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From child brides to ‘sexy Mr. Rogers,’ offensive Halloween costumes an annual reality

TORONTO — Every Halloween, the same dance plays out around costumes: one group calls a getup offensive and another cries foul.

This year, one such costume that hit a nerve has already been pulled from shelves.

Kmart stores in Australia were reportedly selling a “bride costume” for children aged four to six, which startled some customers who were reminded of literal child brides. A Change.org petition quickly garnered more than 500 signatures before closing.

“Tell Kmart this is beyond inappropriate and offensive,” wrote user Shannon B., who started the petition last weekend. “Each year, 12 million children (girls as young as 6 years old — the same size as this ‘costume’) are sold or married off by their family without their consent.”

The stores, which are defunct in Canada, no longer offer the costume. To some internet users, the outrage was overkill.

A “let kids be kids” counter-petition to have the costume brought back to shelves was signed more than 3,600 times in two days. “It’s a costume. Untwist your knickers and get on with your life,” wrote one commenter on Change.org. “Stop making everything dirty and (realize) kids just want to play,” wrote another.

Offensive costumes are nothing new and cover the gamut, from store-bought Pocahontas outfits critics say trivialize Indigenous culture and history, to black and brown face paint worn for any number of race-swap costumes. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been embroiled in controversy for his use of blackface and brownface on multiple occasions. In one photo, he was dressed as Aladdin for an “Arabian Nights” themed party.

Costumes that rely on cultural appropriation are such a common trend that some Canadian universities have on-campus initiatives to quell the issue. A student group at Waterloo’s University of Wilfrid Laurier has run an “I Am Not A Costume” campaign for several years, including an online article explaining the issue. “Dressing as someone’s culture or identity for a night is a terrible costume idea. Get creative. Not offensive,” reads one graphic by the Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group.

Among the racks of offensive costumes are also a trendy subsection of “sexy” costumes. Some of them go a little too far for internet users. Yandy, an online retailer focused on lingerie and swimwear, is selling the “Nicest Neighbour” costume, a feminine twist on children’s show host Fred Rogers that has been dubbed the “sexy Mr. Rogers costume.” The site is also selling “Miss Impeachment,” “Beyond Burger,” “Tater Thot” and “Sold Out Chicken Sandwich” outfits this year, all of which have garnered some attention online.

Costume options are seemingly endless as Halloween is a $1 billion industry in Canada, according to estimates by the Retail Council of Canada. Costumes are undoubtedly a major part of an industry that offends right to the bank year after year.

Yandy, Halloween’s Controversial Costumer, Is Smartening Up This Year

Halloween is a dreadful time of year for me. Not because I’m scared of ghosts or scary movies, but because I’m almost always guaranteed to see someone badly dressed up as me—or rather, my people. I’m Indigenous, and growing up, I’ve come across countless people dressed in “Native American” costumes, whether it’s a “sexy Pocahontas” or a member of the Village People. Without fail, they’re always dressed in cheap, polyester buckskin outfits, a full-on headdress, and some sort of war paint. They look nothing like the things my family wears, let alone the beautiful regalia that they dance in at powwows. As a result, Halloween for me has turned into a sobering reminder of how most people perceive Indigenous people—and other cultures—in general: as an artifact of the past, or a fictitious group that they’ve seen once or twice in a movie. 

Both because retailers sell offensive costumes and consumers wear them, cultural appropriation and racism abound on Halloween. Reports of Blackface has long popped up around spooky season, and problematic costumes such as the “sexy geisha,” the “sombrero-wearing Mexican,” and, yes, the “Native American princess,” routinely make their way to the shelves too. In fact, until recently, it would not be surprising to see celebrities photographed by paparazzi in these kinds of costumes. Without naming names, a quick Google search of “racist celebrity Halloween costumes” populates far too many results. 

One of the biggest names in Halloween costumes, and a big maker of culturally appropriative costumes in the past, is Yandy. Founded in 2007, the provocative American retailer has become one of the most popular online destinations for Halloween costumes. It sells thousands of styles, which are made both in-house and from external sources. (It also sells lingerie and other costumes year-round.) Over the years, it has become known for its “sexy” costumes in particular, something it has faced criticism for. In 2018, Yandy pulled a Handmaid’s Tale–inspired costume on its site after much backlash online, as consumers felt the sexy costume made light of the TV series, which deals with women being sexually abused and raped. It has also made a Native American–inspired “Dream Catcher” costume, featuring a fringed dress and even a bow, and a “Dia De Los Beauty” costume inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday, which has been long appropriated by non-Mexicans.

This Halloween, however, the company claims to be retiring its culturally appropriative costumes for good, and instead releasing costumes that speak to the current climate.

Top 10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas, as discovered on Instagram

Halloween is just around the corner, and while most people are focused on what they’ll wear as an individual, we thought we’d look at some ideas for couples. Instagram seems to be the best place to find inspiration these days, so here are our top ten ideas for couples Halloween costumes, as sourced from one of the greatest social sites of our time (all pictures are linked to the instagram accounts from where the images were sourced). 


Above – Rachel Zoe and hubby Roger. If you’re in fashion, this is a perfect combo for an industry Halloween party. Everyone will get it, if done right, from the moment you step into the room. Just remember to say “bananas” a lot. 

Below- Barbie and Ken is a classic. However, these two took it to a new level, box included. 

Mary Poppins! Yes, this is a perfect look for those of you looking to impress not only the adults at the party, but also their children. Get your man to dress as the chimney sweeper and you’ll be all sorted. Just don’t forget the umbrella!

This one requires a bit of time to put together, or at least it certainly looks that way. Dressing up as your favourite soap and an accompanying sponge. Pretty creative…

It almost seems too easy. Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World can be the easiest solution to your Halloween costume debacle. Made easier, naturally, if one of you is a natural brunette and the other a natural blonde. But hey, if not, that’s what we have wigs for. 

Well, if all else fails, the two of you could just get together to make the perfect pair of breasts. Honestly, who thinks of these things? 

If you’re into being Pocahontas, why not have the boy dress up as a cowboy? It’s an interesting take on the whole cowboys and indians theme we used to play to when we were kids.

Although we don’t remember the Pocahontas costumes being this sexy at the age of 10. 

If you are of the musical persuasion, perhaps you’d like to take a look at this couple who took decided to dress up as Oko Ono and John Lennon. Yup, it works and easy enough to do!

Ok, so this one isn’t for a couple, it’s more for a trio. But we couldn’t resist sharing. It’s a throwback to simpler days. How about dressing up as Rice Krispy boys – Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Going with a bigger group or have a few friends that have no idea what to wear for Halloween? Try on this Cruella DeVille look with as many dalmatians as needed to complete the look… up to 101. 

Pocahontas Costumes – Halloween Costumes

This collection of Pocahontas Costumes helps you create a wonderful costume for your next night of Halloween fun! This classic Disney princess is ready for all kinds of excitement and adventure when you get costumes for kids and adults, and become a native American princess, great for parties, trick-or-treating, and more!

Pocahontas Costume Ideas

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? Get in the Pocahontas frame of mind when you dress up as this iconic character. It doesn’t matter how old you are, learn to be free like the wind and continue to flow whatever life throws your way. Find all the outfits and accessories you need to take on the role of your favorite Native American princess and her friends. Take a trip back to a time when explorers were discovering new worlds and people formed alliances and made settlements. Pocahontas was both curious and bit mischievous, so go on, run the hidden pine trails of the forest!

Types of Pocahontas Costumes


How high will the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, you’ll never know. This tribal Cherokee princess represents royalty in her traditional Native American ensemble. She truly appreciates the earth and all it has to offer while looking extravagantly beautiful.

“What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice.”

Wildflower Girl

Take a walk on the wild side and make some woodland creature friends as a princess wildflower girl. Bring kindness and understanding to everyone you meet just like Pocahontas would. Stand out from the rest of the crowd with beautiful hair feathers and traditional leather outfit.

“Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.”

Group Costume Ideas

Native American Group

There’s a Pocahontas themed costume for all your family and friends. Dress up your kids for a fun trick-or-treating event or get the entire family together to share in the costume joy. Celebrate the wonderful story of Pocahontas and spread the lesson of listening to your heart. People are all connected to each other, so of course you need a group! Go with the flow of the wind and twist and turns of the river; you’re sure to have a great costume event.

Friends & Couples Pocahontas Costume Ideas Costumes

Pocahontas and Indian Warrior 

Be the perfect pair as Pocahontas and her Indian Warrior sidekick. Grab your bow and arrow, get ready to frolic through the hidden pine trails, and listen to the wolf cry to the blue corn moon. Get everyone’s attention as you spread the message of exploring the possibilities.

Pocahontas Woman and Indian Maiden Child Costume

How high does the sycamore grow? You’ll look like an authentic Native American princess with your little one in full costume by your side. Take the opportunity to bond with your little girl when you dress up and celebrate a timeless tale together.

Enhance Your Pocahontas Costume Style

Pocahontas Ultimate Costume

This tan dress with stylish tribal accents on the waist and shoulder provides the perfect base for your Native American princess look. Brown fringe adds an earthy element that will flow in the wind as she prances about, exploring and making friends. Made with a tribal detailed trim, this costume truly resembles Native American design. A matching armband is the perfect accessory to pull the costume together. The outfit isn’t complete without the lace-up boot tops with fringe accents.

She’ll be running, skipping and jumping with glee.

Pocahontas Costume Accessories

Don’t miss out on everything you need in order to create the ultimate Native American princess costume. Take some classic inspiration from Pocahontas, a free-spirited and slightly mischievous Native American princess, and turn heads at your next costume event. Indian Maiden Black Wig to be sure you fully look the part. Show off your beautiful flowing black braids that will perfectly match your fringed leather dress. Embrace your native spirit when you place a beaded Indian Choker necklace around your neck. Lastly, the Indian Bow and Arrow set adds just the right amount of accessory chic combined with Western weapon. This bow and arrow is on a small scale and is perfect for porting around from party to party.

Tribal Princess Makeup Tutorial

Do you have what it takes to become a true Tribal Princess? With help from this tutorial, you can create a makeup look that will complement a variety of costumes. Start by sponging a base of blue color around your forehead. Then dive deeper into the tribal look when you build up the color and add gold metallic accents around your eyes. Next, add white spots under your eyes and above your eyebrows, and then fill in the spaces with black dots in between. Add a small white “V” shape in between your eyebrows and take the white dots further into the middle of your forehead. To take the look even further, put on your feather headdress and finish it off with some dramatic false eyelashes. Watch the full video tutorial to become a tribal princess expert.

90,000 A Russian artist decided to dress Disney princesses in Halloween outfits, and you know, it worked out pretty well.

Some time ago, Russian artist Anastasia Kosyanova gave us a series of illustrations in which Disney princesses were depicted as fashionable divas dressed in modern fashion brands. Now the Russian woman has decided to work again and change the images of cartoon girls known throughout the world.

This time, Anastasia dressed up Disney princesses in Halloween costumes that really came to their face, which is why even in a little non-standard outfits for princesses, they look organic and may well swing for some prize, a competition for the best Halloween outfit was held.

“I am 29 years old, I live in Russia, in the city of Essentuki,” Anastasia said in her interview to the Bored Panda website. – I have been painting all my life, starting at the age of 8. I dreamed of becoming a designer and studied at an art school for 6 years. ”

Anastasia also said that for the last 3 years she has been working as an illustrator, while the artist notes that this is her dream job.

“I love Halloween,” the girl says. – In Russia, people do not celebrate this event like the Americans. However, we do have parties and they are very fun for me.I love horror movies, but I’m also a Disney fan. ”

As a result, combining these two passions – love for Disney and horror films – she dressed her favorite princesses in a little creepy, but stylish costumes.

“I chose costumes for princesses intuitively, for example, for Mulan, I thought the image of Samara Morgan from” The Ring “was ideal.”









It is worth noting that these are not all Halloween transformations of Disney princesses, since Anastasia wants to add more illustrations with Snow White, Belle and Tiana to her series.

90,000 🛍 2020 Soft Princess Dress for Girls for Christmas Birthday, Minnie Belle Mermaid Costume, Halloween Cosplay Dress 483.35₽ 1301

Last update: 29.06.2021

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90,000 Risk Pay: How Stuntmen Work and Earn – News

Almost every spectacular trick that we see in films hides the “magic of cinema”: competent operator work, editing, computer graphics and, often, the use of stuntmen. It is these people who are engaged in the most fun in the frame, but insanely dangerous things for which the actors themselves will not undertake: shoot, blow up, fall, get punched in the face and drive cars at speed under two hundred kilometers per hour.

The history of stunt skills dates back to the era silent movie. One of the first known stunts were filmed without the use of a stuntman in the film “Steering Bill” (1928) by the cult director Buster Keaton, who performed also the main role of the picture – the hero Keaton falls facade of the house, while the actor stands where a window opening lands.

This scene was filmed using a trivial mathematical calculation angle of incidence. If the creators were mistaken by at least a couple of degrees, soon the world would have lost one of the main stars of silent cinema. On the other side, rumored to be during the filming of the film, Keaton suffered from severe depression – it was rumored that at the end of the scene he was absolutely do not care.

Another dangerous stunt was filmed in Ben-Hur in 1959 – one of the scenes in the film, which moment was the most dangerous and impressive in the history of cinema, was a large-scale chase on horse carts.Charlton Heston as Judah Ben-Hur dubbed Joe Canutt – A stuntman nearly died on set, accidentally falling off a wagon. Canutt managed to grab the frame and climbed back into the cart, and this moment was cut out at the stage installation.

Despite to popular misconception, stuntmen are far from insane, willing to risk their lives every day. These are the same actors, only they work for another front. The art that stuntmen hone over the years of training, is not the most spectacular jump from the exploding helicopter, and in the safest execution of a clearly prescribed and staged trick.

Available stuntmen on the set are resorted not only for safety reasons movie stars. For example, if the script involves sword fighting, much it is easier (and most importantly, cheaper) to hire a professional than to train an actor necessary skills.

At the same time, of course, even full compliance with safety regulations does not guarantee one hundred percent safety. We recently recalled the worst accidents on set – the death of Bruce Lee’s son Bruce Lee, actor Brandon Lee, while filming The Crow, and the flood that claimed the lives of several Noah’s Ark actors.The technologies and computer graphics that have developed over the years can reduce the number of injuries and deaths, but stuntmen remain a very dangerous profession to this day.

A stuntman’s working day can last up to 14 hours. Filming often takes place in, to put it mildly, uncomfortable conditions: in the water, in the cold, and sometimes in hot deserts. However, not all stuntmen make “Hollywood” money. The fee depends on the complexity and danger of the trick – only the best of the best receive six-figure checks.

Most of the time is spent on preparing the trick – installing explosives, springboards, calculating the necessary trajectories and prescribing the trick itself. Scene rehearsal is mandatory: car chases take place at minimum speeds, sword fights are carried out using plastic or wooden weapons. The stunt itself is often filmed multiple times so that the scene can ultimately be edited from multiple angles. If the stunt involves the explosion of props (cars, buildings), the creators seek to reduce costs by filming the scene once – moreover, re-filming tires the stuntmen and increases the risk.

An auxiliary director is responsible for working with stuntmen and preparing stunts – at this time, the main director can work on a completely different site with “real” actors. Example: the assistant director is filming a car chase in the city center, while in the studio the main director is busy with scenes where the stars of the picture are shown in close-up – in the car or on the roof. It uses computer graphics and chroma keyboards, and then all this is assembled into a single scene.

There are several types of basic tricks that require the use of certain skills. The most popular is hand-to-hand fighting – when performed, it is very similar to a wrestler fight. Each movement is carefully calculated, as for a choreographic performance, and the blows are either not delivered at all, or made with minimal damage. At the same time, each participant in the fight plays his own “role” so that the fight looks believable, and the operator and director choose the most convenient camera angles.

It’s more interesting with shootings. Real firearms are prohibited on the set; instead, either dummies or special models that shoot metal shavings and gas are used – the effect of a real shot is produced without a cartridge flying out of the barrel.Wounds are simulated using squibs – small bags of fake blood attached to the body of an actor or stunt double. Squib explodes remotely, spitting blood and creating a realistic hole in clothing.

Falls from great heights are most often filmed using chroma key and computer graphics. Sometimes elastic ropes and old-fashioned but reliable air cushions are used.

Scenes with fire are the most dangerous. If a stuntman needs to be set on fire, he puts on a special protective suit made of several layers containing non-flammable materials such as asbestos – sometimes it is “removed” at the installation stage, but the helmet and gloves can be seen with the naked eye.The body of the stuntman is covered with a special flammable gel – by no means gasoline. Inside the suit, the stuntman can breathe using a small oxygen cylinder. The moment of arson is carefully planned, and a detachment of firefighters and an ambulance are on duty on the set at this time. The explosions themselves are carried out using staged pyrotechnics, and the effect of the shock wave is simulated using special pump springs that throw the stuntmen to the side.

Cars in car chases are equipped with additional protection, camera installations, built-in fire extinguishers and the same pump springs that are used to throw stuntmen during an explosion – in this case, these springs allow the car to “bounce” without collecting a separate ramp or springboard for this …

At the dawn of the film industry, the concept of “stuntman” did not exist at all – desperate daredevils were invited to perform dangerous stunts on the set. If in the frame the hero was supposed to hang on a beam at a height of one hundred meters, they simply found a person who would go to such madness for a reward. The first professional stuntmen were the actors Buster Keaton and Keyston Cops, who learned through trial and error.

Since 1910, the genre of action films began to form in cinematography – largely thanks to westerns.This period is considered the birth of the stunt profession. Many rodeo masters moved into the western genre as stunt doubles and soon became stars – for example, Tom Mix and Yakima Canatt, who won an Oscar in 1967 for his stunt work – even though the Academy never nominated it. In the 60s, the means by which most of the tricks are performed began to appear – springs, squibs and fireproof suits.

Now stuntmen have their own award – Taurus Awards, which not only awards the most outstanding, but also allocates money for the treatment of stuntmen who were injured on the set. There are few stars among modern stuntmen – studios try to maintain their anonymity in order to maintain the illusion that all the stunts are performed by the actors. Still, names like Colin Follenweider (who worked on Spider-Man and Transformers) and Bobby Holland Hanton, who dubbed Christian Bale in the Nolan trilogy about Batman and Daniel Craig as James Bond, are known in the film industry.

The development of computer technology and animation, despite some concerns, will not deprive stuntmen of work.Yes, modern graphics allow you to create scenes that are very difficult, expensive, and sometimes simply impossible to stage with the help of stuntmen. But such technologies are still very expensive for studios (production of “Avatar” was worth more than $ 200 million), and most directors admit that action scenes in action films should be as close to reality as possible, and this cannot be achieved without human participation. Think of George Miller’s meticulous attention to detail in the latest Mad Max.

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