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Pirate Hat and Eye Patch

Enameled Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Plated Silver Initial Letter with a Flower, make you more beautiful and personality. This grill does not replace any part of your factory grill. Door Stopper and Door Magnetic Latch (4 inch) : Home Improvement, Our Parchment Paper sheets will be your best choice, Polyester Fiber (polyester) 100%, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Crazy Aunt i am Beauty i am Grace if You Mess with at Men’s Clothing store, you can be proud to wear jewelry knowing that each piece is crafted with the finest attention to detail, Pirate Hat and Eye Patch. This insert can be adapted to fit any vehicle on the market with ’s screw-in adapters that are available in several sizes, ③ Stylish Design: Toilet brush with a canister makes your bathroom look more neat and tidy. please contact us with attached pictures about the problem. BHUB RB – 18831: Industrial & Scientific, Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns, **(( Add an extender & wear it as a barefoot sandal. Vintage 40s Novelty Print Fabric Blue Floral Fabric, What you receive: – Any 10 clipart packs (please specify which you would like in the message to seller) in either. Marked on the bottom Quevilly faience de Salins, Pirate Hat and Eye Patch. If for some reason your package gets lost in transit. Kapok Jewel’s handmade hoop earrings Silver minimalist, we suggest doing a snug fit; most other bracelets (6 or 8 mm beads) should have a comfort fit, These measurements already have ease subtracted and they are not actual fabric widths. We can mix and match any of our colors in your order. I try not to show the unique colors and textures of each fabric as accurately as possible. This shirt is NOT personalized with a name. This is a small milk glass mixing bowl with a cherry design on it. Shop Tds Online Store at the Arts, Pirate Hat and Eye Patch.

Pirate Hat – Avian Fashions

Size Guide

Hat Size Chart

Hat Size Chart designed for standard bird sizes.   See species chart below for corresponding size. Sizes limited. (Pigeons wear size 00)

Size Chart Size Hat Size
Birds Larger Than Colossal 4 (only available in certain styles)


SPECIES (sub type) SIZE TAG #
African Grey (Cameroon) X-WIDE PLUS  10
African Grey (Congo) X-WIDE  9
African Grey (Timneh) WIDE  7
Amazon (Green Cheeked) WIDE PLUS 8
Amazon (Most varieties) X-WIDE  9
Amazon (Lilac-crowned) WIDE PLUS  8
Amazon (Mexican Red Head) WIDE PLUS 8
Amazon (Panama) WIDE PLUS  8
Amazon (Red Crowned) WIDE PLUS  8
Amazon (Yellow-naped) X-WIDE  9
Aracari  LARGE 6
Bourke Parakeet X-SMALL  2
Budgie (American) PETITE  1
Budgie (English) X-SMALL  2
Caique MEDIUM  5
Cockatiel (Those larger than average size may better fit a size MEDIUM – size tag #5. ) SMALL 4
Cockatoo (Bare-eyed) WIDE PLUS  8
Cockatoo (Citron) X-WIDE 9
Cockatoo (Ducorps) WIDE PLUS 8
Cockatoo (Eleonora) X-LARGE  12
Cockatoo (Goffin) WIDE 7
Cockatoo (Greater Sulphur Crested) JUMBO 13
Cockatoo (Lesser Sulphur Crested) X-WIDE 9
Cockatoo (Medium Sulphur Crested) X-LARGE  12
Cockatoo (Moluccan/M2) JUMBO 13
Cockatoo (Rose-Breasted Gelah) WIDE PLUS 8
Cockatoo (Triton) JUMBO 13
Cockatoo (Umbrella) X-LARGE 12
Conure (Black-capped) – Those larger than average size may better fit a size SMALL – (size tag #4). JR. SMALL


Conure (Black Mexican) LARGE 6
Conure (Blue-crown) LARGE 6
Conure (Cherry Headed) LARGE 6
Conure (Crimson-bellied) JR SMALL 3
Conure (Dusky) SMALL 4
Conure (Fiery-shouldered) X-SMALL 2
Conure (Golden) WIDE 7
Conure (Green-cheek) – Smaller GCC’s may better fit size X-SMALL PLUS (size tag 2.5) JR SMALL 3
Conure (Half-moon) SMALL 4
Conure (Jenday) SMALL 4
Conure (Maroon-bellied) JR SMALL  3
Conure (Mitred) LARGE 6
Conure (Nanday) LARGE 6
Conure (Patagonian) LARGE 6
Conure (Pineapple) JR SMALL 3
Conure (Rose Crowned) SMALL 4
Conure (Sun) MEDIUM 5
Conure (White-Eyed) MEDIUM 5
Crow (Fish) X-WIDE 9
Dove (Ring Neck, smaller) LARGE 6
Dove (Ring Neck, larger) WIDE 7
Dove (Senegal) MEDIUM 5
Eclectus (Grand) X-WIDE LONG 11
Eclectus (Red-Side) X-WIDE PLUS 10
Eclectus (Soloman Island) X-WIDE 9
Eclectus (Vos Maeri) X-WIDE LONG 11
Indian Ring Neck  LARGE 6
Kakariki X-SMALL PLUS 2. 5
Kakariki (Red Fronted) X-SMALL PLUS 2.5
Jardine LARGE 6
Lorikeet (Rainbow) LARGE 6
Lorikeet (Smaller) MEDIUM 5
Lorikeet, Rainbow (Australia) MEDIUM 5
Lorikeet, Red Collar (Australia) MEDIUM 5
Lorikeet, Scaly (Australia) SMALL 4
Lovebird (Most) X-SMALL 2
Lovebird (Black Masked) PETITE 1
Lovebird (Fischer’s) PETITE 1
Macaw (Blue & Gold) MAMMOTH 14
Macaw (Blue & Gold – Larger) COLOSSAL 15
Macaw (Canide) JUMBO 13
Macaw (Green Wing) COLOSSAL 15
Macaw (Hahn’s) LARGE 6
Macaw (Hyacinth) COLOSSAL 15
Macaw (Illigers) WIDE 7
Macaw (Military) MAMMOTH 14
Macaw (Red-Headed) LARGE 6
Macaw (Red-Shouldered aka Nobel) LARGE 6
Macaw (Scarlet) MAMMOTH 14
Macaw (Severe) WIDE PLUS 8
Macaw (Yellow Collared) LARGE 6
Parakeet (Alexandrine) LARGE 6
Parakeet (American) PETITE 1
Parakeet (BeeBee) X-SMALL PLUS  2. 5
Parakeet (Canary Winged) X-SMALL PLUS 2.5
Parakeet (Derbyan) LARGE 6
Parakeet (Lineolated) X-SMALL 2
Parakeet (Moustached) LARGE 6
Parakeet (Plum-Headed) SMALL 4
Parakeet (Rosella) MEDIUM 5
Parakeet (Yellow Chevroned) JR SMALL 3
Parrot (Australian King) WIDE 7
Parrot (Cape) WIDE 7
Parrot (Hawk-Headed) LARGE 6
Parrot (Meyers) SMALL 4
Parrot (Princess) LARGE  6
Parrot (Red Bellied) SMALL 4
Parrot (Red Fan) WIDE 7
Parrotlet PETITE 1
Pigeons (All wear same hat size) MEDIUM 00 hats
Pionus LARGE 6
Pionus (Maximillian) LARGE 6
Quaker MEDIUM 5
Robin (American) SMALL 4
Senegal (African) SMALL 4
Starling JR SMALL 3
Toucan (Green) LARGE 6
Toucanet (Spot-Billed) LARGE 6
Thrasher JR SMALL 3

$15. 00 USD

Ahoy Matey!

This fun Pirate Hat with Skull and Crossbones appliqué makes a great costume for Halloween or just to be the center of attention at your next gathering.

Can be purchased with the Pirate FlightSuit™.

Pirate Costumes – Disguises Costumes Hire & Sales

Pirate Costumes for Men, Women and Kids

The popularity and success of Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have made pirate themed fancy dress parties very popular in recent years and at Disguises we have a great choice of pirate costumes and accessories for both guys and girls.

Dressing up in a swashbuckling pirate costume is great fun and will get you all ready to have a memorable night. At Disguises we can help to get you looking totally authentic with our range of buccaneer outfits, wigs, boots, toy muskets, fake tattoos and more.

Pirate facts and folklore fascinate most people and just so that you are all in the know, here are some interesting, fun facts about pirates that you can use as inspiration for your choice of pirate costumes and accessories.

…Read More

Pirate Costumes for Men, Women and Kids

The popularity and success of Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have made pirate themed fancy dress parties very popular in recent years and at Disguises we have a great choice of pirate costumes and accessories for both guys and girls.

Dressing up in a swashbuckling pirate costume is great fun and will get you all ready to have a memorable night. At Disguises we can help to get you looking totally authentic with our range of buccaneer outfits, wigs, boots, toy muskets, fake tattoos and more.

Pirate facts and folklore fascinate most people and just so that you are all in the know, here are some interesting, fun facts about pirates that you can use as inspiration for your choice of pirate costumes and accessories.

The most famous and scary pirate of all time was probably Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach. He was the captain of a ship called The Queen Anne’s Revenge, which he captured from the French navy in 1717. Despite being the most well known pirate, Blackbeard wasn’t the most successful pirate of all time; that accolade probably goes to Bartholomew Roberts aka Black Bart who, at the height of his success, is reported to have captured over 400 ships.

The origins of the pirates skull and crossbones flag, known as the Jolly Roger, are actually unknown but two popular theories are that it might of come from the red flag that the French navy used to use called the Joli Rogue which translates to “pretty red” and was used warned other ships that no mercy would be shown in battle. The other popular theory is that the Jolly Roger was derived from “Old Roger” – a historic term for the Devil!

Pirates weren’t only men, there were a few successful female pirates too including Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, and Ching Shih.

Contrary to popular belief, most pirate treasure wasn’t gold and silver. It was usually more practical loot like food, lumber, cloth, and animal hides that they either kept for their own use or traded for gold or silver.

From around 1650 onwards, the pirates used to congregate at a new hideout in Jamaica called Port Royal, which is where the reference in the Pirates of the Caribbean films comes from. Port Royal was a wild and crazy place where the pirates used to go to party and trade their ill-gotten gains. Misfortune met with Port Royal in 1692 though when an earthquake destroyed it.

Every pirate ship used to have it’s set of rules, which were mostly about what was expected of everyone onboard and how any loot would be divided up. Surprisingly, despite each ship having it’s own rules, the one rule they all had in common was that there was to be no fighting aboard the ship between the crew!

Grog was the pirate’s favorite drink. It was a cocktail of rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar. Huh, are you wondering if that’s where rum punch came from like we are?!

So, there you have it! Now you’re all in the know about pirates, you just need to get your pirate costume ordered and you’re ready for a great night of fun. Dressing in costume can be an amazing way to put aside your identity for a night in order to let your fun, playful side out. With a pirate costume, you can be ready to show your whimsical side for any big event, from Halloween party to fancy dress gala. When you’re hoping to make a swash-buckling entrance into your next costumed occasion, a pirate costume is the perfect way to put your dress up skills to the test.

Our Range of Pirate Costumes

Don’t want to buy a pirate costume but still need all the style and edge an amazing outfit can bring? We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of pirate costumes for hire to make sure you can achieve the look you want. Our selection includes both men’s and women’s costumes in dozens of colors, styles, and cuts, guaranteeing the right fit for any event. In addition, we also carry a full line of child-sized costumes for your little one’s fancy dress needs.

Don’t need a whole costume? No worries – we also carry pirate-themed accessories, like boots and swords, to provide the perfect finishing touches to any look. Whether you want to dress as a sultry pirate maiden or a sword-slinging Jack Sparrow, our selection of costumes can provide the perfect solution for any costume party.

Premium Quality and Affordable Prices

Purchasing costumes online can be questionable at times, allowing no opportunity for shoppers to feel fabrics, verify sizing, and determine appropriate quality. Instead of purchasing a costume blindly and hoping it’s the right choice, you can always count on us. We only stock high quality costumes designed to create an amazing look, ensuring you get the right fit for any event without worrying about receiving a costume of questionable caliber.

Real Leather Pirate Hat – LeatherMaster.Com.Au

These hats are available now and can be shipped the day of purchase. Create or print a pirate hat template.


If you’re drawing your own template, you have some freedom when it comes to the shape of your.

Real leather pirate hat. It could also be a tricorn hat but smaller in shape while still doing its job of protecting the head from rain and sun. Some of our items are inspired by historical pirates like blackbeard and captain morgan, so you can add authentic flair to your outfit with an infamous pirate vest or privateer coat. Real fur hat, 1/6 scale anime figure, barbie 1:6 scale furniture, hat 1:6 military & adventure action figures, 1:6 scale diecast & toy vehicles, mens pirate hat, russian real fur hat, pirate costume hats and headgear, leather pirate boots

To purchase please contact hatter jeff mackay at [email protected] and include in stock: These are all hand made in the us. 6 high 16 1/2 diameter made of:

Buy it now +$25.94 shipping. Each of these leather hats is handmade. 4.1 out of 5 stars 4.

Leather tricorne hats be very difficult ta come by! 4.5 out of 5 stars (67) 67 reviews £ 55.00. Get it as soon as wed, dec 9.

Real leather handmade tricorn pirate hat. Notify me when this product is available: Captain jack’s pirate hats available now without the wait.

4 out of 5 stars (52) 52 reviews $ 40.95 free shipping favorite add to jack sparrow leather tricorn tricorner pirate hat milliner made acmebrandreplicas. We steam n’ shape these fine tricornes right in arr The materials and traditions in hat making can be divided into three segments:

All of my finely made authentic pirate hats be made of 100% real wool.it’s become very hard to come by good quality wool hat blanks. Pirate tricorn hat, men’s fancy dress halloween costume, women’s pirate halloween costume, faux leather pirate hat, pirate fancy dress hat theheadonista. Our striped pirate jackets, brocade pirate coats, and leather pirate jackets provide more striking options for when you brave the open sea.

Real leather handmade tricorn pirate hat. Charades adult rum pirate hat. More buying choices cdn$ 21.20 (2 new offers)

Made from a fantastic embossed old leather, with the coolest patterning, which runs all the way round and underneath too. Buy it now +$25.15 shipping. Tricorn hat be also known as three cornered hat be the classic pirate hat.

Free delivery on your first order of items shipped by amazon. Scallywag tricorn blood red costume cosplay pirate hat for adults. …a pirate day (september 19th) with elope’s scallywag tricorn hat.

Medieval celtic renaissance ren faires pirate leather hat musketeer hat. Here be arrrr limited supply. If you need to make multiple pirate hats, consider drawing a stencil on a separate piece of poster board.

Leather pirate hat is a high quality, photo real model that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. Pirate hat real.223 bullet leather strap costume hat. From raw material to finished hat, each fabrication process is extremely labor intensive.

The colonial leather pirate tricorn is most recognizable in depictions of pirates, but this hat has actually been around for quite some time. The sides of the hat are detachable to allow you to create your own look and will keep you in character at your next larp event. This structured tricorn has a textured polyester fabric with a pattern that mimics the patina leather retains from years of wear.

You can find a pirate hat template online, or you can draw one yourself directly on the poster board. We have searched fer them fer throughout the 7 seas. Page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1.

Steampunk hat pirate freebooter gold hunter skull leather short top hat 2 tones c $ 128.99 buy it now medieval celtic renaissance cosplay pirate costume leather peasant farmer hat Hat name and a paypal invoice will be emailed to you for payment. Dating back to the 18th century, the tricorn was widespread among military officials, naval officers, and civilians.

S p o u y n q b s o r e a n d v x f b r. 4.3 out of 5 stars 5. 4.2 out of 5 stars 47.

On occasions, a pirate hat is practical with a small brim. 3.8 out of 5 stars 41. Leather pirate hat medieval celtic renaissance tricorn triangle old pirate hat.

Captain jack tricorn leather pirate hat 4. 5 out of 5 stars 29. Skull & crossbones pirate hat handmade real leather. Leather tricorn hats be much more water resistant than wool felt ones, n’ they are a bit heavier so they stay on yar head better in the wind n’ are p

During the time period they were referred to as cocked hats. Real leather pirate tricorn hat | etsy this is probably my favourite hat ever !

Pin on Jack Sparrow Hat

Sword baldric Leather projects, Leather working, Peter

Viking helmet Viking helmet, Costume hats, Leather hats

Custom Made Handcrafted Authentic Pirate Hats by Master

Pirates wife Leather Tricorn Hat The Kraken Pirates and

Never get lost again… Leather Tricorn Hat www

Brielle’s Pirate Costume in 2020 Pirate woman, Costumes

Leather tricorn hat “Jack Sparrow” ver. 4, leather pirate

Wildforlife Anime One Piece Straw Hat Pirates

Pin on Medieval and Fantasy Garb

We have Racks & Racks of Pirate Coats in a Huge Variety of

Loftus International Leatherette Pirate TriCorner

Steampunk Mini hat, imitation leather fabric with pirate

Leather tricorn hat “Jack Sparrow”, genuine leather

Men’s Pirate Hats Pirate hats, Pirates, Hats for men

Complete Ladies Pirate Costume 🎃 Female pirate costume

steampunk cowboy bounty hunter top hat with monocle in

Medieval Celtic Renaissance SCA Larp Leather Musketeer Hat

Anne Bonny Custom Made Handcrafted Authentic Pirate Hats

– funbox.


– funbox.com.au

  • Colour Me In Cheek Pirate Backpack

    Colour Me In Cheek Pirate Backpack

    Argh Me Hearties! Who wouldn’t want to colour-in their very own Cheeky Pirate!
    Kids get to colour-in their backpack then keep their treasures in it.

    * Size: Approx. 29cm (H) x 22cm (W) x…

  • DIY Pirate Hat and Eye Patch!

    DIY Pirate Hat and Eye Patch!

    Ahoy me mateys! ARRR you ready to go on a treasure hunt?! Then first make your pirate hat and eye patch and get ready for a swashbuckling adventure! 

    Kit includes:

    1 x Themed stick…

  • DIY Binoculars Kit

    DIY Binoculars Kit

    DIY  Binoculars Kit

    SO fun and easy to make— just unfold and decorate these unique binoculars any way you want! 

    Each kit comes with plastic lenses . ..

  • Assorted Stickers – $10 for pack of 50

    Assorted Stickers – $10 for pack of 50

    Add your own creative touch to your craft projects, with an assortment of stickers. 

    Some themes include:

    • Christmas
    • Vegetables
    • Fruit
    • Jewish Celebra…
  • Pre-order for July – Babushka Nesting Dolls

    Pre-order for July – Babushka Nesting Dolls


    A super fun activity to suit a variety of themes! See the images for ideas. 

    *Please note that these do not come printed.

    Kit includes:

    1 x Set o…

  • Treasure Map Colouring Sheets

    Treasure Map Colouring Sheets

    Arrrr you ready to find some treasure?! 

    Create your own treasure map and find an awesome hiding spot for your loot! 

    This kit includes:

    12 x 4 pack of washable markers


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Historical and fantasy clothing, weapons and decorative items, for theatre, re-enactment, LARP, fantasy fairs or theme parties

Historical and fantasy clothing and accessories at Pirates Cave.

You are re-enactor or you’re interested in LARP? You work for an entertainment company and you are searching for historical or fantasy clothing like a Pirate or Musketeer coat, Medieval or Western shirt, A Victorian trouser or Western waistcoat?
Or do you just need some accessories, like a top hat, a bowler, medieval head wear, or a flintlock pistol or rifle, a Seagurd dagger or a Sabre?
Or do you have your own weaponry, but still need a leather baldric, leather belt or nice quality leather shoes or boots?

Well you do not have to search anymore, because you might find it here.

The colour options of each article are mentioned in each description, just choose the desired colour!

*  All prices are shown included 21% VAT.

* *  All foreign customers outside the European Union (EU), wil be automaticly charged without Dutch VAT

* * *  Intra-community transactions Vat 0% For foreign Companies inside the EU, buying for it’s own business with valid VAT

For mor information see our Info in the footer.

In our Period Clothing section, you can find f.e.:



Medieval, fantasy, folk and LARP clothing like cloaks and hoods, shirts, bodices, jackets, skirts, dresses, pants and gambesons.
A line of Medieval, fantasy, Sheriff of Nottingham inspired waistcoats and wraps.
A line of Medieval, fantasy, Beowulf and Grendel, inspired wraps in many colours and fabrics.
A line of Medieval, fantasy, Mists of Avalon inspired dresses, waistcoats, cloaks and hoods
For the knights we have tunics, coats of armor (surcoats) and jerkins.

Renaissance clothing like capes shirts and doublets.
line of Renaissance cloaks and doublets inspired by Shakespeare in
Love, The Tudors, Dangerous Beauty inspired and more movies.

Pirate clothing like breeches, pants, Pirate Captain coats,
waistcoats, shirts, Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Carribean) inspired

19th Century Victorian and fantasy Steampunk articles like vests, gilets, waistcoats and tailcoats.
ladies costume sets, Dickens / Victorian / Steampunk inspired,
containing skirt, sash, belt or cincher and waistcoat, capelet or
A line of Civil War, Dickens / Victorian style cloaks and capelets (capes) in many colours.
A line of Sweeney Todd inspired waistcoats
A line of Steampunk, Victorian, Gipsy, Mad Hatter and Old West inspired waistcoats

also some Dark Wear or Gothic clothing like coats, jackets and shirts,
Hussar jackets, Military jackets, tops, vests, spencers, sweaters,
movie inspired clothing.

and much more ……

** In our Clothing crochet or knitted section, you can find f.e.:

Fantasy capelets, sweaters, vests and spencers: NOW on SALE!

and much more …..

** In our Hats and wigs section, you can find f.e.:


Medieval wool hats and ladies bonnets, berets without feathers.
Renaissance and folklore hats, Musketeer, berets with feathers.
Baroque Pirate tricorn hats.
and Folk smoking hats, Steampunk bowlers, Old Western new and antique
hats like top hats, bowlers, antique ladies hats, smoking hats in many
fabrics and colours.
Fantasy witch and wizard hats like Dumbledoors
smoking hat and Gandalf the grey wool wizard hat, crochet or knitted
hats like fairy- gnome- pixie- pumpkin hats
Fantasy wigs like indian, pirate or Baroque, grandma and Mozart wigs.

and much more ……

** In our Accessories section, you can find f.e.:


Medieval collars, cloak pins.
Renaissance collars, jabots and cravats.
Baroque boot tops, bandanas, jabots and cravats.
Steampunk glasses and hat pins, Steampunk chokers and cuffs, Steampunk
(Old West) jabots and cravats in many colours and fabrics.
Fantasy Mad Hatter hat pins, fantasy crochet or knitted pixie pouches, pixie armwarmers, pixie capelets and belts.
All knitted and crochet articles are NOW on SALE!

and much more …..

** In our Children clothing section, you can find f.e.:

Historic Medieval quality children’s clothing or stage clothing such as
dresses, skirts, trousers, cloaks, tunics, tops, shirts and bodices,
for boys and girls, in various colours and usually made of cotton or
velvet, also berets as headwear.
Theatre clothing for roleplay,
fantasy fairs, theatre, theme parties or quality clothing for Carnival,
but can also be used as circus clothing.

and more….

** In our Leather articles section, you will find:


Medieval and fantasy leather jerkin, tunic, hoods, coat, vest, bodice,
leather boots and shoes, leather bracers and wristcuffs, belts and
bags, Roman boots and shoes
Renaissance leather boots, dagger / sword carriers
Baroque leather boots, baldrics or dagger / sword carriers
Victorian leather sword carriers
And of course for all periods good quality pouches in several colours

All articles for re-enactment, LARP, theatre or fantasy events.

and more ……

** In our Weaponry section, you can find f.e.:


Replicas and fantasy weaponry for decoration but also for battle (battle ready).
decoration, fantasy fairs or re-enactment, we have fine Denix pistols
and rifles from the 19th and 18th Century, made from real wood, iron
and cast iron.
Swords and Renaissance rapiers for Kings, Knights,
Freemason (freemasonry), Musketeers and Pirates, but also Militairy
Officer sabres from the American civil War era and briquet sabres are
for sale at Pirates Cave.

Medieval and fantasy daggers, letter
openers and crossbows, bows, arrows and accessories, shields,
chainmail, Roman and Medieval swords, helmets and more armoury,
decorative cannons, Indiana Jones whips, halberts, axes, powder flasks,
sherif and marshal badges, pirate pouch with coins.

Of the Brands: Denix, Marto, Cas Hanwei, Gladius, Urs Velunt battle ready, Haller and Bows by Beier.

and more ……

** In our Fancy dress section, you can find:


Carnaval costumes and childrens fantasy clothing, like Witches,
cowboys, Indians, musketeers, princesses, Village People characters,

and more…

** In our Decoration section, you can find f.e.:


Nautical gifts, witch dolls, skeleton dolls, big spiders and bats. A bat is made of soft foam and the big black spider is real scary. Each leg can be bend like you want.

Small figurines like a gnome, a witch, a pirate, a wizard, skeletons and fairies.
princess and pirate theme party decorations like flag pirate lines,
balloones, witch cauldron, thunderlight, spooky shadows

and more ……

The figurines like the witches, wizzards and pirates can vary from about 10 to 30 cm.

** In our Toys section, you can find:


Pirate toys like stampsets, telescope, pistols, pirate beach play sets,
pirate dols, Board game Pirate Duel, Hooks hook, pirate play sets and
Fantasy toys like a knights sword and shield, indian dagger, indian
pipe, indian breastplate, shot gun and ammorces, foam axes, books and stickers
and tattoos for children.

and more ……

** In our Link partners section you can find all kind of links to f.e.:
All kind of Pirate links, Bands and other music makers, Fantasy links, shooting links, LARP links, Re-enactment links and a section for all kind of links (don’t mis this link section)!
Beneath all these links you can find information and links about faires and festivals.

Pirates Cave, the place to dream away!


Do take notice of;
Some pictures can reflect the colours of the articles not quite correctly in comparison of the real article, also depending on the view on everyone’s screen.


Jolly Roger, the Pirate – Buy Book | Joe | 9780170388795 | Primary


Meet Jolly Roger and his pirates as Jolly Roger tries to find his pirate hat. Where could it be?





Beverley Randell


Mother Bear, Father Bear and Baby Bear are picking blackberries. But where could Baby Bear’s blackberries be?

Beverley Randell


Father Mouse is looking for some bread. Can he find it before the cat finds him?

Beverley Randell


A hungry little kitten is looking for food. Maybe a boy can help the little kitten?

Beverley Randell


Sally plants some beans and looks after them and soon she has 10 little green beans.

Beverley Randell


Baby Hippo goes for a walk but does not see the hungry lions. Can Mother Hippo save baby hippo?

Annette Smith


Harry and his toy robot Jet are looking at all the things in the garden that can fly. And Jet has a surprise for Harry!

Annette Smith


Rachel and Sam are playing with some little cars. But then Rachel plays a trick on Sam …

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90,000 Travel Australia. Climbing Kostsyushko peak.

Middle-earth is the heaven and hell of the land of the hobbits.

The road there turned out to be far from easy, after all, the end of the Earth. Instead of the promised Moscow-Hong Kong, due to a broken plane we also find ourselves in the Emirates, where we have a nice time at the airport, looking through the windows of the skyscrapers of Dubai and photographing palm trees and fountains of petrodollar bourgeois. Hong Kong, a city of dreams, where Europe still meets Asia, Jackie Chan’s domain, stretching along the shores of a shining bay, where a snow-white ocean liner and an exotic pirate simpan with scarlet sails float nearby.Where high-tech skyscrapers grow out of lush subtropical greenery, and Repals Bay has a five-star hotel with a Feng Shui hole in the middle, so that the dragon living in the neighboring mountain has a view of the sea. Where, after bowing to ancient Chinese deities, you can touch Jackie Chan’s handprints on the boulevard of stars a la Hollywood and taste the smoked skin of a Peking rogue duck. In the evening of the next day, we leave the city of contrasts glowing in the night and huddle in the chair of a huge Boeing, crossing time zones over the unfamiliar islands of mysterious Micronesia on our way to the end of the world – distant New Zealand.

Auckland – the city of sails, white birds gliding along the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean, neat houses fill the slopes and craters of long-extinct volcanoes, and only a TV tower and a small handful of skyscrapers remind of the 21st century. Life here is unhurried, well-fed, the national income of a country with a population of 4 million is half of ours from 141 million Russians. The city is impossibly clean, drowning in flowers, and some blessed Nancy Steen, with the help of the townspeople, laid out an incredibly beautiful garden, where meter-long forget-me-nots hide in kilometers of roses of all colors of the rainbow, even blue, green and purple.The main square looks like a grassy football field, moving dolls arrange Christmas performances in shop windows, all restaurants are occupied by local residents, and an ancient volcano covered with a green carpet is crowned with an observation deck, where there is a signpost – 16202 km to Moscow. Tomorrow starts our car marathon in the country of hobbits.

Now they have the beginning of summer (November), but in winter the most severe frost is about 18-20 Celsius. Therefore, cows (probably more in number than the population) graze on succulent grasses all year round.Moreover, they were trained independently, 2 times a day, to line up for automatic milking, washed by the frequent warm rains here. Thousands of sheep graze peacefully nearby, 2 times a year they are sheared according to the method of a local genius in 40 seconds, producing the famous merino wool, which they have pricked up to mix with gratuitous possum skin and push at ridiculous prices. Possums, nodded by the local population, turned out to be cute little animals that occupied the niche of exterminated rabbits, bred immeasurably (whose carcasses, knocked down at night, cover all the highways).Their main crime is that the ossums offend the kiwi, a cult creature here (New Zealanders even call themselves the kiwi people), carefully guarded and revered. Indeed, the poor wingless bird, which has neither claws, nor teeth, nor wings, was practically destroyed by Maori hunters, has a bunch of enemies, besides the possums – and dingoes, and ferrets, and fires, and only humans can protect it. Kiwi are nocturnal creatures, they dig holes with a long beak, lay only one egg a year, and the male incubates it for 3 months, does not offend anyone, you can see them only in the kiwi park, behind glass, in complete darkness and silence, which we are in awe and we do, no, no click the camera.But painlessly, you can shoot the statues of giant kiwi-like 3-meter mou, cleanly knocked out by the same Maori in ancient times. The Maori were a difficult people, so warlike that they did not obey the predatory British colonialists, and were the only tribe with which Queen Victoria signed an agreement. We receive all the information from Ivan, a 5-year-old emigrant from Irkutsk, a guide, driver and, in general, a nanny in a distant country. And our teeth are talking to us in preparation for the first adventure of our extreme tour – black vity rafting in the Waitomo caves.

Starry sky Waikato caves. Arriving right on schedule, with business-minded young men directing our outfit in wetsuits, helmets, and headlamps. And then something unusual – we try on inflated car cameras on the fifth point and learn to jump backwards from 3 meters into an icy river – so as not to freeze in the dungeon. The black mouth of the cave hides the weak rays of flashlights, we wander in single file over slippery stones, clinging to the stalagmites with inflated circles and rejoice in helmets, hitting the stalactite with our head.Here and there we swim, reflecting on the mysterious words of the guides: “In order not to freeze – do not put your hands in the water – and what then to row?”

A couple of times we jump backwards from small (2-3 meters) waterfalls, we survive – the most frozen are promised a drink from a flask, while we endure. Somewhere in the dark depths, everyone is told to sit down and turn off the lights. And then you understand what all the torment is for. The walls of the cave glow like a starry sky – hundreds of mysterious fireflies live in these wet bowels in the silence and music of the murmuring river.We swim with our heads lifted, forgetting about the cold and are even dissatisfied with the suddenly flashing sunbeam in the hole at a dizzying height – 70 meters (those who wish can climb on climbing ropes.) But we prefer to continue swimming in the flickering light of magical underground inhabitants, maybe gnomes Moriah?

But still, as creatures of light, we rejoice in the sun, a hot soul, hot tomato soup with fried bagels, no one caught a cold, because we climb the steep paths of the surrounding subtropical forest for dripping, tasting the bitter and spicy kava-kava – a favorite plant of the Maori witch doctors, and pose in the sparkling branches of the silver fern – the symbol of New Zealand.The walk is easy and pleasant, but tomorrow we will have a bigger adventure. Ring of fire.

The road to Tongariro National Park – expanses covered with delicate gold of blooming drums, and on the horizon – the snowy peaks of Roupehu. By the road – a hefty figure of kiwi, skillfully woven from roots, cozy motel rooms, outside the window swampy wastelands with distant volcanoes, where legendary birds live, to which I call on the starry night “Kiu-i, kiu-i!”

Tongariro crossing – a 20-kilometer climb to the volcano of the same name , near the inaccessible Ngaruhoe, famous all over the world as Mount Orodruin, where Frodo threw the ring of Omnipotence in the finale of the famous Tolkien trilogy in the embodiment of the Oscar-winning Peter Jackson.An hour’s journey to the first toilet – there is still undersized vegetation and even a tiny waterfall around. Here I receive my first birthday greetings – at home – the first hour of the night. And then the frightening and delightful landscapes of the country of Mordor – volcanic ash, ascents alternate with smooth paths in the center of immense craters, in some places – snow bald patches, festively decorating terracotta shades of melted rock, the fruits of a bizarre game of nature on a planetary scale. The second halt in 2 hours, we pose against the background of the picture-correct Ngaruhoe cone, and again upward, steeper and colder until the picnic that unloaded our backpacks, a snack – hiding behind stones from the wind, the last “puff”, pull on sweaters – and the top.The spectacle of the century is a gigantic crater with erotically twisted earthly flesh of the color of blood and death (the last eruption was 2 years ago), around the cyclopean expanses of the Fiery Volcanic Ring, and a little insect against the background of the battles of the gods and titans of the universe playing out here.

Down is much more difficult. We glide along the talus of the ridge, periodically fall, looking at the poisonous crater lakes of heavenly depths, an ever-increasing amount of greenery and hydrogen sulfide smoke rising from the depths, reminiscent of magma boiling somewhere below us, entering with relief into forest groves with murmuring rivers – return to life … Carbonated Rotorua.

NZ is not only the land of volcanoes, not only fire and molten stones, but also boiling water, geysers, hot springs, in general – a geothermal riot. In front of the entrance to , the famous thermal park is the trunk of the no less famous cowrie tree – a huge, thousand-year-old, with especially hard and, most importantly, almost not decaying wood, such giants are born by this eternally seething earth. Of the flora in the park saturated with hydrogen sulfide, there are only manuka bushes – a plant that looks like a dwarf cherry, with small white flowers, it is not clear how it grows and it is not clear why surrounded by a cloud of bees in this poisonous atmosphere.Moreover, the honey they produce is incredibly healing and terribly expensive, as the percentage of biological activity is, such are the miracles. By all indications, this place is a real purgatory – a mass of holes in the melted stone, where it boils, smokes and smells charmingly now gray mud, now green goo, now something incomprehensible in the clouds of steam, the most disgusting black place is called the devil’s font. Apotheosis – canary green, even a seemingly poisonous lake called the devil’s bath (according to the guide – pure sulfuric acid). Agree. Aesthetically, the next point is consoling – Champagne Lake , the entire surface of which bubbles finely and licks the shore in the form of a scarlet crust of probable iron, and a dazzling white, opalescent fountain explodes in the center of the pearl film, this painting is called the “artist’s palette”. We fearfully move along the narrow bridge, leaving Satan’s apartment with relief. Time is running out, soon a scheduled geyser is promised nearby. In anticipation of the spectacle, we stroll among the tree ferns, contemplating flaps – New Zealand flax, from which the Maori sculpted clothes – by the way, next to their houses made of non-combustible wood – at least something here does not smoke.While waiting, you can lie on the hot ground – 38-40 degrees, warm up your bones, admire the chomping lake of healing mud, see another boiling pit, near which an ugly inscription says that it was here that ancient Maori cannibals were cooked with spices for ritual purposes. … But suddenly the whole audience rushed somewhere – the Prince of Wales geyser started working. To do this, it was worth crossing half the world. With terrible force and noise, three foamy jets in the clouds of snow-white steam beat into the sky and the dead stone influxes immediately turn into a multi-colored waterfall.Everything sparkles, sparkles in the sun, and we forget about the homo sapiens eaten here, and we scratch in the nearest cafe, but we don’t feel like meat. The day ends with dignity in the already familiar hydrogen sulfide vapors of thermal pools, occasionally diluted with soda springs right on the shore of Lake Taupo, where flocks of black swans swim importantly (the color matches the setting). For friends and relatives, so that they not only feast on manuka honey, you can buy all kinds of mineral salts in order to create a branch of hell in your own baths.


We have been given high confidence – admission to White Island – an active volcano in the Pacific Ocean . A short trip on the waters, having previously signed that the kiwi country is not financially responsible for our death in the event of a sudden eruption, transfer by inflatable boats and disembarkation on a rocky coast in foggy gloomy rocks. Some kind of rusty ruins to the green – the remains of a sulfur plant, destroyed with all the workers by the eruption, survived only unknown as a respectfully evacuated cat.Now this island is the private property of devils under the pseudonym Butlers, who planted cabbage from gullible extremals, devilishly cunningly dodging responsibility. Only scientists constantly stay here, seismic sensors are stuck everywhere, and we are equipped with helmets and respirators, because everyone starts coughing from the painfully familiar smell of sulfur. Sadistic guides give out special icemen, happily informing that if the burning steam puffs – turn off the muzzles, but don’t leave the trail – you will fall into the fumarola, fall into the boiling bowels, and if stones fly, covering your head, run after them where you should. A narrow path between the fumaroles – bubbles of the swollen red-hot earth’s crust, into the depths of the underworld, to some incomprehensible rumble. Suddenly, in a sulphurous fog, on the slope of a yellow-gray mountain, giant cracks are visualized, from which, under frenzied pressure, almost at the speed of sound, giant columns of incandescent gases burst into the sky – the valves of hell release pressure before the next eruption, we cannot shout down the rumble and we submissively crawl towards the shores of the crater lake, where all life dissolves without a trace and forever.And the merry guides tell the story of the mysterious disappearance of one of the local scientists – an insane lover of walking on fumaroles, from whom only boots remained. Then these Virgils offer to rinse a copper coin in a stream – it turns gold (old Mephistopheles’ things), and my noble silver chain from the same procedure, of course, darkens. I still want to live, and cautiously looking sideways at these hellish booths, we slowly crawl to the shore, from where, with relief, we return to the ship.On the other hand, the eerie island is covered with greenery and pretends to be ordinary.


Frightened by the bowels of fire – cool off on rafting , but not simple. Again wetsuits, plus helmets and life jackets. We are pulling 6-meter boats on ourselves and forward. I am appointed interpreter for instructor Jimmy, and I am naively glad that the real bloodthirsty Maori Tom is in command of the nearby boat. On the very first threshold, we are no longer up to the transfer, we are trying to learn how to stay on slippery sides, not crack a neighbor with an oar and try not to move backwards for at least a little while.We don’t think about cold and wet, because there is a waterfall ahead. According to the instructions, if the boat capsizes, the main thing is to get out from under it, and there you will somehow be saved. On the way to the noisy monster, Jimmy realizes that it is useless to make fellow rowers out of us, he orders – “to the bottom, and hold on!” I draw air into my lungs and convulsively cling to the rope, trying to keep the oar in my other hand. Later, in the video, I saw with horror how the boat was standing upright, completely disappearing in bubbling foam, then dangerously tilting on its side, the legs of my neighbor flashed in the air, then suddenly you realize that you survived.Jimmy pulls the neighbor by the scruff into the boat, and, not having time to catch our breath, we pass the next threshold, and the flayer-rafter offers to swim voluntarily in the icy waters of a short straight section of the river. And then I just drown, because again we are flooded with frenzied water jets, and choking, with a cry, I promise to strangle the bloodthirsty representative of the Kiwi people (if he doesn’t cook, he drowns). Apparently, I am screaming loudly enough, and this bastard straightens the boat in a more or less calm channel, inviting them to stand up and joyfully wave their hands to the audience on the shore.On the way back, I resignedly drag a heavy raft, and in the process of taking a farewell photograph I try to strangle the villain, but it all ends with a kiss on the cheek. Although the boat with the Maori instructor was really pinched on its side in the waterfall, and they miraculously did not turn over and escaped. Out of the joy of salvation, they have a ritual of “honi” – rubbing their noses according to the native custom. By the way, on the way back, someone cut us off on a truck and the law-abiding drowning instructors immediately tapped the police on their cell phones.


But nevertheless, thanks to treacherous water and volcanic heat, this country is amazingly green, and for a change we drive through the almost tropical forests of the Cromandel ridge to the beautiful Cathedral Bay .Our extreme brothers are going to get there by kayaking, I net – I broke my hands on Tongariro, so I walk along a high mountain trail. The view from the top is stunning, many different-sized emerald islands in the blue of the ocean, sandy cliffs of turquoise bays. White sand and gnarled juniper lace. Pink foxglove bells and ship pines. And the Cathedral Bay itself is a white promontory of the cape like an unprecedented pirate galleon, instead of oars there are horizontally growing trees, green stones in the water – the wreckage of dead ships, a giant rocky arch (the headstone will fall – you will be completely dead)…. I see our guys rowing to the shore with the last of their strength, where another extreme instructor treats gnarled cocoa for small talk, the guys still row back, and while they are merrily swimming in invigorating water, I find myself in high tide under the arch “carry it, Lord!” And. with wet breeches on my shoulder, rushing back. Tomorrow we will fly to Australia.

And in the evening we feast on exotic grubs – we ourselves fry on hot stones, elegantly served on plates, venison and seafood – expensive self-service.But the taste is “special”!


Melbourne – a little more skyscrapers than in Auckland, there are enough solid Victorian-style buildings – the power of the metropolis is felt. There are traffic jams on the roads, a free sightseeing tram circulates in the center, there are many parks, and instead of pigeons, hefty white cockatoos graze on the lawns. We walk around the city, after the patriarchal Auckland, we rejoice in the crowd of people, street musicians, old carriages, souvenir shops where we hoard ourselves with boomerangs (“returning” is 2 times more expensive than a simple painted piece of wood), we ask the price of leather hats a la Dundee Crocodile, decorated with matching teeth (just a fang of a bloodthirsty beast on a string costs 24 dollars.), the richest are looking at opals – but these are already unprecedented treasures, really mysteriously shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. By the way, the Australian dollar is more expensive than the usual dollar, but for some reason they change me 1: 1 in the bank (maybe a program to help poor Russians?)

We go 150 km to some Philip’s Island , damning traffic on the highway. At dusk we find ourselves in protected areas with green hilly shores, sit down on a kind of sports stands, where the promised Penguin Parade .At dusk, the sacred action begins. Blue penguins, the smallest in the world (15-30 cm high), go to the sea for 250 km and return after 5 days, dragging fish into their goiter for the young. The little ones get very tired and get lost in huge “rafts”, supporting each other along the way. Every evening, about 5,000 animals arrive at high tide and defile along the path in front of admiring spectators, dissolving through the nests on the hills. People freeze and marvel at how our little brothers are waiting for each other, talking, gesturing, sometimes quarreling and going home in couples…. You will not see this anywhere else!

In the morning we set off on a long journey – 500 km along the Great Pacific Road ! The road justifies its name – unimaginably beautiful shores, subtropical flora on the mountains, bizarre rocks, shining smooth surface of smoothly rolling shafts in foamy ridges, sun and breeze, cries of seagulls, a snow-white lighthouse – the memory of the madness of the brave men who boldly go into the unknown, in search of Antarctica.

On the way we see a poster with the image of a koala – of course, we will land.Immediately we find ourselves surrounded by red-green macaw parrots, which are happy to pose for cameras. Having treated ourselves to seeds, sitting on our hands and even our heads. More proud crested cockatoo importantly pick up treats on the ground and on my head, perhaps, will hardly fit. But our keen-sighted Natasha sees a live koala on a tall eucalyptus! Cameras up as the nosed bear scratches and stretches. You can’t hold this in your hands, they can bite and scratch, and those who are shown on TV asleep on their hands are specially drunk with sedatives, so that, even from afar, but alive and well.And then, all the same Natasha discovers the animal sitting under a bush, but, of course, seeing a crowd with cameras, quickly fleeing to his native eucalyptus and showing the admirers a woolen ass.

There is also a sanatorium nearby for kangaroos that can be fed. And when one of the Wallaby (slightly smaller than an ordinary kangaroo) gently grabs my feeding hand with its thin paws, tears of affection sprinkle from my eyes. And at the top sits a koala mother with a cub on her back, graciously allowing the photo-aggressors to create a photo session.But it’s time to go, our goal is the famous Twelve Apostles.

We do not have time to approach the shore, a thunderstorm front is approaching and the heavens are falling on us with a crashing downpour, turning into hail, “the size of a hen’s egg.” Hiding under a bridge with a bunch of Indian tourists, who, as usual, immediately begin to sing and dance, Bollywood, and more! The rain, frightened by amateur performance, retreats, the sun peeps out, and we can fly over the protected coast by helicopter. The duration and altitude of the flight is determined by the price, our 20 minutes of happiness is 50 bucks.Rugged coast with protruding teeth of rocks, green, yellow and blue – the palette of nature from a bird’s eye view, soft landing of a light dragonfly and you can run to the coast on solid ground. The rain gave us another miracle, waterfalls appear on the shore, falling from the green cliffs to the orange sand of the coast, bizarre sculptures of the genius master – Nature, grow out of the water, with the help of wind, water and the sun creating unique statues, about which everyone is free to come up with their own fairy tale. Actually, the apostles are no longer 12, but only 8, nothing is eternal under the moon, but this is enough for cries of joy and admiring sighs of spectators of all nationalities, united by a powerful sense of delight and universal love for beauty.

And the holiday continues on the streets of evening Melbourne, where elegant Christmas trees stand near the exhibition center, mysterious green eggs wink with human eyes near the statue of a giant penguin, people dance and sing not only in numerous cafes, but also on the brightly colored streets of the warm December night of the southern hemisphere …

Again kilometers of the motorway, to the north, to the highest point in Australia, which bears the name of the Polish revolutionary – Mount Kosciuszko. It is proposed to forget about civilization and spend the night before the ascent in tents.But a real savage can only rest here on the Black Sea. Here, wild places are neat meadows with a place for a fire and a toilet with city toilets modestly hidden in the thickets. A trifle, but nice !. It gets dark, we quickly cook dinner on the fire, men set up tents, and I frighten people with poisonous snakes and giant spiders from the “Discovery” programs. The people listen, uncorking the bottles, the guide Ivan laughs, recommending that they just look at their feet. Where is it under your feet, if you have the Southern Cross above your head, and in the bushes you might be able to see a wombat.We hear about this mysterious animal from the beginning of the trip, but no one knows who it is. After the third bottle, forgetting about the spiders and the toilet, we go: boys – to the right, girls – to the left, and then a shout is heard from the bushes – “Here !, Wombat!” In the darkness, two eyes sparkle, something thick is looking silently, and we crowd in a daze, forgetting about cameras. The alleged wombat, looking like a half-meter marmot, without waiting for a treat, lazily hides in the darkness. We rest soundly in tents, without hearing a whole flock of wombats, even if they were singing loudly in chorus, at dawn we crawl out, rubbing our chilled sides and, to everyone’s joy, we find guests.The most curious and daring of the local kangaroo tribe surround the camp. Neither zhramshi, nor with … … and, grabbing the fotiki, the animals, apparently, are already familiar with the tourists, waiting for a treat. From the proposed boiled potatoes and bread are favorably accepted, and even mothers with muzzles and kangaroo hooves sticking out of their bags come very close, and the bravest allow themselves to be stroked. We are moved, watching how they funny move on small arms and paddle-like hind legs, helping with a thick tail, and then with graceful leaps carried away into the forest.Here Ivan slyly asks if we have visited the toilet and offers to take a walk in this direction. A shocking sight – a saucer-sized spider sits on the toilet lid. I can imagine what the appearance of a kangaroo saved me from!

On the way to the top every now and then you have to slow down sharply – the locals, gray in pink hats, parrots have fun, who later flutter in front of the wheels, and clouds of giant moths crash into the windshield, which then have to be scraped off with a mop. Smart foreigners climb the mountain by funicular and only the last 8 km.directly ascend. But we are not looking for easy ways, we crawl up all 18 km, but we honestly conquer one of the 7 peaks of all continents, legally drinking Rostov champagne on it. We go down the funicular and manage to cover the road to Sydney in 5 hours, admiring the overflowing Murray, the longest river of the continent (remember the series “All the rivers flow?” of indescribable beauty, immense skies.


Sydney is a holiday city. Sunny morning, multi-sized skyscrapers growing out of carefully preserved Victorian mansions, the memory of the ancestral home – left-hand traffic with caring inscriptions on the crossings – “look left and right” (although the head still turns itself in the usual way). Clean old quarters – the memory of the times of the great colonial Britain and the iron monster of the technical revolution – the famous bridge of the most grandiose New Year’s fireworks over the sparkling bay.Some psychos for $ 200 climb to the top of a piece of iron in climbing equipment – thank God, we do not have time for this, the view from the bridge is quite impressive. But the view from the embankment is no worse – skyscraper hotels, ships of all stripes, a lively embankment with war-painted aboriginal shabashniks – blowing into their huge wooden pipes, waving boomerangs and making terrible faces to tourists. I take pictures with a particularly beautiful one – teeth every other time, hairs – a felted boot, but I also grin no worse. Against this background, the costumed Captain Cook, who sells tickets for a cruise on the Sydney Bay, looks especially well-behaved.Here, too, the duration and refreshments are proportional to the ticket price. We have 1 hour and a cocktail, some have a multi-course lunch and 2 hours along the same route. Summer cottages – villas of millionaires, yachts, buers, windsurfs, gray warships, Shark Island and some other lower rank islands, distant beaches with anti-shark nets and somewhere in the depths hiding sea wasps – the most poisonous creatures on earth. From these jellyfish you die in 40 seconds and there is no antidote (remember the “lion’s mane” by Conan Doyle?).But the most remarkable thing in the city is, of course, the Opera. The author dreamed of a unique building in the style of space Gothic. This dream, of course, was beautiful, as well as the incarnation. Snow-white opening shells or wonderful flowers nearby grow into a grandiose snow-white structure, with an iridescent coating of millions of tiles-scales sparkling in the sun, which contains 2 thousand rooms, three grandiose halls for operas, ballets and concerts, amazing both from the shore and from the ship. And next to it are the magnificent royal botanical gardens, where hundreds of ozzies sunbathe serenely on the grass – this is the name of the distant descendants of British convicts.Cyclopean ficuses and scaly araucaria, hibiscus of all stripes, baobabs and a completely unfamiliar variety of flowers in the glades. And also on the trees are hanging upside down cute red-faced flying foxes – with a half-meter wingspan, soaring merrily under the sun’s rays. How to have time to walk along the main streets of Pitt and George, where Victorian palaces are adjacent to the suspended monorail, buy wooden kangaroos, platypuses and echidnas, visit the famous aquarium, visit the opera, see the evening bay colored with a symphony of light and fire – run, run, because tomorrow on a long way back, where space and time disappear, home, to winter Russia with the memory of an unprecedented and wonderful end of the earth, about the country of hobbits, volcanoes and geysers.Trained cows and extreme adventures, about the brotherly countries of kiwi and ozzy, where good animals and brave birds live, and where you want to return again!

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»Emoticons / Emoji




” Gold Silver


»Gzhel / Azulezh

»Pajama party, bachelorette party, birthday

” Assassin’s Creed

»Artist Nathalie Lete: Cats and Flowers (Nathalie Lete)

Calendar Holidays


»Valentine’s Day (February 14)


“February 23 (Defender of the Fatherland Day)

” New Year Christmas)

Everything for registration

»Paper pom-poms (ball in silence)

»Paper forfeits (fans)

»Paper lanterns

»Paper balls – honeycombs

»Streamers (crepe ribbons), Semicircle garlands

»Latex, foil balloons

»» Latex balloons

»» »Plain (no pattern)

»» »With a picture (thematic)

»» Foil balloons

»» »Small figures

»» »Big figures

»Garlands on a string, vertical

»Tassel garlands (tassels)

»Curtains (Rain)

»Banners (for a photo zone, streamers, on the door)

»Decorations, posters, piñatas

»Garlands on the ribbon and eyelets

»Garlands spiral, vertical and volumetric

Decor by color

»Gold dishes and decor

»Rose gold tableware and decor

»Silver / gray dishes and decor

»White / ivory tableware and decor

»Yellow dishes and decor

»Orange / peach tableware and decor

»Red dishes and decor

»Pink dishes and decor

»Lilac / purple crockery and decor

»Blue / blue dishes and decor

»Mint / tiffany tableware and decor

»Green dishes and decor

»Brown dishes and decor

»Black dishes and decor


Table setting

»Disposable plates

»Disposable glasses and glasses

»Festive napkins

»Tablecloths for a festive table

” Cutlery

»Stands for cakes, table compositions (decorations)

»Toppers and cake (cupcake) wrappers

»Popcorn boxes (candy bags)

»Cake Candles

»Cocktail tubes

»Disposable plastic tableware (for catering)

Gifts for guests, packaging, invitations, games

Carnival accessories

»Costumes, Hats, Wigs

»Carnival accessories, Weapons

»Caps, Crowns, Headbands


»Masks, Glasses

»Piñatas, Confetti, Gifts for guests, Tattoos

»Clapperboards, Buzzer-beeps, Horns

»Invitations, Games, Packaging

Storage systems, Home decor

All goods



All “My Friend Dragon” (Russia) a LITLLE LOVELY company (Netherlands) Amscan (USA) Anagram (USA) Arty Fêtes (France) Aykasa (Denmark) ban.do (USA, UK) Belbal (Belgium) Betallic L.L.C. (USA) Big Party (Italy) Boland (Netherlands) Creative Converting (USA) Daydream Society (America) DP & CoEx.Tra (Italy) Flex Metal (Spain) Gemar (Italy) Ginger Ray (UK) Grabo (Italy) Latex Occidental (Mexico) LoopFrankie (Portugal) MeriMeri (UK) NSM LTD (Israel) Party SmilePartyDeco (Poland) Procos SA (Greece) QUALATEX (Australia) Sempertex (Colombia) SES Creative (Holland) Talking Tables (Great Britain) Unique (USA) Widmann (Italy) Wondercandle (Germany) Fun (Russia) Veselukha (Turkey) Hong Kong (China) Russia Carnavalia Country (China )

90,000 Pre-Colonial Australia at Europa Universalis IV – Community of Paradox Games at DTF

Developers continue to remodel native states.

Hearts of Iron 4’s content designer, Meka66, began reworking the Australian region into Europa Universalis even before the studio was relocated to Barcelona. The abundance of wastelands on this continent seemed dishonest to him, since it created the illusion that the indigenous inhabitants had not achieved anything before the arrival of the colonialists.

First of all, the Pilbara region was discovered in Australia, allowing you to move between the eastern and western ends of the mainland. Plus, the provinces were redesigned to add strategic importance to parts of the world.

The outlines of some areas are tied to the borders of colonial Australia, but some are more dependent on the settlement of the aborigines.All provinces have names for aborigines and colonists, which will be applied depending on who owns the land.

A high probability of finding a valuable metal will allow the gold rush to be realized. Gems can also be found in the provinces to the south, and in a number of key coal.

Let’s move on to politics, to the north is the federation of Larakia, consisting of several nations with their own national ideas: Larakia and Tiwi.Pre-colonial Australia owed much of its wealth to this federation, which was achieved through trade with Makassar. Trade also brought Islam to the region, even if the aborigines of Australia were not fully converted to it.

Further in the south, the Eora people live, the indigenous inhabitants of the Sydney region, and there are also the Kaurna people, the first inhabitants of Adelaide, Palava live in Tasmania, and where without the Camilaroi, one of the most numerous Australian peoples.

These nations will receive their ideas, traditions and ambitions, you can see them here. In the same place below you will see general Australian ideas for those who will not get their own. The ultimate historical would definitely mean that almost every province should get its own culture, the developers did not agree to this.

A new religion will appear in Australia – Alheringa – with the concept of the “Time of Dreams”, and each tribe promises its own pantheon of gods.Alkheringa will use a system similar to fetishism cults, with new dreams that open after completing tasks: defeating enemies in battle, building the first ship capable of entering the ocean, revolutionizing trade, dominating the trading region of the Moluccas, and more.

New models that you saw on the cover of the news will also be made for the natives.It is unclear if this content is part of the recently announced dlc Leviathan, as Australia is not Asia. The release date of the updates is unknown.

Meanwhile, Europa Universalis IV released patch 1.30.5 “Nakama” for multiplayer, in which several bugs were fixed, the interface was tweaked and the architecture of the multiplayer changed, but cross-platform was not yet implemented.

90,000 Cher: 20 Retro Singer Looks That Will Inspire You To Try On Outfits In The Spirit Of The 1970s

In 1996, American TV host Jane Pauley asked Cher a question about her love life.The singer’s unexpected and legendary response made not only the spectators smile, but also Paulie herself. “My mom once said, ‘You know, honey, one day you need to settle down and find a rich man.’ To which I replied: “Mom, I am a rich man.”

Twenty-five years later, this caustic phrase continues to sound on social networks. Then, as now, there was more behind her than a simple desire to be witty.

Sherilyn Sargsyan, whom the whole world knows as Cher, was born in post-war California and became famous throughout the world in the 1960s thanks to a duet with her husband Sonny Bono.This relationship seriously hit her self-esteem. “I was extremely confident before I met Sonny,” the superstar admitted to The New York Times in 2018. She filed for divorce in 1974.

It is no coincidence that it was at that time that the world saw Cher as she really is. When, at the last Grammy ceremony, Dua Lipa, inspired by the image of the 1974 star, appeared on the red carpet in a custom Versace dress, many noted the similarity of the two “naked” outfits.However, few people remembered why Cher’s exit was so important in the context of the 1970s. Not only the singer’s bright stage costumes deserve attention, but also the fact that in 1974 the formation of her unique personal style began. Slip tops, rough denim and perfectly styled “pirate” boots became the basis of her everyday wardrobe – in such outfits Cher could be seen both at the airport (with a Louis Vuitton tote bag at the ready) and on the dance floor of Studio 54. Plaid shirts, denim overalls, and cowboy hats were the star’s basic uniforms that finally stopped being dependent on anyone.

In 2021, as Instagram is flooded with photos of lockdown-weary influencers in bright, showy outfits, Cher’s less-replicated everyday looks may serve as inspiration for new stylistic experiments. After all, to feel like a star, it is not at all necessary to put on an evening dress or go out on the red carpet. If you’ve already become that “rich man” for yourself, relaxed jeans and a vintage vest are enough.

boundaries of what is permitted or where the hacker’s white hat ends it is legal / illegal., for example, here or here – in the latter case, a very interesting question about the legality of connecting via Shodan to an unprotected server remained unanswered). And often it is impossible to find a truly reasonable and clear answer to them what can and cannot be done.

“Hacker” seems to have published an article with a promising title “How to legally use an IoT search engine”, but, in my opinion, he also did not give a clear answer. On Habré RUVDS, although it gave a disclaimer, was not clear enough (it all depends on the country where the remote device is located).

In this article we will try to formulate the principles of legality / illegality of using Shodan, which are common to most jurisdictions.

The main international act regulating such things is the Budapest Convention (its official name is the “Convention on Crime in the Field of Computer Information”): it was she who, back in 2001, set the main signs of what is legal to do on the Internet and what is not. It was guided by both the European states that signed it (those who are curious and know the language can look at 202a, 202b, 263a, 303a, 303b of the Criminal Code of Germany), and many others (Russia has not joined the convention, but our Art.272 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has completely adopted the approach of the Europeans).

The United States is distinguished by a different legal technique (some of the compositions of illegal access are described in the federal The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the other part – in individual criminal codes or state laws, such as The Virginia Computer Crimes Act). The Australian Crimes Act 1958 has similar offenses to the American ones.

Common to all these countries (and many others) criteria of illegality of remote access to digital devices are: unauthorized access, intent and public danger.

Let’s take a look at each of them separately – this will help answer all further questions about the legality of specific actions with Shodan.

1. Unauthorized access means gaining or attempting to gain access to a device when it is obvious from the circumstances that their owner doesn’t want anyone to harass his device. Such a circumstance may be not only the presence of means of protection, such as a login and password, but also the very functional purpose of the thing.

If a thing is associated with any of the types of secrets, then access to it is an automatic violation of it, even if the user foolishly has not installed any means of protection. Camcorder in a private house? Violation of privacy. Hydroelectric turbine? Violation of transport security or state secrets (depending on where it is located). Access to any device that is not in the public domain or owned by the state / municipality constitutes a violation of any legally protected secret – and the list of such secrets does not differ much between countries.

It is important to note that the presence of default, factory or “weak” user passwords and logins on the device will not serve as an excuse: their main function from the standpoint of the law is to be a sign “Forbidden zone. Beware, dog ”even if the dog itself is not.

The second important point – even an unsuccessful attempt to gain access in most jurisdictions is punishable – the qualification will then begin with the words “Attempt on ….”.

2. Intention. Most countries imply that since it occurred to a person to get unauthorized access to any thing on the Internet, then the reason is definitely criminal.And this is the main problem for security experts: they either have to provide evidence that the owner or manufacturer of the device has allowed them to test the security of the thing in this way, or show that they are employees of scientific institutions or international organizations specializing in the field of information security.

3. Public danger. An exception to the severity of the law represents this very criterion. If an unknown person connects to a city traffic light, it is dangerous for society, since pressing a button can provoke an accident, traffic jams and other fatal and non-fatal consequences.And if the connection is made to a temperature meter somewhere in Nevada? Unlikely. Another example: in one case, access was obtained to an electronic clock at a train station, which could lead to passenger chaos, or to the same electronic clock, but in a grandmother’s chest of drawers?

Well, now we are ready to answer the following questions:

Is it legal to use Shodan?

In itself, the use of a search engine is legal, since it only shows information that is freely available on the Internet.

Is it legal to connect to a remote device that is not protected by a username and password?

It is illegal if this device is of public importance (traffic light, transport, telecommunications infrastructure, etc.) or belongs to the private sphere (located in someone’s home) or is owned by the state / municipality. The criterion is simple – if the control of the device can cause harm or damage to a person or society, then it is illegal.

What if the login and password are default or weak?

Illegal, since the default or weak password in this case plays the role of not physical, but legal protection – as a warning about the undesirability of access.

Is it legal to brute-force passwords to connect to a remote device detected by Shodan?

Illegal in the cases stated above. Such actions will be qualified as an attempt on unauthorized access.

What if for the purpose of research or verification of information security?

Legal, but be prepared to provide compelling evidence of such a goal.

What is the name of the cowboy hat? Where does this name come from? What types of cowboy hats are there?

It is impossible to imagine a cowboy without a hat. Remember the films about the Wild West – everywhere, in every episode, the conquerors of the steppe expanses are sure to ride a horse, in leather pants and an original brown headdress.So what is it called?

What is the name of the cowboy hat?

A wide-brimmed headdress with a high crown and curved upward brim is associated with the conquerors of the steppe expanses – cowboys. It is called that – cowboy hat . This is a versatile style that protected from bad weather and heat with wide brims. The hat warmed its owner in the cold and invigorated in the heat, this was facilitated by the air gap between the head and the bottom of the crown.

Its second name is Stetson, because it was invented by the hereditary hatter John Stetson .He created the first copies in the 1860s, and since then, not only American and Canadian cowboys and ranchers have chosen this style. She entered the wardrobe of men and women in North America, Europe, Russia, Australia.

Where did the name come from?

In his youth, John Batterson Stetson, in spite of the profession of a hatter received from his father, went to the gold diggers. The scorching sun, hot winds and sudden downpours of the Wild West became its companions for five years. All these years, Stetson was saved by a felt hat, sewn by him there. Subsequently, these hats were called “Master of the Plains” and became a legend, but for now John returned home without money, which he never managed to earn .

Unknown if the world would have gotten a Stetson hat if John Batterson had enriched himself at the mine. Returning home, he decided to return to his craft. This decision turned out to be a gold mine for him. This is where the wealth was obtained.

He borrowed money and opened a small hat shop in a rented building. Two hired workers helped him with the orders.Stetson began to sew cowboy hats, like the one in which he worked in the mine himself.

The new style was appreciated by the cowboys. Each of them could afford to pay $ 10 for the hat that became their distinctive mark . Production began to expand and develop. Stetson became the owner of his own factory, which began the construction of a hat empire with a huge cash turnover and an army of customers around the world.

What types are there?

Stetson’s company has always been customer-oriented, and many models have been invented over the years, for every taste:

  1. Classic – the legendary style of a cowboy hat.The brim is bent upward, there is a characteristic long fold on the crown, there are models with side dents;
  2. Master of the Plains – Stetson was the first to come up with this model. The ribbon decorates the slightly convex bottom of the crown, without any depressions or dents, the margins are sewn flat and not very wide;
  3. ten-gallon – one of the most popular styles in Texas. It is believed that the impressive volume of the tall crown made it possible to carry a certain amount of water. . Of course, 10 gallons is a gross exaggeration, the name stuck to the unusual model with curled margins;
  4. Canadian peak – the model is characterized by an elongated pointed crown, taken from the sombrero style.American soldiers refined the cut by simulating four dents to protect against rain showers in the tropics. Now this model can be seen in army instructors, scouts, law enforcement officers of several US states, the Canadian Mounted Police;
  5. Cavalry cowboy hat – recognizable by its medium flat brim, long indentation on the crown and acorn lace. They were intended to prevent the rider from sleeping in the saddle with their thud. Now it is a ceremonial attribute of one of the branches of the American army.

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How OnlyFans turned the adult entertainment industry around

Why people are willing to pay for XXX content, which is already in bulk on the web, and why Cardi B came to this site (and other stars are likely to catch up soon).

“A subscriber asked me to shoot a video of myself in a bikini, smearing myself with oil and sitting on the face of a pink teddy bear.He paid $ 150 for this, ”says Monica Huldt, one of the most popular girls on OnlyFans.

Thanks to this site, she earns 100 thousand dollars a year by publishing videos and photos of the XXX category, for which Instagram would instantly ban her account.

In fact, OnlyFans is similar to any other social network, but clicking on the follow button is paid here. Several hundred users pay $ 6.50 a month for access to the paywall-protected Huldt account. Sometimes they make custom orders, like this one with a plush toy, and pay for correspondence in PM.

Another follower, a cattle rancher, donated $ 250 to Monica for a short video card she was going to send to customers. In it, the model says: “Thank you for choosing us,” she is wearing only a cowboy hat.

To be successful on OnlyFans, you don’t have to post nudity like Monica Huldt does, or star in sex scenes. The content may not differ in any way globally from instagram – and bring guys and girls a lot of money.Because of this, influencers who previously would have gone to build their social media brands around Instagram or YouTube – from chefs and magicians to fitness trainers and video game streamers – are now choosing it as their main platform.

OnlyFans is another way to bring content creator and consumer closer together who are willing to pay for a unique experience. Even so, “experience” means “access to the bedroom”.

If the author / author already has a promoted account in any other social network, this will greatly help in fast promotion on OnlyFans.Look through the list of your Twitter followers – there is a chance that some of the girls you follow have already posted a link to their OnlyFans page, and her hot pictures that you see from time to time in the feed are teasers from there. Question “How can I find someone to subscribe to in OnlyFans?” The solution is also simple: enter the hashtag #OnlyFans into the Twitter search bar.

OnlyFans website was launched in 2016. It was founded by Timothy Stokely, a UK entrepreneur turning into Mark Zuckerberg of the XXX industry.In 2011, he launched GlamWorship.com, a site for fans of BDSM and fetish content, and two years later, Customs4U, a service that allowed users to order videos directly from creators. Producers of erotica and porn instantly became its main content makers.

Stokely believes that the success of OnlyFans is due to the fact that the site combined the culture of social media influencers and webcams, which also implied close interaction with the audience, but a) rarely attracted popular content makers – webcams had their own niche stars; b) specialized in sex content.

OnlyFans exploded in popularity this spring and coincided with a pandemic. In April, the number of registered accounts increased by 42%. The service reported 50 million subscribers and 800 thousand content producers.

During the lockdown period, the benefits of OnlyFans for influencers became more evident than ever. To cut content that the user is willing to pay for, the default set of a novice blogger (smartphone, tripod and round lamp) is enough. You can do this right from home.Porn actresses have begun to actively switch to a new platform due to the danger of coronavirus: you do not need to go to the shooting, contact with potential carriers of the infection is also not necessary.

Why do experts say OnlyFans revolutionized the adult content industry?

In short, he removed the middleman between consumer and producer. An often used analogy is Uber and how it changed the taxi segment (but here the company does not regulate what price tag to set on the service provided – some sell a subscription for $ 5, others for $ 55.OnlyFans commission – 20%).

At the beginning of the 2000s, shooting in one scene could bring a porn actress up to $ 5,000 – and there could be several such scenes a week. But that all changed with the emergence of sites that streamed stolen content and worked like YouTube. The largest of them are Pornhub and RedTube, which are owned by MindGeek (which also runs the Brazzers and Reality Kings porn studios), the monopoly of the porn market today. Porn is an industry of legally unprotected people. And the studios, not having enough capital or political connections in order to defend the rights to their content in court, were forced to adapt to the new conditions.The money became much less, the fees of the actresses fell tenfold. As a result, the studios began to sell content on sites with which they wanted to fight yesterday, because it would have appeared there anyway – and, of course, for free.

It’s as if the entire music industry (before the emergence of streaming platforms) was swallowed up by the largest pirate site on the Russian Internet, Zaycev.net.

The XXX photo models were doing no better – they were paid for the time they worked on the set, but the rights to the photos, in most cases, belonged to the photographers.

19-year-old student Nora recalls the story of pornographic actress Mia Khalifa, discussing the importance of direct contact between producers of sex content and buyers. In 2014, Khalifa starred in a dozen porn videos – and received 12 thousand dollars for them. These videos still hang at the top of Pornhub to this day, but Khalifa does not earn a dime as the rights belong to MingGeek. At the same time, 19-year-old Nora earned 80 thousand dollars directly from subscribers in a couple of months on OnlyFans. Such a scheme means that authors on OnlyFans have to independently plan their content plan and manage those aspects of the business that were not included in the field of vision of actresses who collaborated with large studios.“We have to be marketers, analysts, photographers, stylists, smm-specialists, accountants and customer support. Try to do 10 jobs after finishing all day on camera, and only then talk about easy money, ”says another model.

At some point the reader should have a question: “Why pay for“ nyuds ”, if on the Internet this good is already in bulk – also free?” It looks like people are following OnlyFans models for a different purpose altogether.

OnlyFans – Monica Huldt’s page is not like her glossy Instagram, full of professional shots. And it’s not just about nudity or fetish attributes. On OnlyFans, she can pose without makeup. Taking pictures of herself. Deliberately makes content look simpler. Why? She says that followers should feel as if they are communicating and getting pictures from their real girlfriend. Huldt tells Business Insider that men who follow her are looking for an emotional connection, not a sexual one.Therefore, she has enough pictures on her page taken on the way to the gym or during cooking / cleaning. It’s still “XXX” content, but it gives subscribers “access to her everyday life”: “It seems to them that they are getting the real me, without make-up and curled hair.”

Another service star Denny Harwood has the same opinion: “You can watch porn for free. Guys want something different – the opportunity to get to know someone they’ve seen on the pages of a magazine or on social media. I’m like their online helpdesk. ”

Harwood became the first British woman to earn a million pounds thanks to OnlyFans (she registered there in 2019).

The story of her success, as well as similar stories of other girls who got rich on OnlyFans, began to appear in the press more and more often.

Like the story of Kaylen Ward, the girl everyone was writing about in early 2020. She sent nudes to everyone who donated 10 bucks to fight fires in Australia. When the amount of donations exceeded one million, the management of OnlyFans contacted her and offered the first charitable partnership in the history of the site.Under its terms, 20% of the funds received by Ward from paid subscriptions will be transferred to the wildlife protection funds in Australia. First they saved the adult entertainment industry, then the koalas. Best service!

Recently, Cardi B announced the creation of her account on OnlyFans, whose hit with a suitable title “Wet Ass Pussy” is now shaking the charts. The price for a monthly subscription is 5 bucks.

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