Perfect guy qualities: If a man has these 9 qualities never let him go, scientists say | The Independent


If a man has these 9 qualities never let him go, scientists say | The Independent

[This article was first published in 2018]

Beauty of all kinds really is in the eye of the beholder, and human uniqueness is what makes the search for ‘the one’ all the more interesting (and difficult).

That said, with scientists having spent decades trying to work out the key to why we fall in love, there are certain things you should look for in a potential suitor which suggest you may have found a keeper.

With the advent of dating apps meaning another love interest is never more than a right swipe away, it can be hard to commit.

So if you’re wondering whether to settle down with your current partner, it might be worth taking a step back and asking yourself whether he ticks the boxes below.

If he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he isn’t the one for you. But if he does, you’ve likely got a pretty good egg on your hands.

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

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1/10The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd

The cartoons that perfectly sum up relationships

Catana Chetwynd


He’s smart

While some of us are naturally brainier than others, a new study from the Hanken School of Economics in Finland suggests that the smarter the man, the less likely he is to be unfaithful. According to the research, more intelligent men are more likely to get married and stay married.

So if you’re worried your boyfriend might be too brainy for you, a) don’t be intimidated because intelligence isn’t everything, and b) know that you may have a guy who’s more likely to be faithful on your hands.

2. He makes you laugh

Finding someone you can have a laugh with is crucial – even if everyone else rolls their eyes at his dad jokes, if they crack you up, that’s all that matters.

And a study has shown that men are more likely to have “mating success” if they have a GSOH.

3. He actively supports your career

A study found that husbands were a deciding factor in two-thirds of women’s decisions to quit their jobs, often because they thought it was their duty to bring up their children.

Even when the women in the study described their husbands as supportive, they also revealed that the men refused to change their own work schedules or offer to help more with looking after children.

4. He makes as much effort with your friends and family as you do with his

It’s not uncommon for a woman to end up giving up her own social life to slot into her new man’s. But it’s rare that a man does the same once entering a relationship.

In fact, a recent study found that young men get more satisfaction out of their bromances than their romantic relationships with women. While this is clearly ludicrous, maintaining your friendships is important. So make sure you’re with a man who not only wants you to make time to see your friends but also makes an effort to get to know them too.

5. He’s emotionally intelligent

If stereotypes are to be believed, it is women who are always desperate to talk about feelings and never men who fall hard. Whilst this definitely isn’t true, it’s important each person in a relationship has a certain level of emotional intelligence.

Studies suggest that women are better at taking the opinions and views of their partner into consideration than men, which is essential for a healthy relationship.

6. He respects your opinions and listens to what you have to say

Being closed-minded isn’t a trait that’s exclusive to a particular gender, but if a man is convinced he’s always right and will never consider your argument, it’s not a good sign.

If a man rejects his female partner’s influence, it may be a sign that he has power issues, according to Dr John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

7. He’s willing to put the work in

A study from the University of Texas found that the most successful relationships weren’t down to compatibility, but rather making the relationship work. “My research shows that there is no difference in the objective compatibility between those couples who are unhappy and those who are happy,” study author Dr. Ted Hudson said.

So if you or your partner is always looking for the next best thing rather than committing to make your relationship last, it may not bode well.

8. He celebrates your achievements

Whether it’s deadlifting your bodyweight or learning enough German for a trip to Oktoberfest, it’s important to have a partner who celebrates your achievements.

But this isn’t just to make you feel great – a study published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who did so were more satisfied with their relationships than those who reacted negatively or were indifferent.

9. He shares your values

Having a similar outlook in life could be crucial to a successful relationship, according to a study. The more alike your personalities are, the more likely you are to approach problems in the same way.

You and your partner will share similar approaches to everything from socialising to working if your priorities are the same, and this is likely to lead to a greater level of respect for one another.

Of course, if your partner doesn’t have all the above qualities that doesn’t mean you should necessarily dump him immediately – we all look for different things in a partner and a relationship, after all.

But if he does tick all these boxes, he could be one to hold on to.

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20 Qualities of a Good Man

A good man is brave, right? And strong? And chivalrous? He can replace a ball valve with a gate valve in a plumbing line, right? (That’s not a metaphor, by the way.)

Turns out, if you ask women, none of that ranks very high.

Recent online surveys of more than 1,000 women between the ages of 21 and 54 (one was conducted by Princeton, New Jersey’s opinion Research Corporation; the other was done on BestLifeOnline. com) found that women value personality far more than physical attractiveness. What women want in a man is faithfulness and dependability, a sense of humor, the ability to listen, and a sense of style. Only 13 percent of women cited muscular build as a factor in physical attractiveness. On the other hand, 66 percent of women said moral integrity will “make me quiver.”

(Quivering is good.)

Here are the top 20 qualities of a good man, divided by category:

Character traits: Faithfulness, dependability, kindness (67 percent of women said they find it a turn-on), moral integrity, fatherliness (defined as patience and caring and desire to be a dad).

Personality traits: Sense of humor, intelligence, passion (not the sexual kind, but an active enthusiasm in a pursuit), confidence, generosity.

Practical skills: Listening (53 percent), romancing, being good in bed, cooking and cleaning, earning potential.

Physical attributes: Sense of style, handsomeness, height, muscular build (13 percent), fitness (only 12 percent)

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It can all seem a little daunting. To be a good man, I need to be funny and dependable and I have to listen?

Well, yeah, actually. But, fortunately, none of those requires being a manly man. It just requires being… well, cool. In the attitudinal sense. It requires self-possession. Turns out that women think being in control of your energies and appropriately channeling them is the path to greatness. Calmness may be the right move in one situation. Totally freaking out may be the right move in another. But you can be self-possessed while exhibiting either of those qualities.

You can be self-possessed no matter your personality type, too. Ryan Gosling is self-possessed. So is Steve Martin. So is Steve Carell. So is BoJack Horseman (mostly). The Rock is self-possessed. So is Timothée Chalamet. It just takes a lot of self-awareness and the right balance of action and restraint. You can be as self-possessed at

your son’s baseball game as you can be at a meeting as you can be in the grocery-store checkout line or on a date.

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30 Characteristics of a Good Guy


Get a group of good men together, and they will change their school, their campus, and the world. Every man is a work in progress, but here are 30 characteristics of a good guy any man can grow and become:

  1. He has integrity and character:  simply put, a good guy is less talk and more action.   The Latin origin of “integrity” means whole, and when it comes to being a good guy, wholesome is sexy.  Everywhere he goes, he leaves a mark.
  2. He’s balanced:  family and friends always comes first.  He prioritizes his time and is well-rounded in many areas.  He’s a modern Renaissance man.
  3. He’s confident:  this doesn’t mean cocky at all.  He has a good self-image about himself and believes he deserves the best.
  4. He’s courageous:  he goes after what he wants even in the presence of self-doubt.  He’s not afraid to approach women and spark conversation.
  5. He listens:  the good guy doesn’t care about the sound of his voice.  He doesn’t interrupt and he follows the rule that 75% of the time should be listening vs. talking.
  6. He takes initiative:  the good guy is a leader, and takes the first step in a group setting and in a relationship.
  7. He’s detail-oriented:  as tough as it is for a man, the good guy tries to stay on top of it and is organized.
      When it comes to pursuing the girl of his dreams, he knows the little things count the most.
  8. He has self-respect and gives respect to all:  he focuses on the kind of man he wants to be, and creates a positive internal self-dialogue.  A good guy is empathetic and forgiving.
  9. He challenges himself to be a better man:  most men are raised to believe they need to fight and conquer.  A good guy understands to overcome one’s own self is better than competing and beating anyone else.
  10. He’s committed and faithful:  he says what he means, and means what he says. He follows through with his word even with people who don’t follow through with theirs.  He’s loyal in relationship.
  11. He fights against injustice:  when a good guy sees another guy act out of line with a female, he thinks it could be his own sister, mother or daughter, and steps in to fight the injustice, even if it’s his own friend that’s causing the problem.
  12. He’s honest:  the truth can hurt, but it’s also the beginning of the healing process.  A good guy understands honesty might be tough up front, but the impact is far less than the outcome of long running white lies.
  13. He’s good with his money:  he makes decisions to plan for the future, and makes a budget for himself.
  14. He has good humor:  he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is happy to be the pun of everyone’s joke.
  15. He’s humble:  he lets others sing his praises instead of himself.
  16. He’s a team player:  he understands the team’s success is his success, and cares more about the team winning than his own ego.
  17. He’s adaptable:  things don’t always go his way, but he picks himself up and tries again.  Throw him in any scene, and he’s comfortable.
  18. He has good manners:  his actions are made with care and consideration.
  19. He’s always learning:  the good guy loves life, and seeks to make the most out of it.  He reads at least one book a month.
  20. He’s shaped by men he respects:  he finds mentors, men he wants to be like, and regularly meets with them.
  21. He has true and close friendships:  he keeps a tight brotherhood around him and understands “iron sharpens iron as man sharpens man.”
  22. He has a desire to advance culture: 
    when he leaves the world, it will be a better place.
  23. He has temperance (moderate in action, thought, feeling and yup alcohol):  he’s not the wild and out of control guy at the party.  The good guy is the one who carries him home on his shoulders.  He thinks before he acts, and doesn’t let him emotions get the best of him.
  24. He supports and promotes moral excellence:  he knows what’s right and wrong.  The good guy is the one who helps an elderly lady carry her groceries to her car.
  25. He seeks peace when possible
    :  he confronts in private, but he’s never a doormat.  The confidence in himself is unwavering in tough times.
  26. He improves his physical health:  he knows his body is a temple, and works to improve his health and his image.
  27. He has a vision to lead:  with long-term thinking, the good guy leads with the realization his actions today will affect his life and others in the future.
  28. He has gratitude:  he works hard, and is thankful for everything he receives.
  29. He knows the importance of family:  not only is he concerned with the legacy he will leave, but he honors the legacy he has received and the traditions of his ancestors.
  30. He believes in his Creator:  he starts his day in prayer, and stops and listens for his next steps.

What would our character and reputations look like if we applied these principles?  Take one or two of these today and begin applying them to your life.  This list is based on some of the creeds of the most known fraternities.  What would fraternity reputations looks like if men followed the ideals?  No man is perfect, but we can all work on becoming better men.

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20 Qualities Of A Good Man To Look For In A Relationship

The notion of what a good man should be is quite subjective. What one woman sees as good might be bad for another. Today we’ll cover some general qualities of a good man to look out for if you’re considering being in a relationship with him.

The truth is; many women are highly attracted to “Prince-Charming” types of men. That’s why we would instinctively go for the tall, dark (or light?), pink-lipped, cute guy. It’s normal though. I mean, who doesn’t like good looking stuff?

However, when it comes to settling down and engaging in a long-term relationship with a man, it’s usually a different ball game.

At this point, most women realize that it’s not all about how good a man looks. We start considering several other qualities that are vital for any man to have. 

One can easily wonder why some women who used to admire cute guys usually end up dating or marrying the not-so-good-looking ones. It’s apparently because, over the years, there has been a priority shift – from what doesn’t really matter to what really matters.

Besides physical appearance, the average woman wants a man who can make her laugh. A man who will be there to support her. A man who respects her. And a man who she can rely on when she’s emotionally down. Someone who can protect her from her insecurities. Someone who motivates her to be the best version of herself.

But unfortunately, there are still many women out there who prefer frivolities over priorities. Such women easily get carried away by mere physique… And at the end of the day, they end up being stuck in a cycle of toxicity.

That being said, you as a woman will be wondering; what are the qualities of a good man I should be looking out for in a relationship?

Well, I’ve got you covered. Let’s go there!





Qualities of a Good Man:

1. He’s Smart 

A perfect guy for any lady is a smart guy. When I say smart, I don’t necessarily mean a bookworm but a guy who also has a touch of street-smartness. 

Smart guys think fast and solve problems easily. They’re creative and innovative. They can create a wonderful environment out of nothing. In other words, they can improvise easily and tend to see the bigger picture.



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2. He Shares Your Values 

In a relationship, the importance of compatibility of values cannot be overemphasized. 

If you share the same values with your man, both of you will easily agree on lots of things. Some conflicts and fights will be easily averted. 

You will agree with me that most times, different people have different choices, different aspirations, different alternatives, different priorities, and so on… And hence, finding someone who shares your values could be one hell of a task. 

But then if you can manage to find the man who is somewhat compatible with you, every other thing becomes a lot easier.



3. He Knows How To Break The Tension 

Another quality of a good man you should look out for is if he is the kind of man that can sense tension and ease it before it culminates into something serious.

For instance, that moment when a little fight is building up between the two of you, check if he knows how to place a well-timed joke that cracks you up. In other words, If he notices your negative emotions and finds a way to bring laughter to your face, then he’s the good guy.



4. He Cares About Your Family And Friends 

A man who loves you enough to appreciate your family and friends is worth having around.

As a matter of fact, one of the ways to find out how much a man loves and respects you is how he treats other people related to you.

It’s simply awesome to have a partner who is close to your dad and is very fond of your mom. It’s also amazing to have a man who easily gets along with your friends. It gives you some element of freedom to associate with other people without looking over your shoulder. 



5. He’s Protective

While over protectiveness can easily become a bit toxic, it’s quite cute to have a protective man as a partner.

Every woman wants a man who makes her feel safe both physically and emotionally. A man who understands her weaknesses and helps her overcome them. A man who can sense her insecurities and make her feel at her best. Basically, a man who makes her feel like she’s the best woman on earth. Above all, a man who tries to keep her away from harm! 

In a nutshell, every woman deserves a man who plays the role of a hero in her life.





6. He Accepts The Fact That You Are a Career Woman 

If you are a woman who really loves her career and wants to keep pursuing it, then one quality of a good man you should prioritize is a man who respects and supports your career choice.

As you may already know, not every man likes the career-woman thing. Some men just don’t buy that idea. To them, a woman is meant to be at home, take care of the kids, and her husband’s needs…

But then there are other men who’d rather go for a woman who has a career. That is the type of man you should hook up with. He will definitely complement your lifestyle and assist you in every way he can just to make sure you have the time and space to chase your career.



7. He Appreciates You And What You Can Offer 

Sure, it’s often difficult to find that man who respects you for both who you are and what you are. Such a man sees the special qualities that other men (probably your exes) couldn’t see in you. 

If you eventually come across such a man who genuinely respects your influence, then you shouldn’t let him go. He’s likely the right guy for you.



8. He Is In Perfect Control Of His Emotions 

Emotional balance is a rare skill that you should be looking out for in a man. 

The truth is that most people are not in control of their emotions. They easily get hurt and can allow their emotions to get the better of them. 

One quality a good man should have is understanding that he can be happy if he wants, irrespective of his partner’s actions or inaction. 

A man who is disciplined enough to handle his emotions is the best man any woman should have.

But unfortunately, many women don’t prioritize stuff like this, rather they are after external qualities. And sometimes, they end up dating or marrying a beast who has uncontrollable emotional outbursts.  



9. He Understands That Relationships Require Hard Work 

Of course, every relationship is always going to have some up and down moments. 

But the most important thing is to be with a man who understands that hard times are normal in relationships. A man who is willing to make things work out at the end of the day.



10. He Is Your Biggest Fan 

Talking about the quality of a good man; have you considered if your man is your biggest fan? Does he support your endeavors? Does he celebrate your little successes with you? More importantly, does he celebrate you as a person? Does he feel comfortable having you glow in your own way?

Or, is he simply intimidated?

An ideal man for you should be a supporter of you… Your fan… Your hype man! 



11. He Exhibits Good Courtesy 

I’m sure you’ve heard those popular lines that start with; “courtesy demands that…” Well, another quality of a good man is that he should exhibit good courtesy.  

For instance, it’s gentlemanly for him to do simple things like; holding the door and allowing you to go first. Drawing out a chair for you, or introducing you to his friends in a way that makes you feel very important. 

Of course, such acts do not compulsorily mean a man is good or bad. Neither should you demand or expect them from him. If he does so of his own accord, perfect.  



12. He Is Simply Honest 

What more do women want in a relationship if not honesty? (And love, and care, and chocolates, and…oh but you get the point).

The truth is that most of the time, many ladies are a bit uncomfortable with guys who are actually very honest. But that doesn’t change the fact that such men are the best.

One good thing about an honest man is that you can comfortably trust whatever he says, and you can rely on his words without having a double-mind.



13. He’s Confident 

Mind you, It’s important to know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

A guy who is confident is aware of what he brings to the table. He is charismatic and smart, and he knows it… But then he does not allow those qualities to get to his head. 

A confident guy (who knows what he can offer) doesn’t beg to be loved. He simply steps back if he notices that he’s not wanted.

Confident men are rare gems that any reasonable woman should want. 



14. He Understands What Integrity Entails 

One of the best qualities of a good man is integrity. So many men can easily conform and behave well when their partner is just around the corner. The most important thing is what he does when nobody’s looking! 

Can you trust your man to do the right thing when both of you are not in the same location? If you can, then you’ve got a good man, girl.



15. He Is Mentally Mature 

Nothing is as annoying as being in a relationship with a man who behaves like a child. One of the prerequisites of being a MAN in the relationship is having the required mental and emotional maturity.

If you feel like you need to constantly look after your man’s behavior, then he’s not man enough. And the truth is; you can’t single-handedly fix such a man. Moreover, it won’t be long before things get irritating.



16. He Is Positive And Ensures You Are Positive Too 

Being positive has to do with optimism even in the face of a serious threat. Any lady who is in a relationship with a negative-minded man will likely be infected with negativity. And vice versa. 

If you have a man who makes you feel good about yourself and about life entirely, then you should be grateful. After all, relationships should be all about creating happiness and bliss.



17. He Is A Kind Man

It’s simple, a good man is generally kind. Not just to you, but to everyone! 

Got such a man in your life? If yes, then again, you should be grateful. But if no, then that’s the quality of a good man you should always look out for. 



18. He Is Happy To Have You In His Life 

The perfect man for you is a man who appreciates you for who you are. He is always thanking his stars for allowing him to meet you. A good man will make you feel like you are the best thing that ever happened to him. 



19. He Doesn’t Play Blame Games 

It’s pretty rare to find a man who always owns up to his mistakes and simply apologizes. 

Unfortunately, many men are fond of playing the blame game. They find ways to shift the blame to their partner or to a different person entirely! Such a relationship is a very toxic one, to say the least.



20. He Gives You The Attention You Need 

It won’t be far from the truth to say that every woman wants attention. Surely, a good man understands this. And he will give you all the attention and love that he can muster.

Don’t buy such excuses like; I have been very busy, I’ve been tied down with work, I barely have time for myself… The truth is that if a man truly loves you, he will always find a way to create time for you. No matter how little.

Finally, finding a good man is not far-fetched. You only have to look beyond those superficial qualities (that glitter like gold).

Look a bit closer.

You will begin to understand what really matters.



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12 Desirable Traits of a Perfect Man

Image Credit: Tofupop Radio – BEC Tero Radio

Every girl has an ideal checklist when looking out for a partner. From the outer look to the inner character, here is a list of 12 traits that would make up a perfect man. If you ever find someone like him, remember to grab him tight before he falls prey to the hands of others.

1) He is Charming

A charming man, when he looks into your eyes, makes you feel like you are in fairy tale. Have you ever met someone who made your cheek blushes and your heart pounds like never before?Image Credit: Onedio

2) He is Fit

Every girl desires her partner to be in good shape, but hardly say it out. Guys, if you think your woman is okay with your big tummy, then you are wrong. Who doesn’t wish to date a fit guy like Brad Pitt?Image Credit: MdeMulher

3) He Knows How To Style Up

A man who is presentable is surely an icing to cake. A man who knows how to style up and look smart makes a woman proud and delighted to go out with.Image Credit:

4) He is Honest

A man who lies is a big put off. A good guy understands honesty might be tough up front, but the impact is far less than the outcome of long running white lies.

Image Credit: Paraíso Web

5) He is Intelligent

Woman can rely on a man who has all the knowledge of the world. He can make smart decisions, help you solve your problems and provoke interesting conversations. Intelligence is surely a huge turn-on.Image Credit: Gifs

6) He is Confident

A man with self-confidence does not easily sway or being influenced by the others. They stay true to themselves and have a distinctive set of goals or believes to pursue.Image Credit:

7) He is Ambitious

It is okay if your guy is not rich just yet, but he must have the ambition and positive mindset to achieve something in his life. Do you want a guy who sits at home all day playing video games?Image Credit: Onedio

8) He is Romantic

A great relationship should never feel stale and boring. If a man knows how to always keep you on your toes, he is half way there to become the perfect candidate.Image Credit: Pinterest

9) He is Faithful

A romantic but unfaithful man is an instant no. An ideal man knows trust is key in a relationship. You should be able to let your man go on a guys’ night out without worrying about what he might do.Image Credit:

10) He is Caring

Every woman wants her man to care about her even if it’s a simple gesture. If a man knows when to be there when his woman needs him, he is certain to have a box ticked on the checklist.Image Credit:

11) He is Understanding

A guy who is understanding, listens and knows what a girl really wants. While it is a pretty tall order for most men to fully understand women, be understanding will definitely sets the guy apart from the rest.Image Credit: 4stayingwell

12) He has Good Sense of Humor

Happiness is key in any relationships. A guy that can make you laugh all the time, is a guy that will help nurture a long term and healthy relationship.Image Credit: Quotesgram

Though it is near to impossible to find a guy who possesses ALL the above 12 traits, we would like to say…

11 Qualities Of A Good Man | Randy Skilton

The guy you’re dating may seem like a great catch.

When it comes to finding true love, if you want the type of man who’s capable of commitment in healthy relationships, you want to be certain he’s a genuinely good person who possesses certain personality traits and characteristics that match well with your needs and your own definition of a good man.

So how can you be sure that he has all the qualities of a good man?

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Western culture has evolved in ways that have made finding a high-quality man — that is, one who possesses not only basic human traits like good manners, empathy, and respect — tough.

As explained by columnist Margaret Wente in The Globe and Mail:

“In a nutshell, over the past few decades, the traditional relationship exchange has broken down. It used to be that men and women each had something the other really needed. Men needed access to sex. Women needed access to resources. Men couldn’t get steady access to sex unless they had resources to offer, so they worked hard for them. The partnership between men and women was a grand bargain that (usually) left both sides better off …

“Sexual liberation is a fabulous thing — in some ways. But it can also turn men into louts, because women don’t expect much in return for access … [So a] lot of women seem to have their act together these days. But a lot of men don’t.”

But just because our culture has changed, that doesn’t mean there really are no good men around at all.

Men who possess these 7 qualities are good men to marry.

And I promise you, they are out there!

1. A good man is mature.

You will be able to quickly determine a guy’s emotional maturity by observing how he reacts to situations and how he treats the people around him.

In a restaurant, for instance, when the server takes a bit longer than you’d hope to get to your table, how does he react? Does he take it in his stride, or does he lose his temper? Does he shout at the server when an order gets mixed up?

Even if he’s on his best behavior, it’s hard for anyone to hide long-standing habits. Watch him keenly enough and you will be able to determine whether you are on the right path.

2. He has a purpose.

Every man needs a purpose. Usually, men don’t find their purpose in a relationship or family. The relationship can fuel his purpose as he strives to provide for his family and friends, but it is not the source of his purpose.

That may be hard for women to hear, but it’s true. A man usually finds his purpose in his work and how he contributes to the world.

Look for his purpose early in the relationship in how he speaks about his career and services. Is he passionate about what he does? Does he have goals? Is he excited about going to work?

This doesn’t mean that he has to be an entrepreneur or six-figure man. You can work a 9-5 and still be passionate about what you do and the difference you are making for others.

3. A good man is friendly.

You can learn much about a guy’s character traits from the quality of his friendships and the quality of the men he is friends with.

Are his friends mature? Do they share your values and also show the qualities of being good men? Does he maintain friendships over the years?

4. He’s emotionally available.

Many men remain emotionally unavailable because they overlap their relationships. “Single” does not always mean available.

Pay attention to see if he is holding ties with his ex. Or if he is so consumed with work that he has no room for someone else.

If either is true, he will eventually hurt you, because he’s not ready for a long-term relationship and he isn’t boyfriend material.

5. A good man is direct.

Many guys think that if they approach dating with a flippant sort of attitude, women will suddenly fall in love with them. But a relationship with a guy who plays games will only end in tears.

A quality man should be able to look straight into your eyes and express himself. Anything less than that, and he is weak, and you should not settle for that.

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6. He is kind.

Men who are ready for healthy relationships tend to be passed a few different phases of their lives already. Most notably, their “fun and adventure” phase, and their “get paid” phase.

Kindness comes after this. It demonstrates that his life isn’t all about him, which is especially important when it comes to starting a family.

7. He is honest.

Men don’t always do the right thing, or even know what the right thing is. But as long as a guy is being honest about it, you can deal with him.

If he is hiding something, it can ruin trust and have a negative impact on his life and the people around him.

8. A good man has integrity.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

In practice, a man who has integrity is a man of his word. He keeps his promises and shows you his intention through his action. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. You can trust a man with integrity to follow through and show up in your relationship in a positive way.

His moral compass rules his choices and he will always choose to do the right thing in his life and by you.

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Look for integrity in the small things when you first meet a man. Does he call when he says he will? Is he late to dates? Does he show integrity in his work? If he can’t show integrity with the little things, he will have a hard time showing integrity when it really matters.

9. He’s not afraid of commitment.

When most women hear commitment they are thinking about a committed and monogamous relationship. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to commitment. 

Commitment fuels integrity and purpose. You must be committed to growing, learning, and having the tools in place to live in your purpose. If you are not committed to living in your purpose or to having integrity you can’t possibly be committed and have the ability to be in a relationship.

10. He perseveres.

Perseverance is a key quality to look for because life isn’t always kind to you and you want to know that when things get real, your man can persevere.

How does he deal with adversity and challenges in his life? When he’s knocked down, does he get back up? Does he recommit to his purpose when he fails? Or does he let the bad times and his fears knock him down for good?

Perseverance is what will keep him going and recommitting to and working on your relationship through the hard times.

11. A good man has a great sense of humor. 

It’s been proven that women find funny men more attractive. But it turns out that humor isn’t just an indicator of attractiveness, but also of the quality of a man. 

In fact, studies have shown that 81% of women consider a sense of humor the most important trait in a romantic partner. 

And that makes sense, considering that someone with a sense of humor likely has higher self-esteem, a more positive outlook on life, and intelligence.

So are there any good men with qualities like this left out there?

There’s no such thing as the perfect guy — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the guy that’s perfect for you.

That’s not to say it will be easy. Finding that man who is a combination of best friend, lover, and partner — and who doesn’t present any of your deal breakers — may just be one of the hardest things in the world.

Many women want to cut the chase. Unfortunately, the quest for a good guy takes a lot of effort, planning, and prospecting.

The reward is almost never immediate, but if you are consistent and clear, you will meet a fantastic guy worthy of your affection!

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Randy Skilton is a relationship expert who shares his guidance for single women.

20 Characteristics That Women Find Attractive In The Perfect Man

It’s one of the key conundrums men constantly find themselves questioning: what do women really want?

No one will ever have all the answers, and those answers will obviously differ from woman to woman, but an online survey of 1,000 conducted by Princeton, New Jersey’s Opinion Research Corporation can confirm 20 key characteristics that ring true for the majority.

The key learning is that personality trumps physical attractiveness every time, and it’s not even a close race – it’s a landslide.

According to Men’s Health, only 13% of women in the study said that being muscular is important for physical attractiveness, whereas a whopping 66% said that a man’s moral integrity will “make them quiver. ” Yeah… quivering is a good thing, fellas.

In no particular order and grouped by category, here are 20 characteristics that women find attractive in the perfect man, of which only four are physical.

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Character Traits

Faithfulness, dependability, kindness (67% of women said they find this attractive), moral integrity, and fatherliness (defined as the desire to be a dad, as well as the patience and care necessary to bring up children).

Personality Traits

Sense of humour, intelligence, passion (not the sexual kind, but an active enthusiasm in the pursuit of an interest or hobby), confidence, and generosity.

Practical Skills

Listening (53%), romancing, being good in bed, cooking and cleaning, earning potential.

Physical Attributes

Sense of style, handsomeness, height, muscular build (13%), fitness (only 12%)

If you’re thinking, “Holy shit, how are we supposed to balance all of these things?” – that’s a completely fair question. The answer? Just be cool. Not cool in the same way as you thought you were in high school for smuggling a six-pack of Corona’s into your mate’s 16th. But cool in the sense that you’re in control.

Men’s Health coined it as cool in the ‘attitudinal sense’. You know what you want, you can balance your emotions, and you’re astutely self-aware. Nail these things and you’ll come to know which of the 20 characteristics above you need to improve on, and the attractiveness will naturally follow.

90,000 Qualities of the ideal man – a list to look out for

In the article, we discuss the qualities of an ideal man, a list that characterizes a prince on a white horse, an image of a hero that women draw in their imaginations in anticipation of the only one.

What qualities does an ideal man have?

Every woman has her own ideas about what the man of her dreams should be like. They are determined by upbringing, education level, social status, national characteristics, age. An important influence on the formation of a perfect type in young girls is exerted by the music and film industries, cultivating a self-confident sexual macho with an impeccable trained figure.

However, despite the diversity of opinions, it is possible to highlight the main characteristics that most ladies would like to reward their halves with. It is noteworthy that physical parameters rarely top the ratings of female preferences.

Qualities of the ideal man:

  1. Intellect .A flexible and sharp mind, the ability to attract attention with an interesting topic, to maintain a conversation, raise even a seemingly nondescript nerd in women’s eyes. On the contrary, stupid, empty words spoken out of place will expose in an unattractive light an uneducated, well-written handsome man who has descended from the pages of a glossy magazine.
  2. Honesty . A serious relationship cannot be built without trust, especially when it comes to marriage. Honesty is a guarantee that in an incomprehensible or conflict situation, you will receive truthful information and be confident in the reliability of your partner.
  3. Kindness . Sensitive and gentle to his beloved companion, helpless old people and homeless animals, such a man will never look like a faint-hearted weakling. He disposes to himself, evokes sympathy, finding a response in romantic girls’ hearts.
  4. Care . Sometimes you really want to feel like a little helpless girl who has someone to take care of in this huge world. No matter how independent a woman is, support and consolation should be present in her life.
  5. Appearance and figure . We surround ourselves with beautiful things and a small number of young ladies will refuse to see the earthly incarnation of Apollo next to us. Who has not sighed at night, not dreaming of conquering a popular actor, famous singer, athlete or TV presenter? Pumped up biceps, blue eyes, strong-willed chin, dimples on the cheeks excite, forcing women’s hearts to beat faster.
  6. Generosity . Attention in the form of gifts and pleasant surprises makes you forget about everyday problems.In addition, such a character trait indicates that a loved one knows about your tastes, sacrifices his time and finances for the sake of a smile dear to him.
  7. Charisma . A charming personality with a unique charm gives confidence, distracts from the gray everyday life, motivates for development. Such a person is endowed with an inner core, is distinguished by purposefulness, achieves high results in business, regardless of the circumstances.
  8. Courage . A fragile woman should be protected by her husband.Regardless of the circumstances, fully rely on his willingness to protect her from any troubles, to save her from danger, to lend a strong shoulder in difficult times.
  9. Loyalty . Nobody likes traitors, and even more so when a loved one becomes a traitor. Loyalty implies reliability, responsibility for promises made and commitments made.
  10. Ability to earn decent money . No matter how times change, the head of the family was and remains a breadwinner, whose task is to meet the needs of his family, ensuring a decent standard of living.

such a “star” is not a shame to appear in the company to the envy of girlfriends and work colleagues. There is nothing wrong with the fact that your chosen one looks after himself, but concern for his attractiveness should not prevail over other virtues. The value of a cute, pretty face will quickly fizzle out if the basic masculine qualities that women need are lost.

Many of us know this statement: scars adorn a man. It is unlikely that the weaker sex gives aesthetic pleasure to examining scars on the skin.In this cosmetic defect, a woman sees, first of all, a sign of strength, masculinity, fearlessness, the ability to take risks for the sake of a loved one.

Making appearance as the main criterion for choosing your other half, be honest, and ask yourself the following simple questions. Are you ready for the increased interest of the opposite sex in your partner, for the constant comparison of his natural data with yours, for jealousy, criticism and discussion behind your back? How important is attractiveness to strong relationships, family life, and trust? Any beauty is not eternal, and you can’t drink water from your face, as folk wisdom says.

How to find the perfect man and is it worth looking for

It is impossible to embody all the qualities that the female half of humanity dreams of. . Accepting this fact, few are engaged in the search for a standard, and even those come to the conclusion that they risk passing by the one they really need. Remember who ultimately became the chosen one of the heroine of the movie “The most charming and attractive”? An old, unremarkable friend who patiently waited for the employee he liked at the tennis table every lunchtime.

It is noteworthy that having received the coveted gift, some ladies are disappointed in their expectations. Too abstruse intellectual begins to weigh, a supermodel with a bunch of cosmetics on the bathroom shelves annoys, an ardent lover alarms, and a brutal boxer frightens.

An ideal man will probably want an ideal woman next to him. Think about whether you have the strength and desire to stay on top of the pedestal all the time, demonstrating Miss perfection? In successful couples, loving halves complement each other, smoothing out flaws, forgiving failures, helping to become better.

The ideal is a subjective or objective concept

It is enough to talk with 2-3 girlfriends to understand that there is no unanimous opinion about the merits of the stronger sex. For some, the crown of creation is the sex symbol of the last century, Alain Delon, for others, the singer-composer Serge Gainsbourg, short with a humped nose, conquered the hearts of the first beauties. For some, the main thing is that the house is a “full bowl”, but for someone it is important to have warmth, understanding, community of interests, moral values.

Of course, you can philosophize for a long time, indulge in arguments, convince and give examples from life. It is difficult to disagree only with the fact that an ideal relationship requires mutual sympathy, attraction and love invisible to the eye, without which even a fairy-tale prince will not bring personal happiness. Trust your subjective opinion, intuition, listen to the call of your heart, this is the only way you will find out which man is your ideal.

How men themselves describe ideal men

Answering the question about what companions the lovely young ladies dream about, many men have difficulty, referring to the mysteriousness and unpredictability of the female character.At the same time, they note that their chosen one needs, first of all, a reliable rear and a wide back, behind which she will feel completely safe, reliable, calm and confident. A successful career, material opportunities, beauty salons, gyms, modern attributes of a prosperous life help to assert themselves, become the only and desired.

As for such traits as kindness, responsiveness, generosity, sometimes there is a misunderstanding between the sexes. A less emotional male audience considers such manifestations in some cases to be weakness, cowardice, a waste of time and financial resources.

Psychologist’s advice

It is up to you to dispel or confirm the myth about the existence of the ideal representative of the stronger sex. Before embarking on a difficult path of search, soberly assess your own pros and cons, so as not to become a victim of self-deception. Excessive requirements can become a serious obstacle to achieving your cherished dream.

Having found a potential candidate, pay attention not only to his behavior towards you, but also towards strangers.How polite he is, can he patiently listen to the interlocutor, argue his position, how he behaves in emergency situations. A stray dog’s reflex kick in passing can cross out high impulses and gallant courtship without a word. Be wise and patient, let the man open up to the fullest, demonstrating both strengths and weaknesses.

One of the main criteria for making the right choice is your feelings next to him. You should feel lightness, confidence, security, your exclusivity and irresistibility.


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45 qualities of a real man in modern times

However, it happens that the demands of girls, especially young ones, are too high. A real man seems to them to be a kind of prince who does not waste time with friends, loves his mother-in-law, and even does socks himself. Of course, such ideal young people do not exist in nature. Or they are typical “mama’s” sons, raised by a lonely authoritarian woman.

This is how arrogant young ladies learn from their mistakes. They stuff a lot of bumps before they realize their own arrogance.

45 the most important qualities of a real man

Nevertheless, excessively high requests are just as harmful as low ones. What stereotype should the ideal man correspond to?

So, He is in front of you:

1. Strong – today the representatives of the stronger sex should not get food by manual labor in the fields or by hunting.But being able to protect your beloved is the sacred duty of every man.

2. Responsible – agree, no girl will refuse if her spouse makes all family decisions on his own. Infantile people tend to make mistakes that are not typical of serious individuals.

3. Knows how to “hammer a nail” – to keep housing in order, solve problems with your own hands, and not with the help of a plumber. The same as for a woman to be able to cook.

4. Confident – rather, for the fairer sex, vulnerability and modesty are considered a special charm, but not for gentlemen.

5. Honest and frank – these qualities of a real man go hand in hand with self-confidence. After all, only emotionally strong people are able to ask for forgiveness, admit mistakes and then solve them.

6. Successful – as in all times, women are most concerned about the well-being of the family, the opportunity to provide their children with a comfortable existence.But not to be confused with wealth and luxury.

7. Intelligence and a sense of humor – let’s not forget about such a quality of a man as mind. If the weaker sex is more prone to emotions, then the strong acts logically, and this is his strength. A sense of humor also depends on intelligence.

8. Calm, balanced – there should be no aggression in the relationship from both sides. To be a “dominant male” – YES, a tyrant – absolutely NO.

9. Being a Super Lover – Needless to say, how important intimacy is in a relationship. Being physically and emotionally fit for each other is a must for any happy couple.

10. Romantic – finally about what every girl longs for – romance from her beloved. Romantic manifestations, affection, simple dinner in an intimate atmosphere,…. All this refreshes the relationship, prolongs the candy-flower period for many years.

11. Independent – knows how to solve problems on his own, without shifting them to others. Also, a real man will not wait for help from the outside, hoping that life’s hardships will be decided by his mother, girlfriend or friends.

Where do you think you can meet a real man? Poll Options are limited because JavaScript is disabled in your browser.
  • Anywhere. In transport, on the street, in a cafe * 54%, 123 votes

    123 votes 54%

    123 votes – 54% of all votes

  • at work 12%, 27 votes

    27 votes 12%

    27 votes – 12% of all votes

  • in the library 7%, 17 votes

    17 votes 7%

    17 votes – 7% of all votes

  • on the street 7%, 17 votes

    17 votes 7%

    17 votes – 7% of all votes

  • in the fitness center 7%, 17 votes

    17 votes 7%

    17 votes – 7% of all votes

  • on the street 7% , 16 votes

    16 votes 7%

    16 votes – 7% of all votes

  • On the Internet * 4%, 10 votes

    10 votes 4%

    10 votes – 4% of all votes

Total votes: 227

Voted: 206

04. 04.2020

* – added by a visitor


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12. Faithful to his word , moreover, both in relation to others and in relation to himself. This point, by the way, most clearly distinguishes a man from a boy. The latter can afford to be known as a balabol, joker and generally a windy personality. Such “glory” will compromise a man forever.

13. Strives for self-development – does not set the bar “to become a senior manager”, after which only a well-deserved retirement can follow.It is aimed at all-round development, constant movement up the career ladder. It is important that a man tries to connect his family to the constant upward movement.

14. Loves and respects himself – knows his own worth, but is not proud. Also appreciates his honor and dignity in the eyes of others.

15. Knows how to search for the necessary information and people . With such a man it is not scary to get into an unpleasant situation. He will be able to reach the right people and get their help or advice without losing dignity.

16. Sociable – not necessarily the soul of the company, but knows how to maintain a conversation and has at least a couple of loyal friends. With the “beech” you will feel uncomfortable in the company, and you will have to forget about festive gatherings in the company.

17. Purposeful – knows how to set goals in life, effectively allocate available resources, find the missing and use it all in the interests of the family (and their own too). Able to persistently move in the chosen direction, despite temporary setbacks.In the case of an incorrectly chosen path, he will revise the goals without depression.

18. Able to make decisions and be responsible for them – this is especially important for the children of single women. Therefore, if a man says that he grew up in an incomplete family, this should be a wake-up call to take a closer look at him. But it’s better to have the courage to get to know his mom.

19. Stress-resistant – agree, not everyone is endowed with iron calmness and composure.But in any case, a man should not be subject to panic and escape from reality. A restrained reaction to a conflict situation and the ability to resolve it without hysterics or assault – this is the quality of the behavior of a real man.

20. Able not only to plan, but also to act – the “couch strategist” will never become the mainstay of the family, but an active man is able to achieve a lot even with a lack of far-sightedness.

21. Has clear spiritual orientations – does not necessarily believe in God, spirits or the afterlife, but clearly distinguishes between “right” and “wrong”, “permissible” and “unacceptable”.

22. Knows how to appreciate – this applies to women nearby, and work, and at home, and friends. It is important that a man does not act as a critic, but as a support, stimulus and motivator. The ability to appreciate small joys and happiness in all its manifestations is especially important at the beginning of a joint journey, when great material values ​​are still unattainable.

23. Knows how to appreciate the efforts of his wife – this applies to dishes, and appearance, and comfort in the house. A woman appreciated at her true worth flourishes, and the one who tries in vain quickly stops surprising.Therefore, great people are proud of their women, exalt them, attentive to their efforts.

24. Appreciates quality, not quantity – this trait guarantees that after a while a man will not go over to the one that is younger and more colorful.

25. Faithful – with such a man it is not scary to give birth, gain weight, go on business trips, etc. He will always remain true to his choice.

26. Knows how to make a holiday – when flowers are on holidays, and gifts are on birthday, spontaneity leaves life. Therefore, it is important to immediately convey to the man that small surprises are important for you like a chocolate bar in a bag or a trip to the zoo.

27. Knows how to control anger – will never raise a hand against his woman and child. This also applies to clarification of relations with boors, hooligans and other “personalities”. You don’t want to pay with your calmness for the impulsiveness and explosiveness of your companion, do you?

28. Has interests, hobbies, hobbies – you won’t have to be bored with such a person all weekend on the couch, and in the evenings after work listen to stories about colleagues and news. And in the company an interesting person always stands out, you will not be ashamed to be next to a dull “dork”.

29. Taking care of himself – neatness, moderation and a sense of style only add charm to a man. Nobody says that a man should go to a manicure or be a regular at an expensive barber shop.But clean, tasteful clothes, well-groomed hair and hands are a must if you want to become a part of society. Brutality and masculinity do not suffer from this.

30. Writing and speaking competently is as important as being able to compliment or tie your shoelaces. In the age of slang and an abundance of obscenities, no one has canceled the importance of competent dialogue and correspondence.

31. Kind, generous, generous with family members . The ability to put family interests ahead of your own is a rare gift.BUT !!!!, if you meet such a man, do not miss it.

32. Keeps you in good physical shape – going to the gym, jogging or at least exercising on the horizontal bars in the yard guarantees that you have a strong personality with willpower and endurance. And in 5-10 years, he will 100% stand out against the background of the pot-bellied husbands of your girlfriends.

33. Knows how to choose good accessories – watches, belts, perfume will tell about a man no less than himself.

34. Initiative – people-mirrors always play secondary roles, it is difficult for them to move on to specific actions. If you intend to see the head of the family, and not the “second fiddle”, choose the appropriate type of men. Do not hope that your lack of initiative will change someday.

35. Does not lose strength of mind even in the most difficult situations – it is important for women to have a strong shoulder nearby, which will become a support in any trouble, otherwise the weaker sex will have to take on the burden of masculinity.

36. Knows people – knows who can be trusted and who should not be allowed into a close social circle. He can give sensible advice and knows how to find a common language with any person. Pick up a gift and a thousand other important little things that are necessary to raise the authority of your family.

37. Accurate with alcohol – as psychologists say, it is important at least once in your life to see your partner drunk in order to understand his true face. Therefore, be on your guard, suddenly your cute cat at the table will transform into an aggressive tiger or an inadequate cat.The same applies to men who, not knowing the measure, make their companions blush after every party.

38. Does not have any fundamentally important (for you!) Bad habits – it is clear that unauthorized substances are immediately banned, but whether to put up with smoking is up to you. If the habit itself or its consequences are unpleasant to you, think carefully about whether you want to retrain an adult.

39. Jealous, but moderately – a small portion of this feeling is even necessary for a healthy and harmonious relationship.But when a man is insane, loses his composure and control due to any delay in your work or dancing with a good friend, it is worth considering.

40. Good for children – even if you are now a staunch opponent of procreation, over time you will still want a child. Men in this regard rarely and difficult to change. Therefore, inveterate opponents of children should be avoided – there is a risk of getting an offspring, but absolutely unnecessary for his father.

41. Courteous with elders – parents, employees, unfamiliar travel companions. If a man is rude to strangers, don’t worry yourself with the hope that he will communicate with his wife and her parents in a different way.

42. I am ready to distribute responsibilities and help my soul mate in her part. You shouldn’t cook dinner for him with a temperature, just like yelling for a light bulb screwed in at the wrong time. Mutual assistance and mutual assistance – these are what strong families hold on to.

43. Opened to the new – a classic man will never decide on an insane act for his woman, no matter how much he loves her. Moreover, both a serenade under the window and a trip abroad can fall into the category of “insane”.

44. We tolerate people of other nationalities, views and faith – this is not softness, but respect for others. This is especially important for fathers of young daughters, who may one day bring a foreigner into the house.

45. If he is not talented in music or literature, he knows how to appreciate it in other people – inveterate “functional” at least will not lead to the theater and will not appreciate the verse written for him.

What are the three most important qualities of a man Poll Options are limited because JavaScript is disabled in your browser.
  • Determination, confidence and wisdom. * 23%, 139 votes

    139 votes 23%

    139 votes – 23% of all votes

  • Loyalty * 21%, 124 votes

    124 votes 21%

    124 votes – 21% of all votes

  • Sense of humor 14%, 87 votes

    87 votes 14%

    87 votes – 14% of all votes

  • care * 8%, 50 votes

    50 votes 8%

    50 votes – 8% of all votes

  • Perception 8%, 46 votes

    46 votes 8%

    46 votes – 8% of all votes

  • Earn a lot 8%, 46 votes

    46 votes 8%

    46 votes – 8% of all votes

  • Sexuality 6%, 38 votes

    38 votes 6%

    38 votes – 6% of all votes

  • Responsibility * 6%, 34 votes

    34th losa 6%

    34 votes – 6% of all votes

  • Decisiveness 3%, 18 votes

    18 votes 3%

    18 votes – 3% of all votes

  • Homeliness 2%, 11 votes

    11 votes 2%

    11 votes – 2% of all votes

  • Handsome * 2%, 11 votes

    11 votes 2%

    11 votes – 2% of all votes

Total votes : 604

Voted: 222


* – added by a visitor


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And in conclusion:

Undoubtedly, it is not at all necessary that each of the described qualities be inherent in your real man. One of the most important signs of genuine love is being able to accept your partner for who they are. Ideality should be left out of your family boat. But, in any case, you should not close your eyes to the absence of important features for you.After a while, they will make themselves felt, so it’s better to take a closer look at the man. This will relieve both painful disappointments and unnecessary partings.

After all, love is also a choice.

K How sometimes naive and pure, but sometimes business-like pragmatic revelations of girls on the street

The best qualities of a man – a self-development program for men

This section of articles is devoted to the qualities of men.More precisely, the “best”, “good” qualities of a man. In this topic, they often talk about the qualities of the “real”, “ideal”, man. However, the division of men into “real” and “not real” is not close to me. I would say this: there are men with developed masculine qualities, and men who have these qualities are less developed. There are men who want to develop the best qualities, and there are those who do not consider it necessary (and this is their personal choice, which they are entitled to).

My goal is to give men who strive for self-development clear guidelines in understanding what qualities are considered the best for a modern man, and how to develop them in themselves.It is with the aim of helping such men, in order to identify and develop the missing qualities, that I created the online program “Masculine Development Workshop”

Most often I work on this program individually, because every man is individual, and every man will have his own combination of qualities. There is no task for everyone to become uniform “supermen”. Let everyone develop those qualities that are most important to him and correspond to his sense of self.

My complete list of the best qualities of a man has more than 50.In the 1st part I offer you the first 9 qualities with detailed elaboration and recommendations. Well, those wishing not only to “read”, but also to work on themselves qualitatively – welcome to the “Workshop for the development of masculine qualities.” I will be glad to meet you personally.

Articles on the topic “Best male qualities”

Quality man # 1 – Inner core.
Contents of the article:
What is the “inner core”?
Why should a man develop an inner core?
How to develop the inner core?

Quality of a man # 2 – Devotion, responsibility, reliability.
Contents of the article:
What does it mean to be betrayed?
Why should a man be loyal?
What is a man responsible for?
How to develop a sense of responsibility?

Quality of a man # 3 – Physical and emotional tone
Contents of the article:
What is physical and emotional tone?
Why does a man need physical and emotional tone?
How can a man raise his vitality?

The quality of a man №4 – Self-realization, creation
Contents of the article:
What is self-realization?
What is creation?
conditions for self-realization of a man

Quality of a man # 5 – Willpower, perseverance, patience
Contents of the article:
What is willpower?
Why does a man need willpower?
How to develop and strengthen willpower?

Quality of a man # 6 – Self-sufficiency, independence, from opinions and assessments, respect for their interests.
Contents of the article:
What does it mean “to be a self-sufficient person”?
How is self-sufficiency manifested?
Why does a man need self-sufficiency?
how to become a self-sufficient man?

Quality of a man # 7 – Courage and determination.
Contents of the article:
What is courage?
What does it mean to be a determined person?
Why should a man be bold and decisive?
how to become bold and decisive?

The quality of a man # 8 – Initiative and enterprise
Contents of the article:
what is initiative and enterprise?
What does it mean to be proactive and entrepreneurial?
Why should a man develop initiative and enterprise?
How to develop initiative and enterprise?

Quality of a man # 9 – Positive thinking.Calm attitude towards success.
Contents of the article:
What is positive thinking?
How is positive thinking expressed?
Why should a man develop positive thinking?
How to learn to think positively?

As additional information for thought, I offer you articles about the best qualities of a man in the representation of women (I think they differ from the ideas of men themselves about the best masculine qualities by 40 percent, but in the main they agree)

What qualities does a woman look for in a man

A woman about “real” and “not real” men

What women like and dislike about men

Brutal sexy: how to get past her natural selection

“If a woman cries.”Memo for men from a woman …))

90,000 12 masculine qualities that drive girls crazy

Feminine logic, it would seem, is impossible to understand. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine what the ideal of a man looks like, capable of conquering any woman’s heart.

Bright Side tried to collect a list of masculine traits that drive absolutely all girls crazy. The presence of even half of them guarantees the owner of success with women.

12. Masculinity

Masculinity combines strength of mind, nobility, honor and courage.Not a single sane girl will refuse such a set.

11. Sense of humor

A good joke is the best way to break any ice. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it. Ladies won’t take jesters seriously. But a good sense of humor, according to girls, is an indicator of high intelligence.

10. Care and attention

We all want to be cared for and taken care of. For a girl, this is also a sign of a good father for future children.

9. Determination and activity

The decision should be made by a man based on what is best for the two of them. Women don’t like to make a decision for a man. Also, nobody likes amoeba. Active, enterprising young people who do something like a magnet attract women.

This is not only a matter of material wealth. Not everyone can be generous with attention. Spiritually generous means the joy of giving emotion and love.


A romantic man is a real gift for any woman. With this, the whole life will be a continuous celebration of love.

6. Uniqueness

“He doesn’t look like anyone, he’s the only one!” – often women consider their halves special. And if a person is unique, it will be much easier to fall in love with him.

5. Reliability

No one can guarantee that the beginning relationship is the same love for life.But reliable men make it easier to believe.

4. Understanding

Sometimes you want a simple human understanding. From a half-word, from a half-glance. This comes with the years of living together. And sometimes you meet a person, and you seem to know each other for a long time. It’s warm and cozy with him.

3. Good manners

This quality is especially in demand today. There are fewer gentlemen, so the one who observes the rules of etiquette has a clear advantage.

2. Thriftiness

The service “husband for an hour” is named that way, because thriftiness in men is highly valued. It’s not a woman’s business to take a hammer and hammer in a nail.

1. Um

We don’t mean IQ. A wise and just person who ponders his decisions will be a good family man. Sometimes you just want to relax and trust a man.


The ideal figure, according to British women, is 180 cm.In fact, girls just want to be next to a man 5-10 cm taller than themselves, so that they can put on heels on a date and look harmonious.

≡ What should be a real man ᐈ TOP-5 masculine qualities

When choosing a real man, a woman should take into account his such qualities: responsibility, dedication, reliability. In addition, in order not to fantasize, it is better to ask about his relationship with his parents. So you can understand what kind of man is in front of you: worthy or not.In this article I am going to talk in detail about what a real man should be like.

I will feel this person as a heart ” is a tactic that does not work. And the divorce statistics confirm this. It is worth admitting that the heart often fails and is very mistaken when choosing “the one”.

I would like women to rely not only on their intuition, but also have a concrete understanding of what qualities a man should pay special attention to. Therefore, today I decided to make a tip article for you and tell in detail about the main qualities of a worthy man.

From this article you will learn:

  • Goal orientation, stability, passivity. Three types of masculine qualities that tell a lot.
  • How can a man’s past help you find out if there is reliability among his positive qualities?
  • How can attitudes towards women and children help to reveal male character traits?
  • How to meet a real man?

The main qualities of a real man from the point of view of a woman

Many women are mistaken when they think that if they are beautifully looked after by a handsome man, then this is enough to call him “worthy”.I understand that now some will think: “ Yaroslav, this is not about me. Definitely not about me. I evaluate a man from head to toe before drawing conclusions ”. Okay, maybe not about you. I’m talking about the majority. And if you do not recognize yourself by this description, keep reading anyway, I promise – there will be a lot of useful things in the future.

So, let’s imagine a standard situation. A handsome man begins to look after a woman, pays attention, spends time with her, perhaps gives flowers and gifts.Such a male set will be enough for him to win over most women.

If a man has great courting, what quality does it express? Many women will answer: “Yaroslav, if he is caring, then he is caring” . And I disagree. If a man takes good care of, it means exactly one thing: he takes great care. Maybe. now you will be surprised, but cute and beautiful courtship have nothing to do with the qualities of a man.

There is a type of men who think: “Now I’ll try for her, get what I want from her, and then I can relax” .Such a man will not look after you as beautifully in family life, he will relax immediately after the end of the candy-bouquet period.

I repeat: if a man at the stage of charm, love pays you a lot of attention, it only says that when this man is interested in a woman, he knows how to show it.

By the way, I have recorded a whole video lecture for you on the topic “What should a real man be like?” on his YouTube. Click, watch, leave comments, subscribe to the channel and read on.

There are girls who notice a real man only when demonstration performances are arranged for them, in an attempt to demonstrate their masculine qualities. Than from such phonites? “I don’t understand men. I don’t notice them at all. For me to notice a man, he has to put on a whole show for me ”.

A mature woman sees a man through and through and without demonstration performances. It is enough for her to communicate with a man in a calm atmosphere to understand who is in front of her.Do you want to learn this? Come to my free online course: “Man: Honest Instructions for Use”.

No. 1. Man’s responsibility

Well, let’s talk about those masculine qualities that distinguish a real man from unworthy representatives of the stronger sex. The most popular qualities of a real man that I heard from women were: responsibility, masculinity, honesty. But what do women mean by these words?

Let’s talk about responsibility. I believe that responsibility is definitely a masculine quality.But how to understand that a man is responsible? Of course, according to his actions. Please do not be confused with actions.

For example, if a man is ready to live with you, it means that he is ready in deed, not in words. In my opinion, this is more about responsibility than when he promised to bring you tea and brought it or was released from work at 7:30, as promised.

If a man decides to live together, it means that he takes responsibility for a woman, demonstrating his willingness to let her into his space.And then he takes some steps for this: rent or buy an apartment, move in, spend more time together. Is it about responsibility? Yes, and yes again.

Another form of male responsibility concerns finances. When your man or husband provides for you and says that only he will be responsible for the family budget, then by this he expresses his responsibility. It protects you from anxiety and stress, thoughts about what you or your children will eat tomorrow.

No. 2.Purposefulness as one of the best male qualities

There is a term in English – goal oriented. The literal translation sounds like “goal-oriented”. This quality is inherent in men who only look forward. They do not think with old regrets and guilt, they are not in a passive position. They see the goal and see no obstacles. I believe that goal orientation is an important quality of a real man. This is what makes him successful.

“Yaroslav, how to define a purposeful man?” Pay attention not to the man’s stories about what he wants or wants to become, but to his actions to achieve his goal.

At the first meeting, the best way to understand whether a man is goal-oriented or not is to figure out what achievements he has. Ask what changes have occurred in his life over the past 2 years. And if during this period there were no dynamics, then there is no goal-orientedness there either.

By the way, about the grandiose male plans. There is a misconception that all women need some kind of oligarch or superman with international multi-business. I believe this is a myth. Most women who dream of multimillionaires don’t even know who they are.They see only one side of the coin – “ Here, he is rich, so we will love each other, get high and live for our pleasure ”.

But there is also a downside: often successful businessmen do not have time for relationships at all, they are devoted to their business 22 hours a day and may not have the easiest times. Building a joint future with such a person is often much more difficult than living with a man who is focused on stability.

Let me emphasize that not all worthy men should strive to “conquer the world”.Let me give you an example: here you met a man, asked him a question about his achievements, and he replied that there were no special achievements in his life. He has his own apartment, car, work, where he goes every day and performs the same actions, and 2 times a year he goes on vacation abroad. Can you say that he is goal-oriented? Not really. In this case, a man is focused not on a goal, but on stability, and it is important for him to fixate. I’m not saying this is bad, it’s just a fact.

Orientation to stability is also a good quality of a man, whose goal is a comfortable and measured life.But here it is important to understand what stability is for him. For some, stability is $ 300 a month, for someone – $ 1,000, and for someone – $ 10,000. Therefore, please pay attention to such things, so that later you do not reproach the man for the fact that he “cannot give you more”. All people are different.

And it is important to understand that if you are already living with a man who in recent years is inclined to a certain lifestyle, you should not assume that he can change in a week and begin to realize your desires and dreams of a “different” life.Yes, such situations do happen, but this is more the exception than the rule. And most often this happens in those families where the woman did not have a goal to change the man.

What happens when a woman sets a goal to inspire a man, dreaming to change him? She shifts the focus of her attention from herself to the man. And this is a very big mistake, from which both lose. She does not develop and is wasting her energy, and he physically cannot realize her “wishlist”, because for years he was focused on stability.And such a forced growth only drives him into a state of stress.

And, finally, I will briefly tell you about the third type of men, for whom neither stability nor movement forward is important – passively oriented men. Such men always fail, they are constantly condemned by the outside world, which in fact does not affect their results at all. For these men, everything is always around to blame: the deputies, the government, other countries, coronaviruses, but not themselves.Run from those. They have well-developed negative qualities of a man, but the masculine qualities that women appreciate are clearly not worth looking here.

No. 3. Demonstration of reliability

The qualities of a real man would be incomplete without reliability. Reliability and responsibility are very similar. In my understanding, reliability is a subtype of responsibility. And I believe that it is best manifested in a man’s attitude to his past. To the way a man “came out” of his previous relationship.

Let me explain right away with an example. Imagine that a man left his wife with two children, leaving her with nothing, and just went to a young girl. Of course, at first, his new darling will be glad – the man chose her. But over time, the same girl will feel insecure, because if a man was able to do this once, it is likely that this situation will happen again. And she is not immune from this.

I know guys who, after parting with a girl, continued to provide for her for a while.Hear only correctly – not in the sense that they became her sponsors in life. They showed reliability, gave the girl the opportunity to adapt after parting – they continued to rent an apartment for her and support her financially, so that the girl could comfortably rebuild to a new format of her life without a man.

Reliability is about how a person behaves in stressful situations. Is this an important quality of a man? Obviously yes. To convince you finally, I will give you one more example.A man for 10 years has been married to a woman, they have a child. According to the man’s words, his wife behaved unworthily and constantly insulted him. I’m not going to shield anyone now, and, most likely, she did it for a reason. But that’s not the point.

After they parted, the man did not go anywhere and continued to support his child financially. But the woman did not stop insulting him. This is how they live: she continues to criticize the man and speak unworthily of him, and he regularly sends her a large sum of money for the child from month to month.I will note that he performs his male function not according to legal law. He does this consciously, realizing that this is his area of ​​responsibility. I hope I managed to explain to you what male reliability is in my understanding.

Now consider the reverse example of men. How does an unreliable man behave on a date or in a relationship? He speaks badly about his ex, perhaps even insults. What can such a man say? “ I’ll prove it to her, I’ll leave her with nothing ” or “ She treated me badly, so I won’t leave her anything ”.I am silent about those men who have children, and when parting with a woman, they are not ready to pay a dime in alimony. In such a situation, everything is immediately clear and obvious. I hope you do the same.

No. 4. Attitude: towards parents, women, family

Attitude towards women, I also refer to the list of “the best qualities of a man.” A man can be three times awesome, have many advantages, but treat you badly or all women in general. What could be causing this?

First, a man can be offended for something against women.For example, his wife once cheated on him, and now in his universe all women are traitors and cannot be trusted. Or in a previous relationship, the girl constantly demanded money / expensive gifts from the guy, and now he thinks that all women are selfish. And now he is sure: they simply have to love and appreciate him disinterestedly. He has formed a program that it is impossible to give expensive gifts and give a woman money, because she will use it.

Having negative attitudes in his head, a man will broadcast them to other women.If you think that it is you who will be able to change this, I dare to disappoint you – you will not succeed. Trying to cure him, you will simply waste your time and nerves, but you will not be able to develop a different model of behavior for him.

The same applies to relationships with parents and family values. I recommend that you find out what kind of relationship a man has with his mother and father, what is his attitude towards his childhood in general. It often happens that a man had a close relationship with his mother, and his father was either absent or was a bad example to follow.Sooner or later, all this will definitely manifest itself and you must be ready for this.

For example, if a man grew up in a family without a father and his mother raised him on her own, there is a possibility that your relationship with him may develop into a love triangle, where you, your husband and his mother are.

Attitude towards children can also determine whether your chosen one has the qualities of a real man. And here the question is not at all whether he loves children or not, look deeper. Find out how a man feels about the use of physical force in relation to children, whether he thinks that children should be forced to do something through shouting.

The character traits of a real man are manifested in the fact that he treats children on an equal footing, and not from top to bottom. He understands that the physical use of force in a relationship with children is dishonest, unfair, painful and often traumatic for the child. This is my opinion.

By the way, please pay attention: there is a place for comments under the article, and I would be pleased if you could share – do you agree with the qualities of a worthy man that I describe in this article.Or write down the five qualities of a real man that you like the most.

No. 5. Man and money

And the last thing I would like to focus on is the attitude towards money. Ask a man how he treats wealthy people. What is his opinion on them? “ Wow, well done. He could, he got it, how hardworking he is ” or “ Ah, he stole, asshole ”,“ He is the son of a politician, he was lucky, he is a major ”.

If in his words there is any condemnation and criticism of rich, successful people – listen.When a man says that a person is just lucky that he earned a certain amount of money, what conclusion can be drawn? It turns out that he does not respect money and believes that you can get it by accident. He mentally devalues ​​money, and this is what sits in his subconscious.

If he respected money, he would understand that money does not come to anyone just like that. And if they do come, then you need to be able to fix them, because it is not at all easier to maintain a certain level of financial condition than to rise to this level.

If a man accepts and admires such people and perhaps someone else’s example of success motivates him to move forward, then everything is ok with him.

Or maybe he says that wealth is not for him, he has his own world. Listen. From these points, you can understand what kind of relationship this man has developed or will develop with money in the future.

Where can you meet a real man?

I think that most women are interested in the question: “Where to find the chosen one, which combines the best male qualities?” Let me tell you right away – the answer is definitely not in describing the places where decent men gather.Just imagine that right now I will give you the address and you will come there. What will happen next?

The correct question should be: “ How can I become such a woman who will attract cool, worthy men? How can I get to the level of femininity so that I am attracted to the corresponding level of men? “If you are not in a relationship now, do not run after men, but focus on how to become the one that real men will run after themselves, admiring your feminine qualities.Do it for yourself.

If you are now in a relationship or married, you are far from satisfied with everything and if you want to live your life with a worthy one, you don’t need to get divorced or leave without discovering 100 qualities of a real man in your partner. You don’t have to try to “inspire and motivate” or re-educate your man. Start pumping yourself, and you will see how your life will unfold 360 degrees.

For more details on the topic of female development, pumping and awareness, I analyze in my free course: “Man: Honest Instruction.”In addition, on the course, I raise other issues, including about attracting worthy men, creating happy relationships and reanimating those relationships in which you are now, sorting out the problems of love triangles, talking about codependent relationships and much more. Click on the link right now and sign up for a free online course.

Thank you for reading this article to the end. I really hope that it was useful and interesting for you. I would be very glad to receive feedback in the comments.
Yaroslav Samoilov

What is he – a real man today?

Sergey Valentinovich Mashutin, Head of the Emergency Service of LETI:

– Does a real man have to change from year to year? I think if he is real, then for all time. For me, for example, Grigory Melekhov from the novel “Quiet Flows the Don” remains the standard of a real man both in his youth and today. He has the main masculine qualities – it is obvious.He is a warrior, not without reason he had four “Georgias”. But at the same time, he is a completely peaceful person, a hard worker: he will not ask another uncle how to handle a plow or hammer a nail. He independently makes decisions and is responsible for them. Not afraid to speak the truth, even when it is dangerous. Knows how to love and defend his love. Gregory is a very deep and moral person. A real man, he does not at all look like those characters who have been trying to pass us off as role models lately.If some of you are not yet familiar with The Quiet Don, be sure to read this book. For example, I am now re-reading it several times already.

Sophia Belova, 3rd year State Fund:

– For me, the best reasoning on this topic is the song of Muslim Magomayev – “Is it that man?”
The man who is courageous,
And unsold in soul,
Only that man!
Who in the name of honor
The head is always in place,
Only that man!

Irina Pavlovna Fedorova, Head of the Legal Department

– In my opinion, today and at all times, a real man has such qualities as responsibility, decency, the ability to act and a sense of humor.I am sure such a man and a woman who is next to him can make him happy. For me, my father is an example of such a person. He worked hard and responsible work – he was the director of the mine. Today we all know how difficult it is to be a miner … And all the qualities that I have listed, he had to repeatedly show both at work and in the family. And a sense of humor helped in any life situation. As long as I remember our family, I always saw a wonderful man in front of me, and next to him – a happy woman, my mother!

Anastasia Leonova, 3rd year State Fund:

– First of all, he should be a support and support for his loved ones (mother, sister, girlfriend / spouse).A woman feels protected next to a real man. She knows for sure that he will come to the rescue at any moment, in any situation. For me personally, an integral feature of a real man is a sense of humor. You need to be able to make fun of yourself and what is happening around you. And also a man should not speak, but do! You can say whatever you want. Only by actions can you confirm your sincere love for a woman.

Natalia Orlova, 3rd year GF:
– In my opinion, a real man has the following qualities:
1. Defender . The proverb “behind a man, like behind a stone wall” does not lose its relevance. A woman wants to feel a sense of security next to her man and believe that he, like a true superman, will be able to solve any problem.
2. A kind person . And not only with your soul mate! A real man will show this quality to others.
3. Able to act. Planning your actions is an important skill, but the couch strategist will never be a mainstay.Only an active, courageous and decisive man can achieve a lot.
4. Follows itself . I am not saying that a man should go for a pedicure or highlighted hair to expensive salons every week. No! But clean and neat clothes, well-groomed hair and hands are great! The brutality of a man will not suffer from this. And if he also maintains good physical shape from day to day, then I can safely assure that we have a personality with willpower, endurance and beautiful muscles 🙂

Valeria Kichalyuk, 3rd year State Fund:

– For me, a real man is, first of all, one who respects the mother and understands the importance of family values.Quite often you can judge a man by his relationship to his mother. And if he supports her and stands up for her – know that in the future he will be the same for you.

90,000 What should be a man in a family? Illustrative photo:

What should a man be? This difficult question has haunted women for centuries. Let’s see what an ideal husband, father and real man should be.

What should a real man be like?

Modern society constantly dictates to us the rules of behavior, habits and tastes. Commercials create the image of an ideal person – a woman or a man. And it can be very difficult to figure out what a man should be for a woman in reality?

As for me, the main indicators of who a real man is do not change over time. Here are the basic qualities that should be inherent in everyone who is called the proud word “man”:

  • Independence.

This is one of the most important qualities that a man should have. If your young man does not have a permanent job, his own home and depends on his parents, then he has not yet become a man. And a real man must also be able to control his addictions and be independent of computer games, alcohol and drugs.

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  • Masculinity.

This quality, in fact, makes a man a man.And this does not mean at all that a real man is a brutal bearded bumpkin who believes he has the right to raise his voice and raise his hand to the weak. I think these are the qualities of an “anti-man”. Courageous is a strong man who can take the blows of fate, solve problems, not succumb to fear and not throw tantrums in a difficult situation.

All men are by nature earners. Therefore, they need to realize their potential, earn recognition and success. A successful man is confident in himself, he is self-sufficient, because he managed to realize his plans and satisfy his ambitions.

A very important quality for a man. He will be appreciated both in the professional field and in personal, family relationships. If he does not fulfill his promises, his word is worthless, then it is difficult to call such a person a real man.

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What a man should be in a relationship: Pixabay
  • Ability to take risks.

Risk is a noble cause. To boldly take risks is the prerogative of brave and courageous men.Of course, insane and unjustified risks can hurt. But if there is an opportunity to get the best, risking what is already available, then a real man will definitely try not to miss his chance. This applies, for example, to changing jobs or areas of activity, creating your own company.

  • Self-critical.

A real man knows his own worth. He understands his strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, he calmly accepts criticism and is able to evaluate himself and, if necessary, correct his actions.

  • Perseverance and ability to go to the end.

A man must be able to complete what he started. This applies to both business and personal life. To do this, he needs to collect all the willpower into a fist, clench his teeth and show perseverance in achieving his goals.

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It is also important for a real man to be educated and polite. Such qualities are acquired in childhood and help in adulthood.Agree, if a courageous independent man does not know how to say “thank you” and does not know the basic rules of behavior in society, he is unlikely to be able to reach heights in his career and win the attention of the opposite sex.

What should be a man in a family?

A real man is determined not only by professional and, in fact, masculine qualities. It is very important to understand what a man should be in relation to a woman, children and family.

Personal relationships are one of the most important spheres of human life.It is impossible to imagine a real and self-realized man without a family, a beloved woman. If you are trying to understand what a husband or partner should be, I will try to explain. Here are some qualities that determine what a man should be in a relationship:

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This human quality is often mistaken for weakness. But only strong, confident, self-sufficient people can be kind. Only spiritually and morally weak men allow themselves to be cruel towards women.Kindness, the ability to sympathize and empathize are the qualities that a man needs to become a worthy and beloved partner, husband.

  • Perception.

We often hear that modern girls are looking for a rich or handsome man. Perhaps to some extent. But most women still value attention more than expensive gifts. Surprises, pleasant words, unusual dates – this is something that no normal girl can resist.

It is extremely important for women that a partner is honest with her, shares his thoughts, experiences, plans for the future.And he didn’t lie. Never. Under no circumstances.

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True sincere love is not only romance, flowers, gifts, sweet words. Where there is no fidelity, where a man is constantly running from one beauty to another, there can be no love. Omar Khayyam said correctly: “You can seduce a man who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a mistress, but you cannot seduce a man who has a beloved woman!”

  • Sense of humor.

This is a bonus. Of course, you can do without jokes, gags and cute pranks on the part of the man. But a person with a sense of humor is able to constantly make his soul mate smile and neutralize all quarrels with a successful funny phrase.

And one more important area of ​​family relations is children.

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A man in a family: Pixabay

Do you think that a man does not want to become a father in principle? Boy, maybe.And a real man, a breadwinner and protector dreams of getting heirs from his beloved woman. In my opinion, the best qualities of a man in relation to a child are as follows:

  • patience;
  • caring;
  • liability;
  • kindness and tenderness;
  • striving to become a role model, to earn authority and respect.

When trying to figure out what a husband, father and family man should be like, pay attention to the main qualities of a real man.If your partner has the basic character traits of men, then most likely he is ready to start a family and will become a caring father, reliable support and loving husband.

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