Payment kiosk malaysia: Malaysia financial/telecom solutions provider introduces payment kiosk

Restaurant Emenu System | ASTA

Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor enables the user to use or operate the screen of the machines without touching the screen itself with fingers because it can sense the movement of fingers or hands within 5~25mm from the monitor by irradiating the surface of the touch panel monitor with Infrared Radiation (IR). This new product can be easily installed to your existing touch panel monitors at reasonable price because it does not require replacement of monitors. The piece of Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor will be placed on top and overlaying any of the touch panel monitors available in the market, it will function and provide the amazing contactless touch screen experience simply by connecting it with the USB and power supply. We have a diverse lineup of touch panel monitor sizes, starting from 19 inches until 55 inches, and we are open to accept orders for customized sizes other than the lineup too.
People are getting anxiety on infection and has higher consciousness on infection prevention due to the Covid-19 pandemic nowadays. Our Contactless Touch Panel Monitor is the right solution for companies, business entities and premises which are facing and having needs in reducing the anxiety and enhancing the infection prevention of their customers and employees. 

< Product Line-Up >


Bezel Size(428.8W X 354.8H), Active Touch Area(378.0W X 303.0H)


Bezel Size(523.6W X 314.6H), Active Touch Area(476.6W X 268.2H)


Bezel Size(644.6W X 380.6H), Active Touch Area(596.8W X 335.7H)


Bezel Size(743.5W X 441.0H), Active Touch Area(697.7W X 392.3H)


Bezel Size(1011.6W X 599.6H), Active Touch Area(965.3W X 523.3H)


Bezel Size(1255.1W X 727.0H), Active Touch Area(1209.6W X 680.4H)

< Suitable for >

▼ Installation on ticket vending machine of F&B and public facilities like train stations 

▼ Installation on shopping mall directory and office building directory

▼ Installation on the POS monitor of restaurants and retail stores   etc

Malaysia Kiosk Manufacturer and Solution Integrator

Aldan Technology is a specialist in design and manufacturing of a wide variety of self-service kiosk solution and is one of Malaysia’s leading kiosk provider. Aldan Technology provides high quality kiosk solution with a fully customizable design along with hardware and software solutions. Aldan Technology has since expanded overseas, covering most of the SEA regions including Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and even countries such as Hong Kong, Japan and China, installing more than 10,000 kiosks across these regions.

The provision of a full maintenance support is also one of Aldan’s provided services as we are fully aware of the concerns it brings to our customers. On-site support, immediate exchange of faulty parts and a 24/7 online helpdesk is always provided to all customers.

Strong and bountiful projects handled in the past by Aldan Technology enabled us to continue expanding our product line as well as providing multiple different services and also an increased level of sophistication of our kiosk solution. By utilizing our firm understanding gained from long years of exposure towards the kiosk industry, Aldan is able to administer and implement the perfect turn-key solution for your requirements in any way possible.

Today, self-service is rapidly emerging as one of the important routine not only in the corporate world but also in each individual life. Interactive self-service kiosks are being used as Point of Presence (POP) and Interactive Marketing platform that basically acts as Virtual Sales & Services Agents (VSSA) for bill payments, loyalty programmes, discounted system, self-ticketing, on-line advertising & promotion, and uncountable other applications.

This POP VSSA can be strategically located, working as an extension of loyal and dedicated sales & service agents operating 24/7, on-line real time. 24/7 branding via continual advertisement and promotion can contribute vastly in creating higher sales, lower costs, and faster cycle times for companies and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd was founded in April 2003, when we realized the need of streamlining business processes, and improving customer services and creating user experience via self-service interactive systems and solutions.

Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd provides conceptual, architectural designs and engineering of kiosks. On top of that, Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd is also a computer software developer who specialize in the provision of self-service digital marketing and interactive multimedia kiosk management software, kiosk systems and solutions, thus making Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd a pioneer in developing interactive digital marketing and management software in Malaysia. The components include front end designing, content optimization, remote monitoring & management, reporting, analysis, and security.

Providing a range of distinctive Web-based application solutions to clients and partners, Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd aims to deliver innovative and interactive solutions that will helps to revolutionize and streamlining the way companies perform thier business process in Digital Age in order to stay competitive as the market leader in respective industry.

Digi Kiosk | Digi – Let’s Inspire

1.This Digi Self-service Kiosk is available to Digi and non Digi subscribers, subject to these Digi Self-service Kiosk terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) or as prescribed by Digi from time to time at its absolute discretion.

2.These Terms and Conditions govern the users rights and obligations, as the customer, in connection with the access and use of this Digi Self-service Kiosk. By accessing or using this Digi Self-service Kiosk, the user hereby acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions.

3.This Digi Self-service Kiosk allows Digi customers to perform the following services in relation to Digi Customer’s Account (for the avoidance of doubts “Digi Customer’s Account” means customer’s account for Digi Mobile, Digi Fixed Line and/or Digi Broadband which may include Digi postpaid business customer or enterprise customer or individual customer, whichever is applicable):

3.1to make bill enquiries or bill payments in relation to Digi Customer’s Account. Any bill payment will be updated to the respective Digi Customer’s Account pursuant to these Terms and Conditions;

3.2to perform instant reloads and/or instructions to the respective prepaid mobile numbers and/or prepaid broadband internet numbers;

3.3to make or perform such other services as may be introduced by Digi via Digi Self-service Kiosk from time to time.

4.Bill Payment & Bill Enquiry Services:

4.1This Digi Self-service Kiosk accepts payment by cash, cheque, credit card and Bank Card.

4.2The bill enquiry on Digi Customer’s Account details of Digi Mobile, Digi Fixed Line and/or Digi Broadband shall be subject to successful verification via MyKad or Passport/Identification numbers in Digi ‘s record.

4.3Bill Payment by Cash

4.3.1Denominations of notes accepted via Digi Self-service Kiosk are RM5, RM10, RM50 and RM100 unless otherwise specified by Digi.

4.3.2The maximum numbers of notes accepted via Digi Self-service Kiosk is thirty (30) pieces of notes per transaction.

4.3.3The respective Digi Customer’s Account will be updated within two (2) hours upon acceptance of payment subject to Digi’s system availability or within such period as specified by Digi.

4.3.4No return of change or refund of money will be given to the customers for any payment made by cash via Digi Self-service Kiosk. Any excess amount made by the customers will be credited in the subsequent months’ Digi Customer’s Account bill statement.

4.3.5Each cash payment transaction can only be made for one (1) account number.

4.4Bill Payment by Cheque

4.4.1Only local, house and/or outstation cheques are accepted for payment by cheque via Digi Self-service Kioks.

4.4.2Cheque must be made payable to “Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd.”.

4.4.3On the reverse side of the cheque, the customer must write contact number, Digi Mobile, Digi Fixed Line number or Digi Broadband account number and amount of payment.

4.4.4Only six (6) telephone numbers per cheque transaction are accepted by Digi for any payment made via Digi Self-service Kiosk.

4.4.5Any payment made by cheque via Digi Self-service Kiosk must not be used with envelopes and/or the customer must not staple the cheque to be deposited for any payment made via Digi Self-service Kiosk.

4.4.6All valid cheques received via Digi Self-service Kiosk will be updated to the respective Digi Customer’s Account(s) after cheque clearance. Generally, the clearance period for local cheques require 2-3 working days whereas outstation cheques may take 3-8 working days.

4.4.7Cheque clearance means the money transferred from customers’ respective bank to Digi’s bank is successful. Cheques with incomplete details or insufficient amount, or rejected by the bank would be returned to customers.

4.5Bill Payment by Credit Card

4.5.1Only locally issued Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA) will be accepted for payment by Credit Card via Digi Self-service Kioks.

4.5.2Minimum payment amount that can be accepted via credit card is RM 5.00 unless otherwise specified by Digi.

4.5.3Maximum transaction allowed is dependent on the registration status of the Credit Card with Digi.

4.5.4The respective Digi Customer’s Account will be updated within two (2) hours upon acceptance of payment subject to Digi’s system availability or within such period as specified by Digi

4.5.5Any payment made via Credit Card is subject to approval or clearance by the issuing bank.

4.5.6If a payment via Credit Card is unsuccessful, please refer to the issuing bank.

4.5.7Each Credit Card payment transaction can only be made for one (1) account number for any payment made via Digi Self-service Kiosk.

4.6Bill Payment by Bankcard

4.6.1Only locally issued Bankcards with MEPS e-debit function are accepted for payment. MEPS e-Debit enables the payment amount to be immediately deducted from the customer’s savings or current account.

4.6.2Minimum payment amount that can be accepted via Bankcard is RM 5.00, unless otherwise specified by Digi.

4. 6.3The maximum payment amount allowed is dependent on the customer’s issuing bank rules.

4.6.4The respective Digi Customer’s Account will be updated within two (2) hours upon acceptance of payment, subject to Digi’s system availability or within such period as specified by Digi

4.6.5Any payment made via Bankcard is subject to the approval or clearance by the issuing bank.

4.6.6If a payment via Bankcard is unsuccessful, please refer to the issuing bank.

4.6.7Each Bankcard payment transaction can only be made for one (1) account number for any payment made via Digi Self-service Kiosk.

4.7Once payment is accepted by Digi Self-service Kiosk upon final confirmation by customers, the payment made is final and non-refundable. Nevertheless, the payment confirmation slip shall not be the proof of payment by the customers to Digi and Digi shall reserve its right under the law towards any payment due and outstanding by the respective Digi customers.

4.8For the avoidance of doubts, the unbarring of the services is applicable to all modes of payment successfully accepted, except for payment made via cheque, which is subject to the bank’s clearance.

4.9For any payment made using the bill scanner or manual entry via Digi’s Customer’s Account No., SMS notification will not be sent to the respective customer’s mobile telephone number upon receipt of payment. As such, the customers are advised to retain the payment confirmation slip for records.

4.10Any excess amount made by the customers will be credited in the subsequent months’ Digi Customer’s Account bill statement.

5.Prepaid Reload Service

5.1Digi Self-service Kiosks accept reload amounts from RM10 to RM100, in increments of RM5 unless otherwise specified by Digi.

5.2Digi Self-service Kiosks will reject a transaction if the total cash received is less than RM10 or more than RM100 unless otherwise specified by Digi.

5.3Digi prepaid mobile numbers or Digi prepaid broadband numbers will be reloaded almost instantly upon confirmation, subject to systems availability. In the event customer fails to receive the reload confirmation after twenty four (24) hours, please walk in to our nearest Digi Retail Store or call our Customer Service at 016 221 1800.

5.4Each reload transaction can only be made for one (1) Digi prepaid mobile number or Digi prepaid broadband number only.

5.5Once cash reload instructions are accepted by Digi Self-service Kiosks upon final confirmation by customer, the reload instructions shall be considered as final and non-refundable.

5.6Customer is responsible to ensure the details for Digi prepaid mobile number or Digi prepaid broadband number entered is correct. Digi shall not be liable for the details or information provided by the customers via Digi Self-service Kiosks.

5.7When the instant reload instructions are accepted and completed via Digi Self-service Kiosks, the customer will receive a confirmation SMS message from Digi. In order for the customer to check their Digi prepaid mobile credit balance, the customers may dial *126# and press ‘SEND’ from the mobile phone.

5.8Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated herein, all instant reload instructions received by Digi shall be processed at Digi’s absolute discretion.


6.1This Digi Self-service kiosk is open to all Digi and non-Digi subscribers.

6.2Services available on the Digi Self-service kiosk include but is not limited to wallet top-ups, bill payments, utility payments and more.

6.3The services available to the users in the Digi Self-service kiosk are subject to change from time to time, under the sole discretion of Digi.

6.4The users must ensure the details provided are correct at the time of payment and/or completion of the transaction. No cancellation or refund will be provided to the user for any successful transactions made at any Digi Self-service kiosk. The user shall direct any requests of cancellation and/or refund to the respective service provider of the user.

7.Unless otherwise provided in Digi’s website from time to time, Digi Self-service Kiosks do not allow for payment in any currency other than Malaysian Ringgit.

8.Digi Self-service Kiosks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions or in Digi’s website. However, any Digi Self-service Kiosk located at a shopping mall will be subject to the respective shopping mall’s normal business hours. However, due to the maintenance and/or malfunction of Digi system and/or any reasons whatsoever which are beyond Digi’s control, Digi Self-service Kiosks may not be accessed or available at certain times and in such event, Digi shall not be liable for any loss, liability or damage which may be incurred as a result of such inaccessibility or unavailability. Hence, Digi makes no warranty on the accessibility or availability of Digi Self-service Kiosks or any service provided thereunder will be available at the times stated herein.

9.All payment via Credit Card(s) or Bankcard shall be valid and shall be deemed used by the cardholder him/herself. Further, the customer acknowledges and agrees that the Credit Card or Bankcard number constitutes his/her signature as Digi cannot conduct manual comparisons or verification of the customer’s actual signature. The customer acknowledges and agrees that the Credit Card or Bankcard number will be the means whereby Digi identifies him/herself and that anyone using the Credit Card or Bankcard number or is otherwise in possession of the customer’s Credit Card or Bankcard or such details will be able to have access to and to use the Digi Self-service Kiosk service. The customer hereby agrees that he/she will not dispute the transaction or request for any chargeback from the issuing bank. Digi shall not be liable for any use of the customer’s Credit Card or Bankcard for the purpose of payment or reload instructions via Digi Self-service Kiosks as stated herein.

10.For all payments using this Digi Self-service Kiosk service, Digi will endeavour to process the customer’s payment or reload instructions. However the customer understands and accepts that payments under the Services may not be completed or may be deleted for any reason(s) whatsoever. The customer accepts that Digi makes no warranty that any of the payment or reload instructions will be completed within a particular time period or date or that payment will be properly made to the relevant account(s) in accordance with the payment or reload instructions. Digi shall not be liable for any additional payments or reloads instructions made whether by way of another payment or reload instructions via this Digi Self-service Kiosk service or by any other ways available.

11.For any queries in relation to the payment or reload instructions, please walk in to our nearest Retail Centre or call our Customer Service at 016 221 1800.

12.All other Terms and Conditions in relation to Digi’s products, services and general terms and conditions shall apply mutatis mutandis.

X-Kiosk to help B40, M40 in digital payments

By AZALEA AZUAR / Pic source

OPENSYS (M) Bhd has unveiled X-Kiosk, a digital lifestyle payment solution which targets the bottom 40% (B40) and middle 40% (M40) communities.

Taking into consideration that the Covid-19 pandemic has sped up Malaysia’s digital transformation, these groups are more likely to suffer from poor digital connectivity and lack of accessibility.

OpenSys CEO Eric Lim believes that X-Kiosk will bridge the digital divide of those inconvenienced.

“A recent study showed that 29.3% of Malaysians aged 18 to 54 still prefer to pay by cash, while 28.6% choose to use digital wallets.

“We believe that X-Kiosk will be well-positioned to support this initiative and encourage more Malaysians to adopt a digital payment lifestyle,” he said at a virtual launch yesterday.

The self-service kiosks would be placed in high-traffic community locations, including retail outlets, convenience stores, condominiums, apartments, universities and colleges.

“The X-Kiosk offers convenience in its multiple payment modes using cash, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets.

“It is a one-stop solution where prepaid reloads, e-wallet pop-ups, SIM card replacement sales, a wide variety of new payments and loan repayments can be conducted,” Lim said.

Physical or electronic receipts will be generated instantly for each transaction without surcharge. Most importantly, it enables these communities to pay their bills anytime and give them a peace of mind when making secure online payments.

“All of these functions are built together to provide a user-friendly experience to the community and encourage more consumers to transition from cash to digital payments.

“X-Kiosk also serves as an extended payment service channel without the need of brick and mortar investment from our merchants,” Lim explained.

OpenSys is planning to roll out 120 units per year, beginning this year, and expecting to have 360 units nationwide by the end of 2023.

“So, there will be 120 locations nationwide, not just in the Klang Valley. We are targeting around 3,000 users per month per kiosk,” Lim said.

Regarding concerns on security while transacting, the X-Kiosk is fully encrypted and adheres to international standards.

“We have certified using the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. In terms of physical safety, we also have equipped our kiosks with 24-hour CCTVs (closed-circuit television camera),” he explained.

X-Kiosk screens are also equipped with an antiviral film to avoid infections of Covid-19.

OpenSys has also partnered DobiQueen, TNG Digital Sdn Bhd and U Mobile Sdn Bhd to launch the X-Kiosk.

U Mobile CMO Jasmine Lee said with X-Kiosk, there will be greater payment flexibility as users can make payments via credit and debit cards, Visa or MasterCard.

“These GoBiz-enabled payments can be made via X-Kiosk, with different methods of contact, contactless or secure pin, making the process very easy and safe,” she added. Through this partnership, GoBiz users would have more platforms to make the best use of UMobile’s digital payment services.

TNG Digital CEO Danny Chua is grateful for the honour of having TNG as Lim’s first X-Kiosk transaction during the virtual launch.

“We are very excited to be here to see the new innovation by our partner, OpenSys. As a platform, I hope to see greater and good things in our partnership,” he said.

Being a 24-hour laundry service, DobiQueen’s mission is to reduce the burden within a household.

Its founder Nini Tan said DobiQueen has become a gathering point for communities around its outlets. “We will bring more traffic to OpenSys which is well-known for its self-service bill payments for major pillars,” Tan said.

OpenSys Malaysia unveils a digital lifestyle payment solution – X-KIOSK

  • Bringing convenience to the underserved communities, transitioning from cash payments to e-payments
  • Up to 120 units to be deployed in high traffic community-based lifestyle locations
  • Bridging the digital divide for the communities who has limited digital access

OpenSys (M) Berhad (“OpenSys”), a leading solution provider for the financial services, telecommunications and utilities industries, is playing its role to bridge the digital divide with the launch of the latest innovative product “X-KIOSK” — a digital lifestyle payment solution that brings convenience to the underserved communities.

Mr. Eric Lim 林瑞珂 (Left), Chief Executive Officer of OpenSys (M) Berhad performing the first prepaid reload transaction for his mobile plan with the Touch ‘n Go E-Wallet on the X-KIOSK. | Photo by OpenSys via press release

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