Paris perfume review: Yves Saint Laurent Paris : Perfume Review


Yves Saint Laurent Paris : Perfume Review

There’s a twenty-year-old ad for Yves Saint Laurent Paris that says everything you need to know about this iconic fragrance.  In the ad, the model Lucie de la Falaise leans against a wall while holding a huge bouquet of light-pink roses.  Everything but the model’s face and the bottle of perfume is in gauzy soft focus, including in the background the Eiffel Tower.  De la Falaise looks otherworldly in this city of muted pinks and greens, serene, elegant, and very, very French.  Surely the City of Light is scented exactly like this, is it not?  Isn’t Paris a veritable rose macaroon, tinted pink as Yves Saint Laurent’s fantasy fragrance is?

Paris is an ebullient and romantic daydream of a scent that interlocks a fruity, jammy, and abstract rose with violets that smell the way candied violets look.  One spray and (nearly) all is revealed. This is not a perfume of special effects but one that opens big, stays big, and gives you a bit of sandalwood as a basenote souvenir.

Perfumer Sophia Grosjman recorded the central floral bouquet at larger than normal volume, resulting in a spectacular bloom that is at turns mildly powdery and mildly syrupy, like dessert wine.  On my skin violet always dominates rose, with iris adding a cloud-like textural element and jasmine adding more clean sweetness. Bergamot in the top expresses lemony fruitiness that is at perfect pitch with the floral soufflé. As the sandalwood appears, so does the type of soapiness that one finds in expensive, finely milled French hotel soaps; it’s cottony-clean and delicately musky.

Paris is not built to act at skin level.  Instead, it hovers above, floating in a dramatic waft. How much it wafts can be controlled by the method and amount of application.  I would, for instance, never apply as liberally as I would at home if I were going to the office.  Not to be forgotten is that Paris is a fragrance of its times, meaning that it was released in the 1980s and it has that grand 1980s presentation and tremendous olfactory sonic boom.

For years I’ve only worn the eau de toilette.  The reason behind this is that what makes Paris great for me is not a boiled-down essence of its notes but its lightest formulation (which in today’s terms is quite strong) that lets loose the notes where I can admire them from a distance.  Eau de parfum was too concentrated for me and suffocated the lovely airy space where juniper and hawthorn peek into the bouquet.  Granted, the sandalwood base is relatively lighter, too, but Paris has always been beautifully inflated at top, as if the base were merely there to provide some mostly hidden ballast.

In addition to its sophistication, Paris succeeds on its frothiness that you want to grab and bring back down to earth while inherently realizing the futility of such an effort.  It’s ravishing and unnaturally beautiful—artifice as art. No bouquet ever smelled like this, no city was ever that pink or that gauzy. If by today’s terms Paris seems gaudy, remember that there was a time when it spoke of unerring and impossible sophistication of a type I fear is a bygone thing.

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent (Eau de Toilette) » Reviews & Perfume Facts

This lovely floral and fresh in the attack eau de toilette is romantic, but does not fall into the girly, as is the case with some fragrances from Chloé.
Chloé fragrances are really not wrong, but they do not suit me.

To begin with, I particularly like Paris. The green notes I can not specify, but they add the necessary freshness. So the fragrance is wearable at any time. Although lilac and blue rain are not listed, these plants came directly to my mind. Somehow, they also fit the mood of the fragrance. Overall, I find it difficult to identify individual notes here. For me, it just creates a strong, dense yet delicate floral haze. The scent is a true bouquet of flowers, with a subtle soapy note. Without it, it would probably become too sweet. For a short time, it has something of freshly washed laundry fluttering through the wind in the middle of a flower garden. This note is not directly comparable to White Linen. It lacks the earthiness that contrasts in White Linen, yet there is a parallel. Both fragrances come from Sophia Grojsman.

I can recognize mainly rose, hyacinth, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Rose scents so often grab me in a weird way, sometimes I chase them for whatever reason. This one is not at all a typical representative of this category because of its diversity.

Yves Saint Laurent has always launched unusual fragrances and was considered a rebel within the fashion world; among other things, because of the invention of “Le Smoking”: the tuxedo for ladies. Rive Gauche fits much better to this garment, which embodied the emancipation of women in the 60s. Paris is more gently rebellious. To my mind, it works best in the summer. The fresh green notes keep it from being too heavy. It is not at all stuffy in my opinion. A pleasant companion for almost all situations. One is never really badly dressed with it. At high temperatures it has the best projection. This leaves the environment with restrained dosage but still enough air to breathe.

The base is not very spectacular. I personally could have done without the clear sweetness in the base, but it also does not hurt the fragrance.

The 30 ml bottle is what I consider good design. It is triangular and has a nice cut that forms a geometric and symmetrical pattern. The glass feels valuable and the bottle is functional, it can even be stored well in a rather small sized handbag because of the shape and the lid fits tightly. You’d think that would be a given. But it isn’t. The stopper is cylindrical, unlike the bottle. It comes in black and coral colors. Really aesthetic and practical.
Have fun testing and wearing.

Zara Woman Paris 92 Champs Elysees Perfume Review

Perfumes are a girl’s best friend and a great aroma that can help you make a great first impression. Zara Woman Paris 92 Champs Elysees Perfume mentions that it has a sweet fruity fragrance that lasts for a very long time. (Who doesn’t love a serene fruity fragrance. Right?) The packaging says that it is a light and sweet perfume for day time, almost like a mist. Read my experience with this perfume below!


  • Shelf Life : 2.5 years
  • Color : Champagne color
  • Fragrance : Very soothing sweet fruity smell 

My Experience

I just love this perfume as it has a very sweet light summery smell to it. Every time I’m out with this perfume, my friends end up showering me with compliments on the sweet fragrance. I have been using this perfume for a long time now and it just doesn’t disappoint. It is worth the money paid and will surely recommend it to my friends.

How to use Zara Woman Paris 92 Champs Elysees Perfume?

Spray it in the air and walk to let the perfume settle/fall on your body. You can also spray it on your wrist and then dab it on, below your ears and neck.

When is the best time to use Zara Woman Paris 92 Champs Elysees Perfume?

Anytime you would like to feel fresh and elegant. It is meant for any moods at any time of the day.


Comes in a cute glass-shaped box.

Pros & Cons of Zara Paris 92 Champs Elysees Perfume

  1. Money’s worth.
  2. The soothing sweet fruity smell.
  3. Long-lasting.
  4. Light perfume.

  1. The Size. Would have liked it to be bigger.

Final Verdict

  • A light perfume with a sweet fruity fragrance.
  • Our Ratings: 9/10
  • Price : INR 1450/ 100ml

Where to Buy

Online & Offline Stores!

Hope you enjoyed reading Zara Paris 92 Champs Elysees Perfume Review. Read more posts on Body Care hereFacial Care here & Hair Care here.

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Perfume Review: Jovoy L’Arbre de la Connaissance (2011) + Jungles in Paris Perfume Draw

Francois Henin owner of Jovoy Paris

Jovoy is the destination for luxury, niche fragrances in Paris. Owner and visionary Francois Henin set out with the purpose of acquiring the brand (once successfully catering for the wealthy men and women of 1920’s Paris) and relaunching it as a kind of gallery space where niche perfume houses are given due credit for their craftsmanship and dedication to creating olfactory masterpieces.

Jovoy Paris Boutique

Alongside other exclusive brands, Jovoy has released it’s own fragrances. When the house was first established in the roaring twenties, it produced vibrant, modern scents for those who wanted to celebrate the freedom of the era. Today, it is much the same, these are perfumes for modern people, the statement is about ‘the now’. The line carries a definite nod to past glory days, such as the lipstick smeared Rouge Assassin, however, the fragrances are also thoroughly contemporary.

 Henri Rousseau The Dream

L’Arbre de la Connaissance is a sumptuously green fig scent, created in 2011 alongside perfumer Marc Fanton d’Andon (Robertet). Inspired by the sacred Bodhi Tree of India, it is said that Buddha found enlightenment through meditation under it’s bows. Using notes of fresh green leaves and lemon, fig flesh, fig wood, patchouli and sandalwood, one can very much picture a shaded tropical arbor, of the kind in a Henri Rousseau painting…

Woman with an Umbrella in an Exotic Forest

The first impression is one of enormous green leaves, shiny and supple, being plucked one by one from the boughs and crunched with strong fingers. It is a wholly immersive, textural experience, L’Arbre de la Connaissance is so powerfully sharp and green in its first breath that I can practically hear the snap of twigs and feel the waxy leaves splitting between my palms. There are slight hints of drier woodiness on the periphery but the opening statement of this perfume is all about sap, stringy bark and shredded greenery.

Woman walking in Exotic Forest-1905

Then plump figs start to form amid this astringent crush, bringing sweet juices to flood over the verdant debris. It is a joy to discover the perfume’s soft, ripe heart after all the sharpness. Once the fig arrives it remains constant, changing slightly in texture throughout the development but never losing it’s essential succulent  character. Although L’Arbre de la Connaissance could not be described as an overly sweet and fruity fragrance, the use of fruit here is just enough to balance the extraordinary vibrance of its green beginnings. At first the fig is pale and crunchy, like cutting into a fruit that isn’t quite ripe, but swiftly it becomes juicy, deeper in colour and more prevalent in the overall composition. Although I enjoy the scent from the beginning, I fall in love with it after about half an hour, when the wonderful lactonic qualities I have grown to associate with fig fragrances slowly emerge.

Tropical Forest with Monkeys c.1910

L’Arbre de la Connaissance is not a syrupy figgy pudding, but the softness that comes as the scent warms and flows more gently from the skin is delectable. The fig now turns almost to coconut, less like tropical suntan lotion and more like coconut macaroons, served with a glass of gently steaming almond milk. Nutty, lactonic, mildly sweet with just a blush of fruitiness. The green verdancy calming into smoother sandalwood, albeit soaked in lemon balm. This delightful ending is quite at odds with such bright beginnings, yet somehow works beautifully. As with all of Francois Henin’s perfumes, it shows real progression, giving the scent a chance to tell it’s story. I would highly recommend this perfume for those who enjoy a fig note, especially if you’ve found others to be rather overripe.

Disclosure- perfume from my own collection. All opinions my own. Art used by post French impressionist painter Henri Julien Felix Rousseau

Susie Baird, Contributor and editor of Epiphany

Thanks to Jovoy we have a worldwide draw for 50ml of L’Arbre de la Connaissance. To be eligible please leave a comment with what appeals to you about this perfume, if you have a favoirte Jovoy fragrance and where you live. Draw closes February 1, 2015

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the creation of beauty is art.: current obsession: paris hilton electrify perfume

Ah, Paris Hilton. She has long been a part of my life. From watching episodes of The Simple Life on television back in the 2000s to listening to her music, testing out her makeup line, and enjoying her extensive perfume collection….Paris Hilton is someone I have been a fan of for ages. Not long ago, I shared a review of her Platinum Rush fragrance. At that time, I was extremely excited to complete my collection of Paris Hilton perfumes. Little did I know, another one had since been released. Electrify is the latest release from this iconic businesswoman. Thankfully, it was gifted to me recently! This bold pink perfume bottle certainty stands out in my collection and has been bringing me lots of joy over the last several weeks.

In terms of packaging and the bottle design…this perfume is fabulous. The box that the fragrance came in looks similar to a pink disco ball. It has a raised pattern and is vibrant in colour. The inside, you have a gorgeous bottle shape. It is long and curved shape and a pink disco ball on top. Everything about this perfume design is dynamic, colourful, and oh-so-vibrant. I love the different shades of pink (it happens to be my favourite colour) and how fun the overall appearance is. When it comes to perfume bottles, Paris Hilton always does a stellar job of making things fun and exciting. Through colours, bottle designs, and lovely little details, her fragrances often stand out.  As for the scent itself? I absolutely love Electrify. According to the brand, this scent has top notes of red apple, mandarin orange, and cyclamen. The middle notes are peony, magnolia, and red poppy. To round it all off, the base notes are vanilla, coconut, sandalwood, and patchouli. That is a really complex way of saying…this smells fabulous! It is a dynamic combination of fresh, fruity, and floral. That makes it an ideal choice for spring and summer. It is especially wonderful for daytime use because it is so lovely and bright. This has definitely become one of my favourite perfumes. All season long, Electrify has been a must-have. It is something that I reach for on a regular basis.  

Want to hear a little bit more about the perfume? Take a closer peek at the bottle? Below is my latest YouTube video, which is all about the new Paris Hilton perfume, Electrify. 

Electrify is a wonderful release from Paris Hilton. The bottle is exciting and colourful and the scent is out of this world. It is an excellent choice for the spring and summer season.

Have you tried this perfume? Are you a fan of Paris Hilton fragrances?

YSL Libre vs. Mon Paris Comparison

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YSL has released a ton of perfumes over the past decade, in addition to the classics they’re still selling. Mon Paris and Libre are two of their newer lines, that they seem to be in the process of creating even more flanker perfumes for. Between the originals, though, which smells better? Which fragrance is the one to check out? In this post, I will break down my thoughts and compare these scents.

Tale of the Tape: Mon Paris vs. YSL Libre

Libre EDP

Notes include: lavender, white musks, orange flower, vanilla, orchid

Click here to try: Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau De Parfum Spray for Women 90ml/3oz, clear

Read my review: Libre EDP

Mon Paris EDP

Notes include: peony, white musk, patchouli, and datura accord

Click here to try: Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Spray, 3 Fluid Ounce

My Original Review: Mon Paris 


Mon Paris opens up with berries, pear, and other citrus notes. It’s a floral perfume, but much of the wear is actually pretty fruity in its presentation. Underneath that, are the floral notes of datura flower and peony. As things progress, they will take over more of the composition.

Libre also opens with a bit of citrus. However, it is much more floral from the start. Orange blossom and lavender are the main highlights at the start. The lavender is going to end up being the main focus of this fragrance, though.

Which is better? I think the fruity notes in Mon Paris are more enjoyable than the lavender and orange blossom, that I get with Libre. Libre feels soapier and musky versus the berries and nice datura note, that comes with Mon Paris.

Edge: Mon Paris


Both of these fragrances have above average sillage. Mon Paris is more in the moderate camp, but towards the upper end of the spectrum. While, Libre is definitely what you could term as strong. Not a monster, but it projects itself a bit better than Mon Paris.

Edge: Libre


On my skin, Mon Paris goes 7-8 hours. Libre, again has the greater strength, at just over 9 hours of full wear. Plus, Libre keeps its power up for a longer period of time.

Edge: Libre


Neither of these fragrances are going to be best for the hottest days of the year. Though, I think that Mon Paris holds up a bit better there.

Also, neither is very formal. Both are best for daily wear or casual wear and are quite versatile within that setting. I’d also say, both of these will probably skew toward a younger crowd. I don’t see much distinction in this category.

Edge: Push

Overall Scent

I don’t absolutely love either one of these scents. In my mind, they’re both pretty good and have nice performance, but never reach anything all that special.

Libre is an interesting fragrance. It’s a bold lavender fragrance, that dries down into a creamier scent, with its vanilla note. Not super complicated and has an emphasis on the floral notes, including that opening orange blossom.

Mon Paris is fruity, floral, and musky. The opening is pretty, but also a pretty standard fruit-chouli type of fragrance with its prevalent patchouli note. However, it does have a nice datura which separates it somewhat.

Between, them I like the sweetness of Mon Paris just a tad better. Libre is more unique and has better performance. But, it’s nothing mind blowing. Out of these YSL perfumes? I’d give a slight win to Mon Paris.

Winner: Mon Paris

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Chanel Paris-Edimbourg Review – Olivier Polge; 2021

Chanel Paris-Edimbourg review by award-winning perfume critic Persolaise (Olivier Polge, 2021)

What should come next on this list? Deauville, Biarritz, Venice, Riviera. Chances are ‘Edinburgh’ isn’t the first location that springs to mind, but Chanel would beg to differ. Their new addition to Les EauxParis-Edimbourg – takes us to the land of tweed and tartan, and it was reviewed in a recent episode of Love At First Scent. Here’s a link: Chanel Paris-Edimbourg review.

Hats off to Olivier Polge for giving us another commendable piece of work in a year that has also seen the release of the superlative – and entirely different – Le Lion. Some may complain about Paris-Edimbourg‘s longevity and lack of drama, but that would be missing the point of its existence. The Eaux range is concerned with lighter, more cologne-like compositions, and in that regard, this Scottish effort fits the bill well. It rushes past you like a woody-salty wind, invigorating you with its wild energy. And then it leaves you behind, racing ahead to the craggy, mossy expanses of the secluded Highlands.


[Chanel Paris-Edimbourg review based on a sample of eau de toilette provided by the brand in 2021.]

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90,000 Niche (selective) perfumery boutiques in Paris

It has long been known about the close connection between smells and memory. A fleeting smell can awaken a chain of related associations in a person. The smell of sweat will remind you of Grandpa’s smelly flannel shirt; the old book will take you to your aunt’s attic; the dust will remind you of summer in the city; and the smell of sawdust is a game to the store: where sawdust went for flakes, sand – like flour, birch earrings – why not pasta … Here’s an example of Proust’s syndrome!)

To be imbued with a niche perfumery, you have to be attentive to how it smells around.The smell of dust, hot metal, a fresh newspaper, a secondhand book, new shoes, a cat’s litter box, hot tires, a railway station toilet, a sun-heated interior of a car, an armpit of a neighbor on the subway during rush hour. Aromas around: are they pleasant to the nose or make you grimace: it is important to go deep into them, to know the essence and take them to your olfactory piggy bank.

Perfumery is divided into mass, luxury and selective

Olfactory culture is self-education, which is characterized by the degree of development of the ability to comprehend and interpret the external environment at the expense of smells, their comprehension and use as a way of cognizing the surrounding world.I hope this article will serve as a good start or as a curious and informative addition to your world of fragrances.

The article is called niche perfumery boutiques in Paris, and walking around them is still a practice. But first the theory!

  1. How to understand perfumery. Characteristics and pyramid of fragrances
  2. Books, blogs about perfume
  3. Selective perfume boutiques in Paris
  4. How to use perfume
  5. Interesting Facts About Fragrances

What do we know about perfume? How confident do we feel in a perfume boutique? What are we guided by when choosing a fragrance? Perfume is akin to clothes: you can “not take a steam bath” and put on your duty jeans – splash the advertised bottle of the mass market, luxury.Or, treat your choice of perfume as a carefully selected image.

Fragrance Wheel

If at a stylist’s appointment the color type is first and foremost determined, in the world of fragrances, acquaintance begins with the “Wheel of Fragrances” by Michael Edwards. He presented his classification to the world back in 1983 and designed it in the form of a wheel (see photo).

Michael divided perfume compositions into 4 “families”: floral, oriental, woody and fresh. Each family includes its own categories, with similar notes touching each other.This is how Edwards explains the phenomenon when one fragrance imperceptibly flows into another.

The Fragrance Wheels categories have the following characteristics: floral; floral soft; floral oriental; oriental soft; oriental; woody-oriental; woody; mossy woody; woody dry; citrus; marine; green; fruit. Inside his color wheel, the perfumer has placed a special, fourteenth category – wine glasses, which are distinguished by a spicy bitter taste.

In addition, within each of the groups, Edwards identified more subgroups: dry, fresh, classic, deep.Examining the wheel, you will notice that such popular scents as chypre and leather are absent in it. They are included in other families: chypre – in mossy woody, leather – in the category of dry woody fragrances.

Thanks to the Edwards scheme, each fragrance can be easily characterized and classified. Knowing the belonging of your favorite fragrances to a certain family and categories, it will be easier for you to choose a new perfume.

Pyramid of aromas. Olfactory Pyramid

In perfumery, the concept of “Pyramid of notes” is used.Notes are the stages of evaporation and aroma development. Top, heart (heart notes) and base notes are highlighted.

Top notes open in the first 5-10 minutes. This is the first thing that a person feels, so they are usually the strongest and brightest – citrus, green or spicy.

Heart notes is a core that changes top notes rather quickly. You can feel heart notes from 3 to 5 hours! Most often, perfumers choose floral, spicy or fruity aromas for the core.

The base notes of are the most complex and interesting, forming a trail of the fragrance. They sound from 6 to 8 hours. Usually they open up some time after the heart, but they can also appear immediately after their evaporation. For the base, musky, amber, vanilla, tobacco, leather, mossy-woody, woody and woody dry aromas are most often used.

To pump in the rich olfactory world, you need to train your nose. Find out how all these chypre, ouds, leather, sea, fruit smells.Perfume critic Ksenia Golovanova compiled a hundred of Edward’s wheel fragrances for Afisha Daily. If with aromas: “It’s too late, Annushka spilled oil …” – in addition to sniffing, you will have to read a lot. Whom and what to read about perfumery ?!

The bottle “Kiss of the Faun” (Baiser du Faune) at auctions is estimated at 6,000 euros. Author R.Lalik

It is not easy to describe the smell using any formal definitions. We can describe visual impressions using geometric terms (lines, angles, surfaces, bodies), colors, lighting, etc.e. One can quite accurately formalize the perceived sound by describing it using physical parameters: wavelength, frequency, loudness, and so on. We can say about the taste that it is sweet, sour, salty, bitter. As for the sense of smell, the concept of smells is purely objective.

Fragrance is thriller, poetry, drama, erotica, safay and rock. A good perfume critic should be able to maneuver among a variety of genres, be able to translate abstract aromatic sensations into words.How Ksenia Golovanova describes the sensations from Cologne, Mugler! “Mugler is cultivating a garden in space: chlorella thrives in containers flooded with cold light, some pale flowers stretch from the wet substrate, genetically modified citruses ripen on the branches. Despite the abundance of green life, it smells different here than in the terrestrial greenhouse: the space station filters regularly draw in pollen and other suspended matter. The sterile scent of the future. ”

Vocabulary of perfumery: drinking, atomizers, castings, refills, flankers, compote, japadores

So who are these science fiction writers, poets and bards, who “read” aromas and retells them to us like bedtime stories.

It is worth starting the excursion from the famous site, where there is information not only about new products, but also about the legendary fragrances of the past, about “noses” and perfume houses. The editor of the Russian translation of L. Turin’s “Perfume Guide” Sergei Borisov and an excellent connoisseur of chemistry and perfumery Matvey Yudov also write there.

Telegram channel “Nose Republic” by Ksenia Golovanova.

Anna Zvorykina’s Telegram channel. Also the site. She is the author of From Cloves to Sandalwood.

Parfumistika – channel and site of Mariana Ryzauskas.

Channel and website of the evaluator (creator of the perfume) of the Russian perfumery brand “Brocard” Lyubov Berlyanskaya.

Site of Ekaterina Khmelevskaya.

From the literature I recommend Olga Vainshtein’s two-volume edition “Aromas and Smells in Culture”: it covers the historical and cultural aspects of the development of perfumery. Eugene Rimmel “Encyclopedia of Perfumery”: on perfumery since its inception. Pluzhnikov M.S., Ryazantsev S.V. “Among smells and sounds”: how the nose works and interesting facts. The Bible of aromologists “Perfumes: The A-Z Guide” Luca Turin and Tanya Sanchez has been translated into Russian, but it is better to read the original.

The favorite cologne of the protagonist “Hotel Grand Budapest” by concierge Monsieur Gustave L’Air de Panache was developed by the co-owner of the Parisian Nose

The true expanse of perfumery hedonists awaits on the bourgeois sites. Even if your English is lame, you can understand the names of perfumes, and Google translator will smooth out the difficulties of translation. And perhaps love for the subject will motivate you to learn the language through lyrics-songs dedicated to perfumes. For example, an article about Habanita by Molinard on the Kafkaesque blog.

Grain de Musk – Blog of Frenchwoman Denise Beaulieu, “mother of perfume blogging”, who published The Perfume Lover.

The Scentent Hound – A blog dotted with useful links and featured in The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

Kafkaesque – read not re-read!

Perfume Shrine . Elena Voznaki – the author of, speaks fluently in three languages ​​and writes about fragrances with the same ease: heaps of useful information.

It is worth mentioning with its encyclopedia and forum.

From books: Chandler Burr “The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry” Chandler is an American journalist and former perfume critic for The New York Times, has written several books, this is the best and most interesting for the general reader.


4 rue de Castiglione

Mon.-Sat. 11 -19

Jovoy is a multi-brand store (assortment) in the center of Paris.François Henin (owner) shared his favorites: “Every day I wear a Vespero by Jeroboam with grapefruit and jasmine. Also Bombay Bling by Neela Vermeire with ylang-ylang and mango. We wear it with my wife and joke that it is thanks to this fragrance that we have so many (5!) Children. The third is L’Art de la Guerre by Jovoy with rhubarb, violet leaves and oak moss. It all started with him, he is my favorite. ”

Gender separation of fragrances is a marketing ploy.

Sens Unique

13 Rue du Roi de Sicile

Mon.-Sun. 13 -21

Owners of the boutique: Elena and Renata – have been working in the perfumery business for over ten years. One lives in Paris, the other in Moscow. Therefore, there will be a Russian consultation. This is invaluable if your English is lame, and Russian at first seems foreign in the world of aromas) all these words: drinking, atomizers, castings, refills, flankers, compote, japadors))

In Sens Unique (assortment) you can subscribe to fragrances (delivery within the CIS is about 10-15 days).Sens Unique Box is a beautiful box with samples of niche fragrances (2 ml each) presented in the boutique.

Miller et Bertaux

7 Espace St Pierre

Tel. (33) 04 92 68 60 30

Travel perfumers Miller and Berto tell voluminous and interesting travel stories in their hermaphrodite fragrances. After all, male and female are closely intertwined in each of us. All fragrances are produced directly in the store and are sold in small quantities. The Miller et Bertaux fragrances can be combined with each other.


21 rue des Canettes

The Lubin boutique is located in the heart of Paris, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. All Lubin collections are represented here, as well as scented candles. Over the years, the Lubin perfume house has released more than 500 fragrances that embody royal luxury and respect for traditions.


72 rue Bonaparte

Mon-Fri 10-13 and 14-19, Sat. 10 – 19

Molinard is primarily a Habanita perfume (“little Havana”).Originally, Habanita was a sachet that women who smoked put in a cigarette case in order to ennoble the pungent smell of tobacco.

In 1921, Habanita was already a perfume that freed a woman: “The cigar that the Cuban rolled on her tanned thigh” is the message of the fragrance. The release of Habanita almost never stopped, but several reformulations were noted: in 1988, at the beginning of the 2000s and in 2012. At the same time, each time the authors tried to preserve the authentic sound of the aroma.

In 1925Molinard patented Concreta dry perfume.

If you look at advertising posters of those years and catalogs of bottle collectors, the competition began with packaging. Maison Molinard collaborated with renowned glass masters such as René Lalique, Baccarat, J. Viard. In the 1930s, Lalique developed the Baiser du Faune bottle: currently priced at 6,000 euros at auctions. Molinard still produces several lines of fragrances, mostly monothemes.

Serge Lutens

Palais Royal, 142 Galerie De Valois

324 Rue Saint Honoré

Serge Lutens (Serge Lutens – French photographer, filmmaker, fashion designer and perfumer).He currently resides in Marrakesh. Its aromas are a symbiosis of the cultures of the East and West. Creativity of thinking, a tandem of rare and even seemingly antagonistic fragrances have become a visiting card of the perfumer. The fragrances for Serge Lutens are made by Christopher Sheldrake: Chanel’s in-house perfumer.


A 75 ml bottle costs 190 euros. Serge Lutens perfumes are presented in Moscow (Novinsky Boulevard, 8).


20 rue Bachaumont

Mon.-sat. 10:30 -19: 30

Nose offers an exceptional collection with over 50 brands of selective perfumes, cosmetics and home fragrances. On the website, in the boutique, you can undergo olfactory diagnostics. You bring in the perfumes you used. Based on this data, your individual olfactory pyramid (preference scale) will be compiled. Based on the results of the analysis, they will bring you a lot of jars for tasting, here, like in a tinder: swipe to the left, swipe to the right (like / dislike). In the finale, you will be offered five scents that, according to Nose experts, you will certainly enjoy.And you know: there is almost one hundred percent match here (coincidence)! Eh, if only it was so easy to find a soul mate!))

If you have watched the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, then remember that the main character: the concierge, Monsieur Gustave, does not leave his room without having poured his favorite cologne L’Air de Panache. 20th Century Fox ordered this mysterious fragrance from Mark Buxton (co-owner of Nose). Limited edition of 1,000 keepsakes for the cast and crew.

“Don’t wash. I am in a hurry with all my might and will arrive in eight days “- wrote Bonaparte to Josephine

What does L’Air de Panache smell like? As Fragrantica columnist Sergei Borisov describes it, who touched and smelled Buxton’s laboratory bottle, which is already on the bottom: “This is a bright green citrus scent, the beginning of which is very reminiscent of the musky-aldehyde neroli Cologne Mugler, but with a slightly rougher and sweeter character. It is not rough, not vintage, just closer to the real smell of neroli, jasmine and tangerine … But gradually, the fragrance slides into a light animal mud (let’s call it “sensuality”), which manifests itself more clearly in the oriental-jasmine accord of the heart, becoming tart woody animal trail with cedar and patchouli and musk.. ”

Why is Monsieur Borisov’s feelings about L’Air de Panache so painstakingly conveyed ?! Because this fragrance will never be reissued. Although … we have Monsieur Buxton, and he has a formula …))

Marie Antoinette

5 rue d’Ormesson

Tel. +33 142712507

Email: [email protected]

The owner of the boutique Antonio is a perfume fetishist. With his erudition, expression, love for the world of fragrances, he will “undress” you in front of perfume, you will just have to “put on just a drop of perfume” like Marilyn Monroe.Therefore, I recommend that you do not enter the boutique for the sake of idle curiosity. Before the hike, it is advisable to call or write to Antonio, so as not to “kiss the castle.” Prices: from 100 to 400 €.

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Points of sale in Paris

Frederic Mal – a hereditary perfumer has collected eminent “noses” under the wing of his brand, giving them complete freedom of creativity. He was the first who began to indicate on the bottle, in addition to the name and brand of perfume, the name of their creator. Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle is part of the Estée Lauder corporation: “We just become more of ourselves – quality and creativity do not change.”

Mal’s nursery was once Jean-Paul Guerlain’s nursery (Mal’s mother bought an apartment from the Guerlains).


Habanita – a cigar rolled on a tanned thigh by a Cuban

The history of the name of the fragrance French Lover by Pierre Bourdon is interesting. Mal was interviewed by a major American magazine. “What’s the name of your new scent?” – asked the lady journalist. “French lover!” The lady looked at him as if they had made a dirty proposal to her.Since then, the French Lover has been marketed in the US under the name Bois d’Orage (Forest in a Thunderstorm). Yes, in the USA you have to be more careful with women: what if a lady likes to inhale your perfume, and then bam! And such a compromising title – it won’t take long to get a summons for harassment!

Let me give you some ancient recipes for the “scents of love” from the book “Among smells and sounds”.

Here is a recipe for a love mixture borrowed from the Chinese: Add two drops of anise, fennel, rosemary, narcissus, jasmine, and plan plan essential oils to the bath (if you can get them all, of course).Such a “cocktail” will increase your sexual sensitivity.

Another recipe: add a drop of essential oils of jasmine and cumin, as well as two drops of essential oils of rose and sandalwood trees to the bathing water. After taking four of these baths, your sex drive will increase.

The essential oil of the plan-plan flower growing in Madagascar has a special sweet smell and can be used for sexual stimulation both when burning in a special lamp and when rubbing during an erotic massage.

Parfums de Nicolai

Stores in Paris

The famous French brand Parfums de Nicolai was founded in 1989 by Patricia de Nikolai, the granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain. The Parisian public accepted the first fragrances of Parfums de Nicolai very well. One of them, New York, fell in love with the famous perfume critic Luca Turin. A composition in which the aromas of sweet citrus and bitter needles, vanilla powder and noble wood are balanced. Turin has been wearing it for over 20 years and calls it one of the greatest fragrances for men.Especially for Turin, Patricia makes New York in the first edition (now it is released in the intensive version and smells a little different).

Turin enthusiastically described New York in his book “Perfume Guide” and stated literally the following: “If Guerlain had even a little common sense, he would have bought the perfume” Nicolai “and added to the collection, throwing away 15 pieces of his old-fashioned fragrances, and I would make Patricia de Nicolai a full-time perfumer! ” A patient of one of the members of the forum, coming out of a monthly coma and hearing “Parfums de Nicolaï Juste un rêve”, forcedly said: “How good it smells!” The review will be louder than Turin, eh !?

It is good that Guerlain remained deaf to the sermons of Turin, for Patricia is the president of the Osmothèque at Versailles.


36 rue du Parc de Clagny, 78000 Versailles

Osmothek (from the Greek “osmè” = smell and “theke” = storage) – Museum of perfumery and a library of fragrances on the territory of the ISIPCA perfume school. The osmotka fund has collected 2,500 fragrances, 400 of which are lost. Various events are held on the basis of the museum. It is possible to order an individual excursion or a meeting with a perfumer.

Perhaps you should contact Anna for help in the organization.Anna is a passionate admirer of niche perfumery and studied at the Cinquième Sens perfumery school in Paris and worked at the Grand Museum of Perfumery in Paris. Conducts a thematic excursion: All the flavors of Paris. On the unique compositions and intricacies of niche perfumery on excursions to the perfumery boutiques of the capital.
Register on the service and get 4% cashback on paid tripster excursions.

Annick Goutal called fragrances “music that you listen to with your nose”

On inspection, there is a shop with a wide range of perfumery items that can be ordered online (sdauber @ For example a box with 21 bottles of 4.7 ml. natural perfumery raw materials (essential and absolute oils) and aldehydes. Do you want to know what Napoleon I smelled like ?! The inspection recreated the Eau de Cologne, designed by Mamluk Ali, a faithful servant of Napoleon I.

We put perfume where we want to draw attention. K. Chanel also bequeathed: “Perfume should be applied wherever you want a man to kiss you.”

It is not necessary to apply the fragrance to the skin.

Try combining different scents.One is applied on the wrist, the other behind the ear. Such combinations can cause a completely unpredictable impression.

In the summer, in order for the fragrance to stay on the skin longer, you can first apply a cream without fragrances to the place where the perfume is applied.

When choosing a new scent, you shouldn’t rush. Apply it, wait a while, follow the development.

Coffee beans do not help to overcome olfactory fatigue – fresh air and a few sips of water and tea can do it.

At the French court of the 17th century, perfume consisted mainly of musk and extracts of aromatic substances from the glands of animals such as civets and beavers. The smells of these substances interrupted the smell of the body: in those days they washed irregularly.

During the French Revolution, there was a fragrance called Parfum a la Guillotin. The humor of the story: the creator of the Guillotin perfume said goodbye to his head on the guillotine. It’s no wonder with such and such a surname!)

Josephine preferred harsh notes of musk.The emperor himself retained the addictions of his wild ancestors: he adored the natural smells of an unwashed body. “Don’t wash yourself. I am in a hurry with all my might and will arrive in eight days, ”Bonaparte wrote to Josephine.

In previous years in Paris, priestesses of love lived along the wide Boulevard Haussmann. In winter, in order to keep warm, the prostitutes wrapped themselves in shawls from India. At that time, cashmere shawls were laid with patchouli during transportation: the leaves served as insect repellent. This is how the scent of patchouli became associated with selling love.

The dancers of the French cancan were called “eaters” of men. Their secret is the aroma of tuberose. They put perfume on those parts of the body where men were supposed to kiss them. I dare to assume that the point is not tuberose at all!)

Earlier, expensive Indian fabrics were laid with patchouli to scare off moths, basil oil was used to kill flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches.

The New Zarya perfume factory was founded by the French perfumer Heinrich Brocard.

to keep the scent on the skin longer – first apply the cream on the spot

Aromacology is a science that studies the influence of odors on the psychophysical state of a person.Aromacology includes the following sections: aromapsychology, aroma design, aromaculture, aromatherapy, aromacosmetology, aroma massage, perfumery.

Interesting “Proust Phenomenon (Syndrome)” (the effect of gaining memories through smells) in North American Indians. They carried a set of substances with a strong and characteristic aroma on their feet in special hermetic capsules (made of bone, horn). In those moments, the memories of which he wanted to keep for the rest of his life, he opened some capsule and inhaled its scent.The Indians claimed that this smell could later, after many years, awaken unusually vivid and vivid memories.

Proust Syndrome “- the effect of gaining memories through smells

In order to facilitate the withdrawal from the coma of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, doctors influenced his sense of smell by placing his favorite dish – fragrant shawarma – at the patient’s bedside. Spoiler alert: didn’t help.

The favorite cologne of the protagonist “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by concierge Monsieur Gustave L’Air de Panache was developed by the co-owner of the Parisian Nose.

The Japanese concern Shiseido has been producing special essences for work and office premises for many years, designed to increase labor productivity. If the room smells like lavender, the staff makes mistakes 20% less often. Jasmine scent reduces errors by 30%. The number of mistakes is reduced by 50% when inhaling lemon!

In the United States, tax notices are impregnated with a not-so-pleasant-smelling compound. Such notices are paid faster.

Perfumer Anne Flipot created Love Story by Chloé – with notes of neroli, orange blossom, Madagascar jasmine and cedar.In her opinion, this is exactly what Paris smells like. What does Paris smell like to you?

Bohemian fragrances from Paris. Overview of Diptyque


toilet water (edt)

eau de parfum (edp)


perfume (parfum)

home fragrance

eau de parfum for clothes

bath foam

body gel

shaving cream

shaving foam

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum: roller miniature)

perfume body mist

perfumed napkin

hair conditioner

shampoo shower gel

(eau de toilette + sugar body scrub)

(eau de parfum + body lotion + mascara)

(eau de parfum + bath balls + pendant)

(cologne + shower gel + after shave gel)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum + crystal bottle)

(eau de parfum + body balm + shower gel + eau de parfum hair mist)

(cologne + miniature cologne + shampoo)

solid perfume

oil perfume

perfume oil

fragrant room spray

hand lotion

shimmery gel

refreshing body mist

dry body oil

aftershave spray

perfumed gel

After Shave Cream

body powder

hand and body gel

hand gel

lotion for hands and body

aroma diffuser

massage and bath oil

perfume with gel applicator

(eau de parfum + deodorant)

(eau de toilette: sample + shower gel)

aromatic water

(eau de parfum miniature + body milk)

moisturizing gel

body perfume

(body scrub + oil + body oil)

(eau de parfum + solid perfume)

(hair conditioner + body lotion + shampoo)

(body lotion + soap + bath salt)

(eau de parfum + shower gel + scented candle)

perfume mist for hair and body

(eau de toilette + body scrub)

aromatic water for body and bath

(cologne + shower gel + scented candle)

plastic bag

(eau de parfum + soap + body lotion)

oval for room aromatization

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum + shower gel)

(toilet water + toilet water + shower gel)

(eau de toilette + eau de toilette + shower gel + aftershave balm)

(eau de parfum + shower gel + aftershave lotion)

(eau de toilette + eau de toilette + shower gel + body lotion)

(eau de parfum + hand cream)

(shower gel + liquid soap)

(cologne + soap)

(eau de toilette miniature + body milk)

(eau de parfum + eau de toilette)

(cologne + aftershave)

shower milk

(eau de toilette + stick deodorant + shower gel)

(perfume + perfume)


shaving soap

(after shave balm + shower gel + cologne)


(cologne + shower gel + deodorant)

stand for castings

(eau de parfum + perfume)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum + hand cream)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum miniature + shower gel + body cream)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum sample)

(eau de parfum + shaving cream + deodorant)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum miniature + eau de parfum miniature)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum miniature + hand cream)

(eau de parfum miniature + shower gel + body lotion)

(eau de toilette miniature + shampoo)

(cologne miniature + shampoo)

(eau de parfum + lipstick)

(eau de toilette + blush)

(toilet water + shower gel + shower gel)

(eau de parfum + mascara)

(eau de toilette + eau de parfum + cologne)

(eau de toilette + lipstick)

(eau de parfum miniature + body lotion + body cream)

(eau de parfum + powder puff)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum miniature + body milk)

(perfume + perfume + aftershave balm)

(cologne + body cream)

(eau de toilette + shower gel + aftershave + eau de toilette miniature)

(eau de parfum + body oil + lipstick)

(eau de parfum + lipstick + mascara)

(eau de toilette sample + body lotion miniature)

(eau de parfum + lipstick + varnish)

(eau de toilette miniature + shower gel + body lotion)

(cologne miniature + shower gel + body lotion)

(eau de toilette + mascara + eyeliner)

(cologne miniature + shower gel)

(eau de toilette miniature + shower gel + body lotion)

(eau de parfum miniature + body cream)

(eau de parfum + eau de toilette miniature)

(eau de parfum + lip gloss)

(eau de parfum + eau de parfum miniature + scented candle + hand cream)

(oil perfume + eau de parfum)

(eau de toilette + eau de parfum + perfume)

liquid soap

(eau de parfum + body spray)

(perfume body mist + body lotion)

perfume body spray with shimmer

(cologne miniature + shower gel + body cream)

(eau de toilette + cologne)

(eau de toilette + eau de toilette miniature + shower gel + shower gel)

(eau de toilette + mascara)

(eau de toilette + aftershave balm + shower gel + soap)

(cologne + body cream + candle)

(perfume sample + face balm sample)

(perfume + perfume + aftershave)

(eau de parfum + perfume + shower gel + body lotion)

(eau de toilette + eau de parfum + eau de toilette)

(eau de toilette + eau de toilette miniature + deodorant)

(eau de toilette + eau de toilette miniature + body cream)

90,000 The best of the best: the main fragrances of the big perfume houses | Vogue Ukraine

We tell you what Pillar Fragrance is, what a flanker is, what is the difference between them and what flagship fragrances keep the perfume heritage of big houses afloat.


Pillar Fragrance is the pillar of the brand’s well-being. Buyers recognize him best of all, the largest budgets are invested in his support, he brings in the future the lion’s share of profits. Each brand has its own pillar, to which is attached a “face”, a legend, a philosophy. It is to this aroma that bath lines and auxiliary products will be produced. It is to him that flankers will be produced.

Flanker is a continuation of the perfume history, fragrances released in support (and development) of the main perfume.This includes all sorts of ‘eau’, ‘sport’, ‘chic’, ‘blossom’, ‘extrait’ and so on. For example, Bleu de Chanel is the main fragrance, pillar fragrance, and Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum and Bleu de Chanel Parfum are flankers to it. More often than not, the “face” of the flanker remains the same – as was the case with Gaspard Ulliel. But options are also possible: for example, Liv Tyler was the face of Givenchy Irrésistible, then the Live Irrésistible line was released, which was entrusted to Amanda Seyfried. In 2017, the brand began collaborating with French actress Lou de Laage.

Let us recall the main aromas of large Houses.


Dior has three main pillars for women: Miss Dior, J’adore and Joy. The first is a tribute to the House’s couture heritage and an ode to love, the second is timeless elegance and femininity. The third is luxury and happiness.

Miss Dior was first launched in 1947 and revived in 2005 with the launch of Miss Dior Cherie. Since 2010, the face of the fragrance is actress Natalie Portman.

Miss Dior, 1947, in amphora bottle of Baccarat crystal, Dior

J’ador, a composition based on white flowers and fruits, presented by Charlize Theron.Since its launch in 1999, about 20 flankers have come out. Some of them are still available, some were limited edition.

Charlize Theron for J’adore In Joy, Dior, 2017

La Vie Est Belle, Lancôme

Composition : sweet, with notes of patchouli, praline, iris, tonka bean, jasmine and orange blossom

Face : Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts in the promo for La Vie Est Belle L’Eclat, Lancome, 2017

Legend : a fragrance that gives happiness and claims: life is beautiful.

Perfumers : Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion, Anne Flippo

Bottle : when viewed from the front, you can see a curve reminiscent of lips curved into a smile. This is an implicit reminder of the smile of Julia Roberts, the permanent ambassador of La Vie Est Belle.

La Vie Est Belle, Lancome

Year of issue : 2012

Number of flankers : 17 (including limited editions)

Last version : La Vie Est Belle Lady Pink Limited Edition

The composition remains unchanged, and the bottle is adorned with pink letters by Lady Pink, the first graffiti artist.

Si, Armani

Composition : based on the recognizable note of black currant leaves and nectar, vanilla, patchouli

Face : Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett in promo Si, Armani

: the scent that Legend reveals freedom of a woman – and the courage to say “Yes” to new opportunities, feelings and discoveries.

Perfumer : Christine Nagel

Bottle : modernist, originally powdery.The lid reminds of the infinity sign.

Si, Armani, 2013

Year of issue : 2013

Number of flankers: 13

Latest version : Sì Passione

Si Passione, Giorgio Armani

Black currant nectar mixed with pear juice, seasoned with pink pepper … The floral heart opens with notes of fresh roses, heliotrope and jasmine absolute. Cedar and vanilla notes help to keep this riot. For the latest version, the Sì Passione bottle was coated with a bright red varnish from the inside, and the neck was decorated with a golden ring, a symbol of eternity.Julie Masset worked on the bottle.

La Petite Robe Noire, Guerlain

Composition : fruity, gourmet and oriental. The main accord is the signature “gerlinade”, which contains iris root, vanilla from the Comoros, citrus fruits, ylang, rose, jasmine.

La Petite Robe Noire, Guerlain, 2009

Face : sketch by the duo of Parisian artists Küntzel and Degas, cartoon character – little black dress. With the release of each new flanker, the dress is transformed: it acquires sleeves-lanterns and a belt, then it is decorated with feathers, then it becomes long, in the floor, then it acquires a leather jacket.

Legend : a family of fragrances that can form a complete perfume wardrobe.

Perfumer : Dolphin Jelq. Later on, she worked with Thierry Wasser on the flankers, or Thierry, Guerlain’s staff “nose”, worked on them on his own.

Bottle : topped with a heart-shaped cap. Inspired by an archival Guerlain bottle in crystal designed by Raymond Guerlain, a descendant of the founder of the House, and Georges Chevalier, designer of Baccarat.

Year of issue : 2009

Number of flankers : 25 (including limited editions)

Latest version : Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Toilette Florale

Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Toilette Florale, Guerlain, 2018

The fragrance is dedicated to the biker jacket and reveals the unexpected facets of the Grasse centifolia rose with notes of leather, black tea, almond and black musk.“To obtain 1 kg of ether by the steam distillation method, 3000 kg of rose petals are required,” recalls Dom, who is sensitive to its raw materials for perfumery.

Mon Guerlain, Guerlain

Composition : deep, powerful, feminine. It contains citrus fruits, jasmine, Australian sandalwood and vanilla. An important note is Karl’s lavender, which emphasizes the purity and freshness of the composition, continuing the tradition of the House of Guerlain. Lavender is an iconic ingredient for the House, found in fragrances from Jicky (1889) to perfumed versions of Mon Guerlain in 2017-18.

Face : Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, Mon Guerlain face

Legend : A fragrance you can make with your olfactory signature. The embodiment of feminine strength and beauty

Perfumers : Thierry Wasser and Dolphin Jelq

Bottle : a quadrilob from the historical heritage of Guerlain, 1908. The lid is decorated with carvings reminiscent of a four-leaf clover. The neck is decorated with a ribbon, which is changed depending on the release.

Mon Guerlain, Guerlain, 2017

Number of flankers : 3 (including limited editions)

Latest version : Mon Guerlain EDT

Mon Guerlain EDT, Guerlain

Citrus oriental eau de toilette has a more energetic and fresh sound thanks to notes bergamot and pears.Heart notes include neroli and sambac jasmine petals. The base is a union of iris, Australian sandalwood and sensual vanilla.

L’Interdit, Givenchy

Composition : dual – white floral bouquet with notes of orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, shaded with dark vetiver and patchouli

Face : Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara for L’Interdit, Givenchy, Givenchy 2018

Legend : an invitation to push the boundaries of the possible, to experience forbidden feelings.A reminder that often the true boundaries are within, and courage is the key to freedom.

Perfumers : Dominique Ropion, Anne Flippo, Fanny Ball

Bottle : Tribute to the original 1957 bottle – austere, embodying soft power (rounded rectangle shape). The bottle has a double bottom to emphasize the duality of the scent.

L’Interdit, Givenchy, 2018

Year Issue : 2018

Number of flankers : 0

The latest version : in fact, the fragrance itself opens a new perfume page for the brand, which began back in 1957- m, when Hubert de Givenchy created the perfume of the same name for Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn and the historic 1947 L’Interdit bottle

Opium, YSL

Composition : The original 1977 composition was oriental floral and included marigolds (“black shavings”), tangerine, jasmine, cloves, vanilla, patchouli, wood spices. In 2009, she was transformed – bergamot, citrus fruits, jasmine, rose, spiced with carnations, vanilla, amber and patchouli.

Opium, YSL, 2009

Faces : over the years, top models were trusted to represent the fragrance: Jerry Hall (1977), Linda Evangeliste (in the 80s and in 1995), Nastassier Urbano (1992), Kate Moss (1994 and 2003), Natalia Semanova (1999), Sophie Dahl (2000), Mariacarle Boscono (2006), Malgoshe Bele (2007-2008), Karen Elson (2009), Melanie Thierry (2010), Edie Campbell (2014), Zoe Kravitz (since July 2018).

Legend : a fragrance designed to break the rules

Perfumer : Jean Amy, Jean-Louis Suzak, Alberto Morillas and Honorine Blanc, Natalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne

Flacon : Initially, the shape of the bottle was created by Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by the Japanese inro lacquer box for potions. Once such boxes were worn hanging from a belt. The modern bottle symbolizes the contrast between shadow and light.It is then covered with glitter, then tinted, then give it a metallic look.

Year of issue : 1977

Opium, YSL, 1977

Number of flankers: 44

Latest version : Black Opium Eau de Toilette

Black Opium, YSL

It sparkles with notes of lemon, pear, white flowers, coffee and patchouli.

Good Girl, Carolina Herrera

Composition : Delicious, with notes of jasmine and tuberose, as well as roasted tonka beans and cocoa

Face : Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss in the Good Girl Collector Edition promo, Carolina Herre49 Legend
: The scent of a modern, incredibly self-confident woman who does not have to live up to anyone’s expectations and be a goody

Perfumer : Louise Turner

Bottle : A fetishist shoe with an extremely high stiletto heel.It was designed to achieve a wow effect. Even those who doubt the aesthetic value of the bottle agree that it is masterly executed. The atomizer is skillfully mounted into the heel of the shoe. The sophisticated spray system has been under development for over four years, with more than six hundred tests.

Good Girl, Carolina Herrera, 2016

Year of issue : 2016

Number of flankers : 5

Latest version : Good Girl Velvet Fatale

Good Girl Velvet Fatale, Carolina Herrera, 2018

Praline, cocoa , chocolate, tonka beans, almonds, vanilla and coffee – and somewhere in the background white flowers.A gourmet, delicious union.

Chanel # 5

Composition : aldehydes, jasmine, rose. In general, it was the first fragrance that did not repeat the sound of a flower, but was abstract.

Face : in different years, the faces of the fragrance were Brad Pitt and women-legends – Coco Chanel herself, Marilyn Monroe, Carla Bruni, Gisele Bündchen, Audrey Tautou.

Mademoiselle Chanel in ad # 5, 1937

Legend : a timeless abstract fragrance that every girl can make her own Chanel # 5.

Perfumer : Ernest Bo. Jacques Polge worked on modern versions

Bottle : The shape of the bottle is inspired by the shape of the Place Vendome, which Coco Chanel saw from her window at the Ritz. The bottle was slightly transformed to reflect the spirit of the times, but generally remained unchanged.

N ° 5, Chanel

Year of issue : 1921

Number of flankers: 12

Latest version : # 5 Red Edition

Chanel # 5, Chanel, limited edition

Gabrielle, Chanel

Composition : a bunch of white flowers – ylang, jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom – combined with musks, notes of creamy sandalwood, tangerine bitterness, grapefruit acid

Face : Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart for Chanel, 2017

Legend : light which comes from the inside and helps to break stereotypes

Perfumer : Olivier Polge

Bottle : Sophie Legastellois, Head of Chanel Packaging, explains that special technologies have been used – the result is an ultralight glass with increased ability to reflect light.The spray tube is made to remain invisible. The bottle is not just placed in a box, but nests in a special cardboard box-form.

Gabrielle, Chanel

Year of issue : 2017

Number of flankers : 0

Latest version : it is the first

Best French perfumes | SLON

France from time immemorial has been considered the birthplace of the perfume industry. In the factories of Paris, the most famous fragrances are created that will captivate even the most demanding customer.French perfumes are the standard of taste, sophistication and femininity. Created from natural ingredients according to centuries-old traditions, the French perfume has excellent durability and luxurious compositions. But few people know that the history of perfume creation began with a banal story.

How did the first French perfume appear?

In the middle of the 17th century, a fashion for leather gloves appeared in France, but the fair half did not like their smell. Then the masters came up with the following idea: to place leather in aromatic mixtures.After some time, exquisite aromas became a symbol of wealth and taste. King Louis XV of France liked the perfume so much that perfumers had to actively develop new fragrances, as he demanded new items every day. During his reign, French perfume was watered on everything: from the body and clothing to the interior.

Another fan of French perfumery was Napoleon. As the story goes, 2 liters of violet cologne was barely enough for him for a week.

The commander’s wife shared his passion.Even after her death, the smell of perfume could not disappear from the boudoir.

Most Popular French Perfume

Five of the best French perfumes will be presented below.

Chanel No. 5

Even those who are far from the perfume industry can guess that Chanel No. 5 tops the rating of French perfumes. The world famous perfume was created in 1921. Perfumer Ernest Bo worked on their development, and the perfumes were created by special order from the trendsetter Coco Chanel.Before the revolution, he served at the court of the Russian emperor. The perfume creator provided her with several perfume compositions to choose from. She stopped at the fifth number. It was these perfumes that became the personification of a stylish, strong and extravagant woman of the beginning of the last century, who did not lose her elegance and charm. Chanel 5’s composition includes top notes of ylang-ylang, neroli, bergamot and lemon. All this is complemented by light floral aromas and finished with warm base aromas, which include amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Shalimar, Guerlain

This fragrance appeared in the same year with the legendary perfume Chanel No. 5. In translation, this name means “temple of love”. The temple of love means the Taj Mahal, which was built by Shah Jahan in the name of his beloved. Thus, perfumer Jacques Guerlain, inspired by this love story, recreated his oriental tale. Shalimar is based on a light sandalwood scent surrounded by citrus notes. In addition, it contains cedar, iris, bergamot, jasmine and other aromas.

Nina Ricci

This is one of the most popular perfumes not only in France, but all over the world. They first appeared in the post-war years. They remind you that life can be peaceful, joyful and carefree. Nina Ricci’s fragrance has become the personification of youth and romance. As for the ingredients, then the manufacturer keeps the strictest confidence.

At the same time, there are many replicas of the legendary French perfume, but it is quite easy to recognize them by their smell and bottle.


This perfume, created by Yves Saint Laurent, contains an oriental scent that is intended to hypnotize and intoxicate. Its scent leaves a trail of musk, amber, incense, clove, as well as spicy and floral notes. The fragrance is very long-lasting, an ideal choice for special occasions in the evening.

Poison, Christian Dior

Christian Dior was no exception to those perfumers who were inspired by oriental motives. So, in 1985, he presented a perfume symphony for everyone to see, in which the smells of exotic fruits and flowers sounded, with the addition of notes of wood and amber.The smell of such a perfume is multifaceted, persistent and passionate.

Where to buy real French perfume?

When buying perfume, you need to be extremely careful. Since the real French perfume and replicas of the “local spill” things are completely different. It is best to give preference to those stores that have a certain reputation and certificates for their products. If you doubt its authenticity, then you need to familiarize yourself in advance with how the original looks like, where the holograms, logos, embossing and so on are located.You should also carefully study the quality of the packaging: the cardboard should be dense enough, and the inscription should be clear. Bubbles of complex shape are an added advantage as they are much more difficult to counterfeit. The color of the perfume should be fawn or yellow.

You should also pay attention to the barcode. In real French perfumes, it starts with a three.

16 590

Brand history: The scent of a woman

Chanel №5 – the main fragrance of the Chanel house – has been the world’s best-selling perfume for exactly 91 years.The long life of the legendary brand is the logical result of not only a unique formula, but also a revolutionary approach to marketing., in honor of the birthday of the symbol of world perfumery, decided to recall how he conquered his Olympus.

The famous perfume was first presented on May 5, 1921 in France. The date – the 5th day of the 5th month – was not chosen by chance, however, as well as its well-thought-out presentation to the general public.

The idea of ​​creating her own fragrance came to Coco Chanel, at that time already a successful couturier, after meeting the Russian-French chemist Ernest Bo.The step that no fashion designer in the world had dared to take until this moment would have never been taken if Grand Duke Dmitry Romanov, an ardent admirer of Coco, had not introduced a talented perfumer to his beloved. As a result, Coco’s unprecedented courage led to the fact that Bo, at her request, developed 24 variants of mixed floral fragrances, of which the 5th was chosen – the one that smells like a Woman.

Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheer Chanel believed that the number 5 brings her good luck, and this belief, combined with the innovative thinking of the founder of a great fashion empire, led to the creation of the world’s most popular perfume.The legend did not repeat any of the previously known scents (not only created by man, but also by nature!) And possessed 80 fragrances at once, and not one, as was customary before Chanel No.5.

A special rectangular bottle of crystal, deliberately simple, with a small white label “Chanel No. 5” was made for the revolutionary formula of the perfume. Laconic, even demonstrative “beggarly” simplicity of packaging in an instant singled out the new fragrance from the rest, then in fashion, pretentious and patterned bottles and their already boring familiar contents, and took Chanel No. 5 to the Olympus of World Perfumery.

Fashion historians believe that Coco Chanel owes her fortune to her perfume masterpiece – the annual sales of Chanel No. 5 averaged $ 100 million, and over the entire existence of the fragrance, more than half a billion dollars. The total income that this fragrance brought to its owner amounted to more than $ 15 million.

Coco Chanel managed to make perfume the object of desire of all the ladies of Paris, creating a “secret club of lovers of Chanel №5”. Before the start of sales, the perfume was presented to the most noble ladies of Paris, who naturally began to discuss the new fragrance with their friends.As a result, Chanel No. 5 was literally swept off the store shelves (the perfume was sold exclusively at the Chanel House at 31 rue Cambon), on the very first day of its sale.

It was also unusual that Coco Chanel herself posed for the first advertising posters of her perfumes: the authorship of the first photographs belongs, not much, not enough (and this is again Coco’s military calculation) – to the master of fashion photography Paul Horst. Later, the most expensive photographer of the twentieth century was replaced by no less eminent colleagues Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Patrick Demarchelier, and Coco herself was replaced by actresses Catherine Deneuve, Candice Bergen, Susie Parker, Eli McGraw, Lauren Hutton, Carole Bouquet, Estella Warren Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou and many others.Since 2012, Brad Pitt, the first man in the history of the fragrance, has become the face of Chanel Nº 5.

The famous Marilyn Monroe became the first “ambassador” of the fragrance in the 1950s. Monroe was not the face of the official Chanel advertising campaign, but her famous answer to a journalist’s question “what are you wearing when you go to bed?” – “A few drops of Chanel Nº5” has forever inscribed its image in the history of perfume.

Catherine Deneuve, the famous French actress, became the first known face of the legendary Chanel No.5 fragrance.In the print campaign of the 1970s, for which Deneuve starred, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 was simply superimposed on the photograph of the screen star. The perfume was thus endowed with the qualities of an actress.

Deneuve was once again chosen as the face of the fragrance in the 70s, when the aim of the campaign was to restore the status lost in the 60s for Chanel Nº5. To do this, the perfume was withdrawn from pharmacies and similar outlets of mass sales and ceased to work with advertising agencies. The image of Chanel # 5 was taken by art director Jacques Helu himself, who chose Deneuve, as well as director Ridley Scott for the shooting of mini-films used as commercials.

Carole Bouquet became the face of the fragrance in the 90s. The campaigns are shot by such renowned photography stars as Patrick Demarchelier and Dominique Issermann. Rumor has it that more money was spent on advertising for Chanel # 5 in the 90s than on any other perfume brand.

In 2003 Nicole Kidman was chosen as the face of Chanel # 5. The company decided to continue working with famous directors and invited Baz Luhrmann to shoot a promotional mini-film with Kidman.Baz Luhrmann created a two-minute trailer for “a movie that never really happened,” and a 30-second commercial based on it.

In 2012, for the first time in the history of advertising for a woman’s fragrance, a man became its face, and, of course, it turned out to be none other than Brad Pitt, a talented actor and sex symbol.

In 2014, the Chanel fashion house returned to its collaboration with director Baz Luhrmann, who starred supermodel Gisele Bündchen in the mini-film The One That I Want.

Secret places of Paris: 10 attractions for your own

You already know about the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs Elysees and the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. In this article, we have collected atmospheric places in Paris that ordinary tourists rarely reach.

Buttes-au-Cai: Explore Quail Hill

Travelers hardly know about the Buttes-au-Cay (“Quail Hill”) quarter, although its beauty is not inferior to Montmartre.Once it was a small village, but now the local pretty houses and cozy courtyards are part of the 13th arrondissement of Paris and adorn the corner next to Place d’Italie. There are not many people on the postcard streets of Butte-au-Cay, but there are more than enough exquisite buildings entwined with greenery, authentic cafes, bars and bistros. And Easter eggs are scattered everywhere in the form of unusual graffiti.

If you walk into the depths of the block from Piazza Italia, you find yourself in a square with a spring where you can draw water from an artesian well.Nearby, in a beautiful brick building, there is an outdoor swimming pool, one of the oldest in the city. For only € 3, you can swim under the Parisian sky, so don’t forget to bring a hat and swimsuit or swimming trunks.

20 amazing streets from different parts of the world

La Goethe Lyric: Go to an interactive concert

The La Gaîté Lyrique Center for Music and Visual Arts is housed in a former operetta theater, and now features contemporary installations among classic interiors.

There are also drawing master classes, impromptu contests, interactive concerts and dance evenings. On the ground floor there is a library where you can not only read and work, but also play video games.

22 most romantic bookstores in the world

Printemps: Enjoy views of Paris from the rooftop restaurant

While on holiday in one of the most expensive cities in Europe, it is always nice to save on something.Here’s a free observation deck – on the roof of Printemps department store at 64 on Boulevard Haussmann. In the late afternoon, go upstairs, order a cup of coffee and cake in the restaurant and admire the Parisian rooftops bathed in the warm rays of the setting sun.

Another plus: there are always fewer people on the Printemps lookout than on the terrace of the popular Galeries Lafayette shopping center.

Free entertainment in the most expensive cities in the world

Saint Ouen to Marsh Verneson: Get the Crazy Flea Market Item

Near the Porte de Clignancourt metro station, just outside the border of Paris, that is, behind Boulevard Peripheric, there is a constellation of 12 Saint-Ouen flea markets.The oldest of them is Marché de Vernaison. Unlike the popular Marché Paul Bert Serpette market, where you can often meet even celebrities, Verneson has retained the unique atmosphere of the old “Saint-Ouen flea beetles”, as Parisians affectionately call them.

To be honest, the eyes are just scattering here. In local shops you can find antique furniture, carpets, toys, dishes, works of art and other interesting, and sometimes outlandish things.We advise you to look into the Tombées du Camion store, where absolutely crazy vintage items are sold: coffin handles, tiny doll heads, glass eyes, or, for example, packaging of toilet paper from 1930.

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Quatrehomme: Buy full cheese

If you are a cheese fanatic and this is one of the reasons for your trip to Paris, instead of supermarkets, storm the cheese shops – fromagerie (fromagerie).

Co-owner of the charming Quatrehomme shop, Marie Quatrom, is one of the best cheese makers in France. In its fromomagery, you can buy a variety of varieties of the country’s gastronomic symbol – Roquefort, Reblochon, Camembert, brie with truffles and other delicacies. Before being sold, the cheeses are moistened, rubbed and aired to brighten the taste. Sometimes tastings are held in Quatrehomme, where guests are also treated to wine, as well as talk about the tastes of cheeses and their production.

When is the best time to go to Paris

The French capital is interesting all year round.Travelers come here, if not for the sake of festivals, exhibitions and sales, then just take a walk in the most romantic city in the world.

Least crowded in Paris in October-November and February. The rest of the time is high season. Most of all, those who have planned a trip for the summer or Christmas and New Year’s holidays usually pay for flights and hotels in Paris.

La Petite Ceinture: Walk the Abandoned Railroad

Another place in Paris that few people know about is the abandoned railway that once separated the city center from the outskirts.Over time, the “Little Belt” was no longer needed, and kilometers of rails turned into one of the most mysterious informal Parisian attractions.

Now only a small part of the paths is available, but this will be enough for vivid impressions. Start your walk at 99 on Rue Olivier de Serres in the 15th arrondissement and plunge into the gloomy beauty of green tunnels that look like grottoes of fairy-tale caves and are lavishly flavored with colorful graffiti.

High Line Park on the site of the former railway and other interesting sights of New York

Fragonard: Visit the Perfume Museum

In fact, Fragonard is primarily a store, not a museum.Here you can buy the famous for its persistence brand perfumes, whose history began in the 20s of the last century. Some of the fragrances in the boutique cost significantly less than elsewhere.

The Fragonard Museum is a small but informative excursion about the history of perfumery and what perfumes are worn by celebrities. Fragonard shelves contain bottles, bottles and flasks of various shapes, sizes and ages, including a Faberge bottle made of gold, quartz, diamonds and sapphires.You will also be asked to test your own sense of smell and will tell you how aromas are created. To remember the visit, you can buy perfume, fragrant soap or a candle.

Down with magnets! Really cool travel souvenirs

Le Comptoir Général: make new friends in the cozy bar

Bar Le Comptoir Général is an incredible energetic place with an eclectic interior. There is so much here – and it seems nothing superfluous: tastefully selected furniture is placed everywhere, the walls are decorated with fishing nets, there are African figurines on the shelves, and vintage lamps are suspended from the ceiling.

The space of Le Comptoir Général is divided into several zones, and everyone chooses what he likes best. You can sit on wooden bar stools next to a stylized boat stern, or settle on an exquisitely battered sofa, or cuddle into chairs around a huge chest instead of a table. In addition, the bar has so much greenery that it resembles a tropical garden. Add to that a jazz soundtrack and great cocktails, praised by the locals, and you have one of the most soulful places in Paris.

Paris: 10 steps towards romance

Cultural Center 59 Rivoli: Experience Contemporary Art

A bank used to work at this address, but after its move the house was empty for a long time. On 1st November 1999, the beautiful building at 59 Rivoli was occupied by free artists. At first, the police tried to drive them away, but soon resigned, because the Parisians liked this place and they fiercely defended it.

There are now 30 workshops on the six floors of 59 rue Rivoli.Openings, performances and exhibitions are held here, where you can buy works of art at first hand. Admission to all events is free. What’s more interesting: the facade of the building is always intricately decorated, the decoration changes from time to time, but it is always impressive.

Art Hong Kong. Where to go for art lovers

Brutalist houses in Noisy-le-Grand near Paris: experience the spirit of postmodernism

And finally – the place is not quite in Paris, but a little to the east.You will need to take the train at Gare de Lyon and drive 15 minutes to Noisy-le-Gran. Why would you do this? To see the futuristic residential complexes by two Catalan architects Ricardo Bofill and Manuel Nunez-Janovski – Spaces of Abraxas and Arena Picasso.

These houses look so fantastic that they resemble anything but a city on Earth. They were built as social housing, but they were afraid to settle here: these places seemed too strange to people.Now the desertedness of local streets only reinforces the impression of unreality, and post-apocalyptic pictures inevitably arise in my head.

Spaces of Abraxas and Arena Picasso – locations where Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay were filmed. Part I “.

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90,000 The best gift for the New Year is a fabulous Parisian fragrance from LES CONTES

Perfume is always a holiday! They give us the joy of life, positive emotions, mood lift, self-confidence, inspiration.The new scent is the best gift for the New Year for both men and women. But spirits are different. Recently, at an interesting event for journalists, I was struck by the “scent of a woman” – an employee of a popular magazine “smelled sweetheart” with a well-known perfume. The people did not know where to go. As in Dostoevsky’s – “A lady came in, carried away by spirits!” Yes, yes, once upon a time, many people liked this fragrance, but so tired of the banality and the sameness that now it causes persistent disgust.

Now there is a huge selection of perfumes for every taste and budget.We are tired of the obsessive advertising of popular brands’ fragrances, whose products are released quickly and are often updated, as if stamped. As the French say, real masterpieces of perfumery do not need advertising. But even very high-quality and beautiful aromas, if they follow you everywhere and everywhere, sound the same at all, you don’t want to buy.

Selective, niche perfumery is appreciated. The main feature of selective aromas is high quality. These fragrances – truly masterpieces of perfumery art – are created long and carefully from high-quality ingredients (even the time of day, month and year of collection of the plants from which essential oils are made are taken into account).A selective scent sounds different on everyone who wears it, it unfolds for a long time, as if “getting to know” your skin, your character and temperament and gives you a part of the soul of the genius perfumer who created it. The leaders in the production of selective fragrances are, of course, the French, who carefully preserve traditions and gush with new ideas.

For example, the creators of Les Contes fragrances (France) emphasize freedom of creativity and independence from the opinion of the majority. Nothing is impossible for them – the more unusual the scent, the more interesting it is.The best gift for the New Year for both men and women is Happiness! The fragrance Bonheur (HAPPINESS) from Les Contes is a real masterpiece of Parisian “noses”, genius perfumers from Paris. With their inherent sense of humor, the creators of “Happiness” claim that the recipe for this fragrance was whispered by fairies, otherwise how can you explain that the composition Bonheur evokes a feeling of happiness? Enchanting shades of ripe fruits, watercolor blotches of flowers, musky-woody background – and … a drop of magic in each bottle.According to rumors, the fragrance HAPPINESS from Les Contes really brings happiness to its owner, the main thing is to believe, and you will become happier!

For the stronger sex, Les Contes perfumers have created a stylish masculine fragrance Bonheur pour Homme / Happiness for a Man . Sexy and vibrant, Bonheur pour Homme opens with fresh bergamot, accentuated by tart oriental notes of cardamom. The heart note strikes with an unexpected combination of jasmine, red apple and tonka beans.The sillage of the scent gains depth and sophisticated sensuality thanks to the luxurious masculine cedar, oriental amber and sensual musk, creating an atmosphere of luxury and harmony.

Bonheur pour Homme is ideal for a successful, self-confident, active man. He is always in harmony with himself, his life energy attracts people to him. The essence of his life is success. Luck follows him always and everywhere, it helps to avoid danger, to emerge victorious from any, even the most hopeless, situation.His adventurism scares and attracts at the same time. This man is a holiday! And so he always makes his companion happy.

Les Contes’ selective fragrances are not simple and unusual, but whoever tasted them once becomes a fan of this brand forever.

More details at www.

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