Pillow talk cushion inserts: Best Cushion Inserts: Our Review

Finding the perfect cushion insert
– All things Neutral

There are so many options when it comes to finding the right cushion insert for your cushion covers. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the type of insert (polyester, down, PET etc) but when it comes to size I try to find an insert that is at LEAST the same size as the cover if not slightly bigger – this is because I prefer a fuller look to my cushions. Depending on the type of insert filling you may not need to go bigger to get a fuller & fluffier look.

For the All things Neutral 50x50cm cushion covers ( Babalu, Shiva, & Raja ) I use IKEA’s 50cmx50cm feather inserts, they provide a fluffy and full look that I find easy to style and comfortable to lounge on. I also use their 40cmx60cm inserts for my Moroccan Lumbar cushion covers.

I currently have one style of floor cushion (with more in the making) the Mahee Floor Cushion . I love this floor cushion as it is extremely versatile and can be filled with whatever you have around the house. The Mahee has a protective insert that sits inside the cushion cover to ensure the contents stay together. I used all my unwanted pillows to fill the Mahee but you can also use old blankets, clothes, cotton scraps or bean bag filling.

I have listed a few suggestions on places to buy inserts from: 

IKEA: Feather inserts 



SPOTLIGHT : Polyester & Feather 


INNER GREEN – PET is made from 100% recycled water bottles. According to Inner green the inserts looks, feels and performs in the same way as a high-grade poly fiber


PILLOW TALK – Feather insert 



Happy Cushion Insert Shopping xoxo 


Cushion Inserts Availbe Online & In-Store

How to Select a Cushion Insert?

Many customers prefer buying cushion inserts these days. Not only are cushion inserts affordable, they can easily be replaced once it has lost its shape due to repeated use. Customers can count on a large collection of cushion inserts at Spotlight, giving them the perfect fit for bedroom, decorative, or chair cushions.

Curious how you can choose the right cushion insert for your needs? Read through our useful guide to cushion inserts below to get the most from your new cushion insert!

How Do I Determine the Size of the Right Cushion Insert?

Before you look at some of the details of cushion inserts, it is essential to look at the basics first. One of these basics is the cushion insert size. There are many different sizes available, but you can usually determine the right size easier by looking at the cover the cushion insert must fit.

Measure your cushion cover horizontally and vertically to determine its correct size. Then, you can proceed to determine the size of your cushion insert, which is subject to how you like your cushions. For example, if you like your cushions to be plump, it is a good idea to choose a cushion insert that is five centimetres bigger than the length and the height of the cover. For example, if you have a cover that measures 45 cm x 45 cm, you should choose an insert of 50 cm x 50 cm.

Customers can choose cushion inserts that match the size of their cushion covers. However, by choosing the same size, the resulting cushion will appear less plump and filled out. So, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

What Are the Different Types of Cushion Inserts?

Much like cushion covers, there are different types of cushion inserts. The type of the cushion insert is determined by the material it is made of. To give you a thorough overview of these materials, we have created a summary of common cushion insert materials below.

Down Cushion Inserts

Cushion inserts made from down feathers tend to be the priciest option. Down is a material made from duck and goose feathers, which immediately explains why it is more expensive than most manmade materials.

Down inserts provide some benefits to your cushion. Firstly, the cushion insert easily changes shape – this means they can make wonderful decorative cushions. Down inserts also feel quite comfortable, so these inserts are also used for sleeping pillows.

There are some downsides to down inserts though, since they are not suitable for people with allergies. They are also hard to maintain, since feathers are more difficult to fluff after they have been washed.

Foam Cushion Inserts

The foam cushion insert is made from a material called polyurethane. Since this is a manmade material, it is quite affordable compared to down cushion inserts. However, with this type of cushion, the density of the insert will determine its longevity. So, if you want to make sure these foam inserts last, be sure to choose a denser insert.

Polyester Cushion Inserts

Another popular option is the polyester cushion insert. The polyester fibres are softer than the foam insert and retain their shape better over time, so many people prefer a polyester cushion insert if their budget does not allow for a down cushion insert.

We must also mention that polyester cushion inserts are hypoallergenic – this means they can be used by anyone with allergies. Therefore, it is certainly not a stretch to say that polyester cushion inserts are the perfect alternative for down cushion inserts, which often cause allergic reactions.

Throw Pillows: A Guide to Sizing & Inserts

It’s no secret I love throw pillows. I think most interior enthusiasts do! They can be the pièce de résistance that makes a room feel finished, as well as easily switched out to change the whole feeling of the space.

As a former interior designer + several years experience running an industry fabric showroom under my belt I’m quite familiar with pillow talk. If you’re thinking about purchasing or DIY-ing pillows for the change of seasons, you may want to check out the guidelines below to make sure they look their best!

Types of Inserts:

Feather & Down – Down fills are typically best as they’re all around loftier, and can be fluffed overtime to maintain their shape and volume. Tip: The more down content there is in the feather/down ratio, the better!

Synthetic Spun Polyester – Think craft store inserts. Synthetic fiberfill is generally a lesser quality insert as they flatten, lose their shape, and become lumpy overtime. I almost never use them, except for in these tufted pillows! In this case, the synthetic insert stayed in place and proportional in the pillow better than down would have.

Down Alternative – Though down alternative is technically still polyester fill, its composition is such that it mimics down’s lofty clusters, making it a great down stand-in for anyone with down allergies. Crate & Barrel has a good down alternative pillow option.

Outdoor – Usually filled with water & mildew resistant acrylic or polyester fibers to hold up to the elements.

Throw Pillow Sizing:

Typically we see ready-made pillows in stores at 18″ squares, but it’s no secret designers hate wimpy pillows which is why they often have them made custom. If you’re up to the task of sewing your own pillows, you might want to consider opting for 20″-22″ size, as it’s a bit more of a luxe designer look. My personal size preference is 22″ square. Some designers even go up to 24″ squares depending on the size of the sofa or chair.

Square pillows are probably the most common shape, but there are tons of other shapes out there too: lumbar, circle, bolster, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes and shapes like Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors has done in the space above.

In terms of pillow insert sizing, the general rule of thumb is to use inserts that are 1″-2″ larger than your pillow cover. (I usually go 2″ larger.) So for example, with a 22″ square cover, use a 24″ square insert. Going a step larger with the insert makes for a more voluminous, high end look.

Things to Consider When Choosing Throw Pillows

Photo Credit:  Seventy Nine Ideas | Amber Interiors | Rebecca Atwood


Like this:

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DIY Cushion & Pillow Inserts |

Tips for Updating Your Decor

We’re all getting excited about the Holiday season and preparing our homes for guests and family! Seating is a very important part of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, so we’ve spent some time putting together a couple of quick tutorials to help you make some last minute cushion and pillow insert changes before guests arrive. Watch these short DIY instructional guides full of tips and let us know if we can help you shop pillow inserts or cushion replacements at Aiden Fabrics!

How to Choose the Right Pillow Insert

Today, Jonathan at Aiden Fabrics talks all about pillows inserts. Refresh your pillows at home with these tips for choosing the right pillow forms, including quality, different types of fill and sizes. Compare down vs. poly blend pillows and when/where to use each. Finally, find out what size pillow insert to purchase. As always, the team at Aiden is always available to help with your selections and ensure you’re selecting the right materials for your indoor or outdoor space.  

How to DIY Replace Cushion Inserts and Foam

Couch or chair cushions flat or lumpy? Replace your foam and wrap with an easy DIY fix. Start with the right width foam, use a sharpie to trace the cushion, use a turkey knife to cut around the corners, fold it in half like a pillow insert and place inside existing cushion cover. We have everything you need in our showroom to take care of this before guests arrive for the Holidays! Make your piece of upholstery feel brand new! Our team can also take care of this for you if you’d rather not DIY. 

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Pillow Talk: Your Questions Answered!

This friday we’re answering all your questions about pillows!! This might have to do with our 25% off pillow sale! It’s short and sweet, you have until Monday to shop with code ‘PILLOWTALK’.

Q: How to mix in new pillows with pillows you already own?

  1. Take inventory of your pillows. Marie Kondo the ones that aren’t bringing you joy. See what you have left. Look at what sizes you have and the color palette you are going for. 

  2. Now, it’s the fun part — shop for what you need or want to update!!

Q: How do I pick the right inserts?

Great question. Our rule of thumb is to buy one size up, so your pillows son’t look saggy or soggy. Our solution was to sell ur own! We make them larger, so if you’re buying a 24 x 24 pillow from McGee & Co., we’ve done the work for you! Just buy a 24 x 24 insert.


Q: If styling a sofa/built-in do corners need to mirror each other?

Nope! But it’s helpful to keep a tight color palette (3 colors is pretty tight) and make sure that color palette is distributed evenly.

Q: How do I style pillows on a sectional?

Something is coming in the next few weeks that will definitely help…

A tip in the meantime: Make sure you keep you palette throughout. Don’t have one side of the couch blue and the other side cream. Make sure each combination speaks to each other. We’ll do more on specific sizes,  etc. to come!

Q: How do I mix and match pillows?

Pick a color palette. This will be a good foundation to work off of. Be mindful of the couch, bed, or bench color you are working off of. For a monochromatic look, you can pick a palette tight to that. For something more traditional, we like to work with a palette with colors that complement and contrast. For example, with a dark gray sofa, we’ll bring in lighter colors on the back pillows, so the pillow doesn’t get lost. Then, tie in the deep tones in with patterns.

Scale of the pattern. Try not to pair competing print sizes. If you pair two small scale patterns together, they’ll merge together. Pairing a small scale with a large scale print helps your eye differentiate and helps let eat pattern have a moment to shine. For a fail proof combo, try mixing organic patterns with more geometric ones. Another thing to look out for is competing main colors. For example, if a pillow is mostly navy with a white pattern, we will try to avoid doing another mostly navy pillow with a white pattern. Of course, we break rules — but that tip will apply to most things. 

Add in texture. We like adding in little details like tassels, wovens, leather, etc. with printed patterns. It helps make the space feel a little more elevated and curated. 

Oh, and something is coming out Monday that might help even more.

Q: What size pillows go where?

We’re so glad you answered! There’s a guide for that here, but we’ll break it down below.


  • Single lumbar

  • Single 20-22 inch

might we suggest: a vintage lumbar



might we suggest: something fun!


Q: Will pillows slide off a leather sofa?

We haven’t had pillows slide off of leather sofas! Usually, we are sourcing deep seats that are really comfortable. If you have a pillow sliding problem, we recommend throw blankets and lumbars. If you have a non-slippery leather sofa, just go for it with the same tips!

Q: How to not overdo it on color/coordinate pillows with a patterned rug?

Wow!! This is a great question and one that we might not have considered as a tip since we are usually building our living room looks off a more neutral and tonal look!!! I’m sure a lot of this we do subconsciously, but I break it down I notice we naturally gravitate toward one or two pillows with the dominant color of the rug at the back of the couch, and layer in other pillows that tie in that color.

Of course, if the couch already does this, then we’ll start bringing in different colors immediately. Also, if your rug is both pattern and color heavy, try mixing in solids (you can even do a leather) and a contrasting pattern (floral and striped, plaid and an organic pattern, etc.).

Q: Are we releasing new colors?

Yep 😉

Q: Is 20×20 ok for a sofa?

A: we tend to stick to 22-24 inches sofas and couches and layer in your 20-inch in the front!

Q: What colors for a sophisticated fall look?

A: We’re loving warm colors like rusts, golden tones, even a little more brown hues! Mix in inky colors for more depth that will thank you through winter. If you’re a fan of soft colors, we love palettes with rose undertones.


*Apply code ‘PILLOWTALK’ at checkout for 25% off select pillows and inserts. Some exclusions apply. Valid starting August 15, 2019, 12:01am MST through August 19, 2019, 11:59pm MST. Cannot be applied to previous purchases. Return requests must be made in accordance with our return policy. Terms are subject to change. Excludes Susan Connor for McGee & Co. Discount is not combinable with designer trade or other discounts.

Famous people quote pillows | Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde


Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde, from 16 October 1854 to 30 November 1900. He was an author, poet, and playwright. The Picture of Dorian Gray and The importance of Being Earnest is some of his notable works. Oscar Wilde was on charges of sodomy and gross indecency and was imprisoned from 25 May 1895 to 18 May 1897.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.



  • 36 x 36 in, cover only

  • Vibrant double-sided print floor pillows are a versatile seating or lounging option that will update any room.

  • Independent designs, custom printed when you order.

  • Durable 100% spun polyester cushion cover – fills must be purchased separately for this floor pillow.

  • Concealed zip opening for a clean look and easy care.

  • Note: Some designs are not available in all sizes.

  • We recommend using inserts/fills that are bigger than the covers to ensure a plump finish.


I can resist anything except temptation.


  • 36 x 36 in, cover only

  • Vibrant double-sided print floor pillows are a versatile seating or lounging option that will update any room.

  • Independent designs, custom printed when you order.

  • Durable 100% spun polyester cushion cover – fills must be purchased separately for this floor pillow.

  • Concealed zip opening for a clean look and easy care.

  • Note: Some designs are not available in all sizes.

  • We recommend using inserts/fills that are bigger than the covers to ensure a plump finish.



Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.



  • 16 x16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24, 26 x 26 inches

  • Vibrant double-sided print throw pillows to update any room.

  • Independent designs, custom printed when you order.

  • Soft and durable 100% spun polyester cover with an optional polyester fill/insert.

  • Concealed zip opening for a clean look and easy care.

  • Note: Some designs are not available in all sizes.

  • We recommend using inserts/fills that are bigger than the covers to ensure a plump finish.


I have the simple tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.


  • 36 x 36 in, cover only

  • Vibrant double-sided print floor pillows are a versatile seating or lounging option that will update any room.

  • Independent designs, custom printed when you order.

  • Durable 100% spun polyester cushion cover – fills must be purchased separately for this floor pillow.

  • Concealed zip opening for a clean look and easy care.

  • Note: Some designs are not available in all sizes.

  • We recommend using inserts/fills that are bigger than the covers to ensure a plump finish.



The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.


  • 36 x 36 in, cover only

  • Vibrant double-sided print floor pillows are a versatile seating or lounging option that will update any room.

  • Independent designs, custom printed when you order.

  • Durable 100% spun polyester cushion cover – fills must be purchased separately for this floor pillow.

  • Concealed zip opening for a clean look and easy care.

  • Note: Some designs are not available in all sizes.

  • We recommend using inserts/fills that are bigger than the covers to ensure a plump finish.



The truth is rarely pure and never simple.



  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 in

  • 100% polyester twill fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20 in

  • Weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


Shop at society6

Woman meant to be loved, not to be understood.



  • 14 x 14, 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 26 x 26 in

  • Made in USA

  • Material double-sided textured poly “Twill” is soft and smooth.

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand.

  • Concealed zipper and included insert for out-of-the-bag coziness.

Shop at Teepublic

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.




  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 in

  • 100% polyester twill fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20 in

  • Weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


Shop at Society6

With freedom, flowers, book, and the moon, who could not be happy?



  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 in

  • 100% polyester twill fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20 in

  • Weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand

Shop at society6

The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself.




  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 in

  • 100% polyester twill fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20 in

  • Weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand

Shop at society6

I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.




  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 in

  • 100% polyester twill fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20 in

  • Weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


Shop at society6

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.




  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24 in

  • 100% polyester twill fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand


  • 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20 in

  • Weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

  • Double-sided print

  • Includes faux down pillow insert

  • Individually cut and sewn by hand

Shop at society6

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. If you go through these links in the post and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you.

The Big Pillow Post

Before we get into pillow talk, we are long overdue for a vlog update!

After the past few months of constant DIY/work/wedding things, we’ve made a conscious effort to slow down this month and enjoy the holidays. It’s our first Christmas in Florida and as a married couple, and it’s hard to believe this monumental year is already coming to an end. This phase of life will soon be over, and it’s easy to forget that the memories we create each day are the foundation of our lives. Cheers to a 2018 filled with positive change, and to an even brighter 2019 ?

Okay, let’s get onto the topic of the day!

My love affair with pillows has recently been rekindled, prompted by the completion of our reading nook and my passion for holiday decorating (and it’s also partly Amazon’s fault).

I’ve amassed a sizable collection of throw pillows over the years, and while most have been sitting in storage for a long time, I’ve recently jumped back into the pillow game and have been found some great new sources. I’ve also become more selective about what I buy as I want them to be versatile enough to live in different rooms, and the quality to stand the test of time.

My pillow catalog now consists of everything from inexpensive staples, to quality designer fabrics, to vintage handmade pieces picked up during our travels. When you have this many pillows, you need a way to keep track of and organize them—so I decided to lay them all out in one room and take inventory of what I had, what was missing and what I no longer want/need.

I counted 77 pillow covers and then remembered there’s even more bags of these in storage. Luckily, we have a lot of rooms to fill over the next several months so most will have a place to live.

I thought it’d be fun to style our reading nook with different combinations based on color/theme and snap a few photos. I also figured I’d take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on sizing, types of cushions, and my favorite pillow sources.


For this holiday look I went with a classic black, white and red Christmas theme with high contrast. It’s important to have a neutral foundation (white walls + bench, warm wood floors and beige cushion) so you can layer on the color and pattern without looking too busy.

Blankets are just as important as pillows! You can even get creative and use a scarf, tablecloth or any fabric of your choice (I pulled this one out of storage).

Pillow sources left to right: cable knit lumbar: Ikea / Black + white plaid: Set of 4 from Woven Nook / Red buffalo check: Ikea (discontinued, similar here) / Red corduroy: Amazon / Red ticking stripe: custom / Black/gray patterned: Pottery barn (discontinued) / Black linen: Amazon

You may remember this image from my Christmas tour last week, and I love this one because it’s mostly neutrals with a few pops of red. It doesn’t take much of that color to make a space feel festive!

The black lumbar is a handmade piece I picked up in Morocco and the deer pillow is from Ebay years ago (discontinued). The large quilted euro shams are from Pom Pom at Home—I’ve been using them on our bed but they’re the perfect size for this bench!

Next up is a neutral look…

This mix of black, brown and beige and simple patterns can work all year round. You can easily swap or add a couple florals/pastels for Spring, blue for summer, jewel tones for fall and red/green for Christmas.

Or stick with the neutrals and just add a garland. Notice the mix of textures — when working with all neutrals, you want a nice variety so it doesn’t fall flat.

Here we have a mix of velvet, linen, wool and cotton with a range of thickness and texture. The velvet pillow on the left is the Arthur from the RR x Tonic Living collection and the brown & black striped are from The Ivory Gull. The brown plaid came from Amazon.

Another neutral look, slightly bolder:

I picked up this black & white block print fabric in India last year. There’s so many uses for it—a tablecloth, folded over the end of a bed, draped over couch cushions or an ottoman, or a bench seat accent!

The smaller mudcloth pillows are from Pure Home LA, same goes for the tan & black patterned block print in the front left (and the black/gray peeking through in the back). This is one of my favorite shops for vintage & handmade pillows.

And now for the blues…

This is a great summer look as the navy & white theme hints to nautical without being too over-the-top. And of course, there’s lots of warm tones to help balance out the cool colors.

Most of these pillows I’ve had for a while like the white ruffle from H&M (discontinued) and the navy/white toile from Ikea. The blue gray + ivory vertical stripe on the left is a new addition from Amazon, and the navy stripe lumbar is from Julie Cowan on Etsy.


Whether it’s a bench seat, a sofa or a bed, you want to aim for a variety of shapes and sizes (just like texture and color, variety is the spice of life!)

Generally, you’ll want to arrange the larger pillows in the back and on the outsides, and taper the smaller pillows towards the front and center. In the example above, I started with a euro pillow (26×26”) in each corner, mixed in a few 22×22’s and 20×20’s, and finished with my 18×18’s and lumbar in the center.

The sizes you need will vary depending on the size of your sofa/bed/seat, but in general, I prefer to use mostly 20×20’s with some 22×22’s and 18×18’s on sofas. My bench seat is the size of a twin bed so I needed a few 24×24’s and 26×26’s to help fill it out. Speaking of beds, I like using euro shams against the headboard, and 2-3 22×22’s or 24×24’s in the front, along with a lumbar. Lumbars are great for breaking up all the repetitive square shapes, so I always try to fit them in somewhere!

When it comes to quantity, you don’t need to overdo it—sometimes less is more. My general rule of thumb is between 3 and 5 on a couch or bed (apart from the standard sleeping pillows). For these pillow combination shots I added more, but I also love a more minimal look as well.


Your pillow inserts are almost (or perhaps even just as) important as the pillow cover itself! This was confirmed to me recently when I pulled my old polyester inserts out of storage only to find sad, lumpy masses.

They look even worse stuffed into a pillow, and in fact, all of my polyester-filled inserts are now unusable. Below you can see the difference between a feather insert (left) and poly insert (right):

The poly is much flatter, and it doesn’t hold any form so you can’t manipulate it to look fuller (or karate chop if that’s your thing). Poly inserts are cheap, but after having to toss and replace mine, I can’t bring myself to buy them again. Down/feather only for me! The best price & quality I could find were these on Amazon. I bought them in 24×24 and 22×22 and they’re perfect — I’ll be using this source for future pillows.

I should also mention that this pillow from Tonic Living came with a microfiber insert that has the heavier weight of a down feather and it’s super soft and pliable. I actually like it even more than the feather inserts.

I wish you could see and feel the quality through your screen, but this velvet is so rich and the color is perfect—the depth ranges from a golden orange to an olive green in certain lighting. This will be a pillow I move around from room to room!

One more thing to note on inserts — I recommend going up a size larger than your pillow (i.e. ordering a 22×22” insert for a 20×20”). This can depend on the quality of your insert and how full you like your pillows to be, but I’ve never gone wrong going up a size. Case in point, take a look at the black and gold striped pillows. The black one has a 22×22 insert while the gold has a 20×20”—both 20×20” covers.

See the difference?


We are spoiled for choice these days, and I’ve traveled far and wide (online and on foot) hunting for pillows. In my early blogging days, most of them came from Ikea—you really can’t beat their prices and they do have some great staples.

At this stage in life, my horizons have been expanded and I like to include a mix of higher end, handmade and unique pieces. I’ve been introduced to so many makers and curators in the home decor space and that has also influenced my style.

Being a small business owner myself, I love discovering other shops in the community and sharing them with you. Some of these (shown in this post) include Pure Home LA, Tonic Living, The Ivory Gull, Woven Nook and Julie Cowan—all of which are part of my own collection and come highly recommended.

My favorite source for bargain pillows lately has been Amazon. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the past couple months digging through pages of search results and customer reviews. While they don’t have much in the way of high quality/handmade items, you simply can’t beat them for basic staples.

The faux linen material is nice and thick, has a great texture and looks/feels like quality (even though it’s machine-made). I have them in black, creamy-white, plaid and buffalo check — all from different sellers but very similar fabric and crazy low prices.

Unfortunately I don’t have the space or budget to buy them all, but I’ve added a bunch to my wish list (and Christmas list) if you want to see what else I’ve found.

And of course, there’s always the go-to home decor sites like Wayfair and Overstock that offer a ton of options in the affordable range, TJMaxx and Home Goods for in-store shopping, and Etsy for the handmade, rare/vintage and custom items. If you have any other favorite sources, please let me know! I’m always in search of more 🙂

Tell me, what’s your favorite look? Are you a believer of less is more, or do you like lots of interesting and colorful patterns? I always go back and forth and switch things up when the mood strikes. Gotta keep things fresh!

I’ll be back to the blog soon with our next project, and in the meantime you can find me on Instagram & Facebook (or see what I’ve been inspired by lately on Pinterest!)

Have a very Merry Christmas, and may Santa bring you bags of throw pillows…

Pillow Talk • conversations with a pillow

Where does the Pillow Talk experience take place?

The venue of the event will be announced later.

We would like to buy tickets for a group of several people.

You can do this if the Timepad ticketing system on our website shows the number of available tickets you need.

Do I need to print a ticket?

Optional.It is enough to have an electronic ticket.

How does a certificate differ from a ticket?

A gift certificate allows you to purchase a ticket with an open date. You can decide on your own when you will go to the performance (provided that there are tickets for the selected date and time). The denomination of the certificate does not equal the face value of the ticket (1 certificate = 1 ticket).

How long will the performance last?

50 minutes without intermission.

How should I prepare for a performance?

Do not be afraid of meeting yourself.

We came together. We love each other. Can we go together?
You will enter in turn – this is the rule of the show.

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90,000 Pillow history – when and how did the first sleeping pillow come about?

Today, the presence of pillows in the house is taken for granted. They are available to all people, regardless of income and social status. However, the pillow in its present form did not arise simultaneously with the emergence of civilization. Initially, people used improvised objects to support their heads during sleep. Therefore, the history of pillows must begin from ancient times, when the very thing that could be called a pillow did not yet exist.

Precursors of pillows

A person has always needed good rest and strived for comfort. This concerned many areas of life, including sleep. Maintaining the head in an anatomically correct position was essential. She had to keep her spine straight. If you sleep without a pillow, your head can be thrown back, and your spine may bend unnaturally. This can lead to headaches, impaired brain function and other abnormalities.

In a sense, pillows existed in the most ancient times, but they can only be called pillows conditionally.So, in ancient times, stones, logs and other objects served to support the head during sleep. Naturally, it is rather difficult to prove this: how to distinguish a pillow stone from an ordinary stone? Unless by its location in a person’s dwelling or by rock carvings. However, such a possibility appears to be rather rare. In addition, instead of pillows, armfuls of straw, animal skins and other objects used in ancient life could be used.

Already in later times, when horses were tamed, nomadic tribes appeared, and the saddle was invented, it was this that served as a pillow for warriors and nomads.It should be noted that the saddle was certainly more comfortable than a stone or a piece of wood.

Pillows of the Ancient World

The oldest pillows date back to Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and China. At the same time, the concepts of the pillows were different. For example, Egyptian pillows differed significantly from modern ones, not only in appearance, but also in function. They were curved planks mounted on special pedestals. Such pillows were available only for the pharaohs and the highest nobility and performed two roles at once.On the one hand, they had to support the head of the pharaoh, but not for convenience, but in order not to disturb the ruler’s majestic hairdo. It was a lot of work to create such a hairstyle. The second function of the Egyptian pillows is to protect the sleeping person’s sleep from evil spirits and all kinds of evil spirits. For this, in addition to various decorative elements, images of Egyptian deities were applied to the pillow.

Traditional Chinese pillow, known for a long time, is a rectangular stand. However, unlike the pillows we are accustomed to, they were made not of feather or down, but of hard materials: porcelain, stone, metal.One can only guess how much such pillows cost, but we can definitely say that a lot. Common to all pillows of the ancient world, regardless of their place of origin, was that they were available only to very wealthy people and were one of the hallmarks of the nobility.

The Greeks, one of the most enlightened peoples of the European continent at that time, invented a pillow that might seem familiar to us. It was a cover filled with various fillers – feathers or down of birds, dried grass, horsehair and animal hair.Leather or fabric was used as a bed-liner. All these materials were widely available in the ancient world and, it would seem, pillows should have become an invariable attribute of every home even then. However, this did not happen. The fact is that the pillows were decorated with expensive embroidery and therefore were quite expensive. They not only slept on these pillows, but also reclined during their rest. The Romans adopted the Greek tradition of sewing and using pillows. Subsequently, it spread throughout the European continent.

In the Arab countries, pillows were raised to a cult. There was no wealthy home that did not have pillows of various sizes and purposes, embroidered and richly decorated.

Traditionally in Russia pillows were stuffed with dried grass, and only wealthy people used down or feathers. This is strange when you consider that almost every house has a bird, and a feather pillow is obviously more comfortable.

Pillows in the aftermath of the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution, which began in the 19th century, has made significant changes in the way of life of all people without exception.Many goods became available and moreover, there was a surplus of goods in the market. This change also affected the pillows. They began to be produced on an industrial scale in factories. More and more of them were produced every year. In the end, feather pillows appeared in every home in the amount in which it was necessary. These were quality pillows that met sanitary standards. However, over time, it was discovered that several dozen species of dust mites live in feather pillows.And there seems to be no particular trouble in them, however, each tick produces microscopic feces, which, when dry, acquire high volatility and, as a result, cause allergic reactions.

This led to the need to create pillows that would be free from this drawback. This is how pillows with synthetic fillers appeared: silicone, synthetic fluff, etc. They do not start (or start in smaller quantities) mites, they do not cake and do not emit substances harmful to the body. Today, pillows with artificial filler are no less common than those made from natural ingredients and are deservedly popular among people in many countries.

Changing the purpose of the pillows

The pillows were originally designed to rest your head on while sleeping. They perform this function to this day. This is where the Russian name for this item came from – it is a thing that is put under the ear. This has always been the case, however, the pillows had other, besides the main purpose. It is common knowledge that in the Middle Ages, pillows were used to kneel on them while praying. There were pillows in order to lean on them and lie on their side during meals or socializing.Pillows were common to sit on and even those to stand on. Even today we call special soft products for storing sewing needles in them. There are pillows for the chair, both for the seat and for the back. On sale you can find a huge number of decorative pillows, painted in various techniques, embroidered or made from special fabrics.

Chair-pillow for reading, relaxing, watching TV in bed IQ-120

Qty *:

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90,000 Does your husband sniff at night? Stop snoring with improvised means – Be healthy!

Tips are based on physiology and knowledge of biology – this is enough to get rid of an unpleasant sound at night

Ksenia Parfenova

April 17, 2021 09:00

You can fight snoring with shallow sleep


Snoring can prevent your partner from getting enough sleep if they are sensitive to sounds and like to fall asleep in complete silence. Over time, both of you will stop getting enough sleep, because he will constantly push you in the side, it is worth starting to snore. Yes, and the relationship will decline – before going to bed you will not have the mood for intimacy, because you understand that after that, already tired, you will still not be able to fall asleep. While there is a wide variety of over-the-counter sprays and medications you can use when learning how to cure snoring, you have to be careful – always check with your doctor.Until then, try our safe life hacks:

Change your sleeping position. There are people who snore on a certain side. Find a position in which you do not snore with the help of your partner. Place a high pillow under your head or buy a pregnancy pillow – it makes it easier to retrain to sleep on your side. If the headboard of your bed reclines, lift it up.

Ventilate the room. You need to create conditions in which you will not quickly plunge into a deep phase of sleep, which means the throat muscles will remain tense.Airing the room, falling asleep to music, talking before bedtime can help.

Clean the nose. This may be the simplest advice, but have you tried it? Clearing the space at the entrance to the nostrils may not be enough. Purchase a nasal wash bottle and saline solution. Perform the procedure every night before bed to clear mucus from your nose. Also install a humidifier in the room to help you breathe easier.

Take a hot shower. Hygiene procedures before bed are beneficial not only for the body. Hot water dilates the capillaries, thereby helping to open the nasal passages. To enhance the effect, you can apply a few drops of essential oil to your wrists – it stimulates the respiratory system and will not let you relax too much.

Clean the mattress and change the pillows. Dust mites can also cause snoring by accumulating in hard-to-reach places in your room. And the dust itself can get into the lungs and throat, causing wheezing and increasing snoring.Allowing pets to sleep in your bed can also increase allergen levels in the room and make you more prone to snoring.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids, see your doctor regularly, and maintain your daily activity level. Everything will work out!

90,000 6 romantic travel stories

Veronika Vysotina

read stories

We asked readers to share their romantic travels. The stories turned out to be sincere: someone walked through beautiful cities, others sat on the edge of an abyss or climbed high mountains.Collected inspirational stories in one article.

These are the stories of readers from the T⁠ — ⁠Zh Community. Collected in one material, carefully edited and decorated according to the editorial standards.

History No. 1

Budapest at night and conversations for two

Once, in the pre-pandemic era, my husband and I went to Budapest for a long weekend. It was the end of March – not the most tourist season. It was sunny in Budapest and perhaps even warm, if not for the piercing cold wind.But he did not prevent us from walking from morning to night.

We walked and talked about all sorts of things. Sometimes you get so caught up in the routine that conversations are almost always everyday. But the most beautiful thing was in the evenings. We took a room in one of the hotels on the water – these were old ferries that were removed from service and chained to the banks of the Danube. And so every evening we went up to the upper deck, pulled out a couple of beach chairs from the corner, put a bottle of Hungarian wine, a random cheese on the table and talked again, looking at the parliament walls shining in the backlight and the boats sailing past.Sometimes they were silent together – it is very good for the two of us to be comfortable to be silent.

History No. 2

Accident with a good ending

The day after the wedding, we got on a motorcycle and went to Italy. At first everything was fine, but 30 kilometers from Florence, a local reckless driver crashed into our motorcycle.

He “exceeded the speed a little, and then the turn, and – oops – did not have time to brake.” We were a meter away from the bike, and fortunately not on it.

Although the motorcycle could ride, it was badly beaten, the trunks came off and were badly wrinkled.I had to give it to a local service, where they counted damage to 10,000 € (920,000 R). I accidentally found a Russian lawyer who had been sorting out the situation for a whole year, and we did not pay anything for this.

We spent a little time in Florence, then went to Rome and home. The motorcycle stayed in Italy and waited another year for a showdown with the culprit’s insurance company. Then it was quickly repaired, and we flew back to Florence to pick it up.

History No. 3

Yacht, Ladoga and rocky islets

In September we went with a guy on a sailing yacht on Lake Ladoga.Splashes of water, gusts of wind, flapping sails, gloomy gray clouds in the sky, and we float through a maze of small rocky islands.

We disembark with the team on a small island – only 100 × 300 meters. There is a cushion of moss and lichen underfoot, porcini mushrooms, bushes of blueberries, lingonberries, blueberries are scattered around the island.

You can sit on a cliff near the cliff and gaze at other islands for a long time.

The weekend was wonderful, and we paid for them only 5000 R per person. At the same time, there was full provision: food cooked on a fire, high-quality sleeping bags and tents.

History No. 4

Landscapes as in Surikov’s paintings

We met shortly before the pandemic, so our trips were only in Russia. The most romantic memory is New Year’s week in Vologda. Decent hotel with large en suite bathroom and spa facilities. The city landscapes of unreal beauty are just like in Surikov’s paintings. And in the evenings, romantic dinners in the room.

History No. 5

Full immersion in Thai holidays

After the wedding, my husband and I flew to Thailand.The trip on the moped was very memorable – we just got on it in Chiang Mai and drove to those places that seemed interesting to us.

Accidentally arrived at the local holiday Loy Krathong. Of the whites, only my husband and I were there, no one spoke English, but it was very emotional. It is completely unlike those holidays that took place in tourist places. We were treated to some strange food, dragged into a circle for a local dance and given a Chinese flashlight to launch it into the sky.

From Thailand we went on a tour of Myanmar.There were many interesting things. For example, entire villages where women with tattoos on their faces and children who have never seen sweets live. We also saw the city of thousands of pagodas and the city on the water – it really stands on the water, not like Venice with canals. We took a ride on a local train in a carriage that remained from the British colonialists.

History No. 6

Slovenia and the highest peak in the Balkans

We had a great honeymoon trip. In the evening, after registering and sailing on a boat, we flew to Verona.From there we went to Slovenia, having traveled through Venice. In Slovenia, they conquered Triglav, the highest peak in the Balkans.

The trek was hard, wet and hungry, but the beauty around is incredible. And the teambuilding is wonderful: we have never even quarreled during this time. And then we soaked on Lake Bled – this is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Since then Slovenia has become a very significant place for me, I highly recommend it to everyone.

90,000 Yuri Gagarin: biography and facts

Sergeant Gagarin is kicked.What is even more offensive, this is done by his immediate subordinates – the same as him, cadets of the 1st Chkalovsk Military Aviation School. How did Sergeant Gagarin end up in this situation?

Graduated with honors from the flying club in Saratov. It was not easy: learning to fly, at the same time, so as not to be expelled, preparing for the most difficult exams in an industrial technical school, and also unloading barges with watermelons on the Volga, so that there was something to take girls to the cinema for. School in remote provincial Gzhatsk, Lyubertsy craft, Saratov technical school and now – a flight school.For a guy from the village, lost somewhere between the Gzhat and Vop ‘rivers, this is a dizzying take-off.

The school is a dream, the pilots are the inhabitants of heaven, the army – the very one that ten years earlier destroyed Nazi Berlin into dust, seems to be a pantheon of gods and heroes. But now Gagarin is being methodically beaten by other cadets. They hit two – the faces, so as not to recognize, are wrapped in towels. The third is on guard at the door. They beat him for being a sergeant, for being a “spirit”, but for being in command of the old-timers. For severity – requires getting up for exercise on time, according to the charter.Gagarin thinks that he should get up off the floor, but misses a blow to the head and loses consciousness. The old-timers will go to court. Sergeant Gagarin will wake up in the hospital and continue his studies.

A little later, Sergeant Yuri Gagarin will be presented for expulsion from the school. Not for a fight, but for a much more serious problem – Gagarin, although he is brilliantly mastering theoretical knowledge, cannot plant the training MiG-15 – the only one from the group. The height of the cadet is only 162 centimeters, it is difficult for him to determine the distance to the ground when landing.The dizzying success of the guy from the village may end now – one step away from his dream.

In parallel, the R-7 rocket, the main hope of the Soviet space program, the key that should open the door to the future for the USSR and the whole world, is being prepared for launch at the research site No. 5 (the future Baikonur cosmodrome).

90,000 4 things that a 50+ woman is deprived of if she does not have a husband

Age 50+ is the most rewarding time to hurry up in search of a serious gentleman.If earlier a woman did an excellent job herself and could even find a special high alone, now, when she approached true maturity, having a man is no longer a luxury, but a means – a means to feel confident, calm and optimistic.

Here are 4 cool things that an unmarried woman loses after 50 years.

Feeling needed

A loved one nearby helps to avoid feelings of loneliness and restlessness. The children of the fifty-year-old lady have grown up or are about to grow up, they are focused on the future and want to live their own lives.And for their parent, a new stage begins, she is actively looking for where to lay unspent energy and care. An emptiness is formed in the soul, which wants to be filled. A lady wants intimacy, to feel the presence of a close strong person nearby, sharing her values, brought up with her on the same books, living with concerns that she understands.

Of course, if she already has such a person, it is much easier for her to survive parting with growing up children and come to terms with the approaching old age.

Second salary – support from husband

Few women in their fifties can afford to live in grand style.For the most part, our ladies just get used to getting out: be content with little and spend money wisely, economically and rationally.

Many older women are preoccupied with savings issues: for retirement they want to have a good “fireproof” amount in their hands for a rainy day – in case of illness, renovation, or a big holiday. A working husband or a regular friend for a woman in her fifties is a good financial help.

By combining salaries, they can save more for a rainy day, create a solid airbag.Finally, together, they can afford a more pleasant life here and now: buy the best products, provide themselves with interesting leisure: go to the cinema or theater, go to a cafe.

Confidence in the future

Unfortunately, the age of 50+ is the same when health problems begin to bother us, and sad events begin to happen around: we suddenly learn about misfortunes or illnesses that happened to classmates, about the sudden death of “stars” that were popular in our time. youth.

In a word, life is filled with quite tangible anxieties and fears: and if I get sick, if I feel bad, who will be there? Who will call an ambulance? Who is going to get medicine?

If a woman has children, it is both easier and more difficult for her: on the one hand, there is someone to help, on the other, she does not want to be a burden. In adolescence, things associated with illness and weakness are perceived differently than in adulthood: talk about ailments irritates young people, seems to be an exaggeration and age-related whim.Therefore, a husband is an ideal candidate for helpers for a woman over 50. The very fact that he exists inspires calmness and confidence in the future.

In addition, worrying about a spouse helps a woman to take better care of her own welfare. For herself alone, she probably would not have “bother”: make soups for lunch and walk in the evenings on foot, but for the sake of her husband – always welcome. And it is good for him, and it is good for her.

Feeling youthful

At the age of 50+, ladies still want to feel young and attractive.Yes, they are no longer girls, but still very much even nothing. And now is the time to “break away”: taking care of children now takes less physical strength, there is more free time, and the appearance depends more and more on inner self-awareness.

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