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The Pure Silver collection has been formulated specifically for grey, highlighted, bleached and natural blonde hair. Pure Silver adds incredible shine to dull, discolored, grey and brassy tones. Designed with violet hues and optical brighteners, it reduces the appearance of yellow discoloration and gives the hair a dramatically brighter color and appearance. Contains lavender oil for a calming fragrance. Ideal for brightening ‘highlights’ between coloring.

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The best purple shampoos to brighten blonde hair

Every blonde knows that her hair’s best friend is a purple shampoo. Whether you have a dramatic platinum shade, a warm golden hue, highlights, or even balayage, you need to add a purple shampoo into your hair routine if you haven’t already.

A good purple shampoo will neutralise any brassy or yellow tones in your hair, correcting any flaws that can appear over time. Yellow and purple are opposite colours on the colour wheel, so purple works well to remove imperfections in your blonde hair.

How often should you use a purple shampoo?

You can use these purple shampoos every day, depending on your hair’s colour sensitivity and on the shampoo’s formula. But you might prefer to use a purple shampoo once a week, and keep your normal shampoo for more regular washes. Ask your hairdresser for recommendations on how to use purple shampoo for your hair type.

It can be beneficial to begin with a light shampoo, working up to a darker purple to make sure it suits your colour.

We’ve selected some of the best purple shampoos for blonde hair to help you to take care of your hair:

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While we may receive commission for purchases made through our links, we never allow this to influence product selections.

The Best Purple Shampoos For Blonde Hair

1. Sachajuan Silver Shampoo

If there’s one thing Scandi hairdressers understand, it’s how to keep the perfect blonde. This silver shampoo was designed by Stockholm’s favourite salon, Sachajuan. It neutralises yellow using violet pigments while nourishing and hydrating.

2. Provoke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo

You’ll have definitely heard of this brand, because it’s so gosh darn popular. Provoke’s Touch of Silver shampoo is super affordable, and it will give impressive results. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still take good care of your hair colour with this.

3. Bleach Silver Shampoo

This shampoo is a game-changer for any blonde. It will tone down yellow while moisturising with wheat proteins and vitamin B5. Perfect if you are chasing the ideal ash blonde or a salon-fresh platinum finish and don’t want colour build-up.

4. L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Blondifier Trio

L’Oreal’s neutralising shampoo helps to protect your blonde hair and keep it looking healthy. This set includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask, so pamper yourself and you’ll feel like you’ve been to the salon.

5. Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo

This vegan-friendly shampoo has been formulated with optical brighteners and violet hues to reduce the appearance of discolouration. It provides reflective shine and a brighter appearance, while ethylhexylglycerin delivers moisture to the hair. When it comes to hair care, Philip Kingsley knows his stuff.

6. Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Platinum Shampoo

Jo Hansford’s Platinum product line is a godsend for blondes everywhere. You can use this every day to refresh your hair without drying it out. Enriched with nourishing pomegranate oil and sunflower seed extract, it shields hair from oxidation and UV radiation.

7. Catwalk by Tigi Fashionista Purple Shampoo and Conditioner for Blonde Hair

Talk about value for money. This TIGI set contains shampoo and conditioner and is worth £35, so it’s definitely saving you some cash. These big ol’ bottles boost cool tones, reduce brassy tones, and deliver captivating shine. They’re also sulphate surfactant free and help protect your hair from heat.

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Self-care pamper ideas for lockdown:

Watch a boxset: from Tiger King to Gossip Girl reruns to all your old Disney Channel favourites that are now available on Disney+, there is something out there for everyone’s taste.

YouTube a yoga class: stretch and unwind with your go-to Yoga instructor for unmatched levels of zen.

Conditioning mask: treat your locks to a deep moisture hit to tackle the split ends. Ah, we feel better already.

The best Silver Shampoo your hair routine’s missing

Whether you already sport light locks or are thinking of taking the plunge with bleach, you need to know about silver shampoo. Acting as the best friend for all silver and blonde haired gals, you can’t afford to miss out on this essential shampoo for blonde hair! We’ve put together a quick guide with everything you need to know about it, and then a list of the best silver shampoo.

What Is Silver Shampoo?

Otherwise known as purple shampoo, silver shampoo is a colour toning hair cleanser or hair treatment which is designed to remove brassy tones from blonde locks. Containing a purple pigment, it neutralises yellow tones to help maintain a cool blonde, grey or platinum.

Some brands will refer to it as a platinum shampoo or purple shampoo, but just keep an eye out for anything which will counter brassiness, often with an additional tint of violet or purple. Basically, it’s one of your key hair products for dyed blonde or grey hair.

How Does Silver Shampoo Work?

When applied to the hair, purple pigments from the shampoo are absorbed into the strand and hair follicles. By leaving it on for a few minutes before washing out, you can alter your hair’s tone and colour for a fresh from the salon look.

For a more intense effect, leave the shampoo on for longer, just as you would with hair dye before washing it out!

Why Use Silver Shampoo?

Anyone who has blonde, grey, platinum or silver hair should use a silver shampoo.

This is because when hair oxidises, yellow, brassy tones start to become visible. The silver shampoo will balance out the colour to help maintain a freshly-dyed look. Hair will become brighter, cooler and more even with each use.

Can You Use Silver Shampoo Every Day?

You should avoid using silver shampoo each time you wash your hair and instead use it every 2-3 washes. This is because over-use can cause your hair to develop a purple tinge that may take a while to fade.

On the other washes, use colour care shampoos and conditioners to protect your colour.

Best Silver Shampoos

We’ve tried and tested the best of the bunch to help you pick from the best silver shampoos available.

  1. £10.70

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    This shampoo from L’Oréal Professionnel has a dark purple pigmentation, allowing it to work quickly and easily for an instant effect on your tresses. Packed with amino acids, it helps to maintain the condition of your hair too, whilst giving clarity and shine for healthy locks.

    Buy now with free delivery

  2. £14.00

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    After a silver shampoo for you and the boyfriend to use? (Read: he pays for it. ) We’ve gotchu.

    This shampoo from the Redken Brews range is specially formulated for men, but works just as well on longer lengths. It’s a great option if you have dyed white or grey hair too.

    Continue Reading: our guide to the best Redken products

    Buy now with free delivery

  3. £20.50

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    If you’re looking for the best silver shampoo, then Philip Kingsley might just have your answer.

    Utilising hydrolysed wheat protein, this is a super nourishing shampoo that will cleanse hair while maintaining a soft and smooth hair follicle. Plus, it smells of lavender so perfect if you prefer washing your hair in the evening.

    Looking to complete the routine? Treat yo’ self to the Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Conditioner.

    Continue Reading: our guide to the best Philip Kingsley Products

    Buy now with free delivery

  4. £14.95

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    A deep purple shampoo that works on giving you sleek and shiny hair after every wash, Pureology have brought their A game when it comes to this formulation.

    A 100% vegan and sulphate-free shampoo, this is one of the best platinum shampoos for maintaining hair colour and ensuring your blonde stays banging.

    Buy now with free delivery

  5. £9.75

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    Matrix Haircare know a thing, or fifty, about looking after your hair, so it’s no surprise that their silver shampoo made it straight into our list of the best.

    This creamy formula cleanses hair without adding weight, so perfect if you want to just blow dry and go.

    Also available in a bigger 1,000ml size if you wanna go big.

    Buy now with free delivery

  6. £19.00

    Buy now
    with HQhair

    Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Platinum Shampoo

    Add a lil premium to your shower. This is a great daily silver shampoo by hair colour experts Jo Hansford.

    This salon-level hair product works on adding UV protection and shielding hair from oxidation, resulting in maintained hair colour levels.

    Buy now with free delivery

  7. £56.00

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    Go big or go home. This Sachajuan silver shampoo comes in a massive 1,000ml size, meaning that it’ll last forever – more money for spending in the club.

    Fortified with the brand’s innovative Ocean Silk Technology, this magic shampoo adds UV protection.

    Buy now with free delivery

  8. £14.95

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    On the hunt for sexy hair? Then the babes at the brand Sexy Hair ought to be your go-to. The best silver shampoo for blonde hair, this special formulation focuses on eliminating brassy tones using its Perfect-Balance Technology.

    Plus, it’s completely free of parabens – winning.

    Buy now with free delivery

  9. £12.00

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    One of the best shampoos for grey hair, this offering from Goldwell is perf’ for both maintaining colour and improving vitality.

    Continue Reading: our guide to the best shampoo for blonde hair

    Buy now with free delivery

  10. £15.50

    Buy now
    with HQhair


    The babes at Paul Mitchell have focused on adding cooling violet tones to this silver shampoo, meaning that any warmer tones will be stripped out of your blonde hair with continued use.

    From the first wash, hair will be conditioned and shiny – everything you want, in one lil bottle.

    Continue Reading: our guide to the best Paul Mitchell products

    Buy now with free delivery

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

Calling all blondes… How many times have you been dissatisfied with the brassy, orange, dull colour of your hair? Whether your hair is naturally light, grey or you’re a card-carrying bottle blonde, various external sources in the air and the products we use can make our brilliant coif turn brassy in a heartbeat, but there’s not always a need to get back to the salon chair. A long time ago, a hair stylist started using purple shampoo on my hair from time to time to combat brassiness from the water I washed my hair in at home. Since then, I’ve relied occasionally on similar products to bring my hair colour back to life from time to time, but I’ve generally found the same result almost every time… The colour improved, but the products themselves weren’t brilliant in terms of the health of my hair. The conditioners were lacklustre at best and the products left my hair feeling dry, tangly and malnourished – until now. Allow me to introduce you to the Philip Kingsley Pure Silver range.

Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for anyone who is blonde or grey who wants to have silky, shiny, manageable hair while keeping it vibrant at the same time. The purple tone in the products reduce the appearance of dullness and discolouration leaving hair brighter and lighter. While some similar products will leave purple stains in the hair, this range does not, so you can totally use it every day if you choose however it also works well if you only want to use it once or twice a week. While using this shampoo & conditioner, I found my hair was brighter while also manageable and shiny. The shampoo lathers beautifully and you don’t need to use too much while the conditioner is quite smooth and easy to work through the hair. I also really love the lovely lavender fragrance!

The Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner are both available in three different sizes from 75ml to 1000 ml. The prices range from £8 to £44.50 for the shampoo and £10 to £48.50 for the conditioner. For more information or to pick up the Pure Silver range visit

Click the images below to shop more options for the Philip Kingsley Pure Silver range.

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Best Silver & Purple Shampoo For Blondes Without Brass

After going it alone (or ditching the shade completely over lockdown), blonde is back in a big way. On TikTok #blondetransformation has over 7.8 million views, #blondemoment has more than 52 million hashtags and searches for “how will I look with blonde hair” have soared by 80%, according to Google Trends.

“Blondes have had it tough with salons being closed and so now that they’ve been reunited with their colourists they want to go brighter, bolder and blonder,” explains Harriet Muldoon, blonde specialist at Larry King. “I’ve been amazed at the number of clients asking for blonde services. Even my brunette clients have been asking for lighter tones – anything to make them stand out in the crowd. This summer it’s all about making a statement. It’s going to be a real blonde moment,” she adds.

Vanilla cream is the bright and beautiful hair colour refresh that we’re fan-girling

Of course, alongside a league of blonde transformations, we’re gonna need a whole heap of purple shampoo to keep those strands fresh between colouring.

As for how/why it works. A purple shampoo is a form of hair toner, which dispenses pigment to help adjust, neutralise, correct or personalise your hair colour. For the majority of cases, when it comes to blondes, this means addressing brassiness.

Brassiness is where unwanted warm tones (butter yellows, reds and oranges) start emerging from strands that were previously a perfect shade of platinum, ash brown or cool blonde. While it tends to affect some hair colours more noticeably (that’s you, bleached blondes), it can happen to all tribes, whether you’re naturally blonde, you’ve dyed your dark hair a lighter colour or you’ve treated yourself to some highlights or balayage.

Goodbye, platinum? ‘Old Hollywood Blonde’ is the colour everyone’s asking for now that salons have reopened

It often happens in hair that’s been lifted several shades lighter as the melanin from your hair’s naturally deeper tone starts to creep back through. Because blonde hair is naturally quite porous, even those born with it can notice a change. Blonde hair tends to soak everything in a lot more, which means chemicals like chlorine, minerals in your shower, pollution in the air and even UV rays from daylight can bring out brassiness.

You should be swapping your regular shampoo for a sulphate-free version and here’s why

Luckily, with the right haircare routine, you can ensure your colour stays fresh and beautifully toned at all times. Switching out your regular shampoo for one of the best purple shampoos works magic. It all relies on a little genius concept called colour theory. Imagine if you joined the two ends of the rainbow together to form a wheel, the colours that sit opposite each other can effectively cancel each other out and neutralise them. So for instance orange offsets blue (it’s why you get salmon coloured concealers to cover blue under-eye bags), and vice versa. Purple erases yellow, which is why purple shampoos help to counteract brassy tones in blonde hair. And, if you pick one with plenty of moisturising properties, you’ll notice a huge difference in the longevity of your colour and the softness of your hair.

These are the MAJOR hair colour trends you need to know for 2021

As Jason Hogan, celebrity and associate colourist at Josh Wood Colour, explains, it’s always wise to care for your highlights in-between salon appointments with a mask and toner to keep the tone from turning brassy in the sunnier weather.

“Alongside a purple shampoo, it’s also important to care for your summer colour with a nourishing mask containing a UV filter – Oribe Beautiful Colour Mask is my personal favourite,” he says.

If you’re new to the blonde game, we’ve got a whole list to start you off. These are the best purple shampoos to buy now…

Want more? We’ve rounded up the best sulphate-free shampoos, the best dry shampoos for days when you just can’t be bothered washing it, and the best organic shampoos for naturally healthy hair. We’ve also got the best clarifying shampoos (you won’t believe the effect they can have on your hair) and the best shampoo for fine or thin hair.

An expert claims that shampoo is actually ruining our hair and here’s why (plus the genius solution)

NFP: Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Try me Kit

I’ve been on the look out for a silver toning shampoo for blonde hair for a while now so when I saw this Try Me Kit from Philip Kingsley containing a Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner for “dull, discoloured, grey and brassy blonde hair” with an added Elasticizer to try out, I jumped at the chance to pick it up. The Elasticizer is one of those products always rated highly by bloggers but I didn’t want to risk spending a small fortune on the big size as I  have a history of having poor results from haircare, no matter how fancy or expensive it is. This little kit came in at only €6.50, which I couldn’t resist. Now it says on the packaging that each 20ml bottle is one application but like most mini sizes this has lasted me for four washes so far with plenty left so I’d ignore that.

First off, these smell incredible. Kind of like a mix of super fancy salon shampoo with a whack of lavender for good measure. Mmm.

The Elasticizer is an “intensive, super-conditioner” that you apply pre-shampoo to wet hair, applying in sections. After covering in a plastic cap (or cling film if that’s all you have to hand), you leave it for 10-20 minutes before washing out. The idea is that this adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. After washing out you use your shampoo and conditioner as usual. 

The shampoo and conditioner are created using violet hues and optical brighteners to add shine and take down any brassy tones that can happen when you dye your hair blonde. The shampoo doesn’t lather up that much and you need about two squeezes to do your entire head while the conditioner has a light enough texture and is easily massaged into the ends of your hair. After drying and styling, my hair was noticeably shinier with more volume and definitely a bit brighter. I can’t say that it was really a much brighter blonde afterwards but overall my hair looked healthier and in better condition. I wasn’t sure if that was down to the Elasticizer, the silver shampoo and conditioner..or both combined so I tried them separately and while I like the shampoo & conditioner, I really love the Elasticizer and will definitely be buying a full size. I might keep on with my search for the perfect toning shampoo however. 

You can find various Philip Kingsley kits including this one HERE on Feel Unique.

Have you tried any of these? Thoughts?


Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo


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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: my review of pre-shampoo