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Wheelchair Costumes – Active Rehab

Halloween time is here! The time of year to get out the fancy costumes, and get excited about ticks and treats. For wheelchair users it can be tricky. How do you make a boy in a wheelchair look like a pirate? and a girl look like a fairy?

however with some creative thinking wheelchair users can have the BEST Halloween costumes. Dress their wheelchair up as well as them. If your child want to be a astronaut, turn his wheelchair into a rocket ship! Get some cardboard boxes, a bit of paint, and some glue, and you can turn your child into almost anything:

  • princess in a cart
  • horse rider on a horse
  • peppa pig in her car
  • pirate in a boat
  • train driver in a train
  • bob the builder in a digger
  • a farmer in a tracker
  • a pilot in an airplane
  • a race car driver
  • an animal, such as a elephant or shark

However if you don’t have time to spend an afternoon thinking up and creating some amazing costume for your child, The Reject Shop have costumes especially designed for wheelchairs . The Reject Shop range features two costumes that fit over a child’s wheelchair, and easily attach to it with velcro.  With the puff of a magic wand, one of the costumes transforms the chair into a gorgeous princess carriage, while an ‘Ahoy Captain’ will see the other transform into a pirate ship.  As every wheelchair is different, multiple velcro pieces are included with each costume to ensure that it fits.

the Halloween wheelchair range will be available in selected stores nationally from Tuesday 29th October, just in time for Halloween.  Retailing for $49 each, it’s hoped that the range will make children in wheelchairs feel every bit a part of the Halloween celebrations. Below are the two costumes on offer.

If you are still stuck for ideas some of the following websites may be able to help:

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90,000 In Australia, Peppa Pig was not forgiven for tolerance to spiders – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In terms of the intensity of all sorts of passions raging around, if anyone can compete with our Masha and her bear, it is Peppa’s pig and his fellows.

The Guardian reports about a new round of persecution of a non-ruminant artiodactyl. To clarify: this time the whole gag again rested on the series “Mister Skinny Legs” (2004) – the 47th episode of the first season of “Pig”. Which again caused complaints from the audience.

The fact is that, according to the plot of the series, the bristly Daddy Pig recommends Peppa, who is hysterically frightened of a fairly hefty, albeit friendly arthropod, to be tolerant of spiders, since they are “very, very small and harmless.” Which doesn’t quite fit Australia, this famous spider kingdom full of extremely dangerous critters. With which you will not get confused.

As a result, the statements of Pope Pig, sounding in the episode, are at least inappropriate. For, the publication specifies, more than 12,600 people bitten by spiders were forced to seek medical help in Australia only in the period from 2000 to 2013.

The scandal erupted after the notorious episode went off the air again on 25 August, this time on Nick Jr, a children’s channel affiliated with Nickelodeon and available on Foxtel, Australia.

At the same time, concerned parents indicate that this cartoon spider is especially dangerous because it has a cute look and “looks more like a smiley”. Which can definitely dull a child’s vigilance.

Earlier, we wrote about the persecution of Peppa’s pig, arranged in China, and financial claims against the named animal by the Russian singer of the song “Skotina”.

Peppa Pig was a British animated series that instantly gave ample ground for a host of important online memes. The main characters of the series are Peppa herself, her younger brother named George (the one who poked Peppa with a spider), mom Pig, dad Pig.

Peppa has broadcasts in over 180 countries and is localized in forty languages. Including Russian.

90,000 Annette Kellermann

Few people know that a one-piece streamlined bathing suit for women was born through the efforts of Australian native Annette Marie Sarah Kellermann. In 1905, she made a bathing suit, giving women all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the water while swimming in clothing that frees them from the torturous chaste, interfering with the unity with nature and tightening the movements of their skirts. This has become her trademark. Since then, interest in water recreation and sports has awakened among thousands of girls and women around the world.

Known as the “Diving Venus” and “The Australian Little Mermaid”, Annette Kellerman was an athlete, swimmer, movie star and simply one of the most famous women of her time.It was she who came up with the idea of ​​organizing innovative underwater performances, with incredible costumes for that era.

At the end of the 19th century, most people did not know how to swim, not even all sailors felt like “fish” in the water. What can we say about women dressed in bulky bathing suits, designed to “drag to the bottom.” Annette Kellerman charmed the audience with her ability to dive, gracefully diving from a height into the water, dexterous swimming and the grace of underwater movement. It was a real challenge to an era famous for prim behavior.

Kellerman created the feeling of an independent, free and energetic woman. She has devoted her entire life to popularizing water sports, being a health consultant and fitness teacher. And she firmly believed that there is nothing more liberating in life than swimming, which can wash away the shackles of all life’s problems in waves.

Kellerman developed completely new swimwear, which were produced and then freely sold under the Kellermans brand.

With a height of 162 centimeters, chest girth – 84, waist – 66 and hips – 96 centimeters, in 1910 Kellerman was proclaimed the pinnacle of female physical perfection. The figure of Kellerman in proportions most closely resembles the famous statue of Venus de Milo.

Childhood in Sydney and Melbourne

Annette Marie Sarah was born on July 6, 1886 in the suburbs of Sydney. The daughter of Frederick William Kellermann, a violinist of Australian origin and his French wife Alice Ellen, a pianist and music teacher, the girl suffered from weakness in the legs from childhood due to rickets. Due to her illness, she was forced to wear correction devices, which could not but worry her parents. To strengthen her muscles, on the advice of a doctor, she was enrolled in Frederick Cavill’s swimming class. By 13, her legs had practically recovered, and by 15 she had mastered a variety of swimming styles and won her first competition. She also achieved success in diving. So, the record for her dive was 28 meters, which seemed incredible for the girl. Kellerman often competed with men, often beating them.

In 1902, the family moved to Melbourne, where she was enrolled in a girls’ gymnasium. As a schoolgirl, Kellerman demonstrated her scuba diving skills and performed the role of a mermaid at the Princes Court entertainment center. In the exhibition aquarium, she performed twice a day, swimming among the fish. In 1903, she took a stunning stage dive with a show at the Royal Theater in Melbourne. This was the beginning of her extraordinary career as an actress, lasting 50 years.

World Swimming Champion

In order to improve the financial situation of the Kellerman family, she took up professional sports swimming and became a champion. She holds the record for the fastest time in the 1902 New South Wales competition. The distance of 100 yards was obeyed by the young athlete in 1 minute 22 seconds. This was followed by an equally significant success at the mile distance, which she covered with a world record of 33 minutes 49 seconds. The swim took place in the waters of the Yarra River.

By 1905, Annette had broken all the world records for women in swimming. In the same year, accompanied by her father, the girl comes to London, where she makes a 27-kilometer swim in the waters of the Thames. The event hits the front pages of British newspapers. The swim lasted 5 hours. The next swim took place in the waters of the French Seine. She overcame the distance of 17 kilometers on a par with men, taking third place.

Attempt to swim across the English Channel

In August 1905, she became the first woman to attempt to swim across the English Channel. Before that, only one person managed to accomplish this feat. Annette’s attempt failed. To understand all the madness of her daring, it is enough to know that the strait was conquered for the second time in 1911, and two decades later the first woman, Gertrude Ederl, was able to swim across it. Today, there are significantly more people who climbed Mount Everest than swam across the English Channel.

To make the attempt, Kellerman smeared herself with porpoise fat and glued on her glasses. A group of people gathered on the beach at 2 am.The men were allowed to swim without clothes, while Annette was wearing a swimsuit. After many hours of swimming, she was so blinded by the salt water that she could barely see. In the memories of the athlete, this swim remained the most terrible test of all that she had ever passed. After several more heats, she retired from professional swimming, focusing her efforts on stage activities.

Water Shows

By 1907, at the age of 20, Kellerman was already an international star, thanks to her performances at the London Racetrack, New York, Chicago and Boston. She helped popularize diving by performing the first underwater ballet in a glass tank. After the winter season at the London racetrack, she traveled to the United States, where she performed her act. Her earnings reached $ 1,250 a week.

Annette performed, sometimes as a mermaid, sometimes as Venus, often portrayed mythical characters, and her numbers enjoyed overwhelming success. Although she was not the first to perform underwater stunts, her primacy in romantic and attractive performance is undeniable.She appeared in front of the public in outerwear, which she gracefully discarded, before diving into the water. The apotheosis of the action was getting out of the water in a wet, tight-fitting bathing suit. She married her American-born manager, James Raymond Louis Sullivan on November 26, 1912, in Connecticut.

Kellerman’s underwater art coincided with Isadora Duncan’s inspirational reinterpretation of dance as a modern art form based on natural movement.Her movements were even more exciting because she could hold her breath for three and a half minutes. The Kellerman Girls performed choreographic movements with her, foreshadowing the later emergence of synchronized swimming. Stage shows were perceived as rewarding family fun, rather than risky or quirky rides. By 1914, her wages reached $ 2,500 a week, and she became the highest paid woman in the United States. Annette had a long career ahead of her in Europe, America and Australia.

Swimwear Promotion

Kellerman championed the rights of women to wear comfortable swimwear. In the early 20th century, women in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and most of Europe were forced to wear bulky dresses and pantaloons with combinations that made it impossible to stay on the water at all. The time spent near water bodies was reduced to immersion in water, but not to moving in it. The possibility of realizing such a natural process, which was available to the inhabitants of many other cultures, was an unaffordable luxury for Europeans and the inhabitants of colonies.

Feminine nature was wrapped in corsets and meters of fabric, which did not allow to enjoy such a seemingly natural joy.

The birth of modern swimwear

However, in Australia from the 1870s, women began to wear short sports men’s swimwear exclusively for competition. This fact has given some Australian women the chance to have a real swimming experience. In 1902, New South Wales hosted the first state women’s swimming carnival.It was carried out in the presence of men and gave impetus to the authorization of mixed bathing at Manly Beach in Sydney. The Sydney climate and beaches are perfect for swimming, and Australians are beginning to gain a reputation as a nation of swimmers.

Kellerman is used to wearing men’s swimwear that exposes half of the thigh. However, this outfit turned out to be unacceptable during a performance in London in front of the royal family. Annette bought a pair of black stockings and sewed them on to the man’s suit. This episode is considered by fashion historians to be the birth of swimwear for women.

Arrest in Boston

Kellerman set out to challenge legal restrictions on women’s swimwear in the United States. In 1907, while sailing along the coast, she was arrested for indecent behavior at Revere Beach, Boston. She was dressed in one of her suits, without an overskirt that hugged her body and exposed her hips. The judge agreed with her arguments about the health benefits of swimming, listened to the arguments against bulky bathing suits, and allowed such clothes to be used, provided that a robe was worn before entering the water.Her arrest caused worldwide fame. Annette has developed her own swimwear line that has become her trademark. The Annette Kellermanns models represented a new freedom for women.

Film career

Kellerman left behind her memory as a star in early films. In 1908, the film industry moved from miniatures displayed in entertainment halls to meaningful cinema. The first story films lasted from 10 to 20 minutes. In 1909, Annette starred in four short films directed by Vitagraph, the leading feature film producer in the United States at the time. She later starred in several more than an hour long feature films directed by the 1915 Fox Film Corporation.

Universal’s Daughter of Neptune was replete with underwater scenes. It was a story about an almost naked mermaid. Most of the reviewers did not go along with the theme of the flesh color of the suit, but noted the desire to achieve true beauty in their work. Neptune’s daughter grossed $ 1 million at the box office. This was followed by a series of films, such as “Queen of the Sea” in 1918, in which the actress made a dangerous dive, “What do women love?”, In which she starred with bobbed hair, emphasizing the modernity of the image.Particularly valuable is the legacy left over from the filming of the last 1924 film. Venus of the South Seas was filmed in New Zealand. It is the first film to feature color underwater and the last to be shot using the 1913 prism color technology using only red and green.

Nation Health

Kellerman initiated a number of activities designed to familiarize the population with a healthy lifestyle. Many books have been written on breathing techniques.She has lectured throughout America and Europe. As a vegetarian and teetotaler, she established health centers and health food stores. In addition to swimwear, she created collections of comfortable clothes for women. During World War II, her family took an active part in charity work, she also participated in the activities of the Red Cross, and spoke to the troops.

Annette Kellerman was a pioneer in many ways, a role model, fearless and always ready for a new challenge.In 1975, her ashes were scattered over the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

90,000 How are things on the ostrich farm in Buryatia

Several years ago, Aleksey and Irina Dmitrievs from Tarbagatai district started their own farm and began to breed rabbits and purebred chickens. Soon, however, not only poultry, but also ostriches began to walk around the yard. However, first things first.

From chickens to ostriches

Having an accounting education, 38-year-old Irina worked for a long time as a store manager and was a housewife.Later, together with her husband, the woman started her peasant farm in the village of Voznesenovka, which began with the breeding of giant rabbits. Over time, horses, “woolen” pigs, which are also called Hungarian mangalits, as well as chickens and roosters of various breeds, were added to the composition of the animals.

A couple of years later, the farm was supplemented by ostriches. Moreover, Irina came up with the idea to get these exotic birds after the computer game “Farm”. The woman liked taking care of virtual birds so much that she began to study information about their breeding on the Internet.

Soon, at the Dmitrievs’ farm, in a small box from Kemerovo, then still small feathered guests from Australia arrived. For two years, Australian emus lived right in the house of the owners. During this time, Strip, Pulka and Bobbin became full-fledged members of the family. Together with the children we watched cartoons and ran around the house.

– The birds lived with us until they started carrying food from the table. First, the husband taught them – he put the crumbs on the edge of the table, and they bent down, while the little ones were, trying to take.And then, when they began to carry all the food in full, we had to move them, – says Irina.

So, curious and too independent emus began to live in a stoker, but still, at any opportunity, they tried to run back into the house. When the birds became quite adults and increased in size, the couple had to build their own enclosure for them. Now ostriches live next to chickens, in the warm season they run in their aviary, in winter they spend time only in warm pens.

– They are inquisitive: they push everyone into their mouths, they are interested in everything. But they are also very gentle creatures. We are all afraid that they will not get sick, so we create warmth and comfort for them, – says Irina.

Emerald Eggs

As befits any bird, ostriches lay eggs. Moreover, in Australian emus, they are emerald in color, and the weight of one egg is about 700 grams – by volume it is about 15 chicken.

It is interesting that ostriches do not have nests.As soon as the female emu lays the egg, the males come up and bury it with sand. By the way, they also rush in a special way – only from November to March, and even then once every 3-4 days. Irina admits that she used to make an omelet from emu eggs. One egg was enough for breakfast for the whole family. We tried to sell, but people rarely bought them, and even then only out of interest.

Now the spouses have set themselves the goal of increasing the livestock, especially since the males and the female have become adults. Therefore, the farmers ordered a special incubator for ostrich eggs, since the devices for chicken eggs are completely unsuitable.

Each bird has its own character

After the Australian ones, African ostriches also appeared on the farm. Especially for these long-legged beauties, a separate enclosure was built in the neighboring village of Verkhniy Sayantuy. “Africans” differ from their Australian brothers – they, unlike the latter, have character. They give themselves to be stroked, they do not pinch like geese, but they will not give offense either. They recognize their owners by their clothes. And if they come to another, they do not recognize it.

– Once I came in a new hat, they quickly took it away. First they dragged, and then completely trampled. By the way, ostriches love everything colored and shiny. They can easily take away even the phone if it shines, – Irina says with a smile.

By the way, ostriches do not hide their heads in the sand, this is a common myth. In fact, the largest birds in the world descend to the ground and look for stones that help them digest food, since ostriches, like many winged ones, do not have teeth.

There is no special food for ostriches in Buryatia, so Irina had to use her ingenuity. Now birds eat grain, oats and rolled oats.

– Of course, with ostriches there are many nuances in treatment. Although a bird has a high body temperature and viruses quickly die, all the same at a small age, up to a year, for prevention, we give them vaccinations, and then we simply give vitamin supplements. But, nevertheless, for me, caring for ostriches no longer seems difficult, – admits the owner of the farm.

For everyone

As soon as the Australian emus were transported to their African counterparts in the Upper Sayantui, a whole line of people wishing to see the rare birds lined up. Stretching out their long necks and looking over the fence, the ostriches have attracted the interest of those passing along the federal highway, next to which the farm is located.

A wave of human curiosity prompted the spouses to open a farm and their own petting zoo for everyone.In addition to 13 exotic guests, turkeys, decorative rabbits, horses, Hungarian pigs, peacocks, raccoons and sika deer live here. The Red Book Demoiselle Crane has recently been added to the zoo. The wounded handsome man was found at the side of the road by residents of the Mukhorshibirsky district. With a blackened wing, the bird will no longer be able to take off and return to the wild, but the crane will be under the strict supervision of the Dmitriev family.

Now the spouses have arranged the territory of their farm so that anyone can come there.On the farm, you can relax, breathe in the fresh air, and most importantly – see live not only the largest birds in the world, but also other animals.

Marina Ermil

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90,000 How and when New Years are celebrated in Australia: date, traditions and customs

How and when the New Year is celebrated in Australia: what is dressed up instead of a Christmas tree, how does Santa dress and what does he wear, what do Australian children use to make snowmen?


  1. When New Years are celebrated in Australia
  2. New Year in Australia: traditions and customs

In this article, we will talk about the New Year, which marks the beginning of the year in the Gregorian calendar.You will find out what traditions Australians adhere to, how Santa Claus dresses here and when – in summer or winter – they celebrate New Year in Australia.

When is New Year’s Day in Australia

Australia is located below the Equator, in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons here do not coincide with the European ones. Autumn in Australia lasts from March to May, winter from June to late August, spring from September to November, and summer from December to February.

The onset of the New Year in Australia is celebrated on January 1 – at the height of summer.The average temperature at this time is 25-30 ° C, there is practically no rain. Therefore, the Australian New Year is not associated with a winter fairytale, as in Europe. The celebration takes place in the open air, usually by the water. Sand instead of snow, surfboard instead of snowboard, kangaroos instead of deer, and beach parties instead of cozy fireplaces – that’s what the Australian New Year is.

It is important to note that not all cultures in Australia follow the Gregorian calendar in their New Year celebrations.Some communities celebrate the Hindu, Chinese, Jewish or Islamic New Year.

New Year in Australia: Traditions and Customs

New Year in Australia is a public holiday, January 1 is a day off for the entire population. There are no official New Year holidays here; on January 2, people go to work. But many take holidays during Christmas and New Years to spend time with their family or to travel.

Christmas decorations

Australians decorate their homes for Christmas: they hang wreaths on their front doors, put up Christmas trees in their homes and gardens, and hang Christmas lights.These decorations remain during the New Year celebrations.

Christmas trees do not grow in the Australian climate, and most often artificial or live trees are brought from Europe. Many buy or potted Metrosideros in advance: an Australian evergreen tree with small green leaves and creamy flowers. In the summer – by the New Year – the flowers turn dark red, and the plant, even without decorations, begins to resemble an elegant New Year tree. Beautifully packed New Year’s gifts and sweets are put under it.Metrosideros is one of the symbols of the Australian New Year and is often given to tourists as a souvenir.

Santa Claus

Santa brings sweets to children and leaves gifts under the tree or metrosideros. In return, the children often leave beer pies for him and carrots for the deer.

After reaching Australia, Santa Claus gives his reindeer a break. Sometimes he takes a kangaroo instead, and sometimes he arrives on a surfboard or lifeboat. He changes his usual clothes for less hot: a swimming suit or beach trunks.Only the red cap remains unchanged.

Surfers and lifeguards dressed as Santa Claus can be seen at New Year’s beach parties. And children sculpt from the sand figures like snowmen.

Banquet table

There are no special New Year’s meals in Australia. Barbecues, steaks, grilled sausages are often prepared. It is customary to drink champagne or local wine at midnight, and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are served on the table. There is only one obligatory dish – pie.It can be anything. The cook puts a coin into the dough. Whoever gets it will marry or get married in the new year. On New Year’s Eve, there are kiosks with festive food on the streets and in parks.

New Years Eve

In large cities, the New Year is celebrated with fireworks and musical parties. Masquerades and themed events are popular. Temperatures in January are ideal for outdoor activities, which is why Australians often go outdoors and celebrate New Years on the beach or cruise ship.Many families get together and have a barbecue party. When the clock strikes midnight, the party members drink champagne, hug, shake hands, or kiss. New Year is greeted with noise, shouts, ringing of bells and honking – it is believed that otherwise it will not come for real.

New Year’s fireworks are very popular in Australia. Fireworks symbolize the transition from New Year’s Eve, which marks the end of the old year, to the beginning of the New Year. Celebratory fireworks are launched at midnight to say goodbye to the past and welcome the future.

The largest fireworks display in Sydney is a real light show over the Harbor Bridge. Fireworks can be viewed from observation platforms or from small tourist steamers that run in the harbor all night. They begin to occupy the best places in the morning of December 31, and by the evening many observation decks are overcrowded.

In Canberra and Melbourne, fireworks are also organized on New Year’s Eve, followed by dance parties. In large cities, there are many family events, musical performances by artists and DJs.Small towns and rural areas also have fireworks, usually near beaches, lakes, rivers, or parks.

Traditionally, two fireworks are organized in cities. The first one is at 21.00 for families with children and those who do not want to stay late. The second is at midnight. Mass festivities end at 3-4 o’clock in the morning.


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90,000 Horse lovers got drunk like pigs

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In Australia, the Melbourne Cup has been considered one of the most important sporting and cultural events for a century and a half.I do not presume to judge the sporting achievements of the current races, but there was no smell of culture at the hippodrome.

The cornflower is the symbol of the annual Melbourne Cup, but a bottle would be more suitable for recent races. Dressed up for the solemn occasion, the herders themselves quickly turned into cattle. A mighty drunken madame collapsed on Australian multimillionaire Jeffrey Edelstein and splashed the contents of her glass onto a canary nouveau riche suit.

Filly at the races…

Well, not a stomach. Two alconauts strove to rip off the wings from the outfit of an angel, in which the American top model Gigi Hadid foolishly fluttered. Fortunately, the higher powers of the angel did not give offense and threw the oilers to the ground before the beauty was left without personal belongings. A certain red-faced gentleman with a sneering smile, distracting from his unbuttoned fly, tried to grab any lady who turned up by the arm by the “croup” …It’s a shame, you know.

… did not lag behind the stallions

Count it up!

Surprisingly, the sponsor of the races was the United Arab Emirates, where drunkenness can lead to a heavy fine or even jail time.

Melbourne Cup …

…called the “face of the nation”

90,000 Putin in Australia will be left without swimming trunks and dressed up as a worker? – Vladivostok news on VL.ru An official Russian delegation will also arrive at the meeting of the leaders of the countries participating in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, which is taking place in Sydney.It will be headed by Vladimir Putin. The delegation also includes the Governor of Primorye Sergey Darkin. Despite the fact that not all delegations have gathered in Sydney yet, their stay has already become a reason for jokes.

In Australia, Russian officials will take part in the APEC international summit of heads of state and government. In Sydney, Sergey Darkin will take part in high-level negotiations, including a joint meeting of APEC leaders with the APEC Business Advisory Council and the ceremony of announcing the Joint Declaration, bilateral meetings of the President of Russia with the Prime Minister of the Australian Union John Howard, with the Prime Minister Japan Shinzo Abe, President of the Republic of Korea Roh Moo Hyun.

It is curious that in Australia they cannot decide what to wear for the heads of state – as if there are no traditional costumes in the country. One of the options was a traditional beach “suit” of an Australian vacationer, suggested by someone as a joke – swimming trunks and flip flops. But Prime Minister Howard rejected the offer. Other proposals are being considered – a typical Australian worker’s clothing, consisting of a blue shirt, skinny pants and boots, or a peasant costume: a rabbit hat, a long leather coat and leather boots, Newsru reports.Com.

In addition, it is known that on September 7, a press conference by Governor Sergei Darkin will be held at the APEC International Press Center. Topic – “Vladivostok – Russia’s economic outpost in the Asia-Pacific region.” The largest Russian and foreign TV companies, publications, news agencies will take part in it.

As a reminder, the APEC forum will be held in Australia from 8 to 9 September. The Economic Community of the Asia-Pacific Region was created in 1989, it includes 21 countries, and since 1998 Russia has also joined APEC.For the fifth time, the Governor of Primorsky Krai is taking part in the work of this largest international forum, within the framework of which meetings of the heads of 21 states, as well as representatives of big business, take place. APEC is a unique mechanism for dialogue between states. More than 2.5 billion people live in the APEC member countries. They account for almost half of world trade.

Australia, the city of Ballarat – “To visit the Australian outback”

When I was going to Melbourne, my plans were to visit the “outback” of Victoria, that is, the city of gold diggers called Ballarat.This city was founded in 1838, when the “gold rush” began in Australia. Located 105 kilometers from Melbourne, inland, in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Ballarat is located quite far from the coast, the climate there is milder and calmer, without such sudden changes as in Melbourne. You can get there by bus or train. I chose the train.

I got ready to go on November 5, and it turned out to be a local holiday – Cup Day, horse races, general day off. Back on November 4, when I returned to my hotel room in the evening, on the bed I found a note printed on the printer that November 5 was a public holiday and there would be no cleaning in the room.

Despite the cold wind, it was only +10 in the morning, ladies in smart dresses and fancy hats, no coats, and men in tuxedos and evening suits were hurrying to the hippodrome. No coats and jackets.

A round-trip ticket cost me 37.20 Australian dollars, with 6 dollars of which cost the very carton of the Mika transport card. You can put money on this miki and use any city or suburban transport. In Sydney, however, the Opal Transport Card is free. I bought a ticket at the box office, along with it they gave me a booklet with a timetable for electric trains in this direction, the cashier marked the departure time with a pen and reported the platform number.

Electric trains here are different than in Sydney, single-deck, with a proud inscription – made in the state of Victoria for the state of Victoria.

But also comfortable, armchairs with folding tables. And also the first car is a car of silence, you can’t make noise. I got into a regular carriage. Travel time is one and a half hours. The train was half empty.

Besides me, there were two Indian families with small children in the car. The train had not yet departed when the passengers started breakfast, the carriage filled with the smell of curry.And at one of the stations a man sat down behind me, rustled cellophane, and a sharp chemical smell floated. It was he who opened the bag of chips. It smelled of them so much that I even wanted to change seats, but all the convenient places were already taken, I had to endure. Fortunately, he soon got off at his stop.

A controller passed by on the way, checked tickets with a scanner.

The weather was clear enough, I clung to the train window, it was very interesting to look at Australia outside the big city. The landscapes outside the window are mostly flat, low mountains were visible somewhere on the horizon.Pastures flashed by: only black cows, sheep, horses, llamas or alpacas flashed. Farms with chickens and geese, turkeys, pigs. Single country estates with large fields, gardens. In some places, the soil had a pronounced red tint, apparently ocher, the water in the puddles was orange.

The station houses were typical brick, obviously built a very long time ago, but they looked great.

There are few trees, mainly plantations of the type of forest belts. The colors are dim, only in one place I saw flowering trees such as lilacs.

Spring is cold in Victoria, and in Ballarat I got off the train and found it cooler than Melbourne. But at least no rain. The city has beautiful colonial-style buildings from the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, perfectly preserved.

In general, Ballarat has an unusual museum city, Sovereign Hill.There are buildings of the 19th century, the inhabitants of this city-museum do not play theatrical roles. They just live the life of the 19th century, do their job as blacksmiths, shoemakers, bakers, etc. And there is also a large zoo in Ballarat.

The station building deserves a separate line – it is already more than 150 years old. There were no wars in Australia and, accordingly, there were no bombings on its territory, there are no earthquakes. Therefore, everything that is built, and is being built there with high quality, is preserved for centuries.

On the way, I discovered a monument to a gold nugget, found in 1861, a life-size nugget.And there is also a gold museum in the city.

Many colored ribbons were imposed on the fence of the beautiful church, apparently there are such traditions there.

In general, the city makes a very pleasant impression, wide streets, in the middle of the streets are alleys with benches, flower beds, monuments. The buildings are not high, 2-3 floors, the shopping center stretches over a block, and is also two-story. Feeling of space, light and air.The city has a little over 90 thousand inhabitants. And as I saw, in contrast to the multinational Sydney and Melbourne, in Ballarat the population is mostly white, there are some Indians, and very few Asians, I saw them only in Singaporean cuisine cafes as service personnel. And mixed pairs of a white man + an Asian woman, of which there are many in large cities, in Ballarat I did not see at all. Just like in the English countryside, I once went to the UK, stayed in a village in the state of Staffordshire.

Had lunch in a shopping center at the food court, and there is also mostly burgers and sandwiches, but there was a Singaporean cafe.Cantonese rice and chicken stew cost me AU $ 10.90.

In the mall, when I was washing my hands in the toilet, a woman who was waiting for someone drew attention to me and asked in English if I was a resident of Ballarat, apparently, she wanted to know something. I have a typical European appearance, standard clothes, everywhere in Australia I went for my own. I briefly replied that no, so as not to indulge in explanations.

Ballarat also celebrated the Day of the Cup, on the open verandas of restaurants elegant companies, including ladies in beautiful hats, buzzed and buzzed.There is also a lot of smoking there, both men and women, everything.

After walking for a walk and having seen enough, towards evening I set off on my way back. Before leaving, I bought myself a cup of coffee from the machine in the waiting room, for $ 3, surprisingly, the coffee machine did not want to respond to my bank card, I had to spend cash. Although in Australia, cashless payments are almost everywhere. When I had already stepped onto the platform, I found a cafe there, which had no entrance either from the waiting room or from the street.They simply did not redevelop the 150-year-old building.

On the way back, a teenage girl with a pretty, plump, round face, light brown braids, and a colored ribbon in her hair got into an almost empty train on the way back. She sat several rows in front of me. The controller came, very colorful. A 35-year-old man, thin, his hair is tied at the top of his head in a runny ponytail, bearded, in shorts. He said hello, checked my ticket-card with a scanner, wished me a happy journey. But he paid much more attention to the girl.Flirted, joked. She had a bottle of perfume in her hands, he took it, sprinkled it on his hands, in short, he was having fun as best he could. He also announced stations, humorously, literally growling at the name of the station with the word “Rock”, and whistling where there was a sound “s”. Then he again came to our carriage, talked to the girl, and at the same time uttered compliments to me, such an amateur animator greatly decorated the short trip, it was not boring.

Returning from Ballarat, at the train station in Melbourne, I immediately went to the Metro supermarket, which I know from Sydney.Dinner had to be taken care of. Immediately saw my favorite mangoes at $ 1.50 apiece.

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