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Good pan, but overpriced I bought this pan to make “Detroit style” pizza based on a recommendation and recipe on the Serious Eats website, and it works perfectly well for that purpose. However, I can’t see anything special or unique about this pan to justify its relatively high price. It’s an ordinary, medium-weight aluminum pan. Similar pans are available from many other manufacturers (e.g., Chicago Metallic) for a fraction of the price. 3If you are even considering Detroit style pizza, get this pan! Excellent quality that produces superior results to all other options, I highly recommend it!After a few trips to various Detroit style pizza shops, I had to try the style at home myself. I first tried with some smaller 9″ round cake pans, and the pizza itself turned out good – but the pizza stuck to the bottom of the “non-stick” pans, and it was quite difficult to get them out with mostly squared off tools.
I then moved on to rectangular cake pans that were also “non-stick” but had similar issues with sticking to the bottom and also found that the nearly vertical sides were less than ideal.Enter LloydPans. I held off from the investment in something that seemingly had a very specific use case, but honestly the results are so phenomenal compared to the alternatives I can’t see making this style of pizza any other way. The size is perfect, I get either 6 or 8 slices which is great for my family dinners as well as the common size I like to make for dough balls. The quality of the pan is outstanding – It is very well made and could easily hold up to serious abuse in a commercial kitchen. The real game changer is the non-stick abilities of this pan. You can go ahead and try to burn a pizza in it, but it still won’t stick. In addition, the gently sloped sides work to help extract the pizza easier but also form a good angle for the crust to pull away during baking. Overall, I’m very impressed and might even buy a second one to make two pizzas at once when I have friends over.
The recipe I use is from Serious Eats -300g KA Bread Flour220g h3o5g Yeast9g SaltBulk rise for 2hrs550 for 17mins on middle rack in LloydPan 10×14 5Makes a great lasagna pan too! Great Pan. I’ve made lasagna with this pan, and it turned out amazing. Crispier top with carmelized tomato sauce. No burnt lasagna pieces on the bottom (sauce on the bottoms before putting noodles. Ended up working better than my 9 x 13 Pyrex as a lasagna pan (I could fit more layers of sauce, noodles and ricotta spread than using my Pyrex). I’ve left a photo.The pan made a beautiful golden crust on the bottom. I could have made it crispy brown but opted out of doing. The Detroit Pizza Recipe by Kenji Lopez-Alt was my goto and worked out amazing with this pan. 5Homemade Red Top – Detroit style I live in Metro Detroit and have many options for Detroit Style red tops – Cloverleaf, Buddy’s, Louie’s, Shield’s are all a short drive. However, sometimes you just want to make one at home and this pan does the trick.
I’ve made several in this pan as well as some other dishes too that slide right out. This is made in the U.S.A., welded at the seams. It’s not blue steel like the originals from the auto factories but it does what it’s supposed to and you don’t have to season it. 5Great pan for making Detroit style pizza Great pan for making Detroit style pizza. I originally ordered a 10 x 14 pan and liked it so much I ordered two of these smaller pans so I could make the same amount of dough but have twice as much crust and corners since that is the best part of Detroit Style pizza. Crust crips up nicely, cheese carmelizes well and the pizza releases from the pan easily. Worth the money, I was using a cake pan and that works okay but the crust doesn’t brown up as nicely and the cheese doesn’t caramelize as well either and the pizza certainly wants to stick too. The coating on the Lloyds pan works well this might be what makes the pan expensive but it is worth the money as long as the coating holds up and it appears that it will without issue.
5the most delicious pizza – our new favorite! This pan is fantastic. I was skeptical & thought it would be an absolute mess to clean up, but boy was I mistaken. The thick-crust pizza just slid out of there nice & easy. And the pizza was absolutely delicious – our new favorite. I used the recipe from king arthur flour and added toppings per our family’s choice. Clean-up was a breeze – pizza residue just wiped off easy peasy. I’m going to order another one so I can make 2 pizzas at a time.(was debating whether to get this one or the smaller – very happy I went with the larger option) 5Disappointed I literally received this today and just opened it. As I was opening it I noticed several places on the pan where the coating is either not applied or is chipped off. I can t imagine this will be good for long term use. Disappointed considering that this isn t a heavy gauge pan when I paid heavy gauge price for it to arrive in this condition.
1Deeeeetrreooooitttt Basketball….. PIZZA I mean This is bomb. Moving from Detroit to Seattle was a shock. I kept trying to order a square pizza, I swear, I felt like the pizza places thought I was autistic. Would you like us to cut your pizza into a square? … took a few months to realize that Deep dish pizza dosent exist. A year later the craving was too much and had to throw down on this pan. It was Lit. Worked much better than an aluminum pan. 5Wonderful non-stick pan for Detroit style pizza While I’ve only used my pan once, the experience was impressive.First off, my Detroit style pizza didn’t stick at all. I gave it a quick wash with warm soapy water and dried it thoroughly before use, but otherwise only gave it a quick coating of butter before pressing my pizza dough in and had no problems removing the finished pizza after baking.So, not only did it provide for ease of use, but the pizza it produced as quite impressive.
The crust was perfectly crispy as a Detroit style pizza should be, which was great to see since I didn’t know how my dough recipe would work in this pan.I did notice a couple of really small chips in the coating on the rim of the pan, so I’ll keep my eye on those with continued use to see if they rust.Otherwise, though, great pan that performed exactly as it should. I used a metal spatula to remove my finished pizza from the pan and just as LloydPans said, the use of a metal spatula didn’t damage the pan at all. Great product, and I look forward to making more pizza’s in this pan. 5I was looking for a nice pan to do deep dish pizza and so I … I was looking for a nice pan to do deep dish pizza and so I thought I would try this one. It works perfectly and I like using it for other dishes that I want to have a crisp bottom and sides. After using it, cleanup is easy and I feel it was worth what I spent and plan on purchasing a second one. I would recommend this to others.

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Thin-Crust Pizza Dough Recipe | Allrecipes

I’ve been working for over a year trying to get a thin cracker like crust and this is it! followed the directions as is and rolled out to approximately 1/8th inch thick. turned out great. Placed a large flat cast iron pan in the oven at 500 while it preheated. Then baked the crust for 1 minute on this hot pan. I then pulled it out and added my toppings to avoid the crust being soggy and put it back in for another 5 minutes.

I split the dough in half, cooked one and froze the other. Added some rosemary and oregano to the mix to get a little Italian herb taste to it as well…just to change it up. Always put the dough on a heated pizza stone and I also bake it for a couple minutes so it firms up a little bit.

This pizza dough was really easy and delicious. I added 1/4 cup sugar instead of the amount called for. This recipe is a winner and will be my “go to” pizza crust!

Changes I have made: This base amounts is definitely for two 12 inch pizzas, not one. Use Bread Flour not all-purpose. Does not need salt. Let dough sit overnight in fridge for best taste, if possible. Push out dough with fingers not rolling pin. (This allows for a little bump at the edges for a crust) When pushing out the dough, use cornmeal not flour. Preheat a cast-iron skillet in oven if you don’t have a baking stone. Oil skillet before adding dough, and build the pizza in the skillet. Drop the temp to 400-425F an cook for 15 minutes.

This is a great crust. I used a bakers yeast that didn’t require time to rise and increased the sugar to 1/8 C. I added some oregano and garlic the second time I made it to add some flavor to the crust. This is my new go to easy crust for pizza!

2.19.17 I made this in my KA stand mixer andI had to add about 1/4 cup more flour to get it to a consistency to knead and roll out. However, this certainly was “quick and easy,” and the dough was very easy to work with. We love thin crust pizza, but would have preferred this to be a bit more tender. Lynda Q thanks for sharing your recipe.

Dough turned out nicely and is a quick and easy from scratch dinner solution. Structurally, the dough worked great and made plenty of pizza for two. Taste wise it’s still lacking something. We added some Penzey’s pizza seasoning during the kneading process, but it still needs more. I’d add more salt next time and additionally maybe add some garlic powder to the mixture next time and sprinkle more pizza seasoning on top before baking. 10 minutes on the rotating pizza oven, 15 in the regular oven at 400 deg F.

Really enjoyed this pizza dough. Added 1 tsp or oregano and 1/4 tsp of garlic powder.

nice and crunchy! instead of baking it at 500f for 10 mins, I did 350f for 25mins

I thought this was ok but hubby did not think the crust was crispy enough.

Sustainable ‘Bake In Tray Pizza’ Proving A Big Hit With Customers

Sustainable ‘Bake In Tray Pizza’ Proving A Big Hit With Customers

20 May 2020

Freshly topped in-store gourmet pizzas are flying off the shelves at participating Foodstuffs North Island stores thanks to a new sustainable packaging solution that enables customers to heat their delicious pizza in its home compostable, no mess bake in tray. From shelf to oven to table with no mess, the pizzas really deliver in both taste and convenience.

Rebecca Tuhakaraina, Foodstuffs North Island Category Manager for Delicatessen and Meal Solutions says, “

Our pizzas have always been popular with our customers and we’re pleased to now be able to offer shelf to oven to table convenience. Our customers have been incredibly receptive to the new home compostable and recyclable packaging, especially as more people look for in-home meal solutions with packaging solutions which are environmentally friendly. ”  

Partnering with New Zealand smart packaging company, Trade Island, this latest innovation combines sustainability and convenience and has been a huge hit with customers. New World Gate Pa owner Tony Ford says, “

We’ve seen huge growth in our freshly topped gourmet pizza sales since changing to this new type of packaging. The convenience of being able to put the pizza directly in the oven in its tray and all the packaging being compostable and recyclable has really appealed to our customers’ values.”

The new pizza packaging comes with impressive eco-credentials: the round tray, which is made from a by-product of sugar cane and corn, uses less space and fewer materials than a traditional square pizza box. The cardboard sleeve is compostable and recyclable, the bagasse tray is home compostable once used and the transparent plastic lid is made out of rPET, which means it’s made of recycled PET (type 1 plastic) and widely recyclable in New Zealand.   

Other benefits of the plant fibre packaging is that it helps keep the kitchen tidy. Since the pizza is cooked in its packaging, customers can look forward to having no more messy ovens with cheese drips to clean up, and even better, any leftover pizza can be popped in the fridge with its resealable lid. 

The sustainable packaging around ready-to-heat meals is a space we will continue to innovate in as our customers live and purchase more sustainably. We’re looking forward to introducing more sustainable packaging solutions soon,” finishes Tuhakaraina. 

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