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How to Choose Business Card Paper

Business card paper contains ready-made business cards, perforated or glued with tape, which can be separated manually. As a rule, a sheet holds 8 to 10 business cards.

If you plan to create new business cards, take seriously choosing business card paper. There are many varieties of business card paper, the key characteristics and differences of the main ones are described below.

First of all, determine which printer you’re going to use. For cards with plain design (text with black & white graphics) a monochrome laser printer will be fine. For color designs use an inkjet or color laser printer.

Note: Not any paper can be used in a laser printer. Avoid using glossy, textured and magnetic paper–it may damage a laser printer. With inkjet printers you can use any type of paper.

Let’s see what kinds of business card paper can be, how they differ and what’s the best way to use them.

Separation Methods

There are different ways to hold business cards in place on the sheet, and they determine the look of the cards after they are separated.

Perforated cards have slightly rough edges after you separate them, however, they normally cost 50% less than smooth edge cards.

Cards with smooth edges look more professional. Such cards are cut in advance and placed on thin base paper or secured by sticky tape from the back. When you separate the cards, their edges are perfectly clean.


Business cards can be glossy, matte, textured and regular. If you have a photo image on the card, use glossy paper. Such paper may cost twice as much as regular paper, but the quality will be brilliant on an inkjet printer. Use textured paper to add unique look to your cards.

Note: Don’t forget that glossy and textured cards are not compatible with laser printers!

Distance Between Cards

If you want to print a card that has a background image that covers the entire card, choose the paper with gaps between cards (normally there’ll be 8 cards per sheet).

While making the business card in Swift Publisher extend the background slightly over the card, to avoid positioning problems.

Pre-printed Cards

Some paper manufacturers (such as Paper Direct in the USA, Decadry or Sigel in Europe) produce cards with pre-printed background. If you plan to use such cards, consider the position of pre-printed graphics when creating your design.

PaperDirect Business Cards
Decadry Business Cards

Sigel Business Cards

Where To Buy Online?

You can buy business card paper stock in the Internet. See below where you can buy business card paper:

USA: [Staples] [Office Depot] [Amazon] [Avery]
Canada: [Grand & Toy]
Germany: [Viking]
France: [Office Depot]
Japan: [Office Depot]

Business Card Paper: Manufacturers

Letter size paper:

A4 size paper:

How to Make Your Own Business Cards From Home

These days, the field of business marketing is quick to embrace the latest ways to reach any online audience, and we often forget that offline promotion can be equally vital.

Contrary to experts’ opinions, the physical business card is not dead— it’s still a powerful tool. In certain fields and within specific age groups, these cards are a given. Even when networking in a tech-savvy environment, a unique business card can set you apart from the digital herd and make an immediate and long-lasting impression about your enterprise. And, thanks to technology, it’s simple to figure out how to make your own business cards from home.

Business cards remain a key component of branding strategy and constitute a portable and professional form of advertising that you can give to anyone at any time. And yes, many business cards will get lost or tossed, but with how simple and inexpensive they are to make, you can’t afford

not to have some on hand. Let’s consider what type of business card is right for your enterprise and how to make your own business cards that really stand out from the pack.

Design Your Business Card

The look and feel of your business card tells your contacts a great deal about your company.  With that in mind, we’ll examine how to make your own business cards, with beautiful and professional images and layouts.

Determine the Info on Your Card

When deciding how to make your own business cards, the first step is to decide what information you’ll want to include on them. There are the essential items, like these:

  • Your full name
  • Any credentials or professional designations you hold: These should immediately follow your last name.
  • Your title
  • The name of your business
  • Your physical and/or virtual address (i.e. your website): If your company operates solely online, to appear more legitimate, you might decide to rent a postal box at a local shipping store. Such boxes provide a physical address to put on your business card and a place to receive “snail” mail. (Yes, many companies still prefer to do business via the United States Postal Service.
    ) If you meet with clients in person, you might also explore joining a coworking space.
  • Your phone number: Be sure to establish a designated phone number for your business that’s separate from your personal number. If you can’t afford an extra line or a separate phone, use a free service like Google Voice to generate a unique number that will ring through to your existing phone.
  • Your email address: This address should be current, so you might decide to avoid older email services like Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail. Create a personalized email address, such as [email protected], for as little as $5 a month through Google Cloud’s G Suite. Your email address may not seem like an important issue, but it’s crucial to project a knowledgeable and professional image on your card, and personalized email assists with this impression.

Other possibilities to consider adding to your business card:

  • Your fax number: Whether to include a fax number depends entirely on your industry.
    Many fields still require an actual signature to legitimize their transactions, and some demand a paper trail to comply with local, state, or federal regulations. A fax machine fills these needs, and if connected to a landline, also provides an additional level of security not present with email for industries that handle sensitive information. If you need a fax number but don’t wish to purchase the machine or add the requisite phone line, you can sign up for an online fax service that provides many of (but not all) the same benefits.
  • Your picture: 
    A business card tends to include a photograph in industries where you and your business are interchangeable, like sales or real estate. Pictures are also an excellent tool to jog people’s memories as to who you are, particularly if you’ve met only once.
  • Your social media accounts: Social media is not an appropriate marketing venue for every company, nor is every digital platform suitable for all industries. But if they are relevant to your field, list the handles for your accounts on your card.

Remember, though, that a typical business card is two inches by three-and-a-half inches, so don’t try to squeeze too much information onto one card. Decide which elements are essential for your business, and if you need to include loads of information, consider a two-sided card.

Select a Layout for Your Card

Technology has made the actual design of your business card quick and painless. You can use an existing template, upload your own images, or combine the two. Websites like Canva or PicMonkey can show you how to make your own business cards quickly, by providing loads of free templates (though they do require that you sign up for an account and pay for premium feature sets). Select a style you like, fill in the blanks, and you’re all set.

If you’d rather stick with a brand you know, Google offers a Business Card Maker through its search engine, Chrome. Any of these websites will allow you to print your own designs, which we’ll discuss below, or you can order your freshly minted cards straight from the site itself.

If you’d like to print your cards at home, Microsoft Word offers business card templates. Under the File menu, select New and enter “Business Card” into the search box. You should see a variety of templates available for download.

You can also import into Word templates from Avery and match the design you’ve chosen to the appropriate Avery business card paper, which is available at most office supply stores. Many of these chains also sell their own brand of paper, and the packaging ought to tell you which template style to select from Avery for purposes of compatibility. Avery also provides inexpensive printing services, should you find that printing at home doesn’t meet your expectations.

Whatever your chosen modality, here are some key factors to consider as you design the layout of your business card:


Your card should reflect the image you wish to portray. Do you seek a design that’s clean and classic or whimsical and fun? It depends on the nature of your business. Such questions are similar to those a business owner asks when designing a logo.

If you already have a logo, take your cues from that graphic, and be sure to include it on your card. If you’ve yet to create a logo, you can hire a freelance designer to draw one for you at very little expense on websites like Fiverr, or pay a bit more for a seasoned professional at places like 99designs. Once you’ve settled on a symbol that represents your business, don’t forget to trademark your logo.


Be consistent with your color scheme across all marketing materials. If you’ve already designed items like a website, brochures, or stationery, stick with the same hues and general mood for your business card. Keep in mind, though, that if you plan to print at home, you’re better off with a white or cream background. Ink is expensive and printing a saturated background can tax even the best of machines.


The most important aspect of your business card is readability, so choose your font(s) wisely. A complex font may be beautiful, but could detract from the purpose of your card: to advertise your business. We recommend that you use no more than two fonts and that those fonts complement each other. If you use different fonts, your primary concern should be whether the name of your company catches the eye.


You might consider a unique size or shape to make your business card stand out from the pack. Remember, however, that this will make your cards more expensive to make and easier to lose. If your card is non-standard, it’s less likely to fit nicely into a wallet, card book, or other method of storage that people use for business cards.

Choose the Paper for Your Card

Paper plays a key role in how to make your own business cards that look professional and distinct. These choices are relevant whether you print at home or order from a service:


White and cream are the most common colors, and the easiest to print on at home. A bright-colored background may help make your card unique. No matter the color, be sure that the text on the card is legible.

Type of Card Stock

Regular card stock is the most affordable option, but a premium or thicker stock will result in a sturdier card. Some card stock is coated in plastic or made from linen, and if you print your own cards,  you may have to test whether your machine can handle this special paper.

The average business card is printed on stock that is 14 to 20 points thick (1 point = 1/1,000 of an inch), though you can purchase stock as thick as 32 points. Don’t use anything less than 14 point stock. It will make your cards seem cheap. Spend a bit extra on thicker paper to make your cards look more professional.

If you plan to print on both sides of your card, choose a thicker stock so that you can’t see through to the other side and so the ink won’t bleed through during the printing process. Look for business card stock created specifically for two-sided printing.

Nature of Finish

You can choose between a gloss (shiny) or matte finish for your cards. If you have a lot of images or graphics on your card, a glossy finish will help them pop. If your card is mostly text, a matte finish lends a classic and traditional look to your card.

Another consideration is that a glossy finish is harder to write on than a matte finish. This becomes problematic if you plan to hand out your card at events like trade shows or networking get-togethers. Since you meet a lot of people in a short amount of time, many people take notes on the back of business cards to help them recall the conversation. If people can’t write on your cards, it could hinder the chance that they’ll remember you.

Print Your Business Cards

Now that you know how to make your own business cards, it’s time to determine where and how to print your cards. Take the following factors into account: how many cards you need, how soon you need them, and if you’d like to experiment with a process that may not produce ideal results.

If you only require a few cards and you desire them right away, it makes sense to print them yourself. However, you might find that the quality doesn’t compare with professionally printed cards. If you’re able to wait a few days and prefer a large batch of cards, order from an online printer. You’ll be happier with the overall product. We’ll walk you through both options, though, so you’re prepared for either.

Make DIY Business Cards

When deciding how to make your own business cards, you might choose to design and print cards yourself. To do this, you’ll need a high-quality laser or inkjet color printer. If you own a laser printer, select a black and white template for best results. You will also need proper business card paper, either pre-perforated so you can separate each card with ease or a heavier card stock that you can carefully cut apart yourself with a ruler and a utility knife.

  1. First, check that the template you’ve chosen matches the layout of the paper you selected. While most pre-perforated business card paper holds 10 cards per page, they can be arranged differently. Print a test page on regular paper, and hold it up to the business card paper to ensure that the design and your paper properly align.
  2. Next, set your printer to produce the highest quality results. Double-check that you’ve selected in your settings the type of card paper you purchased, i.e. the proper size, type of finish, etc. If you’re printing on both sides, choose that option as well.
  3. Finally, manually feed the business card paper into your printer, and print one page of cards. If you like the results, print more, but only a few pages at a time. Multiple pages might jam your printer, and you may find that printing cards quickly drains your ink and lowers the quality of the card.

If you have an inkjet printer, let the ink dry before you pull or cut apart the cards, or they might smudge. If you’ve used pre-perforated paper, carefully fold along the perforated lines before you separate the cards, and do so one at a time. Tear too quickly or disconnect too many cards at once, and you may rip the cards or ruin the edges. If your paper isn’t perforated, place a ruler along the side of each card, and slowly run the utility knife along the ruler to cleanly cut them apart.

Use a Printing Service

Printing your own cards is a detailed process, with much room for error, but it is a key part in how to make your own business cards. If you have the time and resources, we recommend that you order cards from a printing service. Not only will you spare yourself potential headaches, but you’ll also receive a more polished product.

Here’s a quick look at some of the top business card printing services so you can make an informed choice:

  • Staples: This well-known office resource allows you to browse their library of designs, upload your own design, or create a design using their image creation software. Staples has a large variety of printing options to choose from as well, like raised print and ultra-thick cardstock. This business card printing service offers same-day printing and free shipping on orders over $49.99. Pricing starts at $9.99 for 250 basic, one-sided cards.
  • Vistaprint: For professional, unique business cards, turn to Vistaprint. This business card printer offers a design library, allows you to upload your designs, and provides designer services. Vistaprint offers a variety of card shapes (such as rounded edges or square cards), noteworthy finishes (embossing, gold foil, soft-touch, etc), and free shipping on all business cards. Pricing starts at $20 for 500 standard one-sided cards.
  • PsPrint: Another online option is PsPrint. This popular business card printing service offers all of the top features of competitors, for a fraction of the cost. PsPrint will walk you through how to make your own business cards with their sample designs and editable templates. PsPrint boasts a regular 60% off promotion on all business cards, with pricing starting at $16 for 500 standard cards.
  • Moo:  This premium business card supplier has a reputation for producing stunning business cards that are particularly intriguing to those in more creative fields. Moo offers card templates, an upload option, and a full design option that allows you to create your cards from scratch. Moo’s standard business card uses premium paper with a variety of finishes and enhancements to choose from. Pricing for Moo is on the higher end, starting at $69 for 200 standard cards.
  • Overnight Print: If you need specialized business cards, Overnight Print has one of the most robust collections of business card options to choose form. Pick from options including standard, sandwich, round, square, Euro, and even mini cards. Overnight Print has free design tools you can use to perfect your card and quick ship times. Pricing starts at $17 for 250 cards.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve perfected how to make your own business cards from the comfort of your own home, you want to be sure that people hold onto them. There are two ways you might accomplish this goal.

First, make your card a valuable resource in and of itself. Add something useful to the back of the card that would make individuals desire to keep it. A real estate agent might supply a table that demonstrates cost of housing based on down payment amounts or changes in interest rates. A small store could print a coupon or an incentive for return customers. A life coach can list sources of inspiration. A restaurant might provide a guide to tipping. The possibilities are endless.

Second, make yourself a valuable resource, as well. Instead of simply handing someone your card, during your conversation ferret out definitive ways that you might assist the individual. Such specificity and sincerity is likely to have a notable impact, and that person is more apt to touch base in the future when they have a need that you might fill. Combine this recollection with a delightful business card, and you just might be in business.

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Getting your own printable business cards is expensive. Getting the perfect one is nearly impossible. But here at JAM, we like to make life easier. With our Printable Business Cards, making your own professional business card is as simple as designing it on our card templates in Microsoft Word and clicking “print.” And it’s affordable too!

With over ten different colors to choose from, you can find something that represents your unique business! And getting noticed immediately will not be a problem! These brite hues are sure to catch the attention of even the most passive customer. Advertising your company is extremely important and creating the image you want to portray is just as important. These business card templates will meet your needs since you’re the one customizing them! And who knows your business more than you?

Printable Business Cards are available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Lime Green, Sea Blue, Brown Kraft, Ivory, and Cream card stock.

Printable Business Cards come in packs of 100 (10 per sheet) and measure 3 1/2 x 2.

  • Getting your own printable business cards is expensive. Getting the perfect one is nearly impossible. But here at JAM, we like to make life easier. With our Printable Business Cards, making your own professional business card is as simple as designing it on our card templates in Microsoft Word and clicking “print.” And it’s affordable too!

    With over ten different colors to choose from, you can find something that represents your unique business! And getting noticed immediately will not be a problem! These brite hues are sure to catch the attention of even the most passive customer. Advertising your company is extremely important and creating the image you want to portray is just as important. These business card templates will meet your needs since you’re the one customizing them! And who knows your business more than you?

    Printable Business Cards are available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Lime Green, Sea Blue, Brown Kraft, Ivory, and Cream card stock.

    Printable Business Cards come in packs of 100 (10 per sheet) and measure 3 1/2 x 2.

Business Card Stock – Paper Stock

Now it’s easier than ever to create elegant custom business cards, right from your computer, using your laser printer, ink jet printer, or copier! Our pre-perforated business card stocks make it easy to quickly create custom business cards that will give you that professional edge. Create business cards when they are needed, a few at a time, and quickly change information on the fly. No more wasted cards when your information changes.

White Business Card Paper Stock (250 Cards)

MSRP: $12.99
Today’s Price: $8.99
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White Business Card Paper Stock (350 Cards)

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White Business Card Paper Stock (750 Cards)

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Today’s Price: $34.99
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Blue Business Card Paper Stock

MSRP: $21.99
Today’s Price: $18.99, 2/$32.99, 4/$49.99
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Canary Yellow Business Card Paper Stock

MSRP: $21. 99
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Lavender Purple Business Card Paper Stock

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Pink Business Card Paper Stock

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Galaxy Gold Business Card Paper Stock

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Pulsar Pink Business Card Paper Stock

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Robin’s Egg Blue Business Card Paper Stock

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Solar Yellow Business Card Paper Stock

Herbal Blue Business Card Paper Stock

MSRP: $34.99
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Provence Business Card Paper Stock

MSRP: $34.99
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Impressionistic Business Card Paper Stock

MSRP: $34.99
Today’s Price: $28.99, 2/$45.99, 4/$69.99
(You Save 17%)

How to Make Your Own Business Cards & Print Them for Free | Small Business

By David Weedmark Updated April 09, 2019

When you need business cards in a hurry, you can print them yourself in just a few minutes using a laser or inkjet printer. Use any word processor on your computer or any free business card website to set up your card, but first take a look at the options that are available to you to get the results you want.

Selecting Card Stock

Standard printing paper doesn’t work for business cards. You need card stock, which is usually loaded into your printer’s manual feed. If you use ordinary card stock, you need a ruler and a sharp utility knife to cut the cards yourself. For better results, buy card stock designed specifically for business cards.

Each sheet is microperforated so you can pull the business cards apart after you print them. You can buy business card stock at most stores that carry office supplies.

Using a Word Processor

If you have a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can design your business cards in a matter of minutes. Rather than trying to format the sheet yourself, use a business card template. In Word, for example, just type “business card” in the template search field and then select a design from the results. Some companies that make card stock, such as Avery, have their own templates, which are already formatted specifically for their products.

Depending on the template, you may be able to enter the information for your card once and have it automatically populate an entire page with the same card. If your template doesn’t have that option, design one card and then copy and paste it into the remaining blank cards.

Using Free Websites

Plenty of free websites allow you to design your own business cards in your web browser and then download the finished design to print on your printer. The benefit of these websites is that they are often faster and easier than using a word processor and have a variety of templates with different backgrounds to choose from. To get started, select a website like Adobe Spark, Canva or BizCardMakr. Find a design template that appeals to you. Then add your text and – in many cases – images such as your business logo.

Things to Consider

If you need a few hundred business cards, you may be better off purchasing them in bulk from a local printer or from an online service like or Many of these companies offer introductory specials so you can get 500 cards for less than the cost of buying your own card stock.

Self-printed business cards do not usually convey the professionalism most small-business owners aspire to. If you have a laser printer, avoid selecting any template that relies on color. If you have an inkjet printer, make sure that it reproduces the color faithfully without any lines or blurred edges. It may be better to take someone’s business card and send an email with your contact information, than to hand over a poorly printed card of your own.

If you are printing your own cards, do a test page on a piece of ordinary printing paper first and then compare the layout to the perforations on the card stock. This way, you can make any needed adjustments to the margins before wasting a sheet of card stock.

14pt vs 16pt – Blog

Whether it’s business cards, flyers, brochures, rack cards, hang tags, door hangers, or any other type of small format printing, you will inevitably run into 14pt vs 16pt. Is there really a difference? If so, what is it? Are there any other options? Which one is best for business cards?

14pt Cardstock

First, let’s look at 14pt cardstock. 14pt cardstock is the more common option due to the fact that it is cheaper than 16pt cardstock. Although it is not as stiff as 16pt, it still has a rigid feel to it and will not flop/bend on its own. 14pt also has the same printing quality as 16pt. Because it is more cost-effective, 14pt is a great option if you are looking to do large quantities. 

Products that use 14pt Cardstock

16pt Cardstock

The second option is 16pt cardstock. 16pt cardstock is thicker than 14pt, and as a result, has a higher quality feel. The added thickness also makes it more durable and longer lasting than 14pt. This is a better option for business cards if you are going to carry them with you in your wallet or purse, as they are less likely to bend, crease or get damaged corners.

Products that use 16pt Cardstock

100lb Glossbook

The third and final option is 100lb gloss book paper (sometimes written as 100# paper). 100lb paper is more commonly used for things like brochures and flyers–things that will be handed out in large quantities. It is both thinner and cheaper than 14pt and 16pt cardstock. 100lb glossbook paper has a similar feel to regular printing paper, but is slightly thicker. It is very flexible. It can be bent and folded, making it a great option for folded brochures like bifolds, trifolds, and z-folds. 

Products that use 100lb Glossbook

14pt Vs 16pt 

14pt and 16pt are the most common thicknesses for business cards. Visually, there isn’t much of a difference between the two. 14pt cardstock and 16pt cardstock look very similar side-by-side, but when multiple are stacked together, the difference becomes more apparent:

Although they may look similar, the real difference is in the feel: 16pt cardstock is noticeably stiffer than 14pt cardstock.

Best Thickness for Business Cards

The best thickness for your business cards largely depends on their intended use. If you’re going to be handing a lot of business cards out, for example, leaving a bunch in a restaurant or handing them out at a booth at a trade show, you probably want to choose 14pt. They are cheaper and still maintain a high quality look and feel. If you are planning on carrying a few with you at a time and handing them out to people you meet, you probably want to choose 16pt. Overall, we recommend 16pt cardstock. It feels nicer and is more durable than 14pt. The cost difference is minimal for the added benefit.  

If you really want a high quality and impressive business card, check out our 32pt business cards–double the thickness of 16pt!


In reference to paper, GSM stands for grams per square meter. GSM is a common measurement used to better understand the quality of paper: the higher the GSM, the heavier the paper. See the table below for a GSM comparison:

35gsm – 55gsmNewspaper
90gsm – 100gsmCommon printing paper
120gsm – 140gsmBrochures, flyers, 
210gsm – 300gsmMagazine covers and Light Cardstock
350gsm – 400gsmThick cardstock

14pt cardstock and 16pt cardstock both get their names from their thickness. Each ‘point’ is equal to .001 of an inch. For example, a 10pt cardstock would be .01 inches thick. 14pt cardstock is . 014 inches thick, 16pt cardstock is .016 inches thick, and so on.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact our customer service team by calling 888-222-4929.

Paper for business cards in Togliatti and Samara

A business card, or simply a “business card”, has long become an integral attribute of a modern business person. If earlier they said that they were greeted by clothes, now we can safely say that they are greeted by a business card!

On the Internet, you can find many recommendations on what a modern business card should be in terms of design, content, and presentation.

We recommend having several business cards: personal, business, corporate.

A personal business card can be inexpensive and contain a minimal amount of information.

Of course, I do not mean a piece of office paper printed on a black and white printer.

The choice of paper for a business card is no less important than its design and content.

Business card paper should be at least thick, not 80 g / m2. Mainly used coated and uncoated paper with a density of 180-300 g / m2. Coated and Uncoated Business Card Paper is available in standard white and many other colors and shades.The texture of coated paper also varies. The texture “Linen” is very popular.

Colored cardboard and colored paper of high density are used as paper for business cards.

Textured paper is often used for business cards. The texture of the paper can be imitated by leather, corduroy, brocade, etc. Textured paper also comes with embossing, which can be felt by touch.

Popular as paper for business cards are pearl-like pearl-like paper, metallized paper, parchment-like paper.

Business card paper is also selected taking into account the business card manufacturing technology. Will it be offset, digital, black and white or full color? Or maybe silk-screen printing or thermal embossing? Or maybe several options can be combined? Will the business card be one-sided or double-sided?

Therefore, our recommendations – before ordering the production of a business card, talk to the designer about which business card you want to receive. This will help you choose paper for your business cards.And the company OfficeCom will gladly help you to purchase paper for business cards in Togliatti and Samara .

Sales department of OfficeKom Togliatti: 8 (8482) 75-97-14, Sales department of OfficeKom Samara: 8 (846) 334-01-21, Sales department of OfficeKom Syzran: 8 (8464) 98-32-52
90,000 Everything a beginner needs to know about using Transfer Paper

In April 2017, we published an article “Can I use laser paper on an inkjet printer?” Readers liked the material.And since then we have received many new questions about the paper. We will definitely answer everything.

Today we will consider the questions that arise for everyone who wants to print on a T-shirt on their own.

What is thermal transfer paper used for?

So, thermal transfer, or transfer, paper is needed in order to make any image you like on a T-shirt, sweatshirt, mug and much more. In common conversation, this is called “printing on a T-shirt.”And in professional language – thermal transfer of an image, or sublimation.

Remember how you diligently ironed a paper picture of Spider-Man or any other cartoon character on your T-shirt as a child? This is thermal transfer in its simplest form. The difference is that the children’s picture with Spider-Man, after two washes, began to leave the shirt piece by piece. And in the professional version, using Lomond paper for thermal transfer, Spiderman will live on a T-shirt for up to 5 years.This is more than the lifespan of the shirt itself.

The beauty of thermal transfer paper is that anyone can transfer the most realistic image to clothes. No special skills required. A simple iron can replace a professional heat press. In most cases.

Watch a short video on how to print a photo on a T-shirt at home.

3.In the OpenOffice go to menu

 Insert> Picture> Frome File
Right Click> Anchor> To Frame 

 Shift + left click and stretch to the desired size 



You can use any paper that your printer allows, but preferably thick paper so that the business cards do not wrinkle. I bought special business card paper from Amazon.

Avery Perforated Business Cards for Inkjet Printers, 2 ″ x 3-1 / 2 ″, White, Matte Coated, 250 Pack, Rectangle (8371)

Avery Clean Edge Business Cards for Inkjet Printers, 2 ″ x 3-1 / 2 ″, White, Matte Coated, 100 Pack, Rectangle (18871)

Perforated is perforated paper and Clean Edge is notched.

When printed, it turns out like this:


Clean Edge

As you can see, this paper is quite soft and not thick enough. It bends easily.


In the printer settings, you need to set the appropriate options. They are different for each printer. On my Pantum P2500W on Lubuntu they are


Avory business paper does not need to be cut.It is already cut or perforated. It is enough to bend it, the cards will fall out by themselves. And if you use, for example, photographic paper, then it must be cut. On Amazon I bought a Marigold GL410 cutter. It’s flimsy but cheap. How it cuts, I have not tried it yet.

And in the template, the table frame should be made gray. It is easier to cut along lines than blindly.

Order printing business cards

Urgent production of business cards by our network of Copigroup centers. ru is elevated to the rank of art. Thanks to the latest equipment, digital printing of business cards, as well as offset printing and silk-screen printing, is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Advantages of printing in

– High-quality production of business cards exactly as you intended.

A large selection of various technologies and materials for printing, will bring almost any of your ideas to life.

Professional help in creating a business card layout.

At first glance, it is easy to create a layout by yourself. However, if you are not a professional designer, then problems may arise, both with the competent design of the business card, so that your partners and clients take you seriously, and with the observance of technical requirements. We will be happy to advise and help you.

All types of post-printing treatments.

Further post-printing processing allows to emphasize the status of the owner of the business card: curly cutting, embossing, rounding of corners, foil stamping and much more. Thus, post-printing is the transformation of just a good business card into a masterpiece of business art.

– Urgent ordering of business cards is quite common. Business cards very often run out before important events. Online ordering of business cards in our copy center helps to save time. Our range of services also includes the printing of business cards with delivery.

Digital printing of business cards.

Digital printing is a high quality image on a business card made of thick paper or cardboard of different density, color and texture.

Making business cards cheap and fast (from 15 minutes) – perhaps just by digital printing.

When ordering business cards in St. Petersburg online, thanks to digital printing business cards will be ready for your arrival at our copy center. So: you can order business cards online cheaply and quickly in our copy centers without even getting up from your computer.

Digital business card printing has all the benefits when you need it:

  1. Small editions of business cards at the best price
  2. Design paper or cardboard.
  3. Full color printing
  4. Urgent production

It is also possible to make additional processing of business cards, such as foil stamping, rounding of corners and others.

Offset printing.

If a small batch of business cards is created by digital printing, offset printing helps to print a large volume of business cards cheaply.

Cheap printing of business cards in St. Petersburg with a large circulation is possible thanks to offset printing.The low price of offset printing allows firms to make themselves known.

Our offset printing equipment allows us to produce the cheapest business cards in comparison with other types of printing. In large-scale PR campaigns, it is offset printing that makes business cards cheap advertising media. The minimum order for offset printing is from 500 pieces.

  1. Low cost.
  2. Large circulation in 2-3 days
  3. Good color rendering.


Printing business cards using silk-screen printing will allow you to turn a business card into a real masterpiece, giving it a respectable and exclusive look. Silkscreen technology allows you to create business cards on various types of paper with any texture and coating.

The method of silk-screen printing is based on pressing paint onto the material through stencils, so that not only many different colors can be used, but also metallic paints such as gold, silver and others.Screen-printed images are bright, crisp, rich and slightly three-dimensional. The printing method allows you to achieve high quality and bright images even on very dark surfaces. Silk screen printing is very durable, so the inscriptions and logo on the business card will not lose color over time, even with frequent use.

The characteristic features of screen printing include a fairly thick layer of ink, the impossibility of applying raster and photorealistic images.

Business cards made by silk-screen printing emphasize individuality and demonstrate the refined taste of the owner, define his status and ensure priority over competitors.

The network of copy centers “” will make business cards for you that will attract even the most demanding customers. We use high quality materials and modern printing equipment. Ordering the printing of business cards from us means getting a high-quality result.

Professionals with impressive experience and high level of qualifications are working for you. You can ask our specialists all questions about the development and printing of business cards. We will be happy to provide you with professional assistance in creating a business card layout, making adjustments to the existing layout, choosing paper and business card printing technology. Feel free to ask, we need to hear your opinion and based on this we will help you create your perfect business card.

Business card 90×50 mm + 1 creasing, UV varnish, lamination.


Business card standard 90×50 mm printing and production

Business cards Kiev 90×50 mm printing methods: digital printing, silk-screen printing, offset printing, business cards on designer cardboard.

Eurovisit 85×55 mm is not a constant value. Of course, there is a business card standard generally accepted in Ukraine, it is 90×50 mm.

Laminated business cards, protective foil

However, there are customers who ask to make the format of the business card larger or smaller.Most likely, the departure from the standard size for them means a way to be original.
You can change the format, but for this you need to change all settings on the cutter twice, cut a non-standard set of business cards separately. All this takes a long time and not all printers agree to this. Those who agree require additional payment for this, which is quite fair. It turns out to be quite expensive and often leads to imbalances.

Business cards Kiev, standard business card 90×50 mm

This is the European standard for the size of the Euro business card 85×55 mm.Specialists and individuals who travel on business or on vacation to European countries and are going to expand the circle of their acquaintances order euro-format business cards. In addition, international exhibitions and symposia held in Ukraine oblige our businessmen and scientists to acquire Business Cards in a Western format in foreign languages. When using some types of equipment, printing such products will require more expensive design paper, which, accordingly, increases the cost and the final cost of euro-size business cards.Yet it is justified and cost effective.

Business cards with varnishing, business cards with UV varnish, selective UV varnish

It is worth cautioning business people who are trying to stand out by changing the format of business cards. The fact is that all business card holders and other specialized accessories for storing business cards are made for the Ukrainian size in cm, a standard business card 90×50 mm. smaller ones simply fall out of the business card holders, and larger business cards cannot be placed in a small pocket.Thus, it turns out that it is more rational in all respects to order business cards of the standard size 90×50 mm:
1. It is cheaper.
2. Your business card will be placed in a business card holder, and not put in a pocket or on a table, where it will get lost among many other things.

Perforated Business Cards, Perforated Tear-off Business Card

There is another important aspect of this issue: business card designers working with two main dimensions 90×50 mm and a Euro business card 85×55 mm feel these dimensions perfectly and almost never problems with proportions.Non-standard business cards are often a little awkward precisely because of the unusual format of the card. Also in our printing house you can order: Urgent production of a layout of business cards, printing business cards in half a day with delivery. Business cards on designer cardboard, business cards with perforation, business cards with varnishing, business cards with UV varnish, selective UV varnish, volumetric varnish. Laminated business cards and a protective water-repellent coating.

Order a business card Kiev

Order hybrid business cards online. Business cards making business cards online with delivery. And so, where to order business cards Ukraine, on our website you will find business cards of all types with a full range after printing. Ordering business cards Kiev business cards Vinnytsia plastic packaging can be included for an additional fee. You can make a business card yourself if you own design programs. Make a business card Kiev inexpensively available minimum runs for economy orders. Ordering business cards in Kiev, business cards as well as business cards, photos of ready business cards can be viewed in the image for the product.Great price order to print business cards color pictures. Order business cards Kiev Kharkiv array via the Internet with delivery.

Making business cards Vinnytsia

In Vinnitsa, order business cards in Ukraine with delivery throughout the country by a carrier company. Make custom business cards with an individual design not from templates. Druk business cards in Ukraine printing business cards on quality white paper. Where to print business cards in Kiev if you are on our site the answer to your question is obvious. Order business cards Kiev in the business card center online.To make custom-made business cards in Ukraine, you just need to contact us in any way convenient for you. Cheap business cards to order business cards in Kiev.

Typography of modern business cards Kiev

Modern printing Kiev production of business cards on the latest equipment using modern materials for printing. Business card printing with cut-off, perforation, fold, numbering, corner rounding, hole drilling and much more can be offered by our post-press workshop.Online business cards for printing or order online business cards with delivery of business cards in Kiev.

Print business card Kiev

You can print business cards online on the paper presented in our catalog, white, rough, textured, coated and many other types of paper you can choose for printing. Visits of the company for the production of printed products. Where to make a business card in Kiev cheap online with free shipping. Buy printing of business cards in Ukraine with scoring. Gravure printing of business cards Ukraine, offset or digital.Druk v_zitok without middlemen on our own equipment. Online business cards Sofia create business cards in Kiev see business card size.

Business cards buy

Polygraphy Kiev business card printing 100 circulation. The minimum standard circulation of a set of business cards is 100 pcs. But if you wish, you can order absolutely any quantity from 1 piece. Printing business cards 85 × 55 Kiev making business cards Ukraine and order business cards in Ukraine. Order business cards the city of Kiev business cards on beautiful paper Kiev, colored cardboards in assortment.Printing of business cards on rough cardboard designer thick, dbpbnrb, pfrfpfnm dbpbnrv. Printing business cards printing, replacing business cards in Kiev order business cards and even printing business cards in a rustic style Ukraine order a layout. Business cards with nbcytybtv print the price and find out the size of vizitok lviv and razp_chatat vizitki.

Prices for business cards in Kiev

The cost of business cards depends on many factors, carefully look at the information on the site or ask the manager to offer you the cheapest option for the price.Print business cards Kiev with delivery set of business cards Kiev 100pcs. Where to make business cards in Kiev today. There are many printers out there who will gladly accept your order. Choose your typography carefully. Kirovograd business cards order with courier delivery. Kiev business cards the price of double-sided business cards Kiev the cost that you see on the site is relevant. To order non-standard items, order a miscalculation from the manager. Semi-plastic business card or business cards on synthetic non-tearing paper that is not afraid of moisture.

Printing of business cards Odessa

Order vizinki druk Odessa online with delivery, business cards one-sided printing price. Order business cards Kiev issue print and order business cards Kiev. Business Cards Make a business card and print thousands of business cards in a short time. Business cards price ua, business card ua, Kiev printing business cards. The addresses of making business cards in Kiev within walking distance or with delivery.

Printing business cards square

Matte business cards Kharkiv order printing of square business cards.Full-color one-sided printing business card 4 0 Ukraine. Substitute a business card in Kiev making business cards with a non-standard size. Custom-made business cards space business cards replace with a custom logo and develop your own logo for business cards. You can print business card advertisements with us, large business cards on which a lot of information is placed.

Business card design

Kiev printing house ordering business cards with the original layout. Business card layout. Order business cards in Ukraine from 50 pcs. Print business cards Open business cards from Kiev to order business cards and a price list for them.Order vizіtki in Kiev.

Where to print business cards 90 * 50 with one creasing line in your city

It is possible to urgently print a business card with a creasing 90 * 50 mm in your city with delivery to the following regions, villages and regional centers. You won’t have to wait long. Preparing a layout of business cards will take only one day, plus several days will need to be spent on the production and delivery of the entire circulation of business cards to your city. You can order stylish business cards on thick paper with delivery to Vinnitsa, Lutsk, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zhitomir and Uzhgorod.Print business cards on paper without additional cover to order with individual design in a corporate style in Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Kropyvnytskyi, Lugansk, Lvov, Nikolaev and Odessa. Print corporate business cards in large circulation in Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkov, Kherson. You can place an order for printing paper business cards online in cities such as Khmelnitsky, Cherkassy, ​​Chernigov and Chernivtsi.

Printing on perforated film of advertising stickers on glass (windows) in the Offset Moscow printing house

Prices for printing on perforated film

Price per square meter of film
Print 720 dpi Printing 1440 dpi
Perforated film from 529 rub from 690 rub

Do you want to order printing on perforated self-adhesive film inexpensively? You have come to the right place! Advertising and production company “Offset Moscow” specializes in prompt and high-quality printing on One Way Vision self-adhesive.Our printing house has developed design layouts and has already printed thousands of such items. Own professional production allows you to quickly produce printed products from 1 sq.m. And our prices for printing perforated film are significantly lower than the average market prices in Moscow. Call and see for yourself!

Features of the use of perforated film

It is customary to stick such advertisements on shop windows, car windows, house windows, and any other glass surfaces.One of the best outdoor promotion tools is full color printing on perforated film. The peculiarity of the material is that it has a vinyl base and is not afraid of moisture and dampness. It does not fade in the sun, but due to the base in the hole it lets through up to 40-60% of the light. So, from the inside of a car (or a room), the film looks like ordinary tinting, and from the outside it shows printed information, be it images, logos, inscriptions, promotions, etc.

Perforated film with advertising printing can be found in any city.Advertising products of this type are commonly pasted on:

  • Windows of city buildings
  • Showcases of shops and salons
  • Automotive glasses
  • Windows of public transport (buses, trolleybuses, minibuses)

Perforated film on windows freely transmits light (up to 60%), and from a distance looks like a solid image (no holes). Perforation catches the eye only on close inspection, and even then it does not spoil the appearance of the advertisement.

To apply clear full-color printing on perforated film, you need special large-format equipment, which is at the disposal of the “Offset Moscow” company. You can print from a ready-made layout or order a design development “from scratch”. In both cases, we guarantee you a professional approach, favorable prices and high quality of printed products.

Advantages of production of perforated stickers at the Offset Moscow printing house

One of the most important advantages of Offset Moscow is efficiency.So, we perform urgent printing within 2 hours after contacting, and give the customer the printed perforated film, completely ready for use. A few more of our advantages:

  1. Superior large format printing
  2. Favorable prices for services (cheaper than most Moscow companies)
  3. Providing a personal specialist for each customer

Order low-cost film printing (perforated, glossy, matte) from a printing house with many years of experience and an impeccable reputation.

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