Popular manicure styles: 20 Stylish Nail Trends To Try in 2021


20 Stylish Nail Trends To Try in 2021


A fresh manicure is a perfect way to add a little something extra to your outfit. While we will always love ballet slipper pink or a classic red, why not try something a little more adventurous for your next manicure? From subtle chic detailing to bold designs, there is something for everyone with this season’s most stylish nail trends – because life is too short for boring nails.

1. Graphic Detail

Go graphic with this season’s boldest look! Choose contrasting colors to turn heads in your direction, or opt for similar shades for a more muted style. Try your hand at simple shapes and patterns at home. You might want to head to a technician though if you are after a more elaborate design.



2. CD Nails

Embrace the 90s with a holographic CD inspired nail. This eye-catching look is easily achieved with a special pigment made up of tiny reflective particles. Start with bare nails or your desired base colour, apply a layer of the pigment and finish with a clear sealing gel!



3. Nude and White Minimal Detail

We love the super subtle detailing of this nude and white design. Keep things simple with clear polish over well-kept nails and add a splash of white to one or two nails as desired for a tasteful manicure that is perfect for the office.



4. Pearl Detail

The pearl nail trend has been brewing for some time now. The best thing about this trend is how versatile it is. If you’re after something luxe, have physical pearls applied to your nails. Depending on how glamorous you want to go, you can stick one on each nail at the cuticle, or cover your nails completely. However, if you want something a little more subtle, then an iridescent pearl nail polish is a perfect alternative.



5. Gingham Nails

Gingham seems to be everywhere at the moment, and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Mimic the popular checked fabric on your fingertips to stand out from the crowd while still jumping on the trend.



6. Zigzag Nails

Zigzag nails, sometimes known as chevron nails, may look complicated but are relatively easy to recreate at home! With just two shades of polish, some sticky tape and a bit of patience, you will be rocking this retro manicure in no time!



7. Marble Nails

Believe it or not, that marble countertop you’ve been dreaming about for your kitchen is actually perfect manicure inspiration! The sophisticated trend is deceptively easy to recreate yourself with the help of one of the many DIY videos online. Start with a single marble feature nail, or if you are feeling more confident, go for a full set.



8. Animal Print

Animal prints are one of those trends that never seems to fade. While a classic leopard or cheetah print is always a safe bet, why not try the season’s hottest new print: cow print! Celebs like Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner can’t get enough of the sassy style this season and neither can we!



9. Geometric Art

For nails that make a statement, try out geometric art. This design is all about sharp lines and bold shapes. Don’t be afraid to get really creative here with different patterns on each nail.



10. Double French Tip

The Double French Tip is a modern take on the classic French-mani. While we will always love a good French manicure, the addition of an extra line is a fun way to spice up your nails this season.



11. Colour Block French Manicure

Similarly, the color block French manicure is another excellent way to breathe new life into the classic style. It is also a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.



12. Single Nail Feature

Subtly unleash your creativity with a single nail feature. For this understated trend, paint all but one of your nails in a block color of your choice and make the remaining nail pop! A classic option is a single metallic or sparkly nail, but you could try patterns or graphics. The possibilities are endless!



13. Metallic Nails

Metallic nails are having a moment this season. The funky craze is appearing all over Hollywood at the moment with nail queen, Kylie Jenner, regularly rocking the style. The metallic trend works in just about any color and pairs best with longer coffin shaped nails.



14. Galaxy Nails

For something out of this world check out the galaxy nail trend! The space-inspired design has been popping up on YouTube tutorials all across the internet, making it a trend to watch. Galaxy nails are surprisingly easy to do at home, and due to their abstract nature, you can’t mess it up!



15. Jewel Nails

Inspired by Cardi B’s famous encrusted talons, jewel nails are this season’s most extra trend yet. Jewels and crystals of varying sizes are applied to the nails for a blinged-out look that is practically dripping.



16. Pastel Nails

If there is one nail trend that will never go out of style, it is pastel nails. Choose from popular pastel colors like lavender, mint, yellow or pink for cute but chic fingertips any day of the week.



17. Green Nails

For a manicure that will turn faces green with envy go for this season’s hottest shade: green! From emerald to mint to neon green, there is a hue in the lush color to suit every mood and occasion.



18. Pastel Rainbow

Why choose one shade when you can wear them all? Pastel rainbow nails are the playful trend celebrities are loving this season. You can go as quirky or as subtle as you like. Try a different color of the rainbow on each nail or go for different shades of the same color.



19. Gradient Pastels

Ombre made a splash in the world of hair a few years back, and now you can rock the trend on your fingertips. Elevate your usual manicure at your next appointment with this gradient pastel look.



20. Nude and Neon

Give your classic nude manicure an unexpected twist with a pop of neon! The contrasting trend is perfect for trying your hand at neon shades without feeling like your nails are screaming at everyone.




What is the nail trend for 2021?

It will be an excellent year for nail trends in 2021 because there are many exciting designs to choose from. Among these are the graphic detail trend, holographic CD nails, gingham print, pearl accents, and retro zig zags. There are also a few super wearable options for every day and every setting, such as the nude and white minimal detail looks and pastel shades.

What nails are in style right now?

There are subtle and chic options to choose from that are perfect for all occasions, as well as bright and bold choices. If you want your nails to be noticed, consider embracing a trend like galaxy nails, color block french manicure, or the nude and neon combination, which is bound to turn heads.

What is the popular nail color for 2021?

A few colors that will be on-trend for 2021 and transform your home manicures include spearmint, natural shades, candy pink, mulberry, and minty green. Like vibrant yellow and bright greens, some others shads make a statement and immediately draw the eye to your perfectly buffed nails.


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10 Most Popular Nail Styles This Year

I bet you’ll agree with me when I say: a woman’s hands are her label, as they are an important detail people observe when they first come into contact.

Did it ever happen to you that you were in a meeting, gesturing or presenting something, and people were looking at your nails? That’s because people pay attention to the little things that matter. The way you take care of yourself says a lot about your personality, education, and social position.

In order to maintain beautiful nail hygiene and at the same time to be on-trend, it is important to keep yourself informed, especially when it comes to nail trends in 2021.

We all adore staying at the salon while doing our nails, right? But we’re never decided when it comes to choosing a new color or a new shape. Luckily, there are many options to get inspired by the most popular nail styles this year. We just have to take a nail dip in the right style and colors and our pretty nails will be all prepared to speak high fashion!

1. Nude Nails

Photo source: @zhenskiy_jurnal

Photo source: @camilllsia

In the last years, the nude nail trend has taken wings, as lots of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, or Bella Hadid are wearing it.

Photo source: lcnails126

This popular nail style presents a picture of elegance and simplicity without the need to try too hard to obtain a sophisticated look. The nude nail polish looks fresh with any model on it and will meet your needs for every occasion, whether you want a casual or formal style.

Therefore, if you are looking to adopt a popular nail style in 2021, the nude nail craze may be the ideal solution for you.

2. Velvet Nails

Photo source: amyytran

Photo source: charlottehennessynails

Photo source: bhambnails

3. Matte Polished Nails

Those accessories that look awesome, no matter who’s wearing them, right?! Well, it’s time to add the matte nail polish to the list, ‘cause it is a nail trend that rocks in 2021!

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Many ladies tend to be a little bit reticent when it comes to matte nail polish. We’ve all heard that it is more difficult to maintain them than the glossy ones, as they probably get dirty. Let me tell you that… it doesn’t happen really as you imagine! 

What’s more, the part that I love the most about the matte nail style is that you can do it in two different ways, both easy and fast to do: the first one is by using a matte nail top coat that takes you just 30 seconds to get dry.

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Another technique to make your nails look matte is by using a buffer. The secret here is just to buff until all the shine gets off and here you are, a pretty trendy lady with a matte manicure! 

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Matte doesn’t have to mean boring or fade, so if you want to be on-trend, go for the matte polish nail style in 2021 and make those nails look as simple as awesome possible. 

4. Rhinestones Nails

Photo source: topcoatnailbarsj

Photo source: jagodowablog

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Photo source: lacquernailsstudio

5. Classic Red Nails. Or with a twist! 

Red nails are back on top at the end of 2021! Why? Because red nails are gentle to the eye and romantic in their undertones, fitting best your outfit on special occasions in your life.

You can glam up your red nails with some glitter or heart motives and you’ll be the star of the night! Glamorous red nails, amazing!

Photo source: @taryns_nails

For a more up-to-the-moment nail color trending in 2021, a drop of strawberry nails or a drop of bloody red nails have found their way to the top of our nail color alternatives.

Photo source: olootka_nailart

The following nails will make you look and feel like a celebrity!

Photo source: @cheyennesnails_

As a beauty tip for you ladies, you can complete your fashionable look by adding a red lip gloss to fit your nail’s color and to give contrast to your outfit. Red is one of the few colors that work just as well on short nails, long, almond or square ones. The only question is, are you red-dy to wear a popular nail style in 2021? 🙂

6. Turquoise Nail Color

Photo source: beautyllist

Whether you choose to call it turquoise or aquamarine, the nail color we’re all mad about right now has a rich ocean effect, making us dream about the sea or the summer-sky blue.

Photo source: nails.ninetynine

This popular 2021 nail style has to be on everyone’s fingers and toes this summer! For sure, the tropical turquoise nail color is here to be assorted with a glass of rosé wine at golden hour. Get it, enjoy the vibe, and don’t forget to check also which are the most popular hairstyles for women this year.

Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.” -Tammy Taylor

7. Pastel Nail Color

Photo source: @melissavla_

What better way to enjoy the warm season than with pastel nails? 🙂

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff

There’s a large palette of colors you can use, and the advantage is that you can combine them in different styles like french manicure, baby boomer, designing shapes or simply applying a different color on any finger.

There’s something cheerful about adding those soft shades on your nails this year. Just try it and enjoy your pretty candy nail style in 2021.

8. Bright Nail Color

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff

Photo source: olootka_nailart

Photo source: olootka_nailart

As simple as it is complicated, the royal blue nail style is the expression of an electric personality that gives us a bold, bright look. This color looks amazing on every kind of nail style – short, long, stiletto, coffin, matte or glittery. You can mix it however you want, it will give a note of elegance and class on your hands.

9. Metallic Nails

This is for sure the most extravagant and eye-catching nail trend in 2021. The best part of it is that it reflects the light in hundreds of different colors and creates a unique mirror effect.

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff

Photo source: aureliemanucure

Added on every kind of color you wish, the metallic nails will add a note of glam to every outfit, no matter the season. 2021 is here to shine bright! 🙂

Photo source: henriettenails

10. Animal Print Nails

Animal print can be an intimidating addition to your look. Even if you’re a lover of wildlife or you just want to show off your feline side, animal print nail style never goes out of trend.

Photo source: @henriettenails

In 2021, this pattern is everywhere, especially on ladies’ nails. Animal print themed nails are one of the most glamorous and extravagant manicure styles in 2021, expressing in the best way your interest in fashion.

Photo source: meraki_nails_cardiff

From the leopard spots to the tiger or zebra prints, you can shape the perfect nails with every kind of color- it will look stunning anyway!

Bonus Trend: Baby Boomer Nails

The ombre french manicure, or the baby boomer as everybody knows this manicure style in 2021 is and will always be on-trend. Why? Simply because it is elegant and you can combine two of your favorite colors in a perfect blend. 

Photo source: amethyst_klaudia_gozdek

If you’re a person who enjoys a more classic nail style rather than the eccentric 2021 nail trends that have been sweeping social media lately, you’ll be pleased to know that this latest manicure style offers you the perfect blend of minimal nail style and timeless elegance. 

Photo source: aureliemanucure

The best part about this nail trend is that the ombré gives an elongate effect to your nails. What’s more, it is the perfect style for fast-growing nails because the base color is usually nude, a color that’s very close to your natural nail shade, and that makes it hard to spot.

Here are five ways to get your baby boomer nails done. Choose your own style and get ready to make an appointment with your nail artist. You’ll look awesome wearing one of the most popular nail styles in 2021, honey!

Bonus Trend 2: Green Nail Color

Photo source: nailsbypaulin

You’d better add the green nail color to your list this year if you want to be in style. From all the colors to choose from, maybe green is not the one that you’d think about while coloring your nails.

Photo source: stergiou_s_nailartist

After you see these amazing green nail colors you’ll inevitably fall in love with them. From pistachio green to emerald or aqua green, there are tons of these shades that fit all the seasons perfectly.

Photo source: nails.by.zo_

It was just a matter of time before green made its way to nail trends in 2021, and ladies absolutely love it. Do you? 🙂

Leave me a comment down below and tell me whats your favorite nail trend of 2021? 

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix


60+ Best Nail Designs of 2021

Call your favorite manicurist and round up your whole entire squad, because it’s time to get the nails done RIGHT. From ombre fades and cool graphics to the 1990s French tips that are making a comeback, we’ve got every single nail trend on your feed right here in one place. Oh and btw, you might want to start saving these cute nail designs for later, because there are waaaay too many ideas to choose from.

Check out the best-of-the-best nail art trends that the most manicure-obsessed celebrities (read: Kylie Jenner, James Charles, and Billie Eilish) can’t stop wearing.

Megan Thee Stallion

Hot Girl Sh*t isn’t just the fit–it’s the hair, the glam, and, yes, also the nails. Offsetting her turquoise outfit, Megan flaunted the sickest Barbie pink nails. They’re super long and covered in tiny little 3D bows. This mani is truly a work of art.

Kylie Jenner

You can always count on Kylie to come through with a sickening set of claws. This time, she decked her chocolate-tinted coffin nails in a ’00s-inspired bandana print. Perfection, honestly.

Megan Thee Stallion

This week, Megan Thee Stallion went Instagram official with her new bf in a photo dump that is making me feel incredibly single. Among the couple shots, was a killer manicure that deserves to be appreciated. Elevating a plain black nail, Megan added white detailing for a graphic, pop art type of look. V into that.

Millie Bobby Brown

Like literally every single other trend worn in 2002, French tip manis are back again. Millie, ever the fan of ’00s style, elevated the look with her own personal twist. She went low-key on the tips, with a translucent shade of ivory, then added rhinestone studs for a bit of glitz.

Demi Lovato

When we said “free the nipple,” Demi really felt that. The pop star got tiny titties painted on her coffin nails, to celebrate the human form. She added the inclusive design atop a tie-dye base, for a truly adorable look.

Khloe Kardashian

Is Khloe Kardashian ok? Can someone check? Because ya girl basically just attached tiny knives to each of her fingertips and I’m worried there’s going to be bloodshed. Yes, they look fierce. But is the danger really worth it? Is it, Khloe?!

Billie Eilish

Of all the statement nails on this list, no one pulls off a coordinated look quite like Billie Eilish. Every time the girl steps on a red carpet, her nails claws are focal point instead of an afterthought. For the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, the singer got herself a custom paint job. She mimicked the sage green florals of her outfit on inches-long coffin nails. Its – and I cannot stress this enough – a look.

Kylie Jenner

After briefly ditching her trademark coffin nails for a more natural, short shape, Long Nail Kylie is back and even more extra than before. She donned a fistful of super sharp claws for an upcoming photo shoot and admitted that she likes them so much, they actually “might stay.” It’s worth pointing out that when Billie Eilish had nails like this, she ended up accidentally stabbing herself, so my thoughts and prayers go out to Kylie.

Demi Lovato

A new fiance, new nails, and a new song – this year’s really coming up Demi. The singer showed off a butterfly-covered French manicure on IG Stories that’s got me itching for the nail salon. In the caption, she shared that it was inspired by a song she’s currently working on. “Guys I’m writing a song called butterfly rn,” she wrote.

Millie Bobby Brown

Wow, ok, I know what my next manicure will be: a recreation of this adorable manicure. Millie Bobby Brown got in on the super-modern jelly nails trend, accenting her see-through tips with teeny white butterflies.

Demi Lovato

After going months without a manicure, we’re leaning hard into nail art for the rest of 2020. Demi is leading the charge with a super detailed alien mani in a shade of trendy slime green.

Kylie Jenner

These nails are a work of ART! Queen of extra nail designs, Kylie Jenner, is out here rocking Instagram’s favorite 2020 nail trend: mismatched nails. She went abstract on all ten fingers for a super funky look that low-key belongs in a museum.

Dua Lipa

After months of social distancing, Dua Lipa has finally been reunited with her manicurist – and the resulting manicure is freaking sick. The singer went for a smiley face motif that is basically guaranteed to spark joy.


To celebrate her first Pride month after publically coming out as a transgender woman, beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials got a fire rainbow-tip mani. “This is my first pride month finally being out and welcomed into the rainbow family 🌈💖✨ decided to celebrate with some pride nails 💅🏻.” LOVE that for her.

Kylie Jenner

Looks like Kylie’s new minimal nails are in it for the whoooole summer. The mogul updated her new short length with a modern square shape and some bright tips. Brb, screenshotting this cute nail design.

James Charles

Watch out, Kylie Jenner, James Charles is coming for your crown. The beauty vlogger has been rocking some A-level manis lately, the latest being these 3D nude nails. James took the most basic neutral shade and made it as extra as possible, with the Louis Vuitton logo.

Kylie Jenner

For the first time in memorable history, Kylie Jenner is without her famous claws – and all it took was a pandemic. For quarantine, Kylie removed her coffin nails and is, instead, embracing a more natural-looking oval shape. She also went minimal on the nail art, with matte rainbow tips.

NikkieTutorials’ Glitter Talons

Nikkie’s nails are always just as cool as her makeup, with lavender glitter and a cool abstract design.

Billie Eilish’s Rhinestone Coffin Nails

She probably can’t text, but wow she looks good. Billie unveiled some super, SUPER long coffin nails at the 2020 Oscars – pitch black with a single, sparkling crystal. Classic.

Kylie Jenner’s Takashi Murakami Mani

When you’ve got that much canvas to work with, you’ve gotta go next-level with your nail game. Kylie covered her nails in Takashi Murakami’s iconic smileys for a groovy look.

Kylie Jenner’s Pink Ombre

Yes, this is an article dedicated to Kylie Jenner’s nail art, thank you for noticing. French tips are officially back – along with literally every other ’90s trend – but Kylie put her very own spin on it. This take feels so much cooler than your classic beige combo.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Spidey Nails

Vanessa Hudgens spends 11 months out of the year just waiting for October to hit, so of course, before September even ended, she was prepped and ready. In her first post of the spooky season, V shared a set of matte, ombre spider web claws. Honestly, these nails could be a costume all by themselves.

James Charles’s Pinkity Drinkity Nails

At this point the words “pink drink” are basically synonymous with beauty vlogger James Charles. He drinks the viral Starbucks beverage every single morning and now even has nails to match. This is a level of dedication that must be respected.

Kylie Jenner’s Retro Rhinestone Nails

The queen of over-the-top nail designs does it again! Kylie went full on 1999, showing off nude coffin nails with a rhinestone heart.

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Mani

Kylie had her famous coffin nails transformed into teeny tiny Lip Kits. Each nail got the Kylie Cosmetics signature drip and it’s a whole look. I strive to be half as extra as these nails.

Selena Gomez’s Glossy Navy Nails

Sel is making the over-the-top jelly nails trend look totally wearable with this chic navy mani. The see-through design makes them feel super edgy, while the midnight hue keeps the vibe low-key.

Kylie Jenner’s Tie Tye

The 1990s revival has come full circle: toe rings and tie dye are back, once again. Kylie donned both retro trends at once (plus, an ankle bracelet) while showing off her technicolor claws for the gram.

Billie Eilish’s Nude Talons

My jaw DROPPED. Leave it to Billie Eilish to have a set of claws so extra that they could legit double as kitchen utensils. These nails, while probably horrible for any type of hand function, sure make for one hell of an Instagram prop.

Kylie Jenner’s Neon Stars

Kylie Jenner’s Neon Ombré

The queen of nail art is back with another stunning mani. She’s serving us neons, she’s serving us matte, she’s serving us ombré – this manicure is every festival nail trend wrapped up in one.

Ariana Grande’s Cow Print

Making a rare departure from her hypebae aesthetic, Ariana is rocking spring’s hottest western-inspired mani trend: cow print. If you look closely, she’s got little black spots all over her pure white nails. Kendall Jenner just rocked the same mani, FYI.

Kylie Jenner’s Pink and Blue Mani

Kylie is as Kylie does, so if she posts a pic on Instagram of pink and blue talons, does that mean that she’s pregnant and teasing the assigned-at-birth gender of her baby? Some fans are speculating that the mani pic is further proof that Kylie is thinking about baby number 2. One fan commented, “She’s pregnant again.” Could it be true?

Ariel Winter’s Barbie Pink Flames

Girly meets punk with this cool monochromatic flame mani. Who knew pink-on-pink could be so badass?

Kylie Jenner’s Pink Chrome

Quick! Call your nail salon and see if they can fit you in before midnight, because this futuristic paint job is perfect for 2019. Every other NYE mani is so 2000 and late.

Rihanna’s Fiery Crimson

If Riri were a nail color, this badass neon red would be her ~soul shade~.

Kylie Jenner’s Pearly Sheen

Vanessa Morgan’s Girly Nude

The Riverdale star went totally Cheryl Blossom with this prim blush polish.

Meghan Trainor’s Rose Gold Shimmer

I’m all about that bass, but girl, let’s talk about this nail color! Meghan stunted with glitter-tipped rose gold nails.

Nina Dobrev’s Artsy Paint Strokes

Nina rocked a simplistic abstract nail that’s actually super easy to recreate. Just make a single stripe of different neutral shades across the tip of your nails, then cover with a clear coat.

Patrick Starrr’s Crystal-Studded Nails

Rhinestones, glitter, blood red, and a touch of hologram – these nails are just as wonderfully extra as the beauty guru himself.

Kylie Jenner’s Squad Nails

King Kylie and her besties Anastasia Karanikolaou and Heather Sanders went for complimentary coffin nails. Bonus points to Heather for those sick Nike swoosh jelly nails.

Yara Shahidi’s Reverse French Mani

This is a cool 2018 update to a classic French tip. White on the bottom and a punch of metallic on top.

Rita Ora’s Sequined Rainbow Nails

Calling all mermaids! This sequin-covered mani looks channels the metallic glint of a fish’s scales. So glam.

Kendall Jenner’s Neon Nails

This electric shade of orange is currently the hottest color of the summer – according to the Kardashian/Jenner family. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie have all been spotted wearing this hue, but Kendall chose a more subtle take with a simple coat of orange on her nails. Looks like I need to go polish shopping!

Kylie Jenner’s Rhinestone Mani

Juicy Couture tracksuits are SHAKING. Kylie put a ’90s twist on a classic nude nail, adding iridescent rhinestones to her mani.

Kylie Jenner’s Stormi Mani

Mama Kylie proves nude doesn’t have to be boring. She added a tiny silver “s” for her daughter Stormi to pump up her neutral nails.

Kim Kardashian’s Conversation Heart Mani

For her heart-themed photoshoot for her new Kimoji fragrance, Kimmy added tiny (faux) candy pieces to her pastel pink nails. Major V Day inspo.

Rihanna’s Iridescent Rainbow Claw

For her Fenty show at New York Fashion Week, Riri matched her mani to the invitations. She did rainbow pastels with cold detailing and a holo finish – so cool.

Kylie Jenner’s Crimson Matte Nails

The queen of coffin nails celebrated Valentine’s Day by bringing back the matte nail trend. She rocked a toned-down shade of blood red and shared a pic on Snapchat.

Jordyn Wood’s Sleek Nude Nails

Jordyn (just like the Kardashian/Jenner clan) loves the be ~in the buff~. Her long, nude nails look simply stunning.

Bella Thorne’s Iridescent Green

Furthering her love of all things sparkly, Bella showed off this shimmering mani in a shade of emerald that any Slytherin would love.

Kylie Jenner’s Metallic Brown

Forever trying crazy nail colors, Kylie rocked the most unexpected metallic hue: brown. The chocolate mani is so glam.

Rihanna’s Emeralds

Ri’s deep green nails add a fun pop of emerald to her all blue-and-diamond outfit.

Katy Perry’s Find Me Mani

To promote her single “Chained to the Rhythm,” Katy left disco balls all over the world for fans to find. She asked her followers to track them down with this cute black and white mani.

Kylie Jenner’s Matte Blue

King Kylie and her friend Heather Sanders both got coffin nails — Kylie in light blue. Her mani is an exact match for Skylie blue, a limited-edition Lip Kit shade she released last summer for the Fourth of July.

Blake Lively’s “Harry Potter” Nails

Blake embraced her inner Potterhead with this stellar blank space mani featuring the Deathly Hallows symbol.

Khloé Kardashian’s Neon Yellow

Duping Kylie’s neon nails, big sis Khloé is rocking this blinding shade of yellow. In other news, I’m officially ready to break my black-only polish kick.

Shay Mitchell’s Junk Food Mani

The PLL star showed off her unique junk food-inspired nail art on Instagram. These nails are definitely worth drooling over.

Bella Thorne’s Mixed Metal Mani

Bella Thorne’s Blue And Green 3D Mani

Bella hit up New York Fashion Week rocking the coolest 3D nail art! The combo of navy and emerald colors make the mani super unique. The glam design is made even better by her killer ring game!

Troian Bellisario’s Feather Mani

The PLL star showed off her super-cool feather mani on Instagram. The artsy design is totally unique, and the perfect summer-to-fall mani!

Zendaya’s Superhero Talons

Obsessed with Zendaya’s mega-awesome superhero mani. Nothing like having “boom” and “pow” written across your nails to make you feel like you can take on the day!

Kelsey Stiegman Senior Style Editor Kelsey is Seventeen.com’s fashion expert and resident Harry Potter nerd.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io

8 Biggest Nail Trends and Ideas of 2021 — Manicure Trend Predictions

The year 2020 was particularly trying and interesting for the beauty world as a whole, but it was especially so for our nails. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw closure and timid re-openings of nail salons, an increase in eczema due to preventative handwashing, a call to end nail-biting in fear of contracting the coronavirus, and an uprising of at-home manicure techniques like press-on nails — all in less than one year. Seeing as we’re all in the dark about what 2021 will hold for our “normal lives,” the same can certainly be said for nail trends.

Even nail artists and manicurists aren’t totally sure what to predict of the future, but they are confident about one thing: DIY nail trends are going to remain every bit as popular, even as professional manicures once again become a routine part of life. We asked them to break down which nail colors, art, and techniques are going to be big next year — based on their feedback, it’s going to look nothing like what we had predicted last year.  

Here are the biggest 2021 nail trends to watch out for, according to the experts who know. 

Multi-Colored Manicures

Learning to think outside the box was a necessity in 2020, and in 2021, people are going to apply that mentality to their manicures by painting each of their nails a different color. That’s what nail artist Elle (whose clients include Blake Lively, Emilia Clarke, and Laverne Cox) predicts. “This is for those that want to make a bold statement,” she tells Allure. And because the only skill this trend requires is knowing how to paint your own nails, it’s the easiest way by far to draw attention to your nails.

Plus, there’s no end to the different potential takes on this trend: Keep all of your polish in the same color family to create a light-to-dark ombré effect, use a color wheel to pick out complimentary shades, or let some of 2021’s new nail polish collections curate shades for you. Essie’s latest creation, the Not Red-Y For Bed collection, is a line of red, pink, and muted blues in glossy and metallic hues (and it launched early online). OPI and Olive + June will also be launching collections within the first couple of months of the year, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Personal Statements

With stress at an all-time high, people are looking for new ways to express themselves, and that’s why runway and editorial nail artist Gina Edwards foresees a spike in calligraphy and other hand-lettering on manicures soon. Given the A-list people who are already fans of this growing trend, she must be spot-on. Jennifer Lopez wore calligraphic nail-art to the American Music Awards in November, as did Billie Eilish in her “Therefore I Am” music video. 

15 New Spring Nail Colors

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Welcome the warmer weather with your mani.


Besides longer days, more sunshine, and new dresses, one of the many things we love about spring is the vibrant color that’s re-introduced into our lives—at least in the form of manicures. Next time you’re at the salon or doing your nails at home, pass on darker shades and pick one of these uplifting and on-trend polishes instead. Click through to see all 15 nail colors we’re loving for spring 2021.

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I’m An Extra

We won’t be the first to point out that OPI’s baby pink shades are icons in the industry. This new color is just as good, too—the muted, warm tone makes it modern.  

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Nail Polish in Blue

BASE COAT nordstrom.com


Pastel hues like this dreamy blue are trending for spring. After all, you can’t help but smile when you catch this color on your hands throughout the day. 

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One Piece Wonder

Pear Nova pearnova.com


This offbeat green is for the bold and playful, with a ’70s, floral-print vibe. 

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Liquid Glass Lacquer in Soft Glow

Static Nails staticnails.com


We’re all about low-maintenance sheer shades if you aren’t going anywhere but still want your nails to look great (and resist breakage). This soft pink looks natural on everyone and lasts so much longer than you expect.  

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Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Fuchsia Power

Sally Hansen amazon.com


Hot, nearly neon pink is another shade that acts as an instant mood-booster—and it popped up on the spring 2021 runways, too.  

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Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Coralium

Chanel nordstrom.com


This bold popsicle-pink polish will get the summer vibes started early.

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Nail Lacquer in Dove

Gray typically feels more autumnal, but this nearly white option is the perfect transitional polish.

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Nail Polish in Space Cadet

NAILS INC. sephora.com


If you love year-round shimmer, try this denim blue for a spring-ready twist.

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Nail Lacquer in Pink Noise

ORLY orlybeauty.com


Nothing ushers in warmer weather quite like a true pastel pink. Great for Easter—and every other day too.

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Nail Lacquer in How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

The pastel lime green hits the perfect sweet spot of making a statement without being over the top. It’s intimidating in the bottle, but gorgeous on your nails (trust us). 

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Nail Polish in Love Lust Lost

Smith & Cult amazon.com


This rich, nearly dirty rose makes it more grown-up than the average bubblegum pink we’re used to; it’s sure to be a staple this spring.   

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Mega Strength Nail Color in Persis-tint

Sally Hansen target.com


Holographic nails aren’t going anywhere—and we’re here for it. A metallic swirl of blue and purple polish has the same impact as a pricey salon metallic manicure, but this you can DIY.

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Pale Sand Paradise

Lauren B. Beauty laurenbbeauty.com


If loud color isn’t your thing, try this subtle—but super pretty—lilac shade that will go with pretty much anything. Consider it your new nude. 

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Gel Couture Sheer Silhouettes in Lace Is More

White nail polish doesn’t have to be flat or matte. This shade is a bit more sheer and has some sparkle to it. 

15 of 15

Toxin Free Nail Polish No. 31

Upgrade a traditional red manicure with a hue that’s slightly more crimson. Plus, we love how this polish is as natural as it can get. 

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25 Top Nail Trends 2019


Viral and runway nail trends aren’t always wearable for those of us who have jobs that require even the most basic level of dexterity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action with a few small tweaks. Ahead, nine of 2019’s biggest and cutest nail and manicure trends—from egg-inspired nail art to a Picasso recreation at your fingertips. Consider this your go-to guide for manicure ideas for the rest of the year.

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1 Over Easy

The nail trend that we never saw coming? Egg art. But there’s something quite adorable about a white splatter design with a tiny dot of yellow yolk.

2 Over Easy

Want something a little punchier? Try a an egg design against a cobalt blue background.

3 Louis Logo

Logo nails never go out of style, but there’s something inherently cheeky about painting the classic LV monogram across all ten fingers.

4 Louis Logo

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik created this Louis Vuitton logo manicure for Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch.

5 Tie Dye

Can’t decide on a manicure color? Just get them all—and swirl them together to create a tie dye design that is perfect for summer.

6 Tie Dye

Celebrity manicurist Naomi Yasuda created this softer, pastel take on tie dye nails with a negative space left toward the cuticle.

7 Retro Vibes

Four prismatic shades painted in a rainbow shape across the nail gives off major ’70s vibes—and we love it.

8 Retro Vibes

Instagram nail artist @NailsbyMH shows off a similar retro-inspired design, just in a fresh matte finish.

9 Cow Girl

One of 2019’s biggest nail trends is…cow print. The black-and-white design is not only cute, but it pairs with everything.

10 Cow Girl

Your nails don’t have to be thing long to pull off the cow print trend—but having more real estate does make the effect really pop.

11 Pearl Party

If there’s one embellishment to add to your nails this year, it’s pearls. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you glue on just one or 100. Try it over your next nude manicure for an unexpected twist.

12 Pearl Party

Is this nail look practical? Not really. But for a special occasion, glueing black and white mini pearls around a nude manicure makes a major beauty statement.

13 CD Nails

Nail genius Jessica Washick coined the term “CD nails” for this sheer and holographic look. CDs may never come back in style—but we love the idea of honoring them in a manicure.

14 Matchy Matchy

At Kate Spade’s spring 2019 show, models had their nails painted to perfectly match the prints of their outfits. This goes hand-in-hand with the 2019 trend of matching your hair color to your outfit—though plaid hair might be a little harder to pull off.

15 Scribbles & Squiggles

Another matching moment: nail artist Miss Pop created the squiggly nail look that perfectly mirrored similar sketches in designer Jeremy Scott’s Moschino collection.

16 Art Pop

Picasso had an entire canvas to pain on. Nail artist Hang Nguyen’s canvas is much smaller–making her interpretation that much more impressive.

17 Art Pop

Chelsea from Trophy Wife nail art created this minimalist and gorgeous take on a Picasso print over a classic pale pink base nail polish.

18 Greek Key

A graphic Greek key print on the tip of the nail (seen here at Kith) is so much cooler than just opting for a traditional French manicure.

19 Super Sheer

Clear acrylic nails can look like an unfinished manicure–but we love the look when done in a subversive bubblegum-pink hue.

20 Galactic Glitter

Galaxy-inspired makeup called for nails much the same at Tadashi Shoji.

21 Torties for Shorties

Nail art can be tricky on short or natural nails. That’s why we love this tortoiseshell-inspired design by @NailThoughts. It makes a bold statement with limited real estate. Plus, the hashtag #tortiesforshorties deserves to take off like wildfire.

22 Torties for Shorties

Tortoiseshell doesn’t always have to be shades of brown and black. We love this fuchsia version from Instagram-favorite nail artist @Astrowifey.

23 Metallic Mani

Morgan Taylor Lead Artist Eichi Matsunaga used the brand’s shades “Could Have Foiled Me,” “Give Me Gold,” and “No Way Rosé” to create the metallic look at Rodarte—complete with crystals.

24 Bright Yellow

A peachy nude manicure gets an unexpected twist when it fades into neon yellow tips. Consider it the stepping stone to a fully neon yellow manicure.

25 Bright Yellow

Even if you don’t love the idea of a fully yellow manicure, you can paint just half your nails a cherry lemon shade and trace cute designs on the other half.

Jenna Rosenstein Beauty Director Jenna Rosenstein is the Beauty Director at BAZAAR.com.

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The 30 Biggest Nail Trends to Date

Some women love long, carefully shaped talons. Others prefer short rounded nails. Manicure preferences are subjective, and trends are constantly changing. We say wear whatever you like, with confidence.

But with so many options, it’s nice to have some inspiration. So we rounded up a slew of manicures that are sure to spark ideas for your own looks, from bright pops of color to intricate designs. Whether you like something more subtle (we’re looking at you, nude nail devotees) or you crave a mani with more personality (trust, us, there’s plenty of that here), you’ll find something to suit you in our round-up.

Meet the Expert

• Elle is a celebrity manicurist whose clients include Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes and others.

• Hannah Lee is a brand ambassador for Sally Hansen and a professional manicurist.

Keep reading for a rundown of 30 popular manicure and pedicure trends that are super hot right now, and how you can wear them along with tips from celebrity manicurists.

Acrylic Nail Manicures

There are many acrylic nails that can not only add length to your digits — they can also add a heavy dose of drama. Keep your look fresh and easier-to-maintain by shortening the length of faux nails slightly and by rounding the edges. Extra length not your thing? Shorter nails are trendy, too. “I think we will continue to see a mix of shorter and longer nails throughout 2021,” says nail expert Hannah Lee .

Complementary Manicures

There are some people who insist your manicure and pedicure should be matched, but that’s a dated rule. These days, you can totally change up your mani from your pedi — just pull inspiration from the many nail trends out there. There’s no reason they should match, although a color scheme that relates is always a nice way to tie things together.

Iridescent Manicures

These shades have tiny specks of glitters and flecks, and can change colors depending on the lighting you’re in. These types of shades you can wear on their own (two to three coats), or layer (a single coat) over any nail polish to switch up any shade. It’s so simple to do but looks like you did something extra.


Wine-Inspired Manicures

Deep reds for winter are nothing new, but this year, we’re seeing a move to dark bordeaux reds or deep purples, and even reds with a hint of shimmer. For these deep shades, a good tip is to always use a base coat to protect the nail, as these types of polishes are more likely to stain nails. Try Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Wine Therapy ($8).


Multi-Colored Manicures

Really anything goes when it comes to color. If you’re using a bright polish color but it isn’t “popping” as much as it does in the bottle, apply a coat of an opaque white polish underneath. It’ll give a clean base to make the neon pigments appear brighter.


’90s-Style Manicures

A in the world of fashion, ’90s vibes are trending in the world of nail art these days. Checkered patterns are a favorite and so versatile for even just an accent nail. If you’re trying a checkered or plaid design and need some assistance with straight lines, use striping tape over a dry base color. You can map out where you want a line to go and it’ll be perfectly crisp. Another tip with nail art: always use a great top coat so you don’t smear your design. We like Seche Dry Fast Top Coat ($10).


Textual Manicures

To some, nail art may be just a fashion choice, but it is also an amazing way to show creativity, self expression, and make a statement. Manicurists have been seeing lots of text-influenced design, which include everything from a loved one’s name to Jennifer Lopez’s “Mamacita” nails at the AMA’s. If you don’t have a steady hand, nail stickers are an easier option. Try the So Nailicious Gothic Letters set ($4).


Geometric Manicures

Geometric nail art has been trending for a few years now, and it’s easy to see why. It’s simple yet bold, and incredibly easy to DIY. Try freehanding an abstract diagonal French tip with the brush straight out of the bottle with a chic color pairing. Paintbox’s Power Couple sets ($40) make it easy to pick on-trend color combos.


Mix and Match Manicures

Can’t decide on a color? This is the nail look for you. Each nail is a different color, from a rainbow pattern to a monochromatic gradient. It even looks great with nude shades. This set from Nails Inc makes it easy! The Nails.Inc. Keep It Tonal collection ($22) makes selecting a range of colors a no-brainer.

French Manicures

French manis and pedis are one of those looks that are fairly timeless, but change slightly. While heavy contrasts used to be popular, modern French manicures tend to be more subtle. Instead of long nails, rounded and short nails look more modern. “As for nail shape, I am seeing lots of shorter oval, almond and square shapes instead of very long nails but it really is just personal preference,” Lee says.

Consider swapping out the traditional light colors of a classic French mani for bright shades or sparkling tips.

Marble Manicures

Though it might appear intricate, this look is surprisingly easy to achieve. Using black nail polish and a white nail polish, gently paint a couple of thin lines randomly on the nail. Quickly use a clear polish to paint on top of the white lines before the white polish dries, and you get a marble print. We like China Glaze Liquid Leather, $5, for its high color pigment, which requires just one coat.

Quartz Stone Manicures

To achieve this look, try the marble nails technique but use a sheer color as your base; sheer pink as a base color will give you a rose quartz look, and sheer green will give you more of a jade look. Blue is great, too. “A soft periwinkle shade offers such a pretty and unique mix of blue and purple,” Lee says. “I’m obsessed with Crystal Blue ($7) from Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure. collection.”


Gradient Manicures

Add further interest by applying a different pastel hue to every finger. For cohesiveness, try to keep them all in the same finish (i.e. matte or glossy), and apply them going from the lightest to the darkest hue.

Tonal Manicures

Here’s a surprisingly fun look and easy to achieve: Try two different colors, but ensure they’re in the same color family (i.e. one hand pale blue and the other hand electric blue). This can be done with any color you wish.

Minimal Manicures

A crystal here, a stripe there… Sometimes less is more, and still makes a big impact. For this look, keep things as minimal as possible, utilizing a small but striking design element such as a single stripe or a single nail adhesive on each nail.

Animal Print Manicures

Leopard print is so classy, it can be suited for everyone. Cow print is a really cool look as well if you don’t want to go the standard route. Using different colors can change your whole mood.

Sparkly Manicures

Metallic nails are great, but adding a little extra oomph via artfully applied stickers takes your manicure ina decidedly different direction.

Metallic Manicures

“Metallics have been popular for a while and I see that trend continuing since everyone loves to add some sparkle into their life,” says Lee. You can coat your entire nail in the polish or just add it to the tips, as seen here. Lee recommends a metallic shade with bronze undertones, such as Orly’s Golden Girl ($10).

Smiley Face Manicures

Expect smiley-face nails to be huge in 2021. Use a nail pen and a nude polish to replicate the look easily.

Abstract Art Manicures

Make like Matisse and add a host of abstract and geometric figures and shapes to your nails. The easiest way to achieve the look is with a tool like the Orly Striper Brush ($10) which allows for more detailed designs.

Pearl Manicures

A total showstopper, pearl-encrusted nails are ideal for a formal event (a wedding, perhaps?) but look equally as chic with a t-shirt and jeans. For a similar look, try a range of sizes of adhesives, like these Yimaa Pearl Stickers ($9).

Squiggly Manicures

Similar to the abstract look, a squiggly nail doesn’t even require a steady hand. Just use your nail pen or narrow brush to create squiggles. Try combining colors for further interest.

Sheer and Shaped Manicures

Sheer nails allow the shape to be the star of the show. And while there are a multitude of options, from square to oval, it’s best to let personal preference dictate the shape of your nails. “I always say that nail shape and length reflect your personal style so this is really about who you are – I don’t think length and shape should be dictated by a trend,” says celebrity manicurist Elle.

Negative Space Manicures

Negative space manis involve incorporating your own natural nail into your nail art. Dress up nude nails with skinny stripes or swooshes of polish to achieve the look.

Two-Tone Manicures

Think of this look as the French manicure’s cousin, but instead of keeping a portion of the nail nude, you’ll use two contrasting colors. For a really bold look, try two shades at the opposite ends of the spectrum, like black and white, or black and red, seen here.

Tie-Dye Manicures

Take a page out of the 1960s and try your hand at tie-dye. You could attempt the look yourself with a toothpick and polish or just adhere a product such as Shrine X ASOS Sugar Crush False Nails ($17).

Pastel Manicures

Pastels are having a moment. “The trends we are seeing for spring are bright, florally, delicate pastels that give us uplifting vibes,” says Elle, who recommends Dr. ‘s Remedy Nail Care Enriched Nail Police in Peaceful Pink Coral ($17). 

Checkerboard Manicures

The easiest way to checkerboard-style nails is to first apply a base coat (pick whatever color you like), and then paint small squares over each nail in a contrasting color. The effect is uber-trendy and, depending on what colors you select, goes with anything.

Dotted Manicures

A decidedly simple way to add an artful twist to nude nails, dots just require a smattering of adhesives or the use of a nail pen. Keep the rest of the nail nude to really show off the dots.

Classic Red Manicures

No matter how classic, a hyper-saturated red manicure still manages to look on-trend. We recommend Essie Adrenaline Brush ($9) for a similar look.

90,000 TOP 5 fashionable manicure styles 2017-2018: great ideas

Top 5 most popular and fashionable.

Style consists of details, and well-groomed hands are a very important component of it. The entire carefully composed image can crumble due to chipped nail polish. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to manicure. To date, there are many options for nail design. What are the most popular styles in 2017-2018?


“Simplicity and naturalness” is what this style dictates.For the modern pace of life, a nude manicure is an ideal option. It will look appropriate both in the office and on a date. In addition, even if the nail grows back, it will not be conspicuous. If you think that nude is boring and monotonous, you just haven’t seen the variety of natural shades yet. Beige, light pink, cream, sand, nude, creamy, light brown and even coffee – among them, anyone will find the color that she likes.

Pajama style

It is immediately associated with such a “girl-girl”.With pink bows and a short skirt. And, of course, it is suitable for those who want to emphasize their tenderness and lightness. It uses pastel colors, simple patterns (polka dots, check, stripes) and cute drawings. Everything should be light and emphatically girlish.

Stylish gradient

It is based on a gentle transition from one color to another, which always looks original and interesting. Surprisingly, making it at home is quite simple.And although the gradient manicure looks full, it is often decorated with rhinestones.


Coco Chanel is a name that speaks for itself. Millions of fashionistas around the world are still trying to replicate her impeccable style. Gold, white and black, only these colors and nothing more – that’s the basis for creating a chic look. And nails are always an integral part of it. In such a manicure, you can use strips or rhinestones, but the main thing is not to overdo it.The fewer unnecessary details, the more spectacular it will look.

Disco style

The style of the 70s and 80s is back in fashion. It is always youthfulness, brightness and even a little challenge. And in the corresponding nail design, glitter, rubbing, glitter, kamifubuki and rhinestones are used to create such an effect. But the decor must also have a measure, otherwise your design can easily turn into ridiculous.

(No estimates yet)

Manicure 2021.119 nail design ideas 2021

Beautiful and well-groomed hands – this is a positive attention from others and a guarantee of a good mood for a girl. After all, admit, you always pay attention to the girls’ manicure in transport, at work, in the store. This means that you yourself should try to maintain a neat look of the manicure.
Of course, your manicure can be fresh and neat. But it’s even better if it is also a fashionable manicure. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most fashionable manicure options in 2021.Here you will find both the most daring ideas and neutral calm options.

And do not forget: for your nails to look beautiful with any manicure, they must be healthy.

Proper nutrition and good vitamins for nails are your first helpers in this.

Fashionable nail forms 2021

There is no doubt that every girl chooses her own nail shape. It can be a rule at work or school, comfort in a field of activity, or just a personal whim.And, of course, fashion is one of the reasons.
Fashion every new season dictates its own rules for the fashionable shape of nails. So in 2021 several forms will be the most popular. In the winter and spring seasons, it is suggested to choose shorter natural-shaped nails. This is our soft square, oval and round nails.
For the summer and autumn seasons, medium-length nails are better suited. But the forms will remain the same, but almond will be the most fashionable.

Fashionable colors of manicure 2021

One can argue endlessly and choose for more than one minute about the choice of the color of manicure.At the sight of a palette of shades, you want everything at once. And therefore it is very difficult to decide on one thing.
In order to facilitate the choice, we suggest making a choice in favor of fashionable manicure colors of this particular season.
For a trendy winter manicure, choose dark and rich colors. Such as black, dark blue, dark purple, gray.

For a spring manicure, you need more delicate and light shades, such as turquoise, lilac, light purple, white.

Choose bright and juicy colors as summer colors: indigo, juicy greens, red, barbie pink.

And for autumn manicure these are, of course, colors to match the yellowing foliage: gold, bronze, red, brown, red, burgundy.

Nude manicure shades will be relevant throughout 2021, regardless of the season.

French manicure

What manicure can be more recognizable and popular than a French manicure.In addition, it is the most frequently chosen manicure for weddings, festive events and just for everyday life.
Minimalism is characteristic of the fashionable manicure 2021, which means that the classic French manicure is perfect. But the usual French manicure can be varied with different colors. For example, make colored lines on the overgrown part or use bright colors instead of a nude base.
Reverse French manicure or moon manicure will also be a trendy variety.

Another interesting option would be a French ombre manicure.A gentle transition from white to nude will look very noble.

Glitter in manicure 2021

Admit it girls all love to shine? It may not always be possible in the literal sense of the word, but making it so that the shine is on your manicure is easy!
The glitter design manicure looks very cute and beautiful. You can use a wide variety of sequins. These can be small dots or in the form of stripes, they will also be interesting in the form of honeycombs.Glitter options and colors can be combined for a more interesting design.
Glitter can be used to cover the entire surface of one or two nails, to stretch from the cuticle or the edge of the nail.

Manicure with monograms and laces

What beautiful these smooth and luxurious curves of monograms. And the grace of lace is so enchanting in general.With such a manicure, your pens will definitely not be left without attention.
Monogram is best done not on all nails, but on several. Most often white, black, gold or silver colors are used for monograms or lace. But also an interesting solution would be to make voluminous monograms, for this you need to perform them with gel or sprinkle them with colored powder.
Design with monograms and lace you can draw yourself. But for a simple option, you can use stickers, stencils or stamping.
Monogram and lace manicure goes well with French manicure.

Manicure with flowers

Flowers are the most feminine and sophisticated print. Therefore, we propose to arrange a flower garden on your nails.
The image of flowers can be in various forms. You can draw only an outline or completely filled petals.Alternatively, use self-adhesive or water-based stickers. Another simple option for the appearance of flowers on nails is stamping. Glitter or rhinestones can be added to a manicure with flowers to give a beautiful overflow.
Flowers will help to decorate any manicure. Such a design can add more tenderness to a nude manicure or make dark coatings less aggressive.
Manicure with flowers will be the most popular in the spring.

Manicure with dots

Sometimes in manicure you want to be a hooligan and remember your childhood.For such a case, a manicure with dots is perfect. The dots in the manicure look like a very fun and spontaneous design.

Manicure design in the form of dots can be presented in any design. Most often, acrylic paints and dots are used to apply dots.
As a fashionable manicure in 2021, dots from kamifubiks or rhinestones will be most relevant. This design is best used in trendy summer 2021 manicure. It is best to choose holographic elements. These give the most spectacular glow and the manicure looks much more luxurious with them.

Manicure with foil or rubbing

For lovers of a mirror effect on nails, rubbing or foil always comes to the rescue. These two elements are very easy to work with. And the application itself takes a few seconds. Which is significantly less than all other design options.
You can choose whatever colors you want for foil and rub-in. But the most popular will be gold, silver and holographic.
Another fashionable option would be to apply pearl rubbing to all nails with a white or beige finish. So the nails will play in the sun in all shades.

Manicure with stripes or lines

Geometry trend will still be with us in 2021.In the new year, geometry will be most relevant in jewelry and, of course, in manicure. A striped manicure is ideal for both young girls and older and serious ladies.
Strips can be made in any form. They can be painted with a thin brush or special thin self-adhesive tapes can be used. Also, these tapes can be used as stencils, and fill the space between them with color.
Combine different trendy line colors with each other or use classic black.

Beautiful manicure: photo news

The concept of a beautiful manicure is different for everyone, so it is more correct to reveal it from the point of view of different styles in nail design. Someone likes the classics, while others like the avant-garde. Let’s see the most popular trends in fashionable manicure.

Content :

Beautiful Ombre Manicure

Ombre is one of the most popular styles in makeup, hair coloring and, of course, manicure. Ombre manicure or gradient manicure is a combination of several shades with a smooth flow from one to another. Depending on the color scheme chosen, this truly beautiful manicure is perfect for both special occasions and as an everyday version of a trendy manicure. It is done quite simply. Two or three shades of varnish are poured onto the foil next to each other, into which a sponge is dipped, then the resulting pattern is carefully transferred to the nails. For durability and smoothing of borders, a colorless fixing varnish is applied as a final layer.Evening ombre manicure is often done using fine sparkles. Ombre design is beautiful in itself and, as a rule, does not require any additional decor. Although it is not uncommon to find ombre with a pattern or rhinestones.

Beautiful ombre manicure

Beautiful color ombre

Matte ombre design

Gradient on beautiful nails with sand


One of the latest trends in 2020 manicure is naturalness.A manicure with incompletely covered nails or a manicure in natural colors is considered beautiful. Therefore, those girls who follow fashion should pay attention to the design of nails in the nude style. To create such a manicure, a natural color scheme is used: beige, cream, milky, light brown, pale pink and other pastel colors. Everything is simple and concise. The main principle of nude manicure: nothing superfluous, bright and striking. Such a manicure speaks of the good taste and sophistication of its owner.With a nude manicure, the fingers look visually thinner and longer. This style will suit girls with short nails. A beautiful nude gel polish manicure can be an excellent option for a business manicure, but in general it should be noted that it is practical and versatile. Firstly, nude manicure suits any look, and secondly, it looks perfect for a very long time, because the grown nail is not very striking, and thirdly, nude can be called a classic that does not go out of fashion and is always relevant.

Beautiful nude manicure

Beautiful manicure in Tiffany color

This style is loved by young girls because it is very gentle, cute and touching.If we are talking about a beautiful Tiffany-style manicure, then we immediately remember the turquoise shade, bows and delicate lace. The color scheme of this manicure is very pleasant. When creating it, in addition to turquoise, it is permissible to use white, pink or beige varnish. Bows and lace can be painted with a thin brush or stamping plates or stickers can be used. Additional decor can be silver glitter or varnish. For this style, a lunar or French manicure is suitable as a base.

If you are doing Tiffany’s manicure, then pay attention that your image is holistic.Clothes and makeup should also be as close to this style as possible. By the way, Tiffany’s color is perfect for a manicure at sea.

Beautiful Tiffany Manicure

Beautiful Chanel Manicure

Chanel is the love of all girls. Even the most indifferent to fashion, you can find the famous little black dress in the wardrobe. This style will be popular for a long time to come. It is associated with elegance and impeccable taste.When making a chic Chanel-style manicure, do not forget about this. Discard all unnecessary things. Black, gold, white. Here are three colors you should stick to. Do not get carried away by the abundance of accessories, otherwise Chanel will look “cheap”. The logo itself is painted with a brush, or special metallized stickers are used. A beautiful Chanel-style manicure looks austere, fashionable and very impressive.

Beautiful Chanel Manicure

Beautiful Swag Manicure

Pretentious, whimsical, bright, non-standard, crazy.This is how you can characterize a swag manicure. This is a cross between pop art and graffiti. Swag design can be called an explosive mixture of bright varnishes, an abundance of decor and unusual patterns. This manicure is not for every day. It is rather for a change, some special occasions or just a good mood. They usually draw inscriptions on nails, characters from anime, comics or cartoons, popular brands and much more. In a word, who is in that much. Very often, swag manicure is done on long triangular nails.There are two directions in swag design: aggressive, shocking and infantile. As for the latter, then there can be bows, cakes, sweets as patterns on the nails. Everything is pink, sugar, girlish, powdered with sparkles and covered with rhinestones. The swag design is quite interesting due to its non-standard and creative approach. And whether a manicure in the swag style is beautiful or not, everyone decides for himself.

Beautiful swag manicure

Beautiful boho manicure

This nail design was especially popular in the summer due to its originality and originality.Boho manicure can be called a mix of ethnicity and country, flavored with gypsy motives. When he came into fashion, he certainly attracted attention. Manicure is not only beautiful, but also unlike any other style. The nails painted with unusual ornaments look very attractive and attract attention. To create a boho manicure, it is better to use special thin brushes. If you want to do a daily boho manicure, then just use neutral shades of varnish as a background.

Beautiful boho manicure

Beautiful rock style manicure

This design is quite simple, just stock up on a certain set of accessories and gel polishes, mostly in dark shades. For a rock style manicure, black varnish is most often used. The nails are additionally decorated with an abundance of rivets, metal spikes and all kinds of metallized stickers.

Beautiful Rock Manicure

Glam Rock Design

Beautiful Art Deco Manicure

This style was very popular in the 1920s and revived after the release of the film The Great Gatsby. It is associated with chic and shine, so a manicure in this style simply cannot be performed without an abundance of decorative elements. You can use rhinestones, pearls, large and small sequins, feathers, some kind of lace elements. The color palette of manicure is predominantly dark. Designs on the nails should have clear geometric shapes. By the way, they can be made using metallized gold self-adhesive tape. This style is worth choosing when going to a party, club or some glamorous event.A beautiful art deco manicure is obtained by combining black and gold varnish, because it was not for nothing that this era was called gold. Also an interesting combination can be white and dark lace on the nails, neatly decorated with small rhinestones. Art Deco style is pretentious, catchy and at the same time very feminine. It is especially suitable for girls with short pixie and bob haircuts, which were popular in that era and are back in fashion now. Art deco nail designs will complement your look and highlight your good taste.Design options on the theme of art deco can also be thought of in the performance of cat’s eye gel polish.

Beautiful Art Deco Manicure

Beautiful Asian Manicure

This manicure is dominated by classic shades: red, black and white. This style can be either minimalistic, for example, hieroglyphs painted on nails, or artistic. In general, oriental style manicure ideas can be different. On the nails, you can depict themed designs, for example, umbrellas, fans, birds or sakura twigs.This trend in nail design is not very common now, but we must give it its due. This is a very sophisticated and beautiful manicure. Such a manicure must necessarily be supported by your outfit, because in combination with a casual (casual) style, it will look strange and inappropriate.

Beautiful Asian manicure

Beautiful disco manicure

Disco style is all about mirror balls, metallic fabrics, vinyl, sparkling sequins and rhinestones. And of course, disco manicure should correspond to that era. In the 70s and 80s. mother-of-pearl has never been popular, this trend can be followed in nail design. Whatever shades of varnishes you choose, your manicure should be very bright and even defiant. Combine the incongruous in a word: pink with yellow, blue, red, green, etc. It is permissible to use all shades of varnishes at once. Do not forget to add large glitter or even cover the entire surface of the nails with multi-colored glitter. However, one must not forget about the sense of proportion and style.A manicure should be stylish and beautiful, not tasteless and incomprehensible. The association with disco should arise from the first glance at the nails. The photo contains examples of nail designs with rhinestones, glitter and patterns in this trendy, but slightly forgotten style.

Beautiful disco manicure

Beautiful pajama manicure

Very cute and beautiful pajama manicure is often done for a bachelorette party. This is the style of farewell to childhood. From such a manicure blows with warmth and childish carelessness.Pajama style uses simple ornaments: a cage, peas, stripes or simple flowers. Manicure tones are predominantly light: beige, pink, peach shades. For decoration, you can use bows, stickers with teddy bears and other girlish attributes.

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Beautiful manicure in pajama style

Manicure with a Teddy bear

Beautiful manicure

with colorful shirts and braided bracelets.Sunny, bright, rainbow manicure looks like an artist’s canvases. When creating such a beautiful manicure, you need to take the most juicy palette of colors, complement it with flowers, ornate and slightly vague patterns. A hippie manicure is a great option for decorating your nails in summer.

Beautiful hippie manicure

Beautiful manicure: photo collection

Different styles and trends are used in nail art. And it is rather difficult to list them within the framework of one article, but in addition to the above, a small collection of photos with a beautiful manicure is attached.Also read the article about a fashionable nail novelty – marble manicure.

Pop art manicure

Marine style in nail design

Minimalist manicure


Provence style nails

Photo of nail design, manicure samples 2021, ideas for beautiful designs on nails

You are stylishly dressed you fashionable styling.But, if you have an outdated manicure, all efforts to look decent will be in vain. Therefore, having paid attention to the style of clothing and make-up, do not forget about your pens and nails.

Manicure Today

The modern manicure industry offers many options for hand care and all kinds of nail designs. Our site BestManikyur will help you decorate your natural nails while keeping them healthy. You can choose the novelties of this season, New Year’s or wedding designs. If there are problems with the nail plates, then, as an option, we will offer you various types of nail extension.There are the following types of nail care:

  • classic manicure – or water. When hands are moistened in a bath with a solution that softens the cuticle, then it is removed with tweezers;
  • hardware manicure – a kind of European. It is not necessary to soften the cuticle. It is removed with a manicure machine with a diamond ball nozzle;
  • European manicure – or unedged. A special liquid is rubbed into the cuticle, the keratinized skin particles roll into a lump.The peel is removed with an orange stick or pumice stone for European manicure;
  • hot manicure – the lotion for the procedure is heated in the apparatus, the fingers are dipped into the heated lotion for 5-7 minutes. The cuticle is removed with an orange stick, manicure pumice stone or tweezers.

Making our nails irresistible

Only after taking care of your hands and nails can you start decorating them. Here, the choice is just as varied. From seasonal, business or French manicure for every day, to nail design for a holiday, wedding or other event.

For a long time it was believed that manicure is just long nails. Fall-winter 2018-2019 introduced a fashion for a natural oval shape and short ends. And today this design remains popular and fashionable. Not everyone can afford to have long nails because of their profession or lifestyle. Therefore, for short nails, our site offers:

French (French) manicure – universal, beautiful, good for all seasons. Maybe both daily and festive. There are such types of service jacket:

  • classic – when the tips of the nail are painted white, and the entire nail plate is covered with a transparent, flesh or pinkish varnish;
    reverse or lunar – these are echoes of the fashion of the beginning of the twentieth century.The hole of the nail plate is highlighted in color. Very original and stylish;
  • colored – varnish of two adjacent colors, yellow-orange, lilac-eggplant, are used. The tip in one color, the entire nail in another;
  • millennium – the tips on the nails are laid out with rhinestones and sparkles. Good for special occasions;
  • New Form – All of the above applies, but the smile line has been changed. Beveled, asymmetric, corner, zigzag and so on;
  • extra – when a contrasting line of the third color stands out between two colors.For example, the nail is transparent, the tip is black, and the dividing line is white.

Short nails will also remain in trend in 2021. Gothic motives are in fashion – dark pastel colors, up to black. For celebrations, a manicure is suitable – rhinestone, with the use of special foil, a mysterious ombre – a smooth flow from shade to shade. And, of course, all French manicure options.

Tips for brittle nails

You have problematic brittle nails, can’t grow or beautify them? There is a solution for this case as well.We present at your choice:

  • acrylic build-up – the combination of acrylic powder with acid forms a plastic mass, from which a nail plate of the desired shape and length is formed. It helps with the problem of short and brittle nails. Very strong material. Withstands exposure to household chemicals. Allows you to make any design and decoration of nails;
  • gel build-up is a special photo-polymer from which the nail plate is formed. Dries only under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp.Gel nails are less strong but more flexible. They can be of any shape and length, give the opportunity to experiment with a variety of designs. Moreover, they will last a long time;
  • Shellac gel polish – combines varnish and gel. It can also be dried with an ultraviolet lamp. Strong enough coating, lasts up to three weeks. The color remains juicy and fresh. Shellac does not form a new nail plate, but preserves and strengthens your nail, makes it possible to grow it. Sufficiently steadfastly tolerates the effects of household chemicals.Allows you to apply any patterns to the surface.

It should be remembered that all these procedures are done only in the salon by specialists. Extended nails and shellac require special care and correction. The materials used in the build-up can harm the damaged nails and skin of the hands. Only a manicure specialist can assess the condition of the skin, nails and decide whether this procedure is possible.

On our site there are photos with manicures of various designs for both long and short nails.A video with nail extension or design procedures will acquaint you with the latest trends and fashion trends in the world of manicure.

all kinds of modern design. Photos of the best novelties of the season!

Beauty and well-groomed nails and hands indicate that a person has a sense of respect for himself and others. It is pleasant to shake hands with such people and enter into an interesting conversation.

Nail salons have many ideas for the design of the shape of marigolds and their decor using various methods.

The recommendations of experts and our article will help you to choose a suitable option for your style and image, while taking into account the care of the skin of your hands.

Although many procedures are basically similar to each other, they still have major differences.

The main task of the 2017-2018 manicure is to make your nails well-groomed and neat, and only after that you decorate them in accordance with your fantasies and wishes.

Let’s try to understand in more detail the issue of the main types of manicure, the most common, in order, as they say, to be in all arms and not to get confused among the variety of services.

Classic style manicure

The most common is the classic or trim manicure. This type of nail care is suitable for those with hassle-free, strong nail plates.

– Firstly, it is a completely uncomplicated procedure that uses a minimum number of tools.

– Secondly, it is suitable for absolutely all representatives of both males and females of different age categories.

– Thirdly, it looks impressive even in the neglected form of nails. Various manicure options are shown in the photo.

In terms of compliance with the age category, it can be safely applied to schoolgirls, students, middle-aged people, and even the elderly.

Manicure will give the nails the necessary shape and grooming, can either be varnished on top (colorless or colored), or not. In any case, when choosing a color for a manicure, you need to consider the style of your clothes.

The main direction in classic manicure is the design of the edge of the nail and the place of the hole, suitable for people of both sexes.

If necessary, the skin of the hands is subjected to additional care, in this case this manicure option is not for you, because it is aimed only at the nails.

Hardware version of manicure

Based on the name, it is easy to guess that this procedure for performing a manicure involves the use of a special apparatus.

For weak, flaking and damaged nails with an uneven plate, the classic version is what you need. Moreover, it will not damage the cuticles and will smooth out some problems.

Its main advantages are: smoothing of problem areas of nails, minimum trauma, simplicity of technology.

The hardware version does not differ much from the classic one. Its difference is only in the execution technology.

Therefore, when choosing a modern manicure option, be sure to take into account the condition of your nails, since this is the main direction in this type.

In terms of decorative design of nails, the most demanded are: a jacket of classic colors, brightness of colors, a colorless coating or an original drawing, depending on your desire and mood.

The main fans of hardware manicure are business women and those who do not like long hours of waiting in the salon. And which manicure is best for you, think for yourself.

European or unedged version of manicure

European manicure is now in vogue and is gaining momentum in terms of popularity and demand among women.It is softer and more gentle in comparison with the previous versions.

Suitable for those with delicate skin or closely spaced blood vessels.

Its advantages include: impossibility to get hurt; use by people with sensitive skin; softness of manicure.

If you systematically take care of yourself, then this option is for you. Manicure lasts for a fairly long period of time, while having a soft and non-traumatic technique.But a noticeable result can be seen only after a few procedures.

Hot manicure option

Professionals recommend this type of manicure for dry hands or in winter, when the skin needs additional nourishment.

The technique of its implementation is very pleasant and is recommended to everyone, especially those whose hands are systematically exposed to detergents and negative factors from outside.

SPA manicure option

To perform Spa manicure, you must have unlimited time and financial resources.

In addition to taking care of nails, it helps the hands to relax completely. Its advantages include: a comprehensive way of care, relaxation, use of different sexes.

No woman will refuse Spa manicure, which includes a whole complex of hand and nail care, as well as a great mood and heavenly pleasure.

It is enough to carry out the procedure once a month, and your pens will always be in perfect condition.

The spa manicure procedure includes the following main stages of execution:

– peeling of the skin of the hands, which removes keratinized skin particles;

– cuticle treatment;

– application of a special lotion in the nail bed;

– correction (resurfacing) of the shape of the nails;

– application of a nourishing cream with vitamins;

– hand massage.

French manicure variant

French manicure is known, perhaps, to absolutely everyone.It involves an emphasis on the edge of the nail plate, which is covered with white and a special pencil.

The surface of the plate itself is painted in a natural shade.

This version of manicure will suit any image and style, and will be appropriate in various settings: business, evening, entertainment, etc.

Male manicure option

Men’s hands also need a well-groomed appearance. But the representatives of the stronger sex basically confine themselves to cutting nails and do not pay attention to the fact that their hands, being constantly in sight, can tell a lot about the activities and character of their owner.

If you are a modern and stylish man, then you just need a manicure. Tidy and well-groomed male hands are conducive to pleasant communication.

There are a lot of varieties of manicure, but we have outlined the main ones. Choose what kind of manicure to do yourself, the main thing is that your pens are always in order, and you do not have to hide them from others.

90,000 100 BEST manicure ideas, trends and novelties in 2020

Manicure is a hand nail care procedure that includes hand massage, nail treatment, decorative coating and extension.Mankind, many centuries ago, paid attention to the condition of its nails. Hundreds of years ago, people performed special procedures for the care of fingernails – they cut, polished, tried to give them a certain shape, and at a later time even cover them with compositions that give the nails a certain color. Nowadays, doing a manicure for a woman is the most common thing. On the modern market, there are a lot of tools and devices for caring for nails at home, not to mention professional salons.In this article, we will take a look at the new fashion trends in manicure. Let’s try to highlight the features, novelties and types of stylish manicure in 2020.

Fashionable manicure 2020: main trends

Well-groomed marigolds have always been, are and will be in fashion, the fashion of 2020 is no exception. But to the delight of fashionistas, long nails and medium length will be in fashion this year. But if you are the owner of short nails, and you do not have the opportunity to grow them to a certain length, do not be discouraged short, well-groomed, healthy nails are always in trend.And new technologies will allow you to have a manicure of any length – this includes extended nails and even just pasted ones. The color palette of your manicure this year will depend on the season. Those. each season will have its own color scheme, which we will talk about further. Everyday nail design, on the other hand, is a traditional classic in a solid color. But if monotony is not for you, you think that it is boring, you should know that the pattern on the nails remains fashionable this year. In decorating nails, you can use – art painting, geometric patterns, flower patterns, stickers.For an evening manicure for all this, the use of rhinestones, pebbles, glitters, microgloss and acrylic powder and, of course, sculpting will be very important.

What will be the most fashionable manicure in 2020: photo details

The first place in the rating of the most fashionable manicure next year is rightfully occupied by a manicure in the style of at least plus a geometric pattern, as well as a combination of two or more colors in contrasting shades. Adding a little silver or gold to the drawing, in moderation, will not be superfluous.Patterns using dots, lines, geometric shapes will take a leading position in the design of nails 2020. One of the most sophisticated and fashionable styles in 2020 nail design is design options using stickers and stamping. Using this technique gives a quick, original, unique and easy-to-follow manicure design that can be easily done at home. It should be noted that the most relevant design of your nails at all times is a jacket and a lunar, classic manicure design, and if you add a little rhinestones or a small sticker to this technique, maybe even textured rubbing or manicure foil – your manicure will be unusually beautiful and unique the most trendy.The most stylish decorative manicure rightfully remains the style – metallic. When performing a metal design, varnishes with a metallic effect are used, rubbing or foil, all methods are relevant, but they give different effects, do not diminish the beauty of this manicure performance.

Fashionable nail design in the summer of 2020

Summer is always bright rainbow colors, manicure and summer 2020 are no exception. Only in summer can you apply on your nails all kinds of pictures of bright colors, inimitable butterflies, bugs, images of juicy fruits, beach themes, seascapes, combining an unlimited number of shades, and this will be more than relevant this summer.And don’t forget to decorate your nails with rhinestones and stones. But the only advice: everything should be in moderation, because the trend of 2020 is minimalism.

Fashion trends of manicure in 2020

If we talk about manicure, it is imperative to note the shape of the nail plate, which is fashionable in 2020. You’re in luck, the choice is yours. If you prefer long, pointed marigolds – your right, if you want an oval shape – your choice. Fashion allows us to experiment and always be unique and irresistible.I would also like to note the trendy decorative nail coating in 2020 – confetti on nails (kamifubuki). In the technique of this style, confetti of different shapes (circles, squares, triangles) are laid out in a certain order. This manicure can be both everyday and festive, bright option.

New manicure 2020

Craquelure is one of the novelties in the decorative design of nails for applying gel varnish. When applying craquelure varnish to the surface of the nails, cracking of the coated surface occurs, as it were.The color scheme of this manicure has no boundaries from delicate, pastel tones to bright shades. The principle is that the main tone can be any, a special varnish is applied to it – crack, and which will shine through the cracks formed. Two types of varnish craquelure are used – with small cracking and large pattern. Another use of Krak varnish when creating a snake manicure. This effect will be obtained if the craquelure varnish is applied to a black base.

Manicure for the New Year 2020

New Year is a bright, shining holiday.A festive, New Year’s look is not possible without a festive New Year’s nail design. Consider what should be a manicure on New Year’s Eve 2020. Let’s decide on the color scheme. The coming year, according to the eastern horoscope, is the year of the Yellow Earth Pig, therefore the recommended colors are yellow, brown, green. For a New Year’s look, it is recommended to choose shades of yellow with the addition of gold. Yellow is in harmony with red, black, coral, orange and purple, this is where you can show your imagination.Still, this is a festive, evening manicure and here it is appropriate to use rhinestones, stones, sparkles, broths, beads, decorative sand, foil and the flight of your imagination. According to the shape of the nail, we give preference to oval, not long nails.

Variety of ideas for performing decorative manicure in 2020

Geometric execution of manicure is undoubtedly a new design execution this year. Geometric shapes made in different colors, with a dedicated outline or in combination with rhinestones are an original and unusual design idea for nails.The drawing, made as one picture on all nails, looks very sophisticated and interesting. Another idea that will be relevant in 2020 is broken glass. Again, using this decor, you can lay out any geometric shapes in different shades.

Interesting manicure for short nails

The unique design of manicure on short nails can be very different, unique and charming, especially the trend of 2020 – manicure with short nails. A regular jacket, but using bright colors, will turn into a super trendy French manicure.Combinations of shades with the addition of rhinestones and stones will make your manicure topical next year. The combination of matte and glossy polish shades will make your manicure unusual and trendy. Geometry on short nails in the new year will look bold and original. Metallic manicure on short nails is for the bold and fashionable, but it must be, of course, in complete harmony with your image.

The most beautiful wedding manicure 2020

The bride’s manicure in the new season is the most natural and natural look for your nails.This is a manicure with delicate designs, possibly decorated with rhinestones. Again, the French classic, moon manicure is the most current design solutions in wedding manicure.

Stunning shellac manicure

Shellac – gel polish, which contains a large amount of varnish component. Shellac is more resistant to use. Design variations with shellac in the new year are opened by manicure in pink tones, and as an option, you can diversify it by adding glitter on one or two separate nails.The result is a universal version for all occasions: both as a festive option and as a daily manicure. The indispensable trend of the year remains the manicure using holographic glitter. The most fashionable manicure is multicolor, on one hand the nails are covered with different two or three shades.

92 simple style nail design ideas with photo

At work, you need to look restrained and neat – the image must be sustained inside and out. All the details matter.This material is about office manicure

Business etiquette includes many rules, and a significant part of them concerns the appearance: clothes, makeup, hairstyles, manicure. Today we’ll talk about how nails should look if you are a business woman, and whether it is worth doing nail art if you have a serious business meeting ahead.

Business manicure: what is it?

This is the name of the style of nail design, which adds completeness to the image of a serious, responsible girl.A business-style manicure is a detail that makes it clear to others that this person can be entrusted with the solution of important tasks.

© ma.and.mi

It is important to consider the requirements of a business dress code, which implies restraint. Here, laconic solutions are welcomed both in clothes and in makeup, hairstyle, manicure; bright colors are best avoided, and if included in the image, then as an elegant accent that will demonstrate good taste.An example with a lilac shade below.

© monponey_ru

© ma.and.mi

In such a manicure there should not be a variety of details – it is better to limit yourself to a minimum. In general, one should strive to ensure that the nails do not attract too much attention.In a business style, it is not customary to surprise others with catchy accents.

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Variants of a strict manicure for a business woman

It is useful for women who follow a business style in clothes to know several options for office manicure: if you complement a formal suit with the same nail design every time, it will quickly get bored.

© monponey_ru

Even within the framework of a business style, you can experiment, because beauty brands offer such a wide range of shades for nails, and new trends in nail art continually replace each other.Many of them are suitable even for those girls who prefer to look stern and serious.

Modern business manicure for every day

Plain coatings are a win-win option. Nude shades are always among the favorites of those who strive to ensure that their nails look well-groomed and neat. Try Essie Full Length, for example.

© essie

© essie

© essie

You can choose between “dense” cream shades and translucent beige.

© essie

© essie

© essie

Along with them, soft pink is suitable for everyday life, and also shades from the gray scale.

© essie

© essie

© essie

Classic manicure for the office

Among the classic versions of nail art, a jacket is considered a typical “office” one.

© monponey_ru

It does not go out of fashion because it looks natural and lengthens nails gracefully; even supporters of minimalism choose it.

© monponey_ru

French in its traditional form never “argues” with an outfit – this is its main advantage.We talked more about how to repeat such nail art in this video.

Strict manicure for a business meeting

It is not necessary to get a special manicure when going to a business meeting. Everyday nail art options such as a solid color coat or a jacket do not violate the business code in any way.

© essie

If you want to choose a design, then graphics will do.You can draw, for example, laconic stripes or dots over a transparent matte background – such an ornament is quite consistent with a business image.

© monponey_ru

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Basic techniques of strict manicure

There are no particular restrictions here, but the important thing is how you apply this or that technique. The design of the nails should be combined with other details of the image and not distract from the business spirit.


The versatile design with white tips is the first to come to mind when it comes to classic manicure. He will help out in any circumstances.

© monponey_ru

If your usual office outfit is a white top and a black bottom, it can be very successfully complemented by an ombre manicure.


When choosing a gradient, keep in mind that it should be soft; it is desirable that he combine delicate pastel shades.Bright ones will create a contrast that will contradict the restraint of the image.

© monponey_ru


Both colored and blank holes are an elegant way to add a little variety to your manicure. By changing the color of this small detail, you make the image more interesting, but you do not deprive it of brevity.

© oliveandjune

© oliveandjune

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru


Black with white veins or, on the contrary, white with a black mesh – both versions of a manicure with a marble pattern can become part of a business image.

© essiepolish

© heavenofnails

© fashioniseyourself

© fashionangelz

© souli.nailsxo

© abbydoesnails

Do you want to repeat this design yourself? Our step-by-step video tutorial will help.

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Beautiful seasonal business manicure


In spring and summer, I want to delight the eye with bright colors.If at the same time you need to adhere to a business style, change at least neutral shades from the nude range to pink. Soft gentle pastels will definitely not break the dress code. See for yourself – try on the Essie Jam Haute Couture summer shade. where to find?

© essie

© essie

© essie

© essie

© oliveandjune

If this is not enough for you, paint your nails with red varnish.This color, even in a strict business image, will not cause any questions to anyone, since this is a classic manicure, which only emphasizes the femininity of the one who chooses it.

© essie

© essie

For a more interesting monochromatic finish, choose varnishes with a matte finish.


In the autumn-winter season there are more opportunities in business manicure. Coatings of dark shades are welcome: black, dark gray, dark blue, burgundy, which in summer seem too gloomy and “heavy”. In the fall, you can safely use shades such as “On the Hook” by Essie. where to find?

© essie

© essie

© essie

© essie

Closer to the New Year, manicure can quite reasonably become festive.Choose a pearl white finish with a subtle shine effect, or add a little glitter to the nude polish – this will suit even a business style.

© intrigo__dora

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru

© oliveandjune

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Popular colors in business manicure


You can safely rely on this color: it is universal.It goes well with a black suit and a light set with a white shirt.

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru


He, like black, is in harmony with any outfit.But there is one peculiarity: white looks bright on the nails, especially if the “background” is tanned skin. That is, you need to understand that the emphasis will be quite noticeable. Nevertheless, in modern business looks, he is in place.

© oliveandjune

© oliveandjune

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru


Among bright colors, red is an exception to the rule: it only emphasizes the severity of a business style.

© monponey_ru

© monponey_ru


Translucent pink shade, cream, sand, coffee with milk – whatever you take from the nude range, it will be a good solution.

© essie


In business manicure, you can use both light gray and dark – graphite.

© essie

© essie

© essie

© essie

The image will remain austere, even if you decide on a varnish with a fine shimmer.

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Business manicure ideas for short nails


Once again, French manicure is irreplaceable: thanks to the neat strip at the tips, it makes the nails visually longer. If you want to deviate from the classics, replace the white with black, the transparent background with beige, and the glossy finish with matte.

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Another good option for owners of short nails: this design optically stretches them.To comply with all the formalities that a business image requires, give up bright colors. Let one pastel shade blend into another for a soft gradient that blends in with your office dress code.


One or two stripes along or across the nail will be enough to create a beautiful, minimalistic design that complements an office outfit. For the background, it is better to choose a transparent varnish, and paint the stripes themselves in one strict color – for example, black.

© intrigo__dora

© intrigo__dora


Graphic design on short nails should be straightforward. Dots, stripes, simple geometric shapes – this is quite enough to create nail art with a bias in a business style.

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Stylish business manicure options for long nails


Would you like to gracefully combine several shades in a manicure? For a business-like result, choose a few subdued shades and apply them to your nails in a watercolor style.This spring nail art will look best on long nails.

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Marble Pattern

The elegant marble design in black and white perfectly matches the business style.It can decorate short nails, but long ones look more spectacular in this design. Quartz nail art in pale pink shades is created on a similar principle. This option is also appropriate in a business look, if you take light shades as a basis.

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Color sections

A variant of the graphic manicure on long nails can be obtained using the color-blocking technique.Divide your nails into sections and fill them with business-style colors.

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Use sequins if you can tone down the dress code.To stay within office decorum and not end up with a disco-style finish, add glitter to a sheer or nude finish. There should be very little gloss. It may be worthwhile to design in this way only one nail on each hand.

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© monponey_ru

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Fashion trends and novelties of business office manicure – 2021

Nail masters working at fashion weeks urge you to try new things in manicure and bring to life even those ideas that cannot be called practical.Most of them can hardly be adapted to business style, but some still have a chance.

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For example, you can try a voluminous manicure with a nude finish and with balls of eggs or pearls as a decor, as in the Antonio Marras show. But in a business image, it is better to design no more than one or two nails on each hand.

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Another trend – pearlescent varnishes and metallic effect.Choose them if you are tired of the usual gloss; Bora Aksu and Cividini are examples.

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Shimmering varnishes can also be used in nail art – for a light accent on the tips of the nails or on the hole, as in the manicure from the Preen show.

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By the way, French manicure has also confirmed its relevance – albeit in a new interpretation.Try a reverse jacket with an arc along the cuticle like in the PRISCAVera show, or use unconventional shades.

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© monponey_ru

What kind of manicure do you do if you need to wear a formal suit? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.

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