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25 Most Popular Wedding Photographers Malaysia

Here are the most popular Malaysian wedding photographers according to the popularity and number of views on WedResearch Pinterest. Effective wedding photography is when it connects with the audience in a special way. The wedding photo art directions are unique, they showcase each wedding story with gorgeous colors and artistry.

1. Daniel Zain (Avicenna Studio) 

Facebook | [email protected]

With the most pins and views at 23.9K and still counting, this beautiful photo of the bride in a Cosry dress tells a wedding story that can relate to the viewers deeply. 

23.9 K Views

2. WLOON Photography  | Facebook | Instagram | 012-434 8235

With so much experience traveling to many places capturing faces of couples in love, these awe-inspiring images of the Tokyo night scene depict a story, a special somewhere, a romantic journal. It has garnered 16K views to date.



3. COLOMONO | Facebook | Penang, International | 04-228 8096

The effective colors and splendor of this floating wedding ceremony image is absolutely amazing. Colomono specializes in destination Indian weddings.


4. Benson Yin Signature Masterpiece | Instagram | 012-222 2519 | ENQUIRE $
Photography & Cinematography

With more than 10k followers on Instagram, Benson Yin captures the most remarkable Instagram-worthy wedding photos. His signature masterpieces bring out the elegance of the little things in life, making use of every object, emotion and effect to enrich the beautiful stories conveyed by the images.


5. Love Confession Photography
Facebook | 012-922 8631 
Photography & Cinematography

Wai Seng of Love Confession Wedding Photography has a creative way of photographing those special moments and beautiful raw emotions. Candid or posed, human expressions are what bring out the essence of a wedding when love is confessed through the beautiful pictures. The stimulating colors of the setting enhance the beauty and romance.



6. Twins Photography 
Facebook | 016-328 7853

Twins Photography is founded by Ronson and Ryan, the twins brother who care about the precious moments on your big day. They love the smiles and emotions expressed by people, hence the photo – filled with happiness and playfulness.


7. Loving Gallery
Facebook | WHATSAPP | 012-371 8910 | ENQUIRE $
Photography & Cinematography

This bridal studio has the talents you need for an unforgettable wedding day journal, always in pursuit of the most heart-warming shots tirelessly. The image below is sharp and meaningful, it is a reflection of special wedding venue and experience with the bridal team.

5 K Views


8. Arch & Vow Studio | Facebook | Instagram | Empire SOHO, Subang Jaya

This photo is softly focused and creamy, the amazing bridal hair-styling by Raynis Chow stands out from the background creating a gentle, magical effect.

Packages Price 2020: 11 hours: RM5500 | 7 hours: RM4500 | 5 hours: RM3800


9. Fabulous Moments | Facebook | Instagram | 012-319 0385

Fabulous Moments’ Hong’s photos are relaxing, with vivid yet soothing colors. It involves a combination of the background texture and colors as well as natural emotions in the most creative perspective. 


10. Jacky Wong Photography 
Johor | Website | Facebook

Jacky’s images are artistic and impactful. The couple seizing the adventure:

2.7 K Views

11. Louis Loo Photography 
Website | Facebook | Instagram

While the focus is placed on the flowers, the details of the luxury crystal chandeliers in Grand Hyatt KL Ballroom have been captured with much brilliance.


12. Louis Gan Photography 
Website | Facebook | Instagram

The fashion magazine poses, positions of the wooden house and rustic decor are truly captivating. Louis Gan Photography is an expression of art, a means of documenting history in the form of beautiful images.


13. Ameirfikri 
facebook | Instagram |

This image depicts Passion and Intimacy. Ameirfikri captures wedding photos with the concept of the coming together of two individuals who are passionate, loving, and have strong desires to be forever as one.


14. Mun Keat Photography | Facebook | Instagram | The Gardens Mall

Mun Keat is an inspiring photographer who is very popular. As one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Malaysia, his work exhibits raw beauty and is very genuine. The couple romancing under the “Stars”.


15. Kamalesan Photography | Facebook | Instagram

+6012-666 1253 – WPPI, Artistic Guild, ISPWP 

Kamalesan Kamalakaran is absolutely amazing at making his images come alive. Indian weddings are extremely colorful and vibrant. With all the activities and rituals happening, it takes a true professional to capture the best exact moment in time when everything comes together to tell a story.


16. RC Studio
Website  | Facebook | Instagram | 016-494 3380 | RATES $
Photography & Cinematography

With creative lighting, artistic composition and editing, RC Studio’s work does create quite a dramatic impact. The photos are truthful, they let you feel what is beneath the surface… the love, excitement and warmth. Oct 19: RC Studio is  professional and produces great quality wedding photos and videos.


17. GMPS Wedding Film and Photography | Facebook | Instagram | 012-208 8817 | PACKAGES $
Photography & Cinematography

From breathtaking aerial view to the close-up story-telling shots, GMPS’s cinematic photography is truly refreshing. The effort Gaius and team put into the production, focusing on attention to details and the overall mood play an important part. When a balance of lighting is achieved, with some rustic hues and candid emotions, the perfect scene comes to life.


18. Click4Loves Photography | Facebook | 016-393 1564 | PACKAGES $
Photography & Cinematography

Award-winning Click4Loves – Jackal Cheng’s fine art photography is the expression of a concept to make an artistic statement through pictures. He works with lighting, color and composition to create a mood. The difference is, in fine art photography, most of the time reality is manipulated using digital effects, artistic framing and positioning.

1.1 K Views

19. SBXS Photography 
Facebook | Bandar Sri Permaisuri KL | 011-1100 6061

The effects of the photo are really gorgeous – mysterious, stylish.


20. Dhivager Rathakrishnan Production 
012-306 1030 | 

Every detail is captured with the right intensity.

21. MangoTouch 
012-925 8571 | Facebook 

Epitome of luxury and prestige, MangoTouch will show you how to glam up the wedding portraits. It helps to have that extra confidence and a posh or classic elegant backdrop.

22. The Phoria 
010-440 9494 | Facebook 

Pictures convey a message of style, and experience.


23. U-Wang Studio 

 | u-wang. com | 016-4145323 

Wedding Photography Packages: Pre-wedding fr RM3,800, AD-RM2,800 (Full Day), Wedding Cinematography-fr RM3,500 (Full Day)

Not the usual boring portraits, U-wang Studio produces images that are dynamic and creative. The wedding photography brings originality in the combination of props and chemistry of the couples in front of the camera.

24. CJ Photography 
Melaka | | facebook

25. Andy Phe Photography 

Sarawak | Website | Facebook 

Price: 10 hrs, 2 PG at RM3K, amazing wedding photographer, funny and friendly.

Terry & Sylvia

13 Popular Wedding Photographers in Malaysia for Stunning Shots

Wedding photographers have an important role for your wedding day. They are committed to providing their clients with quality wedding photography and strive for original images and of course a personalized service. With that, we gathered the 13 Popular Wedding Photographers in Malaysia to help you choose the perfect photographer team for your wedding. Each of them has unique photography style so try to read and think what photography style caters your personality. Happy reading!

13 Popular Wedding Photographers in Malaysia

1. Aplind Yew Production, for a beautiful storytelling style capturing genuine emotions

Before the flowers wilt away, tears dry out, and each moment in between becoming vague in memory, Aplind Yew Production intricately documents all these fleeting moments via exquisite multi-layered compositions. In every click of the shutter, Aplind Yew and his passionate team captures genuine emotions in each wedding, and the beautiful story behind every smile shared and affection showed. His beautiful storytelling style brings about geometry and rhythm, with his photos and films often containing humour and juxtaposition.

A proud member of Wedding Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) and Wedding Portrait Photographer Asia (WPPA), the team at Aplind Yew Production consistently hones their skills since 2008, seeking to deliver outputs that exceed the expectations of their clients. Their level of creativity and professionalism is impeccable, with a sense of humor tastefully embedded in their work. As per their testimonials, couples who have worked with Aplind Yew Production loved how meticulous and detailed Aplind is, praising him and his team for their utmost professionalism. They listen to the couple’s vision and do their best to execute every detail in perfection. Check out their wedding photography and wedding videography portfolio to find out more.

Check out Aplind Yew Production for your wedding >

2. Keda Z Photography, for capturing intimate and fun momentsPhoto via Keda Z PhotographyPhoto via Keda Z Photography

Keda Z Photography is popular on his image style and impressive Photoshop skill. He keeps his photography in a high-quality result and still exploring on different perspective and style. Keep in mind that Keda Z always tries to convey the true meaning of love and their love story on his photography.

Photo via Munkeat PhotographyPhoto via Munkeat Photography

Munkeat Photography style is influenced by the historic film era, it is simply classic and timeless. He specializes destination wedding, kids and travel photography, fine art portrait, and wedding photography. In addition, Munkeat is an avid camera collector owning more than 40 sets of it. He utilizes different formats to get the perfection for his masterpieces.

Photo via Jenny Sun PhotographyPhoto via Jenny Sun Photography

Jenny Sun loves capturing wedding events candidly and unobtrusively. She loves shooting for a collection of memories in a relaxed and laid back style. Their pre-wedding session shoots before the wedding day because it’s their way to know more about the couples before the big day.

5. Robin Ng Photography, for a truly professional photographyPhoto via Robin Ng PhotographyPhoto via Robin Ng Photography

Robin Ng specializes wedding and portrait photography. He brings weddings into unique memories. He sees photography as the beauty of art and it is his way of expressing himself creatively. He wants to see couples being happy by capturing theirs happy moments as natural as possible.

6. Kenn Foo Weddings, for a simple yet stylish photographyPhoto via Kenn Foo WeddingsPhoto via Kenn Foo Weddings

Kenn Foo is blessed with the gift of artistic senses and had developed an interest in art. His creativity started since he was a child. He researched for his own wedding arrangements, captured and created with his own passion until he grew and learned from it.

Do also note that Kenn Foo wants to give the best experience in every couple. To him, the beauty is not only in the photograph but on the overall experience.

7. Alex Tan Artworks, for a classic, artistic and dramatic stylePhoto via Alex Tan ArtworksPhoto via Alex Tan Artworks

Providing you a unique Classic, Artistic and Dramatic photography style, Alex Tan is passionate about capturing joyous moments and memorable collections of your love story. Moreover, Alex Tan was a mere banker in a foreign bank in 2004. He is a happy-go-lucky person and good in making friends and storytelling. Now, Alex is an international wedding photographer with an artistic dramatic style.

8. Daren Chong Photography, for a unique style to match different tastesPhoto via Daren Chong PhotographyPhoto via Daren Chong Photography

Daren Chong was named as Top 30 photographer in Asia in 2012. He has the passion in making wedding photography. He has a strong technical expertise and well-defined photography style. Capturing those special moments gives convincing emotions between the devoted couple. He is handling every wedding assignment personally and keeps a special eye for every moment.

Photo via Dennis Yap PhotographyPhoto via Dennis Yap Photography

Dennis Yap with over six years of field experience already covered almost 700 assignments. His team polishes their work at home and makes the final result in terms of high-quality picture. For them spending time with family is best while working.

Furthermore, Nicholas Chew and Bryan Yong who is helping Dennis Yap continuously provide couples a unique wedding experience through their passionate heart as their primary vision.

Photo via Edwin Tan PhotographyPhoto via HoneyBrides

Edwin started his career as a wedding photographer since 2007. He realized that he has the talent for photography so he attended workshops. With great inspiration, Wedding Photography became his passion and was awarded many times because of his works.

Moreover, Edwin is a perfectionist. Every minor detail is important to him. He always strives to do better in his next shot. Your loving moments and meaningful smiles always captured and will last a lifetime.

Photo via E-galleryPhoto via E-gallery

The E-gallery is founded by a wedding photographer from Malaysia who named Edmund Tham. Edmund Tham provides professional wedding photography services.

E-gallery uses modern techniques in photographs to capture the blissful moment of the wedding ceremony and wedding party. E-gallery is professional and passionate in their photography job which captures your most memorable moment that will last forever.

Photo via Gallerie CKPhoto via Gallerie CK

Gallerie CK was founded by Paul Kong in 2008. Paul has been passionate about wedding photography and continues to strive for perfection through his shots. Paul Kong is masterful in capturing pure emotions and his approach draws upon a storytelling experience. Moreover, Paul’s initiative in portrait photography is best described as a fusion of fashion, fine art and wedding photography.

13. Saifful Razuan of SBXS Photography, for stylish and creative photographyPhoto via SBXS Photography Photo via SBXS Photography

SBXS Photography offers portrait and conceptual photography. They are focusing more in wedding occasions including their wonderful pre and post wedding. Do note that SBXS’ products are superb and definitely in a great quality. Your Wedding album will be done in just 3 months!

We hope that you keep an eye on every photographer we’ve shared for you. We hope that our list of 13 Popular Wedding Photographers in Malaysia helped you to find the best photographer who will capture your very special moments that will last a lifetime.

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All opinions remain writer’s own. For more information, kindly refer to our copyright & disclosure policy.

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Dennis Yap Photography – Malaysia Top Wedding Photographer, Pre-Wedding Photographer, Asia Top 30, Malaysia Top 10

Thank you so much for the photos, really gorgeous appreciate all the photos that you send to us.

– Yong How & Pei Shan –

Thanks Dennis! I also wanted to say that we like your pictures a lot and many thanks for your assistance on the wedding day.

– Jun Xue & Hyewon –


We will definitely recommend you to our friends 🙂 

To Dennis and your team, for doing such an amazing job of capturing such beautiful photographs of our big days! Many many many thanks.
Even after watching so many times, I still feel all the anticipation and excitement of the day. I simply cannot wait to see the rest!

– Jonny & Shenn –

Thank you so so much for the photos! We love them! The video is amazing as well. I love how you named it the “everlasting road trip” And you’ve captured the moments so beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

-Steven & Ching –

Once again would like to take the chance to thank you and your team very much for your time and effort for taking care of our wedding photos. It has turned out absolutely amazing.

– Lester & Ploy –

Dennis!! Just want to thank you and your team again for the wonderful pictures!! My family, my husband and i loved the pictures and the album!! Beautiful moments captured 😍

– Victor & Lynnette –

Thanks again for providing a first class service. With one of the biggest days of our lives and such a huge action packed event, we feared that we would not be able to stop and take it all in and the day would soon fade from our memories. However you’ve truly captured the essence of our day providing us with so many wonderful images

– Amber Gan –

这是我之前透过朋友介绍的摄影 Studio, 摄影师的技术高超,景点漂亮以及强大的后制作团队。十分满意他们的服务态度及表现。我也会介绍给我的朋友们这间摄影 Studio. Very good services, Highly recommended!!!

– Kok Ming –

Dennis’s talent speaks for itself (bet you can’t get your eyes off the stunning pictures on this site!). When I got engaged, I knew exactly who I was contacting first :). The pre-wedding photography experience was fun and creative. We are very happy with our photographs and really appreciate Dennis’s directions during our shoot. His vision and use of light are impressive. Highly recommend!

– Alicia Chua –

Received the album today. Thank you very much! Is very lovely and everybody is complimenting how great it looks. Thank you Dennis for taking such nice pictures of our love to cherish all our lives. Can’t thank you enough… we will treasure it greatly. Thank you once again! ❤ ❤ ❤ Wish you prosperous business all years ahead.

– Chee Chung & Elizabeth –

Just wanted to say a big thank you for being a part of our wedding. We’ve seen all the photos, and we love them so very much. We’ll surely share them with our friends and family. Hope to see you again sometime 🙂

– Jeriel & Angela –

Thank you Dennis for the amazing photos, not because they’re flawlessly beautiful but because they show us in our truest form… Not a perfectly arranged pose but a genuine glimpse of our story…

– Ivan & Glory –

Thank you very much. You captured such great moments. 

– Andrew & Doris –

To my 2 awesome photographers Dennis Yap and Pei Loong. A million THANK YOUs for the excellent photos and memories you have given us. Your photos touched our hearts no matter how many times we see them. You have given us an everlasting experience that we will cherish for many years to come. You have truly given us a beautiful FOREVER AFTER that we can re-live over and over every time we open our album or our cds. Yes, your photos touch our hearts no matter how many times we view them… they are full with emotions n every shot meant so much to us….THANK YOU!

– Jake & Yu Hwan –

Because of their great service, i would like to highly recommend them to all who are planning to get hitched but unsure of where to start. Pre-wedding shoot was done by dennis yap photography in KL. Beautiful pictures, beautiful composition, beautiful story.

– Fong Sheng & Melannie – 

Thanks a lot mate for the wonderful memories that you and Remy had created!!!! Me and Zhu Zen is truly grateful and we cherish the every moments with u guys!!!

– Andy & Zhu Zen – 

Hi Dennis, we saw the clips! It’s was so touching that I almost cried. Thank you so much!! We Love you!! 

– Daniel & Sydnee – 

Thank you very much for your hard work! We love the photos so much and we’ve received excellent compliments from all rounds. And yes, we have promoted Dennis Yap’s branding numerous times in Shanghai too. You have managed to capture touching moments in our wedding.

– David & Lisa –

Thanks for meeting us. We are really sad that you couldn’t help us take nice pics during our very special day. What we miss most about you is the fun squirmy side of you that we are so comfortable with. This is somebody we were always looking for to work with but its God’s call. Haha. Thanks for everything and please help think of some nice ideas where to take when we are in Ipoh. Nites!

– Kuan Yeow & Ji San –

Really Really thanks for coming and provide us the best service. Really appreciate and we really love to have you! Hope to see you again in KK! 

– Jeff & Phyllis – 

Zairin and I can’t thank you enough for being our photographer for one of the most important events in our lives. Thank you so much. I called my parents on Sunday, and they have received the DVD. They love the design and everything.

– Zairin & Jiyi –

It is already 2 months after my portraits been taken, yet we can still remember what has been told and said between me and Jimmy during the photo shooting session. I personally think the overall shooting session, the session itself has brought unexpectedly meaningful moment to us, and we love the photos because they are honest and real. A both good and bad incident happened during the two days of the shooting session in Melbourne, we’ve encountered both happy and sad moment in a day, and was tough for Dennis Yap too as he has to carry on with his task yet need to handle the unforeseen incident. We believed everything happened for a reason. We wish to take this opportunity to tell him, we appreciated every single shots and photos he has taken for us, and we love the ring shot. Thank you. (Signature Weddings Magazine)

– Jimmy & Kaiyean – 

Dennis – thank you, Cliff and the rest of your team for a wonderful shoot over the last few days. All our guests loved the slide show at Hilton and we were blown away but how quickly you turned it around 🙂

– Robert & Chuen Thong – 

Dennis, just wanted to extend our appreciation and sincere thanks again for taking such lovely photos for our pre-wedding shoot. The pictures are beautiful and everyone who has seen them thinks the same – you are very talented!

– Robert & Chuen Thong –

Greeting from London – Hope you are well. Just a note to say many thanks for being the photographer on our big day on 27/10/12. We are impressed by the slideshow that you have produced. the family are thrilled and could not wait to see the rest of your works.

– Jin Wei & Ai Ting –

Thank you for the slideshow. The experience and memory indeed valued more than what is being seen in the pictures. Thanks for making it happen.

– Jimmy & Yean –

Thanks uncle Dennis!!! Received and saw… We are in tears!!!!! A real surprise! Love the song, love the pics, love the rhythm, love the moments!!! Bring us so much memories! Edwin is so enthu in posting for wedding shots these days.)

– Ivan & Kelly –

Hello Dennis. I have been viewing yr photos.. Undeniably, you have good eyes on capturing fabulous images and what is intriging is your ability to lock a story in a photo and invoke emotions from audiences like myself. u have a glaring talent in photography!

– Shireen –

Thanks Dennis! 🙂 Warms my heart to hear that… God has made everything beautiful in His time. 😀 Thanks for making us look beautiful that amazing day.

– Thomas & Elizabeth –

Thanks Dennis for the wonderful pics! Lovely! Magnificent! Breath-taking! Fantastic Photography! Hope to catch up with you in Singapore!

– Gary & Crystella –

HIPLIST 2010 – The Photographer That Speak From The Heart

Dennis Yap approaches each wedding and portraiture with a fresh outlook and treats each couple individually, always striving to photograph each wedding in the most creative and exciting way. To him, ‘a photo speaks a thousand words.’ A stolen glance, a quick kiss or an intimate exchange can be gone in a flash. But a skilled and perceptive wedding photojournalist knows how to anticipate and capture those quick moments at the right time and place. For Dennis, photography is an art form that expresses an individual’s expressions, reactions and emotions.

Dennis took up the profession as a personal challenge as he realised that wedding photography demanded a strong combination of various traits, skills and techniques to make it all work. Though there are certain moments and situations that come with every wedding, there are thousands of different angles to capture them. It takes creativity and experimentation to find these ways. To enhance his photography skills, knowledge and techniques, Dennis stays current with industry trends. He describes his photography style as a blend of fusion, spiritual and journalistic. As Dennis notes, wedding photography offers a whole new dimension compared to other areas of photography as it chronicles the most important day in a couple’s life. When the day is over, your beautiful memories will be enhanced through photographs of the two of you.

Most of Dennis’ clients find his photos very natural, spontaneous and inspiring. Whenever he hears a big applause during a slideshow, Dennis knows that his photos have connected with the audience and made a significant impact on their lives. The ultimate factor in finding your ideal wedding photojournalist is in the portfolio of your candidates. Through their images, one must determine if that particular photographer can produce the type of images that capture the moments and memories of your big day. Aside from strong credentials, Dennis also advises couples to choose a photographer who is able to swiftly respond to their requests. Work must be delivered within the agreed time frame; and Dennis has certainly kept to his motto ever since.

Eric Ooi | Profile | α Professional Photographers – Sony SEA Photographers Program


What motivates the photographer in you?


Beautiful light and beautiful moments. I’m always attracted to light that illuminates a subject in an interesting way that captures the viewer’s attention; and when I photograph weddings, I look for moments that define the tone and character of the wedding day. The concept of a wedding day is similar across countries and cultures. What makes each wedding unique are the personalities of the bridal couple, their families, and their friends. I’m constantly looking for a distinct way of telling their story from behind the lens.


How important is photography in your work and personal life?


I started photography as a casual interest. I wanted to buy a camera to document my travels around the world, but I had no clue on how to take nice photos. So I began doing a lot of research on the technical and artistic aspects of photography, and the more I knew, the more I wanted to know. I bought my first camera and shot only landscapes and street photography. One day, a friend of mine who is a local singer/songwriter asked if I would like take portrait photos of him to use on his website. I jumped at the chance and the resulting photos surprised me. I knew that I had something going on there and that I had found a new interest in taking people’s portraits. Over the years, my photography journey has blossomed from a hobby into a career and labour of love. Being a full time photographer, creating images on a daily basis for work and for personal use is second nature.

I love how through my photographs, I am able to immortalise moments on a wedding day, and how the portrait photo of a person reveals the soul of an individual. Photography to me is a personal experience, it should be genuine, down to earth, and heartfelt.


What are your expectations of your photography equipment?


I shoot in rather demanding situations, so I expect my photography equipment to be extremely reliable and robust.


Who are the biggest influences in your photography journey?


When I started shooting portraits of people and weddings, I learned a great deal from Australian photographer Jerry Ghionis. He taught me to “look for the light” and I love how he manages to make everyone look his/her best in photographs.


What is the greatest challenge you faced in your photography and how did the a7 series help alleviate this?


I constantly shoot in dimly lit churches and ballrooms. The a7 series does a fantastic job in helping me get the shot while retaining great image quality in these location settings. This rings especially true for the a7SII with its highly capable high ISO performance.


Why did you choose the a7 series to be part of your work and personal photography journey?


The a7SII gives me fantastic image quality and retains a lot of details throughout its ISO range.


What, to you, are two or three key features / advantages of the a7 series?


Very good high ISO performance, full frame sensor in a small and light camera body, good image quality with lots of detail retention.


How do you rate Sony in the field of digital imaging?


Sony is one of the forerunners in the digital imaging sensor arena, and it is spearheading the mirrorless market segment to levels unseen of previously.


What is your favourite lens?


The Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8. I love the 50mm range as it is a versatile focal length. I can step back for a wider perspective or move in closer for a tighter composition. I often shoot at wide open apertures and I’m really happy that this lens is very sharp at f/1.8.


What’s in your camera bag?


2 full frame camera bodies with an ultra wide angle lens (16-35mm), a wide to mid tele lens (24-70mm), a fast all-rounder prime lens (55mm), a macro lens (90mm), a telephoto lens (70-200mm), an LED light, between one to three flash guns (depending on what I shoot), lots of spare batteries and memory cards, my laptop, and a snack (you never know when you might need a bite during a shoot!)

Our Services – Malaysia wedding photographer | photo editing

As a team for professional Malaysia wedding photographer driven by the passion of delivering quality services to meet our clients satisfaction and being quite aware of the essence of keeping memories alive, especially during remarkable days such as weddings.  We offer diverse photography services, photo editing skill that captures all the memorable and important moments of your events. Our services include:

Mr. Wedding is committed to helping you keep all the memorable moments of your events.  We offer optimal coverage of all your events through our skilled photographers, producing quality images that make us stand out of every other photography team.

  • Pre wedding photography: The pre-wedding photo shoot takes place before the wedding day. We take both random photos and story pattern photos which you will be able to show on the wedding day as album or slide show.
  • Actual day wedding photography: It is one of the important days of your life, and we put our best effort to capture every moment that makes the day special. We capture happy and sad moments, the decoration, the beauty of the venue, and the joyful moments between bride and groom, etc.
  • Personal portrait: Do you want to take photos of your own as memories? We offer personal portrait photography services at affordable price. You will be able to create your set of the personal photo album.
  • Family, Maternity, Baby Portrait: Our skilled photographers use the latest technology to help the expecting mom to capture the best maternity portraits to spread the news of pregnancy. When a baby comes in the earth, it brings a lot of happiness for the family members. Our photographers are specially trained to take care of the baby while taking beautiful pictures.

 Photo Editing Services

We have a team of expert photo editors with all kinds of tools. We ensure that we professionally edit all your photos to give it the best aesthetics that you require. We can take a normal photo to the next best level that you will become amazed after seeing the edited photo. We can increase face beauty removing spots, smoothing your skin and perform many other editing works. This service is available to all destinations. Just send us your photo and be ready to get the best editing.

 Wedding Makeup Services

How do you feel when you attend events that couple makes up sucks? That’s quite a bad experience. Mr Wedding want you to make you shine on this special day. We have an excellent team of the experienced makeup artist. They will make you shine with beauty throughout the day. Get the best wedding make up services from us and you’ll be glad you did. This services is only available in Malaysia and Singapore

Album Design

We have the facility for professional wedding photo album design and printing. You will get the album of any size with flat pages and gorgeous, seamless spread. You will also get customized photo albums, wedding photo books, and smaller or bigger duplicates of an album.

Gown Rental

We have huge collection designer wedding dresses which you can borrow. You will get the gown of our desired size and design. You can replace the dress anytime you want because we respect your choice.

If you have any query about our services and want to know about them in details, you may contact us through contact address and number given in the ‘contact us‘ section. You can also mail us to [email protected].

Wedding Photography & Videography Malaysia | Creative Artworks

Photographers and Videographers has been a part of the wedding industry for the past few years. Wedding Photography & Videography has developed drastically over the generation. With the materials and equipment readily available, the use of Photoshop and other editing software, your picture will surely have that magical effect that you once dreamt of.

Good thing there are a lot of bridal studios in Malaysia that offers Wedding Photography & Videography in different packages. Some also offer an out of the country wedding shoot provided that you will be the one to spend for their tickets and accommodations. Aside from the actual wedding day services, some also offers the famous pre-nuptial shoot that most couple wants to experience. Just give them the theme that you want and their playful minds will relay to you the things that will take place and the output that will be produced. This is the time to discuss to them and design what you want to see and what you expect so that you and your future partner will be oriented and aware of what will happen next.

Most studios in Malaysia are handled by well-known professional photographers that gained experience through years of practice. If you want to know what they are capable of producing, you may ask them for some wedding picture samples. Through this way you can be able to evaluate their work and tell if they are a perfect fit for the job.

You may examine the reviews of the previous customers view their gallery of photographer/videographer so you will have an idea how they work with their clients in order to pick the winning candidate ensure that they possess this one very important characteristic which is – friendliness. Professionalism is also important however, friendly people tend to get more attention and your mind will be at peace if you will be working with them. Pick the team that you will have fun together with.

You should also ask the studio with regards to the wedding package they are offering. Discuss the terms and conditions and ensure that you are getting a good price. Surely, you should base the offer of the rate based on their previous outputs. This will determine that work they have done in the past and what they are capable of doing at present and in the future.

Your wedding day is the most important part of your life so don’t you ever forget to keep a memory of it to last a lifetime. Spending a little money won’t hurt as the pictures that will be the output of the money you will be paying will stay with you. It’s a treasure no one will ever steal, a treasure more valuable than diamonds and gold. This can be the living proof of the vows you once exchanged, this can be a lifetime memory that you will surely love to remember. Therefore, pick the best Wedding Photography & Videography studio there is in Malaysia so you will be able to keep and treasure each wonderful memory.

Roam through our featured listing and contact some of the finest photographers and videographers near your location.

10 Best Wedding Photographers In Malaysia

Wedding photographers are crucial for every wedding ceremony. They ensure the quality of wedding pictures you desire for your special day are no longer a dream, but a reality. If you are in Malaysia and you fancy a very good wedding photographer to capture the moments of your memorable day, here is a list of Best Wedding Photographers In Malaysia:

1. Anna-Rina

She is a full-time wedding and portrait photographer and has been exactly that since 2007. She loves traveling and outdoor activities where she can use her camera to capture beautiful moments she’ll hold with her for the rest of her life. Her style of photography is fun but also relaxing.

2. Keda Z

This guy is famous for his image style and beautiful photoshop skill. His photos are also of top quality as he exploits several perspective and style to better himself. Keda Z adores capturing the true meaning of love and love stories no wonder he fancies weddings as well.

3. Munkeat Photography

His style is inspired by the historic film era as it is remarkably classic and timeless. He focuses on destination weddings, children, travel photography, fine art portrait and wedding photography.

4. Jenny Sun Photography

Jenny fancies capturing wedding events honestly and in a way that does not attract unnecessary attention. She adores shooting for a collection of beautiful memories in a chilled and relaxed style. She does pre-wedding shoots as it is a way of knowing the couples before the important day of their lives.

5. Robin Ng

He specializes in wedding and portrait photography. He derives joy in making weddings memorable. He does not see photography as money making means but as a wonderful way of expressing himself in a creative manner.

He loves seeing couples happy by giving them memorable images of themselves together on their special day.

6. Kenn Foo

Blessed with amazing artistic senses, his creativity began when he was very young. He researched for his personal wedding arrangements, captured and formed with his passion until he became older and gained a lot from it. Kenn Foo likes to treat every couple as unique, ensuring the beauty is not in the pictures alone but in the entire experience.

7. Alex Tan Artworks

He is passionate about capturing the lovely moments and unforgettable pieces of your love story. In 2004 this camera guru was a banker in a foreign bank before he decided to follow his dream. He loves telling stories and meeting new people. He is presently an international wedding photographer who knows his job.

8. Daren Chong

Popular for being named among the Top 30 photographer in Asia in 2012. He is passionate about wedding photography. He is highly technical with his photos and style.

His way of capturing any beautiful wedding moment shows the emotions involved between the couples. He takes care of all wedding projects personally and he does not overlook the little details.

9. Dennis Yap

With more than six years in the business, he has taken care of close to 700 assignments. He and his team put finishing touches to any job at home to ensure the final result of the highest quality for clients. For Dennis Yap, they believe spending time with family as they work is the way to go.

10. Edwin Tan

He began his career as a wedding photographer in 2007 and he has not looked back ever since. He discovered his passion for the camera while he attended workshops. With massive inspiration, wedding photography was what he opted for and he has received several awards for that decision since he started. Edwin loves a perfect job. Every tiny detail is important and he always wants to get better with every shoot.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best wedding photographers in Malaysia. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

90,000 Wedding in Bali – photo, reviews, cost

More than 2000 couples have already entrusted us with their Day.
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Bless one of the main events of your life in Bali – a place of harmony, beauty and happiness.The island charges with love for many years. Its uniqueness is the main assistant in the work of the Bali Wedding company.

Our experienced team promises to do absolutely everything possible to make your wedding different from others (a unique style will be developed for you), went smoothly and unforgettably (a team of 40 people will not miss important details), you received a super photo (we work with the best photographers of the island ), and your guests have been telling their friends at work about your holiday for a long time.

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Style and decoration

Our professional florist will create unique decorations and decorations for you.

The Seven Agency is a division of The Seven Agency – the largest wedding company on the island.

Bali wedding cost

Each of the wedding packages can be added or changed according to your wishes.

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Photoshoot with decorations

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Secret Beach Wedding

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Balangan Cliff Wedding

$ 1400

Waterfall Wedding

$ 1150

Beach Wedding

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Sky Cliff

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Morabito Art Cliff

Design and decoration

The wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable events in life.Flowers and decor take an important place in this wonderful ceremony, in our “Decoration” section you can choose unique branded wedding decorations packages or create your own unique style together with our professional wedding stylist.

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Wedding in Bali – important to know

Of course, we really hope that this information will convince you to make a choice in our favor! But in any case, it will be useful in your choice of a wedding organizer!

  • The legality of the company is an important point!
    The process of registering a company in Bali and obtaining permits is very long and expensive, so many organizers take orders without even having a functioning company.There are a lot of stories on the Internet about weddings that were interrupted by immigration control due to the lack of documents from the organizers.
  • Own staff!
    Most of the stages of the wedding are carried out by our employees working in the company on a permanent basis. This allows us to provide quality services without overpaying to third-party contractors. It also saves on budget and ensures that there are no overlaps that are inevitable when working with local contractors.
  • Own props and decor!
    We do not rent decor and do not buy flowers from third-party companies! Everything you need for your wedding is already in stock.The company has its own floristry department and only in this case it can be guaranteed that your arch will be decorated with exactly the flowers that you expect.
  • The office is the face of the company!
    When signing a contract with us, you visit our office and you can personally make sure that you are not giving your money to a stranger in the hotel lobby, but to a serious company with a long history. You will be able to speak with all the staff who will be in charge of organizing and conducting your ceremony.
  • Exclusive sites and photo locations!
    Every day more than 100 wedding ceremonies take place in Bali and, unfortunately, at many popular venues and photo locations you can find a “queue” of newlyweds. The only way out is an exclusive contract with the location administration. Such agreements are only possible for large companies.

What should you expect?

Instead of continuing to talk about how good we are, let’s better see what other brides and grooms have said about what to expect from our wedding agency (all reviews are taken from social networks, and you can easily follow the original reviews).

What to expect before your arrival in Bali?
“… From day one, they responded quickly to our emails, came up with great ideas that fit within our budget …” / Steve Calvino Ulrich – Strasbourg, France.

What to expect during your wedding day?
“… Exciting, perfect, incredible, amazing, wonderful …. All these words fail to describe how truly amazing my wedding in Bali was… “/ Stacey Ann – Sydney, Australia.
” … Absolutely perfect! They made everything so easy and hassle-free for me. It was also fun and we are just very happy … “/ Sherina Ellis – Brisbane, Australia.

What to expect from our prices?
“… I liked their transparent pricing for every clause of our wedding contract. As a result, we got exactly the wedding we wanted, and it was in line with our budget …” / See Toh Wei Yann – Singapore.

What words to expect from your guests after your wedding in Bali?
“… We had an unforgettable time and most of our guests said it was the best wedding they ever attended …” / Zhao Kuang – Tokyo, Japan.
“… We just had our weddings in Bali with 40 guests from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. Their comments in general were:” Angie, your wedding is the best I’ve ever been, very beautiful and romantic … “/ Angie Ng – Canberra, Austria.

Visit the Testimonials section to view over 100 authorized testimonials from our customers.
Visit the Portfolio section to view over 2000 wedding albums of our couples.

90,000 What is customary to give for a wedding in other countries

How often have you asked yourself the question of what to give the newlyweds at the wedding? How to choose a gift that would not get lost among others and would bring happiness to a young family? But gifts are an integral part of any celebration, especially a wedding one.Since ancient times, donated things have been treated with particular attention, what can we say about different countries and nationalities.

Wedding is in the first place in the traditions and rituals of any nationality. In addition, wedding customs for many years were able to acquire a large number of rather strange signs and rituals that are difficult for us, ordinary Slavs, to understand. Let’s try to study the issue of gifts that are customary to give in various countries of the world.

What is customary to give for a wedding in Japan

In Japan, it is customary to invite all relatives from both sides to a wedding, so ordinary money is considered the most common and popular wedding gift in this country.In such a banal way, the newlyweds plan to recoup all the expenses that went to them for the wedding ceremony and banquet. However, the most important thing here is not the gift itself, i.e. money, but the way it was made. Traditionally, the Japanese make a fan of banknotes to fan the bride and groom. In Japan, there is a belief that if you fan yourself with a fan of money, you can attract money wind to yourself. By the way, there is about the same tradition in Poland, far from Japan.It is also nice to give money to newlyweds here, but it is thrown into the bride’s veil by all the guests at the wedding.

What is customary to give for a wedding in France

The French are famous lovers of sweet and beautiful gifts and things. A special tradition in this country since the 16th century is a gift consisting of almond candies sprinkled with sugar or chocolate, the so-called bonbonnieres. The French still believe that such a gift, especially if it is packed in a beautiful expensive box, can bring prosperity to the life of the newlyweds.For several years in a row, such special sweets have been a symbol of financial independence and wealth, since previously only very rich French could afford such a gift.

What is customary to give for a wedding in China

The Chinese, in turn, are sure that the symbol of prosperity is red. Therefore, traditionally in China, they try to present their gift, always packed in red packaging. And this despite the fact that this tradition is already many centuries old, it is relevant in our time.And the Chinese also give figurines of gods for the wedding – longevity, happiness, joy and wealth.

What is customary to give for a wedding in Tanzania

The gift that the groom gives to his bride is a special feature. In this regard, for many centuries there has been a tradition of giving a girl the skin of a killed lion before the wedding. Of course, the lion had to be killed with your own hands, or, in extreme cases, bought in the store. The lion’s skin has such a special meaning, because on the wedding night, the newlyweds should hide with it.

What is customary to give for a wedding in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a hard-boiled egg is considered a special gift for newlyweds at a wedding. Malays believe that hard-boiled eggs are a symbol of wealth and financial instability for a young family. Well, the newlyweds traditionally give each other trays with fruits and flowers.

What is customary to give for a wedding in Georgia

At a wedding in Georgia, it is pleasant to present wooden jewelry called “chiragdani” symbolizing the “tree of wealth and life”.This gift is considered traditional and a sign that the future of a young family will be rich, happy and leave behind a large clan.

What is customary to give for a wedding in Vietnam

An interesting custom about wedding gifts in Vietnam. It is customary there to give watermelon seeds at weddings, which are considered a sign of fertility in this country. In this unpretentious way in this country, newlyweds wish material well-being and a healthy addition to the family.

What is customary to give for a wedding in Papua New Guinea

Papuans, in turn, are sure that the best gifts at a wedding are the skins of birds of paradise, seashells and the skin of a pig. The pig is considered a sacred animal in this country, and therefore, bringing its skin to the wedding as a gift is the best blessing that can bring a lot of children and money.

A wedding is the purest ritual in the world as it marks the creation of a new family. That is why all people who do not believe in beliefs and superstitions can think about how to properly conduct a wedding, as well as what to give a young family.After all, from now on, the newlyweds will represent a single whole, and therefore the gift should first of all remind of the mission that they have undertaken.

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