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When the hunt begins for affordable and compact fountain pen options, people eventually find themselves staring down a Pilot Petit 1. This pen is both affordable and tiny enough to slip into the tight pockets of a pair of skinny jeans. There are a handful of features that make this quite a fun little pen to have in your pocket. They come in a wide variety of colors—each with their own entertaining name. Unfortunately, several of the colors have been discontinued as the years wore on (and they were very difficult for me to get my hands on!)

Originally the pens came in 12 different colors (named below from left to right):

Correction: It appears that I am actually missing at least two colors from the very first generation. The hunt continues!

Clear Blue
Turquoise (discontinued)
Apple Green
Violet (discontinued)
Baby Pink
Cherry Pink (discontinued)
Mandarin Orange (discontinued)
Apricot Orange


I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the colors of the actual inks were rather close to the colors of the pen bodies. The inks are all very nice—not too wet, not too dry, they go down on the paper smoothly and have no bleeding or feathering that I observed. (More in-depth ink reviews to come later!)

Due to its small size, the pen cap does not post deeply onto the body, but there are little bumps on the back of the pen that allow the cap to securely click into place. Even though the cartridges that it takes are diminutive, they are not terribly expensive and can be refilled with a syringe. For the more adventurous writer, there has been some reported success in turning these pens into eyedroppers, but not every story has been a successful one so proceed at your own risk. However, one of my favorite features of the Pilot Petit 1 is the clear feed. Upon closer inspection, the feed channel appears to be filled with a fibrous material that soaks up the ink (perhaps an effort to prevent drying). The first time you click a cartridge into the pen, you are treated with a view of the ink traveling down the length of the feed and saturating the nib (see video).

Visible fibrous material embedded in feed channel

The current generation of Pilot Petit 1 pens were not the first. The previous iteration of the pen was shorter, had an opaque feed that was the same color as the pen body, and lacked the posting nubs on the back of the pen. However, they still take the same cartridges, and none of the construction materials appear to have been changed. The discontinued pens were discontinued after the previous iteration and therefore the discontinued colors do not exist with the current generation features.

Previous generation (top) compared with current generation (bottom)


Below you can see the difference between the previous opaque feed and the current transparent feed. Aside from the actual transparency and color difference, the feed does not appear to have been changed in design or functionality.  I always enjoy seeing transparent feeds implemented on pens where it is a good fit, and the playfulness of the Pilot Petit makes great use of it.

Of course, the real heart of the pen is how it writes, and the Pilot Petit is a fairly standard pen in that regard. Many people reported that their earlier generation pens were scratchy and unpleasant, but I have had no issues with either the previous or current generation as such. The pens are not super smooth, but they aren’t toothy. The feed has no trouble keeping up with any writing I threw at it, and the flow was decent. While the pen is definitely a bit short to write with comfortably, I found that posting it brought it up to a perfectly acceptable length to get some good mileage out of this pen.


Personally, I think they are perfect little pens to bring along when you need to add a little color to your life in a small package. It is really unfortunate that some of the colors had been discontinued because they were among my favorite ones of the bunch. Regardless, for the price, these petite pens are a wonderfully colorful addition to my collection and I am happy to have them on-hand for the occasional excursion.

Sidenote: The Pilot Petit 1 also comes in a 2 (felt-tip marker) and 3 (brush pen) variety.


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Pilot Petit Fountain Pen Cartridge

The Pilot Petit1 mini fountain pen use custom ink cartridges that are like a smaller, capsule-shaped version of Pilot’s normal fountain pen refills.

This refill, which has a model name of IRF-10SPN, has a 0.6 ml capacity, which means it’s significantly smaller than Pilot’s standard 1.0 ml cartridges. The refills are sold in 3-packs which ship in a plastic protective vial.

The ink used in these refills is Pilot’s normal ink, not the Iroshizuku line.

The refills ship n the following colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Blue Black
  • Baby Pink
  • Apricot Orange
  • Apple Green
  • Clear Blue

Pilot Petit Fountain Pen Cartridge Information

Street Price Check Price
Manufacturer Pilot
Pen Type Fountain Pen
Sizes Cartridge
Ink Colors Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Blue Black, Apricot Orange, Apple Green
Max Body Width 5.0
Acid-Free? No
Erasable? No
Pressurized? No
Archival? No
Fade Resistant? No
Fraud Prevention? No
Quick Drying? No
Non-toxic? No
Water-resistant? Waterproof? No
Ink Base Water-based
Tip Shape Conical
Tip Material
Refill Standard Proprietary
Quantity Sold 3
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Flight illusion gauges

Flight Sounds. Even the earliest versions of Flight Simulator made efforts to recreate the feeling of flight using sound and one of the most important sounds is the dynamic pitch of the engine which changes pitch with the throttle. We knew that, as we reimagined the game for the web, a static engine noise would really seem flat, so the dynamic …

Comment faire fonctionner les gauges flight illusion avec Prosim 737. PETIT RECAP POUR NE PAS PETER LES PLOMBS J Super matos rien à redire mais franchement pas facile à faire fonctionner pour un no…

I have a set of beautiful Flight Illusion King Air engine gauges from Flight Illusion that I am forced to part with. I have gone to a complete glass panel and I do not have room in the new panel for these gauges. These are currently close to $1400 US (1150 euro) plus shipping from Flight Illusion…

The GSA-150 Brake Pressure Tripple Needle gauge is based on a dedicated 3 needle gauge and has the (Through lighted!)… Add to cart

The Craftsman LED Portable Work Light is bright, versatile, and affordable, making it a top option for a wide range of tasks. This light gives off an impressive 2000 lumens, and it has a 360-degree rotating head that lets you angle it in any direction.

Dec 9, 2013 – Business leaders are using visualization technology to see their futures more clearly than ever at Deloitte’s Highly Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE).

The officer in charge had assured him there was a seat available on one flight. It was a transport so wouldn’t be terribly comfy but he’d traveled in worse conditions. He’d arranged for a car to pick him up at 5:00 am and he’d headed to Peterson to catch his flight. Okay, the officer definitely hadn’t been kidding.

In total, respondents reported 5773 SD experiences, 195 of them resulting in a serious risk for flight safety. Narratives of these serious events show that, in many cases, pilots managed their SD by carefully checking the flight instruments, and also by good crew coordination.

LMH Cars Eligible to Compete in IMSA From 2023 – Sportscar365

Image: Peugeot

Le Mans Hypercars will be allowed to join LMDh machinery in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship’s top class from 2023, as a key outcome of this week’s finalized convergence agreement between IMSA and the ACO.

A joint announcement from the two sports car racing sanctioning bodies on Friday added to an FIA World Motor Sport Council notice on Thursday that declared the approval of a “technical regulations amendment” in order to balance the distinct formulas.

Technical details of the convergence agreement demonstrate how key areas such as aerodynamics, tire fitment and acceleration profile will be used to balance LMH and LMDh.

Such measures are needed because LMH and LMDh cars have different characteristics.

LMH is the work of World Endurance Championship co-organizers the ACO and the FIA. The category, which entered competition this year, carries open regulations in terms of powertrain layout and chassis development.

The LMDh formula developed by IMSA and the ACO requires manufacturers to choose from one of four designated base LMP2 chassis suppliers on which to develop their cars, which are powered by brand-tailored engines coupled with a spec hybrid system.

LMDh was created as a common platform designed to race in both the WEC and IMSA, but cross-championship compatibility had not been afforded to LMH until now.

The finalization of convergence terms asserts that LMH cars from the likes of Peugeot, Toyota, Ferrari and Glickenhaus will be able to enter the top class of IMSA racing.

It therefore opens the possibility for cars from those companies to tackle classic American sports car races such as the Rolex 24 at Daytona, Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring and Motul Petit Le Mans.

Friday’s joint statement declared that the eligibility of LMH cars in North America will be subject to a “business agreement” between each manufacturer and IMSA.

“The FIA, ACO and IMSA have been working towards a common future where teams running in LMH and LMDh can race on both sides of the Atlantic,” said FIA Endurance Commission President Richard Mille.

“Today we can see that the convergence has taken a step closer to reality, which is great news for all of us involved in endurance racing.

“The principles have been agreed by all parties. The dream of teams and manufacturers being able to compete in all of the top endurance races with the same car for the first time is now at hand.

“This represents a significant moment in the history of motor racing.”

ACO President Pierre Fillon and IMSA President John Doonan also hailed the agreement, with both sanctioning body leaders emphasizing the collaboration between the involved organizations as well as the potential gains for sports car racing in the future.

Peugeot, Toyota and Ferrari have all previously voiced support for LMH eligibility in IMSA. Peugeot will join Toyota in the WEC next year, while Ferrari is due to arrive in 2023.

Head of Stellantis Motorsport Jean-Marc Finot, who is in charge of the Peugeot LMH program, said earlier this week that the French brand is in favor of convergence although stressed they have no current plans to enter WeatherTech Championship races.

“I think it should be [allowed to race in IMSA],” Finot told Sportscar365. “Technically this car is very close [to] what is used in LMDh. But they have to make that decision.

“Currently our program is WEC only. We are focused on this program in the WEC.”

Daniel Lloyd is a UK-based reporter for Sportscar365, covering the FIA World Endurance Championship, GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, among other series.

90,000 “Fargo” Season 3 Episode 4: Wolves, Wigs and Stalin

In principle, it was worth the wait. For three episodes, it was as if we were being led to this. The Kafkaesque Stasi-prologue of the first series. Ukrainian anti-Semite, recalling the pogroms with pleasure. The RUSSIA jersey is on the most stupid villain of the season – poor Maurice, who fell victim to a poorly fixed air conditioner. Zaputin’s speeches of the most terrible villain so far, perhaps in the entire Cohen canon – a man from nowhere named Varga. Stalin was obliged to show himself in this equation, and even more so after Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” appeared in the very first frames of the fourth episode.

Prokofiev, as we all remember, died with Stalin on the same day – March 5, 1953. (Jesus, I’m really writing about Stalin.) Noah Hawley, the writer for Fargo, likes to start a series with unexpected twists or just some fun tricks. In the very first frames of the fourth episode, each of the characters is given a rhyme with some of the heroes and instruments of the musical fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf”.

The flute bird is Emmit, the good twin brother, King of Minnesota’s parking lots. Oboe Duck – Ray, Bad Twin Brother, Bail Officer.Clarinet – cat – Nikki, Ray’s lover. Bassoon – grandfather – Sai, the right hand of Emmit. Timpani – hunters – sinister international gangsters, including the aforementioned Ukrainian anti-Semite in Adidas sportswear and white “superstars”. French Horns – Wolf – the aforementioned Varga in a “$ 200 suit”. And finally, violins – Petya – Gloria, a phlegmatic police woman, the moral center of the whole story and in general the whole world of the Coen brothers.

American critics have already reprimanded the authors for the insufficient accuracy of the layout of Prokofiev’s heroes for the “Fargo” ensemble.Allegedly, the bassoon should rather be the new boss of Gloria, who wants her not to get in the teeth of the wolf – that is, so that she stop the investigation into the murder of her stepfather. And the cat, Petya’s assistant in the fairy tale, in this fairy tale Petya is rather an enemy. But nevertheless, the layering created by the authors of the series does not fully understand how Prokofiev’s music got here. Perhaps precisely because the composer died on the same day as Stalin.

Multilayer lies in the fact that the same details, as in a kaleidoscope, are added by an infinite number of images. Each time I wonder what else Hawley will get out of the “coenopedia”. In Episode 4, look at Sai’s interrogation about the accidentally broken mirror in the parking lot. In fact, this is a copy of a scene from the original Fargo, where Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) also dodged questions, but here Michael Stahlberg plays the panicky white collar, starring in another important Cohen film, A Serious Man …

“A Serious Man” was about a person’s defenselessness before fate.But in the snowy, harsh and at the same time absurd universe of “Fargo” there is a shield from the blows of fate, a bond that does not allow the layers to disperse. This is a cop woman, a fair, unstoppable simple American woman with a police badge. Frances McDormand from the original film, Alison Tolman from the first season of the series. In the second season, for a change, this role was played by a man – Patrick Wilson, but in the third to the fourth episode we were already given two such women. Officer Vinnie (actress Olivia Sandoval) came to help Gloria.Now the heroes can share with each other both information on the murder case and the gasket.

It is not very clear whether to consider “Fargo” a feminist statement or, on the contrary, misogynistic. In the second season, one of the heroes made an important speech about the fact that Satan is a woman. Half of the problems in the universe of the series stem from the fact that a narrow-minded man is next to an ambitious woman. Martin Freeman smashed his wife-saw in the head with a hammer while still in the pilot of the first season. The man in Fargo is often (if not always) a reflection of the woman who chose him.In the second season, “Positive Peggy,” Kirsten Dunst, turned out to be a source of trouble for both her husband and all of the state’s organized crime. In the current fool brother, Ray fell in love and began to live with a swindler and bridge player Nikki – and now he is fired for gross violation of the law, and she puts a wig on him and sends him to rob a safe deposit box under the guise of a “smart brother”.

But women also save the situation. And in the next four episodes, we will apparently see how Petya will fight the wolf.

In general, both the Coens and Hawley, who continues their work, usually draw villains with love. In the first season there was the demonic Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton), in the second – a whole constellation of assassins, but the sophisticated manipulator Varg – judging by what we were shown for the fourth episode – in epicity, perhaps surpasses them all. Boasting about his cheap clothes, Varga looks like a sick CFO refusing to sit on sick leave during a tax audit. He came from nowhere – “from Europe.”He represents the interests of obscure people with obscure resources. Lives in a truck. All the food eaten is vomited back. (A detail that I don’t quite understand yet. Why? Anorexia or is he afraid of poisoning?) He can crush – with the help of his extremely effective Ukrainian-Chinese managers – and buy. And willingly suggests the second option. “Do you think you’re rich? No, ”he says to Emmit and promises mountains of gold. But it’s just not clear what part of the soul this Mephistopheles will take in return.

In the fourth episode, Varga’s “wolf” (over whose desk the portrait of Stalin hangs) plays on Emmit’s fears – and at the same time the viewer.Here, although the action of the season takes place in 2010, the authors tagged all the problems of 2017. Migration, which should sweep away the “golden percentage” of the rich. Tracking every movement of a modern person. Fake News (see great monologue about Putin, truth, truth and untruth).

Now, please, violins.

Photo: stills from the series

Do you often check your mail? Let there be something interesting from us.

Depardieu will play General Petit in the film Normandie-Niemen | Articles

In the historical film Normandie-Niemen, Gerard Depardieu will appear as a member of the French Communist Party, General Ernest Petit. The General Director of the State Film Fund Nikolai Borodachev told Izvestia about this.

– Gerard Depardieu will play General Petit, sent to the USSR by General de Gaulle, – said Nikolai Borodachev. – The main roles of aviators – female and male – will be performed by famous French, Russian and Belarusian actors.

Normandie-Niemen will be a four-episode television series, directed as four films. The budget of the film will be € 10-12 million.

– The film was produced by the French company B-Twen and the Russian film company Babushka, Nikolai Borodachev explained.- In addition, financial support will be provided by the French Ministry of Culture and the Ile-de-France region. As soon as the French partners confirm their participation, the Gosfilmofond of Russia will also become a financial partner.

The General Director of the State Film Fund also does not exclude the participation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the project.

Two French representatives and Channel One editors are working on the script for the Franco-Russian film project. The form of participation of the Belarusian side has not yet been determined: financial support or provision of services is possible.

Earlier, Gerard Depardieu said that while filming the film Normandie-Niemen, the film crew will try “based on the testimonies of the participants in those events, including General de Gaulle, who described them in his memoirs, to recreate the truth, the real history of the regiment.”

The Normandie-Niemen Air Regiment is the most decorated regiment in France. Its pilots flew 5,240 sorties and conducted almost 900 air battles. The regiment was formed in 1942 at the initiative of the leader of the Fighting France, General Charles de Gaulle.72 French volunteers – pilots and mechanics – arrived in the Soviet Union. They received the Yak-1, Yak-9 and Yak-3 fighters at their disposal, which were supported by a group of Soviet specialists.

Ernest Petit was the head of the French mission in the USSR. He was sent by General de Gaulle to the Soviet Union to organize French military units as part of the Red Army. For his great contribution to the development of the Franco-Soviet military community, General Petit was awarded the Order of the Battle Red Banner.In March 1942, he and his family arrived in Kuibyshev, where he actively negotiated with the Soviet authorities on the formation of an aviation regiment on the Eastern Front. On November 25, 1942, on behalf of the Free France, Petit signed an agreement with the USSR Armed Forces on the formation of the Normandie-Niemen regiment. Initially, the squadron bore the name “Normandy”, and in the fall of 1944, for its heroism in battles during the crossing of the Neman River, the air unit, which had already been transformed into a fighter regiment, received its historical name.

Upon completion of her mission in June 1945, the Normandie-Niemen returned to France. In the post-war years, by agreement between Moscow and Paris, the remains of French aviators buried in the Soviet Union were transferred to their homeland. In 2006, Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac opened a memorial in Le Bourget dedicated to the Russian-French brotherhood in arms.

In 1960, the Soviet-French film Normandie-Niemen, directed by Jean Dreville, was already released about the events where actors from both countries played. The script was co-written by Konstantin Simonov, and the music was written by Rodion Shchedrin.

Yerevan Open Championship – 2017.3 round

Date: 2017-10-07

Editor thanks for testing and valuable comments from Alexander
Korobeinikov, Maxim Merzlyakov, Sergei Terentyev, Stanislav
Mereminsky, Serafim Shibanov, Artur Dzivulsky, Dmitry Zausaev,
Elena Koroleva, Anton Lobachev, Maxim Lomkin, Galina Paktovskaya, and
See also Margara Sedrakyan.

Show Answers

Question 1:

Anything will turn to rubbish

No one remembers who SKIP 1 is,

This kind of life is not sugar or silk

Here they remember only the one who is PASS 2.

We do not ask what kind of opposite actions we are
missed in the stanza of Alexander Vasiliev. Name a Greek, explicit reference
to which is seen in this stanza.

Answer: Herostratus.

Anything will turn into trash,

Nobody remembers who built the temple,

This kind of life is not sugar or silk,

Only the one who set the temple on fire is remembered here.

Herostratus, in fact, also set fire to the temple of Artemis to be remembered.

Source (s):
1.https: //music.yandex.ru/album/3815602/track/31477411

2.https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herostratus

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 2: In the 2006 film, the father tests his son’s school knowledge. Having received for one
of the questions the wrong answer is “seven”, the father corrects his son. However,
at the time of the film’s premiere, my father’s answer was also incorrect. What is the question
asked the father to the son?

Answer: How many planets are there [in the Solar System]?

Pass: By the meaning.

Having received the wrong answer, the father says, “Wrong, nine.” Premiere
film took place in December 2006, when Pluto was already several
months since it ceased to be considered a planet.However, this does not make the episode
a blooper, since the film is partly biographical and tells a story

Source (s):
1. Feature film “The Pursuit of Happiness” (2006), dir. Gabriele Muccino, 113th


Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 3: The composition “Still loving you” by the “Scorpions” is very difficult. One
an Internet user complains that when performing this work
he lacks three THEM.Call THEM in one word.

Answer: Fingers.

This rock ballad by a German group features complex solo sections for
guitars. Extra fingers are needed precisely in order to play everything

Source (s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYyarcp5LtU&lc=UgjmH-vn1psaQngCoAEC

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 4: In the Russian translation of the book by Clar Issa Pinkola Estes it is said that the word
“ALPHA” today is perceived in a negative sense, despite the fact
that in ancient times this word was called healers, both old and
young.Name ALPHA.

Answer: Witch.

The word “witch” comes from the word “to be in charge”, i.e. “know”, like,
actually, the word “sorceress”.

Source (s):
1. https: //citaty.info/quote/255914


3.https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Znafry

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 5: Ashot Nadanyan believes that IT alone does not mean anything.For example,
horns are also IT. Guinness record holder professor Uber Petit
as many as thirty-three THEM. What two words have we replaced with the pronoun “IT”?

Answer: Higher education.

Hubert Petit received 33 higher educations in the fields of medicine,
jurisprudence, economics, political science, international relations,
mathematics, physics, art, sociology, statistics, etc.

Source (s):

2.https: //www.yvision.kz/post/347182

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 6: Among other things, HIM was told that he is not a citizen
Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom, and also the fact that it is for four years
older than normal age. Name HIM.

Answer: [Giuseppe] Verdi.

And also when joining the Milan Conservatory, Verdi said that he
absolutely devoid of musical talent.It is widely known that
the conservatory, which did not accept the future genius, now bears the name
Giuseppe Verdi.

Source (s):
1.http: //muzey-factov.ru/3668

2.http: //www.liveinternet.ru/users/2496320/post400492882/

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 7: THIS PERSON became very popular in the late 1950s, thanks to, in
including “Dead Soldier”.What is the name of THIS PERSON.

Answer: Unknown.

“Dead Soldier” is one of the first serious works of the sculptor Ernst
Iosifovich Unknown, who until the 1950s really was

Source (s): https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unizvestny_Ernst_Iosifovich

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 8: Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played in successful European
clubs.After going through hard times, “Manchester
United “Ibrahimovic said he was not used to playing after the rain.
did we replace the words in the previous sentence?

Answer: Thursdays.

Exam: Thursday.

Going through hard times at Manchester United last season
played in the Europa League. Swedish striker who for many
played continuously in the Champions League for years, I’m not used to going out
on the field on Thursdays.The question is played up with a phraseological phrase
“After the rain on Thursday”.

Source (s):
1.https: //www.championat.com/football/news-2660602-ibragimovich-ne-privyk-igrat-po-chetvergam-eti-matchi-ubivajut-menja.html

2.https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zlatan_Ibrahimovic

3.https: //ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/after_a rain_thursday

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 9: Attention, in the text of the question the word “ALPHA” is a substitute.
The submarine “K-19” is notorious for its tragic accidents.
The Americans nicknamed the ship “Leaving ALF”. Mary Ann became an ALPHA in
1865 year. Write Mary Ann’s last name.

Answer: Lincoln.

Exam: Todd.

As a result of accidents on the “K-19” several dozen sailors died. Mary
Anne Lincoln – wife of the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln,
became a widow after the murder of her husband in 1865.

Source (s):
1.http: //warspot.ru/4414-podlodka-ostavlyayuschaya-vdov

2.https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Todd_Lincoln

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 10: According to Vyacheslav Karelin, when the king dies, the coffin should be
very large. What word in the text of the question did we replace with two others?

Answer: King size.

Pass: Kingsize.

When a king dies, the coffin must be king size. The word “king size”
objects with significantly larger sizes are characterized.

Source (s):
1.https: //lenta.ru/articles/2017/08/15/sgnili/

2.https: //ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/kingsize

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 11: In one piece, which takes place in the middle of XX
century, the hero, in response to his wife’s amazement about his new job, says:
“Books are laid out there, not read.”Write a short name for this

Answer: Li.

A dialogue occurs between Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife, after
Oswald gets a job in the book depository – in the same place where the shooting was from
at Kennedy.

Source (s): TV series “22/11/63” (2016), 6th episode, 5th minute.

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)


Question 12: An overconfident Formula 1 pilot from one piece at the end of a conversation with
another rider, his competitor, says: “See you in HIM.”Name
ITS three words, two of which begin with the same letter.

Answer: Rearview mirror.

The self-confident pilot is confident that he will be ahead during the race
will meet his rival only in the rear-view mirror of his

Source (s): Feature film “Racer” (2001), dir. Rennie Harlin, 17th minute.

Author: Harutyun Arzumanyan (Yerevan)



90,000 Lesson 15.synonyms and antonyms – Russian language – Grade 3

Russian language. Grade 3

Lesson number 15

Section. Word in language and speech. (Lexical meaning of the word).

Topic. Synonyms and antonyms

List of issues considered in the topic

Know what synonyms and antonyms are, distinguish synonyms and antonyms, give examples of synonyms and antonyms, find in the dictionary of synonyms and antonyms

Thesaurus introduced in this lesson)

Synonyms, antonyms.

Basic and additional literature on the topic of the lesson (exact bibliographic data, indicating pages).

  • V.P. Kanakina, V.G. Goretsky. Russian language. Grade 3 Textbook for educational organizations. M .: Education, 2017.S. 9-14.
  • V.P. Kanakina, Russian language. Grade 3 Workbook. A guide for educational organizations. Moscow: Education, 2017.
  • V.P. Kanakina, Russian language. Grade 3. Verification work. M .: Education, 2017.
  • V.P. Kanakina, Russian language. Grade 3. Notebook of educational achievements. M .: Education, 2017.

Planned results

In this lesson

We will learn:

  • what are synonyms and antonyms;

Let’s learn:

  • to distinguish between synonyms and antonyms;
  • give examples of synonyms and antonyms;
  • Find synonyms and antonyms in the dictionary.

Open electronic resources on the topic of the lesson (if any)

http: // resh.edu.ru



Theoretical material for self-study

Look at the illustrations. Read it. What do words have in common and how do they differ?

As you can see, the picture shows words that mean the same thing, but are spelled differently.

Storm, hurricane; child, toddler; car, car; smart, smart; hole, hole; beautiful, beautiful; trousers, pants; chief, director; seamstress, dressmaker; curve, winding; laugh, laugh out loud; piano, piano.

Today in the lesson we will get acquainted with words that mean the same thing, but are spelled differently, we will learn how to distinguish these words, find them in the dictionary.

Look at the illustrations. Read it. What do words have in common and how do they differ?

As you can see, the picture shows words that are opposite in lexical meaning.

Cheerful, sad; slow, fast; dirty, clean; hard, soft.

Words that are pronounced differently, and are identical in meaning to or very close, are called synonyms .

For example, work and work, have fun and be happy.

The word “synonym” came to us from the Greek language, in translation it means “of the same name.”

Words – synonyms can be found in the dictionary of synonyms. So, in the dictionary of synonyms N. Abramov you can find the following:

Car, car.

Wind, storm, hurricane.

Lie, cheat.

Pilot, pilot.

Let’s define how you can use synonyms in speech, in the text.

Read the text.

Cheerful shouts of children are heard in the yard. The guys are building a slide. The guys will ride the slide.

This text repeats the word “ guys”.

Let’s read the synonyms for this word: children, babies.

Replace the repeating word with synonyms.

Cheerful shouts are heard in the yard children . Children are building a slide. Toddlers will ride the slide.

Words that are opposite in meaning (meaning) are called antonyms.

For example, hello – goodbye, day – night, sad – cheerful.

The word “antonym” comes from the Greek words “anti” – versus and “onym” – name.

Antonyms can be found in the Antonyms Dictionary.

White – black.

Meet – see off.

Bad – good.

Wide – narrow.

Clean – dirty.

Tasks parsing

Option 1.

Basic level.

What are synonyms? Please enter the complete correct answer.

  1. Words that are close in meaning, but different in spelling.
  2. Words that are close in meaning.
  3. Words that are spelled differently.
  4. Words that are different in meaning, but the same in spelling.

Indicate what concept is being discussed in the definition: “Words that are opposite in meaning (in meaning)”.

  1. Antonyms.
  2. Synonyms.
  3. Homonyms.
  4. Polysemous words.

Indicate in which dictionary the antonyms can be found.

Dictionary of antonyms.

Dictionary of homonyms.

Dictionary of synonyms.

Spelling dictionary.

Enhanced level.

Determine on which line the synonyms are written.

  1. Red, scarlet.
  2. Jump, play.
  3. Forest, forest.

Indicate which words of the proverb are antonyms: “A dog barks at a brave one, but bites a cowardly one.”

  1. Brave, cowardly.
  2. Barks, bites.
  3. Dog, cat.
  4. Brave, dog.

Specify a synonym for the word “sorry”.

  1. Sorry.
  2. Goodbye.
  3. Forgiveness.
  4. Caring.

Option 2.

Basic level.

What are antonyms? Please enter the correct answer.

  1. Words that are opposite in meaning.
  2. Words that are close in meaning.
  3. Words that are spelled differently.
  4. Words that are different in meaning, but the same in spelling.

Determine what concept is being discussed in the definition: “Words that are similar in meaning, but different in spelling.”

  1. Synonyms.
  2. Antonyms.
  3. Homonyms.
  4. Polysemous words.

Indicate in which dictionary you can find synonyms.

  1. Dictionary of antonyms.
  2. Dictionary of homonyms.
  3. Dictionary of synonyms.
  4. Spelling dictionary.

Increased Level

Determine which line contains synonyms.

  1. Sad, sad.
  2. Autumn, spring.
  3. Table, dining room.

Read the puzzle.

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