Pen brush koi: Sakura XBR-12SA 12-Piece Koi Assorted Coloring Brush Pen Set

Watercolor Brushpen Review: Sakura Koi Watercolor Brushpens

Today would have been my father’s 63rd birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad.

Watercolor markers and brushpens are very popular right now.  Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens were recently the rage amongst crafters and stampers, calligraphers love Tombow ABT watercolor brush pens, and many artists and illustrators enjoy Winsor and Newtons watercolor markers, but there are many other options on the market.  Sakura, the company that brings us Gelly Rolls and Microns, has long been a player in the affordable watercolor market.

Sakura Koi’s watercolors are available in three formats- dry pan watercolors, watercolor tubes, and watercolor brush pens, also known as the Koi Coloring Brush Pens.  All types can be activated with water, but only the watercolor brush pens utilize the Sakura Koi blender pen.

The Stats

  • Solid Nylon Brush, similar to Zig Art and Graphic Twin, Tombow ABT
  • Easily available in sets- 6, 12, 24, 48
  • Available openstock from the Sakura Koi site for $2.49, some colors are available on Amazon, lowest price on DickBlick
  • Sets are also available on DickBlick and Jetpens
  • Blender pen sold separately
  • Color coordinating caps
  • Single tip
  • Can be blended with water or colorless blender
  • Dye based ink
  • Plate finish paper recommended
  • Ink is not fade resistant

Digital Color Chart

Colors available in the 12 Pack

Sky blue
Yellow Green

Colors Purchased Open Stock

Aqua Blue
Colorless Blender
Light Cool Gray
Fresh Green
Rose red
Coral Red
Raw Sienna
Dark Brown
Woody Brown
Naples Yellow
Salmon Pink
Sap Green

Techniques for Koi Watercolor Brushpens

Basic Shapes & Shading with Sakura Koi Coloring Brush & Water Brush

Blending marker into marker worked fairly well, although color did not carry as far as I would have liked.  I generally blend dark into light, and go over the area I want graduated with the light marker again.

Color blends moderately well with the Sakura Koi blender- with waterbased markers, blenders pick up color and move it forward, rather than pushing the color to the back of the paper as alcohol blenders do with alcohol based markers.

Felt that the Tombow Colorless Blender worked quite well with these watercolor markers.

The 12 pack and the markers I’d originally purchased openstock did not have any usable skintones, so I ordered additional colors from the Sakura site to round out my collection and give me the necessary material for the upcoming field tests.  These came packaged in a non-descript cardboard box.

I was very pleased with these markers in general after swatching, and pleased specifically with the colors I purchased openstock for the field test.  Colors were swatched in a Strathmore Watercolor journal.  Dyes held their color well even after water was added.

The Field Test (wet)

Sakura Koi Field Test-Nattosoup

Field test was completed on Fabriano cotton rag watercolor paper.  Illustration was inked with the Copic and waterproof Sailor Mitsuo Aida.

Used a masking tape palette for this application, as well as a couple natural fiber brushes and a cup of clean water.

Marker to palette application is very pale, will take multiple layers to build up.

 Direct application to the cotton based watercolor paper while paper was damp chewed up the paper.

Blender handles different than an alcohol blender- handles differently from application of water with brush as well.

I recommend a violet over the Sakura Koi Magenta

Areas where the paper was abraded by the brushpen’s surface tend to feather when additional layers are applied.

Layers tend to displace prior layers, rather than layering and effecting the visual perception of prior layers.For the field test, I didn’t really use the 12 piece set I’d purchased.

Raw sienna was used for the freckles.

The photos on the package indicate a dry application, which led me to believe I was misusing the markers.

Using a brush allows for a more painterly look, due to natural variations in how much water is held within the brush and applied.

These don’t take layering as well as other brands do, and are more difficult to blend.  If you aren’t used to these markers, it’s wise to go in with a game plan before starting, as you won’t be able to make corrections easily.

Caps really do not indicate ink color, so make sure you refer to your swatches rather than relying on your caps.

The Field Test (dry)

Sakura Koi Field Test Continued (make sure the video is up and working before posting this)

I apologize that I don’t have in-process photos of this portion of the review.  I thought I had a video (and I might, somewhere), but at this time, I do not.

Colors are very saturated when applied directly to the cold press, woodpulp watercolor paper.   Although they can be blended somewhat, they do not blend enough to create areas of contrast in terms of saturation.  I ended up blending out the background green with water, as it was too overwhelming, but that’s the only area I used water on.  I used the Sakura Koi blender for everything else.

I was dissatisfied with how these markers handled when used entirely for dry applications, and I don’t personally feel like the blender does a good enough job blending colors together, or blending colors into white to handle these markers alone.

The Verdict

For best performance, you should treat your Sakura Koi watercolor markers as you would other watercolor markers.  I personally found the dry application to be garish and over saturated, but with judicious use, that can be used to your benefit as well. 

Cheaper and easier to acquire than Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens, as they’re less popular.  If you like what you see in my videos and blog post, I recommend you go ahead and buy the large set.  Not only will it save you money overall, but it will save time over ordering multiple sets or ordering open stock.

Comparable Waterbased/Watercolor Markers

Clean Color Real Brush
Zig Brushables
Zig Art and Graphic Twin
Tombow ABT
Lyra Aqua Brush Duo
Distress Watercolor Markers
Winsor Newton Watercolor Markers

For even more waterbased and watercolor reviews, please check out my Review tab above this post.

Examples of Sakura Koi used for Calligraphy

Hand Lettering with Brush Pens Tutorial by Calligrapher, Joanne Fink

Blend Koi Markers Like Watercolors – Rainbow Color Demo ft. Lisa Engelbrecht  

Brush Calligraphy by Inku Kumar

Other Sakura Koi Reviews

Art Supply/Product Review, Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Set -Gray (Chibi Lemi Painting)

More about Brushpens for Inking and Art

Choosing a Brushpen for Art- Jetpens Blog

Review: Koi Watercolor Brush Pens 12-Color Set

I was introduced to the Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens 12-color set ($27)  by way of Lisa Condon’s blog, Today Is Going To Be To Be Awesome. She had a post on her sidebar about her favorite tools to use for drawing and illustration and one of her recommended pens for sketchbook use were the 12-color set of Koi Coloring Brush Pens.

The pens are felt-tipped and shaped like a paint brush tip. The colors are bright, clean and vivid and are water soluble so they will blend together easily allowing the 12-color set to extend itself into a wider range of colors by blending the colors together.

If you do blend the colors together, be sure to have a piece of scratch paper handy because the colors will migrate from pen to pen and you’ll want to clean off any color transfer that might occur in the process though this can also create some interesting an unexpected results. Just be prepared.

The set comes in a plastic sleeve but I prefer to dump out all my pens immediately into a pen case or a cup so they are handy and accessible. If they are all locked away in a protective sleeve, I find they don’t get used which is a waste.  Rolling around on my desk, I wrote notes, doodled, colored and generally just enjoyed the bright vivid colors all week which was welcomed in the bleak January days I have to say!

The black pen in the set is also water soluble so I would not recommend using it as an outliner and then trying to go back and fill in with colors as the black will migrate. The word “KOI” on my sample has darker colors because the black started to creep into the center. If you want to do outlining in black brush pen and then use the Sakura Pigma Professional Brush pens instead which are permanent and then add color with the Koi Coloring Brush Pens.

I think these pens might spend a little time out with our coloring books this week and see how it plays there. I’d also like to add in a little light water brush to lighten the colors a bit and help to blend so that the colors will play even more like watercolor. I did try a water brush after photographing the samples and the colors do continue to blend even several hours later so these will definitely be lots of fun to play with. A very clean, portable way to use watercolors on the go! And, wow! Are the colors ever bright and clean and juicy!

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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Spray Planet Review: Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens and PIGMA Micron M

This week we here at Spray Planet wanted to take a look at some of the other products that Sakura released that we carry, and you might not be that familiar with!  Sakura is well known for their Streaks aka Solid Markers in the graffiti world – because, well they’re just awesome! Beyond streaks though, Sakura has some other super rad products that are just as high quality but geared more for drawing.  The two Sakura Marker products we are going to review this week are the KOI Coloring Brush Pens and the PIGMA Micron Markers.  Both are of the highest quality and amazingly unique in their use! 


Sakura Marker Company Quick History

Established in Japan in the 1920’s, the Sakura company has long been credited with the invention of the “cray-pas” industrial marker mixture. This mixture is essentially a combination of wax crayons and oil pastels. Sakura was originally founded to manufacture and distribute semi-transparent water colors and wood block inks as well as various other stationery items. Sticking to marketing products, Sakura expanded and added a number of unique products.  These days the company operates three large factories in different parts of Japan employing roughly 1200 people worldwide.

Although the Sakura company markets multiple arts and crafts products they are most commonly known in the creative and industrial world for their professional-grade markers. Two specific markers that Spray Planet will be diving into in a bit more detail are the Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pen and the Sakura PIGMA Micron Marker. If you are an artist, student, designer, illustrator, architect, cartoonist, graffiti writer, or just someone looking to add some new creative materials to your arsenal without breaking the bank, then these two Sakura markers need to be in your supply rotation.



Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens Overview

The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens unique design is a surefire way to expand your style and art skillset. Whether you are working on a school project, designing or illustrating for your work and/or business, or just doodling for fun, these Sakura brush markers definitely add new creative range that is both fun and easy.

As the name suggests, the Sakura KOI Brush Pen comes equipped with a brush tip very similar to an actual paint brush. The tip is composed of a nylon fiber that is extremely durable, yet flexible at the same time. This makes the Sakura KOI Coloring Brush a versatile tool for any artist who knows their way around a traditional paint brush. The overall advantage to the brush tip is the ability for the user to achieve different line weights from extremely fine all the way to bolder strokes and everything in between just by the amount of pressure applied during usage. This means you get a wide range of detail work from filling big areas to extra crisp linework with a single marker!

The ink used by Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens is a water-based dye, which allows you to create extra smooth gradients and color blending. When layering colors over one another there is a gentle even blend rather than blotchy or bleeding sections as seen with other similar markers.

Also, because the Sakura KOI brush ink is extremely vibrant with excellent coverage, very little pressure needs to be applied when making your mark. This pairing of vibrancy and coverage with little pressure, means very little bleed-through on sketchbook or blackbook paper. 

The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens are available on Spray Planet in 48 beautiful colors that are ideal for fills, detail work, and watercolor effects for your drawings and sketches. Some of these vibrant colors include: Burgundy, Coral Red, Yellow Green, Viridian, Peacock Green, Iris, Emerald Green, and Aqua Blue just to name a few. The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens are sold individually as well as in a set. Click here to see the ENTIRE color range for the Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pen!    



Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens Key Features

  • Nylon brush tip
  • Water-based dye-based ink
  • Available in 48 vibrant colors
  • Watercolor effect

Pros of Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens              

  • Inexpensive compared to other brush markers
  • Little mess
  • No smearing/smudging
  • Smooth blending/layering
  • Fast dry time
  • Easy/smooth blending
  • Compatible with PIGMA microns

Cons of Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens

  • Not fade resistant
  • Not waterproof
  • Not refillable
  • Best used on paper and similar substrates


Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens Overview

As an artist if you want to create high detail ink drawings and super crisp lines, then the Sakura PIGMA Micron is the crème de la crème marker for fine detailed lines. Not only is the Sakura PIGMA Micron marker perfect for super, super fine lines, it is perfectly matched with the KOI Coloring Brush Pens. They also work great with other water color paints and alcohol-based markers. However, if you are going to use Micron markers with paints you need to make sure the paint is completely cured otherwise it could potentially flake off and end up clogging the nib of the Micron.

The PIGMA ink used inside the Micron marker was first invented and developed over 25 years ago in the early 1980’s. This archival pigment-based ink is acid-free, extremely high-grade in quality, permanent, and fade-resistant. Once the Sakura PIGMA Micron ink has completely cured, the ink will not run or bleed if water or moisture comes into contact with the medium. It’s no wonder the Sakura PIGMA Microns are the preferred outlining marker for professional illustrators, cartoonists, architects, and designers around the world!

Spray Planet carries the Black PIGMA Micron in 6 different nib sizes. Ranging from smallest to biggest they are: 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, and 08. Although the PIGMA Micron actually comes in a 7th size (001), the nib size is extremely fine and therefore particularly delicate and susceptible to damage so it is not one of Sakura’s more sought after markers. The Sakura PIGMA Microns are sold individually as well as in a set. Click here to see all the different Sakura PIGMA Microns from SprayPlanet!


Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens Key Features

  • High-quality, archival pigment-based ink
  • Designed for fine lines and detail
  • Waterproof
  • Available in different nib sizes
  • Solid flow
  • Good consistency
  • Non-toxic

Pros of Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens                  

  • Fade-resistant
  • No smearing/smudging
  • No bleeding through on paper
  • No clogging
  • Fast dry time
  • Compatible with markers/watercolors
  • Inexpensive

Cons of Sakura PIGMA Micron Pens

  • Ultra-thin nib sizes can wear out pretty fast
  • When used in combination with paint, nibs can clog if paint is not fully cured


Are Sakura PIGMA Microns and Koi Brush Pens Worth It?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Sakura is one of the best art and industrial brands on the market. The company has been producing the highest quality art and marking products since the 1920’s, what more needs to be said? Not only do the quality of the product speak for themselves, but they all come at a reasonable price that won’t hurt your wallet!

The Sakura KOI Coloring Brush Pens are ideal for any artist or creative that is looking to widen their artistic range and style. With features similar to an actual paint brush, these Sakura markers allow the user to achieve beautifully smooth color blends, even gradients, and even different line widths all with just one marker. A large color palette also makes this Sakura marker a must-have in your supply box!

The Sakura PIGMA Micron was designed over 25 years ago with a professional-grade ink that speaks for itself and lives up to its design. Different nib sizes ranging from 005 all the way to 08 allow the creative to achieve extremely fine detail work with care and ease.

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Koi Brush Pens Wholesale | Supply Leader — Wholesale Supply

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Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens


Order your  Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens now! This product offers you an excellent quality and the best product at affordable price. You can easily say all of these about our art supplies. Therefore, we’re proud to add this product in our store.

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High quality water based brush pens for artwork.
Odourless and blendable.
Easy to carry for bringing outdoors for painting.
Available in 6 colors gray/12/24/48 colors per set.
Perfect paint set for students and professional artists.

Seems like an exceptional offer, but it won’t last forever. Therefore, ADD TO CART this pen set right now and enjoy the deal before it’s too late!


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We don’t put any limits on your order value, so you can buy as many products as you want.

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Sakura koi coloring brush pen zestaw 48 pisaków – sklep plastyczny

Numer katalogowy: XBR-48A
Producent: Sakura

Kolorowanie i rysowanie pisakami jeszcze nigdy nie było tak proste i przyjemne! Koi Coloring Brush Pen to seria znakomitych markerów japońskiej firmy Sakura. Chętnie sięgają po nie profesjonaliści oraz hobbyści, zachwycają bowiem swoją jakością oraz uniwersalnością w użytkowaniu. Niniejszy zestaw 48 pisaków zawiera pełną gamę kolorów. Pisaki KOI Colouring Brush Pen nadają się do rysowania, kolorowania, ozdabiania kartek, albumów, art journali, kaligrafii, wykonywania komiksów, projektów modowych, ilustracji, karykatur, a nawet mogą służyć jako tusz do stempli gumowych. Są całkowicie bezpieczne, mogą używać je dzieci, ponieważ ich bezwonny tusz stworzono na bazie wody i nietoksycznych barwników. Posiadają elastyczną, pędzelkową końcówkę z nylonu, której używanie przypomina malowanie pędzlem z farbą. W zależności od nacisku, linie mogą być cienkie, średnie lub szerokie. Nacisk absolutnie nie niszczy końcówki – natychmiast po odjęciu od kartki, wraca ona do swojej pierwotnej postaci. Specjalnie opatentowana formuła tuszu sprawia, że można bez problemu uzyskać piękne i jednolite gradacje kolorów. Możliwość rozmycia ich wodą zapewnia efektowne, przypominające akwarele rezultaty. Najlepiej sprawdzają się na gładkim (ale nie śliskim) papierze. Pisaki KOI Brush dostępne są na sztuki oraz w mniejszych zestawach.

Kolory: 3 yellow, 4 deep yellow, 5 orange, 205 coral red, 7 pale orange, 107 salmon pink, 407 woody brown, 9 naples yellow, 110 dark brown, 12 brown, 14 rad sienna, 18 vermilion, 19 red, 20 pink, 221 rose red, 24 purple, 124 iris, 224 light purple, 25 cerulean blue, 125 sky blue, 225 steel blue, 226 emerald green, 426 peacock green, 27 yellow green, 28 blue green light, 128 ice green, 29 green, 130 sap green, 31 viridian, 32, fresh green, 36 blue, 137 aqua blue, 237 light sky blue, 238 lavender, 43 prussian blue, 47 raw umber, 49 black, 44 cool gray, 144 dark warm gray, 45 warm gray, 145 light warm gray, 46 dark cool gray, 153 light cool gray.

Japanese brush sakura koi pen, 1 piece, soft head pen, halo paint mixing brush, letter marker, calligraphy pen |

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Number of colors:
    Single (AE 存量) * 7
  • Model number:
  • Is it erased or not:
  • Number of packages:
  • A type:
    Art mark
  • Stamp:
  • Packaging:

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# 20 Pink, Watercolor markers KOI Brush, Sakura

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90,000 review of brushes – Olga Yakovleva

When I first became interested in calligraphy (and then lettering), the question of choosing training tools regularly baffled me. Kaliningrad is a small city, there are tiny art shops, so the choice was limited to ordinary paint brushes, fountain pens and very expensive sets for classical calligraphy (the use of which, as it were, implies that you have a kimono and know Japanese). I wanted to start with something less academic, so I went on a long journey through the vastness of online shopping. The choice, however, did not become easier – after all, even after studying reviews and other people’s training works, it is difficult to understand which tool is right for you.

An unsuccessful or inappropriate tool for a specific task can confuse you even more and even make you think that you yourself are some kind of wrong. How else to explain when you have already put your tongue on your shoulder, but nothing turns out the way you want? – pants with sleeves, not otherwise!

If you also had similar thoughts and doubts, here is the first piece of advice – never despair and try everything! Only by holding different markers, pens, nibs and brushes in your hands, and by yourself testing them in practice, you can catch that very magical feeling when the learning process really moves .And as soon as you decide on the style in which you want to work and pick up your tool – learning will turn into a pleasure. This moment is very important at any stage – and if you are just thinking whether you want to do decorative writing seriously, and if you already feel that you want .

Since I decided to study not classical calligraphy, but modern (freer in style) calligraphy, my most basic tools were brushpieces. And today I will tell you about everything that I learned about them in practice – how different brands differ, which models are more obedient and which ones are less, what is softness / stiffness, and so on.Go!

What is a brush pen?

Brushpen (literally, “brush pen” or pen-brush) – in fact, this is a felt-tip pen with a flexible tip. The thickness of its lines can be changed depending on the pressure, thanks to which you can create contrasting calligraphic styles. The main differences between the brushpans are the size, softness, stiffness and resilience of the tip. The larger it is, the wider and more contrasting the style will be, and the smoothness of the line transitions and the feeling of control of the instrument when writing depends on the softness, stiffness and elasticity.

Brashpenes are refillable and non-refillable (the former are usually more expensive). The ink inside can be pigmented or water-based (such anchors are also called watercolor). The nibs are made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials such as nylon, felt or felt, and the thinnest contain an elastomeric insert that supports the brush tip and helps it last longer.

And, of course, there is a significant difference in price between different brands. Considering that each brush pen has a limited lifespan (the tip gets loose and loses its elasticity over time), for the first workouts it is better to choose inexpensive, non-refillable models that you will not mind spending.When the hand becomes more confident, it will be possible to try more expensive models. And which of them will become the most comfortable and beloved – you will feel for yourself.

Models of windlass

Now there are a great many of them, but for now I will tell you about the most famous ones available in stores and which seemed to me the most convenient.

– EDDING 1340 (Germany). Medium line brush with water based ink. On thinner office paper and heavier paper, this ink behaves differently – in the first case, the color comes out lighter and the lines blur more along the edges (which is good if you like a subtle watercolor effect).The line consists of 10 primary colors (black, brown, red, orange, yellow, cyan, blue, purple and pink). The tip is soft, but firm and strong enough to control it easily and lasts a long time. The average price is 70 rubles, so this brush pen can be safely taken both for training and for permanent work.

– TOMBOW ABT DUAL BRUSH (Japan). Dual marker with a large, soft brush on one side and a thin, rounded, rigid nib on the other, allowing you to create high-contrast styles and fine-tune details with a single tool at the same time.The line includes 96 colors and shades. Average price – 290 rubles.

This model is loved by many calligraphers, but it is more difficult to control it than Edding 1340. The clearest lines will be obtained if you get used to it – which in my case has not yet happened, but:

– ZIG KURETAKE FUDEBIYORI (Japan). Brushpen very similar to Edding 1340 – same line thickness, same subtle watercolor effect from water based ink.It feels like the only difference is that the ZIG brush is a little tighter, but line control is equally good for both. The colors in the ZIG Kuretake line are brighter, denser and wider – in addition to the 24 basic ones, there are also 8 metallic ones that can be painted on black paper. Average price – 90 rubles.

– SACURA KOI COLORING BRUSH PEN (Japan). This aperture is similar in tip size to the Tombow ABT – together they provide perhaps the widest and highest contrast line.However, the KOI brush is softer, less firm, and the tip goes from thin to fluffy very quickly. Water-based ink, 48 colors (+ separate blender for mixing shades and creating gradient transitions). Average price – 190 rubles.

– FABER-CASTEL PITT ARTIST PEN B (Germany) . Along with the Edding 1340, one of my favorites. The tip is soft but bouncy enough to feel maximum control over the line, even when you pick it up for the first time.Tip size is smaller than all models listed above. Pigment-based inks are water-resistant and lightfast, so they are always brighter and denser than water-based inks (even if you compare the black color of Faber’a and other brands of windscreens, the former will always be juicier and more opaque). The assortment of colors consists of 60 different names. Average price – 180 rubles. The pitt artist pens fail a little faster than Edding and ZIG, but all the time allotted to them serves wonderfully.

Pitt artis pens are sold not only by the piece, but also in shade sets – I will attach a color from three that I have:



This set, by the way, was my first acquaintance with brushes, and I still cannot stop looking at these blue shades.The palest of them is Light Indigo, it is barely distinguishable and is more useful for painting shadows than as a stand-alone brush pen, but the other three are worth looking specifically for this particular set.


Important! – do not confuse B (brush) and SB (soft brush) among the pitt artist pens series! In the first case, it is an elastic brush, suitable for calligraphy, and in the second, the brush is very soft, and it is so soft that even with a slight pressure it falls on the sheet almost entirely, so it will be very difficult to control it when writing.

For comparison: left – brush, right – soft brush.

– SIPA (Japan). Honestly, I don’t know how to correctly name this amazing beast, so I’ll use the only Latin inscription on the case (besides “japan material”). A set of these three brushpins was found on AliExpress and ordered in order to find out if something is capable of a price of 35 rubles. a piece worthy of writing. It turned out – quite.

The set is available in three sizes – L (large), M (medium) and S (thin).The L size in line thickness resembles Edding 1340 and ZIG Kuretake, and in terms of elasticity – KOI, the tip of the brush also begins to fluff quite quickly. However, in spite of this, the instrument keeps its shape and, no matter how long it is going to live – let it live! Now I’m thinking about trying the effect of a semi-dry brush on it when I achieve a special puffiness. Why not?

Sizes M and L – for thinner styles, elastomeric nibs and shorter ones. They do their job well.The color of all the brushpins in the set is black.

– TOMBOW FUDENOSUKE (Japan). Two excellent thin elastomer-tipped anchor blades, one soft and the other hard. In the first case, the line comes out wider and smoother, in the second – thinner and slightly sharper. But both are good, so I would recommend trying them in pairs. In order not to get confused (considering that here, too, nothing is spelled out on the case in Latin except for the brand name), I will clarify: a hard brush goes in a dark blue case, and a soft one – in a dark gray.The ink color in the ruler is black only. Average price – 190 rubles.

– PENTEL SIGN PEN BRUSH (Japan). All the thin brushpieces in this line are, in my opinion, no less good than the Tombow Fudenosuke. But to understand their subspecies for those who are just getting acquainted with the model is not so easy. First, among the descriptions of the sign pen brush, the word “touch” also periodically circulates, but it is present only on the body of the color series (which includes a simple black brush, and there are 12 colors in total).Secondly, in the series there are three brushpins in a gray body, the ink color of which is only black, but the brushes differ in size and softness – medium (a large, very soft brush, giving a very contrasting line), fine (thinner and harder) and extra fine (the thinnest and hardest).

And thirdly, among the Pentel products there is also another line of sign pens, which does not include brush-heads, but capillary pens with a rigid, rigid nib, which are not suitable for contrasting calligraphic writing.The body and appearance of sign pens and sign pen brushes are absolutely identical, so everyone can get confused at first.

How can you distinguish between these Pentel models and capillary handles? The answer is simple and funny – by glitter. If there are sparkles in the body, then this is a brush pen. If not, a capillary pen. Profit!

In the picture below: top left – sign pen touch brush (in black case), bottom left – sign pen brush fine tip, in the middle – sign pen brush extra fine tip, top right – sign pen brush medium tip, bottom right – capillary pen sign pen (in purple case without glitter).Average price – 150 rubles.

Helpful Hints

When the tip of the brush pen becomes unusable, with some models you can turn one tricky thing – gently pull the tip out of the case with tweezers, turn it over with the other side and insert it back. Thus, the tool will last twice as long. I know for sure that it works with pitt artist pens and Edding 1340. As I try, I’ll tell you if I find something new.

UPD: On a tip from Katya Panova (thanks, Katya!), It turned out that changing the tip does not work with the Tombow ABT model (where the brush ends with an even cylinder), but it works with KOI.True, the second side of the KOI tip is not sharp, but rounded, so the effect will be slightly different when writing, but no less interesting. Important! – in contrast to operations with Edding 1340 and pitt artist pens – it is a little more difficult to insert the KOI tip back and it is better to cover it with napkins or newspapers in advance, since paint may splash from the body.

Above – an inscription with a brush pen KOI before changing the tip, below – after.

Comparison scale for brushpans

For convenience, I decided to additionally collect the main characteristics of the listed models – perhaps, being guided by them, the choice will be easier.

By tip size:

Widest and highest contrast brushes: TOMBOW ABT DUAL BRUSH, SACURA KOI COLORING BRUSH PEN.

By price (from inexpensive to more expensive):


The largest color gamut in the line:


Color density:

The most opaque brush pen with pigmented ink – FABER-CASTEL PITT ARTIST PEN B.

Comparison of wide and medium brush sizes:

Thin brushpen comparison:

In practice

And here is what I get with the help of sketches with brushpins and subsequent vector processing:

If this article turned out to be useful to you – write about it in the comments, I will be pleased.Or maybe you would like to share your feelings from these instruments or give some advice? Feel free to tell about everything below. And let creativity bring you only joy!

Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen Colorless Blender 2PC Set Flexible Brush Tip


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