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Product Details

Simply the best! Our Bonded Leather Desk Address Book makes the perfect home or office accessory. Ample space for addresses with records for work, home, cell phone, email, and fax in an attractive, durable cover.

The ring binder makes adding or removing pages a snap. Self-adhesive labels are available for correcting one record at a time. Address Book Refills and Personalized Desk Address Books available.

  • Ring-Bound
  • Bonded Leather
  • 9″ x 7″
  • 40 pages with 480 address records

Texture and Finish

Acadia – Smooth, slightly glossy finish
With a subtle glazed-like, smooth grain, our Acadia bonded leather has a great feel with a slightly glossy finish.

Camden – Slightly textured, matte finish
With a more pronounced and deeper texture, our Camden bonded leather has a great look and feel with a matte finish.

Freeport – Smooth, matte finish
A more subdued leather, our Freeport bonded leather sports a long-grain mixed with pockets of a shorter more natural grain. Its matte finish enhances a smooth and muted texture that feels wonderful to the touch.


Personalizing your address book is a great way to show off your style. Gallery Leather offers several different color and text options. By including the recipient’s initials or adding a message, you create a meaningful gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Ring-Bound for Easy Organizing

Our Ring-Bound Address Books are among our most versatile products. The ring binder makes organizing easy. It allows you to add more pages than what is included in your purchase. We sell additional address book inserts to meet your organization needs. Best of all, your Gallery Leather address book is both fashionable and functional.

Caring for Your Leather

Leather is a beautiful, durable material when cared for properly. Our bonded leather is best cared for through normal handling. Your hands provide the natural oils that nourish most leather. Our bonded leather is tanned specifically with special oils that replace the need to apply any creams or waxes. For normal dirt and spills, use a soft washcloth dampened with lukewarm water and some sort of mild detergent. Once clean, dry your leather with a clean towel. Do not use alcohol, cleaning solvents, oils, varnishes, or polishes. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Assembled in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

Craftsmanship is a way of life in Maine, particularly here on the coast and islands that shape Frenchman’s Bay. For the past 40 years, Gallery Leather has been part of that rich tradition, handcrafting leather products of exceptional quality. Over the years, we have made leather goods for many of North America’s luxury brands, all assembled by hand in Maine and guaranteed to last for generations.

Pink Eco-leather Address Book by Graphic Image™ – Picture Frames, Photo Albums, Personalized and Engraved Digital Photo Gifts

A unique address book loaded with helpful information 
This sleek and lightweight bound address book is ideal for home or office. Includes A-to-Z tabs and full-color maps of U.S. and major international cities. Special features include a birthday/anniversary record and a perpetual calendar.

Pages include:

  • A-to-Z tabbed name and address pages
  • Luxe Eco-Leather cover
  • Spaces for more than 750 four-line entries
  • Map pages in full color
  • Pages for notes

Information pages include:

  • U.S. and Canadian area codes
  • International dialing codes
  • Toll-free numbers and online resources
  • Personal birthday and anniversary record
  • Traditional anniversary gift ideas
  • Dates and symbols for signs of the zodiac
  • Birthstone and flower for each month
  • Perpetual Calendar 1925 – 2050
  • Record of Personal Data

Map sectio. Includes:

  • U.S. Cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, and Washington, D.C.
  • International Cities: Athens, Budapest, Cairo, Delhi/New Delhi, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Kobe/Kyoto, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Rome, Osaka, Paris, Prague, Seoul, Tel Aviv/Yafo, Tokyo, and Vienna

We are so sure that you will love this book and want to grow the system for your home or office, each piec. Includes a free, unconditional lifetime refurbishing or replacement guarantee against any binding tears, fading, seam damage, or wear defect.

Individually bench-crafted in America by the Graphic Image® Company.


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10 Best Address Books In 2021

Technology is undoubtedly a blessing for us. But sometimes, it makes us trouble as we don’t know when it is going to stop functioning. Therefore, it is good to keep a carbon copy of all our essential contacts on paper.

People use notebooks and journals from the very beginning of civilization. And before we get used to mobile phones and the internet, an address book was a must for households. And still, in some cases, it can be a sip of water in the desert. 

Therefore, many of us, not only in the United States but worldwide, prefer using an address book for contact backup. As you’re into this article, you’re one of them. Don’t worry; we have an incredible list of best address books available now. Let’s dive in.

Peter Pauper Press Tree of Hearts Large Address Book

Mead Mini Telephone/Address Book

Hallmark Refillable Address Book (Charcoal)

PlanAhead Bigger Telephone/Address Book

AT-A-GLANCE Telephone / Address Book

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Address Book

There are a few things that will help you to choose the ideal address book. Good or bad solely depends on what features you need and how you’ll use the product. So below are the factors that we think crucial when you buy an address or telephone book.


No matter whether it is an address book or a traditional notebook, people appreciate extra space. Most of us expect some room in our address books because we often have additional notes and information to preserve between the covers.

Generally speaking, an address book is for names, street numbers, and fax or emails. And each entry normally contains 3-4 lines. Therefore, we often feel that we need more space to keep birthdays and other special occasions.

Luckily, nowadays, most of the renowned brands offer extra room or even a few pages for your additional information. So, be sure about this before you make your final decision. Having said that, if you think it is not necessary for you, simply skip it. It will further make your picking process easier.

Alphabetical Tabs 

It is one of the most beneficial features of an address book. Perhaps we’ve all experienced looking through every bit of paper of particular information and spending the same amount of time every single time. But with alphabetical tabs, especially single-letter tabs, make it so easy and quick to navigate and find a contact.

Some brands prefer single lettering where many of them provide combined alphabetical tabs. Therefore, pick according to your preference. In fact, all alphabetical tabs enabled notebooks are effective and efficient.


To write with utmost comfort and ease, there’s no way other than going for lay-flat notebooks. Even when we read something from a heavy, sturdy book, we feel uncomfortable reading to the crevice.

Supposedly, it is always recommended to pick an address book, which has spiral or 3-ring bindings. Or, at least, somehow, it lays flat 180 degrees.


A cover is more about beauty and decoration. If you’re buying a telephone book to keep that on your desk, then try to pick a color/design according to your other accessories and stationery.

On the other hand, if you carry the item 24/7 in your purse or backpack, then I suggest picking a hardcover address book. It will prevent pages from being curved or cranked. Importantly, it should be only based on their personality when it comes to gifting the book to someone. There’s no rule but your experience and assumption.

Additional Features

Besides the facts mentioned above, you can look for some other features- Such as good quality paper, entries per page, lines per entries, etc. Remember, the best address book will always back you with something additional and special.

Our Recommendations for Address Book

There are so many address books available in the market. The wide variety is enough to make you perplexed; which one will be the best? Don’t worry; we have got it covered to save your time.

1. Peter Pauper Press Tree of Hearts Large Address Book

The tree of hearts address book is a famous product of Peter Pauper Press. They are one of the most prominent brands of notebooks and stationery products.

The strongest part of this product is its overall quality and value for the money. From cover to its pages and spiral, everything comes at some quality. As we all want some space besides recording names and addresses, it comes with plenty of space, allowing you to write every detail of an individual.

Moreover, it has 21 tabbed dividers that help us to find specific names easily. And the matter of fact is before anything; it will catch anyone’s eye to its appearance. Delicate cover design with the word “addresses” is embossed in silver foil script.

This is beyond an address book, more of a pleasing sight for eyes and complementary for a desk. 


Page Quality: The amazing address book offers some top-quality pages and a sturdy cover. Pages are thick enough to take pens and pencils comfortably. On top of that, for preserving your entries for years, the smooth-finish archival-quality pages are acid-free. No worries about pages being yellowed over time.

Versatility: It includes a list of international dialing codes. Apart from recording names, addresses, and emails, you can use the address book for taking small notes.

Along with these, the fancy notebook has an elastic band attached to the back cover for keeping it close automatically. Furthermore, it gets a pocket inside the back cover for storing stamps, business cards, and more.

Lay-flat: Most of us love to write on lay-flat notebooks. It is convenient and easy to write on the opposite side. This item ensures this facility too.


  • Page quantity: 132
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Peter Pauper Press
  • Dimension: 6-7/8” wide x 8-1/8” high


  • Thick pages support a variety of pens and pencils
  • Larger size; lies flat
  • Acid-free archival quality paper with a sturdy cover
  • Vibrant look; complements any desk
  • Elastic band closure and a handy pocket inside
  • Includes a list of international dialing codes


The Hallmark address books are also great options as they are refillable and large enough for small additional notes -Perfect for professionals and business owners.

2. Mead Mini Telephone/Address Book

This small and precise address book is ideal for use in home and office. Though it sizes small, it has enough space inside to record names, addresses, emails, and so on. To be more specific, it offers an address book, phone directory, and double-letter tab with 24 entries.

The compact size address book makes the process easier with its 3″ x 4″ size pages. As a result, obtaining information and properly retaining them isn’t a big deal anymore.


Strong Build: The address book has an incredibly compact binding. The pages are glued to the cover and held together by string/thread as well. No staple is used. Therefore, in a sense, it is more safe and convenient to use for anyone who’s bearing up children.

The size of the item is no different than other small and precise pocketbooks. It serves the purpose well.

Enough Room: In this telephone book, you will get more space than just to retrieve names and telephone numbers. Each page has room for 3 persons with a name, address, phone number, email, and fax. It is certainly beyond many of our expectations.

Moreover, there are also some pages for notes and special dates i.e., birthdays. And the fascinating thing is that it fits well in any purse and pocket after all of these facilities and space. Honestly, people use this item for their backup phone numbers and addresses.

Page Quality and Quantity: The address book contains a total of 52 pages. There are five pages at the front for taking notes and recording special cases. And the other pages are for meeting the purpose. 4 entries per page.

Page quality is decent. It supports ballpoint ink along with other daily writing utensils. The sturdy hardcover outside protects the pages and information inside. 


  • Page quantity: 52
  • Color: Purple (Limited Edition)
  • Brand: Mead
  • Dimension: 3″ x 4″ size pages


  • Enough space for keeping details
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Well-built
  • Good quality pages with a sturdy hardcover


  • No pocket or credit card slot

3. Hallmark Refillable Address Book (Charcoal)

If you’re looking for an address book for your professional use, you perhaps come to the right product. In my opinion, this is one of the best address books on the market. There’re a few reasons as I testify this item as one of the best. First and foremost, Hallmark offers elegance with quality. They have been in this sector for 100 long years.

In this product, the features we all want- good quality pages, sturdy and elegant hardcover, lay-flat, etc., are present. So, besides providing you a great hand, it can amplify the beauty of your desk.


Cover: As it is made for professionals, the manufacturer paid good attention to its looking and all-over quality. It is made with timeless faux leather and stamped with gold foil at the top of the cover “ADDRESS BOOK” lettering. That will captivate anyone at the very first sight.

On top of that, the padded charcoal cover is incredibly durable. It doesn’t fade over time. So if you’re someone who likes to go with the trend, it won’t be out of the frame.

Versatility: It offers many facilities other than being just an address book. It includes a map through end pages, calendars to remember dates, and a special spot for frequently dialed numbers. With its top-level versatility and diversification, it might become a complete package for a professional.

Along with these benefits, it does fall short of providing a cheat sheet for different flowers and their meanings. So, to make a significant impact in our jobs, the address book comes with everything that we need.

Page Type: A unit of this awesome address book contains 34 pages allowing for 304 address entries. Pages inside are 5½” W x 7″ H, though the outer look measures 7.25″ x 7.75″. As most of us expect to have a few pages at the end, it exactly comes with some extra pages at the back.

And importantly, as it is a binder-style notebook, the refill pages work incredibly well. So, this is about a lifetime investment for you.


  • Page quantity: 34
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Hallmark
  • Dimension: 7.25″ x 7.75″


  • Durable and refillable
  • Cheatsheet for different flowers and their meanings
  • Binder style; lays flat 180-degree
  • 304 address entries
  • Enough room for details


  • Not suitable to carry in a purse

4. PlanAhead Bigger Telephone/Address Book

When it comes to looking for the best address book, there are several options to consider. Of course, not all are the same. What makes this product different and efficient is its versatility and size. It comes with more room and options as well.

First and foremost, it has large print and alphabetized tabbed dividers, bringing ultimate ease and simplicity to your action. Moreover, for including extra information with phone numbers and emails, it gets enough space and a password record section.


Ease of use: The most exciting and convenient part of this notebook is that you get the print big enough. Sometimes, people find it hard to read what’s actually been written. Luckily, this address book gets it right. As it is primarily focused on larger entries, you can read the information easily. Even you don’t need to wear your glasses to read the information convincingly.

On top of that, it gets enough space to note the smallest details- such as birthdays, special occasions, etc.

Password Record Section: We see people often use an additional password book besides using an address book or plain notebook. But this time is long gone if you had the PlanAhead telephone book. It has an extra section for you to record your passwords conveniently and safely.

And the interesting fact is that, although all the information and details are neatly incorporated here, no one can tell except you because they all blend together.

Lay Flat: It lays flat 180 degrees. As it comes with a compact spiral binding, no worries for a single page gets perforated from it. Like other spiral notebooks, you can lay it flat or fold it to open half of it.


  • Total entries: 372
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: PlanAhead
  • Dimension: 5.875″ x 8.25″


  • Enough room for your data
  • Lays nice and flat
  • Easy to write and read
  • The print is big enough
  • Password record section


5. AT-A-GLANCE Telephone / Address Book

No matter whether it is for recording your professional contacts or for keeping your friends and family information safe, the AT-A-GLANCE address book has got you covered in all kinds of situations.

No wonder it is one of the ideal options for keeping your records under some protection as well as the convenient option for several other stuff.

What makes this address book a suitable candidate for your purchase is its huge room and single-letter tabs. Additionally, it is perfect in size. Not too large or too small. As most of us like to carry these notebooks in our purses and small bags, we are completely allowed to do so.

Let’s discuss this in some detail.


Plenty of room: If you’re looking for an address book with some space, this would be a strong option to consider. It gets enough room for at least 500 entries.

And most importantly, it is designed with single-letter tabs to find any desired contact quickly. Sometimes, manufacturers combined letters like A-E or H-L, which is better than no tabs, but they are nowhere in comparison to single-letter tabs. Fortunately, you’ll get this top-class feature in this address book.

Large prints: Do you wear glass, but you don’t like to? If that’s you, sending hugs! I totally feel your confusion. But guess what? With this amazing address book, you don’t need to. As it has larger prints, you can use and store all your necessary information without wearing your glasses. Moreover, for the utmost ease and comfort, the name line is shaded of where each entry begins. 

Versatility: What exactly it is going to provide you with each entry:

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Home phone
  • Work phone, cell/pager
  • Fax and
  • Email / web contact

This is undoubtedly very much of an address book. But it doesn’t end here. It offers quality pages that are made of 30% waste recycled material and vegetable-based inks. Therefore, by using the product, you’re making an impact on a healthy environment too.


  • Total entries: 500
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AT-A-GLANCE
  • Dimension: 8.38 x 5.38


  • ● It is versatile
  • ● Lay flat
  • ● Single-letter tabs except for Y&Z
  • ● Easy to read and carry
  • ● Enough room for details


  • No perforation, it will cause tearing pages

6. Pretty Floral Address Book

If you are looking for a compact and high-quality address book with plenty of room to write, the pretty floral address book is hands down the best option. It contains 110 blank-lined pages. Each page allows us to record 3 entries. Meaning, a total of 330 entries can be recorded here.

We human beings love what looks good. As long as that maintains quality, there’s nothing wrong with it. This book features a professional-looking matte cover outside with a pretty floral design and organized blank lined pages inside- very much suitable for professionals to households.  


Quality white paper: When it comes to having quality notebook paper, there are not many options available for us. Manufacturers focus more on fancy covers and overall design as people get captivated by these. However, he who likes to use different pens and pencils for outlining his notes and beautifying his writings, must look for quality notebook paper.

There are two extreme groups of people- One only focuses on appearance, and the other does on quality and benefits. Both are important. Balancing between two and getting the most out of the item is important.

Tabbed alphabetical sections: It is for easy access. No matter when you put the entry, you can find that straightway. It is great for school, home, and office environments.

Perfect gift option: As it looks gorgeous and really handy to keep in the bag or purse, there will be barely anyone who will not appreciate the gift. Undoubtedly for recording addresses, mobile, work, and home phone numbers, email, and birthdays in a written form, it is one of the precise and standard quality address books available on the market. So gift yourself or anyone at any time of the year.

Extra pages: Most of us appreciate it if there’s an option for writing small and special notes. This address book got some extra pages at the back of it for keeping additional notes.


  • Total entries: 330
  • Color: Floral design, black
  • Brand: Pretty Floral Address Books
  • Dimension: 5.5 x 0.25 x 8.5


  • Plenty of room to write
  • Extra pages at the back of the book
  • High-quality white paper
  • Tabbed alphabetical sections
  • Pretty floral design


7. AT-A-GLANCE Large Telephone & Address Book

If you have been into notebooks for the last few years, you know that AT-A-GLANCE has a reputation for plenty of space and large-sized address books. And this one lives up to that reputation.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you need to enter an entry, but don’t have that space in your address book? Certainly, this is an experience no one would love to experience again. But guess what? This amazing telephone book comes with room for 800+ entries to make sure you never get there again. 


Wirebound and undated book design: We want our address books easy-going and comfortable to use. To write both of the sides at the same comfort, it requires being lay-flat completely. Spiral binding or wire-bound ensures it comprehensively.

On the other side, pages are undated. Therefore, you can use it in whichever way you want.

Plenty of space: This is the strongest point of the product being included in the list. It offers 800+ entries to be recorded on a single cover. In addition, there are 6 lines per entry for names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information.

There is no designated space for email addresses but a blank line. So you can comfortably squeeze an email address in.

100 pages in the notebook- each page contains 8 entries. So there’s no definitive space for birthdays or websites, but enough room where you could add.

Single-letter tabs: It is to make the process easy and organized. You’ll find any contact easily and quickly. On top of that, it also ensures that every letter gets the same amount of entry space.


  • Total entries: 330
  • Color: Floral design, black
  • Brand: AT-A-GLANCE
  • Dimension: 5-3/8″ x 8-3/8″ x 1/2″


  • You can record at least 800+ entries
  • 6 lines per entry
  • Easy going and comfortable to use
  • Wirebound and undated book design
  • Single-letter tabs


  • No designated space for email addresses but a blank line

8. Hallmark Hardcover Address Book

Simple yet effective! This is briefly about the address book. Though I’m labeling it as simple, the overall appearance and looking isn’t that simple. But yes, it is truly easy to use and maintain.

From the same brand, we had another product at the beginning of this list. Yet, we included this one just because it is what it is. Everything stands up to melt your heart with joy and happiness, from its solid chambray textile cover to high-quality pages.

However, one thing that I was expecting from this high-class address book is refillability. Unfortunately, it is not refillable. Other than this, you’ll find this as good as any other top-class telephone book.


Large space: When it comes to recording names and addresses with a fax or email, every address book seems exactly the same. There’s little to no difference. But, when it is about storing more than that, here comes the big names, Hallmark, AT-A-GLANCE, etc. No wonder these amazing units of notebooks also provide plenty of space for keeping your additional information safe and sound.

Every page includes space for utilities and service, emergency contacts, passwords, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Versatility: For instance, imagine you’re set to send a gift to one of your closest friends. It is a special occasion. You need to write something precise yet meaningful with that piece of the gift, but nothing is coming to your head. At that moment, if you get a cheat sheet of different flowers and their meanings, how will it be? Yes, you guessed it right. This address book features a cheat sheet so that you hit the right note when sending a gift.

Sturdy and small: It measures 4.5″ x 6.5″ and comes with handy tabbed pages. Therefore, it is easy to use and carry in small bags and purses as well. Moreover, as it is not spiral binding, it is easy to write close to the crevice.

Overall, to compare with other top-tier address and telephone books, this doesn’t fall short of anything. It not only looks beautiful but it also helps to beautify the other desk accessories and stationery.


  • Color: White
  • Brand: Hallmark
  • Dimension: 4.5″ x 6.5″


  • Handy tabbed pages
  • Small enough to carry in purse and small bags
  • Good quality pages and cover
  • A cheat sheet of different flowers and their meanings
  • Coordinates perfectly to other accessories on the desk


9. Farmhouse planners Address Book with Alphabetical Tabs

Are you looking for the most promising address book on the market? Call off the search this very moment, as this is the ideal address book that you were looking for all this time. A lot can be said about the product yet we’ll briefly discuss some of its most incredible features and benefits.

First of all, it gives enough space and room for having some extra information in it. And secondly, it has alphabetical markers for quick navigation of the information.As we all are aware of the fact that how important it is to have some good quality paper to preserve information and feelings in a notebook, this item meets all your expectations. 

If the paper quality isn’t good enough, it might cause smearing and bleed through the page. Not only this, but the pages get yellowed over time. As a result, you won’t even be able to read what’s written on it.


High-quality paper: This is one of the fundamental qualities to look for in notebooks and similar products. Fortunately, this address book comes with some good quality pages. They are heavy and smooth to write over. If you’re someone like me who loves to test new inks and pens on paper frequently, then this would be the option for you. From ballpoint to gel pens, you can comprehensively use any of them.

Alphabetical Tabs: If we take a look back in the past when we’ve used our address and telephone books, it will be clear that we use them at times of need, perhaps severe needs. Therefore, it is inevitable that our address book should have something that helps us to find the contact quickly. And of the ways of that, alphabetical tabs are quite popular. Luckily, this telephone book also features this feature.

Additional note pages: It has space for over 330 entries. You’ll get 120 pages in total, and each page contains room for at least 3 entries. Along with that, it gets some extra pages in the back for our short notes and special occasions.


  • Color: Rustic Sunflower
  • Total entries: 330
  • Brand: Farmhouse planners
  • Dimension: 6 x 0.28 x 9


  • Plenty of space
  • High-quality paper
  • Exquisite rustic sunflower cover
  • Alphabetic tabs for quick navigation
  • No smearing or bleeding through


  • Not suitable for a purse or small bag

10. Lang Flower Jars Address Book

While we are on the topic of highly rated address books, it would be a crime to skip over this exquisite notebook from Lang. This telephone book with its hand-painted cover is well-accepted by households all over the United States. And, there are some obvious reasons for that.

First and foremost, by far, this is one of the most prominent brands that we’ve chosen in this list. They have been in this industry since 1982; perhaps, many of us were yet to be born at that time. And they are well-known for beautiful artistry and decorative stationery products.

If you’re looking for an address book to gift to your neared and cared one, this would be a strong candidate for sure. So let’s dig deep into its benefits and drawbacks.


Exquisite design: Who doesn’t love beauty and elegance? This could be the definition of an elegant address book. Sounds like somewhat exaggerated? I humbly request you to go over the product. Especially, the colorful cover picture on both sides will definitely melt your heart with some warmth of urbanity and elegance.

Refillable: A matter of fact is, there aren’t many options available on the market for refillable address books. I do appreciate that it offers this facility.

Though the pages get enough space for contacts and small notes to be recorded, it has some additional pages in the back for your convenience. On top of that, you can get pages to add on. Meaning, if you want to add an insert or some extra pages, it welcomes you. And refills are available from the same brand, no worries.

Large space: If you don’t mind having a large size address book, this item is offering you 10 addresses per page using both sides. Nonetheless, it gets enough space for names, addresses, emails, birthdays, and so much more.

As we expect, it has some extra space for business cards at the back. Moreover, you’ll find a calendar just before the back cover. 


  • Total entries: 400+
  • Color: Artwork
  • Brand: Lang
  • Dimension: 6.5 x 8.5 x 1.79


  • Contacts can be logged for each alphabet
  • “Important dates” at the back pages
  • You can get pages and inserts to add on
  • Plastic business card sleeves in the back
  • Pages are thick like printer paper


11. Boxclever Press Address Book

Last but not least, we’ve reached the last product on our list. Though we put it last, it doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks at some point or providing the optimum value for your money. This is rather an interesting story why we kept this one for no 11.

Well, this is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite address books on the market right now- if not the most. From its cover to pages inside, everything is simply incredible.

First and foremost, it comes with stickers, meaning you can update your contacts without all the ugly scribbles. Let’s see what else it has to offer.


Easily remove old contact details: It is obvious that we need to update things over time. But what if I tell you, you don’t need to erase or have a new item for that? Yes, this is possible with the Boxclever address book. It features 3 sheets of self-adhesive labels. Meaning, you just need to peel off the label and apply it over an address that you want to erase or remove. You’ll have a new entry space right off the bat. It is this easy!

Find an address in an instant: With its alphabetic A-Z tabs, it is never a tough task to find a contact. No more looking through bits of paper- It only takes a few seconds to detect the desired one. 

More entry space: It offers 18 spaces per letter except 12 for 4 letters and 6 for one. A total of 432 entries can be recorded between the covers. Moreover, the hardcover address book has a fantastic space for additional info and small notes. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get a distinct password section.

Additional features: Some of the additional features are elastic closure along with a couple of ribbon page markers and paperwork pockets. It has everything from space to tabs that you expect from an address book.


  • Total entries: 432
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Boxclever
  • Dimension: 6.5 x 8.5 x 1.79


  • Stickers to amend
  • A to Z tabs
  • Useful pockets
  • 18 spaces per letter
  • Elastic band for safe closure
  • 2 ribbon page markers


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are address books refillable?

Yes and No. Don’t get perplexed. Let me explain. Most of the address books are not refillable. The manufacturers provide enough amounts of space and pages for 2-3 years, normally. Besides, a few address books come with stickers. Meaning, you can peel off the given stickers and apply them over addresses that you want to erase or remove. And then you can write your desired contact on that spot.  

On the other side, some address books are completely refillable. However, they are not more than you can count on your fingers. And one of them is the Hallmark Address Book (Charcoal).

2. What is the best brand for an address book?

There’s no particular brand that we can label as best. But there are a few brands, which are always exciting to look for. Of them, Hallmark, AT-A-GLANCE, Peter Pauper Press, Boxclever, etc. But, yet again, one thing that we should remember is, the brand isn’t everything. Yes, brands do matter, but you cannot always rely upon a brand blindly.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a few items from different brands in this list and testify them with our best effort. But, as we always say, everyone’s need and preference is meant to be different. So, it is you at the end of the day who will finalize the product.

3. How many contacts can I store in a telephone book?

It depends. The range can be hundreds to thousands. But normally, it is between 300 to 800. If the product allows you to refill inserts or loose pages, then the number will go up.

Final Verdict

For a good quality address book that will help you store some important contacts and information, go with one that meets your requirements the most. Boxclever Press Address Book is the best address book for me because it gets plenty of room with single-letter tabs. The band closure and ribbon page markers are added bonuses. Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm Office Products Address Books Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm Office Products Address Books

: Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book – 9 x 13 cm : Office Products.

This site uses cookies to optimise your experience. By using the website you consent to these cookies. Find out more.

Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm

Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm

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Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm
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Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm
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Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm
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Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm

Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade, : Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book – 9 x 13 cm : Office Products,Visit our online shop,Online watch shopping,Fast, Free Shipping and Returns,we make online shopping easy,Enjoy Fast Shipping and 365 Day Returns! Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm Papuro Milano, Papuro Milano Refillable Handmade Italian Chocolate Brown Leather Address Book 9 x 13 cm.

Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red Office Supplies Calendars, Planners & Personal Organizers

Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red Office Supplies Calendars, Planners & Personal Organizers

Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red,by Gallery Leather Camden Red Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book,: Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather – Camden Red – Refillable Binder : Telephone And Address Books : Office Products,Commodity shopping platform,100% Authentic,Explosion style low price,Affordable prices with Fast Delivery. Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red

Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red

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Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red

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Refillable Binder Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather Camden Red

: Leather Desk Address Book by Gallery Leather – Camden Red – Refillable Binder : Telephone And Address Books : Office Products,Commodity shopping platform,100% Authentic,Explosion style low price,Affordable prices with Fast Delivery.

CARTIER PARIS Burgundy Leather ADDRESS BOOK Notepad AGENDA Cover For Sale at 1stDibs

Perhaps 1847 was not the ideal time to open a new watchmaking and jewelry business, as the French Revolution was not kind to the aristocracy who could afford such luxuries. Nevertheless, it was the year Louis-François Cartier (1819–1904) — who was born into poverty — founded his eponymous empire, assuming control of the workshop of watchmaker Adolphe Picard, under whom he had previously been employed as an assistant. Of course, in the beginning, it was a relatively modest affair, but by the late 1850s, Cartier had its first royal client, Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, who commissioned the jeweler to design brooches, earrings and other accessories.Under the leadership of Louis-François’s son, Alfred, who took over in 1874, business boomed. Royalty around the world wore Cartier pieces, including Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, the Maharaja of Patiala and King Edward VII, who had 27 tiaras made by the jewelry house for his coronation in 1902 and issued Cartier a royal warrant in 1904. (Today, the British royal family still dons Cartier pieces; Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, regularly sports a Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch.)Cartier’s golden years, however, began when Alfred introduced his three sons, Louis, Pierre and Jacques, to the business. The brothers expanded Cartier globally: Louis reigned in Paris, Pierre in New York and Jacques in London, ensuring their brand’s consistency at their branches across the world. The trio also brought in such talents as Charles Jacqueau and Jeanne Toussaint.One of Cartier’s earliest major successes was the Santos de Cartier watch — one of the world’s first modern wristwatches for men. (Previously, a large number of people were using only pocket watches.) Louis designed the timepiece in 1904 for his friend, popular Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who wanted to be able to check the time more easily while flying.Cartier’s other famous timepieces include the Tank watch, which was inspired by the linear form of military tanks during World War I, and the so-called mystery clocks. Invented by watchmaker and magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin and later crafted exclusively for Cartier in the house’s workshop by watchmaker Maurice Couët, the mystery clocks were so named because the integration of glass dials on which the clocks’ hands would seemingly float as well as structures that are hidden away within the base give the illusion that they operate without machinery.On the jewelry side of the business, Cartier’s internationally renowned offerings include the Tutti Frutti collection, which featured colorful carved gemstones inspired by Jacques’s trip to India and grew in popularity during the Art Deco years; the panthère motif, which has been incorporated into everything from brooches to rings; and the Love bracelet, a minimal, modernist locking bangle inspired by medieval chastity belts.While the Cartier family sold the business following the death of Pierre in 1964, the brand continues to innovate today, renewing old hits and creating new masterpieces. It’s certainly one of the most well known and internationally revered jewelers in the world among clients both existing and aspirational.On 1stDibs, find a growing collection of contemporary and vintage Cartier watches, engagement rings, necklaces and other accessories.

Notebook Address Phone Book Notebook Notepad Leather Cover with Pen Prommashimport

2008. Foreign economic association. It closes well with a zipper. Inside there are sheets for records plus sheets for phone records.

Small pen (does not write) included.

On one page a dedication inscription. The rest is all clean. Size – 10 x 14.5 cm.

Good condition. Please see the photo.


WARNING! from January 01, 2020Russian Post has increased the tariff for shipments.




Payment to the current account through the bank’s payment system.

This is done for your convenience and absolutely safe transaction.










Local pickup – Skhodnenskaya




90,000 Brauberg Diary Plan A5 – Plans for 2021

Good time of the day!

I like to plan my day to be as effective as possible. I tried to use notes on my phone, but the good old diary is still more convenient. I already bought a glider for 2021 and will show it to you.

Likes ♥ ️

– decoration. Now there is a large selection of diaries, there are “fun” ones with motivations and a lot of pictures, but I don’t need it. There are also classics in dark covers, which I didn’t want either. And I have chosen a stylish bright diary from the Rainbow series. It has a bright pink “leather” cover and blue binding. Looks very positive and uplifting. The collection also has other shades for every taste

– user-friendly design.Inside the diary is classic, the pages are white. Dated, which is convenient

– there is a tape – a bookmark, it is convenient

– compact size A5. Of course, it won’t fit into a small bag, but I don’t plan to carry it with me all the time

– made really high quality, everything is neat

– perfect gift

– at the end of the diary there are pleasant congratulations from the manufacturer and a reminder to buy a diary for the next year

What did not like ♠ ️

– several sheets are occupied by unnecessary information, such as telephone city codes, size table, telephone book, car numbers in Russia.Really, does anyone use this at all?

– no pen holder. I didn’t pay attention to this when buying, but it would be more convenient with the holder

In general, the diary is good, I will be happy to use it)

Address folder, congratulatory folder, genuine leather folder

What are address folders made of?

The address folder is made, as a rule, in a format slightly larger than A4 when folded. The firm basis of the address folder is binder board with a thickness of 1, 75 – 2 mm with a lining of layers of newsprint or writing paper or foam rubber.From the outside, the address folder is pasted over with binding material, inside – with white offset paper with a density of 100 g / m2. or more expensive materials: efaline, flock, silk, velvet.
If necessary, you can make address folders in format A 3.

Binding material for making address folders

Both domestic materials (bumvinyl) and imported (baladek, balacron, tango, Mondior, etc.) are used as binding for the manufacture of address folders.) of various colors and shades. For the manufacture of address folders of a more presentable look, we offer various materials from artificial and natural leather.
Address folders made of paper-based materials (bumvinil, baladek, balacron) are cheaper, they are preferable for making small and large wholesale. Due to the higher price, address folders made of genuine artificial leather are produced mainly in a single copy or in small quantities.

How to order an address folder?

However, if you need an inexpensive address folder in the amount of 1 – 2 pieces, you can get it from us in a matter of minutes.In our warehouse there are address folders of various colors with embossing: “Congratulations!”, “Happy anniversary!” and others. If any of these address folders does not suit you, in your presence we will emboss any of the address folders available in the warehouse with any cliche that we have.

Stamping clichés for address folders available from us

For embossing address and greeting folders with any dates, you can count on ready-made cliches with numbers 10, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90.If you need an address folder without specifying a number, a cliché with the inscriptions is at your service: “Happy Anniversary!”, “Congratulations!”, “Happy Birthday!”, “Happy Holidays!”, “Congratulations!”, “Anniversary!” , “Congratulations on the anniversary!”, decorated with decorative elements; corner, branch, rose, as well as various coats of arms: Russia, Moscow, Moscow region, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, various ministries, departments, educational institutions. There are clichés for making business folders: “For signature”, “With signature”, “Signed”, “For report”, “For report”, “For report to management”, “For consideration”, “Urgently”, etc.In addition, we can make address folders with embossing: “Graduate”, “Goodbye, kindergarten!”, “Certificate of honor”, “Gratitude”, etc.

Branded address folders

For embossing address folders with corporate symbols, you can order the appropriate cliches from us, and we will make address folders on which the logo and the name of your enterprise, company, educational institution will be applied.

Methods of stamping address folders

As a rule, gold or silver foil is used for embossing address and greeting folders.If necessary, address folders can be imprinted with foil of any color. If the material from which the greeting or address folder is made allows, it can be embossed with a blind embossing, i.e. in a colorless way.
This embossing method looks most effective on address folders made of so-called thermal materials.

Address and greeting folders made of genuine leather

address and greeting folders made of genuine leather are in great demand among our clients. Here you can choose ready-made address folders, on which we will emboss in the presence of your representative. If, say, the color of the finished leather address folder does not suit you, but we have a material whose color you like, we will make an address folder from the leather you like within 30 minutes. As a rule, address folders made of genuine leather burgundy are in the greatest demand. However, leather folders in blue and brown colors are often bought from us.Leather and other colors are available.
When ordering the address folder of their genuine leather , you should take into account that leather is a natural material, as suppliers say, “a reflection of nature itself”. Therefore, often on the skins used to make address folders from leather, there are minor injuries, scars, wrinkles, etc. The most sophisticated clients even specifically ask to make an address folder from skin, on which these “flaws” would be visible, just as sometimes “semi-antique” furniture is made, with a surface artificially eaten by bugs.But, unfortunately, not all clients understand that this is a natural flaw. For this reason, many of our colleagues refused to make address and greeting folders from genuine leather . Some sellers of address folders deliberately do not specify in the accompanying documents which leather the address folder is made of (natural or artificial), but simply write: “ Address folder, leather ”. It is difficult for a layman to distinguish an address folder made of genuine leather from a folder made of artificial leather.Therefore, when buying an address folder, specify what kind of leather it is made of.
For address and greeting folders made of genuine leather , we also use more expensive gluing – velvet or silk. We have several colors of both, therefore, depending on what color of skin the address folder is made of, we try to choose the color of the pasting. To make the address folder with a velvet sticker look more solid, we put thick cardboard under the velvet.As a result, address folder looks spectacular inside.
At the request of the customer, we can install brass or chrome decorative corners on the address and greeting folders. In this case, the address folder takes on a representative appearance. In addition, metal corners protect folders from possible damage.

Congratulatory address

Actually, the address folders themselves serve as a case in which the congratulatory address is embedded (that’s why the folder is called the address folder).We have solid experience in making greeting addresses for address folders. We will help you choose the design for the congratulatory address, recommend where to place the design elements of the greeting address , choose the background, etc.
It is desirable that, having come to us, you have the text of the congratulatory address in electronic form. Previously, you can send the text of the congratulatory address to our e-mail. In this case, exchanging messages, we can agree on the design of a congratulatory address before your arrival.Having come to us, you will receive a congratulatory address printed digitally on thick A3 format paper.
If you find it difficult to write the text of the congratulatory address, we have poetic versions of congratulations that can be used for special occasions.

IDs, passes, certificates, diplomas

In addition to address folders with a congratulatory address, certificates , passes , certificates, diplomas , archive folders, archive boxes, menu folders, folders-invoices for cafes and restaurants and other products are in constant demand.
Like address folders, ID can be made both from inexpensive binding materials – bumvinyl, baladek, etc., as well as from artificial and natural leather. Certificates from paper-based materials are made with right angles, certificates from natural and artificial leather – with rounded corners.
As a rule, less expensive materials are used for the production of passes for .
By order of training organizations, we produce certificates and diplomas, student cards, grade books as from
standard embossing, and with the logos of organizations.
In addition to standard folders, we produce folders for individual orders: with “pockets” and “spines” for various volumes of documentation, so-called “scallops” (for example, in the menu for securing files).

Diaries, weeklies, business card holders – blint and foil stamping

An invariable companion of a business person is a diary, weekly, planning, stock book (card holder), telephone book. As a rule, customers prefer to purchase a set of a diary, planning, stock book and phone book, made of one binding material and one color.If you need a set of these attributes of business life, then it is better to order them as early as possible, while they are available in warehouses. Diaries can be dated and undated. We emboss company logos on diaries, planings, stock books, telephone books. There are two types of embossing: foil and colorless (blind). Which embossing to choose? The best clue in this matter may be the type of embossing done by the manufacturer (eg year).

Leather address folder production – production of address folders – leather address folder

Have you decided to buy leather address folder ? That’s the right decision! An important business accessory is considered convenient for storing papers and other documents, for example, congratulations, postcards.In addition, this beautiful accessory is also suitable for active business people who are constantly moving and are forced to have a package of necessary documents with them.

Please note that leather address folders have excellent breathability. This allows you to store securities in it and not worry that an unpleasant smell may appear.

The head of a large enterprise or a small subdivision needs to buy the address folder of the manufacturer in Russia, because it is much more convenient to receive documents for consideration in the form of a neat stack.The accessory has a standard A4 size, so it can easily accommodate all the necessary papers.

In order for your image to be respectable and serious, you need to pay attention to every detail that creates it, including business haberdashery. Leather address folders with the logo of your organization, of high quality will not only save important documents, but also emphasize your taste. Our company offers you the manufacture of address folders for every taste and color. Any folder from our assortment can be modified according to your wishes, in addition we can make:

  • Place the metal corners on the folder.
  • Make color or clear embossing or logo application.
  • Add additional pockets to folders.
  • In the manufacture of folder for documents, install or remove the webbing.
  • Make a compound folder, combine materials of different colors on it

Assortment: leather address folder, leather address folder. Also, the address folder to order in our production will be made according to your order.

The standard size for an address folder for signature that can hold an A4 sheet is 230 × 315mm.At the request of the customer, the folder can be made in accordance with the size you need, we can easily make congratulatory folders in a larger format for A4 + or A5 addresses, the folder can be with an enlarged spine of 5 cm, 7 cm and even more … Make the spine of the address folder soft or hard, and the hard spine can be additionally rounded to resemble the binding of a book. Address folder to order made of genuine leather with a hard spine may have bandages – convex transverse elements, they imitate old binding, additionally decorated with gilding, as a rule, the folder is embossed along the bandages, between the bandages.

If among the presented leathers there is no suitable color or texture for you, be sure to let us know, we will offer an additional assortment. We can purchase leather specifically for your circulation, but sometimes this leads to an increase in production time, the price can also change both up and down, depending on the cost of raw materials. If among the provided samples of products you do not like the lining, then keep in mind that they can be replaced with other colors, and in the production of custom-made folders, you can use other fabrics, binding materials, balacron, and other types of leatherette, as well as leather and suede.

The term for the production of address folders to order is 10-12 business days. The term can be increased if the circulation is large or, at the time of the order, the production load is high, as a rule, this happens at the end of the calendar year.

Little secret: an address folder for less money!

When ordering address folders, the hero of the day or the manager can significantly save on embossing, since we have ready-made clichés for labeling folders: “ Happy Anniversary ”, “ For Signature ”, “ Congratulations ”, “ 65 “,” 60 “,” years “and some others, you can check with our managers about the presence of clichés.

The address folder for documents does not always look good and practical out of expensive leather, there are times when cheaper leather looks better, it looks more advantageous for embossing, it can be more practical, it is better to consult a manager when ordering, he will inform you about such features!

You can buy congratulatory address folders, we maintain an assortment of the most popular models in stock, it will be cheaper than ordering folders in a small edition.

Other models are presented in this section, for example, ring clip folders or a case for papers, a kind of folder that acts as an excellent alternative to plastic folders – corners.

Address folder made of leather production to order from our company

Address folder manufacturer Russia, presented in the catalog of our online store, are not only beautiful, but also durable. Most of them are in A4 format and can be made of quality material. Address folders are made in different colors:
• elegant and even austere black;
• fine brown;
• solid dark blue;
• calm blues and blues;
• original burgundy.

Leather address folder for individual order

The leather-bound accessory will always accompany not only “VIP persons” or business people in the future, but it can also become an excellent present for a teacher or university teacher. The address folder produced by our company is a safe and reliable way of storing valuable documents, because they are made only of genuine leather. Thanks to this, the accessories will serve their owner for a long time.They will not crack or lose their solid appearance. A leather address folder will help out when you need to speak at an important meeting. Address folder, which is made to order by our company, pleasant to the touch. An elegant accessory will give you self-confidence and emphasize your status.

Leather products are an indicator of consistency and style, they distinguish us from the general mass. Genuine leather is used to make leather folders.

For the stronger sex who prefer business style and strict outfits, a leather folder is suitable.This accessory gives the image more stateliness. Products made of genuine leather are distinguished by their high durability and practicality. For the manufacture of leather folders, the skin of calves, bulls or pigs is used. The surface of the accessories can be matte, glossy or embossed.

Although their price is higher than the cost of folders made of cheaper materials, they will last many times longer, so you do not need to save on them. In addition, the folder that our company conducts business production using high-quality fittings is perfect as a gift to a colleague or boss.

Leather address folder is at the same time a gift, a good option for storing all kinds of papers, and an elegant addition to a diploma. Unlike a typical office document folder, the address folder has a different design.

Leather address folder is most often used during meetings and meetings with management. The folder contains contracts to be signed and correspondence. Every detail, including address folders, which are made to order by our company, in which important documents are stored, must look attractive, but restrained.

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