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Based in China & specialized in wide range of theme party supplies ​wholesale products for kids birthday parties, baby shower, summer party decorations, special occasions & events. As a professional China wholesale supplier, we offer a huge selection of party supplies kit and decorations pack for your profitable resell on Amazon, eBay. You’ll find a wide variety of party decorations set and items such as foil & latex balloons, banners, bunting, paper fans,paper lanterns, tissue fans, pom poms, honeycomb balls, tassel garlands, paper star lanterns and many others. You can browse our categories that complement your party supplies sourcing needs for wedding, kids birthday parties, Summer party, baby shower, Halloween, Easter, Christmas. Pls feel free to email us the colors, styles, themes, and OEM design requirements.


Today, I am going to share with you top 36 party supplies wholesale distributors in the world, including China, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore and South Africa. You will also see tips for party supplies marketing and FAQs in wholesale party supplies industry.

Let’s get started …

Why Wholesale Party Supplies?

One of the main reason to wholesale party supplies is that there are huge demand of the products in the market. In the US, the party supply industry alone accounts for more than $5 billion with an annual growth rate of about 4.3%. The expansive industry oversees the supply of party paraphernalia like holiday decorations (Christmas, Halloween), bridal showers, birthday parties, Halloween celebrations, and special events like Bar Mitzvahs. 

Since most of these events are held throughout the year, you are guaranteed to remain in business and to boost your sales during holidays. Moreover, seasonal decorations industry accounts for a whopping $12 billion. By expanding your portfolio to accommodate party supplies, your business is guaranteed to remain profitable and sustainable in the long-term.

Party Supplies Wholesale Distributors in China





Party Supplies and General



Party Supplies and General



Party Supplies and General



Party Supplies and General


1. Chinabrands

If you are still wondering where to buy party supplies, Chinabrands is one of the best options for you. Chinabrands have a wide range of wholesale party supplies and all of them is at wholesale prices. 

Moreover, many retailers complained that they don’t know how to identify the products quality of party supplies, and some of them even get cheat during the purchasing. 

Chinabrands is investing lots of money on the quality control system, every products from Chinabrands needs to be inspected for 3 times at least and differ from most of the manufacturers who ramdomly check the goods, Chinabrands is offering 100% products inspection to make sure every piece of wholesale party supplies meet the quality standard.

Again, compared to what retailers got from some other online marketers at expensive price. Chinabrands is insist on providing the best price of wholesale party supplies for all the businesses.

Besides, every purchase on Chinabrands, you will then get corresponding CB points as return which can be used to deduct your order amount in the next purchase. To register on Chinabrands, you will notice that there are attractive discount offered for Chinabrands’ members. With CB points and the attractive discount, the final price you get from Chinabrands could be extremely competitive. 

Is that all? Of course not, you can enjoy much more advantage of Chinabrands, like:

. Start Your Wholesale Party Supplies Business At No Risk

You are in shortage of money for the business? You are not willing to take any risks? All your troubles have been solved by Chinabrands. Their drop ship service for retailers to set you free from risks and capital problems. 

. Click On The Button On Chinabrands To Get The Boost Products

Most of the retailers are investing lots of time on searching for the profitable products. There are more than thousands of retailers purchasing from Chinabrands everyday. You are very easy to find the market trends and hot selling models from the website. Just leave the product research to Chinabrands, you can put 100% capacity to boost your sales.

. Leave SEO Job To Chinabrands, Save Your Time

Many retailers complained about the preparation of optimized SEO products description for e-commerce online shops, especially for the new starters. Chinabrands is equiped with professional teams to build strong SEO products descriptions for its group members to upload all the product details to their online shops much more easily.

. Get Your Wholesale Party Supplies Within 24 Hours

Are you tired of waiting for your packages? With the help of the wordwide warehouses and logistics system from Chinabrands, you can even get your wholesale sandals within 24 hours. 

. Find Whatever You Are Sourcing

Your target items is not available in Chinabrands? No problem, leave them a message or email, the sales team will definitely offer you a satisfied solution

Best-Selling Party Supplies Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >

2. Alibaba/AliExpress


Alibaba is, by far, the world’s largest retailer headquartered in China. Found in 1999, Alibaba has grown to serve over 200 countries. As of 2015, it’s profits and sales exceeded those of all US retailers combined. It offers one of the best, both in buyers protection and secure payment. 

AliExpress is an online retailer serving under the Alibaba Group. Alibaba uses this online retailer to extend its worldwide presence, far beyond Asia. AliExpress mostly connects businesses with buyers and has grown to include affiliate marketing. So, if you want the best, secure place to source for wholesale home decor, Alibaba might be a worthy option.

3. DHgate

DHgate is an online platform for wholesale goods. They are gathering Chinese suppliers and worldwide customers in their platform to establish business relationship. There are over 30 million products in Dhgate including home decor, apparel & accessories,party tent,  computers & networking, consumer electronics, toys & hobbies, health & beauty, bags & jewelry, home, auto, and more. 

For the retailers who are looking for party supplies wholesale distributors, Dhgate is a good place to get the items. However, since Dhgate is only an online platform, you’ll have to verify the quality and service support of different suppliers by your own.

Party Supplies Wholesale Distributors in The USA




American Carnival Mart

lParty Hats

lParty Tableware

lGift Bags


lParty Decorations

lPart Equipment, etc.

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Wholesale Party Supplies



lParty Game Rental

lFavors & Candy

lPersonalized Items

lTableware, etc.


Unique Industries

lParty Decorations


lParty Entertainment

lKids Favorites

lParty Tableware, etc.

Philadelphia, USA

Oriental Trading



lCandy Buffet

lParty Decorations

lFood Bars, etc.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Bulk Party Supplies

lParty Decorations


lFavors, etc.


1. American Carnival Mart


American Carnival Mart is a one-stop party supplies shop, which has been in business since 1995. The distributor stocks thousands of items for carnivals, picnics, festivals, and events. Apart from the incredible selection, you get the items at unbeatable prices. The minimum order for shipping is $25. 

Any order below that attracts a charge of $5. American Carnival Mart ships internationally, except in the State of California and Africa.


2. Wholesale Party Supplies


Wholesale Party Supplies is a year-round distributor. Most of the items come themed with stylish designs and favorite characters. You have a chance to select from over 500 themes. Apart from tangible things, the company offers party ideas and inspirations. You get a 30% discount on all party kits. Customers within Continental USA get free shipping for orders above $59.


3. Unique Industries


Unique Industries, as the name implies, offers something unique for your party and events. Plus, its products are of high quality and are available at cost-effective prices. The company has ten global offices and supplies over 56 countries. Apart from adding a ton of fun to the party, Unique Industries engages in other services, including licensing of party programs.


4. Oriental Trading


“Making the world more fun” is the mission of Oriental Trading Company, which started in 1932. It’s the largest retailer in the US, stocking over 40,000 unique products. Plus, it’s a leading distributor of fundraising products. 

Oriental has six brands to its name: Marry Me, Learn365, Fun365, CustomFun365, MindWare, and SmileMakers. The company emphasizes eco-friendly products. You have a chance of getting discounts of up to 60%, 75%, and 25% on Halloween Sales, Clearance Sales, and Costume Sales, respectively. Halloween costumes are available in over 5,000 styles.


5. Bulk Party Supplies


Bulk Party entered business in 2001. As the name implies, the company offers discounted bulk party supplies. You get to choose from over 7,000 supplies. Most items, for instance, decoration kits, are available at a discount of up to 44%.

Party Supplies Wholesale Distributors in the UK




GO International

lFancy Dress Costumes

lParty Balloons


lParty Tableware, etc.

Hertfordshire, UK

Novelties Direct

lParty Balloons

lFancy Dress Costumes

lBunting & Flags, etc.

Hertfordshire, UK

Delights Direct


lFancy Dress

lPinatas, etc.

Manchester, UK

Party Box Wholesale


lGreeting Cards

lGift Bags

lTableware, etc.

Essex, UK

House Parti




lBanners & Badges, etc.

Leicester, UK

1. Go International


Go International is a massive supplier with 25 years of experience. The company stocks party products, novelties, and gifts, most of which are from its exclusive line of products. Plus, it’s a master distributor of a multitude of other brands, including Unique, Anagram, and Amscan. A good number of items are on special offer, giving you a chance to get up to 50% discount.


2. Novelties Direct


Novelties Direct, a party supplier with over eight years of experience, boasts a massive range of party suppliers. You can choose from custom-made supplies, to get something that matches your taste. The company offers quantity discounts at wholesale prices. Some of the products are on promotion: an opportunity to save even more. There’s no minimum limit on how much you can purchase. Dispatch values over £30 qualify for free shipping.


3. Delights Direct


Delights Direct company turns any event into a unique, fun moment. For most European countries, you get your order within 48 hours. Dispatch values above £100 are shipped free of charge within the UK. Shipping to other European countries attracts a fee of €5.5.


4. Party Box Wholesale


Years of good reputation, massive range of supplies, and easy-to-navigate website make Party Box one of the leading companies for party supplies. Here, you get the options of online purchase or cash & carry shopping. Free next-day delivery is available for orders above £100 made before midday.


5. House Parti


House Parti is a one-stop party supplies wholesalers. It deals in products from top brands to ensure you get high-quality supplies and services. With House Parti, there’s no order too large or small. A dispatch value over £49 qualifies for free next-day delivery, provided you place it before midday. Online orders are available only after the registration process.

Party Supplies Wholesale Distributors in Canada




Birthday in a Box

lCrafts & Games



lParty Favor Kits, etc.




lParty Decorations




lGift Wraps, etc.


Open A Party Inc.

lLoot Packs

lToys & Crafts


lBalloons, etc.

Ontario, Canada

Party Things



lParty Decor

lFavors, etc.



Party Supply Depot



lCustom Banners

lDecorations, etc.

Toronto, Canada

1. Birthday in a Box


Birthday in a Box has been in the party supplies business since 1996. The company focuses on making parties fun, affordable, and educational. It offers high-quality theme parties tailored to customers’ specifications. Dispatch values over $100 give you a chance to cash in on free personalization, amounting to $40. Most items are available at a 20% discount. Free shipping is available within the Continental United States, for orders of $70 or higher.


2. Partypro


Partypro Company deals in discount party supplies. It caters for every age and year-specific celebrations. You get to choose from over 200 party themes and 60,000 party items, all available at discounted prices. Themed tableware, for instance, sells at a 50% discount. You can make considerable savings in the company’s bulk party supplies section. Plus, there are up to nine bulk sites to choose. Dispatch values from $50 are eligible for free shipping.


3. Open A Party Inc.


Open A Party is one of Canada’s largest single online party supplies company. It’s 100% Canadian and has been in business since 2011. The company serves only the Canadian market and boasts up to 80,000 customers annually. It stocks over 65,000 products. The customer service section is known for quick response time, less than 30 minutes. A flat shipping rate of $4.99 applies on dispatch values over $75.


4. Party Things


Party Things add fun and color to your party events. The company’s website is easy to navigate, which saves you time. You can shop in different categories, including New Collections, Best Sellers, and featured Ensemble. Most products, particularly in “Featured Ensembles,” sell at a discount.


5. Party Supply Depot


Party Supply Depot dates back to 1990. Since then, it has grown to become Toronto’s largest distributor of party supplies. Most supplies, except Halloween products, are available for online purchase. Shipment is across Canada. Besides party goodies, treats, and decorations, Party Supply Depot goes an extra mile to offer free party tips.

Party Supplies Wholesale Suppliers in Australia




Balloon Agencies



lWearables, etc.               

Australia & New Zealand

The Party People


lParty Equipment


lNovelties & Games, etc.



Discount Party Warehouse



lParty Favors

lBalloons, etc.

Sydney, Australia

Hayden Agencies




lNovelties, etc.



Happy Time Novelty



lTheme Decorations

lBalloons, etc.

Blacktown, Australia

1. Balloon Agencies


Balloon Agencies is a one-stop shop for wholesale party supplies. It deals with top, powerful brands that stock all range of party supplies. The company has an incredible selection of over 15,000 products at any given time. Deliveries are within 48 hours of receiving the order. 

Dispatch values below $100 attract a shipping charge of $10. Balloon Agencies serves both Australia and New Zealand.


2. The Party People


The Party People has over 30 years of experience and counting. Started in 1985, it has grown to become Australia’s largest party supplies wholesaler. It stocks over 25,000 products and has serviced over 545,000 parties so far. Direct orders are available for customers in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, and Singapore. Deliveries within Australia attract a shipping charge of $9.95.


3. Discount Party Warehouse


As the name implies, Discount Party Warehouse is the place where you make considerable savings on party supplies. Started in 2004, the store deals in all range of party supplies, and stocks over 10,000 items. Upon making your first order, the company gives a 10% discount. Purchases above $100 are shipped free of charge. 

Any dispatch value below $100 attracts a flat-rate fee of $10. Discount Party Warehouse ships internationally to New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


4. Hayden Agencies


Hayden Agencies is one of the best-known balloon specialists in Australia. It has been in business for the past one decade, becoming Australia’s most reliable balloon supplier. Hayden goes an extra mile to include other party-related products that complement its balloon collection. The company stocks from top manufacturers, such as Amscan, Alpen, and Unique.


5. Happy Time Novelty


Happy Time Novelty is one of Australia’s oldest party supplies company. It entered business in the 1950’s. Since then, it has overcome all odds to become a major distributor of party supplies. At the moment, the company is the top distributor of Theme Decorations and Products imported from the USA. It also distributes the Alpen range of products. Happy Time Novelty makes deliveries all over Australia.

Party Supplies Wholesale Distributors in India





lParty Decorations


lParty Dining

lParty Wear, etc.

New Delhi, India

Funcart Inc.

lGift Wrap Essentials

lParty Wearables


lParty Decorations, etc.

New Delhi, India

Pretty ur Party




lParty Favors, etc.

Lucknow, India


lParty Kits

lVenue Decor

lTable Decoration

lParty Props, etc.

Tamil Nadu, India

My Party Shop



lFun Stuff, etc.

New Delhi, India

1. DholDhamaka


DholDhamaka is an e-commerce portal for a range of party products and services. The company operates under the Shoppoz Enterprises and stocks over 3,000 products. It makes international deliveries to seven countries, and the number is expected to grow. 

DholDhamaka is the place where you get up to 40% off on party decorations. Free shipping is available for dispatch values above Rs.250. The company offers member discount and accepts return & exchange.


2. Funcart Inc.


Funcart lets you celebrate in style and throw the best party ever. The company serves up to 9,000 pin codes for COD (Cash On Delivery) orders. COD’s range from a minimum of Rs.399 to a maximum of Rs.3,000. Funcart has a flat shipping charge of Rs.99. 

However, shipping is free for goods worth over Rs.1,500. Cash On Delivery orders attracts an extra fee of Rs.65. Discounts are available for customized products. For instance, you get 10%, 12%, and 15% discount on goods valued at over Rs.2,500, Rs.3,000, and Rs.4,000 respectively.


3. Pretty ur Party


Pretty ur Party, as the name suggests, makes for a fun and beautiful partying experience. The company specializes in creative and stylish party supplies available in more than 200 themes. It keeps track of the latest trends, ensuring you get the best out there. COD is available on non-customized products. Products valued over Rs.800 are eligible for free shipping.


4. Untumble


Untumble is one of the best options for customized party supplies. It’s both a designer and manufacturer of over 35 products. Whenever applicable, you can have your items bearing your name or favorite pictures. The company has serviced more than 500 events so far and is looking forward to expanding its business beyond Tamil Nadu. Untumble Company ships across India.


5. My Party Shop


My Party Shop is an online distributor with an exclusive range of party supplies. It plans to introduce Party Packages that bundles up all party supplies you need, which lets you save more over individual pricing. All purchases over Rs.500 qualify for free shipping. The company has cut the shipping fee on orders below Rs.500 from Rs.150 to Rs.100. My Party Shop also offers the option of Cash On Delivery.

Party Supplies Wholesale Suppliers in Singapore




Chin Giap Soon




lParty Favors, etc.



Party Wholesale Centre

lParty Games

lPhoto Props

lParty Favors

lParty Backdrop, etc.






lParty Favors, etc.



Wow! Let’s Party

lColor Tableware



lCake Supplies, etc.


1. Chin Giap Soon


Chin Giap Soon has been a party supplies wholesaler since 1986. The company ships directly from overseas and offers products at a reasonable price range. To most, Chin Giap soon is a magical world of amazing products. Orders are available for self-collection once complete. Currently, the company is making updates on delivery charges.


2. Party Wholesale Centre


Party Wholesale Centre strives to keep prices as low as possible. Most of its products are available at a discount of up to 65%. The company accepts only online orders, so phone orders aren’t available. Delivery fee ranges from $20 to at least $50 depending on your location. Plus, there are three modes of delivery: Standard, Priority, and Gifts.




MTRADE Novelty stocks all kinds of party supplies at affordable prices. It’s a one-stop online shop, allowing you to order at the comfort of your home or office. The company has a discount code, which will enable you to save 5% on the purchase amount. 

There are two shipping methods: delivery service and self-collection. For delivery service, dispatch values of at least $100 are eligible for free shipping. Anything below $100 attracts a shipping fee of $15 per trip. MTRADE ships internationally to Malaysia and Brunei.


4. Wow! Let’s Party


Wow! Let’s Party is your all-in-one solution for party supplies. It’s the leading online party shop in Singapore. Here, you get a fuss-free online shopping experience. Plus, the products are available at fantastic prices. The company offers a 5% discount on your first purchase. 

Better still, you get a discount on bulk purchases of $500 and above. Dispatch values of $150 or higher, excluding inflated balloons, qualify for free shipping.

Wholesale Party Supplies Suppliers in South Africa




Party Lady


lParty Decor


lBalloons, etc.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


lColor Partyware


lParty Decorations, etc.

South Africa


lToys & Gifts


lCandy, etc.

Pinetown, South Africa

Party Xpress

lFancy Dress

lDecor Items


lTableware, etc.

Capetown, South Africa





lParty Decor, etc.

South Africa

1. Party Lady


Party Lady, together with its affiliate Gift Lady, makes one of the largest event suppliers in South Africa. The company sells both to event planners and the public. It has the option of “Clearance Sale” where you can save up to 25%. Party Lady makes deliveries in all of South Africa at a fee of R69. Delivery by postal service attracts a charge of R45.


2. PartyNet


PartyNet entered business in 2008. The company transformed from a walk-in store into one of South Africa’s leading online party supplies distributors. PartyNet makes nationwide deliveries at a fee that ranges from R65-R175.


3. Parties4Africa


Parties4Africa has over 13 years of experience in the party supplies business. It caters for both adult-themed and kid-themed parties. The company boasts the widest range of party supplies in South Africa. It makes overnight deliveries nationwide. Self-collection is available upon making an appointment.


4. Party Xpress


Party Xpress imports, distributes, and wholesale’s party suppliers in South Africa and beyond. The company ships internationally to Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. You can place your order online or via one of the company’s representatives. Party Xpress currently stocks over 2,000 products.


5. PartySpot


PartySpot is an online party store started in 1995. It rose from a flower delivery shop to become one of South Africa’s leading online party store. The store sits on 3,000 square meters and stocks over 40,000 products. There are two delivery options: Nationwide Courier for door delivery and Johannesburg delivery. Free insurance is available on all shipments.

Tips for Party Supplies Marketing

The more the buyers, the more the number of sales you make. So, what are the best marketing strategies for getting more buyers? Here are some options to consider:


YouTube Videos


Consider creating YouTube videos on party themes or party essentials. Tips on throwing a successful party would be an added advantage. Link to your line of products from the description.


Post Images on Instagram/Pinterest


Social networks, such as Instagram offers a chance to make some visual impression. Ensure the pictures display the products as if in use. Add some description to go with the product. Hashtag important words that link to that particular product. 

Image posting is particularly useful for party supplies relating to babies and young adults. After all, most of the visitors on Pinterest and Instagram consist of the young generation.


Facebook Groups & Marketplace


Facebook marketing does two things: drives online sales and increases brand awareness. Set up a Facebook page that focuses on promoting your product or brand. For Facebook mobile, you can opt to sell your products using the Facebook marketplace. Facebook platform is a top consideration for babies supplies and wedding supplies.




Advertising is your fast-track method for finding more buyers. The outcome is even better if you operate an online party supplies store. Advertising methods include:


● Facebook advertising: Ideal for wedding and baby-specific parties

● Google Adwords: Helps plan your keywords, hence building your campaign. It is ideal for all party supplies.

● Local advertising: Advertising using banners, ads, fliers, or on the radio.


Note: Advertising can cost huge sums of money. Consider using it as a last resort.

Wholesale Party Supplies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What type of party supplies should I sell?


A: Finding a good product to sell online is not an easy task. Below are strategies that will make it easier for you:


● Derive inspiration from successful e-commerce stores. You can choose from the list we have in this article.

● Keep track of the latest trends, particularly on social media. Consider visiting Facebook or Instagram since most people tend to share favorite products on these platforms. In the case of Facebook, type your field in the search bar and peruse the results that show up.

● Follow social shopping sites dealing in party supplies. Here, it’s easy to tell what’s selling the most. Don’t go for the same product everyone is selling. Instead, choose something unique.

● Choose from successful Niches. Party supplies make for a general term, so why not narrow down your search to the most successful niches. You can choose to specialize in particular products with a vast market.

● Product review sites. How about hearing from people with first-hand experience? That’s what you get from review sites. Here, you’ll be able to tell what customers think about a particular product. Always consider a product with a lot of compliments from customers.

● Amazon & eBay best sellers list. Checking best sellers list on top e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay is the last resort if everything else fails. Each of the two e-commerce sites has a “best seller” page accessible at your convenience.


Q: How do I figure out which products will sell well?


A: To know which products sell well, you need to:


Check Google Trends


Keep track of the product’s popularity on Google trend. The more popular it gets, the better.


Check Competition


Search the product on Google. Under the search box, you’ll see the search volume, competition score, and cost per click (CPC). Generally, competitions scores range from 0-1. The lower the value, the higher the chances of the product selling more. Alternatively, you can visit e-commerce sites, preferably Amazon to see the volume of sales and competition for a particular product.


Check Marketing Channels


For this part, consider using Facebook search. Here, you’ll be able to see the number of pages dedicated to a particular product. Check out the number of likes, comments, and shares. The higher the number, the harder it is to compete with.


Check Profit Potential


Compare the product’s wholesale price to the retail price, for instance on Amazon. Always go for a product with a retail price at least twice the wholesale price. It will compensate for extra costs, such as shipping, storing, web hosting, marketing, etc.


Q: How do I buy wholesale party supplies online?


A: To buy wholesale party supplies online, follow these steps:


Step 1: Look for a reliable wholesaler with high reputation, many years of experience, and excellent customer service. You can search on Google, online directories, or trade shows.


Step 2: Visit the wholesaler’s website and look for contact information. To better determine the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the supplier, contact them on the phone rather than email.


Step 3: Ask questions regarding:


● Product’s availability

● Services provided

● Order placement

● Shipping

● Payment terms and methods

● Support services


Step 4: Where applicable, request for a quote or product sample.


Step 5: Make and complete your order if satisfied.


Q: Should I dropship Party supplies?


A: Drop shipping is a convenient business model for starting an online store. Consider it if you’re new to e-commerce. Though profits margin is a bit lower, you encounter fewer risks and expenses.

Last Words

So that’s my post all about party supply industry and the 36 best party supplies wholesale distributors in the world, including China, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore and South Africa. 

Laterns as one of popular party supplies, is also the one you can wholeslae. Finding wholesalers please click wholesale lanterns for centerpieces

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:


Which supplier from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start a party supply business?

Leave a comment to let me know.

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Chinese New Year Party Favors

One of the favorite Chinese New Year traditions are red gift packets or envelopes of money and trinkets. These easy to make and frugal Chinese New Year Party Favors are a fun way to celebrate. 

2018 is the Chinese New Year of the Dog, celebrated on February 16th. The dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals. Honest and loyal, dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner. A Dog’s most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work. The last Year of the Dog was in 2006.

Here are several interesting Chinese New Year traditions:

  • Fireworks are used to drive away the evil
  • New Year Markets – during the course of the New Year’s days, a temporary market will be set up to sell New Year goods such as clothing, fireworks, decorations, food, etc.
  • Cleaning – a few days before the Chinese New Year, people do a complete house cleaning and housewares which signify to remove the old and welcome the new.
  • Decoration – after the cleaning, people will decorate the house to welcome the New Year.
  • Red Packets – the packet, similar to an envelope with money are given by adults to children in the New Year days.

Today we are sharing a fun version of the Red Packet with our Chinese New Year Party Favors. We decided to keep them general so they can be used year after year. But you can of course, add the Year of the Dog to them if you want.

Let’s gather our supplies…

Chinese New Year Party Favors Supplies:

The Chinese New Year Party Favors were also quite frugal too.  Depending on what you fill them with, you can make them for about $.50 cents each. I think they would be super fun at a child’s birthday party as well.

Step 1:

  • Print out the Party Favor onto cardstock and cut out. They measure 3 x 5 inches

Step 2:

  • Glue together and use clothespins to hold if necessary

Step 3:

  • Cut the tissue. I got 4 out of each piece of tissue.

Step 4:

  • Roll up tissue and slip into tube. Tie up one end with ribbon.

Step 5:

  • Fill with coins and treats

Step 6:

  • Tie other end. And you are done.

How to Plan a Gorgeous Chinese New Year Party

Thank you Cost Plus World Market for sponsoring out Chinese New Year Party.  All ideas and opinions are always 100% my own.

Two of my kids have been in a Mandarin Chinese Immersion program at school since kindergarten, which means that they learn Chinese half the day at school and English the other half.  It has been so much fun watching them learn to read and write Chinese characters, as well as learn more about the Chinese culture and all of their celebrations.

The biggest holiday in China is Chinese New Year, so I wanted to create a Chinese New Year party for our family to immerse ourselves in the culture.

Chinese New Year starts on February 16th this year and marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog.  Chinese New Year is based on the legend of a mystical beast called the Nian, who would eat the villagers at the beginning of every new year.  One new year a man tried to scare the beast by putting red papers up and lighting firecrackers while the rest of the villagers hid.

When the villagers came back from hiding the next day, their city wasn’t destroyed.  They believed that their city was saved because Nian was scared of the color red and loud noises, so every new year after that they would hang red lanterns and scrolls and light firecrackers to scare the beast away.

The kids were SO excited when they came home and found all the amazing Chinese New Year party decor that I found at Cost Plus World Market!  My daughter started reading all of the Mandarin characters on the packaging and could hardly wait until the party!

I found an amazing dragon head at my local World Market store in La Jolla (you can find your local World Market store HERE) that I knew had to be one of the main features of our Chinese New Year party.  The dragon dance is an important part of Chinese New Year because it’s believed that the fierce dragon face, dancing, and loud noises scare away the evil spirits.

I hung up some black fabric behind our party table, then hung some beautiful gold sequined fabric down the middle of the black backdrop.  The dragon head was hung in the middle of the gold fabric, and I just love tall the bright colors and details on it!  It has a beautiful 3 foot fabric “body” on it that is so fun and festive.

A large red lantern was hung on each side of the dragon.  I tied some hanging red fish to the base of each lantern with some fishing line.  There are so many gorgeous details on the fish that really added to our Chinese New Year party.

Because my daughter can read and write in Mandarin, I gave her some white banner paper, black paint, and a paintbrush, and had her paint “Happy New Year” in Chinese characters.  I then ran the white banner down the middle of the table over a red tablecloth.

I love the contrast between the red tablecloth, the bright paper banner, and the black characters.


I filled some traditional red envelopes that are filled with money each year and given to the children during Chinese New Year.  These were stacked on a black rectangular plate.

Large Chinese zodiac chocolate medallions were stacked on a neighboring black plate, and were the hit of the party with the kids!

These zodiac medallions are pretty large and have SO much detail on the shiny gold packaging.  These are definitely a must for your Chinese New Year party!

Black and red bowls were placed on each side of the table.  One bowl was filled with oranges, which are a symbol of good luck.

White Rabbit creamy candy filled the other bowl.  These were a hit too because they are wrapped twice- once in the colorful packaging you see, and then wrapped again in an edible rice paper.  My kids LOVED eating these, along with the edible rice paper!

My daughter wrote some Chinese characters on the front of some glassine envelopes, then we filled each envelope with fruity lychee candy from China.  Each envelope had words written on the front that were relevant to the Chinese New Year like “happiness,” “hope,” “love,” “friendship,” and “dream.”

The lychee candy was soooo delicious!  I’ve never eaten a lychee before, but the gummy candy was so fruity and flavorful.

Each large gummy was individually packaged too, which makes them a great treat choice for a Chinese New Year party.  My picky kids all loved them!

I bought some traditional fortune cookies, then dipped the ends in white chocolate.  Once the white chocolate had completely dried, I used some gold luster dust and painted it onto the chocolate layer to create some shiny gold dipped fortune cookies.

We had such an amazing time at our Chinese New Year party.  It’s been such a wonderful experience having my young kids immerse themselves in the Chinese culture by learning all about their language, traditions, celebrations, and history.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to celebrate Chinese New Year with your own family!  It’s a great way to have fun with your family while learning about and respecting another culture.

Here are links to all of the Chinese New Year decorations I used for our Chinese New Year party from World Market:

Dragon head dance decor /  Double fish hanging decor /  Red tablecloth /  Red and black melamine noodle bowls /  Black soup spoons /  Chinese zodiac chocolate medallions / Black rectangular plates /  Fortune cookies /  White Rabbit creamy candy /  Fortune cookies /  Lychee gummy candies

Happy New Year!

I found an SOS note from China in a box of decorations—and it changed how I live

Opinion: In Oregon, among Halloween decorations, Julie Keith found a cry for help from a Chinese labour camp. Years later, it’s changed how she shops and parents

Julie Keith is an executive assistant and mother of two living in Damascus, Oregon.

It was a grey Sunday afternoon in 2011, at my home in Oregon. My daughter was four years old, turning five the following week. For the first time, she was old enough to plan the details of her own birthday party and I couldn’t wait to see her excitement on the day. She was born in late October, and so she decided she wanted a Halloween-themed party.

I had actually found most of the decorations we needed to pull off the party on sale at Kmart the year before, and so they were waiting in storage. So discounted were these accessories that I had enough left over to give her three extra presents to unwrap next week—cheapie things, but still, it was exciting.

I walked up the stairs to the attic—my daughter bouncing up alongside me—to unpack what would be the party’s centrepieces: a 17-piece “Totally Ghoul” branded set of foam tombstones. I opened the big box and started passing her pieces of the convincing-looking “stone.”

Then, from between two tombstones, a folded-up piece of paper fell on the floor. My daughter picked up the note and handed it to me, thinking it was part of the instructions. Neat handwriting in English and Chinese filled the lined, white note paper; one of the edges was ripped. I didn’t know it then, but it would wake me up from my sheltered life and make me realize how much my actions affect people all around the world.

“…If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization,” it read, detailing punishments and abuses of people in a place called Masanjia. “Thousands people here who are under the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever.”

The fall air suddenly turned icy. My daughter couldn’t read yet but she could read my face, riven in concern and bewilderment. The letter’s steady tone of voice belied the shocking horrors it described. Tortures? Punishment? Innocent believers, put in prison? Thousands will thank and remember me? Who wrote this note? How did it get into this box of Halloween decorations? In an age of misinformation and wild publicity stunts, I needed to verify this before I believed any of it.

A Google search turned up what I hoped it wouldn’t. Masanjia Labour Camp is known as “a place of nightmares” among Chinese dissidents, and it appeared the note was going easy in its description. I learned that human rights defenders and spiritual believers such as Buddhists and Christians who won’t fall in line with the Chinese Communist Party’s way of thought are sent to these places for “re-education,” a euphemism for brutal torture, sexual abuse and brainwashing until they sign a contract promising they would change their beliefs.

I realized I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. I shared the note on Facebook and with media outlets—prompting exposes and a media firestorm that led to the release of some of China’s prisoners and the eventual abolishment of the Chinese labour camp system in 2013.

Still, I second-guessed my decision afterward. Some people told me that because I publicized the letter, people in Masanjia would be punished, so I should have minded my own business. Had I endangered people halfway around the world, or upset the Chinese government? Maybe. Despite this awakening, I didn’t fully understand the consequences.

Julie Keith meets Sun Yi for the first time in Indonesia, and shows him the letter he sent. (Leon Lee)

But then, years later, I finally came face to face with Sun Yi, the man who wrote the SOS note and risked his life to slip it into a box to be delivered a world away. Sun Yi is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted person who maintained his composure and quiet strength through horrors that one letter could never encompass. He had been detained for two-and-a-half years for practicing Falun Gong, a meditation practice outlawed by the Chinese government. He refused to give up his beliefs, and he paid the price. He was a one-in-a-million person who changed my life forever.

Today, the thrill I had once gotten from the discounted decorations allowing me to buy more cheap gifts for my daughter couldn’t feel more dissonant—I now know the human cost of that feeling. I explain to my kids that having a lot isn’t important—it’s better to have good things. If the hands that made them were treated well, it’s more likely the item will stand the test of time and bring good memories. We own a little less, but we want for nothing.

Now that Sun Yi’s letter opened my eyes, I feel changed. I am more attuned to humanitarian news near or far and more aware of the world around me. I think about where things are made and if someone suffered to make this decoration, or my shoes. My children, too, have taken a natural interest in all this. At school, my daughter shared the story of the note and my going to meet Sun Yi, helping to open little minds. The influence it has had on them is something I am really proud of.

Sun Yi, who wrote the letter that found its way into , holds it in Indonesia during a visit from Julie Keith. (Leon Lee)

I never expected the story to blow up the way it did. Our modern society’s attention span is so short though, so I want to keep this story fresh in people’s mind, which is why I participated in Leon Lee’s documentary and tell my story whenever I can. This is a monumental issue that needs all the help it can get, so I feel it’s my duty to advocate.

Every time I’m shopping, I think about Sun Yi. And I implore the people in my community to forego cheap items and to check where they’re from. Forced labor and persecution are still rampant, and small acts can lead to big change. If I hadn’t reported that letter, thousands of people could have remained locked in Masanjia to this day. It’s time for action that opens people’s eyes to the horrors that were brought into my home in a package from Kmart—and might be in your home, too.

The story of Sun Yi, his letter, and Keith’s visit with him years later, is featured in the documentary Letter from Masanjia, which will make its world premiere at Toronto’s Hot Docs festival on Apr. 27, Apr. 29, and May 4.

Host a Chinese Theme Dinner Party with Tablescape & Take-out (photos)

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Chinese themed dinner party with these 10 easy steps. See how to set a Chinese themed table setting and incorporate some cultural traditions. This is a fun idea for entertaining at home! Follow some simple tips like serving take-out from your favorite local restaurant! If you’re looking for more party themes then you’ll want to check out a themed dinner party ideas for all occasion. 

How to Host a Chinese Theme Dinner party

This time of year is filled with opportunities to host a party. With festivities like Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason not to celebrate at home!

Whether you’re in the mood to host a table full of friends, or a small family of four, a pretty table and delicious food always makes it memorable. Create this stylish Chinese themed tablescape and serve a takeout dinner, family-style.

Did you know that Chinese New Year festivities last for two weeks? Creating a Chinese dinner party is a fun way to entertain at home with friends.

There are some fun traditions I’ll let you in on, plus easy tips for hosting any Asian theme dinner party.

Chinese party decoration ideas

Create a festive Chinese dinner party with these 10 simple steps

  • Set the scene with black, red, and gold. Bring these colors in with table cloths, dishes, plate chargers, napkins, and flowers. Keep the decor simple and streamlined.
  • Use orchids or small bamboo plants as your centerpiece, rather than a traditional floral arrangement. Fill in with pillar candles.
  • Serve food family-style either in serving dishes, or right from the Chinese takeout cartons.
  • Use good-luck coins {from the party store} to tie around napkins.
  • Wear something red to help ward off bad luck and evil spirits.
  • Serve delicious food from your local Chinese restaurant. Serve multiple choices like three entrees, and two sides in traditional takeout boxes and platters.

Certain foods have symbolic meanings in the Chinese culture:

  • Chow Mein noodles = long life
  • Egg rolls = wealth
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp = happiness
  • Firecracker Chicken = togetherness
  • Know the Zodiac signs – this is the year of the Rooster, but you can find out what each guests’ Zodiac sign is by matching up the year they were born. Find the Chinese zodiac signs here.
  • Hang lanterns and make a wish in honor of the Lantern Festival, held on the last day of the 15-day celebration.
  • Give Red Envelopes as party favors. These traditional gifts are filled with money as a symbol of good luck. But for a whimsical touch you can fill them with chocolate coins instead. Of course you could also tuck in a dollar bill if you like.
  • Don’t forget the fortune cookies! Although they are actually an American invention, it just wouldn’t be a Chinese dinner party without them. And of course they’re included with most Chinese takeout meals.

Are you ready to celebrate the year of the Pig? Or simply host a Chinese theme dinner party? Make it easy on yourself and follow the dinner party plan I’ve laid out for you. Cheers!

Porcelain snowballs and stylus with rhinestones – unusual gifts for the New Year

Porcelain snowballs and rhinestone stylus – unusual New Year gifts

Porcelain snowballs and stylus with rhinestones – unusual gifts for the New Year – RIA Novosti, 03/02/2020

Snowballs from porcelain and stylus with rhinestones – unusual gifts for the New Year New year.Watch on the video RIA Novosti how unusual products are produced.

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Porcelain snowballs and stylus with rhinestones – unusual gifts for the New Year

Stylus with rhinestones, porcelain snowballs and ice sculptures are offered by the capital’s masters to lovers of original New Year gifts. Watch on the video RIA Novosti how unusual products are produced.

2014-12-16T12: 00



RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn –c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1 xn – p1ai / awards /

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12:00 16.12.2014 (updated: 03:54 03/02/2020)

Stylus with rhinestones, porcelain snowballs and ice sculptures are offered by the capital’s masters to lovers of original gifts for the New Year. Watch on the video RIA Novosti how unusual products are produced.

“Lovers of jewelry art will have something to see”

Kommersant FM observer Anna Minakova tells what jewelry the participants of the TEFAF art fair will present.

The famous TEFAF art fair opens in Maastricht tomorrow.Lovers of jewelry art, and not only jewelry of past eras, but also modern ones, will also have something to see here. For the first time, Taipei jeweler Cindy Chao is taking part in the exhibition. Cindy is an amazing girl: the granddaughter of an architect and the daughter of a sculptor, she brought a lot from sculpture and architecture to the jewelry of Cindy Chao Art Jewels. They are voluminous, they attract with their shapes, there is nothing superfluous in them. She even works as a sculptor: she makes wax models for each item by hand. Cindy is a gemologist, and therefore the stones in her art jewelry are also perfectly matched.Although the jewelry looks like a sculpture, they are all ergonomic, and their weight is thought out so that they can be worn without taking off. I will not name names, but there are those who create magnificent precious objects that are absolutely impossible to wear.

Jewelery from the Munich jewelery company Hemmerle also works well. Her striking works, which cannot be confused with anything, can already traditionally be seen in Maastricht. The company has been participating in TEFAF for several years.

There are six participants representing modern jewelry in Masstricht, they are united in the Haute Joaillerie category.In addition to Cindy Chao and Hemmerle, in 2019 there will be a large house belonging to the Richemont group, Van Cleef & Arpels, and an independent German self-taught jeweler Otto Jacob. Among the first collectors of Jacob’s works, and the jeweler who was born in 1951 began to create jewelry at the age of seventeen, were famous German artists such as Sigmar Polke and Georg Baselitz.

The famous Hong Kong jeweler Wallace Chan will also come to Maastricht. Here he will bring his new invention – jewelry using an unusual material “steel porcelain”.As beautiful as porcelain, but many times stronger than it. Another in the magnificent six – Glenn Spiro, who has been creating jewelry for private clients for many years, then stepped out of the shadows. Since 2014, Spiro has launched his own brand, G London. What new he created under this brand can be seen in Maastricht.

Bone china – what is it

Many people know how ordinary china looks like. Everyone in the apartment has a figurine or a cup made from it. But what is bone china, where to buy it, few people imagine.What is its difference, why it was given such a name, we will consider in detail.

What kind of porcelain is bone, its features

This is the name given to a composition where, in addition to kaolin, feldspar, quartz, there is about 50% of pre-burnt milled animal bones. For the first time, products with such a set of components appeared in England and immediately became popular. What advantages does it have over traditional porcelain?

First of all, a softer color.And also has a special whiteness, which can be achieved by adding ground bone. It is pretreated: remove the glue, heat it up. Under the influence of high temperatures, the organic compounds of the bones burn out, the structure changes, it becomes ideal for the production of bone services. In addition to its beautiful snow-white shade, bone china is loved for:

  • Refinement;
  • Translucency;
  • Smoothness;
  • Airiness.

Despite its elegance, it is endowed with good mechanical strength, which allows it to be used for a lifetime.

Major manufacturers of bone china

Among all the manufacturers of these royal porcelain products, the British are considered the undisputed leaders, who were the first to master this manufacturing technique. British companies Wedgwood, Royal Doulton have been producing bone china for a long time and have the status of its largest manufacturers and suppliers.

The Japanese also have excellent skills in creating such porcelain. Their developers have changed the established proportion of bone powder, from which the porcelain mass is created, derived their own unique formula, improving the familiar technology. Therefore, Japanese bone china is known all over the world, appreciated for its originality and beauty.

Japanese porcelain products are always marked with the inscription: CHINA. Made in Japan. CHINA is an abbreviation for high quality bone china, derived from the corrupted title of a Chinese ruler.He originally owned a unique pottery factory. The Bone CHINE mark is exclusively applied to fine, sophisticated bone china.

Is porcelain with a bone component used in Russia?

Our country produced the first bone china two and a half centuries after it was presented by Europe. This is because foreign craftsmen carefully kept the secret of production. We only developed a suitable mass for making bone china only in 1968.The first batch of this material was produced by the Imperial Porcelain Factory. This enterprise is still the only place in Russia where bone china is produced. Here they make dishes, souvenirs, jewelry, even designer dresses from it.

Where to buy

You can buy sets, souvenirs, for the manufacture of which bone components were used, on the Internet, in elite tableware stores. When buying, you need to carefully examine the selected porcelain so as not to bring home a fake.It is better to visit ordinary stores, where you can take a good look at the goods, make sure of the authenticity of porcelain. When this is not possible, it is required to make a purchase through the World Wide Web, agree to make payment after receiving the goods, checking for defects, originality.

What to look for when choosing porcelain

To buy bone china, it is important to be able to properly check its quality. To do this, follow:

  • Pay attention to the color of the porcelain.It should be off-white, with a warm, light shade;
  • Check transparency. If the item is of high quality, then it transmits light well. Holding it in your hands, you should clearly see the outlines of your fingers through it;
  • Examine the drawing on the product. It is often applied by hand, so characteristic brush strokes are visible;
  • View manufacturer. If on the back of porcelain items there is no IPZ (Imperial Porcelain Factory), Bone CHINE, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood markings, it is better to postpone the purchase, study the information about the unknown logo.

Important! In the process of purchasing bone china, it is advised to make sure of its smoothness, the absence of holes, bubbles, inclusions, chips, scratches.

How to store

It is recommended to adapt closed cabinets with glass for this. This way you can prevent accidental drops of exclusive items, and at the same time admire their beauty. Cabinets where bone china will stand should not be located near open fire, for example, over a fireplace, gas stove.Otherwise, it may deform when heated.

Porcelain is also advised to allocate more space so that the tea utensils do not touch. A cup is allowed to be immersed on a saucer, but only one.

This porcelain requires a royal care. It is recommended to wipe it from dust with paper napkins, wash it by hand using cool water, a soft sponge. It is advisable not to use detergents, they provoke the fading of the picture. Upon completion of washing, the items should be treated with a soft cloth to prevent streaks.

Now that you have a complete idea of ​​what bone china is famous for, you can easily pick up real exquisite products from it that will never go out of style.

⑤Fine Chinese Jingdezhen Yellow Porcelain Hand Painted Lotus Vase

Size Caliber 8cm Belly Size 17cm Height 37cm No Base

Chinese Carved Mahogany Table Decoration High-end Gifts Dragon Vase and Phoenix AuspiciousUSD 107.64 / piece hoctiluk Chinese porcelain Cup Bottle Ceramic Pot Crafts Home Desktop Office Decoration Thin Neck VaseUSD 31.19 / pieceFine Chinese Jingdezhen Yellow Porcelain Hand Painted Lotus VaseUSD 77.99 / piece10 ‘Chinese DeHua Colored Porcelain Lianhua Kwan-Yin Guanyin Buddha Statue Home Decoration CraftsUSD 155.22 / pieceChinese Old Antique Yellow Ceramic Peacock Porcelain PlateUSD 17.15 / piece 23.39 / pieceChinese Dehua Porcelain Kwang-Yin Guanyin, Gracious Buddha Statues, Home DecorationsUSD 54.59 / pieceDehua White Porcelain Chinese Buddhism Ornaments Handmade Young Monk Buddha Statue Home DecorationUSD 20.27 / piece the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.Created Date: 7/20/2017 9:31:37 AMName of the scientific and technological organization: CONSULTANCY & CONSTRUCTION VERIFICATION CENTER (TUL) .. Headquarters: 19 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Phone: 028.3775.506 Email: [email protected] Taxidentification number: 0305568767.Number decide to establish: 27 / TĐT-TCNS January 09, 2008 by Rector of Ton Duc Thang University. Services and Plans. Plans Service Promotion. Customer Support Mobifone Account Registration informationNote: You need cookies enabled to log in or switch language. [20] failed logins in a row will result in banning your ip! You have [20] remaining or read: on the shoulders of giants stephen hawking pdf ebook epub mobi page 1Created Date: 3/6/2019 9:42 : 02 AMVietnam Investment Review under the Ministry of Planning and Investment License No.87 / GP-BTTTT International reg: Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office, London, Serial No. SLOOINP; ISSN No. 1021-318 X Address: 47 Quan Thanh St, Ba Dinh Distr, Hanoi, Vietnam – Tel: (024) 3845 0537,

History of the appearance of porcelain in Russia: vitalidrobishev – LiveJournal

What is porcelain and what is the history of its origin? Why did the Europeans have to reinvent it and how did the famous porcelain figurines come about? And also how “white gold” got to Russia.

A few centuries ago, porcelain was such a rare and expensive material that it was rightfully called “white gold”. Dishes made from it, jewelry, figurines, busts, ashtrays and other cute little things were considered a symbol of wealth and high status. And all due to the fact that in China the secret of obtaining porcelain for many centuries was kept in the strictest secret from foreigners. But when it fell into the hands of European masters in the 18th century, they presented the world with exquisite porcelain figurines.
And in Russia this material appeared thanks to DI Vinogradov, a talented chemist who suffered a tragic fate.

In 1744, by the highest order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, an agreement was signed on the organization of a porcelain manufactory. This date is considered the starting point in the history of its manufacture in Russia. Porcelain, which previously could only be bought abroad, has finally begun to be made in Russia. Although the first acquaintance of Russians with porcelain took place in the 15th century, thanks to the Tver merchant Afanasy Nikitin, its production became possible only three centuries later.

The technology of making “white gold” was carefully hidden by its creators, the Chinese, so for a long time no one was able to unravel the secret of its production. Peter I tried with all his might to reveal the “big porcelain secret”. To this end, he even sent his agent Yuri Kologrivoy to the Meissen factory, which already possessed the secret of making porcelain, carried out experiments on specially purchased pharmaceutical dishes and service in China, and finally ordered porcelain craftsmen from abroad (porcelain was then called porcelain, which can be bought was only for a lot of money).But, despite all these tricks and tricks, the technology of porcelain ceramics for a long time remained a mystery with seven seals.

“White gold”

The word “porcelain” came to us from the Turkish language, and it means a special kind of ceramics. Today we call this a product made of this delightful material. They are light and fragile so much that in thin places they shine through in bright light. And with a light blow to them, a high melodic ringing is heard, very pleasant to the ear.

To obtain porcelain, you need, roughly speaking, to mix powdered quartz, feldspar, fine-grained and white clay in special proportions, and then subject the product from this mixture to high-temperature firing.There are two types of porcelain: soft and hard. The masters call soft ceramics, with which it is difficult to work at the modeling stage, since it is very plastic and can easily lose its shape. Figurines and other cute things are made from it. Hard porcelain is called a ceramic of a denser consistency, which holds its shape quite well during molding. It is difficult to make small parts from it, but this porcelain has a fantastic whiteness.

All porcelain items (except for biscuits – figures and sculptures “under marble”) are covered with glaze.This is a special coating that gives them an amazing vitreous luster. It is applied to protect against environmental conditions, as well as for aesthetic purposes.

With rare exceptions, porcelain is always painted. To do this, use paints with turpentine oil. There is an overglaze and underglaze painting method, which one is better – it’s hard to say, but the first method is distinguished by a rich variety of colors used. Paints with the addition of silver, gold and even platinum are especially splendid.Just imagine the value of the things painted by them!

How the amazing porcelain appeared

History does not preserve the name of the master or masters who first received porcelain. But it is reliably known that it originated in China in the 7th century AD. And some scientists express a version that it appeared five centuries earlier than this date. Be that as it may, since ancient times, the Chinese have been able to obtain porcelain, which is now of the soft type, and make art products, jewelry and dishes out of it.She glorified porcelain far beyond the borders of China: first in Arab countries, and then in Europe.

Porcelain was an integral part of Chinese culture, so the secret of obtaining it was kept secret. The master who revealed the secret was punished with death. This preventive measure was so effective that the Europeans never found out the secret. For centuries they tried to obtain porcelain on their own, but nothing came of it. It was only in 1708 that the German inventor E.V. Chirnauz experimentally obtained hard-type jasper porcelain.In the next few years, its composition and method of production were improved, which, in the end, allowed Europe to produce high-quality white porcelain.

Porcelain figurines

Porcelain products were imported from China until the 18th century. Noble ladies and gentlemen were eager to buy crockery and decorative elements, but statuettes were the most desirable acquisition. Due to their beauty, elegance and, of course, high cost, they were considered items of luxury and wealth, they were used to decorate the villas of aristocrats and the palaces of kings.

At first, European masters, mastering new material for themselves, copied the Chinese style and subjects. However, from about the middle of the 18th century, they began to drift away from oriental traditions, and soon rococo figurines appeared in the porcelain markets: shepherdesses, dancers, cavaliers and musicians. They conquered the aristocracy with their sophistication, which was lacking in strict Chinese figures.

Collectible figurines produced by the German Meissen Porcelain Manufactory were very popular in that era.They were so cute and touching that they completely supplanted the Chinese style. The Capodimonte factory in Italy became famous for its biscuit portrait busts. And the “Sevres Porcelain Manufactory” in France is widely known for its antique figurines and love stories.

Porcelain in Russia

Russia did not lag behind Europe in the production of “white gold”. On the contrary, the Nevskaya Porcelain Manufactory (later the Imperial Porcelain Factory) opened in St. Petersburg in 1744 in , was one of the first enterprises in Europe to manufacture ceramic and porcelain products.True, the beginning of her work was inglorious: the “specialist” HK Gunker invited from Sweden could not properly organize the production and in 4 years of work he made only 6-7 cups from ceramics (not porcelain)!

After such a failure, Gunker’s student Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov, a talented chemist who studied at the University of Marburg in Germany with Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, was appointed to the position of the head of the manufactory. After a long experimental search in 1748, he managed to obtain real porcelain.This was the beginning of the production of domestic utensils from “white gold”, and two years later, snuff boxes and other decorative elements. They were marked with Vinogradov’s mark – the Latin letter W.

It would seem that the father of Russian porcelain should have been drowning in luxury, praise and awards. But his fate so developed that during his lifetime Vinogradov did not receive a single gratitude for the great deed that he did for his homeland. On the contrary, the porcelain master was subjected to all kinds of torture, forced to live and work in inhuman conditions.

Fearing that Vinogradov might issue a recipe for the porcelain he had discovered, the officials ordered not to let him leave the factory anywhere. It got to the point that in 1754 the overseer for Vinogradov Cherkasov ordered to keep the master at the working oven incessantly. Cherkasov did not understand that difficulties and failures were inevitable in the developing porcelain production. He was only interested in increasing production, so for any failure Vinogradov was deprived of his salary and beaten with whips.

Not having the right to go to his native Suzdal, not seeing his family, suffering from loneliness and enduring bullying, the Russian genius was greatly weakened, physically and mentally ill.One day he wrote in his work diary that he became an old man early. Later Vinogradov was put on a chain like a dog. As a result of such a hard life, at the age of 38, the creator of Russian porcelain died, and his cemetery was lost in the 18th century.

And although he left behind him an established production of porcelain and a scientific work on ceramics, his life was devoid of happiness.
Some historians really claim that Vinogradov allegedly was very jealous of the dizzying successes of his friend Mikhail Lomonosov, and from this he often abused alcohol.Prolonged binges forced Baron Ivan Cherkasov (manager of the Porcelain Manufactory) to keep the scientist locked up and under guard, on a chain, so that he could complete his scientific work “Comprehensive description of pure porcelain.” Alas, it is not possible to establish the exact history of those events now.

The works of DI Vinogradov brought great benefit to the Russian porcelain industry: the technologies and recipes he developed were used for a long time in other factories and factories opened shortly after the “Nevskaya Porcelain Manufactory” in the capital, Moscow, Kiev.

The best time for the development of porcelain in Russia was the reign of Nicholas I. It was during this period that ceramists from Gzhel began to actively engage in its production.

The famous “Partnership for the production of porcelain and faience products M.S. Kuznetsova “, better known as” Kuznetsov Plant “, was no exception. Previously engaged in faience and semi-faience, the Kuznetsov family begins to make porcelain (a service from Kuznetsov’s porcelain can adorn any collection of works of applied art to this day).Domestic porcelain, earthenware and glass were appreciated more and more. Manufacturers from Germany, England and France were pushed into the market. Consumers now have a choice: buy Meissen porcelain, buy English bone china, Kuznetsov’s porcelain service, or something else.

The greatest development of porcelain production in Russia received in the 19th century: then several new enterprises were opened, working on the latest technologies of that time. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were all nationalized, and some of them still exist today.

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The Queen of Porcelain. Inna Olevskaya

died in St. Petersburg Zinaida Arsenyeva

Culture October 21, 2021

On October 18, Inna Olevskaya, a leading artist of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, died.

PHOTOS Pixabay

Fragile, graceful, exquisitely beautiful, she herself seemed to be made of porcelain. And a little – not from our time. The Silver Age would be more suitable for her. Long golden hair, sometimes braided with bows, flashy jewelry … She was like that to the end.

In her work, echoes of the “World of Art”, the Silver Age are noticeable. And one of her teachers, Vladimir Gorodetsky, noted the connection of her work with the tradition of porcelain of the 18th century, when utilitarian items in table setting were always complemented by decorative ones – surtouet de table (table decoration).

She has a lot of sets on her account, some of them could be seen at exhibitions, and someone may have them at home. But the sets performed by her are a kind of ensemble: they have a super task, and drama, and a thoughtful composition.

Another source that feeds her creative thought is the agitational porcelain of the avant-garde times. One of the experiments of Inna Olevskaya is associated with Kazimir Malevich. In 2002, she painted for the first time the Suprematist forms of his famous teapot and half cups.

Inna Olevskaya worked at the intersection of different types of art – decorative and applied art and high art: sculpture, painting, theater, her works often contain a philosophical or poetic beginning, they invite thought. “Tusovka”, “Anxiety”, “Chechnya” … One of her most famous compositions is called a line from Pushkin’s tragedy “Mozart and Salieri”: “Genius and villainy are two incompatible things.”

Material published in the newspaper “St.

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