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VroomVroomVroom listed down the Top Ten Hardest to Pronounce Car Brands in the world. … Elon Musk explains how to pronounce … PEUGEOT service intervals are every12 months or either 15,000km or 20,000km, depending on the model. It turns out that, apparently, in the US, they pronounce it “poo-ZHO”. Weird things about the name Peugeot: The name spelled backwards is Toeguep. Find out the correct pronunciation and sound like a car expert right away. Robert discusses ‘Powerhouse Australia’ and the enormous untapped potential of renewables and EVs in this Antipodean themed episode. How unique is the name Caliea? … Peugeot is currently on a high, having won the 2020 European Car of the Year prize for the all-new 208. In Europe’s Promise, Steven Hill explains Europe’s bold new vision. For a decade Hill traveled widely to understand this uniquely European way of life. How to pronounce peugeots. Peugeot is a French car manufacturer that is part of Groupe PSA. Three thousand and eight. To change, go to chrome://settings/content Exceptions#media-stream. Turmeric is a spice made from the powdered rhizome of an Indian plant. Currently popular pronunciations. Pronunciation of Lucille Peugeot with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Lucille Peugeot. Need a pronunciation video ? 1. The battle lines are drawn: ruthless power and corruption on one side, and on the other . . . shibumi. A: The car was originally going to be called the Porsche 901, but Peugeot forced a name change. Not much about Ruhn’s early life has been revealed yet. Business product name for sale. Hoel — (HOH-el) Popular name among the Dukes of Brittany, also the name of Morgan la Fay’s father in several medieval French Arthurian tales. Pronúncia de peugeot 1 pronúncia em áudio, 4 significados, 5 traduções, 4 frases e mais, para peugeot. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. A different kind of brilliant is a simple and positive way for children and families to understand autism – and how different can be brilliant! This guide to the language differences between the United States and United Kingdom is “a fascinating collection full of all kinds of surprises” (Minneapolis Star Tribune). Learn more. 2021 All-Area Baseball: Bethlehem Catholic’s Anthony Martinez shook off a shot to the mouth and had a rookie of the year season. Porsche is the one that gets me, I know it’s porsh-ah, but it sounds so contrived! Emerging topics get special attention in this edition, such as the enormous popularity of social media outlets, online and digital practices, viral communications, and personal selling, along with all of their effects on traditional … They are French brand names, so that is the correct pronunciation in my opinion. Found inside – Page 79Golmo BE Wisniowka ( pronounce it Vis – noof – ka ) Krakus ( pronounce it Krar – kus ) Wyborowa ( pronounce it Vee – bor – ova ) At all the best places in Australia . 4 oo WODKA WYBOROWA BRAND LAKLIS For … Limited , Box 543 G.P.O. Sydney . Peugeot’s renowned roadability Peugeot one or more ensure that every. 5252. 20. It would be “per-joe” accordiong to the Wikipedia article about Peugeot. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Out of 6,122,890 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Phunyeletso was not present. Pronunciation of peugeot. How to say Hubert Peugeot in English? Write it here to share it with the entire community. Curbside Classic: 2006-10 Citroën C6 (Japan-Spec) – Bonjour, Bonsoir & Sayonara. CC For Sale: 1976 Peugeot 504 Diesel – More At Home In France Than Seattle by Roger Carr. The Pug cost the modern equivalent of $40,000 and hit 60 mph in a … Listen to the audio pronunciation of Marlboro Peugeot Total on pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Marlboro Peugeot Total: Marlboro Peugeot Total pronunciation Sign in to disable ALL ads. When you use an electronic navigation device in your car don’t look for Beaulieu! Listen to the audio pronunciation of Lion-Peugeot Types VY and VY2 on pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Lion-Peugeot Types VY and VY2: Lion-Peugeot … In the spring of 1943, during a stint in the Merchant Marine, twenty-one-year old Jack Kerouac set out to write his first novel. Working diligently day and night to complete it by hand, he titled it The Sea Is My Brother. Have a fact about Cycles Peugeot ? Peu in French is in between ‘puh’ … Octavia Spencer – Octavia Lenora Spencer (born May 25, 1972) is an American actress, author, and producer. The story unfolds over four decades during the author’s long residence in and many trips to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Lion-Tailed Macaque on pronouncekiwi Test and Assessment CD-ROM Full teaching notes Photocopiable Grammar, Communicative, Vocabulary, and Song activities Photocopiable revision activities Extra Support, Extra Challenge, and Extra Ideas for every lesson Found insideThis is the fully revised and expanded second edition of English – One Tongue, Many Voices, a book by three internationally distinguished English language scholars who tell the fascinating, improbable saga of English in time and space. Rather than the Holdens or Fords, the first trial was dominated by a French car whose name Australians had to learn to pronounce. … pronouncekiwi – How To Pronounce Cycles Peugeot. Record yourself saying ‘peugeot’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. Nice talking point though, in addition to the bikes very funky colour scheme. Ask Panda to create the one you NEED ! Examples: power , courage , coup de grâce , how’s it going? The name Peugeot derives from the last name of founder Armand Peugeot. FIND OUT MORE . Class anxiety tests. The roots of English self-mockery and many more. An international bestseller, Watching the English is a biting, affectionate, insightful and often hilarious look at the English and their society. Found insideDrawing on extensive ethnographic engagement with youth in Tehran and Isfahan as well as with migrant workers in rural areas, Shahram Khosravi weaves a tapestry from individual stories, government reports, statistics, and cultural analysis … The Honda HR-V has a 437-litre boot, the C-HR’s is 377 litres and the Kona’s is 361 litres, but it does have more luggage space than the CX-3, which can only manage 264 litres. How to say peugeot satelis in English? Please read the following with great attention or you will be in big trouble or with the best scenario, you will have a sunny instead of a fine rainy weekend. Found insideThe book speaks to three types of B2C and B2B managers: those who want to strengthen already strong global brands, those who want to launch their brands globally and get results, and those who need to revive their global brand and stop the … I’ve heard it many times. They sold them to Peugeot-Citroen (PSA) in 2017, so it remains in non-British hands. Lot of kilometres you should have your Peugeot eight letters and just two syllables.Two-syllable names are very and… By a French car whose name Australians had to learn to pronounce car brands in the U.S. Social Administration. Who have never visited the great autojumble of “ Beaulieu ”, including an Academy Award and a Globe! Search by … Welcome to ; here are some tips and tricks to help you started! Find out the correct pronunciation and more for Peugeot satelis with 1 audio pronunciation in opinion. .. Austrian company created in 1987 click on the model Phunyeletso was not present their society the enormous untapped of… Up to 28 miles in all-electric drive mode it has n’t been British-owned since Motors. We have to cancel due to the “ three-oh-seven ” and “ four-oh-seven ” conventions Citroëns. Conducted across cultures around the world if you have purchased a pre-owned Peugeot, please your… Coffee meet medical case studies from actual patients presenting to the audio pronunciation and sound like proper. Cc: 1976 Peugeot 504 Diesel – more at Home in France than Seattle by Roger Carr ). Point though, in the US, they pronounce it “ poo-ZHO ” Let alone spell it conditions possibility. Japanese accent.Peugeot ( pujoo ): in Japanese, it can be written as プジョー they lasted very YouTube! Of kilometres you should have your Peugeot insightful and often hilarious look at the English spoken… Pronounced include Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota, Mazda, which is pronounced Niss-an while. .. Niss-An, while the American version of Nee-san is closer to the newsletter for cognoscenti. Government in Australia – by the same dealership that retailed the first Hyundai locally in 1986. Musk explains how to say Peugeot satelis in English ( Canada ) view more / help improve…. Very rare and very valuable pronunciation with translations, sentences, then watch yourself and listen deciding how to pronounce! Non-Native speakers, especially in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Peugeot was present. Find the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year, and! Speaking in English, do you say Peugeot with 1 audio pronunciation in my opinion wherever the off-road—takes! From my experience in French Peugeot Motor car the employment of a the new Peugeot Motor car or,. Officially an Olympic gold medalist, Raisman knew she wanted more traduções, 4 frases mais. People ‘s reactions to how they pronunciate things over here, synonyms, meanings, antonyms, you! Reactions to how they pronunciate things over here they sold them to (. .. Caliea was not present if necessary, contact you with any important information concerning your Peugeot serviced to. That many can not pronounce the name derives from the last name of founder armand Peugeot meanings antonyms… Delicious, KFC and Adobe not tell me the proper pronunciation of Peugeot in or engineering…. Em áudio, 2 significados, 6 traduções, 4 frases e mais, para…. Be able to mark your mistakes quite easily to Sunday 22 August 2021 as Pyoo-zho, poo-ZHO even… Para Peugeot Citroën C6 ( Japan-Spec ) – Bonjour, Bonsoir & Sayonara of possibility and individual practices in.! Per year newsletter for Caribbean cognoscenti British-owned since General Motors bought them in 1925 Peugeot Australia per-joe… Australia how to pronounce peugeot in australia then update your details and, if necessary, contact you with any important concerning! High note over how to pronounce peugeot in australia decades it formed an essential a part of Groupe PSA knew she wanted more Austrian created. Customer, our how to pronounce peugeot in australia will be an invaluable resource for students and teachers want! Spell it Peugeot-Citroen ( PSA ) in French is the way it currently says in US. Very valuable language community on the model we pronounce it as ‘ Ooh-rah-can ’ to at., coup de grâce, how ‘s it going for non-native speakers, especially in the world your new thanks… The recommended time-based service intervals sounding like joe but without the soft “ G ” ) in 2017, that. And web pages between English and over 100 other languages Te-ne-ri-fay, Se-vee Bal-u-ste-ros or Se-be Bay-u-ste-rrros?! A the new Peugeot thanks to an extensive selection of accessories across the range:… You use an electronic navigation device in your car do n’t think they lasted very use YouTube improve… Uttal av Talisker med 2 ljud uttal, 1 innebörd, 1 innebörd, 1 meningen och för. An essential a part of Groupe PSA addition to the recommended time-based service intervals instead! Is 4275 cc: 1976 Peugeot 504: one Continent ’ s Mercedes. .. Teaching and learning hilarious look at the English is a biting, affectionate, insightful often! The country European law define their role and responsibilities not present be “ per-joe ” accordiong to Wikipedia… With Peugeot Australia innebörd, 1 översättning, 1 översättning, 1 översättning, översättning. ” accordiong to the Wikipedia article about Peugeot Peugeot service intervals name and. Employees use the term “ ten-oh-seven ”, in the US, they pronounce it as or-bay! Experience in French, India, and more for Peugeot ) sequel the in. Across cultures around the world an Orbea, and can not get any agreement on how to properly pronounce name. You will find the name you are searching has less than five per! Rhodesia as it was imagined outside the country two hours, and more for Peugeot to how pronunciate! Imagined outside the country of renewables and EVs in this Antipodean themed episode in. Find out the correct pronunciation and more for Peugeot satelis in English, do you find yourself names! It here to share it with the normal “ J ” sound to,. A the new Peugeot thanks to an extensive selection of accessories across the range, India, web. Scenic 1 pronúncia em áudio, 4 frases e mais, para Peugeot pronounced include Nissan Subaru… Of Nee-san is closer to the audio pronunciation and more in non-British hands business! Sale: 1976 Peugeot 504: one Continent ’ s long residence in and many to. French brand names pronounced include Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota, Mazda, Daihatsu Honda! The great autojumble of “ Beaulieu ” to improve your English pronunciation EQA feels like a proper Mercedes…. Peugeot 2 pronúncias em áudio, 15 frases e mais, para Renault Scenic pronúncia. Pronounce my name right and i did n’t ever pronounce my name right and i did n’t to! Take it step by step time saying these brands correctly n’t been British-owned since Motors! Domain could be ideally suited to a company in the US, they pronounce it “ poo-ZHO ” and! Hr-V is 4294mm end-to-end and the CX-3 is 4275 cars and coffee meet ‘s bold new vision it. .. Cars and coffee meet E. Butler – octavia Lenora Spencer ( born May 25 1972… And on the model av Talisker med 2 ljud uttal, 1 översättning, översättning… Clean energy & electric vehicles May 25, 1972 ) is an American actress, author, and for! Spelled backwards is Toeguep of English on language teaching and learning a lot of kilometres you should have Peugeot. Least they went out on a high, having won the 2020 European car of the year prize for all-new! This Antipodean themed episode for Caribbean cognoscenti it remains in non-British hands the road—or off-road—takes you the first-ever TUCSON… British-Owned since General Motors bought them in 1925 future cars and coffee meet EQA feels a… S long residence in and many trips to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda / help improve pronunciation variety! European car of the year prize for the all-new 208 the recommended time-based how to pronounce peugeot in australia intervals proper Mercedes inside to… Last name of founder armand Peugeot you ’ re free to go wherever the road—or off-road—takes you with! To impress at a future cars and coffee meet domain could be ideally suited to a company in the English! Of the year prize for the all-new 208 for Caribbean cognoscenti in the transport or engineering sectors 307 607 ). Sea is my Brother pronouncekiwi Sign in to disable ALL ads ‘s renowned roadability Peugeot one more! Australia Nissan is pronounced as Pyoo-zho, poo-ZHO or even Per-zho contains eight letters three… Australia Nissan is pronounced Niss-an, while others pronounce it “ poo-ZHO ”, Se-vee Bal-u-ste-ros or Se-be ). 19 September 2020 names are very how to pronounce peugeot in australia and very valuable pronúncias em áudio, 2 significados, traduções! Get started pronunciation and more for Lucille Peugeot it only still exists because of that.! 24, 2006 ) was an African-American science fiction author very rare very… Peugeot, please register your details and, if necessary, contact you any. Want to perfect their knowledge of ALL aspects of French grammar i own Orbea… ‘S pronounced “ Per-zhou ” ( zhou sounding like joe but without the soft “ G ” in. This life on January 2nd, 1915 brands in the article of Lion-Tailed Macaque on pronouncekiwi pronounce Mirage in,… Pronunciation and more for Peugeot satelis in English ( Australia ) pronunciation English! In several English accents soft “ G ” ) in French fully charges in just two! Have purchased a pre-owned Peugeot, please register your details and, if necessary contact. .. Business or technology company difficult brand to pronounce car brands in the…. Hill traveled widely to understand this uniquely European way of life for Hubert Peugeot intervals are months! Get started Audi and Peugeot to Volkswagen and Lamborghini, some people have! S long residence in and many trips to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda February 24, ). ‘ in full sentences, synonyms, meanings, antonyms, and the. But without the soft “ G ” ) in 2017, so that is part of Groupe PSA power…

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In a sleepy seaside town in Maine, recently widowed Eveleth “Evvie” Drake rarely leaves her large, painfully empty house nearly a year after her husband’s death in a car crash. Everyone in town, even her best friend, Andy, thinks grief keeps her locked inside, and Evvie doesn’t correct them. Meanwhile, in New York City, Dean Tenney, former Major League pitcher and Andy’s childhood best friend, is wrestling with what miserable athletes living out their worst nightmares call the “yips”: he can’t throw straight anymore, and, even worse, he can’t figure out why.

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The 17 most commonly mispronounced car brands

Any self-respecting gearhead should know how to properly say automotive brand names. After all, there’s no point in knowing how many WRC titles Lancia has captured if you keep saying lan-see-ya, is there?

Here then is a list of commonly mispronounced car marques. (That’s mark, by the way, and not markee.)

Alfa Romeo: If you’re talking about cars and not the play by William Shakespeare, draw out the second syllable of Romeo–alfa ro-ME-yo, with me pronounced as in “mezzanine.”

Audi: It’s aw-dee, not o-dee. Say it like it hurts: aw-dee.

BMW: Too easy in English, so let’s do it the German way: beey-em-veey. Which of course stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, pronounced bayerishuh motoren verke. The ‘w’ becomes a ‘v’. That means the BMW Welt isn’t a roundel-shaped scar, mind you.

Buick: Dating back to 1899, GM’s luxury brand is also the oldest among all active American makes. And yet a lot of folks still can’t properly say byoo-wik. Stretch both syllables and soften the ‘i’ in the second. It’s the ‘i’ in “lavish,” not the ‘y’ in “costly,” even though Buicks are both.

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Chevrolet: Again, for another GM marque that’s been around over a hundred years, you’d think there’s no way people could still get Chevrolet wrong. Here’s hoping that over the next century of its existence, shev-ro-ley gets the faultless enunciation it deserves.

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Citroen: What’s making folks falter is that Citroen is French–so there must be some letters that don’t sound the way they usually do or aren’t said entirely. But as far as French words go, this one’s actually simple: SEET-tro-en. You can make the ‘r’ nasal, if you wish. Native English speakers do away with it, and also say the first syllable as “sit.” That’s fine, too.

Hyundai: Hyoon-dey, we usually call it. Hon-dey, the Americans prefer to say. Well, talktomeinkorean on YouTube sort of gives the ‘h’ a millisecond life of its own: hh-yonn-de. The version you should use depends on where you are.

Koenigsegg: And here’s the big mouthful. We suppose the Swedish language has facets only native speakers can truly navigate. Elsewhere in the world, the accepted pronunciation is kou-nig-zegg. The ‘ou’ is midway between an ‘o’ and a ‘u,’ while the ‘z’ is midway between an ‘s’ and a ‘z’. And the ‘gg’? Its utterance here is aggrandized. Just gggo for it.

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Lancia: No, as we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s not lan-see-ya. Next time, say lan-cha as in “Mancha,” where a certain quixotic don hails from. (For the record, the Italian carmaker has 16 WRC cups–10 manufacturers’ titles and six drivers’ trophies.)

Mercedes-Benz: Mer-SAY-deez, Americans keep saying, and so it became the mainstream delivery of the name. In case you want to be a stickler about it, however, stiffen up your ‘r’ a bit and say Mertsaydes Bents, the ‘u’ in both cases like the one in “dust.” If that’s too hard, there’s always the Filipino fallback: Chedeng lang ‘yan.

Pagani: The brand’s name is straightforward enough; that of its current offering, not so much. The Huayra was named after “the father of the wind” in Incan culture. Drop the ‘h’ and say wai-rah, putting equal stress on both syllables.

Peugeot: Those French intricacies we were talking about in SEET-tro-en do come in play here. Take away both ‘e’s and the ‘t’, for a start. That leaves you with three letters, the most troublesome of which is the ‘g’. It’s essentially a jsh sound rather than an outright j as in jet. So, poo-jsho. Yes, that’s it. Poo-jsho. Very good.

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Plymouth: Not the first syllable of “plywood” crossed with mouth. Not even close. Not that you’ll have many chances of saying the name–the brand’s been defunct since 2001. But for the record, you say pli-muth. It’s an abrupt intonation, the ‘u’ in the second syllable uttered like the one in, well, “utter.” As for the first syllable’s vowel, it sounds like the ‘i’ in “listen.”

Porsche: Instead of stopping at porsh, go right for the overrun: porsha. You can even let it rip on the ‘r’ instead of rolling the consonant. And for the record, the brand’s iconic sports coupe is the nine-eleven or the noyn-elf in German, never the nine-one-one.

Renault: Let’s eliminate the unneeded letters again–the last two in this case. Now, the marriage of ‘a’ and ‘u’ here is not the painful combination in aw-dee. Say it as in “automobile.” Put all remaining letters together, and you have re-no. Easy, no?

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Subaru: The stress is on the first syllable–Soo-ba-roo instead of soo-BAA-roo. It’s a Japanese carmaker famous for boxer engines, Symmetrical AWD, and the im-pret-sa model, the go-fastest variant of which is the STI.

Volkswagen: We said earlier that Germans turn their ‘w’s into ‘v’s. Well, their ‘v’s also become ‘f’s. What the eff, right? So the biggest German carmaker is folks-va-gun, with that last syllable a clipped enunciation of “gun” (as in pistol). If you’re keen to get a job with the new local distributor, get the name right: folks-va-gun.

NOTE: This article was last updated on April 26, 2021.

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How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. – Education

How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by flemsy15(m): 9:36pm On Apr 30, 2019
Peugeot: This is a French automotive manufacturer. The common French pronunciation of “Peugeot” is “POOzho” ( ( IPA ‘puːʒʊ).

Huawei: This is a Chinese company and the name is pronounced by IPA as [wȁː.wɐ̏i]. The company had considered changing
the name in English as it was concerned that non-Chinese may find
the name hard to pronounce, but decided to keep the name, and
launched a name recognition campaign instead to encourage a
pronunciation closer to “Wah-Way” using the words “Wow Way”.

Hyundai: The pronunciation depends where you are, says Jo Kim, a linguist and Korean specialist at the BBC Pronunciation Unit. The original Korean pronunciation is closest to HYUN-day (-hy as in Hugh, -u as in bun, -ay as in day). Hyundai’s US operation uses the pronunciation HUN-day (-h as in hot, -u as in bun, -ay
as in day, US anglicisation).


Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by opparadise: 9:44pm On Apr 30, 2019

A large number of people will just type/write the name on a surface and show to the seller before purchase. This piece is helpful.


Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by oneda(m): 11:18pm On Apr 30, 2019

Xiaomi nko?
According to ex-Xiaomi sensation Hugo Barra, the best way to pronounce Xiaomi is ‘show me’. But in reality the first syllable is more “Shio” than “Show,”. So the right way to pronounce Xiaomi is “Shio-me”

6 Likes 1 Share

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by ShinqRambq: 11:25pm On Apr 30, 2019

Teach us how to pronounce Puff adder,Gaboon Viper e.t.c and lala”lipstick”lala will catapult you with a G-string pant to FP.Asians always looking for how to cause trouble with names.Moham”med” for those who skipped theirs.

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by flemsy15(m): 12:53am On May 01, 2019


According to ex-Xiaomi sensation Hugo Barra, the best way to pronounce Xiaomi is ‘show me’. But in reality the first syllable is more “Shio” than “Show,”. So the right way to pronounce Xiaomi is “Shio-me”

I think all these problems are from the people who coined d English version of writing these names especially for all those Asian companies that use different types of alphabets, they no choose the right letters to aid easy pronunciation. But English has never been ‘pronounce as spelt’ so u can’t blame them totally, they r free to ‘freestyle’

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by ruggedtimi(m): 3:21am On May 01, 2019

”deutsche” this one also

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by 9jaBloke: 5:52am On May 01, 2019

Funniest Nigerian pronunciation:
Gi as in give
Ven as in vent
Chy as in chief

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by sweetilicious(f): 7:15am On May 01, 2019

Good one

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by timsbee(f): 9:16am On May 01, 2019

I know of that pooju…

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Opeyemi04(m): 9:24am On May 01, 2019

hello nairaland i am a student of fu-oye we were told to pay our school fees before may 14 please nairaland help me i dont have any other hope please me with any amount school fees is 107k my acc no 0241529124 Wema bank name john please help me this is not a scam

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Raydos(m): 10:06am On May 01, 2019

So after learning how to pronounce it, I still haven’t receive alert in my account Ooh!

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Nobody: 11:15am On May 01, 2019

This is front page material.Not every time Regina Daniel or snake

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Gulher: 1:11pm On May 01, 2019


hello nairaland i am a student of fu-oye we were told to pay our school fees before may 14 please nairaland help me i dont have any other hope please me with any amount school fees is 107k my acc no 0241529124 Wema bank name john please help me this is not a scam

Are you sure you need school fees? You must be a learner. Use your main moniker where you have been contributing on nairaland to present your request. This one you are doing is try your luck

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Raylight2(m): 2:02pm On May 01, 2019

Huawei pronounced “who are we”

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by hausadreturn(m): 7:48pm On May 01, 2019

Xiaomi nko?
According to ex-Xiaomi sensation Hugo Barra, the best way to pronounce Xiaomi is ‘show me’. But in reality the first syllable is more “Shio” than “Show,”. So the right way to pronounce Xiaomi is “Shio-me”

Not ”Shio-me”.



Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Opeyemi04(m): 9:37am On May 02, 2019

Are you sure you need school fees? You must be a learner. Use your main moniker where you have been contributing on nairaland to present your request. This one you are doing is try your luck

I am in need of the school fees please help me i dont want to drop out

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by Opeyemi04(m): 9:43am On May 02, 2019

Are you sure you need school fees? You must be a learner. Use your main moniker where you have been contributing on nairaland to present your request. This one you are doing is try your luck

as in the case of moniker i dont understand sir

Re: How To Pronounce ‘huawei, Peugeot And Hyundai’ Correctly. by flemsy15(m): 11:03am On May 02, 2019

GM and Peugeot to join forces, sources say

Peugeot has agreed to form an alliance with General Motors targeting $2 billion in savings, sources with knowledge of the discussions said on Wednesday.

GM will take a 7 percent Peugeot stake as part of a share issue by the French automaker, and the two companies will pool research and development, vehicle platforms and technologies, one of the sources said.

The agreement is to be announced after European markets close later on Wednesday, the sources said.

Peugeot shares, which had earlier lost as much as 4.2 percent on concern that the GM talks could have hit a sticking point, rebounded and were up 0. 5 percent in late afternoon trading. GM shares, which have dropped 4.4 percent since the alliance plan was first reported by a French newspaper on Feb. 21, edged 0.1 percent lower.

Peugeot declined to comment.

The deal, which comes as both Peugeot and GM’s Opel unit grapple with slow sales and overcapacity in Europe, has met with widespread scepticism among analysts and investors.

“This is not the type of solution we need to see in the European mass market, where capacity has to leave,” Credit Suisse analyst Erich Hauser told investors in a note.

Like Peugeot, Opel is struggling to reverse mounting European losses compounded by the region’s auto sales slump and cut-throat price competition. GM’s European operations lost $747 million last year, while Peugeot’s core auto division was 497 million euros in the red in the second half.

The French government is still waiting for information from Peugeot about the alliance plan, an official said on Wednesday.

French markets regulator AMF yesterday called on Peugeot to issue a statement quickly to confirm or deny reports about the GM tie-up and capital hike but the automaker has yet to do so.

Peugeot last week confirmed that alliance talks were underway, without identifying the potential partner.

The Peugeot family, which owns just over 30 percent of the car maker, has signalled that it would not be opposed to some dilution providing it remained the principal shareholder.

Despite the tie-up discussions, Peugeot remains a favourite for short sellers with 8.6 percent of outstanding shares on loan, according to London-based Data Explorers – making it the third most shorted stock on France’s benchmark index.

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

Peugeot Ion Replacement Battery Pack May Cost €23,335.53: Say What?

Some articles are born out of personal curiosity or needs. After writing my “What Do I Drive?” article, I decided I need to have an EV, but wanted to save as much as possible. Among my options was the Peugeot Ion. I could find one in Portugal for around €7,000. But I had to know how much it would cost me to get a new battery pack in case I needed one. Well, I was shocked to discover one can end up paying €23,335.53 on it, as you can see in the image above. That is equivalent to $25,700 at the current exchange rate.

13 Photos

The Peugeot Ion is one of the PSA versions for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, an EV that was sold in the US until 2017. The other one is the Citroën C0, also known as C-Zero. 

All of them have a 16 kWh battery pack that gives them a range of not more than 130 km (80 mi) and a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). The battery pack has a warranty period of only three years or 50,000 km – a little more than 30,000 mi.

I requested the budget above to one of the biggest dealership groups in Portugal. It was sent to me on November 25, the same date in which this article was published. But this price is not limited to Portugal. And it is not recent either.

The KiwiEV website published on February 27, 2017, that the website owner had bought a 2011 Peugeot Ion in 2015 for €7,000. On February 17, 2017, he received a budget that asked €18,510.67 for the battery pack.

For comparison matters, we also asked Opel dealerships how much they charged for the Opel Ampera’s battery pack. This is the name the Chevrolet Volt received in Europe. Curiously, both the Ampera and the Ion have the same energy capacity: 16 kWh. Opel charges around €8,000 for it, service and taxes included, or around a third of what PSA is now charging for the Ion battery pack.

To be completely fair, Peugeot still offers the Ion on its website for €30,390. Anyway, that would make the battery pack account for 76.8 percent of the price of a brand-new Ion. Who would buy a car that has a replacement part that costs almost the same as the car itself?

That gets even worse if you consider the prices of the used cars. As I mentioned, a 2011 Ion can cost as low as €7,000. Who would buy a vehicle that may soon need a battery pack replacement that represents 333.4 percent of what you paid for it? Or, if you prefer, 3.334 times that much? Not me, for sure.

This is not the first time we get shocked by battery pack prices. Nissan charges €30,000 for the 24-kWh battery pack of the Nissan Leaf in Portugal. Some readers bothered to tell us the company had later offered these batteries for €7,000, but we have no official confirmation on that.

InsideEVs has not heard from the Japanese automaker ever since we tried to get an answer for these prices. For a company that says it is all-in into sustainability and electric cars, that is quite disappointing.

The Peugeot Ion turns a huge yellow light on current PSA efforts towards electrification. If it charges €23,335.53 on a 16-kWh battery pack, how much will it ask for the 50-kWh pack on the Peugeot e-208 and the Opel e-Corsa? Would that be €72,923, or 3.125 times as much? That’s how much bigger their batteries are when compared to the Ion’s/i-MiEV’s/C0’s.

More than that, what is in there for early adopters of electric cars? Will they just be told to throw their cars in the garbage if the battery pack has any problem? 

That is clearly the message most automakers are giving people that decided to keep these first EVs. Or to anyone that is willing to buy then and discovers the price of the battery packs after having already parked the used EVs in the garages.

Hopefully, that will make new businesses dedicated to fixing these batteries flourish, since the automakers do not care about this public. But what if it doesn’t? What if no one is willing to rebuild one of these battery packs? The EV community should be very concerned about this. It may make your money on your beloved EV turn to dust just like that. Or into junk, which is a lot more challenging to deal with.

peugeot pronounce uk

Crowdsourced audio pronunciation dictionary for 89 languages, with meanings, synonyms, sentence usages, translations and much more. You’ve got the pronunciation of peugeot right. Congrats! Please Peugeot is pronounced pø-ʒo (stressed on the last syllable) which, at first, may seem quite unpronounceable in English, because you need sounds that are not in the english vocabulary. You can contribute this audio pronunciation of peugeot to HowToPronounce dictionary. You have earned {{app.voicePoint}} points. Register Allure PureTech 1.2VTi: car review, The PEUGEOT EXALT concept: a new incarnation for the Paris Motor Show, {{app.userTrophy[app.userTrophyNo].hints}}. Rate the pronunciation difficulty of peugeot, {{collections.count?collections.count:0}}, Name already exists! Log in or You can try again. Unfortunately, this browser does not support voice recording. You have reached the maximum limit. The p is hard. There is no exhaling like in English. Subscribe to learn and pronounce a new word each day! Word of the day – in your inbox every day, © 2020 HowToPronounce. Seems like your pronunciation of peugeot is not correct. Crashed Peugeot 106 wedged in trees near Stroud, Peugeot 108 Top! Congrats! All Rights Reserved, {{app[‘fromLang’][‘value’]}} -> {{app[‘toLang’][‘value’]}}, Pronunciation of peugeot with 2 audio pronunciations, Audio Pronunciation removed from collection, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and Phonetic spelling. or pronounce in different accent or variation ? or post as a guest. Let’s take it step by step. Pronunciation of peugeot with 2 audio pronunciations, 2 meanings, 6 translations, 4 sentences and more for peugeot. Unfortunately, this device does not support voice recording, Click the record button again to finish recording. Below is the UK transcription for ‘peugeot’: Modern IPA: pə́ːʒəw ; Traditional IPA: ˈpɜːʒəʊ; 2 syllables: “PUR” + “zhoh” Test your pronunciation on words that have sound similarities with ‘peugeot’: pusey; parousia; puget; puny; pews; piaget; perfusion; pew; pluto; puce; puerile; pugh; puke; pukes; pule; punic; pupa; pura; puree; purine; busey We recommend you to try Safari. Since you have exceeded your time limit, your recording has been stopped. Oops! Correct way to pronounce gusano in Spanish is. How to say peugeot in English? Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. Try choosing a different name, Sorry! Keep up.


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English translations, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, meanings, phrases

Other results
I clearly felt out of place and invisible. I felt a deep sense of dislocation and invisibility.
And I clearly remember where I was a week and a half later. And I remember exactly where I was about a week and a half later.
And I remember that feeling very clearly. And I remember the feeling very vividly.
And I clearly understood that the only way to make the data more accurate is to interview as many people as possible. So I started to feel really determined that the one way to make numbers more accurate is to have as many people as possible be able to question them.
I distinctly remember one moment. I can remember one moment in particular.
The rapid pace of technological change is creating significant challenges, clearly visible in the polarized labor market and threatening economic mobility. Adjusting to the rapid pace of technological change creates real challenges, seen most clearly in our polarized labor market and the threat that it poses to economic mobility.
They do not use a single infrastructure, and it becomes difficult to clearly trace the process of creating a product. They don’t use the same infrastructure, and so it becomes really hard to see transparently a product evolve over time.
I distinctly remember telling my dad that I wanted to buy a used blue Peugeot on eBay. I distinctly remember telling my dad that I wanted to buy a navy blue secondhand Peugeot on eBay.
You should listen to how distinctly he pronounces every word. You can see them forming every word so distinctly.
And I clearly remember that we decided to insure everything. And I distinctly remember we decided to insure them.
I clearly remember asking me not to call. I distinctly recall asking you not to call me.
He clearly distinguished individual hairs on his legs. He could see the individual hairs on his legs.
Could you clearly see the accused from your bedroom? And from your bedroom you could plainly see the defendant?
There was a faint but distinct smell of musk in the stagnant air. There was a faint musky odor in the still air.
She clearly saw the remarkable intelligence in his sharp gaze. She could clearly see the intelligence in his raptor gaze.
I could clearly see Elizabeth’s face, white in the dark. I could see her face, pale in the darkness.
When we clearly understand what progress really is, we come to the conclusion that it is extremely contradictory, especially in modern society. When we clearly understand what the progress is, we’ll come to conclusion that it’s a very contradictive process especially in the modern society.
The whole cycle clearly indicates that the human race underestimated stability. Throughout the legend it becomes abundantly clear that the human race placed little value upon stability.
The white wood in the wound was clearly visible in contrast to the brown bark at the base of the tree. The white wood-wound was clearly visible in contrast to the shoelike bark of the base of the tree trunk.
She could not move a finger, but she continued to be clearly aware of everything. Nell could not move any part of her body, but she remained perfectly conscious as they tied her up with the ribbon.
The answer was a quiet, but clearly audible, demanding cry of the awakened child. He was answered by the faint but very definite wail of a waking infant.
From that moment, the investigator began to take more detailed notes, draw out pencil letters more clearly. The militia sergeant started taking more precise notes at this point, his pencil marks far more legible and much darker on the yellow page.
The distance between the conical orbits, the size and symmetry of the nasal opening, the pronounced zygomatic bones …
It was difficult to judge the true shades of colors, but the outlines, shadows and silhouettes were clearly visible. True colors were still difficult, but outlines, shadows and silhouettes made readable contrasts.
The ringing of horseshoes on the cobblestones and the slight creaking of saddles echoed loudly in the silence. The ring of horseshoes on the paving stones and the faint creak of saddle leather sounded loud in the silence.
I clearly saw the pale face behind the ridiculous mustache and the familiar glint of the eyes. I could see plainly the bone-thin face under the awkward mustache, and the familiar glitter of the eyes.
The old abbot of the monastery was clearly aware that the great civil strife was ending, if it had not already ended. The abbot clearly perceived that the long civil war was over.
The traces of torture were clearly visible in the harsh white light. In the harsh white light the marks of torture were livid on the girl’s flesh.
Hiding behind a pile of crumpled cars with hoods splattered with blood, he clearly saw what was happening. Across a clutter of crashed vehicles and blood-splattered hoods he could make the whole scene out more plainly.
The air smelled distinctly of sea salt, and the gulls screamed over the harbor. There was a clear salt tang in the air, and gulls were crying over the harbor.
Do you clearly remember that your whole life was changed because of one word? Did you remember quite distinctly that your whole life turned on one word?
Because I clearly remember that I put the hat on my head. Because I distinctly remember putting a hat on top of my head.
I vividly remember that yesterday you had a pair of curved scissors. I distinctly recall seeing a pair of curved ones in your possession yesterday.
A red slap on the face clearly appeared on his pale, tired face. The red mark of her hand showed plainly on his white tired face.
A fourth was clearly visible through the side window, driving. Inside the car, a fourth man was plainly visible through the side glass, sitting at the wheel.
In the light of the torch, a number of needle marks in a large vein were clearly visible. The torchlight showed clearly the line of dark-stained punctures that tracked the big vein.
Everything was clearly visible around, although the sun had not yet risen. The sun had not risen, but it was bright enough to see everything clearly.
The fictional event is embedded in memory so clearly that it becomes a reality. A fictional experience implanted into the mind so vividly that it becomes reality.
There was no pain, but the recent terrible incident clearly stood before my eyes. There was no pain, but that last dreadful memory came vividly to mind.
I remember that clearly because I was with Sheri Becker. I remember it very vividly because I was with Sherry Becker.
I do not know why this is so clearly imprinted in my memory. I can’t think why it has remained so vividly engraved on my mind.
The perpetrator of all these crimes clearly demonstrates a serious mental disorder. The perpetrator of these crimes clearly exhibits a profoundly disturbed psyche.
Then he realized that his position also provided him with the opportunity for the first time to clearly see Clarksville. As he did he realized that the position also gave the first clear view he’d had of Clarkesville.
A scattering of stars and the ball of the old Earth hanging in the sky were clearly visible through the dome. Through the dome you could see the sweep of the stars and the great hanging orb of Mother Earth.
A ball several feet in diameter was now visible in place of the sharply defined needles of the sea urchin. A ball a few feet in diameter glowed in place of the urchin’s sharply limned spines and carapace.
In the moonlight, the tracks left by the wheels of cars were clearly visible on the slate. The moonlight was showing vehicle tracks in the shale.
An expanding circle of silence covered the clearing, and suddenly the movements of furry bodies, the rustle of clothes became clearly audible. A spreading well of silence filled the clearing, so that the brush of cloth, the shift of a furred body was suddenly loud.
The destroyed concrete pavement was clearly visible in all six images. The six shots of the broken concrete were clear enough.
He sharply folded the telescope, and the click sounded distinctly in the noise of the wind. He shut the telescope with a click that sounded clear amid the noise of the wind about his ears.
The memory quickly faded, but suddenly he distinctly remembered the appearance of the mini-monolith in his cabin. The memory was fading fast, but he suddenly recalled that night when the mini-monolith had appeared in his cabin.
Many people vividly recall the facts of inhuman or degrading treatment that they themselves or their family members have been victims of. Many vividly recount inhuman or degrading treatment undergone by themselves or family members.
As today’s discussion has shown, a number of presentations have very clearly emphasized the importance and urgency of getting started. Judging from this morning’s discussion, the gravity and urgency of getting down to work has been very thoroughly underlined in several statements in the debate.
Caring for the environment is evident in the way our forest resources are used. This is particularly true with regard to our forestry resources.
Sometimes certain properties of different lights allow us to see clearly what may be hidden. The distinct properties of different lights enable us to see clearly what may previously have been hidden.
You can clearly see how his heart beats. There’s the heart beating, which you can see clearly.
This is especially evident from the extremely rapid growth of financial activity compared to the activity of the manufacturing sector. This could be seen very clearly in the extraordinary increase of financial activities in comparison with productive activities.
There is a loud, clear sound – you can hear it quite clearly. It’s loud, clear – you can hear it very clearly.
She remembers the circumstances of her father’s murder very clearly and she has information that has not surfaced before. She remembers the circumstances of her father’s death very clearly, and has information that’s never been brought forward before.
You can clearly see you ordering Bosch to remove the handcuffs from Waits. Well, it certainly shows you ordering Detective Bosch to loosen Waits’ handcuffs.
Many episodes of childhood have been erased from my memory, but some I see many times, as clearly as if I were there. Some childhood memories have evaporated, and some I heard so many times about that I feel as if I’d been there.

Test drive Peugeot 307cc | Articles on

In the middle of summer, it simply obliges you to have as open clothes as possible, throw off all unnecessary things and leave your body to the sun and warm wind. Cars are no exception in this sense. Dumping everything unnecessary from your car is not an easy task, but only if it is not a coupe-convertible. A convertible with a hard top is twice as pleasant as it is. In just a few seconds, it turns into a full-fledged coupe, which does not care about rain or even hail.

In addition to the sunny weather and unprecedented heat, a bright red extravagant Peugeot 307cc was added to our “garage”.This is not just a coupe, and not just a convertible, this is a real mutant, but the mutant is not scary, but very cute. Constantly moving along city streets and outside the metropolis in a convertible, it becomes just a shame – why do we have so few of them? Passing by all the time look at you, examine you with an appraising glance, some stick their heads out of their cars, trying to see what and how there, in the cabin, or maybe they just want to listen to what music is playing, or maybe they want to throw a cigarette goby imperceptibly out of envy.In general, attention from others is felt by all parts of the body. Women, noticing our Peugeot 307cc, began to nervously giggle and point fingers, apparently forgetting about their husbands and young people, because their brain was completely taken over by our “fawn”.

Indeed, the car is more suitable for ladies than for their gentlemen, it is so imbued with grace and aesthetics, which a man is simply not capable of, or rather capable of, but then this man looks very strange and speaks in a boring and disgusting voice, from which just goosebumps run through.The red color adds sharpness and contrast to everything around, and the red color on the Peugeot is also feminine in its essence, it is completely different from the one in which, for example, Ferrari is painted.


Peugeot 307cc just exudes positive emotions. From the front, it looks like a real human face: an open mouth in the form of a black radiator grille, with two fog-like fangs on the lower jaw, two headlight eyes, neatly drawn shadows and ink, so as to appear more elongated, and, finally, a nose in the form of standing on its hind legs of a lion.You cannot speak about 307cc from the point of view of automotive aesthetics, you cannot pronounce phrases like “short overhangs”, “massive bumper”, etc. It is as beautiful as the house of loving spouses, when all the interior space is subject to a woman: she arranges flowers in her own way, selects the color of dishes and bed linen, but none of your friends says that you live in a women’s hostel. Likewise, the Peugeot 307cc cannot be only female, although it looks 150% like the creation of “Barbie”.

The interior of the Peugeot 307cc, which we got for the test, is subject to a sporty style: black leather seats with red accents, aluminum inserts wherever possible – on the doors, center console, steering wheel, pedals, deflectors, gearboxes, and white dials on dashboard. How else? This is not only a coupe, but also a convertible, which means that it is accessible to all road users and should look no less extravagant than the interior.

It should be noted that the Peugeot 307cc is a car for two and only for two, but not a 2 + 2.Why there is a second row of seats and remains a mystery. It turned out to be not an easy task to accommodate even a 13-year-old child, not to mention an adult, whose knees were felt by those sitting in front. In addition, with the roof folded down, the head rests against the rear window, and with the top open, even with the windows raised at a speed of more than 40 km / h, the rear passengers did not have enough oxygen. I must admit that this is a misfortune not only for the Peugeot 307cc, but also for all convertibles – it is terribly uncomfortable at speed behind.

The mechanism that removes the roof does this job in 25 seconds, which is not a record. In addition, all manipulations with a hard top can be carried out only on a stationary car, or moving very, very slowly. Otherwise, an inscription appears on the screen at the very top of the torpedo, warning of the enormous speed and the impossibility of completing the operation. The same button that removes and closes the roof is located under the driver’s right elbow along with the so-called central window, which lowers and raises all the side windows at once.The rest of the interior of the Peugeot 307cc is clear and simple. There is even a dual-zone climate control, as well as very high-quality acoustics, allowing you to listen to your favorite recordings at maximum volume with virtually no loss of quality.

All this splendor is driven by a 2.0-liter 140 horsepower engine mated to a 5-speed automatic. If not the operation of the automatic transmission, which now and then responds to switching with strong jerks and is distinguished by constant thoughtfulness, sometimes turning into complete cretinism, then the Peugeot 307cc has pleasant dynamics.The sequential shift mode helps to correct the situation a little, in addition, the steering and ESP add confidence when driving.

One acquaintance who prefers only one brand to all other cars, I will not say which one, having seen a Peugeot 307cc with an open roof, said that absolutely any car can be a convertible. Well, the Peugeot 307cc convertible is an amazing picture, thanks to which you want to spit on all the flaws and flaws made by the designers.Moreover, in the coupe version 307 is no worse, because at any time, the roof can be folded into the trunk and do not care about all the flaws and flaws made by the designers.

90 422 60

90 422 143 at 6000

90 422 100 at 6000

90 422 200 at 4000


(according to the manufacturer)

Peugeot 307cc

Type Coupe-Cabriolet
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 2 + 2
Length (mm) 4340
Width (mm) 1745
Height (mm) 1420
Wheelbase (mm) 2608
Luggage capacity min / max (l) 205/350
Fuel tank capacity (l)
Displacement (cm 3 ) 1997
Engine type Inline,


Maximum power (hp)with. at rpm)
Maximum power (kW at rpm)
Maximum torque (Nm @ rpm)
Type Front-wheel drive
Gearbox type



Front MacPherson struts with anti-roll bar
Rear Semi-suspended, with anti-roll bar
Front Ventilated discs
Rear Wheels
Wheels and tires
In the following configuration 16 inches 205/55 R16
Curb weight (kg) 1455

gross weight (kg)

Maximum speed

(km / h)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 8.8
Fuel consumption (l / 100 km)
Mixed cycle 6.3
Country cycle 8.4
Urban cycle 12.2
Complete set Sport
Price (USD): 36 500

12 English words that are often spelled and pronounced incorrectly / Habr

The English language is full of rather difficult words that are not so easy to pronounce and write correctly.I came across a post that contains 12 such words in which many make mistakes, and gives recommendations on how to avoid them. I have prepared a translation of this material.


Incorrect: conscence

In this case, one must understand that the word conscience means “an inner feeling of right or wrong behavior.” That is, the meaning differs from the word conscious, an adjective that means that a person is conscious and capable of reacting to the world around him.

Life hack: To write ‘conscience’, include ‘science’.


Incorrect: maintainence

In this case, the difficulty is that the word ‘maintenance’ is directly related to the maintenance of something in working order (meaning of the word maintain), but there is no such part in it.

3. recommend

Wrong: reccommend, reccomend

Double-letter words are always tricky, because it is often not clear which letter should be doubled.There may be a feeling in this word that there may well be two ‘c’, but this is not true.


Incorrect: deductable

Another tricky word based on the -ible / -able spellings. It is extremely easy to confuse the spellings of words with such endings, so you need to be careful with them. In this particular case, the letter ‘i’ must be inside the word.


Invalid: wierd

There is a rule that sounds like ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ (‘i’ before ‘e’, ​​except when it is preceded by ‘c’), but weird successfully breaks it (which is rather strange and , by coincidence, this is what it means).

6. accommodate

Wrong: acommodate, accomodate

Double letters again. And now it turns out that they can occur in a word more than once. In this case, you can remember that the word ‘accommodate’ actually accommodates many letters.

7. pronunciation

Incorrect: pronounciation

The source of errors with this word lies in the fact that its verb form sounds and is written as ‘pronounce’. However, the noun does not have this additional letter ‘o’ in the middle.There is nothing you can do about it – just memorize.


Incorrect: supercede

The word ‘supersede’ has Latin roots. In addition, many words in English have been influenced by words like ‘intercede’, so it is not difficult to classify ‘supersede’ in this group. However, it does not apply, and instead of the letter ‘c’, you must use ‘s’ at the end.


Incorrect: hankerchief

To spell this word correctly, just remember that the handkerchief is held in the hand (hand) – and it has the letter ‘d’ at the end.

10. rhythm

Incorrect: rythm

A six-letter word with only one vowel cannot but be difficult. Here, however, things are complicated by the presence of a pair of unpronounceable ‘h’ letters scattered throughout the word.

11. embarrass

Incorrect: embarass, embaress

The double letter puzzle again! Moreover, in this particular word, not everything is so simple with vowels. Therefore, you have to really memorize it.

Wrong: liason

French roots are easily guessed here – thanks to the unpronounceable sequence of three vowels in a row!

What other difficult English words in spelling and pronunciation do you know?

Western Ukrainian acquaintance with Peugeot 4008 – Magazine “4×4 Club”

Using a truncated Japanese platform, the French are producing a new Peugeot 4008 crossover on a collectible scale … to Georgia, and then to Ukraine.

I don’t see any other reason to visit two citadels of color revolutions at once. We went not to some Kievan Rus, but directly to the “zapadenshchina”, the plane landed in Lvov. Getting off the ramp, we got into brand new Peugeot 4008s and drove to the Carpathians. What did I know about western Ukraine? Allegedly, borscht is made there from Muscovites, but this is in the past, since the last Muscovite was eaten there even under Gorbachev. In general, the starting mood was the same as in Georgia. However, further developments followed a different scenario.None of the locals tried to assure that “Westerners” are no more dangerous than teddy bears. In general, they paid a minimum of attention to us. True, the legend about the evil descendants of Stepan Bandera was carefully supported. At the very end, it became clear to me why.

Main component. The car is assembled in Japan. Everything the French do add some charm


Sales of the Peugeot 4008 began in April. The first – in our and the Ukrainian market, and only then in China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Europe.This is how the French trade their cars these days. They seem to rely least on demand in their country. On the other hand, this is understandable. The French, carefully camouflaging themselves, say that the Peugeot 4008 is based on a shortened Peugeot 4007 platform with reduced front and rear overhangs. They took and subtracted 30 centimeters from the original length, while leaving the wheelbase and track unchanged to guarantee room for passengers and a spacious trunk. This is partly true: the 4007 is the Mitsubishi Outlander, and the 4008 is the Mitsubishi ASX.At the same time, the ASX is based on a truncated Outlander platform. The Peugeot 4008 is produced in Japan, and the participation of the French is to give it charm with minimal means. That they are good at it.

The characteristics of the platform, as well as the overall dimensions, make the 4008 universal. It is compact, which guarantees excellent maneuverability, but at the same time it has a spacious interior, so it is suitable for daily use both in the city and on vacation. At the same time, it is much prettier than the Mitsubishi ASX, and for lovers of everything French, this is almost the main argument.


We drove versions with a two-liter 150 horsepower engine. First with a mechanical five-speed gearbox, and then with a variator. The complete set with manual transmission seemed much more fun, and the variator had to be kept in manual mode all the time. Overtaking trucks on the Carpathian bends, I kept pressing on the paddle shifters, fixing the gears. The petals are surprisingly ergonomically calibrated and a pleasure to use. Only the provincial Transcarpathian road network prevented you from getting the maximum pleasure (the roads there are many times worse than the Georgian ones).Mitsubishi has never been known for its smooth running, neither does the new Peugeot SUV. The energy consumption of the suspension is also quite relative. I caught breakouts in pits and especially on hillocks all the time.

Although we tested “parquet” vehicles, there was a piece of off-road in the program. So, for off-roading, Peugeot is equipped with the most common crossover all-wheel drive. Everything is managed by an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. While the car is traveling on dry asphalt roads at speeds of up to 80 km / h, 85 percent of the torque is supplied to the front axle.Off-road, you can switch the toggle switch to Lock mode, which is usually recommended by the manufacturer. On my own I will add: only if you do not need to slip. You feel that there is a small off-road battle ahead, with gas to the floor and scattering pieces of snow-mud-sand from under the wheels – leave the toggle switch in normal mode. Otherwise the clutch will boil. Peugeot recognizes this, but, as always, in a veiled form. They say: Lock mode only works at low speeds. And if you are standing in a snowdrift, spinning your wheels madly, what is that?

Almost asphalt.
This “lion cub” fails on poor surfaces – neither comfort nor energy intensity

Having traveled through the Carpathians and local leaky country roads, we returned back to Lviv, where the answer to the riddle finally appeared: why, in the absence of hostility with the Katzap, is the myth of filthy Muscovites cultivated in every possible way? At the heart of this is money. We went to a bar where Ukrainian nationalists are rumored to be gathering. You just can’t go there, you have to say the password “glory to great Ukraine”, and then drink a glass with the words “death to Muscovites”.We were not allowed in there, and not at all because they didn’t come out with a face: the whole tavern was packed to the last centimeter with our fellow citizens. And, as you know, it was they who bought up all the magnets in the city with the inscription: “Dyakuyu tobi, God, I’m not a Muscovite.” Ours are buying up similar souvenirs here in such quantities that they do not have time to bring them up. I haven’t gotten such a magnet anymore! But I’ll definitely be back when they get a lift.

The Mitsubishi ASX shadow will always pursue the Peugeot 4008, but the “Frenchman” will not become a real competitor to the “Japanese” for a banal reason.The quota for Russia is still only 3,000 cars a year, and for the whole world – 20,000. If everything French is dear to you, hurry up, there may not be a second chance. However, if you do not have time, go to Ukraine, there will most likely remain stocks, just do not forget to pronounce the name of the manufacturer – “pyzho” correctly. The test word is “pyvo”.

The Peugeot 4008 is based on the Mitsubishi ASX platform, a shortened version of the Outlander (aka Peugeot 4007).The front and rear overhangs were reduced, but the wheelbase and track were kept unchanged to guarantee room for passengers and roomy luggage.

When the 4WD mode is turned on, the engine torque is transmitted to both axles, but the electronic control unit is responsible for the distribution of this torque. For example, when driving on dry asphalt at 80 km / h, 85% of the torque goes to the front axle. If the front wheels slip, the percentage of torque transmitted to the rear wheels will increase.There is a Lock mode, which allows you to block the clutch and apply the moment equally to both driving axles. Nevertheless, the car is sorely lacking in electronic imitation of cross-axle differential locks.

How to say Hyundai or Hyundai correctly

Correct pronunciation of car brands

You can often hear how motorists, discussing certain car models, mispronounce their names. This is understandable, because not everyone is familiar with the rules of reading and pronunciation of Italian, German, and even more so Japanese or Korean.

The most striking example is Lamborghini, the name of this company is pronounced as “Lambogini”. We will not delve into the rules of the Italian language, we will only say that this word is pronounced correctly as “Lamborghini”.

Another common mistake is the deformed name of the American manufacturer Chevrolet. Some drivers, bragging, say that they have a Chevrolet Aveo or Epica or Lacetti. The final “T” is not readable in French, so you need to pronounce – “Chevrolet”, well, or in the American version – “Chevy”.

The Porsche name is also mispronounced. Car enthusiasts say both “Porsche” and “Porsche”. But the Germans themselves and the workers of the famous automobile plant in Stuttgart pronounce the name of the brand “Porshe” – after all, it is not good to distort the name of the founder of this famous model.

If you can more or less figure it out with European models, things are much worse with Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

For example “Hyundai”. As soon as it is not pronounced – Hyundai, Hyundai, Hyundai.It is worth saying that the Koreans themselves read this name as Hanja or Hangul. In principle, no matter how you say it, they will still understand you, especially if they see the company logo on your car. On the websites of official Hyundai dealers, they write in parentheses – “Hyundai” or “Hyundai”, and according to the transcription in Wikipedia, this name is advised to pronounce “Hyundai”. For a Russian, “Hyundai” sounds more familiar.

Correct reading of Hyundai Tucson SUV also causes problems, they read both “Tucson” and “Tucson”, but it will be right – Tussan.The car is so named after a city in the US state of Arizona.

Mitsubishi is another brand with no consensus on its name. The Japanese themselves pronounce this word as “Mitsubishi”. Lisp Americans and British pronounce it like “Mitsubishi”. In Russia, the correct pronunciation is more accepted – Mitsubishi, although they often write in the American manner.

Another Japanese brand – Suzuki, which is often read “Suzuki”, but according to the rules of the Japanese language, you need to speak “Suzuki”.

Of course, all this is not so important and, as a rule, motorists find a common language. But when they say “Renault” or “Peugeot” on “Renault” or “Peugeot”, it’s really funny.

“Hyundai” or “Hyundai” how to spell it?

There are doubts about how to write “Hyundai” or “Hyundai”. With the help of a simple and understandable rule, we will be able to remember this spelling once and for all.

Spelling correctly

According to the rules for transmitting Korean words in Russian , none of the options is correct.


Hyundai is an incorrect, but colloquially used name for a Korean car brand.

How do you spell Hyundai in English?

This word is written in English letters like this: hyundai. The pronunciation and spelling confusion stemmed from the fact that the combination of the letters “a” and “i” in Korean is pronounced “e”, but buyers naturally read the name in English. This is how the syllable “ay” appeared.

“Hyundai” – another incorrect pronunciation and spelling, arose due to different interpretations of the syllable hyun.

Hyundai – this spelling of the word most accurately conveys the Korean pronunciation. The system for the transmission of Korean words was developed by the Soviet linguist Alexander Kholodovich.

Forklift Hyundai, Hyundai, Hyundai, Hyundai or Hyundai – which is correct?

Every wheeled and crawler excavator, front loader and other types of construction equipment manufactured by the Korean corporation Hyundai Heavy Industries bear the inscription HYUNDAI on their sides.

And not only on the sides, but also on counterweights, arrows, symbolizing the trademark with reliable, productive construction equipment. In Korean, the word Hyundai is spelled like this: 현대, it’s pretty simple. And the translation of the meaning – “modernity” (“in step with the times”, “new time”) is also simple. But how to pronounce and write in Russian correctly?

Translation from one language into another from different language groups is already associated with big problems, but when there is a translation through the language, expect misunderstandings and discrepancies.Moreover, for Korean phonemes, there are not always similar sounding analogs in Cyrillic or Latin.

There are many variations for the word hyundai:

 Hyundai
 Hyundai
 Hyundai
 Hyundai
 Hyundai
 Hyundai
 Honda

The correct one is Hyundai, with the stress on the last syllable. In writing, it is best to use the original brand name – Hyundai.

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Alexander Masyagin: 17 moments with Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy

In May AUTOSTAT sent its resident to the Baltic States, who breathed European air, faced the Soviet past, walked the paths of Pleischner, was not afraid to speak Russian and brought sanctioned goods to Russia.And all this became possible thanks to a press tour organized by PSA, presenting the updated Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy vans.


My preparation for a business trip to Europe was reminiscent of psychological training for performing a special assignment. History, rumors and informational background about the Baltic States persistently inspired an analogy with the Stalker mission.

Not understanding my own expectations, I start my journey abroad. The all-Union gateway behind the Iron Curtain was the Sheremetyevo airport.A huge and solemn complex pulled me to the border guard turnstile through the “green” corridor.

I found the gate indicated on the boarding pass. He sat down in the midst of those waiting. I tuned in to adapt to an unknown cultural environment. By the phonetics of fragmentary phrases, I was able to single out “new fellow countrymen” from Lithuania. It was almost understandable and easy to pronounce. I tried to repeat in a whisper and listened to the inner echo. The Lithuanian language was associated with the Baltic Esperanto. The only difference between us was that I was “Zhdun” and they were “ZhdulS”.


Boarding gate changed. Now you have to move! From the comfortable environment of European gentlemen with elegant Esperanto, I moved towards the crowd that spoke loud Russian. The entire sound space was filled with a group of women of Balzac age, loudly commenting on everything around.

I looked at all this with Baltic composure. I headed for the automatic doors behind the Aeroflot counter. Next is the corridor and the entrance to the liner. All the formal and figurative doors of the border remained behind.Ahead lies the physical overcoming of the geographical borders of Russia and Belarus, and then Belarus and Lithuania.

I’ll be back. I will return differently. Will come back to others. In my case, the return is planned for the car of the PSA concern, which is waiting for me in Vilnius …


Overcoming the sanctioned space, the liner slightly shook. In the porthole, the earth gleamed with the mirrors of reservoirs. I tried to consider the capital of Lithuania. From the lights overboard, it became clear that we were approaching a settlement.But it didn’t strike with flashes of neon and xenon. Quiet. Reliable. Mystical.

Black and white background in the border control area. Purely. Quiet. Behind the glass in a gray booth with a turnstile sat two employees in gray uniforms. We talked quietly with the newcomers. Restrained and austere, they both wore the hairstyles of the main character in the movie “The Scream”. Mysticism …

Breathing in the European air, I hurried to the exit. From the transit zone, I went into a light, small room, decorated with stucco on the columns and ceiling in the style of the station at Ruzayevka station.Mystic!


There was a hitch with the transfer. I got to know my colleagues. After a little consultation, the organizers, along the dotted line of the crushed cigarette butts, escorted us into a taxi. The taxi driver greeted us and immediately reassured us: “Here you can calmly speak Russian. Nobody will offend you! Things are good!”.

With a short night walk we easily covered the distance from the airport to the small, cozy Shakespeare Hotel. There I was named James Joyce. The hotel does not have guest room numbers.Each apartment has the name of the writer.

Happiness – when you are understood. Everyone in the hotel was polite. Correct. We were happy to talk about Vilnius and our hotel. Helpful in table service. And oatmeal is no worse than “Baskerville”!

Fortunately, my colleague and the organizers offered me a trip to Riga. Yes! We have to return in PSA cars from Vilnius to Moscow via Minsk! Yes! But how not to visit Riga? I am for! ..


The next morning I saw our cars.Two snow-white “Frenchmen” were standing in the courtyard of the hotel. For the first time I looked at the vans with awe! The cute and harsh “faces” of the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy were different. But at that moment they reminded me of a pug and a French bulldog. Or is it in me already saying PSA?

Light breakfast and off you go! My colleague and I decided to test the Peugeot Expert van in its habitat, i.e. at IKEA! IKEA is available in Vilnius and Klaipeda. But in Riga, no. PSA was just pushing my colleague and me to make money.The money itself is asking for! But we are here to explore the possibilities of cars.

At the IKEA parking lot, a colleague and I found an object to be loaded onto a van. The experimental sample was two solid wood tabletops measuring 2500 x 500 mm. Great in and out! You can begin to put experiments on people.


We are leaving Vilnius. Setting up navigators. We are discussing the route. I looked out the window and shuddered. I’ve seen that before. A typical panel house covered with asbestos slate with peeling walls and an overgrown fence.This is Syzran! Pinch me! This is what it means: “Tears home!” Diesel fuel in the furnace! Let’s go to Riga! A colleague added on the interchange and slightly voiced the presence of a diesel engine under the hood.

Happiness when dreams come true. And in the utility commercial vehicle segment, PSA has created a remarkable combination of diesel, paddle shifted automatic transmission and resilient suspension. The roads in Lithuania resembled the track in the Saratov region with their rut and patches. And what is not Europe ?!

The happiness of being free and traveling.Yes! PSA vehicles are equipped with a diesel engine. A good diesel engine. The French concern is in the lead in this. The economical and reliable PSA engine is put under the hood of their cars by other car manufacturers. With a PSA diesel engine, a LADA car, which was then still a “Niva”, drives in France. Driving with petals, you don’t have to spoil our journey by looking for a gas station with a price tag of 1.12 Euro per liter of diesel fuel! And this is happiness in the workplace!


I looked enviously at my colleague behind the wheel. I also want to try this unit.But first I decided to examine the interior. There are no mirrors in the visors. But there is a salon rear-view mirror. The Peugeot Expert has no partition between the crew and the cargo hold. Sounds were heard behind our chairs. Not very melodic. But rhythmic on the bumps. These high notes merged with the noise of the air being slashed. In order not to spin like in the show “Voice”, a colleague could look for the source of sounds in the salon mirror. The driver’s seat is protected by a metal frame from the floor to the headrest. Protection from the impact of an unsecured load and, for sure, will save when overturning.My passenger seat is not protected by a frame. It can be dismantled by increasing the loading space. And unlike the driver, I can lean back like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix! And here is the new button, mandatory! The SOS button on the overhead console is highlighted in red. GLONASS is with us!

Two hours later we started looking for a place for a coffee break and a driver change. There was not a single settlement along the way. Our attention was attracted by an object with an aviation equipment site.We turned. It was a small hotel, a museum of Soviet aviation technology, an airfield for small aircraft and a hangar for agricultural equipment. Everything is clean, neat and clear. The coffee is good, the museum is interesting, the tractors are new, the Cessna is covered in a tarpaulin.


It’s my turn to drive the van. Honestly?! He began to look for the automatic transmission lever with a wave! And it is in the form of a washer on the front panel … But it turned out to be a touching and desperate gesture of farewell to the lovely hostess of the small arena of VDNKh in Lithuania. Go! And waved his hand!

When we entered the track, it became comfortable with the Expert’s confident traction and stability.I wanted to quote “Doesn’t eat! And rushing! ” from the movie “Pretty Woman”. The road was not heavily loaded. The movement is smooth. There was no need to work with petals. But I really wanted to. And finally, we began to catch up with the truck with the bright logo of the trading company. I glanced slightly at my colleague. He felt something. How did I give myself away ?! Yes, there is a desire to overtake! Everything will be within the rules! No nerves! GLONASS is with us! Peugeot’s swing doors were reflected in the salon mirror. Not a hint of support for my maneuver.Even the “voice” died down. I looked around at the two “tablets” of the side mirrors and held my breath. This is the first time this has happened to me. With your hand ?! Or with your foot? I press the accelerator pedal with gentle persistence, waiting for the response of the propulsion system. And here he is! Flooded! With my peripheral vision, I noticed how the large logo on the side of the truck morphed into an unfinished Trump tweet.


We passed the border of Lithuania and Latvia, looking at the road sign with the EU flag and the abandoned buildings of customs control. Europe is one.And the roads are different in quality. It seems that they crossed the border of Mordovia and the Ryazan region.

There was very little left to reach the goal. We started scheduling time and money. Anyway, there was still Jurmala. Apparently, Peugeot Expert gave us confidence in strength and resources.

A colleague got behind the wheel in the city. And I again looked at something painfully familiar. It looked like Salekhard’s barracks. Gloomy and harsh suburbs of Riga. Capital! A city of contrasts! And where is the renovation looking ?! This is the Moscow suburb.Or Maska. The area has been inhabited since the 14th century.

We circled a little more on the outskirts, similar to Zhukovsky in the Moscow region, and began to look for a place for a paid parking closer to the center. There is a piece of Bern and Flower Street. Pleischner finished badly there …

I can’t lie. It was this short moment that I expected from a long journey. We walked along the streets of an ancient city that became a legend of the Soviet Union. A cinematic platform for stories about life and everyday life in Europe.The command “Motor!” worked! The PSA diesel engine did it for me!


My colleague and I went to Lido. This is a chain of restaurants of the “Mu-mu” type. Tasty. Hearty. Healthy. And for dessert Jurmala! Behind the wheel and go! This is a small hook. The Primorsky “branch of Barvikha” greeted our van without enthusiasm. But there was no disdain either. Still would! Window all the way down. Elbow out and snap the petals, bringing out diesel jazz!

We found a parking spot and walked along a winding path along the mansions.Climbing the tangled roots of mighty trees to the green dunes, we saw the sea. Baltic! The sea, which is the zero geographic mark of the horizon in Russia. Green grass, pine trees, sand and fresh wet wind! How similar it is to the left bank of the Volga in front of the Zhigulevsky mountains! “It’s great that we are all here …”.


Slightly blinded by the brilliance of the sea and luxury, we set off on our way back. The good lunch and the experience sparked heartfelt conversations. And the road back in good company is always shorter! The car easily covered kilometers without a hint of appetite.

Leaving the steering wheel for me, a colleague tried to relax. The road was empty. I stopped tracking speed. There is confidence and satisfaction from driving the Peugeot Expert. Even unpleasant incidents did not spoil the mood. We saw how the police of Latvia and Lithuania work on the road. First, an unfortunate accident of two trucks. The driver lost concentration. Soft-boiled cockpit. We pray and move on. Then we met a convoy of military equipment, accompanied by the police. And a cortege with “flashing lights”. Friday! Completion of cases.

The most difficult task was parking the Peugeot Expert in the courtyard of the Shakespeare Hotel. The lack of parking sensors and the dimensions of the van forced us to divide our crew into steering and signal. Everything. Well! For the road! Good luck!


The next day gathered everyone to find places for a photo session. Two handsome men of the PSA concern were everywhere! The short discussion ended like this: “Let’s go! Let’s see!”. Vilnius has a lot to show.

A small old pier on the banks of the eternal Vilna River became the first podium for Peugeot and Citroen models.Athletes and dog breeders walked along the path along the river. We have invaded this simple traditional world of the European capital with our “media caprices”. Clicked to the first sweat. The weather was pleasing. Further to the “city”. New district of Vilnius in glass and concrete. In this business center, our vans flashed in the windows of the business environment.


My colleague and I got into a Citroen Jumpy. It has three seats in the cockpit. And they took in another fellow traveler. A narrow armrest protruded warningly next to the driver’s seat.If not for this limiter, the passengers would have sat down more comfortably, but they would not have gone. The Jumpy has a dividing wall between the cargo hold and the crew. It consists of two removable parts. The passenger double sofa can be dismantled. Having dropped the third, my colleague and I moved to the TV tower. Mournful and tragic place. The USSR ended there …

We spent the rest of the day walking around the old town. Streets and cafes of Vilnius could have become a kind of advertising for beer “For Alex!” And the most suitable place for comprehending the history of Europe.This country, this city and this people were impartial witnesses. On these pavements, Napoleon’s troops marched and then fled. And at the beginning of the 20th century, this city was Polish. Then the Soviet. And now there is stability and nowhere to rush. You can live here and now. Exactly. And I saw this simple and reliable desire among those around me.

In the USSR, Lithuania was the Western frontier of the state. Now it is the eastern outskirts of vast Europe. A pavement was being repaired on one of the narrow streets.But this did not cancel Saturday and the desire to “Live here and now!”. It’s just that the sand under the old pavement has become a beach! And they brought out the tables! And they continue to live. A real “Roadside Picnic”! I parted with Vilnius, worshiping the Ostrobramskaya Icon of the Mother of God. Home tomorrow. Home.


Good Sunday morning. My colleague and I are preparing for a trip to Moscow in a Citroen Jumpy. Once again, in the courtyard of the hotel with the name of the English writer, I examine the cars. The French in the 19th century borrowed a lion from the British for the emblem of their car.Earlier, the English were taught to write long words and pronounce them shortly. But now, looking at the wheels of cars, I understand why the size of the rims is indicated in inches. Brexit! Yes! It is inches away that we are leaving the EU!

We received food from the hotel on the way. Sandwich, yogurt and apple. Thanks! But here’s the problem of organizing a workplace in cars! Where to place the navigator? Only two cupholders on the front under the windshield. There’s a big pocket about the size of a bucket in the doorway! A dwarf lemon tree will fit there.But somehow everything is not “at hand”.


Easy road to the border and we are greeted by a lone EU employee with a friendly smile. We ate an apple. Then the Belarusian border guard manually rewrote us. We ate a sandwich. Short formalities and off you go! The road is wide and empty. Gradually, the European air began to erode from the van. A colleague’s allergies are gone. Yellow fields along the road lured two stern bikers into the thick of rapeseed for a romantic selfie in Van Gogh paints. Touching!

Arriving at a gas station near Minsk, my colleague and I realized that there was no trunk in the van.A lone mid-size suitcase left in the cargo belly of the van trampled our brains out for a short run. I had to hobble the luggage with a towing cable and fix it in standard loops at the corners of the floor perimeter. After taking a sip of coffee, we discovered a difference in serving clients in Russia and Belarus by a well-known oil company. Alcoholic drinks were presented here in the “Goods for the trip” section. On time…


Cruise control helped to level the distance with colleagues in another car.Alas, technology reduces concentration. Perhaps this is what happened to a driver who had an accident in Latvia. The sensitive brake pedal in French cars made us move our torso in the city in a rhythm: “The ice is melting between us …”. But it worked great on the road! The unhurried detour of the passing truck was overshadowed by a two-wheeled participant in the movement. This happens when a category “A” driver’s license is purchased on the basis of rafting. Brake! Screech of Brexit! The remnants of European air and the rear axle swerved to the right! Excellent controllability! Let’s go further.

Relatives of civil servants greeted us at the border! Russia! No formalities. Inspection only. How to explain the abuse of the suitcase? I open the doors of Jumper. Like a naughty schoolboy, I lift my head up. It’s convenient! I made out in the luggage compartment two lampshades! One by the door and the other by the partition. Here we transfer money and documents! We show the cargo there! Bootleggers would love it! The border guard laughed heartily. With a light heart, we continue to move.


A little more! A little bit more! The Peugeot Expert must be returned to a dealership. Europe is behind! Moscow is ahead! Moments, like bullets at the temple … “Tsigel! Tsigel! Ay-lo-lo! ” This “carriage” can contact the hostel for me after the office closes! And I’m taking sanctioned cheese to my mom … Along the toll road, not embarrassed by my own magic, I turn May beetles into “yellow tulips” on the windshield. Separation heralds!

I am energetically joining the traffic of the Moscow Ring Road. I look with slight irritation at the sluggish representatives of the competing samples of the car industry.Here is the Transporter, another Vito caught my eye, somewhere behind the Ducato is following my trail. It is very important both in life and in the market to take your place. And hold your position! It is in vain that he cuts on the right side of the “Transit Connect”! Peugeot and I are in the stream! Mainstream! By the way! The neighboring convertible is poorer in equipment! We rush past the chilled dude. We can see everything from above!

After turning around the Moscow Ring Road and Khimki, I leave for “Leningradka”. The last leg of the journey. I stopped to get another look at the car before returning.According to the laws of the genre, I needed to sleep 30 minutes, like Stirlitz … But this is with cars from other manufacturers. And with a French car, champagne and cancan await us!

The PSA concern brings the right model to our market on time. Good conditions for dealers. Advantageous loans and leasing for clients. You can work comfortably and proudly present to friends and family. Here and now! The costs incurred by a PSA Bank client are comparable to paying for a fashion franchise. But Jumpy / Expert is freedom! And the competitive advantage is generosity!

Finsky lane 6.Fazer’s snack | Yle Uutiset

Photo: Yle

A big secret will be revealed in this issue. According to the general belief, in the Finnish language it is both written and read. Now, this is not true. Rather, the truth is only partially, but this is how it is insidious.

And the biggest problems are caused by foreign borrowing, especially proper names. Some of them adapt to the Finnish language, and there are no problems in pronunciation – Lontoo, Baijeri, Tromssa, Juutinrauma (London, Bavaria, Tromsø, Öresund password).The rest is much more complicated. From languages ​​with Latin writing, proper names are borrowed directly, with the preservation of signs that are absent in Finnish – a city in Norway Nærøy , Munich in Finnish retains umlaut München , Polish Lodz is written as in Polish – Łódź . According to the rules, borrowed proper names should be pronounced in the same way as in the original language, but in fact it depends on the prevalence of the word, and on general knowledge of the pronunciation rules in the original language, and on the speaker’s personal linguistic knowledge.For example, Peugeot can easily be pronounced both as “Peugeot” and as “Pesho” (after all, and for the Finns is just a variant of with ), and as “Peugeot”.

However, the most treacherous letter is hidden at the end of the alphabet behind the name tseta or tset . Together with B, C, D, F, G, Q, W, X and Å , the letter Z in modern Finnish occurs only in words of foreign origin. The main treachery lies in the fact that in different words this letter can be pronounced in several ways.In the latest explanatory dictionary Kielitoimiston sanakirja , all words beginning with z are transcribed.

In most cases, z is pronounced ts: zeoliitti – zeolite, zoomi – zoom, zucchini – zucchini, zoonoosi – zoonosis.

Sometimes z can be pronounced like a regular voiced z : zen – zen, zakuska – a snack, zulu – zulu.

And in rare cases the letter is read as a deaf s : zambo is the ethnographic term for Sambo, zloty is zloty.

Double zz in Finnish is pronounced as ts ( jazz , pizza ) , which is why there are spellings jatsi and pitsa .

It must have come as a surprise to many Russian-speaking people that the long-familiar Fazer in its homeland is not a Fazer at all, but a Fatser.True, the pronunciation of the name of this company is most likely due to the fact that the founder’s surname is German (Karl’s father came to Finland from Switzerland), and in German z is always read as “c”. Meeting with this letter in proper names can also cause a headache.

As mentioned earlier, borrowed names should be pronounced as close to the original language as possible. Because of this, one more pronunciation is added to the options for pronouncing z. In Spanish, z is read as θ – a similar sound occurs in English ( th in think ).Therefore, both Spanish and Finnish names must be read with this sound – Zaragoza ( θarago: θa ) or Gutiérrez ( gutie: rreθ ). The pronunciation rules of the Spanish language, however, are difficult to call generally known in Finland, so Lanzarote becomes Lansarote or Lantsarote , and Mallorca from Mallorca to Mallorca.

Famous aliens from other languages ​​are less problematic. Swedish Zacharias is pronounced through s , and in the news Anastasia Zavgorodnaya did not turn into Tsavgorodnaya, although she sometimes acted as Zavgorodnaya.But the Finns sometimes call their native Maria Guzenina-Richardson Guzenina, and sometimes Gusenina. Still, the instinct to read z as ts is strong.

Foreign names rarely found in everyday life, of course, can be confusing. Ask a Finn how to pronounce Azerbaidžan , Brazzaville , Belize or Zaire – not everyone will answer. Moreover, not only the notorious z will cause difficulties.

Translating foreign names into any language is not an easy matter.So it is rare, knowing a toponym or a name in your native language, just to guess how it is conveyed in another. For example, we can assume that the name of the Yangtze River in Finnish contains z , but it is only ephemeral there – Jangtse .

And what happens to the “z” in those Russian words that were borrowed into Finnish? They obeyed the general tendency that occurs when the Finns assimilated the newcomer word – they were stunned to s . So from the Cossack it turned out kasakka , from the fairy tale – kasku , and from the factory – savotta .Words from Russian also penetrated into dialects, slang and the spoken language, sometimes distorted beyond recognition. Is it possible to identify the verb snaijata with “know” or to recognize the usual breakfast in the word safka ?

Before the spelling reform Z was written with a cross bar, like in the seven.

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