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Why Have Architectural Plans Professionally Printed?

Architecture is challenging, high-impact work. Multi-million dollar construction projects only begin to take form once a draftsperson puts pen to paper, and the pressure to perform can make any architecture firm a stressful place.

Architects working on multiple projects at once can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. Many look for ways to consolidate and streamline their auxiliary processes so that they can maximize drafting time.

Designing great buildings is hard enough work on its own. Architects do not want to also worry about technological concerns like which wide format printer is the best option for producing high quality architectural plans.

Under these conditions, having access to reputable blueprint and architectural plan printing services can offer significant benefits to busy firms. Blueprint printing services make it easy for architects to focus on what they do best, while leaving technological concerns to the experts.

Outsourcing Architectural Plans and Blueprints Saves Time

Architects often find themselves pressed for time. The demands of the modern architecture environment easily create a situation where actual drafting time gets overshadowed by secondary – but urgent – concerns. The need for effective time management is as important in the world of architecture as it is in any industry.

Printing can take up an inordinate amount of time, albeit in a sneaky way. While pushing the Print button on your workstation computer takes no time at all, acquiring the right wide format printer and configuring it to properly create the best possible result can take a great deal of time.

Much of this time is spent researching the right kind of large format plotter for meeting the reprographics needs of architects. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating printed plans and blueprints effectively – the particulars of your firm and its regular print volume are major factors.

Another area that can consume more time than it saves is printer configuration and maintenance. Architects and drafters are highly skilled specialists whose talents are best put to work doing what they do best. Employing a draftsperson to take care of a wide format printer is simply not an efficient use of that individual’s potential.

How Outsourced Plan Printing Paves the Way to Architectural Success

World-class printing is an integral part of the architect’s value in clients’ eyes. They simply expect that high-impact professionals like architects will deliver large, attractive plans and blueprints showcasing their work.

But architects don’t always print in high-enough volumes to warrant purchasing their own cutting-edge large format plotter. Even then, finding an IT professional who can configure, maintain, and update the device when needed presents its own challenges.

This is why outsourcing print projects to professional blueprint printing services can be a valuable decision for busy architects.

Blueprint services and architectural plan printing services allow architects to optimize their workflows and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined creative process. These benefits save time and money for firm stakeholders in a variety of ways:

  • Reduced Overhead Costs. Outsourcing architectural plan creation to a reputable print provider means your firm can invest less in expensive wide-format print hardware. You no longer need to constantly purchase costly print consumables like ink cartridges and plotter media, either.
  • Faster Turnarounds. Outsourcing blueprint services allows you to entrust the creation of physical documents to a qualified professional while you work on other projects. It creates a situation where architects and drafters spend more time on architecture and less on technology.
  • Improved Productivity. The ability to focus more intently on drafting allows your architecture firm to operate more smoothly and take on more projects than it would otherwise be able to. More efficient production improves cash flow and client satisfaction.
  • Less Revisions. Entrusting your printed plans to a professional ensures that print-related mistakes don’t occur. This reduces the need for revisions due to mechanical printing errors that often cause trouble in the on-premises architectural print environment.
  • Smoother Collaboration. Reputable blueprint and architectural plan printing services offer years of experience working with architects and delivering world-class results. It is easier to communicate with an expert in architectural print processes than to try to manage your own in-house print team when you could be drafting.

Outsource Architectural Printing to Kelley Connect

Our team has experience delivering results to creative professionals with high standards. When architects need best-in-class printing services for their architectural plans, they trust Kelley Connect to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Our manufacturer partnerships give us access to the latest, most sophisticated wide-format printing equipment on the market. Architects who use our service not only gain access to this equipment, but to expert consultation on how to maximize the value of the plans and blueprints the equipment can produce.

Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality architectural prints. Contact a wide format print expert at Kelley Connect to place an order.

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Savage Industries EDC TWO Plans

Designed by Adam Savage

  • Approximate dimensions of printed pattern:  36” x 54” / 915mm x 1372mm
  • Printed on 74 GSM, 20lb bond.
  • Printed pattern comes folded in a large envelope.
  • Includes free PDF download (non-vectored/password protected).
  • Download the materials list here.
  • This item is not eligible for return.
  • The pattern is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 

Watch Adam make the EDC TWO on his One Day Build

You can purchase a pattern with instructions for both the EDC ONE (pretty complex), and the EDC TWO (simpler build). These plans are the recipe for making your own versions. I can’t WAIT to see what you do with them. Other materials, modifications, enhancements- share it all with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Please note that our plans and kits are provided wholly in the spirit of DIY (with the emphasis being on the Y), and do not include technical support. We do not disclose where our materials are sourced. We encourage customers to seek out their own suppliers, discover alternative parts and fabrics, and spread around the purchasing love. 


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material

 The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

 Under the following terms:

  • Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  • ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. 


  • You do not have to comply with the license for elements of the material in the public domain or where your use is permitted by an applicable exception or limitation.
  • No warranties are given. The license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material.

The battle to stop 3D-printed guns, explained

With 3D printers, getting a gun could be as easy as downloading it. A person could find a schematic for a firearm online, plug it into a 3D printer with the right materials, and boom — a gun is created on the spot. No background check required, no serial number to trace the gun if it’s used in a crime.

Some policymakers are trying to prevent this method of getting firearms from going mainstream. In July, they landed a big victory: US District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle issued a restraining order that halted an activist’s plans to release 3D-printed gun designs online, arguing, “There is a possibility of irreparable harm because of the way these guns can be made.” Lasnik effectively extended that order on Monday.

After Monday’s order, though, the blueprints’ owner, libertarian activist Cody Wilson, found a workaround: Instead of publishing the blueprints for free on the internet, he’s selling them (for a price people can pick on their own) and distributing the blueprints via a mailed flash drive or, potentially, email or secure download links.

While Lasnik forced the State Department to continue blocking Wilson from publishing his 3D-printed gun blueprints, Lasnik also wrote that the blueprint files “can be emailed, mailed, securely transmitted, or otherwise published within the United States.” The idea is that the regulation used to block Wilson only stops an international transfer, while these other means of distribution can be solely domestic.

The wide release of the 3D-printed gun blueprints has become an issue now in large part due to President Donald Trump’s administration.

The previous administration, under President Barack Obama, had forced Wilson to stop publishing these blueprints on his website, Wilson sued the administration in hopes of republishing his schematics. The case seemed like a win for the government, with multiple courts initially ruling in the government’s favor.

But once the Trump administration came in with its gun-friendly politics, the Justice Department abruptly agreed to a settlement — giving Wilson and his nonprofit, Defense Distributed, “essentially everything they wanted,” Andy Greenberg reported for Wired. The deal allowed Wilson to publish his blueprints starting in August, and paid him $40,000 for his legal costs.

A court, however, put Wilson’s plans on hold — at least until he found the latest workaround.

Regardless of how this shakes out, there’s a question of just how much this is delaying the inevitable. As 3D printing technology improves, experts are worried that these guns will become cheap, accessible, and, crucially for would-be criminals, untraceable. And as much as any government may try, it’s very hard to stop the flow of information on the internet — and, in fact, some of these 3D-printed gun designs are already available online right now.

Why 3D-printed guns are getting attention now

Concerns about 3D-printed guns have been around since the dawn of 3D printing, which essentially lets anyone plug in a blueprint and, with the right materials, the product is, well, printed out. (Mashable has a good explainer on 3D printers.)

But a few things have held back the fears from becoming widespread reality. For one, 3D printing is fairly expensive. The most robust printers, which would likely be required for a demanding product like a gun, can cost thousands of dollars. And even if someone has a 3D printer, the quality of the printed product can be shoddy, and that person may not have the knowhow or blueprints to actually design and print out a functioning gun.

Some of those problems — cost and quality — will be solved over time, as 3D printing technology inevitably becomes cheaper and better.

The remaining problem is what Cody Wilson was interested in solving on his own: In 2013, Wilson created what, according to Wired, is believed to be the first fully 3D-printed gun. Once Wilson successfully tested it, he uploaded the blueprint to his website.

That’s when the Obama administration stepped in. Leveraging rules in the International Trade in Arms Regulations, the State Department essentially accused Wilson of exporting weapons without a license. This forced Wilson to take Defcad offline, and he faced the possibility of fines and jail time.

Wilson, however, did not give up. He sued the Obama administration, arguing that barring him from publishing the blueprints inhibited his First Amendment rights. Many outside observers believed Wilson would lose, with courts in preliminary rulings coming out against him.

For Wilson, this was not just a business opportunity — it was a political crusade. To get an idea of Wilson’s politics here, consider that he expected Hillary Clinton would win the White House in 2016 and, when she did, she would begin a mass-scale crackdown on firearms in the US. That would force Wilson, in his view, to take a stand, Wired reported:

If that happened, as Wilson tells it, he was ready to launch his Defcad repository, regardless of the outcome of his lawsuit, and then defend it in an armed standoff. “I’d call a militia out to defend the server, Bundy-style,” Wilson says calmly, in the first overt mention of planned armed violence I’ve ever heard him make. “Our only option was to build an infrastructure where we had one final suicidal mission, where we dumped everything into the internet,” Wilson says.

But Wilson never had to make his stand. Clinton did not win the presidency. And, in fact, the new administration, led by Trump, backed off its legal threats to Wilson entirely — letting him move forward with publishing his 3D-printed gun blueprints on August 1.

The upcoming publication terrified lawmakers around the country. Trump himself seemed concerned, tweeting on July 31, “I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!”

State attorneys general across the country pushed for courts to block the release of the blueprints. They succeeded, at least temporarily, hours before the designs’ release.

It’s unclear what comes next. Will the court order hold up through appeals? Will Wilson’s way around the order — of selling the blueprints and distributing them directly to buyers — withstand potential new legal challenges? Will the Trump administration take any action on its own? We just don’t know yet.

Experts are seriously worried about 3D-printed guns

So how worried should people be? To answer this, I asked four gun policy experts about 3D-printed guns. All of them said they are seriously concerned about these firearms’ potential.

Cassandra Crifasi, from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, captured the general sentiment: “It’s bad enough that in the majority of states you can purchase a traditional firearm without undergoing a background check to ensure you are not prohibited. The availability of 3D-printed guns creates yet another loophole through which prohibited individuals could more easily obtain firearms.”

In short, 3D-printed guns make it easy to bypass a host of state and federal laws. Printing a gun doesn’t require a background check or any documentation, offering a workaround for people who are legally prohibited from buying a gun now due to, say, a criminal record or history of mental illness. A 3D-printed gun can also be easily made without a serial number or anything that would make these firearms easily traceable if they’re used in a crime.

This, experts predict, will make the guns very attractive to criminals. “My guess is that the first movers will be terrorists and insurrectionists who are determined to destroy our current system of government,” Philip Cook, a gun policy expert at Duke University, told me. “Over the longer term, if this form of manufacturing becomes cheap enough, it may become a major source of supply for street gangs and other criminals.

Guns are already pretty available in the US, with estimates suggesting that there are more firearms in America than there are people. And the country has much looser gun laws than comparable nations like the UK, Canada, and Japan. The concern is that 3D-printed guns will make firearms even more available by creating a means to bypass the US’s already weak gun laws with little effort.

There’s good reason to believe that will lead to more gun deaths: A broad body of research has found that where there are more guns, there are more gun deaths.

As a breakthrough analysis by UC Berkeley’s Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins in the 1990s found, it’s not even that the US has more crime than other developed countries. This chart, based on data from Jeffrey Swanson at Duke University, shows that the US is not an outlier when it comes to overall crime:

Instead, the US appears to have more lethal violence — and that’s driven in large part by the prevalence of guns.

”A series of specific comparisons of the death rates from property crime and assault in New York City and London show how enormous differences in death risk can be explained even while general patterns are similar,” Zimring and Hawkins wrote. “A preference for crimes of personal force and the willingness and ability to use guns in robbery make similar levels of property crime 54 times as deadly in New York City as in London.”

This is in many ways intuitive: People of every country get into arguments and fights with friends, family, and peers. But in the US, it’s much more likely that someone will get angry during an argument and be able to pull out a gun and kill someone.

The mass availability of 3D-printed guns would only exacerbate this problem by making it easier for someone to have a firearm to pull out in the first place, whether in the course of an argument or the commission of a crime.

Wilson, for his part, said his intent is not to make it easier for criminals to get guns or to enable more gun violence. But he sees 3D-printed guns as a means to counter the movement, particularly after the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting, to enact stricter gun laws in the US.

As Wilson told Wired, “All this Parkland stuff, the students, all these dreams of ‘common sense gun reforms’? No. The internet will serve guns, the gun is downloadable. No amount of petitions or die-ins or anything else can change that.”

Stopping 3D-printed guns in the long term will be very hard, if not impossible

For all the worry about 3D-printed guns, it’s not clear how much good any of the worrying will do.

The reality is that 3D printers are becoming better and cheaper over time. A few years back, 3D printers were inaccessible for the typical consumer. Nowadays, people can buy them for hundreds of dollars. These printers often aren’t very good — not good enough to build a gun, anyway — but the increasing availability shows where this is all going.

Meanwhile, the government can try as hard as it wants to stop 3D-printed gun schematics from ending up on the internet, but the reality is these blueprints will likely become public on a large scale at some point. Think about how much governments have struggled to stop websites like Pirate Bay, which make it easy to illegally download music, movies, video games, books, and much more. It’s just extremely easy to share information and data on the internet.

In fact, there already are websites hosting 3D printer designs for guns, and sites dedicated to hosting Wilson’s files, despite court battles holding up Wilson’s own ability to republish the documents.

And Wilson, of course, found his own loophole by selling the blueprints and distributing them directly to buyers.

That doesn’t mean governments are totally helpless here.

One federal law already addresses some of the concerns: The Undetectable Firearms Act bans guns that can’t be spotted by walk-through metal detectors. This means all-plastic 3D-printed guns are technically illegal, although there are workarounds, such as adding a metal piece to the firearm.

The government could take further steps. Chelsea Parsons, the vice president of gun violence prevention policy at the left-leaning Center for American Progress, drew a comparison to counterfeit currency: “I think the next step is to work with the technology industry to find solutions to deter promulgation of these blueprints. An analogy is the approach taken by software programs like Adobe Photoshop to prevent people from creating counterfeit currency. We should engage with the 3D printer manufacturers to have this type of blocking software installed in all 3D printers sold in the US to prevent this technology from being used to produce guns.”

Jon Stokes, a tech journalist and gun enthusiast, argued at TechCrunch that this will likely prove a fruitless endeavor because “it will be hard for these machines to reliably tell what’s a gun-related file and what isn’t,” and, more importantly, “open-source firmware will quickly become available for the most popular printing and milling machines, so that determined users can ‘jailbreak’ them and use them however they like.”

Stokes suggested that the government may ultimately try to regulate other parts of the gun trade, particularly ammo, and eventually focus on possession — by, for example, requiring a license to carry a firearm.

“The focus will shift to vetting and permits for simple possession, much like the gun owner licensing scheme I outlined in Politico,” Stokes predicted. “We’ll give up on trying to trace guns and ammunition, and focus more on authorizing people to possess guns, and on catching and prosecuting unauthorized possession. You’ll get the firearm equivalent of a marijuana card from the state, and then it won’t matter if you bought your gun from an authorized dealer or made it yourself at home.”

Whatever the government does, it will require rethinking how it currently enforces gun laws. Duke’s Cook explained: “The only hope that I see is to clarify the legal boundaries — and in particular establish that it is illegal to manufacture, sell, or carry guns that violate the standards in state and federal law. The success of this effort would depend on law enforcement effort, including both police and courts. But that would require a reorientation of our current priorities.”

This won’t stop 3D-printed guns altogether, just as governments have not been able to stop counterfeit currency or online piracy entirely. But it will make the process of printing out a gun and possessing it a bit more difficult and perhaps more expensive — and perhaps delay the technology from becoming widespread.

“A lot of bad things could happen in the not-distant future that are, to a large extent, very difficult or near impossible to control,” Daniel Webster, the director at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, told me. “I favor more years with fewer 3D-printer-made ghost guns. But prepare for what you think is inevitable and pass laws with stiff penalties for making or possessing guns outside of US laws and regulations.”

Still, I’m skeptical. I can’t say with full confidence where this is all going. But if the recent history of the internet is any guide, stopping people from sharing just about anything — whether it’s pirated music or a 3D-printed gun blueprint — is going to be very hard, if not impossible. And that may lead to a future with more gun deaths.

Distributor of plans for 3D-printed guns puts his product back in circulation – TechCrunch

Cody Wilson, the self-described crypto-anarchist who on Monday was blocked from distributing schematics for 3D-printed guns online, is making good on his promise for “one hell of a week.

I am about to give you one hell of a week.

— Cody R. Wilson (@Radomysisky) August 26, 2018

Exploiting what Wilson says is a loophole in the judge’s injunction against the distribution of the plans for how to print a firearm using 3D printers, Wilson has replaced the “download” option for the schematics on his website with an option to purchase.

At a news conference in Texas, Wilson said he had begun selling the plans on Tuesday morning and had already received nearly 400 orders, according to a report by The Associated Press.

“Anyone who wants to get these files is going to get them,” the AP quoted Wilson. “They can name their own price.”

By selling the schematics and distributing them via email or secure digital download, it looks like Wilson may just skirt the judge’s injunction on the distribution of the plans.

As Vice noted in its report on Wilson’s plans, the judge who issued the ruling wrote that, “Regulation under [The Arms Export Control Act] means that the files cannot be uploaded to the internet… But they can be emailed, mailed, securely transmitted, or otherwise published within the United States.

The Arms Export Control Act is the original statute that the State Department cited when it first demanded that Wilson pull his blueprints. Then, in 2015, Wilson counter-sued the State Department claiming that his First Amendment free speech rights had been violated by the State Department order.

After several years of litigation, the government blinked and, earlier this year, settled with Wilson — acceding to the argument that he had a First Amendment right to distribute the plans.

However, in a Monday ruling, Judge Robert S. Lasnik of the Federal District Court in Seattle ruled in favor of attorneys general from Washington, D.C. and 19 states who argued that the distribution of 3D-printed guns posed a threat to national safety.

The judge wrote that any First Amendment arguments and issues “are dwarfed by the irreparable harms the states are likely to suffer if the existing restrictions are withdrawn and that, over all, the public interest strongly supports maintaining the status quo through the pendency of this litigation.

That ruling extends a July 31 temporary restraining order on distribution of the files until the case brought by the attorneys general is settled.

By distributing the plans for the 3D-printed weapons, Wilson runs the risk of being held in contempt of court — something that the anarchist appears to relish.

Importantly, the plans have already made their way onto other platforms. Earlier this week, a book that compiled all of the schematics in one bound edition was being sold on Amazon. The online retailer took it down.

States aim to stop internet release of 3D-printed gun plans

SEATTLE (AP) — A federal judge in Seattle hearing arguments over a settlement that allows a Texas company to post online plans for printing 3D guns said Tuesday the overall issue of such untraceable plastic weapons should be decided by the president or Congress.

U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik said he’ll rule by Monday on the legal issues involving the settlement between the company and the Trump administration. He added, however, that “a solution to the greater problem is so much better suited to the other two branches of government.”

Nineteen states and the District of Columbia sued the federal government, alleging it reached a “covert” settlement with the company, Defense Distributed, without notifying Congress or the Department of Defense about changes it made to an export act that prohibited 3D gun plans from being posted online.

The Austin-based company is owned by Cody Wilson, a self-described “crypto-anarchist” who opposes restrictions on gun ownership.

Lasnik granted a restraining order on July 31 that blocked the immediate release of the plans online. The states want him to make it permanent.

Washington state Assistant Attorney General Jeff Rupert argued that the government’s decision to allow the posting threatens public safety and should be reversed.

Any felon or terrorist with a laptop and a 3D printer could start making firearms that can’t be seen by a metal detector, leaving airports, courthouses, jails and many government buildings and schools — vulnerable, he said.

Lasnik made it clear that he was frustrated that he only had a few days to make decisions on “probably the most significant case that I’ve handled as a United States District Court judge.”

He added, “I really hope and wish that the executive branch and Congress would face up to this.”

More than a dozen members of the Washington Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America filled half the courtroom during the hearing wearing red T-shirts. They later said they agreed that the answer lies in Washington, D.C.

“We do believe in the right to own a gun, but we also believe in this country our rights rest of a foundation of shared responsibility to keep all members of society safe,” group spokeswoman Sue Whitecomb said. “And we believe that is the job of Congress.”

Rupert told the judge that the U.S. State Department put the public at risk when it made changes to a list of weapons that could be exported, opening the door for the online posting of 3D gun plans and the settlement with Defense Distributed.

The federal government fought the release of the plans when they were first posted online in 2013, arguing it was a threat to national security, Rupert said. That threat remains despite the government’s decision to deregulate 3D gun printing.

Steven Myers, a lawyer for the U.S. Justice Department disagreed, saying it’s already illegal to possess plastic guns and the government is fully committed to enforcing that law. He argued that the states are focused on the wrong statute and the injunction should be denied.

Lasnik questioned that logic, asking how the government can be “vigorously” enforcing a law banning plastic guns but not proactively stopping the undetectable, untraceable guns from being made in the first place.

“People who don’t have our best interests in mind can get these guns,” which could lead to “shoe bomber” or “911 situations,” Lasnik said.

Those who would fail a background check, such as mentally ill people or felons, would be able to make a gun if they had access to a 3D printer, he said.

“We see children shoot other children with what they think are toy guns,” he said, “and the 3D guns look even more like toy guns.”

The restraining order expires on Aug. 28.

The states suing are Washington, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

3D House Plans – 3D Printed House Models


House Plans with 3D Printing Options from The Plan Collection


One of our most common questions is, “How can I get a better visual of what my home will look like once it is built?” We now offer our first house plan with a 3D printing option.


Today, for practical use, home builders and future home owners can actually use 3D printing technology to print out a 3D house plan model from specially prepared files.


As you can see, a three dimensional image of House Plan #187-1001 (left) is a helpful start for home builders to get “virtual” 360-degree views of your house plan, with much more detail than static images and renderings. 3D printing technology uses software files to e

ffectively convert your blueprints into an actual physical model of your home. This process allows home builders and owners to get a far better sense of the actual home to be built.


Today, for practical use, home builders and future home owners can actually use 3D printing technology to print out a 3D house plan model from specially prepared files.


As you can see, a three dimensional image of House Plan #187-1001 (left) is a helpful start for home builders to get “virtual” 360-degree views of your house plan, with much more detail than static images and renderings. 3D printing technology uses software files to effectively convert your blueprints into an actual physical model of your home. This process allows home builders and owners to get a far better sense of the actual home to be built.


Our First in the Series of House Plans with 3D Printing: 
Traditional Home with Covered Porch (#187-1001)


As the first in our series of house plans with 3D printing options, we selected this beautiful six bedroom home to highlight the openness of the floor plans as you walk through it. Many home owners have a tough time visualizing how floors stack on top of each other. In addition to the second floor, this home also includes a finished basement with two additional bedrooms and family area. The to-scale model allows users to quickly understand how these floors work together as a whole.



What is 3D printing? What is a 3D printer?


3D printing is the process of creating an object through sequential (additive) layering of materials.  By using computer models developed in CAD or similar software, a 3D printer takes a digital model and converts it into a solid or physical one.


Benefits of 3D Printing

The benefits of using a 3D printer to create a physical model or replica of your future home include:

  • Visualize all angles and spacing – both exterior AND interior.
  • Improve communication with and engage your contractors to get the results you want.
  • Provide a detailed emulation of the design found on the blueprints in only a 2D format.
  • Showcase the interior and exterior while giving an overview of the entire home before it is built.
  • Test the orientation of your home on your property to optimize sunlight in the home.


The benefits of using a 3D printer to create a physical model or replica of your future home include:


  • Visualize all angles and spacing – both exterior AND interior.
  • Improve communication with and engage your contractors to get the results you want.
  • Provide a detailed emulation of the design found on the blueprints in only a 2D format.
  • Showcase the interior and exterior while giving an overview of the entire home before it is built.
  • Test the orientation of your home on your property to optimize sunlight in the home.


How can I get my 3D printed model?

If you have a 3D printer at home, then that is a great way to start.  MakerBot is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of consumer 3D printers. However, not many people have 3D printers at home yet. Fortunately, there are 3D printer services in many cities and states today. Given that this technology is in such early stages and this is the first in our series of house plans with a 3D printing option, we are offering the 3D printer version of the files at no charge when you purchase a CAD File construction package of plan #187-1001.


Can I build my actual house with a 3D printer?

In theory, this could be done – but we wouldn’t advise it! In fact, homes have recently been built or are under development using 3D printers in Amsterdam and Los Angeles already. These homes demonstrate the possibilities of the technology. However, they are also not very practical – while also being extremely expensive. Some would say they are also not very “homey”.


3D printing technology is still at its very early stages – think of the personal computer in the early 70s or mobile phones in the early 80s. It is not inconceivable that advances in 3D printing technology could revolutionize the way we build houses. Some potential benefits of 3D printed homes in the future could be:

  • Fewer wasted materials in home construction.
  • Less transport of materials and products.
  • Homes are built to order.


3D printing could even lead to changes in our own preferences in a home design itself.

  • Individual expression.
  • Democratization of architectural design.


The Plan Collection is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to offer a better user experience with everything related to the house and home building. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Print worksheet or workbook – Excel

Before printing

Before you print that Excel, remember that there are many options for optimal printing. See Excel for more information.

Important: Certain types of formatting, such as colored text or cell fills, may look good on screen, but may not be as expected when printed on a black and white printer.Alternatively, you can print a gridded sheet to make your data, rows, and columns stand out better.

Print one or more sheets

  1. Select the tables you want to print.

  2. Select file> print or press CTRL + P.

  3. Press button Print .If necessary, change parameters before pressing .

Printing one or more books

All book files that you want to print must be in the same folder.

  1. Open the menu File and select the command Open .

  2. While holding down the CTRL key, click the name of each book to print and select print .

Print all or part of the table

  1. Click on the sheet and select the range of data you want to print.

  2. On the File tab, select Print .

  3. In Options , click the arrow next to the Print Active Sheets button and select the option you want.

  4. Press button Print .

    Note: If print areas are specified on the sheet, only those areas will be printed. If you do not want to print only the outside printable area, select ignore printable area. Learn more about adjusting and cleaning the print area.

Print Excel spreadsheet

  1. Click one of its cells to go to a table.

  2. On the File tab, select Print .

  3. Under Settings , click the arrow next to Print active sheets and select option Print table .

  4. Press button Print .

Print book to file

  1. Click the File tab and select Print or press CTRL + P.

  2. Under Printer , select Print to file .

  3. Press Print button .

  4. In the dialog box Save the print result, enter a file name and click the OK button. The file will be saved in the Documents folder

Important: If you print a saved file with another printer, page breaks and font spacing may change.

Print sheet

To print to your computer, use Print to Excel for the web instead of your browser.You can print the entire table or just the cells you want.

If you want to print a range of cells, select them. Do not select anything to print the entire table.

  1. On the File tab, select Print and click the Print button.

  2. If you have selected a range of cells, but decided to print the entire spreadsheet, switch to the entire book before pressing print.

Change selected print area

In Excel for the web, you can specify the area to print or print the entire table. If you decide to change the selected print area, here’s how you can view the changes:

  1. Drag and drop the cells you want to print on the sheet.

  2. On the File tab, select Print and click the Print button.

  3. To print only the selected area, in area Print Settings , click Current Selection .

  4. If the preview shows the desired data, press the Print button.

To change the selection, close the preview by clicking X and repeat the previous steps.

To print the entire sheet, click File > Print > Print . Make sure Full sheet is checked, and then click Print .

If you have the Excel desktop application, you can set additional printing options.Click the Open in Excel button and select multiple print areas on the worksheet.

Print table with hidden rows and columns

In Excel for the web, when you print a hidden row or columns, hidden rows and columns will not be printed. If you want to include hidden rows and columns, you must open them before printing.

Rows or columns are hidden by missing captions or double lines, as shown.

Here’s how you can highlight rows or columns:

  1. You can select a range that surrounds hidden rows or columns. For this example, select all header lines 2 through 7 to select lines 3 and 6.

  2. Right-click the desired column and select in the Mark Rows area (for columns select mark columns).

  3. On the File tab, select Print .

  4. Press the Print button for a preview.

  5. In the Print Settings window, select the Entire Sheet option and click the Print button.

Note: Row and column labels will not be sorted in preview and print mode.

Book printing

If your Excel for the web workbook has only one, you can simply print it. But if the book is with multiple sheets, you need to go to each sheet by clicking on its turnout and printing that sheet.

Don’t know if there are any hidden books in the book? Here’s how you can check it:

  1. Right-click the turnout of any sheet.

  2. If is available, Open, the workbook has one or more books hidden. Click the Mark button, to show and from show tables.

  3. When the sheet is screwed, the turnout of the sheet becomes available. Click the hole in the sheet and print the sheet.

Print table

Sometimes you only need to print part of a sheet, such as a table. You can do this in Excel for the web if your table has fewer than 10,000 cells. To work with more than 10,000 cells, you must use Excel desktop application.

To print the table:

  1. To select all cells in the table, click the first cell and scroll to the last.

    If the table contains many columns, instead of scrolling, click the first cell, press and hold the SHIFT key, and then click the last cell.

  2. On the File tab, select Print and click the Print button.

  3. Select parameter Current Segment , if not already selected, and press the Print button.

  4. If you are satisfied with the preview, click the Print button. If not, close it and make the necessary changes.

Learn how to print a table with gridlines.

Print page numbers on sheet

You cannot insert, view, or print page numbers in Excel for the web. But if you have the desktop Excel application, you can add page numbers to the sheet at the top or bottom (in the header or footer) and print it.

To open the Excel workbook Open In button, add page numbers in Page Layout view, and then print the worksheet from Excel.Here’s how to do this.

  1. Click the Open Excel button and paste the page numbers into the sheets.

  2. Print the table.

Additional information

90,000 Free Project Plan Template in Excel

Depending on your goals, the project plan template can be very simple or very complex. You can add a static timeline or a fluid Gantt chart to your template, focus on activities or business goals.

Below are the various project plan templates and how they can be used:

Work plan template

 Download work plan template

The Work Plan Template helps you break down large project goals into smaller, easier-to-follow steps. This type of template shows what tasks need to be completed, who is responsible for completing them, and also contains the due date for tasks.A timeline is included in the template to help define expectations and improve the transparency of task completion, allowing everyone on the project to stay on top of deliverables and deadlines. The work plan template is best suited for large teams working on large projects with a lot of tasks and deadlines.

Gantt chart template

 Download Project Plan Template

The project plan is most commonly used in project management where Gantt charts are needed to plan and report project progress. The Gantt View is a dynamic horizontal chart used to visualize the project timeline and is an important tool for organizing stakeholder access to project status changes. This template is perfect for project managers who work on large projects with a lot of contributors.

Action Plan Template

 Download Action Plan Template

The Action Plan lists all the steps required to achieve a specific goal.It includes all information about the actions that need to be taken, the persons responsible for their implementation, due dates, priorities and status. An action plan is similar to a work plan, but the action plan focuses on goals, while the work plan template displays the milestones for completing tasks, which are usually displayed in chronological order. The action plan template is suitable for individual use or for small teams.

Business plan template

 Download Business Plan Template

Business plan template depicts business goals and the actions required to achieve them. A business plan focuses on the future development of your business and shows how you can achieve your goals. Business plans are more strategic than work or action plans and often include a concept definition, business profile, economic assessment, etc. A business plan is suitable for owners of an already running business, start-up entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who need outside help.

90,000 Biden Unveils US $ 2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Development Plan | News from Germany about events in the world | DW

US President Joseph Biden presented a plan involving investments in various infrastructure projects in the amount of $ 2.3 trillion (1.9 trillion euros).The American leader spoke on Wednesday, March 31, at the carpenters union training center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

According to the head of the White House, this is “the largest investment in American jobs since World War II.” Biden stressed that the United States has not seen such an investment since the construction of the interstate system in the 1950s and the space race with the USSR from 1957 to 1988.

Road repair and replacement of water pipes

The plan involves the modernization of over 32 thousand.kilometers of roads and about 10 thousand bridges, updating the composition of public transport, creating a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. For these purposes, about 621 billion dollars (529 billion euros) of this amount will be spent. Another $ 111 billion (94.6 billion euros) will be transferred to replace lead water pipes and sewerage systems. About $ 100 billion (€ 85.3 billion) are allocated for the development of broadband Internet. Finally, about $ 100 billion (€ 85.3 billion) is needed to upgrade the electricity grid.

The corporate tax rate will be increased to finance

The initiative is supposed to be financed, in particular, by increasing the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28 percent. The costs are expected to be covered in 15 years.

Joseph Biden hopes the plan can be passed through the US Congress by the summer. The head of administration expects that this will be done thanks to the majority of Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Earlier, in mid-March, the lower house of the US Congress approved the package of measures proposed by the head of the White House to support the economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic.220 legislators voted for the anti-crisis program in the amount of $ 1.9 trillion (1.6 trillion euros), against – 211. At the same time, the proposal of the Democrats was not supported by a single Republican. The package was previously approved by the Senate. The funds are expected to go, among other things, to boost the coronavirus vaccination program, open schools safely, support small businesses, and increase child benefits and unemployment benefits.

See also:

  • Anti-Trump? What will Joe Biden change in US foreign and domestic policy

    New challenges, old themes

    46th US President Joe Biden has a difficult legacy.Over the course of four years, the Trump administration has burned many bridges, shattering strategic alliances and relationships that have built up over the years. Experts believe that the main foreign policy weapon of the new president will be bilateral and multilateral dialogue. But the United States also faces serious domestic political challenges.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    100 million in 100 days

    Hundreds of thousands of new infections every day, thousands of deaths from COVID-19 – the coronavirus pandemic is ruthless to Americans.Prior to his election, Biden promised that 100 million people, almost a third of the US population, would be vaccinated in the first 100 days of his presidency. Other measures include the mandatory wearing of masks in public places, an increase in the number of tests, new rules for entering the country.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Return to the World Health Organization

    As soon as he entered the White House, Biden signed a decree on the return of the United States to the World Health Organization (WHO). Donald Trump announced the severance of relations with WHO in May 2020, accusing the organization of being controlled by China. The US has already announced it will join COVAX. This is a WHO initiative that supplies underdeveloped countries with coronavirus vaccines.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Climate change is at the forefront

    Biden also overturned Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.The president said the fight against climate change will be at the forefront of his administration’s foreign and security policy. He also signed a decree according to which the US government will stop issuing licenses for drilling new oil and gas wells in federal lands.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    End of the Wall

    Biden canceled the construction of an anti-immigrant wall on the border with Mexico, begun by Trump. As noted on the White House website, the 46th US President intends to reform the “long-broken and chaotic” immigration system. The main premise of his strategy on this issue is the belief that America is safer, stronger and more prosperous thanks to a fair immigration system that welcomes migrants.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    The European Union is ready for new relations

    Trump saw an economic rival in the European Union and, according to experts, was actively trying to split him.After Biden’s victory, Brussels breathed a sigh of relief. “After four long years, Europe will again have a friend in the White House,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, adding that the EU is ready to renew ties with the US to “breathe new life into our alliance.”

  • Anti-Trump? What will Joe Biden change in US foreign and domestic policy

    The main foreign policy problem is China

    According to opinion polls, most Americans have a negative attitude towards China. New Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has already named the Middle Kingdom the main US foreign policy problem for the coming years. In an interview, Biden said that he spent more time with Chinese President Xi Jinping than any other politician in the world. “This guy doesn’t have a single democratic bone in his body,” Joe Biden said.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Relations with Russia will be difficult

    During his first conversation with Vladimir Putin, Biden made it clear that there would be no major improvement in relations.Biden has expressed concern about the actions of the Russian authorities, including reports that Russia has awarded awards for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan, as well as the Kremlin’s interference in the 2020 US elections and the poisoning of Navalny, the White House said.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Bad deal for Europe

    Joe Biden calls the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline “a bad deal for Europe. “According to the White House, the administration is assessing the sanctions imposed by Trump against the gas pipeline and is consulting with European partners. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explained that Washington will try to convince the Europeans to stop supporting the project, otherwise the US will use all available means of pressure.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Restarting START-3

    Biden fulfilled one of his election promises: in a conversation with Vladimir Putin, the parties agreed to extend the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty.Its term – the only nuclear arms control agreement to date – expired on 5 February. Trump did not want to renew the agreement, accusing the Kremlin of violating its terms and calling for China to be involved in the new agreement.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Nuclear deal with Iran

    The United States intends to return to work under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear program, provided that Tehran refuses to enrich uranium beyond the limits established by the 2015 deal . ..In May 2018, Trump announced his withdrawal from the treaty, named Iran the top sponsor of terrorism, and threatened to impose “highest-level” sanctions.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    The embassy will remain in Jerusalem

    The new administration intends to leave the American embassy in Israel in Jerusalem. New US Secretary of State Blinken said at a Senate hearing that Israel remains America’s most important ally in the Middle East and Washington will continue to support it.According to Blinken, the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The embassy was moved to Jerusalem by Trump’s decision in May 2018.

  • Anti-Trump? What Joe Biden will change in US foreign and domestic policy

    Sanctions will be reviewed. But not all

    Janet Yellen, the first-ever woman as US Treasury Secretary, said during Congressional hearings that the new administration will review the sanctions regime so that they are used “strategically and appropriately. “This does not apply to the restrictions imposed on “Russian players for territorial aggression in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea and threats to US national security.”

    Author: Vitaly Kropman

90,000 Where to print the evacuation plan for kindergartens

Today, the development and printing of evacuation plans for schools, institutions of additional education, kindergartens are engaged in printing organizations that have the knowledge and experience of drawing up this type of regulatory documentation.To be convinced of the company’s competence, it is enough to look at the ready-made schemes and make sure that they meet the standards of GOST R 12.2.143-2009.

The second document that guides the development of the plan-scheme – clause 7 of the PPR in the Russian Federation No. 390. According to the regulations, if at least 10 people are on the same floor, then the plans should hang in the corridors, on the platforms, in the aisles – that is, in a conspicuous place. In the event of a fire, every person in the building must know exactly the nearest exit route, as well as the points where the fire extinguishing means are located.

What an evacuation plan should look like

The most practical, noticeable and effective option is a schematic layout image printed on a photoluminescent medium. A3 or A2 sheet with reflective ability acts as a basis for printing. Low-quality materials are not suitable, paper with a long glow and high intensity is needed. Its goal is to attract the attention of everyone who is trying to evacuate on their own from a burning or smoke-filled building.

The plan consists of two equivalent parts – graphic and text.

What is shown in the graphic part?

  • Full name of the organization, address, and floor plan – floor number.
  • All exits, escape routes, stairs, platforms.
  • Points of location of evacuation plans.
  • Locations of emergency, rescue, protective equipment.
  • Contact details for rescue services.

In the text part, it is necessary to briefly, succinctly and easily explain the evacuation procedure, indicate the notification methods and the procedure for power outages, describe the algorithms for the actions of the organization representatives responsible for the evacuation and the procedure for activating fire protection (if it is not automatic).

The rules for the layout of the plan concerning the color of the background and arrows, as well as the font size are set out in GOST R 12.2.143-2009.

Who has the right to print normative documents

The Ministry of Emergency Situations met the population halfway and in 2014 canceled the mandatory permit for the development and printing of evacuation plans. Now any person or organization approved by the head can be engaged in the production of documents.

But more stringent requirements are always imposed on educational and childcare facilities, therefore it is recommended to order plans in a standard format on photoluminescent paper. And this is a direct path to a licensed organization, and the paper itself must be certified. It is not allowed to draw plans, on which the lives of children depend, by hand.

Disposable Nonwoven Flat Funny Colorful Cartoon Printed Children Outline Face Mask

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90 623
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& Mcy; & acy; & tcy; & iecy; & rcy; & icy; & acy; & lcy; & Ncy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; & acy; & ncy; & ycy; & jcy; & mcy; & acy; & tcy; & iecy; & rcy; & icy; & acy; & lcy; & icy; & zcy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & & rcy; & pcy & ocy; & pcy; & icy; & lcy; & iecy; & ncy; & acy; & lpar; PP & plus; & Mcy; & Bcy; & plus; & Rcy; & Rcy; & rpar;
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& Scy; & lcy; & ocy; & jcy; 1 & comma; 2 3 ply & fcy; & acy; & kcy; & ucy; & lcy; & softcy; & tcy; & acy; & tcy; & icy; vcy; & ncy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy;
& Ucy; & pcy; & acy; & kcy; & ocy; & vcy; & kcy; & acy; 50 & Pcy; & Kcy; & sol; box & comma; 40 & ocy; & kcy; & ncy; & ocy; & sol; ctn & period; 20 “& colon; FCL 910 & comma; 000 & Pcy; & Kcy; & lpar; & ucy; & shcy; & ncy; & acy; & ycy; & ncy; & acy; & ycy; ; & lcy; & yacy; & rpar; & icy; & lcy; & icy; OEM & period;
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3 & comma; Fliud & ucy; & scy; & tcy; & ocy; & jcy; & chcy; & icy; & vcy; Spunbond & ncy; & acy; & rcy; & ucy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ycy; & jcy; & scy; & lcy; & ocy; & jcy; ; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & pcy; & icy; & lcy; & iecy; & ncy; & acy; & semi;
4 & comma; & scy; & ocy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & tcy; & icy; & vcy; & lcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & iecy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & ncy; & icy; & kcy; & ncy; & icy; & kcy; & ncy; ; & vcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & scy; & icy; & ncy; & tcy; & iecy; & tcy; & icy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & kcy; & icy; & khcy; & kcy; & rcy; & ocy; & vcy; m & softcy; -160 & ocy; & vcy; m & softcy; -160 & mcy; & rcy; & tcy; & semi;
5 & comma; Meltblown & scy; & rcy; & iecy; & dcy; & ncy; & icy; & jcy; & scy; & lcy; & ocy; & jcy; & fcy; & icy; & lcy; softcy; & tcy; & rcy; & acy; & tscy; & & icy; & icy; & & icy; & icy
6 & comma; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ncy; & ocy; & jcy; & dcy; & lcy; & icy; & ncy; & ycy; & Pcy; & Vcy; & KHcy; – & scy; & kcy; & rcy; & ycy; & vcy; & acy; & lcy; & ncy & kcy; & ocy; & ncy; & iecy; & chcy; & ncy; & icy; & kcy;

& Scy; & ncy; & icy; & mcy; & kcy; & icy; & ocy; & dcy; & ncy; & ocy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & ocy; & vcy; & ycy; & khcy; & ncy; & iecy; & tcy; & kcy; acy; & ncy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & mcy; & acy; & ocy; & mcy; & acy; & rcy; & icy; & acy; & lcy; & acy; & scy; & pcy; & lcy; & ocy; & scy; & kcy; & icy; & mcy; & scy; & mcy; & iecy; & shcy; & ncy; & ycy; & iecy; & kcy; & rcy; & acy; & scy; & scy; & rcy; & acy; & scy; & chcy; & ncy; & ycy; & jcy; & mcy; & ucy; & lcy; & softcy; & tcy; & fcy; & icy; & lcy; & softcy; & mcy; & ncy; & acy; & pcy; & iecy; & chcy; & acy; & tcy; & acy; & ncy; & ocy; & acy; & ncy; & ocy; & iecy; & tcy; & iecy; & jcy; & pcy; & lcy; & acy; & ncy; & mcy; & acy; & scy; & kcy; & ucy; & dcy; & lcy; yacy; & lcy; & icy; & tscy; & acy;

& Ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & zcy; & iecy; & tscy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & icy; & tcy; & icy; & kcy; & icy; & colon;
1 & period; & Ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & iecy; & tscy; & vcy; & scy; & ocy; & ocy; & tcy; vcy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & icy; & icy; & scy; & vcy; & icy; & icy; & scy; & vcy; & shcy; & icy; & mcy; & dcy; & icy; & zcy; & acy; & jcy; & ncy; & ocy; & mcy; & period;
2 & period; & Scy; & ocy; & zcy; & dcy; & acy; & jcy; & tcy; & iecy; & scy; & ocy; & bcy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & iecy; & ncy; & ncy; & ucy; yucy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; ; & iecy; & tscy; & comma; & zcy; & acy; & tcy; & iecy; & mcy; & scy; & ncy; & ocy; & vcy; & acy; & vcy; & ycy; & pcy; & ocy; & lcy; & ncy; & icy; & tcy; & softcy; & iecy; & gcy; & ocy; & period;
3 & period; & vcy; & rcy; & iecy; & mcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & ocy; & rcy; & kcy; & icy; & dcy; & acy; & ncy; & ncy; & ycy; & khcy; & colon; 3-5 & dcy; & ncy; & khcy; & colon; 3-5 & dcy; & dcy; ; & iecy; & jcy; & period; & Scy; & ucy; & shchcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; vcy; & ucy; & yucy; & shchcy; & icy; & iecy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acy; & zcy; & tscy; & ycy; vcy; & rcy; & iecy; & mcy; & rcy; & iecy; & mcy; & icy; & vcy; & ycy; & bcy; & ocy; & rcy; & kcy; & icy; & dcy; & acy; & ncy; & ncy; & ycy; & khcy; & colon; 1 & dcy; & iecy; & ncy; & softcy;
4 & period; & mcy; & acy; & scy; & scy; & ocy; & vcy; & ocy; & gcy; & ocy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & icy; & zcy; vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & acy; & pcy; ; & lcy; & iecy; & vcy; & acy; & shcy; & iecy; & gcy; & ocy; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & tcy; & vcy; & iecy; & rcy; & zhcy; & dcy; & iecy; & ncy; & icy; & yacy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy ; & zcy; & tscy; & acy; & period;

& Kcy; & ocy; & ncy; & tcy; & rcy; & ocy; & lcy; & softcy; & kcy; & acy; & chcy; & iecy; & scy; & tcy; & vcy; & acy; & colon;
1 & period; & Mcy; & ycy; & ncy; & iecy; & zcy; & acy; & pcy; & ucy; & scy; & kcy; acy; & iecy; & tcy; & scy; yacy; & dcy; & lcy; & yacy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & dcy & kcy; & tcy; & ocy; & vcy; & comma; & pcy; & ocy; & kcy; & acy; vcy; & ycy; & ncy; & iecy; & pcy; & ocy; & dcy; & tcy; vcy; & iecy; & rcy; & dcy; & icy; & tcy; & iecy; & ocy; & bcy; & rcy; & acys; & zcy; & rcy; & acys; & zcy; & acy; & period;
2 & period; & Ncy; & acy; & ucy; & pcy; & acy; & kcy; & ocy; & vcy; & kcy; & iecy; & bcy; & ucy; & dcy; & iecy; & tcy; & vcy; & ocy; & dcy; & ycy; & comma; & vcy; & lcy; & acy; & zhcy; & ncy; & ocy; & jcy; & icy; & gcy; & iecy; & rcy; & mcy; & iecy; & tcy; & icy; & chcy; & ncy; & ycy; & jcy;
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& Scy; & vcy; & yacy; & zcy; & acy; & ncy; & ncy; & ycy; & iecy; & pcy; & rcy; & ocy; & dcy; & ucy; & kcy; & tcy; & ycy; & colon;

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90,000 Eat in a bar with a 3D printer and visit a printed house in the Moscow region: plans for the near future

3D printing in the capital can now be seen not only at specialized exhibitions and high-tech industries – it is becoming a part of everyday life.

An unusual house was printed in Stupino

A house was erected in Stupino near Moscow using a construction 3D printer from Apis Cor. It will open to visitors soon.

The Apis Cor rotating platform device is compact, so it can print the walls of a building from the inside. Its small size allows it to be mobile: the printer is easy to move with a truck crane.

Construction of the house began in December on a tent covered area.The printer scanned the unevenness of the surface and laid out the walls of a house with an area of ​​37 sq. m. After that, another month had to wait until the material hardened in order to carry out the final finishing work.

The resulting building stands out for its unusual design: its rounded shape demonstrates the possibilities of additive technologies in construction. No one will live in the house, but very soon it will begin to receive visitors interested in 3D printing technologies.

A geek bar with a 3D printer will be opened in Moscow

The new establishment will bear the self-explanatory name Gadget Studio and will be a cross between a bar and an exhibition hall.

The author of the project, Nikolai Turubar, says that the new establishment will literally be stuffed with high technologies: the menu is only in electronic form, presentations from Apple, Microsoft, Google and other market players will be shown on the screens, and the latest gadgets can be viewed and purchased on the spot – of course, by bank transfer.

In addition, any visitor can use the 3D printer installed in the bar. The institution will start operating in Moscow very soon.After that, it is planned to open similar bars in Kazan and St. Petersburg.

Based on materials:

90,000 Printing a seating plan for guests – SPECIAL PRICE!

Examples of printing seating plans

Print cost

Format Cost of printing on matte paper Printing + knurling on foam board 5 or 10 mm white
50 × 70 cm 330 750
55 × 75 cm 360 990
60 × 90 cm 390 1100
1 × 0. 7 m 460 1210
A0 780 2000
A1 390 1150
A2 280 800

Format Cost of printing on semi-matt satin paper Printing + knurling on foam board 5 or 10 mm white
50 × 70 cm 500 870
55 × 75 cm 550 1200
60 × 90 cm 600 1200
1 × 0.7 m 1000 2100
A0 1190 2550
A1 600 1250
A2 420 900

Format Cost of printing on super gloss Epson Printing + knurling on foam board 5 or 10 mm white
50 × 70 cm 750 1120
55 × 75 cm 830 1450
60 × 90 cm 900 1520
1 × 0. 7 m 1050 1730
A0 1790 3110
A1 890 1500
A2 630 1220

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Original printing products are very important for any festive event. Invitation cards that are sent to guests long before the important day, bonbonnieres, envelopes, commemorative photo books, bottle stickers, various posters and posters used to decorate the interior – every detail counts. The style lies in the details – and therefore all printing should be of the highest quality and corresponding to the general theme of the celebration.

Printing a seating plan is another essential attribute of any lavish party:

  • Contact Copy Brothers and we will produce for you the most exquisite and effective printing products that will reflect the unique style of the upcoming event
  • The seating plan for guests can be of absolutely any format – from a standard A4 sheet that fits in a regular folder to a large-scale poster that can be hung in the banquet hall
  • As for the base material (media used for placing information) , it can be paper of various degrees of density and gloss, as well as cotton canvas.It is possible to roll the poster onto a substrate or corrugated board – so that the printed product acquires additional rigidity and volume

Our clients

A poster informing guests about the rules for placing in the banquet hall is not only a necessary thing that allows you to simplify and streamline the organization of the holiday, but also a significant element of decor, so it should be decorated as effectively and stylishly as possible. Copy Brothers uses modern German-made printing equipment and European inks to ensure the most accurate color reproduction.All printed products of our production fully comply with the provided layouts and meet the highest quality standards.

A few more arguments for ordering a seating plan from Copy Brothers:

  • We accept new applications 24 hours a day
  • We are located in the very center of Moscow
  • We do not require prepayment when placing an order through the website
  • We organize courier delivery of finished products.If necessary, we can send printing products to any region of Russia
  • We make good discounts for large customers
  • If necessary, we will help in choosing a suitable medium and format for printing products, or we will independently develop a layout (we have an experienced layout designer who can realize the most daring creative ideas)

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