Popular chocolate brands in usa: Top 10 Best Chocolate and Candy Brands in the USA


Top 10 Best Chocolate and Candy Brands in the USA

Chocolates and candies are the favorite of children and adults alike, and you will be hard pressed to find an individual who is not fond of chocolate. Needless to say, there are countless varieties of bars and candies available in the world, along with each country’s special offerings. The US has a reputation of having some of the most interesting and delicious candy varieties.

From chocolate bars to peanut butter cups, minty gooey balls of goodness to nougat and caramel filled delights, name it and you’ll find it on the aisle of a supermarket. Additionally, there are seasonal candies to match every festive occasion. With such a wide range of choices, you may feel confused about which ones to try first. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here is the list of top 10 best chocolate and candy brands and varieties in the US.

The Hershey Company

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The Hershey Company, popularly known as just Hershey’s, is one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate and candy in the world. They also make cookies, cakes, syrups, milk shakes, and lots more, which they supply to customers all over the world. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Hershey’s was established 125 years ago by Milton S Hershey, who was a legendary chocolatier and philanthropist.

Some of Hershey’s offerings are Hershey’s kisses, Twizzlers, Ice Breakers, Jolly Rancher, Brookside, etc. Hershey’s has acquired several chocolate manufacturing companies over the years and is currently the bestsellers of chocolate in the US. Try out their chocolate bars and kisses for a real taste of heavenly chocolate.

Reese’s Cups

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were invented in 1923 by Harry Burnett Reese who was a worker in The Hershey Company. Later, Hershey’s acquired the rights to Reese’s Cups, but it has an independent brand value among customers. Reese’s Cups is one of the most-selling candies in the United States and the top seller under Hershey’s.

Reese’s Cups come in different sizes and packages, and are available in fudge, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate versions. They are the favorite of kids and adults alike, and one of the most popular options on Halloween. The filling of Reese’s Cups comes in different flavors, like caramel, crunchy, double chocolate, hazelnut cream, honey roasted, marshmallow, banana crème, etc.


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Nestlé was founded in 1905 in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. This Swiss chocolate company has gained a stronghold over the entire world and is extremely popular for its chocolates, snack items, and milk products. It also sells baby formula and condensed milk. Among chocolates, Nestlé produces chocolate bars, wafers, cookies, and much more.

Nestlé KitKat is a world-famous brand of chocolate wafer fingers that is available in different flavors, depending on the country it is being sold in. Nestlé also produces Milkybar, Nestlé Les Recettes de l’Atelier, Toll House, Smarties, Quality Street, Aero, Garoto, Orion, and the Swiss chocolate brand Cailler.


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Who has not heard of Mars Bars? Mars is a variety of chocolate bar that was first produced in 1932. Originally a British company, Mars Bars are now available everywhere in the US. It was originally made with milk chocolate, like the common American candy Milky Way. The most popular Mars candy around the world is Snickers.

The American Mars Bars have nougat, almonds, and milk chocolate. Some other versions of Mars Bars include Mars Almonds, Dark and Light, Delight, Mars Eggs UK, Gold, Maple, Triple Chocolate, Miniatures, Mars Lava, Mars Rocks, 100% Caramel, Vanilla, Honeycomb, etc.


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Cadbury is a popular chocolate brand all over the world, although its chocolate products are manufactured by Hershey’s in the United States. Headquartered in New Jersey, Cadbury Adams produces candy, chewing gum, breath mints, and cough drops. Their gums have flavors like Swedish berries, fuzzy peach, gummies, sour chillers, fruit mania, juicy squirts, etc.

Cadbury chocolate bars come in dark chocolate and milk chocolate varieties. Some of the flavors include Caramello, Fruit n Nuts, Roasted Almond, English toffee, salted caramel, creamy mint, milk chocolate snowballs, etc. They also produce customized candies for festivities like Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.


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The world famous Swiss chocolate company Lindt is a big rage in the US as well. Founded in 1845, Lindt is arguably the most popular Swiss chocolate brand across the world. It produces chocolate bars, truffles, bite-sized candies, and much more. Some flavors include mint, lime, orange, milk, black currant, white coconut, toffee crunch, almond, pineapple, cherry, chilli, caramel, Wasabi, strawberry, coffee, etc.

Under Lindt comes the famous Lindor, a chocolate bar first introduced in 1949. It has evolved into chocolate balls, typically with a creamy filling and hard shell. It is available in both bar and ball varieties, and comes in a variety of flavors, in milk, dark, and white chocolate varieties.


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Dove bars are extremely popular among Americans, and for good reason. This American chocolate brand is sold under the name of Galaxy in the UK, Middle East, and India. Dove sells chocolate bars, cakes, ice-creams, etc. It is most popular for its smooth and creamy texture and unique taste. Dove produces milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, Ripple, Minstrels, Amicelli, Promises, Bubbles, Truffle, and Duetto.

Every Dove bar has a unique message inside the foil wrapper, giving it a personal touch for consumers. Some of the chocolate bar flavors include caramel, almond, peppermint, truffle, ice cream bar, etc. The chocolates come in the form of large bars, singles bars, miniatures, and sugar free chocolates.

Tootsie Roll

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Tootsie Roll is a signature candy in the US that has been beloved by chocolate lovers since 1907. The authentic Tootsie Roll tastes both like caramel and taffy, and is cocoa flavored. Some other flavors from this brand include cherry, orange, lemon, lime, and vanilla. Each of these flavors come in wrappers of different colors.

The fruit flavored Tootsie Frooties include strawberry, raspberry, grape, green apple, fruit punch, root beer, cranberry, watermelon, mango, blueberry, banana-berry, etc. The Tootsie company manufactures other candy as well, like Snap Bars, Tootsie Roll Pops, Mini Bites, Fruit Chews, Junior Mints, Razzles, etc.


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Founded by Ethan Lee, Starburst is a production of The Wrigley Company, which in turn is a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. Starburst was first sold in the UK with the name Opal Fruits, in flavors of strawberry, orange, lime, and lemon. Essentially, it is a soft taffy-like candy in fruit flavors.

In the US, Opal Fruits was launched as M&M’s Fruit Chewies, and was later named Starburst in the 1960s. The original flavors of this candy include strawberry, lemon, orange, and cherry. Its tropical line includes pina colada, mango lemon, cherry kiwi, and strawberry banana. The blackcurrant flavor was added later. This soft fruity candy is a favorite among kids and adults alike.


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The Ferrara Candy Company is the American subsidiary of the Ferrero group, responsible for manufacturing the world famous chocolate balls, Ferrero Rocher. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Ferrara manufactures candies and fruit based confectionary of various kinds. They make both Ferrara Pan and Farley’s & Sathers brand of candies.

Some of their offerings include Atomic Fireball, Red Hots, Black Forest, Bobs Candies, Brach’s, Chuckles, Jujyfruits, Now and Later, Boston Baked Beans, Jaw Busters, Laffy Taffy, Lemonheads, Fruit Stripes, Nerds, Super Bubble, Trolli, and Rain-Blo. If you’re looking for sweet and sour fruit candies, your search ends here.

There are several other chocolate and candy brands in the USA, and each brand produces different varieties of delicious candy. Let us know which one is your favorite!

10 Largest Chocolate Brands In The United States – Zippia

Have you ever wondered if your favorite chocolate bar is truly the best? Of course, the taste is subjective, but which chocolate brand did most Americans reach for in 2020?

This list gives you an idea of which chocolate bars are the favorites and how your favorite chocolate brand rank.

  • Snickers. McLean, Virginia

    Number of consumers in millions: 48.06

    Snickers is a hand-down favorite if we’re looking at how many chocolate bars were sold. The brand currently uses the theme of “You’re not you when you’re hungry” and then follows it up with their longstanding slogan – Snickers satisfies.

    This confection features nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate. But there are other Snickers that aren’t quite as popular, like Snickers Almond, Snickers White, Snickers Crisp, and many others.

    The Snickers brand is owned by Mars, Incorporated, a giant in the candy business. In 1930, the candy bar was first introduced; it was named after the Mars family’s favorite horse. In the U.K., it was sold under the name Marathon while in the United States, a Marathon bar was a different candy entirely.

    After the 1990s, the Marathon name was phased out in the U.K., and they are now called Snickers.

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

    Number of consumers in millions: 42.86

    One of the most noted brands of candy bars in the world, Reese’s, is marketed by The Hershey Company. These chocolate and peanut butter delights were first created in 1928 by H.B. Reese, who was a dairy farmer turned shipping foreman. Who did he work for? At the time, it was the noted chocolatier, Milton S. Hershey.

    Reese left that job and started his own candy business, but he had always used Hershey’s chocolates in his candy creations. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were such a leader that he decided to stop his other candies and focus solely on the cups.

    In 1963, the company merged with the Hershey Chocolate Corporation. Interestingly, only six years after the companies merged, Reese’s again rose to the top and became Hershey’s top seller.

  • Hershey’s Kisses. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

    Number of consumers in millions: 42.58

    Obviously, the Hershey’s Kisses brand is owned by the Hershey’s Company. In fact, these little nuggets of chocolatey goodness have been around since 1907. Back then, many other chocolate companies made similar items, so Hershey’s added the plume or the little flag with their name printed on it to distinguish theirs from the rest.

    In 1942, during the war, the production of Hershey’s Kisses was halted due to the rationing of aluminum foil. So, the machines were re-purposed to make military chocolate D ration bars for the soldiers to boost their morale and to give them an instant energy boost.

    But these chocolate bars were not as delicious as the chocolate bars, you know. They were designed not to taste very well, so they’d only be used in emergencies. Today, there are many different flavors of Hershey’s Kisses, and luckily none of them is military D ration flavored.

  • Kit Kat. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

    Number of consumers in millions: 41.45

    Across the globe, Kit Kat is produced by Nestle except in the United States, where it is made by the H.B. Reese Candy Company, the same company that makes Reese’s and is owned by The Hershey Company. Kit Kat first showed up in September 1935 as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp.

    By 1937, it was renamed Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp, and after World War II, the name was shorted to simply Kit Kat.

    The candy bar was not introduced in the United States until 1970 when Rountree and Hershey’s made an agreement. Interestingly, when Nestle purchased Rountree, they had to honor the agreement.

    The candy’s iconic jingle, “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar,” didn’t show up until 1986, but the slogan in the U.K. since 1957 has been “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.” So the idea of a Kit Kats and a break have been around a long time.

  • Peanut M&M’s. McLean, Virginia

    Number of consumers in millions: 40.36

    M&Ms are known around the world as little, colorful buttons. The plain candies were the first ones introduced in 1941. The inspiration for this candy came from chocolates given to soldiers in the Spanish Civil War. That chocolate also had a candy coating, so they wouldn’t melt in hot climates.

    Forrest Mars, Sr. son of the founder of the Mars Company, loved the idea and received a patent and began making the confection in a factory in New Jersey that was run by Bruce Murrie, son of Hershey Chocolate’s president.

    The Mars and Murrie partnership was called M&M Limited, and their first big customer was the U.S. Army. In fact, during WWII, their only customer was the Army. Since then, the M&Ms brand is carried by Mars Incorporated.

    After WWII, the candy exploded, and the tagline “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” was born in 1949. By 1954, the first Peanut M&Ms were introduced. These M&Ms originally were the only tan, but more colors were added. And the Peanut M&M took off, inspiring many other variations.

    But it’s the Peanut M&M that people truly love. They outsell all other types of M&Ms (even the original) by quite a lot.

  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

    Number of consumers in millions: 29.02

    Obviously, the flagship of The Hershey Company, the Hershey’s bar goes by the nickname, “The Great American Chocolate Bar.” Milton Hershey had a successful candy business back in 1886, but it wasn’t until seeing German chocolate manufacturing at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 in Chicago that he decided chocolate making was for him.

    In 1894, the Hershey Chocolate Company was created, and in 1900 the first Hershey chocolate bars were on the market.

    There are obviously a number of variations of the Hershey’s bar, but the iconic classic is their leader still. The Hershey Process used to create their milk chocolate using fresh milk that is delivered daily from local farms, but the actual process is a trade secret, and it’s not known exactly how it’s done.

  • Almond Joy. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

    Number of consumers in millions: 27.48

    Almond Joy is a Hershey’s candy, like Peanut M&Ms. It wasn’t the original but has surpassed its inspiration candy in popularity and sales. Mounds bar was the original and feature sweetened, shredded coconut covered in dark chocolate.

    The Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing Company acquired the Mounds bar from a candy maker named Vincent Nitido, and Mounds became a big hit with the U.S. military during World War II, who at the height of their relationship purchased 80% of the Mounds production in 1944.

    It wasn’t until 1946 that Almond Joy was introduced as a replacement for the Dreams Bar, a candy that featured chopped almonds and coconut covered in dark chocolate. The Almond Joy keeps the sweetened coconut of the Mounds bar, tops each of the two offerings in a serving with one almond, and then they’re all drenched in milk chocolate.

    The two candies, Almond Joy and Mounds, were often advertised together with the slogan, “Sometimes you feel like a nut / Sometimes you don’t.”

  • Butterfinger. Chicago, Illinois

    Number of consumers in millions: 25.82

    Butterfingers are manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company, a subsidiary of Ferrero. This sweet treat features a layered, crispy peanut butter center that is covered in milk chocolate. They were invented in 1923 by Otto Schnering, the founder of the Curtiss Candy Company.

    The candy bar has been owned by several different companies over the years, and it wasn’t until 2018 that it fell under the umbrella of the Ferrara Candy Company.

    Marketing for Butterfinger has often been a bit edgy. The Simpson’s cartoon characters have been associated with the brand, on and off, for a long time, and Bart Simpson’s “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger” is a long-standing slogan.

  • Hershey’s Almond. Derry Township, Pennsylvania

    Number of consumers in millions: 25.51

    Obviously, the history of the Hershey’s Almond bar is closely tied to that of the Hershey’s bar. While the Hershey bar was first introduced to the market in November 1900, it wasn’t until 1908 that they started putting almonds in the bar to add a little variety.

    They kept rolling with that successful candy bar for 108 years until they decided that they would chop the almonds so they could claim there was an almond in every bite. The problem – the public hated it. For about two years, they made the chopped almond version before switching back to the original whole almonds.

  • 3 Musketeers. McLean, Virginia

    Number of consumers in millions: 22

    The 3 Musketeers candy bar features a whipped mousse center with milk chocolate covering. It’s similar to a Milky Way but without the caramel. The original 3 Musketeers was actually quite a bit different than today’s version.

    Introduced to the market by Mars, Incorporated, who still owns the brand, the candy originally featured three pieces with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla centers, rather like a candy bar version of Neopolitan ice cream. The three candies and the Alexandre Dumas book were inspirations for the name 3 Musketeers.

    Eventually, the vanilla and strawberry pieces were phased out, and they stuck with the more popular chocolate bar. After that, the company held fast to this flavor until their 75th anniversary, when they decided to start trying some variations again, beginning with mint. They now have several different variations on the market, and they come in many different sizes as well.

  • Our 15 favorite brands of chocolate

    As chocolate lovers, we enjoy everything from carefully crafted choco-creations that can only be found in high-end stores, to the classic bars that line candy shelves at supermarkets and pharmacies across the country. After pondering our favorites for a bit (and eating plenty of bits and bites for “inspiration”), here are our 15 favorite brands of chocolate.


    1 of 15

    Baker’s Chocolate

    Jay Paull/Getty Images

    Baker’s Chocolate isn’t a household name, which is surprising, because it is the oldest chocolate brand in the United States. Founded in Massachusetts in the 1760s by John Hannon and Dr. James Baker, the company was sold to Dr. Baker by Hannon’s wife after her husband vanished on a sailing trip to buy cocoa beans in the West Indies in 1779. Although best known for chocolate bars for baking and its coconut products, Baker’s is also credited for inventing the recipe for German chocolate cake. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a German dessert, but one concocted by an American, a Baker’s employee named Samuel German.


    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Americans know Cadbury best for its Creme Eggs and Caramel Eggs that are ubiquitous during the Easter holiday season, but for those in the U.K. and Europe, Cadbury has been a year-round dessert staple since 1824 with its Dairy Milk, Curly Wurly, and other bars and bite-sized snacks. The Creme Eggs are still the most popular product, with some 200 million sold in the U.K. alone between New Year’s Day and Easter.



    There are a lot of different and delicious Belgian chocolate brands out there, but actually locating them would require a trip to a specialty store or, you know, Belgium. However, Côte d’Or was purchased by the American multinational company Kraft in 1990 (and later spun off into Mondelez International), so the 135-year-old brand can now be found across the U. S. As for back in Belgium, locals there consume 600 million Côte d’Or products every year.


    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    Dove chocolates were around for nearly 50 years before the Chicago-based company was bought by Mars, Inc. (more on them later). Despite the acquisition, the brand’s chocolate bars, squares, and ice cream bars have retained their smooth, signature taste and are even popular in the U.K. under the Galaxy brand. And, in case you were wondering, the Dove candy and Dove soap brands are entirely different companies.


    Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for NYCWFF

    In order to save money on chocolate, Italian chocolatier Pietro Ferrero began adding hazelnuts to his treats, which led to the creation of the now infamous, gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher truffles. Additionally, the 72-year-old company produces Kinder products and Nutella spreads, among other creations, and even owns Tic Tac.


    Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    Although Ghirardelli is one of the hardest brands to spell, it’s also one of the most tasty. Incorporated in 1852, Ghirardelli is the third-oldest chocolate company in the U.S. and is best known for its chocolate bars, squares, sauces, and beverages. To visitors of Disney parks, the company is also famous for slinging some of the sweetest sundaes around.


    JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images

    Godiva is synonymous with fancy chocolate, and for good reason. The Belgian brand has been crafting chocolates and packaging them in its signature gold boxes since 1926, not to mention its line of coffees, shakes, dipped treats, and liqueurs. Although owned by the Campbell Soup Company for four decades, Godiva was sold to the Turkish company Yildiz Holding in 2007.


    8 of 15

    The Hershey Company

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Europeans may thumb their noses at this American brand, but the 123-year-old Hershey Company isn’t going anywhere. After all, its product offerings don’t just include the iconic chocolate bars and kisses, but also Reese’s cups and pieces, Almond Joys, Mounds, Whoppers, York Peppermint Patties, Rolos, Heath bars, Krackel, and Mr. Goodbar… and that’s without mentioning the non-chocolate candies (such as Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, and numerous brands of gum) and products made by other companies, which Hershey is licensed to distribute.


    9 of 15

    Lindt & Sprüngli

    Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

    To clear up any confusion: Lindt & Sprüngli (better known as Lindt) is the chocolate company, Lindor are the round chocolate truffles made by Lindt in varieties like milk, dark, and white chocolate, as well as coconut, caramel, peanut butter, and hazelnut, among others. The Swiss company, which was founded in 1845, also makes mouth-watering bars, bunnies, liqueurs, and ice cream.


    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Mars is the sixth-largest privately owned company in the world, mostly thanks to the success of its products like 3 Musketeers, M&M’s, Milky Way, Snickers, Twix, and Mars bars, in addition to numerous gum brands (including all Wrigley offerings) and other candies like Skittles and Starburst. We’ll admit that Mars doesn’t turn out chocolate of the highest quality, but we’ll also admit to eating at least one of the aforementioned candies in the last week. Emphasis on “at least.”


    Newscast/UIG via Getty Images

    Although invented in Switzerland in 1901, the Milka brand has been produced in Germany for the last century, and currently manufactures 140,000 tons of chocolate every year. Recognizable for its trademark purple cow, Milka had gone through several acquisitions in the last 100 years, and is now owned by Mondelez International.


    Newscast/UIG via Getty Images

    The crispy Nestle Crunch bar is probably the most famous offering of the 152-year-old Nestle company, but it also produces 8,000 other brands, including Butterfinger, Kit Kat (outside the U.S.), Nesquik, Oh Henry!, and Toll House cookies and chocolate chips, in addition to sweets from its Wonka offshoot. 


    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Russell Stover has an interesting role in the candy and chocolate world. The general public pretty much only thinks about the 95-year-old company around Valentine’s Day, and even then, they don’t rank highly on the totem pole of candy quality. Although the average person probably wouldn’t buy a box of Russell Stover chocolate for themselves, they likely wouldn’t hesitate to polish off an entire container of the assorted truffles in a single sitting – especially if the box is heart-shaped. Also on the plus side, the company (owned by Lindt since 2014) invented the Eskimo Pie!


    Robin Marchant/Getty Images for NYCWFF

    Sure, the Toblerone brand has been owned by the multinational Mondelez International confectionery company since 1990, but having been invented in Switzerland in 1908, the triangular chocolate bars had already made quite a name for themselves. People often wonder what exactly goes into a Toblerone to make it so tasty, and the answer is nougat made from sugar, honey and almonds. In fact, the name “Toblerone” is actually a portmanteau of creator Theodor Tobler’s name and the Italian word torrone, which is a type of nougat.


    Jay Paull/Getty Images

    Although Whitman’s set the standard in so-called “sampler” boxes of chocolates more than 100 years ago, they have actually been owned by Russell Stover for the last 25, and, as a result of the aforementioned acquisition, Lindt for the last four. However, the company’s history actually stretches all the way back to 1842, when 19-year-old Stephen F. Whitman opened his “confectionery and fruiterer shoppe” on the Philadelphia waterfront.

    America’s 10 Favorite Chocolate Candies

    America’s 10 Favorite Chocolate Candies

    iStockPhoto/ Thinkstock

    From Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Baby Ruth, there’s no shortage of tasty candy bars. But which ones are America’s favorites?

    #8 Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme

    Getty Images

    Revenue Generated: $80.4 million 
    Unit Sales: 80.1 million 

    This is the newest candy on our list. Hershey’s Cookies ’n’ Creme first hit the candy stands in 1994, and was billed as a unique twist on the classic Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar. It’s made of white chocolate and promises cookies in every bite. 

    Source: The Hershey Company, SymphonyIRI Group

    #4 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar

    Getty Images

    Revenue Generated: $249 million 
    Unit Sales: 264. 6 million 

    The oldest candy bar on our list, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar was developed in 1900 by Milton S. Hershey. Hershey wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the great taste of milk chocolate, which was a privilege only the wealthy enjoyed at the time. So he started his chocolate operation right in the heart of Pennsylvania dairy country and charged just a nickel for his candy bar. From 1941 to 1945, the Hershey Company produced more than a billion rations bars for troops serving in World War II. These days, Hershey makes more than 373 million of its signature candy bar every year. 

    Source: The Hershey Company/ SymphonyIRI Group

    #2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    Getty Images

    Revenue Generated: $398.9 million 
    Unit Sales: 366.2 million 

    The inventor of these tasty treats, Harry Burnett Reese, was a former dairy employee of Milton S. Hershey who decided to strike out on his own and make a living in the candy business. Reese began selling his peanut butter cups in five-pound boxes for candy assortments in the 1920s, and the candy soon surged in popularity. In 1963, things came full circle when Hershey bought the company for $23.5 million. Several decades later, the candy is still a hit. The company claims if you were to line up the Reese’s sold annually, they would wrap around the earth several times. 

    Source: TheHersheyCompany.com/ SymphonyIRI Group

    Top 10 Chocolate Companies in the World 2020

    Global Chocolate Market Overview 2020

    The global chocolate market size was already worth over US$130 billion in 2019, and it’s expected to grow with a strong CAGR of almost 5% by 2024, according to the recent market report from Technavio. The latest market trend has seen top 10 chocolate companies coming up with new and innovative flavors and launching diverse products to cater to the changing consumer demands. There is growing preference for products like low and reduced sugar chocolates and consumers are also opting for chocolate brands that use organic ingredients. They are also selling chocolates in small, attractive packs, targeted at calorie-conscious consumers who prefer consuming smaller quantities of chocolates.

    The booming chocolate market around the world has also facilitated the rise of the global cocoa market. According the recent figures obtained by BizVibe, 90% of the global cocoa beans produced are consumed for chocolate production, and over 4 million metric tons of cocoa beans are produced each year. Global production of cocoa beans in 2015 was peaked at 4.36 million metric tons. Cote d’Ivoire, also known as Ivory Coast, is the world’s largest cocoa producing country with 1.472 million metric tons of cocoa production every year.

    Top 10 Largest Chocolate Companies in the World 2020



    2019 Net Sales (US$ billion)


    Mars Wrigley Confectionery (USA)



    Ferrero Group (Luxembourg / Italy)



    Mondelēz International (USA)

    11. 8


    Meiji Co Ltd (Japan)



    Hershey Co (USA)



    Nestlé SA (Switzerland)



    Lindt & Sprüngli AG (Switzerland)



    Pladis (UK)



    Ezaki Glico Co Ltd (Japan)



    Orion Corp (South Korea)


    Source: ICCO

    Mars Wrigley Confectionery (USA)

    Leading the chart of the world’s largest chocolate companies is the American confectioner Mars Inc owns some of the most famous sweets brands in the world, including M&Ms, Galaxy, Snickers, Skittles, and, of course, Mars bars. With over US$18 billion in annual sales, it is the sixth largest privately-held company in America, and the largest player in the sugar confectionery industry globally.

    Ferrero Group (Luxembourg / Italy)

    Founded in Italy, Ferrero has long been one of the world’s top chocolate companies in the world with over $13 billion annual sales. Ferrero invented the hazelnut cream filled chocolate product Ferrero Rocher, which now has become one of the top chocolate brands in the world. Its other famous chocolate brands include Kinder and Nutella.

    Mondelēz International (USA)

    The American food giant Mondelez, formed in 2012, now owns some of the most famous confectionery and chocolate brands in the world such as Oreo, Milka, Toblerone, TUC, and Cadbury. The company currently operates in over 80 countries and generates annual revenue of around $12 billion, making it one of the top 10 largest chocolate companies in the world.

    Meiji Co Ltd (Japan)

    Based in Tokyo, Japan, Meiji gains its $9.7 billion annual sales from its pharmaceutical products as well as its sugar confectioneries. Meiji’s major confectionery products include chocolate bars, biscuits, panned confections, gummies, jellies, licorice, chews, fruit snacks and jelly beans, and gum. the Meiji’s chocolate lineup includes nearly 130 products, including chocolate snacks and cocoa-rich chocolate.

    Hershey Co (USA)

    Hershey is one of the largest confectionery and chocolate snacks companies in the US. Its $8 billion annual sales are generated from its major products including chocolate bars, biscuits and wafers, chocolates, hard candy, and other sweets.

    Nestlé SA (Switzerland)

    The Swiss food and beverage giant Nestlé is not only one of the world’s largest sugar confectionery manufacturers, but it is also the world’s largest food & beverage company with over $8 billion annual sales. The company currently has over 335,000 employees and more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favourites presenting in 191 countries around the world.

    Lindt & Sprüngli AG (Switzerland)

    Headquartered in Kilchberg, Switzerland, Lindt is one of the world’s most famous chocolates and truffles manufacturers. Its annual sales are nearly $4 billion. While demand for the company’s products in the US has diminished greatly over the last few years, the brand has maintained popularity across Europe, and in Australia, where Lindt ice cream is available.

    Pladis (UK)

    Based in London, UK, Pladis has annual revenues of $4.5 billion and operates in 120 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The company has 34 factories in 13 countries and mainly operates in all major categories of chocolate, biscuits, cake, candy, and gum. Its three core brands include McVitie’s, Ulker and GODIVA.

    Ezaki Glico Co Ltd (Japan)

    Ezaki is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. With over 24 major plants and nearly 5000 employees, its annual sales reached over $3.2 billion. Ezaki is one of the largest sugar confectionery and snack manufacturers in Asia. Its signature products include chocolate Bars, biscuits and wafers, truffles, pralines and filled chocolates, moulded chocolate figures and shapes, panned confections, toffee and caramel, nuts/seed candies, bars, bark, brittles and marzipan, and hard candies. Its best selling product is a chocolate covered biscuit stick known as Pocky.

    Orion Corp (South Korea)

    Orion is a South Korean confectionery and chocolate snacks company, headquartered Seoul. It is one of the top 3 chocolate companies in South Korea. Today, Orion is well recognised as one of the world’s top chocolate brands and its signature Choco Pie is among the best-selling chocolate snack products in Asia. The company other key products include biscuits, cookies, pies, gum, snacks, chocolate, and candy. Orion has manufacturing facilities across its major markets including China, Russia, Vietnam, and the United States.

    Global Chocolate Market Trends for Future

    One of the recent developments in the global chocolate and cocoa market is the growing inclination towards Fair Trade certified products. Such chocolate products are made from cocoa produced from farms that do not indulge in inhuman practices such as slavery and child labor. The Fair-Trade organization have been dedicated to promotion of trade relationships that support livable incomes for farmers, laborers and families of cocoa growers through commitment to prices that produce a stable economic and social environment.

    Over the recent years, growing number of leading chocolate companies are also introducing healthy chocolates such as organic, vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free chocolates to cater to the health-conscious consumers. It is expected that the increasing incidences of health problems, weight management issues, and the demand for nutritious food will influence the global chocolate market to produce more healthy sugar-free and gluten-free chocolates in the near future.

    Read more:

    Top 10 Cocoa Producing Countries in the World

    Top 10 World’s Largest Food & Beverage Companies

    List of Swiss Chocolate Brands

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    The Most Popular Candy Bars in America

    There’s one thing Americans can typically agree on, and that’s candy bars. The average American consumes a whopping 22 pounds of candy per year—and nearly half of that is chocolate. Since the early 1900s, when Hershey’s came on the scene, candy bars have been a part of the American diet. You see them as fun-size bars being put in Halloween bags or as full-size bars that people make as last-minute purchases in the grocery store. But what are the most popular candy bars in the country?

    While most candy makers declined to share specific sales figures, there are still a few ways to figure out which candy options are more popular than others. Over a year-long period between October 2018 and October 2019, for example, YouGov surveyed more than 7,700 people about their favorite candy and snack brands. And you’ll see plenty of popular candies on the list.

    Plus, in 2012, 24/7 Wall Street used market research data to rank the top-selling candies in grocery stores and drugstores. While the data doesn’t include major retailers like Walmart, there’s a lot of overlap between that and the YouGov survey.

    Of course, everyone has their own opinion on which of the most popular candy bars is truly the best. We’ve combined the YouGov rankings list with the data from 24/7 Wall Street to make a master list (and, yes, one that’s not entirely scientific) of what that most popular candy bars are. Here are the results, from most to least popular.


    Is there a Halloween treat more classic than a fun-size Hershey’s bar? It’s classic for a reason, and it’s still popular decades after its release.

    Whether eaten alone or sandwiched in between graham crackers with marshmallows, the bar is a favorite in America. It clocks in at nearly 250 million bars sold per year, based on the 24/7 Wall Street data.

    While Reese’s ranked as one of the most iconic candies on YouGov’s survey, we bet you didn’t know you can also enjoy Reese’s in candy bar form! Whether you prefer Reese’s bars, Reese’s pieces, or the classic cups, these are a peanut butter lover’s delight.

    Love peanut butter? Here are our favorites, ranked!


    You’re not you when you’re hungry. And America isn’t America without its favorite candy: Snickers. According to 24/7 Wall Street, more than 400 million Snickers bars are sold per year. The well-known nougat topped with caramel and peanuts is covered in milk chocolate. It’s one that “really satisfies.”

    Love caramel treats? Here’s how to pronounce caramel the right way.


    With 192 million pieces sold a year, it seems like a lot of people are breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. First introduced in the UK, the Kit Kat was introduced to an American audience in the 1970s. Here, it’s made by Hershey; worldwide, it’s made by Nestlé.

    Wondering what to do with all those leftover fun-size bags? Here are 26 Genius Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy.

    No matter if you’re a bigger fan of the right Twix or the left Twix, your purchase has contributed to the yearly sales of this popular candy bar. A staggering 161 million Twix are sold a year by Mars, Inc. You might not know that it was introduced in the UK a decade before, but it launched in the States in 1979 and has been a hit ever since.

    When 3 Musketeers was first introduced in 1932, it was marketed as one of the largest candy bars on the market. For five cents, the 3 Musketeers bar could be split up and shared with friends. Now, we think the 94 million-plus bars that are sold a year are more likely enjoyed alone.

    The Milky Way bar is simple in its creation: a nougat, covered in caramel, coated in chocolate. It was a hit when it was first invented by Frank C. Mars in 1923—and it continues to be at over 80 million bars sold.

    In addition to the classic Hershey’s bar, another popular Hershey-brand candy bar on the 24/7 Wall Street list is Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Creme. Americans buy more than 73 million bars a year, according to the most recent data.

    Courtesy of Hersheys

    “Sometimes you feel like a nut,” and apparently America often does. First introduced to America in 1946 (with the Mounds bar following a year later), the Almond Joy bar has been produced by Hershey since 1988. With more than 60 million units sold in 2012, it’s a clear favorite in the U.S.


    With all of its varieties, Dove chocolate ranked high on YouGov’s list. Who can resist the fun sayings on the insides of the wrappers?

    Can’t get enough dark chocolate? Here are the 17 Best and Worst Dark Chocolate Bars.

    Known as much for its baking mixes as it is for its chocolate squares, Ghirardelli has a reputation for making fancy, quality chocolate products. And come the holidays, the brand’s peppermint bark squares are hard to beat.

    RELATED: The easy guide to cutting back on sugar is finally here.

    Despite popular misconceptions, the Baby Ruth candy bar was (maybe) not named after the American baseball player. The founding company claimed that it was named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth. (Although, many people think they said that to avoid paying royalties to Babe Ruth.)

    No matter the history of its name, Baby Ruth is one of the most popular candy bars, according to YouGov.

    One of the few candy bars made without chocolate, the PayDay bar was made for nut lovers. First introduced in 1932, this simple candy is caramel wrapped in peanuts. It became part of the Hershey family in the ’90s. Despite its lack of chocolate, it remains an American favorite.

    While you may be more familiar with the round chocolate truffles, Lindt also makes luxury chocolate bars. However you enjoy it, this is one treat that’s delicious year-round.


    The last candy-related entry on YouGov’s most popular list, Ferrara makes candy bars like Butterfinger and 100 Grand. The company is also responsible for fun treats like Nerds and SweeTarts.

    Whatever candy you prefer, Halloween is the perfect time to indulge. And if you’d rather give your trick-or-treaters something that’s a bit off the beaten path, consider these underrated Halloween candies, too.

    Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands In The World 2019

    Chocolate is among one of the most popular food types, and it is no surprise that it has been cultivated for a long time and people still fall for it. It can be found it all types of food from cakes to mousse to brownies to hot chocolate to chocolate bars. Chocolate is given for several different occasions including Valentine’s Day, birthdays, New Year and Easter and more. The art of extraction of chocolate from Cocoa was developed in America and it soon spread around the globe and presently it is said to be one of the best discoveries in food and eatables by man. Few of the chocolate brands are so good that they well known and popular in every part of the world. Here is the list of top 10 most popular chocolate brands in the world 2019 that are loved around the world by the aficionados.

    10. Kit Kat:

    Kit Kat is a wafer biscuit bar which is covered by chocolate. It was created in England and is currently produced by Nestle, and in the U.S., H.B. Reese Candy Company. It comes in packets of two or four fingers, and comes in a variety of flavors including Kit Kat White, Kit Kat Mint, and Kit Kat Cookies & Cream. In 2013, Kitkat got into an association with Google’s Android mobile whose operating system was named “Kitkat”.

    9. Mars:

    This chocolate brand was first manufactured in the United Kingdom. Its sister brands are ‘Milky Way’ and ‘5 Star’. Its slogan “pleasure you can’t measure” was used to appeal to more women and children. It comes in different sizes from miniature bars to regular 58 gram single bars. Limited-edition flavors include Mars Almond, Mars Gold, and Mars Maple.

    8. Galaxy:

    Galaxy is sold as Dove in several countries internationally. This brand of chocolate ranges in flavors from milk chocolate, fruit & nut varieties, and bubbles. The Galaxy and Dove brands also market products including hot cocoa powder, cakes, and ice cream. This comes in second to the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar in the best selling chocolate bars in the United Kingdom.

    7. Cadbury:

    Cadbury is a British company owned by an American company since 2010. The headquarters are in Uxbridge, Middlesex. It has operations in over fifty countries all around the world. Aside from chocolate, the company is associated with products like Jelly Babies, Trident gum, and Softmints.

    6. Toblerone:

    This chocolate brand is a Swiss brand. Its chocolate bars are known for their unique triangle shape. A unique cultural impact that this chocolate has had is in theater production: A three-sided, free-standing, wheeled version of the common theatre flat is called a “Toblerone”.

    5. Patchi:

    This is a most popular chocolate brand originating from Lebanon. It is now in more than 29 countries. This brand is the leading chocolate brand of the Middle East. It is a luxury brand and contains a menu with over 50 varieties. These include orange peel, cotton candy, and cheesecake.

    4. Guylian:

    A Belgian chocolate manufacturer manufactures Guylian. They are famous for making chocolate seashells with a variety of fillings. It is a sponsor of Project Seahorse. A company from South Korea bought the company in 2008. The company’s icon is a seahorse.

    3. Ghirardelli:

    This company was incorporated in 1852. In America, it the third-oldest chocolate company. It is one of the only chocolate companies in the United States which is in control of all aspects its own manufacturing process. Its bar version is cut into several squares and comes in many flavors which include caramel filling, caramelized almonds, salt and almonds, and peppermint bark.

    2. Lindt & Sprungli:

    This is a Swiss company which dates back to 1836. It is famous for its Lindor chocolate which is contains a hard chocolate shell with an inner filling of smooth chocolate. They are wrapped in different colors, each identifying a different flavor. These flavors include hazelnut, mocha, peppermint, cinnamon peanut butter, Irish cream, coconut, caramel, and sea salt. Chocolate bars, liquors, and ice cream are also produced by Lindt & Sprungli Company. There are eight chocolate cafes that Lindt has opened, four are in Sydney, and four in Melbourne.

    1. Ferrero Rocher:

    This best selling chocolate brand produces a premium, round, chocolate sweet. It consists of flat sheets of Wafer, Nutella, and hazelnuts. About 3.6 billion Ferrero Rocher are sold every year in over 35 countries. This brand has had a major impact in China since China allowed foreign businesses to increase the economy. The gold wrapping gave a luxurious and different appearance which the Chinese associated with wealth, which allowed for its popularity in China over other chocolate brands.

    This was our list for the most popular and best-selling chocolate brands in the world by 2019 that are well renowned and loved across the globe.

    American chocolate

    In 1765, John Hannon, the authorized ambassador of England, brought chocolate to America. He and Dr. James Baker came up with the idea of ​​building the first chocolate factory in the United States, in Massachusetts. At the moment, America produces and consumes much more chocolate than other world states.

    The US Chocolate Association recently conducted a survey of the population of all states, and it turned out that chocolate is a favorite treat for more than half of the respondents.Plus, over 60% of Americans perceive a box of some special chocolates as a welcome Christmas present.

    Meanwhile, it is considered a funny fact that Europe prefers dark chocolate more than other types of chocolate. In turn, in America, 65% of the population prefer milk chocolate.

    Almost half of the total amount of almonds grown in the United States is used for the production of chocolate.

    Today, there are more than a hundred full-fledged chocolate factories in the USA.

    The oldest currently operating factory is The Fishermen’s Wharf, based in California and based on the production of premium chocolate. This factory was founded in 1852 in the port area in the northeast of the city of San Francisco.

    Probably the most popular American chocolate brand is Hershey’s. In 1903, Milton Hershey builds a chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He is the first in the United States to produce affordable milk chocolate of the best quality.

    During the First World War, the Hershey factory supplied chocolate to the army. And until now, chocolate made by The Hershey Company is always included in the typical American military ration.

    America, with a lot of fast food and other junk food, is still trying to get used to a healthy lifestyle, so Theo Chocolate, which pampers its customers with chocolate with a wide variety of flavors, has set up the release of organic chocolate.This company focuses on the environmental friendliness of cocoa beans, which are produced without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, and only natural, pure ingredients are used in the production of chocolate. Plus, It is Theo Chocolate that makes chocolate with curry from India and roasted coconut. Prior to this, Theo Chocolate had already received solid awards for producing chocolate with flavor combinations such as lime and coriander, or fennel, fig and almond.

    Only in America could they produce chocolate with black truffle.But a truffle is not some kind of candy, but a tuber suitable for consumption, the price of which exceeds thousands of dollars per kilogram. The chocolate, produced by brothers Rick and Michael Mast, is of the highest quality and is made by hand, which, of course, leaves an imprint on its high price. But only true connoisseurs of chocolate delicacies, who are not afraid of experiments and want variety, can buy such chocolate.

    Not so long ago, America began to produce chocolate specially designed for consumption with wine.These three blend blends are made by hand.

    90,000 Names of the sweetest brands in the world / StatusName

    Why is it customary to call a happy and comfortable life “sweet”? Probably because a person associates sweets with something pleasant, attractive and giving positive emotions.

    Let’s talk about what gives us minutes of pleasure in everyday life. Namely, about the popular confectionery brands, whose products are in great demand among sweet tooths in all corners of the world.

    Popular sweets native to the USA

    Americans are not alive with a single traditional apple pie! In the United States, there are several large corporations producing delicacies that have conquered the sweet tooth in all corners of the earth. Consumers chew chocolate bars with crunchy crackers, while confectionery factories are just getting on with increasing production. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.

    Baker`s chocolate is a famous brand of confectioners John Baker and John Hennon, who, back in 1764, relied on the production of chocolate and did not lose.Despite the sudden death of one of the partners, the company developed successfully through the efforts of John Baker. In record time, Baker`s chocolate has reached the peak of its popularity. In 1883, the wrapper of branded products began to be decorated with the figure of a woman from the famous canvas “Chocolate Girl” – over time, this image became a trademark of the company. For several decades, manufacturers have used branded packaging, and later began to apply an “impression” directly on the chocolate bar.

    Mars is a brand of chocolate that most people associate with the popular bar. The married couple Franklin and Ethel Mars did not become wise with the name, and the names of the confectionery brands were supplemented by the Mars company. In 1911, candy bars were made in a spacious kitchen in the house of the couple. An ordinary window sill served as an improvised counter, and there was no end of buyers. 11 years later, the famous Milky Way bar was born. According to legend, initially small chocolates were sold by weight, and the delicate chocolate melted in the hands.Then a convenient foil package was invented, in which all the products of the Mars company were subsequently packed. The taste, shape and design of the wrapper have changed over time, but the ingredients in Mars, Snickers and Milky Way bars remain the same.

    And all this is just chocolate! Americans also produce an abundance of sugary drinks, crispy biscuits and M & M’s chocolate pills in a multicolored glaze.

    England, Switzerland: a little about the oldest brands of chocolate

    Why are “chocolate” companies with a century of history still afloat and do not give up their leading positions in the list of the world’s best manufacturers? Perhaps it’s all about loyalty to the traditions and quality laid down by the founding fathers in the idea of ​​the brand.

    Cadbury (England) – The list of famous brands of chocolate would not be complete without the sweets of pastry chef John Cadbury. In 1824, the Englishman opened his own cafe, where he made his own hot chocolate with a mortar and pestle. An advocate of a sober and healthy lifestyle, John considered chocolate to be an excellent alternative to alcoholic beverages. A naive but good mission! The famous Dari Milk chocolate is the company’s trademark – for over 100 years the product has been pleasing the sweet tooth with its excellent taste and quality.Today, the Cadbury brand produces chocolates, cereals and a variety of bars.

    Nestle (Switzerland) is the most popular confectionery brand founded by the pharmacist Henry Nestle in 1860. Nestle’s corporate logo – a nest with chicks – is nothing more than the family coat of arms of the company’s founder’s dynasty. Initially, the Swiss pharmacist did not even think about the production of chocolate. He developed a quality milk formula – an analogue of breast milk.And he really created a decent product. Subsequently, Henry Nestlé, in tandem with pastry chef Daniel Peter, took up the production of chocolate. Daniel suggested that the companion use the image of the cross, the symbol of Switzerland, as a logo, but Henry turned down the offer. So the “family nest” remains the trademark of “Nestle” to this day. Today the company produces not only slab chocolate, but also condensed milk, bars, cocoa and other popular products.

    Lindt (Switzerland) – for over 170 years, high-quality chocolate lovers all over the world enjoy the products of Swiss confectioners.The founder of the company was Rudolf Lindt, the owner of a candy store in Zurich. He offered the consumer a chocolate with a pronounced creamy taste and a perfectly smooth surface, which instantly became popular. However, the brand’s zest is the golden Bunny rabbits – small chocolates in the shape of cute animals with a cute ribbon around their neck since 1952 have become an integral part of Easter treats. Today, the Lindt collection of chocolate includes several varieties with various fillings: nuts and candied fruits.There are also sweets with designer fillings.

    English and Swiss chocolate is valued all over the world to this day and is in deserved demand among consumers.

    Sweet presents from Italy

    If friends or relatives have asked you to bring “something tasty” from Italy, it will not be easy to choose one. Which to give preference – crispy Cantuccini biscuits or almond Amaretti? And even if not every Russian has tried the Colomba butter cake in the shape of an Easter bird, he knows firsthand about the famous Italian delicacies.

    Ferrero Rocher is the name of some of the most delicious chocolates in the world. The brand was created in 1940 by the enterprising Italian Michele Ferrero. The company’s trademark is large round-shaped sweets stuffed with whole nuts and delicious chocolate paste. Subsequently, the assortment of fillings was replenished with new flavors – lemon, aromatic berries and pistachios, coconut (Raffaello sweets). Another popular product of the Ferrero company is the famous Nestlé pasta with a pronounced taste of chocolate and hazelnuts.

    Amedei is a premium chocolate brand created by the world’s only female chocolatier Cecilia Tesseri. Amedei chocolate is unique in that it is made from a special type of cocoa beans grown in a specific province of Venezuela, with a unique taste and aroma. The product of the popular Italian brand has repeatedly become the winner of the prestigious competition, which is held annually by the London Academy of Chocolate, leaving behind more than three hundred manufacturers in this market segment.

    Even in Italy, you can taste excellent Sicilian honey and delicious marzipans!

    Delicacies with French charm

    Have you heard anything about candied violets? No, no – this is not a fiction: an unusual gourmet delicacy from the city of Toulouse is very popular in France. There is even violet jam! French pastry chefs generally try to surprise chocolate gourmets with their products.

    Michel Cluizel is a well-known brand specializing in the production of chocolate treats from natural ingredients.Pure cocoa beans are sent to production, and directly at the factory are processed into cocoa butter. All products are stamped with information about “noble ingredients”, which implies a special unique recipe for chocolate and assorted chocolates. Michel Cluizel is a family business in its third generation.

    Valrhona was founded by confectioner Alberic Guironne in 1922 from the Rhone Valley. Today, the product of this brand is recognized not only by chocolate gourmets, but also by the chefs of the best elite restaurants around the world as an elite product.In 2013, the company opened its chocolate museum, where visitors can taste the best chocolate bars and chocolates from the brand, as well as learn about the history of the factory.

    Bovetti is the brainchild of French pastry chef Walter Bovetti. The brand was launched in 1994 with a claim to creativity and a non-standard approach. Each delicacy of a company that is not afraid of experiments is a combination of unusual ingredients and a fireworks of flavors. Where else can you try chocolate with flower petals, hot peppers or mustard? How about the hammer and nail dainty?

    All over the world, small round macaroon almond cakes have gained recognition, which are best bought in specialized cafes and pastry shops.

    Spain: A Culinary Excursion into History

    It is sacrilege to visit Spain and not try national sweets. Turron is the most popular delicacy made from almonds, honey and egg glaze – the best present for friends and family.

    One and a half hundred years ago, the “pastry chef from God” Luis Mira loaded his signature sweets on a cart (specifically turron – nougat made according to a special recipe) and headed to Madrid in the hope of conquering the capital’s inhabitants with his culinary art.But he did not manage to get to his destination on the first try – the goods were bought up by residents of settlements along the road. This is how the history of the Casa Mira brand of sweets, chocolate and pastries began. Luis Mira has made a dizzying career as a supplier of sweets for the Spanish royal court. His culinary masterpieces have won numerous awards, including the Grand Prix at the 1899 Paris World Exhibition. Today, the sixth generation of Louis Mir’s heirs continue the work of their famous ancestor.

    Ensaimada (Spain) – a famous brand of biscuits originally from the island of Mallorca. The name of the branded sweets has Arabic roots: “saim” is translated from Arabic as “fat”. Ensaimada has been a traditional bakery in Mallorca since the 17th century! Local residents still carefully preserve old recipes for delicious pastries: tender puff pastry, flavored with a good portion of pork fat, is rolled up in the shape of a snail, baked and then sprinkled with icing sugar.Sometimes a pumpkin jam or tender cream filling is added inside. Every tourist considers it his duty to bring a box with Ensaimada as a souvenir from Mallorca.

    Also noteworthy are the delicious mantecadas de almendra almond crumbs, which are in abundance on supermarket shelves on the eve of Christmas.

    Treats from Russia

    Who else remembers the times when chocolates and sweets were handed out to children by the piece strictly on holidays.And it doesn’t matter when the goodies have expired! Most importantly, silver foil rustled under the beautiful wrapper, but inside …

    Alenka is a brand of chocolate in Russia that became available to a wide consumer in the 60s of the last century. Delicious milk chocolate, packed in a bright wrapper with the image of a cute girly, instantly gained popularity among children and adults. The artist’s little daughter became the prototype of the girl. Chocolate “Alenka” was produced at the famous factory “Krasny Oktyabr”, which became famous for such popular brands of sweets as “Mishka kosolapy”, “Souffle”, “Yuzhnaya noch”, “Kis-kis”.

    Jubilee is a brand of cookies that celebrated its centenary in 2013! The history of creating the brand began with the production of sweets. The Sioux couple from France decided to open their own business in Russia – the manufacture and sale of confectionery. The Sioux spouses not only offered customers delicious sweets, but also packed them in luxurious tin boxes, genuine leather bags and painted cardboard boxes. In 1913, the first batch of Jubilee cookies was produced.The history of the brand is full of ups and downs, but today the product will compete with well-known brands.

    Tula gingerbread is the most popular type of Russian printed gingerbread. It is impossible to establish the exact date of its appearance, but the first mention of it was found in the scribal book of the 17th century. Each owner of the gingerbread shop had his own secret of preparing a delicacy, which was kept in the strictest confidence. Thanks to the famous Grechikhin gingerbread merchants, the Tula Gingerbread brand became known not only in Russia, but also abroad – the products of reputable confectioners were so good.And today, fragrant and beautiful printed gingerbread from Tula are a delicious delicacy and an excellent gift for adults and children.

    And Russia is also rich in berries – natural sweet gifts of nature, which can be found in various brands of jam: Stolbushino, Voyal, Blagodat, Abriko, Ryazhsky cellar, Taste of the taiga, Gifts of nature, Terra.

    What about the others?

    But not only Europeans can rank themselves among the army of the world’s best chocolatiers and pastry chefs.Asia does not lag behind the global producers of sweets by a single step!

    Concern Meiji is a popular brand originally from Tokyo. The company was formed in 1906 by the merger of two companies – dairy and sugar. It is logical that the first product was condensed milk. Today the company is the largest corporation in Japan for the production of sweets, chocolate, cocoa and other food products. The name is from the era when the company was created. Meiji is “enlightened government”. This was the name of the time of the leadership of the country by Emperor Mutsuhito.It was he who turned Japan into a modern state, getting rid of the legacy of feudalism.

    Patchi is the brainchild of Lebanese pastry chefs. The first boutique selling luxury chocolate was opened in Beirut in 1974. The founder of the company, Nizar Chuker, immediately set the bar high: his products pleased real gourmets. To this day, Patchi chocolate belongs to the category of elite sweets. It is made according to exclusive recipes, adding various types of nuts, fruits, coffee beans and praline filling to the tiles.The company practices the release of collectible chocolate for a specific event: Valentine’s Day, Ramadan or Christmas. The most expensive box of 49 Patchi chocolates. was sold for 5 thousand British pounds. She entered the premium collection “Cream of the Society”.


    So what do confectioners focus on when giving a name to a brand? Most of the companies created in past centuries bear the names of their founders, others simply choose a beautiful name that will evoke positive emotions in the consumer and a desire to taste the delicacy.We are looking forward to the emergence of new brands and tastes!

    Made in Russia – From “folk chocolate” to a well-known export brand

    Several generations of Soviet and Russian children grew up with Alyonka chocolate, foreign diplomats and students of Russian universities remembered it when they returned home, and for Chinese tourists a visit to the brand store is still one of the mandatory points of the program. The carefully crafted formulation of the bars and adherence to standards have allowed chocolate to remain popular for more than five decades.

    If in Europe and the USA “Alenka” was perceived and perceived rather as a Soviet exoticism, then in Asian countries – China, Japan, Indonesia – the popularity of this bar and Russian chocolate in general is explained by other reasons. The Chinese consider it a higher quality and “healthier” option in comparison with their own products thanks to GOST standards, the Japanese are stunned by the size of the bars, the Indians and Indonesians – the quality and percentage of cocoa.

    At the same time, the texture and taste of the classic “Alyonka” is closer and more understandable to Western consumers than other types of Russian chocolate.The director of the Association of Chocolate Manufacturers (USA), James Johnson, described the differences between Russian chocolate for American consumers: “It is more granular because more cocoa is put in it. And less sweet. ”

    In China, “Alenka” was re-tasted after the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, and by last year China became one of the leaders in terms of purchases of Russian confectionery products. The familiar wrapper has become more common in Chinese and Hong Kong stores, including small grocery stalls.

    Russian retailer ABK in 2015 agreed on the supply of domestic products to China and their sale through the Internet hypermarket Tmall.com, which is part of the Alibaba holding. The list of goods also included Alyonka chocolates. The total target audience in China was estimated at 130 million people, and export volumes were expected to increase to $ 60 million in three years.

    The United Confectioners Group, which includes the Krasny Oktyabr factory, in 2016 increased the volume of sales in China by 2.5 times, and in 2017 it is planned to further expand the assortment in the Chinese market.The launch of new brands and entire categories of confectionery products is planned, primarily chocolates in boxes. In general, the supply of Russian sweets to China increased tenfold last year.

    The history of “Red October” began in 1851, then it was a small confectionery workshop of the German Einem on the Arbat. The enterprise received its current name in 1922, after nationalization. The Alyonka bar first appeared in 1966, solving the problem of producing native, tasty and inexpensive chocolate for everyone.The recipe was calculated for two years to make sure: powdered milk – 20%, sugar – 35%, cocoa butter – 15%, cocoa mass, lecithin emulsifier. And that’s it, no more additives or flavors.

    At first there were only two options for the bar – dark and milk chocolate. During the Soviet era, the Krasny Oktyabr plant expanded its range to more than 50 species. Now, under the brand name “Alenka”, more than 30 types of products are produced, including chocolate with multi-colored dragees, caramel and waffle cake.

    Pretty pink-cheeked girl with wide-open eyes on the wrapper helps to maintain the image of the best “children’s” tile.According to party experts, she copes with this task much better than “Alyonushka” Vasnetsov, who, according to the original plan, should embody a happy childhood, but was recognized as too pale and barefoot.

    For the USSR, imports of cocoa beans have been part of political economy, and chocolate for export has been a fashion commodity since about 1960. The main suppliers of cocoa beans and cocoa butter during the Soviet era were African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon) and, to a lesser extent, Latin America (Brazil and Ecuador).In exchange for cocoa beans, they received weapons, machines, cement, fertilizers. It is noteworthy that the role of the current “king” of the cocoa market in Côte d’Ivoire in the structure of imports of cocoa beans in the USSR was insignificant: deliveries began in 1959, but were suddenly stopped in 1961 due to a sharp chill in relations between the two countries; over the next decades, this story repeated itself several times.

    After the collapse of the USSR, the industry fell on hard times, but in 1996 the restoration of chocolate production in the Russian Federation began.In 2010, Russia supplied abroad almost 100 thousand tons of chocolate and chocolates for $ 387 million, and in 2016 – already 157.5 thousand tons for $ 477 million.

    The CIS countries and Mongolia have long been among the main sales markets, now China was added to them, in general, the geography is constantly expanding. To date, Russia is among the top twenty chocolate exporters: in 2015, foreign partners purchased products for more than $ 420 million, and the global market share was 1.7%, in 2016 the market share in value terms increased to 1.8% ( 12th place), by weight – up to 2.8% (11th place).In 2015, United Confectioners took 11th place in the ranking of the world’s leading confectionery companies according to the Candy Industry organization.

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    An appetizing selection of popular American delicacies.

    Maria Demidova

    Americans know a lot about sweets. From candy canes to chocolate, American store shelves are filled with a variety of drinks and desserts so loved by adults and children.Many trademarks and truly American products are known in Russia, and it is still worth trying “purely American sweets” made in USA. Where to order American sweets? Ordering sweets from the USA to Moscow or another Russian city is always a good idea. Food or sweets from America in gift wrapping can also be an excellent gift for family, friends and even colleagues. With or without it.

    US sweets worth ordering

    Jelly Beans. In America, jelly beans are very fond of – this is a kind of local marmalade.Small bright sweets can be chewed for a long time, enjoying the sweet taste. By the way, ex-President Ronald Reagan loved Jelly Beans very much and even proclaimed marmalade America’s national pride. These beans are produced by different companies today – for example, you can take Member’s Mark Gourmet Jelly Beans in the bank, for $ 20.69 – almost 2 kilograms of sweets will be enough for you for a long time!

    Peanut butter. It is often shown in films around the world, and Americans themselves cannot imagine a traditional breakfast or snack without this pasta.Interestingly, the original super-nutritious peanut butter was invented for people who, due to dental problems, could not chew solid food. Do you want to have a typical American breakfast? Order SKIPPY Creamy Peanut Butter from Amazon ($ 10).

    Whoppers. Milk balls topped with good chocolate literally melt in your mouth! Previously, they were sold individually, but now they are packed in different packages. Try a small bag of WHOPPERS Malted Milk Balls, 12 Ounce, for $ 2.

    Rocky Mountain Marshmallows is the most delicious marshmallow ever. It is these marshmallows that Americans roast over the fire, just eat from a bag, add to cocoa. You can try the delicious in its original version by ordering a 150-gram pack of Rocky Mountain Marshmallows Classic for $ 23.

    York Peppermint patty, a mint-filled chocolate chip cookie popular since 1940. The recipe has remained unchanged for 80 years. Manufacturers sometimes only experiment with packaging and filling – as a rule, for the holidays.Packages are different, try ordering American sweets York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties for $ 13.

    Crackerjack. America’s favorite snack. These are peanuts and popcorn covered with molasses. Crackerjack dates back to 1896. Each package contains a surprise gift! Buy sweets from the USA in the amount of 3 packs (for yourself and your friends as a gift) Original Cracker Jack, 3 pack will be inexpensive, only $ 4.

    Googoo Cluster. Delicious chocolate bar originally from Tennessee.The bar consists of peanuts, caramel and marshmallows covered with milk chocolate. You can order an assorted American treats Goo Goo Cluster for $ 27. The package contains 12 pieces.

    Another dessert from Tennessee. Two crackers, marshmallow in the middle, chocolate topping. Very delicate taste, beautiful packaging and romantic name. You can buy sweets from America in a package of 6 MOON PIE 6 Pack Chocolate Flavored Double Decker Pastry Snack for $ 15.

    “I want to order candy, what American sweets are popular?”

    This question is periodically asked to our operators on the site.

    • Rolo. Delicious chocolate cone-like candies have a caramel filling and are sold in convenient small packages. Americans often take these with them to grab a bite to eat on the go. American sweets Rolo, Milk Chocolate and Caramel Candy, 10.6 Oz cost $ 11.

    • Salt Water taffy is the American answer to our toffee. This candy came from a storm in Atlantic City in 1883. Local entrepreneur David Bradley’s pastry shop was hit hard by the flooding and all the sweets were soaked in salt water.One of the customers asked me to sell her butterscotch. The seller joked that he could only sell salty candies. The lady still tasted the toffee and was delighted. Since then, Bradley began to produce salted taffy, and Salt Water taffy gained immense popularity. Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy Gift Box, 14 oz. will cost $ 19.43.

    • Tamarindo. Strictly speaking, it is more of a Mexican sweet that has gained popularity in California and the southern states. Sweet candies are based on the extract of tamarind, a fruit called the Indian date.You can buy candy from America in the form of 30 sharp sticks with an unusual taste Banderilla Tama-Roca Tamarindo Mexican Candy Sticks for $ 18.

    American military chocolate

    Since 1937 American dry rations have always included chocolate bars and high-calorie bars. It is believed that chocolate raises the spirit of soldiers and helps to survive if the soldier finds himself in extreme conditions. For a long time, the soldiers’ rations included M & M’s sweets, which appeared in the USA in 1941.Forrest Mars was traveling in Spain and saw that the local soldiers were eating some candy covered with a sweet shell. Back home, he replicated the recipe and signed a contract with the Air Force.

    Initially, M & M’s round mini-chocolates were included only in dry rations. However, the soldiers liked them so much that it was decided to launch M & M’s into mass production. Concern “Mars” still produces products for the US Army. And if you want to try American military chocolate – buy something from Mars.If you are not surprised by M & M’s, it’s only because there are only 3 types of them in Russia. And in the States, there are literally dozens of these chocolate dragees, with different fillings. For example, M & M’S Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy with peanut butter flavor for $ 9!

    Another military chocolate maker is The Hershey Company. This brand is almost 120 years old and was originally known as a caramel manufacturer. Today it is the largest manufacturer of chocolate bars and American chocolates, as well as a supplier of sweets for the soldiers’ ration.The difference between chocolate, which is sold on shelves in stores, and chocolate in a dry ration, is mainly in thickness and calorie content.

    Military chocolate bar – much thicker than regular chocolate bar, higher in calories and tastes worse than commercial chocolate. One chocolate bar in a dry ration has enough energy value for a soldier to “stretch” on one bar all day. Therefore, the American military chocolate Hershey’s was specially made tasteless so that the soldiers did not eat it simply because they wanted something sweet, but used it in case of emergency.

    Hershey’s from supermarkets, food from the USA tastes better. A kilogram of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Snack Size Bars, which are easy to chew on the go, will cost $ 23.

    Buy sweets from America in the online store

    Where to order American sweets? The easiest way to buy sweet and savory from the States is from online stores: Walmart, Amazon and eBay.

    There is a wide choice, and quite often there are good promotions. If you do not know what sweets or candies to order from America to Russia, our advice is to take ready-made sets or whole baskets.In candy stores in the United States, you will find different gift wrappers, where different chocolates and candies are in the same box. For example, the Chocolate Gift Basket is a large set with chocolate chip cookies, sweets and even popcorn. So, getting American sweets for yourself or as a gift is very easy, given the fast delivery from Shopoglot to any city in Russia.

    The World of Superior Chocolate: Lindt Home Page

    The World of Superior Chocolate: Lindt Home | RUS

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    Do you know what summer tastes like?

    This is a fragrant pear and toasted almond pieces. A duet that makes the taste of dark chocolate even brighter and more unforgettable.

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    We meet summer with fruits in chocolate

    The taste of fresh apricots, pineapples and oranges in dark chocolate will give vivid emotions even to the most sophisticated gourmets.

    Try it too!

    Taste of Summer

    Ideal combination of bright flavors

    FRUIT SENSATION is a fruit dragee in milk and dark chocolate, ideal for a hot day.

    Find your favorite flavor.

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    We charm the world with Chocolate

    We are glad to announce that the Federal Antimonopoly Service has decided to close the consideration of the antitrust case: the quality of Lindt chocolate in Russia does not differ from the products sold in other European markets.

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    Legend of the BUNNY bunny

    Curious about what inspired us to create the BUNNY bunny? It all started in 1952 with a little girl and a disappeared bunny.

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    Express your feelings with LINDOR

    Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with our wide range of premium chocolates. Delight your loved ones with something sweet.

    LINDOR Collection

    Box of Chocolates Filled with Love

    Behind each of our pralines lies deep professional knowledge and craftsmanship, honed over years of experience.Each praline is a true work of art that is worth enjoying.

    You don’t just give chocolate, you give emotions.

    From the bottom of my heart

    The world of excellent chocolate

    This is the perfect chocolate delight from our Master Chocolatiers, who are in love with their work. Since 1845, we have been creating for you exquisite works of chocolate art that can give you moments of incredible bliss.

    Discover the masterpieces of Lindt

    Why is Lindt so special?

    High quality ingredients, care and craftsmanship with which we create our chocolate, and, most importantly, a delicate texture that melts in your mouth with a perfectly smooth surface.

    This is what makes our chocolate one of a kind!

    Learn moreLindt Heritage

    Our History

    It all started in 1845 in a small patisserie in Zurich, where David Sprungli-Schwarz and his son Rudolf Sprungli-Ammann first created a whole piece of chocolate. Since then, the taste of our chocolate has been constantly improving until it became what it is today: rich and delicate. Incomparable taste!

    Learn moreSustainable development

    Farming program

    The quality of Lindt chocolate is not only reflected in its unique, sophisticated taste.At Lindt, we pride ourselves on maintaining high ethical manufacturing standards. To create our chocolate, we use only organic cocoa beans, which is why we have developed our own Lindt & Sprüngli farming program.

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    Cook with us

    Get inspired by the variety of flavors of Lindt chocolate and try our favorite recipes. Create like Maters Chocolatiers and enjoy your masterpieces!

    Show our recipes

    Lindt stores

    Need some advice? Stop by one of the many Lindt stores for a personalized recommendation from our chocolate experts.What could be better than a personal acquaintance?

    WEBSITE LINK All about chocolate

    Lindt Chocolate House

    The Lindt Chocolate House has opened in Kilchberg at 1, Chocolatienplatz. We invite you to take a look at our chocolate fountain 8 meters high and not only …

    An interactive exhibition, which we are very proud of, an experimental laboratory and our own Chocolateria for conducting courses on making chocolate, await you.

    It will be an unforgettable event for the whole family!


    The perfect combination

    To experience the full depth of taste and reveal everything, even the most complex shades, try our dark chocolate with drinks, which we have carefully selected for you.Coffee, tea or wine? Discover more flavor combinations with Lindt!

    Explore New Flavors

    Professionalism Behind Craftsmanship

    Behind every Lindt chocolate product stands the passionate and experienced Master Chocolatier.

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    INSIDE LOOK: Chocolate conquers international markets

    MOSCOW, Apr 19 – Dow Jones. Easter sweets have filled store shelves, but investors looking to capitalize on consumer sweets should focus on less traditional flavors such as chicken-flavored Oreo cookies or ruby ​​pink chocolate.

    The United States is still the world’s largest confectionery market, which is why all brands are keen to get there. Recently, however, it has become increasingly difficult for them to achieve growth. In 2018, sales of chocolate in the country, according to Euromonitor, grew by 3%.

    Although the growth rate has improved over previous periods, in the long term, buyers are likely to continue to reduce their sugar consumption. North America is one of several regions in the world where per capita chocolate consumption is now lower than in 2004.This follows from an analysis by Bernstein.

    Belgium’s “sweet gold”: how to make billions in chocolate exports

    In addition, an ambitious new player has appeared on the market, trying to regain some of the American confectionery spending. The private Italian firm Ferrero, which is actively trying to enter the US market, has spent at least $ 4 billion in the past two years on household names such as Butterfinger and Keebler cookies.

    In this mature but highly competitive market, companies are looking for new ways to survive. Ruby pink chocolate is a great example. It is the first completely new type of chocolate to appear in the past 80 years after white, milk and dark chocolate. He is now awaiting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enter the US market.

    All of this makes the investment in the publicly traded cocoa producer Barry Callebaut attractive.The Swiss firm is the only grocery firm in the world that has figured out the secret of the ruby ​​chocolate, which it sells to major players in the confectionery market.

    Last year, the ruby ​​pink KitKat began selling in Asia and has become extremely popular on social media. This was one of the factors that helped the Swiss food giant Nestlé increase sales in its sluggish confectionery division by 2.7% in 2018, although there was no growth a year earlier.American companies such as Mondelez International and Mars will be able to increase their local sales by redefining their product lines in the same way.

    Ruby Madness is just the latest innovation in the evolving American chocolate market. New retail formats such as Amazon Go’s no-checkout stores mean brands can no longer rely on the impulsive checkout purchases that have traditionally been a bonanza for the chocolate industry.That is why it is so important for them – to survive – to look for new products and spectacular packaging.

    Emerging markets are booming, so new Oreo biscuits are designed to suit local tastes. The rise of the middle class in regions like Asia bodes well for chocolate consumption. Consumers with increased disposable income tend to move away from low-cost confectionery and opt for the more expensive global brands of chocolate.Mondelez, which owns the Cadbury and Oreo brands, believes that 80% of the growth in the snacks category over the next few years will come from emerging markets.

    China and India are especially attractive in this respect. According to Euromonitor, in 2018, consumers in these two huge markets ate, on average, just 0.1kg of chocolate, or about a quarter of a pound. By comparison, American consumers ate roughly 4.3 kg, or about 9 pounds.

    Companies that do business in fast-growing regions are still trading at no premium, but this may change when consumers in new markets now taste Western chocolate brands.

    For example, Mondelez has 37% of its sales in emerging markets. However, the owner of Oreo is trading at 20x the projected earnings, at a slight discount to rival Hershey. The latter has a share of sales in markets such as Mexico, Brazil, India and China, accounting for only 13% of total sales.

    Mondelez 9M Net Income Up 20%

    The Swiss confectionery firm Lindt, which is listed as one of the most sought-after shares in the confectionery industry, is successfully enjoying strong demand for expensive chocolate in developed markets.However, its operations in Asia and Latin America have so far been marginal.

    Entering the right markets is just one ingredient in a new recipe for growth in the chocolate market. Understanding local flavors, which are often less susceptible to sugar than in the West, is a key ingredient. The Chinese still prefer to snack on dried fruit or yogurt, and save chocolate for special occasions and gifts.

    But new products are starting to gradually conquer them. Think of Mars’ sweet and savory M & M’s or Mondelez’s Oreos wasabi and spicy chicken wings.China is already the second largest market for Mondelez products after the United States.

    Shares of companies that can satisfy radically different tastes will eventually become a tasty morsel for investors.

    – Posted by Carol Ryan, [email protected]; translation by PRIME, +7 (495) 645-37-00, [email protected]

    Dow Jones Newswires, PRIME

    90,000 10 brands that make billions of dollars in chocolate

    Every year the cocoa market becomes popular and shows better and better sales.The main reason is the constant growth in the number of buyers. This trend is gaining momentum despite the debate about the health effects of chocolate. Some people call chocolate an aphrodisiac, which causes feelings of happiness, while others, on the contrary, emphasize that excess of it can be harmful to health due to its high sugar content.

    Note Everything you need: books, films and courses to help a newbie become a successful investor

    Chocolate empires

    The new waves of popularity of chocolate brands can be partially explained by the fact that companies are striving to meet the current needs of the market.In particular, we are talking about an adjustable amount of sugar or new flavors. This turns into a kind of attraction for chocolate lovers. Brands also get the opportunity to update their assortment and develop. Not surprisingly, some companies have built empires with chocolate.


    The chip of the Belgian company Guylian – sweets are made in the form of shells. Belgium has the status of a center for chocolate producers and this brand is one of the most popular.It was founded by Guy Foubert in 1958. In 2008, the company was acquired by Lotte Confectionery Corporation for a payment of $ 90,247,164 million 90,248.

    The richest chocolate brands in the world / Photo Unsplash

    Orion Corp

    This company was founded in Seoul, South Korea. The brand specializes in delicious chocolate snacks, making it one of the richest in the world. The company is also the third largest company in South Korea. Orion Corp operates in America, China, Vietnam and the like.The company’s net sales are approximately $ 90,247, $ 1.8 billion 90,248.


    Pladis is not just a brand that makes chocolate, but also the parent company of United Biscuits, Ülker, Godiva Chocolatier and DeMet’s Candy Company. The company is based in the UK. The sales of sweets bring Pladis about $ 90,247, $ 4.5 billion, $ 90,248. The brand has factories in almost 13 countries around the world. Pladis sells chocolate to 120 countries Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the USA.

    Mondelez International

    The multinational company owns such well-known chocolate brands as Cadbury and Toblerone and is based in the US state of Illinois. World renowned labels such as Oreo and Chips Ahoy are also subsidiaries of this giant. Mondelez International specializes not only in sweets, but also deals with other products. Mondelez is headquartered in Chicago, but the corporation operates in approximately 90,247 120 90,248 countries.Hershey’s rejected Mondelez’s offer to buy the brand for $ 90,247 23 million 90,248.

    New business culture from Mondelez leaders: watch the video

    Lindt & Sprüngli AG

    Switzerland is another chocolate mecca in the world. Lindt & Sprüngli AG is considered the most popular chocolate brand in the country. Ice cream from Lindt is in great demand in Europe and Australia. Over the past few years, the brand has also become a market leader in America.Annual sales are approximately $ 90,247 4 billion 90,248.


    Nestlé is another Swiss company that enjoys popularity in the market. The corporation earns on sales 8 billion dollars a year. It is one of the world’s largest sugar confectionery manufacturers. Nestlé has received endorsements from several well-known personalities and operates in more than 90,247,191 countries in 90,248 countries around the world. In particular, there are several regional offices of the company in Ukraine.

    Hershey Co

    The American brand Hershey Co is one of the richest chocolate manufacturers in the world. Very often this company became the first. Despite the fact that recently Hershey has lost some of its positions in the market, the company still remains in the top five brands. Hershey is headquartered in Pennsylvania. The brand was founded by Milton Hershey back in 1984. Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are some of the signature foods likely to make the favorites among most chocolate lovers.


    This company is originally from Japan. Meiji is one of the 5 richest chocolate brands in the world. In addition, the company is a leader at home. Meiji is based in Tokyo. Interestingly, the company combines two seemingly incompatible areas, as it simultaneously produces chocolate products and pharmaceuticals.

    Interesting The collapse of one of the most powerful companies in America: Bill Gates named the main reasons


    There are hardly any people in the world who do not like Ferrero Rocher.This world famous chocolate is the creation of the Ferrero Group, an Italian confectionery company founded back in 1979. The brand’s packaging is one of its exclusive features that wins the hearts of its customers.

    History of the Ferrero company: watch the video

    Mars Wrigley Confectionery

    Mars is considered the largest producer of sweets in the world. It is the richest chocolate company with annual sales of $ 90,247 18 billion 90,248.

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