Party needs singapore: Buy Party Supplies from #1 Party Store in Singapore


Buy Party Supplies from #1 Party Store in Singapore

In fact, planning for a special occasion will always be a Herculean feat at the beginning. There are so many ideas to consider including the unintentional pressure from your guests. Of course, you want everyone to enjoy the party.

But no worries, take a deep breath, keep calm and start ticking the boxes in your party planning checklist.

Choose the Theme

From birthdays to weddings, a theme comes in handy when you don’t know where to start.

First, you need to decide whether you are going to have a specific theme such as an 80s-themed party or just a coloured theme like blue and white.

Take your time to list your ideas no matter how simple or trivial they are. Include the options for entertainment, food, party supplies in Singapore, and venue. Ask your family and friends which ideas they would love.

Once you have chosen a theme, you can start with creating a few detailed lists.

Know Your Budget

There are a lot of times when a party gets dictated by the budget you are allowed to spend. Many would love an out of town party but there will always be someone going, “You pay ah? I sure on!”

To set the budget, you need to know who will be chipping in – your friends, your parents, your colleagues, or just plain you? Once that is settled, you can now have the total amount you can spend on the upcoming event. You can divide the money between the lists of food, entertainment, venue, and so on.

Pick a Date and Time

Pick a date and time that most of your family and friends can attend. Do this in advance to give people enough time to save the date of your party in their calendars.

Create a Guest List

Of course, you need to make a list of people who will attend the party. Rock your brain and make a rough list. Go through it after a few days and you will surely make a few changes.

Next, you need to design your invitation based on your party’s theme. Make it quirky by putting a personal touch.

Now you we have a lot of social media apps, you can easily make a virtual invitation too.

Do not forget to ask everyone to RSVP and keep a record on who is definitely attending. Make sure that even the extra guests they may bring are listed. This way, you can book the right sized venue and number of caterers.

Book a Fun Venue

Take your time considering a couple of venues. Naturally, you will have to visit a few venues before you can decide the perfect spot. Book the venue as soon as possible and pay the deposit to make sure that it will be available for you on the day of the party.

Here are some unique options that you can try to throw a memorable party:

Take Your Party to the Sea

If you want to surely “wow” everyone, rent a yacht.

And before you tell me “It’s for rich people only lah…” you have to know that there are budget-friendly luxury catamaran yachts and boats for rent in Singapore.

This idea may not be the first to come into mind when you want to throw a birthday party or a bridal shower, but it will surely be a memorable one especially that most people think it is too posh.

You can choose between a Day Cruise, Sunset Cruise, or a 4 to 8-hour cruise. And if celebrating in a yacht is not enough, you can try heaps of water sports and ride a motorboat.

If you are still thinking about the expenses, you can breathe now since yacht rental companies offer budget yacht packages. The truth is, you can rent one for as low as $220 for a 2-hour family trip (SingExperience) or pay $399 (Sgyacht) for a 4-hour rendezvous good for 12 people. The fee includes the kitchen and entertainment amenities.

From here, you can incorporate a theme to your party. You will find our hip party supplies in Singapore the best when it comes to Ocean Adventure themes.

Host a Staycation in Boutique Hotels

Staycation has been gaining its popularity since is it one of the best and cheapest alternatives to escape from reality. Add to that, a staycation is so versatile that you can have any party theme from a chill board game party to a classy masquerade party –it’s your call.

Most boutique rooms can be as low as $200+ per night. If boutique hotel sounds new to you, you are not alone. Many are just discovering that this place is one of the best venues when throwing a party in Singapore.

Many of these hotels have under 50 rooms with gorgeous designs that will fit the theme you want to do. Some are minimalistic in design which leaves more room for your creativity. But worry not, Party Shop Singapore has every party supply you’ll need to make your guests awestruck.

Or we can save you time! Give us a call at Party Shop Singapore and we will do the hotel room décor for you!

Party at Trampoline Park

Amped Trampoline Parks at River Valley and Jurong East are gaining their popularity.

You have 2 options to host your party here. You can hold group parties (10 to 25 jumpers) or rent the whole facility (Maximum of 110 jumpers). Add to that, Amped Trampoline Park has partnered with catering service providers.

Enjoy a 2-hour room package for as low as $215 or a 3hrs room usage for $355. This is the perfect venue to loosen up from the hectic Singaporean life and let out the inner child in you and your friends. Add more energy to the place with our colourful and vibrant party supplies.

Party Supplies and Decors

Decorating the venue and choosing the perfect party supplies to compliment your theme can be overwhelming to any party planner. This is especially true if this is your first time.

Which design of balloons, streamers, flowers, ribbons, centrepieces, tablecloths, or party favours would you like to incorporate in your party? Which party supplier Singapore can help you best?

Here at Party Shop Singapore, we ensure that every party supply will be in the right place at the right time.

From mesmerizing balloon arrangements to personalized cake toppers, we have the best and most affordable party supplies you can find in the city-state.

Simply, we at Party Shop Singapore are will happily tick the party decors off of your checklist.

Food and Drinks

Depending on your budget and type of event, you have to list the food you have to buy or note to the caterers.

If you are hosting a small party, you have to buy all the food and drink yourself. Make a list everything you possibly need such as wine, beer, champagne, glasses, trays, and so on. For a personalized touch, you can find a party store that supplies mugs and glasses with personalized prints.

Unique Activities

We have listed the best ideas to make your celebrations worthy of fun and warm memories for you and your guests – the type of party everyone will talk about for months or years to come.

Go Bouncy – Rent an Inflatable

Bouncy castles are great for kids’ birthday parties. Depending on the number of kids and their ages, you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. Pay at least $150 and let the kids bounce for 3 hours with their friends until they are exhilarated.

If you want to upscale your party, buy party supplies in Singapore. From jungle theme to princess theme, you are bound to find the party supply to fit your whims. Add to that, you can rent an inflatable as the main attraction of the party. You will not fail to make the most memorable birthday party for your kids.

Try Bubble Soccer

Want a party that will make every guest bump with each other? Bubble Soccer party is your perfect choice.

Your family and friends only have two options: bump or get bumped!

Experience the wackiest party whether you are a sporty person or a more timid type. Bubble soccer is a game for kids and adults who want to sheer adrenaline pump of soccer game minus the fear of getting hurt during the games. Lots of laughter and bumping is guaranteed with the enormous bubble soccer suits. No sporty skill is required.

Enjoy your unique party at $15 per head. Plus, most of the Bubble Soccer venues offer a space for you to hold the rest of your party complete with catering and game fixtures. No matter the size of your event, you can make your party more awesome with colourful or themed party supplies from our online party store.

Pump Adrenaline with Laser Tag

Want a unique party for game enthusiasts? How about a Call of Duty themed party complete with party supplies and a painless paintball game?

“Hold up! Is it really possible to do paintball without the pain?” – you say?

Can lah!

Laser tag brings all the fun and excitement of shooting at your family and friends without actually hurting them. Hunt them one by one as you let the adrenaline rush through your veins without the guilt afterwards.

Laser tag is intensely immersive with accurate laser tagging you will feel that you are inside a real-life RPG. It is like a paintball game minus the mess, dirt, pain, and sweaty discomfort. Adrenalin Laser Tag uses a state of the art technology that lets you play any time of the day, anywhere you want!

Did I mention that there are various missions and even zombies too?

And it gets better:

Adrenalin Laser Tag can bring life to your party at only $30+ per head.

Play Bossaball

If you are throwing a party for athletic your athletic family and friends, you can never go wrong with Bossaball.

Bossabal is a new sport introduces in Singapore in 2007. It is a mix of soccer, volleyball and gymnastics played in an inflatable court. You can play it indoors or outdoors such as on the beach. The game is challenging, fun, and for all ages. In fact, some schools are now teaching Bossaball as part of their curriculum.

Why not take your beach party up a notch and rent a portable Bossable inflatable? Then decorate your venue with beach themed party supplies from Party Shop Singapore.

Solve a Mystery

Escape rooms games are quickly becoming a phenomenon.

The rule can be put simply as “you have to escape from a locked room in a set time limit.” Each room has a unique storyline and puzzles to be solved. But the adrenaline, excitement, and perhaps time pressure will surely make someone scream or snap at other people.

If you want to see your friends handle pressure in a fun way or you just want to make a surprise birthday party, an escape room is the best option for you. It’s cheap too. You can play for as low as $22 per person.

Want to add more surprising elements? Party Shop Singapore has Surprise Balloon Boxes which we can personalize for birthdays and wedding proposals.


If the venue does not supply plates, cutlery, and so on, you need to sit down and work out exactly what you need. Be specific with your list.

This can range from table napkins, dishes, bowls, scissors, extension cords, trash bags, and even duct tape. Note which party store can supply you your needs or where you can get them near you. Your friends can also chip in with the sound system and other items.

Never Cut Corners

Many party planners have a limited budget to spend but this does not mean that you should cut corners and ruin the party. Cutting corners is skipping necessary party elements to save time or money – especially on the theme, entertainment and the food.

If you want your party to be successful, leaving out the small extras that you can do without rather than sacrificing the quality of crucial party elements.

To save up, you can find a one-stop party store in Singapore such as Party Shop SG (wink).


Make a Back-Up Plan

Murphy’s Law says “If something can go wrong, it will.” Such is life. When you think that everything will be great, there will be something that can ruin the party. It may be the weather, no-show of the DJ, electric or heating failures, and much more.

Unexpected things happen when you least expect it.

With so many parties that our team has handled and attended, I can say that what saves the day is keeping your cool and having a backup plan included in the party planning checklist.

After the Party

Do not forget to thank your guests for coming to your party. You can give them simple, yet personalised party favours which they can take home with them.

Make Planning Easy with The Best Party Supplies in Singapore

Make every party memorable, fun and fabulous with Party Shop Singapore.

We offer a wide range of decorations to bring your party the awesome and lively vibe it deserves may it be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, or bachelorette parties. We aim to be the most innovative party supplier in Singapore to give a blissful atmosphere to everyone.

Party Planning Has Never Been This Easy

Party planning must be a fun experience for everyone.

Our party supplies and event décor teams always aim to provide the best party experience from ordering in our easy-to-navigate online store to ending your party with party favours to your guests.

We deliver across the city-state and even set up venue decorations to make party planning simple and more fun for you. Every supply you need is provided with utmost care to make sure the quality of your balloons and other supplies will last for everyone to enjoy throughout your event.

We know how party planning can be stressful especially if you have a lot of things to attend to. This is why we want to take the hard work from you and help you turn your parties into happy memories.

“let’s have fun”

Party Shop Singapore has a wide range collection of quality and chic party supplies, tableware, floats, balloons and other personalised products made with premium materials. We entertain local and international deliveries of party supplies.

Place your order before 10 am and it will be posted out on the same business day. Our fabulous helium balloons are durable and certified eye candies you will be proud to post in social media.

We’d love to hear from you! Kindly email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us @96228885. Together, let’s have fun!

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Cheap Party Supplies Packages & Party Balloon Shop Singapore

Are you looking to buy party supplies or planning for a birthday party in Singapore? Fret Not! Our Party Store is your solution to everything. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, baby shower, bachelorette, 21st party or a cartoon kids birthday party, our digital shop has round up various party supplies where you can purchase all you need for the perfect celebration. You can choose from a wide selection of decoration items that include foil tinsel backdrops, streamers, candles, birthday banners, pinatas, table covers and much more. A party is incomplete without balloons! Kidz Party Store carries various packages from general birthday balloons, birthday balloons for boys and girls, cartoon character balloons, graduation balloons, customised helium balloons, coloured latex balloons. You can also find helium tank rentals if you have your own balloons to inflate. For customers looking for helium balloons, we offer door-to-door delivery services at the time you need them. Not only that, we also have pre-packed gift bags for sale. For parents celebrating their kids’ birthday, this is really a popular time-saving option that will take away the hassle of packing your own goody bags. Whether you are celebrating in school, childcare centres or your own event, we have the party supplies.

Kidz Party Store is a renowned brand and local business in Singapore with an experience of 13 years in the retail scene. We are retailing party supplies and balloons based at Tong Lee Building #04-03. Customers may place an order online with options for delivery or self collection.

Nearest MRT accessible is from Mattar MRT station, Downtown Line.

Get in Touch with Us

Place your order online today for party supplies for delivery or collection at our office at Tong Lee Building. Need help to get your living space party-ready? We offer you the best party decorations services in Singapore. Get in touch today via email at [email protected] or through WhatsApp or SMS at +65 96673664 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a fuss-free shopping experience with us and make it easy for celebrating the moments!

1st Birthday Party Theme Supplies & Shop Singapore

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Baby Shower Party Supplies & Shop Singapore

A bun in the oven calls for a celebration! But parents aren’t the only ones who are eagerly awaiting the baby’s arrival. Friends, future grandparents, aunts & uncles, as well as other loved ones will also be excited to welcome the newest addition to the family. 

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate the impending birth of a baby is a ba…

A bun in the oven calls for a celebration! But parents aren’t the only ones who are eagerly awaiting the baby’s arrival. Friends, future grandparents, aunts & uncles, as well as other loved ones will also be excited to welcome the newest addition to the family. 

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate the impending birth of a baby is a baby shower. Baby showers also give friends and family the opportunity to get the new parents items they would need to prepare for the baby. These celebrations are often thrown 4-6 weeks before the baby is born.

If you are looking for a party supplies provider in Singapore with materials to host the perfect baby shower, look no further than Kidz Party Store.

Celebrate the birth of a baby with any of the baby shower patterns Kidz Party Store carries, along with baby shower invitation card stock, tableware, and everything else needed for a great shower. Check out matching baby shower balloons to complete your party decorations. We also provide personalized banners and invitation cards for the perfect celebration!

How to Plan a Baby Shower

Baby showers can be planned by friends of expectant mothers or expectant mothers themselves. Whether you are helping a family friend plan her party or you are planning your own celebration, here are a few tips to bear in mind: 

  • Selecting the ideal party venue would depend on how many people you intend to invite. Make sure the venue is comfortable and intimate for you and your guests.
  • Decorate your venue with party supplies and decorations to get your guests in the mood!
  • Plan games and other activities to keep your guests entertained. These could include games like “Guess the Baby Food’’ and “Guess the Mother’s Measurements.”

Reach Out

Should you have any questions about baby shower party supplies, please email our party shop at [email protected] or SMS and Whatsapp at +65 9667 3664.

Helium Balloons Packages, Supplier & Lowest Fee Delivery Singapore

Planning to get balloons for your party or getting a gift for that someone special? From latex helium balloons, foil balloons to number balloons, personalised balloons, and cartoon kids balloons, our selection is second to none. No matter the occasion, our Party Store in Singapore has something for you. It’s part of what makes us the leading balloon supplier in Singapore. Whether for birthday party, graduation balloons, a wedding or a baby shower, balloons from Kidz Party Store are the perfect way to celebrate. We have the widest collection of officially licensed and branded balloons from Disney, Marvel, graduation, bachelorette, get well soon and much more. Most of our balloons can be filled with air or helium, and we even offer self-sealing air-filled balloons. When you buy balloons from Kidz Party Store Singapore, you can also opt for delivery or self collection at our retail shop. It’s never been easier to buy balloons online! 

Some things to take note of when inflating or buying latex balloons. Firstly, helium latex balloons deflate over time. For a 12in latex balloon inflated with pure helium, it can usually lasts about 10 hours. Hence the smaller the balloon size, the shorter the floating time. So don’t get or inflate your balloons too early! Secondly, helium gas do expand under hot temperature so remember not to walk under the hot sun or leave it in the car without the aircon on. If you do so, your balloons may burst under high temperature. Lastly, if you find that your balloons are bursting easily, you can check if the balloons are over-inflated or maybe it is of a low quality! Latex balloons should present a tear-drop shape when it is inflated to a correct size. Over inflation will present it in an inverted pear shaped.  Of course if your balloon is not of bad quality or very thin material, it will burst easily. Alway make sure that you get helium quality balloons.

Get your balloons from the balloons expert at Kidz Party Store!  We are your one-stop balloon decoration solution with a huge catalogue of balloons collection. Our high quality latex balloons are helium quality and we use pure helium to ensure longer floating hours of your balloons. Visit us at Punggol Waterway Point Singapore today! Alternatively, option for balloon delivery is available. We have professional fleet of drivers that will ensure your balloon delivery is smooth and perfect!

Where to Buy Party Supplies in Singapore 2020: Price List

Once upon a time, having a birthday party in one of McDonald’s party rooms was the highest honour for a kid. But these days, birthday parties are getting more elaborate.

Whether you’re throwing a Frozen birthday party for the resident princess or a very adult bachelor party, organising it yourself will definitely save you money than if you hired a professional party planner.

To give you an idea of how much party supplies cost, here are 7 well-known party supply shops in Singapore. For comparison’s sake, we’ve used the price of 50 helium balloons as the benchmark.


Cheap Party Supplies in Singapore (2020)

Party shop Price Price of 50 helium balloons
Party & Gifts and AZ Gift & Trading $ $60
MTrade Singapore $ $15 (inflated or deflated) + $50 for helium tank
Party with Us (Bukit Timah) $ $72
Wow Let’s Party $$ $80
Spotlight Westgate and Spotlight Plaza Singapura $$ $25 for 50 latex balloons + $59.99 for helium inflation kit
Party City $$ $85 for balloons + inflation
The Party Stuff $$$ $117. 50

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Party Supplies in Bugis: Party & Gifts and AZ Gift & Trading

Party & Gifts and AZ Gift & Trading Address: 116 Middle Road ICB Enterprise House Singapore 188972

Party & Gifts and AZ Gift & Trading is a party supply shop and wholesaler that offers one of the most diverse selections of party supplies available.

While some shops tend to focus on kids’ birthday parties, Party Supplies caters to a wider range of events such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, National Day, Mid Autumn Festival, bachelorette parties, Halloween, New Year’s countdown and more. This is good news if you’re looking for tiny Singapore flags or little ketupat decorations.

Their Party Supplies store in the Bugis area is one of the most comprehensive in Singapore, and you can buy not only a huge range of supplies from decorations to masks, costumes, partyware and piñatas, but also toys and games to entertain your guests with.


MTrade Singapore

MTrade Singapore address: 50 Gambas Crescent #05-06 [email protected] Singapore 757022

Mtrade offers party supplies for a wide range of kids’ birthday parties and baby shower themes. Whether you are organising a cute Noah’s Ark-themed baby shower, a Peppa Pig-themed birthday party or a dinosaur-themed birthday party, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that your kid will love.

They’ve also got party supplies featuring popular cartoon characters and kid-friendly themes. For instance, Sesame Street fans will be able to find balloons, party games, invitations and goodie bags with Elmo’s face plastered all over them.

Read also: 7 Affordable Kids’ Birthday Party Packages Under $40 Per Kid


Party with Us (Bukit Timah)

Party with Us address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #01-27 Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore 588996

This store has been a party organiser’s staple in the Holland/Bukit Timah area for decades, and unlike some of the others that are only decked out in Elsa and Peppa Pig merch, Party With Us is a good option for those organising non-kiddy parties.

They have a wide range of costumes, partyware, balloons and cake decorations that are suitable for kids and adults alike. They’ve also got some unusual offerings that you wouldn’t typically find at a party supply store: novelty board games like Chocolate-Opoly and Garfield-Opoly as well as sumo wrestler costumes for, uh, your next sushi party perhaps.


Wow Let’s Party

Wow Let’s Party outlet addresses:

  • 23 New Industrial Road #02-07 (Ground Level) Solstice Business Centre Singapore 536209
  • 69 Moulmein Road #01-81 Moulmein View Singapore 300069
  • 293 Holland Road #02-05 Jelita Shopping Centre Singapore 278628

Wow Let’s Party has a decent selection of supplies for mostly kids’ birthday parties, including partyware, cakes and balloons. Other than kid-friendly themes like Frozen, unicorns, Marvel and Nintendo, they also have piñatas, games and balloons. On top of that, they sell supplies for baby showers, weddings and even karaoke parties.

Their cake supplies include cartoon-themed cake accessories featuring the likes of My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, Batman and Ben 10, including cake toppers, candles and cake decorating kits.

They don’t bake the actual cakes for you, but rather sell you accessories that you can use to dress up your cake according to the theme. This is an economical alternative to ordering a customised cake.

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Spotlight Westgate and Spotlight Plaza Singapura

  • Spotlight Westgate address: Level 3 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532
  • Spotlight Plaza Singapura address: 68 Orchard Road, Level 5, Singapore 238839

While Spotlight is not a party supply shop per se, this massive DIY and crafts store offers lots of material for organising your own party.

They have an extensive party section that includes costumes, decorations, partyware and kitchen supplies. If you’re planning to DIY every aspect of your party, from cooking to making your own goodie bags, Spotlight is a good option.

For those looking to buy helium balloons, you have the option of buying a helium inflation kit or having your balloons inflated in-store. Which to choose will depend on your transportation options. A family car can supposedly contain about 50 inflated balloons.


Party City

Party City address: 277A Holland Ave Level 2 Singapore 278994

Party City specialises on kids’ birthday parties — they’ve got partyware, supplies, costumes and wearables like face paint and novelty sunglasses and party themes like Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol and Star Wars. They also have stuff for baby showers, gender reveal, New Year and Christmas.

The range of party themes isn’t as wide as what some of the other shops are offering, but they do have some harder-to-find items like photo booth props, unusual headwear like sombreros, court jester hats and birthday tiaras, as well as noisemakers guaranteed to annoy your neighbours.


The Party Stuff

The Party Stuff address: Aljunied Industrial Complex 623 Aljunied Road #02-09 S389835

The Party Stuff offers supplies such as tableware and balloons, with a focus on kids’ parties. Overall, they’re a great choice if you wish to throw a big kids’ birthday party and your priority is that the children stay entertained (and out of your hair).

On the menu are packages for a range of events such as kids’ pool parties with personal lifeguard and kids’ Kpopx fitness birthday parties, which are basically Kpop dance parties. They also offer live entertainment options including magic shows, mascots appearances, balloon sculpting, face painting and juggling workshops, as well as the rental of equipment like bouncy castles.

Their office at Aljunied Industrial Complex is only open from 2 to 5pm on weekdays, which can be tricky for working adults. If you can’t make it to shop in person, you can make your orders online and have them delivered instead.

What is your favourite party supply store in Singapore? Share your recommendations in the comments.


Shop all the party supplies you need

Photography: Brooke Lark via Unsplash

When you’re planning your next big celebration, be sure to check out these party ware shops and online stores for every essential imaginable.

Birthdays, bachelorette parties, anniversaries… we’ll use any excuse to get liquored up and indulge in some good ol’ fashioned partying. But planning a get-together, on the other hand, can be stressful, whether it’s deciding on the party venue, invitations, food and drinks, or decorations. Need a helping hand, young party padawan? Hit up these party supplies stores for everything you’ll need to throw a sweet shindig.

Give Fun

The folks at Give Fun sure know a thing or two about parties – when we say that this online store covers all bases of party planning, we mean it. With just a click of button, shop the extensive inventory of customised bunting, serving ware, photo booth props and the bestselling balloon range in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colour schemes to match your party theme. The best part? Orders can be delivered right to your doorstep within three working days or collected at the warehouse on the same day (for those in a hurry).
Give Fun, available online.

Wow Let’s Party

Its vibrant interior says a lot about this store. Whether you’re planning a birthday or a bridal shower, there’s no doubt you can find everything from piñatas and party balloons to decoration services and even wedding favours here! If you prefer browsing from the comfort of your own home, the brand offers a fuss-free experience online. Psst: You can even shop the site by colours. #mindblown
WOW Let’s Party, multiple locations including #01-81, 69 Moulmein Road, Singapore 300069

Party Joy

This one’s for all the balloon enthusiasts – because nothing says party like an amazing collection of the helium stuff. Want a floating unicorn? You got it. How about clear LED light bubbles? You’re totally covered. You can even customise your own balloon bouquet, personalise specialty balloons or rent a confetti canon launcher. We kid you not. Other items available include confetti poppers, bunting, decorations and piñatas.
Party Joy, available online and at #02-K2, Parkway Parade Shopping Centre, 80 Marina Parade Road, Singapore 449269

Photography: Gaelle Marcel via Unsplash

Party City

Welcome to party central, where you can pick up anything from gift favours and piñatas to crazy hats and glasses to face paints, hair sprays and helium balloons. Attending a costume party? The range here includes superheroes and fairytale characters, available for kids and adults. Holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day also get their turn in the spotlight.
Party City, shophouse 277A, L2, Holland Avenue, Singapore 278994


A name synonymous with pocket-friendly party stuff, SKP outlets can easily be found all over the island, offering paper bags and biodegradable packaging, stationery of all sorts, party games and gifts, seasonal knick-knacks, light sticks and loads more.
SKP, multiple locations including #B1-05 Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105


No surprises here – the DIY crafts store we all know and love is a treasure trove for all your party needs. Granted, Spotlight caters more for parties of the kiddie variety, but look past the Disney-themed decorations, costumes and novelty party favours to find gems. Choose from gift packaging, invitation cards and party favours – or if you fancy getting crafty, check out the DIY centrepieces, streamers and cake decorating kits.
Spotlight, multiple locations including L5, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

Photography: SOCIAL.CUT via Unsplash

Party With Us

From fun costumes to themed balloons, this store’s got your back. It may take you some time scrolling through its extensive array of goodies, but you’ll be rewarded with all the supplies and decor you need for your themed party or birthday shindig. Plus, it’s got a neat selection of board games if your party needs a little boost in the entertainment department.
Party With Us, #01-27, Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Singapore 588996


Billing itself as a party shop with wholesale prices, this novelty store appeals to anyone planning baby showers, kids’ birthdays, themed soirees and more. Apart from its collection of balloons, party favours, decor and inflatables, MTrade also offers unique items like glow sticks and old school games, as well as all you need for occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and Children’s Day.
MTrade, available online.

The Party Stuff

Here’s another one for the kids, or perhaps even the young at heart. The online store makes shopping a breeze with its collection of items to brighten up any party. Think “walking” animal balloons in the shape of dogs, cats, zebras and turtles, all sorts of colourful tableware and candles to top your lovely cakes.
The Party Stuff, available online.


Everyone’s favourite affordable store is the place to be when you’re looking to stock up on party supplies. With all items going for $2, it’s easy to stick to your budget and avoid overspending on cards, tableware, snacks, decor and all the cool trimmings.
Daiso, multiple locations including #B4-47 Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

Need more Honeycombers in your life? Head this way…

90,000 Singapore Nightlife: Clubs, Bars & Parties

Nightlife is in full swing in this stunning, shining, shimmering city! Walking here at night is no less interesting both during the day and at night!

Bars, clubs and discos – it goes without saying here, I have been a couple of times in small and cozy bars, with delicious food and drinks. But nevertheless, it seems to me that you can find it in any big city.

And here is a huge Ferris wheel, in which you can even order a booth with a dinner (!), This is really not in every city.The booths are very large and can accommodate about 12 people. But there are booths with tables where you will be served dinner. It is worth it, of course, not cheap, but as far as I remember the price is quite sane, if you want something extravagant.

A free light-musical-water show (!). It’s just magical. People take seats in half an hour for this show. It takes place twice a night, in good weather. The show can be viewed on the waterfront near Marina Bay.

There is an even cooler show, also on the water with lights, with a cute fairy tale story – but it costs money (about 20 Singapore dollars) and takes place on Sentosa Island.

Throughout Sentosa, nightlife is also in full swing, there are some parades, some kind of fun movement and, in general, it is very bright and festive. It seemed to me that this is like New Year all year round)).

Gardens! Marina Bay Gardens, it’s just magical! The gardens are open all night. But it is possible to walk along the hinged bridges between the trees until 8 pm, and it costs money. But just walking in the park is free. There is also a free evening light and music show in the gardens. Very cool too.

There are also ferries on which you can ride on the canals inside Singapore (but did not ride at night).

Alas, the night photos from my phone are not of good quality .. But the Internet is full of gorgeous photos from Singapore.

I refer to the nightlife as these cool pools on the roofs of hotels (you can find 3 star hotels with a good view and a rooftop pool (I once lived in such a 3 * hotel, and it was cool). But there are hotels that are cheaper Marina Bay, but also very high, and from which you can look at Marina Bay itself;).

Night at Marina Bay. This is a 5 * hotel. One night in which costs from 400 Singapore dollars. But since there are a lot of guests who stop for exactly one night to swim and take unforgettable photos in the popular pool, then the hotel makes such a price only for the first night, and each subsequent night can already cost 200 Singapore dollars (but this should be found out, and maybe this there was a one-time promotion). I didn’t spare the money to enjoy this pool. Also, when the pool closes (around 11 at night), a nightclub opens, but I did not go to it, because.because I’m not a fan of this nightlife.

Just night walks in Singapore were very exciting and enjoyable for me. At the same time, I would like to note about safety. I was in Singapore twice, and the first time, due to the circumstances, I was here completely alone for 10 days. I walked a lot, often returned home closer to midnight, and I was not afraid. I was not afraid for my money, for my life. And it’s not that I’m fearless, quite the opposite. But in this country I was calm and pleasant, and I did not want to leave at all.

Ten reasons why Singapore is the best country to live – Personal experience on

Time flies inexorably, and very soon it will be eight years since I moved to Singapore. Over the years, I have gone from the stage “I want to go home, and how everything annoys me here” in the first few years to “this is the best country to live in” after four years of living here.

{“id”: 76262, “url”: “https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni “,” title “:” \ u0414 \ u0435 \ u0441 \ u044f \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043f \ u0440 \ u04 \ u0438 \ u043d, \ u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0435 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u0421 \ u0438 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u0430 \ u043f \ u0443 \ u0440 \ u2014 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u4404 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u4404 u0442 \ u0440 \ u0430 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u0434 \ u043b \ u044f \ u0436 \ u0438 \ u0437 \ u043d \ u0438 “,” services “: {” facebook “: {” url “:” https: \ / \ / www. \ / sharer \ /sharer.php? u = https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni “,” short_name ” : “FB”, “title”: “Facebook”, “width”: 600, “height”: 450}, “vkontakte”: {“url”: “https: \ / \ / \ /share.php? url = https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni & title = \ u0414 \ u0435 \ u0441 \ u044f \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043f \ u0440 \ u0438 \ u0447 \ u0438 \ u043d, \ u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0435 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u0421 \ u0438 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u0430 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u0430 \ u344 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0430 \ u044f \ u0441 \ u0442 \ u0440 \ u0430 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u0434 \ u043b \ u044f \ u0436 \ u0438 \ u0437 \ u043d \ u0438 “,” short_name ” “\ u0412 \ u041a \ u043e \ u043d \ u0442 \ u0430 \ u043a \ u0442 \ u0435”, “width”: 600, “height”: 450}, “twitter”: {“url”: “https: \ / \ / \ / intent \ / tweet? url = https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni & text = \ u0414 \ u0435 \ u0441 \ u044f \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043f \ u0440 \ u0438 \ u0447 \ u0438 \ u043d, \ u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0435 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u0421 \ u0438 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u20430 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u20430 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u20430 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u20430 \ u0433 \ u0430 u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0430 \ u044f \ u0441 \ u0442 \ u0440 \ u0430 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u0434 \ u043b \ u044f \ u0436 \ u0438 \ u0437 \ u043d \ u0438 “”, “title : “Twitter”, “width”: 600, “height”: 450}, “telegram”: {“url”: “tg: \ / \ / msg_url? Url = https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni & text = \ u0414 \ u0435 \ u0441 \ u044f \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043f \ u0440 \ u0438 \ u044 u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0435 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u0421 \ u0438 \ u043d \ u0433 \ u0430 \ u043f \ u0443 \ u0440 \ u2014 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u044 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u044 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0430 u043d \ u0430 \ u0434 \ u043b \ u044f \ u0436 \ u0438 \ u0437 \ u043d \ u0438 “,” short_name “:” TG “,” title “:” Telegram “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450}, “odnoklassniki”: {“url”: “http: \ / \ / \ / dk? st.cmd = WidgetSharePreview & service = odnoklassniki & st.shareUrl = https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni “,” short_name “:” OK “,” title “:” \ u041e \ u0434 \ u043d \ u043e \ u043a \ u043b \ u0430 \ u0441 \ u0441 \ u043d \ u0438 \ u043a \ u0438 “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450},” email “: {” url “:” mailto 😕 subject = \ u0414 \ u0435 \ u0441 \ u044f \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043f \ u0440 \ u0438 \ u0447 \ u0438 \ u043d, \ u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0435 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u043c \ u0443 \ u043c u0430 \ u043f \ u0443 \ u0440 \ u2014 \ u043b \ u0443 \ u0447 \ u0448 \ u0430 \ u044f \ u0441 \ u0442 \ u0440 \ u0430 \ u043d \ u0430 \ u0434 \ u043b \ u044 \ u0434 \ u043b \ u044 https: \ / \ / \ / life \ / 76262-desyat-prichin-pochemu-singapur-luchshaya-strana-dlya-zhizni “,” short_name “:” Email “,” title “:” \ u041e \ u0442 \ u043f \ u0440 \ u0430 \ u0432 \ u0438 \ u0442 \ u044c \ u043d \ u0430 \ u043f \ u043e \ u0447 \ u0442 \ u0443 “,” width “: 600,” height “: 450}},” isFavorited “: false}


Tatiana Sheremetyeva, President, Russian-Asian Business Union Group of Companies

Singapore is a tiny country, and in eight years I managed to explore the small city-state inside and out, both from the point of view of doing business and from the standpoint of everyday life.

Over the years, I have formed a personal rating “for what I love this country”, which I would like to share with you. There are actually much more than ten points, and I can write a separate detailed article about each of them, but let’s start with a short list.


Having got used to being on the alert all the time when you might be cut off on the road, insulted, nasty, at first I instinctively expected this in Singapore as well. It took me at least three years to realize that you can relax here. In Singapore, you can go naked into the street at three in the morning, without fear that something will happen to you.

Singapore is one of the ten safest countries in the world.And the older you get, the more important this factor becomes. Especially when family and children appear.

Violence and crime rates are very low here. A complete ban on weapons and drugs. What does it do? You are not afraid to go outside at any time of the day, you calmly send your child to school, without fear that someone will steal or kill him. And life without fear is wonderful.

2. Convenience of life

The theater begins with a hanger, and the country begins with the airport. Upon arrival at Domodedovo, my first desire after talking with our border service is to fly back and never return.

In Singapore, arriving at “Changi” (recognized as the best airport in the world for seven years), you immediately find yourself in the aura of tranquility and comfort.There is such a feeling from childhood “everything, I’m in the house”.

And this convenience extends to almost everything – the layout of the city, every district, all residential complexes. Everything is thought out and made for the convenience of residents.

For example, every condominium has a swimming pool, gym, security, tennis courts, playgrounds, and you don’t have to go anywhere.Some condominiums have squash courts, mini golf courses and other amenities. The city is very compact, which means, in the worst case scenario, it will take you an hour to get from one end to the other.

3. Climate

Everyone has a different understanding of the ideal climate.For me + 24˚ … + 30˚ all year round – heaven on earth. You can forget about warm clothes and panties with fleece. Here you do not need to track the weather forecast every day (I did this last time seven years ago), because you probably know that the weather will be around + 25˚ with the possibility of rain.

Accordingly, there is no need to have four wardrobes for each season. Flip-flops, shorts and T-shirts, and no one looks askance at you.

4. Education for children

Singapore is one of the five countries with the strongest educational systems. There are a huge number of public and private schools to choose from.

After graduating from a local or international school, your child can easily enroll in the best universities in the world, including American, British, Canadian and Australian.

5. Medicine

The healthcare system in Singapore is recognized as one of the best in the world. A well-thought-out system of clinics, hospitals, clinics for every taste and budget. High-quality equipment, competent doctors, the highest requirements for cleanliness.Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Singapore leads the ranking of countries with the highest life expectancy.

6. Infrastructure

This is a small country, but it is thought out and made for people. Singapore is a very young country with a high rate of development.Instead of ruins and landmarks like in Europe, Singapore boggles the mind with its state-of-the-art buildings and technologies.

7. Multiculturalism and tolerance

Singapore is a multinational city formed by three main nationalities: Chinese, Hindus and Malays, the culture and language of each of them is equally revered.

Despite the predominance of the Chinese population (in percentage), tolerance and respect for other ethnic groups, religions and cultural traditions are in the blood of Singaporeans.

8. Window to Asia

Singapore can rightfully be called a window to Asia.And this applies to both business and tourism. The port of Singapore is one of the three busiest seaports in the world, and the famous Changi Airport annually handles over 55 million tourists from all over the world.

So China, India, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, the countries of the East, other countries of Asia – direct flights fly from Singapore to the capitals of all major countries of the world.This is about work.

In terms of life – a couple of hours by ferry, car or plane, and you are already on the best beaches in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

9. Business Opportunity

This is perhaps the most important point that kept me from returning to Moscow.Clear rules of the game, huge opportunities for the development of international business and entry into Asian markets, a high level of trust in jurisdiction, low taxes, government support for business, and much more.

I can talk about this point almost endlessly! It is not for nothing that Singapore has been at the top of the Doing Business Report from the World Bank over the past years, in which all countries of the world are compared in terms of the ease of opening and doing business in the country.Read about how to open a company in Singapore in my article “How to open a business in Singapore”.

10. Quality of life

If you put all of the above together: safety, medicine, infrastructure, low taxes, opportunities for travel, life and business, all this creates an incomparable quality of life that makes me want to come back here again and again from any other country in the world!

Are there any downsides? Cons are always and everywhere, but I will talk about them in one of my next articles.Stay tuned!

90,000 Party in the clouds: 10 of the world’s most impressive rooftop bars

Are you in the city of your dreams with your loved one or friends and want to live the most unforgettable night of your life? Then you need music, drinks and amazing views.In other words, you need a rooftop bar! Fortunately, parties at high altitude are not uncommon today, but a fashion trend in metropolitan areas, where new skyscrapers grow one after another.

Skyscanner has selected the most beautiful open-air bars. Climb to the top floor, order a cocktail and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city.

The Vue Bar occupies the last two floors of the Hyatt – 32nd and 33rd – and offers guests a glimpse of Shanghai in all its diversity.The restaurant offers scenic views of the old Bund harbor, Pudong’s ultra-modern buildings and the Pearl of the East TV Tower. Complete with stunning sunset views, Vue comes with an interesting bar list, comfy sofa beds, and even a jacuzzi.

Website Photo: © Vue

2. Sirocco Restaurant & Sky Bar, Lebua Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Sirocco Restaurant and Sky Bar welcome their guests on the rooftop of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Thailand.From a height of 250 m, an incredible view of the river, palaces, temples and modern buildings of the Thai capital opens up. No less than the Bangkok skyline, Sky Bar is famous for its great cocktails. Here Alex Holser created Hangovertini for Hango Party in Vegas 2, which was filmed in this stylish bar and restaurant.

Sites: Sirocco, Sky Bar Photo: © Sirocco Restaurant & Sky Bar

In the golden light of the sunset, Istanbul becomes extraordinarily beautiful, and during these hours it is simply impossible not to succumb to its charm.The best place to watch the magical spectacle is from the terrace of Restaurant 360 in the Beyoglu district. This is a not very tall, but well located club, which offers an amazing view – from the Church of St. Anthony across the Bosphorus to the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia and the Sea of ​​Marmara. On weekends, the restaurant turns into a club, with trendy DJs playing and tourists and local youth dancing all night long.

Website Photo: © 360istanbul

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Ku De Ta is located on the 57th floor of a luxury hotel and the main attraction of Singapore, eclipsing other hotels in the city.Three futuristic towers of Marina Bay Sands connect the SkyPark platform with the famous outdoor pool and the most fashionable lounge club in Singapore – Ku De Ta. Exquisite cuisine, music of the best DJs, cozy atmosphere and splendid views of the city have made Ku De Ta a place of pilgrimage for guests of Singapore. The availability of swimming pools, solariums and other entertainments of the hotel has played an important role in the popularity of the club.

Website Photo: © Ku De Ta

Step into the elegant Aer Lounge on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel and India’s largest city is at your feet.From 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, guests of the bar can enjoy the open-air sunset as the ocean turns red and the night falls over Mumbai. And all this is accompanied by delicious cocktails, wines and Mediterranean delicacies. Thanks to the glass roof, the Aer Lounge welcomes guests all year round, even during the rainy season.

Website Photo: © Aer Lounge

A stone’s throw from Tower Bridge, on the rooftop of the Hilton Doubletree, is the perfect place for romantic dates – the Sky Lounge.The place is equally popular among tourists who want to join the nightlife on the banks of the Thames, and among locals, literally storming the Sky Lounge at the end of the working day. The covered terrace offers beautiful views of the bridge, Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Mary Ax skyscraper-gherkin.

Website Photo: © Sky Lounge

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If Las Vegas is a city of excesses, then the Moon nightclub is its flagship.“Reach for the stars. Or chat with them, ”reads the Moon’s slogan. On the roof of the 53-story Palms Fantasy Tower, you will feel like you are transported into the future: colored lights, waiters in metal uniforms and incredible views of the city at night in neon lights. The club is always full of people who want to dance, listen to music and enjoy the gorgeous panorama of Las Vegas. So do not expect a secluded getaway from Moon – but is it not always necessary?

Site Photo: © Moon

The elegant Upstairs lounge bar is located in the heart of Manhattan.The 30-story building offers a breathtaking view of New York’s skyscrapers, including the famous Chrysler Building. Glass ceilings and walls provide an excellent view, and you can spend more than one hour in the bar, tasting new cocktails and observing New York from above. Upstairs welcomes guests all year round – in cold weather you can sit indoors or on an open terrace with warm floors.

Website Photo: © Upstairs at the Kimberly

9.360 café, Paris, France

The Montparnasse Tower is the only skyscraper in the historic center of Paris and one of the tallest in the world. A 210-meter height offers a wonderful view of the romantic capital of France, with countless spiers of Gothic buildings, cathedrals and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. The choice of drinks in the “Café 360” is huge, but, perhaps, in Paris it is worth enjoying champagne, not cocktails.

Site Photo: © 360 café

The tallest bar in the world is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.Its terrace offers breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and neighboring islets. You can view the landscape in detail through the binoculars installed at the corners of the terrace. The atmosphere of the bar is light and relaxed, despite the fact that it is located under the roof (more precisely, on the roof) of a fashionable hotel. A great place for Sunday brunch and evening cocktails if the dizziness of the 474-meter view of Hong Kong is not enough for you.

Website Photo: © Ozone

Original article on Italian website Skyscanner .

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90,000 Singapore – moving to permanent residence, how to move to permanent residence Work permit

This document is also commonly known as a work visa.There are several categories and subcategories. The three main ones are the following: 1) for professionals; 2) for skilled and semi-skilled workers; 3) for students and trainees. Professionals in various fields can count on one of the following types of permits:

  • Employment Pass – for professionals with a relevant profile of high qualifications who were invited by a Singaporean employer and have a monthly salary of at least S $ 3,600;

  • Personalized Employment Pass – for high-earning Employment Pass holders or other foreign professionals, this is a more flexible document;

  • EntrePass – For entrepreneurs looking to run their own business.

Mid-level professionals can qualify for an S Pass if they have a monthly salary of S $ 2,200 or more. Low-skilled – for the Work Permit for foreign worker, which is issued to workers in the construction, manufacturing, processing industry, shipping, services. Also in the second category, there are separate permits for domestic workers and personal nannies of newborn children working in Singapore, for artists performing in public entertainment facilities such as hotels, bars and nightclubs.

For representatives of the third category, students and trainees, permits are provided that allow for a short period (up to 3 or up to 6 months) to live in this South Asian country in order to undergo industrial practice or combine rest with work. More information about this, as well as about other questions on this topic, can be found in our article “Types of work permits in Singapore” and on the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Long-term residence permit

Singapore citizens and residents holding an Employment Pass or S Pass can apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for their relatives, namely:

  • legal and common-law spouses;

  • unmarried children under the age of 21, including officially adopted children;

  • unmarried disabled children aged 21 years or older;

  • to unmarried adopted children under the age of 21;

  • to parents.

This document allows you to not only live, but also work in Singapore, if you can find a suitable place. To be able to invite relatives, a citizen or resident must confirm the presence of a sponsor in the person of a local company (usually, we are talking about an employer) and a monthly fixed salary of S $ 5,000 or more, and in the case of an application for parents – from 10 000 S $.

Long Term Visit Pass is also issued:

  • people who have a certificate for a short educational course (no longer than 1 year) at a university in Singapore;

  • women whose child or grandchild lives in Singapore on the basis of a student permit;

  • women wishing to have a baby at a local clinic.

The application process itself costs 30 S $, in addition to this, you must pay 60 S $ for the finished document, as well as 40 S $ for the regular renewal of the document every 3 months. Plus you will need to pay a visa fee of S $ 30.

Obtaining resident status

The following groups of persons are eligible to obtain a permanent residence permit (resident status) in Singapore:

  • spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 citizens and residents;
  • elderly parents of citizens;
  • Employment Pass and S Pass holders;
  • investors.

To submit an application, you must fill out Form 4A and prepare the appropriate package of documents. The official website of the Singapore Immigration Office (ICA) will help you find out which ones are needed in a particular case. Representatives of the first three groups must apply to the Permanent Resident Services Center, investors can apply for this purpose to the Economic Development Board (EDB) under the Global Investor program.To obtain a residence permit, investors need to invest at least S $ 2,000,000 in the creation and development of a company, venture capital or private real estate.

The fee for obtaining a permanent residence permit is 100 S $, plus you need to pay 30 S $ for a visa. The registration procedure usually lasts 4-6 months. It is important to note that in Singapore, resident status is easy to lose if you leave the country without discretion. To prevent this from happening, you must first obtain a re-entry permit, which usually takes 1 day.To do this, you need to pay 10 S $ annually, plus an additional payment for each issued permit.

Obtaining citizenship

The following categories of persons can apply for Singapore citizenship, and for this you will have to give up the existing ones:

  • residents over the age of 21 who have had this status for 2 or more years, as well as their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21;

  • Spouses of Singapore citizens who have been married for at least 2 years and have been living in the country for at least 2 years;

  • Child of a Singapore citizen born outside the country, provided that his or her parents are legally married.

An S $ 100 fee must be paid when applying. If approved, you will need to pay an additional 70 S $ for the citizen certificate. Also, persons over 15 years old need to purchase a national identity card worth 10 S $. You can find out detailed information on the required documents in the corresponding section of the website of the Singapore Immigration Office.

Business and Investment

Foreigners wishing to start a business in Singapore must obtain an EntrePass.At the same time, an entrepreneur cannot count on acquiring resident status if he does not become an investor. Initially, the case is opened only for a period of up to 1 year, however, if certain conditions are met, it is allowed to be extended several times. At the same time, foreigners can not do business in all areas. The forbidden ones include catering establishments, bars, nightclubs, karaoke rooms; massage parlors, foot reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture; firms for the preparation and sale of herbal preparations; employment agencies; salons of geomancy.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Sky Park in Singapore is one of the most modern, most unusual and most expensive entertainment complexes in the world. It is located on top of three 55-storey towers, which are connected by a “deck” at a height of 200 meters. The towers are occupied by the five-star Marina-Bay hotel – $ 5.5 billion was spent on the construction of the entire complex.

The length of the entire Sky Park is equal to three football fields, and its area is 12.4 thousand square meters.

The whole complex is divided into several levels, there is a spa center, a fine restaurant, a guest recreation area, and one of the most expensive casinos. On the left side there is a spacious observation deck that can accommodate up to 900 people at a time! The view that opens from here cannot be described in words – it is unforgettably beautiful. It is impossible not to admire the stunning rooftop botanical garden – 250 varieties of trees and 650 species of plants are collected here!

But, of course, the whole Marina Bay Sands Skypark is especially proud of the huge infinity pool on the right side of the complex.Its length is 150 meters, the maximum depth is only 1.5 meters, and it is designed in such a way that its edge is invisible and a complete illusion is created that the water simply goes beyond the horizon! Real palm trees grow along the pool, next to it there are several Jacuzzi baths, there is a bar and a relaxation area with sun loungers. In the evening, lavish parties are held on the rooftop, where guests must come in smart toilets.

Price Sands SkyPark

Accommodation in the Marina Bay Sands hotel complex is quite expensive, but you can explore Sky Park without being a local guest: tourists are offered several types of excursions, during which you can visit the observation deck, visit the casino and dine in a luxurious restaurant.The visit will cost from 15 to 100 dollars (for guests, the stay in the park is free). But local residents (Singaporeans) will have to pay for entry to the territory of Marina Bay Sands Sky Park from $ 70 – according to local authorities, this is done in order to save the townspeople from “squandering” money in the casino. The entrance is open from 6 am to 11 pm. A particularly beautiful view of the city opens after sunset.

The entire Sky Park entertainment complex is designed for the simultaneous stay of up to 3.9 thousand guests.It is sometimes called “the new wonder of the world” and it fully justifies its name! The Marina-Bay hotel and its crowning park are visible from afar, and at night the whole complex is colorfully illuminated.

To find the best prices for Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, please follow this link.

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Find the best prices on hotels and tickets in Singapore!

90,000 Vogue Singapore: A Day in the Life of Editor-in-Chief Norman Tan

Last week, the debut issue of Vogue Singapore was released. The issue has three covers, and the heroines of this triptych, united by the common theme of Arise (“Rise”), are models from Singapore and China – Diya Prabhakar and Ju Shaouen, as well as Japanese actress Nana Komatsu. To mark the milestone, Vogue contacted editor-in-chief Norman Thane for the new Day in the Life series to find out all the details about the magazine’s launch.

Time: 08:00

Apple store in Marina Bay Sands. Recording a presentation to showcase Vogue Studio

“Vogue Studio is a digital installation replacing this year’s live party. For her, photographer Terry Gates shot Joo Shaouen in 21 fashionable looks. It turned out to be some kind of virtual world in the format of a video with a 360-degree view, inside which there are many clickable points that allow you to explore the facets of Vogue Singapore. Combining fashion and technology to enrich narrative is one of our main goals.Therefore, we decided that there was no better place for the presentation of Vogue Studio than the recently opened Apple store in the building of the Marina Bay Sands hotel on the coast – it literally floats on water. A futuristic location like this is great to showcase our vision for the future. It was necessary to arrive at the store by eight in the morning in order to have time to remove everything before the opening. I really want coffee. ”

Time: 10:30

Demonstrating three covers of the first issue of Vogue Singapore at Apple Store

“Launching Vogue Singapore during the pandemic was challenging – logistically, commercially, emotionally – but I’m very proud of the work our team has done. to do.I am proud of the triptych with the participation of Asian heroines: supermodel from China Joo Shaouen, Japanese actress Nana Komatsu and Singaporean top model Diya Prabhakar. The general theme of the issue is Arise, a call to “rise up”. It is an ode to optimism and fortitude. ”

Time: Noon

Preparing Vogue Singapore Bags as a Gift for Friends

“I returned to the office to help pack the Vogue Singapore shopping bags for friends and influencers. I wonder when I will have one? Each bag contains a set of gifts: a Vogue phone case, a quartz device for disinfecting a phone, Uniqlo masks, a case for storing Vogue masks, Bvlgari perfume bottles, TWG teas and, of course, our first number.I’m happy”.

Time: 15:00

Surprise from friends flowers in honor of the first issue

“Nothing cheers up like beautiful flowers. Friends send me bouquets to congratulate me in advance on the upcoming release date of the first issue. You can’t see behind the mask, but don’t hesitate: I am smiling broadly. ”

Time: 18:00

Meeting Bettina von Schlippe, publisher of Vogue Singapore, and Diea Prabhakar, cover star

Diya glows with happiness the moment we hand her a copy with her on the cover.This is the power of Vogue – to show new faces and tell the world about local talent. Diya, my dear, this is just the beginning. The best is yet to come”.

Time: 20:00

Packing VIP boxes and magazines for mailing to brands and partners

“For this purpose, we have come up with a special silver box with the letter V in our own font. Vogue Singapore is inspired by curves orchids Vanda Vogue Singapore (yes, we have our own orchid – it is from the same biological genus as the national flower of Singapore Vanda Miss Joaquim) and the outlines of Sanskrit words found on the Singapore stone – one of the eleven national treasures of the state.Our box is like a journey through the pillars of Vogue Singapore: bold design, innovation, technology, commitment to supporting the local creative community and depth of thought in the storytelling. ”

Time: 22:00

Short technical run of Vogue Conversations in Bettina’s apartment

“Today I changed several times and by this hour I am completely exhausted. I’m finishing the technical run-through of our Vogue Conversations session on launch day.Let’s discuss how technology is changing the future of fashion. I love: Natasha, our marketing director, at some point collapsed on the floor with emotion. Ha ha! For us, work is a passion. ”

Time: 23:00

Time to sleep!

“Finally I’m home. I even got one of the VIP boxes – hurray! Best fashion advice: To feel alive, wear bright clothes, especially when your energy is at zero. Have you seen my bruises under your eyes? ”

Time: midnight

Reflections on the theme of the first issue

“I know it’s time to go into the arms of Morpheus, but I can’t sleep … Tomorrow we are launching Vogue Singapore! I opened the VIP-box, my eyes immediately fell on the temporary tattoo ARISE (the name of the theme of the first issue).It looks almost real and lasts up to two weeks on the skin. Maybe apply it now? Or is it better to shower and go to bed? Yes, sleep: tomorrow you need to be fully armed. ”

Tour to Singapore for the New Year 2022, prices

If you are going on a winter vacation to Singapore, we suggest you celebrate New Year 2018 not with a banal dinner at a hotel, but with a special festive program in one of the luxurious restaurants in Singapore.

Book exciting excursions in Singapore!


Tour dates in 2021: on request.

Options for restaurants and New Year’s programs

1. LeVeL33

Cost: from 480 $ 100% prepayment (non-refundable)

Start: 20.00

Includes: unlimited beer and wine of your choice, snacks, dinner until 24.00. Jazz party. Dinner is served inside the restaurant, entertainment and New Year’s Eve fireworks are served on the outdoor terrace overlooking Marina Bay. A glass of Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut accompanied by the chimes.

Dress code: elegant evening

2. Zafferano Restaurant

Dinner at the restaurant.

Includes: 5 courses, a glass of Dom Pérignon champagne, free entry to the Terrace Lounge, entertainment.

Cost: from 480 $

Time: 20:30 until late

Dress code: black and gold

New Year’s party at the Terrace Lounge

Time: 21.00 until late

Entrance cost: from 160 $ ​​

Included: 2 drinks of your choice from G.H. Mumm Champagne, cocktails or alcoholic drinks.

Dinner at Sunset Terrace Loun Terrace Lounge

Time: 17.30-19.30 (20.00 preparation for New Year’s dinner).

Entrance cost: from $ 130

Includes: 3 dishes, drinks for an additional payment.

Zafferano Restaurant, Singapore

3. CÉ LA VI Singapor MASK & MIRRORS themed party (masquerade) Marina Bay Sands

Time: 6 pm until late

Sofa on the open terrace (max 6 people)

Deposit from 3 650 $

View of the pool and city

* Drinks and food on account of the deposit, the amount exceeding the deposit is paid additionally.

* Dress code: elegant evening. Guests in sportswear, flip-flops are not allowed

* Admission is additionally paid for each guest

until 11/30/2017 – from $ 180

after 11/30/2017 – from $ 250

Entrance fees do not include drinks and accommodation !

4. Equinox

Dinner at the Equinox restaurant

Included: 8 courses, a glass of Dom Pérignon champagne,

Cost: from 520 $

Dinner at the JAAN restaurant Included: 80003 9000 champagne Krug Champagne

Cost: from $ 580

Equinox Restaurant, Singapore

5.Me @ OUE

Time: 08.00 and until the last guest.

Dinner cost from 295 $

Table reservation:

Balcony Marina Bay View table (max 6 people)

Deposit from 620 $

Included: table bottle Dom Pérignon 2004

Flocony2 Platform View (max 10 people)

Deposit from 1840 $

Included: table, 3 bottles Dom Pérignon 2004

Lounge table Marina Bay View (max 10 people)

Deposit from 1840 $

Included: a table, 3 bottles of Dom Pérignon 2004

And entrance for one person without seating at a table will be $ 70 , the price includes a drink of your choice – 1 glass (champagne, house wine, alcohol, beer, juice or soft drink ).

6. Faber Peak Singapore

Restaurant Spuds & Aprons from $ 127 per person

Includes: table, 4-course dinner

Alcoholic drinks are paid additionally.

7.1 Altitude Gallery & Bar 63rd level

Start 21:00

1 Altitude Gallery & Bar 63rd level, Singapore


1.Table overlooking the fireworks. Minimum 8 people

Cost from 420 $ per person

2.A table inside the hall. Minimum 4 people

Cost from $ 310 per person

3. Entrance to the terrace overlooking the fireworks, without seating at a table

Cost from $ 350 per person

Included: free drinks from 9 to 12 nights.

* in case of bad weather (rain), the event will be transferred to the 61st floor in a closed club. The number of tables is not guaranteed.

* DRESS CODE: No sportswear, shorts and T-shirts are allowed.

* Age restrictions after the New Year’s fireworks, girls at least 21 years old and men at least 25 years old are allowed.

Entrance cost without reserving a table from 21:00 – from $ 95

Included: soft drink – 1 glass, Moet Brut champagne – 1 glass.

* Drinks available only after 12:30 fireworks

7.1 Altitude Stellar Restaurant 62nd level

Table reservations:

– 21:00 and until the last guest

– 21:30 and until the last guest

– 22:00 until the last guest

– 22:30 and until the last guest


1. 4-course dinner and 1 glass of Veuve Clicquot – from $ 223 per person (table overlooking Marina Bay, front line)

2. 6-course dinner and 1 glass of Krug Grand Cuvee – from $ 420 per person (table without a view)

3. 6-course dinner and 1 glass of Krug Grand Cuvee – from $ 480 per person (table overlooking Marina Bay, on the second line)

New Year’s special offer includes a gala dinner with plenty of drinks and delicious food, entertainment, fireworks.

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