Parker sonnet pens: Parker Sonnet Pens – Goldspot Pens


Parker Sonnet Pens – Goldspot Pens

Parker Sonnet Pens – Goldspot Pens


Parker Sonnet Prestige Fountain Pen in Lacquered Black with Chrome Trim – Medium Point




Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Fountain Pen in Black Cisele – Medium Point



Parker Sonnet Prestige Fountain Pen in Silver with Ciselé Pattern – 18K Gold Fine Point




Parker Sonnet Retractable Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel with Gold Trim




Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen in Lacquered Red with Gold Trim



Parker Sonnet “Black Chrome” Trim Ballpoint Pen and 18k Fountain Pen Duo Set



Parker Sonnet Challenge Rollerball Pen in Black with Chrome Trim



Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen in Stainless Steel with Gold Trim




Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver with Ciselé Pattern – 18K Gold Fine Point




Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen in Lacquered Black with Gold Trim – Medium Point




Parker Sonnet Precious Fountain Pen in Pearl Pink with Gold Trim – Medium Point




Parker Sonnet Prestige Rollerball Pen in Brown Rubber with Rose Gold Trim





Parker Pens Penography: SONNET

he 1970’s and 1980’s had been hard decades for Parker, but although most people by now regarded the fountain pen a fossil, for Parker there was in particular one model that continued to sell in large numbers, the Parker “75”, with its distinctive, yet simple design and functionality. And, at that, with a nib that could easily be replaced to suit the users hand. Especially the Cicelé finish (a pattern that Kenneth Parker once “borrowed” from a cigarette case in the early 1960’s, made by a London silversmith) in sterling silver had sold in the thousands.

But by 1990 the Parker “75” was closing in on its twentieth year, and it’s high end cousin, the Parker Premier (that shared many finishes with the Parker “75”) was soon to turn ten. Other high end pens, like the Classic, had been around since 1982 (even though it was slightly redesigned 1988 as the Parker “95”).

Parker decided that it was time to retire the old work horses and launch a new top line fountain pen.

During the 1980’s Parker had relied heavily on the Jotter for the low end ball pen market and the Classic for the high end ball pen and roller ball pen market. By the late 1980’s Parker felt that they needed to revitalise the $10 to $100 gift market and commissioned Hollington Associates in London to design a completely new ball pen and pencil. As a result of this The Insignia was introduced in 1991. The principle designer of the pen being Geoff Hollington.

he new Insignia line was marketed as a precision-crafted, high-performance writing instrument based on an ergonomic design. As a top-line Parker it qualified to bear the Sterling Silver Cicelé pattern, and it was an instant success.

Now Parker again contacted Geoff Hollington and asked him to come up with a fountain pen design that would be versatile and attractive enough to replace the Parker “75”.

Hollington worked closely with Parker’s engineers to make sure space was efficiently used and that writing performance, cap fit, pushbutton action for the ball pen version and so on were optimised. His long experience with different materials and the knowledge of the basic construction of the pen, ABS plastics, acrylics, brass, stainless steel, silver and gold made the cooperation work well.

— Pens are very, very simple products in some ways: the have rotational symmetry, their size is constrained by ergonomics, as is the shape to a large extent; they are very well evolved – the clip for instance works well in pockets and bags and it stops the pen rolling off the table. So when designing a pen you have only a small space in which to move. Add the need for strong brand authenticity and the space becomes very tight indeed. That’s why, in my opinion, properties like proportion, balance and elegance are very important, Hollington says.


nd he continues:
— It always astonishes me how badly most pen products rate in these respects. We used to work and fight really hard to get a shape where the cap looked equally good on the front and back of the pen, where the step between cap and barrel was minimised or non-existent. In a product of this size, a tenth of a millimetre is worth worrying about! Geoff Hollington reveals.

He explains that the Sonnet was intended to be ‘the classic Parker’, a truly timeless product, so he went for a really well proportioned cigar shape, clear but updated arrow clip, a generously sized nib and, from the engineers, state of the art writing performance. He of course later went on to design the price winning Parker “100” and the Frontier.

The strategy was to offer the Sonnet in several designs, priced accordingly, so that one model could be offered in a wide price range.
There were four different nib styles designed to be fitted on the different price ranges. The top line Sonnets had an 18K solid gold two-tone nib, highlighted with rhodium plating. The next level had engraved 18K solid gold nibs. The next price range had 23K gold plated stainless steel nibs and the cheapest Sonnets were fitted with Stainless steel nibs. Nib grades offered were: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Extra Broad and the customer could also order special nibs, such as oblique and italic versions.

he Sonnet was introduced in 1994 and was offered in 18(!) finishes:

    The Fougére was a silver patterned pen with gold filled trim. It had a broad cap band and was offered as a fountain pen, roller ball, ball pen and a 0.5 mechanical cap on- cap off pencil. It was fitted with the two-tone 18K solid gold rhodium nib.

     The very attractive pattern Athenes, that had previously been used on the Premier pens, had deep cut vertical engravings in a 23K gold plated body creating a pinstripe black laque effect. The trim was also 23K gold plating. This also had the two-tone solid gold and ruthenium nib and a broad cap band.

Two more laque designs were fitted with the two-tone solid gold and ruthenium nib:

     The Chinese Laque Vision Foncé ind dark brown with 23K gold plated trim and a broad cap band.
     And the Chinese Laque Ambre, in light brown also with 23K gold plated trim and a broad cap band.

     The Sterling silver Cicelé, had the engraved solid gold nib, without the rhodium plating but also had gold plated trim and a thin gold band on the cap lip. The timeless Cicelé design would prove to be the most successful also among all the Sonnet models.


Photography ©2012 by and courtesy of English Channel Collection.

n 2003 the complete Sonnet line got a face lift and was reduced to 12 designs. The pens were now fitted with a flatter clip screw and the broad cap band now looked like it was made in two parts, fitted very closely. It also got the engraving “Parker”.
The Cicelé remained and two new top desings were introduced:
     Chiselled Tartan GT (gold trim)
    Chiselled Tartan ST (silver trim)

The Laque black, Matte Black and Flighter models now all had a choice of trim:
     Laque Black GT
     Laque Black ST
     Matte Black GT
     Matte Black CT
     Flighter GT
     Flighter CT

And three new Laque pens were introduced:
    Laque Ocean Blue
     Laque Verdigris
     Laque Ruby Red

This line-up remained until 2007, when a new design was offered:
    Monochrome, in an angular design
This must have been unsuccessful since it was discontinued within a year, making it the most illusive of the Sonnet designs.

n 2008 both the Tartans, the Ocean Blue, the Verdigris, the Ruby Red, and the before mentioned Monochrome were discontinued. They were replaced by four new designs:

    Chiselled Chocolate
     Chiselled Carbon
     Gold Lustre and the
     Silver Lustre

The Ciselé remained while the black laque models were renamed
    Laque Deep Black GT and
    Laque Deep Black CT, probably to chime with two new laque designs:
     Laque Deep Blue and
    Laque Deep Red
     The Matte Black GT,
    Matte Black CT,
    Flighter GT and
    Flighter CT also remained

n 2010 a great looking
     Dark Grey Laquer in a pronounced square pattern was introduced.

Collectors are constantly looking for the Sonnet Cicelé, Fougére and Athenes designs, which sometimes fetch twice as much as the laquer designs. Even though some other designs are in fact much rarer.

The Sonnet has proved itself as a worthy successor to the Parker “75”, even though some pens have been known for having problems with the ink feed and drying out if left un-capped for some time. A problem that seems to affect the fine and extra fine nibs mostly, but still is problematic enough to give the model a bad reputation among collectors. A good pen should write as it comes off the production line and the nibs shouldn’t have to be set after purchase for the pens to work properly.

Well also pushing twenty years, it will be interesting to see if Parker is going to retire the Sonnet in a few years, in favour of a new top line design. A safe bet would be that this new pen also will be offered in the sterling silver Cicelé pattern.

Cheap pens made in China might be good for bulk revenues, and as a super premium line, the Duofold Centennial models are excellent, but too expensive to find new writers. In my opinion Parker is losing the young customers and need to come up with a new high classed model, re-designed inside and out, but not based on any old winners. Parker needs a new conceptual “51”, which will create a buzz and also write smoothly, always and forever. This to capture the publics eye and to bring the legacy of the true Parker penmanship forward into the future, or the Parker brand will die.

Dare we hope for a new Hollington pen?

Tony Fischier September 2010

Fougére (1994-2002)
Athenes (1994-2000)
Dimonite G (1994-2000)
14K Gold plated (Dimonite) (2001-2002)
Chinese Laque Vision Foncé (1994-1997)
Chinese Laque Ambre (1994-1997)
Chinese Laque Red (1998-2002)
Indigo Laque (1994-1998)
Moonbeam Laque (1994-1998)
Firedance Laque (1994-1998)
Autumn Red Laque (1994-1997)
Forest Green Laque (1994-1997)
Midnight Blue Laque (1994-1997)
Black Laque GT (1994-)
Black Laque CT (2003-)
Matte Black GT (1994-)
Matte Black CT (2003-)
Premier Deep Blue Laque (1998-2002)
Premier Green Laque (1998-2002)
Premier Red Laque (1998-2002)
Deep Blue Laque (1998-2002)
Green Laque (1998-2002)
Red Laque (1998-2002)

Sterling Silver Cicelé (1994-)
Cascade Gold plated (1994-2002)
Cascade Silver plated (1994-2002)
Flighter GT (1994-)
Flighter CT (1994-)

Chiselled Tartan GT (2003-2007)
Chiselled Tartan ST (2003-2007)
Ocean Blue Laque (2003-2007)
Verdigris Laque (2003-2007)
Ruby Red Laque (2003-2007)

Monochrome Angular (2007)
Chiselled Chocolate (2008-)
Chiselled Carbon (2008-)
Gold Lustre (2008-)
Silver Lustre (2008-)
Deep Blue Laque (2008-)
Deep Red Laque (2008-)
Dark Grey Laque (2010)


The Ten Most Popular Parker Pens

Even in the digital age, a beautiful pen is a highly desirable object. These Parker pens are the perfect combination of design, ergonomics and style and will bring a touch of authenticity and pure luxury to your everyday communications. Parker have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation in their industry, which is why they produce some of the most sought-after pens in the world.
If you want to invest in the expertise and craftsmanship that makes Parker pens so highly coveted, here are the ten most popular Parker pens available today.

The Parker Duofold Classic is perfectly designed with luxury in mind, reflected by its precious metal and rich cast resin finishes. This stunning ball pen is made from black cast resin with 23kt gold plated trim and has been one of the most popular Parker pens since 1921. Presented in a Parker gift box, the Dufold Classic comes with a two-year warranty and a black medium ball pen refill.

If you love the look and feel of a high-quality fountain pen then comfortable grip and modern look of the Urban Muted fountain pen with its comfortable and practical body and stylish gold trim makes it a savvy choice. Beautifully weighted, with a medium stainless steel tip, this stunning pen comes with a single blue cartridge.

Urban style and dynamic curves equal a superb modern fountain pen. The perfect gift for someone with a very confident writing style and a love of ink.

Synonymous with elegance and a refined style, the Parker Sonnet brings distinction and sophistication to all your communications. Finished with a beautiful palladium trim featuring the iconic Parker arrow and sporting a medium steel nib with stylish palladium-plating this pen is the epitome of Parker elegance and quality.

With a sleek and tactile blue lacquer body and contrast Palladium-plated silver trim, the Sonnet ball pen is just gorgeous. Sharing the highly praised qualities of the Sonnet fountain pen, this timeless design is a true classic.


This refined and skilfully executed ball pen is a gorgeous addition to all desks. The sleek and sophisticated resin body and cap are set against a luxurious gold-plated trim and clip featuring the Parker arrow, a symbol of timeless and enduring excellence. No wonder this classic pen is one of Parker’s best sellers with its blend of style and functionality.

The Sonnet is the purest expression of Parker style and elegance and this gold trim rollerball is perfect for any occasion from a special birthday to a retirement do. Every detail is skilfully executed and the elegant brushed stainless steel and gold finish trim perfectly complement each other for a truly elegant effect.

Sleek and beautiful, this ball pen in stainless steel makes a sensational gift. A good ball pen can help you to capture those great ideas or set life goals and what better way than with this streamlined and professional model?

The ultimate in Parker style, this stunning gift with its lacquered body and cap and luxurious palladium trim is sure to make any recipient happy. This fountain pen would look super stylish and professional on any desk, perfect for jotting down notes or signing off letters. For sophistication and style every time you write, this is the ideal choice.

The Parker IM ballpoint pen is the best ballpoint pen to keep with you when you’re on the go. The black lacquer and gold trim offer a high-quality finish while the click mechanism makes it accessible and quick to use when needed to jot down all important details.

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens

The Parker Sonnet fountain pen is available in either a glossy or matte finish on stainless steel cap and barrel.

The nib is stainless steel and either gold or nickel-palladium plated. Hand polished and assembled by hand and stamped with a goldsmith’s hallmarks to ensure the highest quality.

The Parker Sonnet fountain pen comes in a stylish gift box.

Product Specifications

Length: 5.25 in.(133.4mm)

Posted Length: 5.75 in.(146.1mm)

Diameter of Body: 0.425 in.(10.8mm)

Weight: 0.9 oz.(25.51g)

Nib Material: Stainless Steel

Fill Mechanism:
Cartridge Type:

Available Sizes & Colors

  • Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens
    Matte Black GT
    – Medium
    (Stainless Steel nib)

The Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens
usually ships within 1 business day unless otherwise specified.

Guaranteed Quality

Each Parker Sonnet Fountain Pens

we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

Parker Sonnet Video Script

This is the Parker Sonnet fountain pen. The pen comes in a nice hard outer shell case with the Parker logo embossed in black on the top of the box lid. This box lid is hinged and lifts open. The interior of the box is a nice soft velvet interior. On the underside of the lid is imprinted or embossed the Parker logo. This is the matte black and chrome colored accent version of the Parker Sonnet fountain pen. You can see on the top of the cap that glossy black medallion that has a chrome colored ring around it and then a chrome colored Parker style arrow clip.

At the bottom of the cap there is a nice thick chrome colored band. Engraved on that band is Parker Sonnet France. At the bottom of the cap there is once again a smaller version of that black glossy medallion. The cap on this pen is a snap on, snap off style cap that can be posted on the pen. It is a smaller barrel and is not real thick, makes it really easy to write with that pen posted. The grip section on the pen is a nice glossy resin and you can see both the nib and the feed on the pen. It has the Parker logo and some other etchings or designs on the nib of the pen.

To change the ink on the pen, this is a cartridge converter style fountain pen, so you unscrew that grip section from barrel of the pen and included is a Parker converter. It’s a plunged style converter, you simply slide this mechanism back and forth or in and out to pull the ink into the chamber here or the cartridge or the converter. This pen also does come with an ink cartridge. One ink cartridge is included in the underside on the false bottom of the box. It is a pretty good size ink cartridge. There is also the use and care guide and warranty instructions for the Parker Sonnet fountain pen. Great looking fountain pen and I really like the style, look, and the simplicity of it. Get your Parker Sonnet fountain pen at!

Parker Fountain Pen – Sonnet Prestige

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Parker Sonnet Pen Collection | PensAndLeather

Parker Sonnet Pen Collection

Poetry in motion

Timeless and elegant, Parker Sonnet is hand assembled and checked for flawless quality. The solid gold nib gives high precision and exceptional writing comfort for every occasion, coupled with a stylish and classic design. Available in a range of finishes, the Parker Sonnet is a work of beauty, emblematic of Parker craftsmanship.

  • Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen Stainless Steel CT

    Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen Stainless Steel CT


    Regular price


    Sale price



  • Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen Stainless Steel GT

    Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen Stainless Steel GT


    Regular price


    Sale price



  • Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Stainless Steel CT

    Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Stainless Steel CT


    Regular price


    Sale price



  • Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Stainless Steel GT

    Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Stainless Steel GT


    Regular price


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  • Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen Stainless Steel CT

    Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen Stainless Steel CT


    Regular price


    Sale price



  • Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen Stainless Steel GT

    Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen Stainless Steel GT


    Regular price


    Sale price



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Best fountain pens 2021: bring some timeless style to your desk

Instead of reaching for a ballpoint there’s nothing quite like using one of the best fountain pens to get your writing done. The whole experience is rewarding, from purchasing one and unpacking it through to using it for the first time. And, buy yourself a premium fountain pen and you should be able to get years of service too.

Parker is one of the go-to brands when it comes to fountain pens, but there’s actually a thriving marketplace out there with numerous manufacturers to choose from. And, what that means is you can find a fountain pen that suits not only your taste, but one that has an ergonomic design style to fit any kind of hand.

The Swiss-made Caran d’Ache Ecridor takes our top spot for its immediate wow-factor, amazing handling and characteristically Teutonic attention to detail, but if you’re looking closer to home, we recommend getting your hands on the special Kingsman edition of Conway Stewart’s Churchill pen.

While the basic concept of a fountain pen might seem pretty straightforward, the models we’ve found below offer up lots of cool variations on the theme too. There are barrels made from a variety of materials and tip options can be tailored to suit your writing style but you’ll want to look out for specific design and build points as you shop.

Keep an eye on weight and dimensions when you’re searching for a fountain pen. Next up, choose the pointy bit – the nib – to match your writing style. There are super fine nibs that range from XF through to broader options right up to 2B. The former is a good bet for finer, small handwriting while the latter is suitable for a more flamboyant style.

Nibs also come in a range of different materials, depending on the cost of the pen, how long you want it to last and your own personal preference. You’ll also want to consider refills and how much they might cost you over time. Nevertheless, a good quality fountain pen is still a cost-effective option as it’ll last you a lot longer than a whole pile of plastic ballpoints.

So, if you’re sitting in one of the best office chairs around, or perhaps standing at one of the best standing desks, then it’s time to also upgrade your pen.

A quality fountain pen makes a real style statement in the same way as a high-end watch does and, if you’re in the market for one, there’s never been a better time to buy. Here’s our pick of the best fountain pens.

The best fountain pens you can buy

1. Caran D’ache Ecridor Retro Palladium-Coated Fountain Pen

Looks great, writes beautifully – an all-round winner


Best for: Effortlessly beautiful

Nib material: Palladium-coated metal

Barrel material: Palladium-coated metal

Reasons to buy

+Handsome, unusual design+Writes beautifully

Reasons to avoid

-Grip can be a little slippery


What with how well they handle chocolate and cheese, we should’ve always left it up to the Swiss to make a thoroughly desirable and beautifully engineered fountain pen.

Coated in palladium and engraved all over with an intricate guilloche design (that’s ‘braided’, for those who don’t belong to some kind of pattern-making guild), it’s both tough and beautiful, and comes with a lifetime international guarantee to back it up. But how does it write? One reviewer commented that it writes as well as pens double its price, and many others raved about the balance, weight, and smooth line.

2. Montblanc Le Grand 146 Fountain Pen

Take a more superior handwriting line with this super stylish fountain pen


Best for: A lavish show of handwriting

Nib material: 14k gold with Rhodium inlay

Barrel material: Black resin

Reasons to buy

+High-end look and feel+Superbly made nib

Reasons to avoid

-You’d be very angry if you lost it


The Montblanc Le Grand 146 Fountain Pen is an indulgence for sure, but its high price tag rewards you with a dreamy handwriting journey. Much of that revolves around the nib, which is a 14k gold and Rhodium combination in the medium format that delivers a precise ink-to-paper experience. 

Similarly, the body, though fashioned from more conventional black resin, feels nicely balanced and you can tell that this is a quality product. As you’d expect from Montblanc, the Le Grand 146 Fountain Pen comes lavishly presented in a gift box while they also offer a dazzling array of different ink colours to compliment it.

3. Kingsman + Conway Stewart Churchill Fountain Pen

Fan service meets secret service in this dashing collaboration


Best for: Distinguished details

Nib material: Iridium-tipped 18-carat gold

Barrel material: Acrylic

Reasons to buy

+Refined design+Well-weighted

Reasons to avoid

– The details will be lost on non-Kingsman fans 

That you don’t even need to be a fan of the Kingsman films to appreciate the beauty of this pen says plenty about its design, but for die-hards, the little touches on this pen will be much appreciated.

Exclusive to Mr Porter, this collaboration with Conway Stewart, who provide the royal palaces and Number 10 with their writing instruments, features an iridium-tipped 18-carat gold nib and 9 carats elsewhere, including a cap band inscribed with Kingsman code ‘Oxfords not Brogues’, and is purported to be beautifully weighted for effortless and comfortable writing.

4. Waterman Fountain Pen

Enjoy classic fountain pen styling and a workmanlike delivery from this heavyweight


Best for: Those with bigger hands

Nib material: 23k gold-plated stainless steel

Barrel material: Lacquered brass

Reasons to buy

+Beefy design but well balanced+Good choice of different styles

Reasons to avoid

-Chunkier feel might not suit all tastes

This is a French-made classic fountain pen that packs the archetypal cigar shape that is so popular around the world and comes with a perfectly serviceable medium tip that makes it suitable for pretty much anyone. However, a fine nib variant is available for anyone wanting a more petite look on their paperwork. 

We like the way that Waterman has designed this model in a raft of different variants, so you can choose from a pretty conventional black and gold look or opt for one of the wilder designs. Deluxe Blue Obsession, for example, looks like a great alternative. Arrives in a very nice presentation box too.

5. Parker Duofold Gold Trimmed Fountain Pen

Wonderfully weighted with an unmistakable distinction


Best for: Handcrafted

Nib material: 18-carat gold and rhodium

Barrel material: Resin

Reasons to buy

+Amazing handcrafted details+Well-weighted

Reasons to avoid

– Huge cap 


21 individual pieces go into making Parker’s Duofold pen, each one put together by hand to make some very handsome pocket candy indeed. This craftsmanship shines through in the design, sure – there’s no mistaking the Art Deco vibes of the gold trim, or the contrasting ace design on the partially-covered rhodium nib – but also in the way it handles.

Reviewers loved the solid feel of the chunky barrel, and found it well weighted for writing; smooth, with just the right level of feedback. 

6. Faber-Castell Pear Wood

For a bit of natural beauty in your pocket, look no further than this wooden fountain pen


Best for: Feels great

Nib material: Stainless steel

Barrel material: Pearwood

Reasons to buy

+Distinctive wooden barrel+Feels great to write with

Reasons to avoid

-A little tricky to unscrew nib


If you’ve grown tired of black and gold, this wood-cased fountain pen is set to shake things up a little. With just the right amount of bling courtesy of a mirror-finish cap, nib and collar, the bulk of the pen is given over to smooth pear wood with a beautiful natural grain that reviewers say feels wonderful to write with.

Coming with a cartridge/converter system, it gives the option for easier modern cartridges or use with an inkwell, and in both cases, reviewers were pleased to report a smooth writing experience.

7. Pilot Capless

A superb fountain pen for those with a delicate touch and an eye for subtle details


Best for: A fine writing style

Nib material: Rhodium-plated 18k gold

Barrel material: Birchwood

Reasons to buy

+Wonderful to hold and handle+Innovative edge to the design

Reasons to avoid

-Might be too fine for some


The main highlight of this Pilot fountain pen is its glorious wooden barrel, which feels excellent in your hand as well as being nicely balanced. This one comes with a fine Rhodium-plated 18k gold nib. As a result, it’s better suited to those with a featherlight touch, but it’s not scratchy to use as some at this end of the nib spectrum tend to be. 

Originating from Japan means that it’s got an innovative edge too, with a mechanism that prevents the fountain pen from ever drying up. The Pilot also comes in a special gift box along with a cartridge refill so that you can hit the paper running so to speak.

8. Parker Sonnet

Or ode, or haiku, or limerick – what you write with it, and how it looks, is up to you


Best for: Comfort and customisability

Nib material: Stainless steel or 18k solid gold

Barrel material: Stainless steel

Reasons to buy

+Loads of colour options; choice of nibs+Smooth writing action

Reasons to avoid

-Finger grip prone to rusting


As stationery geeks, we think every fountain pen is beautiful in its own way (don’t laugh), but sometimes the choices can seem a little… well, safe. Refreshingly, this Parker pen takes a little walk on the wild side, offering seemingly endless options for customisation, including a choice of medium or fine nibs, three nib materials, and over 15 colour, print and trim combos. Most importantly, its action is smooth as butter – what’s not to love?

9. Cross Century II

Lightweight, leak proof, and legendary


Best for: Lightweight

Nib material: Gold-plated

Barrel material: Chrome and gold plate

Reasons to buy

+Lightweight and slender+Lifetime mechanical warranty

Reasons to avoid

-Casing prone to fingerprints


Building on the success of the original Cross Century pen, the Century II beefs up the profile and adds a contrasting silver and gold colourway to create a new classic. 

What users loved about the original is still here in full force, though. They commend the leak-proof design, immune to all kinds of bumps and jiggles in-transit; the beautifully smooth writing action, and the longevity of the build, with one long-time user noting the impressive lack of wear on the gold plating.

10. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

Enjoy a dependable writing experience from this surprisingly upmarket budget fountain pen


Best for: Those on a budget

Nib material: Steel

Barrel material: Plastic

Reasons to buy

+Writes well using cartridges or liquid ink+Looks deceptively upmarket for the price

Reasons to avoid

-Might feel too light for some

Want to make a style statement without spending the big bucks? The Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen ticks all of the boxes when it comes to delivering a great all-round real ink experience. However, it comes at a fraction of the price, which is why it has become a best seller. 

The design is classic, functional and there’s a medium tip so it’s perfect as a gift or for anyone who doesn’t have a specific preference. The other bonus with this fountain pen is that it comes with an ink converter, which means that you can use it with both cartridges or liquid ink. In fact, as a complete package this one is hard to beat at the lower end of the market.

11. Ted Baker 24k Fountain Pen

Beautifully blingy, this rose gold fountain pen brings joy to all jots


Best for: Eye-catching design

Nib material: Gold-plated steel

Barrel material: Rose gold plated steel

Reasons to buy

+Looks fantastic+Even ink flow

Reasons to avoid

-Presentation box isn’t the best


A bit of a departure from our previous pick, this pen is unashamedly showy, but that’s certainly no bad thing.

Plated in 24-carat gold, it backs up its ultra-luxurious look with what reviewers report to be a well-balanced, even writing experience with great flow and no blotchy nightmares from the iridium nib. But if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, the writing is just a bonus: here it’s all about the look, and in mirror-finish ultra-trendy rose gold, it’s a very good look indeed.

Round up of today’s best deals

Parker Sonnet Handles

Parker fountain pens are composed of the Sonnet Cisele models. Thanks to this magnificence, you can choose the most suitable gift for a person as accurately as possible, focusing on his interests, needs and tastes. The wide assortment of the catalog presents to your attention high-quality and respectable gifts that will allow you to appreciate the versatility of the world of grace and beauty.

40615 p.35,000 RUB

This pen is perfectly balanced and extremely attractive, it never ceases to delight its fans – you don’t want to let go of it. An excellent gift for a business person who appreciates style and aesthetics.

Type: Ballpoint pen with a thin body.
Rod thickness included: Medium (M).
Stem color included: Black (others sold separately).Mechanism: Swivel …

35,000 RUB

This deep black color and incredibly modest silver details … It seems that any fan of minimalism will not be able to pass by this pen. She is as noble as an emerald. I must say that all fountain pens look especially impressive, so every business person tries to keep at least one such accessory on his desktop.You can buy cartridges for the handle …

14075 p.

Feather: alloy steel.
Nib Thickness: F (Thin)
Feather finish: engraved gilding.
Filling system: cartridge-converter.
Material: alloy steel.
Finishing: individual design elements – gilding.
Mechanism: removable cap.
Color: black / gold.
Handle size: handle length – 131/139 mm, maximum width (diameter) – 11 mm.
Handle weight: 23g.
Page …

15500 p.

Only a refined piece of art is the Parker Sonnet Special Edition Contort Black Cisele pen. The presented accessory combines several amazing solutions and technologies at once.This fountain pen has a ruthenium plated gold nib. The finest engraving complements its finish. Jewelry brass of the case is covered with black lacquer …

45,000 RUB

1. Cover for Parker pens
• Made from genuine leather
• Design in collaboration with British leather designer, Mark Gizzi
• Matte black stitched with gray threads
• Grained vegetable tanned cowhide
• Size fits 1st large handle
• Height 160mm x Depth 36mm x Length 20mm

2.Fountain pen Parker (Parker) Sonnet …

15700 p.

Type: Ballpoint pen.
Rod thickness included: Medium (M).
Stem color included: Black (others sold separately).
Mechanism: Rotary action.
Body: alloy steel.
Finish: chrome
Color: red / silver.
Features: The rod is extended by turning the cap clockwise 180 degrees.Country of origin: France.
Countries …

6790 p.

When silver and gold are combined in a pen, very unexpected and original combinations are always obtained. The Parker Sonnet Core Stainless Steel GT handle is one of those accessories that you should not pass by. It looks very original due to the fact that the gold plating gives a special shine and depth to the silver.The coverings in the handle are very reliable – the gilding will not be covered …

7260 p.

Parker Sonnet Premium Metal Blue CT Rollerball. Article 2119745

Type: Rollerball pen with removable cap.
Included rod thickness: Thin (F).
Included stem color: Black (other colors sold separately).
Mechanism: Removable cap.Body: Alloy steel
Finish: Glossy blue lacquer finish, some design elements in silver.
Color: Blue …

20300 p.

Stylish and beautiful rollerball Sonnet Core Matte Black Lacquer CT – an accessory that will appeal to many buyers. This roller is sold in an original gift box with a black core.Customers who prefer other colors can make bargains right now – we have Parker pen refills in our assortment. The pen is immediately striking …

11130 p.

Feather: alloy steel.
Feather finish: rhodium plated.
Filling system: cartridge-converter.
Material: alloy steel.Finish: Nickel-polished plating.
Mechanism: removable cap.
Color: black / silver.
Handle size: handle length – 131/139 mm, maximum width (diameter) – 11 mm.
Handle weight: 23g.
Country of origin: France.
Country-pro …

15500 p.

The stylish, ergonomic rollerball in an almost classic design will appeal to you right away.Refined style, elaborate details, comfortable shape … The chrome-plated details of the handle make it especially attractive. Made of high quality jewelry brass. The cap snaps into place, so the risk of losing it is minimal. The pen is sold in a beautiful gift box. Details worked out …

11670 p.

1. Cover for Parker pens
• Soft eco-leather
• Fabric sides.
• Carrying case accommodates 2 medium or 1 large handles.
• Height 160mm x Depth 36mm x Length 20mm

2. Ballpoint pen Parker (Parker) Sonnet Core Black Lacquer CT
Type: Ballpoint pen.
Rod thickness included: Medium (M).
Stem color included: Black (others sold separately).

9460 p.

Type: Ballpoint pen.Rod thickness included: Medium (M).
Stem color included: Black (others sold separately).
Mechanism: Rotary action.
Body: alloy steel.
Finish: chrome
Color: black / silver.
Features: The rod is extended by turning the cap clockwise 180 degrees.
Country of origin: France
Country- …

6790 p.

The same series of Parker pens, it turns out, can look completely different.The reason lies in the play of colors. The combination of the silver case and golden details allows for an excellent effect and makes the silver color especially deep and interesting. The handle is equipped with a swivel action mechanism and is incredibly comfortable to use. This is one of the most popular …

7260 p.

Type: Rollerball pen with removable cap.Included rod thickness: Thin (F).
Included stem color: Black (other colors sold separately).
Mechanism: Removable cap.
Body: Alloy steel
Finish: Glossy red lacquer finish, some design elements in silver.
Color: Red / Silver
Country of origin: Switzerland
Country pro …

20300 p.

The Parker Sonnet Core Matte Black Lacquer CT ballpoint pen is a popular accessory for people who don’t like compromise.The handle of the brand’s designers turned out to be elegant and neat. There is no pathos and excessive bombast in it, so characteristic of many well-known manufacturers. The color combination in this pen also does not go beyond the classics: discreet black and discreet silver …

9205 p.

Feather: alloy steel.
Feather finish: rhodium plated.Filling system: cartridge-converter.
Material: alloy steel.
Finish: Nickel-polished plating.
Mechanism: removable cap.
Color: blue / silver.
Handle size: handle length – 131/139 mm, maximum width (diameter) – 11 mm.
Handle weight: 23g.
Country of origin: France.
Country of origin …

15500 p.

Advanced technologies and adherence to traditions allow the Parker company to remain timeless and out of fashion for more than a dozen years.This stunning and charming red ballpoint pen from the Sonnet series is sure to appeal to women: sophisticated, vibrant, fashionable, and sold in an impeccably crafted, eye-catching gift box. As you can see, the problem with finding a gift has already been resolved! Remaining …

9205 p.

1. Cover for Parker pens
• Made from genuine leather
• Design in collaboration with British leather designer, Mark Gizzi
• Matte black stitched with gray threads
• Grained vegetable tanned cowhide
• Size fits 1st large handle
• Height 160mm x Depth 36mm x Length 20mm

2.Ballpoint pen Parker (Parker) …

11880 p.

Type: Ballpoint pen.
Rod thickness included: Medium (M).
Stem color included: Black (others sold separately).
Mechanism: Rotary action.
Body: alloy steel.
Finish: chrome
Color: silver.
Features: The rod is extended by turning the cap clockwise 180 degrees.Country of origin: France
Country of origin …

6790 p.

Parker company produces a huge number of stylish pens for different categories of buyers. The Sonnet collection has become one of the most popular among buyers, because accessories are sold in branded boxes, which will be an excellent packaging for a perfect gift for any person.This pen is as if created for people who do not like unnecessary paints, fanciful details and pre …

11670 p.

Type: Rollerball pen with removable cap.
Included rod thickness: Thin (F).
Included stem color: Black (other colors sold separately).
Mechanism: Removable cap.
Body: Alloy steel
Finish: Glossy gray lacquered, rose gold selected design elements.Color: Gray / Gold
Country of origin: Switzerland
Country pro …

20300 p.

Stylish pen with epoxy body will definitely please you right away. The graceful case is decorated with brass details, there is a delicate and accurate engraving with the brand name. The handle is equipped with a rotary action mechanism, it is very convenient to use and is highly reliable.The product comes with a two-year warranty. Similar handles are also available with a roll …

9205 p.

Feather: 18k gold.
Feather finish: rhodium plated.
Filling system: cartridge-converter.
Material: alloy steel.
Finish: Nickel-polished plating.
Mechanism: removable cap.
Color: red / silver.
Handle size: handle length – 131/139 mm, maximum width (diameter) – 11 mm.
Handle weight: 23g.
Country of origin: France.
Country of origin …

26100 p.

The Parker company began to use saturated colors in the production of pens not so long ago. Before that, they preferred a conservative approach and combinations of black, silver and gold.White was used from time to time. Parker’s red pen was a real sensation. And even more so – from the illustrious Sonnet series. The pen is sold in a stylish branded box – dock …

9205 p.

Parker Sonnet Special Edition Metro CT F Fountain Pen Ref. 2054822

Feather: 18k gold.
Feather finish: rhodium plated.Filling system: cartridge-converter.
Material: jewelry brass.
Finish: Nickel Palladium Plated.
Mechanism: removable cap.
Color: black / silver.
Handle weight: 23g.
Possible personalization: Laser engraving with metallization …

25080 RUB

Feather: alloy steel.
Nib Thickness: F (Thin)
Feather finish: engraved chrome.Filling system: cartridge-converter.
Material: alloy steel.
Finishing: individual design elements – chrome.
Mechanism: removable cap.
Color: red / silver.
Country of origin: Switzerland.
Country of origin: France.
Complete set: Pen, 1 black cartridge, p …

10880 p.

The Parker pen from the Sonnet collection was created for those who care about luxury, sophistication and beauty.It was with such fans in mind that the Parker Sonnet pen collection line was created. The ease of gliding of the pen when writing with this pen, giving the feeling of a continuation of the hand, is capable of captivating even the most discerning connoisseur of writing accessories.

The Parker Sonnet collection begins its history in the early 90s of the last century, however today it is the embodiment of style in a moderate classic, where there is not a single superfluous detail, everything is clear and perfectly balanced. Despite the fact that since the release of the first pen, the collection has constantly evolved, it retains its original characteristics, and at the same time, Parker’s designers have been able to expand the collection so that a variety of pens, for every taste and wealth, have found their place in it.

This writing instrument is built for long-term use. Therefore, every pen from the Parker Sonnet collection can be confidently presented to a business partner, VIP clients, as well as family and friends as a gift for special occasions.

In the Parker Club online store, you can choose the most suitable version of the model from the Sonnet collection, place a purchase through an online order without leaving your home, and the company will deliver the purchased goods to any place in Moscow.The set includes gift wrapping, a pen with a refill, an instruction manual, a warranty card, and shipping packaging.

Sonnet offers a wide range of advanced writing instruments. Thanks to the variety of models, the collection remains as attractive as ever. Sonnet’s modern elegance, high style and trendy finishes are in keeping with Parker’s design tradition, reflected in the nib, intricate arrow clip embellishments and perfect writing comfort.The Parker Sonnet collection is truly timeless … but always relevant.

Parker Sonnet. Part 2 –

So, rejoicing in the writing and appearance (the first couple of weeks) of a Parker Sonnet fountain pen, by chance, I see a lot at an online auction, also Sonnet, but with a gold nib. Until now, I have never written with a golden pen, and even more so that it is the width of F (fine). b It will be instructive to compare it with the steel M and XF on the existing Sonnet. Very interesting and exciting. It burns as I want to try.The auction price is acceptable. I’m making the right bet. Winning! As it turned out later, we were fighting for this handle together with Alexander, who later introduced me to Sheaffer, and I, alaverdi, brought him to Platinum 🙂

A pen in Moscow, I meet with the seller, talked, looked – yes, not new, it looks decent outwardly. I come home, examine it more closely with a slight trepidation …



This variant is called Parker Sonnet Cascade Silver (I later found pictures on the net and the exact name), with an intricate silver notch pattern on the case.The ergonomics are no different from the simple steel Sonnet I already have.


With a slight trepidation (golden pen, 18 carats, from Parker !!!) I fill in the same ink (and I didn’t have any others then 🙂 that are already splashing in the Sonnet steel pen. I start to write. Nice writing! The aura of gold “warms” the eye and the line seems “magical”. The steel-smelter is put in a drawer. I only write with Sonnet Goldfin. Everything pleases, it seems, it upsets a little that the pen is short and the hand is too close to the paper, when writing, it is not as convenient as it seemed at first.But it’s not scary, you can get used to it …

Some time passes and I remember that this feather is golden, width F. It should be compared with that steel XF, which is “put in a drawer.” I compare. I don’t understand anything. How so? The width of the F and XF lines must be different. It is not different. In the head – a slight tremor of the Parker halo (practically, halo).

Further, I remember that gold nibs should differ from steel nibs not only in price and beauty of design, but also in elasticity.Gold should be softer. And my “song” feathers are as hard as steel and gold. Yes, they write, good, but elasticity is lacking. and if the steel pen could be forgiven, then from the gold one was expected not only the “bohat” appearance, but also the softness of the writing! But no. : ((

Well, to top it off, despite the fact that I began to write with the pen on a regular basis, both at home and on business, I found that my beautiful gold-fin Sonnet started unstable. And not only after lying for several days, but, sometimes, after a couple of hours of break! Remembering my school years and writing with Soviet and Chinese fountain pens, and similar (albeit on a large scale) problems with the start then, I would not be surprised at this behavior of Sonnet, considering it the norm of all fountain pens.But I already had the legendary-budget Pilot 78G. But he always starts, even after a week of inactivity!

The halo of the legendary Parker company, with the assistance of the most popular and sold in millions of copies of the Sonnet model, faded in my eyes and, at that time, practically disappeared from the field of brands interesting to me. Later, having tried what brought the highest reputation of Parker, models 51, 75, 180, Slimfold, original Duofold, Vacumatic, interest in Parker models returned.But now I’m only interested in what was released before the 1970s.

Who is to blame?

Of course, I can’t even imagine that Parker began to release a marriage in the late 1990s. No, that’s not the point.

Began to gradually understand and look for possible causes.

Writing width . I guess it’s just that Parker’s customers today are used to writing with a ballpoint pen or a nib, width M. And nibs of width F and XF are produced “for show”, more precisely for the assortment.And, since the supply of ink in the Parker feeder (in this case we are talking about Sonnet, but I have heard (and tried personally) similar impressions about other relatively modern models) is powerful, designed for trouble-free writing with an M pen, the ink is simply “poured” and F , and XF so thoroughly that the nib width of the pen itself does not affect the line width. Why, then, should the Parker brand be misled?

The stiffness of the nibs , both gold and steel – from the same place, from the habits of Parker’s clients to write with a “ball”.

A Launch instability Sonnet when writing follows from Parker’s revolutionary marketing idea, back in the days of Parker 51, to make the pen cap ventilated to prevent ink splashing on the writer when opening the pen at high altitude, when flying on an airplane. So it is, yes, it looks like “high-altitude ventilation” is playing a cruel joke with the ground owners of Sonnet. You open the cap, start writing, not writing. Maybe you need to take off? 🙂

People, having “bought” and bought Sonnet, sometimes for very decent money, are trying to deal with problems.So, I know, some people fill the Sonnet cap from the inside with hot glue completely (the end of the cap, where these very high-altitude ventilation holes are located). They say it helps to prevent the feather from drying out.

Regarding the “overflow” of ink and the wide line of thin (F and XF) nibs, then here too people manage to reduce the depth / width of the ink supply channel in the feeder, which is also said to help reduce the line thickness to an acceptable level.

The only question is, did the customer who trusted Parker deserve such “entertainment” with the “popular” model?

Where does the popularity come from?

How long after my unanswered questions I meet with a respected and experienced seller of pens and fountains, including.Parker has been trading for many years, of course. Trades successfully.

I ask: “- And what the … with Sonnet? My 2 pens with three nibs of different calibers” are not encouraging, “to put it mildly.”

He: “Yes, you have a fake Sonnet, it seems! That’s not happy. These Sonnets are bought from me in large quantities. They are of different prices and pen. People often buy them in institutions where they write a lot. They buy for themselves, and for gifts. work gifts, in the sense that gifts are then actively used and written. And everyone is happy !!! ”

Well, what have I, without a year a week in the world of the pen, sadly wandering home with the verdict of an experienced person, starting to surf the Internet, in search of my model.And I can’t find her! Is it really a fake?

Then I remember the seller. No, he does not look like a hardened rascal, a normal adequate person, he himself consulted with me then, how to offer a couple of rather expensive feather brands, showed them, genuine, for sure, since these particular models are not forged. Back in the network, I found a picture of my model, compared the details: the original! The mood improved, but the question remained.

More precisely

2 questions

First: where is such popularity in general, perennial? (and the lineup of Sonnet bodies and pens changed every few years, and I don’t remember the number of Sonnet generations now)

I believe that the answer lies in the aggressive marketing policy of Parker, timely updating, again, of the model range, as well as in the activity of Sanford merchandisers (the owner of the Parker, Waterman, Rotring brands).And, it is quite possible that this activity and good sales pushed “into the background” the stability of the quality of writing, which deteriorated with each new generation (if ever, since the Cascade Silver currently under consideration was released around 2005, and what was earlier, I do not know).

Second: Why do those experienced people who “write a lot and are happy with everything” buy it again and again?

The answer surfaced by itself: Well, they just didn’t try anything else! As for most of the friends, mine and yours, those who are “not in the subject”, the fountain pen is associated with “Parker?”

But I already had 78G! And then there were other “Japanese”, and Sheaffer.I believe that if Japanese manufacturers were more active in the market, then “satisfied with everything” would be satisfied with completely different brands …

Four years have passed since then, and at least Platinum is working here, more or less actively, through its representative, and you can already compare by simply placing an order in the online store.


After reading the above, you can conclude that I do not recommend Parker Sonnet for purchase. Quite the opposite, I recommend! At least because, very likely, Sonnet is the only high-quality fountain pen that can be bought without problems and at an affordable price in a store in your city.And it really is, well conceived and made. Yes, with reservations, but still …

But if you can buy something else in a regular store or via the Internet, for example, from the assortment of Pilot, Platinum, Sailor (Japan), I sincerely recommend trying Japanese nibs and bodies.


At a time when questions to Sonnet already arose, and there were no possible answers yet, on the occasion, another pen with a gold nib, the Pilot brand, was bought, completely unknown to me, and for many others, I think, a model.It came, was refueled, and taken with me as a spare (Parker’s aura and Sonnet’s halo were still intact, although they were no longer sparkling like the gold of Sonnet’s feather). On the same day, it was necessary to write quite a lot. I take out the Sonnet, take off the cap. Does not write. Without bothering with the revitalization of the Sonnet letter, I close the cap and take out the Pilot. This is a feather! It starts softly, resiliently, subtly (!!!) and stably.


Sonnet was rinsed and shipped in its cute little box to a drawer. First to the near, and then to the far.

And once again, when the box catches my eye, I take it out with pleasure, take the pen in my hands, remember the “battle” for it, with Alexander, at the auction, spin it, enjoying the play of light on the cascades of its “silver” case …

But there was never a desire to fill her up and pee a little.

Recommend? Yes. But with reservations.

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Case – Stationery in Krasnoyarsk

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