends no matter what their personality!

Any keen traveller is sure to love our selection of unique world map gifts and wall art. Scratch, doodle, draw and plot your travel plans and dreams, and when it’s time to leave for the big adventure stock up on our handy travel essentials! 

Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

The magic of Christmas doesn’t have to be lost just because your little boy is all grown up now! Our selection of Christmas gifts for Teens are so out of this world, we’re sure there will still be a race to grab the presents from under the tree. Because everyone is really a big kid at heart, we have plenty of funny gifts and games to cause laughter and giggles all round! Rude books, practical jokes, and much to the relief of girls, even gifts to banish smelly farts!

No matter the occasion, we have truly mastered the art of great gifts for Teens. From pocket money friendly budgets, for little sisters to spoil their big brother, to blowout gifts for a special son, we have it all! 


Best gift ideas for teenage girls and boys 2020

It has been a wretched year for all, but young people have been hit particularly hard. Many have felt anxious, alone and fearful during the pandemic, and half of British teenagers could not stop worrying at times, according to research.

Gen Z has been robbed of opportunities — imagine not getting the chance to take your GCSE or A-level exams — like never before, and more than half fear coronavirus will make the future worse for people of their age.

A Christmas full of cheer and excellent presents will not change that teenagers have had to adapt to living through some monumentally challenging events, not only Covid but also Brexit, but it may help to raise a smile on the big day.

That said, young people are famously tricky to buy for. 

But worry not because we have enlisted the help of some willing teenagers to guide us on what they and their peers would like to find under the tree to help you buy the perfect pressie for your loved ones.


So, let’s try to round off 2020 with a gift to remember for all the right reasons.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent

MadLug classic backpack

The minimalist design and high-quality of these backpacks make them a stylish and comfortable choice of school or college bag. The bags come in 15 different colours, from mint to pink and black to yellow, so something for every taste. Yet the best thing about the brand is that your teenaged loved ones can wear their bag with confidence, knowing they have helped a child in care because of a “buy one give one” approach. Dave Linton, the founder of MadLug, was a youth worker who was heartbroken when he learnt that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in a bin bag, so he set out to help vulnerable children on their way with dignity. Buying a MadLug for a Christmas present makes perfect sense because it is a time of giving after all.

Buy now £29.99 {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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Instax SQ1 instant camera

Teenagers, as much as anybody of any age, are guilty of snapping away and never printing out the photos, but this retro-styled camera will help them discover the joy of tangible images in seconds. The point-and-shoot camera is super simple to operate with automatic exposure, and it even takes great selfies thanks to a special mode and mirror on the front to ensure flawless photos. We also loved that the square prints are just like the old-school Polaroids. 

Buy now £99, Currys PC World {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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S’well x Jason Woodside Shimmy reusable water bottle

Teenagers have mobilised in the fight to save the environment and would not dream of being seen with passé single-use plastics, so an eco-friendly, beautifully designed reusable bottle makes a brilliant gift. This 500ml vessel is as attractive as it is functional — it keeps drinks cold for 36 hours and hot for 18, and it is BPA/BPS-free.

Pair the bottle with the gorgeous S’well Geode Rose Eats, which keeps food cold for 11 hours and hot for seven, for the perfect school or college lunch package.

Buy now £24.50, S’well {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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Nightmare Horror Adventures Game – Welcome to Crafton Mansion

Board games became a hit in most households trying to overcome Covid boredom while staying inside, but this one is not for the faint-hearted. With that said, it promises hours of spooky fun as players search for clues and interact with the online game content to find the mysterious murderer of their parents. If you are looking for a game for younger teenagers, we recommend Trapped Escape Room Game: The Art Heist, which includes everything you need to transform any room into an escape room that players need to flee after stealing a painting. 

Buy now £25, Argos {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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Joby GorillaPod mobile vlogging kit

Whether your teenager loves learning the latest dance routines on TikTok, posting selfies on Instagram or vlogging on YouTube, this present will help them bring their A-game to the feed. Amateur influencers can become serious content creators by pairing their phone with the kit’s rig, LED light and microphone to produce flawless imagery and crisp audio. Our young testers loved playing with this, and it gave them the freedom to get creative and film some shareable footage.

Buy now £179.95, Joby {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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Ralph Lauren Polo fragrance gift set

Smelling good is a must for teenagers and a fragrance collection of four fresh scents will give the person you are buying for the freedom to discover their favourite. This gift set comes with a 30ml bottle each of Polo Red, Polo Blue, Polo Green and Polo Black. Our teenage tester loved that they can choose a different one depending on the occasion.

Meanwhile, the Ariana Grande deluxe mini fragrance trio is the ultimate perfume set and includes the singer’s most-loved eau de parfums: Ari, Sweet Like Candy and Thank U, Next.

Buy now £45, Beauty Base {{#hasItems}}

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‘Yesss!: The Sumo Secrets to Being a Positive, Confident Teenager’

There could not be a more appropriate present for teenagers struggling to get through the year than this. Reading is always a gift and this Sumo (stop, understand, move on) book is fun and beautifully illustrated while being practical. It offers guidance on how to build confidence, resilience and emotional awareness and proceeds from the book support Young Minds, which is a lovely touch.

If you are buying for someone else, A Girl’s Guide to Being Fearless: How to Find Your Brave is the ultimate self-care book, offering tailored advice on how to live your best life.

Buy now £9.39, Amazon {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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Few things are as exciting as opening up a box of surprise treats, and this parcel is all the more brilliant because it is designed to encourage positivity and self-care. Described as “a hug in a box”, it is filled with handpicked goodies, including a relaxing candle, tea bags filled with an uplifting blend, homemade chocolate, The Happy News and more. We also love the Teen Calm Mystery Box, which is great for both boys and girls, and comes packed with sweets, pampering products, a book and the most delicious hot chocolate on a stick. Both these boxes make especially great gifts if you are not with your teenager on Christmas morning because they are easily sent by post. 

Buy now £17.99, PositiveParcel {{#hasItems}}

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Young Driver 30-minute junior driving lesson

Most people would not believe it possible for a teenager to drive a real car until they had a driving licence, but this present gives children up to the age of 17 years old the chance to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Vauxhall Corsa SE Premium. With a qualified instructor by their side, young drivers can experience what it feels like to drive on the road and learn how to change gears, steer and even park.

Buy now £39.99, Young Driver {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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Senstroke drum kit essential pack

“I want to buy a drum kit for my teenager,” said no parent ever. That was until they heard about the Senstroke drum kit. It is a game-changer: it takes up no space, turns inanimate objects in the home such as cushions into a tom-tom or snare, and can be played through headphones to maintain familial harmony. The portable kit comes with smart, wearable Bluetooth sensors and a drumming pad that when paired with an app responds to contact like a real acoustic drum kit.

If you are buying for a musical teen and drums are not their thing, consider the Casio CT-S200RD keyboard, stand and headphone bundle, which has all they need to play at home or on the road. The keyboard can connect to the free Chordana Play tutorial app, and they can access free online lessons up to grade five to perfect their talent.

Buy now £135, Argos {{#hasItems}}

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Nauseni wool felt slippers

Christmas is always made all the more the cosy with a pair of snuggly slippers to warm cold feet. These beautifully designed slippers are handcrafted from 100 per cent natural wool felt and Himalayan buffalo leather, making them super toasty and sustainable. As well as warm feet, wearers can also feel warmth in their heart knowing that the brand was founded in response to the 2015 Nepal earthquake to empower local women by providing skill development and income generation.

Buy now £55, Nauseni {{#hasItems}}

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SB Skate kicker ramp

Bring the skate park home for your teenager this Christmas with a portable ramp. This durable kicker ramp made from external grade timber means hours of ride time and endless shredding can be had all year round to boost confidence and skills on the board or scooter. This ramp arrives flat packed and is easy to build and store. It could also be the first element of a bigger at-home skate setup, with the addition of grind rails and launch ramps. If you are looking for boards, we recommend the FAR Skateboard Community Charity Shop. 

Buy now £109, SB skate ramps {{#hasItems}}

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Lindt Lindor assorted selection box

No matter the age, everyone wants a selection box at Christmas and this one from Lindt offers a sophisticated take on a classic stocking filler. Inside the gold box, your teenager will find indulgent Lindor truffles and bars in salted caramel, orange and classic milk — and all have that delectable melting centre.

For vegan teens, the TheVeganKind – Christmas selection box is stuffed with an amazing array of goodies, including chocolate orange fondant creams, chocolate-covered salted caramel marshmallows, salted caramel chocolate cups and loads more, even a candy cane.

Buy now £6, Lindt {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

21 Best Gift Ideas For 16 Year Old Boy in 2021

Boys that are turning 16 years old are great to choose presents for, there are loads of types of toys and games for boys this age, which makes buying a gift easy.

At age 16, boys are becoming independent and are eager to do what they weren’t able to do when they were younger. At age 16, he might be ready to have his first pool party or get a part time job for responsibility. Your son might also be thinking about learning to drive or he might have his first girlfriend.

Although there is plenty of choice for boys this age, getting them a gift can be difficult because when asked what they want, they often reply with an “I don’t know”. However, this response could be deceptive as they already have developed interests in various items and fields of life.

If you are on the lookout for a suitable gift, our 21 best gift ideas for 16 year olds has got you covered. No need to be frustrated over the numerous items on the internet – take a look at our 21 shortlisted items which any teenage boy would love to own.


Best Gifts Ideas And Toys For 16 Year Old Boys 

#1 Nightime Games For Youth – Capturing The Flag

If you are searching for something which would be fun to play at a 16th birthday, this could be your perfect choice! It is a far better option compared to lawn games, LED balls, paint ball or even air soft balls.

Featuring over 30 fun game pieces which light up and over twenty hours of battery life, kids are guaranteed to enjoy playing with this night time game as it involves chasing, hiding and seeking. Playing this game helps encourage teens to be active and also promotes teamwork. Adults will also enjoy and benefit from this game!

The game can be played anywhere there is enough open space. It is a good game option during sleepovers, sport team events, family reunions, summer camps and many more outdoor events.


#2 Outlaw Drone

This high powered GPS drone is a great starter drone for your 16 year old son or grandson. Drones can be such an exciting gift to receive no matter what the holiday is!

Since the Outlaw SE includes GPS features, it’s a lot easier to control and stays stable throughout the duration of its flight. Plus, if you know a boy aged 16 who likes photography, they will really enjoy the Outlaw SE’s built-in 1080p HD camera that can capture high quality photos and videos while they’re in flight!

If you know a teenager with a drone on their wishlist, the Outlaw SE is a great choice for a gift. 


#3 RC Speedboat

It’s no doubt that most boys love being outside. Give them the gift of an RC boat so they can continue enjoying their time outdoors and on the water. 

The Aqua is a stunning, bright red boat that can reach serious speeds on the water. Your son or grandson can take it to the pool, the park, or even the lake and have fun with their friends. The boat comes with two 10 minute batteries to give them double the boating time which means more time enjoying their gift from you!

Don’t miss out on giving this exciting RC boat as a gift for the boy around 16 years. They are guaranteed to love it!


#4 Porsche 911 LEGO TECHNIC GT3 RS

Playing with this toy comes with several benefits, such as encouraging creativity and an interest in the field of engineering. It comes with so many interesting parts, including red suspension springs, life-like orange body work, low profile tires, taillights, headlights and more. There are over 2700 pieces in all, which makes this a great LEGO set for teenagers and even adults.

It also comes with a Porsche GT and LEGO special collector’s history book with over 500 pages. The pieces of this kit can be used with any other LEGO construction sets for more creative building. However, it works best on its own, and it makes an excellent collectors item when finished.


#5 SX500 Razor Dirt Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor SX500 Motocross dirt electric bike is every young boy’s dream ride which can be used even for off-road riding. It is powered using a scaled down and powerful battery which guarantees long hours of fun while riding. There are several amazing features of the SX500 razor dirt electric motocross bike and they include throttle twist grip control, chain driven motor, single speed, extremely quiet operation and more.

One feature that makes this bike outstanding is it doesn’t require pedaling and can reach a top speed of 14 mph. It is the ideal gift item to offer a boy who is interested in motorcycles but can’t yet have a ‘real’ one.


#6 Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make: Teen Guide

Written by Sean Covey who is also the author of “seven habits of highly effective teens”, this book is aimed at helping kids to overcome some of life’s early stage challenges. These challenges includes planning a career, succeeding at school, coping with substances, knowledge on sex, making friends, dealing with parents and gaining self esteem. So, it’s great for teens who find it difficult to talk to their parents about these matters.

The author of this book clearly understands the confusion and pain most parents and teens undergo everyday. In order for kids to be more productive and effective, Sean Covey provides teenage readers with seven habits to help deal with these problems. This book will be of great use to any teen boy out there and can also be used as a gift item for birthdays, graduation, vacation and other celebrations.


#7 Manhood Manual – Tips on how to Impress a girl

Some of the skills a growing man needs to learn includes how to wear a cologne, tie a tie, grill a steak, write a resume, plan a date, talk to a girl, clean a bathroom and many more. This book proves to be an all in one reference tool and will be the best gift idea for growing boys on their birthdays, graduation and other special events.

For every growing boy out there, there is still a lot to be learnt about life to help him prepare for the challenges he will face. This book will help teach him important skills, to prepare him for leaving the family home and going to college.


#8 Mini RC Helicopter Drone

The Mini RC helicopter drone is one that every teenage boy out there will enjoy playing with. It features a headless security system which makes it possible for all levels of players to fly this drone with ease. This drone mini helicopter has a flight time of six to eight minutes, after being charged for 45-60 minutes.

Another amazing feature of this well designed toy is its 2.4GHz technology which helps in dealing with interference. It also comes with a Gyro stabilization system which helps in maintaining flexibility and stability. This is the perfect drone for beginners and more advanced pilots alike.


#9 Outdoor, Indoor Spikeball Game Set

This is exactly the same spikeball game set seen on shark tank. It is fun to play, competitive, active and can be played by more than one player. It also has the same rules as volleyball making it easy to learn to play. This game set can be played anywhere – during vacations, get togethers, at the gym, tailgate parties, at the beach, in the yard or anywhere else you can think of.

Designed to be tough, this unique game set comes with easy to fold legs which promotes durability. It also features a compact size which makes this toy quite easy to store after use. Unlike other game sets found on the market, this is a high profile game which comes with an app that enables young players to find other players around their neighborhood.


#10 Doominator Blaster: Nerf Zombie Strike

Teenagers love games involving boys and the Doominator Nerf Zombie strike blaster is one that teenage boys are sure to fall in love with. This is a well-designed gun toy, which will fire up to 24 darts without needing reloaded. One notable feature of the Nerf Zombie Strike Dominator Blaster is its four flipping dart drums which hold six darts apiece.

This gun can be held in various ways thanks to its triple handle position. Its full package comes with instructions, twenty four zombie strike darts, four sixt-dart drums and a doominator blaster.


#11 JanSport Superbreak Backpack

The Jansport Superbreak backpack is one that can be used everyday as it is made using high quality materials which ensures it lasts longer than expected. Whether you intend going on an adventure or using it for work and school, this is a backpack is suitable for all purposes. Boys can count on this bag to carry along their gear as it comes with several compartments on the inside which makes sure every valuable item is properly arranged and organized.

Its ideal size makes it portable and easy to use. This backpack also features a waterproof design, which helps to keep valuables safe from water damage when it’s raining.


#12 Shocktato Funny Game of Shocking Potato

Specially designed for more than one player, this game comes with three different playing modes featuring the silence, extreme and the shocking finish. The game is aimed at older teens and adults – this isn’t one for children. It’s great fun to use at parties and gatherings, making it perfect for giving as a gift at any occasion.

It is fun and easy to play with as all that is required is to select a preferred game mode, hit the start button and pass the potato so as to prevent getting shocked when the music stops. It also comes with an automatic shut down feature which turns off the game so as to prevent batteries from running out when it isn’t in use.


#13 Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

This is one of the craziest but most fun-filled games for any teenage boy. Players have to grab a handle each then press the middle button. They then have to wait until the red lights turn to green and race to be the first to press their button. The last player to press their button faces an electric shock! To make the game even more interesting, suspenseful music plays when waiting for the lights to change.

The electric shock game is perfect for using at parties or for when your son has friends round. It’s also fun for adults, so it’s fun for a family games night with your older children! The game requires 3 AAA batteries,so be sure to stock up before gifting this game.


#14 Quality Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Designed since 1981, the pogo stick is a classic outdoor toy everyone should own! It is made using high quality foam, which makes sure this Flybar pogo stick looks great and also has a well cushioned grip for comfortable use.

This gift isn’t just fun, it’s also great for helping teens stay active. It features a wider tip design which ensures stability during use. It can accommodate weight of between 80 – 160 pounds, so even adults can have a go! It’s perfect for giving as a gift during the summer months!


#15 OWI OWI-632 Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

This is a game that is far from the norm as it doesn’t require any form of batteries or electricity for use. This is not just a game for fun – it is aimed at introducing teenage boys to hydro-mechanical technology. The activity involves making your own hydro-mechanical robotic arm, therefore it is sure to keep your son occupied for a long time.

One impressive feature of this well-designed hydraulic robotic arm is its easy to remove gripper which helps in activating the suction apparatus. This means the robot can be used to lift and move objects – sure to provide endless fun!


#16 TENKER Q5 LED Mini Movie Projector

Specially designed to be compatible with gaming consoles, laptops, PC’s, tablets, smartphones and more, this is one item teenage boys would love to have – especially if they are into movies and gaming. This high-quality mini movie projector features a low fan sound operation thanks to its noise suppression technology. This unique cooling system also guarantees proper heat dispersion to avoid overheating in some areas.

Watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite game with this mini movie projector offers a cinema-like experience. It is designed to deliver crystal clear and crisp images, which is sure to be appreciated by teen boys. It comes backed with a three year warranty, so there’s no need to worry about it breaking anytime soon.


#17 Fanny Bank Funny Farting Bank BigMouth Inc

Not only is this gift fun and entertaining for teen boys, it will also help them learn the important skill of saving money. Not only will the shape of this bank amuse your teen, he is also sure to love the fart sound given off when a coin is dropped inside. It’s the perfect gag gift for a teen boy on his birthday, at Christmas or any other special occasion. He’s sure to remember this gift for a long time!

It’s worth noting that the Funny Farting bank makes use of three AA batteries for operation. Be sure to include these when gifting the bank as your son is sure to want to try it out right away.


#18 Merax Finiss with Disc Brakes 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed

Durability is the key feature of the Merax Finiss 24-inch mountain bike as it is made using high-quality aluminum material which helps in ensuring long-lasting use. It features a lightweight design which makes it quite easy and convenient to ride, maneuver and also transport. Teenage boys would love owning this well-designed mountain bike as it comes with shimano speed shifters and derailers which enables reliable and fast shifting action.

It also comes with an 80mm suspension fork which helps in enhancing control and ensuring a smooth ride even when riding on bumpy surfaces. Another impressive feature this mountain bike comes with is the mechanical disc brakes found at the rear and front.


#19 Wireless Bluetooth Hat With Microphone & Stereo Speakers

This quality Bluetooth hat with stereo speakers and microphone is one that is designed to deliver superior audio quality. Users will enjoy the sound that comes from this wireless hat  – and there will be no more dangling wires. One notable feature of this well-designed hat is it comes with in-built Bluetooth and sound disks which make way for unmatched sound clarity.

This is a must have for every boy in his teen stage, particularly those who are lovers of music. With this music hat, there will be no more cases of ear ache and falling ear buds. What’s more, it also helps keep your son warm when the weather is cold outside.


#20 Harvil Indoor Foosball Table

This Foosball table is an amazing gift for teens! It is perfect for beginner and intermediate players, and it comes with everything needed to get started right away. The table has a stylish and sleek look, meaning it’s the perfect addition to any room. The legs of the table are completely solid, keeping it stable even during intense games! It also offers smoother action than some tables, with less friction to delay the game. It even comes with a silver abacus for keeping score.


#21 Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

Reading this book will help in exposing growing teens to kitchen chemistry, culinary vocabulary and also how to avoid kitchen disasters. It is a great gift for boys who are moving away for college soon, to help them learn to fend for themselves.

This teen cook guide features over seventy tasty recipes on how to prepare snacks, breakfasts, dessert, dinners and sides. With this cooking guide, teens will conquer kitchen struggles without having to set the house on fire.

It is common for teenagers to like only what they like or eat only what they are interested in eating. Instead of selecting what they would want to eat or not, why not introduce them on how to prepare their own meals. You might find your child is more likely to try new things after preparing it themselves.


#22 Kidzlane Infrared Laser Gun

If you want your son to have maximum fun at his birthday party, this is the perfect choice of gift. The laser tag guns can be used both indoors and outdoors, so no matter what the weather, they can be enjoyed. Safety was taken into consideration when designing this gun, as it emits infrared signals below 1mW therefore making it perfectly safe to use.

It comes with four different colored guns, meaning four people can play together. The guns offer a fun and realistic sound when the enemy is hit, which makes it even more exciting to play.

These guns vibrate and light up while shooting. They also come with different shots, life bars and booming sounds which helps keep teenage boys occupied. Playing with these guns is also a great way to help teenage boys get and stay active.


#23 Stomp Super High Performance Extreme Rocket

Rated as the best in stomp performance, this is one toy that proves to be one hundred percent fun for everyone who plays with it. Adults can also join in on the fun and choose to play this game with kids. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy some fun and laughter together. It is easy to play with, easy to assemble and also requires no batteries for operation.

All that is required when playing with this toy is for kids to run, jump and stomp this rocket as high as four hundred feet into the air – longer than a football field! The rocket can be used anywhere – in the yard, at the beach or even on vacation. It’s sure to be loads of fun and is great for helping older kids stay active.


What To Get A 16 Year Old Boy For Christmas

It is difficult to find the right gift for a 16 year old boy because this is the part of his life where he is solely thinking about things that are beneficial to him and not just something to play with for fun. Check out the top rated products listed below which would catch the interest of every 16 year old boy out there;

  • Kindle Fire – This is every teen’s dream as they can make use of it in listening to music, sending and receiving mails as well as for reading books. This is a multi-purpose device which allows easy access to download several games and apps. It also comes with a bedtime limit which parents can use if they feel their teen is staying up too late using their device.
  • Nintendo 2DS XL – This is an affordable handheld Nintendo gaming system with lots of amazing features and functions. Friends with the same gaming system can actually play together, perfect for making the bus to school more fun!
  • Penny Board – This is an affordable skateboard which kids would find fun to use for cruising from place to place. Kids who walk to school would love to own this as it proves to be a fast ride, and loads of fun.
  • The Manual To Manhood – This is a book for teens that talks about numerous skills every teen boy must possess. It is quite easy to read and informative too.
  • Spikeballs – This is a fun, portable and easy to play game as all it requires is to bounce the ball on the net but in a competitive and fast paced manner. This is one item that enhances several skills in kids and can be carried along to play anywhere.


What Should I Get a 16 Year Old Boy for His Birthday?

Teenage boys can be extremely difficult to buy for, especially if they already have everything. If your son will be learning to drive at age 16 and has his own car, you could get him some accessories for his car. You could choose seat covers and steering wheel covers to allow him to customize the car. A hands-free cell phone holder is also great, or perhaps a Bluetooth headset so can communicate safely whilst driving.

Any of the gifts in our review would be excellent for a birthday. If your teenager is into gadgets and technology, you could really spoil him with a new games console or cellphone. If he already has a console, you could get him a new game or some accessories to go with it. For teens who are happy with their phone, accessories might also be a good idea. You could get a new case, a wireless charger or pay for him to sign up to a music or video streaming service he can use via his phone.



Considerations When Shopping for a Boy Aged 16

There are a few things worth keeping in mind when shopping for a teenage boy. You should take his personality and likes and dislikes into account, and make sure not to choose something too childish. Also think about what he already has – there might be something you can buy to add to an existing collection. For example, if your child collects LEGO sets, why not try a more advanced set as there are many aimed at those aged 16 and over.


What are the Best Types of Gift for Teenage Boys?

Many children this age like technology, so a new gadget is usually always a great choice. We have included a few gadgets here, although if you are really wanting to spoil your son you could buy him a new console or a tablet perhaps. Kids love keeping up with the latest tech, so be sure to do your research to ensure you don’t buy something which is old and outdated.

Event tickets are great for teenagers too. You could buy them a ticket to see their favorite sporting team, or a concert by his favorite band. If there is an event taking place near his birthday, you could buy tickets for your son and a few friends in place of having a party or buying lots of presents.

If your boy is at the age where he likes to spend most of his time in his room, you could buy him some posters or signs to make it more personal. You could also get him a large bean bag or a new gaming chair to make the room more comfortable to relax in. Some teenagers prefer to have money and gift vouchers so they can choose their own presents. This can help take the headache out of finding great gifts, but there is something nice about having a few surprise gifts to open on a special day.



Adolescents sometimes are misled by the many choices that comes their way but we hope that this well detailed list on the 21 best gift ideas for 16 year old boy will be helpful in figuring out a suitable gift for your teenage boy.

Best Christmas gifts for teenagers 2020: Cool present ideas for boys and girls


f you don’t know your TikTok from your Snapchat, shopping for teenagers presents a struggle like no other.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends at the best of time but for teens, it changes so regularly. They’ll be into something one day and have grown out of it the next – which makes the gift exchange process nothing short of a nightmare.

Luckily, we have got you covered. We have gathered gifts that work for teens of every age. Things to suit that in-between stage where they’re no longer kids but still not fully-fledged adults.

To take you from Christmas, to birthdays via Bat Mitzvah, Diwali, Eid or exam results treats, we have you covered with things they’ll actually want.

Our sure-fire present pleasers have fashion, beauty, tech and more that every teenage boy or girl will adore.

See more of our designated gift guides here:

Google Pixel 5

The latest addition to the Google Pixel family, the 5 takes the phone to the next level. It comes in two covetable colourways; green and black, has a super slim silhouette, water-resistance, an ultra-long battery life, and the piece de resistance – a dual 12.2 and 16MP ultra-wide camera for the best snaps to date. It is also available at a more purse-friendly price tag and with a more durable construction, which make it ideal for teens.



Cricut Joy Portable Label Maker

Call it the Home Edit effect but we are all obsessed with organising – including the chaotic teen in your life who could use all the help they can get. Enter Cricut Joy and its label maker that is so much more. Compact and lightweight, it is a cutting and writing machine with a world of possibilities to make personalisation a breeze. Encourage them to get creative by producing their own stickers and cards that can be completely customised.


Beats Flex

Dre by Beats is making its celebrity-favourite headphones more accessible than ever with an under £50 price tag. Boasting the same premium sound that we’ve come to know and love from the brand, there are also a whole host of innovative features such as automatic playing when the buds are in-ear, but pausing when they are around the neck. They are magnetic and so are tangle free and there’s an impressive 12 hours of listening.


Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

It’s a given that all phones come with a built-in camera these days, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them of the joys of an instant camera that can print photos out in seconds.  

Enter Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini 11, which comes in a selection of fun pastel colours: white, blue and purple in addition to blush pink. It automatically adjusts shutter speed so she’ll get perfect pics whether she’s on a sunny beach or at a day disco. There’s also a mirror on the front and a pop-out lens to ace selfies the first time around.


Requires 2AA batteries and takes Instax Mini Film – sold separately.

P D Paola Engrave Me Collection

Give your gift the personal touch with the help of Spanish jewellery label P D Paola. The brand is offering adorable trinket-like pieces with necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms that you can have engraved with the initial of your giftee. The jewellery is crafted from quality materials with 18k gold plating. There are the likes of keys and padlocks but our personal favourite has to be these dainty hoops with a dangly heart charm. 

P D Paola

Hover-1 Superstar Hoverboard

Forget 2020, this present will transport them to 3020 with its hi-tech design. The hoverboard may not be exactly what Back to the Future II told us it would be but it’s still a fun and futuristic way to travel. The board is super easy to use, fun and most importantly – safe as the max speed is only six miles per hour. It is also complete with LED wheels and foot pads and has a Bluetooth speaker built-in.


Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa in Plum

The Amazon Echo Dot is now one of the most popular smart speakers. While streaming music through Spotify, Apple, Amazon and more, it is also complete with smart assistant Alexa that comes in handy for asking important questions, reminders, weather checks, news updates and much more. The Echo Dot has been given an extra special stylish makeover with a plum fabric addition.


Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow

This sure-fire crowd-pleaser from Nintendo will be sure to trigger squeals of delight come Christmas morning. The handheld console continues to be one of the most popular devices with games like Animal Crossing becoming particularly sought-after during lockdown. It comes in a variety of colours but we like this fun yellow shade.


No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg

It’s hard not to feel inspired by Swedish schoolgirl Greta who has become the rallying voice of her generation in the global battle against climate change. This inspirational paperback explains how to make societal changes in the simplest way in an event to slow global warming. It’s a slim book at just 80 pages so we suggest pairing this with another gift in our edit to make it suit the occasion.

Urban Outfitters

Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet

If there’s one jewellery brand enjoying a moment with practically all of the West’s teenage girls, its Pandora. It’s covetable, iconic bracelets can be worn solo or personalised with a string of cute charms, ranging from Disney to timeless favourites to build their own ‘style story’.

The brand has collaborated with Stranger Things and Enola Holmes star Milly Bobby Brown on her personal edit of charms and what they mean to her. See the story and shop her charms here.


Fjallraven Rucksack Kanken

You can’t move on the tube for these cult Swedish backpacks and with good reason. They come in an array of cheerful colours and their simple and functional bags really go the distance, in good weather and bad. They may look compact but they can fit in more than you’d think.


Sportspower 8ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

For a gift that will be sure to get them away from screens, enter this epic trampoline from Sportspower. It has a Quad Lok frame that is easy to erect and deconstruct when needed with strong springs for superior bouncing quality and added safety through the enclosure.


Lifetime Streamline Portable Basketball System

We’ve all spent more time at home than ever before and with this gift, it will get the budding athlete in your life on their feet and enjoying some fresh air away from consoles, phones, laptops and iPads. There are simple and easy instruction to follow to assemble. Once built, its a sturdy product with a sand base and a durable net.


The Little Botanical Sansevieria Duo Plant Set

Brighten up their room with the addition of these two plants housed in attractive ceramic pots. It includes a Sansevieria Spikey and Sansevieria punk which are known for their air-purifying effects. While certainly looking good, it will also encourage them to get their green thumbs waggling.

John Lewis

adidas Cold.RDY Down Jacket

Nailing both style and substance, Adidas’ Cold.RDY range is on-hand to help your giftee withstand the elements. For us Brits, once thing is certain, rain is coming. Keep your teen protected with the help of this down jacket that is made from an innovative wind and water-resistant fabric that reduces heat loss and maximises warmth. There is also a nod to sustainability as it is crafted from recycled materials.


Palace Skateboards

A favourite with the street style set, beloved British skateboard label Palace may have sorted your gifting concerns. The brand offers decks adorned with unique, eye-popping graphic designs. These can either be used as wall art or pop wheels into your basket so that they use as intended as a skateboard and be ready to take it to the streets.


Tobar Flashing Hula Hoop

For a fun new pastime, it doesn’t get flashier than this light-up hula hoop. This hoop breaks down into pieces too, so it can be stored away easily until the next performance.


Lulu Guinness Socks

Cheerful bright socks always go down well, but especially with teens who are still trying to lock down their own sense of style. From Lulu Guinness, this set of three add splashes of lilac and pink to an otherwise monochrome palette.

Lulu Guinness

Studio Creator Video Making Kit

Give your budding movie star everything they need to get started with this Canal Toys kit, which will guide them on making, editing and sharing video content.  

Whether they dream of going viral on TikTok, unbox like a pro on Stories, or forge a glittering vlogging career on YouTube, this set will help them achieve greatness – from a ring light to handset tripod and even a green screen so you can edit in your own background! There’s also a guidebook full of helpful advice and tips to assist your budding social media star. Watch out Hollywood.

Canal Toys

Urban Outfitters Moon Banner

They probably already have their own set of fairy lights (and if they don’t you can find battery operated ones here) but you can help give them an upgrade with this beautiful meal banner which shows all the phases of the waxing and waning moon.

Urban Outfitters

Ariana Grande Cloud EDP

If your new teen worships pop star du jour Ariana Grande they’ll love one of her fragrances. Cloud EDP comes in an Insta-friendly bottle shaped like the clouds and sun. Never mind 13 year-olds, we’d happily get this for ourselves. You also can’t go wrong with the pop princess’ latest R.E.M fragrance.

The Perfume Shop

The World is Yours Leafy Globe Wall Art A3

A lovely illustration to remind them to explore, seek adventure and conquer the world is just the arty encouragement they need as they step into their teenage years.

Oliver Bonas

Lush Rosie Gift Set

Give her a pampering treat with this gift set of floral scented products for bath and body. It’s the ultimate gift for beauty lovers, all themed around a luxurious rose fragrance. Inside you’ll find a bouquet of rose-scented bath products such as Rose Jam bubbling bath bomb, Ro’s Argan body conditioner, Rose Jam shower gel and Rose Jam body spray.


Corkcicle Canteen

Reducing plastic consumption is on everyone’s list of priorities, teens included.

Give your teen a helping hand with this pink floral canteen from Corkcicle. Holding 473ml, it will ensure they stay properly hydrated throughout the day and keeps drinks cold for 25 hours and hot for up to 12.


Central 23 Moonlight Garden Daily Planner

Teenhood is a weird and thrilling time, full of change and first-times. Let your 13 year-old record all her thoughts, wishes and dreams in this beautiful planner, illustrated with a moon and magical botanical print. Each page will help them plan ahead for daily and monthly tasks, all on recycled paper.

Urban Outfitters

60 Best Gifts for Teen Boys 2021

PeopleImagesGetty Images

It can be tough to figure out exactly what your teen is into these days. Which headphones are they wearing? Are video games still cool? What exactly is a gaming chair? Because finding the perfect gift is a bit of a guessing game, we’ve compiled a great list of top-notch gifts for teenage boys. Because if you’re like us, you’d rather be on the mark and avoid another eye-roll session!

This list has a lot of what teenage boys want (cool hoodies, LED lights) and a little of what they need (that portable charger will come in handy for you, too!). Got more than one son to shop for? We’ve got nearly every age covered. Be sure to browse our best gifts for 10-year-old boys, gifts for 12-year-old boys, gifts for 13-year-old boys, and more. And for the teenage girl on your list, we’ve got you covered with best gifts for teenage girls, too.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a splurge-worthy birthday surprise or an affordable “just because” present, we hope these gift ideas for 2021 will make your shopping a little easier—and we’re betting your boy might just crack a smile. Okay, we won’t hold our breaths but these gifts are bound to make him happy on the inside and he just might tell his friends about them, too.

View Gallery 60 Photos

1 of 60

Drone with Camera

Holy Stone


Fair warning: You might find yourself fighting for drone time yourself! 

2 of 60

4,200+ Ratings

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

“Oh my—got some laughs out of this one!!!!” reads one review of this addicting game. 

3 of 60

Gaming Chair



Our hope is this adjustable ergonomic chair will come in handy for long homework and study sessions, but we know the main activity it will see is video games. Truth. 

4 of 60

Led Strip Lights



He spends all of his time in his room. Might as well help him deck it out in these fun colored lights.

5 of 60

12,00+ Reviews

Charging Hub

He’ll have all of his devices charged and at the ready with this handy station.

6 of 60

Headphone Stand

Tidy up his desktop with this headphone stand. And it comes with three USB charging ports!

7 of 60

Bedside Shelf



This simple shelf that attaches to the side of the bed will corral all the things he’s always looking for—the remote, his phone, his ear buds…

8 of 60

Gaming Monitor



The curved monitor of this LED monitor will really up their gaming cred with their bros.

9 of 60

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones

Beats $299.95

$186.99 (38% off)

The noise-canceling technology means they don’t hear you, and you don’t hear what they’re listening to. It’s a win-win!

10 of 60

Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Size Chart


For the many hours he spends gaming, get him these blue light blockers to protect those precious eyes of his! 

11 of 60

Segway Ninebot Scooter


This is not the scooter he rode as a little kid! This heavy-duty model from Segway travels up to 15 mph for a distance of 15 miles. Trust us, the whole family will line up for a turn.

12 of 60

Southpole Boys’ Big Jogger Fleece Pants



He’ll appreciate a pair of these pants during the colder months when he’s running around outside, never quite wearing the right amount of layers, of course. They can be PJs too!

13 of 60

152,000+ Ratings

Apple AirPods Pro

Every kid wants AirPods, for their cool factor—and because they’ll give your teen a better way to listen to his favorite tunes.

14 of 60

For the Music Lover

DropMix Music Gaming System

This fast-paced music mixing game requires you to use “DropMix” cards to keep the music going. This will be a big hit with all of your son’s friends, too.

15 of 60

Add a Pizza Gift Card!

Pizza Throw Blanket

Special delivery! It’s a blanket that looks like a giant pizza pie. Throw in a gift card to his favorite pizza place for fun.

16 of 60

Stephen Curry Basketball MasterClass


Sign him up for a 17-session class with none other than NBA superstar Steph Curry. For $15 per month, he’ll learn shooting, ball handling, and form from one of the league’s best.

17 of 60

Lined Crocs

Trust us, Crocs are back in a big way! Get him a lined pair to wear during colder months.

18 of 60

Hanging Travel Bag/Dopp Kit

A handy, hanging dopp kit is just the thing to keep his essentials all in one place. Multiple compartments keep things organized.

19 of 60

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This portable (and waterproof) bluetooth speaker means he can take his music everywhere he goes—even in the shower!

20 of 60

For the Budding Musician

Fender Acoustic Guitar



This bundle comes with everything you need to start playing your new acoustic guitar.

21 of 60

Starbucks $25 Gift Card



He may not be super into coffee just yet, but his girlfriend might be!

22 of 60

Layla Weighted Blanket

621 review(s)


This ultra-cozy weighted blanket might make it even harder to get him out of bed in the morning, but the good night’s sleep will be worth it. Bonus: It’s machine-washable!

23 of 60

Do Not Disturb Socks

Talk about a funny gift! Your favorite gamer will get a kick out of these hilarious “Do Not Disturb” socks.

24 of 60

Comes In Tons of Colors

The North Face Hoodie

The North Face


Every teen boy loves a hoodie. This style from The North Face comes in tons of colors and will keep him warm in the fall and winter.

25 of 60

Cool Find

Bluetooth Beanie

It looks like a regular knit cap, but it actually serves two purposes: keeping his noggin warm and playing music through built-in headphones.

26 of 60

Wooden Yo-Yo

Maple Landmark

He’ll appreciate the throw-back vibe of this Made-in-the-USA toy. Call it the new fidget spinner!

27 of 60

Cool Find!

Cinema Style Light Box



Think of this light box as his next-level version of a letter board. It comes with everything he’ll need to create flashy messages of his own.

28 of 60

Editor’s Choice

Learn How to Play Guitar

This video-based class, subtitled “A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Chords and Types,” is an easy way to get your young musician into the art of the electric guitar with lessons from Grammy winner Tom Morello!

29 of 60

For the Internet-Obsessed

What Do You Meme? Game

Speak their language! This meme-inspired game will have them laughing for hours. 

30 of 60

Wash for Everyone

Let’s face it…most teenage boys could use a little help in the hygiene department. Pair this subtly scented body wash with a refillable bottle for an eco-friendly gift.

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45 Best Gifts for Teen Boys 2021 | The Strategist

Photo: Sony Pictures Releasing

As opinionated as teenage boys are, they can be a bit hard to read. It can be difficult to get them to speak in more than one-word sentences, much less get thorough insights into their tastes. To find the coolest gifts that will put smiles on the faces of this particularly tough audience, we spoke to 15 teenage boys about the things they’re currently coveting. Read on for their thoughts on the best gifts for young athletes (a heated foot massager), whether an Xbox is still a good idea (it is), and who makes the best fleece (Patagonia, of course). We’ve checked stock for all these products to make sure they’ll ship in time for Christmas, but shipping and availability are subject to change the closer we get to December 25 (and we’ve marked which ones won’t arrive in time), so don’t dillydally. And if you’ve got adolescent girls in your life, be sure to check out our lists of the best gifts for teenage and tween girls, too.

Video games, of course, are a perennially popular gift among teen boys. There are endless options to choose from, but a sure bet, according to 14-year-old Jeremy, is to go for “the 2020 version of popular sports games.” These games are updated every year with new players and features, and if someone has been playing the 2019 edition, it’s safe to assume they’ll want the latest.

Three of the teen boys we talked to say Madden NFL 20 (available for Xbox One and PS4) is at the top of their list, including 12-year-old Mateus, who has been playing the 2019 version with his brother. “As soon as they release the new game, they stop updating the old one,” he says, adding that the new one also has some new features he’s excited about, like an option for creating your own custom player, or using players from the past. If the teenage boy on your list isn’t into football, there’s always FIFA 20 and NBA 2K20 (available for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch), as well as NHL 20 (available for Xbox One and PS4) — all of which were also mentioned.

“A lot of my friends are really excited about the latest Call of Duty ,” says 16-year-old Sean. Jeremy also thinks this game would make a great gift. He doesn’t personally play it, but told us, “I know a lot of people like it.” It’s available for Xbox One and PS4.

If you’re really looking to impress the teen boy in your life and he doesn’t already have a video-game console, the teen boys we spoke with recommend the Xbox One and PlayStation. “I’m pretty sure the PlayStation 5 is on every teen boy’s list and it is most definitely on mine,” says 14-year-old actor Joey Rippo. “I love playing live with friends, so getting the PlayStation 5 for the holidays this year would be epic,” he adds. Or, you could always get an Xbox One. The latest model is a “disc-free” console designed with cloud gaming in mind (generally, all the big new releases are available to purchase and download online). You can also opt for an Xbox One that takes discs, if you prefer, but one bonus of this disc-free console is that it comes with free download codes for Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite. Currently, both are pretty much sold out across the board, so you won’t be able to get it in time for the holidays (unless you buy on resell sites like eBay or StockX), but it’d be great to keep in mind for an upcoming birthday.

The Nintendo Switch became the game of the pandemic, and it sold out. But it seems to be back in stock these days, and it’d be a great gift for a teen boy. Seventeen-year-old Simi told us this is the “*fire emoji*” item at the moment. “While we wait for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Nintendo Switch has become the hottest console this season,” he tells us, adding that he loves how its compatibility means you can play “nostalgic Mario and Zelda games, and new online multiplayer options” such as this year’s social-distancing favorite, Animal Crossing. (If it does sell out again, we rounded up a few excellent alternatives just in case.) You can still get this in time with expedited shipping, but, if you can, you can also buy it to pick up in store to guarantee you’ll have it in time.

For something a touch more interactive — and high tech — Joey has his eyes set on this VR headset. “This VR tops my wish list this year,” he says, because it “has 50 percent more pixels than the original and it’s an all-in-one wireless system,” you don’t have to deal with a separate console, which he thinks is pretty cool. The headset gives you access to the entire Quest content library, which includes games like Jurassic World Aftermath, Warhammer 40,000, The Walking Dead, and more, so he’ll have lots to choose from. Right now, this won’t arrive until January (even picking it up in store), so unless your kid can hold out for two weeks, we suggest choosing something different.

If you’d prefer not to encourage more screen time via the video-game route, there are still some analog options. Gus, 13, plays Magic the Gathering, and says the Core Set is a great gift for anyone who plays or might like to pick up a new hobby.

“In the year 2020, what’s better than a wireless phone charger that also sanitizes your phone,” asks Joey. Because the pandemic is still underway, taking extra precaution with sanitizing, well, everything is a pretty good idea, and our devices are among the dirtiest things we own. Once you put your device in — it fits most cell phones with room to spare — the UV lights run for three minutes, then it starts to actually charge your phone with its Qi-enabled surface. This is now sold out, but there are other UV sanitizers you can buy, like this one from Mophie, which will arrive in time and with expedited shipping.

Matt, an 18-year-old who just started his first year of college, says he’s hoping to get this Razor electric skateboard. “It would be so easy and fun to go around campus with,” he says. According to the company, the skateboard can reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour, and the battery is made to last through 40 minutes of continuous use. Riders control the speed with an included remote, and if it ever runs out of juice, it also works as a standard, old-fashioned skateboard. Unfortunately, this particular model of skateboard is on back order until next year, but you can find some electric scooters as an alternate here, or check out Hamilton star Anthony Ramos’s favorite here.

We’re big fans of Roku’s smart devices, which allow any television to stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more, and according to Simi, teenage boys are, too. “Any teenager who has a TV, be it for video games or whatnot, loves the Roku player.” He explains that it’s a particularly great device for teens because it gives them easy access to all their favorite streaming services for the TV, while allowing them to also do other things on their laptops and phones at the same time.

Photo: Reid, Hilary

Ben, 17, told us his friends have been pooling their money together recently to buy each other Cameos on their birthdays from their favorite celebrities. For the uninitiated, Cameo is a service where users can choose from hundreds of notable figures, any of whom will record a 30-second custom video message of their choice, for a fee. “You can choose from athletes, actors, reality stars, musicians, and more,” Ben told us. “It’s as fun for the giver as it is for the recipient, as everyone has it on their phone forever.” We suggest making contact with their best friend to find out who they’d really want to get a message from.

Matt also has his eye on this compact NutriBullet blender, which would be an especially great gift for anyone living in a dorm because it takes up little space and comes with everything one needs: Two different blades, a 24-ounce blender cup, two 18-ounce serving cups, and a selection of lids and storage accessories. Of the blender itself, Matt says, “It’s super portable and I love smoothies.”

Gus and Sean both say they could use a good portable charger for their phones and other devices. “I feel like I’m always borrowing those from people,” says Sean, who wants something small enough “to put in my backpack and have it in school” for whenever necessary. We’ve written about this portable charger before, and Anker comes recommended to us by tech writers and celebrities alike. It’s slim enough to fit in any bag, and it even comes with its own cord, so you don’t have to worry about finding something to plug in.

Or, for a little more clout, this wireless charger comes recommended by Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, who’s 16. “I take a lot of pictures with my cast members on set so I can post them to social media later in the year — that’s what uses up the battery most,” he says. This power bank ensures he can always have a charged phone wherever he is.

Bluetooth speakers are a great go-to gift for teen boys. As Simi reminded us, “What do teenage boys love more than blasting meaningless music at the highest possible volume?” Sean told us that JBL is known to make some of the best, and a lot of his classmates have them. It’s a favorite of Schnapp, too. Sean says he’s hoping to get one, which he likes because it’s “small enough that you can bring it with you, but very loud.” It’s also waterproof. At this point, lots of colors won’t arrive before Christmas, so make sure you check before buying.

Sean is a musician, but he says this keyboard would be a great gift for anyone — whether they already play or not. He has a similar model in his room, and says his friends love playing around with it when they come over. “They want a keyboard so they can learn,” he explains. Something like this would be good to start out on, he says, adding that you can also use it to experiment with different sound effects or make electronic music.

Believe it or not, teenagers (both boys and girls) are into vinyl. Joey is hoping to get this Audio-Technica turntable for the holidays — which is pretty much sold out across the board at this point, but we have alternatives, here  so he can start a vinyl collection of his own. Because it’s just a turntable, not a record player, you need to hook it up to speakers in order to actually hear the record play. If that sounds like too much work, Sean recommends an all-in-one style record player with built-in speakers for someone just getting into records. He thinks something like this, which has a built-in Bluetooth, would be very practical: “I don’t have many records, so it would be nice to have something that can connect to my phone” or to a Bluetooth speaker.

Wireless headphones are another of the most wished-for items among the teen boys (and teen girls) we talked to. “Everyone wants AirPods,” says Sean, who told us they’re “extremely popular with kids my age.” Seventeen-year-old Ethan points out that these headphones are particularly useful for online classes, especially if multiple people are working in the same room together. The AirPods Pro are about $100 more expensive than the standard AirPods, but both have wireless charging cases. The main difference between them is that the Pros have a better battery life and active noise cancellation. Another teen, 15-year-old Antonio, told us he’d actually prefer the slightly older AirPods because they’re smaller and the case is more compact. “The new ones are cool,” he says, but his priority is having something that’s easy to carry around. Either way, to get a further sense of teenage boys’ enthusiasm for the both of the pods, Simi told us they’re both the “best headphones of all time.”

Matt also told us he’s hoping for some wireless headphones, but specifically covets this pair from Powerbeats. “These would be awesome for listening to music while studying, going to the gym or watching movies,” he says. Unlike the AirPods, these are really designed with sports and activity in mind, so they might be a better choice for athletes who like to listen to music while running or working out.

These come recommended to us by rapper Tyla Yaweh. He’s not a teen now, but his parents gifted him Beats when he was a teen. As Yaweh says, “There’s nothing better.” The black he owns is currently on back order, but you can still get the red, white, and yellow colors in time for Christmas.

For listening to music at home, more traditional full-size headphones might make a better option, and Gus really likes these ones from Sennheiser, known for their audiophile-approved headphones. The velour-lined headband and ear cups, along with the “open back” design, should make for a very comfortable listening experience.

Editor’s note: These Sennheiser headphones currently are out of stock, but here’s an alternative from the same brand.

“Comfortable clothing” was mentioned by every single teenage boy we spoke with — hoodies, in particular. “Hoodies are great, and I could always use some more,” says Sean. He’s a big fan of the classic Champion hoodie, and would want one in a simple color like blue, black, or gray. Antonio also told us he can’t get enough Champion hoodies: “I already have a gray one, so maybe black or red.”

Sean and Mateus both named Nike as one of the best brands for casual, comfortable clothing, and we think this hoodie would be another great all-purpose option for the teenage boy you’re shopping for. It’s made from a comfortable and breathable cotton-poly blend, and even though a lot of the boys want clothing in black and gray, we think this green is almost as neutral and a little different. This one also has a vintage athletic look that a lot of the boys told us they like. Right now, there’s no guarantee this will get here in time for Christmas, but Macy’s does offer in-store pickup if it’s available near you.

“Most guys like to have a few hoodies they can choose from,” says Ethan. He checks Amazon for hoodies — where you can find the Champion ones we mentioned above — but his favorite clothing store is Hollister because their hoodies go with anything “from jeans to t-shirts” and they’re comfortable. If your teen isn’t into logos, which Hollister is known for, this one is relatively simple. It also comes in burgundy and yellow. Guaranteed delivery for Christmas has passed, but, like most stores, you can still order to pick up in store if available near you.

Under Armour was also named as a popular clothing brand by Sean and Mateus, who told us that he really likes the look of the brand’s short-sleeve hoodies. “You can show off your muscles,” he jokes, and the shorter sleeves mean it would also be comfortable “in the spring, or inside.” Mateus is also a fan of Under Armour sweatpants. “I’d probably wear them everywhere; at school or at home.” He couldn’t decide on a color, but says black or gray are both good options. Certain colors and sizes will arrive before Christmas, so make sure to check that before checking out.

For a sportier style of lounge pant, Gus likes these Adidas track pants, with the classic three stripes down the leg.

“This fleece looks really comfy and fresh,” says Jack. “Also, Patagonia is known to have well-made and long-lasting clothes.” Given how much we’ve written about Patagonia, we couldn’t agree more. Its stuff holds up well, and the Snap-T fleece is a classic style for any age.

[Editor’s Note: While still available, there’s limited sizing across the board for these pullovers.]

Sneakers were also really popular among the teenage boys we spoke to. “I need more casual stuff,” says Jack. He singled out these Vans Old Skool sneakers as a great option. And if Jack’s opinion isn’t convincing enough, you can shop easy knowing that our Resident Cool Guy, Chris Black and model (and brother to Bella and Gigi Hadid) Anwar Hadid are also a big fan of the brand.

“It’s kind of a trend right now and everyone has them,” says Schnapp. And everyone who doesn’t have them wants them, so if your teen doesn’t, perhaps you should get him some. Some sizes will arrive before Christmas, so make sure to double-check before buying.

Schnapp also says every teen owns Converses (a shoe you probably wore when you were a teen).

Nike fan Mateus really likes these old-school Huaraches, in black. “They look good. I can’t say they feel good because I haven’t worn them, but they look comfortable.” They’re also available in a bolder all-red. Another thing we like about the Huaraches: they’re a nice (slightly less ubiquitous) alternative to another teen favorite, Nike Air Force 1s. There’s no guaranteed delivery on these, but you can pick up in store if available.

This backpack came up a lot when we spoke to 100 teens on what they actually think is cool. It’s functional and nice-looking. Plus, it has lots of space to hold notebooks and pencils with some 2020 necessities, like extra masks and hand sanitizer.

Three of the boys we spoke to said shoes were high on their wish list — specifically basketball-related kicks. Seventeen-year-old Tomer told us he and his friends “really like any Jordans” because they usually have a “cool, simple design you can wear with anything.” He says he wears his (more affordable) gray-and-black ones all the time, but the next pair he wants are the newer, extremely in-demand “Breds” — inspired by the Black and Red of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls — which came out last year. “I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re comfortable to play in, too,” he says.

Until he’s lucky enough to get his hands on those Jordans, Tomer says he’ll continue to play basketball in his beloved — and equally rare — Kobe 4s. “They’re just comfortable,” he says. “They feel like a running shoe, but at the same time, they’re more supportive for your ankles — which is essential for playing.”

If the teenage boy you have in mind is lucky enough to have a yard at his home, or live close to a park, Simi says he and his friends believe SpikeBall is “the best game to play outside (or even indoors with enough space).” The classic activity follows a simple set of rules: there are two teams, and every player on each team must touch the ball before it returns to the net, never letting it touch the ground. If they don’t, the other team takes a point. First to 21 wins!

Tomer tells us his mom bought herself a Theragun (the popular athlete’s massage device we’ve investigated before), and that after borrowing hers every day, he now really wants his own. “You put it on your muscles when you’re sore, or after you work out, and it releases a lot of tension,” he tells us. Orders placed now will arrive after Christmas at Therabody, but you can get it in time by ordering from Best Buy.

Jack, 17, is a varsity tennis player, and he told us this shiatsu foot massager is at the top of his wish list. “As an athlete, I love massages. I go get body and foot massages whenever I can, but I also enjoy those electric massagers, and if I had one, I would use it at home a lot.” (Bonus: It has a “heat” setting for the winter.)

If you’re truly stumped on what to buy — or need a last minute gift — one thing we learned from our mini-focus group of teenage boys: they love gift cards. “Gift cards are amazing for anything and everything,” says Jeremy. When someone doesn’t know what to get him, he says a gift card from Target or Amazon is best: “They have everything.”

For something a bit more specific, Ethan recommends a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card, too. “I drink a lot of coffee,” he says, so he always appreciates getting a gift card for his favorite coffee spots.

Jack also recommends gifting an Apple Music subscription. “It’s amazing, and I use it every day. I think it would be an awesome gift.” Unfortunately, there is no option to gift an actual subscription, but if you buy an iTunes gift card, the balance can be applied toward an Apple Music subscription. A physical gift card is a nice touch, but you can also buy an electronic version on your way to the holiday party and have it sent via email.

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90,000 Birthday present for 16 years old boy, boy, boy, son, friend

The more friends a 16-year-old has, the more useless nonsense he will have after his birthday. Unfortunately, this often happens when, before the birthday, they do not turn to to choose gifts from “SuperHelper”. That is why, starting from the age of 7, a huge number of all kinds of players, boxes for discs, various backpacks and many other unnecessary items accumulate in a guy’s room.

What to give a 16 year old boy? The question is actually quite simple. It is necessary to give the gift that will be interesting to him. By the age of 16, hobbies are already clearly defined, and this is music, computer, weapons, sports. So, based on these basic hobbies, “Super Helper” will give out the best ideas from the TOP-100 gifts for a 16-year-old boy for his birthday.

At this age, most guys are seriously into music. They enjoy listening to their favorite performers, going to their concerts and collecting their records.They create their own musical groups, write music, seriously rehearse and dream of a stunning career as a musician. In this case, from what to give for the 16th birthday, there may be the following gifts:

– a guitar or other musical instrument – for an enthusiastic guy this will be the best gift from that that can be given for 16 years ;

– a set of discs with recordings of your favorite artist – there is nothing to say, a gift that will definitely satisfy the creative needs of a 16-year-old boy;

– tickets to a concert of your favorite band – and to go with the whole company of friends – the best creative gift from friends.

If you think what to give to your best friend who is fond of sports, then in this case you can pay attention to the following gifts:

– professional sports bow – an expensive chic gift for an athlete;

– mini-exercise machine – for those who support a sports figure there is no better gift.

For fans of electronic gadgets and computer games:

– Far Cry is a computer game that can become the most demanded gift for a true connoisseur.

For those who are fond of weapons, give:

– machete – just be sure to take a coin for this gift – such a sign;

– crossbow – a cool gift for a connoisseur;

– souvenir weapon – no collector can resist such a gift.

Parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles “Super Helper” advises you not to give anything to the birthday boy and not to enter the portal catalog, just give your kid:

– money – and he will decide what to do with it.

And organize the holiday in such a way that the birthday person starts celebrating his birthday with his family, because no one can break old family traditions.

TOP – 400 gifts for a guy for 16 years can be viewed here.

# electronic gadgets as a gift

# sports gifts

# useful gifts

# cool gifts

# gifts for self-isolation

90,000 55 gifts for a teenage boy for 16-17 years old: win-win ideas

16-17 years – the period when a person enters adulthood.And for any man this is a special age. Some obligations are already beginning to appear, toys are fading into the background. The end of school is approaching, the first independent decisions, responsibility, awareness are ahead.

But you shouldn’t think that childhood is gone forever. For a man, it will never go away. And when a guy turns 17, he will be happy with both playful and entertaining gifts, as well as serious, masculine ones. Let’s consider in more detail.

TOP-55 best gifts

Notebook .Graduation from school and admission to the university are approaching. And soon the laptop will come in handy for the guy. For example, in order to play toys on a grid with fellow students in their free time.

Game console . Does the kid already have a video console? Never mind, PS5 is coming soon. The new model will not be left idle. The portable version will work too. The gambler will be happy with such a gift even more than a laptop.

Smartphone or tablet . A cell phone is a universal gift.For your beloved guy, he will become a symbol of your affection. For his son, a hint: now just try not to pick up the phone when his parents call.

Fashionable bike . Take care of the environment, get rid of cars, donate bicycles. Among young people, by the way, a cool bike is much more popular than a simple car.

Computer chair . The fifth point should be in comfort. Otherwise, neither play normally nor work. For a young guy, this is a fundamental moment.A gaming chair is suitable from friends (if there is enough money), from parents – a comfortable office chair.

SLR camera . There are only photographers and video bloggers around. Well, what can you do, it’s such a time. The SLR blurs the background cool, and the picture turns out just like in a movie. The smartphone will not repeat this, no matter how hard it tries (although it may already repeat it, the technology does not stand still).

Quadcopter . First of all, the planes, and then the girls. As anyone, of course. But it is quite possible to conquer the heavenly expanses even outside of long flights.And at the same time and something to shoot. The dachas of officials, for example.

Action Camera . Just because a camera is “action” does not mean that it only needs to capture motion. Although movement for a 17-year-old guy is a normal state. And when he comes out of this state, he will be pleased to review old videos and be charged with the energy of youth.

Smart watch . No, this accessory is not intended for those who lack their intelligence. Rather, the opposite is true.Some of the important tasks can be delegated to the gadget in order to take on more responsible matters.

VR glasses . In real life, there are also many interesting things, but it is so harsh that it can tire even a young guy. Sometimes it can be useful to immerse yourself in the virtual world. Dive in and reboot.

Certificate for training in driving school . At the age of 16-17, you can already take driving lessons and even take a license. Of course, bicycles rule, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to have a driver’s license.

Interactive robot . Invite the birthday boy to establish a dialogue with a mechanical creature, and maybe when the day of judgment comes, we will be able to negotiate with the rebellious machines.

Joystick, gamepad, controller . In fact, various toys and gadgets are the most desirable gifts for a 16-17 year old boy. Although he is entering adulthood, the most interesting games await him.

Portable speaker .As Nietzsche said, everything comes back. Earlier, fashionable guys walked with boomboxes, today there are more advanced devices. It is no longer necessary to carry the turntable on the shoulder, now they are equipped with straps.

Webcam and microphone . Guo, I created. Did you ask if your friend (son, boyfriend) tried to stream on webcam? If he is not averse to doing such an outrage, then give him this kit.

Musical instrument . For a musician, the best gift will be some kind of gadget, strings, belt, tuner, drum sticks.Or maybe you’ll fork out for a new guitar too. In general, ask around in the music stores, they will advise you what to buy for the musician.

Hoverboard . Or some other fancy transport: electric unicycle, segway, jumpers, electric scooter. From more old options – roller skates or skate.

Graphic tablet . Oh, these young people. And their watches are smart, and their phones are smart, and you can study through a laptop, and even draw without paper and canvas.For a guy-artist, such a tablet will be a wonderful gift.

🎨 What to give an artist for his birthday

Telescope . Every boy dreams of becoming an astronaut. Oh no, no one has dreamed for a long time. However, interest in space in our time not only has not disappeared, but has also increased significantly. And it’s just fun to gaze at the stars.

Sneakers . In a single pair of good, high quality, beautiful and comfortable sneakers, you can go through your whole life.Like Forrest Gump. The main thing is not to stand still, and no varicose veins are terrible.

RC toy . Infantilism is like an addiction, from which you need to gradually withdraw, reducing the dose. But in the case of men, this disease is incurable. So you can give your boy toys for the rest of his life.

Small punching bag . Why small? Yes, to make it easier to hang. If a guy does not box professionally, then a compact bag, 20 kilograms, will be enough for him.

Electric Shaver . The boy becomes a man, and the first signs of maturation appear on his face, which are also called secondary sexual characteristics. And all these signs need to be ennobled somehow.

Backpack . Of course, if your boyfriend has a strict dressing style, a leather briefcase is more suitable for him. But everyone else prefers brightly colored backpacks.

Wallet . When a man has his own money, you need to take care of their safety.Otherwise they will be confused. Until the guy has acquired a vigilant female supervision, a purse will help keep the pieces of paper.

Headphones . In our society, without headphones anywhere. And then you can accidentally hear enough of all sorts of nasty things. Therefore, music is the best friend of the modern teenager.

Fashionable wrist watch . Commander’s with a commemorative engraving is an accessory for adults. And for a young guy, something modern is more suitable.

Sweatshirt, merch .At the age of 16-17, it is especially important for a boy to look beautiful and stylish. And if the symbols of your favorite group flaunt on clothes, this is generally a delight.

Brand sunglasses . For example, Ray-Ban or Gucci. Will be an addition to a stylish look. Attention from peers and girls is guaranteed.

Bean bag . According to the rules of registration, where you nestle, there you sleep. If the guests have taken the most luxurious seats, the pear chair will be an excellent substitute for a berth.

E-book . The love of reading should always be encouraged. If you suddenly notice that a person is drawn to knowledge, immediately give him a reader.

Dumbbells . Well, for those who are drawn to sports, all kinds of metal shells are perfect. Including dumbbells and weights.

Video game . Like anything obsolete, video games are boring too. And although there is nowhere to store CDs, the novelty will always delight the gambler.Come on, is anyone else buying CDs?

Table football . Here the young people have gone, everyone is on their computers and on their phones! No need to slander, teenagers will also not refuse to play the good old kicker.

External battery or hard drive . There are so many gadgets around. But, when at least one of them is completely discharged, we immediately feel like without hands. Therefore, one more gadget is needed – a powerbank.

Gaming mouse and keyboard .If your friend has the coolest gaming computer, but for some reason does not have a stylish glowing keyboard, correct this misunderstanding.

Mini trainer . Such gizmos will not take up much space in the apartment. A cool thing is powerball. Both fun and hand workout.

Home slippers and bathrobe . There are cool USB heated slippers or, for example, grass slippers. And for the robe, you can order personal embroidery.

Hat and gloves .For those who have a birthday in the cold season, warm clothes will be a good gift. The boy will especially like the hat and gloves presented by his beloved girl and will be worn with love.

Darts . Favorite entertainment of people suffering from idleness: office golf, darts, toilet fishing … And also towns, skittles, billiards … But seriously, in order to kill time, all means are good.

Computer glasses .Everything is simpler here: we are not interested in brands, we should not chase after fashion. The main thing is that the glasses fulfill their protective function, and it is convenient for the person to work in them.

Light and music . Disco ball, fountain speakers and other fun additions to music players. You can arrange a disco right in your room. The main thing is not to disturb other household members.

Cool mask . On the Internet, you can find masks of movie characters, popular politicians, rock stars, computer game characters, etc.e. Throw a costume party, scare your family or just have fun with your friends.

Stylish shirt . The key word is stylish. Look online what young people are wearing these days if they are not deeply immersed in youth culture. Or ask the young man’s peers.

Table lamp . This can be a salt lamp, a floating light, a photographic light, or a 3D light. The gift is suitable for those who spend a lot of time reading books or working with papers.And a guy of 16-17 years old has a lot of such work ahead.

Ring . Men rarely wear jewelry, they are already beautiful. They are supposed to wear only rings, chains and bracelets. Usually such an adornment is a gift dear to the heart. The ring you donated will be the same.

Fancy alarm clock . Mom woke up to school, and in the university you have to get up yourself. This will help a miracle of technology – an alarm clock. There are many interesting models of this device: flying, running away, glowing, with a target, etc.d.

Creative piggy bank . The boy will soon become quite an adult, will earn money himself, will start saving up for something sensible. But it is not exactly. Just in case, give him a cool piggy bank or a small safe for future savings.

Attributes . For example, a figurine, costume, weapon of your favorite character in a computer game or movie. And if a person is fond of sports and is a fan of a football or hockey team, then a uniform, a flag or a ball with autographs will be a good gift.

Smartphone case . And no scratches are scary. And covers with an increased level of protection can even fight off virus attacks, even outdoors in winter. All jokes aside, the case is a cool decoration for your phone and a worthy, albeit inexpensive, gift.

Stylish belt . It’s not good when a person’s pants fall off. Make sure that everything is in its place, and your troubles will definitely be credited to you. Also, the belt is an important element of the image of a real man.

Poster with a photo of your favorite band . In extreme cases, it will come in handy at least in order to disguise a hole in the wall. And you will certainly be grateful for remembering the birthday boy’s musical preferences.

Puzzle or antistress toy . In a person, internal processes can occur that can destroy the external world. But they can be counteracted by external processes that can preserve the inner world of a person.

Fortune ball .The option “My light, mirror, tell me …” is, of course, closer to a Russian person. But the magic ball is also good at guessing the future.

Scratch map of the world . The whole world is open to the young man. Motivate him, awaken in him a thirst for travel. And if he is still a convinced homebody, then he can take a coin and simply wipe the enemy states off the face of the earth.

A gift for a teenager who has everything

  • Money . If you also have money, then donate more.It’s so cool when you have a lot of money. Everyone can give money: parents, relatives, friends, buddies. Perhaps, it will not be very pleasant to receive money as a gift only from a girl.
  • Party . The ancestors put their spacious apartment completely at your disposal. You call all your friends, school acquaintances, a bunch of girls and arrange a party in the hut. Agree, a cool gift from your parents? It is only advisable for all adults to go somewhere to the dacha and not bother with checks.

  • Active games with friends . I mean paintball, laser tag, bowling or quest. Let the birthday man choose himself, and you will pay the children for this entertainment. Spending a birthday in a fun, noisy company of friends is not a substitute for any material gifts.
  • Concert Tickets . If you are choosing a gift for your boyfriend, this is a great option. Such a gift from parents will also be accepted with delight. But do not forget about the company, do not give one ticket.After all, one at a concert is not as interesting as with friends.
  • Flight in a wind tunnel . Are you afraid to throw your boy out of the plane with a parachute, although he is drawn to fly? Run it in a wind tunnel, it’s fun there too. Unforgettable impressions will remain in your child’s memory for a long time.
  • Cartoon portrait . Each artist paints pictures in his own way. And if the birthday boy has a passion for collecting his own portraits, the new one will not be like all the previous ones.It is advisable only to choose some unusual drawing technique.
  • New board game . These games are very popular today, and new modifications are released almost every day. Therefore, a new game as a gift will not be perceived as “wow, again a board game.” Board games with friends can be played endlessly.

  • Handmade bracelet . You can also order an interesting pendant or keychain. There are never too many trinkets: if you threw out the old one, you hung up the new one.And if this is an exclusive item made to order or made by hand, then it will be especially pleasant to wear.
  • Box with sweets . All ages are submissive to sweet love. And especially teenage. In addition to sweets, lollipops and cookies, you can also order a beautiful birthday cake. No, it won’t stick together. Sweet food is good for the brain, improves mood and increases efficiency. So it’s okay.
  • Perfume . Quite a banal gift. But young people rarely take care of such things themselves, usually use what they get for the holidays.Therefore, do not worry – and this gift will find use.

  1. Souvenirs . Let it be a flying alarm clock that has at least some practical purpose, a magic ball that can entertain a person at least for a while, a beautiful lamp, but not an absolutely useless porcelain figurine that will interfere on the shelf and collect dust.
  2. Tools . Of course, this is a man’s gift, but few people are interested in twisting the nuts and fixing pipes at the age of 16.For now, let it be the prerogative of the head of the family. But when a young man moves to his own apartment, he will have to repair everything himself there.
  3. Book . Why can you give this e-book as a gift, but not a paper one? Everything is simple. Because you can upload as many works as you like into the electronic one. And I read the paper one – and left it lying around, littering the room. Also, think about ecology.
  4. Gift Certificate . Why give a gift certificate when you can give money? This approach significantly expands the possibilities of a gift.Moreover, gift certificates are associated with certain risks: they did not guess a little with the actual needs of the young man – and the money for the gift was wasted.
  5. Pet . 16-17 years old is such an age when hobbies can change at an incredible speed. Today a person wants to get a budgerigar, and tomorrow he leaves for a tour for a week, forgetting about his pet. Who needs extra corpses?

All of the above gifts will be relevant not only for a birthday, but also for other holidays.Don’t take your choice too seriously. Remember that coming of age is ahead, and then you will need a truly memorable and meaningful present. Let the gift for 17 years be a preparation for a more significant event in the life of a young man. We hope that you have chosen something suitable from the proposed options, and we wish you a happy holiday!

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90,000 TOP 42 best gifts for a teenager boy 12-17 years old +43 ideas

From the moment a child is born, parents strive to choose the best birthday gifts. Every year it becomes more and more difficult – the tastes and interests of children are changing rapidly, and I want to make a gift that will be not only interesting, but also useful. What gift to give a teenage boy 12-17 years old so that he is satisfied?

TOP 42 gifts for a teenager boy

It is not easy to decide which gift a 12-17 year old boy will like.It is not easy to surprise a modern teenager, but if you wish, you can find a unique gift that will surely delight the birthday boy. What to give a teenager for his birthday? Top Ideas List:

  1. A personalized flash drive with a large amount of memory.
  2. Stylish picture for a teenager’s room
  3. Books: thematic encyclopedia, fantastic literature.
  4. A rare copy or original edition of a comic book about a boy’s favorite super hero.
  5. An inexpensive gift for a teenage boy: original mobile phone case and other accessories.
  6. Stylish youth sweatshirt or hoodie budget gifts for boys for Birthday.
  7. Ticket to an amusement park or to the premiere of a new blockbuster suitable gifts for boys.
  8. Go to a concert of your favorite rock band or rap artist.
  9. Certificate for completing the quest in reality.
  10. Subscription for bowling, paintball or airsoft.
  11. Organization of a hike or a trip to a summer sports camp.
  12. Comfortable gaming chair or computer desk.
  13. Projector of the starry sky, home planetarium What you can give a boy if he is keen on space.
  14. Prefabricated models of vehicles: cars, boats, spaceships, made of wood, metal or plastic.
  15. Chess, checkers, backgammon or other board games (Monopoly, Munchkin, Dungeons and Dragons).
  16. A twister for a company is an ideal gift for a 12-year-old boy.
  17. An easel and paints for painting as a gift for a teenager who is interested in art
  18. A new game for a computer or consoles a gift for a boy to relax from lessons.
  19. Stylish good quality urban backpack.
  20. An inflatable sofa or a soft ottoman is a chic birthday present for a teenager in a teenager’s room.
  21. Table football.
  22. Radio-controlled toys (car, helicopter, tank, plane) – cool things for teenagers.
  23. Quadrocopter – flying machines with propellers are definitely interesting gifts for teenagers.
  24. A hoverboard is a street vehicle powered by electricity.
  25. Snorkel Mask – Good gifts for teenage boys living by water or near a pool.
  26. Fashion accessories for teenagers.
  27. Silver chain with a cross or a stylish pendant.
  28. Musical disco ball to create a festive mood.
  29. A pet is a wonderful gift for a boy, but only if he takes care of the animal himself.
  30. Globe with illumination – a good gift idea for a 13-year-old boy.
  31. Projector waves in the bathroom.
  32. Nice and kind cartoon of a teenager.
  33. A custom-made painting with a photograph of the birthday person or a landscape of his favorite place in the city.
  34. Certificate for flying in a wind tunnel.
  35. Men’s bracelet made of genuine leather.
  36. Selfie stick with built-in Bluetooth and charger included.
  37. Wood burning set.
  38. Beautiful big cake in the shape of a car or other custom made and chocolate ice cream cake sweet gifts for boys for Birthday.
  39. Light sand painting table for creative people.
  40. Travel Travel Wall Card with Washable Top Layer.
  41. Mp3 player with waterproof surface and headphone jack.
  42. A compass, backpack, tent or comfortable sleeping bag is a good birthday present for a boy.

What to give a 12-14 year old boy Remember that the interests of 12-17 years old teenagers change very quickly. Today they may be interested in one thing, tomorrow – completely different.Your best bet is to look for new items for teens. But it is also useful to use information about the birthday person. Talk to your teenager or ask his parents what he is passionate about at the moment – this will help you make the right choice and get the perfect gift.

When deciding what to give a boy for his birthday, remember that a 12-14 year old teenager is not yet an adult man, but no longer a little boy. Important physiological and psychological changes take place in the child’s body – it is at this age that the boy begins to associate himself with the adult generation and moves from baby gizmos to teenage things.What can you give a boy for 12, 13 and 14 years old? Surely cool stuff for your birthday is what you need.

  1. Mechanical 3D Puzzle.
  2. Ant farm with helium filler is the best gift for a boy to explore the living world of insects with a complex structure.
  3. Constructor-puzzle what you can give a boy for others if he likes to solve riddles and puzzles, build various gizmos.
  4. Air ball with LED-backlit is what you can give a teenager to others without fear.
  5. Toy – antistress: spinner, gyro or templar are the best gifts for boys with a delicate nature.
  6. Flying saucer, kite or boomerang.
  7. Snow crossbow (for throwing snowballs) or a powerful water pistol an original gift for a boy.
  8. Apparatus for making popcorn or cotton candy at home.
  9. Sneakers with luminous sole or laces.
  10. Bed linen with a funny pattern or photograph.

What to give a boy for 15-17 years old

What can a teenager buy? Beginning at the age of 15, boys cross the line between a child and an adult, independent person.They become uninterested in toys that were interesting before, they have new hobbies and interests. If you support the hobbies and buy popular items for teens, it will be the best birthday present. What to give a teenager for 15, 16 and 17 years old?

  1. Karting driving lessons will delight the boy – technology for teenagers is the best idea!
  2. High quality leather wallet or purse.
  3. Musical instrument (drums, acoustic or electronic guitar, synthesizer).
  4. High-quality photo and video equipment are excellent gifts for teenagers.
  5. Stylish men’s ring.
  6. Fitness tracker is a smart bracelet that counts steps and reads heart rate.
  7. Branded clothing or accessory (suit, shirt, belt with original buckle).
  8. Good perfume or eau de toilette.
  9. Multifunctional multitool with a screwdriver, pocket knife, pliers and other tools – a good gift for a 17-year-old teenager.
  10. Army flask or shockproof compass.

Gifts for an athlete boy

At the age of 12-17, boys cannot sit in one place for a long time – they need a lot of physical activity to develop. If a teenager is interested or seriously involved in sports, you can give him equipment for his favorite activity. Or maybe the birthday boy has long dreamed of a skateboard or roller skates? How to give a gift to a teenager who is fond of sports?

  1. Good sportswear or running shoes gifts for the boy for his birthday or any other occasion.
  2. Quality balls for soccer, basketball or volleyball.
  3. The punching bag is a gift for a teenager’s birthday.
  4. Skateboard, electric unicycle, electric scooter or snowboard are original gifts for teens.
  5. Bicycle with protection system (helmet, knee pads).
  6. Rollers or regular skates.
  7. Weights or dumbbells.
  8. Sports gadgets like smart dumbbells for teenagers.
  9. Darts, bow and arrows.
  10. Certificate in a sports club, swimming pool, martial arts center or gym.
  11. Named hockey puck.

Technics as a gift for a teenager are always appreciated by both boys and girls.

Modern gadgets as a gift for a teenager

What is the best birthday present for a teenager from modern technologies? Boys between the ages of 12 and 17 absolutely love tech gifts – these are cool gifts for teenagers. They are ready to spend hours figuring out gadgets.Therefore, feel free to buy modern clothes for teenagers using smart technologies. Be sure: the birthday boy will definitely like the purchased mobile phone of a well-known company or a game console, the main thing is that the guy does not spend all his free time with a new toy. What gadget can you give for a boy’s birthday?

  1. Smart glasses with navigation, receiving calls and messages.
  2. Sneaker with intelligent sole.
  3. New latest mobile phone or tablet.
  4. E-book with liquid ink.
  5. Modern headphones with microphone.
  6. Small notebook for study.
  7. Ordinary or binary watches, smart watches.
  8. Wireless charger.
  9. Portable music speaker.
  10. Backlit silicone keyboard, optical mouse.
  11. PlayStation or Xbox game console.
  12. Virtual reality glasses.

What to give an inexpensive teenager

What to give a relatively inexpensive teenager? Sometimes it is not enough to give the voice command “ok google gift for a teenager” or even with the clarification “ok google gift for a 14 year old boy”.What a 14-year-old teenager needs, 15 and 16 can vary significantly. And if there is still not enough money for an expensive gift, then you will have to spend some time to compile a list of the best options.

Parents, relatives and friends of a boy do not always have money for a smart gift. You can ask what to ask a teenager for his birthday, and he will tell you about an unrealistic dream. However, you can please a teenage boy by buying an inexpensive but interesting and even useful present. Sometimes you want to give a teenager an unusual gift for a guy just like that.

What to give a teenager to be inexpensive? The following gifts and souvenirs for teens are sure to please the birthday boy:

  1. Desktop organizers-constructors interesting gifts for a teenager.
  2. Touch-sensitive gloves – with these you can use your mobile phone even in the cold.
  3. 3D lamp creating a three-dimensional illusion of volume. A gift for boys in a children’s room.
  4. Warm terry robe and soft slippers.
  5. The predictor balloon is an inexpensive but unusual gift that can be given to a romantic guy.
  6. A bright lunch box or multilayer lunch container is a great inexpensive gift for a 16 year old boy.
  7. Heated mug with original print.
  8. Piggy bank in the form of a safe, helmet, globe or bomb.
  9. Do-it-yourself scarf and hat are warm gifts for teenagers.
  10. Organizer for the desktop of the original form.

We hope that these compilations have helped you in the question of what to give a teenage boy for his birthday.When you decide to buy gifts for a teenager and think about an extra gift, do not forget about the flowers. But don’t buy a bouquet for a teenager boy. Flowers should be given to girls. A father, brother or uncle will show that they appreciate the feminine principle in her, even despite the young age of the hero of the occasion. It is better to arrange a stylish gift in a beautiful gift box.

On his birthday, everyone is waiting for pleasant surprises, especially for teenagers – at a young age, life seems wonderful, and any goals, dreams and desires are achievable.

Take a look at the online teen gift shop, where there is a large selection of items that can be given to boys. There you will most likely find a wide variety of things that can turn your birthday into a real holiday. Perhaps you will like funny gifts for a teenager, or stop at classics, or practical and useful things.

Use your imagination, rely on the interests of the boy and you will definitely be able to find a gift that the teenager will be pleased with.The best gift for a teenage boy, made from the heart, will leave the most pleasant and vivid emotions.

Rosvodresursy launched student eco-quest “Water.Online” | Moscow

Rosvodresursy launched a student eco-quest “Water.Online”

MOSCOW, April 5, FederalPress.Rosvodresursy has opened registration of participants in the all-Russian ecoquest “Water.Online” 2.0. According to the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Alexander Kozlov, more and more young people are taking part in such events.

“It is very important that young people are actively interested in water conservation, environmental problems, and the preservation of our planet. Every year more and more caring people are gathering our environmental campaigns – cleaning the banks, building eco-trails, ”the minister said.

The quest was created for environmental education of young Russians. Its target audience is students of universities and colleges. In 2020, almost 20 thousand students became participants in the quest. Kozlov assured that the ministry will continue to implement similar projects. In such games, children can not only gain new knowledge and prove themselves, but also make the planet better.

To complete the ecological quest, you need to register on the website www.vodnyquest.rf from April 5 to May 30. From April 12 to May 30, you will have to answer the questions of the thematic test.Next, students need to complete one of 5 creative tasks: come up with a challenge in tiktok, develop an eco-route for tourists on the shore of a reservoir, prepare a concept for an eco-educational blog, conduct a volunteer or educational event, and analyze the state of a reservoir. The works will be evaluated by experts from Rosvodresursy, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation.

Participants of the quest “Water.Online” 2.0 will try their hand at the ecological professions of the future, understand why water is becoming the main strategic resource, and also learn how to apply the acquired skills for an ecological lifestyle.

Ecoquest organizers guarantee the participants gifts and personalized diplomas. The partners of the project also prepared their gifts.

As previously reported by “FederalPress”, in Russia it will be forbidden to flood ships instead of scrapping them. The corresponding bill will be sent to the State Duma in the near future.

Photo: Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East

90,000 Australian clouds spotted on the Gulf of Finland :: News

Australian clouds spotted in the Gulf of Finland

Last Friday, April 2, a few lucky photographers were able to capture a rare celestial phenomenon that is characteristic of Australian latitudes.

Recently, several amateur photographers were lucky to see and photograph a rare phenomenon over the Gulf of Finland, which in meteorology is called “Morning Glory”. This is a type of cloud commonly seen in Carpentaria Bay in northern Australia, which is a “pink collar” (visually – tube) with a height of 1 to 2 km, which can reach thousands of km in length and move at speeds up to 60 km / h. The effect is created when in front of the cloud there is a rapid vertical movement of air heated by the sun, which “twists” the cloud into a tube, and in the middle and back of the cloud, the air goes down.When “Morning Gloria” occurs, one must be prepared for squalls and pressure surges that often accompany this phenomenon.

One of the photographers who filmed Morning Gloria, Sergei Nagibin, described his impression of what he saw on Instagram in the following way: “Imagine a powerful wave that has a single crest and moves without changing its speed or shape – this is what this cloud looks like”.

“Chimney-shaped clouds filmed in the Gulf of Finland 02.04.2021. I read on the Internet that these are off the coast of Australia and are called Morning Glory, only these move in the form of a snake and rotate around their axis “

Video: photographer Sergey Nagibin.

Photo: Alexander Shadov on the Astro Forto Boloto telegram channel

Authors: Tatiana Almazova

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March 26, 18:27 A deadly tornado swept across the United States.

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