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Park Yoochun to Release Photo Book ‘Someday’ + Representative Clarifies His Rumored Comeback

News about Park Yoochun’s plans to return to the entertainment industry has been out and about. His official Instagram page shared a set of photos, detailing the release of the photo book and his upcoming autograph signing.

According to the source, Park Yoochun will soon release his very own photo book and will hold a fan signing as pre-selected. Dates of the two events were revealed on the post. This announcement also prompted netizens to ask him about his plans to return to the industry.

One of Park Yoochun’s recent appearances was during his brother Park Yoo Hwan’s birthday celebration through a live broadcast on Twitch TV. The actor on leave was then heard singing the song he used to promote in Japan.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Park Yoochun’s committee stressed that the actor only wanted to share the compilation and nothing else. There has been no outlined discussion of him re-entering the industry.

Check out the details of the forthcoming launch posted on his Instagram account. On the other hand, the book description says:

“The sunflower, which symbolizes Park Yoochun, means ‘waiting’ in the language of flowers. There are many kinds of ‘waiting’ in this world. ‘SOMEDAY’ when you wait for someone you love can be a joyful thing, and to someone else ‘SOMEDAY’ could be a heartbreaking longing. The word ‘waiting’ contains many different emotions and feelings at the same time. The photo book ‘SOMEDAY’ includes Park Yoochun’s interpretation of the many emotions captured within the word ‘waiting’ through his own unique style.”

Park Yoochun encountered accusations and subject to court by women from his previous case of sexual assault. The court finalized to bring down the allegations into mandatory mediation. The court and defense lawyers agreed to have a settlement for Park Yoochun to pay 100 million won. The prosecution was asked to secure the money within a month. 

Another case that the actor was involved in was when he tested positive for drug use, which led to his arrest. Park Yoochun’s lawyer then appealed for a shorter verdict for all the cases filed against him. The court released a sentence of 2 years probation. Park Yoochun, if he violates any of his probationary measures, will be subject to ten months in prison and pay an amount of 1.4 million won.

Despite last year’s roller-coaster ride of the criminal cases and early retirement from the industry, Park Yoochun visited Thailand in January of 2020 for a charity fan meeting. 

JYJ’s Park Yoochun Gets Slammed for Being Active on Instagram Before Apologizing for Sex Scandals

Fans didn’t believe that his apology was sincere and told him to quit being a celebrity since he posted a photo of him with his friends as well as a photo of his fiancee before apologizing.

AceShowbizMicky Yoochun a.k.a. Park Yoochun of JYJ has finally broken his silence on his sex scandals last year and his upcoming wedding. “The Girl Who Sees Smells” star posted an apology letter on Instagram on Monday, July 17. However, he received backlash for being active on the photo-sharing platform right before posting his apology.

Earlier that day, Yoochun posted a photo of him with his friends as well as a photo of his fiancee. He also had an Instagram Live, during which he looked perfectly happy. He later deleted all of his photos. “What do your fans mean to you? Do you think your fans will believe a word of your apology when they saw you fooling around on Instagram Live just moments prior? Please just leave JYJ,” a fan commented on an article on Nate. Another added, “Don’t come back to the industry, just start from the bottom at your fiancee’s company. A year late apology is useless.”

[Info] Yoochun fez seu Instagram Oficial

➡️ ~fer

— Chunsas Brazil °o° (@ParkYoochunBR) July 17, 2017

In his apology letter, Yoochun said that he didn’t have confidence to apologize before. “There’s nothing else I can say,” he wrote. “I wanted to tell everyone I’m sorry but I couldn’t think how. I had no confidence either… Really… I’m so sorry I could die. Even if you hurt your body every day and cried… could it hurt more than the scars I’ve given you? I’m sorry.”

“I hate having headlines pop up on portal sites. But even so this is too late… I’m sorry. I dearly hope for the day where I can see you all directly and show you how I feel. And about my marriage… I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell everyone beforehand,” he continued. “I’m sorry and thank you. I really really hope I can greet you all in person some day… Please support Ha Na and me. Once again, I’m sorry.”

Yoochun was sued for sexual assaults by four different women last year. The women claimed that the “Rooftop Prince” actor raped them, but he was acquitted of all four charges due to lack of evidence. The police eventually charged him with soliciting prostitution and committing fraud instead because it was proven that Yoochun did have sexual intercourse with the women and promise to pay them.

Earlier this year, he shocked everyone when he that he would be getting married to his non-celebrity fiancee Hwang Ha Na only a year after the controversy.

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