Porefessional for oily skin: Best primers for oily skin


Best primers for oily skin

A good primer is the lifeline you need if you have an oily complexion. Find the right one, and it’ll stop your foundation slipping, thus keeping your base smooth and flawless for longer.

Not only will a good mattifying primer tackle areas of high shine, but it’ll temper the appearance of fine lines and pores too, resulting in a smooth, unified complexion that doesn’t feel tight or become patchy.

Here, see Bazaar‘s selection of the very best primers for those prone to oiliness.

The best primers for oily skin to try now


High-Adherence Silicone Primer

The Ordinary


Highly recommended for oily skin, The Ordinary’s cult-status primer is celebrated for keeping your make-up in place, managing to hydrate your complexion while ensuring shine and fade aren’t issues by lunchtime. It blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines too, for a smooth but not heavy finish. 


Pro Filt’r Mattifying Primer



If you’d rather be rid of the shine that comes from having oilier skin but don’t want your complexion ending up too matte, you’ll love Rihanna’s targeted primer. You also don’t have to apply it all over your face if you prefer not to: it works brilliantly as a spot treatment for tackling excess oil around the T-zone, nose and chin. 


SOS Primer



Clarins’ SOS primer collection contains a tinted formula for every skin type, and they’re all great for balancing oily skin without tipping it too far into desert territory. 

This green-tinted option is particularly impressive, reducing redness while keeping skin looking bright and even.  


Photo Finish Oil and Shine Control Primer



Smashbox’s award-winning Photo Finish Primer is one of the best in the business and there’s a gel-to-powder version specifically for oily skin. It also contains skincare ingredients to tackle breakouts, including witch hazel and salicylic acid.


Pure Canvas Blurring Primer

Laura Mercier


One of a range of targeted primers, this blurring formula from Laura Mercier is oil and silicone-free, meaning it won’t feel heavy or peel when applied. Best of all, it absorbs excess oil for a natural-looking mattifying effect that helps your make-up apply extra smoothly. 


Pore-Refining Mattifying Veil

Clé de Peau Beauté
cultbeauty. co.uk


If you find a lot of silicone-rich primers too heavy or dull, consider upgrading to Clé de Peau’s sublime balancing formula. The milky cream melts on the skin, leaving behind a balancing veil that feels lighter than most. That’s not to say it doesn’t do the job, though: foundation sits smoothly on top, and lasts for hours without caking or flaking. 


REN Perfect Canvas Clean Primer



If you are looking for a silicone-free primer that has true skincare benefits, Ren’s version is for you. It is enriched with alpha-glucans, probiotics and blue agave extract to give your skin not only a smoother look but to also make it stronger and healthier over time, which is the real ticket to better-looking make-up.


Primer Plus Mattifier

Bobbi Brown
lookfantastic. com


If you prefer a semi-matte finish that doesn’t dull your complexion or have skin with a combination of dry and oily patches, Bobbi Brown’s formula is a great choice. It works well with liquid, stick and powder foundations. 


The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer

Estée Lauder


With a velvety feel, Estée Lauder’s mattifying primer won’t dry out your skin, and can be relied upon to keep shine at bay throughout the day. 


Nars Cosmetics Pore & Shine Control Primer



Using soft-focus powders to absorb excess oil and give skin a photo-ready finish, Nars’ balancing primer is lightweight, oil-free, and seriously effective at keeping oiliness to a minimum.   


L’Essential Pore Minimiser Primer Base



Guerlain’s elegant bottle houses a formula that not only mattifies your skin but which has skincare benefits too, protecting against pollution and helping smooth your complexion over time.


Prep + Prime Skin



Specifically designed for oily complexions that tend to vanquish make-up before midday, MAC’s gel-textured formula uses green tea extract, caffeine and antioxidants to keep your base in place and even out your skin tone. 


Veil Mineral Primer



This durable formula stands up not only to oily complexions but to the elements too. It’s oil-free, great at concealing redness and provides SPF15 protection – all without any heaviness or that greasy feeling.

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This Is The Best Primer For Large Pores In 2021

Every woman aspires to get youthful, glowing skin. However, with big, oily pores, battling dull skin can be difficult. Usually found on the cheeks and T-zone, large pores can make your face look old. Although you can’t permanently change your pore size, there’s a way to shrink them.

This is where a primer comes in. A primer is the ultimate game-changer for dwindling pore size and smoothing rough skin texture. If your foundation gets cakey, exposing your pores and wrinkles, then you definitely need a primer. Let’s learn about the best primers for large pores and how they help your skin.

We think the best primer for large pores is the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Read on to find out why and which primers it beat out.

What Is the Best Primer for Large Pores?

Here, we have curated a brief list of some of the best, long-lasting primers for large pores. Most of these miraculously work to minimize pores while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. The result? Soft and supple skin that’s ready for long-lasting make-up. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Best Primer For Large Pores

Smashbox primers are formulated for different skin types. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is ideal for large pores as the formula tightens them up, giving your skin a lift.

It hides any minor imperfections like scars and blemishes and gives your skin an even tone. Its oil-controlling formula offers a smooth base, allowing the rest of the make-up to sit nicely.


  • Shrinks pore size for a smooth make-up application
  • Mattifying formula that controls excess oil for up to 8 hours
  • Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin


  • Might pill or roll-off on oily skin types

Where to Buy: Amazon | ULTA

2. Lancome

La Base Pro Oil-Free Longwear Makeup Primer

Our first entry is the La Base Pro Oil-Free Longwear Makeup Primer, which does exactly what the name claims. The formula is super-light, making it ideal for oily/combination skin. The primer basically reflects light off the surface of the skin, making the pores appear smaller and tighter.

Additionally, it corrects uneven textures and fades fine lines. This results in a smooth canvas for the next step in your make-up. Most ladies love it for the soft and matte complexion the primer gives.


  • The ultra-lightweight formula for shrinking pores
  • Soft, smooth, and matte finish
  • Corrects uneven tone, ideal for all skin types


  • Fills the pores with micro-beads that may irritate sensitive skin

Where to Buy: Amazon


Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

This primer is lightly tinted and comes in the form of a balm. The texture is hydrating and moisturizing but not oily, making it perfect for blemishes and acne scars. The primer fills the pores and results in a smooth base for the foundation.

Above all, it dries quickly, which helps control shine on the T-zone. Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional primer is known for keeping the make-up matte and smooth all day.


  • A silky, lightweight, hydrating balm
  • Excellent for large pores and oily skin
  • Eliminates shine on the T-zone resulting in a matte, smooth look
  • Keeps make-up looking fresh for longer


  • Contains silicones, which might cause breakouts in sensitive skin

Where to Buy: Amazon


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Elevate your foundation to unprecedented performance with this state-of-the-art primer that extends the wear of foundation for a perfect complexion that lasts.

Check Current Price

Read Our Review

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This one is super-silky and quite literally veils imperfections. Hourglass Veil Primer is ideal for blemished, acne-prone, and aging skin. It conceals redness and delivers a chockfull of hydration to the skin.

It’s also enriched with mineral SPF that offers sun protection without clogging pores. The primer has a lightweight, airy texture that blurs any pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. Above all, its long-lasting application allows for better-looking makeup.


  • Oil-free with a silky, soft texture for tightening pores
  • Perfect base before all-day make-up application
  • Enriched with Mineral-derived sunscreen


  • The bottle isn’t user-friendly
  • Too much product needed for a single application

Where to Buy: Amazon


Tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer

This primer’s miraculous formula makes all the pores disappear with its superior 12-hour staying power. Its vegan formula is ideal for most skin types giving an instant lift and bright glow to the face.

The Tarte Poreless Mattifying Primer formula is also enriched with botanical extracts that prevent free radical damage. It’s ideal for both combination and oily skin. Once the primer begins to settle, it fades away all the imperfections, preparing a smooth, matte base for the foundation.


  • Texturizes complexion and fades away pores
  • Silky gel consistency ideal for oily/combination skin
  • Infused with anti-oxidant botanical extracts that keep skin radiant and youthful


  • Silicone formula may cause pilling in sensitive skin

Where to Buy: Amazon | ULTA


Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Face Primer

This cruelty-free beauty works well for all skin types. Known as a real-life selfie filter, Thank Me Later Face Primer preps up your skin and controls shine. Its formula stands out for shrinking pores and brightening up the complexion.

By eliminating all the excess oil, the primer balances out the skin, resulting in a flawless look. The formula is enriched with a pearl powder that adds a youthful glow to the make-up application.


  • The sebum-controlling formula that tightens pores
  • The silky-smooth formula for a matte finish
  • Sweat-proof and water-proof


  • Not suitable for dry skin

Where to Buy: Amazon

What Exactly Is a Primer?

A make-up primer serves as a base for foundation. It preps up the skin before the actual make-up application. A primer essentially creates a smooth base for a foundation by tightening pores and evening out the skin texture.

Make-up primers can be cream, lotion, gel, or powder that allows the make-up to look fresh for longer. Wearing tinted moisturizers, BB creams, or foundation in hot weather can cause cakey skin. Layering a primer underneath prevents this problem as it gives your make-up something to hold on to for the entire day.

What Makes a Primer Good For Large Pores?

If you have large pores, using a primer can greatly help in minimizing their appearance. A primer prevents your make-up from clogging the pores by forming an invisible barrier on the skin.

Pore-refining primers are something make-up artists swear by and can’t do without. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, using a primer hides away pores and wrinkles, resulting in beautiful, porcelain skin.

It absorbs excess oil that could lead to big pores and helps conceal imperfections. People with rosacea, acne, or pigmentation will love primers as it helps set a flawless base for make-up.

Final Thoughts

So, that concludes our list of the best primers for shrinking pores. Each of the above-listed primers is backed up by strong reviews from women who love wearing make-up.

Our top favorite is the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It has a silky formula that glides on your skin. It’s also safe for most skin types and delivers amazing pore-tightening results.

Make sure to check out all the primers on our list to find one that works for you!

Best Primer For Large Pores

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Primer Help with Pores?

Yes, definitely. A primer usually has a silky formula that fills in the pores for a smooth texture. It, however, can’t change the pore size, only tighten it.

What can be used instead of face primer?

Some people skip out on a primer completely so you can start with a foundation instead. However, a good alternative is a hydrating facial mist or a pore-refining serum.

How much primer do I need for one application?

If it’s a gel or cream formula, you only need a pea-size amount for the entire face. If you’re using a primer oil, a few drops are enough.

Best Primer 2021: 15 Primers For Perfecting Your Complexion

When it’s essential that your foundation stays in place, a primer is a no-brainer. The best primer formulas do for your skin what great lingerie does for your figure – they make all the bits that go on top look and feel better. A good primer basically serves the same purpose as a photo-editing app, but IRL. Nail the right foundation and primer combo, and you won’t need to use Instagram’s Juno filter to perk up your complexion ever again.

Mattifying oily T-zones, blurring uneven texture and fine lines, obscuring the appearance of pores, and hydrating irritated skin – these are just a few of the magic properties of a great primer. The right formula for you will create the perfect base for your make-up, and help it to stay put for longer. No longer just another step in your morning make-up routine, these days primers offer skincare benefits, too, harnessing everything from hyaluronic acid to shea butter to hydrate, soothe and nourish skin for the day ahead.

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From Laura Mercier’s Pure Canvas Primers, which are illuminating and hydrating (just pick the right one for your skin type), to Rodial’s plumping Instant Filler Primer and NARS’s Pore & Shine Control Primer, which was made for those with oily skin, a primer can be the difference between your make-up sliding off by noon, and it staying put until bedtime. Once you’ve found the best primer for you, you’ll never look back.

To help you find the right one for your needs, we asked make-up artist and beauty expert, Joy Adenuga, to answer the three most asked questions when it comes to choosing the right primer. 

What is make-up primer?

“The primary purpose of a primer is to prepare the skin for foundation. Depending on your skin type, this could be blurring the skin, filling in open pores, reducing shine, providing hydration, or providing a smooth canvas for make-up.”

Is primer necessary?

“A primer could also be your moisturiser, so yes, it’s very necessary. It provides a canvas for your foundation and can aid the longevity of your make-up.”

How do I choose the right primer?

“To be able to choose the right primer, you need to understand your skin type. Primers are designed for different skin types – normal skin, textured skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and more. When you understand your skin type, choosing the right primer becomes easy.”

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Below, see British Vogue’s edit of the 15 best primers to try now.

17 best primers for oily skin to help you get your makeup act together the whole day

People will oily skin are familiar with melting makeup, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. If you face this problem, choosing a primer that’s suited for oilier skin types can help make sure your makeup doesn’t budge and remain flawless-looking throughout the day.

One of the things you’d want to look out for in a primer suitable for you: silicone derivatives. Silicone provides slip and lubrication, allowing the feel of the product on the skin to be soft and smooth. Furthermore, silicone acts as a filler, thereby filling any enlarged pores and texture, while providing a blurring effect, to create a smooth canvas.

To identify silicone derivatives, look at the ingredient list; they are usually the ones with names that end with -cone (such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone). The Benefit POREfessional Primer is one of the primers that contain silicone derivatives. Another kind of primer targeted for oilier skin types is more viscous and flowy, as compared to the almost creamy texture of silicone primers.

These primers contain water (aqua) and other humectant ingredients such as glycerin. Humectants draw moisture from the surroundings to the skin, thereby providing hydration. More often than not, oily skin types are a result of insufficient hydration, which the skin then overcompensates through increased sebum production.

Such primers include the Cover FX’s Custom Blot Drops. As much as possible, avoid primers and products that contain alcohol. While alcohol provides a nice cooling and dry-touch feel, it runs the risk of sensitivity and could be drying the skin instead. Also, think twice before you pick a primer that contains oils – you definitely don’t need more of it if you want your makeup to stay.

While the best measure is to get a sample and try them for a few times under regular makeup, this is not always possible especially for drugstore primers. In cases when you can’t secure a sample, we have these tips:

We know that the search for a great primer for oily skin can be a daunting one; after all, there seem to be so many options out there. To help you out, here is a compilation of nine best face primers and three best eyeshadow primers for oily skin that have received great reviews by people who have tried them, and some of them have been tried by this writer. Go to the store to check out this list of products and find the one you love most!

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  1. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Another famous primer suitable for oily skin is the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It is a colourless gel that is made of mostly silicone derivatives as well. The formula also contains vitamins A and E, antioxidants, and peptides, which claims to protect the skin from environmental damage and pollution, while providing a flawless base for makeup.

This original is suitable for all skin types, while the Light version is aimed at sensitive, acne-prone, oily, and combination skin types. Photo Finish Primer also comes in a hydrating version that contains hydraplex, an extract from desert plants that help with moisture retention.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer retails for SGD25 (15ml) and SGD68 (30ml) on Sephora.

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  1. Cover FX Custom Blot Drops

Cover FX Custom Blot Drops

Awarded 4.45 stars out of 5 on Influenster by fellow makeup lovers, Cover FX Custom Blot Drops is definitely much raved about. These drops can be directly applied to the skin as per normal primer, or it can be mixed into any products, like serums, moisturisers, and foundations, to provide a matte finish.

However, this product does contain denatured alcohol, which might have caused some reviewers to claim that the Blot Drops actually make their complexion oilier. We suggest trying a sample of this product to see if it reacts well with your skin before deciding to make a purchase.

Cover FX Custom Blot Drops retails at SGD62 and is available at Beautylish.

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  1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Mattifying Primer

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Mattifying Primer

Formulated for those with combination to oily skin, this primer helps to control shine all day long while extending foundation wear. Despite how effective it is, you’ll be happy to know that it is also lightweight and melts into skin while blurring out blemishes.

Apply it all over your face if your skin is extremely oily, but if you have combination skin, simply put it onto the oily areas: around the nose, forehead and chin. This has received amazing reviews online and most reviewers say that it is one of the best mattifying primers for oily skin they have used.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Mattifying Primer retails for SGD48 (32ml) on Sephora.

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  1. Cute Press All Day Bright Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++

Cute Press All Day Bright Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++

Cute Press’ All Day Bright Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++ not only shields your skin from harmful UV rays, but it also adjusts to your skin tone and brightens your complexion instantly to create the perfect canvas for makeup. It suits all skin types and skin tones, so you can wear the sunscreen-and-primer hybrid all on its own too.

Made for Singapore’s hot and humid climate, the product has a non-sticky texture that absorbs fast and settles to a natural finish. Its sweat-proof and water-resistant formula also controls sebum production, making it perfect for those with oily skin.

Besides its complexion-perfecting abilities, it’s also infused with deep sea minerals to hydrate and protect your skin, while chamomile bowers extract soothes irritation and calms redness.

Apply it on your face and neck daily, and you’re good to go!

Cute Press All Day Bright Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++ retails for SGD22.90 at selected Watsons stores, Cute Press’ flagship store on Shopee, and LazMall on Lazada.

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  1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer in Soft Matte

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer in Soft Matte

The Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer in Soft Matte by Fenty Beauty contains many silicone derivatives that provide a soft matte finish. Unlike Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer, this primer also contains significant amounts of water and glycerin (first and fourth ingredient), which could provide hydration to the skin as well.

As such, this primer might be offering the best of both worlds, as it is both pore-filling/blurring and hydrating. This might explain why the primer has garnered over 120 reviews and over 4 stars on Sephora despite being released only in September 2017. This is definitely a primer you might want to put into your to-try list.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer in Soft Matte is sold at Sephora at SGD48.

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  1. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Primer+ Oil Free

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Primer+ Oil Free

IT Cosmetics is one of favourite makeup brands because its products are designed for those with blemishes. This makeup primer is designed for oily skin, thanks to the All Day Grip Technology that makes this primer double up as a pore refiner and hydrator. The oil-free formula allows your makeup to last for a long time without it looking dry and cakey.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Primer+ Oil Free retails for SGD62 (30ml) on Sephora.

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  1. Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

This is an all-rounder that takes care of every blemish you can think of: large pores, fine lines, and even wrinkles. This is all thanks to its antioxidant-rich formula (hello vitamins C and E!) that help to give skin a firmer and smoother look. You’ll love that its texture is lightweight and it comes with a fresh powder scent that feels refreshing.

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer retails for SGD35 (7.5ml) and SGD52 (15ml) on Sephora.

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  1. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Another highly raved about primer is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. This lightweight primer claims to alleviate the look of redness while minimising the appearance of fine lines and pores.  It also provides broad spectrum SPF15 as it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (i.e. physical sunscreen – but you need to still apply sunscreen).

A reviewer on Sephora calls the Veil Mineral Primer his “go-to primer of all time”, while another calls it the “holy mother of all grail”. This primer is expensive among the other options out there, so try to get hold of a sample first or get the travel size to see if it agrees with your skin.

The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is available at three sizes and retails at SGD31 (travel size), SGD89 (standard size), and SGD123 (jumbo size) at Sephora.

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  1. Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer

This is one of the most affordable options in this list, but still packs a punch in the oil-control department. Besides keeping shine at bay, the Blur Primer also evens out texture and pores.

Its formula contains Jeju green persimmon extract and Jeju green complex that provides additional skincare benefits as well.

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer is sold at Innisfree stores islandwide and costs SGD17.

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  1. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

One of Benefit’s most famous products, the POREfessional Face Primer is packed with silicone derivatives and help diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines. Despite having a flesh-tone, this lightweight and oil-free primer blends naturally into the skin. Reviewers on Sephora love this product and gave it 4 out of 5 stars, commending it for its mattifying and blurring qualities.

The POREfessional Face Primer comes in three sizes and retails for SGD21 (7.5ml), SGD54 (22ml), and SGD91 (44ml) at Sephora.

The brand has also launched the POREfessional Pearl Primer that offers brightening effect to skin. We’ve reviewed it here.

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  1. Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Becca’s Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector claims to be a “liquid blotting paper” that can be used “alone, below, or after foundation” to help you control the sebum and the shine. It is also alcohol-, fragrance-, silicone-, and oil-free.

Users on Influenster raved about how this primer help control their oily and combination skin, but warn of a slight learning curve to use this product. Less is more with the Ever Matte primer (pea-sized amount is sufficient), and you should be using patting instead of rubbing motions to blend the product into the skin.

Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector retails for SGD56 on Sephora.

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  1. Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood Mattifying Balm

Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood Mattifying Balm

While most people are familiar with POREfessional, this priming balm is a great product that is often overlooked. A weightless and invisible balm that is designed to mattify shine on the skin, it leaves a silky-soft canvas that is perfect for flawless makeup application.

Besides wearing it before you put on your makeup, this primer can also be used for midday touch-ups or even worn alone or over makeup for mattifying. Sounds like a perfect primer for oily skin to us!

Benefit Cosmetics Dr. Feelgood Mattifying Balm retails for SGD56 (24g) on Sephora.

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  1. Make Up For Ever Mattifying Primer

Make Up For Ever Mattifying Primer

Like the Benefit POREfessional primer, the Make Up For Ever Mattifying Primer is also flesh-tone and leaves a similar finish on the skin.  There are several variants in the Step 1 range, so you can choose according to your skin type and concern.

Those who have oily skin will typically opt for the Mattifying Primer, but here’s a trick we love: apply the Hydrating Primer first, let it set, and then apply the Mattifying Primer only on troubled areas. This will help give your skin a smooth, natural-looking finish.

Make Up For Ever Mattifying Primer is available at Sephora for SGD37 (15ml) and SGD70 (30ml).

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  1. NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer

NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer

This primer helps to blur out the appearance of imperfections thanks to the soft-focus powders in the formula. The ingredients in the primer also mattifies the skin throughout the day so you’ll have a shine-free complexion.

Besides controlling shine, this product also helps to minimise the appearance of pores so your makeup can look flawless all day long. If you ask us, this is certainly one of the best primers for oily skin you can find out there!

NARS Pore & SHine Control Primer retails for SGD66 (30ml) and is available at all NARS counters and Sephora.

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  1. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

A drugstore favourite, Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is effective and affordable. A reviewer gives a favourable yet balanced review of this primer on Influenster (it had gotten 3.94/5 stars). She claims that the primer’s promise of controlling shine up to eight hours is too ambitious and was good for about 3 to 4 hours on her oily skin.

However, she loves how hydrating this primer is, and recommends it to people with combination skin too.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is sold at Watsons for SGD17.

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  1. First Aid Beauty Pores Be Gone Matte Primer

First Aid Beauty Pores Be Gone Matte Primer

One of the most pesky problems that those with oily skin often face: enlarged and visible pores. This is why we are recommending this primer for oily skin. An oil-free formula, this primer has a matte finish and helps to blur out the look of pores instantly.

It also helps to make sure that makeup lasts for a long time while maintaining a smooth-looking complexion. Best part? It is allergy-tested so you can be assured that you won’t have any negative reactions while using it.

First Aid Beauty Pores Be Gone Matte Primer retails for SGD43 (50ml) on Sephora.

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Besides dealing with sebum wrecking our beautiful base makeup, you may also be familiar with how pesky oil on our skin can break apart our gorgeous eyeshadow creations and knife-sharp liner. If you want to make sure your eye makeup game remains strong, invest in eyeshadow primers to help lock it in place.

Eyeshadow primers also help your eye makeup blend better, appear more vibrant, and last longer without creasing. Tried and true popular eyeshadow primers include MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre (warm tone) and Painterly (cool tone) (SGD40 each), Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions (SGD33-38), and Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer (SGD35).

Putting a powder before a liquid or cream products has always been a makeup faux pas. Yet famous British makeup artist Wayne Goss advocates in his YouTube video to put a light coating of powder before foundation.

After moisturising and priming, put a light coat of translucent loose powder, preferably with a damp beauty sponge – any kind of your choice – to help absorb any excess oil before applying foundation over top. This technique has found devotees such as YouTube beauty influencer KathleenLights and Jackie Aina.

Here’s a hack that this writer swears by: use a oil-control setting spray to prime your face before the application of foundation. This is how you do it: apply your favourite primer, spritz on the setting spray. Once it dries and sets, apply foundation. Then, set the foundation with powder before another layer of setting spray to remove the powdery look.

It’ll also control oil for the rest of the day. For people with combination skin and or have problems with makeup lasting on the face, you can try setting sprays like the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray (SGD48) and Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray retails for SGD45, both available at Sephora.

The Best Makeup Primer According To Your Skin Type

When it comes to makeup primers, the opinion in the beauty community is quite divided. Some say that primers are not needed and are just an additional fancy step but for some, it’s their holy grail makeup product. Now, if you haven’t tried one yet, hold your final judgement until you do.

Just a quick recap: most primers are usually made from silicone-based formulas. Its benefits include giving your skin a smoother appearance by filling in pores and blurring wrinkles, making your makeup last longer, and combating shine. Find out what the best primer for your skin type is and give it a try. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be on #TeamPrimer after. 

For Oily Skin: Benefit POREfessional

One of the realities of having oily skin is that makeup slips off easily especially during hot, summer days. Investing in a good moisturiser and primer can improve makeup application and staying power; plus, it can also make your pores appear smaller. The Benefit POREfessional line is tailored for oily skin types. The POREfessional matte rescue gel is suggested to be applied before the POREfessional primer. But you can actually just use the primer by itself if you prefer. It’s infused with a Vitamin E derivative that can help prevent pre-mature wrinkles by protecting skin from free radicals that breaks down the skin’s collagen.

For Dry Skin: Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer

If you have dry skin, you need all the help you can get. So you may layer a lot of skincare products just to stay moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. With Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primerizer, you can get both the hydrating benefits of a moisturiser and smoothening power of a primer in just one layer of this product. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful humectant that can hold skin moisture. On top of it all, the consistency is lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin.

benefit porefessional primer for oily skin

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, A complete guide to at-home gel manicures, The best lip scrubs for dry, chapped lips, Beyoncé’s make-up artist uses this £7 mascara, The £7.99 beauty product all the royals use, The best make-up bags for every storage situation, The most talked-about new beauty campaigns, Lucy Boyton makes a case for the face tattoo, The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer, Smashbox Photo Finish Oil and Shine Control Primer, Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring Primer, Estée Lauder The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer, Nars Cosmetics Pore & Shine Control Primer, Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, Guerlain L’Essentiel Pore Minimizing Shine-Control Primer, HARPER’S BAZAAR, PART OF THE HEARST UK FASHION & BEAUTY NETWORK. The Jane Iredale Absence Control Oil Primer is an exceptional beauty product. I only use a pea sized amount so when I ran out after only having it for about a month, I was bummed. It has the same oil-free, lightweight feel & pore-minimizing power as the original The POREfessiona l PLUS 12-hour* … New beauty technologies are excellent in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. The Mac product has limited availability. Use gentle cleansers and use clean hands. For those with acne, it is essential to find a primer that contains anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid. Makeup lasts longer when the Smashbox primer is used. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this. This primer keeps oil at bay while smoothing out skin for a flawless base. Available in both full-sized and mini, the silky and lightweight balm can be applied under or over makeup to help blur imperfections and protect skin with vitamin E. The POREfessional Matte Rescue offers the same blurring effects whilst mattifying skin and absorbing excess oils with a water-based gel formula. Love this product! Didn’t think it was possible to have a radiant glow while trying to quell oil? i have acne prone skin (extremly oily) i liked the way it felt when i first put it on, but sure enough within an hour my skin was extremly oily. It has optical diffusers that weed out imperfections and ensure the skin looks extremely even. It’s very smooth and does its job covering up your pores before your make up. The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is excellent for those looking for a cruelty-free, vegan product that is 100% natural. This water-based formula instantly mattifies the skin and gets rid of any surface oils, says Welch. It is an essential product for those with oily skin. Find your perfect Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer. The primer for oily skin not only calms and soothes the complexion, but it also lessens skin redness. It evens out the skin tone and redness of the skin while boosting radiance. This way, you will need less foundation than earlier indicated. “, 45 Inspiring Bedroom Makeover Ideas to Try Now, 17 Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year, Starbucks’ Holiday 2020 Tumblers Have Arrived, 60+ Super Easy and Cheap Weeknight Dinners, Best Pore-Minimizing Primer for Oily Skin, Best Primer for Oily Skin for Under Makeup, Best Makeup Artist Favorite for Oily Skin, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. With this product, foundation isn’t even needed. Psst, sign up for alerts on upcoming major sales such as boxing day and more! With a passion for communication, and a mantra for personal fitness, she is a psychologist with a post graduate degree from Delhi University. Stay Don’t Stray is the best way to keep your eye looks in place all day long and comes in both light/medium and medium/deep to create an even base for eyeshadow application. By gliding across subtle skin imperfections and fends off oil, the right primer can give a fresh start to the complexion a new start. Providing a smooth, clean, oil-free base for makeup is the best action. Carry out research, read the label and purchase the primer to know what you will use it for. this product did not help control my oily shine at all! Benefit PoreFessional Matte Rescue Primer for Oily Skin. The ingredients range across Ethylhexyl hydroxy stearate, hydrogenated polyisobutene, polysilicon-11, Dimethicone, triethylhexul trimellitate, polymethyl silsesquioxane, hydroxystearic acid, HDI/ trimethylol hexyllactone crosspolymer, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, nylon, silica, Gossypium herbaceum. This is definitely not that. It reduces the appearance of skin redness by about 14 percent. Primers are needed for higher temperatures, as you need to check for sure how yours holds up in various environments. 12 Makeup Items Everyone With Oily Skin Should Own, Smooths fine lines and wrinkles on aging skin, Controls oil and shine with clarifying tea tree oil, Smooths skin for long-lasting matte finish. If you prefer a semi-matte finish that doesn’t dull your complexion or have skin that has a combination of dry and oily patches, Bobbi Brown’s formula is a great choice. This transparent Jane Iredale product is lightweight and offers weightlessness on the skin. If you think of how a base coat is applied before polishing the nails, you will understand the concept of the primer. Gives me more of a matte finish and provides some pore coverage. It has been rated as an effective primer for oily skin, besides also mattifying instantly. This product is cent percent vegan. I also really hope Benefit Cosmetics can pay more attention to their ingredients and becoming Cruelty-Free because most of their products break me out. The sebum and liquid do not mix, meaning imperfections are concealed. Even when I don’t wear a full face of makeup this makes my skin look so fresh. I was sold after she let me sample it. BIG NEWS: Liquid Gold Now Comes in a Serum and Here Are Our Thoughts, I’m an Instagram Home Cook – Here Are 10 Beauty Products I Swear By, 4 At-Home Hair Hacks We’ve Learnt to Embrace (and Love) During the Pandemic, Ever Since I Found My Signature Scent, People Keep Telling Me How Amazing I Smell, Free Express Post on orders over $50 within Australia. The secret to persistent makeup perfection on an oily skin focuses on getting the sebum under control. Benefit Watt’s Up! The best part about a primer is that it unblocks or unclogs the pores, minimizing the shine and preventing oil from disturbing the makeup. Our editors handpick the products that we feature. When you’re always running from place to place, the best beauty routine is one thing: quick. This promotes skin radiance. Absence helps to control the extra active sebaceous glands and has no impact on actual water content or moisture of the skin. Be sure the makeup does not wear off. Fight shine & banish oily skin with Benefit makeup & skincare. It enhances the performance of the foundation and is excellent for flawless makeup application. While application is fast, the benefits are profound. It is a great primer for every day use. Plus, my skin feels smoother when I wear it. It is non-drying and can be easily applied. Using soft-focus powders to absorb excess oil and give skin a photo-ready finish, Nars’ balancing primer is lightweight and oil-free but seriously effective at keeping oiliness to a minimum. Natural oils present in the facial skin break down base products that are long wearing by applying primer between the two to give the foundation something to stick to. It blends really well and stays on all day. When purchasing the primer, apply some on the hand. It’s too expensive to not be a completely filled tube, this isn’t a chip bag!!! You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 15 Nail Polishes to Wear This Holiday Season, 21 Trendy Nail Polish Colors to Try This Winter, Anti-Aging Serums That Are Worth the Splurge, The Most Nourishing Anti-Aging Hand Creams, 5 Beauty Director-Approved Anti-Aging Tips. Additionally, the stickiness is eliminated as the formula just glides on. This Is My Fav Of All Time! Pat on problem areas & blend with fingertips. The best-selling Hello Flawless Cover-Up Powder SPF15 offers a customisable coverage with a natural finish in a handy powder compact. Wearing a primer before applying makeup is of critical importance. I’ve tried several primers including fenty, Laura mercier and hourglass, and keep going back to this one as it’s the best at covering my larger pores on my nose and cheeks. It feels so light that dusting powder is not required. It comes without any preservatives, fragrance, oil or skin irritants. So lightweight and leaves my face feeling soft all day. It has the ability to control oil and create a smooth base. this did not do anything for my pores. Definitely worth it! Yellow or green tints work well on toning down redness while soft lavender or peach shares counteract dark spots, leaving a luminous complexion. It leaves a white overcast if there is too much application. Smooth out skin and minimise the appearance of pores with the legendary The POREfessional Face Primer. The texture of the small dab and how it molded into my forehead, immediately removing grease and the yucky feel of oil, had me astonished. Mac Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage remain on for eight to nine hours. A moisturizer ensures the skin remains supple and soft. After giving herself a once-over, she recommended I try this Porefessional. Does not work out well for cleansing pores for some. For normal skin, you need to focus on combinations until you find what you like best.

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Best Primers for Oily Skin: List of Top 15 Best Makeup Primers for Oily Skin

The trick to keeping your makeup flawless all day, especially if you have oily skin, is to invest in a really good primer. And one that is made especially for oily or combination skin. It not only helps combat the oil secretion but also makes sure your makeup stays on without smudging or getting blotchy. So if you want your makeup to stay flawless all day, these are the best primers for oily skin you should put on your list.

Best Primers For Oily Skin

Here is the list of top 15 best primers for oily skin, Try one of these primers for oily skin, and keep that fresh look going all day:

1. Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer

This gel based weightless primer is herbal based, and it helps keep your makeup on for 4-5 hours. It evens out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores and acne scars. It’s also
non-comedogenic, with the gel being ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Price: Rs 519

Buy it here

2. Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Make Up Primer Anti Redness

This makeup primer from Miss Claire helps in concealing the a lot of the blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and dark circles, while also working to neutralise the any redness that is there.
It holds your makeup for a long time, and helps in controlling the oil.

Price: Rs 470

Buy it here

3. Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Blur Primer, Smooth White

This cream based primer actually works for oily and combination skin. It smoothens the skin, does not clog pores, and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin. It comes with an approval stamp from dermatologists and has been allergy-tested.

Price: Rs 650

Buy it here

4. Faces Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer

This primer from Faces has a velvety formula that makes for easy and fast application. The the lightweight texture means you do not feel it on your skin once applied. It is silky when applied, but becomes matte on the skin. The primer is slightly tinted, which gives a really even tone.

Price: Rs 770

Buy it here

5. Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer, Clear

This super affordable primer from Blue Heaven is a crowd favourite, when it comes to a budget option. It comes with 4/5 user rating on Amazon, so if you are looking to try a primer that isn’t too expensive, but keeps your makeup in place, keep this one in mind.

Price: Rs 225

Buy it here

6. Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer

This primer from Colorbar is much loved by people. Although it feels like satin to touch, it is oil free and works well to mask uneven lines, colours, and texture. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, happens to be paraben free, and safe for all skin type.

Price: Rs 680

Buy it here

7. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

The Lakme absolute blur perfect makeup primer is a really good mid-range option. Those who love Lakme for their affordability and quality, will appreciate this one as well. It’s a silky blur formula which brightens up the face, and soften the look of blemishes and pores.

Price: Rs 445

Buy it here

8. L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer

Tested by dermatologists, this primer from LÓreal is a moisturiser that is designed to hydrate and protect your skin. It helps to cover the uneven lines and reduces the look of visible pores, to give you an even skin tone. It also helps keep your makeup on for much longer.

Price: Rs 567

Buy it here

9. Maybelline New York Dream One Day Perfect Base Primer

This base and primer from Maybelline helps absorb extra oil to keep your makeup fresh all day long. It has a 5x more moisturizing formula, which comes with high sebum absorbing power, and it does all this without clogging your pores.

Price: Rs 480

Buy it here

10. WOW Aloe Vera Multipurpose Beauty Gel

Use this a potent aloe vera gel from WOW as a daily moisturizer for your face, your skin, and even your hair. It’s loaded with nutrients like vitamins a, c, e, b12 and folic acid. It is really soothing for the skin, and hydrated it really well. The best thing about it probably that it is equally good for your hair.

Price: Rs 233

Buy it here

11. Wet n Wild CoverAll Face Primer

This gel base from Wet n Wild is one of the best primers for oily skin, which are also superbly affordable. Costing less than five hundred rupees, it makes for a good option due to its light texture, but its long lasting effect. It is a well-working primer, that safeguards your pores, and keeps you makeup in place.

Price: Rs 323

Buy it here.

12. M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+

Coming in four different shades, this MAC primer for oily skin. Aside from protecting your pores, it also soothes, hydrates and refreshes your skin on every application. It sets your makeup, and increases the amount of the wear the makeup can take. The primer solution absorbs the excess oil from your skin, and reduces the appearances of pores, blackheads, and blemishes as well.

Price: Rs 1,650

Buy it here.

13. NYX Professional Makeup Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

This is a  super silky and lightweight formula from NYX that helps you take care of your skin, and makeup. The product creates a comfortable cushion on your skin that helps to enhance the makeup when you apply it. The formula creates a smooth uniform layer, and minimises any shine that there maybe. You get a quite a flawless application with it, and it leaves your skin feeling quite fresh.

Price: Rs 1,200

Buy it here.

14. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

Benefit is great brand to opt for when you need a good and trustworthy beauty product, if you don’t mind the slight price crunch. It has an oil-free formula, which is honestly one of the best things for people with oily skin. It contains Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin. The primer suits all skin tones, so you don’t have to worry about it looking peak-ish upon application. It’s available in a full-size and a mini.

Price: Rs 1,170

Buy it here.

15. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This photo finish foundation and primer for Smashbox will probably make you wallet quite a bit lighter, but the dual use products does tend to makeup for it. The formula has a blend of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, along with Grape seed extract and green tea care, all of which for skin are super products for your skin. The product itself is lightweight on application, and is oil-free, making it a great option for those who want some extra luxurious care for their skin.

Price: Rs 2,900

Buy it here.

90,000 review of The POREfessional Makeup Foundation from Benefit. Benefit make-up base. POREfessional

test review Review of The Beachlorette by Benefit

The POREfessional smoothing foundation is a real hit of the Benefit brand and, frankly, I personally find it difficult to remember any more famous foundation than this one. Its main advantage is that it literally “rubs” the pores and they become practically invisible. However, it came to me literally by accident, because I bought it not as an independent product, but as one of the components of the Beachlorette travel kit from Benefit.



The Porefessional make-up base has two features – firstly, it is designed more for oily skin than dry, and secondly, its base is silicone.

On the first point, in principle, nothing really needs to be explained – the base is so loved by many precisely due to its incredible matting and smoothing effect, which the owners of oily skin and enlarged pores lacked so much and due to which their makeup with it lasts much longer. For those who have dry skin, this makeup base will certainly not give that gamut of emotions, since their skin does not need powerful matting anyway, and the pores are not so large.

The second point imposes some restrictions on the choice of tonal basis.

The POREfessional Silicone Makeup Base requires you to use a foundation with the same silicone base. Simply put, it needs to start with silicone, an ingredient ending in –cone, –methicone and –xane. This creates certain inconveniences, since most of the tonal foundations are still based on water. In principle, you can try to apply such a foundation on The Porefessional, but then different bases can react not in the best way among themselves and cause either increased oxidation of the foundation, or it will simply hold on worse, which will spoil the opinion of the product.For the same reason, I didn’t often put something on top of this primer from my foundation, except maybe the Fit Me concealer from Maybelline, which, it should be noted, held quite well, although it is water-based.

I’m an inexperienced person in the topic of grouts for pores, bases and make-up bases – I tried only one from the Elizavecca brand, which left behind a rather pleasant impression, but, unfortunately, is already over, because The POREfessional was just right.

Doll Skin: Benefit’s The POREfessional Makeup Base Review
The POREfessional Volume Options

Application and Results

Manufacturer Instructions: “Apply this smoothing base to moisturized skin to instantly reduce the appearance of pores and small wrinkles. And to increase the makeup durability.A little trick: Apply a small amount over your makeup to problem areas where pores may reappear. “ Benefit

The Beachlorette Summer Set Review This makeup base has a flesh tint and a very light texture. The texture is really the lightest, it feels like when it comes into contact with the skin of a finger, it even begins to matte it. And when applied to the skin of the face and spread over it, the foundation literally disappears.

Review of The Beachlorette Beach Summer Set from Benefit
My naked skin without anything looks something like this.There is definitely an oily sheen, although at the time of the photo I had only recently cleansed my skin with a gel for washing. Review of the beach summer set The Beachlorette from Benefit
Leather after applying the foundation The Porefessional

Unfortunately, during the application the sun turned a little and the face looks much lighter, but the base itself either due to matting, or by itself, brightens the skin a little.

It is advisable to apply The Porefessional in a small amount and try not to overdo it with it, since the product has the property of either rolling off, or somehow setting incorrectly and, as a result, it is difficult to completely massage it into the skin for complete absorption.

The effect this base makes is absolutely incomparable to my previous Korean make-up base, let alone a simple mattifying cream. The skin is instantly ultra-smooth and velvety. When applied, the product immediately comes into contact with the skin and absorbs absolutely all the oily sheen. In the photo, as evidence, you can see a slight shine near the eyebrow and a literally visible border with matte skin below – this is where I did not apply the base above so as not to accidentally touch the pencil line.After a lapse of time, 7-8 hours, everything looked about the same – more or less dry skin of the face and a rather noticeable oily sheen near the eyebrows. However, it is worth noting that, after a while, the skin as a whole acquires a slight oily content, but definitely much less pronounced than usual.


The Porefessional Makeup Foundation has a very interesting scent that surprised me the first time when I realized that it reminds me of it. The fact is that the aroma of this product almost one to one reminds me of the smell of panty liners, which, in principle, I like.I don’t know if anyone else noticed it, but something like that. In general, if we discard the association, then this is a very pleasant, delicate, whether floral, or with hints of citrus scent.

Bottom Line

This The Porefessional make-up foundation exceeded my expectations, I am very pleased to use it and I am very sorry that it already ends in this small tube – I would very much like to buy it in full size the next time I visit the Benefit corner. The effect she creates is quite appropriate without additional tonal means, unless, of course, you need to mask anything.I think that owners of oily and combination skin will definitely appreciate it, while owners of dry skin must have a moisturizer under it.

Price : € 32 for the whole set
Usage period : 2 weeks
Grade : 5 out of 5

face benefit, benefit, Benefit POREfessional, makeup base reviews, Benefit makeup base, Benefit primer, POREfessional Reviews

Benefit The Porefessional Matte Resque | Customer Reviews

Matting gel for perfect photos is what we need before the start of the summer season! Benefit has launched a new product in the Porefessional series, which promises us a natural matte and blur effect.

A very light, water-based turquoise gel that feels great to the skin. Comfort is important for any skin, especially oily and combination skin – it does not overload the skin, is friendly with makeup, does not roll off if you apply too much, it is quickly absorbed and naturally mattifies. No feeling of heaviness, stickiness, mask! Although it is stated that the gel reduces the appearance of pores, it is not. I have oily skin, the pores are very pronounced, in some places there are scars, the gel only slightly smoothes the skin relief and gives a blur effect, but does not fill them in any way (like, for example, the famous base of the same name).92% of the surveyed respondents said that the gel instantly mattifies the skin and gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. 89% – that the gel instantly absorbs excess sebum.
Perhaps I can only agree that it mattifies the skin and gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. For me, it is very similar to the matting daily gel from the Avene brand – Cleanance Emulsion-Losion, only the Avene mattifies less and moisturizes more (but it also starts to shine faster).
The composition in the first place is water, in the second is glycerin, which allows the makeup to better fit on the skin and stay longer (the declared diamond powder at the very end of ) The total volume of the gel is 50 ml, it is consumed economically, a small pea is enough for the whole face.As a standard, this volume is enough for me for 3 months of continuous use. The light texture is visible to the naked eye, when in contact with the skin, the gel begins to melt and absorb quickly. The product on the face is difficult to catch, but I tried very hard. One of my most problematic parts of the face before and 3 hours after. I see a slight blur effect and overall the skin is hydrated, I feel comfortable:
Conclusion: If you want a light mattifying gel for the summer, I advise you to try it.But, of course, I cannot guarantee the effect that works on my skin – it may not work on yours.

Price: 2080 rubles / about 1560 rubles with a discount on loyalty cards
Rating: 5

Have you tried this gel? What are your favorites for lightly matting skin?

90,000 Foundation Foundation: How to choose a primer based on your skin type and needs

Primers, concealers, correctors and bronzers – over the past few years, the beauty community has overgrown with a dozen terms and tools, the purpose of which is still not clear to everyone.We decided to start with the basics and talk about primers – why they are needed and what they are.

The primer can hardly be called an indispensable and extremely important product in a cosmetic bag. It is needed to prepare the skin for make-up, and many easily replace it with creams or serums, depending on the type and problem of the skin. On the other hand, the primer remains a more professional product – it provides an even and high-quality distribution of the foundation over the skin surface. Creams and powders applied to such a base do not roll off and remain on the face for as long as possible.

Modern primers can be attributed to make-up products with some difficulty – they now successfully combine the decorative function with the care one. Primers can protect from the sun, absorb excess sebum to prevent breakouts, and help with hydration.

Oily skin

Owners of oily skin shine without glitter and highlighter. The overactive work of the sebaceous glands inevitably leads to the fact that the forehead and nose are covered with a completely not beautiful shine, and matting wipes and powders are used.Primers for oily skin help to alleviate the situation even at the initial stage of makeup application due to the absorbent components – they will absorb excess sebum, preventing the skin from shining. It is important to understand that oily skin in any case requires an individual trip, and if someone can get rid of the shine for the whole day, others should still not lay out the matting aids from the cosmetic bag – shine, albeit in smaller quantities, can manifest.

Neutrogena, Shine Control primer

The Ordinary, primer with silicones

Benefit, primer POREfessional

NARS, primer Pore & Shine Control

Beauty modification

Everything you need to know about eyeliner: a highly detailed guide

Dry skin

Dry skin needs a moisturizer or, in this case, a moisturizing primer.The light texture (most often creamy or liquid) will not overload the skin, moisturizing ingredients will relieve peeling and tightness, after which the foundation will lay down more evenly. But even such a primer cannot replace a moisturizer – it alone will not be able to fully cope with the function assigned to it. It is best used as an additional moisturizer and skin preparation preparation.

Smashbox, Photo Finish Promerizer

Lumene, primer Nordic Chic

Rouge Bunny Rouge, primer Prelude in the Clouds

KIKO Milano, mist Prime & Fix

Combination skin

Combination leather is always a lottery.Your nose may shine, your cheeks may peel off, and all your makeup will turn into a large, oily, scaly patch. For combination skin, the same combination products are needed. On the one hand, the primer should matte problem areas that strive to shine, on the other, maintain an optimal level of moisture.

NB! The skin basically needs hydration, regardless of whether it is dry or oily, so the right primer must be equipped with moisturizing ingredients.

Qlinique Universal Superprimer

NYX, primer Angel Veil

Erborian, primer Glow Cream

Too Faced, Hangover primer

Beauty modification

5 ways to apply blush: from classic and draping to hangover makeup

Primer with SPF

In addition to high-quality hydration, skin care involves UV protection.The sun’s rays destroy collagen and trigger oxidative stress, which creates free radicals – all of which lead to premature aging and deterioration of the skin. There are many sunscreens on the beauty market right now, but sunscreen primers can save you time and money – they simultaneously protect you from the sun and fulfill their standard functions.

Dermalogica, Skinperfect SPF30 primer

MAC Primer Prep + Prime SPF50

Max Factor, primer Miracle Prep SPF30

Make Up For Ever, primer UV PRIME SPF50


Correcting primers are said to be able to mask all imperfections in the skin without the help of tonal foundations.The main thing is to choose the right color of the product. Green primer helps to hide redness, purple removes yellow skin color and reduces pigmentation, pink – hides bruises under the eyes.

ELF, primer Tone Adjusting

Make Up For Ever, Step 1 Correcting Primer

Clarins, primer SOS 04

Erborian, CC Dull and CC Red concealer creams

90,000 top funds for any budget

Many girls do not pay attention to the condition, characteristics, needs and type of their skin, but in vain! The result of applying cosmetics largely depends on how correctly you have chosen for yourself the care and decorative cosmetics.Naturally, cosmetics alone will not solve all problems, but it is possible to reduce their number. In this article we will try to understand the intricacies of choosing a primer for oily skin.

What we know about primers

Primer / base / base – an additional, but important tool. This product cannot be classified as a makeup product alone, nor can it be classified as a face care product alone. The base is an indispensable, unique tool that helps to make your face smoother, narrow enlarged pores, improve complexion, moisturize, matte, make makeup more resistant and prevent decorative cosmetics from clogging your pores and worsen your skin condition.

Primers specially formulated for oily skin will help you regulate sebum (sebum) secretion, matte oily sheen, narrow enlarged pores, and, if necessary, will help in the fight against acne and post-acne, and, of course, prolong the resistance your makeup and make it flawless. As a rule, bases for oily skin also have an antibacterial effect that allows you to fight inflammation.

When should

be used

In fact, everyone needs a primer.However, there are certain features in which the use of the base becomes a necessity. So, you need a primer, if :

  • you have oily skin
  • No foundation or powder can handle oily sheen
  • there are wrinkles
  • There is redness or other color problems of the skin
  • you have enlarged pores
  • face texture uneven, bumpy
  • sensitive skin
  • uneven complexion with age spots
  • You want your makeup to last as long as possible

Types of primers

This cosmetic product differs not only in purpose and properties, but also in its composition.There are several types of bases:

They contain silicone, thanks to which they perfectly smooth the texture of the face and fill the pores, thereby minimizing them. It is also a great anti-wrinkle primer.

Created on the basis of mineral components. They help to matte the face and hide redness and color imperfections thanks to their light pigmentation.

  • Water Based

This look does not contain any oils, which means it does not clog pores, mattifies and increases make-up durability.

The consistency of these products also varies. They are usually divided into the following categories:

  1. Gels. Has a light texture that provides better gliding of foundation and all subsequent cream and liquid products.
  2. Cream. Looks like a regular face cream. They perfectly moisturize and nourish, but can overload the face.
  3. Spray. U is a good and quick to apply product.These primers are usually water-based and are designed to enhance makeup durability and matte finish.
  4. Emulsion. Something between gel and cream consistency.

When choosing a product, you should pay attention to its properties: first of all, you should be interested in matting bases, since they are designed to help owners of oily skin hide the shine. In addition, the presence of Kaolin in the makeup base will have a beneficial effect on oily skin.

The choice of look, texture and consistency depends on your personal preferences and goals. For example, if you are struggling with post-acne, then you should take a closer look at mineral primers, as they have the most pronounced healing properties.

In addition to primers for oily skin, there are special products for oily eyelids. They are designed to help you in cases where conventional eyeshadow bases cannot cope with the excess oil produced and the shadows begin to roll. If this problem is familiar to you, then you should pay attention to such specialized products.

A condition for the successful use of a primer for oily skin is the marking “oil-free” on the product, which tells us about the absence of oils in their composition.

Application features

It is quite easy to apply the primer, however, there are several nuances here that will help you get the most out of the product:

  1. The base is always applied to a clean, moisturized face before make-up and not after!
  2. To use, you need a pea-sized amount of product – no less and no more.If you use more, there is a possibility that the foundation and all subsequent products may roll or become spots.
  3. The base can (and in some specific cases need to) be applied pointwise to certain problems. If you are using a pore-tightening primer, apply it to problem areas (usually the chin, forehead, nose and area around the nose).
  4. Apply the primer using only hammering, patting or rubbing movements. Try not to stretch the skin during this process, as this can lead to premature wrinkles (especially around the mouth, eyes and nose).
  5. After you have sunk in this beauty product, wait a couple of minutes for it to be absorbed, and then you can safely proceed to the next steps of your makeup.
  6. Use synthetic brushes, sponges and fingers to apply the base. The main thing is, before applying the primer on the face, squeeze the required amount first onto the back of the hand. This will warm the product slightly and will be easier to distribute over the skin.

The use of a primer does not cancel out foundation, concealer and powder.You cannot substitute one remedy for another.

Top-20 primers for oily skin

Although most of the girls are not familiar with primers, there are a huge number of them on the beauty products market. When choosing, eyes run up, so we have collected the best primers for oily skin and divided them into different price categories.

Budgetary funds

Cheap doesn’t mean bad, and these products have proven it!

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser From Maybelline New York

Perfect for a beginner who wants to familiarize himself with the bases, but does not want to spend a lot of money.Has a gel texture, tightens pores and mattifies.

Silky Smooth Balm Egg Pore from Tony Moly

Specially designed for oily skin with enlarged pores. Reduces acne, tightens pores and mattifies

Bio Helix from Markell Cosmetics

The representative of Belarusian cosmetics was created in order to matte, as well as prolong the durability of your make-up.

Nyx Pore Filler

Primer for visual reduction of pores perfectly evens the texture of the skin and gives long-lasting make-up.

Magix Face Perfector Primer SPF 20 from Avon

Excellent budget product, mattifies and tightens pores.

Very Me Prep Me Perfect from Oriflame

Like its predecessor, it copes well with the characteristics of oily skin.

Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer from NYX

Wonderful budget primer for oily skin.Mattifies, fills pores, makes makeup more durable, and also helps to get rid of existing pimples and prevents new ones from appearing.

Nordic Chic Mattifying & Pore Smoothing Primer from Lumene

It will help to level the relief and matte. At the same time, the base is absolutely non-comedogenic, which allows you not to worry about the appearance of rashes.

Studio Secrets Primer from L’oreal Paris

Creates an absolutely matte finish on the face, prolongs the make-up hold and fills in wrinkles.

Luxury and professional

Reviews for the same database are very different. However, we were able to find several products for you in this price range, each of which can be said to be the best primer.

Superprimer Face Primer From Clinique

A stunning matte foundation available in a variety of color variations to correct tone.

The PoreFessional from Benefit

Hides minor imperfections, fills pores and mattes.

Finish Foundation Primer from Smashbox

Rich in vitamins, moisturizes, mattifies the skin and evens out its relief.

Mister Mat from Givenchy

Mattifying thick gel that removes unevenness, reduces pores and wrinkles.

Redness Solutions SPF 15 from Clinique

Helps not only to make the face matte, but also removes redness, and also helps to cope with breakouts.

High Definition Primer from Make Up Forever

Irreplaceable makeup assistant for oily skin. Eliminates oily sheen, breakouts, irregularities, enlarged pores, perfectly moisturizes and lasts up to 12 hours.

Prep + Prime Skin Zone from MAC

It is applied in a light layer, mattifies, but does not dry out the skin.

Pore & Shine Control Primer From NARS

Removes excess sebum, mattifies, tightens pores, reduces blackheads and blackheads, fights existing inflammations, and also has antibacterial properties.

Stay Flawless from Benefit

Super long-lasting primer specially formulated to reduce pores. Will last all day even on super oily skin.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch from Clarins

Makes the face velvety, prevents oily sheen and tightens pores.

Primer will help improve your skin and keep the consumption of subsequent products to a minimum.There is a myth that bases are exceptional for dry skin types, but this is not the case and we hope we have convinced you of this!

90,000 POREfessional Benefit Matte Pencil: Test Drive

Hello, beauties. This summer I have a new favorite! This is the POREfessional Benefit Matting Pencil. I am the owner of a rather oily complexion with enlarged pores. In warm and humid weather, my face shines especially intensely.Therefore, I just needed this helper and rescuer from oily shine!

Matting pencil POREfessional Benefit

The manufacturer promises protection against shine on the face and dullness of the skin for up to 6 hours. Also, it is stated that the pores on the face become less visible.

The packaging is very bright and stylish, with original design. The comfortable triangular shape of the matting pencil allows you to work on the most difficult-to-reach areas on the face, especially on the wings of the nose.The smell is practically absent. Product weight 4.3 grams. The compact form will allow you to place a pencil even in the smallest women’s purse.

Matting pencil POREfessional Benefit

The POREfessional Benefit Matting Pencil is recommended to be used both before applying makeup and after, when it is necessary to correct an already shiny face. The stick eliminates oily shine thanks to its absorbent spheres.

Matting pencil POREfessional Benefit

For best results, the POREfessional Benefit Matte Pencil should be applied with a quick patting motion to problem areas, especially the T-zone.The consistency of a matting pencil is similar to that of a balm.

Matting pencil POREfessional Benefit

After use, the facial skin does not dry out and even becomes slightly softer. I was not able to strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and apply the product to the skin with patting movements. The stick is quite dense and moderately firm. The best way for me is to simply run the pencil over the desired areas. Yes, the skin will be slightly stretched at this moment and you must clearly decide for yourself whether you are ready for this step or not.If everything is more or less clear with the nose and chin, then it will be up to you to decide whether to stretch the skin of the cheeks and forehead.

Matting pencil POREfessional Benefit

In hot and humid weather, POREfessional Benefit helps keep the skin matte longer, up to a maximum of 4-5 hours. In cooler weather, you can actually get the stated 6 hours without oily sheen. But, this is so individual that it is difficult to predict in advance how your combination or oily skin will behave.If you need to touch up the greasy shine after applying makeup, then I did it very carefully with my finger and only in the nose area, after blotting it with a matting paper napkin. With powder or foundation on the cheeks, for example, this will not work. There is a serious risk of damage to the integrity of the makeup. The product did not affect the visibility of my pores, everything remained in its place.

POREfessional Benefit Matting Pencil can be purchased at the Ile de Beaute store for RUB 1,650 excluding discounts.

Similar Materials

90,000 Best primer for oily skin: TOP-5. Reviews on must-haves!

The best primer for oily skin – post for your requests. I don’t know how to refuse, and why, when the topic is so relevant that it’s stupid to ignore it? In general, let’s already see who is ready to compete for the durability of your makeup!

If you missed important articles on this topic, I recommend that you remember:

What does a primer do with oily skin?

Primer for oily skin controls sebum production and reduces oily sheen.It prepares the skin for makeup application. This type of primer has a fat-free formula.

Is the primer suitable for combination oily skin?

Yes, it fits. Alas, there is no special primer for this type of skin, and all that remains to be done for owners of combination skin is to combine the two types of primer. Apply matting to the T-zone and the area on the cheeks around the nose, and moisturizing to the remaining areas of the face as needed.

The best primer for oily skin: TOP-5

Face primer Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional

I love him.Already 10 years have passed since we met, and I still use it. I was afraid that the formula would change over the years, and it would lose its “magic” properties, but this never happened.

  • Oil-free
  • Less visible pores
  • Prolongs the durability of makeup
  • Price – 2.700 RUB
Mattifying Primer Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer 1 Mattifying Primer

I remember that year well when this base appeared.A huge line of primers came out, where each one meets certain requirements. I prefer this particular primer for oily skin.

  • Delicate mousse texture
  • Smoothes and evens out the texture of the skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Price – 2.600 rubles
Matting primer for the face Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Mattifier Mattifier

9000 makeup artist. There is a category of masters who work exclusively with luxury cosmetics.I am in favor of mixing brands, where quality is more important to me, not brand popularity. Nevertheless, this primer has every chance of becoming one of the best.

  • Instantly smoothes the skin and fills in irregularities
  • Facilitates the subsequent application of the foundation
  • Keeps make-up lasting throughout the day
  • Price – 3.100 rubles
Too Faced Primer PRIMED & PEACH2 Initially applied to it … I don’t know why, but sometimes it wedges and you think that something is wrong here.And it is all the same and even better!

  • Light texture
  • Instantly masks pores
  • Smoothes the skin surface
  • Has a mattifying effect
  • Increases makeup resistance
  • Price – 2.500 rubles
Primer for makeup Goshleon Primer At the end of 2019, I managed to grab this primer with me and did the right thing. With cosmetics in Dubai, everything is not easy, but more on that another time.I didn’t expect a cool product from such a mediocre brand.

  • Light texture of white color adapts to skin tone
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product
  • Lightweight texture
  • Easy and evenly applied
  • Price – 1,000 rubles

If you have any questions about this topic, let me know in the comments ! Better share your favorites

Reviews of balm, shrinking pores Benefit The Porefessional Pro Balm To Minimize The Appearance Of Pores

Kind and warm September day, Beauty Patrols!

It so happened that I dislike make-up bases, perhaps because of oily skin, perhaps because more often all make-up bases are not “friendly” with my foundation.

On one of my trips, I bought a travel kit from Benefit with the most popular products of this brand, one of which was a balm that reduces pores, Benefit The Porefessional Pro Balm To Minimize The Appearance Of Pores. A mini version of it looks like this:

The set itself is like this:

Isn’t it cute design and thoughtful content?

Its volume is 7.5 ml, while the full-size version is 22 ml.

Made in the USA.

The manufacturer promises protection against aging, I cannot comment on it

Means of yellowish tint and mousse consistency:

After rubbing, it actually creates a Photoshop effect, you can clearly see this in the center of the photo:

For comparison, I will also show textures with a similar base from Sephora Pore & Fine Line Filler, which will be reviewed a little later:

I think it would be unrepresentative to show you a photo immediately after applying Benefit balm and completing makeup, so I will attach a photo 12 hours after:

Do not forget that I have combination skin, especially oily in the T-zone, then such an effect after such a long time is very worthy.

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