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  • Four new patterns and colors to choose from.

  •  Slimline

  • Less bulky than hard cases or leather pen pouches 

  • Lightweight 

  • Red and black pouch has a cartridge case as well

  • Soft fabric protects without scratching      

Order through our authorized US dealers by color! 






 STOCK # – SPN-100A-#1 BLACK


STOCK # SPN-100A-#11 RED







































5 x 60mm x 40leads
Plastic case size: 78×19×8mm
*The plastic cases are made from bio-corn.
It is accredited as eco item from Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA)
Fits the Pro Use Drafting Pencil
PACK OF 5 pieces /10 pks per box
Sold as a box unit

Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) will release six new colors of “CLASSIC INK” produced using a traditional method.

Fountain pen inks that are produced using traditional methods have many times been replaced with an ink that is made by mixing dye inks due to their time-consuming production techniques. Meanwhile, Platinum Pen is currently the only company in Japan that manufactures blue-black ink in a classic way.

The ink color that is bright when you start writing becomes gradually black. It is also highly water resistant and suitable for permanent preservation. This time, we have paid close attention to the process of changes in color of the classic ink, and have released six new colors with the aim to enhance the joy of using fountain pens.

Emphasis on the shading has been placed, offering a rich deep writing. Please try our CLASSIC INK that will further expand the ability to enjoy writing with the fountain pens.


















●Product number:
●Ink color: #15 Cassis Black, #44 Forest Black, #47 Citrus Black,
#61 Khaki Black, #66 Sepia Black, #86 Lavender Black
●Specifications: Quantity: 60cc in a glass bottle
●Size: D57mm × W57mm × H63mm
Average weight 180g




Pigmented “carbon ink” was initially released by Platinum Pen in May 2001.

The ink is known for having one of the most intense black colors even today.





                 PIGMENT INK 




INKG-1500-#20 ROSE RED














 Due to the application of ultra-fine particles, PIGMENT INK is characterized to be quick-drying and water-resistant. With this ink the written characters remain firm, thus, very suitable for writing on public documents, contracts etc. Platinum Pigment Ink delivers excellence in color and performance.










INK -1200-#1 BLACK
INK -1200-#2 RED
INK-1200-#3 BLU/BLK



STOCK # INK-1200-#2 RED










































STOCK # ICL-1200-E














 STOCK # STR-100






Clear Acrylic










Platinum | Unsharpen

Platinum is one of Japan’s “Big Three” pen companies, but it doesn’t seem to get the same level of attention as the other two (Pilot and Sailor) here in the United States. Despite that, Platinum makes some of our favorite fountain pens.

If you are considering buying a Platinum fountain pen which should you lean towards? Which are sure-fire hits that no one can deny is a great pen?

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If you want a retractable fountain pen, you have to understand that you are diving into a niche within a niche. Only a tiny subset of fountain pens are retractable, so there isn’t as much competition as you’d expect, but this is still a rich and interesting segment.

Let’s run through today’s top retractable fountain pens.

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The Preppy is a disposable, refillable fountain pen from Platinum. It is probably the best fountain pen under $5 and possibly under $10, thanks to its excellent writing, dependability, and ability to easily convert it into a eye dropper pen.

To learn more about it, don’t miss our Platinum pen buying guide, which highly recommends the Preppy.

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Many people see fountain pens as occasional writing instruments, maybe for doing some journaling or writing a letter, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The right fountain pen can be a great everyday tool, even if it never approaches the tool-like functionality of a ballpoint pen.

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Choosing a fountain pen ink is largely about personal preference, but some inks do stand out from the rest of the pack. In this article we’ll talk through the top brown fountain pen inks sold today.

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Platinum Carbon Black is a water-resistant fountain pen ink that is pigment-based. It’s a top black ink that is both popular and well-reviewed.

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In celebration of their 100th anniversary in 2019, Platinum of Japan released a number of special edition products, including a blue black ink. The Platinum Blue Black Fuji 100th Anniversary Special Edition is a variant on the standard blue black with 5% of its water sourced from the base of Mt. Fuji.

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The Platinum Curidas is a retractable fountain pen that looks to be related to the Platinum Preppy. It was first announced in 2020 with limited details.

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Platinum Little Shooting Star is a version of the Preppy that is only sold in China. In the Japanese market the same pen appears to be sold as the Little Meteor.

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Fountain pens are great, but the cleaning is, to put it lightly, a chore. Maintaining and caring for fountain pens takes time, and even if you don’t baby your pens their water-based ink still runs out more quickly than a ballpoint or rollerball. Want to change ink color? That requires a cleaning too.

So cleaning comes with the territory, but what’s the right way to do it?

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The Platinum Carbon is a desktop fountain pens that use’s Platinum’s waterproof Carbon ink pens.

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Converting a fountain pen to an eyedropper is a quick and fun job… so long as you choose the right pen! It’s quick to do, quite cheap, and you can often double, or even triple, your pen’s ink capacity.

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The Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen is a new pen for December 2019. It’s slightly nicer version of the Platinum Preppy, with hints of inspiration from the Procyon, both of which are some of’s best pens. With a retail price of $10 it looks to be a replacement for the Platinum Plaisir, which is not a highly regarded pen (at least not by Unsharpen).

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In theory fountain pen cartridges should be easy — you insert one into your pen and you start writing. In practice, they are rather confusing. Some only work on one brand of pen, some work on lots of pens, but they all look alike. The are not labeled well and the downside of messing up an cartridge installation can be a broken pen (bad) or a leaky cartridge (usually worse).

This guide should help with some of your common fountain pen cartridge questions as well help you visually identify which cartridge is which.

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Platinum History – Goldspot Pens

Platinum’s History

1919     A founder, Shunichi Nakata started the business of a fountain pen.

1924     He established ”Nakaya seisakusho (it means manufacturer)” to make and sell foutain pens.
1928     Changed the company name to “PLATINUM FOUNTAIN PEN co.,” along with it’s trade mark.
The motif of trade mark is the earth.

1931     Started the mail order system by postal servise.
This was the pionner of catalogue ordering business style in Japan.
1935     Here is the catalogue in 1935.

1942     Formally established ”PLATINUM FOUNTAIN PEN Co.,’.

1945     Launched the new mechanism fountain pen which called ”A type” or “PLA style” fountain pen.
1947     after WWⅡ、Platinum fountain pen co, changed it’s name to PLATINUM Industry co, requied by GHQ. (The US General Head Quarter).
A ball point pen was made to domestic production and got the 1st authorization on expoert products by GHQ.
1948     The 1st EXPO was hold.
The Showa emperor ”Hirohito” visited the Platinum booth and won the first prize.

1952     Imported the plastic moldibg machine foe the first time in Stationary industry.
Platinum Co., stepped forward to making to automation.
Green medal is won as a becoming the foreign currency acquisition contribution enterprise in the first place of the pen industry in the export share 70% of the fountain pen.

1957     Completed the epoch-making nib feeder which enabled to control the ink flow automatically and put it to practical use as the cartridge style fountain pen which was the first in the world. It’s name was ”Honest 60” and catchphrase was ”Good bye ink bottle! ”.

1958     The”Honest 60″ conquested the Mountain Everest and it proved ink did not leak also in the high ground.
TV comercial was executed.

1962     Changed the company name to ”PLATINUM FOUNTAIN PEN Co.,” once more.
Launched new fountain pen with K18 gold nib. K18 pen era has started.

1966     Launched Platinum ”PLATINUM” with a white gold nib.
Launched Platinum ”Sheep” (reather rolled barrel).
1968     Shunichi Nakata died.
His third son, Toshihiro Nakata succeed.
1973     Constracted the factory in Mexico and produced pens.
1974     Constracter the factory in Taiwan.
1977     Established sales company in New York.
1978     Launched “#3776” model.
The name #3776 come from the hiught of the Mount Fuji. (Highest mountain on Japan).
#3776 won the prize “Good Design prize” bt Japanese government.

1980     The first in the world , ”Writing watch” was launched.
A mechanical pencil and ball point pen with degital watch on the barrel.
A new mechanic of a mechanical pencil called ”Hayaai (means quick) ” and “point push” mechanic have been developped.
”Hayaai” model has been chosen ”Good Design prize”. 。
1981     Launched PLATINUM “Z” (Mechanical pencil and ball point pen) .
“Z” won the prize by New York Mosern Musiam.(MOMA)
Platinum tied up with the famous fasion brand “Courreges”(Andre Courreges in France) for the statioinary category.

1982     Constructed the factory in Shenzen, China.
1989     70th Anniversary of the establishment of a business.
Launched“ Arabesque Fountain pen which was made of Platinum ” made the best use of traditional technique.
1991     Lunched Mechanical Pencil & 2 colors of Ball point Pen “Double Action R3”. This model has been chosen “Good Design Prize”.
Launched a High Class Model of Makie Fountain Pen.
1993     Launched the limitation model and Japan’s initial Mechanical pencil “Hayakawa mechanical pencil”.
1994     Launched new fountain pen model“President”.
Established “Shanghai Platinum Pen Co.,Ltd.”in Shanghai, China.
1997     Launched ‘Yaku-Sugi Cedar Fountain Pen ‘ used the cadar more than 3,000 years old.
1998     Launched a new model of Mecanical Pencil“ZERO Shin”for 300 Yen.
2004     Established ‘ Vietnam Platinum Pen., Co. Ltd’ in Ho-Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
2008     90th Anniversary of the establishment of a business.
Launched a new fountain pen model “Higo-Zo-gan”
2009     Toshihiro Nakata died. His son Toshiya Nakata succeed.
Launched the new type Mechanical Pencil “OLeNu” that protect the lead from the shocks and Low viscosity new type “OLeNU”Ball-point Pen.

Platinum Ink Cartridges – 10 Cartridges

Pack of 10 Platinum ink cartridges SPN-100A for all Platinum brand fountain pens including Preppy fountain pen.

Platinum ink cartridges provide convenience for Platinum fountain pen lovers. They are easy to use, just push and insert into your Preppy or #3776. Smooth ink is available in multiple colors. These cartridges can be fully recycled and environmentally friendly.

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Processing Time: 1 business day (weekends and public holidays are not business days).

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Platinum Carbon Pen – Sketch and Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

The Platinum Carbon Pen is a bit of a legend amongst artists, being recommended by, for example, one of my personal artistic heroes Marc Taro Holmes. Therefore I’m doing something a little different with this review and looking at this pen is for sketching. If you’re wanting to know what it’s like to write with then fear not for United Inkdom will soon be publishing a meta-review (of which this here is but one small part).

Cult Pens kindly sent me this pen so I could review it. These are my honest opinions.

Price: £9 (desk stand £12)
Nib options: extra-fine only
Barrel options: black only
Filling system: proprietary cartridge/converter (converter not included)

The Platinum Carbon Pen has been designed to use Platinum’s Carbon Ink, which is a pigment ink, meaning it is very black and also waterproof. Cleaning waterproof ink out of a normal fountain pen can sometimes be a little tricky and it’s essential to avoid it drying out. I don’t know what Platinum have done differently with this pen but, at the very least, having something dedicated to an ink like this is a sensible precaution.

The picture here was coloured using watercolour pencils and I was quite liberal with the water. As you can see, the ink is indeed black and waterproof.

The pen is very long, rather like the awful Rotring Art Pen, so there must be someone somewhere who thinks this is what an arty pen should be like. Perhaps it’s to make it look like a brush? It doesn’t help or hinder artistic impression as far as I’m concerned but if you know of a good reason for this design please let me know. Importantly, despite being long, it’s made of plastic and so is very light.

The cap is a strange and very ugly big of plastic with a hexagonal collar, which stops the pen rolling away. It doesn’t post and so if you put the pen down without capping it, which to be honest you’re going to do quite often if you’re sketching, it’s going to wander off anyway. The cap is clearly just a temporary solution until you get the desk stand. The desk stand is nicely weighted and the sleeve’s angle is adjustable.

The nib is very fine but is nice and wet and consistent. The last thing you want when you’re sketching is a load of hard starts and you don’t get them with this pen. There is a the tiniest bit of line variation but I wouldn’t use it if you want lots of that kind of thing: use a fude nib instead. The variation you can get is nice here and there, though, for adding a bit of interest to your lines.

I hadn’t been expecting to enjoy sketching with this pen as much as I do. I’ve been more than happy with my Sailor Fude pens (having bought a second recently) but they don’t give such a fine line reliably. It really is fun to draw with this nib. I could see myself using this often except that I do most of my pen and ink drawing whilst out and about and this is too long for me to conveniently carry around, not with the setup I currently have. Instead, it’s going to live on my desk, in its stand, and perhaps encourage me to do a little more with ink when I’m at home.


Made for pigmented ink
Convenient when used with desk stand (as long as you’re at your desk)
Great nib for sketching with (consistent and wet)
Platinum Carbon Ink is black and waterproof


Very long!
Quite possibly the ugliest cap I’ve ever seen

M1000 Raden White Ray « The Pelikan’s Perch

Pelikan International’s 2020 Annual Report provided a forecast regarding what we should expect this year out of Hannover, and it has been spot on thus far. Tucked away on page 13 was the statement, “For 2021, we will continue the tradition of reinventing the popular designs with new materials and colours, though we plan to concentrate on less product launches as we cautiously move forward in the market.” It is already August and all we’ve seen come to market thus far has been the M205 Petrol-Marbled, M1000 Maki-e Seven Treasures, and the M605 Green-White. In 2019, prior to the pandemic, we already had nine new models by this point in the year and seven the year before that. Not only is the company sticking with a strategy of fewer releases, they are also embracing the rehash of popular designs with new colors. Late last evening, vendors broke news of the next release due out. This time we have the M1000 Raden White Ray, a re-imagining of 2020’s Green Ray, which is just the latest addition to a growing line of limited edition Raden releases. It will join the likes of past M1xxx Raden models which includes the Moonlight (2011), Sunlight (2013), Starlight (2014), Sunrise (2016), and Green Ray (2020). For those that don’t know, Raden is a traditional Japanese art form used to embellish lacquer ware and woodwork. Small pieces of shimmering abalone shell are utilized in the creation of unique, handcrafted designs. A Urushi lacquer is applied to the barrel and cap before strips of abalone shell are laid down after which a final layer of lacquer is applied to seal everything in place.  Each pen is signed by the artist and hand numbered using the Maki-e technique. Just like the Green Ray, this will be a limited edition run of only 400 pieces worldwide. Availability is anticipated for some time in September 2021.

The Raden Green Ray featured colorful pieces of pearlescent Australian abalone shell reflecting hues of green, blue, and purple. The stripes of the Raden White Ray are comprised of particles of white mother of pearl. The mother of pearl stripes reflects more subtle hues of pinks and bluish greens based on the promotional photos. These appear to be laid out on a black resin base which provides some much-needed contrast to accentuate the colors. Accents include a black resin section and piston knob along with the standard gold-plated furniture of the Souverän featuring two trim rings at the piston knob, two cap bands, and a single trim ring at the section.  A beak clip draws your eye to the cap top which sports a gold-plated rendition of Pelikan’s single chick logo.   The ink view window sits behind the section and is once again done in a dark green tint.  As is standard with releases of this type, every White Ray will come equipped with a two-tone 18C-750 gold nib in a medium width though will remain compatible with any M1xxx nib that you might prefer to install.  As has been company tradition, these come packaged in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia wood.

With only 400 pieces produced, availability will be limited. Due to the scarcity and level of artistry involved in the embellishment of Pelikan’s flag ship fountain pen, the price is commensurately high. I have seen some European vendors list this one at €2,340.00 ($2,740.34). US pricing is not immediately available but, as a frame of reference, the Green Ray had a US MSRP of $3,900 and retailed in the neighborhood of $3,120. I would expect the White Ray to go for more based on recent trends, perhaps much more, putting this one out of reach for most.

The White Ray is a pretty pen and I really do like these broad pearlescent stripes first pioneered by the Green Ray. I always reserve final judgement until I have had the opportunity to see real world photos but this one does not grab me like the Green Ray does. The colors on this one seem more subtle and subdued in comparison. That is not a bad thing, but I think this one may appeal to those who prefer a gentler, softer look to their pens for lack of a better description. I know that many who have been holding out hopes for an M8xx release may be disappointed by this one. After all, we haven’t seen an M800 model since 2019’s Brown-Black. Still, we can make the best of it and enjoy the releases that we do get, even if it’s only looking from afar. If money were no object, would the M1000 Raden White Ray find a place in your flock?  What do you think of this design compared with last year’s Raden release?

Like this:

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Lady sheaffer fountain pen

lady sheaffer fountain pen This ensures that inks do not mix within the pen, which prevents muddy colors and the possibility of inks reacting to each other poorly. . Sold by Appario Retail Private Ltd and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. LADY SHEAFFER BLACK TULLE FOUNTAIN PEN AND PENCIL: Condition: Used. 5cm capped; . mid-1930’s, Marine Green Pearl Radite, Gold filled trim, white dot on cap just below the ringtop. Length Pen is 5-9/16″, pencil is 5-1/16″ Filling System The fountain pen is a snorkel filler, which is working very well after we restored it with a new sac, O-ring, and point gasket . Named after the Italian endurance sports car race, Targa Florio, Sheaffer’s Targa stood for speed and quality and became one of Sheaffer’s best selling pens. 4 cm capped. Originally from the Netherlands, also worked in UK and US and since several years enjoying my old age in Thailand. How to order: This is a white dot Lady Sheaffer 620. The converter/cartridge fill fountain pen features a 14k semi-hooded nib with a fine point. ZhanchiMan. Sh2563 Ferrari by Sheaffer Scuderia Fountain Pen, boxed. $14. Lady Sheaffer 642 Lifetime Fountain Pen 14K Nib With felt like holder, box and box sleave 5. Clip is a spring loaded gold filled clip with a white dot. It features the Tweed design and a very extra fine nib. Lady Sheaffer fountain pen “family”. Palladium Nib. If you really enjoy fine writing and care to treat yourself, the Pelikan Classic M205 (view at Amazon ) is a classic piston-filled fountain pen that can grow with you (and even be upgraded to a gold nib). Skripsert 4. Nov 9, 2015 . Ending Feb 3 at 1:35PM PST. 00 Save 22%. 94 postage. The storyline behind the girl Sheaffer . Cross and continues to grow and adapt to the changing market while holding fast to the original principles of its founder, Walter A. Waterman Lady Waterman Phileas . Made in the USA in the1970s, this set is BRAND NEW never used or sold. VINTAGE LADY SHEAFFER Fountain Pen – EUR 70,89. 00. I am ‘Pen Doctor’ Jim, a retired pen fanatic who still loves to do fine mechanic restoration. It has a unique, upside looking shape. 00 Type Vintage snorkel filling fountain pen and mechanical pencil set, restored and working well. Description. Ended: 16 Jul, 2021 14:40:54 BST. Dimensions: 5in-5. 78. The hard plastic box once also contained a ballpoint and pencil but now it is only the fountain pen that is . The body and its functioning are maintained in good condition. C. Sheaffer BCHR #2 Size Fountain Pen, c1916, 5 9/32 inches closed, cap lip crack (see pic), very nice nib that is smooth and Fine w/ a medium flex, VG, restored, $110, Item #Sh357. 1 DEMO Sheaffer Cartridge Fountain Pen FINE nib 2 cartridges Choose red or green. It fits well in my hand and writes well. Appearance and Design This fountain pen came in two models: the Classic and the Slimline (sometimes called “Lady Targa” or “Slim Targa”, and was considered a lady’s pen). Usually dispatched in 3 to 4 days. $ 940. Small size – Its condition is very good, see images. Most probably the pen I have is a fine and so it writes quite fine. Each pen has its original price stickers! Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and STUB! We added new ink sacs. The pen fills and writes well (see writing sample). In 1973 they changed to the Stylepoint nib, . The Lady Sheaffer was the low end of the Lifetime pens; it shared a price point with the very slightly longer Sovereign, and both were slender models. or Best Offer. Lady Sheaffer 632 is really giving us the gret vibes of 60’s with the elegant body . The pen measures 13. Length Barely under 5-3/8″. There is a similar resource . Sheaffer Skrip – Bottled ink, suitable for sheaffer fountain pens, 50 ml bottle, blue/black. The introduction of the PFM (Pen for Men) in 1959 completed Sheaffer’s His and Hers collection, the scans below show some of Sheaffer’s gender related advertising from 1960. The lever filling system works smoothly and due to its size it retains a lot of . Green onyx base is 9 cm (3. Fitted to the nib unit from the Original pen that I had it looks absolutely Stunning. It is in a brushed silver lacquered finish with a bright Florentine band. T. Clip is tight. The best fountain pens and cartridge pens will add some grown-up glamour to your desktop or pencil case Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter By Carys Lowry-Carter Last updated 2021-07-21T23:04:14Z The Pilot E95S fountain pen was first released in 1968 and recently re-released. Marked “XF” to me the nib water tests between XF and Fine. When Sheaffer first introduced the “Lady” range of pens in 1971 they had a small Triumph nib. Free Personalization. EUR 10. Pen 3355: Sheaffer Lady Sheaffer: 1970’s-80 $120. A converter is fitted. Filling Mechanism: Lever Filler. This page refers to the Balance model using this name. The cap is thread-closed, and carries a hanging ring on the head of the cap. Picked it up at an estate sale for about $20-25. Meisterstück Platinum-Coated 149 Fountain Pen. Sheaffer Pen Company is owned by A. 1981 Sheaffer Lady Sheaffer Ballpoint in brushed gold Feb 3, 2014 . Explore our range of ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, engravable pens and refills, which would make the perfect wedding or corporate gift. LADY SHEAFFER 1X FOUNTAIN PEN. 5in . Bought this Sheaffer in a job lot years ago and it was damaged on the cap and body. I have a vintage fountain pen and mechanical pencil collection numbering more than 150 items. The White Dot continues to symbolize pioneering change and innovation, and pushing past the limits to create a timeless masterpiece. Designer fountain pens from Lamy stand out for their clear design language, excellent workmanship “made in Germany” and high level of comfort. Next Happy fountain pen day 2019. Sheaffer 727 Two Piece Fountain Pen, and Pencil MINT Gold Writing Set. Comes with box. Type Fountain pen. View sold price and similar items: Vintage SHEAFFER Lady Sheaffer 11 Skripser Black & Gold FOUNTAIN PEN Writing from Sutton Hill Farm . Details and Images . À VENDRE! SOME INSIDE INFORMATION ON DELINQUENT STORAGE UNIT TURNED UP SOME INTERESTING ITEMS. 00 Type Vintage lever filling fountain pen, restored and working well with matching pencil. . A. In 1912, Walter Sheaffer, an Iowa jeweler, founded the Sheaffer Pen Company based on an innovation eliminating the need to use an eye dropper to fill fountain pens. VINTAGE SHEAFFER FOUNTAIN Pen #7 *Untested* ~Sold For Parts Or Restoration~ – EUR 16,49. Dependable 1970s era pens. The stainless steel Stylepoint nib is a firm fine. Date: c2000s Size: Length – 5 5/16 inches capped; 6 1/2 inches posted. Lady Sheaffer Set Fountain Pen in Black w/ Tulle Gold Wave. A convenient way of re-filling your fountain pen, ink cartridges come in a wide variety of colours – read our ink colour comparison. Fully guaranteed. Assorted SHEAFFER Fountain Pens WRITING Inc Vintage, Imperial, Lady Sheaffer Etc Dip Tested & WRITING In previously owned condition Signs of use & ink build up Ink filling system has not been tested Please see photographs Sheaffer Lady 620 Brushed Metal Fountain Pen Foliage Details Boxed Used Untested Sheaffer fountain pen’s barrel and cap crafted from brushed metal with decorative foliage band on the cap. Buy: $42. The Lady Sheaffer Skripsert fountain pens were developed to include all these features. 1 point · 6 years ago. Condition is “Used”. Meisterstück Solitaire Calligraphy Gold Leaf Fountain Pen. The pen is black lacquer with a gold overlaid paisley pattern. when fountain pens were being heavily replaced by the ballpoint pen. The Scuderia Ferrari pe. Sheaffer Admiral Snorkel Fountain Pen and Pencil Set – Hard to Find Sage Green, Medium 14k Nib (Superior in Box, Restored) $400. Made in Australia For sale is one of my Lady Sheaffer Fountain Pens. Vintage Fountain Pens: Lady Sheaffer Skripsert and Sheaffer Imperial Posted on April 28, 2016 May 27, 2017 11 Comments One of the pens I was hoping to find at the Atlanta Pen Show was a vintage Lady Sheaffer Skripsert. FREE Shipping on orders over ₹499. S. Sheaffer Pen Company, Fort Madison, . 19 exquisite models. ILS 16. Keywords: Jewelry; Ref: BD1000. Dispatch note: #4168. SOLD. Sheaffer Family Album. $115. Section shows some light cap marks. Sheaffer Pen Parts. Not sure whether the nib is correct in S/steel but I know that some Lady Sheaffers were fitted with stainless nibs. 99. It’s a Lady Sheaffer from 1959, NOS. We have just acquired a small hoard of NOS (new old stock) and used Touchdowns. New old stock and in perfect condition. Apr 3, 2021 . The fountain pen measures 4 13/16 inches capped and the pencil . 1960s. There are no cracks, scratches or bite marks. A stunning looking fountain pen in Excellent condition . $53. Waterman fountain pens can be refilled with standard international-sized ink cartridges or with an ink converter and any brand of bottled ink. Meisterstück Rose Gold-Coated 149 Fountain Pen. EUR 28. Sheaffer BCHR Barrel, #2 size, nice clean barrel w/ section & feed, raised threads, 3 15/16 inches including the section (but not the feed), Exc+, $35, Item #431SH. Sheaffer created the first commercial lever-fill pen in 1913, and during the 1920s released the Sheaffer Vacuum Filler, which used a long plunger . Fountain pen collectors and enthusiasts will enjoy our selection of both modern/new and vintage/antique fountain pens and related items. A friend of my own showed myself hers and I also fell so in love with it so I knew it absolutely was definitely a pen design i desired to help keep my attention away for. Made in USA. 384306983311 Les meilleures offres pour Stylo plume Lady SHEAFFER plaqué rhodium brossé ca. Manufacturer and Year Sheaffer, made in U. EUR 35,84 ¡Cómpralo ya! 19d 18h. At Pendemonium fountain pen collectors will find fountain pen inks, pen storage, reference books, writing papers and journals, pen repair supplies, and information on upcoming pen shows. Ver Detalles. What do you think about the male and female segregation on the fountain pens? Cheers, Zeynep Misspen The Fountain Pen has a FINE nib and refillable suction bladder insert or will accommodate Sheaffer ink cartridges. 14541: Sheaffer Lifetime Balance: oversize black lever-filler, 14. Lady . Product Name Targa 1009s (White Dot). The ballpoint uses the modern Sheaffer refill. — 1952-59. This pen can be engraved. 7 cm long, small conical gold plated Triumph nib, enameled gold moire finish on both pen and holder, wear specks in finish (see detail) but overall fine appearance. Sheaffer. Sheaffer Silver Imperial Sterling Silver Pencil SOLD OUT!!! Sheaffer Lady Sheaffer 902 Fountain . The first seven (No’s 150357 to 150363) are in Mint condition and as NOS, are unused . A marvelous rollerball pen with first-rate aesthetics, produced with a smooth glossy black lacquer finish, shiny chrome cap and polished chrome plated trims. Lady Sheaffer Fountain Pen. Lady Sheaffer 632 Fountain Pen (1975) – Black Tulle, Black Section, Triumph Nibs (New Old Stock, Works Well) $55. Today, I am here with a vintage fountain pen. FINE LADY SHEAFFER 916 FOUNTAIN PEN – REGENCY STRIPE – 14K GOLD MEDIUM FIRM NIB. The Pilot E95S fountain pen features a slim lightwight barrel and is fitted with a 14 karat gold nib. I. Paisley Gold. Sheaffer 444 Fountain Pen Cap + 14k Gold Nib + Section USA. UP FOR AUCTION THIS 403068918164 This item: Sheaffer 96700 Fountain Pen Piston Convertor. Ending Aug 8 at 11:10AM PDT 3d 16h. 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Seller: sfsharpstick ️ (252) 100%, Location: Ballina, NSW, Ships to: AU, Item: 294306356128 Lady Sheaffer Fountain Pen. EUR 11. Type Vintage lever-filling full-sized fountain pen. Done. $ 1,940. 1970 – Fountain Pen sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d’occasion Pleins d’articles en livraison gratuite! Innovative high quality fine writing instruments crafted for writers, business professionals and students alike. Every prototype mechanism tested over 200,000 times whilst each gold plated nib is tested by hand, Parker fountain pens are made with the finest traditional finishes. RARE VINTAGE Lady Sheaffer FOUNTAIN PEN PERIWINKLE “Paisley” Design GOLD PLATED | Collectibles, Pens & Writing Instruments, Pens | eBay! Sheaffer pens are used worldwide and have become synonymous with prestige, quality and craftsmanship, making them a perfect graduation gift. Vintage Pens: 4334 Sheaffer Lifetime Set. Vintage LADY SHEAFFER 1970s BRUSHED GOLD FOUNTAIN PEN – 14K GOLD NIB – NR. The Sheaffer Lady Sheaffer is a set of magnificent CLASSIC writing instruments. 82. Sheaffer Oversize Lifetime Black & Pearl Flattop Fountain Pen, c1930, 5 1/4 inches closed, only flaw is one small nick to the edge of the lever cut-out (see green . Free shipping. Ships from and sold by Patel’s & Co. “, 5-1/4in. 1959 Lady Sheaffer catalog from our private collection. What makes these pens so unique and collectible are a variety of factors. First Year . Sheaffer SHF94221 Skrip Bottled Ink (Blue) ₹475. Comes in red presentation box with one new ink cartridge and one in use. 3d 20h. They don’t represent every pen Sheaffer ever made, just the ones I’ve had a chance to . Sheaffer Imperial II SILVER CAP Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Assorted Color Two Piece Set. Comment. A Sheaffer lady’s 620XG medium fountain pen in case, a Parker Duofold fountain pen, two other Parker fountain pens, a silver-plated propelling pencil and a small collection of coins, etc. Change to a different line weight by selecting medium or fine refills, or convert your fountain pen for use with bottled ink by adding Sheaffer’s own ink converter. EUR 56. Quality US-made Sheaffer fountain pen set. May 25, 2011 . Colorado Pen offers Waterman branded ink cartridges in two sizes: the 1-1/2″ standard international-sized cartridges in an assortment of colors; and the large Waterman ink cartridges which measure 2-3/4″. This vintage look fountain pen integrates modern technology with and older reminiscent look making the E95S ideal for those who love history and elegant writing. Posts about Lady Sheaffer Skripserts written by PKM. Previous Nos vintage Sheaffer lady brushed metal fountain pen + ballpoint pen. Sheaffer models are particularly vexing to identify, since not only do they not imprint the pen itself with a name, but the differences between contemporary models can be quite small. Ink cartridges, rollerball refills and ballpoint refills for all pens in the Sheaffer range. No clip. Fountain pen. Quite recently I came across a brand new Barrel and Cap. 5 inches) square, nameplate is unengraved. Sheaffer Crest 1750 Fountain Pen Set (1940s) – Black w/Gold Filled Caps, Fat Version w GF Cap, Lever Filler, Medium Triumph Nib (Excellent + in Box, Restored) Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Type Touchdown filling restored vintage fountain pen and mechanical pencil set. Sheaffer Imperial VIII GOLD CAP Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Assorted Color Two Piece Set. Winning bid: £23. Parker Fountain Pens have been at the forefront of design for over 120 years. Lady Sheaffers were given a Roman Numeral designation as well a name for each . 50 postage. Manufacturer and Year Sheaffer, made in USA — 1929-30, this pen has the first style of clip (aka long humped ball). Sheaffer Lady Fountain Pens. Collecting New Old Stock oversized Sheaffer Lifetime pens is easy with this 4 set. Product Name Sentinel Snorkel Set in a hard-to-find color. 25 ” long with Sheaffer 14K Nib No cracks, no chips, no major scratches, engraved names or removed names on pen. Skripsert Lady Sheaffer – (Clipless) Model No . 4. 94. 43. lady-sheaffer-brushed-chrome-fountain-pen- . (“Flat-Top” is not Sheaffer’s name for this design. Assorted SHEAFFER Fountain Pens WRITING Inc Vintage, Imperial, Lady Sheaffer Etc Dip Tested & WRITING In previously owned condition Signs of use & ink build up Ink filling system has not been tested Please see photographs Lady Sheaffer in box with slip sleeve, gold and black net-design cap and barrel with black trim, white dot on gold-tone clip, cartridge fill, nib marked “Sheaffers / 585 / 14K / U. May 2, 2021 . ₹400. A fountain pen is the right choice whenever you want to put pen to paper in your most beautiful handwriting. It bears a white dot and the point is marked LIFETIME and has a two-tone mask. 14195: Sheaffer Lady Skipsert XVI desk set: cartridge desk pen, 14. 00 [ 4 bids] Postage: May not . 00 Type Fountain pen Product Name This is a Stylist model #632. 1939 Sheaffer Balance 1000 White Dot Fountain Pen in black/gold lever filler; 13. 7 out of 5 stars 174. 14 watching . SHEAFFER NEW OLD STOCK CRAFTSMAN SERIES FOUNTAIN PEN IN BRIGHT RED $80. $12. It is actually more of a large brochure and contains 6 pages showing all of the patterns of the regular production Lady Sheaffer Skripsert fountain pens and pencils made to that date. I’ve got the Lady as well. All of the clipless pens are Lady Sheaffers. Filling System It takes a Sheaffer slim-style cartridge or converter. All are 1950’s pens and fitted with the legendary Australian two-tone 14 carat gold nibs. These pictures are arranged in historical order. The others are what I call Lady-sized Sheaffers. Meisterstück Solitaire Calligraphy Gold Leaf Flex Nib Fountain Pen. Sheaffer began this line of pens in 1958, continuing sales until the mid 1960s, when fountain pens were being heavily replaced by the ballpoint pen. Fountain pens should be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks, even if they are still writing well. Lady Sheaffer has a tiny 14k gold nib which is referred as a recessed nib. Equipped with a high-quality stainless steel or gold nib, they get the very . RRP $69. Maker: Sheaffer. Sheaffer’s Flat-Top Pens: Subtlety Is the Spice of the Flat-Top: The Sheaffer Pen Company produced Flat-Top fountain pens from 1912 until some time after the middle of the 1930s, possibly as late as 1940. Vintage Sheaffer fountain pens & pencils: our illustrated catalog. £5. Sheaffer was bought by Bic in 1997. Description: 1958 SHEAFFER’S vintage print advertisement “Lady Sheaffer” “Skripsert’ Fountain Pen. Product Name Balance Lifetime oversize. 0 Vintage Tulle Lady Sheaffer Skripset fountain pen gold nib . Product Name Sentinel Touchdown TM (this is the slender version WITHOUT the snorkel filling system) Manufacturer and Year Sheaffer, made in USA – this specific model was made from 1950-52. 95 shipping. A beautiful Lady Sheaffer’s Balance fountain pen and pencil in ebonized pearl radite. IN VENDITA! VINTAGE LADY SHEAFFER FOUNTAIN PEN. Montgomery also carries a full line of Montblanc Refills for all Montblanc fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball and fineliner pens including the Montblanc Legrand size. Subtlety Is the Spice of the Flat-Top: The Sheaffer Pen Company produced Flat-Top fountain pens from 1912 until some time after the middle of the 1930s, possibly as late as 1940. 95 . 795 views. Parker decided to give the new ball pen a mode: name of it’s own and there were no fountain pens produced in the International Classic line. Pre-owned and Used condition, perfectly working with original sheaffer push converter. Lady Sheaffer Skripsert VIII Balicon Black on Gold, F/M RECESSED GOLD NIB . Most of my collection as a whole is in mint or near-mint condition, some with the original price tags. Vintage Tulle Lady Sheaffer Skripset fountain pen gold nib unrestored. 3 comments Wayne hayes says: May 14, 2019 at 6:43 am. Sheaffer 300 Rollerball Pen – Gloss Black & Chrome. capped. 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They don’t represent every pen Sheaffer ever made, just the ones I’ve had a chance to examine. Export Pattern (?). 7 cm long, . Lady Sheaffer with Clip · Owner: snorkelcc (View all images and albums) · Uploaded: Feb 03 2014 03:52 PM · Views: 713 · Album: Chim’s Pens. Lady Sheaffer · Sheaffer 0335. Vintage “Lady Sheaffer Skripsert” Fountain Pen-Moire Gold-Made in AustraliaThe W. ) There were many changes in the design, some quite subtle and some not so subtle. Era: 1920-1929 Fountain Pen Nib Size: Stub. The long section is black and shiny. Ubi: 43-8 Classic Sheaffer Lifetime flat top in the classic jade green with gilt finishes. Lady Sheaffer Skripsert. Sheaffer TM Touchdowns. I love it! level 2. The fountain pens write with a smooth, soft feeling line. So all pens will be sent from here to your home country with a track and trace delivery. One of pencils I was hoping to find within Atlanta Pen Show had been a classic Lady Sheaffer Skripsert. Cap and barrel are in excellent condition without scratches, nicks, cracks, or chips. All have been re-sacced and barrels fitted with new o-rings. There are at least 30 Sheaffer fountain pens, maybe 20 pencils (most of these with original boxes and instructions) from the 40’s through the 60’s. 28 shipping. Vintage Sheaffer Fineline Black Silver . Nib14 K Gold w/Case. Parker Fountain Pens. I couldn’t find much beyond that, so I would love it if someone . Vintage Sheaffer Sterling Silver Fountain Pen 14K Nib Lady Ringtop to Restore. Fountain pens should also be cleaned whenever you are changing from one ink to another. Lady Sheaffer 632 Black Enamel & Gold Tulle Net M Medium Triumph Point Soft 14K Nib Cartridge/Converter Filling Short Clip Fountain Pen. From what I could research, it is a Lady Sheaffer VI fountain pen and mechanical pencil set. Sheaffer Rare Pens Sheaffer 500 . ILS 53. Antique SHEAFFER White Dot Desk Fountain Pen W/ 14k Lady Lifetime Nib . Nib is a 14k gold fine writer. Type Snorkel fountain pen and pencil set. Length Fountain Pen: 5-5/16″; Mechanical Pencil: 5-1/8″ Sheaffer Crest 1750 Fountain Pen Set (1940s) – Black w/Gold Filled Caps, Fat Version w GF Cap, Lever Filler, Medium Triumph Nib (Excellent + in Box, Restored) $185. Ball pens were beginning to be really in vogue and Parker needed a pen that could both capture the high end ball pen market and function as a companion to the top line fountain pens. Vintage Fountain Pen Doctor. Experience Parker refinement today. Hi All,. Sheaffer Pen Company in Fort Madison, Iowa was founded around 1913 by . lady sheaffer fountain pen

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Other Japanese pens –

The topic of fountain pens ceased to interest me as soon as I bought Sailor Professional Gear. Best the enemy of the good. And since I now have the first, and with the second it’s already boring to feel the difference (feel everything, so to speak, and be amazed), I now have to take the next pen from a completely different price category. But I still have a long way to go. My goals are not the ones that were close to me before.

The Pilot brand, originally called the Namiki Manufacturing Company, was renamed in honor of the pilot on the flagship. This is what the inscription says in white on a black background on the brand’s website. Sailor is about sailors in general (a British sailor showed Mr. Kyugoro Sakata from Hiroshima a fountain pen, and he founded his own production in 1911; the history of Namiki / Pilot begins in 1918). The Platinum brand appeared later than everyone else, in 1919, and it is not about the sea at all. Therefore, although it is included in the “big three”, it can be safely excluded as an extra element.
Although, for example, Platinum combines with Pilot the desire to keep the old name, but for the division with the original name to produce something more expensive, more poetic and more exclusive. Therefore, there are Nakaya (at first Platinum was called that way until it was renamed) and Namiki (to hint at the name of the founder). And here already Sailor could be deprived. But the Platinum fountain pens have not interested me yet. They say that there is something interesting in the price category for which I am not yet ready.But I’m not ready yet. But Platinum has a lot of other things, so with him, with the other, I eventually established a relationship.

What I want is Professional Gear, so I decided right away. But she did not take it right away. At first I wanted to do the wrong thing: buy a Reglus, which is half the price and with a steel nib. Not for pleasure anymore, but for exploration and making an impression. But then I would still want myself a Sailor with a golden feather. Therefore, it was decided not to save, but to take exactly what you really like.It deprived me of the opportunity to compare feathers, but it certainly helped not to spend too much.

I already had fourteen carats, eighteen too, but never twenty-one. Two-color – even more so. Disappointed with the fourteen-karat pen on the Pilot Custom Heritage 92, I ventured into another brand, and for something more expensive. Because this pen was probably given a little more attention in production than the cheap (comparatively, but everything is relative) custom.That is, the chances of getting something good automatically increased.
The carat weight of the pen does not affect the smoothness of the writing, this is understandable. The smoothness of the writing is influenced by high-quality attachment (that is, soldering, spot welding or banal dipping into the melt), grinding and polishing of the carbide (iridium, platinum, osmium) split ball at the end of this nib. And the way it is trimmed on the inside of the nib slots so that nothing clings to the paper. And you can afford it not only with a gold nib, but also with a steel nib in the middle price category, or better – just above the average.Kaweco Special is a great example of this.
Initially, I used this pen more for collection than for delight or transition from Capless to anything else. I just wanted the brand to be not Pilot, but Sailor or Platinum.

There is a legend that the Japanese delivery set is somewhat austere. There is no cartridge (and the Pilot does have it), there is no converter (it looks like it too), and say thank you for putting the pen down. Could have done with a box. By the way, they have it pretty: blue, leatherette (which is now called moleskin) is covered.Another legend tells of an American delivery set that has everything. Otherwise, the American buyer gets very upset. And judging by the number of disappointed reviews, the insidious Japanese kits still find their American client. Where did this belief come from, I do not know. Because I had a Japanese kit, with a Japanese price tag, in Japanese polyethylene (and inside, I suppose, there was real Japanese air). And the converter was there. Inside the opaque black body of the handle.That is, it was impossible to guess from the outside.
Moreover, the pen was not printed. And since no one knew about the surprise, they put another converter in my package. In general, I have two of them now, both are heavier than the usual Pilot’s, both shine pearl. If someone had told me a year ago that Sailor had shimmer converters, my life would have been different. Would be.

The pen looks like I was an adult and conscious person in the process of choosing. That is, it is somehow very serious.The funniest thing here is the two-tone feather (everything is rhodium plated, absolutely everything).
It is understandable. These are not pens, as the manufacturer specifies, this is a Writing Instrument. It sounds so impressive, of course. Actually, any pen is a writing instrument, but not every pen will write it.
Sailor’s in general, everything is very serious. The converter, sent separately, is packed in a box, and a separate detailed instruction is also attached to it. Everything is white and blue, as if sea, but for some reason more medical.

I don’t just have a Sailor Professional Gear. I have a re-release of 2014 with a clarification, they say, Progear, they say, II. Either a sequel, or long live the king. The clip is now in the form of a melted and flowing anchor. It resembles the beak of a pelican (top view). Or straight away and simpler: the pen clip from the Pelikan brand.
Compared with the version without any clarifying Roman numerals, you will notice that the overall appearance has changed slightly. Due to the rings moved a little further from the ends.But this is a minor change. How to go to a hairdresser, again make yourself your usual haircut, but so that in this place it is a little bit shorter, because you want to change your image and generally take a risk, and wait after that that someone will notice the difference. But society is usually not ready for these changes, and therefore ignores them. All other parameters “was / was” can not be compared, but I feel good as it is.

Sailor Professional Gear comes in regular and sometimes Slim. And in the latter case, it is also called Sapporo.The feathers there are simpler, that is, only 14 carats, and the size and convenience are questionable. They write that, they say, it will not be enough, but our life is a series of senseless suffering. In general, I can understand. Or at least try. If my full-fledged version, and even heavier and longer after 2014, seems to me rather compact and short (although I continue not to use caps), then how small should Sapporo seem to me?
However, we will never know for sure, but I’d rather give excerpts from the size table (which looks like a photo from a police station with suspects in the identification procedure for Sailor) of all Sailor Professional Gears.
Lengths of old pens in millimeters and in ascending order: Slim Mini – 103, Mini – 108, Slim – 124, Standard – 129, KOP – 142. The last abbreviation stands for King Of Pen. This is for those who have very large hands or very large complexes. My pen is 134 millimeters long and is what is now Standard. Or at least it is listed as such, otherwise there is no complete replacement. And Slim is now 4 millimeters longer than its predecessor (and still has a 14-carat nib). That is, it has almost caught up with the previous Standard.And perhaps it has become more convenient.

If the Custom’s pen is a “shovel”, then for ProGear it is a “shovel-shovel”. So reliable, good. And I don’t even take into account the KOP’s pen.
Sailor’s Hard-Fine is thinner than the Pilot Capless Fine. And it glides much better, much better. And yes, it’s hard. Because the sheet of gold from which it was cut was of the appropriate thickness. To justify the value of the device. That is, there is no need to talk about elasticity (but there is still some kind of elasticity). But that’s what I need.At high speeds.

Filling system – cartridge converter. While I had cartridges, it was cartridge. Now it has become a converter. The converter is either heavier than the usual pilot’s CON-50, or the weight is differently distributed. I didn’t weigh it, so I cannot substantiate it with complete confidence and mathematical calculations. But the balance is redistributed noticeably, and the pen ceases to be too light: the feeling that I write only with a grip and a nib disappears.
The metal thread is probably also affecting the balance.Which in turn affects durability. The grip is heavier, but the rubber gasket squeaks pleasantly when screwed in.

“Cigar” ring on the cap is double, the font on it is nice. Engraved: “Sailor Japan founded 1911”. There are also inscriptions on the pen. They write that Sailor, and on the side – that H-F. About carat (because not everything is white gold that Mikimoto), about 875 standard (yes, in other metric and carat systems, gold 875 exists) and about 1911 (so that the user always remembers that he lacks some something Sailor 1911; they say, buy, buy yourself nine hundred and eleven, don’t screw up, you still didn’t have everything in this life, how will you look your descendants in the eyes? what do you know about pens in general? why do you have a striped feather, although could I take a monochromatic one?).

The body is made of polymer resin. The cap is unscrewed-screwed, and the manufacturer offers to put the name of the owner on it. There are two finishing options: gold and silver. In the Professional Gear line, which is without II, everything is beautiful and there is a lot of everything. There are demonstrators. Green, blue, pink. There are opaque, but also with multi-colored bodies: yellow, orange or purple. There are completely black ones, including trim. There are multi-colored, as if assembled from several cylinders.And there is a variant with a ribbed surface (so that the pleasure in the process of writing was sharper, not otherwise).
On the top of the cap there is a small and neat anchor in a circle. Under a transparent resin lens, they write, but it looks more like a drop of ordinary silicone.
The ink supply is excellent, even from the outset. I didn’t have to paint anything and wait for the dryness to disappear.
“Native” ink, of course, I also bought. To understand exactly how the manufacturer imagines the interaction of pens-feeders with their own consumables.Well represented. But I still prefer the Pilot Iroshizuku.

The complex name Sailor Jentle Ink is the most common. Just not pigmented (it seems that they replaced the previous color options, which were without additional stories about seasonality, and from which only the basic colors are now left). I started out with blue and black and in cartridges (same thing, but in packs of two sold in fun Clear Candy pen boxes). Then she continued the Sailor Jentle Ink Four Season Series, 2014 release.She took two shades so as not to overlap with Iroshizuku: autumn Oku-Yama and winter Shigure (named after late autumn or early winter rain).
The volume of the bottle is 50 milliliters. Inside there is a special drive, that is, a tricky funnel (this is also found in Platinum bottles), which helps to refill the pen and once again do not stain anything. To do this, it is enough to slowly turn the bottle upside down first (that the lid should be tightened, I hope it is not necessary to clarify), and then back.Slow too. The ink will be in the reservoir, after which the pen can be safely refilled. I won’t say that it changed my life once and for all or added comfort, but the thing is funny.
So far, none of the inks have come to an end (and because not everything needs to be collected), so I cannot compare the convenience of the final refueling of the Iroshizuku and Jentle Ink bottles. And while I do not believe in both of them.
Sailor Jentle Ink Sherbet Color exists in the same bubbles. Released in 2013, but you can still find it.This is such a special ink for demonstration pens. It is senseless and merciless, but the marketers of the brand are great.
Sailor and I, of course, imagine blue-black ink differently. Gray-blue, most likely. But nice ones. There is no Waterman’s greenery, which is already good.

All Jentle Ink dries longer than Iroshizuku. And they would not be distinguished if it were not for this circumstance. They cost half the price. The colors are beautiful, the shades are complex, the saturation is present, the lubricating properties are good, you can alternate with Iroshizuku. There are many beautiful flowers, and I want to cover as much as possible.
There is already a choice among pigment inks: Nano Ink (black Kiwa-Guro and blue-black Sei-Boku). Although this year the Storia series came out. Also pigmented and waterproof, but light and bright. In small frosted bottles (only 30 milliliters for a whopping 1620 yen, if you also take into account the tax, which you should always remember about so as not to be surprised later). The novelty is dedicated to the theme of childhood and circus. And highlighters.

Sailor has expensive ink (more than 2000 yen) in elongated bottles and with strange images on the labels.In this case, the brand is more an OEM manufacturer than itself, but it is still clear to everyone who makes this ink. That is, the quality is familiar, the quality can be trusted.
Kingdom Note store, where a cheap pen can not be found the first time, and in the full sense of the word it will not be, sells ink named after the birds of Japan, insects in Japan and, curiously, mushrooms (so cute!) Japan.
In similar bottles and also more expensive than usual, ink is produced for the store Maruzen, Usagiya, Bungubox (aka BungBox) and for many others.
There is seasonal ink, only for certain stores. You can hunt and collect until you lose your pulse. Including Sailor pens, which are also only available in these stores. The shape and the manufacturer are immediately guessed, but the cap is usually not an anchor, but something else is drawn. So that, as it were, the name of the store was (Pilot, for example, does the same; but it is also easy to distinguish it). I am nervous about such an assortment. And the only thing that calms me down is that I like Iroshizuku more. And there are fewer of them.And I can collect everything.

A line of relatively exclusive inks in standard bottles: Nagasawa Kobe Ink. The exclusivity, as the name suggests, is that they can only be bought at Nagasaw.
The main feature of the ink is the variety of colors and sources of inspiration. Most of them are about nature and the environment. Which surrounds exclusively in Kobe. That is, this ink is the color of a hyperboloid mesh tower in the port, lilies of the valley, rails, a monument, the sky (over Kobe, it is obviously of a special shade), the sea, night illumination, Hakutsuru sake … I was surprised (I already know that, for example, the Platinum brand produces pens in the color of clear lake water).
So it is here, in Japan (although there are exceptions: ink named after Van Gogh, Renoir or Monet): the shade of something manufactured industrially must have an analogue in the natural environment. Sailor Lecoule pens, for example, should be reminiscent of lapis lazuli, garnet, pearl or rose quartz in their case colors. Not very industrial – also counts. Sailor handles, thirty-three in the world, can be the color of a summer sunset over the ocean. And just don’t confuse it with spring.
Even Shiseido, for example, cannot produce eyeshadow just like that.It is imperative that Dick Page be inspired by something. Moss on a pebble, a snowy landscape, tropical greenery, a sculpture on a pediment against the sky on a sunny day, and so on. And Mabu produces umbrellas named after Murasaki Shikibu and the corresponding shade of purple. Or the color of matcha tea (but not sweet asparagus soup, although it is tempting to compare, yes). Which for Europeans turns into pistachio. The Iroshiziku line, if we go back to ink, is also replenished with new shades in exactly the same way.Only there they also refer to the Japanese color table.

Such ink, that is Kobe Ink, I would buy myself. And in order to develop the topic and tell more about Kobe, I would then write one general text about them and about Asics sneakers. Because these sneakers have been manufactured in Kobe since September 1, 1949, and not anywhere else. I would say that the brand name stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”. I would notice that if you say it out loud and as in films about samurai, then the phrase will sound very Japanese. And if someone had not guessed how it is translated, I would suggest: “In a healthy body – a healthy mind.” Although she would immediately have explained that in the original Juvenal had: “We must pray to the gods so that the mind is healthy in a healthy body.” And I would complain that the meaning has been distorted over the years.

Then I would move on to the history of the brand. Like, it was founded by master Onitsuka Kihachiro, and it was originally called Onitsuka Tiger. And the goal was lofty, not just to make money: it was assumed that Japanese youth needed help to get into sports form.Then in 1977 the company was renamed, but now (since 2002) the two brands coexist peacefully, insanely reminding each other: a model in one line can be easily confused with a model in another. Then I would mention in passing that without this brand there would not have appeared another, also very well-known company, that is, Nike (it was with the sale of Japanese Onitsuka Tiger sneakers that everything began for her).
If I had this ink, I would not hesitate to write that my sneakers are not simple, some kind of there, but the GEL-LYTE III model, which has been produced since 1990 (after which I would hint that they have an anniversary now), and was developed by Mr. Shigeyuki Mitsu.Who thought of everything, from the stiffness of the sole to the shape of the holes for the laces. I would say that the model is updated every year, as it should be. And regularly – with the use of suede (in this place it would be possible to turn back to history, and say that the idea was to make the material get dirty faster). I would definitely admit that I appreciate and respect these sneakers. They’re Japanese. And I like the phrase “gel technology”. Asics Gel Cushioning System, I would decipher; and would suggest to google and find out that everything is very commonplace.But this technology helps me not to get tired when I rush around the city at cruising speed (here I would clarify that I am not doing sports, I am walking like that).
And about colors, about colors, I would write a lot. Which sneaker corresponds to which shade and with which natural phenomenon it should be correlated. The sneaker is dusty, the sneaker is new, the sneaker is right …
And of course, it would be said separately about the forked tongue of this model, because this is generally an idiot’s dream. It not only does not interfere and does not warp anywhere, you also don’t feel it in the process; and the shape and position create a kind of Japanese layering effect.And I would also mention that Asics has a Sports Research Institute in Kobe. Of course, I would admit that I have no idea what this institute has already done for science, but I would note that it sounds proudly anyway.
I would also write that Kobe’s emblem is suspiciously reminiscent of the Chanel logo. That is, the opposite is true, of course. The emblem was earlier. She appeared in 1907; and these are two fans that are crossed in the form of “ka”, which is in katakana: カ. Which starts the old spelling of “Kobe”: “カ ウ ベ”.And she, the emblem, is green. But it still casts.
But everyone already knows everything about these sneakers, and I don’t have Sailor Ink Kobe. Therefore, I have no reason to write about all this.

It is not necessary to purchase an exclusive ink named after a large store, because you can get ink named after yourself. After all, the Sailor company has Ink Studio, which conducts Ink Workshops in Japan’s stores, where the world’s only Ink Blender (you don’t have to look for a rare profession, it’s enough to come up with one for yourself) named Osamu Ishimaru (I didn’t want to transcribe earlier – I will not want to continue ) mixes individual shades for everyone.Because everyone wants to stand out. Even with ink. It looks like both blending and perfumery. And as with perfumery, the color preferences of the public change every few years.
Osamu Ishimaru was born in 1953 and grew up thereafter. Since childhood, he was fond of mixing colors, training in watercolors. After school, he chose a specialty completely and completely related to chemistry, but something went wrong. And the university helped him to graduate only from the kind attitude of the professors.And in 1976 he joined the Sailor Pen Company. There he was allowed to get involved only after a working day, during which he was engaged in assembling pens. His individual project, Ink Workshop, started in 2005. Initially, it was supposed that the event would be one-time, but the public liked this attraction. And now even in Paris, on the left bank there is a Georges & Co store (for the last three or four years it has been), where they also provide the opportunity to mix an individual shade of ink. The service is very popular with Japanese tourists.
Inks for customers are mixed in a regular cocktail shaker and ink based mass produced by Sailor. That is, there are no separate special pigments and complex technologies. Each shade is assigned a serial number, so if you want to repeat it, nothing will stop it.

In addition to the ink bar, Sailor also has a couple of off-site events. On one, everyone is taught to sign beautifully. And the other is so outgoing that it happens in Europe, and in the USA, and in Asian countries.It’s called the Pen Clinic. There, Mr. Yukio Nobuyoshi, who is his own son to the legendary feathermaster Nagahara Nobuyoshi, puts his pens, not necessarily Sailor’s, in order. He also develops feathers for Sailor, that is, he continues the work of his father.
The legendary Nagahara Nobuyoshi joined the company in 1947 and gave it 60 years of his life (perhaps the best). On March 11 of this year, he passed away (although 83 years for Japan is not so much; but there are things that have not yet learned to win there).He was also involved in the “treatment” of pens. And in the 60 years before his retirement, he developed a little strange-looking (but not creepy self-saws, like some) feathers with a triangular ball at the end – Naginata (Nagahara Nibs). Which cost a lot of money and allow you to achieve certain effects when writing (the shape of the pen is the basis of the basics).
Naginata is literally “long sword”. That is, a sword with a long handle (although without a holivar, a sword or a halberd, of course, the matter did not work; the result is not yet known).One and a half to two meters. Weapons for foot soldiers, sohei warrior monks, yamabushi hermits, and samurai women. It reminds me more of fude. But fude reminds me a lot now. And if we return to the theme of feathers, then not everyone likes such “naginatas”: they can give an unusually thick line, and one has to adapt to them. But they continue to take them and do not cease to praise.

Pen Clinic has another permanent employee who does not travel abroad, but always stays in Japan – Mr. Kawaguchi.His position is called Pen Doctor. It says so on it. On the plate, on the shirt, on the chest. The main reason it is being consulted is because of an ink supply problem. The second most common “sore spot” is users who try to apply pressure to the pen to make the ink flow. All that was needed was to adjust it a little. Each person who applies is listened to and asked to show what and how he is doing wrong with the writing instrument. To understand how he damaged the pen. Then they carefully examine the feather itself and check whether the teeth have come off, whether the carbide ball has worn off (that is, the feather literally “sharpens” under the owner; it will be erased, then it will be erased – and it is already convenient; almost like sneakers).Then the diagnosis is made. Each pen is repaired not in front of the client, but on a first come, first served basis (handles are left for treatment). And it lasts no longer than thirty minutes.

The less pressure the writer puts on the pen, the thinner the pen is required. In the “clinics” of the Sailor brand there are special cunning devices that measure this pressure. It is enough to put a piece of paper on it and write something. What kind of device determines the pressure and what is there for the units, I have not determined from the picture (there was one article with illustrations . ..).
Very pharmacy, it should be noted, service. Of course, we know where to check such pressure in our country: nowhere. And it is also known that the pressure on a ballpoint pen is usually twice as strong (it is not necessary to measure this, you can just know it so as not to let your hand get tired). For those who write with a pressure of 150 or less, there are Fine and Extra Fine nibs (it is more convenient to write hieroglyphs into the cells at the same time). And for those who put pressure on the pen up to 250, they sell Medium nibs in Japan (the most popular in Europe; but the Japanese ones, by comparison, will be thinner, because you still need to enter the hieroglyphs).For those with a heavy hand, i.e. writing with pressures above 250, there are Broad nibs. And if after measuring the pressure, the scale reads “270”, and the customer wants a pen with an EF nib, there is a 100% guarantee that he will soon return to Pen Clinic.
I knew about weak pressure and thin lines. But that pressure turns out to be a limiting factor when choosing a pen, it somehow escaped me (this problem needs to be paid attention to in order to notice). Although an experienced user can afford anything, because he knows how to control his actions.
Also in the Pen Clinic there is a visual aids depicting the tip of a pen, consisting of two wooden halves to demonstrate the slit and ball. But it looks more like the props stolen from the Kanamara Matsuri. Although everything has long been known about the connection of phallic symbols with fountain pens and the work of Sigmund Freud.

The number of my pens became finite, and it became possible to take a pencil case for them. So that they all lay together, and not as before. There were not so many options, so I ordered Pilot-Pensemble from Japanese Amazon (from English “pen” and French “ensemble”, with an emphasis on all the options and meanings of the French part of the name).Previously, there were only browns and blacks, this year there were additional reds and blues. For a different number of handles. I have blue and five. Soft and tight. The seams are not perfectly straight, and overall it looks a little rougher than a similar case from Chikuhodo. But that one costs two and a half times more, and is not produced so massively. But this one is more convenient to tie, so that it does not open at the wrong time. Genuine leather exterior, lining interior, handle compartments and blue suede bifurcated flap. And I love blue suede.And bifurcated valves (this is more convenient to twist than with a solid one; and the roll is smoother). Like Asics sneakers, not made in Japan, but that means next to nothing.

At first I wanted to take a Lamy case or even swing at Montblanc, but there were no options for the number of pens I needed (that is, the available one). So there is more and more Japanese in my household. And I would not be limited to sneakers, pens and Japanese everything for the home. I would also have got a Japanese dog.But there is an opinion that impressionable people are very nervous when an Akita Inu brings them a ball. And even if it is the Shiba Inu, they are no less afraid. Although the height at the withers is completely different there. That’s really, really.

And with Sailor I didn’t miss. And even imbued. Somehow everything worked out very well with this pen. And I would have taken something else to her, but they don’t bring an interesting Sailor to us. Neither multi-colored cases and pencil cases, nor diaries, nor multifunctional pens with mischievous cats or brooding Hello Kitty surrounded by carps (it would be strange if not brooding; wet, puffed up, but not drowned), nor brush pens, nor markers, nor ink not from the standard line.It is very difficult to form an idea of ​​the brand if there is nothing. The same is with the Pilot, from which we get solid “tops” in the form of office and school little things.
Platinum was the luckiest one, if we ignore the fact that it is also positioned one-sidedly in our country. But the side is not bad. The Kuretake brand was also lucky. Whose paints, brushes, markers and ink can be found here. Sakura (which owns the invention of oil pastels, as well as a number of trade names and the Dutch stationery manufacturer Bruynzeel) slowly appears, Mitsubishi Pencil, Tombow and Ohto are increasingly found.But all this is not enough, and the craziest design decisions pass us by.

All of the above Japanese manufacturers, including Pilot and Sailor, appeared almost simultaneously, that is, at the very beginning of the twentieth century. Or a little earlier, but not much. Actually, this general agreement is very simple to explain. First, the borrowing of Western technologies, which took place at the end of the 19th century: after a long isolation, not only Japan was rediscovered by the world in 1855, but the West was also discovered by Japan.Secondly, the emergence of “external territories”, that is, colonies, that is, new sales markets, that is, also resources: victory in the Russo-Japanese War provided the Land of the Rising Sun with control over the South Manchurian Railway and Korea (first a protectorate, and Korea finally lost its sovereignty in 1910). And with China on control over Korea, Japan came to an agreement a little earlier, in 1895, after the Sino-Japanese War, at the same time receiving the island of Taiwan, the Penghu archipelago and the Liaodong Peninsula for eternal use, albeit without Port Arthur, but for the first time and so it was good (and the right to build industrial enterprises in China – here too).And when a number of European countries took part in World War I, losing market share in the Far East, Japan’s competitiveness skyrocketed. Prior to that, Great Britain, Germany and Russia (although it is not only on the market, it is in general) got in the way a little. And then they finally stopped. This led to a rapid growth in the number of Japanese companies and the development and strengthening (or restructuring) of large industries that already existed at the beginning of the twentieth century. Although this was still not enough to stop being an agrarian country or improve the quality of life of ordinary citizens (therefore, ordinary citizens discovered communism for themselves, albeit not very successfully).
This, of course, is not about heavy industry. This is a separate story. But small companies and private entrepreneurs specializing in something compact and more or less difficult to manufacture, were able not only to develop, but also appeared before that in large numbers.
All these brands are proud of their history. They do not hide it and, what is most pleasant of all, they do not invent it. And everything is known about everyone: who founded, when. What I did first, what did it all turn into in the end. And all these companies still exist, their activities have not really been suspended, they have not been revived under the same name by the new owners in another country after a long break.Nothing and nobody interfered with this continuity. Mostly revolutions. Neither socialist nor cultural.

It is clear that the fittest survived. But their success story is very similar. That the manufacturers of stationery, that the manufacturers of cosmetics (the Shiseido company was just turning into the current version of itself; when the founder’s son, having studied in the United States (whose government, together with the British government, supported Japan in the Russo-Japanese war, by the way, but this is already just a nice little thing and by the way I had to), I developed a logo and an advertising campaign for the brand). The history and names of the creators can be found in almost every case. No anonymity. And after all, I even have some brand of soap, which was founded in 1909 by someone there, that is, it concerns almost everything in a row.
Only manufacturers of machinery appeared closer to the middle of the twentieth century. But even before the fifties, when the well-known “economic miracle” started (in the early nineteen hundredth it was an economic pattern). Although Nikon, albeit under a different name, was already in 1917.
Sailor retains the spirit of the company’s founding times. With all the militarism and imperialism of that time. Because it is not about peaceful steamers that scurry back and forth along the coast with tourist attractions. Sailor is about a completely different type of ships. And no multi-colored Clear Candy can disguise it. There is less “echo of war” in the appearance of the Pilot and Platinum knobs.

If we develop the theme of “echo”, then I took the pen in the Pearl Harbor (because it was easier to find it there), and the ink in GetPen (because they are cheaper there, and I am for the competition). In the same “Harbor” there are other Sailor ink, more expensive and more interesting (in terms of rarity). But this is me for your reference, rather, I inform than voice what I am going to buy next time. I have enough ink for now: I have never prepared as many jars of jam for the winter as I have now in my closet with bottles of colored water.

This is a great pen. And I don’t need others yet. A year ago, I knew only one thing about fountain pens: that I wanted one for myself. And now everything I wanted to know about fountain pens, I found out.So yeah, I’m not a fan, I’m just an interested amateur.
The pen is not cooler than the clouds, of course. But to surpass this, I will have to spend more than I would like now. And with this I do not want to hurry up yet.
And I have not yet decided which pen will become an indicator of my well-being. But in the local branch of Nakaya (unfortunately, in Moscow) I intend to order Japanese hieroglyphic printing. Round and red. To draw a hedgehog – a slap! I drew two hedgehogs – a slap! I haven’t drawn a single hedgehog – a slap! slap! slap! And we can assume that it is already a picture.
Maybe I’ll choose according to slogans. Sailor is Spirit of Japan. Platinum writes that he is “For your writing Pleasure”. But Pilot has not decided, that is, it is both ours and yours: for the USA it has “Power to the Pen”, and for Europe – “Simply Write”. And I want something specific. But the brand also has a Pilot Jewelry division, and I really like their paired rings. It will be necessary to get such a pair for harmony for a pair of watches.
And if we are to write another text about a fountain pen, so that there are traditions and crafts, and the differences between custom-made pens, and the benefits of physical and mental labor.So that with a historical background, a detailed story about an ornament or a plot (which means for culture in general and mythology in particular), an extensive description of all the techniques used in the manufacturing process, and a comparison with ordinary pens that I had used before. And not in favor of the latter. Even if they happen to be better, it doesn’t matter. They say that there is no soul in them, the warmth of the hands of an artisan, stamping and mass market are not felt. And this one, no matter what, is so good, so wonderful that instead of words, there are only emotions.In general, what will happen to cats or blue, I’ll take it. If preferences don’t change. The most important thing is that I already have a text plan. A pen, it can be anything.

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90,000 A fountain pen is … What is a fountain pen? Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen

Fountain pen – a writing instrument for writing on paper with liquid ink. A modern fountain pen usually consists of a body with a refilling mechanism, an ink reservoir, and a metal bifurcated nib.Today, fountain pens are widely used in schools in Western Europe at the stage of teaching writing, when making large volumes of notes (for example, by students) and as an image writing instrument, competing, however, in this area with rollerballs. In everyday household use, fountain pens are inferior to other types of pens, primarily ballpoint and gel, due to the simplicity and low cost of the latter, which do not require a minimum culture of use.

Fountain pen cartridges
Names: international cartridge; FCR-6; international; regular
Capacity: 0.75 ml
Length: 39mm (1.5 “)
Maximum diameter: 7
Outer: Internal:
4.0 mm 3.0 mm
Shut-off valve
Push-fit glass ball into the neck of the polyethylene cartridge
Application: Most European, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani manufacturers, OHTO (Japanese)
Fountain pen cartridges
Names: Parker catrige; American
Capacity: 1. 7 ml
Length: 75mm (3 “)
Maximum diameter: 7
Outer: Internal:
5.5 mm 3.5 mm
Shut-off valve
sealing with polyethylene cap
Application: Parker, Lami, Avrora
Fountain pen cartridges
[[File: | 120x120px]]
Names: Platinum cartridge; japanese
Capacity: 1. 2 ml
Length: 58mm (2¼ “)
Maximum diameter: 7
Outer: Internal:
5.0 mm 4.0 mm
Shut-off valve
interference fit of a steel ball into the throat of a polyethylene cartridge
Application: Platinum, Saylor (?), Nakayo (?), Namiki (?)
Fountain pen cartridges
[[File: | 120x120px]]
Names: Cross-cartridge
Capacity: no data
Length: no data
Maximum diameter: no data
Outer: Internal:
n / a no data
Shut-off valve
n / a
Application: Cross
Fountain pen cartridges
[[File: | 120x120px]]
Names: big international cartridge; Pelican
Capacity: 2. 0 ml
Length: 75mm (3 “)
Maximum diameter: 7
Outer: Internal:
4.0 mm 3.0 mm
Shut-off valve
Push-fit glass ball into the neck of the polyethylene cartridge
Application: most European, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani manufacturers, excluding mini format pens (some 96mm pen series, e.g. OHTO or Caran d’Ache)


A fountain pen (in the form of a goose feather) first appeared in Seville (Spain) around 600 AD.The metal fountain pen was first patented in 1803. Steel nibs appeared in the 1830s and very soon, by the 1850s, the use of goose feathers declined markedly due to the dramatic improvement in the quality of steel nibs. Later, most manufacturers began to produce nibs from precious metals, usually from 14- and 17-carat gold. The manufacture of pen nibs from super wear-resistant alloys of platinum group metals – iridium, rhodium, osmium, etc., has made it possible to multiply the service life of the pen.
The bodies of the earliest fountain pens were made of ebonite. After the invention of celluloid, celluloid pens became widespread. In the 70s of the twentieth century, due to the combustibility of celluloid, its use was abandoned, but the material is sometimes still used in some collectible series of pens. Most modern pen casings are now made of acrylate plastics, which are the most durable in everyday use.

Fountain pen classification

By the beginning of the 21st century, there were three main classes of fountain pens:

  • representative, fashion and collection pens are the most expensive. The pens are supplied with gold nibs with iridium tips; precious metals and stones, valuable ornamental materials are often used in the finishing of pens. Brand manufacturers periodically release limited thematic collections of such pens, often handmade. Prices for such pens start at 100USD and can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars;
  • pens for everyday use – in the price range from 10 to 600 USD, they are equipped with quality nibs made of steel, titanium, gold, brass, bronze and some other materials with an iridium tip.The casings of such pens are usually made of steel, brass, plastic and are utilitarian in design;
  • school pens – in the price range from 0.1 to 25USD, the most common pens costing 2-3USD. These pens are equipped with a simple stamped steel nib, often even without a carbide nib. The handle body is also as cheap as possible and can be made of polyethylene with a minimum of non-functional parts.

The beginning of the 21st century saw the introduction of Pentel disposable fountain pens for everyday use with a plastic nib. In terms of the structure of the pen, such pens are closer to felt-tip pens. In 2011, Parker began producing pens with designer bodies and refills that contain a plastic nib in an integrated nib.

Fountain pens with transparent bodies are commonly called “demonstrators”.

According to the design of the pen, the pens are divided into:

  • Open nib pens are characterized in that the entire characteristic nib surface is exposed. An engraved design is often applied to the nib.This is a classic type of pen.
  • Pens with a half-open (or half-closed) nib differs from an open nib in that the body covers the nib surface up to the opening. The difference is purely decorative, but allows manufacturers to install feathers of less weight, which is important when making a feather from precious metals.
  • Closed nib pens are distinguished by the fact that almost the entire surface of the nib, except for the nib, is hidden by the body of the pen. It is believed that these nibs write smoother due to the shorter distance from the nib tip to the nib attachment point and allow the fountain pen to be held open longer when not in use. Closed nib pens were widely produced in the USSR and are still produced in China.

The pen nibs themselves have many other features and their own classification according to parameters and materials.

The handles can have different filling systems:

  • The most common fountain pens with a cartridge-converter refueling system. They have a unified seat on the upper part of the feeder, where both an ink cartridge of one of the standard sizes and a piston converter can be installed.
  • Handles with pre-installed piston slide converter. Refueling is done by immersing the writing unit in ink and moving the slider, the ink is drawn into the reservoir like a syringe. The disadvantage of this design is that a space must be provided for the slider in the pen body, which would otherwise be occupied by the ink reservoir.
  • Handles with pre-installed piston screw converter. Refueling is done by immersing the writing unit in ink and rotating the tip of the screw, on which the piston is mounted, the ink is drawn into the reservoir like a syringe. The disadvantages of this design are the reduction in the volume of the tank through which the screw passes and the unreliability of the sealing of the movable screw connection.
  • Handles with lever filling system.
  • Handles with snorkel. These pens are produced by the Sheaffer company and are characterized by the fact that to refill such a pen, you do not need to dip the entire nibbler in ink. For refueling, a built-in tube extends from such a pen, through which the reservoir for the ink of the writing instrument is filled.This refueling scheme eliminates the need to thoroughly wipe the pen nibbler after refueling.
  • Pens with pipette filling system (also referred to as Aerometric system pens). The ink reservoir of these pens is a rubber pipette cover through which a thin tube passes. When the pipette is squeezed along the tube, air comes out through the writing unit, when released through the tube, ink is sucked in, which overflows into the free space of the pipette cover.
  • Cartridgeless converterless pens. In such pens, the body of the pen itself serves as a reservoir for ink. In this format, disposable pens with a polyethylene body are usually produced. Some models of other types of pens allow them to be used as a cartridgeless converterless. So, for example, the metal bodies of the Caran d’Ache Ecridor Collection (Switzerland) pens are equipped with rubber seals that allow the ink to be safely retained in the body; The transparent body parts of the Platinum Preppy (Japan) demonstrator pens are fitted tight enough to be used without a sealant and ink is refilled into the body.The advantage of this refill system is the largest amount of ink that fits in the pen. The disadvantage of these pens is the higher risk of ink spillage if the housing or seals are damaged.

Major Fountain Pen Manufacturers

  • USA – Parker Pen Company, Cross, Franklin-Christoph, Sheaffer, Waterman, Conklin;
  • UK – Conway Stewart, Dunhill;
  • Italy – Aurora, Montegrappa, Omas, Stipula, Visconti, Delta, Tibaldi;
  • Germany – Faber-Castell, Lamy, Montblanc, RotRing, Pelikan, Diplomat, Silwerhof;
  • Switzerland – Caran d’Ache;
  • France – BIC, Cartier;
  • Japan – Nakaya, Namiki, Pilot, Sailor; OHTO;
  • India – Luxor;
  • Slovakia – Centropen;
  • China – Hero, Duke Pen, Dewen Gold-Pen; Wing Sung;
  • Taiwan – Laban, Kaorong.



Fountain Pen Manufacturers by Country
USA Cross Franklin-Christoph Parker Sheaffer Papermate Laban Noodler’s Ink Company William Henry Waterman Conklin
Japan uni-ball Namiki Pilot Sailor Platinum Nakaya OHTO
China and Taiwan (t) Hero Duke Pen Dewen Gold-Pen Wing Sung Laban (t) Kaorong (t)
France BIC Cartier ST Dupont Waterman
Germany Faber-Castell Staedtler Lamy Montblanc Rotring Pelikan Schneider Bock Nibs
Italy Aurora Delta Montegrappa OMAS Stipula Visconti Tibaldi Grifos
Russia STAMM Krasin
Spain Inoxcrom
Switzerland Caran d’Ache
UK Conway Stewart Dunhill Onoto
Czech Republic (h) and Slovakia (c) Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth (h) Centropen (s)
Canada Grayson Tighe
India Luxor

How do I clean dried ink from a fountain pen?

Worst Fountain Pen Mistakes According to Writing Experts – The Goulet Pen Company

No. 1.Write with a fountain pen with strong pressure. Perhaps the most remarkable quality of a fountain pen is that it does not require pressure when writing – it can write literally under its own weight. Still, people who are accustomed to using ballpoint pens often continue to press on the nibbler when switching to fountain pens. Excessive pressure can cause the nib to come apart and deteriorate. Do not try to paint a dry fountain pen by pressing or tapping on a hard surface, as you risk ruining it.Better hold it under running water – the handle will “come to life”.

Tip: Just relax and enjoy writing without pressure and without the effects of tired fingers.

No. 2. Quite a common mistake: carry a pen together with other metal objects: keys, key chains, a folding knife, etc. The body of your pen can be scratched, be it plastic, lacquered or anodized metal.

Tip: Always carry your pen separately from these items: in another pocket, in a pencil case, or place your pen in a pouch or case.

No. 3. Use in your fountain pen special calligraphic ink marked with the type: India Ink, Lawer’s Ink, Pigmented Ink, etc. This ink is designed for nib pens. Some of these inks are formulated specifically for use in fountain pens, but most are not. Calligraphy ink contains shellac, a resin that, when dried, completely blocks the ink passages in your pen. This ink will only dissolve with alcohol, which can also ruin your writing instrument.

When a fountain pen needs to be refilled with waterproof ink, such as ink + watercolor sketching, pigmented inks — specific for fountain pens, such as Platinum Carbon Ink, are commonly used. Remember that when using this ink, the pen should be rinsed more often.

Tip: When buying ink, make sure it is the type that will work with fountain pens.

# 4. This mistake is often made by more experienced users: do not take care of the fountain pen.Caring for the pen is quite simple: the pen must be periodically rinsed with water at room temperature. Sometimes it is enough to hold the nibbler under running water. If a pen filled with ink has been left unused for a long time, and the ink has dried in it, place the nib for a while in a glass of water. If you are using a converter, then it is enough to fill the handle with water and empty it, repeating this several times until the water becomes light. By the way, with constant use of the converter, the pen requires less maintenance – the piston ink intake system automatically flushes the pen.

* Blog The Goulet Pen Company also recommends a syringe as a handy tool for flushing the pen nib. As they say, everyone has their own rituals, choose the one that you like best.

If you are using ink of the same color, the pen can be flushed once a month. If you are changing ink, rinse it out before every new refill.

# 5. This is not a mistake, but rather a death sentence for your fountain pen: rinse it with alcohol or acetone.Acetone dissolves plastic, and alcohol is quite aggressive to both the external and internal parts of the handle.

Tip: Use water to rinse the fountain pen – there is enough water for this task.

# 6. This error can be fatal to your pen: drop the fountain pen when it has no cap on it. According to the law of a sandwich, she will fall down with a feather. If the surface is hard, it will bend and usually the feather cannot be repaired after that.In premium pens, nib replacement repairs can cost an entire pen. You will be more fortunate if you own a Lamy pen or a couple of other brands in which you can change the nibs yourself.

Tip: When you have finished writing, put the cap on the pen immediately.

# 7. The biggest mistake is not writing with a fountain pen! This is a wonderful writing instrument, and not writing with it is depriving yourself. Sometimes people who have fountain pens, donated by someone or bought “to be,” often do not know where to write with them.A fountain pen can be a real fad if you take inspiration from the experiences of people like fountain pens like Liz Steel ( or our artist Ksenia Rein Kara from masterfully owns the system of keeping diaries and gliders, and does it very contagiously, and on the blogs and they publish interesting reviews of fountain pens … And if you do not plan to start any new hobbies, then just write letters and postcards to your friends and family (it is not necessary to wait for the New Year, the reason may be a desire to thank for something, share thoughts or confess your love!), Start a diary, write shopping lists, writing reminders, practicing your handwriting by rewriting (or writing yourself) poetry or stories – there are many ways to make your daily life more fun and interesting by adding pleasant writing habits.

Hope this information was helpful. If we have forgotten something, write to us and we will add to our list to help future generations of fountain pen users.

Missing writing and the feeling of a scratching pen can occur when the pen is not positioned correctly relative to the paper surface. The nib has a slit in the middle and when writing, both of its nibs should touch the paper.

You can forget about this rule if the pen is equipped with a nib “M” or a nib for beginners “A” (these are supplied with children’s Lamy abc pens).

To write with “F” nibs and especially “EF”, as well as flat nibs 1.1, 1.5, 1.9, you need to have a little more skill, because even a slight twist of the pen (and therefore a wrong grip) will cause the pen to “scratch” and skip when writing,
On Lamy safari and Lamy Al-star pens, the very shape of the grip suggests the correct position of the fingers on the pen. On other fountain pens, you need to find the exact position where the tip of the pen rests on the paper and ink flows without interruption. Also, do not forget about the angle of inclination of the fountain pen to the surface of the paper: unlike a ballpoint pen, it is smaller.It is more comfortable for the brush, but many of them, by habit, hold the fountain pen almost vertically (more on this in the article In some cases, this can lead to omissions.

Gaps and “scratching” can also appear if you make quick strokes or sharply draw straight lines with the pen – in this case, the ink simply does not have time to flow to the pen. A fountain pen is a slower writing tool when compared to a ballpoint pen.

Occasionally this problem can appear when using heavily grained paper, rough craft paper, etc.In this case, skips and scratches can be caused either by a fiber particle caught in the cut of the nib, or by uneven surface on which both nibs of the nib are not in contact with the paper.

Also, the reason for missing a new pen may be a particle of factory polishing grease trapped in the nib cut. In this case, the handle must be rinsed with water, dried and refilled.

For those who have not written with fountain pens before, it is better to start with the “M” or “F” nibs.

When you buy your first fountain pen, there is a lot to know! In particular, how to clean it.

This article answers some of the most popular questions for first-time fountain pen buyers.

Can I use different color inks after I run out of ink that was originally in the pen?

Yes, you can. And that’s half the fun of using fountain pens!

Make sure you are using water-based ink. (A special water-based ink is being developed for fountain pens.) Mascara is made from carbon, particulate matter (usually soot) that will clog the pen and ruin it.

How should I clean a fountain pen? How do I clean up old ink?

Handles after rinsing with running water. If you just rinse out the pen, you won’t wash off all the ink. Handles 30 minutes after rinsing with running water. You can see the wide nibs continue to expel ink.

The nib must be separated and rinsed in cold water. The pressure of the water you push through the pen washes away the ink. You can flip the handle over and flush it backwards. Rinse the pen several times until the water is completely clear.

Don’t be fooled, you’re not done yet.

If you just hold the pen upside down, there is still ink over the nib, as shown in the photographs. There is a special reservoir here, which is made in order to retain excess ink and prevent the pen from leaking in an upright position.

Place the pen upside down on a folded paper towel and touch the towel with the tip of the pen. You will see how the capillary effect works, what happens when you write with a fountain pen.Liquid is drawn into the reservoir, and the larger the nib, the more ink it will absorb.

If the pen continues to leave marks, repeat the rinsing process until the paper towel is clean. Only water should remain on it, without traces of ink. You can simply wrap the pen in a towel for 30 minutes until the pen is completely dry.

Even if you are using ink of the same color, it is recommended that you rinse the pen tip thoroughly if you are refilling with a small converter or cartridge.The reason is very simple: the water that is part of the ink evaporates, and solid particles remain and clog the converter. Any particulate matter must be removed or it will clog the reservoir and ruin your pen.

The ink is quite thick, how can I thin it? Is it due to poor ink quality or improper refilling of the pen?

Any water-based ink thickens over time as the liquid evaporates leaving solid particles. This is especially noticeable if you use the pen for a long time.If the pen has not been used for several months and has been permanently closed with a cap, you will most likely find ink problems when writing.

How do I clean the fountain pen converter and cartridge? Can any special chemicals be used?

Special products dissolve dried solid particles, after which it is necessary to rinse the handle. It is best to use such funds as rarely as possible, once every few months. Plain, clean water is much safer for a fountain pen.You can buy a chemical cleaner for particularly tricky nibs, but it’s best not to use one.

Cleaning cartridges

The cartridges can be cleaned with syringes if you are comfortable with using them.

Cleaning pen converters

You can flush the converters with water. Make sure the pen is completely out of ink, remove the cartridge and rinse the inside of the pen first.

You can do this in two ways.

  1. Rinse the handle in clean cold water by sliding it back and forth, letting the water in and out, using the twist mechanism on the handle body
  2. If you are not patient enough, disassemble the handle completely and rinse all parts in running water.It is best not to use a strong pressure, as the powerful jet can damage the seal ring.

Shake the pen while holding the ring, pour out the water and repeat several times until the ink stops flowing and the water is completely clear.

When water gets behind the sealant, it mixes with the old ink, which can cause mold. If you use a pen that has been damaged by mold, ink may leak, leaving thick, unsightly lines.The converter spreads mold over the entire inner surface of the handle, and it is very difficult to clean it.

How to use the fountain pen converter. Instruction

Ink is the lifeblood of any fountain pen! The ability to properly fill your writing instrument with this power depends on how long it will last you.

The form of refilling ink is of two types: disposable cartridges and bottled ink. The cartridge system is the most modern and most convenient solution.But there is one key disadvantage – the color palette is usually limited to a few basic colors: black, blue, red, dark blue. And if your ideal black is “Bamboo Charcoal” and blue is “Deep Sea” you should choose ink in bottles and refill it using a converter.


Converter is a small cylindrical device with a suction mechanism that allows you to refill the fountain pen with bottled ink rather than ink cartridges. Converters give you access to ink from any manufacturer and allow you to choose from a wide range of colors.This is especially useful if your fountain pen is limited to one brand of cartridges that only offer two or three colors.

The converter fits into the nib unit in the same way as the cartridge. However, in order to use the converter, your fountain pen is:

1. Must have a cartridge / converter refilling mechanism.
2. Must be compatible with the converter model.

As a rule, all consumables must be selected within the same brand. The exception is the International standard cartridge / converter pens.In our online store, on the page of each product, in the description, it is said in detail what kind of refueling system a particular pen has, as well as all compatible consumables are listed.

The most popular type of converter is piston, which is now chosen by most manufacturers. In this tutorial, we’ll take a closer look at how to refill the fountain pen with a piston converter.

We will need: a fountain pen, converter, ink bottle and paper napkin.

1.Push the air out of the converter by turning the rotary mechanism counterclockwise.

2. Remove the protective cap from the pen and unscrew the barrel (body) from the pen.

3. Insert the converter into the fountain pen feed channel until it stops.

4. Turn the pen upright with the nib down and immerse it in the ink bottle. The nib should be fully immersed, while trying to leave the base of the nib above the ink surface. Begin to rotate the converter turning mechanism clockwise so that ink begins to fill its reservoir.If ink has not completely filled the reservoir, turn the mechanism counterclockwise to release air and then rotate the mechanism clockwise again. This action can be repeated several times until the converter reservoir is completely filled with ink.

5. Wipe the pen with a dry paper towel, check that the converter is securely installed and reassemble your pen. She is completely ready to go!

Tip! Before refilling the fountain pen with ink, it must be thoroughly rinsed under running water and dried.It is especially important to do this if the tool has not been used for a long time, and the ink inside is dry, or if you are using a new ink color.

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