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Pfaff Smarter 160s/140s Review | Sewing Insight

I’m one of those people who just loves to just drop in to sewing machine and fabric shops just to see what’s new.

On a recent visit to Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics in Tamarac, Florida, I saw two brand new Pfaff sewing machines that hadn’t even been uncrated yet… the Pfaff 140 and 160.

Cynthia explained that they were the latest releases in the Smarter line from Pfaff and promised to call me to come in for a review as soon as they were unpacked. She is definitely a woman of her word. About a week later, I received that invitation.

At A Glance

The Pfaff 160s and 140s are identical in almost every way. The differences are that the 160s has pink accents and the accents on the 140s are lime green.

Pfaff Smarter 160s-140s

Each machine has two large dials, a stitch selection dial bearing pictures of each stitch and a stitch length adjustment dial on front along with a stitch width adjustment dial on top.

There is also an easy to follow thread guide, seam guides etched onto the needle plate, a large reverse stitch button and a free arm.


A stitch selection dial and a stitch length adjustment dial

  • Automatic needle threader
  • On board accessories case
  • Free arm
  • Oversized reverse stitch button
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Drop in bobbin
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Adjustable needle positioning

Working on the Pfaff Smarter 160s/140s

Since the Pfaff 160s and 140s are almost identical, I reviewed only one – the 160s. In addition to the fact that the 160s has pink accents and the accent color on the 140s is green, there are really only two major differences between the two machines:

1. The 160s has an automatic buttonhole feature while the 140s offers a four step buttonhole only.
2. The 160s has 22 utility and decorative stitch options; the 140s has 20.

With the easy to follow thread guides, and detail graphic on board instructions as to how to wind the bobbin, a child of seven or eight could easily master threading the Pfaff Smarter 160s or 140s with minimum of guidance.

Selecting the desired stitch is just as easy. All that is required is to turn the lower dial to the position of the stitch you want.

Turn the upper colored dial to adjust the length of the stitch. If you wish to adjust the stitch width, the stitch width adjustment dial is located on top of the machine, to the right of the tension adjustment dial.

Detail graphic on board instructions

The quality of the stitches produced by the Pfaff Smarter 160s that I reviewed is acceptable, but not what I would consider great.

While the stitches are tight and sturdy, they are not as well defined as I would have preferred – especially the single strand straight stitch.

Tight and sturdy stitches

If you compare the straight stitches made on the Pfaff 160s with the straight stitches made on other machines in its class, I would say that the Pfaff 160s gets a passing grade, but not anything more.

The decorative stitches, on the other hand, were much better in terms of definition. That’s a bit ironic, I would say, since it’s normally the decorative stitches that are inferior to the utility stitches if there is any discrepancy at all.


  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Upholstery
  • Leather/suede
  • Fur
  • Reptile skin
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers


  • 5 Snap on presser feet
    • Standard Presser Foot
    • Clearview Foot
    • Blindhem Foot
    • Zipper Foot
    • Buttonhole Foot
  • 3 Bobbins
  • Felt pad
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 Spool caps (1 large/1 small)
  • Seam ripper & lint brush
  • Edge guide
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Extra needles
  • Hard cover



After each use Monthly* Once Each Year** As Needed
Clean race hook and feed dogs
Wipe head with soft dry cloth
Wipe head with soft damp cloth
Service by sewing machine repair professional

Tying Off The Loose Ends

A large reverse stitch button and a free arm

Based upon performance alone, the Pfaff Smarter 160s and 140s are excellent machines for the beginner.

People who have been sewing for a very long time and those who have been sewing for just a short while, but know all of the basics of sewing machine operation and clothing construction will not be disappointed with either one of these mechanical sewing machines.

While I am not overly enthusiastic about the quality of the very basic utility stitches, my one real hesitation about these machines is not performance, but the materials used to make them.

The cover and the machine itself seem to be made with an inferior grade of plastic – the hard kind of plastic that cracks very easily.

I cannot help but wonder what would happen if the cover were dropped or if the machine were accidentally bumped or dropped.

The feel of the plastic used on the cover which doubles as a carrying case and the body of the sewing machines reminds me of the same type of plastic used to make inexpensive toys. To me, it seems hard and brittle and not at all durable or resilient.

If the material used to make these machines and the dust covers were more durable, I would not have any reservations about recommending the Pfaff Smarter 160 and140 for taking along on vacation or to the dorm room. Its delicate construction, however, negates that option as far as I’m concerned.

Should you decide that you want to add one of these new sewing machines to our sewing room inventory, I caution you to be very careful when moving it about within your home and under no circumstances do I believe you should take this one on the road.

The more you move it about, the greater the risk of damaging the carrying case or the body of the machine.

Providing you don’t move them around a lot, these are good sewing machines for teaching the art of sewing – especially if your students are children.

The large dials and easy to follow on board threading and bobbin winding guides are excellent for youngsters as well as some seniors who may be challenged by arthritis or diminishing eyesight.

In my opinion, anyone who has been sewing for any length of time would be able to appreciate the simplicity of these machines; and anyone who is just beginning to learn to sew would appreciate the fact that they are so easy to use.

A carrying case

The less than stellar quality of the utility stitches is not a major deterrent only because the stitches DO fit the bill in terms of what they are supposed to look like and their stability.

Over time, I have noticed that many of the newer sewing machines do not render the superior stitch quality that is reminiscent of our grandmothers’ old straight stitch only sewing machines.

In many cases, the more options and features that are available, the sacrifice of the user in terms of stitch quality and machine durability.

Perhaps I’m being overly critical. Perhaps it’s just that I expect more from a new sewing machine and when I don’t get it, I feel obligated to bring it to your attention.

On a more pleasant note… I believe the Pfaff Smarter 160s is, a viable choice for anyone who wants a stable, mechanical sewing machine.

The stitch quality is not the best, but it is still very good. Beginners, especially younger beginners, will be able to master the threading process and operation of these machines very fast, leaving them free to hone their sewing skills and perfecting their sewing technique.

I do not recommend these machines for anyone who does a lot of heavy duty sewing. They are far too fragile to take the punishment that they would have to undergo just because of the material they are made with.

However, if your sewing projects are primarily apparel items and accessories, and if you do not sew more than one or two days per week, you might be very happy with one of these new mechanical sewing machines.

Pfaff Smarter 160s/140s Review

Link To Official Website

Skill Level:

Needs lots of help – able to sew a straight seam but unfamiliar with most sewing techniques; needs assistance and instruction on basic sewing techniques.
Competent – can make different clothing items without assistance or guidance, but not good enough to sew intricate projects or to sew without a pattern.
Expert – can sew anything without instruction or assistance; possesses an expansive knowledge of sewing techniques and terminology.

Stitch quality


Ease of use



  • Made with inferior material

4.5Overall Score

Reader Rating: (134 Votes)

Smarter by Pfaff 160s sewing machine

I am thrilled to tell you all about the New Smarter by Pfaff.  I hope this is the start of a new era for Pfaff. Pfaff sewing machines have tended to be on the larger scale,   bigger and better; now they are also producing smaller and better. The new 160 is a fantastic rival to the machines which already hold firm standings in a very established range of sewing machines. This machine holds an arsenal of 23 stitches which range from your ordinary utility stitches to decorative and stretch stitches and an automatic buttonhole stitch. With the range of stitches available on this machine, it makes it an excellent companion to any budding sewers.

The machine looks and feels light, bright, quirky and bold but also very solid and firm. Some machines you can literally bend in your hands,  a tell tale sign of poor quality. This machine will not bend… it is rigid, even the stitch dials and hand wheel with their responsiveness and rubberised texture, scream out quality. How does the machine run?… as you would expect a Pfaff machine to run… with ease, confidence and precision. This machine also has that all important hard cover, vitally important for protecting your machine when in storage.

Features of this machine are:

  • Top Drop in Bobbin
  • Clear view bobbin visor
  • 7 point feed system for perfect feed
  • Integrated drop feed
  • Capable of twin needle sewing (optional)
  • 6 mm wide stitches
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Fully Adjustable top tension dial
  • Adjustable Stitch width
  • Movable straight stitch needle position
  • Twin needle spool fitment
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • 23 Available Stitches
  • 6″ sewing bed area
  • Threading Guide
  • LED Light
  • Free arm sewing
  • accessory storage tray
  • Reverse sewing for tie off
  • Snap on presser feet

Standard Accessories:

4xBobbins, Felt pad, Screw Driver, Large Spool Cap, Small Spool cap, Mixed pack of needles (70, 80 & 90 standard point, size 90 jeans, size 90 stretch), lint brush/quick unpic, Automatic button hole foot, twin needle spool pin, quilting bar/edge guide, Zig Zag foot (comes fitted), Clear view foot, Blind hem foot, Zipper foot, Electronic Foot Control and a Hard Cover. Plus an easy to under stand instruction manual.

It’s one we recommend, but if you’re still not 100% sure if its the right sewing machine for you, we offer 30 day returns.!

Pfaff Smarter 160s – Sewing Machines Ireland

VSM Group AB warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship to the extents here stated

1. Person Entitled to Warranty Coverage

The warranty is made to the purchaser who acquires this product for his or her normal, personal family or household use.

2. Countries Where the Warranty is Applicable

The product may receive warranty service in the countries listed in this warranty document.

3. Duration or Warranty

The duration of this warranty is two (2) years from the date of purchase.

4. Parts and Conditions Not Covered by Warranty

Needles, light bulbs, belts and overlock knives are not covered by this warranty. Nor does this warranty cover conditions unrelated to the material or workmanship of the product. Such unrelated conditions include, but are not limited to

damage caused by current or voltage other than that stamped on the name plate of the product or abnormal electric conditions (ie electric storms)
damage resulting from the failure to provide normal maintenance
failure to follow Pfaff’s instructions for the use of the product
any accident to, or misuse of, any part of the product
any defects or damage caused by service or alteration by anyone other than Pfaff or an authorised Pfaff dealer
any defect or damage caused by use of non original accessories or parts

5. PFAFF’s Obligation under Warranty

During the first two years after date of purchase, both parts and labour will be provided free of charge. Any item which is replaced will not be returned to the purchaser and becomes the property of Pfaff. All transportation costs which are required because of service will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

6. Commercial Limited Warranty

Products used commercially are warranted for six (6) months parts and labour excluding belts, hooks, light bulbs, needles, needle plates, and overlock knives. No further warranty applies to Pfaff products used commercially

7. Procedure to Obtain Performance of Warranty

To obtain the benefits of this warranty, the product or the part believed defective must be delivered during the period that this warranty is in effect, to the authorised PFAFF dealer from whom it was purchased.

If after the time of purchase the owner moves to another place in any of the participating countries listed in this document, she/he may contact the national Pfaff sales company in order to locate a nearby dealer authorised to provide warranty service.

The warranty will be granted only if the original invoice or sales receipt ( indicating the date of purchase, product and sellers name) can be presented together with this document and the information contained within is complete and legible.

This warranty does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights under applicable national legislation in force, nor the consumer’s right against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract. In the absence of applicable national legislation, this warranty will be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy and neither Pfaff nor its subsidiaries or the distributors shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty of this product. Registration may be required.

8. Countries Where the Warranty is Effective

United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Warranty information is taken from Pfaff Warranty cards and is subject to change

Pfaff Smarter 160s – The New Craft House

The Pfaff Smarter 160s is a colourful mechanical sewing machine, perfect for all types of sewing. It has a one-step buttonhole and more available stitches than the Smarter 140s.


  • Integrated needle threader
  • 6mm adjustable stitch width ideal for accurate sewing or topstitching where the stitch position needs to be adjusted
  • Pfaff original presser foot system giving you access to many optional presser feet, letting you explore and evolve your sewing skills
  • LED light which ensures a long lasting light source. It lights the sewing surface with a bright and crisp light.
  • Hard cover to protect the machine and help you transport it easily
  • 23 stitches including utility stitches, decorative stitches and stretch stitches
  • The One-step buttonhole allows you to sew repeatable buttonholes smoothly
  • Removable accessory tray makes your sewing surface bigger and keeps all your accessories in order
  • Adjust presser foot pressure for specialty techniques such as quilting and sewing stretch seams

Accessories Included
  • 0 – Standard Presser Foot

  • 1 – Clearview Foot

  • 3 – Blindhem Foot

  • 4 – Zipper Foot

  • 5B – One-Step Buttonhole Foot

  • Bobbins (3)

  • Felt pad

  • Screwdriver

  • Spool cap, large

  • Spool cap, small

  • Seam ripper & brush (as one)

  • Edge guide

  • Auxiliary spool pin

  • Foot control and power cord

  • Needles

  • Hard cover

Warranty + Extra Information:
  • 5 years – our machines have a full Pfaff manufacturer’s warranty which is 5 years for mechanical parts, electrical parts and labour.
  • Free postage on all sewing machines 
  • Your machine will be delivered Mon-Fri within 7 days of payment clearing. Your order will be processed and dispatched the same day where possible.
  • You can find our full terms and conditions here. 

Machine à Coudre PFAFF Smarter 160S

Machine à coudre PFAFF Smarter 160S – Garantie 2 ans

Quelque soit votre passion, la mode ou la décoration de maison, cette machine à coudre a ce dont vous avez besoin pour l’exprimer. Commençons une aventure de couture tournée vers vous: votre côté unique. Votre passion. Votre couture.



  • Nombre de points: 23
  • Boutonnière une étape
  • Boutons de sélection intelligents
  • Pieds-de-biche démontables
  • Positions d’aiguille réglables
  • Pression réglable du pied-de-biche
  • Entraînement optimal
  • Grand espace sous le pied
  • Chargement de canette par le haut
  • Bras libre
  • Abaissement externe des griffes d’entraînement
  • Enfile-aiguille intégré
  • Largeur de point réglable jusqu’à 6mm
  • Éclairage LED
  • Capot rigide


Pour visionner la vidéo, cliquez dessus





  • Idéale pour débuter
  • Prise en main facile
  • Boutonnière une étape
  • Enfile aiguille intégré
  • Capot rigide



Enfile-Aiguille Intégré

 L’enfile-aiguille intégré fait de l’enfilage un jeu d’enfant. Il suffit de tenir le fil, tirer un levier et c’est fait.


Largeur de point réglable jusqu’à 6 mm

Ajustez la largeur des points pour s’adapter à vos besoins. Idéal pour les surpiqûres ou autre couture précise où la position de point doit être réglée.


Éclairage LED

Source d’éclairage de longue durée qui éclaire vos ouvrages de couture d’une lumière vive.

Capot Rigide

La machine SMARTER BY PFAFF™ est dotée d’un capot rigide qui permet de la protéger pendant le transport et empêche le dépôt de poussière.






Accessoires et Pieds inclus :
Accessoires :

  • Canettes (3)
  • Rond de feutrine
  • Tournevis
  • Porte bobine, grand
  • Porte bobine, petit
  • Découvit & brosse (un élément)
  • Guidebord
  • Porte bobine supplémentaire
  • Pédales & cordon d’alimentation
  • Aiguilles
  • Capot rigide
Pieds :

  • 0 – Pied-de-biche standard
  • 1 – Pied-de-biche transparent
  • 3 – Pied-de-biche pour couture invisible
  • 4 – Pied pour fermeture à glissière
  • 5A – Pied pour boutonnière 1 étape
Également inclus : /


Garantie 2 ans (assistance téléphonique, pièces , main-d’œuvre, frais de transport – aller/retour – uniquement pour la France métropolitaine, la Corse et la Belgique).

Pfaff Machines

Creative ICON

Our most advanced machine combines our legacy of maximum precision with every best-in-class feature you demand. The result is a feat of technological excellence destined to exceed the aspirations of today’s sewing, quilting and embroidery artisans.

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Creative 3.0

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I’m always searching for inspiration, new skills to master, and opportunities to express my own personal style. I need a sewing machine that meets my needs today with potential to expand my creativity in the future. I love embroidery and the almost limitless possibilities it represents. My perfect machine: PFAFF creative 3.0- Challenge you imagination!

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Make an impression and go bold. You are unique! Why not express that in a way that truly reflects your personality and makes you stand out? With the PFAFF creative 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine it is easy and exciting to create one of a kind designs with a stylish twist. By using all the great advantages from the machine and the Embroidery Intro PC software you’ll see your visions come true, stitch by stitch. So, let’s go spectacular!

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quilt ambition™ 630 sewing machine. Unrivalled precision and commanding innovation come standard.

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Perfect for small spaces & going places.

Whether you are seeking a sewing machine for a small space of one perfectly designed for travel and classes – this is it. Whatever the journey, the PFAFF passport line sewing machines are ready. Are you? With best-in-class features and reliable stitch results, we are confident that the PFAFF passport line sewing machines will exceed your expectations for a lightweight, compact sewing machine. What are you waiting for? Get ready to explore a new sewing companion packed with PFAFF features.

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Passport 2.0

Perfect for small spaces & going places.

Imagine a sewing machine compact enough to whisk away to a sewing class or fit in your book shelf. Now, imagine this same machine is chock-full of features designed to meet the high demands of the PFAFF sewer. The PFAFF passport 2.0 sewing machine is specially designed for small spaces, as well as going places such as classes, retreats, or any sewing journey. It is your license to venture out in the world and discover new ways and new places to sew! No limits! Just freedom.

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Smarter by PFAFF 260c

Be smart. Be original.

I am bold. As Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself; everyone is already taken”. With smart features and unique design, the Smarter by PFAFF sewing machine line is up to the challenge of helping you express your individuality. Choose your favorite and it will become your must-have tool to showcase your personal style. What will you make today?

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Smarter by PFAFF 160s

Be smart. Be original.

Choose one of the two Smarter by PFAFF machines, and begin a sewing adventure focused on you:
Your uniqueness. Your passion. Your sewing.
Features like adjustable stitch width, seven point feed dogs and a top loaded bobbin enhance your sewing experience. An integrated needle threader and snap-on pressure feet save time, letting you focus on being creative.
23 stitches
Automatic buttonhole.

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Smarter by PFAFF 140s

Be smart. Be original.

Choose one of the two Smarter by PFAFF machines, and begin a sewing adventure focused on you:
Your uniqueness. Your passion. Your sewing.
Features like adjustable stitch width, seven point feed dogs and a top loaded bobbin enhance your sewing experience. An integrated needle threader and snap-on pressure feet save time, letting you focus on being creative.
21 stitches
Manual buttonhole

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Experience the new generation of PFAFF overlock machines. Sew, trim, hem and more in a single step for a professional finish on all of your projects. Anyone who has ever seen an overlock machine in action will not want to be without one. Give your ideas the perfect finish. Create exclusive accents with decorative stitches – all this and more is waiting to be discovered at your authorized PFAFF dealer. Open new horizons – discover the new PFAFF overlock machines.

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Coverlock 3.0

Sew like a pro!

Experience the new generation of PFAFF overlock machines. Sew, trim, hem and more in a single step for a professional finish on all of your projects. Anyone who has ever seen an overlock machine in action will not want to be without one. Give your ideas the perfect finish. Create exclusive accents with decorative stitches – all this and more is waiting to be discovered at your authorized PFAFF dealer. Open new horizons – discover the new PFAFF overlock machines.
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Admire Air 5000

Create more inspirational projects than ever before with the help of the PFAFF® admire™ air 5000 one-touch air threading overlock machine.

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Power quilter 16.0

Maximum control. Precision quilting. Complete creativity.

Professional quilting power in an efficient, compact machine. Your new quilt projects require free-motion quilting, but you’ve been struggling to fit your project in a small space. The PFAFF powerquilter 16.0 quilting machine is the perfect solution.

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90,000 ᐅ Pfaff Smarter 160S reviews – 5 honest customer reviews about the Pfaff Smarter 160S

sewing machine

The best deals for the Pfaff Smarter 160S

Maxim, 01/15/2019

Sews and thin knitwear and haberdashery leather in 4 layers.

I do not use it often, but sometimes I need to sew or repair something, for the entire period of operation I have never raised any complaints, easy to set up and use.

Guest, 09/27/2018

Clear instructions, versatility of working with different types of fabrics, from thin to thick

not yet

There is no double needle in the kit, but it can be solved.

Trofimova Svetlana, 05/15/2018

Sews all fabrics, the presence of overlock stitching, not capricious, not noisy, which is the most important thing for me.

For a year of working with this machine I did not find any drawbacks)

My husband gave me this sewing machine for my birthday, chose it on the website, bought it and never regretted it! she sews everything! The knitted overlock stitch is very comfortable – no worse than overlock! I sewed so many things for myself and my daughter! I am satisfied with the purchase, now the needs have increased) I also plan to buy an overlock.

Guest, 11.12.2017

Very good machine. Comfortable, reliable, beautiful and neat seams. He sews knitwear very well, it is only important to choose the right needle and stitch parameters. Handles light and heavy fabrics with ease…When sewing does not vibrate – this is important. The presser foot holder is very convenient, it is easy to change the presser foot. When winding the thread onto the bobbin, no handwheel manipulation is required. Easy threading of the upper thread, the hook device allows you to control the amount of the lower thread. LED lighting, the machine does not overheat from the lamp. Authorized service center is available. All the necessary feet and accessories can be additionally purchased without problems. The machine has standard bobbins and sews with standard needles.

This is not a disadvantage, but a little expensive only for an electromechanical machine …. But this is Pfaff. The quality is impeccable. If we compare with machines of this class from other manufacturers, the difference is immediately visible.

It will not be at all difficult for a beginner to understand the development. Very good instructions for use and care. It is very pleasant to work with this typewriter! … New ideas come up all the time and it does an excellent job. A lot of exclusive things have already been created on it…. I think that this machine is just right for a small home studio. Blouses and coats and a lot of textiles for the interior were also sewn on her. Highly recommend!

Erdnieva Zanda, 17.10.2017

the machine works smoothly, quietly.
There is a built-in needle threader that allows you to quickly and easily thread the needle. Sews through a thick layer of fabric.

not identified yet.

very happy with my purchase and service.
fast and free shipping.

Sewing machine Pfaff Smarter 160s → Price 6185 UAH Guarantee.

Practical Sewing Machine PFAFF Smarter 160s combines compact dimensions and ease of use with outstanding functionality.With it, you can easily sew 23, a sewing operation, and the built-in needle threader and the automatic buttonhole function will save you time. The machine is equipped with a built-in illumination, which makes it easier to carry out delicate work. The stitch length and stitch width are widely adjustable. Create amazing things with the Pfaff sewing machine.

Characteristics of the PFAFF Smarter 160s sewing machine;

  • Number of sewing operations – 23
  • Works with all types of fabrics and materials – from fine to heavy
  • Stitches performed – working, reinforced, overlock, decorative, satin, finishing, knitted, shirt buttonhole is sewn in a semi-automatic mode without turning the fabric.
  • Buttonhole sewing – automatic
  • Modern horizontal shuttle
  • The main purpose – sewing products from almost any fabric
  • Maximum stitch width – 6 mm
  • Maximum stitch length – 4 mm
  • Infinitely adjustable stitch length
  • Continuously adjustable zigzag width
  • Adjusting the upper thread tension
  • Adjusting the presser foot pressure
  • Darning and quilting fabric feed stop
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Reverse sewing key for backtacking
  • Modern bright LED work area lighting
  • Simplified threading and built-in needle threader
  • Thread cutter on machine body
  • Removable arm platform
  • Standard needles 130 / 705H
  • Sewing speed adjustable by foot pedal
  • Power consumption – 70 W
  • Shipping weight – 8.8 kg.

Complete set of the PFAFF Smarter 160s sewing machine;

  • Universal foot (typewriter)
  • Transparent foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Ripper
  • Needle set
  • Spool pin for second spool
  • Coil Restraints
  • Brush
  • Bobbins
  • Hard case
  • Foot pedal
  • Instruction in Russian

The best price to buy “Sewing machine Pfaff Smarter 160s” – ⇾ 6185 UAH


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  • If the order amount exceeds UAH 2,500, then delivery within the city of Dnepropetrovsk is FREE OF CHARGE!
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Sewing machine Pfaff Smarter 160S
Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro at a low price – “Spool
machines “

Sewing machine Pfaff Smarter 160S

The German company Pfaff presented the innovative and reliable sewing machine Pfaff Smarter 160S, which replaced the electromechanical sewing machines of the Pfaff Hobby series in its lineup.

The novelty was named Smarter, which translated from English means “smarter”, “more reliable” and there is a confirmation of this! It should be noted right away that the new model is equipped with a more modern and reliable horizontal hook , which has increased parameters for changing the stitch width.

The machine has received a constructively competent presser foot system and a reinforced multi-segment feed rail , which guarantees better stitching and a wide range of for sewing various fabrics .

The novelty received a new model of the engine, which guarantees an increased piercing force of the and a quieter operation compared to its predecessor.

Features and Description Pfaff Smarter 160:

  • 25 sewing operations
  • Automatic buttonhole
  • Horizontal shuttle
  • Needle threader
  • Infinitely adjustable stitching parameters
  • Maximum zigzag width up to 6 mm
  • Maximum stitch length up to 4 mm
  • Regulator presser foot
  • Thread tension adjuster
  • Removable pencil case with accessories
  • Free arm
  • The sewing speed is controlled by the pedal
  • Bright LED work area illumination
  • Internal metal frame
  • Works with all fabrics
  • Weight 8.8 kg

Completion Pfaff 160s:

  • Universal foot
  • Transparent foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Hinge ripper
  • Needle set
  • Spool pin for second spool
  • Coil Restraints
  • Brush
  • Bobbins
  • Hard cover
  • Electric pedal
  • Instruction in Russian





Shuttle type


Number of sewing programs

18 to 30

Buttonhole mode


Needle threader


Country of origin


Selection assistance

Top sellers

sewing machine PFAFF Smarter 160S

Free master class.

When buying from the site, a free master class!

We’ll refund 10% with bonuses

We’ll refund 10% of the purchase price with bonuses to the “Sewing World” card.

Free taxi!

When ordering this technique from the site – free taxi to your home! Valid within the city of our pick-up points!

PFAFF Smarter 160S is a combination of modern sewing technology and striking design! This model will become an indispensable assistant for both beginners and I am experienced needlewomen!

You will have at your disposal 23 lines ,
with which you can add
to the product
decor elements!

The handy needle threader makes the upper threading

Convenient stitch width adjustment!

Hard cover will protect the machine from damage during transport!

Machine mounted LED light
leaves no shadow on the work surface!

Pfaff Smarter 160S Equipment:

Standard foot 0
Transparent presser foot 1
Blind hem foot 3
Zipper foot 4
4-step buttonhole foot 5A
Foot for 1-step buttonhole 5V

Operating Instructions Pfaff Smarter 160S


Developer Germany
Manufacturer Pfaff
Hook type horizontal rotating shuttle
Number of lines 23
Number of hinges 1 type of loop.
Material Type: light / medium / heavy
Buttonhole mode Automatic buttonhole sewing according to button size.
Maximum stitch length 4 mm
Maximum stitch width 6 mm
Top conveyor no
Needle threader is
Adjusting the sewing speed no
Needle positioning key no
Regulator for presser foot on fabric is
Sewing key without pedal no
Electronic needle puncture force stabilizer no
Automatic thread trimming no
Sewing Advisor no
Cover rigid
Power 75 W
Warranty 3 years
Assembly China
Reel horizontal: is
Organizer is
Autostop when winding the bobbin thread Yes
Ruler on body No
Mirror stitch pattern no
Electronic presser foot lift no
Standard needles 130 / 705H


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